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Sunday, 23 October


Die CDU ist inzwischen recht dünnhäutig, wenn es ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Die CDU ist inzwischen recht dünnhäutig, wenn es um die AfD geht:

Weil Staatsanwalt Sascha Ott eine AfD-Seite geliked hat, wird er nicht mehr für die CDU Justizminister von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Ein bemerkenswertes Schützengrabendenken. Auf der anderen Seite reden wir hier auch von einem Ministerposten, nicht seinen Job als Staatsanwalt.

Trumps Marke ist inzwischen so vergiftet, dass in Trump-Hotels ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Trumps Marke ist inzwischen so vergiftet, dass in Trump-Hotels die Belegung deutlich zurückgeht. Daher heißen neue Hotels jetzt "Scion" statt "Trump". Nur falls jemand dachte, hey, zu dem Trump-Hotel will ich nicht, ich geh lieber ins Scion.

Russland hat mal offiziell angekündigt, Wahlbeobachter ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Russland hat mal offiziell angekündigt, Wahlbeobachter in die USA schicken zu wollen.

Nicht alle US-Bundesstaaten sind von der Idee begeistert :-)

Liebe Hörer, Alternativlos 37 ist draußen.Wir haben ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Liebe Hörer, Alternativlos 37 ist draußen.

Wir haben da zwar einige Sendungen mit Gästen angeplant aber mussten die dann immer wieder wegen Terminproblemen verschieben, also haben wir uns jetzt gesagt, dann nehmen wir halt eine Sendung ohne Gäste auf. Angesichts der Fülle von in der Zwischenzeit aufgelaufenen Themen haben wir uns daher zu einer Folge im alten Stil entschieden: Eine multithematische Stammtischfolge. Übergreifende Thematik ist die zunehmend bizarrer wirkende Realität um uns herum.

Inhaltlich sprechen wir den US-Präsidentschaftswahlkampf an, Zurückverfolgbarkeit von Hacking, ein bisschen über die AfD und die Identitären, den Begriff "Lügenpresse" und ähnliche Fundamental-Systemkritik. Und am Ende gehen wir auch nochmal kurz die Argument für CETA und TTIP durch.

Die Aufnahme fand im neuen Tonstudio der dieses Jahr umgezogenen Raumfahrtagentur statt. Der Sound ist leider ein bisschen suboptimal dieses Mal, weil ich gegen akuter Unterzuckerung schnell noch Schoki eingekauft hatte und Frank und ich auch während der Aufnahme zugriffen. Das hört man leider stärker als ich gedacht hatte (Frank stellte sich da geschickter an als ich), bzw. ist die Einschränkung nerviger als angenommen. Nächstes Mal wieder ohne Schoki.


Brand New Event Added...Tickets Available Now... David Icke latest headlines

For the First Time David Icke Live in Bratislava, Slovakia Saturday 28th October 2017 Tickets Available Here


Senator Kimberley Kitching deserves the presumption of innocence says Labor Party "IndyWatch Feed National"

One of the most scandalous demands ever made by a political party (as the below video shows) is that the Labor Party want the Australian public to give their new Senate appointment Kimberley Kitching “the presumption of innocence” before she has even started in the Senate. This is because criminal charges have been recommended against her […]

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Saturday, 22 October


Pentagon chief visits Iraq amid anti-Daesh campaign in Mosul "IndyWatch Feed"

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has arrived in Iraq from Turkey to assess the military campaign against the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group amid a major military offensive to push them out of Mosul. The Pentagon chief will meet with Iraqi leaders and military commanders on Saturday to discuss how the fight against Daesh is going. […]


What type of meditation style is best for you "IndyWatch Feed"

We live in a society that embraces the art of multitasking. Cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices allow us to order coffee, send an email, and even book a business trip all while commuting to work, but this busyness clouds our ability to live in the moment. However, meditation has been…


Media’s Debate Agenda: Push Russia, ISIS, Taxes; Downplay Climate, Poverty, Campaign Finance "IndyWatch Feed"

In the general election debates, the Supreme Court was mentioned about one-quarter as much as Donald Trump’s tax returns and three-quarters as much as Hillary Clinton’s emails. (image: CNN) Russia, ISIS and taxes overwhelmed all other topics during the four presidential and vice-presidential debates, totaling 429 mentions from both candidates and questioners. Russia (and Putin) […]


Video: Justice Department Sues Pocomoke For Violating Rights of Fired Black Police Chief "IndyWatch Feed"

After a year long Real News investigation the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division has joined a lawsuit alleging the city and state violated federal anti-discrimination laws … Via Youtube



SR1281 - Was Crooked Clinton Fed Debate #3 Questions? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Visit our website now: - considered by informed insiders’ as THE ultimate resource for fixing the National Debt problem and surviving Economic or Financial Collapse/Crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about Washington and today’s United States Political Climate. Good morning, I’m still reporting on Was Crooked Clinton Fed Debate #3 Questions?X Having been a reporter most of my life, I’ve had to learn to develop a reporter’s intuition. It’s not exactly a metaphysical skill. But it’s based on subtleties that I don’t fully understand – tone of voice of a person, cadence, eye movements, how people react to other people – it’s all that and more. But I watched every second of this debate and I want to say with every fiber of my reporter’s intuition that THE most damning thing that just jumped out at me last night was that Hillary Clinton was fed at least two of the questions Mike Wallace would be asking her, and at least one trip-up question he would be asking Donald Trump. I’m not saying Mike Wallace did it –however it is possible. But someone did – someone in the Fox News hierarchy! Perhaps Megyn Kelly, who just got nailed for collusion by Wikileaks. I’ll get to that one soon. Here is my evidence in its totality – decide for yourself. It’s probably too late to hope for a WikiLeaks treasure. No doubt the Dems have finally awakened to more secure – though less convenient - security measures. Let’s start at the first question – is the Constitution a living document or not? Clinton’s answer is just too perfectly crafted, memorized, rehearsed and then recited. Let’s look at it: [insert] She had 2 minutes. She took exactly 2 and 7 seconds – but 4 seconds of that was thanking UNLV for hosting the debate. Net total? 2 minutes 3 seconds of perfectly-composed Clinton rhetoric. And this at the point of absolute maximum pressure in this campaign. Even Chris Wallace was sort of stuttering his way through the first question – and he’s obviously practiced saying it just right. Can you believe the incredible gall of this woman getting up and in her opening statement to talk about “dark, unaccountable money to come into our electoral system.” Then she even gets in a plug for Obama’s supreme court nominee – all in just 2 minutes 3 seconds. Trump, on the other hand is fairly cool on the exterior, but inside you know he’s sweating bullets trying to come up with something that sounds even half-way as perfectly formulated as Clinton. Now, let’s see how Trump did: [insert] Wow! 2 min. 1 second – just totally masterful for off the top of your head! But obviously not scripted. He just watched the clock and wanted to play fair. And speaking of wanting to play fair. Where the Clintons would lie about anything out of habit, even if telling the truth would be more helpful to them. Trump is just the opposite, his knee-jerk reaction is to always tell the truth right off the top of his head – even if it hurts him. Remember debate #1 of the R...


SR1282 – Fake Polls - Bill Still on the Andrea Kaye Show "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Visit our website now: - considered by informed insiders’ as THE ultimate resource for fixing the National Debt problem and surviving Economic or Financial Collapse/Crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about Washington and today’s United States Political Climate. Good morning, I’m still reporting on Fake Polls - Bill Still on the Andrea Kaye Show First of all, I want to thank all of you who have contributed to our quarterly fundraiser – both with one-time gifts – but especially those who gave either through or We just completed fixing up our website so that we don’t have to rely on links. Everything is now at the bottom of the top page of We aren’t done yet, so please consider supporting us. Did you know that even if you are dead broke it helps us a lot if you just Like our video – the thumbs up symbol – or comment – but especially share it with your friends. What that does is to drive up the rates advertisers pay to be on this channel. So please, keep those donations coming in for another couple of days. Now to the topic of the morning. About 62 hours ago, I was on the Andrea Kaye Show on KCBQ AM1170 in San Diego. My topic was the wall of fake polls the US is being hit with today – an unprecedented collusion between the MSM, the polling organizations and the Crooked Clinton campaign. It’s a radio interview, but instead of giving you a static picture of my smiling face, I thought I’d put up some cellphone video of the host, Andrea Kaye interviewing Brigitte Gabriel, the anti-immigrant-invasion crusader. The audio is not great from the cell phone, but it’s useable and it’s a really great interview. I’ll try to put it up later today. [insert] I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a sponsor:


SR 1284 – Las Vegas Oddsmaker Says Donald Trump Will Win "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Visit our website now: - considered by informed insiders’ as THE ultimate resource for fixing the National Debt problem and surviving Economic or Financial Collapse/Crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about Washington and today’s United States Political Climate. Good morning, I’m still reporting on Las Vegas Oddsmaker Says Donald Trump Will Win A lot of you have asked why I’ve not covered the polls for several days. Well, the MSM polls have all fallen into line. Even the UPI State Poll is either right and Clinton is the sure victor, or they too have fallen in the grip of the Clintonistas. I’ll try to do a poll report very early tomorrow morning. But if it’s not up 7 am Pacific, then it won’t come out until noon PST. However, a California reporter friend of mine just sent me this. It’s anonymous and unverifiable - and perhaps it’s just wishful think ing, but my sense is this may be true. It is written very poorly – without the usual scientific detail that all my polling reports usually contain. Is this an obvious flaw, warning us to dismiss it out of hand, or an overtaxed person dashing off a note to a friend – who then asks for a few more details so he or she can put it out for public consumption? I don’t know. So, just throw this in your hopper for consideration. Just weigh it properly. This broke 2 hours ago. From a Vegas Oddsmaker: “I am a non partisan actuarial mathematic and scientifically based odds maker, for large Vegas casinos. I am paid to be correct, and if I am wrong, I do not get paid, or will be fired, or worse, seriously. “Following the third debate, I have Trump up over Clinton 12 To 14 points, except in Massachusetts, and California, where Clinton has an 8 point lead. “The latest narrative from the media is that Hillary has an insurmountable lead in New York. Thus is also lie. “The narrative of media hype of somewhere between a landslide and a narrow win for Clinton, in fraud polling - please quote me - is a BIG LIE. “Trump will be the next President of the United States. “I have not been wrong in picking the winner of all US Presidential races since 1964, and I will not be wrong now. By the way, it really helps us if you be sure to like, comment and forward this video to friends. I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still:


Tiny Region of Wallonia in Small Country of Belgium Trips up Global Corporatocracy "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

“Thinly veiled threats” from corporations.

Visibly shaken, as Reuters put it, Canadian trade minister Chrystia Freeland walked out of EU trade negotiations in Belgium on Friday evening, lamenting that the EU is “incapable of reaching an agreement – even with a country with European values such as Canada.”

A big trade deal that had taken years to negotiate, mostly in total secrecy, had just collapsed. So how in the world did such a mega screw-up happen?

In Europe, all that is needed for the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada to come into effect, “provisionally” (in EU double-speak, more or less irrevocably), before being passed to national parliaments to vote on, is for the governments of the EU’s 28 Member States to sign along the dotted line.

This could usher in a new age of corporate domination, for CETA, just like its sister deals TTIP, TPP and TiSA, is not really a trade deal at all; it’s an investment rights deal that will effectively neuter the ability of national elected governments to regulate in the interests of their electorate.

Yet almost all of the EU’s national governments are firmly on board. Even the UK government has promised it will sign the deal, even as it prepares to negotiate a clean break from the EU. In Spain, there is no elected government, yet Rajoy’s caretaker administration has assured Brussels that it, too, will happily lend its signature to the agreement.

But the European Commission needs the signatures of all 28 nations. And to its mounting frustration, the Belgian region of Wallonia refuses to sign the agreement, citing a host of social, political and economic reasons, including the inclusion of an Investment State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clause and the possibility of non-Canadian corporations using the deal to gain greater access to EU markets. As long as the region of 3.5 million refuses to sign along the dotted line, Belgium’s federal government’s hands are tied

Continue reading the article at WOLF STREET


SR1280, Presidential Debate #3, Hour 2 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Visit our website now: - considered by informed insiders’ as THE ultimate resource for fixing the National Debt problem and surviving Economic or Financial Collapse/Crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about Washington and today’s United States Political Climate. Good evening, I’m still reporting on SR1280, Presidential Debate #3, Hour 2 This is the 3rd Presidential Debate held on October 20, 2016, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This is hour 2 of 2 hours. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a Patreon sponsor:


If Donald Trump Wins The Election, It Will Be The Biggest Miracle In U.S. Political History "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


Are we about to see the largest election day miracle of all time?  Because as I will show in this article, that is precisely what it is going to take in order for Donald Trump to win.  Before I go any further, I want to make it exceedingly clear that I am not saying what…

The post If Donald Trump Wins The Election, It Will Be The Biggest Miracle In U.S. Political History appeared first on The Daily Coin.


SR1283 – Donald Trump’s “Dead Voters” Speech in Delaware, Ohio, 10/20/16 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Visit our website now: - considered by informed insiders’ as THE ultimate resource for fixing the National Debt problem and surviving Economic or Financial Collapse/Crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about Washington and today’s United States Political Climate. Good evening, I’m still reporting on Donald Trump’s “Dead Voters” Speech in Delaware, Ohio, 10/20/16 I was listening to Fox News while running an errand today. The program was “Outnumbered” and Sheriff Dave Clark was the male guest. The four ladies were horrified that Donald Trump had yesterday joked that he would only accept the result of the elections if he wins. Well, Trump did say that, but it was in just. What they are not saying is what he said directly after that. What Trump did say was that he is certainly not giving up his legal right to dispute any rigged voting processes or call for a recount, as Al Gore did the year he lost to George Bush. Remember, it’s the case that went to the Supreme Court and Gore lost that challenge. There is now abundant evidence that Democrats are trying to rig the election by all of the following means: causing violence at Trump rallies, bussing in voters from other states, encouraging people to vote multiple times, and registering dead Republican voters who amazingly switch sides in the afterlife, never to return to Republican voting again. At this point, since they control both the Justice Department and the FBI there is nothing that can be done about it. Nothing can stop them. As one Democrat operative said on video tape just this week: “We’ve been bussing in voters for decades and we sure aren’t gonna stop now.” It may well be that no Democrat has been legally elected as President of the United States since FDR. Who knows. But the one thing we can now say with surety is this has been the Democrat game plan for many, many years. Yesterday, Trump ticked off the highlights of the new Pew Research report on the huge numbers of illegally registered voters there are in this country - over 20 million – can that be right? And you can bet that 95% of them are voting Democrat. This is one of THE most important problems in this nation today and must be addressed as soon as possible. But if Crooked Clinton wins, by whom? She’ll even have the Supreme Court in her pocket as well. [insert] I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still:


Trump Hotels Ditching Name For New Hotels "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

by Cailey Rizzo   The new hotels will be called “Scion.” Amidst reports that occupancy rates at Trump Hotels have slipped this election season, the company has announced that new brand hotels will no longer bear the Trump name. The newest line of luxury hotels, geared towards millennials, will be called Scion, the company said. […]


Admiral Kuznetsov billowing smoke as it passes close to Dover "IndyWatch Feed World"

Belching smoke through the English Channel, the Russian aircraft carrier is so unreliable it sails with its own breakdown tug!

The ageing Russian aircraft carrier that sailed through the English Channel escorted by the Royal Navy has been plagued by years of technical problems and is ...Read More


China is Getting Lured Into Cheney’s Japanese Trap "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By F.William Engdahl and cross posted from New Eastern Outlook

34234123213123As the situation in the South-China Sea continues to detoriate, we should remember that it was Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who took advantage of Japan’s role as host to the recent Group of 7 industrial nations’ annual summit to introduce a provocative resolution criticizing China’s presence in controversial islands of the East China Sea known in China as the Diaoyo Islands and in Japan as the Senkaku islands. The G7 resolution was part of a carefully orchestrated escalation of tensions, ultimately between USA and its Asian allies, proxy-led by Abe’s Japan against the Peoples’ Republic of China.

The US war “games” over the various largely uninhabited South and East China Seas islands, which have been getting very serious recently, must be seen in the light of parallel Washington war games aimed at militarily encircling Putin’s Russia with US troops stationed at the NATO-side of the Russian borders, US so-called anti-ballistic missile defense in Romania aimed at Russia, and the not-so-covert role of the CIA and Obama Administration via the State Department Über-warhawk Victoria Nuland to justify US and EU economic sanctions against Russia, itself a form of war.

The May 27 G7 Declaration states, “We are concerned about the situation in the East and South China Seas, and emphasize the fundamental importance of peaceful management and settlement of disputes.” Not the wording, but the fact that the G7, that was founded in the 1970’s to discuss economic problems, intervened in the issue is a significant escalation.

Why the fight over barren islands?

For decades following World War II the islands were uninhabited and, despite formal claims by China, Japan and Taiwan, no source of major tension. The Diaoyo (Senkaku) islands consist of eight uninhabited islands of 7 square kilometers in the East China Sea straddling China’s coast, Taiwan’s coast and Japan’s Okinawa, site of a major US military base. However, a close study of the map reveals that the three island groups have strategic and vital military significance in event of a future clash between Washington and China, and that they border international sea lanes that carry some $5 trillion annually of sea trade, mostly to China.



(Λέσβος) Ενημερωτικό Οκτωβρίου 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

moria1461686632.jpgΜε κορύφωση την αντιφασιστική-αντιρατσιστική πορεία που είχε καλεστεί από τον Αντιφασιστικό Συντονισμό Λέσβου στις 30 Σεπτεμβρίου και συγκέντρωσε πάνω από 350 άτομα. Οι δράσεις συνεχίζουν να λαμβάνουν μέρος υπενθυμίζοντας ότι υπάρχει πλήθος κόσμου που, μέσα από αδιαμεσολάβητους, αντιθεσμικούς και αυτοοργανωμένους αγώνες, θα συνεχίζει να αποτελεί ένα ανυπέρβλητο εμπόδιο απέναντι στην εγκαθίδρυση της κοινωνίας του ρατσισμού, της εκμετάλλευσης και της κρατικής και καπιταλιστικής βαρβαρότητας.


Del Spurlock: Trade and War "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Delbert J. Spurlock Jr.

Delbert J. Spurlock Jr.


Keep your eye on the ball, Ohioans. Your “so-called”leaders, who robbed you of your jobs, decimated your communities, sent your young men and women to war, based on lies, and failed to recognize their value as citizen-soldiers upon their return are seeking a re-run, and a vote for Jim Jordan will assure their success. Ohio is not only a battlefield for Electoral votes, equally important, it is the staging ground for the ratification of the most undemocratic legislation in American history, (TPP) the Transpacific-Partnership. Jim Jordan will vote for it, because the Koch Brothers, who own him will demand it.

This is what TPP does to Ohioans of the Fourth Congressional District:

  1. Incentivizes moving more of your jobs offshore to low wage counties
  2. Undermines your food safety laws
  3. Empowers the drug companies to raise your rates and resticts current drug access to prople in underdeveloped nations
  4. Frees big banks of American regulations but keeps you on the hook for their failure
  5. Limits Buy America and local preferences ensuring, for example, that foreign steel will re-build America’s bridges
  6. Sets up foreign tribunals to attack our health and environmental laws if they restrict Corporate profits and demand taxpayer compensation.
  7. Opens your markets to goods produced through child labor, human trafficking and anti-LGBT abuses as in Vietnam and Maylasia.

These abuses of your expectations as citizens and of your sacrifices to protect American Sovereignty forfeit the democratic and economic birthright of all Americans. This potential danger was recognized in the only public discussions of the legal implications of our trade agreements in 1992. The record of those NAFTA Proceedings was ignored by the Clinton Administration and later Bush Administrations preventing your right to know how and why Americans were losing their jobs and communities to so-called free trade. (The record of those Proceedings, long hidden by our Department of Labor, can be viewed on Janet’s site) And don’t be fooled by the media characterization of TPP skeptics as backward and un-info...


Slumdog vs. Millionaire: How The Few Plan To Eradicate The Many "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Sugar Loaf mountain, top right, is pictured from the Dona Marta slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016.

The Sugar Loaf mountain, top right, is pictured from the Dona Marta slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016.

About one billion people live in slums. That’s close to the entire population of China, twice that of all world refugees or roughly 550,000 times the number of billionaires. The number will triple by 2050.

Just as pressing as what slums are, how many there are and where they are, is how to talk about them — how to talk about one-seventh of the world population, and a quarter of Latin Americans.

City masterminds, who converged this week for the third Habitat conference, held every 20 years, are now catching onto the issue as one that merits discussion. Using a cleaner term, they organized reports and a roundtable on “informal settlements” to plan how to eliminate them in time for the next Habitat conference.

Speaking after the U.N. special rapporteur on the right to adequate housing called slums inhumane, deplorable and outrageous, the head of the Housing and Land Rights Network, Shivani Chaudhry, checked the U.N. on its terms. The term “informal settlements,” she said, feeds assumptions of criminality, encroachment, impermanence and illegality, all of which work to justify eviction and demolition.

The politics behind the language become clearer when considering the usual makeup of these so-called settlements: refugees, racial and ethnic minorities, low-wage workers and those forcibly displaced from their rural homes, often from massive development projects or economic necessity.

The diagnosis follows accordingly.

If “informal settlements” are outside the margins of what the city can control, then the city must bring them within its reach. U.N. partners gathered in Pretoria in April to lay out global guidelines on how to deal with slums, and they came up with “sustainable incremental slum upgrading, triggering further investments from the government, businesses and private households in neighbourhoods, and harnessing the land value increments, thereby enabling local investments, local economic...


North Carolina judge convicted of bribing FBI agent with '2 cases of beer' in exchange for spying on his wife "IndyWatch Feed World"

A North Carolina judge may have been "up for whatever" when he tried to bribe an FBI agent with Bud Light beer in exchange for some "innocent" spying on his wife and her alleged friend, but a unanimous jury found him guilty. Jurors unanimously agreed Friday that Superior Court Judge Arnold O Jones II was guilty of paying a bribe to a public official, promising and paying a gratuity to a public official, and corruptly attempting to influence an official proceeding. The verdict wraps up a nearly year-long trial for Judge Jones. In October 2015, Jones reached out to an FBI Task Force Officer, asking him to use his connections to compel Verizon to provide copies of some text messages exchanged between two people.


Whole Foods seen as 'organic traitors'; profits plummet "IndyWatch Feed World"

The financial outlook for Whole Foods Market continues to look grim, as consumers seeking natural and organic products continue to take their business elsewhere. As far back as 2014, then-CEO John Mackey admitted that the company was hurting due to an explosion in the number of stores selling organic groceries. "The growing demand for fresh, healthy foods, the offering of natural and organic products is expanding everywhere [in] new stores, existing stores and online," Mackey said. The company has also been hit by several recent scandals, including allegations of price-gouging, and more recently, of colluding with Monsanto to ensure the passage of a bill that bans the labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).


the Western heart beat[s] for all except those the US Empire drowns in blood. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Our sieges and theirs

A Syrian man carries a child as they evacuate an area following a reported airstrike on April 22, 2016 in Syria’s second city Aleppo. Sanctions, imposed by rich countries, such as the US and those of the European Union, on poor countries, such as Syria, are a modern form of siege, and have been called sanctions of mass destruction, in recognition of their devastating character

A Syrian man carries a child as they evacuate an area following a reported airstrike on April 22, 2016 in Syria’s second city Aleppo. Sanctions, imposed by rich countries, such as the US and those of the European Union, on poor countries, such as Syria, are a modern form of siege, and have been called sanctions of mass destruction, in recognition of their devastating character


Stephen Gowans Correspondent

“IN Syria almost everybody is under siege to a greater or lesser degree,” observes the Independent’s Patrick Cockburn. Most people, however, think the only siege in Syria is the one imposed on (East) Aleppo by Syrian and Russian forces. But siege as a form of warfare is hardly uniquely embraced by the Syrian Arab Army and Russian military.

On the contrary, the United States and its allies have been practising siege warfare in the Levant and beyond for years, and continue to do so. It’s just that US-led siege warfare has been concealed behind anodyne, even heroic, labels, while the siege warfare of countries Washington is hostile to, is abominated by Western state officials crying crocodile tears.

Here’s how the deception works

Sieges of cities controlled by Islamic State, carried out by US forces and their allies, are called rescue operations, or campaigns to liberate or retake cities — never sieges. Other sieges — the ones carried out by Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, formerly Al Nusra,...


LEBANON – Hezbollah Ally Set To Be Lebanon’s Next President (and he’s a Christian) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Source JERUSALEM POST –  Lebanon former prime minister Saad al-Hariri announced his support for his political foe, Hezbollah ally Michel Aoun, to become president in a televised news conference on Thursday, a step that may help resolve the country’s political deadlock. “This decision comes from the need to protect Lebanon and the state and the […]


Achtung !!!: Food Poisoning Looms – Expired Rice Floods Nigerian markets. "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

There are strong indications that expired foreign rice smuggled into the country may have flooded Nigerian markets. The commodity, according to investigation is being imported from neighboring Benin Republic into … Continue reading Achtung !!!: Food Poisoning Looms – Expired Rice Floods Nigerian markets.


Not even US president can legalize torture, Abu Ghraib inmates allowed to sue – court ruling "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

  A federal court has ruled in favor of four former Abu Ghraib detainees intending to sue a US military contractor for its alleged role in torturing them. The decision also said laws against torture apply to all branches of government, even the executive. On Friday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a former […]


Why we should listen to Guinea-Bissau "IndyWatch Feed National"

I visited Guinea-Bissau in 2015 to investigate its role as a key drug smuggling hub. 

My following essay appears in the African Arguments website:

Despite being as poorly governed as Zimbabwe and Angola, and having some of the lowest social development indicators on the continent, Guinea-Bissau is one of Africa’s forgotten states. With a population of under two million people and life expectancy of just over 50 years, the tropical West African nation barely makes international headlines, seemingly destined to remain a nation with little to export except for cashews.

However, if the former Portuguese colony is known for one thing, it’s for being a central hub in the smuggling of cocaine from South America to Europe. The nation has been labelled a “narco-state” by the United Nations, with its state institutions – both government and military – known to consistently enable South American drug cartels to sell drugs across its borders.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has even claimed that Guinea-Bissau is the world’s only example of a narco-state, with one official commenting: “In Afghanistan and Colombia, individual provinces are in the hands of drug lords. Here, it’s the entire state.”

Also unlike Colombia, where chaos has helped drug cartels, it is the relative calm in Guinea-Bissau that has benefited the industry though political dysfunction is ubiquitous. Since independence in 1974, an elected leader is still yet to complete a full term, and it has now been a year since there has been a workable government in place. In 2009, President João Bernardo Vieira and an army chief-of-staff were assassinated, and since then a litany of military insurrections have cursed the nation with five separate individuals holding the top job at different times.

Guinea-Bissau’s financial state is also dire. In the words of Finance Minister Henrique Horta this June, “The economic situation of the country is catastrophic”. This has contributed to a situation in which the woefully under-paid army has often been a ke...


Couple charged with murdering their baby and burying his body in the woods "IndyWatch Feed World"

As the infant boy cried and screamed the morning of Sept. 21, according to police, his father took him to the balcony of the family's apartment and began punching him in the torso to quiet him. When that did not work, the father brought the infant back inside, snatched the still-crying boy by the arms off the floor and continued punching him, police said in arrest records. Blood began to flow from the baby's nose and mouth, police said, and the child fell silent. Court charging documents released Thursday reveal details in the death of 3-month-old ­Antoine Flemons, who Prince George's County police said was fatally assaulted by his father before being buried in the woods by his parents.


Welcome to Dystopia Episode 28: Thank God Election 2016 Almost Over! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and independent financial journalist and managing editor of The News Doctors, Eric Dubin are back for (a redo) of Episode #28 of Welcome to Dystopia. Jason and Eric start off this show by discussing the correction in precious metals markets, and what may stop the correction? Next,…

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Putin trolls the State Department and 'shuts down the raging rigged elections controversy' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Proving he does, indeed, possess both a caustic wit and sharp political acumen, Putin just shut down the raging rigged elections controversy in what could best be called an epic prank to prove the point — Russia requested, and was unsurprisingly denied, permission to monitor the U.S. presidential election. Think about it. This somewhat tongue-in-cheek offer, although likely made with the expectation of futility, makes several critical points on the true farcical nature of the American electoral process. State Department spokesman Mark Toner, cited by USA Today, dismissively condemned President Vladimir Putin's suggestion as a "PR stunt," and Meg Casper, spokeswoman for Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler, noted, "We've allowed observers from overseas in the past from other countries, never from Russia," adding both the FBI and Department of Homeland Security "told us not to do this."


