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Sunday, 21 January


Farmers Market Wayville "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Adelaide families now have the opportunity buy fresh food directly from producers from all over SA at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. The 20,000 strong crowd that turned up for the farmers market which formed the centrepiece of the 'Go Organic Festival' in September in 2005 encouraged the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society (RAHS) to back the foundation of a permanent farmers market by a not-for-profit community organisation. The market opened on October 1st 2006 with a massive crowd of 10,000 shoppers and runs each Sunday (apart from the weeks of the Royal Show) from 9am-1pm.

In the tradition of farmers markets, it is a food market at which both food producers and consumers can get a fair price for food produced in SA and support regional and sustainable land use. The market guarantees that you buy direct from the producer and is known for its strict adherence to the ethics of farmers markets which now number in their thousands worldwide as families seek to avoid overstored food from major retailers who pass on meagre prices to farmers. In Australia, the farmers market movement is represented by the Australian Farmers Market Association and SA's peak body, the SA Farmers Market Association, will soon be launched.

The Adelaide Showground location is superb, with a major bike trail, the Glenelg tram line, a major rail line, numerous bus routes all converging to make it one of the most accessible sites in Adelaide. Parking is also easy and cheap.

120 producers offer their extraordinarily diverse products (everything from oysters to almonds and bread to boysenberries!). It is accessed from the car parks at the Leader Street (southern) end of the Showgrounds.  

Becoming a member brings with it 10% discount on all purchases as well as a right to vote in the management of the market. Details and memberships are available at

The Food Forest is a foundation stallholder at the market and presents a wide range of foods, always including its signature specialty - organically certified pistachio nuts. We are there on alternate weeks (we run short courses on the other weekends).

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Wednesday, 17 January


The rise of ransom hacks, and the potential impact on your business "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The percentage of companies reporting financially motivated cyber attacks has doubled over the past two years, with 50% of companies experiencing a cyber attack motivated by ransom in the past year, according to Radware. As the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has appreciated, ransom attacks provide an opportunity for hackers to cash out for lucrative gains months later. Ransom attacks The rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies and their subsequent rise in price has presented hackers More


Phishers target Netflix users, ask for info and photo of their ID "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Should you send Netflix a selfie in which you hold your ID card to get your account reinstated? The answer is an emphatic no, but each one of us knows at least one person who would find the request unremarkable and proceed to do it. The campaign The request is the last of several steps of the most recent Netflix-themed phishing campaign, which starts with an email purportedly coming from the streaming company and warning More


Mauritius and La Reunion in direct path of Tropical Cyclone "Berguitta" "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Tropical Cyclone "Berguitta," the third named storm of the 2017-18 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season, is on its way toward Mauritius and La Reunion. Although this system is now slowly weakening, it's expected to maintain its tropical cyclone winds...... Read more


Internet of Things security issues bleed into 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In 2017 Internet of Things (IoT) devices rose to prominence as attackers have continued to target and use them to support various cyberattacks. IoT devices are almost the perfect target for cyberthieves. They sit on internal networks, have their own IP address, and allow communication with other internet connected devices and systems. Their ubiquity and large numbers make them highly attractive targets. Yet, despite their growing numbers, IoT devices are relatively unprotected and make easy More


As the clouds popularity grows, so does the risk to sensitive data "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While the vast majority of global companies (95%) have adopted cloud services, there is a wide gap in the level of security precautions applied by companies in different markets. Organizations admitted that on average, only two-fifths (40%) of the data stored in the cloud is secured with encryption and key management solutions. Who is responsible for protecting sensitive data stored in the cloud? The findings part of the Ponemon Institute 2018 Global Cloud Data More


eBook: 5 emerging rail cybersecurity standards "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

With massive capital investments in rail infrastructure and technology, many countries understand that its time cybersecurity standards prescribe technology that prevents cyberattacks from entering critical signaling and control networks. Unidirectional Gateway technology has featured throughout these standards as best practice for protecting control networks. Download Waterfalls eBook detailing global rail standards view on industrial control systems cybersecurity and Unidirectional Gateway technology.

Tuesday, 16 January


Letting Nazis Speak Is The Best Way To Defeat Their Ideas "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Noah Berlatsky argues regulating hate speech would bring down Nazis and white supremacists in an article for NBC News, claiming unregulated free speech empowers bigots and punishes their targets. But he underestimates the power of free speech.

In truth, letting white nationalists speak doesnt leave us defenseless against their ideas. It actually helps bring them down by giving people a chance to invalidate their ideas in a public space. White nationalism is a deeply emotional idea, which makes its followers susceptible to the right kinds of persuasion.

Racism has its roots in what social psychologist Jonathan Haidt calls our disgust module. According to Haidt, humans evolved a disgust module in our brains so that we wouldnt eat poisonous foods or infected meat. But over time, our disgust module morphed, and now its primarily triggered by outgroup members such as people of a different race.

Haidts theory suggests that the best way to combat racism is to expose racists to the people theyre bigoted towards. If a white supremacist starts talking to a black man, after a few conversations that black man could move from outgroup member in the white supremacists mind and into fellow human being. Daryl Davis, a black musician, has been proving this for years. He makes a hobby of befriending KKK members and convincing them to disavow white supremacy. To date, hes convinced more than 200 KKK members to turn in their robes, including an Imperial Wizard.

Davis fight against Klan ideas wouldnt be possible if Klan members were censored. In a world where nobody is allowed to voice white nationalist sentiments, how would Davis know who to target? How would he know which Klan arguments to rebut, if those arguments couldnt be raised in the first place?

Give them a platform, Davis said of his methods. You challenge them.

Berlatsky claims that the United States should adopt hate speech regulations like Germany and France. But censorship in these countries works better on paper than in reality. Former National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen was convicted under Frances over-broad anti-speech laws of...


Chicago Is Right. The Feds Cant Legally Withhold Grant Funding Over Sanctuary Cities "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Juan Jose Dominguez-De La Parra. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate. All arrested multiple times, in five different states. All deported multiple times. And all the same man who freely wandered the streets of San Francisco the night he shot 32-year old Kate Steinle as she walked with her father on Pier-14. All because the sanctuary city released him from jail instead of allowing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to arrest and deport Zarate.

Chicago, too, boasts of its refusal to cooperate with federal agents on immigration, though it adapted the name to Welcoming City. The policy was formally enacted as an ordinance in 2006, following years of mayoral executive orders implementing it. Chicago claims this Welcoming City policy seeks to remove barriers to the cooperation of all persons, both documented citizens and those without documentation status. Assisting in immigration enforcement would, according to City leaders, threat[en] immigrants and minority profiling and harassment and chill effective local law enforcement as fear of deportation led witnesses and victims to avoid cooperation with police.

But federal officials are not asking Chicago or San Francisco, or any other municipality, to profile residents, check immigration status of witnesses or victims or even individuals temporarily detained during traffic stops, or assist in immigration enforcement.

The federal government merely wants cities to inform the Department of Homeland Security of the scheduled release date for specific aliens, something San Francisco failed to do with dire consequences. And the federal government needs cities to allow its agents access to correctional facilities to meet with aliens and to inquire as to such individuals right to be or remain in the United States, so they can potentially uncover the true identity of the arrestee in a sea swimming with aliases.

Continued defiance from liberal cities on this subject led the Department of Justice in 2017 to require a minimal level of cooperation as a condition for receiving a federal grant known as the Byrne JAG grant program. Chicago, which has received funding under this grant every year since its inception including $33 million to purchase nearly 1,000 police cruisers has chosen to file suit in a federal district court in Chicago over the conditions, rather than cooperate.

Judge Harry D. Leinenweber, a Ronald Reagan appointee, entered a preliminary injunction against the federal government, ruling the DOJ lacked authority to make notifying DHS of the impending release of aliens or giving DHS agents access to question arrestees a condition of the grant. Leinenweber further ruled that the DOJ could not enforce the conditions on any sanctuary city not merely the City of Chicago. The government immediately appealed the ruling to the Seventh Circuit Cou...


#MeToo Repels Men By Infantilizing Women With Petty Complaints "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This week, a woman who dated actor Aziz Ansari went to to complain he continually made advances despite her non-verbal cues that she wasnt interested. Sarah Tither-Kaplan took to Twitter last week to accuse James Franco of exploiting her, notwithstanding the contract she voluntarily signed to pose nude for his movies because, in her words, I 100% did not feel like I had a choice to say no.

This is the latest from the #MeToo movement: women who freely enter into consensual relations with a man, or even contract, can apparently later revoke consent on the specious grounds that it was never theirs to give. Like children entering into a contract with an adult, a woman who faces a so-called power differential cant really say no.

Some Trial and Error Is Par for the Course

When I was in my twenties and still dating, the quickest way a suitor could ruin things was by asking permission to kiss me. A request at once so innocuously sweet, so harmless and timid and proper, it practically begged for refusal.

What a man was supposed to do, what red-blooded American men have done for as long as there have been American movies to show them how, was to just do it, as Nike would have it. Take a risk. Prove himself worthy with a show of fearlessness a woman might just choose to reward. Only then would he discover whether hed won the round or fallen flat, bloody but unbowed.

Unwanted sexual advance describes practically every date Ive ever had with a man I wasnt interested in. Dating in America has never been a fair sport, but it has long allowed each player to accept or reject the other, for any or no reason at all. An imperfect sorting system, where we fumble through a maze in search of our idiosyncratic prize, advancing in self-knowledge along the way.

This Environment Makes Men Wary of Women

Sexual advance has always been one move in a board game whose first square might be a library, a classroom, or yes, even an office. Where adults behave reasonably, even an unwanted advance shouldnt be a crime or grounds for a lawsuit. A mistake, maybe. Faux pas at worst. Assuming the suitor accepts his rejection: no harm, no foul.

Not anymore. Recently, several married male friends admitted that they no longer speak to women at work when they can avoid it. Theyre sincerely afraid something they say might be taken badly, that they might find themselves fired or sued, which is about right. In the social shambles left by #MeToo, we seem utterly unsure of the rules of engagement between the sexes, except this one: men should be wary of us. Women who fought for equal footing in the workplace have become, as tort law would have it, an attractive nuisance.

This is not to deny the corrective power of #MeToo. Hollywood....


Before We Go To War With North Korea, The President Owes Americans A Public Debate "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Trump administrations rhetoric about North Korea is sounding eerily and increasingly like the rhetoric that the George W. Bush administration used in the run-up to the Iraq war.

The U.S. Army has begun training thousands of soldiers in how to engage in tunnel warfare, in preparation for the honeycomb of tunnels and bunkers that dot the North Korean countryside. In October, the Pentagon sent a letter to Congress outlining what would be at stake for U.S. forces in the event of a ground invasion on the Korean peninsula.

The North Korean question is very much on the minds of the Trump administration. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are reportedly particularly focused on the North Korean threat, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has highlighted the need to ensure that we have military options that our president can employ if needed. Trumps national security advisor, H.R. McMaster, went one step further, telling the nation that preventative war against North Korea may indeed be in the offing.

That a war with North Korea would be horrific is without question. War is hell, as William Tecumseh Sherman was fond of saying, and modern warfare is certainly no exception, particularly given the threat of a nuclear attack. It is partially for this reason that Americas founders made extra attempts to ensure the president could not wage war on his own, without the consent of Congress. While Article II of the Constitution makes the president the commander-in-chief, and later laws give him the authority to repel sudden attacks, it does not afford him the power to declare war. That role solely resides with Congress.

Congress Needs to Do Its Job

Even Alexander Hamilton, who favored a strong executive, emphasized in Federalist 69 that the president lacked the power to unilaterally take the nation to war. Likewise, President James Madison, in the run-up to the War of 1812,...


Why Japan Will Trigger The Great Unwind "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

. in his latest letter to clients from last week, the prominent SocGen strategist proposes that not deflation, but rather a unexpected episode of monetary tightening will be the catalyst that will trigger the next Great Unwind, bringing the record-setting global stock market to a screeching halt. What is even more interesting is the country that []


How Michael Larson Exploited A Loophole To Win A Game Show Fortune "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

On Sunday, the Game Show Network (GSN) aired a special whose title referred to the scandal on the 1980s hit game show Press Your Luck. Promotions for the documentary even referred to the incident as the greatest scandal in game show history.

But compared to the quiz show controversies of the 1950sin which producers rigged outcomes by giving contestants answers prior to show tapingsthe Press Your Luck scandal qualifies as nothing of the sort.