A New Insight on Recent, Secret Afghan Peace Talks "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen for Veterans Today Afghan writer and political Analyst based in Kabul Guardian and Reuters reported that the Taliban held secret peace talks with U.S. and the Afghan government. The Afghan government did not confirm or deny reports of the meeting. Meanwhile, Sohail Shaheen, the spokesman for the Taliban’s Political Office based in […]


US Destroyer Sails Through Contested Waters In South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed World"

An American guided missile destroyer sailed through disputed waters in the South China Sea on Friday, with China slamming the move as “illegal” and “provocative.” The USS Decatur sailed through waters claimed by China, closely passing by the contested Paracel Islands which are de facto under Chinese control. US officials said the action was the latest attempt to counter what Washington sees as Beijing’s efforts to limit freedom of navigation in the strategic waters. RT reports: The Chinese Defense Ministry has decried the American incursion as “illegal” and “provocative,” but US officials have denied any wrongdoing, stating that America was exercising its rights to sail through international waters. “This operation demonstrated that coastal states may not unlawfully restrict the navigation rights, freedoms and lawful uses of the sea that the United States and all states are entitled to exercise under international law,” Reuters quoted White House spokesman Josh Earnest as saying at a news briefing. In the last three freedom-of-navigation operations conducted in the region over the last year, US Navy ships have gone within the 12-mile radius to challenge Chinese territorial claims described by the US and its allies as “excessive.” According to the Chinese Defense Ministry, the USS Decatur [...]

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"Automaton Conformity" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Automaton Conformity" 
by Erich Fromm

"In the mechanisms we have been discussing, the individual overcomes the feeling of insignificance in comparison with the overwhelming power of the world outside himself either by renouncing his individual integrity, or by destroying others so that the world ceases to be threatening. Other mechanisms of escape are the withdrawal from the world so completely that it loses its threat (the picture we find in certain psychotic states), and the inflation of oneself psychologically to such an extent that the world outside becomes small in comparison. Although these mechanisms of escape are important for individual psychology, they are only of minor relevance culturally. I shall not, therefore, discuss them further here, but instead will turn to another mechanism of escape which is of the greatest social significance.
This particular mechanism is the solution that the majority of normal individuals find in modern society. To put it briefly, the individual ceases to be himself; he adopts entirely the kind of personality offered to him by cultural patterns; and he therefore becomes exactly as all others are and as they expect him to be. The discrepancy between "I" and the world disappears and with it the conscious fear of aloneness and powerlessness. This mechanism can be compared with the protective coloring some animals assume. They look so similar to their surroundings that they are hardly distinguishable from them. The person who gives up his individual self and becomes an automaton, identical with millions of other automatons around him, need not feel alone and anxious any more. But the price he pays, however, is high; it is the loss of his self."
- Erich Fromm, "Fear of Freedom"


3rd Presidential Debate, Hour 1 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Visit our website now: - considered by informed insiders’ as THE ultimate resource for fixing the National Debt problem and surviving Economic or Financial Collapse/Crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about Washington and today’s United States Political Climate. Good morning, I’m still reporting on the 3rd Presidential Debate, Hour 1 This is the 3rd Presidential Debate held on October 20, 2016, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This is hour #1 of 2 hours. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a sponsor:


Whitewash: UN votes to begin Aleppo war crimes inquiry backed by West "IndyWatch Feed World"

The UN Human Rights Council has voted to start an independent special inquiry into the situation in the war-ravaged Syrian city of Aleppo, indicating that the blame for most of the civilian casualties lies with Syria and Russia. A resolution aimed at reviewing alleged human rights violations in Aleppo was introduced by Britain and its Western and Arab allies. The document was approved Friday, with Russia and China voting against the draft. Comment: Essentially this is an investigation began with a preconceived result - that Russia and Syria are to blame for civilian casualties in Aleppo. This claim has been repeated over and over again by Western politicians and media without ever providing any proof, while proof of Western involvement in the deaths of Syrian civilians by the hand of their proxy army ISIS, is quite available:ISIS, Al-Nusra, rebel groups all responsible for innocent civilian deaths in Syria - Aleppo doctor to RTUS bombs civilian infrastructure in Syria while Russia bombs terroristsGulf-backed moderate rebels massacre civilians in Aleppo public parkTerrorists kill 6 civilians and injure dozens more after shelling Aleppo with rockets and grenadesIn convoluted language U.S. government basically says that they will continue killing civilians in SyriaLies about civilian deaths from Russian airstrikes in Syria stem from fraudulent US-based organizationWar crimes: US airstrikes destroy Syrian hospital and schoolsTragedy in Aleppo: East on lockdown, rebels won't let civilians escape or communicate with relatives (VIDEO) The council has requested that the International Commission of Inquiry "conduct a comprehensive independent special inquiry into the events in Aleppo." It also urges the body to identify and bring to justice those responsible for the alleged abuses. A resolution aimed at reviewing alleged human rights violations in Aleppo was introduced by Britain and its Western and Arab allies. The document was approved Friday, with Russia and China voting against the draft. The council has requested that the International Commission of Inquiry "conduct a comprehensive independent special inquiry into the events in Aleppo." It also urges the body to identify and bring to justice those responsible for the alleged abuses.


Turkish PM blasts Iraq and EU as tensions rise amid warming Russia ties "IndyWatch Feed War"


Turkish PM criticises "provocative" Iraqi leadership, and warns EU that Ankara has alternatives amid warming ties with Russia


Are menopausal symptoms all in your genes? "IndyWatch Feed World"

The reason one woman gets hot flashes while another woman stays cool and comfortable through menopause may come down to differences between their genes, a new study finds. Researchers have identified several genetic variations that increase the likelihood that a woman will experience hot flashes and night sweats during or after menopause, the study said. More than 70 percent of women experience hot flashes and night sweats, according to the study, published today (Oct. 19) in the journal Menopause. "If we can better identify what genetic variants are associated with hot flashes, this could lead to novel treatments to relieve them," Dr. Carolyn Crandall, a professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the lead author of the study, said in a statement.


Press TV: Vote Rigging and Dinosaur Hunting, Election Year Woes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Senior Editor, Gordon Duff Election day approaches and the craziness reaches new levels.  The Senior Editor discusses vote hacking, dinosaurs and other threats to American security.


#Podesta emails: Bill Clinton & Obama worked to influence EU’s Greece austerity deal "IndyWatch Feed"

President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton sought to influence Greece to accept the EU’s harsh austerity terms in 2015, according to leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. WikiLeaks released the correspondence dated 10 July 2015, in which Podesta wrote to Bill Clinton’s chief of staff Tina Flournoy, asking if the former president […]



How the Ferocious Tasmanian Devils Are Beating a Deadly Infectious Cancer "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The results of a new study suggest that the Tasmanian devils are rapidly evolving to beat the cancer, which has killed off 80% of the animals in the last two decades.

The Tasmanian devils are aggressive, quarrelsome creatures who are often seen snarling, fighting and biting each other. Credit: nodust/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

The Tasmanian devils are aggressive, quarrelsome creatures who are often seen snarling, fighting and biting each other. Credit: nodust/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

The Tasmanian devil, popular as the destructive, out-of-control cartoon character from the Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes show, was classified as an endangered animal in 2009 and predicted to go extinct from its habitat in the Tasmanian islands south of Australia. The reason this time was not climate change, habitat loss or other human inflictions. It was an outbreak of cancer that had gone out of control.

Once prevalent in Tasmania and Australia both, this carnivorous marsupial has only the Tasmanian islands to call its home now, and here, too, matters have been worsening. Over the last two decades, an unusual affliction called the devil facial tumour disease (DFTD) has spread across the population like wildfire, killing 80% of the animals. DFTD is unusual because it is a cancer – and unlike other cancers, it is infectious. It manifests as lumps on the face and neck of an animal that slowly grow into large, full-blown tumours. Infected animals die in three to five months.

The cancer’s spread has been eased by how the devils behave. Specifically, the devils are aggressive, quarrelsome creatures who are often seen snarling, fighting and biting each other. DFTD spreads from one individual to another through these bites. In the case of healthy humans, foreign cells in the blood aren’t tolerated. The immune system’s surveillance mechanism, which involves special molecules on the cell surface called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), help identify and destroy the foreigners. However, this is mechanism doesn’t work in the devils.

A genius in the genes

In these marsupials, DFTD plays a trick by decreasing the number of MHC mo...


10 Weekend Reads "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of dark coffee, grab a seat, and get ready for our longer form weekend reads: • Think Your Retirement Plan Is Bad? Talk to a Teacher (New York Times) • Inside Billionaire Steve Cohen’s Comeback (Fortune) but see Is Bill Ackman Toast? After a horrible year, the hedge-fund mogul’s adversaries seem…

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How Come the Biden Family is Above US Laws? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

23123343242341Each notion proclaimed by the White House as the top priority of the Obama administration’s policies is in fact just a slogan. Quite often such slogans are used by the ruling elites to divert the attention of the public from their behind-the-scenes crimes, under the guise of the ongoing struggle for the greater good.

Just look at the slogan of the “War on Terror” that was adopted by both the Bush and Obama administrations. As a matter of fact, it turned out to be an extremely convenient cover up for money laundering schemes, carried out hand-in-hand with military contractors. As a result, billions of dollars were allegedly spent in this so-called fight for the great good, while terrorist groups across the globe continue to prosper. In fact, Washington unleashed wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other countries with the sole purpose of signing new military contracts, getting new weapon supplied, while limiting the civil rights of US citizens that were originally granted to them by the founding fathers of the country. As for the states that were invaded, where Washington promised to “strike a decisive blow to terrorist networks”, they’ve been plunged into misery and chaos, which doesn’t not simply increase anti-American sentiments in those states, but breeds new supporters of various extremist organizations.

As for the number of extremist organizations that Washington promised to put an end to, they are being actively used in covert operations, as it’s been pointed by numerous media reports. It’s been pointed out that even Hillary Clinton came as far as admitting to Goldman Sachs that Washington has been supplying weapons the states that are funding jihadists.

We’re witnessing a pretty similar situation with the war against corruption that has been declared by Washington. Even though it has been fining American banks because of the fact they employed relatives of high-profile Chinese officials in exchange for certain commercial and economic privileges.

But why, then, the representatives of the Obama administration are not being punished for the similar sins? Are they just allowed to get engaged in all forms of corruption?



Addition to linux-distros for Arch Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Allan McRae on Oct 22


Can Levente Polyak (CCed) please be added to the linux-distros list
representing Arch Linux [1]? He leads the Arch Linux Security team,
which monitors and fixes all security issues in our packages [2].

His PGP fingerprint is E240B57E2C4630BA768E2F26FC1B547C8D8172C8.




"Unless Someone Like You..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, 
nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
- Dr. Seuss


israel busy destroying Jerusalem’s history and replacing it with fake artifacts "IndyWatch Feed War"

Will UN bless Israel’s destruction of Jerusalem’s heritage? A historic photograph shows Jerusalem’s Moroccan Quarter, below the al-Aqsa mosque compound and the Dome of the Rock. Israel demolished the 700-year-old neighborhood, including a 12th century mosque, to create the Western Wall Plaza, after it occupied East Jerusalem in 1967. (via Library of Congress) Israel is […]


President Buhari, release Pro-Biafran Activist, Nnamdi Kanu From Detention. "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

On October 17, 2015 Mr Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of a Nigerian pro-Independence group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and a Director of the online radio station, Radio Biafra … Continue reading President Buhari, release Pro-Biafran Activist, Nnamdi Kanu From Detention.


Someone is Literally Trying to Take Down the Internet Right Now "IndyWatch Feed World"

October 21, 2016   |   Carey Wedler

(ANTIMEDIA) On Friday morning, a large-scale hack of an internet domain hosting provider took prominent websites including Netflix, Amazon, Reddit, Twitter, and Vox offline. Though many of the websites have since been restored, others remain compromised at the time of this article’s publication, the likely result of a second attack waged later in the morning.
As Mashable reported, Dyn, a New Hampshire-based company that hosts domain name systems, announced Friday morning it had been hacked. “Dyn said at 9:20 a.m. ET that it resolved an attack that began at 7 a.m. ET Friday. But at 11:52 a.m. ET, the company said an attack had resumed.”


If Hillary Clinton seizes the White House, it will be an illegitimate, null and void THEFT of power "IndyWatch Feed War"

Source Mike Adams — Natural News Oct 21, 2016 In a little over two weeks, we’re going to find out whether we have a country anymore. If Hillary Clinton seizes the White House, she will preside over an illegitimate, illegal dictatorship that was seized through massive fraud, collusion and corruption at every level. Without all […]


Julian Assagne and His “New” Video Speaking from the Grave "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last night someone sent me this link- supposedly showing Julian Assange giving a speech at the Ecuadorian Embassy- BUT THIS MORNING- I was sent THIS…

“This speech apparently Published 21st October 2016 Is the same speech I found on the internet delivered on Monday 20 August 2012 00.52 AEST Last modified on Thursday 11 August 2016 22.59 (He has identical Hair cut since 2012)”

So I guess they get an A for effort- but an F for actually pulling off this lie…

compared to this one

He is WEARING THE EXACT SAME OUTFIT…says the SAME things to “show” he isn’t dead- but they need to show something NEW- NOT regurgitate something from years ago…


Vitamin B12 deficiency can now be detected with an optical sensor "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian researchers have developed a world-first optical sensor that can detect vitamin B12 in diluted human blood -- something they believe is a first step towards a low-cost and portable, vitamin B12 deficiency test. Previous reviews have concluded that people following a vegan diet may require additional vitamin B12 supplementation to reduce an excess risk of heart disease. Now there's a test that may help. Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with an increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease and such a device would enable the tracking of vitamin B12 levels in high-risk patients and early intervention. It is hoped this will help overcome the limitations of current testing methods which the researchers believe are time-consuming and costly. The research, developed by academics at the University of Adelaide, uses biophotonics - optical technologies - to analyse and measure biological material.


What I Learned from the Second Most Powerful Central Banker in the World "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


TDC Note – William, Let ’em eat iPads, Dudley #### As many Americans settled down to prepare for the presidential debate Wednesday night, I was at a private dinner in New York City with William Dudley, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and arguably the second most powerful central banker…

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Should the GOP Give Up on Debates? "IndyWatch Feed"

Let’s take a look at who the public thought won recent presidential debates (as measured by CNN and USA Today/Gallup Polls):


That’s a pattern. Even though this list doesn’t include the two Clinton-Dole debates from 1996, the Democratic candidates’ record, going all the way back to 1992, is 14 wins, three losses, and one tie.

Against Poppy Bush and Ross Perot, Bill Clinton had two wins and one draw. George W. Bush did the best among Republicans, besting Gore twice (somehow) before getting swept by Kerry. Obama’s record (5-1) is strong, but he also suffered the worst defeat of any Democrat in his first debate against Romney.  And Hillary Clinton just pulled off her own sweep against Donald Trump.

I wasn’t able to find polling data on the 1996 debates, but I think I’d remember if Dole clearly won either of them.

The results largely line up with the actual results, but not perfectly. Winning all three debates wasn’t enough to put John Kerry over the top, although he might have made it if the Democrats had been in charge of the voting in Ohio. Despite losing two out of three debates, Al Gore won the popular vote and was really only denied the presidency by a flawed ballot design in Palm Beach County that spoiled enough of his votes to change history.   Without that butterfly ballot, the Supreme Court would never have been involved.

Still, the overall results are consistently bad for Republican candidates. They’re bad enough across a diverse enough set of individuals that the party might be forgiven for not wanting to do debates at all.

Of course, it’s a small sample and it’s distorted by the fact that George W. Bush and Donald Trump were never very conversant with policy or facts.  There’s no doubt that the Democratic list includes in Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, two of the most gifted politicians in our history.

So, I don’t know how much you can draw from these numbers, but it’s a pretty strong winning record. A baseball team with that winning percentage this year would have won 127 games and finished 24 games ahead of this year’s best Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs are now one game away from reaching the World Series for the first time since 1945. If they make it, they’ll play the Cleveland Indians who haven’t won a World Series since 1948.

Maybe that can give the Republicans hope?


Trump Again Fails to Mix in High Society "IndyWatch Feed"

Donald Trump can’t even attend a charity event with elite Manhattan Catholics without gutting lustily booed for his classless, boorish behavior and bad jokes. He apparently thought it would get laughs to call Hillary Clinton a crook and say that she was only at the event to “pretend she doesn’t hate Catholics.”

To be clear, ripping on your opponent and prominent guests is expected at the Al Smith Dinner. Hillary Clinton made many jokes at Trump’s expense and didn’t spare Rudy Giuliani either. She said she wished Michael Bloomberg had agreed to speak because “she’d like to hear from a billionaire.” She complimented Kellyanne Conway but said that Trump probably wouldn’t pay her. She jabbed him repeatedly for not being willing to accept his pending defeat. And she said that immigrants look at the Statue of Liberty as a beacon of hope but that Trump sees her only as a “four.”

As for Guiliani, she cracked, “Many don’t know this but Rudy actually got his start as a prosecutor going after wealthy New Yorkers who avoided paying taxes. But as the saying goes, if you can’t beat them go on FOX News and call them a genius.”

As you might expect, Giuliani was a visibly poor sport about it.

In fairness to Trump, even the host laid into him.

The tone of the event was set before either candidate even spoke when [Al] Smith said “before the dinner started, Trump went to Hillary and asked ‘how are you?’ She said, ‘I’m fine — now get out of the ladies’ dressing room.’”

Trump has never been able to mix at these white tie events in Manhattan, which I suspect is a source of both his ostentatious striving and his bottomless resentment. But, personally, I think Jay Gatsby was a nicer guy, threw better parties, and did a better job disguising his mob connections.


Casual Observation "IndyWatch Feed"

Given the choices, I can enthusiastically vote for Hillary Clinton. But she's probably going to listen to these idiots and it's going to come with a heavy price. I'll predict right now that if she only serves one term, it will be the foreign policy establishment nitwits "talking to themselves" and not listening to the American people that will be the cause.


How Trump Keeps the Party "IndyWatch Feed"

Markos Moulitsas has a post up that discusses the coming civil war in the Republican Party. His take is somewhat different from mine, but he’s identified something that I’ve been hitting on. Paul Ryan is in no way the natural heir to Trump to the lead the party.


Regardless of what Washington DC Republicans might think, the base just doesn’t take Ryan’s side against Trump.


In recent days I’ve written three posts about Trump, Ryan and the future of the GOP.

Paul Ryan’s Speakership Will End
Our Future is Not in Paul Ryan’s Hands
How the GOP Will Split Apart Next Year

Markos focuses less on personalities and leaders and more on factions. The Tea Party (as Kos defines it) is the largest faction at about half of the Republican base. The social conservatives make up about 30% and the “Establishment” that aligns with Paul Ryan constitutes a quarter. He argues that (Koch Brothers aside) the Tea Party faction doesn’t have any money. On the other hand, the Establishment doesn’t have any voters. And the social conservatives are basically defeated and preparing for a long political winter.

There’s a lot of truth to this, but what can we surmise from it?

As I’ve been saying, the most important thing in politics is votes. If Republicans in Congress are going to put themselves at risk of losing a primary if they do what the Establishment wants, most of them are not going to do it. Money plays a big part in winning elections, but it’s even better to avoid having to face a primary at all. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that both Trump and Bernie Sanders raised a ton of money from small donors in this cycle, proving that chasing corporate money isn’t the only way to finance a campaign.

So, what we’re looking at is a party that can’t do Wall Street’s bidding even if it wants to. It can’t make K Street happy. It can’t make the U.S. Chamber of Commerce happy. And it’s not going...

Trump Was Bad, the Punditry Was Worse "IndyWatch Feed"

Okay, I have nothing but contempt for any effort, as Byron York makes this morning, to build a debate response piece around how Frank Luntz’s “focus group” spun their dials. Let me explain why.

If you watched the commentators who were on television immediately after the debate, you probably noticed that a lot of them thought that Trump did very well in the opening portion of the debate, especially the first segment that dealt with the Supreme Court and abortion. This, by the way, is why you shouldn’t put much stock in cable news talking heads, either.

The thing is, they had a point. Unlike later in the debate when Trump resembled, as former John McCain operative Steve Schmidt remarked, “an old man in the park feeding squirrels, arguing with himself,” he at least knew how to talk about the Supreme Court.

He was coherent, and talking about abortion and the Supreme Court gave him an opportunity to remind skittish conservatives why they might want to go vote for him even if they aren’t giant fans of sexual assault. He was able to play to his base which isn’t without value. That was the cable news take.

Except, the Frank Luntz group didn’t see it that way.

As the voters’ dials told the story, each candidate had strong moments. Clinton’s best point came in the first portion of the debate, on the Supreme Court, when she said she would not seek to reverse Roe v. Wade. The Clinton leaners’ line literally rose off the chart, while the undecided line was very high, and the Trump leaners’ line was high, too. Clinton’s answer scored much better than Trump’s promise to appoint pro-life judges.

It’s easy to forget that overturning Roe v. Wade is an unpopular goal. Even with Trump “leaners” it is a total loser as an issue. I might also mention that Trump’s promise to apply a litmus test and appoint only pro-life judges who would disrespect forty-three years of precedent is not normal. He’s supposed to say something coded like he’ll appoint people who “respect the Constitution.” And Clinton’s impassioned defense of women who face the heartbreak of needing to terminate a late-term pregnancy was articulate, convincing, and courageous. By any measure, she should be judged the winner of this exchange since it electrified her base much more than Trump’s stumbling performance energized his own.

As for the end of the debate, all anyone seems to want to talk about today is Trump’s refusal to say that he will definitely respect the outcome of the election. But Frank Luntz’s group (predictably, in my view) didn&#8217...


"The Coming War With Russia" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Coming War With Russia"
by John Dietrich

"It certainly sounds alarmist to predict a war with Russia. However, members of this administration are following policies that can lead to only that result. They are following belligerent policies on two fronts: cyberspace and Syria. These policies are based on a farrago of mendacity and incompetence.  

The cyberspace conflict arose as a result of suspicion that the Russians are interfering in the U.S. election through WikiLeaks. The Russians firmly deny that they have any involvement in the hacking. The Office of Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement: "These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the U.S. election process. We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia's senior-most officials could have authorized these activities." 

It should be noted that this assertion is based upon a "belief." The administration has provided no proof. Any foreign intelligence service with a budget over $129 could have access to the secretary of state's email. In the face of this grave threat, the administration has enlisted the awe-inspiring intellect of Vice President Joe Biden. In an interview with Chuck Todd on 13 October, Biden asserted, "We're sending a message. We have the capacity to do it, and it will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact." After publicly announcing the proposed covert cyber-attack, Todd asked Biden if the public would know about it. Biden responded, "Hope not."

Biden's remarks were immediately denounced by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who said, "The threats directed against Moscow and...


Privacy Makes Workers More Productive "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[...] In instituting these four forms of privacy—privacy within team boundaries, privacy limits on employee data, privacy in decision-making, and privacy about time—the organizations Bernstein studied refused the temptation to observe (or try to observe) everything. That refusal did not cost them profits or effectiveness. Instead, respect for privacy enhanced their success.

[...] That suggests that privacy's defenders should not concede that total surveillance is safest (or most efficient or most profitable), before going on to say that it would be creepy to have to fly naked. That's important in a society where monitoring technology is ever cheaper and ever more powerful, and the notion is spreading that surveillance, and the data it generates, can solve any problem. Privacy, so often depicted as the enemy of efficiency in public life, can be its friend.

[Discussion]: Privacy Makes Workers More Productive

[Source]: Want People to Behave Better? Give Them More Privacy

[Related]: Duet Ex Machina

Original Submission

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Massive DDoS attack against Dyn DNS service, how and why "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A massive DDoS attack targeted the Dyn DNS service and caused an extended Internet outage. How the attackers powered the attack?

Yesterday a massive DDoS attack targeted the DNS service of the Dyn company, one of the most authoritative domain name system (DNS) provider, and caused an extended Internet outage. A large portion of Interner users was not able to reach most important web services, many websites like including Twitter, GitHub, PayPal, Amazon, Reddit, Netflix, and Spotify were down for netizens in the US.

What happened? Who his behind the attack?

The fear of cyber attack on a global scale brought people in the panic, yesterday a large portion of users have probably understood that the Internet architecture is a resource that could be targeted by hackers with serious and unpredictable consequences.

But how the attack happened? What’s the cause behind the attack?

We still ignore the exact dynamic of the attack, neither who is the responsible, the unique certainty is that the Dyn DNS Service was flooded by a devastating wave of requests originated by million of compromised IoT devices. The Dyn company reported a huge army of hijacked Internet of Things devices could be abused by attackers to power the massive DDoS attack.

The news confirmed the dangerous trend observed in the recent attacks against the Brian Krebs’s website and the French hosting provider OVH that peaked 1Tbps.

The security intelligence firm Flashpoint published an interesting post on the massive DDoS in which confirm that its experts have observed the Mirai bots driving the attack against DynDNS.

“Flashpoint has confirmed that some of the infrastructure responsible for the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against Dyn DNS were botnets compromised by Mirai malware. Mirai botnets were previously used in DDoS attacks against security researcher Brian Krebs’ blog “Krebs On Security” and French internet service and hosting provider OVH.” reads the analysis published by Flashpoint “Mirai malware targets Internet of Things (IoT) devices like routers, digital video records (DVRs), and webcams/security cameras, enslaving vast numbers o...


Researchers find pain can be transferred socially "IndyWatch Feed World"

Are other people making you feel their pain? That's one possible upshot of experiments that seem to show sensitivity to pain can be transferred socially, at least in mice. If the same is true for people, it may help explain conditions such as fibromyalgia, where people feel pain in the absence of an obvious medical cause. "We've shown for the first time that you don't need an injury or inflammation to develop a pain state," says team leader Andrey Ryabinin from Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. "Pain can develop simply because of social cues." Ryabinin and his colleagues discovered the phenomenon in mice isolated from direct physical contact with other mice made to feel pain. The team found that the "bystander" mice became as hypersensitive to pain as the mice that were actually subjected to it. All the mice were in the same room, but the cages were at least 1 to 2 metres apart, and the animals couldn't see each other.


China, Japan Clash Over Second World War Statement in BRICS Goa Declaration "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Japan sees as a provocation the opposition of the five emerging economies to the “continued attempts to misrepresent the results of World War II.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) and Chinese President Xi Jinping arrive for a photo opportunity ahead of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit in Benaulim, in Goa, India, October 15, 2016. Credit:Danish Siddiqui/Reuters/Files

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) and Chinese President Xi Jinping arrive for a photo opportunity ahead of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit in Benaulim, in Goa, India, October 15, 2016. Credit:Danish Siddiqui/Reuters/Files

New Delhi: At the BRICS summit chaired by India, a single sentence attracted a lot of attention: for the second consecutive year, the bloc of five emerging economies committed to strongly oppose “continued attempts to misrepresent the results of World War II”.

Sources told The Wire that the phrase was included because of Chinese insistence. It was a “Chinese formulation”, said a senior government official.

On Thursday, at the weekly briefing of ministry of external affairs (MEA), a Japanese journalist asked why India took the “same position with China” over the phrase in the BRICS statement, which he described as Beijing’s “regular provocative expression targeting Japan.”

“Look, as far as we are concerned, 1945 to us represents the old world order, which we want changed. Why are India and Japan and Brazil and Germany together in the group of G4? It is precisely to overturn the 1945 world order which is still enshrined in the United Nations Security Council. So I would interpret it this way, that for us the 1945 world order needs to change, the United Nations Security Council needs to reflect current realities and it needs to admit countries like India which has all the credentials of being a permanent member of the security council,” said MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup.

The reference to second world war in paragraph eight of the Goa Declaration was preceded by a reaffirmation to set up a...


Video: Former Bernie Sanders Supporter Shaun King Now Backs Hillary Clinton, Says She Has “Evolved” "IndyWatch Feed" – With the election just 18 days away and three presidential debates behind them, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are campaigning … Via Youtube


Video: ISIS fighters launch multiple attacks in Kirkuk, take civilians hostage "IndyWatch Feed"

Islamic State militants have launched an attack against government buildings in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. A curfew has reportedly been imposed amid ongoing … Via Youtube


British PM’s demand to sanction Russia derailed by Italy & others "IndyWatch Feed"

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s desire for new severe sanctions against Russia over its intervention in the Syrian conflict, met firm opposition from the Italian leader Matteo Renzi, among others.