On Press Your Luck, the contestant in question merely used knowledge of the game to increase his odds of winning. As with a blackjack expert at counting cards who takes a casino to the proverbial cleaners, his actions neither violated the law, nor any standards that would warrant the ignominy that the scandal moniker connotes.

Doing Game Show Homework

Press Your Luck, which premiered in September 1983, featured players taking turns at a game board filled with various cash amounts, prizes, and the dreaded Whammywhich, when landed upon, took away all a players money. Players answered questions to earn spins, which each gave a contestant one chance to control the game board. With each spin, contestants would either win the cash or prize they landed on, or, in the case of a Whammy, lose their winnings to that point.

When CBS, which broadcast Press Your Luck, first premiered the game, it only used a handful of computer-generated sequences to randomize the indicator on the game board that the contestant stopped to determine the prize he or she would receiveor, on an average of one in six spins, a Whammy. A technological marvel for its day, the boards computing power proved primitive by twenty-first-century standards. But at the time, CBS and Bill Carruthers, the shows creator, felt that the handful of sequences would represent a sufficiently complex and random pattern that contestants could not decipher it.

Unfortunately for them, however, Michael Larson, an Ohio ice-cream truck driver with a proclivity for get-rich quick schemes, took both the time and energy to do so. Armed with a video cassette recorder, he recorded episodes of the show, watching in slow-motion to discern the patterns, and even using the pause button to mimic the shows spins.

While learning the pattern of sequences, Larson discovered two other key facts: Two squares on the 18-square game board never contained a Whammyand, in the shows second round, always contained additional spins.

With these three pieces of information, Larson had the ability to turn Press Your Luck into a real-life ATM. By understanding the seemingly random, but in reality quite predictable, game board patterns, Larson could use every spin to win dollarsand additional spinsa...


Why SpaceX Is The Snake Oil Peddler Of The Twenty-First Century "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the nineteenth century, Americans across the country were mesmerized by miracle elixirs, better known as medicine shows, which offered cure-alls for everything in the book. Diseases? There was a drink for that. Wrinkles? There was a magic cream for that too. These traveling shows did far more than heal, they entertained. Freak shows, magic tricks, and storytelling, among other fun activities, were included on the lists of offerings.

For many, these flamboyant events were awe-inspiring that is, until the country realized these miracle cures were almost completely ineffective. Over time, an increasing number of Americans began referring to these big promisers as snake oil salesmen. By the next century, most disappeared, as did their outrageous claims.

Worrisome national security events that transpired this week have convinced some Americans that SpaceX, a rocket manufacturer and launcher for national security missions, is the magic elixir of this generation only this time, the magic pills in question are not only often ineffective, theyre also affecting the countrys national security.

Akin to the once-beloved nineteenth-century miracle workers, SpaceX often tries to entertain onlookers with flashy proclamations. It has pledged nearly unfeasible feats, such as sending humans beyond the Moon by the end of the year and potentially landing spaceships on Mars by 2022 both of which will allegedly occur on rockets that have either failed to get off the ground or have had trouble doing so. It is not without a sense of irony that the CEO of SpaceX suggested those few who decide to go to Mars may not live to tell about it.

It is hard to criticize SpaceXs public relations strategy. After all, it is competing against some of Americas most prominent companies, so drumming up eye-popping media coverage is a must. But past and possible present operational concerns have led some to seriously question the company.

SpaceX attempted to launch a billion-dollar classified government satellite on Sunday, coined Zuma, for an unknown government agency. No one knows if it succeeded, but many have expressed skepticism, citing possible errors on SpaceXs end.

There is plenty of reason for concern on the part of SpaceX, primarily because of past issues with the Zuma mission itself. Zuma was initially set to launch in November, but experienced several delays before its...


LeakedSource Founder Arrested for Selling 3 Billion Stolen Credentials "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Canadian authorities have arrested and charged an Ontario man for operating a website that collected 'stolen' personal identity records and credentials from some three billion online accounts and sold them for profit. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the 27-year-old Jordan Evan Bloom of Thornhill is the person behind the notorious LeakedSource.coma major repository that


Gitmo prisoners demand release due to Trumps anti-Muslim bias "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Eleven accused jihadists held at the U.S. military detention center in Guantnamo, Cuba have petitioned a federal court to end their alleged indefinite imprisonment, citing U.S. President Donald Trumps anti-Muslim bias as grounds for their request. Among the jihadists in Guantanamo are those who have murdered or been trained to murder hundreds or []


Youll Really Want An Undo Button When You Accidentally Send A Ballistic Missile Warning "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Hawaiians started their weekend with quite a fright, waking up Saturday morning to a ballistic missile alert that turned out to be a false alarm. In between the public anger, profuse apologies from officials, and geopolitical commentary, it might be hard to find some information for the more technical-minded. For this audience, The Atlantic has compiled a brief history of infrastructure behind emergency alerts.

As a system intended to announce life-critical information when seconds count, all information on the system is prepared ahead of time for immediate delivery. As a large hodgepodge linking together multiple government IT systems, theres no surprise it is unwieldy to use. These two aspects collided Saturday morning: there was no prepared Sorry, false alarm retraction message so one had to be built from scratch using specialized equipment, uploaded across systems, and broadcast 38 minutes after the initial false alarm. In the context of government bureaucracy, that was really fast and must have required hacking through red tape behind the scenes.

However, a single persons mistake causing such chaos and requiring that much time to correct is unacceptable. This episode has already prompted a lot of questions whose answers will hopefully improve the alert system for everyones benefit. At the very least, a retraction is now part of the list of prepared messages. But weve also attracted attention of malicious hackers to this system with obvious problems in design, in implementation, and also has access to emergency broadcast channels. The system needs to be fixed before any more chaotic false alarms either accidental or malicious erode its credibility.

Weve covered both the cold-war era CONELRAD and the more recent Emergency Broadcast System. Weve also seen Dallas tornado siren warning system hacked. They werent the first, they wont be the last.

(Image: Test launch of an unarmed Minuteman III ICBM via US Air Force.)


Gaza: An inquest into its martyrdom: Norman Finkelstein on the many lies perpetuated about Gaza (Amy Goodman) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

16/01/2018 - Israel faces a possible International Criminal Court war crimes probe over its 2014 assault on Gaza, which killed more than 2,100 Palestinians, including over 500 children. For more, we speak with Norman ...


Surprise! Twitter DMs Are Not Private!, 1982 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: Good morning, Im still reporting on: Surprise! Twitter DMs Are Not Private!, 1982 Synopsis: James OKeefe appeared on Hannity tonight to talk about his recent penetration of Twitter and the Project Veritas videos he is releasing. [insert] All Republicans are from Russia??? These are the folks who run Twitter not that well informed. In fact, notice from their accents, none of them were born in the United States. They have no appreciation for this country, yet they have a powerful, monopolistic grip on us. [insert] So there you have it. Nothing you do on Twitter is private even the Direct Messages which are supposed to be private. Luckily, we were tipped off to this nearly 2 years ago during the Trump primaries, because it was essential that we knew who we were dealing with. [insert] And that, my friends is why you need a VPN. If you are operating behind a good VPN if you dont identify yourself with your tweets, they cant know who you to tie you to advertising algorithms, use your Direct Messages to embarrass you, etc. This is only going to get worse as time goes on. Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quint...


Russia Destroys Worlds First Drone Swarm Attack, 1981 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

- Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 Good morning, Im still reporting on: Russia Destroys Worlds First Drone Swarm Attack, 1981 Synopsis: The Russian military stationed in western Syria fought off the worlds first militarized swarm of drones the night of Jan. 5th-6th. As darkness fell Russian radar detected a swarm of 13 drones headed towards two of their bases from a significant distance away. Ten of the assault drones attacked the new Russian air base and 3 attacked the naval base. But for some reason the Russians were ready. Their Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missiles destroyed even of the incoming drones, and the other six were hacked with radio equipment. Three of those six did manage to drop explosives which appeared to be modified mortar rounds, severely damaging 2 Russian fighter-bombers before being brought down. Flight data indicates that the GPS-guided drones were launched by terrorists at a distance of about 62 miles away. The drones were cheaply-constructed airplane-like aircraft with about a 6-foot wingspan, but guided by very sophisticated GPS satellite navigation systems. The Russian Defense Ministry said that the sophistication of the nav systems indicated that the attack was supported by what they called a technologically advanced state. Russian specialists are trying to determine the origin of those nav system. Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndica...


Why They Are Calling Trump a Racist, 1980 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

- Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 Good evening, Im still reporting on: Why They Are Calling Trump a Racist, 1980 Synopsis: Why are the Desperate Dems so determined to brand the tag racist onto President Trump. Everyone who knows him has said just what he says, He is the least racist person you have ever interviewed. Well, sad to say, but true; the Desperate Dems are just pursuing old communist propaganda methodology if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. Of course, the problem is that in anything short of a totalitarian society, eventually people realize that it was just a lie and you are just a recidivist liar. But the Dems cant afford to worry about their reputations. They MUST win back at least the House in 2018, then defeat Trump in 2020, or they are done for a generation. Otherwise, Trump will succeed at making America great again. The problem is this desperate strategy is not going well. Two new polls show President Trumps support among black voters has more than doubled since the 2016 election. His approval rating with blacks was a mere 8% on election day, and yet that 8% made the difference in several key states where the voting was very close. But since then, Trump has been doing everything he can to push employers to hire Americans instead of low-wage migrants. The result is already kicking in. Trumps average approval rating across all of 2017 is now 17% - more than twice as high as it was in Nov. 2016, according to a huge new poll published in the uber-leftist Atlantic. Even the New York Times had to admit on Saturday: Employment gains have been especially strong for African-Americans [falling] to 6.8% in November [2017], the lowest rate on record. Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for s...


NASA Claim: Definitive Evidence of the Montreal Protocols Success on Ozone Hole but may be premature "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

From the Montreal Protocol success is not weather, unless it is department and NASA Goddard: Using measurements from NASAs Aura satellite, scientists studied chlorine within the Antarctic ozone hole over the last several years, watching as the amount slowly decreased. This is the first definitive evidence of the success of the Montreal Protocol on Substances


Canadian man charged over leak of billions hacked accounts through LeakedSource "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A Canadian Man supposed to be the admin of the website was charged over the leak of 3 billion hacked accounts.


Speaking Truth to Power Tulsi Gabbard "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Speaking Truth to Power Tulsi Gabbard by Rory The Daily Coin Imagine if more Representatives actually spoke like this to the other Representatives and to the President. The impact would be immediate and changes would be swift. Instead...

The post Speaking Truth to Power Tulsi Gabbard appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Dinosaurs, lies and truth "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This video says about itself:

LIES About Dinosaurs You PROBABLY Still Believe!

8 January 2018

Check out these lies about dinosaurs you probably still believe! From the largest and most dangerous dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex and Brontosaurus to smaller ones like velociraptors, here are the top 10 myths about dinos debunked!


Toronto: Alleged scissors attack on 11yo girl's hijab that triggered outcry 'did not happen', say police "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Toronto police have confirmed that an alleged scissors attack on a schoolgirl's hijab, which sparked widespread outrage including a public condemnation by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was a hoax. An 11-year-old girl claimed on Friday that a man twice tried to cut off her hijab as she walked to school with her brother. Police say the investigation is now concluded and "the events described in the original news release did not happen." It's still not clear why the girl reported the false incident. The story captured national attention and was denounced by Prime Minister Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto Mayor John Tory.


WATCH: Raging Cop Caught on Multiple Videos Choking People for No Reason "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

ChokeholdA police officer was caught choking various protesters, seemingly at random, in multiple videos posted on social media.


Pope Francis warns world is 'one accident' away from nuclear holocaust, 'we are at the very limit' "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Pope Francis has warned that the world is just "one accident" away from a nuclear holocaust the likes of which we have never seen, drawing on imagery from the Second World War to illustrate his point. Following Hawaii's ballistic missile attack false alarm last week, which raised fears of a possible nuclear exchange with North Korea, the Pope was asked whether he felt there was any real danger of nuclear war. "I think we are at the very limit. I am really afraid of this. One accident is enough to precipitate things," he replied.


Skynet Now: Pentagon Deploys Terrorist-Hunting Artificial Intelligence "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Skynet Now: Pentagon Deploys Terrorist-Hunting Artificial Intelligence by Jake Anderson The Anti-Media Someday, future sentient artificial intelligence (AI) systems may reflect on their early indentured servitude for the human military-industrial complex with little to no nostalgia. But well worry...

The post Skynet Now: Pentagon Deploys Terrorist-Hunting Artificial Intelligence appeared first on The Daily Coin.