In her first address to the European Council as Britain’s PM, May insisted the EU should send a “robust united message” to Russian President […]



Debt Rattle October 22 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

NPC Fire at S. Kanns warehouse, Washington, DC 1908 • Why Corporate America’s Debt Is a ‘Major Risk’ (BBG) • Ignoring the Debt Problem (Volcker/Peterson) • Bank of England Says Authorities Mustn’t Fine Banks Because Groaf (Bill Black) • Think Canada is a Progressive Paradise? That’s Mooseshit (G.) • No, Hillary, 17 US Intel Agencies

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TRUTH JIHAD: Debating Trump-vs.-Hillary with VT editors Gordon Duff, Kevin Barrett, and Ian Greenhalgh "IndyWatch Feed War"

Are both mainstream candidates Zionist bobsy twins?  In this episode…Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at Veterans Today, along with VT Editor Ian Greenhalgh, join Kevin Barrett of Truth Jihad Radio  in an occasionally contentious debate about the presidential election. Seriously: What’s with this ludicrous, depressing election? Included is VT’s deep dirt on Trump’s mafia ties (see “Did Trump Kill the Kennedies?“) from…


Re: Requesting membership to linux-distros "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Alex Crawford on Oct 22

Yes, we have the infrastructure at CoreOS. We've dealt with embargoed
releases in the past. Thank you for the consideration.



Hook Any Mouse to an Acorn "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Acorn was one of the great IT giants that rose high and then fell to obscurity during the rise of personal computing. However, for many hobbyists these computers are as important and as loved as the Commodore 64. [Simon Inns] has made a great adapter to interface modern USB mice to these old boxes. 

After thirty years of interaction with people, one might be hard pressed to find a working mouse for an older computer. On top of that, even if you did, these mice are likely a lackluster experience to begin with. They were made long before industrial designers were invited to play with computers and are often frustrating and weird. Cotton swabs and alcohol are involved, to say the least.

If you’d like one for yourself the code and schematics are available on his site. As you can see in the video below, the device works well!

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Printed Books are Not Dying a Slow Death, They are Here to Stay "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The e-book has made continued inroads into the publishing world but the printed book has defied predictions of its death.

For the publishing industry, it doesn't look like ebooks will displace paper. Credit: Esther Vargas/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

For the publishing industry, it doesn’t look like ebooks will displace paper. Credit: Esther Vargas/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

In his book Merchants of Culture, John Thompson recounts a conversation with the head of media asset development at a large US publishing house. The topic is the impact and future of digital publishing.

His interviewee, anonymised as Steve, has come from the music industry, where he has seen the digital revolution disrupting traditional models. Tasked with shaping the future of a leading publishing house, Steve is struggling to convince his colleagues to think differently about books and to embrace the digital revolution. He says: “A book is not a book. Books are categories. Books are types. Books are different styles of things.”

Thompson is interested in the changing structure of the book publishing industry as the digital revolution transforms the processes and products of the publishing business in ways that are both visible and invisible to the consumer. The outcome of his present research will be a book that is due to be published in 2017, in which he will describe the volatile, contested environment responsible for delivering texts to millions of readers in an ever-increasing range of formats.

At the heart of Thompson’s conversation with Steve is a discussion about the thousands of files that are the publisher’s most valuable assets – literally its lifeblood. Having digitised its backlist of top sellers, the company holds an archive of 40,000 titles, a figure that is constantly expanding. How these files are archived, managed and protected so they can be delivered to readers in the most suitable formats is vital to the continuing health of the publishing house. The archiving process has been far from simple, requiring the retrieval of files from printers and opening up heated debates about copyright. And the sheer flexibility offered by digitisation introduces new challenges.

Steve explains that, while paper books are relatively simple to deliver (“you’re delivering tree”), the delivery of digital goods is much more complicated. “The thing that people always hoped...


Black Mirror’s New Season Is Excellent — and Disturbingly Close to Reality "IndyWatch Feed"

Mackenzie Davis in the "San Junipero" episode from season three of Black Mirror.


BN TV: Couple Q & A after 5 Years of Marriage with Gabrielle and Chad of GabeBabeTV "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

After celebrating 5 years of marriage in August 2016, Gabrielle and Chad of GabeBabeTV on YouTube have released a couples question and answer video as part of the Couch Conversations series on their channel. In this video, the couple who are lifestyle vloggers talk about how married life has been so far and also share […]


Aisha Buhari and the Evil Aso Rock Cabal. ~ By Farooq A. Kperogi (Ph.D.) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Mrs. Aisha Buhari bucked tradition by openly criticizing the political appointments in her husband’s government. There is no precedent for this in Nigeria’s entire history. In fact, I know of … Continue reading Aisha Buhari and the Evil Aso Rock Cabal. ~ By Farooq A. Kperogi (Ph.D.)


Caught on film: Pakistani cop attacks cameraman and brutally slaps female reporter "IndyWatch Feed World"

A shocking video has emerged of a policeman violently slapping a female journalist during a scuffle at a government office in Karachi. The officer from the Frontier Constabulary was seen arguing with Saima Kanwal from channel K-21 as she was doing a live program. The journalist was doing a report on the issues people face at Pakistan's National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) when she got into a rift with the guard after he grabbed hold of the camera man.


Top secret Nazi UFO base found by scientisits "IndyWatch Feed World"

A top secret Nazi Germany base has just been discovered in Antartica and is currently being covered by mainstream media …

Source link

...Read More


Homelessness: A Case for Preventative Action "IndyWatch Feed War"

In January 2016, a medical doctor noted his surgery, the Brighton Homeless Healthcare centre, had seen 21 deaths last year alone. His figures also include 15 deaths in 2013 and 15 in 2014. Winter is fast approaching and preventive actions need to be explored. In July 2016, doctors have claimed the state of emergency accommodation in the city could contribute to a rise in homeless deaths. The doctor noted all the deaths were preventable.

The doctor said: “It’s a tragedy really that we have people dying on our streets. It’s looking like homelessness is only going to get worse over the next few years and because of that, due to cuts, there will be more deaths too.”

It has been noted that “council budgets are being cut, more than 20,000 people on the waiting list for housing and no easy answers.”

Needless to say, homelessness certainly involves more the narrow and farcical narrative of people without a home or an accommodation. It involves the intersection of visibility, oppression, domination, poor public policies and also a political decision of neglecting basic rights. Homeless people are under an oppressive and disempowering political discourse passive to punishment.

hlHomelessness in the UK is sometimes directly linked to people sleeping rough. However, those people sleeping rough, as the evidence suggests, are only a partial representation of the problem of those without secure accommodation. There are also some people that are staying in emergency hostels, there are refugees and there are people that are not sleeping rough but do not have any permanent accommodation, such as people staying temporarily with friends, squatting or as part of a travellers’ community. Homelessness is a common story in the UK’s current society. In 2013, 112,070 people declared themselves homeless in England. This is a 26% increase in four years. The number of people sleeping rough in London grew by 75% to a 6,437 in 2013.

There is a wide variety of reasons why people become homeless such as, relationship breakdown, domestic violence and substance misuse, people that are released from prison, people that are released from psychiatric institutions, people in debt, children that are institutionalised as asylum seekers and refugees.

Homelessness: An increasing still an acceptable social problem

Homelessness is increasing contemporary issue that can be linked with austerity measures whereby statutory homelessness services are in declining. For example, according to the neighbourhoods, communities and equalities committee (NCEC,...


NATO Continues to Prepare for War with Russia "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

NATO uses any pretext to accuse Russia of harboring aggressive intentions. It has raised ballyhoo over the recent deployment of Iskander short-range surface-to-surface ballistic missiles to the Kaliningrad region.

October Comex Gold “Deliveries” "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


As we’ve been monitoring all year, the total amount of gold allegedly “delivered” through the Comex has soared in 2016. This is simply another anecdotal datapoint of gold demand but the trend is certainly noteworthy, particularly when you see the numbers thus far in October. We’ve already written about this trend several times this year.…

The post October Comex Gold “Deliveries” appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Creating A Phantom Threat - How Russia Dominates Hysterical Western Headlines "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russia's actions, both imaginary and real, recently became front page news, as the western MSM reported on Vladimir Putin's plans to nuke Europe or about Russian warships in the English Channel. One UK magazine even dedicated an entire issue to Putin. However, the Spectator, a British conservative weekly with a total circulation of about 71,700 copies, did not just engage in a Russia-bashing exercise so characteristic of the UK tabloids lately, when it came out with a cover featuring the Russian president. The cover of the magazine, one of the oldest continuously published magazines in English, plays on an iconic Soviet WWII poster, but instead of Mother Russia calling on its sons to go to arms against the Nazi invaders it features the Russian president apparently leading an army of broadcasting dishes headed by RT at a media offensive."Putin vs the world: He's winning, in propaganda and on the ground," the cover proclaims. The issue itself contains two long articles that that partly contradict each other. A piece by Paul Wood elaborates on a usual western Russophobic fear - the possibility of Russia invading the Baltic States and plunging the continent into a war. It thoroughly describes fears of the Baltic States as well as those of Sweden, Norway and Poland concerning potential "Russian threat."


“Re-screening Dr. Strangelove” "IndyWatch Feed World"

“Re-screening Dr. Strangelove”
By Hugh Iglarsh

"A friend of mine saw Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” when it first opened in Paris in 1964. He and his American army friends were rolling on the floor throughout. The French audience, however, sat in stony silence. It wasn’t a comedy to them; it was a documentary. What is it now? In general, Hollywood is America dreaming– but Strangelove is something different, a “nightmare comedy,” in Kubrick’s words. It is prophecy disguised as farce– the finest dramatic analysis we have of the paradoxes of deterrence, that strange world of interpenetrated enmity and overriding common interest. What follows is a look at Kubrick’s masterpiece as satire, history and cultural critique.

Watching the film today, one realizes that Kubrick was exaggerating only the details and personality quirks, not the fundamentals. Peter George’s somber novel "Red Alert", upon which the film is based, evolved into a comic script of its own deeper nature, almost without intervention. As Kubrick said, “The most realistic things are the funniest.” In the Strangelove universe, the serious constantly morphs into the humorous, which then reveals itself as deadly serious.

Historian Margot Henriksen, author of "Dr. Strangelove’s America," describes the movie as a kind of expose– a frontal assault on “the cherished seriousness and rationality of America’s nuclear ethos and establishment." Strangelove showed the previously disguised cold war reality for what it was: immoral, insane, deadly– and ridiculous. Distinguished critic Lewis Mumford defended the film’s blackly humorous take on nuclear holocaust as an example of deadpan Swiftian wit: “It is not this film that is sick: What is sick is our supposedly moral, democratic country which allowed this policy to be formulated and implemented without even the pretense of public debate.”

Strangelove’s literary antecedents go back even further, to the Old Comedy of Aristophanes– the comedy of Periclean Athens, which was ribald and irreverent and deeply poli...


Unrest and Martial Law? Leaked Military Drill Anticipates “No Rule of Law” After Election Results "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



This tip came through the back channels; its implications are astounding.

If there is any truth to it, the 2016 election could be a kick-off for total tyranny.

According to an unnamed source – who has provided accurate intel in the past – an unannounced military drill is scheduled to take place during a period leading up to the election and throughout the month after.

It appears that the system is gearing up to handle outbreaks of violence, chaotic rallies and poll stations, and the possibility that the people of the United States may become very dissatisfied with the outcome by using military force and martial law.

The drill could, of course, go live at any time; Homeland Security and the military are prepared to contend with a period of unrest, and restore order to a divided and broken country – regardless of whether people like their new leader or not.

As you know, DHS is already monitoring this election and prepared to take over its ‘critical infrastructure’. The scope of this drill would, of course, take things much further:

Hi Guys,

I got some gouge from a former military colleague who is in contact with active duty personnel and he received an email about an upcoming drill.  We need confirmation on this, but if we put it out there we might get a leaker to come forward and confirm:

Date:  October 30th – 30 days after the election
Suspected Region:  Northeast, specifically New York

1st Phase:  NROL (No Rule of Law)...


Top British General Warns of Nuclear War With Russia; 'The End of Life as We Know It' David Icke latest headlines

‘Senior British army officer and former deputy supreme allied commander Europe Gen. Sir Richard Shirreff warns that NATO faces “nuclear war with Russia in Europe,” and that America is already technically at war with Russia. In a hawkish article for CNN, Shirreff asserts that the west faces the biggest threat from Russia since the Cold War and that Vladmir Putin plans to “re-establish Russia’s status as one of the world’s great powers” by marching into the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Comparing the west’s policy towards Putin to the appeasement of Hitler, Shirreff claims that Moscow, “may have already lit the fuse that could lead to the unthinkable: nuclear war with Russia in Europe.”’ Read more: Top British General Warns of Nuclear War With Russia; ‘The End of Life as We Know It’


Bible Removed from VA Clinic After Veteran Complains "Our Government Is Secular" "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



I imagine it was a frantic scene. The Veteran Affairs staff was running around in a panic. In a fright over the possible presence of an illegal substance in their building. Much like the scene in Monsters Incorporated, where they think a kid has contaminated their living space.

This is a measure of the level of lunacy at which our country has arrived. That one Bible, placed in a government building, has caused such mayhem and disruption.

Todd Starnes reports:

A Bible was removed from the waiting room of a Chillico the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Athens, Ohio after a veteran complained.
“Our government is secular, and must remain secular,” the unidentified veteran wrote.

Mikey Weinstein, the founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, fired off a letter to the medical center on behalf of the veteran – alleging that the presence of the Bible inside a government facility is a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

In other words, “Good Housekeeping” is fine, but the Good Book is not....


Foreign travelers will be asked to show their social media accounts when entering the US "IndyWatch Feed World"

Foreign travelers to the US that are eligible for a visa waiver may be asked to provide their social media accounts, according to the Department of Homeland Security, which maintains that visitors won't be profiled over any "social media identifiers." The plan, first revealed in June and currently under cost evaluation by the Office of Management and Budget, would allow US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to ask certain foreign travelers to the US to provide their social media accounts on customs documents to help "enhance the existing investigative process and provide DHS greater clarity and visibility to possible nefarious activity and connections," the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says. The visa-waiver program allows for residents of other countries, including many Western European nations as well as Japan and South Korea, to come into the US without a visa for up to 90 days as a tourist. In exchange, US residents may also travel to the 38 eligible countries without applying for a specific visa.


You're Calling Us the Aggressors? - Vladimir Putin David Icke latest headlines

The BBC’s John Simpson asks Russian President Vladimir Putin if “Russia will continue with these Cold War Antics”.  In the West the Mass Mainstream Media Demonisation of Russia is reaching fever pitch, and with this answer from the President, some perspective on the current situation regarding the tensions in the World and who is and isn’t the real “Aggressors” behind the situation.


Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Since 2007, Google has kept a massive database of web-browsing records separate from the personally identifiable information it has collected from Gmail and its other login accounts – until now.

Ads can now follow you around on the web based on keywords entered in GMail. Credit: sixteenmilesofstring/Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (tracking)

Ads can now follow you around on the web based on keywords entered in GMail. Credit: sixteenmilesofstring/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

When Google bought the advertising network DoubleClick in 2007, Google founder Sergey Brin said that privacy would be the company’s “number one priority when we contemplate new kinds of advertising products.”

And, for nearly a decade, Google did in fact keep DoubleClick’s massive database of web-browsing records separate by default from the names and other personally identifiable information Google has collected from Gmail and its other login accounts.

But this summer, Google quietly erased that last privacy line in the sand, literally crossing out the lines in its privacy policy that promised to keep the two pots of data separate by default. In its place, Google substituted new language that says browsing habits “may be” combined with what the company learns from the use Gmail and other tools.

The change is enabled by default for new Google accounts. Existing users were prompted to opt-in to the change this summer.

The practical result of the change is that the DoubleClick ads that follow people around on the web may now be customised to them based on the keywords they used in their Gmail. It also means that Google could now, if it wished to, build a complete portrait of a user by name, based on everything they write in email, every website they visit and the searches they conduct.

The move is a sea change for Google and a further blow to the online ad industry’s longstanding contention that web tracking is mostly anonymous. In recent years, Facebook, offline data brokers and others have increasingly sought to combine their troves of web tracking data with people’s real names. But until this summer, Google held the line.

“The fact...


Massive Cyberattack Hits America – Will Russia Take Down The Entire Internet If We Go To War? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



We just learned a very important lesson about how exceedingly vulnerable our Internet truly is. On Friday, three massive waves of cyberattacks took down some of the biggest websites on the entire Internet. Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, Etsy, Business Insider, Github, Spotify, the New York Times and the Boston Globe were among the prominent websites affected. Security experts tells us that with each passing month these kinds of attacks are becoming larger and more sophisticated. And most Americans don’t realize this, but nations such as Russia, China and North Korea have been feverishly developing extremely advanced cyberwarfare capabilities. So could a day come when one of our enemies takes down our Internet completely for an extended period of time?

According to CNBC, the primary target of the attacks on Friday was a hosting company known as Dyn, and these attacks came from “tens of millions” of IP addresses simultaneously…

Internet traffic company Dyn on Friday warned of another cyberattack after websites and services across the East Coast were shut down earlier in the day.

Dyn told CNBC Friday afternoon the attacks are “well planned and executed, coming from tens of millions IP addresses at same time.”

“We have begun monitoring and mitigating a DDoS attack against our Dyn Managed (Domain Name System) infrastructure. Our Engineers are continuing to work on mitigating this issue,” Dyn said on its website at 11:52 a.m. ET.

Specifically, the types of attacks that we witnessed on Friday are known as “denial of service” attacks. If you are not familiar with denial of service attacks, the following is a pretty good explanation from...


ISIS fighters execute at least 284 Mosul civilians, children among them – report David Icke latest headlines

‘Islamic State militants have allegedly executed at least 284 men and boys in the Iraqi city of Mosul and nearby villages. Jihadists, who had used them as human shields, dumped the victims’ bodies in a mass grave, according to a report. The victims, children among them, were all shot dead on Thursday and Friday, an Iraqi intelligence source, who asked to remain anonymous, told CNN. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) seized Mosul in June of 2014, when it was Iraq’s second-largest city. The terrorist group’s leader then turned it into a major military stronghold, and it is believed that between 4,000 and 8,000 IS militants are currently entrenched there, according to Reuters. An estimated 1.5 million people remain in the city.’ Read more: ISIS fighters execute at least 284 Mosul civilians, children among them – report


Road rage affects women more than men; Females drivers lose their cool faster than males, claims study "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new study suggests that road rage affects women more than men, and that females are far more likely to lose their cool behind the wheel. The researchers suggest that women have an instinctive 'early warning system' which dates back to our early female ancestors who had a sense of danger for threats. But this finding contradicts previous studies, which shows that men are predominantly affected by road rage.


WW3 Has Begun, And It Is Digital: “New World Hackers” Claim Cyber Attack That Took Down Major Sites "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



Get ready – it seems that this will be an October Surprise to remember.

The Internet is under attack through the United States and UK… and there is every reason to think that more is coming.

Reports confirmed that a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) was carried out against the company Dyn, and disrupted much of the East Coast, and later the West Coast and other parts of the U.S. as well, taking down hundreds of major websites – including Paypal, Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Tumblr and Reddit and more.

It took hours for many of them to come back online.

According to USA Today:

At least two successive waves of online attacks blocked multiple major websites Friday, at times making it impossible for many users on the East Coast to access Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Tumblr and Reddit.


The cause was a large-scale distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) against Internet performance company Dyn that blocked user access to many popular sites standstill.

Dyn … confirmed the attack, noting that “this attack is mainly impacting US East and is impacting Managed DNS customers in this region. Our Engineers are continuing to work on mitigating this issue.”

Here’s a log of updates for the attacks on...


China is Getting Lured Into Cheney’s Japanese Trap "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

34234123213123As the situation in the South-China Sea continues to detoriate, we should remember that it was Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who took advantage of Japan’s role as host to the recent Group of 7 industrial nations’ annual summit to introduce a provocative resolution criticizing China’s presence in controversial islands of the East China Sea known in China as the Diaoyo Islands and in Japan as the Senkaku islands. The G7 resolution was part of a carefully orchestrated escalation of tensions, ultimately between USA and its Asian allies, proxy-led by Abe’s Japan against the Peoples’ Republic of China.

The US war “games” over the various largely uninhabited South and East China Seas islands, which have been getting very serious recently, must be seen in the light of parallel Washington war games aimed at militarily encircling Putin’s Russia with US troops stationed at the NATO-side of the Russian borders, US so-called anti-ballistic missile defense in Romania aimed at Russia, and the not-so-covert role of the CIA and Obama Administration via the State Department Über-warhawk Victoria Nuland to justify US and EU economic sanctions against Russia, itself a form of war.

The May 27 G7 Declaration states, “We are concerned about the situation in the East and South China Seas, and emphasize the fundamental importance of peaceful management and settlement of disputes.” Not the wording, but the fact that the G7, that was founded in the 1970’s to discuss economic problems, intervened in the issue is a significant escalation.

Why the fight over barren islands?

For decades following World War II the islands were uninhabited and, despite formal claims by China, Japan and Taiwan, no source of major tension. The Diaoyo (Senkaku) islands consist of eight uninhabited islands of 7 square kilometers in the East China Sea straddling China’s coast, Taiwan’s coast and Japan’s Okinawa, site of a major US military base. However, a close study of the map reveals that the three island groups have strategic and vital military significance in event of a future clash between Washington and China, and that they border international sea lanes that carry some $5 trillion annually of sea trade, mostly to China.

The Diaoyu Islands inside Chinese exclusive economic maritime zone are being u...


Creepy Clowns and Clownish Creeps "IndyWatch Feed National"

We live in a country where the Hamburglar can freely walk down the street, but Ronald McDonald can’t.

— Twitter post by ‘BH’, Oct 12, 2016

They were always perfect as a foil to the criminal and dysfunctional outsider, with smile grotesque, garish mask, and nose obscenely red. The clown, in history, has often proved to be a fairly revolting creature, acting as both channel and code.

Through history, a vicious clown is an external manifestation of broader ill, a figure whose smile is discomforting rather than reassuring. Fun, in short, had nothing to do with it. What mattered was cultural necessity and illumination. Some North American First Nations, by way of example, adapted the dreaded “white fool” ever in opposition to the venerable Big Chief, a cultural contrast to elevate a necessarily superior position.

In its European context, few come close to the manifestation of modern darkness than Ruggero Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci, which does its best to inscribe the vengeful clown into broader cultural consciousness. “La commedia è finita!” remains one of the more known lines in any opera, an ironic reflection that the modern clown entertainer should appreciate. This outburst on the part of the clown Canio takes place after he butchers his wife Nedda and lover Silvio, giving the performance its zesty finality.

Modern working conditions, however, have made the occupation of a clown entertainer a difficult one. For aficionados of the clown cult, there are rules and guidelines, a necessary code of conduct. Not all can take such a path. Merely putting on a grotesque mask, for instance, is not regarded as passing muster.

As Randy Christensen, president of the World Clown Association explained, “People dressed as horror clowns are not ‘real clowns…’ they are taking something innocent and wholesome and perverting it to create a fear in their audience.”

This erroneous point by Christensen has been challenged by what has become something of a convenient tautology – the “creepy clown craze” which has been reported as leaving “legitimate entertainers short of work and in some cases afraid of leaving the house.”

Having first been reported in the United States during August, the phenomenon of such “scary clowns” was quickly spurred on by the infectious encouragement of social media. Plant the seed in that particular stream, and it is bound to replicate exponentially. All it took was a group dressed as clowns in South Carolina who supposedly attempted luring children into the woods. Creepy indeed.

Several countries then had sightings. From the US, the phenomenon found its...


See Chee How : Budget 2017 a letdown for Sarawak, Sabah "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Budget 2017 tabled by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at Parliament has dashed any hope that Sarawak and Sabah would get generous grants as an under-developed region to catch up with basic amenities and infrastructural development in the Peninsular Malaysia, PKR Sarawak vice chairman See Chee How has said. He said it […]


Obama officials now say Russia can't hack US election, but will fake vote hacking to "undermine democracy" "IndyWatch Feed World"

While agreeing with President Barack Obama that the US election system is too big to hack, officials in his administration are now suggested that any evidence of voting impropriety may be a plot by "Russian hackers" to undermine democracy in America. Hackers supposedly tied to Russian intelligence could try to "undermine the credibility of the presidential election by posting documents online purporting to show evidence of voter fraud," Reuters reported Thursday, citing "intelligence and law enforcement officials" who requested anonymity. Comment: The irony of the above statements is that there is no true democracy in the US to undermine, nor is the US presidential election credible in any way. The stolen election of 2000 by George W. Bush pretty much ended any semblance of credibility for anyone with two firing neurons, and the actions of the US government towards dozens of sovereign nations around the world destroy any claims of democracy in America. There is no democracy, the US controlled by corporations who direct foreign and domestic policy according whichever policy furthers their bottom line. Echoing the comments made by President Barack Obama, the officials said the US system is so "large, diffuse and antiquated" that altering the November 8 vote would be practically impossible. However, hackers could post documents,"some of which might be falsified, designed to create public perceptions of widespread voter fraud," the officials said, according to Reuters. The anonymous officials admitted they "did not have specific evidence of such a plan," but that state and local election authorities have been warned to be vigilant. Comment: So without evidence, there is nothing but smoke in the above claims. The ironic thing is that it's the US government and their corporate overlords who are well-known to fix elections and create the illusion of choice. There is no choice, no true left-right paradigm anymore. It's either be a part of the War Party, or get left out.


Study Reveals New Earthquake Hazard in Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Region "IndyWatch Feed World"

The uniquely designed study helps to understand earthquake hazard in politically unstable region MIAMI—University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science scientists have revealed alarming conclusions about the earthquake hazard in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region. The new study focused on two of the major faults in the region— the Chaman and Ghazaband faults. "Typically earthquake hazard research is a result of extensive ground-based measurements," said the study's lead author Heresh Fattahi, a UM Rosenstiel School alumni. "These faults, however, are in a region where the political situation makes these ground-based measurements dangerous and virtually impossible."


15 Iraqi women slain in US-led airstrike in Kirkuk province David Icke latest headlines

‘At least 15 women have lost their lives and scores of other civilians have sustained injuries when fighter jets operated by the so-called US-led coalition struck a mourning procession in Iraq’s oil-rich northern province of Kirkuk. Local official Amir Huda Karam said the aerial attack targeted a Shia place of worship in the town of Daquq, located approximately 180 kilometers north of the capital Baghdad, on Friday.’ Read more: 15 Iraqi women slain in US-led airstrike in Kirkuk province


NEWS Russia Deploys Major Fleet Off The Coast of Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

We Are Change

Image result for coast of syria

Back in the summer of 2013, just around the peak of the first major escalation involving Syria and the US attempt to remove its president al-Assad, the Mediterranean briefly looked like a parking lot, with US and Russian ships on anchor just off the Syrian coast prepared for any eventuality.

(ANTIMEDIA) Moscow is sending a blunt message to its American counterparts by dispatching a major aircraft carrier battlegroup to conduct operations in Syria, while another Russian spy ship appears to be surveying underwater internet cables in the region.

The Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, is currently conducting live-fire exercises with its escort vessels between Scotland and Norway and is expected to remain on-station off the coast of Syria for at least four months. It is leading a fleet of eight Russian ships. navy-warship-fleet

The move comes as Russia and the United States continue to disagree over the fate of the Syrian conflict. It is speculated to be in anticipation of an expansion of the Syrian war. As U.S.-backed Iraqi forces look to liberate ISIS’ last major stronghold within Iraqi territory, many are rightly predicting the focus of the so-called war against ISIS will shift to Syria.

As observed by Kingston University historian and Russian navy observer, Dr. Alex Clarke:

“The war against Daesh will be moving into Syria, more focus will be on there – just as it is, there were will [sic] a large Russian led task force off its Mediterranean coast. This is going to shift the balance of power within the area, even more in favour of Assad; simply because it will complicate the task for other nations wishing to support their own allies within the conflict.”



Hoisted From Comments: Decoding the Misleading Metaphors of Money and Banking "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

How the choice of metaphors to describe money, finance, and banking is a part of the battle for ideas too often overlooked.


Canada’s PM Trudeau’s Statement To U.N: Tacitly Endorses Illegal 'Regime Change' under a Fake Humanitarian Mandate David Icke latest headlines

‘Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, recently stated at the UN General Assembly plenary meeting on Syria that “Canada is taking a stand at the United Nations General Assembly today to protect vulnerable Syrians and help find a solution to the conflict engulfing that country. With the support of 70 other UN countries, Canada is applying as much diplomatic pressure as possible on the UN Security Council to break their impasse on Syria.’ Read more: Canada’s PM Trudeau’s Statement To U.N: Tacitly Endorses Illegal ‘Regime Change’ under a Fake Humanitarian Mandate


China makes note that the USA media is reading from the same “dark” script and supporting Clinton "IndyWatch Feed War"

US Elections As Seen From China   GLOBAL TIMES CHINA – During this year’s presidential campaign, the US mainstream media has overwhelmingly seen an outpouring of support for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton while disparaging her Republican rival Donald Trump. The gap is rare in the history of US elections. According to statistics from the US, of the top […]

21:15 Wikileaks releases first batch Obama emails – Lists for Cabinet/Deputy/Secretary level positions — Arab/Muslim Americans, African Americans, Native Americans…. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



Wikileaks has released the first set of Obama emails. Yes, that’s how badly compromised our intel and cyber security is under this administration. Not to mention Hillary’s basement server.

Perhaps this is because Obama didn’t choose cabinet members and other positions of power based on merit, but based on grievance.

A list of African American, Latino and Asian American candidates, divided between Cabinet/Deputy and Under/Assistant/Deputy Assistant Sectetary levels, as well as lists of senior Native Americans, Arab/Muslim Americans and Disabled Americans. We have longer lists, but these are candidates whose names have been recommended by a number of sources for senior level jobs in a potential Administration.

“WikiLeaks Releases First Batch Of Barack Obama’s Emails,” By Allum Bokhari, Breitbart, October 21, 2016:

WikiLeaks has released a new batch of leaked emails, containing messages sent to and from Barack Obama prior to his inauguration.

The emails were sent from what WikiLeaks claims is a secret address, “”



US Government Enters The Dark Cyber Realm, Begun the Cyber War It Has (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


Obamacare premiums are increasing rapidly from 30%-90%. Canada walks out of the talks with Europe in-regards to CETA. New report shows that the FBI is capturing people faces using facial recognition software without getting permission from the people. US shadows a Chinese ship as the US sails through the South China Sea. US pushing UN…

The post US Government Enters The Dark Cyber Realm, Begun the Cyber War It Has (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.

If Donald Trump Wins The Election, It Will Be The Biggest Miracle In U.S. Political History "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



Are we about to see the largest election day miracle of all time?  Because as I will show in this article, that is precisely what it is going to take in order for Donald Trump to win.  Before I go any further, I want to make it exceedingly clear that I am not saying what the outcome will be on November 8th.  As I recently told a national television audience, I do not know who is going to win.  In this article I am simply going to examine the poll numbers and the electoral map as they currently stand.  But in this bizarre election things can literally change overnight, and it is entirely possible that we could still have another “October surprise” or two before it is all said and done.  And without a doubt Donald Trump desperately needs something “to move the needle,” because if the election was held today Hillary Clinton would almost certainly win.

What we have witnessed so far during the 2016 election season has been absolutely unprecedented.  Just consider some of the things that we have seen up to this point in time.

We have never had a bigger “October surprise” than the release of the lewd audio tape from 11 years ago in which Donald Trump claimed to grope women without their consent.

We have never seen the mainstream media openly attack a presidential candidate as much as they have attacked Donald Trump.  In the past, the big mainstream news outlets at least pretended to be fair and balanced, but this year they have completely discarded all notions of objectivity.  They should be completely and utterly ashamed of themselves, and no matter who wins the election they will never be able to get their integrity back.

We have also never seen a major party at war with itself this close to a presidential election.  It has been said that a house divided against itself will surely fall, and a whole host of prominent Republican leaders have been openly attempting to sabotage the Trump campaign.

If Donald Trump is able to overcome all of these factors, it truly will be a miracle of Biblical proportions.

As it stands at the moment, however, the numbers are looking quite ominous for Trump.  Right now,...


Video: Al-Nusra ‘not priority’, US State Dept says while terror group shells civilians in Syria "IndyWatch Feed"

US military efforts in Syria are not directed against Al-Nusra, the State Department said, acknowledging that the terrorist group is a “spoiler” in the efforts to … Via Youtube


Russian request to observe US election a PR stunt: State Dept. "IndyWatch Feed"

The State Department has dismissed requests from Russia to send observers to US polling stations next month as a propaganda stunt. State Department spokesman John Kirby said Friday that Russian officials were offered places on a team led by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which has dispatched monitors to US elections […]



The Sana’a Massacre. America’s War on Yemen David Icke latest headlines

‘It is a perverse irony that as video war games move into 3-D reality on our computer screens, the real war games that are playing with people’s lives around the world become one-dimensional, presented in black and white packaging without proper context. So it is that the recent atrocity committed with extreme malice against Yemeni civilians in their capital Sana’a with bombs dropped by Saudi war-planes had to vie for attention in the Western media alongside the deaths of similar numbers of Haitians struck at random by Hurricane Matthew. The vital context missing from the reports on the Sana’a massacre – which said that at least 140 people were killed and over 500 hundred injured by four bombs dropped minutes apart – was any explanation, not of who was responsible, but of why they would do something so unbelievably barbaric.’ Read more: The Sana’a Massacre. America’s War on Yemen


Delta: JTF Rescues Abducted Matron of Ughelli Central Hospital, Others "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By Amos Okioma
LAGOS OCTOBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-The Joint Military Operation in the Niger Delta has freed a kidnap victim and foiled another kidnap attempt in a bid to halt oil theft and criminality in the area, an official has said.
The spokesman for the operation, Lt.-Cdr Thomas Otuji, said in a statement in Yenagoa on Friday that the force, codenamed Operation Delta Safe, carried out the operation on Wednesday.

“On Oct.19, 2016, Operation Delta Safe gallant troops’ resilience paid off when in conjunction with the Nigeria Police and Vigilance group, rescued a kidnap victim, Chief Matron of Ughelli Central Hospital, Mrs Patience Abere.
“The victim was rescued at her residence in Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta.
“The matron was abducted by three notorious armed men in her Kia Soul car with registration number, AS 609 UGH.
“One of the suspects was apprehended while two fled on sighting the troops.
“Two locally-made pistols and three live cartridges were recovered from the suspects,” Otuji stated.
He said that troops also foiled a kidnap attempt and arrested two suspected kidnappers at Okwugbude Community in Okpe Local Government Area of Delta.
Otuji said the suspected kidnappers were on their way to kidnap a victim when troops swooped on them before they carried out their operation.
Otuji said the troops also set ablaze two cars used by oil thieves, containing several jerry-cans of Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) in Jeremi, in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta.
He also said that troops arrested an oil theft suspect, who allegedly attempted to bribe them with N29,500.
“He was arrested and handed over to the Nigeria Police, ‘A’ Division Headquarters, Ughelli, and vehicles set ablaze,” he said.
Otuji further said that troops arrested a driver of a truck carrying 33,000 litres of a substance suspected to be illegally-refined AGO.
“The truck was intercepted at Otovwodo in Ughelli North Local Government Area of the state.
“The suspect confirmed to have illegally loaded the product from Port Harcourt and was heading to Zamfara.
“The waybill indicated PMS whereas he was carrying suspected AGO,” Otuji said.
He said soldiers also intercepted two white Hilux vehicles and another, with registration number, WWR 24 AL.
Otuji said the vehicles were carrying eight units of 300-litre and 12 units of 60-litre of plastic drums and jerry-cans, containing suspected illegally refined AGO.
“The intention of the occupants of the vehicles was to evade being checked by troops, using the e...


If American Christians feared the Lord half as much as they fear Hillary Clinton. . . "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



If American Christians feared the Lord half as much as they fear Hillary Clinton, American culture would experience a revival the likes of which the world has never seen.

But if one thing has been made crystal clear (yet again) by the grace of God through this particularly dark comedy known as the 2016 presidential election cycle, it is that the vast majority of self-identified and politically active “conservative Christians” in America are far more fearful of losers like Hillary than they are fearful of the Lord. We may loudly and proudly claim to love Jesus with their lips, but when it comes to obedience to His Word in political, economic, legal or educational practice, we seem to have no appetite for His lordship, no desire for application of His Word, and thus no real hope for advancing His Great Commission and disciplining the American culture that we also claim to love so very much.

Where God speaks clearly in loving detail, American professing Christians tend to look for any other way to “solve problems.” Where King Jesus gives clarity, most American Christians seek instead the paths charted in accordance with secular pragmatism. When the Creator and Sustainer of everything speaks with clarity, American Christians tend to…well, just make another vague reference to God or how they “love Jesus” or some such thing, all while dutifully ignoring and modelling rebellion against His crystal clear pronouncements on matters central to the terrible situation in which we now find ourselves, including:

Moreover, look for able men from all the people, men who fear God, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe, and place such men over the people. . . 

~ Exodus 18:21 (bold emphasis added)



Sexual torture of Palestinians by israeli authorities. Did the USA teach them to do this or was it vice versa? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sexual torture of Palestinians by Israeli authorities   A new academic study in the peer-reviewed medical journal ‘Reproductive Health Matters’ has revealed dozens of cases of “alleged sexual torture or ill-treatment” of Palestinian male prisoners detained by Israel. The article, ‘Sexual torture of Palestinian men by Israeli authorities’, claims to be “a first in the investigation […]


Unrest and Martial Law? Leaked Military Drill Anticipates 'No Rule of Law' After Election Results David Icke latest headlines

‘This tip came through the back channels; its implications are astounding. If there is any truth to it, the 2016 election could be a kick-off for total tyranny. According to an unnamed source – who has provided accurate intel in the past – an unannounced military drill is scheduled to take place during a period leading up to the election and throughout the month after. It appears that the system is gearing up to handle outbreaks of violence, chaotic rallies and poll stations, and the possibility that the people of the United States may become very dissatisfied with the outcome by using military force and martial law.’ Read more: Unrest and Martial Law? Leaked Military Drill Anticipates ‘No Rule of Law’ After Election Results


Top Stories from Bike Week "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Here's our top content from Bike Week:

Read the Strong Towns Guide to Biking.

Read the Strong Towns Guide to Biking.


by Strong Towns, October 18, 2016

From getting started, to locating a lost bike, to enjoying the many benefits of biking, here's your comprehensive guide to the bike-friendly life.


by Eli Damon, October 19, 2016

Biking within the flow of normal traffic is a safe and equitable option—if it's done correctly. Too often, however, local ordinances make this a confusing, challenging and dangerous task.

Making my City More Bike-Friendly for $0

by Josef Bray-Ali, October 19, 2016

To bring together "bike for leisure" and "bike for transportation" people, you need to look beyond cycling itself and find the deeper principle that has people energized in the first place: the radical idea that people should move and associate freely in the streets of any town or city.

Raising the Interest and Reducing the Concern

by Alex Pline, October 17, 2016

How do we encourage the largest untapped group of "Interested but Concerned" bike-users to embrace transportation cycling as a way of life? Here's one step that might help.

How to Improve Your City's Bike Network on a Budget

by Spencer Gardner, October 20, 2016

These low-cost strategies will make biking easier and safer in any community.

What makes a good bike rack?

by Lou Fineberg, October 18, 2016

A good bike rack can be a catalyst for change in cities big and small. Here's how to choose the right location a...


British Politician says Russia has NOTHING to do with the DNC Email Leaks! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



Former British Ambassador Craig Murray is an ally and friend of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and he visited Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy on Wednesday to discuss his ongoing plight. What Murray learned could have a huge impact on the 2016 election, if the American people are allowed to hear it.

One of the main media arguments for people not to give credence to the hacked DNC, Clinton emails is that this is a deliberate attempt by Vladimir Putin and Russia to impact our electoral process. The narrative goes something like this; ‘Russia illegally hacked the DNC and are now trying to steal the election from Clinton. So Republicans shouldn’t use the ill-gotten information, the media shouldn’t report on it, and the American people shouldn’t pay attention to it. In that way, we’ll be standing up to the tinpot dictator Putin.’The only problem with this is that it means we should all completely ignore the criminality and corruption at the DNC and in the Clinton campaign team! It’s a stupid argument, but it’s become so prevalent that even some conservatives are parroting it.

Here’s the thing… there’s no proof that Russia did any of this. They’ve never admitted to it, and our intelligence community has never proven it. It’s simply a theory that the media and the Clinton team have implied is fact.

Well, Ambassador Murray is here to dispel the rumors and to clear the air. Vladimir Putin and Russia had nothing to do with hacks o...


In an Oligarchy, Voting is a Tool to Manufacture the Illusion of Consent David Icke latest headlines

‘If there’s one thing we’ve learned so far from election 2016 it’s that the American people do not understand their government. The perception is that we have a democracy, and that in this democracy we the people have vested power in our government which we exercise through the act of voting. ‘Throw the bastards out,’ has long since been the war cry of the impotent democrat, yet we no longer even have a democracy to cling to, and although most people choose to ignore it, this fact of life has been visible for decades. An oligarchical government is a form of rule in which a small group of wealthy individuals have control over the critical mechanisms of state power, industry and economy. These people are unelected, unaccountable and they exercise control on behalf of their personal financial interests, drawing on the productive power of a nation to support their lifestyles and geopolitical ambitions.’ Read more: In an Oligarchy, Voting is a Tool to Manufacture the Illusion of Consent


Is God Sending a New Curse on the Sodomite Community? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



While the sexual revolutionaries taunt us of their political victories in gaining more “freedom,” more “budget,” and more “money” as the means to promote their perverse agendas, here comes God and he curses them to self-destruction. The last few days, the CDC sent a litany of serious warnings. Scientists cannot anymore cover up the new curses of homosexuality, lesbian lifestyle, or the general immorality, which is growing leaps and bounds, infecting the U.S. Syphilis had grown a whopping 27 percent. There are estimated: “20 million new STD cases in the US each year and half of these are among young people 15-24 years old.”

And you might think that a prescription pill will cure these? Think again. Health officials are now warning about the “super gonorrhea” (forget the old gonorrhea) and super chlamydia, resistant to all known antibiotics. The reports also reveal that 93% of HIV-positive gay and bisexual men have anal HPV infections.

And it is spreading like wildfire, especially throughout the LGBT community (praise God). The superbug is here, much faster than previously anticipated and is now found in the U.S.

Now think about this for a moment. If just released reports show a 20 million increase in STD each year and a half in the U.S. alone and that we are in a 20-year high, if this continues, in a decade, this might multiply to 200 million infected. We have become a society filled with sexual infections:

“The federal health agency found young people and gay and bisexual mencontinued to face the greatest risk of becoming infected with STD.”...


North Dakota Police ‘Out Of Control’ In Crackdown On Dakota Access Pipeline Protests "IndyWatch Feed World"

Over 200 Indigenous Nations are facing a brutal police crackdown in Canon Ball, ND where they've gathered to take a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Over 200 Indigenous Nations are facing a brutal police crackdown in Canon Ball, ND where they’ve gathered to take a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline. (Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr/cc)

STANDING ROCK SIOUX RESERVATION, North Dakota — As reports of police abuse at Dakota Access Pipeline protests accumulate, a civil liberties NGO warns that activists’ constitutional rights are under attack.

“In Standing Rock, the cops are out of control,” warned Cooper Brinson, staff attorney at Civil Liberties Defense Center, in a report published on Thursday.

Citing reports of humiliation, beatings by police, and unnecessary strip-searches of arrestees, Brinson wrote:

“The actions of police against the land and water protectors at Standing Rock are depraved, abusive, and disgraceful. They are exceedingly disrespectful and radically humiliating to the people who have occupied this land since time immemorial.”

Brinson reported that police have confiscated sacred tribal drums and tools used by Native American journalists.

On Oct. 17, a North Dakota judge dismissed criminal charges against Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman, but several journalists still face charges for reporting on D...



In yesterday's blog I indicated that there was a lot of very strange space news that emerged in the context of President Obama's recent…

The post STRANGE DEATH OF BRITISH UFO RESEARCHER IN POLAND appeared first on Giza Death Star.


AMBA Stock: Here’s How Ambarella Inc Could Soar in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Alessandro Bruno, BA, MA

Could Ambarella Stock Hit $85.00 Before the End of 2016?
Ambarella Inc (NASDAQ:AMBA) once sold for as high as $125.00. Coincidentally, this happened in July 2015, just as GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) was also enjoying a bullish run. Ambarella stock, in fact, does do well when GoPro is also doing well. Ambarella makes the semiconductors that make GoPro’s cameras so desirable.

Now that GoPro can expect a surge of demand for its new karma camera drones, Ambarella stock will continue to rise along a bullish curve, which analysts at.

The post AMBA Stock: Here’s How Ambarella Inc Could Soar in 2017 appeared first on Profit Confidential.

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ISIS terrorists fleeing Mosul disguised in women’s clothing> Cute or what? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Jewhadists fleeing Mosul caught on the run disguised in women’s clothing     Pictures emerge showing men caught fleeing Mosul in dresses as ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi orders men’s wives and girlfriends to flee. Cowardly ISIS fighters dressed in women’s clothes are fleeing Mosul while the group’s commanders have ordered their WAGs to escape before […]


Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Editor-in-Chief of Mainstream Media David Icke latest headlines

‘The Hillary Clinton campaign is acting as an assignment editor for the mainstream media by telling reporters what to cover – and what to keep secret from the public. Media collusion with Hillary is worse than anyone previously realized: staffers are directly working with mainstream “journalists” to develop news stories favorable to the campaign, according to latest batch of Clinton campaign emails released by Wikileaks.’ Read more: Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Editor-in-Chief of Mainstream Media


US is on DEFCON 3 although the people have not been told – a nuclear attack could be days away "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By Tapestry


DEFCON – defence readiness condition.

Is Washington “False Flagging” The New Axis of Evil, Into Nuclear War?

False flagging has hundreds of years of history; successful history that is. Otherwise the method of lying and bullying people into false beliefs would not have survived the times.

But false flags took on a new dimension since 9/11.

The subsequent terror acts, including the Arab Spring and ‘Color Revolutions’; downing of a Russian plane over Egypt; shooting down of a Malaysian plane over the Ukraine; Paris murderous shootings at ‘Charlie Hebdo’ and ‘Bataclan’; Brussels; Nice; Munich; Orlando, Florida; San Bernardino, California – to name just a few over the last years – were perpetrated by the very actors claiming to fight terror, namely predominantly the secret services of the US, UK and Israel, the European vassals and NATO. The purpose of such acts of terror is to create fear, to justify a police crackdown on the populations and doing away with every time more of the democratic civil rights still left in western society.

The penultimate goal is total militarization of the western world, to prevent and suppress protests and revolts if and when the population eventually wakes up to the flagrant lies that it has been force-fed by the presstitute media for years on end.

And that in itself is a crucial step towards the ultimate goal of Full Spectrum Dominance of the world, or world hegemony, by a small corporate and financial elite.

Alas, militarization of the west and ongoing wars and chaos throughout the world, causing millions of death – estimated between 12 and 15 million in the last 15 years – will not suffice to dominate the eastern powers led by Russia and China.

Do the elites who pull the strings in Washington want a nuclear war? It may fulfill their pathological objective of total annihilation of the world as we know it, possibly with hundreds of millions of casualties. Just look at Aleppo and multiply this image by a million. See also Kissinger’s 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide.



Podcast: Iceland – Offshorisation, Collapse and Recovery. What Are the Lessons? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

A discussion of the role that offshore played in Iceland's banking bubble and implosion, plus a high level corruption scandal in Spain.


Clinton Press Secretary Caught on Camera Planting Softball Question With Reporter David Icke latest headlines

‘Underscoring Donald Trump’s charge that the media is rigged, video footage shows Hillary Clinton’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill appearing to type a softball question for NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell, which she subsequently asks Clinton. The incident occurred on HIllary’s campaign plane shortly after Wednesday night’s debate. Merrill is clearly seen typing something into his phone before he presents it to Mitchell. Merrill then waits for Mitchell to acknowledge that she understood the message.’ Read more: Clinton Press Secretary Caught on Camera Planting Softball Question With Reporter


New Administration – Our Readers send positve Feedback "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

New Administration – it seems that Change has really come. Silent Gardens does not comment Philippine’s politics. But our own experiences and feedback from our readers make us believe, that something has positively changed.

New Administration

Here is an excerpt of two e-mails we got this week from a reader of our visa page. We just have removed the name and the e-mail address for privacy reasons. The copy is genuine.

Mail 1:

Hi.I went to Intramuros today to extend my 12 month visa for another 6 months. I already have an ACR card. I printed the form before I left and handed it in when I got there at 8.05. At 8.10 I paid 7300 php and at 8.55 i collected my passport. No need for passport pictures, photocopies or anything. Just the 1 easy form and your passport are now needed. very easy very quick.

We just sent a thank you message. Such information keeps our website up to date. Then we got a follow-up …

Mail 2:

I was honestly really pleasantly surprised and shocked.
I had been there 6 months ago and went armed with photocopies of my passport, entry stamp, visas, acr card. Also a long form that needed to be completed. It took nearly 2 hours.
This time I went armed with the same things, but the immigration officer didn't even look at them and handed them straight back to me. She just keptthe form and my passport. There were no queues and it could not have been any quicker.
I asked the officer how come and she said that President Duterte had instructed them to speed things up, lessen the paperwork and also lessen the prices.
I hope this carries on through all the various departments now.

Sounds really good. We very much appreciate the straight forward approach of our reader.

Have you also experienced differences between the old and the new administration? If so, please send us your positive and negative comments and please do not comment the Philippine politics. We won’t publish such comments.


Barron's exec 'reply all' goof accidentally alerts employees to buyouts and layoffs "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Reply all" can wreak havoc on an email inbox. But the executives at Barron's were in for a fresh hell when one wrong "Reply all" accidentally informed their staff of an upcoming wave of layoffs. Employees at the financial news magazine Barron's were informed that their jobs were at risk due to layoffs when company president Ed Finn notified them in an email on Friday. However, Finn did not exactly mean to tell his employees. In fact, he was just trying to forward a message to another executive. The Dow Jones' media companies, the Wall Street Journal and Barron's, are two heavy hitters when it comes to financial and investment news. However, on Friday, the Wall Street Journal announced that it wanted a "substantial number" of employees to take buyouts in lieu of involuntary layoffs, Politico reported.


Ae Dil Hai Mushkil to Release on Schedule After Karan Johar Promises to Fulfill MNS Demands "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Karan Johar in a file photo. Credit: PTI

Karan Johar in a file photo. Credit: PTI

Mumbai: Decks were cleared on Saturday for the smooth release of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil after director Karan Johar accompanied by Producers’ Guild president Mukesh Bhatt met Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and assured him that filmmakers would not work with Pakistani artistes given the people’s sentiments in India post Uri attacks.

Fadnavis met Johar and Bhatt at his residence ‘Varsha’ in Mumbai on Saturday morning along with MNS chief Raj Thackeray, whose party had been opposing the release of the upcoming movie as Pakistani actor Fawad Khan features in the film.

Producers Sidharth Roy Kapur, Sajid Nadiadwala and Vijay Singh of Fox Star Studios were also present in the meeting.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Bhatt said that it was “positive and constructive and that Ae Dil Hai Mushkil will release as per the schedule.”

“We discussed the unfortunate events related to the film’s release. I shared the film industry’s emotions regarding the entire issue. We are Indians first and then comes our business,” he said.

Bhatt also said that they have assured the chief minister that neither the Producers’ Guild nor any filmmaker will work with any Pakistani artistes or technicians in the future.

Also, the guild will call a meeting to pass a resolution on not working with Pakistani artists. Bhatt said that a copy of the same would be sent to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry as well as the chief minister.

Besides, Johar has decided to put a special mention in the beginning of the film paying homage to the martyrs.

“Karan Johar will display a slate of tribute for Uri martyrs before ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ starts playing out in the screens. It is a tribute from us to our soldiers,” Bhatt said.

The makers of the film starring Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Anushka Sharma and Fawwad Khan in lead roles, will also contribute a portion of its revenue to the army welfare fund, he said, adding “We owe this to the army.”

Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil had been embroiled in controversy over the past few weeks after the MNS opposed the screening of movies featuring Pakistani actors after the Uri terror attack, putting a question mark on the fate of movie...


'Smoking Gun' Email Confirms DNC Involvement In Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies David Icke latest headlines

‘Just a few days ago, Project Veritas released a bombshell video exposing coordinated efforts between the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, Democracy Partners (run by Robert Creamer) and The Foval Group (run by Scott Foval) to incite violence at Trump rallies across the country. The Clinton campaign and the DNC have vehemently denied the validity of the Project Veritas video but new emails discovered from WikiLeaks’ previous “DNC Leaks” seem to confirm the DNC’s involvement.’ Read more: ‘Smoking Gun’ Email Confirms DNC Involvement In Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies


Suspected Lesbian Declared Wanted in Lagos, Arrested in Port Harcourt "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nigeria Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim

Nigeria Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim

LAGOS OCTOBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-A married woman declared wanted by the Police in Lagos, over alleged lesbianism has been arrested in Port Harcourt,Rivers state.
Two women , have been on the run since they were declared wanted for allegedly practicising same sex.
A police Source said the suspects were committing the dastardly act in one Alhaji Osilo’s house each time he was away. Osilo’s neighbours, who felt the suspects would be bad influences to others, reported the act to osilo, who in turn reported the matter to the police.

A senior Police Officer in Task Force Office,Alausa,said: ” Osilo also reported one of the ladies ogunwale Abiola Idowu, to her husband, who was unable to caution her.
“It is true, the illicit act of lesbianism against Ogunwale Abiola and her partner Monisola Adeko was reported to us and we have commenced Investigation in the alleged act of lesbianism by the two women. We have identified the women and we will soon apprehend them. It was Abiola partners’ husband, osilo, that reported the matter to us. You know that the act is against the law of our land, we must enforce the law.”.
The Suspects have been on the run since their criminal activity was reported to the police.
One of the suspects, Monisola,was not lucky as she was arrested at the weekend in Port Harcourt where she had been hiding.
The police said the suspect has confessed to the crime ,but refused to disclose the whereabouts of her accomplice. She claimed they lost contact since, while police confirmed that her alleged accomplice, Abiola had since relocated to North America or Europe.
A family source said “The kelani family of Abeokuta has been angry with their son for marrying a woman who has brought shame to the family”
When contacted,Alhaji osilo ” Yes, my neighbours reported to me that Abiola has been doing practising evil with my wife in my house, anytime I travelled. I could not condone such an evil act, that was why I reported the matter to the police,”
When contacted, Abiola’s husband Mr Abiodun Kelani said” I don’t know what the police are saying. My wife is not in Nigeria at the moment”


Assad: 'Boy in the ambulance' picture is fake "IndyWatch Feed World"

From an interview with the Syrian President Bashar Assad by the Swiss SRF 1 TV Channel published October 19 2016: Journalist: This young boy has become the symbol of the war. I think that you know this picture. President Assad: Of course I saw it. Journalist: His name is Omran. Five years old. President Assad: Yeah. Journalist: Covered with blood, scared, traumatized. Is there anything you would like to say to Omran and his family? President Assad: There's something I would like to say to you first of all, because I want you to go back after my interview, and go to the internet to see the same picture of the same child, with his sister, both were rescued by what they call them in the West "White Helmets" which is a facelift of al-Nusra in Aleppo. They were rescued twice, each one in a different incident, and just as part of the publicity of those White Helmets. None of these incidents were true. You can have it manipulated, and it is manipulated. I'm going to send you those two pictures, and they are on the internet, just to see that this is a forged picture, not a real one. We have real pictures of children being harmed, but this one in specific is a forged one.