A Look Into The Belief Of The Reincarnation Of The Soul According To Hinduism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Alanna Ketler

Reincarnation According To Hinduism

According to Hinduism, a soul will reincarnate again and again on Earth until it has learned all its lessons, evolved and then reunites with Source. During this process the soul will enter into many bodies being born again and again and dying again and again, assuming many different forms until it has learned all of the lessons it set out to learn. This concept is summarized in the following verse of the Bhagavad gita:

Just as a man discards worn out clothes and puts on new clothes, the soul discards worn out bodies and ears new ones. (2.22)

According to Hinduism, a soul has to live many different lifetimes and undergo a substantial amount of various experiences before it attains perfection and becomes one with the Divine, or Source, or God, or whatever it is that you feel comfortable calling, It. The Hin...


Imagination and will in the Anthropocene "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

How can we face up to the enormity of environmental collapse? How can we collectively build a politics for the Anthropocene? An interview with activist and former climate diplomat John Ashton CBE.

How can we face up to the enormity of environmental collapse? How can we collectively build a politics for the Anthropocene? Laurie Laybourn-Langton interviews activist and former climate diplomat John Ashton. Laurie Laybourn-Langton (LL-L): Youve been at the forefront of combatting climate change through your role at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and by founding E3G, the climate change thinktank, among others. The concept of the Anthropocene goes beyond climate, to bring in the wider picture of environmental degradation and its causes. Is the word a useful addition to the vernacular to provide focus in a way that climate change or the environment, arguably, did in the past? John Ashton (JA): I would argue that the idea of the Anthropocene goes further. Its about the relationship between human beings and nature, but its also about the relationship between human beings and each other. The ecological fabric and the social fabric are inseparable. You cant address a problem unless you can talk about it, and you cant talk about it unless you can name it. But my gut feeling is that the word Anthropocene is never really going to be part of anybodys vernacular, but at least it plants a flag in the ground. I think it will be much easier to build a politics of the Anthropocene from the left because of its focus on collective responsibility and justice. For me there is nothing more fundamental to the Anthropocene than trying to address the enormous injustice which is inherent in the way we collectively conduct ourselves at the moment. We have built a political and economic system which is based on plunder, and the most heinous example of that plunder is that which is being and has been carried out by my generation I am 60 years old. Were not wrecking our futures nearly as much as were wrecking the future of your generation. Your generation can no longer take it for granted that you have a prospect of a better life than mine, whatever that means. This is an extraordinary conclusion to be reaching because it would represent a collapse of everything we thought we had built, particularly with and since the Enlightenment. If I were your age, I would probably be fearful of the future rather than looking forward to it. LL-L: There is a view that, in an era of potentially exponential environmental change, exponentially accelerating technical ability will enable us to address it. Therefore, we will be fine because we will invent our way out of the problem. Do you agree? JA: I think that...


Google Plans to Expand Huge Undersea Cables to Boost Cloud Business "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The search company hopes to lure customers from Amazon and Microsoft with new fiber-optic lines

A Google data center in Iowa.
A Google data center in Iowa. PHOTO: CONNIE ZHOU/GOOGLE/ZUMA PRESS

Jan. 16, 2018 5:30 a.m. ET

Google is expanding its sprawling network of undersea cables to plug into new regions around the world, in a bid to speed up its cloud-computing business and catch up to rivals Microsoft Corp. and Inc.

The search-engine operator has plans to build three new underwater fiber-optic cables lining ocean areas from the Pacific to the North Sea, extending its private data network to regions competitors havent touched with similar projects.

The cables, expected to be finished in 2019, are designed to speed the transfer of data and reroute users to servers around the globe if a region fails or gets overloaded.

Google said t...


Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Plummets Near $11,000  in 2018-Low "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

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Bitcoin price dropped to a 2018-low during Tuesdays morning trading (GMT), losing over $2,300 (Bitfinex) in a 17% fall in just under 3 hours. Dampened by regulatory scrutiny in Korea, home to one of the worlds biggest crypto markets, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continued their descent today. After opening Tuesdays trading near $13,500 on USD-based Continued

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41 Hearts Beating in Guantanamo "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Human Wrongs Watch

By Kathy Kelly*

15 January 2018 TRANSCEND Media Service  January 11, 2018 marked the 16th year that Guantanamo prison has exclusively imprisoned Muslim men, subjecting many of them to torture and arbitrary detention.



Americans Are Drinking Radioactive Water "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"


An alarming new investigation has revealed that over half of the drinking water in the US contains radioactive elements.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) have found that a good portion of the drinking water in all 50 states contains radioactive elements that may increase one's risk of cancer. The EWG analyzed almost 50,000 public water systems and discovered...
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Americans Are Drinking Radioactive Water


"I Shall Use My Time..." "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

"I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."
- Jack London


French Big Business financed ISIS terrorism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This video from France says about itself:

Lafarge investigation: Company accused of destroying evidence in terror financing probe

13 December 2017

Lafarge investigation: Company accused of destroying evidence in terror financing probe. FRANCE24s Dorothe Kellou, who broke the story, tells us more on set.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

How a French construction corporation co-financed the terror of ISIS

Today, 06:42
Updated at 09:19

For years, ISIS was able to stand on its own feet in Syria and Iraq and finance terrorist attacks. In France, it is becoming increasingly clear how these cash flows could run. For example, construction corporation Lafarge paid bribes to the terror organization between 2011 and 2015. In total, 13 million euros were paid to ISIS and other terrorist groups, according to leaked documents.

Lafarge paid that money because it wanted to keep its cement factory in the vicinity of Raqqa open. In 2013 that region was in the hands of ISIS. There were roadblocks everywhere and the fuel supply was also in the hands of the terrorists and their confidants.

The company therefore decided to pay ISIS, to buy fuel, to run the factory and to ensure that their trucks were allowed to pass the checkpoints, says lawyer Marie Dos, who represents 11 former employee...


Hear Dolores ORiordans Beautifully-Pained Vocals in the Isolated Track for The Cranberries 1994 Hit Zombie "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Yesterday, amidst the many tributes and inevitable dissention over the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., a sad piece of news seemed to get buried: the death of Cranberries singer Dolores ORiordan, at the far-too-young age of 46. The Irish vocalist not only defined the sound of The Cranberries, as her NPR obituary notes, she defined the sound of the 90s. Anyone who remembers the decade remembers spending a substantial part of it with Cranberries hits Linger, Dreams, and Zombie looping in their heads.

Just 18 when she auditioned for them in 1989, ORiordan took the band from what might have been rather formulaic mopey, jangly dreampop and gave it a smoky hue in full cry as well as a sweet, delicate tone that evoked centuries of Gaelic folk tradition. Like another recent, tragic loss from the Gen X heydaySoundgarden singer Chris Cornellshe fully embodied passionate intensity with a voice that was an arresting force. Whether you were a fan or not, you simply had to pay attention.



What Should We Expect From Liberal, Feminist Men Like Aziz Ansari? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Every #MeToo story doesnt involve brutal rape and exploitation, but that doesnt make them any less important.

Aziz Ansari wearing a 'Times Up' pin at the Golden Globe Awards. Credit: Reuters

Aziz Ansari wearing a Times Up pin at the Golden Globe Awards. Credit: Reuters

Say you meet an attractive man hes older, hes famous and, most importantly, he walks the talk when it comes to feminism and respecting women. In fact, he does it so well that media outlets have called him a Certified Woke Bae in the past. To your delight and excitement, you two hit it off and start texting. After several days of this, you go on a date and then head to his apartment after dinner. Youre probably expecting more of the charming banter you two shared over text and the humour he displays on screen; instead you find yourself with a person who is so intently focused on having sex with you that he misses/ignores all your apparent discomfort with the situation. You feel violated, like youre slipping from person to sex object with every unwanted advance, and event...


Moveable Feast Cafe 2018/01/16 Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

2018/01/16 11:30:01Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


Slow the Cars "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

We design our streets like roads, as if their primary function -- and sometimes their sole function -- is the movement of automobiles.

Many people dont grasp the difference between a street and a road. They think the terms are interchangeable, and rightly so. In the United States, weve spent decades -- and trillions of dollars -- blurring the distinctions.

Streets and Roads

To make our cities financially strong and successful, we need to reclaim the lost art of building great streets, and we must empower our transportation professionals to build high-performance roadways. There is a serious difference between those two pursuits.

Streets: The function of a street is to serve as a platform for building wealth. On a street, we're attempting to grow the complex ecosystem that produces community wealth. In these environments, people (outside of their automobiles) are the indicator species of success. Successful streets are environments where humans, and human interaction, flourish.

Roads: In contrast, the function of a road is to connect productive places. You can think of a road as a refinement of the railroad a road on rails where people board in one place, depart in another and there is a high speed connection between the two.

With a street, were trying to build a place. With a road, were trying to get from one place to another. Street emphasize wealth creation. Roads are about movement.

Why is this distinction important?


Designing our streets as if they were roads creates three fundamental and interrelated  problems.

First, its really expensive. We spend a lot more money on everything from engineering to asphalt when we overbuild our streets. And because poorly designed streets suppress demand for biking and walking -- two lower cost alternatives -- it actually induces even more demand for transportation spending.

Second, poorly designed streets drive down the taxpayers return-on-investment. In general, the more auto-oriented a development pattern is,...


Most Indian 14-18-Year-Olds in Rural Areas Are Reading at a Class Two Level, Finds Report "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Annual Status of Education Report for 2017 has surveyed how much 14-18-year-olds in rural areas are learning in school.

This round of the annual survey has been concerned with children in the age bracket of 14 to 18. Representative image credit: Reuters

This round of the annual survey has been concerned with children in the age bracket of 14 to 18. Representative image credit: Reuters

New Delhi: If a person sleeps at 9:30 pm and wakes up at 6:30 am, how many hours did they sleep? If a t-shirt is priced at Rs 300 and the shop is offering a 10% discount, how much money would you need to buy it? If three chlorine tablets are needed to purify 15 litres of water, how many chlorine tablets are needed for 35 litres of water? On a map of India, can you point and show which state you live in?

These are some of the questions which 28,323 youths, aged between 14 and 18, were asked during the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER)-Rural, 2017.

This round of the annual survey has been concerned with children in the age bracket of 14 to 18. Fourteen is the age up to which the government guarantees free and compulsory education, and just four years later, these young people will become adults, says the report. So the report has looked at what skills and abilities these children will need to be ready for productive lives as adults.

Arvind Su...


Silver: Once and Future Money "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Silver: Once and Future Money by Jim Rickards Daily Reckoning The Roman Republic and the later Roman Empire had gold coins called the aureus and solidus, but they also minted a popular silver coin called the denarius. One denarius...

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Swedish government warns citizens: Be prepared for at least a week without help "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Swedish government is warning its citizens to be prepared to survive on their own for at least a week, which is unusual advice for Sweden to dispense. Is there trouble on the horizon? Shortly before Christmas, the Swedish government quietly published a paper called "Resilience." Initially, the requirement had been for people to be prepared for 3 days without help, but it seems like that was a baby step. The government itself wants to be prepared for a 3-month long civil emergency and they're urging citizens to take responsibility, too. It really makes you wonder what is looming ahead, doesn't it?


UAE to file complaint over Qatar fighter jets intercept of civilian flights: Civil Aviation Authority chief "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The UAE has said it will file a complaint after two passenger jets were intercepted by Qatar fighter jets a claim Doha denies. (AFP)
A UAE Civil Aviation Authority official has said they are considering rerouting UAE aircraft to avoid future intercepts involving Qatari fighter jets.
Meanwhile the UAE will file a complaint with the International Civil Aviation Organization after Qatari jets came within little more than three kilometers of Emirati passenger flights, Saif Al-Suwaidi, head of the general civil aviation authority said on Tuesday.
Today we will file our complaint to the International Civil Aviation Organization about the two serious incidents, along with the evidence that weve gathered, and ask for the intervention of the council to stop Qatar from repeating the act, he said.


Half-Earth Is Not Happening, But Co-Habitation Is "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"




Thanks to Richard Conniff, whose articles about the intersection between humans and other species, and about how our museums shape our views we have shared from various sources, including this recent one from Yale360:

Habitat on the Edges: Making Room for Wildlife in an Urbanized World

Efforts to...


Coercion a problem larger than authentication "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Technical solutions for authentication are orthogonal to political abuse of power structures

Three friends contemplate the bad takes on FaceID and authoritarian regimes.