Former US general calls for 'Marshall Plan' for the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed War"


Former anti-IS envoy John Allen warned that there was no 'military solution' to the rise of groups like Islamic State in the Middle East


Fake Websites, Fake Polls, Fake News, Fake Leaks: The Desperate Maneuvers of the Losing Clinton Campaign David Icke latest headlines

Yes, Virginia, there really IS a poll fairy skewing the polls in favor of Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, I wrote about a brand new leak that had come my way. I read through the first 5 pages, confirmed that the two entities in the document were genuine and were really in cahoots, and quickly got out the information that the polls we are seeing with Clinton in the lead are fake. But, in full disclosure, I made a mistake. I really should have read the last 3 pages, because if I had, I wouldn’t have published the document as a legitimate leak. It was full of outrageous Hollywood sci-fi “salvage options” for the campaign that included magnetized mind control and a fake alien invasion.’ Read more: Fake Websites, Fake Polls, Fake News, Fake Leaks: The Desperate Maneuvers of the Losing Clinton Campaign


Gold Green Lights Upleg "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


Gold’s early-October plunge on futures speculators’ stop losses being run has naturally left this metal mired in battered technicals and bearish sentiment.  But that sharp selloff has already accomplished its rebalancing mission.  The excessive gold-futures trading positions that triggered that stop running have already reversed, and the investors fueling gold’s bull are starting to buy again.  Gold is…

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Cops Are Now Warning People To Take A Photo Of Your Hotel Room Right When You Walk Through The Door. "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the United States alone there are more than one million people enslaved today. Many of them were brought into the country by smugglers who specialize not in drugs, but in human trafficking. According to the U.S. State Department, every year between 600,000 and 800,000 people are trafficked across the country's borders, half of them are children and 8 out of 10 are female. They are a fraction


The Meaning of Trump David Icke latest headlines

‘The question regarding the meaning of Trump is unlike questions concerning the person of Trump or what the Republican candidates stands for. The meaning of Trump is that, pretty much, half of the American people say enough is enough. Half of the American people are expressing a total fatigue of the system and their ruling elite. In the last few weeks we learned that Trump left behind a score of offended women. He was disrespectful and grossly misbehaved, allegedly. This may tell us something about who Trump is; yet the fact that all those embarrassing revelations had zero impact on Trump’s popularity suggests that we are dealing with a force of nature. No one else in modern politics would have survived a fraction of such bad publicity. Trump may be a horrid and disrespectful human being, and yet, he appears to be invincible.’ Read more: The Meaning of Trump


Congressman Jim Jordan stops CNN gatekeeper Chris Cuomo on Benghazi cover-up David Icke latest headlines

‘Once again, Operation Mockingbird has been deployed in order to bury another damaging White House scandal. It happened on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s watch: the 2012 attacks on the covert US facility in Benghazi, Libya has been covered up from the beginning, and according to Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, that should “disqualify her from being commander in chief.” “I’ve said all along I’m for the nominee, for Mr. Trump, but we also have to remember when you compare Mr. Trump’s positions with Secretary Clinton’s, there’s a big difference,” said Jordan, to Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day” program.’ Read more: Congressman Jim Jordan stops CNN gatekeeper Chris Cuomo on Benghazi cover-up


Cloud Growth Continues for Microsoft "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:

Microsoft's ongoing move to the cloud paid off once again over the past quarter, as strong growth from Azure and Office 365 offset declines in the PC market.

The company announced on Thursday that its quarterly revenue for the three-month period ending in September was flat overall at $20.5 billion. The company's net profit was down 4 percent year-over-year from $4.9 billion to $4.7 billion.

Those results were driven by quarterly revenue from the company's Intelligent Cloud segment, which includes Azure and Windows Server, and its Productivity and Business Processes segment, which includes Office 365 and Dynamics. Intelligent Cloud revenue grew 8 percent year-over-year to $6.4 billion, while Productivity and Business Processes segment revenue grew 6 percent to $6.7 billion.

It's another positive sign for the cloud-focused strategy that the company adopted under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella.

Azure revenue grew by 116 percent year over year, and Microsoft revealed for the first time that its profit margin from its cloud platform is 49 percent. The company continues to keep the exact revenue and profit numbers from its public cloud platform under wraps, however.

Office 365 commercial revenue grew 51 percent year-over-year. Microsoft reported it now has more than 85 million commercial monthly active users of its cloud-based productivity suite as a service offering.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


No missiles were fired at US ships "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Tapestry


The Vietnam War and Our War on Yemen Have Something in Common…. Nonexistent Attacks

The missile attack on a US ship off the coast of Yemen was a major news event, but the subsequent follow up story, that it may never have happened, was either ignored by mainstream media or intentionally covered up. The whole thing has the same odor as the Gulf of Tonkin incident that never occurred.

Does history repeat itself? Sure does seem like it. That is if you compare America’s entry into the Vietnam civil war, with America’s latest entry into the war in Yemen.

Don’t be mistaken, we have been at war with Yemen for a year now. America sided with the most oppressive government in the world, Saudi Arabia, in attacking and pounding Yemeni schools, funeral parlors, and hospitals, for well over a year. This war could not have happened without a wink and a nod from the US, and the arming of the Saudis’ with US weapons. In addition to providing the Saudi’s with weapons, we also provide mid-air refueling and have delivered 40 million pounds of jet fuel over the past 18 months, thus enabling the devastating bombings of civilian facilities. The US used a cease fire in Yemen to re-arm the Saudi’s, who were running out of bombs and weapons, we provided the targeting information, ground maintenance of aircraft, and of course the wink and nod to go ahead, which unleashed this humanitarian disaster. So here we have Saudi Arabia, one of the wealthiest but most oppressive governments’ in the world, a supporter of terrorists in Syria and around the world, attacking one of the poorest nations on earth. According to a leaked Hillary Clinton e-mail, she is fully aware that Saudi Arabia sponsors terrorists in Syria, but still the go ahead wink to the Saudis. Now that we and the Saudi’s have destroyed everything in Yemen with bombs, we are helping the Saudi’s maintain a blockade, preventing food and medical supplies from reaching the Yemeni people, which by some estimates, have already cost the lives of 10,000 children under the age of 5.

All that however, was not enough for the US. Now we have actively entered the shooting war, based on yet another possible ruse by our government. The US Navy claimed they were attacked by Houthi missiles from somewhere in Yemen, and promptly launched Tomahawk missiles at a cost of $1.5 million p...


Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world David Icke latest headlines

‘Hillary Clinton has aligned herself closely with a vision for America laid out by her benefactor — left-wing financier George Soros, who talks of “international governance,” more open borders, increased Muslim immigration and diminished U.S. global power. The phrase “American exceptionalism” is not part of his agenda. He wrote in 1998: “The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.” “We need some global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our global economy,” Mr. Soros wrote.’ Read more: Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world


What Washington Really Wants in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

What Washington Really Wants in Syria


New Eastern Outlook

When the United States announced that it would be abandoning “peace talks” with Russia regarding the ongoing conflict in Syria, many had already dismissed them as disingenuous.

The Washington Post in an article titled, “U.S. abandons efforts to work with Russia on Syria,” would claim:

U.S.-Russia relations fell to a new post-Cold War low Monday as the Obama administration abandoned efforts to cooperate with Russia on ending the Syrian civil war and forming a common front against terrorists there, and Moscow suspended a landmark nuclear agreement.

The Washington Post would also admit however, in regards to Russian allegations that the US categorically failed to separate militants it has been backing in the 5 year long conflict and universally-designated foreign terrorist organisations, that:

This admission made by US policymakers, politicians and the Western media all but admits that the US has never prioritised confronting terrorism in Syria and has been using the presence of terrorist organisations merely as a pretext for more direct Western military intervention. In fact, by acknowledging that Western-backed militant groups are indistinguishable and inseparable from designated...


The INO Story Is Finally Going Somewhere, But Not Uphill "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Even with the participation of so many actors, the observatory’s fate is hinged today on the pleas of scientists desperate to have an institution setup before they retire, one their successors can inherit.

This is the INO story. © Satwik Gade

© Satwik Gade

At this point, matters are verging on the shameful. Three eminent Indian physicists have written an oped in The Hindu asking the Tamil Nadu government to not shift the planned India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) out of the district of Theni in the state. This is a new threat that has emerged since local politicians and activists filed cases in regional courts over the last four years based, broadly, on procedural lapses on the part of the experimental collaboration and on their own assumptions about the project’s agenda. The shame arises from the fact that many of India’s best researchers, who are participating in the INO collaboration, have failed to become capable administrators as well. The implication in other words is that more than procedural approvals and techno-logistical capabilities must come together for a project of the INO’s scale to bear fruit in India.

One of the more absurd allegations the INO team has had to deal with is that it will be a nuclear facility. Granted, the involvement of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) that is funding the project has not helped matters – but the INO will itself quite evidently be a particle physics research enterprise, as well as that neutrinos have nothing to do with atomic energy. However, reckless allegations by some activists have fattened rumours that neutrinos are radioactive particles, that the INO will double up as a storage facility for nuclear waste, that it will poison the waters in the surrounding areas, that it will need to isolate a temple nearby, etc., turning the clock back on many months of outreach efforts by scientists from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.



After Hurricane Matthew, Women Lead the Road to Recovery in Haiti "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Courageous women in Haiti are ready to lead short-term relief and they’ll be there rebuilding long after international aid efforts have left.

Source: Foreign Policy In Focus

Source: Foreign Policy In Focus

The devastation in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew is extreme. According to recent estimates, the hurricane left more than 900 people dead and 2.1 million affected. Ninety percent of some areas of southern Haiti are reportedly destroyed and the lack of clean drinking water carries threats of a cholera crisis.

Although international media has largely shifted its focus, local, grassroots, women-led groups are actively surveying the situation, working quickly to address the immediate needs of women and children and standing ready to lead recovery and relief.

“There is so much damage and destruction – houses, plantations, livestock. Everything has disappeared and many people died,” explain Mikelita Jean and Malia Jean, coordinators of Global Fund for Women grantee partner Association des Femmes Haïtiennes Infectées et Affectées par le VIH (Association of Haitian Women Living With and Affected By HIV or AFHIAVIH), which was founded in 2007 to empower and meet the unique needs of women and children affected by HIV in Haiti. “People are in the street because even the shelters have been destroyed. Women and girls are the most vulnerable.”

Addressing immediate needs

Women on the ground in Haiti emphasise the urgent need for shelter for women and children. They say that children are in the streets naked and exposed to the extreme sun, and women are getting vaginal and bladder infections due to a lack of sanitary conditions, clean water or clean underwear and clothing.

Evelyne Denis, a nurse who works with Groupe d’Appui au Développement du Sud (S...


On BBC Question Time from Hartlepool – 20th October 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

On the panel are Conservative former chancellor Ken Clarke MP, Labour’s shadow education secretary Angela Rayner MP, runner up in the UKIP leadership election Lisa Duffy, DiEM25 initiator and former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis and the previous owner of … Continue reading


Jewish mentality: israel’s war on Palestine’s water supplies "IndyWatch Feed War"

No pipes, no water The Aquabat Jaber refugee camp. It is twinned with the French city of Besançon which has a programme for increasing the supply of clean water to the camp. Palestinian refugees starved of clean drinking water by Israeli red tape By Matt Broomfield, Palestine Monitor October 17, 2016 Denied access to clean […]


Pirate Sites Remain Popular in the UK, Despite Website Blockades "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

blocked-censorWebsite blocking has become one of the favorite anti-piracy tools of the entertainment industries in recent years.

The UK is a leader on this front, with the High Court ordering local ISPs to block access to many popular file-sharing sites.

Over time the number of blocked URLs has expanded to well over 1,000, with popular torrent, streaming, and direct download sites being the main targets.

While research has shown that this approach is somewhat effective, there are plenty of options through which people can circumvent the blockades, including many reverse proxies.

Similarly, pirate sites can simply switch to a new domain name to evade the court orders, and new sites are allowed to flourish in the shadow of those that are no longer available.

This week we decided to take a look at the current pirate site landscape in the UK, with some surprising results.

As it turns out, the list of top ten most-used pirate sites in the UK includes several sites that are on the ISPs blockists. In some cases the sites remain accessible on their original domain names, via the HTTPS URL.

As we’ve highlighted before, not all ISPs are able to block HTTPS traffic, which allows their subscribers to load The Pirate Bay and other blocked sites just fine.

There are also websites that intentionally help visitors to circumvent the blocks by registering new domain names., for example, has cycled through various domain names in order to remain available.

And then there are the newcomers. deserves a mention here as it’s currently the most-used pirate site in the UK. With an Alexa rank of 81, it’s even one of the 100 most-visited sites in the country.

Below we’ve made an overview of the ten most-used pirate sites in the UK. Several of these are on the blocklist, with a current or previous URL. This suggests that the blocking efforts are not as effective as rightsholders would like them to be.

The conclusion is also in line with research...

Finally A Good Cop; Officer Exposes Towing Kickback Scheme "IndyWatch Feed World"

We Are Change

Detroit PD officer tells local reporter he witnessed kickback scheme at Chene Park

Did six Detroit police officers under federal investigation, set up a towing scheme at Chene Park?

This new allegation was brought to FOX 2’s attention by a DPD source after we reported that suspended officers could be part of a kickback scheme.

 The source says he felt something was up when he saw it happening this summer, and it all clicked when news broke Tuesday of an alleged tow truck kickback scheme involving Detroit cops.

On August 27 at Chene Park, a number of concertgoers pumped to see Frankie Beverly and Maze left with no way to get back home.

A source from DPD says tow trucks from two towing companies hauled off several cars parked on Atwater, Jefferson, Franklin and in abandoned lots.

He says the same thing happened 10 days earlier during the Will Downing concert with the same towing companies. That makes him believe individual officers called the companies instead of Image result for detroit police corruptionrequesting tows by...


An Email From Lynne Forester de Rothschild to Hillary Clinton, Against Elizabeth Warren David Icke latest headlines

‘[message from Lynn Forester de Rothschild (who controls many corporations and whose husband Sir Evelyn de Rothschild allegedly owns $20 billion), to Hillary Clinton, via Cheryl Mills, on how “to craft the economic message for Hillary” and warning Hillary’s campaign-staff that Elizabeth Warren deceives voters. It’s signed affectionately “Xoxo Lynn.” Lady Rothschild attacks Elizabeth Warren’s having criticized America’s rigged-by-and-for-the-rich system. Rothschild implicitly praises Bill & Hillary as heroes championing the system, and she says — using the ‘reporting’ by the Wall Street Journal instead of her own words (since she can’t supply analysis of her own) — that Elizabeth Warren is deceiving voters in order to run for the White House against Hillary. This is Lady Rothschild trying to help her friend Queen Clinton, even while having nothing really to say, other than to paste in ‘reporting’ by Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal, demeaning Warren as, in effect, a dishonest demagog.]’ Read more: An Email From Lynne Forester de Rothschild to Hillary Clinton, Against Elizabeth Warren


The brain chip that could turn you into a 'superhuman'- have your mind controlled by machines David Icke latest headlines

A neuroscientistist is trialing a brain implant to give humans superhuman powers of memory, it has been disclosed. The chips have been successfully tested on rats and it is hoped that soon it will be commercially available for humans to boost their memory. Read more: The brain chip that could turn you into a ‘superhuman’- have your mind controlled by machines


Matt Brown 7.30 Report and other dangerous fantasies about war in Syria "IndyWatch Feed National"

The absurdity of Australian news reporting on Syria would be funny if it were not for the disastrous consequences of such reporting for the people of Syria. I happened to see the end of a report from Matt Brown on 7.30 Report on the subject of chemical weapons in Syria. If it depresses me, think how the Syrians feel about our mindless repetition of war-crimes propaganda against Syria's army when that army is the only thing protecting most Syrians from foreign-backed terrorists.

"Diplomatic battle over Syria's chemical weapons program", Matt Brown, 7.30 Report, Australian Broadcasting Commission, 21 October 2016.

There was hardly a second in Brown’s dramatic production that was true or real. Even the supposed results of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) investigation into Ghouta were misrepresented.

I’ve been shocked recently by the failure of the ABC, on radio at least, to even mention Syria other than briefly in news bulletins. I only watch SBS world news, which is of course just as bad. Instead of Sophie McNeill and Matt Brown, and Anne Barker, SBS has Nastasya Tay, whose propaganda wrap-ups are just stunning.

On October 23, for instance, reporting about the humanitarian pause in Aleppo, she showed the buses waiting to take residents from East Aleppo, but said, with what seemed like a sort of pleasure, that no-one took them, and that the Syrian army had fired on people trying to leave! Yet what happened was that the ‘rebels’ refused to give in, and fired on the relief route, forcing the buses to drive off at speed. Meanwhile they showed photos of people in the streets dancing and holding up Free Syrian Army (FSA) flags, and shopping at stalls of vegetables.

At the same time, over in Mosul, in Iraq, the boot is on the other foot, while the US claims to do just the same thing the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is doing in Aleppo, with a slight difference. To be clear, in Iraq the US claims to be fighting terrorists in order to defend the Iraqi government, but in Syria it is defending terrorists (which it calls 'moderate rebels') in order to fight the Syrian government. Meanwhile, it isn't stopping ISIL from fleeing Mosul into Syria.

It’s the silence on what is really happening....


Astronomers has found out 234 signals that could be coming from aliens trying to talk to us "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There May Be 234 Different Alien Species Trying To Make Contact, Astronomers Say

Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) recently detected mysterious &#821...


In a forgotten state: shining a light on Guinea-Bissau "IndyWatch Feed World"

With so much ignorance surrounding the country, a new book, 'Guinea-Bissau: Micro-state to Narco-State', arrives at the perfect time.


FULL: Donald Trump Roasts Hillary Clinton At 2016 Al Smith Dinner "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Gordon


This story by Paris Swade.

BREAKING: What Trump Said Seconds Ago Will Put Hillary Clinton In Jail By Tomorrow!

FOX 10 Phoenix

Published on Oct 20, 2016

Brought to you by Desert Diamond: After earning hearty laughs for many of his early jokes at the annual Al Smith dinner, Donald Trump appeared to lose the crowd as he crossed the line from jokes to deeply personal insults aimed at rival Hillary Clinton. Trump was repeatedly booed when he described Clinton as corrupt and latched onto information contained in hacked emails from her staff. That included a hit on Clinton for “pretending” not to hate Catholics as she sits at a Catholic charity event.



Why Hillary Clinton Is a Bigger Concern for China Than Donald Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"

EDITOR’S CHOICE | 20.10.2016 Why Hillary Clinton Is a Bigger Concern for China Than Donald Trump Pepe Escobar So you think Donald Trump is the biggest threat to world peace? And Barack Obama engineered America’s “pivot to Asia”? It was actually Hillary Clinton, emphasising the necessity of a “strategic turn” for the United States, who […]


Okowa Checkmates Crime in Delta State, Donates Ten Security Vans To Police (PHOTOS) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Delta State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa presenting the vehicles keys to Delta State Commissioner of Police, Mr Zaina Ibrahim

Delta State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa presenting the vehicles keys to Delta State Commissioner of Police, Mr Zaina Ibrahim

By Barth Ndego
LAGOS OCTOBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-AS part of activities to checkmate activities of criminals in the state ahead of Christmas celebration, Delta State Governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has presented ten pieces of Hilux security vans to the Police.
Speaking during the presentation of the vans to the Commissioner of Police, Delta State Command, Mr Zaina Ibrahim, Governor Okowa disclosed that the security vans were to assist the new special security unit codenamed, “Eagle Net” that was created by the Police Command in tackling special security challenges in the state.

The security patrol vehicles

The security patrol vehicles

According to him, “we are donating 10 vehicles (Hilux Vans) in the first instance to enable you tackle the identified security flash points in the state.”
“This is in line with our decision at the state Security Council meeting to create a special unit to attend to these security challenges and respond to the needs of our people,” he said, adding, “we will provide more as our finances improve.”
Governor Okowa reiterated that Delta State is an investors’ haven and his administration would consolidate on the gains recorded in the area of achieving peaceful co-existence in the state.
He asserted, “we are committed to ensuring the security and peace in our state; we thank God that all our security agencies are collaborating with each other to consolidate on the peace and security in the state; we will do more within our resources to ensure a more peaceful Delta State so as to allow investors to come and provide employment for our teeming youths.”
Commissioner for Police in the state, Mr Ibrahim thanked Governor Okowa for donating the vans stating, “this is an attestation to my conviction that security takes precedence in Governor Okowa’s administration.”
“These vans will be used by t...


If Donald Trump Wins The Election, It Will Be The Biggest Miracle In U.S. Political History "IndyWatch Feed World"

Are we about to see the largest election day miracle of all time?  Because as I will show in this article, that is precisely what it is going to take in order for Donald Trump to win.  Before I go any further, I want to ...Read More


Most of our history is 'the history of stupidity': Stephen Hawking lectures about artificial intelligence "IndyWatch Feed World"

In a lecture at the University of Cambridge this week, Stephen Hawking made the bold claim that the creation of artificial intelligence will be "either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity". The talk was celebrating the opening of the new Leverhulme Centre of the Future of Intelligence, where some of the best minds in science will try to answer questions about the future of robots and artificial intelligence - something Hawking says we need to do a lot more of. "We spend a great deal of time studying history," Hawking told the lecture, "which, let's face it, is mostly the history of stupidity." But despite all our time spent looking back at past errors, we seem to make the same mistakes over and over again. "So it's a welcome change that people are studying instead the future of intelligence," he explained.


Total absense of humanitarian concerns by israel in regards to Gaza "IndyWatch Feed War"

Why is Israel tightening the Gaza blockade? Palestine Due to lack of building materials being allowed into the Gaza Strip, there has been little progress in the reconstruction of Gaza. The photo shows Palestinians having to pray in a heavily damaged mosque. Let us begin with the facts: Israeli authorities have, over the course of […]


Bomb plot on London UndergroundTeenager arrested after 'viable improvised explosive device' found on Tube train with further attacks planned David Icke latest headlines

A terror plot to target the London Underground has been foiled after police found what they suspect to be a viable bomb on a tube train, planted by a terrorist planning further attacks. A 19-year-old man was tasered and arrested by armed counter-terrorism officers on Friday, a day after the suspect device was found on board a train near the O2 centre. Read more: Bomb plot on London UndergroundTeenager arrested after ‘viable improvised explosive device’ found on Tube train with further attacks planned


USTBill Rejection at Ports in Progress "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

dollar public domain

World trade has fallen for the second quarter in a row. The decade of stagnation of industrial production in the United States, Japan, and European Union can be blamed on financial engineering, housing bubbles, war, and recently on destructive monetary policy in QE bond purchase program. It is not stimulus, but rather a destroyer of…

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So Touching! Here’s how Paul Okoye saved a young Actress from Eviction "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

During the period the Okoye brothers were having issues, some fans and loved ones reached out to them to reunite. Patience Erdoo Yisa is one of such – she made a video pleading with them as she shed tears. They saw the video and it was one of the things that might have motivated the […]


The West escalates with Russia: Make no mistake, a second Cold War is now official NATO policy "IndyWatch Feed World"

There have been 22 NATO summits since the first convened in Paris 59 years ago. If you study the chronology, they are more frequent during those times the alliance loses its declared purpose and has to find some new task — a new ...Read More


Protecting & Enjoying our Forests of Prime Importance "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ is scientifically proven to improve your health

From an Article by Ephrat Livni, Quartz News, October 12, 2016

The tonic of the wilderness was Henry David Thoreau’s classic prescription for civilization and its discontents, offered in the 1854 essay Walden: Or, Life in the Woods. Now there’s scientific evidence supporting eco-therapy. The Japanese practice of forest bathing is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing.

Forest bathing—basically just being in the presence of trees—became part of a national public health program in Japan in 1982 when the forestry ministry coined the phrase shinrin-yoku and promoted topiary as therapy. Nature appreciation—picnicking en masse under the cherry blossoms, for example—is a national pastime in Japan, so forest bathing quickly took. The environment’s wisdom has long been evident to the culture: Japan’s Zen masters asked: If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears, does it make a sound?

To discover the answer, masters do nothing, and gain illumination. Forest bathing works similarly: Just be with trees. No hiking, no counting steps on a Fitbit. You can sit or meander, but the point is to relax rather than accomplish anything.

Forest air doesn’t just feel fresher and better—inhaling phytoncide seems to actually improve immune system function.

“Don’t effort,” says Gregg Berman, a registered nurse, wilderness expert, and certified forest bathing guide in California. He’s leading a small group on the Big Trees Trail in Oakland one cool October afternoon, barefoot among the...


Cameroon: Train derailment kills 53, injures 300 "IndyWatch Feed World"

At least 53 people have been killed and nearly 300 others injured after a passenger train traveling between Cameroon's capital, Yaounde, and the city of Douala was derailed, the country's transport minister confirmed. The crash occurred close to the central town of Eseka, around 120 km west of Yaounde, Transport Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o told Cameroon's state broadcaster.


10 most lethal Linux commands you should never execute "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

10 Most Dangerous Commands – You Should Never Execute on Linux

We all agree that Linux’s terminal commands are powerful and yet easy to execute. It gives unbridled power to the programmer to execute commands without being worried of errors. One of the easiest Linux commands is for file deletion. The Linux ability to delete anything you want without question is a godsend, especially after having faced those “That file can’t be deleted” errors in Windows.

But the problem is that unlike Windows-based PCs, Linux doesn’t ask you for confirmation when it runs a command. These Linux comm...


The Revolutionary Distemper in Syria That Wasn’t "IndyWatch Feed War"

Outstanding and informative rebuttal to a recent piece by Eric Draitser on CounterPunch, as well as to the lies in general purported by corporate media and rights groups as to how events played out in Syria in the early days of the unrest/war on Syria. Gowans also provides a much needed lesson in historical context. Masterpiece, by Stephen Gowans!

what's left

October 22, 2016

Apparently, the US Left has yet to figure out that Washington doesn’t try to overthrow neoliberals. If Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were a devotee of the Washington Consensus–as Counterpunch’s Eric Draitser seems to believe–the United States government wouldn’t have been calling since 2003 for Assad to step down. Nor would it be overseeing the Islamist guerilla war against his government; it would be protecting him.

By Stephen Gowans

There is a shibboleth in some circles that, as Eric Draitser put it in a recent Counterpunch article, the uprising in Syria “began as a response to the Syrian government’s neoliberal policies and brutality,” and that “the revolutionary content of the rebel side in Syria has been sidelined by a hodgepodge of Saudi and Qatari-financed jihadists.” This theory appears, as far as I can tell, to be based on argument by assertion, not evidence.

Mass demonstration in support of Syria's secular Arab nationalist government, 2011. Mass demonstration in support of…

View original post 8,079 more words

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German MPs pass new spy law attacked as ‘unconstitutional’ by critics David Icke latest headlines

‘The German Parliament has adopted a bill granting country’s intelligence agencies wider powers, including spying on EU facilities, but also introducing broader oversight. Critics of the legislation lambasted the law as “unconstitutional.” The bill, aimed at reforming Germany’s spy agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), was adopted by legislators on Friday. MPs from the ruling Christian Democratic Union party (CDU), the Christian Social Union (CSU) and the Social Democrats (SPD) voted in favor, while the majority of opposition lawmakers voted against it.’ Read more: German MPs pass new spy law attacked as ‘unconstitutional’ by critics


It’s Rigged: Takes One to Know One "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Increasing skepticism of the US government can either lead to ugly conspiracy theorising or fuel a movement to bend the status quo.

Wikileaks Mobile Information Collection Unit. Credit: Flickr

Wikileaks Mobile Information Collection Unit. Credit: Flickr

The system is rigged.

Let’s be clear: the American political system favours the two major parties and its economic system favours the wealthy. The global system is similarly rigged in favour of powerful countries (such as the US) and powerful economic actors (such as transnational corporations).

This is not, however, a conspiracy. No secret group of Bilderburgers, Illuminati, Masons or Jews works behind the scenes to control the system in the US or globally. Concentrations of power distort the fabric of our societies, just as large celestial bodies distort the fabric of space. It doesn’t take an Einstein to understand the structural impact of wealth and influence.

Donald Trump, however, has his own theories about how the world works.

In a chilling, if predictable, development in the presidential campaign, the Republican presidential candidate has amped up his assertions that a conspiratorial cluster of actors is out to get him. Trump’s latest charges — that the media is out to get him, that women “not his type” have invented sexual harassment charges against him, that debate organisers and election officials and international bankers are, as we speak, ensuring that Trump will fail — are of a piece with his earlier claims that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

I would dearly love to believe that the system is rigged against racist, xenophobic misogynists, but the fact that Trump has gotten this far – in the election, in his career – suggests otherwise. As my colleague Chuck Collins points out, Trump was born on third base (and, as...


3D Systems Corporation: Don’t Fear, the DDD Stock Bull is Still Here "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Patrick Brik BAS

DDD Stock: Still Bullish
I have stated previously that I am bullish on 3D printing companies, and 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) is one that I favor. There has been a slight setback in the price of DDD stock, but the price action has done little to change my bias that was generated using the price chart.

I have been using price charts to analyze investments and generate trading strategies for over a decade. This process has been essential in defining my risk and minimizing my emotional biases. Even though I am a huge fan of 3D printing, I.

The post 3D Systems Corporation: Don’t Fear, the DDD Stock Bull is Still Here appeared first on Profit Confidential.