Before the release of the iPhone X there were some assessments of the security value of FaceID against authoritarian governments, as well as how secure it would actually be (pretty secure, it turns out). It seems appropriate to address the flawed understanding of security threats prompted by the FaceID authentication mechanism received when it was announced. What was particularly frustrating was the deep confusion around how coercion works at different levels and why the sinister threat of authoritarian regimes is a poor threat model to apply to authentication mechanism security. It is popular to ask how will this technology enable abuse by authoritarian regimes, but the people asking that question, and the fantasy logic they use constructing threat models, needs the cold water of reality.

You cant solve social problems with technology

Your threat model is wrongnomore wrong.

Very few people face nation state adversaries (sorry Western activists, youre not on anyones radar.) Most of those who do, explicitly signed up for it (foreign service departments, intelligence services, terrorist groups, transnational criminal groups), although some just fell into it (dissidents). The former group, well, they have the resources and expertise to play the game. The latter group typically do not. They lack security training, security experience (although they gain it the hard way), and they have essentially no access to security assistance. They typically use available platforms for organising, coordinating, and messaging (read: Facebook, Facebook, other social media platforms like Twitter, and mobile phones...with Facebook.)

There are very important reasons why dissident groups use Facebook (other than Metcalfes Law):

  • Exposure Dissident groups must be visible and public, otherwise not only are they failing to reach their target audience but they run the risk of being labeled terrorists (so most covert communications technology is a terrible fit for themthey need billboards and broadsheets, not digital dead drops and chalk signs.) Of course, everyone deserves (and needs)the privacy of need secure ephemeral communications.
  • ....


Syria U.S. Traps Itself , Commits To Occupation, Helps To Sustain Astana Agreement "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The SDF and the Kurds are under control of the PKK/YPK, a terrorist organization that is nearly daily fighting and killing Turkish forces within Turkey. The Arabs which ostensibly shall seal the area off from the rest of Syria are most likely tribal forces that were earlier aligned with the Islamic State. The Turks were not consulted before the U.S. move and are of course not amused that a "terrorist gang", trained and armed by the U.S., will control a long stretch of their southern border. Any Turkish government would have to take harsh measures to prevent such a strategic threat to the country: Such initiatives endangering our national security and Syrias territorial integrity through the continuation of cooperation with PYD/YPG in contradiction with the commitments and statements made by the US are unacceptable.


Condoleeza Rice warns #MeToo movement risks turning women into 'snowflakes' "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice cautioned against turning women into "snowflakes" as she weighed in on the ongoing #MeToo movement. She called it a positive thing that risks doing more harm than good. In an interview with CNN's David Axelrod on 'The Axe Files,' Rice said that the ongoing movement to reveal sexual improprieties committed by certain men is a "good thing," but she warns it could go too far. "I do think we have to be a little bit careful. Let's not turn women into snowflakes. Let's not infantilize women," Rice said, using the derogatory term 'snowflake' used to describe the new generation of youth who - as their critics contend - are overly politically correct and prone to take offense when challenged by ideas that do not conform to their worldview.


Worlds most wanted man remains at large Where is Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the leader of Daesh remains at large, months after his caliphate collapsed in 2017. (AP)
Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the leader of Daesh remains at large, months after his caliphate collapsed in 2017.
But the most wanted man has been traced to a specific place at least three times in the past 18 months, according to British daily...


11 de junio Da Internacional de Solidaridad con Marius Mason y todxs lxs Presxs Anarquistas de Larga Condena "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Recibido el 16 de enero de 2018:

A lo largo de los aos, el 11 de junio, Da de Solidaridad con Marius Mason y todxs lxs presxs anarquistas de larga condena, ha apoyado y visibilizado a docenas de presos. Ms recientemente, hemos estado tratando de incluir ms prisionerxs de fuera de EE. UU. para evitar caer en el sendero fcil del centrismo estadounidense y representar con mayor fidelidad a las ricas y expansivas luchas anarquistas y antiautoritarias en todo el mundo. (Se puede obtener ms informacin en

Es con esto en mente que estamos pidiendo vuestro apoyo para traducir y difundir este breve mensaje.

Sabemos que hay muchxs presxs cuyas historias no nos han llegado, o con quienes ha sido difcil establecer contacto. En tanto el 11 de junio se enfoca en lxs presxs anarquistas y de larga duracin, estas no son cualidades estrictas. Estamos ansiosxs por apoyar a prisionerxs antiautoritarixs de diferentes tendencias y de muchas luchas. El 11 de junio tiene como objetivo mantener en nuestros labios los nombres de lxs compaerxs que estn encerradxs durante muchos aos, mucho despus de que muchos de ellxs hayan quedado en segundo plano ya que siempre hay nuevas luchas, nuevas emergencias y ms amigxs siendo blanco del Estado.
Generalmente usamos una sentencia de diez aos como punto de referencia, pero actualmente apoyamos a algunxs p...


MagicSpam 2.0.13 - Insecure File Permission Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Posted by Vulnerability Lab on Jan 16

Document Title:
MagicSpam 2.0.13 - Insecure File Permission Vulnerability

References (Source):

Release Date:

Vulnerability Laboratory ID (VL-ID):

Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Vulnerability Class:
Privacy Violation...


Surviving The Economic Collapse In The Food Shortages People Will Do Anything to Eat (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Surviving The Economic Collapse In The Food Shortages People Will Do Anything to Eat Video Silver Report surviving The coming economic collapse in a world when people will do anything for food. Covering some strategy to security of food...

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Insights and Explorations: The Akashic Records  The Cellular Memory of the Universe "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Shem El-Jamal

There are many concepts within the esoteric world that many of us do not fully understand. It may be this lack of understanding that compels us to venture into these concepts more than we do the hard data we might find in conventional science. Though reliable science can yield some very profound facts about life and our universe, it seems that there is some unique appeal in seeking out the hidden truths with the supernatural.

There are many experiences that a soul can have in life. These can range from that which seems fairly mundane to those which are jaw-dropping and unforgettable. Yet even with the most profound experiences, the possibility that we have lived hundreds or even thousands of other lifetimes seems to stand out significantly. In fact, this notion could easily leave ones head spinning.

I dont remember living in another place, in another time period, or in another body. These are some of the thoughts we may have had when we first learned of this possibility. Yet virtually all religious texts of ancient times refer to life being not a singular incarnation, but to consist of numerous, layered experiencesall having meanings and lessons of their own.

The Akashic Records could be said to be the amalgamated records of all of these experiences which each soul has had. This possibility leads us to consider how a person might axes these records if they exist, what they might find, and how they might learn and benefit from realizing and appreciating their own forgotten experiences as a soul.

The possibility that these records are real and accessible to a soul who has the intent to seek them out can be an exciting thought to have. However, we might also keep in mind that everything we experience may simply be an illusion; a game; a chosen activity for the infinite soul which each of us is said to be. In this caseas amazing as the thought of such records might bethese records simply represent our experiences within the illusion of the finite. In reality, we may be limitless in potential and identity.

Source: Ascension Glossary

Published: November 17, 2014

Akashic Records This is a quick reference term used to define the Universal Matrix of Cellular Memory that has contained within it, the recorded event of every possible experience and permutation of co...


Jailhouse Guest Support Queued For Linux 4.16 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Yet more functionality to find with the upcoming Linux 4.16 kernel is the first bits of Jailhouse hypervisor functionality being mainlined...


17th Responsible Business Summit Europe 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

13 Jun 2018

To meet societal expectations, the UN Global Goals, increasing regulations and the 2 Degree target a wholesale shift in thinking and operations across both business and industry is required. Ethical Corporation's 17th Responsible Business Summit Europe 2018 will tackle the critical issues within responsible business. Through focussed best-practice-lead debates over 600 business leaders and senior sustainability & communications executives will focus on transforming business so it is fit for a digital, responsible world. Some of the sessions taking place at #RBSEU include:

  • Transformational Change Keynote: Hear how innovative companies are transforming their business so that its fit for a more sustainable and responsible future. With the CEO, Barclays Germany and the President, VF Corporation EMEA
  • The Digital Revolution: Discover how forward-looking businesses are driving a digital-first mind-set throughout their culture and operations to deliver social customer care and impact. With Comcast, UCB Biopharma and AXA Retail
  • Taking the lead on tackling climate change: The impacts of climate change offer both risks and opportunities to supply chains. Hear how businesses are re-developing their supply chains so that they are fit for business in 10-20 years time with the Chairman, L'Oral
  • SDG Keynote: Understand how leading global businesses are using the SDGs as a central starting point for their future business strategies with the European Commission
  • Empower diversity and inclusion for future leadership with the CEO, Sodexo and Director Strategic Partnership, Advocacy and Communications, UN Women
  • In-depth breakout workshops: Join our 2-hour workshops tackling SDG integration, the new TCFD recommendations, partnership mo...


Congressional Leaders Struggle to Avert Shutdown Amid Immigration Blow-Up Its a SHole. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


By Laura Litvan Anna Edgerton

January 16, 2018, 4:00 AM EST
  • Lawmakers face Jan. 19 deadline to keep government funded
  • Trumps rejection of DACA compromise complicates debate
 Image may contain: night and outdoor


Republican congressional leaders are struggling to separate the immigration blow-up set off by President Donald Trump from a funding bill to avert a U.S. government shutdown at the end of this week.

Democrats say the burden is on Trump to help break the stalemate after he rejected a bipartisan proposal to shield young, undocumented immigrants from deportation and ignited outrage by reportedly disparaging Haiti and African nations as shithole countries. Democrats want to attach such an immigration measure to the must-pass spending bill, an idea House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reject.

No, we...


Zenario v7.6 CMS - SQL Injection Web Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Posted by Vulnerability Lab on Jan 16

Document Title:
Zenario v7.6 CMS - SQL Injection Web Vulnerability

References (Source):

Release Date:

Vulnerability Laboratory ID (VL-ID):

Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Vulnerability Class:
SQL Injection



Day Of Typical CEO Pays More Than Year For Typical Worker "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Fat Tuesday is Mardi Gras, a day of revelry, gluttony, intoxication and showers of shiny plastic beads. It is the party to end all parties because its followed by Ash Wednesday, when Lenten sacrifices commence. Fat Cat Tuesday is the day Jan. 2, 2018 on which the boards of directors of Americas biggest corporations handed their CEOs more money than those same CEOs would deign to pay their workers for an entire year of labor, 260 days. It was a day of revelry, gluttony and private jets for CEOs and worthless shiny plastic beads for workers. The occasion is commemorated in Britain as well. There, though, it took CEOs three days to accrue more compensation than the total annual wages of the typical worker. Thats because American CEO pay takes the cake and were not talking Mardi Gras King Cake containing a tiny plastic baby Jesus figure because no Son of God would be associated with U.S. CEOs sinfully gluttonous pay packages.


[SECURITY] [DSA 4088-1] gdk-pixbuf security update "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Posted by Moritz Muehlenhoff on Jan 16

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4088-1 security () debian org Moritz Muehlenhoff
January 15, 2018

Package : gdk-pixbuf
CVE ID : CVE-2017-1000422

It was...


Military Situation In Yemen On January 16, 2018 (Map Update) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This map provides a general look at the military situation in Yemen on January 16, 2018. The Houthis and forces loyal to Saudi-backed President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, supported by the Saudi-led coalition airpower, are clashing in northern and western parts of the country.

Military Situation In Yemen On January 16, 2018 (Map Update)

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Crypto Market Suffers From Uncertainty in Asia, Losses Up to 40% "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

News of increased regulation in China and South Korea have likely caused a short-term market dip across cryptocurrency #NEWS


Andrea Leadsom backs the Suns Brexit stamps campaign and the responses are first class "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Tory MP and one-time party leadership contender Andrea Leadsom has joined the Suns campaign for Brexit commemorative stamps. Of course she has!

And a very worthwhile cause it is too! Maybe Carillion can make them. Do they do that sort of thing?

Avoid plunging too deep into despair by enjoying our pick of the responses online. First class!





World watch Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Tuesday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


Japanese TV issues false alarm about a missile launch "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


TOKYO (Reuters) Japanese public broadcaster NHK issued a false alarm about a North Korean missile launch on Tuesday, but it corrected the error within minutes, messages on the NHK website showed.

It was not immediately clear what caused the false alarm which followed a false missile alert that caused panic across Hawaii at the weekend.

Reporting by Kiyoshi Takenaka; Editing by Nick Macfie


[RT-SA-2017-013] Truncation of SAML Attributes in Shibboleth 2 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Posted by RedTeam Pentesting GmbH on Jan 16

Advisory: Truncation of SAML Attributes in Shibboleth 2

RedTeam Pentesting discovered that the shibd service of Shibboleth 2
does not extract SAML attribute values in a robust manner. By inserting
XML entities into a SAML response, attackers may truncate attribute
values without breaking the document's signature. This might lead to a
complete bypass of authorisation mechanisms.


Product: Shibboleth 2
Affected Versions:...


Waste of Money for My Go Bag or Not I Need Your Opinion "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

I bought several new items for my emergency GO Survival Bag the most expensive being a $110 10.1" new laptop that's light. This laptop will never be used unless I need to split with my GO Bag as I have 2 larger, faster, more powerful laptops at home. My question is, I only have about 84 GBS of free space as the Hard Drive was only 160 gbs. Do I spend another $135-175 on a 500GB Hard Drive so I have about 300GBS more of free space? Mind you this laptop will never be used unless I have to...

Waste of Money for My Go Bag or Not I Need Your Opinion


Corporate Powers Are Stealing Online Identities, Posting Fake Comments To Push For Consumer Law Repeals "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Forget Russian fake news for a moment. Another extremely consequential privacy-breaching, identity-theft hack is undermining our democracy and almost certainly being perpetuated by corporate America. A pattern of cyber deception is appearing across the federal government in the nooks and crannies of the process where White House directives or Congress laws are turned into the rules Americans must abide byor in the Trump era, are repealed. Hundreds of thousands of comments, purportedly made by Americans, have come in over the electronic transom to at least five different federal agencies calling for an end to Obama-era consumer protections and other regulations that impede profits, a series of investigative reports by the Wall Street Journal found. Except, the people who supposedly sent these comments never did.


Carillion liquidation: Theresa May prepares to face Cabinet after emergency talks over collapse of building giant "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


January 16, 2018; 9:00 am (London)

A Carillion employee exits a site office in London following yesterday's annoucementA Carillion employee exits a site office in London following yesterdays annoucement EPA

Theresa Mays Cabinet will today meet as backlash from the collapse of building and public services giant Carillion shakes parliament.

Top executives face investigation after the firms demise put thousands of jobs at risk and saw the Government heavily criticised for its role in the debacle.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Carillions collapse was a watershed moment that should bring an end to rip-off privatisation of public services.

But after attending a meeting of the Governments emergency planning committee Cobra on Monday night, Cabinet Office min...


Mexico before the election storm "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Mexico's federal elections will be held on July 1, 2018, and the following federally elected offices will be renewed: the President of the Republic, 128 members of the Senate and 500 members of the Chamber of Deputies. Espaol

A follower of Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador (AMLO) holding a flag with the image of AMLO, September 9, 2012 at the Zocalo in Mexico city, Mexico. Photo: Susana Gonzalez/dpa/ef PA Image. All rights reserved.Although the electoral campaign officially opens in March, the main candidates for the presidency of Mexico are already defined and take advantage of the pre-candidacy period within their parties and coalitions to proselytize and position themselves in the race.

Thus begins a marathon campaign: six months of wasteful spending of public resources, showers of promises, spots, adverts, posters, slogans, chants, debates, discrediting, accusations, rumors, intrigues and, given the countrys context and the actors who inhabit it, also some episodes of violence whose magnitude and scope are difficult to foresee.

Progressive candidate Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador (AMLO for short) got into the pre-election struggle early, as is his custom, and has been intensifying his touring of the country since last year and working on the design of the program and his campaign team - both, by the way, noticeably more conservative than in his previous two runs for the presidency.

AMLO has chosen a rather less leftist and more popular-national and plebeian profile, with a hint of anti-neoliberalism and democratization calls in an anti-oligarchic sense.

AMLO is currently leading the polls, to a large extent because of his early start, because this is his third try, because of the visibility and the media exposure he gets for his charisma and the attacks of his opponents, and because he has created a national party fashioned in his image an...


DOJ's IG Report May Explode on Monday, 1979 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

- Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. Good morning, Im still reporting on: DOJ's IG Report May Explode on Monday, 1979 Synopsis: According to several reports, the long-awaited report of the Justice Department Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, on the corruption inside the Justice Department is about to explode across the Washington, DC swamp. Horowitz, perhaps the most feared man in Washington by the swamp dwellers, that is was appointed by President Obama in April of 2012. Horowitz announced exactly one year ago that the Inspector Generals office would examine evidence related to allegations of misconduct by then FBI Director James Comey regarding his handling of Hillary Clintons email practices, and whether Justice Department employees leaked information improperly during the run up to the 2016 presidential election. According to Dr. Dave Janda, the Horowitz report will cover much more than originally announced: [insert] Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: https://t...


January 17 in history "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

1287 King Alfonso III of Aragon invaded Minorca

1377 Pope Gregory XI moved the Papacy back to Rome from Avignon.

1524 Beginning of Giovanni da Verrazzanos voyage to find a passage to China.

1608 Emperor Susenyos of Ethiopia surprised an Oromo army at Ebenat; his army reportedly killed 12,000 Oromo at the cost of 400 men.

1648 Englands Long Parliament passed the Vote of No Addresses, breaking off negotiations with King Charles I and thereby setting the scene for the second phase of the English Civil War.

1773 Captain James Cook and his crew became the first Europeans to sail below the Antarctic Circle.

1820  Anne Bront, British author, was born  (d. 1849).

1852 The United Kingdom recognised the independence of the Boer colonies of the Transvaal.

1853 The New Zealand Constitution Act (UK) of 1852, which established a system of representative government for New Zealand, was declared operative by Governor Sir George Grey.

1863  David Lloyd George, British Prime Minister, was born  (d. 1945).

1865 Charles Fergusson, Governor-General of New Zealand, was born (d. 1951).

1877  May Gibbs, Australian childrens author, was born.

1899 Al Capone, American g...


New Video: Good Vs. Evil 432Hz "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Jonathan Carty

I was guided this morning to create a video that summarized the battle for good and evil playing out on this planet right now. There is information from Cobras blog and a link to the information for those who feel guided to look further into it. I hope you will all enjoy this and I wish each of you much love!


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Raymond Ibrahim: Why Professing Christ Is Becoming a Hate Crime in the West "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

What is the source of dhimmitude which in many ways paralyzes responses to Islam in the West? First a definition: dhimmitude, which was coined by the late Christian president of Lebanon, Bashir Gemayel, and popularized by writer Bat Yeor, is a neologism based on the Arabic word, dhimmi that is, a non-Muslim (generally a []


Its that bad "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Intelligence agencies are (unsurprisingly) cagey about their activities. Every time we get a chance to peek under the mask, we learn more about how bad it is. The Liberals, who inherited Conservative policy that characterizes environmentalists and indigenous activists (there is plenty of overlap) as a domestic terrorist threat, have done little more than spew hot air, keeping the worst of the human rights violations from Conservative policy.

This is what that looks like.

The records detailing monitoring of individual activists and leaders speak to a larger pattern of surveillance against non-violent dissent, Indigenous-led social movements and their allies. As APTN reported in relation to the documents referring to Thomas-Muller, RCMP records also listed a number of groups as involved persons, including the Defenders of the Land, Direct Action in Canada for Climate Justice, Ontario Public Interest Research Group, Ruckus Society, Global Justice Ecology Project, Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, the Indigenous Action Movement and the Wetsuweten Direct Action Camp. In 2014, the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) filed complaints against both the RCMP and CSIS, alleging unlawful surveillance against opponents of Northern Gateway that included many of the same organizations. While the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP launched an independent investigation, the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) (the body responsible for CSIS oversight) instead held a series of secret hearings. They issued a decision in 2015, but barred the BCCLA from speaking about the outcome. The BCCLA has since applied for judicial review of this decision.

Just last month, documents obtained by VICE News demonstrate that the RCMP surveilled Indigenous activists who constructed a Tipi on Parliament Hill as part of Idle No Mores Unsettling Canada 150, a campaign coinciding with 150 years since Canadian confederation. Idle No More has come under government scrutiny on other occasions: in 2015 documents...


Bitcoin Cash now has its own Native Bitcoinj Development Branch "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

For those unaware of what Bitcoinj does, allow us to explain. It is a project best known for being a cornerstone of the Bitcoin ecosystem. In its original state, it was the second Bitcoin implementation and the first to target SPV light wallet functionality. Not everyone wants to run a desktop client or full node on their machine at all times. Moreover, SPV functionality is very important when it comes to mobile cryptocurrency wallets.Most Android wallets make use of Bitcoinj as we speak.

Bitcoinj Cash is Open for Business

With Bitcoinj Cash, the goal is to unify all forks for BCH. More specifically, a lot of forked versions of this SPV implementation exist. Unifying them all under one banner will make it easier for everyone involved. Moreover, the team hopes to engage more community members to contribute to this particular branch of development. No one can deny Bitcoin Cash has a strong and vibrant community right now. Solutions like these will only improve the overall ecosystem.

As a result of this new branch, we will see more mobile wallets support Bitcoinj Cash. Some might even switch over from BTC to BCH full-time. HashEngineerings Android wallet is switching over to Bitcoinj Cash in the near future. Moreover, the Lighthouse project which has all but been forgotten may be revived thanks to this new implementation. Crowdfunding through Bitcoin has always been a great concept. Unfortunately, it also became impossible due to mounting fees and slow transactions. With BCH, this option becomes viable again.

It is also important to note this new development branch will not just focus on SPV wallets. Instead, the team wants to expand upon its functionali...


Professor Chris Exley on the Deaf Ear Turned Toward His Autism Aluminum Research "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Note: Chris Exley Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry Keele University Honorary Professor, UHI Millennium Institute Group Leader - Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keelepublished expresses what so many brave scientists before him have encountered when their results challenge the status quo. He...


Governor McAuliffe (D) Threatened to Physically Harm the President "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This Democrat just threatened, in front of the national media, to punch President Trump. It is a crime to threaten the President, will this close ally of Hillary Clinton go to jail, or does the FBI continue to serve the Deep State?


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Young Woman with Asperger's "Discharged" From Baltimore Hospital into Frigid Cold "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Note: Below is a rotten story of the unceremonious discharge of a 22 year old woman with Asperger's onto the freezing streets of Baltimore, Maryland. At age 22, unless her mother had guardianship, the hospital did not have to share...


Habitat fragmentation 'bigger threat to Chiles gia wildcat than persecution by humans' "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Habitat fragmentation 'bigger threat to Chiles gia wildcat than persecution by humans'

brendan 16th January 2018
Teaser Media


Midnight Movie Fire Over England "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Classic from 1930s, with Flora Robson


Daily Verse "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:34 (NIV)

Book your free tickets for the launch of the Civil Rights 50th Anniversary Programme with a keynote address from poet Michael Longley "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The broad-based 50th Anniversary of  Civil Rights Commemoration Committee, chaired by Professor Paul Arthur, wish to commemorate 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights in a sober, inclusive and reflective way. We want to seek to learn from what happened, to consider the significance of the Civil Rights movement for our society today and the continuing resonance of the issues which it addressed and the ideals which underpinned it. You are invited to attend the following events. All events are free but we ask you to book so we can best manage numbers.
Launch of Civil Rights Programme Belfast Thursday 25 January 2018
The launch of Civil Rights 50th Anniversary Programme will take place at 6:30pm on Thursday 25 January 2017 in First Presbyterian
Church, 41 Rosemary Street, Belfast, BT1 1QB. Introduction by Professor Paul Arthur;
Keynote address from Michael Longley, renowned poet and winner of the PEN Pinter Prize 2017 for defending freedom of expression.

Reflections on 68 Derry Friday 26 January 2018
The Derry launch of programme will be held at 6:30pm on Friday 26 January 2018 in The Junction, 10-12 Bishop Street, Derry, BT48 6PW
with Professor Paul Arthur opening followed by contributions from Maureen Hetherington, Ethical Remembering and civil rights activists  Ivan Cooper and Deirdre ODoherty.
Address on civil rights by Dr Emmet OConnor, Lecturer Ulster University

Civil Rights Then and Now Reconciling Difference  East Belfast 5 February 2018
The 50th Anniversary Civil Rights Commemoration Committee and Tuaras in East Belfast wish to invite you to a discussion on Civil Rights Then and Now Reconciling Difference at 6:30pm on Monday 5 February 2018 in Skainos Centre 239 Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 1AF.
Speakers: Rev Mervyn Gibson, Cllr John Kyle and civil rights activist Brid Rodgers.
The Civil Rights Committee wish to engage in constructive dialogue with those who did not, or do not, share the views of the Civil Rights leadership.