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BAD HOMBRES, NASTY WOMEN (ft. “Weird Al” Yankovic) "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Gordon



Published on Oct 20, 2016

The final debate between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton opens up a wormhole to another universe that sucks “Weird Al” Yankovic through it to moderate in the key of Bb minor.
All Things Weird Al: – G.Bros songs:

our IMMENSE THANKS TO NICE PETER for helping make this happen ur our hero-
AND to Petra Haden for lending her inimitable, dulcet soprano –



The peaceniks in Israel's highest echelons "IndyWatch Feed War"

Many of Israel's military and intelligence chiefs express dovish sentiments once they have left - and the reason may be more than a change of heart


Russia’s incessant exercising "IndyWatch Feed World"

Moscow and Washington traded accusations  over an incident involving US reconnaissance aircraft and Russian SU27 fighters in the Black Sea that once again demonstrates how perilously close a military clash between the two nuclear-armed powers is. (wsws)

Two US defense officials denounced Russia for carrying out ...Read More


Malawi – President Mutharika denies ill health reports "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Al Jazeera

President says he is in “excellent health”, dismissing speculation of illness in first remarks after extended US trip.

Mutharika was elected in 2014 for a five-year term [File: Mabvuto Banda/Reuters]

Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika, 76, has dismissed rumours of ill health after being away from the country for a month, saying doctors told him his vital organs are like those of a 30-year-old.

Mutharika flew to New York in mid-September to give a speech at the UN General Assembly later that month, but there had been no sight of him until his return on Sunday, prompting widespread speculation that he was critically ill or even dead.

Speaking for the first time after his extended trip to the United States, Mutharika said on Friday he was in “excellent health”.

“I am not sick. I am still alive and I have more than nine lives,” he told reporters jokingly.

Malawi celebrates 50 years of independence

‘Nothing to worry’

Mutharika entered the press conference in the administrative capital Lilongwe waving both hands to an audience of media, cabinet ministers, supporters and diplomats.

Last Sunday, when he disembarked from his plane from the US, his right arm appeared stiff and he instead used his left arm to wave and to shake hands with officials, raising more speculation among Malawians who are scrutinising every detail for clues about his health.

He told the press conference he was unable to use his right hand then because of “slight rheumatism”.

“It’s getting better now. I am really fine and there is nothing to worry. I hope that puts to rest the rumours about my health,” he added to wild applause and dancing from supporters.

Mutharika said if he was sick, he would have been “crazy” to leave the US and fly home.

‘Absence without leave’

When Mutharika extended his stay in the US for two weeks after the UN gathering, his office condemned...


Will Russia Get Blamed For Friday’s DNS Attack? David Icke latest headlines

‘A denial of service attack has knocked out Twitter, Netflix, and other large corporate websites. Wait for it. Russia will probably be blamed. According to the White House, the Department of Homeland Security is looking into the outage. Bruce Schneier, a technology expert, wrote in September he thinks a state actor is probing Internet vulnerabilities ahead of an effort to take down the Internet.’ Read more: Will Russia Get Blamed For Friday’s DNS Attack?


Yanis Varoufakis offers some advice to the UK government on their Brexit negotiations with the EU "IndyWatch Feed"

"The first thing that you must understand if you’re about to enter into negotiations with the European Union is that the other side is not going to negotiate." - Yanis Varoufakis (Video 2 mins)

Filmed at Brexit Britain: what went wrong and what now? An openDemocracy/Another Europe is Possible/DiEM25 event.

CC by NC 4.0


Cameroon – over 50 dead and hundreds injured in train accident "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Fifty-three people were killed and nearly 300 injured on Friday when a packed passenger train travelling between Cameroon’s two largest cities derailed and overturned, the transportation minister said.

Speaking on state radio, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o said the figures represented a provisional toll from the accident, which occurred near the train station in the town of Eseka, around 120 km (75 miles) west of Yaounde.

(Reporting by Anne-Mireille Nzouankeu; Writing by Joe Bavie; Editing by Larry King)


How to crack a password protected zip file using Kali Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cracking A Password Protected Zip File Using Kali Linux Hacking Tools

We often use zipped files to store large files due to its small size and strong encryption algorithm. The zipping utility also comes with a facility of password protection which maintains the security of the files. However, sometimes it so happens that this feature turns into a nightmare if we forget the password.

Hacking a password protected zip file can be done with many password cracker utilities available online. However, if you are a Kali L...


This Is Why Half the Internet Shut Down Today "IndyWatch Feed World"

Twitter, Spotify and Reddit, and a huge swath of other websites were down or screwed up this morning. This was happening as hackers unleashed a large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the servers of Dyn, a major DNS host. It’s ...Read More


Sites across the internet suffer outage after cyberattack David Icke latest headlines

‘A massive cyberattack hindered access to many major websites across the internet on Friday. The attack, which came in the form of a large number of internet-connected devices, caused intermittent outages throughout the day primarily for internet users on the east coast of the U.S. The problems started on Friday morning when Dyn — a company that hosts domain name systems for many major companies — announced that it had been the subject of a cyberattack that caused major problems for numerous websites. People reported issues with Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, Vox Media sites, Airbnb and numerous other sites.’ Read more: Sites across the internet suffer outage after cyberattack


Have Western Sanctions Against Russia Backfired? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Instead of turning the Russian public against their leaders, as the West had hoped, sanctions seem to have made Russian patriotism take on an increasingly anti-Western character.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Credit: Reuters/Files

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Credit: Reuters/Files

Moscow: The European Union has decided against imposing any new sanctions against Russia as a result of its devastating air assault on rebel-held east Aleppo. It seems that sanctions fatigue is setting in among many EU members, and there may be some very good reasons for that.

For over two years the US, the EU and other allies have been ratcheting up financial, economic and political pressures on Russian individuals, banks and institutions deemed to be connected with Kremlin’s Ukraine policies. The hope was to generate enough pain to cause Vladimir Putin to change his mind, influence the Russian public to turn against Kremlin policies, or at least cause sufficient economic dislocation to force Putin to let go of Ukraine. This is probably a good moment to ask, how is that going?

What was the extent of sanctions?

Following Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014, the US and EU started by targeting dozens of Russian and Ukrainian politicians, separatists and businessmen known to be close to the Kremlin, with asset freezes, travel bans and other measures, on the theory that they would appeal to Putin to alter course in Ukraine.

The measures were...


Nigeria – Niger Delta Avengers tell Buhari that the military option won’t work "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Ovie Okpare, Warri

The Niger Delta Avengers has warned President Muhammadu Buhari that the threat to use military option to resolve the Niger Delta crisis will not work vowing to resist any form of ‘modern colonisation’ of the oil-rich region.

The militant group, in an open letter addressed to the President by its spokesman, Mudoch Agbinibo, on Thursday, condemned what it described as disparaging remarks by Buhari since its (Niger Delta Avengers’) strike force suspended hostilities and attacks on oil facilities in the region.

It described as unacceptable attempt by the Federal Government to engage in dialogue with the people of the region through the military and representatives of oil multinationals, noting that such motives remained undemocratic for a civilian government.

He said, “The High Command of the Niger Delta Avengers is constrained to write you, Mr. President, General Muhammadu Buhari, on your continuous disparaging remarks, since the cessation and suspension of hostilities by our fighters for the liberation of the Niger Delta from economic colonialism of Nigeria.

“We are curious of comments like: ‘Niger Delta militants’ objective is to colonise Nigeria economically’, ‘Niger Delta militants are sponsored by economic looters’, where you personally issued misleading statements and threats of decisive military action, if necessary, to deal with the Niger Delta agitation because you have purportedly opened up channels of talks through security agencies/agents and the multinational corporations.

“Mr. President, do democratically elected governments open channels for talks in situations like we have in the Niger D...


NDLEA Accuses Nine Suspected Operators of Super Methamphetamine Factory of Frustrating Trial "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The nine suspected lab operators

The nine suspected lab operators

LAGOS OCTOBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has accused four Mexicans and five Nigerians standing trial over illegal running of a super methamphetamine production laboratory at Asaba, Delta State of frustrating trial through delay tactics. The Chairman/Chief Executive of the Agency, Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah (retd) has directed the prosecuting team to be resilient and steadfast in ensuring total victory at the end of the day.
At the resumed sitting on Thursday October 20, 2016, six out of nine new defence counsels failed to show up in court. All nine defendants changed their first counsel, Chief Benson Ndakara without any reason and prior notice at the last sitting on October 10, 2016. On that day, B. O. Okoji appeared with Blackman for the 1st and 9th defendant. D. O. Oche appeared for the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th defendant. Also, G. O Onyeka announced his appearance for the 2nd defendant while G.A.I. Mowah and O.G. Okoloh appeared for the 3rd and 8th defendants.
The new counsels pleaded for time to study the case before the commencement of trial stating that they had not been properly briefed. Meanwhile, NDLEA counsel, Barrister Lambert Nor was in court with four witnesses and an interpreter but trial was hampered by the change of counsels. Lambert argued under section 253 of the administration of criminal justice Act for the defendant to bear the cost of producing witnesses and an interpreter from Abuja and Lagos since there was no prior notice of the change. Justice A.O. Faji of the Federal High Court, Asaba declined to award any cost but rather imposed dates on the counsels for speedy trial commencing October 20, 2016.
Again, the trial could not proceed today because only O.G. Okolh and G.O. Onyeka representing 2nd, 3rd and 8th defendant was in court. Trial continues October, 21, 25, 26, 27 and 28. NDLEA has described the development as a strategy to frustrate the trial.
The Chairman/Chief Executive of the Agency, Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah (retd) has directed the prosecuting team to be resilient and steadfast in ensuring total victory at the end of the day. In his words, “we are not oblivious of their antics in frustrating trial but we are not deterred. Every aspect of the case is painstakingly monitored and appropriate legal measures are being taken to counter their ploy”.
NDLEA is prosecuting the defendants, four Mexicans and five Nigerians for allegedly operating a super laboratory...


So SAD! Bride-To-Be, Victoria Hallan, Buried On Her Wedding Day (Pics) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The death of Victoria Hallan, an indigene of Toro Local Government Area of Bauchi State in an auto accident on Wednesday October 12, 2016, just four days to her wedding has turned the mood of her family and friends from rejoicing and singing to deep mourning and sober reflection on the uncertainty of life.

The sadness that enveloped the atmosphere following the news of Victoria’s death swings from anguish to a state of despair as it was learnt that she died along with her beloved mother in the ill-fated bus that was conveying them from Jalingo in Taraba State to Bauchi to put finishing touches to her wedding preparations.

Victoria, a National Diploma graduate in Science Laboratory Technology from the Federal Polytechnic Bauchi, according to her friends who spoke fondly of her, was a beautiful person inside and outside.

She had a pointed nose, a big charming smile, elegance, carriage, and captivating eyes, they told Saturday Sun. She graduated in 2015 after which she and her fiancé, Aminchi David, 34, agreed to tie the nuptial knots. They fixed Saturday October 15, 2016 for their wedding in Bauchi. Before that, Victoria’s send forth was slated for Sunday October 9 at Sabon Gari in Jalingo. ''I can’t believe that my jewel is gone'', Aminchi decked in his blue wedding suit with his best man Armstrong decked in suit with same colour and suit, told Saturday Sun after Victoria’s funeral, as he fought back tears.
“She was a paragon of beauty. I can’t believe she is dead. She was so kind and organised. It is so painful,” Aminchi counted his loss.

Friends recalled that the late Victoria, 24 and her mother, Naomi, 50 cut a picture of happiness during the send forth. As other family members and friends shared in their happiness, there was no premonition that mother and daughter were destined to die same day and place in one of the most painful deaths one can imagine.

“She was enjoying one of the happiest days of her life,” one of her blossom friends told our correspondent of...


Hillary Debunked: Intelligence Agencies Do Not Think Russia Hacked DNC "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the third and final presidential debate Hillary Clinton said 17 U.S. Intelligence agencies claimed Russia is responsible for the damaging hacks on the DNC and Clinton campaign. She bashed Trump over the head with this claim, using it to suggest he ...Read More


5 Big Fat Lies Hillary Told at the Final Presidential Debate "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Gordon


The Daily Sheeple

Published on Oct 21, 2016

We know, we know, there were more than five… but who wants to sit and listen to Hillary for 90 minutes to find them all? And if she lies this much in just one 90-minute discussion, can you imagine how many lies the American people will be subjected to in four years under Madam Hillary’s rule?

Read more at and Wake the Flock Up!

Did You Notice the Secret Message Behind Hillary During Last Night’s Debate?

Did You Notice the Secret Message Behind Hillary During Last Night’s Debate?

Watch Phony CNN Anchor Pretend to Lose the Satellite Feed When a Congressman Brings up Wikileaks and Two-Faced Hillary



Chinese hackers targeted officials visiting the USS Ronald Reagan vessel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Experts from the cyber security firm FireEye discovered a spear phishing campaign launched against visitors to the Ronald Reagan vessel in South China Sea.

Chinese hackers targeted foreign government personnel who visited a US aircraft carrier the day before a contentious international court ruling on the South China Sea,

According to the FireEye cyber security firm, Chinese hackers targeted US aircraft carrier. The hackers launched an attack against visitors to a US vessel the day before (July 11, 2016) a contentious international court ruling on the South China Sea.

According to the experts at the FireEye’s iSight unit, the Chinese hackers powered a spear phishing attack that leveraged on messages with a malicious document as an attachment. The document impersonating an official message addressed to officials visiting the USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier which conducted patrols of the South China Sea in July.


The document appears as an official message that was sent to officials visiting the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. The Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier was used by the US Government to patrol the South China Sea in July.

The document allowed the attacker to infect victims with the Enfal malware, which can be used by attackers as a spyware or to download further malicious payloads on the machine.

According to FireEye, the same hackers are responsible for other attacks against US and Vietnamese national defence computer networks....



South Africa – Zuma says he is not answerable to opposition parties over state capture report "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Zuma ‘not answerable to EFF, UDM and Cope’

2016-10-22 09:22
Johannesburg – President Jacob Zuma says he will not respond to the EFF, UDM and Cope until the court grants the parties’ permission to oppose his application to interdict the release of the state capture report.

The three had joined the matter to oppose an urgent interdict filed by Co-operative governance Minister Des van Rooyen on October 14. However, that fell away on Friday when the minister filed a notice of withdrawal of his bid.

The three political parties will then write to the high court next week seeking to oppose Zuma’s application set to be argued on the November 1. The matter was initially put down for the October 18, but was postponed to allow all parties to file their papers so it could be argued together with the local government minister’s application.

In a late night affidavit served on the political parties’ legal representative, which News24 has seen, the president said he was advised that it’s not permissible for him to participate in the proceedings until such a time as he has been joined as a party.

“I have delivered an answering affidavit to the DA’s application for the intervention,” the president’s papers read.

He comprehensively dealt with basis of his objection to the DA’s application, he says in the papers.

The main opposition party had joined to oppose both Van Rooyen and Zuma’s interdicts.


Aspartame the Deadly Poison David Icke latest headlines

‘The open letter reprinted below was written by Dr. James Bowen years ago when he lived in Michigan. He is now in a VA Home in Oregon because of the ALS which he said was triggered by aspartame. Maybe it will save someone else from this horrible disease because its now well known the epidemics precipitated by this deadly carcinogen. Dr. Bowen wanted aspertame removed from the market rather than labeled, because the cover-up was such a huge issue people would not realize they were consuming a literal addictive, excito-neurotoxic, genetically engineered, carcinogenic drug, adjuvant and teratogen, causing (among many other illnesses) neural tube defects in pregnant women with no warnings by doctors or manufacturers. Aspartame must be factually labeled a carcinogen – a deadly chemical poison.’ Read more: Aspartame the Deadly Poison


19 dead, 3 survivors after helicopter crashes on Russia's Yamal Peninsula "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nineteen people were killed and three more hospitalized after an Mi-8 helicopter crash-landed on Russia's Yamal Peninsula in northwestern Siberia, Russian Emergencies Ministry has confirmed. Two black boxes of the Mi-8 have been found by rescue teams "in good condition," a source told RIA Novosti. Reports from the ground say that the helicopter was badly damaged upon landing and fell onto its side, but did not explode. Poor visibility was being reported on the ground. Earlier, a survivor of the crash reached the rescuers via a cell phone. The man said he was trapped in the wreckage. Two rescue helicopters with paramedics and emergency workers were dispatched to the site, with a total of 140 people involved in the operation. According to recent reports, the bodies of all of the crash victims have been recovered from the wreckage of the aircraft. The three men in the helicopter crew are listed among the dead. The passengers are said to be oil-industry workers. Search and rescue operations at the crash site have now ended.


Queen Elizabeth Warns Of ‘Holy War To End All Wars’ "IndyWatch Feed World"

Queen Elizabeth has had a meeting with Russia’s Patriarch Kirill and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

It appears that after meeting with Queen Elizabeth the Patriarch has called on all countries to unite forces and fight to defeat the evil. The evil they are speaking of are terrorists. Officials stated that the war on terror should not be fought alone it should be a joint effort between all nations. Kiril says that:

“This isn’t just Russia’s fight. It’s for all countries, we should unite to defeat this evil,” 

“And this war I call a holy one.”

YNW reported that the Queen herself had this to say during the meeting:

“One must now make the necessary preparations to say goodbye to loved ones as one cannot assume who will live and who will die. Many will die in these final days,”

“I am not concerned with the trivialities of Christmas. I am concerned with the terrible consequences we must face as the war drums beat ever stronger,”

Something terrible is coming and it appears everyone is preparing for world war three.

This comes as no surprise considering the Pope himself has recently released a statement telling the people of the world to prepare for the apocalypse.


What Turkish raid on Syrian Kurds means for Ankara-Washington ties "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Turkish jets pounded US-backed Syrian Kurdish-led forces during the early hours of Oct. 20 in an apparent attempt to prevent them from establishing a long-coveted corridor to link up territories under their control in northern Syria. The Turkish attacks follow sustained threats from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to take further action against the People’s Protection Units (YPG), which are closely linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).


‘The Lovers and the Despot’ Tells a Story Stranger Than Fiction "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The documentary playing MAMI humanises Kim Jong-il and shows the ‘despot’ as someone trapped in a game he didn’t fully understand.

 The Lovers and the Despot poster. Credit:

The Lovers and the Despot poster. Credit:

Quite early in The Lovers and the Despot, a documentary playing in the world cinema section of the 18th Mumbai Film Festival, something unusual happens – we hear the voice of Kim Jong-il, the second supreme leader of North Korea. Jong-il sounds agitated, he also sounds annoyed, firing off a bunch of questions: “Why do all of our films have the same ideological plots? There’s nothing new about them. Why are there so many crying scenes? This isn’t a funeral. Why do our films not get selected to film festivals? South Korean films are much better.” Jong-il says these lines as a matter of fact, without a shred of irony, making this scene both bizarre and funny and had his voice not been recorded, not been part of a documentary, we would have dismissed it as fictional.

Later, in the documentary, we learn that Jong-il wanted North Korean films to be among the best in the world. But how could he, you wonder, when his regime had denied the world to his countrymen? These moments in the documentary are remarkable because they humanise Jong-il, telling us that he wasn’t very different from us, that he too could be agitated, insecure and stupid.

In the late 1970s, Jong-il was fascinated by the movies of Shin Films, a production house helmed by the famous South Korean director, Shin Sang-ok, who often worked with his ex-wife, the actress Choi Eun-hee. Jong-il, in fact, was so impressed by thei...


Why Pope"s Meeting with NATO"s Stoltenberg Was So Intriguing "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

When Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg of the US-NATO military alliance went to see the Pope on October 13 there were some observers unkind enough to express surprise that Mr Stoltenberg could spare the time for such an appointment; but all was made clear when it was announced that the call was made in the sidelines of his visit to Rome to celebrate the establishment anniversary of the NATO Defence College, an institution that has contributed generously to the Italian economy.


Intel Has Been Working On MIPI SoundWire Support For Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An Intel developer has published testing patches for providing a SoundWire bus driver within the Linux kernel, which implements the MIPI SoundWire 1.1 specification...


Toxic Mind Control Contaminates The Public Sphere David Icke latest headlines

We are living in a society where dangerous political ignorance prevails, and truth is subordinated. “Forbidden truths” are concealed beneath the protective cover of a growing array of taboos. The taboos protect the criminal warmongers and the oligarch class, as they corrode peace, equality, freedom, and prosperity. Despite the preponderance of strong evidence that the 9/11 catastrophe was a false flag, those who question the ever-changing official narratives are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”. Open discussions are replaced by ad hominem attacks, or straw man arguments that are thought to neutralize dissent and make the truth go away. ‘ Read more: Toxic Mind Control Contaminates The Public Sphere


UN Human Rights Council Supports America’s Imperial Project in Syria "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

UN Human Rights Council Supports America’s Imperial Project in Syria…   by Stephen Lendman The HRC includes a rogue’s gallery of states supporting naked aggression among its 47 members, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, and NATO nations Britain, Germany, France,  Belgium, Latvia, Albania, and Slovenia – backing US-led aggression on Syrian sovereign independence. On […]


37 Million Bees Dead After GMO Seeds Planted Nearby "IndyWatch Feed World"

Recently we reported that millions of bees were dying off in South Carolina due to mosquito eradication efforts, this resulted in an almost total devastation to the indigenous bee population. But that will look like small news compared to this next story.

Over 37 million bees were found dead in Canada after GMO corn was planted in the local area.

According to local beekeeper, Dave Schuit, since the GMO corn was planted close to his farm he lost over 37 million bees.

Schuit and other local beekeepers believe neonicotinoids, or “neonics” are to blame for the influx of bee deaths. “Once the corn started to get planted our bees died by the millions,” Schuit said.

In Europe, the use of neonicotinoid class of pesticides has been removed from the market, because they contaminate pollen and nectar, which ultimately damages and kills pollinators and other insects. Despite the obvious dangers this chemical can cause, in the U.S. the chemical is still widely used.

According to

“Imidacloprid and Clothianidin, two of Bayer CropScience’s most widely used pesticide, both contain neonics and have been linked with many large-scale bee ‘die-offs’ in both European and U.S. countries. However, despite the dangers associated with the use of this chemical, the pesticides are still regularly used and sold on the market.”

In 2010, bees helped provide over $19 billion worth of agricultural crops in the U.S alone – estimated to be roughly one-third of the food we eat. As a result, it is not hard to see that bees are needed to sustain our modern food system.

However, despite their obvious importance in our ecosystem, bee populations have been rapidly dropping over the past few decades. In fact, 44 percent of honeybee colonies in the United States died off last year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported last month.”

Study after study has shown that pesticides directly kill the bees that come in contact with the chemical, yet we still see them used today.



Turkey’s Mosul dream: showing up uninvited to a party or having prepared its seat well in advance? "IndyWatch Feed"

Turkey is already shouldering the greatest portion of the burden for Syrian refugees.  It should temper its approach regarding Mosul accordingly.

Uncredited/Press Association Images. All rights reserved. Smoke rises as people flee their homes during clashes between Iraqi security forces and members of the Islamic State group fleeing Mosul, Iraq, Oct. 18, 2016. Uncredited/Press Association Images. All rights reserved.The long-anticipated operation to free Mosul from the clutches of ISIS was preceded by rising expectations. Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi announced the commencement of the operation on 16 October. But one bitter dispute has left its mark on the process.

While the entire world has been trying to make sense of the Mosul operation, remarks by Turkey’s President Erdogan fell off the radar and have gone virtually unnoticed by the rest of the world.

As many discussions were revolving as to which groups would be included in the coalition, no consideration was given by Prime Minister Abadi to the Turkish troops at Bashiqa. In response, President Erdogan spoke out firmly: “It is out of the question that we are not involved.” But, why does President Erdogan so passionately want to be included in the Mosul coalition?

When Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent added Mosul to Ottoman territory in 1535, the Ottomans ruled a huge empire stretching from the Balkans to the Arabian Peninsula.

Starting with the June 2011 election, the AKP’s core Islamist elements have been open about their dream of reviving Ottoman glory. Over time, in President (and former Prime Minister) Erdogan we have begun to see an authoritarian figure with robust Islamist credentials who, when dealing with both domestic and international politics, makes references to Ottoman rule as justification for his fanciful policies.

The most glorious time of the Ottoman Empire was concurrent with the capture of Mosul in the 1530s, and the frequent allusions to the Ottoman past today in Turkey are rooted in Suleyman’s reign, which...


The Most Anticipated Show is Almost Here! Watch the King, the Oracle and the Guardians at #3ThronestheConcert | Tomorrow, October 23rd "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The most anticipated date of the show is just few hours away and we are excited. Sunday the 23rd of October promises to be a fun filled night as the best of the Nigerian music industry are set to storm the Eko Hotels in Lagos for what has been tagged ‘Nigeria’s biggest concert’. According to […]


Nissan-Renault Boss Carlos Ghosn To Become Mitsubishi Motors Chairman "IndyWatch Feed World"

Carlos Ghosn is getting appointed soon as the new chairman of Mitsubishi Motors and by doing so, will become the first executive to head three different automakers at the same time. The announcement was made few days ago after the struggling Japanese company sought a bailout from Nissan earlier this year in an attempt to regain consumer trust and get back on track.

Ghosn is currently the Chairman of Nissan Motro Co. and Renault Sa, and has earned the nicknames “Mr. Fix It” ( & “Le Cost killer”) after he took Nissan back in the 1990s from a $6 billion loss to a $2.7 billion profit in just one year. Back then, analysts had written off Nissan & Renault as they were nearing bankruptcy, but Ghosn rescued both of them and even turned them into market leaders thanks to his cost-cutting strategies and excellent managerial skills. It is noteworthy that Ghosn was the first non-Japanese president of an automaker in Japan and was not very welcome at first, but he earned the Japanese people’s respect and admiration later on (and even became the subject of a 160-page graphic novel).

Going back to the Mitsubishi story, Financial Times reported that shares were up by 7.9% and reached their highest level since June as soon as the transition was announced. Ghosn insisted that Mitsubishi’s CEO keeps his position. Here’s what he said:

“One of the reasons that I so much wanted Mr Masuko to stay as CEO was because I wanted the people at Mitsubishi to know that Mitsubishi will remain Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi will not become a subsidiary of Nissan,” Mr Ghosn said.

“This sends a strong message that it’s not Nissan that’s going to transform Mitsubishi, it’s Mitsubishi that’s going to transform Mitsubishi.”

I had the honor of meeting Mr. Ghosn in Lebanon once. He’s a very humble and calm person and is the perfect candidate in my opinion to lead our country out of its misery but our corrupt politicians would rather stay surrounded by garbage than let him fix our problems. Ghosn is a sleeping partner in Ixsir, one of Lebanon’s leading wines.


UK Against Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

9.29.16 Sacred Cow BBQ with Dr. James Beck, Fluoride Activist

First video I've seen with Dr J Beck. Shame many professionals come out against fluoridation only when they retire but understandable as he says it is a problem for many.


Tim Cook says Apple’s aim is a cashless society; working to boost the role of Artificial Intelligence David Icke latest headlines

‘Tim Cook has told the Nikkei Asian Review that the company hopes that Apple Pay will help to bring about a cashless society. The statement was made a month before the iPhone 7 becomes the first iPhone to support FeliCa, the contactless payment standard used in Japan. We would like to be a catalyst for taking cash out of the system. We don’t think the consumer particularly likes cash. Cook also spoke rather mysteriously about the work that will be performed by the R&D center the company is building in Yokohama, expected to open in March …’ Read more: Tim Cook says Apple’s aim is a cashless society; working to boost the role of Artificial Intelligence


Busting the Agents of the False Light Agenda: Never Call Them Archons – How You Can Help Bust Up the Matrix "IndyWatch Feed World"

This article has been 15 years in the making, as it took that long for me to be able to distill this information into an accessible format.  This is going to represent a few very important pieces of the overall puzzle of how we are going to shift this planet and everyone upon it into an ascended frequency of being.  One key aspect of this shift is going to be the “cleaning up of consciousness” of all of humanity, which is no small task, to be sure.  This article will cover in detail the major obstacle to this consciousness clean-up, as well as a solution that needs your help to succeed.
I briefly wrote last year about a “living cloud of shadows” surrounding this planet, populated by energy parasites. These parasitic beings have chosen to experiment with the illusions of separation, fear, darkness, isolation, conquering, enslavement, pain, suffering, torture, etc. to the strongest degree possible.  In doing so, they have completely cut themselves off from the nourishing Light of Being that supports life in the universe.  The result is that they must energetically nourish themselves by feeding on low-frequency energies that resonate with their chosen mode of expression.
These beings call themselves “Archons” which means “Rulers” or “Lords” because they see themselves as the rulers and enslavers of humanity.  (The ancient Gnostics first gave them this title in their writings based on direct psychic experiences with these beings.)   While these unseen being’s clever enslavement and manipulation of humanity has been quite successful up until now, I will NEVER address them as my ruler or superior in any way, just like I wouldn’t consider physical, intestinal parasites as my superior even though they might cause me physical discomfort until I remove them from my body.
Our thoughts have power – much more than we often realize.  Words and titles have power because they frame our thoughts into a certain set of beliefs without us even realizing it. Calling a “royal” human “Your Highness” automatically places them above you in your mind.  Calling a judge “Your Honor” achieves the same thing.  Therefore it very is important that when you think about these energy parasites, that you NEVER call...


How to Harden the Security of MySQL on your VPS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


Security is a critical component of any database application. Did you know that a default MySQL installation can leave your database vulnerable to cyber threats?

There several different implementations of the SQL database available on Linux and UNIX systems. MySQL and MariaDB are the most popular options for deploying relational databases in server environments.

In this article, we will demonstrate a few tips that will help you improve the security of your VPS hosted database. In the examples, we’ll use MySQL, however, these techniques can also be applied to other database implementations such as MariaDB.

Install MySQL Server

If you already have MySQL installed, skip to the next step. If you do not have MySQL, use these commands to install the database.

> yum install mysql-server

> apt-get install mysql-server

You will be prompted to choose a new password for the database. It’s always best to go ahead and setup the root user with a password even though it may be possible to skip this step.

Once this is complete, MySQL provides an optional command that will immediately bolster the security of your databases. Just execute the following:

> sudo mysql_secure_installation

This command will prompt you for the root password that you setup in the previous step.

Immediately thereafter, you will prompted to answer a series of questions. The first question is if you’d like to change the root password. Assuming that you have just selected a new root password, there is no need to change it.

You should answer “Y” to all of the remaining questions.

This will remove the ability for an anonymous user to log into MySQL by default. The wizard will also disable the root account from logging in remotely with root credentials.

The process will then remove some of the insecure testing databases included with the app. The last part of the process updates the running MySQL instance to reflect these changes by running a “flush privileges” command.

These basic actions will help you increase the security around a typical MySQL installation. You might be wondering, “What if I need to use my root account to remotely connect from a different server on the same private network?”

What if you need Root Remote Access to your DB?



13000 and growing "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Over 13,000 people have put their names to the cards which we will deliver to the bosses of the BBC and Channel 4 in support of Fatima Manji and Gary Lineker, who have both been targeted by bigots, bullies and racists for either their faith or for caring about refugees.


Belgium's Wallonia holds firm against EU-Canada trade deal David Icke latest headlines

‘The French-speaking Belgian region of Wallonia has rejected new amendments to a free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada, compromising the deal due to be signed next week. The negotiations with regional authorities are ongoing, according to EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. “If we can’t conclude this trade arrangement with Canada, I don’t see how it will be possible to conclude agreements with other parts of the world,” he added. In order to pass, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) must be backed by all 28 EU governments. Belgium cannot vote for the deal without the support from all seven regional, linguistic and federal entities.’ Read more: Belgium’s Wallonia holds firm against EU-Canada trade deal


Presidency Finally Reacts To Reuben Abati's Article 'Aso Rock Of Juju, Demons' "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

From poltergeist activities, to seeing blood on the floor, an evil tree resisting uprooting, staff of Aso Rock have corroborated Reuben Abati's explosive article "The Spiritual Side of Aso Rock".

In his article in the Guardian newspapers of October 14, 2016, the former Special adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Media and Publicity, Dr Reuben Abati painted a surreal picture of incredible things that go on beyond the glitz and glamour of the official residence and office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, popularly called the Aso Rock.

In that article titled ‘The Spiritual Side of Aso Rock’, Dr Abati who served as President Jonathan’s spokesman for four years recounted strange and some times, tragic occurrences that befell people who work or live in the precincts of the presidential Villa.

Recounting personal experiences and those that happened to colleagues while he served in the highest office in the land, Dr Abati gave a depressingly worrisome scenario of the higher spiritual powers that tended to influence or dictate the happenings in the Villa which by extension had dire consequences for the country.

A Vanguard correspondent named Ben Agande who covered presidents Olusgeun Obasanjo , Umaru Yaradua and Goodluck Jonathan, has come out narrate some of the bizzare incidences that heralded the construction of Aso Villa. He says

"I can relate well with some of the stranger than fiction scenario painted by Dr Abati. But beyond the strange incidence, the foundation of the construction of the villa itself was laid in strange circumstances.

Read via Saturday Vanguard

According to a staff of Julius Berger, the construction company that built the Villa, from the very day that the excavation for what is now known as the presidential Villa was made; it was mired in strange incidences. The staff who has worked for the construction company for over thirty years and claimed he was there when the very first excavation began narrated the strange occurrences that marked the first few months.

“When we moved in here, it was as if we were in a war zone. There were multiple incidences of equipment failure, workers developing strange illnesses and in one particularly poignant case, a very senior officer of the company who was brought in from Germany to supervise the construction collapsed and died on site while supervising the uprooting of a particular tree that...


New poll puts Pirates back on course to win Iceland elections David Icke latest headlines

‘Iceland’s Pirate Party may be about to make history as the world’s first ‘pirate’ movement to win national general elections. A new opinion poll conducted by the Social Science Research Institute of the University of Iceland for Icelandic daily Morgunblaðið indicates that over one in five voters will be voting Pirate a week tomorrow.’ Read more: New poll puts Pirates back on course to win Iceland elections


U.S. Foreign Policy ‘Elite’ Eagerly Await an Expansion of Overseas Wars Under Hillary Clinton "IndyWatch Feed War"

U.S. Foreign Policy ‘Elite’ Eagerly Await an Expansion of Overseas Wars Under Hillary Clinton   Michael Krieger — Liberty Blitzkrieg Oct 20, 2016 Your average American Hillary Clinton supporter will smugly head to the polls on November 8th, entirely self-assured of his or her vital role in the defeat of fascism in these United States. It won’t take […]


Inner Earth Dracos And The False Light Campaign "IndyWatch Feed World"

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,
We know about the false light in the afterlife that has magnetically pulled our soul into thereincarnation trap. Now we are uncovering the campaign here on Earth that has kept us under a spell lifetime after lifetime so that we can finally break free of the false light matrix.
How many “spiritual teachers” are you still listening to that mention one or more of these names?
  • Master Hilarion
  • Order of Melchizedek
  • Archangel Michael, or any of the Archangels
  • Jesus
  • Adama
  • Lord Metatron
  • Thoth
  • Galacti...


Massive DDoS Attack Against Dyn DNS Service Knocks Popular Sites Offline "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

UPDATE — How an army of million of hacked Internet-connected smart devices almost broke the Internet today. Cyber attacks are getting evil and worst nightmare for companies day-by-day, and the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is one such attacks that cause a massive damage to any service. Recently, the Internet witnessed a record-breaking largest DDoS attack of over 1 Tbps against


"Cyber-Attacks Which Crippled US Internet, Came (Mostly) From INSIDE the USA; Specifically a US AFB in KS" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Cyber-Attacks Which Crippled US Internet, Came (Mostly) From INSIDE the USA;
 Specifically a US AFB in KS"
by Newsroom  

"As of 2:00 AM EDT on Sat., Oct. 22, Cyber-Sleuths are still working to mitigate ongoing "attacks"causing massive Internet outages across the U.S. all day. But a troubling pattern is emerging: The attacks originate (mostly) INSIDE the U.S. According to the automated attack-monitoring-map offered by FortiGuard, much of today's Internet trouble was caused by attacks launched against Data Centers in Boston, New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Seattle. But the largest bursts of these attacks originated repeatedly from Wichita, Kansas.

Using the GeoIP lookup system, open public records seem to indicate the attacks originated from a geographic area about 5 miles southeast of downtown Wichita, but there are no large public data centers located in that part of the city.  In fact, the only large anything in that area is McConnell Air Force Base. HMMMMM. According to the public web site of McConnell Air Force Base, the first- and perhaps most important function- of that base is the 184th Intelligence Wing. "Intelligence" as in... information... as in computers! HMMMMM.

The live attack-map offered by Fortiguard allows anyone to watch the attacks in real time. There's a link below for you to see for yourself, but we can tell you that several lengthy sessions of watching these attacks has revealed the US is attacking itself. Massive bursts of attack data come from Witchita to Boston, then New York, then to San Francisco, then Los Angeles, and frequently to Seattle. Seconds later, these cities seem to "r...


USA - Percent of Europe Doesn’t Put Hydrofluorosilicic Acid in Their Water – Why Do We? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

fluoride-poison-1For over 60 years, governments have been adding fluoride to drinking water supplies all over the world. Since then, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction over time as communities all over the world have come together to stop water fluoridation within their communities. Examples in Europe include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, 90 percent of the UK, Spain, Scotland, Norway, Switzerland and many more. It’s become more obvious everyday that industrial byproducts do not belong in our water.Just to be clear, we’re not talking about the natural element of fluoride here. Over 90 percent of Europe doesn’t fluoridate their water. (4)(5) It’s not just Europe, other countries like Japan, and communities within Australia and Canada have followed suit as well.

It was thought that small amounts of natural fluoride in drinking water would help with tooth formation, but these claims were always referring to the naturally occurring fluoride, never industrial toxic waste.

Despite being dubbed “one of the top ten public health achievements of the twentieth century,” and praised by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, it’s clear that we’ve been subject to manipulation of truth yet again. The United States has more people drinking fluoridated water than the rest of the world combined. Most industrialized nations do not fluoridate their water.

Water fluoridation started many years ago, when asbestos, PCB’s and DDT were all deemed safe. These chemicals have been banned since, when the people woke up, and it seems that water fluoridation will follow the same route. Opposition to water fluoridation has existed since its inception.

“In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer deaths than any other chemical. When you have power you don’t have to tell the truth. That’s a rule that’s been working in this world for generations. There are a great many people who don’t tell the truth when they are in power in administrative positions. Fluoride amounts to public murder on a grand scale. It is some of the most conclusive scientific and biological evidence that I have come across in my 50 years in the field of cancer research.” (2) – Dr. Dean Burk, Biochemist, Founder of Biotin, and Former Chief Chemist at the National Cancer Institute of Health.

What Exactly Are We Drinking?

So what exactly are we drinking? The substance added to our drinking water is called hydrofluorosilicic acid. It is a toxic waste substance created from the creation processes of aluminum, fertilizer, steel and nuclear industries...


Nigeria Bar Association, Lagos Lawyer, Ugwonye at War over Missing Abuja Woman "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Missing Abuja woman, Charity Aiyedogbon

Missing Abuja woman, Charity Aiyedogbon

LAGOS OCTOBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-There are strong indications that Lagos Lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye and the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) may be in for a showdown, following NBA’s invitation to him over a Petition filed by ex-husband of missing Abuja woman, Charity Aiyedogbon, Mr. David Aiyedogbon.
Trouble started when Mr. Aiyedogbon petitioned the Nigerian Bar Association, alleging unprofessional publications against his person by Emeka Ugwuonye.

The letter dated 22nd August 2016, captioned: “Petition against Emeka Ugwuonye for unprofessional publications and false allegations”, addressed to the General Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, urged the professional body to investigate the matter and invoke appropriate disciplinary actions against the lawyer.
Following the petition, the Nigerian Bar Association wrote to Mr. Ugwuonye, attaching a copy of Mr. Aiyedogbon’s Petition and requesting him to respond to the issues. He is to appear before the NBA disciplinary Committee on the 26th of November, 2016, according to the letter.
The NBA’s letter, published by Mr. Ugwuonye on his Facebook Group, The Due Process Advocates, requires him to submit twenty copies of his defence to the allegations made against him to the NBA National Secretariat.
The letter, dated 29th September, 2016 and signed by the Association’s General Secretary, Isiaka Abiola Olagunju, Esq, reads in part:
“You are specifically required to respond to the allegations made against you, considering the provision of Rule 33 of the Rules of Professional Misconduct for Legal Practitioners 2007.”
“Take note that you shall state your full name, Supreme Court Enrolment number, your contact address, e-mail and phone number (s) in your response. Your Call to Bar Certificate should also accompany your response to the Petition.”
In his response, contrary to the provisions of Rule 33, as cautioned in the NBA’s letter, Mr. Ugwuonye published both the NBA’s letter and Mr. Aiyedogbon’s petition on his Facebook Group, The Due Process Advocates, alleging that the NBA is being used against him.
His post captioned: “David Aiyedogbon’s Bar Petition against me” queried: “How could the Bar be put to such unlawful use?”.
“Normally, bar disciplinary process is a confidential process, especially where the Bar has not determined that there is probable cause or that there is evidence that you violated any rules of professional conduct. B...


Oh Mine! Two Months To Their Wedding, 23Yrs Old Lady Stabs Fiance To Death In Ogun State (Pic) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A 23- year-old lady, Omolara Oluwagbemi, has been arrested by the Ogun State Police Command for stabbing her fiance, Sodiq Dauda, to death. The incident happened on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 10, Onirugba Street, Ijebu Ode.

The two lovers, whose wedding had been fixed to hold in December, were said to have had a disagreement when the deceased accused the suspect of not rendering a proper account of the gas business he entrusted to her.

The suspect had told the police that her lover had sent her away from their apartment over the issue.

But she said on hearing about the case, Sodiq’s mother asked her to return to him, promising to come over to settle the disagreement between them.

But things took a tragic turn, when Omolara went back to the apartment and Sodiq reportedly beat her brutally and allegedly attempted to stab her with a broken bottle before she ran to the kitchen and took a knife with which she stabbed Sodiq in the chest. Sodiq died of his injuries the next day, in the General Hospital, Ijebu Ode, where he was rushed to.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, who confirmed the incident, said the victim was rushed to the Ijebu-Ode General Hospital by the policemen from the Igbeba division but that he died while undergoing treatment.

Oyeyemi, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, said the state Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, had ordered that the suspect be transferred to the homicide section of State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Eleweran, Abeokuta, for further investigation.


An Army of Million Hacked IoT Devices Almost Broke the Internet Today "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against Dyn, a major domain name system (DNS) provider, broke large portions of the Internet on Friday, causing a significant outage to a ton of websites and services, including Twitter, GitHub, PayPal, Amazon, Reddit, Netflix, and Spotify. But how the attack happened? What's the cause behind the attack? Exact details of the attack remain


“Al-Nusra not priority”, U.S. State Dept. says while terror group shells civilians in Aleppo, Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

“Al-Nusra not priority”, U.S. State Dept. says while terror group shells civilians in Aleppo, Syria US military efforts in Syria are not directed against Al-Nusra, the State Department said. ~ This week, Russia paused its joint offensive with Syrian government troops on eastern Aleppo, which is held by an assortment of armed groups, including Al-Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda […]


MNS Warns Multiplexes to Not Screen Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Karan Johar. Credit: PTI/Files

Karan Johar. Credit: PTI/Files

Mumbai:  The Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena said it would intensify its opposition to Karan Johar’s soon-to-be-released film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil as it features Pakistani actors and issued a veiled threat of vandalism to multiplexes if they screened it.

The opposition by the MNS and some other political parties to films with actors from Pakistan in the aftermath of Uri terror attack has put a question mark on the fate of Johar’s film, which features Pakistani actor, Fawad Khan.

“We will oppose the screening of the movie everywhere in the state. If any multiplex operator dares to screen the film, they [operators] should remember that multiplexes are decorated with expensive glass sheets,” MNS leader, Amey Khopkar said.

The party did not favour employing and cherishing the Pakistani actors so its opposition to such films will continue, he said. “We will also oppose Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees though it is slotted to release in January,” Khopkar said in a statement.

The party also pointed out that the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association has “supported” its stand.

The single-screen theatre operators have announced that they will not screen Johar’s upcoming film, but there was no similar assurance from the multiplex operators, so MNS today made its stand clear, it said.

MNS, which once had 13 MLAs in the Maharashtra assembly but was reduced to single member in the house in 2014, has taken an aggressive stand over the issue, apparently to make its presence felt ahead of next year’s municipal polls in Mumbai.

The post MNS Warns Multiplexes to Not Screen Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ appeared first on The Wire.


USA led coalition systematically destroys Syrian infrastructure, carries out airstrikes on civilians "IndyWatch Feed War"

US-led coalition systematically destroys Syrian infrastructure, carries out airstrikes on civilians Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Office in Geneva Alexey Borodavkin affirmed that the US-led coalition systematically destroys infrastructure in Syria and carries out airstrikes against civilians and the Syrian Arab Army. “While hysteria is being whipped up around Aleppo, the US-led coalition has been […]


How Bad is LBC’s “Take Me Out” Show? "IndyWatch Feed National"

To be honest, I struggled to finish the first episode and I saw a couple of videos being shared from the second episode but I partially disagree with some of the negative critics I’m hearing, especially those who are saying that it’s disrespectful to women.

Yes the show is demeaning to women and men, but then again these men and women have willingly accepted to take part in it and if they’re fine with embarrassing themselves in public, then that’s their call not ours. The only part that is really annoying me and I wish it would stop is the host’s commentary and all these filthy jokes and flirting lines he’s pulling. I have yet to understand why he’s pulling all these lines but this needs to stop.

“Take me out” is a very popular show abroad even though though it got reviewed negatively at first and I’m sure a lot of Lebanese are watching and enjoying the show right now. Most people I know fail to identify with the women behind these podiums but these are part of our society and if that’s their idea of going out on a date, then good for them.


The United Nations Just Officially Announced a Global Communist Takeover, The New World Order Reconvenes. "IndyWatch Feed National"

A long-held conspiracy theory yet again gets proven true. The UN at the seventy-first regular session has aggregated the role of the United Nations in promoting a new global human order into their agenda. In addition to the aforementioned under section A. titled, “Promotion of sustained economic growth and sustainable development in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly and recent United Nations conferences,” is also the plan for total Globalization and interdependence.
More information here with PDF downloads:


Trio of Magnetrons Power a Microwave Rifle "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Can you build a working EM weapon from three microwave ovens? Apparently, yes. Should you do so? Maybe not when the best safety gear you can muster is a metallized Mylar film fetish suit and a Hershey’s Kiss hat.

Proving that language need not be a barrier to perfect understanding of bad ideas, the video below tells you all you need to know, even without subtitles in the non-Russian language of your choice. [KREOSAN]’s build is obnoxiously obvious — three magnetrons mounted on a tin can “resonator” with a foil-covered waveguide at the business end. The magnetrons are tickled by a stun-gun that’s powered by a pack of 18650 LiPo batteries. The video shows some “experiments”, like lighting up unpowered CFL bulbs from about 15 meters away and releasing the Blue Smoke from the electrical system of a running motor scooter. Assuming they weren’t added in post, the artifacts in the video belie the gun’s lack of shielding for the operator. We doubt any of the ad hoc safety gear would provide any protection from the resulting microwaves, but we also doubt that it matters much when things have gotten this far.

We’re not too sure about this one — some of the zapping stunts look a little too conveniently explosive. It’s hard to tell the details without a translation, so maybe one of our Russian-speaking readers can pitch in on the comments. Although this isn’t [KRESOAN]’s first microwave rodeo, having melted a few lightbulbs with magnetrons before. Even seeing this we still consider EMP Weapons a figment of Hollywood’s imagination.

Credit for the tip goes to [Maksim]. Thanks, we guess.

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Free Trade in Chains "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The growing political backlash against trade in the advanced economies has raised a crucial question: does globalization need to be rolled back in order to preserve an open world economy? If policymakers don’t address it now, they are likely to answer for it later.


How war dehumanises everyone it touches "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Planet Earth (oD) – All acts of mass murder are crimes against humanity, and require a gross debasing of other people.

On a recent visit to one of my favourite haunts in London, Gloucester Books, I flicked through the secondhand paperbacks and old magazines that were fading in the sun. The leading article in a National Geographic Magazine commemorated the crews of the US Eighth Army Air Force for their forbearance and sacrifice during WW2. Nothing unusual in that, but the honour extended to their bombing raids over German cities. The story focused mainly on the former pilots and had photos of young men running towards their planes, waves and smiles as they climbed in, each touching for luck an illustration painted on the side of some forties’ pin-up girl with red lips.

The men, who were now grey-haired, appeared kind and benevolent, all the more so through their understandably emotional reunion. The editorial, too, was kind. It claimed that German civilians were regrettably but justifiably killed during ‘surgical’ bombing raids owing to legitimate enemy targets being situated near built-up residential areas. It sounded familiar, and sadly all too recent. I dropped the magazine into the pile in disgust.

I thought about the Lancaster bombers thundering through the night sky, wave after wave disgorging an evil alchemy over hundreds of thousands of civilians—the elderly unable to run, the children clutching toys, all bursting into flames. And I thought about the campaign of dehumanisation that continued into the last days of the war that portrayed all our enemies, and even their children, as less than human.

This campaign was hardly subtle, with the enemy depicted as bugs. Magazines carried cartoons showing Italians, Germans and Japanese as part cockroach, and prior to the mass incendiary bombing of Japanese cities, the US Marines’ magazine Leatherneck displayed a cartoon of a half-human, half-insect creature entitled Louseous Japanicas to accompany an article that called for “enemy breeding grounds to be completely annihilated.”

In the month following the article—March 1945—seemingly endless waves of B-29s roared across Tokyo, dropping one million bombs containing 2,000 tons of incendiaries. In under three hours, over 100,000 people lay dead and one million were homeless. The firebombing of...


Danes revive heroic WWII-era practice of smuggling refugees to safety "IndyWatch Feed World"

Denmark (WNV) – About 100 Danes, young and old, stood outside Copenhagen City Court in the chilly seaside winds last Tuesday to show their solidarity with four activists alleged to have illegally assisted refugees in their trek across the waters from Denmark to Sweden.

While only two of the accused are Danish citizens, all are members of MedMenneskeSmuglerne, or “Those who smuggle thy neighbor” — an outgrowth of the more broad-based initiative Welcome to Denmark, which welcomes migrants and refugees into the country.

Last year, over one million migrants and refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and other unstable nations endured the risks of exodus to Denmark and other parts of Europe. Many died during the journey or ended up in refugee camps for prolonged periods. This migration wave correlates directly to the growing xenophobia and shift to the right in many European countries, including Denmark.

“Pretty much all leftist organizations in Europe neglected to consider the refugee influx on their agendas,” said Mimoza Murati, one of the non-Danish activists facing criminal charges that day. “We should have been prepared because we know the political landscape.”

While Danish prosecutors may not have agreed, their case was ultimately dismissed for lack of substantial evidence. The four members of MedMenneskeSmuglerne were met with victorious applause by their Welcome to Denmark cohorts outside the court building.

Providing hospitality for asylum seekers

When Trine Simmel, a young Danish activist from Aarhus, saw the masses of migrants on television pouring across the German border into Denmark’s Jylland peninsula around September 2015, she connected with her friends to figure out what they could do to provide basic needs to the newcomers.

The migrants were being escorted by policemen into Jylland, so the youth initially planned to wait at an overpass, where they could drop care packages full of warm clothes, hygiene products and other essentials. The migrants, however, had become suspicious of being escorted by state authorities and dispersed themselves into the forests, which made tracking them much more difficult.

“The young people residing in Jylland called their parents to convene four or five cars, so shoes and related items could be distributed,” Simmel explained. “When drivers would come across migrants, they would offer the care package and ask them where they wanted to go within Denmark.”

A good number of the refugees decided to go to Copenhagen, just across the sea from Sweden, where some already had family members.



Burma: Aid Blocked to Rakhine State "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Republic of the Union of Myanmar (HRW) – Humanitarian Groups, Journalists, and Rights Monitors Need Access.

The Burmese government and army should urgently ensure humanitarian aid can reach ethnic Rohingya and other vulnerable populations in northern Rakhine State, Human Rights Watch said today. Government security operations have cut off assistance to tens of thousands of people and forced many to flee their homes.

“Recent violence in northern Rakhine State has led the army to deny access to aid agencies that provide essential health care and food to people at grave risk,” said Brad Adams, Asia director. “The Rohingya and others have been especially vulnerable since the ethnic cleansing campaign in 2012, and many rely on humanitarian aid to survive.”

On October 9, 2016, armed men attacked three police outposts in Maungdaw township near the border with Bangladesh, killing nine police officers and seizing weapons. The President’s Office blamed a previously unknown Rohingya group called Aqa Mul Mujahidin for the attacks, though other officials have said it is unclear who was responsible.

Government security forces declared the area an “operation zone” and began sweeps to find the attackers. According to senior members of the government, security forces have killed 30 people, while five members of the security forces have also been killed. However, reporting is heavily reliant on government sources as journalists have been denied access.

Rohingya activists have alleged that government forces have committed serious abuses during the current operations, including summary executions and the burning of villages.

Since October 9, authorities have blocked all aid deliveries to Maungdaw township and aid agencies have not been able to conduct a needs assessment. “We have asked [for access] from township level to Union level,” a World Food Programme (WFP) partnerships officer said. “The official explanation [for being denied access] is that security operations are ongoing.”

Recent violence in n...


30Yrs Old Brazil-Based Nigerian Hairstylist, Nnaji Juliet Ijeoma, Arrested With Cocaine Hidden In Her Bra (Pics) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nnaji Juliet Ijeoma, 30 who hails from Enugu state was arrested by officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos on Friday. She was caught with the illicit drug at the airport during the inward screening of South African Airways.

A statement by the spokesman of NDLEA, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, said that the suspect had attempted to bring in the drug into the country from Brazil. Ofoyeju hinted that the suspected white powdery substance tested positive for cocaine with a gross weight of 535 grams.
Commenting on the arrest, the NDLEA Commander at the Lagos airport, Ahmadu Garba, said that the incident is being investigated and immediately the agency was through with its investigation Ms. Ijeoma would be charged to court for prosecution.

He explained that the suspect holds a National Diploma holder in Mass Communication and confessed that she took part in the illicit business because she needed money for her business. She allegedly confessed,
   ''I work as a hair stylist in Brazil where l reside for the past two years. I studied mass communication, but because of lack of job, I work as a hair stylist in Brazil. I was approached to smuggle cocaine to Nigeria and I accepted because of the money involved.

   ''I needed money for my personal problem. The drug was prepared inside brassiere and given to me to put on. I did not know how it was packaged. My role was to smuggle the drug to Nigeria and collect the sum of N1 million.''


A Portuguese Woman’s 20-Year Legal Battle Over a Scholarship Ends in Her Imprisonment for Defamation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Portugal (GVO) – A woman was taken into custody on September 29 to serve a three-year sentence for “insulting” a group of judges several years ago as part of a lawsuit that she had waged against Portugal’s Ministry of Culture for stripping her of a long-term scholarship to study in the Netherlands in the 1990s.

The case of Maria de Lurdes Lopes Rodrigues is raising indignation on social media between friends and strangers. Many think her arrest is unfair. One Facebook user put it like this:

It is unfortunate that the law is not applied to all people in the same way, that’s why we all feel disgusted with these situations, and in others the laws applied are disgraceful.

The former scholarship candidate was accused of slandering and defaming the judges in 2007. She was eventually convicted and sentenced to three years in prison. An article published in 2013 in a local newspaper named Diário de Notícias explained:

Maria de Lurdes, a 47-year-old woman who was sentenced to serving three years of effective imprisonment for minor offences such as slander and defamation […] is to be held starting December 20, 2012. This was the date of issue of the arrest warrant by the judge of the Fourth Criminal Court of Lisbon. The woman who offended the highest nation’s judiciary, including former Attorney General of the Republic Pinto Monteiro, has not been arrested because her whereabouts are unconfirmed.

The alternative to prison would have been hospitalisation in a mental institution. After giving proof of her sound physical and mental health, Lurdes refused to turn herself over to authorities. She was ruled in contempt of court and remained as such until her capture on September 29, 2016.



IBM Throws ISP It Hired Under a Bus for Australia's #Censusfail "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

IBM has blamed a supplier for causing the failure of Australia's online census, which went offline on the very night millions of households were required to describe their disposition.

Big Blue's submission (PDF) to Australia's Standing Committees on Economics, which is conducting an Inquiry into the Preparation, Administration and Management of the 2016 Census by The Australian Bureau of Statistics puts the blame for the failure at the feet of a company called NextGen Networks.

IBM does so because it says it devised a distributed denial of service (DDoS) prevention plan called "Island Australia" that involved "blocking or diverting international traffic intended for the eCensus site before it reaches the site, while leaving the system free to continue to process domestic traffic."

"This method was chosen because the primary risk of DDoS attacks of sufficient size to disrupt site availability was considered to be from foreign sources."

IBM's submission says two carriers were chosen to bring traffic to the Census site, Telstra and NextGen. Both were informed about "Island Australia" and how to implement it. But come Census day, IBM says "a Singapore link operated by one of NextGen's upstream suppliers (Vocus Communications or Vocus) had not been closed off and this was the route through which the attack traffic had entered the NextGen link to the eCensus site."