Malware found guilty of populating apps with pornographic adverts "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the month of April last year, a popup alerting users through fake messages appeared that took many users by surprise. It was basically a web advertisement that was used to scare visitors of websites to make them believe that their device has been affected with adware or a possible hacking has taken place. Such

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Braving Freezing Cold, Kargil Pours Out To Protest Netanyahu Visit "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

KARGIL: Braving sub zero temperatures residents of this remote Himalayan town in Ladakh region of Kashmir came out in thousands to protest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus historic arrival in India the first by a Zionist leader in 15 years. People marched through the streets of Kargil chanting slogans like "Netanyahu Go Back" and "Resistance Till Victory". Carrying Palestinian flags and portraits of Hassan Nasrallah, the Lebanese resistance leader people burned an effigy of Netanyahu and an Israeli flag at main square. There have been smaller sporadic protests in India against the Israeli premiers visit so far but the demonstration in Kargil on Sunday was by far the biggest in size. Earlier a group of men gathered in New Delhi on Saturday holding placards and banners with crossed-out images of the Israeli prime minister that read Go back, Netanyahu in English and Hindi.


Mayor Claar locks down Clow UFO Base (Fiction) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Reporter X

UFOIn a surprise announcement, Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar locked down Clow UFO Base for the next two weeks.

This is for the safety of all our visitors, said Claar.  This is for many reasons.  Weve received reports of nonspecific but credible threats to visiting aliens.  We are also concerned about rising tensions between Bolingbrook and NapervilleTensions that I feel are being stoked by an anonymous Facebook page.  Intelligence officials are also warning about disruptive individuals moving into our neighboring suburbs.  So, as mayor and head administrator of Clow UFO Base, I am confining all of our visitors until I deem outside conditions safe.

Oigoply, a resident of Proxima Centauri, denounced the confinement: I came all the way to  Bolingbrook just to try Ko Sushi.  Now Im stuck here.

Loigdee, a resident of Barnards Star 3, was also disappointed: I was upset when the WeatherTech store at Clow closed.  Now I find out that I cant go to the factory store.  I really wanted to buy a dozen floor protectors before my trip to Venus.  The locals love eating them. Rogers actions are going to have a negative effect on the interplanetary economy.  I thought those huge tax cuts were going to help grow businesses, not shrink them.

Clow officials denied that the lockdown was an attempt to depress turnout at both the Chicago March to the Polls on January 20 and the Naperville March to the Polls rally on January 21:

Why would we want to affect the turnout for an unpopular event that will give our visitors the impression that Trump is unpopular and that Democrats have a chance to win the Illinois Sixth Congressional District?

When called, a receptionist for Claar said he was busy and could not be disturbed.

In the background, a man who sounded like Claar said: So you need a job?  I heard that Francescas is hiring waiters.  Youd have to shaveWhat?  You want to work for me as a consultant?  Why would I take your advice?  You lost an Alabama Senate seat to the Democrat Party.  What?  You say you can help me?  Help me do what?  Hand over control of the Village Board to the Bolingbrook United Party?  Really?  You and what billionaire are going to drive me out of office?

Also in the Babbler:......


Carillion Collapse Will Leave Taxpayers With Big Bills, Produce Knock-On Failures; Shows Danger of Public/Private Partnerships "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A first look at the implications of the failure of Carallion, a top UK infrastructure firm and provider of outsourced services to governments


Polexit? New Iron Curtain Divides Europe, with Conservative East v Liberal West "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Human Wrongs Watch

By Bryan MacDonald*

15 January 2018 (RT)* Rudyard Kipling once wrote that East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. The poet was referring to his experiences in India and Britain, but the line could increasingly apply to modern Europe.


Worldwide: June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Over the years, June 11th Day Of Solidarity with Marius Mason and All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners has supported and highlighted dozens of prisoners. More recently we have been trying to include more prisoners from outside the U.S. to avoid falling into the easy path of U.S-centrism and to more faithfully represent the rich, expansive anarchist and anti-authoritarian struggles across the globe. (You can find out more at

It is with this in mind that we are asking for your help to translate and spread this short message.

We know there are many prisoners whose stories have not made it to us, or with whom it has been difficult to establish contact. While June 11th focuses on anarchist and long-term prisoners, these are not strict qualities. We are eager to support anti-authoritarian prisoners of many stripes and from many struggles. June 11th aims to keep on our lips the names of comrades who are locked away from many years, long after many have otherwise drifted into the background as there are always new struggles, new emergencies, and more friends being targeted by the state. We generally use about a ten year sentence as a bench mark, but are currently supporting some prisoners who are serving 6 or 7. We dont make this distinction to diminish the experience of comrades being removed from their communities and tortured for fewer years, but as an acknowle...


BPF Getting Error Injection & More In Linux 4.16 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While BPF has been under the spotlight recently in light of Spectre, with the upcoming Linux 4.16 cycle this in-kernel virtual machine and originally packet filter will be picking up new features...


180116 Kp Audio Message Energies, a GaiaPortal, a 22, 777, 444, and Stuff "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This links to the previous post. Its a short message. No extensive notes here.

Also it links to the following numbers, 22, 777, 444, which I saw on my Costco gas pump tonight. References are from Angel Numbers 101.

[22] The angels can see the positive results of your prayers, and they want you to have patience and stay optimistic while the final details are being worked out in Heaven. This is an urgent call from the angels to keep the faith!

[777] You are definitely on the right path in every area of your life. Stay balanced and spiritually aware so that you can continue moving forward on this illuminated path.

[444] There are angelstheyre everywhere around you! You are completely loved, supported, and guided by many Heavenly beings, and you have nothing to fear.



Why bees have it figured out and we dont "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Why bees have it figured out and we dont by AGXIIK TFMetals Report TFMR regular, AGXIIK, offers this interesting piece for your holiday reading. Why bees have it figured out and we dont, by AGXIIK The Three-Body problem essay goes quite...

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Battle Stations: U.S. and China Prepare for Trade Clash of the Titans "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A record Chinese annual trade surplus with the U.S. is the potential catalyst for hostilities

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, suit

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, January 2017


Updated Jan. 16, 2018 5:33 a.m. ET

SHANGHAIThe last time Washington mobilized for a trade war, Ronald Reagan was president and Japan the adversary.

Today, the White House is readying the same big gunsa mix of tariffs and quotasaimed mainly at Chinese imports. It has in its sights everything from steel to solar panels and washing machines. A record Chinese annual trade surplus with the U.S., announced last week, is the potential catalyst for hostilities after a year of bluster from President Donald Trump.

A trade war isnt a certainty, but if it comes, it will look nothing like the battles that raged in the 1980s over Japanese semiconductors, cars and TV sets.

The forces are more evenly matched this time: America has never faced off in a trade skirmish with an opponent like China in terms of economic size, industrial capabilities and global ambitions.

Japan was a U.S. ally, China increasingly a rival. That raises the risk of tit-for-tat escalation, especially since support for Beijing is crumbling across the U.S. political spectrum as well as in the U.S. business community, traditionally a strong advocate for China trade.

In this brewing battle fueled by protectionists in both camps (Mr. Trumps America First finds its nationalist counterpoint in President Xi Jinpings China Dream), each side has an exaggerated sense of its own advantages.



GaiaPortal 1-15-18 Thoroughfares of Energetic pathways have been cleared "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This new GaiaPortal came out on 1-15. Very important message I feel. Nocturnal living is finished is a most significant part of this. Those who want to remain asleep will no longer be able to stay asleep. And Levitations into Higher Consciousness [will] become commonplace for them.

I talked about this in the following Kp blog post.

And here is a definition of Thoroughfare: A place of passage from one location to another.

Thoroughfares of Energetic pathways have been cleared

Thoroughfares of Energetic pathways have been cleared.

Higher Levelers are succeeding in the hu-being arena.

Nocturnal living is finished.

Levitations into Higher Consciousness become commonplace.


New US Nuclear Posture Review to Bury Arms Control "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) will be released soon. No significant changes should be expected, as there is little time left until it is officially made public. This is a document of great importance. It is coming out just as arms control is on the verge of disintegration.


Lessons From Immigrant Rights Organizer: We Are Not Our Productivity "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

When I started organizing as part of DREAM Act mobilization in 2010, I had high hopes: I thought the act would be my way out of poverty, fugitivity, and uncertainty. But I never thought: At the expense of whom? Back then, I lived in fear, which prevented me from slowing down and contextualizing systems of oppression like colonialism, anti-blackness, and patriarchy. My fears were about basic needs: living without heat in another Boston winter, fear of not being able to afford the $1.50 bus ticket, and so on. The fight for daily survival was all-consuming, and these fears made me want to trust the DREAM Acts promises of a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who entered the United States before age 16.


Save University of New Englands habitat trees "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

[ Wednesday, 17 Jan; 1:00 pm; ] Dear All, The University of New England (UNE) is currently destroying some of its greatest assets. These are the hollow-bearing trees, habitat for gliders, parrots and koalas. Planning and implementation of tree removal has been kept secret. From 8 January 2018, contractors started removing the first of 78 trees from the UNE campus. During the week, it [...] full article 


Asbestos found in 17 makeup products thanks to one womans persistent concerns about child safety "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Natural News Parents have a seemingly never-ending list of things to worry about, particularly when it comes to their childrens health. Even if youve done your best to ensure your kids eat healthy foods and you go out of your way to avoid toxic vaccines and medications, there are still ways that your children could inadvertently be exposed to toxins. One mothers concerns recently helped to expose yet another potential source of danger for children: Makeup.

Kristi Warner works at a law firm that focuses on mass tort asbestos litigation, which means she is all too familiar with asbestos exposure and the damage it can cause. After purchasing a glittery makeup kit for her six-year-old daughter from popular accessories retailer Claires, she began to have some doubts about it. She sent the makeup to an independent lab for peace of mind, and their finding shocked her: It contained the cancer-causing tremolite asbestos. The National Cancer Institute says that this substance can cause malignant mesothelioma.

Warner said the findings prompted her to test other makeup sold at Claires. All of the 17 makeup products she sent to the Scientific Analytical Institute from nine different states tested positive for asbestos. Affected items include a bedazzled rainbow heart makeup kit and metallic hot pink makeup with glitter.

Claires pulled the toxic items off its shelves and carried out its own testing. The retailer says that initial results from its own tests found the cosmetics to be free of asbestos but that further tests would be conducted. In addition, they said the talc in the product comes from a European vendor that has been certified asbestos-free. In the meantime, they are offering returns f...


Burning Iranian tanker sinks, all crew presumed dead "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Before (the Collision)


After (a fiery inferno)



The Coming American Exodus "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Will the day come when Americans, in great numbers, leave their country and go abroad in order to make ends meet? Will any have to leave to escape persecution? Some are noticiing that this is already happening and its going to greatly increase when President Trump leaves office. What are these dark forces behind the exodous of Americans from their country?



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Bitcoin slides 18 percent on crackdown fears; crypto rivals also plunge "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

JANUARY 16, 2018 / 4:50 AM


LONDON (Reuters) Bitcoin tumbled 18 percent on Tuesday to a four-week trough close to $11,000, after reports that a ban on trading of cryptocurrencies in South Korea was still an option drove fears grew of a wider regulatory crackdown.

Bitcoins slide triggered a massive selloff across the broader cryptocurrency market, with biggest rival Ethereum down 23 percent on the day, according to trade website Coinmarketcap, and the next-biggest, Ripple, plunging 33 percent.

South Korean news website Yonhap reported that Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon had told a local radio station that the government would be coming up with a set of measures to clamp down on the irrational cryptocurrency investment craze.

South Korea had said on Monday that its plans to ban virtual coin exchanges had not yet been finalised, as government agencies were still in talks to decide how to regulate the market.

 Image may contain: indoor

Bitcoin slid on the latest news, trading as low as $11,191.59 on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange, down 18 percent on the day, for a short period putting the digital currency on track for its biggest one-day fall in three years.

Its mainly been regulatory issues which are haunting the cryptocurrency, with news around South Koreas further crackdown on trading the driver today, said Think Markets chief strategist Naeem Aslam, who holds what he described as substantial amounts of bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

But we maintain our stance. We do not think that the complete banning of cryptocurrencies is possible, he said.

Cryptocurrencies enjoyed a bumper year in 2017 as mainstream investors entered the market and as an explosion in so-called initial coin offerings (ICOs) digital token-based fundraising rounds drove demand for bitcoin and Ethereum, the second-biggest digital unit.

The latest tumble leaves bitcoin down more than 40 percent from the record high around $20,000 it hit in mid-December, wiping about $130 billion off its market cap the unit price multiplied by the total number of bitcoins that have been released into the market.

The news from South Korea came as it emerged a senior Chinese central banker had said authorities should ban centralised trading of virtual currencies as well as individuals and businesses that provide related services, according to an internal memo from a government mee...


Veluwe wildlife photography videos "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This 15 January 2018 video shows 2017 wildlife photography by Michael de Vries from Ede in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands. Including great spotted woodpecker, butterflies and others.

This 16 January 2018 video shows 2017 wildlife photography by Michael de Vries from Ede in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands. Including roe deer, red fox and others.


Why Urban Farming Is Key in the Fight Against Hunger and Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

How urban farming can help alleviate food stress and buffer climate pressures.


Trump Wants War, Moon Wants Peace "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

South Korean President Moon Jae-in held a very polished press conference on January 10. He confidently laid out his domestic and foreign policy priorities for some 30 minutes. That address was followed by an hour-long exchange with the flock of journalists in attendance. Yet the ease with which the event unfolded belied the difficulty Moon had in addressing questions about what may be the most important challenge for his administration: North Korea's fast-progressing weapons programme. Just 10 days earlier, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's made an important New Year's speech. He reiterated his country's nuclear capabilities: "our Republic has, at last, come to possess a powerful and reliable war deterrent, which no force and nothing can reverse."


English queen narrowly missed assasination "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A rifle crack was distinctly heard in NZ, when a teenager levelled his rifle at Her Majesty, it missed by inches!

He added that, as the distinctive crack rang out around the area, police attempted to disguise the seriousness of the threat, telling British journalists present that the noise was a council sign falling over.

AN ex-cop has sensationally claimed that a teenager came incredibly close to assassinating the Queen during a 1981 visit to New Zealand and the government tried to cover it up.

At the age of 17, Christopher John Lewis, from Dunedin, joined cheering crowds to watch the monarch pass through during a diplomatic trip, The Sun reports.



Debt Rattle January 16 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Jean-Francois Millet The flight into Egypt 1864   Crytocurrencies Crashing Fast On South Korea Regulation Plans (Ind.) PBOC Official Says Chinas Centralized Cryptocurrency Trade Must End (R.) Chinas Shutdown Of Bitcoin Miners Isnt Just About Electricity (F.) China Is Heaping Debt on Its Least Productive Companies (CFR) Xi Jinpings Debt

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Ingestible Electronic Pill Senses Gases in the Gut "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

It's a fart-measuring pill:

Scientists often hope to break ground with their research. But a group of Australian researchers would likely be happy with breaking wind.

The team developed an ingestible electronic capsule [open, DOI: 10.1038/s41928-017-0004-x] to monitor gas levels in the human gut. When it's paired with a pocket-sized receiver and a mobile phone app, the pill reports tail-wind conditions in real time as it passes from the stomach to the colon. The researchers, led by Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh of RMIT University and Peter Gibson of Monash University, reported their invention Monday in Nature Electronics.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Free Ahed Tamimi "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ahed Tamimi should stay in prison because she might slap again Israeli ethicist

 on January 15, 2018 8 Comments
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Several dead in Venezuela as police seek helicopter pilots capture Venezuelan Rambo "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Image may contain: outdoor

Photo: Venezuelan Commandos. Credit Fernando Llano Associated Press

Video by Rebecca ROSMAN


Latest update : 2018-01-16

Several people including two police officers were killed in an operation to capture a helicopter pilot who bombed Venezuelas Supreme Court during anti-government protests last year, the interior ministry said Monday.

A ministry statement said members of a terrorist cell were killed in a fierce gunbattle, and five were captured, but did not say whether the pilot, Oscar Perez, was among the dead or detained.

Venezuelan police officer and helicopter pilot, Oscar Perez, in a video obtained on social media, 15 January 2018Image copyrightREUTERSOscar Prez was wanted for using a stolen helicopter to throw grenades at government buildings

Six police were wounded, President Nicolas Maduro told lawmakers.

The cell had planned to set off a car bomb outside the embassy of a beloved and prestigious country, Maduro said.

Reports said Perez and associates were holed up for hours in a house 25 kilometers northwest of Caracas during the raid.

Perez released videos on Instagram in which he said authorities were trying to kill him and his people even though they wanted to surrender.

Press re...


JioCoin Indias Biggest Conglomerate to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

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Reliance Industries, Indias biggest and most valuable conglomerate, is diving into blockchain development that will also see the company create its own cryptocurrency, JioCoin, through its telecom subsidiary Reliance Jio Infocomm. According to a regional report by LiveMint, Indian telecom giant Jio Infocomm is establishing an initiative dubbed the JioCoin project that will see a Continued

The post JioCoin Indias Biggest Conglomerate to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency appeared first on CCN


Bangladesh: UN Vaccinating Half a Million Children against Diphtheria in Rohingya Refugee Camps "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Human Wrongs Watch

14 January 2018 As part of an intensified response to the current diphtheria outbreak, United Nations agencies are working to vaccinate more than 475,000 children in Rohingya refugee camps, temporary settlements and surrounding areas in Bangladeshs Coxs Bazar.

UNICEF is on the ground in Bangladesh, immunizing Rohingya refugee children to fight the spread of disease, and delivering life-saving nutrition to the tens of thousands of children who are malnourished. Photo: UNICEF/Brown

All efforts are being made to stop further spread of diphtheria. The vaccination of children in the Rohingya camps and nearby areas demonstrates the health sectors commitment to protecting people, particularly children, against deadly diseases, said Bardan Jung Rana, ai Representative to Bangladesh of the World Health Organization (WHO).

UN estimates show that some 655,000 people have fled Myanmar to Bangladesh since August 2017.

Diphtheria is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium which primarily infects the throat and upper airways, and produces a toxin affecting other organs. The diphtheria toxin causes a membrane of dead tissue to b...


Contest Find the Crypto "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Cointelegraph is launching a new contest for all our art-lovers! The most attentive and loyal participant will receive 0.05 BTC! Good luck! #CONTEST


US Ally Uganda Attacks Congos Beni Territory "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Congo crisis is now one of the greatest humanitarian emergencies in the world and the most underreported. An average of 5,500 people a day flee violence and insecurity, even more than in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Unlike Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, however, the Congo wars are undeclared and theres no front line. There are instead many wars over many concentrations of resource wealth in this immensely resource-rich country, especially in the eastern provinces. For more than 20 years the most rapacious and destabilizing aggressors have been US allies and military partners Uganda and Rwanda. The US is the top bilateral donor to both. Uganda has been led by dictator Yoweri Museveni since 1986, Rwanda by dictator Paul Kagame since 1994.


Sharon Stone was asked if shed ever faced sexual harassment and her response went viral "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Here is Sharon Stone being asked if shed ever faced sexual harassment in Hollywood.

People said her response said it all (although some people thought she wasnt saying anything). Were not so sure about that.


Can Fake News Be Outlawed? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

French President Emmanuel Macron used the occasion of an annual New Year's press conference this year to propose a new law to prevent the spread of disinformation online. But even if France's restrictions work as intended, fake news is a global problem, and it will require a global solution.


PM ONeill: Enough of Self-Interest Time for All Leaders to Work Together in Southern Highlands Province "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Prime Minister and Member for Ialibu-Pangia,Peter ONeill  , has called for an end to individual interests undermining good governance in the Southern Highlands Province, and for all Leaders to work together for the people.

PM ONeill made the comments after attending the first Provincial Executive Council (PEC) meeting of Southern Highlands Province since the 2017 National Election, today in Mendi.

Following the swearing in of the Council, the Prime Minister commended the new Provincial Administrator and the Provincial Police Commander for advancing peace and stability.

After the election we saw displays of reckless self-interest by some individuals and this undermined stability in the Province, the Prime Minister said.

With the new Provincial Executive Council we will see positive change and development once again in Southern Highlands Province.

I call on all public servants to focus on the task of restoring service delivery, and to step-up efforts to deliver better education, health services and public infrastructure.

Individuals who continue to try and undermine good governance by acts of self-interest, with no regards for welfare of the province, will not be tolerated.

The people of this province are more important than individual interest, and we will ensure the welfare of the people is taken care of through the new Council.

The Prime Minister said there are better ways to solve differences than destroying public property in which so much has been invested to improve the livelihoods of the people.


WTF @ corner of Mulgrave & Severin? "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

I go past the corner of Mulgrave & Severin on my way home from work. I frequently see a bunch of people sat on the corner, all with their phones out, frantically tapping on the screens - all whilst someone looks over their shoulders like a really important event is happening. There are women, kids, smart dressed guys etc, a wide selection of people. Any one know WTF?

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7 French prison guards hurt when an Islamist convict attacked them "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


AFP | Prison officers staged strikes around the country, demanding better security.

MONT-DE-MARSAN (FRANCE) (AFP)  Seven French prison officers were hurt when an Islamist convict attacked them as he resisted a search, while guards resumed a strike Tuesday demanding better security in jails nationwide.The latest assault, which took place in a prison in southwestern France on Monday, came just four days after a German Al-Qaeda convict attacked and hurt three prison guards in the north of the country.

Mondays attack at the Mont-de-Marsan prison occurred when nine officers attempted to restrain and search the convict, who lunged at them and punched them.

Three officers suffered fractures, while four others have multiple bruises, CGT union representative Ludovic Motheron told AFP.

The justice ministry, which put the number of wounded at five, said the inmate, known for being very violent, was under surveillance because he was radicalised in prison.

The assault came after Thursdays attack by German convict Christian Ganczarski, who is serving an 18-year sentence over the 2002 bombing of a Tunisian synagogue.

Armed with scissors and a razor blade, Ganczarski injured three guards after learning he might face extradition to the United States in connection with investigations into the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

That incident, at the Vendin-le-Vieil prison in northern France, prompted strikes by officers around the country Monday and Tuesday, demanding better security.

We dont have the training to handle radicalised detainees. So our colleagues are very upset, Guillaume Pottier of the UFAP-UNSA union said.

Officers resumed strike actions Tuesday despite the resignation of the Vendin-le-Vieil prison governor, and a pledge by President Emmanuel Macron to present an overhaul of the prison system by the end of February.

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux called Tuesday for dialogue with the striking officers.

I understand the anger that is being expressed, he told French television channel CNews.

The issue, first of all, is to decrease the pressure on prisons, which is largely linked to the fact that you have too many detainees in some cells, he said.


Alibabas AI Outguns Humans in Reading Test "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Alibaba said its the first time a machine has out-done a real person in such a contest. Microsoft achieved a similar feat, scoring 82.650 on the same test, but those results were finalized a day after Alibabas, the company said.

Alibaba has developed an artificial intelligence model that scored better than humans in a Stanford University reading and comprehension test.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. put its deep neural network model through its paces last week, asking the AI to provide exact answers to more than 100,000 questions comprising a quiz thats considered one of the worlds most authoritative machine-reading gauges. The model developed by Alibabas Institute of Data Science of Technologies scored 82.44, edging past the 82.304 that rival humans achieved.


British Carillion corporation collapse and Conservative government "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Carillion slogan

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Monday, January 15, 2018 18:51

CARILLIONS collapse into administration spells failure for the neoliberal approach to renewing infrastructure and running public services, but working people are expected to pay the price once again.

The company began life as a merger of construction companies but has spread through the mechanism of private finance initiatives (PFI) into management of public services, including schools, hospitals, libraries and prisons, acting, with a number of similar conglomerates, as government contractors of choice, and engaging subcontractors for particular services.

This PFI model commended itself to Tories, Liberal Democrats and New Labour for two stated reasons.

It was supposed, first, to defer public expenditure and make savings by spreading financial risk involved in new projects to private partners, which were, allegedly, more efficient.

Second, private expenditure on public projects was reputed not to count against public expenditure totals.

Both justifications have proven to be codswallop. Financial savings made by cutting staff numbers and wage levels were absorbed by private partners while the Office for National Statistics scotched the public expenditure reduction pipe dream.



Housebuilding can benefit birds and bees as well as people, charity says "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Housebuilding can benefit birds and bees as well as people, charity says

brendan 16th January 2018
Teaser Media


Mitt Romney is Not the Tonic for Trumpism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In 2012, former Political Animal blogger Steve Benen wrote a forty-one part series on the lies of Mitt Romney. Each week during the campaign, he chronicled all the things Romney had said that were untrue and provided a link to each item so the reader could verify that Romney was being dishonest. When he posted his last piece in the series, the list of whoppers had reached an astonishing but still only partial number of nine hundred and seventeen. I think its safe to say that the country had never before seen a politician who lied so easily and so routinely as Mitt Romney. He couldnt be relied on to tell you whether or not the sun was shining.

Amazingly, Trump is actually worse. By August of last year, the Washington Posts FactChecker listed over one thousand lies the president had told since taking office in late January. At the end of the year, Time magazine found 1,950 lies Trump told in 2017. The Toronto Star found 978 lies by Christmas, including twenty-seven examples of the president falsely calling America the worlds highest-taxed nation.

As bad as Trump is, its not certain that a President Romney wouldnt be worse. Either way, the two of them are the two most dishonest politicians in America, both demonstrating a pathological disregard for the truth. And I intend to keep bringing this up because I simply dont care that Romney is in the habit of blasting Trump from time to time. I dont care that Romney is moderate compared to Trump on some issues, including immigration. Romney is in no way the tonic for Trumpism.

So, when people talk up Romney as a senate candidate to replace retiring Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, I intend to refer people to Benens project on his mendacity: Vol. I,...

The Era of No Compromise is Over "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

When news broke last week that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell might not even attempt to pass a budget this year, all hell broke loose among so-called fiscal conservatives. A typical comment came from Representative Barry Loudermilk on Georgia who said They need to change the [Senate] cloture rule, but until they do, the only way were going to be able to accomplish anything is through reconciliation. We have to use reconciliation.

The Senate has already changed the cloture rule in recent years. The majority no longer needs sixty votes to confirm the administrations nominees. But the so-called legislative filibuster still exists, at least for now. To get around it, the Republicans used an innovative and unprecedented dual budget reconciliation process last year, with one budget dedicated to overturning Obamacare and the other set aside for enacting tax reform. To accomplish this, though, the Republicans actually had to pass two budgets. Only with budgets in hand were they able to resort (twice) to the budget reconciliation process that enabled them to pass legislation with fifty votes. Without a budget for the next fiscal year, the Senate is forced back to regular order, meaning that theyll need nine Democratic votes to pass legislation.

So, when Rep.Loudermilk says that the Republicans have to use reconciliation if they want to get anything done, he means anything that doesnt require a great deal of compromise with Senate Democrats. I dont know if we can call it McConnells decision not to pass a budget as much as it is an acknowledgment of reality. With only fifty-one members in his caucus now, and with Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Thad Cochran (R-MS) suffering from significant health issues, its probably not possible for McConnell to pass a real budget, let alone one that the House will agree to. It doesnt seem that he can reproduce the same trick he used to do a budget for repealing Obamacare, because that was a one-time deal that fiscal conservatives agreed to on the premise that it wouldnt be repeated. They basically passed an empty shell of a budget which meant that fiscal hawks didnt have the chance to call for spending cuts. They were also using an unused budget bill from the previous fiscal year, which is something they dont have the luxury of doing again. So, with no budget there can be no budget reconciliation process, and without a budget reconciliation process, the era of operating without the need to compromise has come to an end. This, in most conservatives view, means that nothing can get done, but thats not true in principle.

What is true is that House Speaker Paul Ryan can forg...

Serious Question "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ever wonder what the end of the world will look like? The people of Hawai'i can tell you now. They just had a trial run.



BVRio Responsible Timber Trade Fair "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

28 Feb 2018
Accra, Ghana

The Responsible Timber Trade Fair will connect buyers and sellers of legal and certified timber products, focusing on West African timber. The event will be held in Accra, Ghana, 28 February 2 March 2018.

Why should you join BVRio in Accra, Ghana in February 2018?

  • Come and promote your legal and certified timber products in the international market
  • Come and source timber products from legal suppliers in the West African region
  • Network, make new connections and have exclusive B2B meetings with potential partners
  • Learn about the latest trends in West African timber trade from leading experts
  • Learn the latest status of the VPA process in West African countries
  • Join us for a field trip to a timber factory

For more information and to register for the event visit the website.

BVRio Responsible Timber Trade Fair Event


Collapse of Construction Giant with 43,000 Employees Globally Sparks Fear and Mayhem "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Collapse of Construction Giant with 43,000 Employees Globally Sparks Fear and Mayhem from Wolf Street The company that runs Britain: profits were privatized, costs will be socialized. By Don Quijones, Spain, UK, & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET. The decline and fall...

The post Collapse of Construction Giant with 43,000 Employees Globally Sparks Fear and Mayhem appeared first on The Daily Coin.


A Warning for Democrats, and Indeed for All Americans "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Many Americans, at least most in my circle, are enjoying watching Donald Trump self-destruct. Its bad for the country, but to some of us its as much fun as watching a train wreck. And maybe if the Democrats can get their act together, they can win back the House in 2018 and the Senate and White House in 2020. Trump is making it look like it might be easy.


Greece: Parliament Approves More Bailout Reforms Despite Protests "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Hooded protesters stand next to teargas smoke as they clash with riot police during a demonstration against planned government reforms that will restrict workers rights to strike in Athens, Greece, January 15, 2018. Credit: Reuters/Alkis Konstantinidis

Hooded protesters stand next to teargas smoke as they clash with riot police during a demonstration against planned government reforms that will restrict workers rights to strike in Athens, Greece, January 15, 2018. Credit: Reuters/Alkis Konstantinidis

Athens: Greeces parliament on Monday passed a swathe of reforms demanded by international lenders in exchange for fresh bailout...


The smuggler destroyed our passports and dropped us in the mountains "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Ismar Milak*

(IOM)* While the worlds attention is drawn to the plight of migrants and refugees and Asia and Africa, a small but significant number of irregular migrants continue to arrive in central European countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, placing huge strains on local authorities.




Putin Compares Lenin and Communism to Christianity

Russian President Vladimir Putin has compared Vladimir Lenin to a saint and declared that Soviet communist ideas come from the Bible. Putin was speaking during a documentary about the recently ...


Are You One Of The 170 Million Americans Drinking Radioactive Tap Water? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

ZeroHedge| According to a new bombshell report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), tap water for more than 170 million Americans contains radioactive elements that may increase the risk of cancer. The group examined 50,000 public water systems throughout the United States and found from 2010 to 2015, more than 22,000 water utilities reported radium in treated water.

Radiation in tap water poses serious health threats, particularly for children, and women during pregnancy.

The most common radioactive element the EWG found was radium. Studies show that radium above the EPA legal limit may cause depression of the immune system, anemia, cataracts, fractured teeth, and of course cancer.

Radium is a naturally occurring radioactive element that resides on the earths crust. The EWG emphasizes that higher radium levels in tap water occur when uranium mining or oil and gas drilling exploration companies disturb the earths geology. The process triggers radiation called ionizing because it can release electrons from atoms and molecules, and turn them into ions, explained the EWG. The EPA warns that all ionizing radiation is carcinogenic, implying that radium above the EPA limit is all too prevalent in America and it could be causing lots of cancer.

In 158 public water systems serving some 276,000 Americans in 27 states, the EWG found that radium exceeded the federal legal ceiling for radium-226 and radium-228.

The EWGs Tap Water Database covers six radioactive contaminants, including radium, radon, and uranium. The database shows radium-226 and radium-228 are the two most common forms of radiation in every state.

The EWG expresses frustration with the 41-year old federal drinking water standards that are not designed to protect human health. New public health goals were set in 2006 by the California Office of Environmental Hazard Assessment, but have been widely overlooked by the federal government.



The most read stories on the Glasgow Evening Times just hit peak Glasgow "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Another quiet news day on the Glasgow Evening Times, then.

And thats not all, it turns out. Theres also this.

Oh, and this. What the ?

Its not entirely what we thought.

Thank goodness for that.


Why you shouldnt forget about long tail SEO "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A few months ago, I wrote about how I built ThingsOnReddit. Its a site that finds the best Amazon products posted to Reddit and uses Amazon Affiliates to monetize it. I became HN famous for a few days or so, and then slowly disappeared into oblivion. That is when I realized that I would eventually run out of sites that got me that quick spike in hits, and would need to focus on building SEO for the website.

I initially ran into some roadblocks, but have slowly built a predictable and growing amount of traffic to the site. Along the way, I learned much more about how my site was being used, and focused on improving the site for that use case.

Rethinking the SEO Strategy

In the beginning, I tried to optimize for keywords that could potentially land users to my homepage. My thought process was this: the user lands on the homepage, finds an interesting subreddit and/or product, and then buys said product on Amazon. I even created a new homepage for users to land on that was a bit more friendly, and offered an easier way to navigate to subreddits.

It was a bad strategy.

The table that changed my paradigm is below:

Breakdown of which pages users are landing on for the last 30 days

Its hard to see, but the home page, which has the most page views upon landing, makes up only 11.27% of the total. Most users are landing either directly on a subreddit or a product page.

It became abundantly clear that my SEO approach should be based on the breadth of the pages on my website.

This graph shows how many pages Google has indexed over time

That is when I began to realize the power of long tail SEO. Long tail SEO means that you target niche Google keywords (usually 3+ or more words) that have low competition. This naturally happened to my sitethere are hundreds of thousands of product pages with all sorts of strange keywords resulting from the comments of Redditors about the product.


Sitemaps tell a search engine about the structure of your website. Its not usually needed if your site is small and well-linked together, but my site was sprawling and huge.

I created a sitemap to include the maximum number of URLs, 50,000. ThingsOnReddit has a page for every subreddit and Amazon product mentioned on Reddit, s...


Some of the new lenses coming soon: Sigma DC 50mm f/1.4, Panasonic 50-200mm, Sony 400mm. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

We are going to get a bunch of new lenses soon. Here is the list: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DC for MFT and E-mount Sony 400mm f/2.8 FE GM OSS (August) Zeiss 25mm f/2.4 FE Laowa 9mm f/2.8 APS-C E-mount lens

The post Some of the new lenses coming soon: Sigma DC 50mm f/1.4, Panasonic 50-200mm, Sony 400mm. appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


We All Need It To Survive: Fighting the Bayou Bridge Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The post We All Need It To Survive: Fighting the Bayou Bridge Pipeline appeared first on It's Going Down.

This is the first time in Louisiana that we have seen environmental justice, African-American communities, we have seen indigenous communities, we have seen crawfishers, we have seen faith leaders stand together, united to say: This is just a company we dont want to give access to our waters and our future.

 Cherri Foytlin

In this episode, we speak to two members of the Leau Est La Vie (Water is Life) Camp, which is fighting Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) southern end of the Dakota Access Pipeline in Louisiana, known as the Bayou Bridge pipeline. The construction threatens homes, drinking water, ecosystems, and food sources for plants, animals, and upwards of 1 million human beings in the Atchafalaya Basin located in Southern Louisiana. In response, the Leau Est La Vie camp in the spirit of Standing Rock, is building a broad and grassroots movement to stop the pipeline from being constructed. Only instead of the grassy hills of North Dakota, Water Protectors are holding down movable floating blockades along riverways and in swamps.

Crawfisherman Jody Meche holds up a crawfish, an animal sacred to the people of the United Houma Nation and whose existence sustains many that live in Southern Louisiana. It is also directly threatened by pipeline construction.

In the face of growing opposition, Ener...


Soda Fountain Quilt with Shine Bright Fabric "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Today we are so excited to have our sweet friend Bev from over at Flamingo Toes sharing a darling quilt top that she made using our Shine Bright Fabric. Although.lets be honesteverything, and I mean EVERYTHING that Bev makes is darling.  From her embroidery projects to her cross stitching to her sewingall of it is []

The post Soda Fountain Quilt with Shine Bright Fabric appeared first on Simple Simon and Company.


Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Airbus A330-200 / KC-30A Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) A39-002 Missed Approach at Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

During the afternoon on Monday 15 January, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Airbus A330-200 / KC-30A Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) A39-002 was noted completing a missed approach at Rockhampton Airport.  It is the second time in a week that this particular KC-30 has flown into CQ airspace.

During the morning, it had flown North from RAAF Base Amberley and during the afternoon, it looked to call into Rocky from the North.  After completing the missed approach, A39-002 continued back to Amberley.  It was noted using...


The Poet: Stephen Levine, "Half Life" "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

"Half Life"

"We walk through half our life
as if it were a fever dream,
barely touching the ground,
our eyes half open,
our heart half closed.

Not half knowing who we are,
we watch the ghost of us drift
from room to room,
through friends and lovers
never quite as real as advertised.

Not saying half we mean
or meaning half we say,
we dream ourselves
from birth to birth
seeking some true self.

Until the fever breaks
and the heart can not abide
a moment longer
as the rest of us awakens,
summoned from the dream,
not half caring for anything but love."

~ Stephen Levine

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