Big Blue's document says Vocus 'fessed up to the error on Census night.

[...] In a delicious irony, NextGen's submission also notes its recent acquisition by none other than Vocus. Which will make life interesting at the first all-hands meeting once the acquisition closes.

The Inquiry will issue a report on November 24th. The Register's Australian outpost has laid in copious stocks of popcorn ahead of the report's release.

Previous reporting:
Australian Census: Hacked or Just Ill-Prepared?

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Hawking: Creating AI Could Be the Biggest Event in the History of Our Civilization "IndyWatch Feed World"

Cambridgeshire, England (Futurism) – In Brief

  • At the launch of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI), the famed scientist warned of a potentially grave future given the rise of AI.
  • The work done at CFI could have far-reaching implications for the future of AI, helping shape how the technology is used and regulated.

A Technological Revolution

Speaking at the launch of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) in Cambridge, science icon Stephen Hawking warned listeners about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and humanity.

“Success in creating AI could be the biggest event in the history of our civilization,” Hawking acknowledged, noting the unprecedented and rapid development of AI technology in recent years, from self-driving cars to a computer playing (and defeating humans) in a game of Go. “But it could also be the last,” he warned.

This isn’t the irrational ramblings of a technophobe. Quite the contrary, in fact. Hawking himself acknowledges the value of AI and what it could contribute to humanity’s future, saying he believes artificial intelligence and this century’s technological revolution will parallel the previous century’s industrial one. “The potential benefits of creating intelligence are huge. We cannot predict what we might achieve, when our own minds are amplified by AI,” said Hawking.

But Hawking is also hyperaware of the potential dangers associated with AI. “Alongside the benefits, AI will also bring dangers, like powerful autonomous weapons, or new ways for the few to oppress the many,” Hawking added during his speech. He also hinted at the singularity being a possibility, when AI develops a will of its own that could conflict with the will of humanity.

Setting the right course

According AI pioneer Maggie Boden, who sits on the center’s advisory board, that’s where CFI comes into play. Speaking at the launch event, she said, “CFI aims to pre-empt these dangers, by guiding AI development in human-friendly ways.” The $12.2-million interdisciplinary think-tank will work hand-in-hand with policy-makers and the tech industry to investigate topics associated with the growth of AI in today’s world — from regulating autonomous weapons to AI’s implications in democracy.

Cambridge, Oxford, Berkeley, and Imperial College, London,......


Schizophrenia ‘not a mental illness’, says Pakistan Supreme Court "IndyWatch Feed World"

Pakistan (Reprieve) – Pakistan’s Supreme Court has today ruled that schizophrenia does not qualify as mental disorder, paving the way for the execution of Imdad Ali who suffers from severe mental illness.

In an unprecedented judgement, they claim that schizophrenia is not a permanent condition and varied according to the “level of stress”.

2016-22-10-01-01-45They claimed that “it is, therefore, a recoverable disease, which, in all the cases, does not fall within the definition of “mental disorder” as defined in the Mental Health Ordinance, 2001.”

In seeking to justify their case, the judges made reference to an outdated Indian case from the 1980s, which said that “‘schizophrenia’ is what Schizophrenia does.”

Mr Ali has been previously diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and a 2013 medical report stated him to be “insane.” Sentenced to death in 2008 over a shooting, Imdad lost his final appeal last year.

He came within hours of being hanged last month, before his wife filed an appeal to the Supreme Court. A medical assessment conducted at the jail last month by Dr Tahir Feroze Khan noted that Mr Ali was suffering from “active psychosis” and that his illness appeared to be “treatment resistant”.

The latest ruling means Mr Ali could face the gallows as early as Wednesday 26th October.

Maya Foa, a director of Reprieve, said:

“It is outrageous for Pakistan’s Supreme Court to claim that schizophrenia is not a mental illness, and flies in the face of accepted medical knowledge, including Pakistan’s own mental health laws. It is terrifying to think that a mentally ill man like Imdad Ali could now hang because judges are pretending that schizophrenia is not a serious condition. Pakistan’s President needs to urgently intervene to stop this sickening attempt to hang Imdad.”


This report prepared by Reprieve.


Duncan O'Finioan Hard Truth | The Tabloid Culture of the 'Truth' Media "IndyWatch Feed World"


Randy Maugan and Duncan O'Finioan

NOTE: The audio portion of this video is inadvertently "hot" due to a production error. Please turn down the volume of either your device, and/or the YouTube player. We apologize.

In light of the hysteria and media manipulation surrounding the strange death of Max Spiers, we decide to open up the whole can of whoop ass, and clear the air. PLEASE READ THE BLOG POST, "HARD TRUTH: THE ARTICLE" on the OffPlanet Radio website: 
for the full context of this show. 
We dedicate our efforts to ALL the INNOCENTS past, present, and God forbid...future...We will not STOP, and will never FORGET.


The Lucrative Road From Congress to Corporate Boards David Icke latest headlines

‘In an election year dominated by populist outsiders, politicians are learning that cozy relationships with corporate America can be a liability. Take former U.S. Senator Evan Bayh, a Democrat from Indiana, whose campaign to regain his old seat has been impeded by the $3.8 million he made serving on four corporate boards after he left the Senate. Bayh’s early lead in the race has evaporated as well-funded conservative groups have spent millions in ads attacking him as a creature of Washington beholden to special interests. His role as a director of one of the banks that got taxpayer money during the 2008 financial crisis has drawn criticism because he voted in favor of the federal aid.’ Read more: The Lucrative Road From Congress to Corporate Boards


Russian aircraft carrier passes through English Channel en route to Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (1:35 A.M.) – Russian flagship aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov was accompanied by Royal Norwegian Navy’s HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen, as it passed through the English Channel, Thursday, en route to Syria.

According to a military source in Latakia, the Russian aircraft carrier will be deployed to the ...Read More


Bayelsa: Arrested Publisher of Weekly Source Newspaper still in DSS Detention 3 months after "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By Amos Odeh
LAGOS OCTOBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-The Publisher of Weekly Source newspaper, Chief Jones Abiri is still in Department of State Security (DSS) detention in Abuja after three months of his arrest from his office in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state capital.
The Publisher was arrested on July 21, 2016 for alleged involvement in militant activities in the Niger Delta.
A family source said the continuous detention of the publisher has infringed on his fundamental human rights for freedom and fair hearing and therefore appeal to the security agents to charge him to court in a competent court of justice.
Meanwhile, Chief Abiri’s counsel, Barr. Jeremiah Waria has approached a Yenagoa High Court to seek for his fundamental human rights.
However, the court presided over by Justice Inieye Aganaba ruled that although his arrest is bordered on state security but advised the DSS to charge him to court.
The DSS counsel told the court that they would charge Chief Abiri to court as soon as investigations are concluded for the alleged offence.
But yet the DSS is yet to conclude its investigation and charge him to court as at the time of this report.


Give a 3D printer artificial intelligence, and this is what you’ll get "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A London-based startup has combined some of today’s most disruptive technologies in a bid to change the way we’ll build the future. By retrofitting industrial robots with 3D printing guns and artificial intelligence algorithms, Ai Build has constructed machines that can see, create, and even learn from their mistakes.

When CEO and founder Daghan Cam was studying architecture, he noticed a disconnect between small-scale manufacturing and large-scale construction. “On one side we have a fully automated production pipeline,” Cam explained at a recent conference in London. “On the other side we’re completely dependent on human labor.” With the emergence of more efficient printing technologies, he thought there must be a better way.

“We wanted to push the boundaries of how intricate we could design things through computation and how we could create them through 3D printing,” Cam said.

Read more


Minneapolis officers involved in Jamar Clark shooting will not be disciplined – police chief David Icke latest headlines

‘Two officers involved in the shooting of Jamar Clark, 24, will be returning to work after a nearly yearlong investigation. The November 15, 2015 shooting led to massive protests and riots in Minneapolis. Police Chief Janee Harteau announced that the officers will not be criminally charged and were found to have not violated department policy. On Friday, Harteau held a press conference to explain that evidence gathered “was insufficient” to prove that the shooting was unnecessary.’ Read more: Minneapolis officers involved in Jamar Clark shooting will not be disciplined – police chief


Huelga en Italia de los trabajadores del transporte público "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Sindicatos italianos realizaron este viernes una huelga general en los servicios de transporte público para rechazar las políticas neoliberales del Gobierno


Nothing learned from Iraq, USA now using depleted uranium in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

US-Led Coalition Fired Depleted-Uranium Munitions at Daesh Targets in Syria in 2015 Sputnik – 21.10.2016 The US-led coalition fighting Daesh terrorist group has used depleted-uranium bombs on at least two occasions in Syria, according to IRIN, which focuses on coverage of humanitarian news. The US Central Command has confirmed the use of the munitions on […]


Con artist charged with grand larceny as a hate crime for targeting elderly Chinese immigrants in 'blessing scam' "IndyWatch Feed World"

An accused scam artist has been charged with grand larceny as a hate crime after reportedly stealing $160,000 worth of cash and jewelry from elderly female Chinese immigrants. Xuekun Su, 44, was arraigned in Brooklyn on Thursday on four counts of grand larceny as a hate crime. The relatively unheard-of offense was levied against Su after she and her cohorts targeted victims due to their ethnicity, age and religious beliefs, according to prosecutors. Su is also facing grand larceny as a standalone charge. Su is accused of approaching a 61-year-old Chinese woman and posing as a clairvoyant in order to convince the woman that she or her family members were in mortal danger due to a curse that only she could lift, the New York Daily News reported. She is also accused of stealing from another family.


Free speech triumphs over pro-Israel bullies in US universities David Icke latest headlines

‘Students have won major victories for free speech on US campuses lately as attempts by Israel lobby groups to suppress Palestine solidarity activism continue to fall flat. “Israel advocacy organizations driving the suppression cannot succeed in manufacturing facts, even if they try,” Liz Jackson, an attorney with the organization Palestine Legal, told The Electronic Intifada. Last week, the president of the University of Michigan defended Palestine solidarity activism on campus after student organizers were attacked for holding a protest against Israeli policies on the same day as a Jewish holiday.’ Read more: Free speech triumphs over pro-Israel bullies in US universities


Palestinian teen shot dead for throwing stones David Icke latest headlines

‘Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian teenager in an occupied West Bank village on Thursday as video emerged of Border Police forces firing on a woman as she lay on the ground one day earlier. Khalid Bahr Ahmad Bahr, 15, was shot dead in the Beit Ommar village near the West Bank city of Hebron.’ Read more: Palestinian teen shot dead for throwing stones


Pro-Clinton Ad Compares Trump to Chavez, Venezuela Responds. Quite a Compliment but it wasn’t meant that way "IndyWatch Feed War"

Pro-Clinton Ad Compares Trump to Chavez, Venezuela Responds teleSUR | October 20, 2016 teleSUR | October 20, 2016 The U.S. Democratic Party showed its true colors in a new ad that the Venezuelan government blasted as “racist arrogance” that puts the late Hugo Chavez in the same category as fascist dictators Benito Mussolini and Adolf […]


BN Beauty: 8 Quick & Easy Box Braid Styles by Ropo Demure "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In this video, beauty vlogger Roro Demure shows us 8 different ways to style your box braids. You might think it’s boring but there’s a lot you can do with them, and these styles are very easy to do! Watch the Video


Global Air Quality UNFIT Per The WHO – Are Chemtrails To Blame? David Icke latest headlines

‘The World Health Organization (WHO) published that confirmation of air quality in a press release issued September 2, 2016. Heck, I could have told them that years ago without performing any studies or quality models just from looking at skies overhead and seeing ‘sky graffiti’ that spreads out into ‘blanket clouds’, which make sunny days dark, dreary and dreadful of what’s falling to earth—the particulates we humans are forced to breathe.’ Read more: Global Air Quality UNFIT Per The WHO – Are Chemtrails To Blame?


The work of Richard Charles Niemtzow, 1975-1991 "IndyWatch Feed National"


Recently, while reading Jacque Vallee’s latest book, ‘Forbidden Science – Volume Three,’ (2016. Documatica Research, LLC) I became interested in the research conducted by Richard Charles Niemtzow; an American researcher. I therefore undertook a literature search for material about him, and ended up compiling this post.


Richard Charles Niemtzow was born on 18 April 1942 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He attended the Admiral Farrgut Academy, High School, June 1960, in Pine Beach, New Jersey; then Emory University, Pre-Med Physics Major, 1960-1964, Atlanta, Georgia.

Between 1964-1965 he gained a BA at Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont. He then undertook training to become a Medical Doctor, between 1965-1976 at Universite de Montpellier Faculte de Medecine, Montpellier, France.

He then gained a PhD in Biological Sciences, from Pacific Western University, Los Angeles, in February 1985. May 1992 saw him gain a Master’s degree in Public Health. He then attended the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, and became a Flight Surgeon, class of 891003, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas. [1]

The APRO Bulletin. Vol. 23 No. 5 March 1975. pp1&6



SYRIA: ‘Rebels’ Constructing Child Victims to Sell Western Intervention & Regime Change "IndyWatch Feed"

The level of media deception and being broadcast by the western media is spectacular. Countless staged images have been supplied by western-funded pseudo ‘NGOs’ like the Aleppo Media Centre and the notorious White Helmets.
To understand the scale of this shameful but expensive propaganda operation and see the depths of its depravity – please read the following detailed reports, first by Adam Larson (aka Caustic Logic), and also by Moon Over Alabama.
Any sober news consumer should realize by now – that western intelligence agencies, their contractors and the mainstream media have completely over done it on Syria – and their artificial


Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign HQ evacuated over suspicious white powder in mail "IndyWatch Feed"

Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, were rapidly evacuated late on Friday after a suspicious white powdery substance was discovered in one of the letters addressed to the presidential runner-up. Read more Two interns found the substance while opening letters at the Democratic presidential candidate’s office in Manhattan around 5pm on Friday, a […]


Video: New York Mayor Apologizes for Police Killing of Mentally Ill Woman, But Will Accountability Follow? "IndyWatch Feed" – New Yorkers are protesting yet another fatal police shooting after 66-year-old African American Deborah Danner was killed by a New … Via Youtube



Judicial Harassment Curtails Freedom of Press in Brazil "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Journalists face prolonged court cases and judicial harassment in Brazil due to uncomfortable stories they reported, and are incurring massive costs and losing many hours of journalistic work.

Journalists working for the Brazilian newspaper Gazeta do Povo, harassed by a series of lawsuits after reporting the high remunerations of judges and prosecutors in the southern state of Paraná, during a meeting at the newspaper’s offices with Governor Carlos Alberto Richa. Credit: PSDB

Journalists working for the Brazilian newspaper Gazeta do Povo, harassed by a series of lawsuits after reporting the high remunerations of judges and prosecutors in the southern state of Paraná, during a meeting at the newspaper’s offices with Governor Carlos Alberto Richa. Credit: PSDB

Rio De Janerio: The same justice that exists to ensure rights can become a tool to violate them and restrict freedom of the press, as seen with the recent wave of lawsuits against journalists and the media in Brazil.

The latest high-profile case involves the Gazeta do Povo, the main daily newspaper in Curitiba, the capital of the southern state of Paraná, which is facing 48 lawsuits from judges and public prosecutors who are suing the paper and several of its employees for reporting their incomes in February.

“There were weeks when four workdays out of five were spent running from one town to another in Paraná, to appear at hearings. I think overall we traveled more than 10,000 kilometres,” Rogerio Galindo, one of the three reporters facing legal action, told Inter Press Service (IPS).

Elvira Lobato, a journalist who writes for the Folha de São Paulo newspaper, went through a similar ordeal after publishing a December 15, 2007 article titled “Universal celebrates its 30th birthday, with a business empire”, about the obscure dealings of the evangelical Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, which owns television and radio networks and newspapers.

Lucio Flavio Pinto, an award-winning journalist who has published the independent newsletter ‘Jornal Pessoal&#8216...


Hillary Debunked: Intelligence Agencies Do Not Think Russia Hacked DNC "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the third and final presidential debate Hillary Clinton said 17 U.S. Intelligence agencies claimed Russia is responsible for the damaging hacks on the DNC and Clinton campaign. She bashed Trump over the head with this claim, using it to suggest he was questioning the work of the entire nation’s intelligence staff. On the night, fact checking sites and mainstream media outlets all announced that Hillary’s claim was true. Politifact,  USA Today, CNN, NBC… But they are wrong. What Hillary said was a lie. First of all, only two intelligence entities – the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – have weighed in on this issue, not 17 intelligence agencies. @HillaryClinton These are your "17 US inteligence agencies". How's the Coast Guard investigation going? Or DEA? Or Energy? Do tell. — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 21, 2016 And even what the DNI and the DHS said was ambiguous about Russian involvement. An unclassified October 7, 2016 joint DNI-DHS statement on this issue said the hacks “are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts. These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the US election process. “Such activity is not new to [...]

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He flew across the Atlantic to be the First to say “Happy Birthday”! Gbenro & Osas Ajibade are Goals "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This is so sweet. Actress Osas Ajibade has been in the US for a while and hubby Gbenro Ajibade has been in Nigeria. With Osas’ birthday coming up on the 26th of October, Gbenro decided to surprise her with a visit (and flowers and a kiss) today…and to be the first to wish her a […]


Why The Global Economy Will Disintegrate Rapidly "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Pamir, Last Commercial Sailing Ship To Round Cape Horn 1949   We have written little on the topic of energy lately, other than related to oil prices going up and down, empty OPEC ‘promises’ to cut oil production, and the incredible debt load threatening to crush US -and Canadian- unconventional oil and gas. It’s a

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Erdogan regime killed more than 150 innocent civilians in Aleppo northern countryside "IndyWatch Feed War"

Erdogan regime killed more than 150 innocent civilians in Aleppo northern countryside Damascus, SANA-General Command of the army and armed forces said on Thursday that warplanes of Erdogan regime perpetrated on Wednesday a massacre that killed more than 150 innocent civilians through targeting  the villages and towns of Hasajk, al-Wariyah, Hassiya, Ghoul Srouj, Sad al-Shahba, […]


Chemtrails Can Be Biowarfare, Or Geoengineering: History Of Biological, Chemical Experiments On Citizens David Icke latest headlines

‘This video makes the case that there are two different distinct agendas of “chemtrails” sprayed out of airplanes: there is weather modification or geoengineering, and then there are biological warfare experiments and toxic chemicals that seem to be disguised by the geoengineering materials, which contain such things as aluminum and barium. It would seem as if the geoengineering spray could disguise other biological warfare agents and chemicals used for completely different purposes. This video explores an astoundingly long history of U.S. government experiments on citizens with biological warfare agents and chemicals, from the spraying of San Francisco with bacteria in “One of the largest human experiments in history,” to the potential murder of CIA, MK ULTRA chemist Frank Olson who worked at Ft. Detrick.’ Read more: Chemtrails Can Be Biowarfare, Or Geoengineering: History Of Biological, Chemical Experiments On Citizens


CARNICOM INSTITUTE: Nano-sized Bio-Engineered Pathogen Filaments Sprayed From Planes "IndyWatch Feed War"

Cliff Carnicom, scientist and published Geoengineering researcher discusses nano-sized bio-engineered pathogen filaments (Morgellons) released into the environment associated with aerosols released as covert climate engineering. More…


Earth Facing ‘Mini Ice Age’ In 15 Years As Sun Found To Be Cooling "IndyWatch Feed World"

So much for global warming – the earth is heading towards a mini ice age, according to experts at Northumberland University, with solar magnetic activity set to drop by up to 60 per cent in the next 15 years. Research scientists say solar activity is currently at its lowest level for 300 years. The last time it was this low London’s Thames River froze over during a mini Ice Age that is now known as the Maunder Minimum. A breakthrough model is allowing scientists to predict solar activity with more accuracy than ever before, and top scientists are now claiming that solar magnetic activity will more than halve between 2030 and 2040. The Express reports: The model looks at the Sun’s ’11-year heartbeat’ – the period it takes for magnetic activity to fluctuate. This cycle was first discovered some 173 years ago. However, a mathematician has established a more up-to-date model that can forecast what the solar cycles will look like based upon dynamo effects in two layers of the Sun. Dynamo effects are a geophysical theory that dictate how the movement of the Earth’s outer core conducts materials like liquid iron across the magnetic field to create an electric current – [...]

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SYRIA: ‘Rebels’ Constructing Child Victims to Sell Western Intervention & Regime Change "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The level of media deception and being broadcast by the western media is spectacular. Countless staged images have been supplied by western-funded pseudo ‘NGOs’ like the Aleppo Media Centre and the notorious White Helmets.

To understand the scale of this shameful but expensive propaganda operation and see the depths of its depravity – please read the following detailed reports, first by Adam Larson (aka Caustic Logic), and also by Moon Over Alabama.

Any sober news consumer should realize by now – that western intelligence agencies, their contractors and the mainstream media have completely over done it on Syria – and their artificial narrative disintegrating right before our eyes.

IN THE NOW host Anissa Naouai asks: “Why does the media want us to cry for some dead Syrian kids but not others?

READ MORE SYRIA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Syria Files

SYRIA: ‘Rebels’ Constructing Child Victims to Sell Western Intervention & Regime Change "IndyWatch Feed World"

By 21wire


The level of media deception and being broadcast by the western media is spectacular. Countless staged images have been supplied by western-funded pseudo ‘NGOs’ like the Aleppo Media Centre and the notorious White Helmets.

To understand the scale of this shameful but expensive propaganda operation and see the depths of its depravity – please read the following detailed reports, first by Adam Larson (aka Caustic Logic), and also by Moon Over Alabama.

Any sober news consumer should realize by now – that western intelligence agencies, their contractors and the mainstream media have completely over done it on Syria – and their artificial narrative disintegrating right before our eyes.

IN THE NOW host Anissa Naouai asks: “Why does the media want us to cry for some dead Syrian kids but not others?

READ MORE SYRIA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Syria Files

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Russia Warns America, ‘If You Want a War You Will Get One EVERYWHERE’ "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Russia has threatened the US with war 'everywhere'

Russia has threatened the US with war ‘everywhere’

LAGOS OCTOBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-RUSSIA has warned the US it will give America a war if it wants one after Joe Biden called for an all-out cyber assault on Kremlin emails.
Moscow military experts have said Vladimir Putin will not back down amid escalating tensions between the global superpowers, blasting the White House’s “aggressiveness”.

But Kremlin military chief Lt Gen Yevgeny Buzhinsky described the provocative action as “full-scale confrontation”.
The retired general added: “Of course there is a reaction. As far as Russia sees it, as Putin sees it, it is full-scale confrontation on all fronts. If you want a confrontation, you’ll get one.”
“But it won’t be a confrontation that doesn’t harm the interests of the United States. You want a confrontation, you’ll get one everywhere.”
Spokesman for the Russian government Dmitry Peskov moved quickly to denounce Biden’s threats.
He said: “The threats directed against Moscow and our state’s leadership are unprecedented because they are voiced at the level of the US vice president.
“To the backdrop of this aggressive, unpredictable line, we must take measures to protect our interests, to hedge risks.”
Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov also accused the US of “unprecedented threats” and “borderline insolence”.
Cold War deployments are being setup by the Russia military as nuclear bombers sweep the US border and plans are set in motion for new bases in Cuba.
Pentagon chiefs warned Russia could be on the verge of launching a “terrible” nuclear attack on a NATO nation.


Stupid statement of the week: Danuta Hübner "IndyWatch Feed"

Who is she? The head of the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, and honest to goodness, she really did say this… “We have a regulation … where every EU country has the right to notify one official language,” Hübner said. “The Irish have notified Gaelic, and the Maltese have notified Maltese, so you have only more...


‘Harmful for Poland’: Tusk slams new government conspiracy theory on presidential plane crash in Russia David Icke latest headlines

‘Poland’s defense minister claims a video of Donald Tusk talking with Russian officials at the site of Lech Kaczynski’s plane crash refutes the official probe and was hidden. The EC head dismissed the claim as “pathological politics.” The footage was in fact aired. Tusk, who was Poland’s prime minister at the time of the 10 April, 2010 tragedy in Russia’s Smolensk Region, did not mince words denying the accusations by current Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz. Macierewicz claimed that the circumstances of the crash revealed during the conversation Tusk had with former Russia’s Emergencies Minister Sergey Shoigu and then-Russian PM Vladimir Putin on the day of the tragedy run counter to the conclusions of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) and the Tusk government commission probe.’ Read more: ‘Harmful for Poland’: Tusk slams new government conspiracy theory on presidential plane crash in Russia


Is the Indian Media Really More Craven Than Pakistan’s? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Corporate control of the media is one reason given for the way the Indian media behaves, but that cannot be the full story.

One channel configured its studio to resemble a war room, writes the Economist

A ‘war room’ created in an Indian television studio to discuss the surgical strikes by the Indian army

The latest issue of Economist has a report on the ‘South Asian media’, taking off from the recent news story of Pakistani journalist Cyril Almeida being put by the government on the Exit Control List after a piece he wrote about a rift between the civilian government and the army. The story made headlines all over the world and in India, the “tabloid press gloated.” Considering that there is hardly any genuine tabloid press in this country in the way there is in Britain, one assumes the venerable Economist is tarring even the respectable newspapers with this brush. Or perhaps it means the television channels.

In any event, Almeida was supported by his organization and also by his peers and not just his own paper, Dawn but also rival newspapers such as The Nation carried strong editorials against the government’s move. The ban was soon lifted.

Contrast that with India, where a loud and bombastic anchor demanded that journalists be arrested and jailed. One channel dropped a scheduled interview with P Chidambaram because “it was not obliged to carry every shred of drivel.” A graphic carried by the channel said, in blood red, “National security cannot be compromised by politics.” Presumably Chidambaram had asked questions about the surgical strikes-the channel felt that this was in some way against national security.

All this is known to Indians so there is nothing new by wa...


Voter Fraud: Voter Pamphlets Found Dumped In Trash Can "IndyWatch Feed World"

A federal investigation has been launched into claims of voter fraud in Berkeley, California, after 100 voter pamphlets were found dumped in a trash can. Scott Wheeler says he found the pamphlets inside a recycling bin when he was walking down the street near his home. reports: “They were just sitting there on top. I stopped what I was doing with the eggs,” says Wheeler. He says he had been collecting egg cartons. Wheeler counted 96 of them addressed to people in various parts of Berkeley. He described his reaction as, “Pretty surprised and disturbed and it may even be a crime.” Wheeler says he called police, the U.S. Postal Inspector, the Alameda County Registrar of Voters and KTVU News to report his find. “It’s really serious. This is one of the most important elections in our lifetime. I want to know if this goes deeper,” says Wheeler. The Alameda County Registrar of Voters says this is an isolated incident. “As soon as they found those pamphlets they were immediately delivered to our voters so they’ve received their materials and they’re able to vote,” says Tim Dupuis, Alameda County’s registrar of voters. Wheeler says he also discovered he had been recently [...]

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Donald Trump’s “Dead Voters” Speech in Delaware, Ohio (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

dead voters

Donald Trump’s Dead Voters Speech in Delaware, Ohio, 10/20/16 I was listening to Fox News while running an errand today. The program was “Outnumbered” and Sheriff Dave Clark was the male guest. The four ladies were horrified that Donald Trump had yesterday joked that he would only accept the result of the elections if he…

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New breakthrough opens doors to study hallucinations and mental health David Icke latest headlines

The mystery of visual hallucinations and understanding what causes them, sometimes even in otherwise healthy individuals with no history of mental disorder, is still one of the big challenges within the field of mental health. But groundbreaking new research out of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia offers some fresh insights into this common but inexplicable phenomenon, pinpointing for the very first time specific mechanisms and pathways inside the brain that seem to play tricks with what our eyes see and perceive.’ Read more: New breakthrough opens doors to study hallucinations and mental health


WikiLeaks Releases First Batch Of Barack Obama Emails & They Hint At Rigged Election "IndyWatch Feed World"

As expected WikiLeaks has recently released a juicy new batch of emails. However, this time they are emails containing messages sent to and from Barack Obama himself before his presidential inauguration.

The most noticed of the emails is one that contains a message from John Podesta pertaining to an invitation from President George W. Bush to the soon to be President Obama. This specific email, called indirect attention to a plan that seemed to be worked on long before the election took place.

“As you have observed in your interactions with Secretary Paulson, he is apparently eager to involve you and your transition team extensively in his policy choices following the election.

Immediately after the election Secretary Paulson and other members of the Administration will likely seek to involve you and your transition team in their ongoing policy responses to the financial and housing crises.  We also expect relentless interest from the press and public about your intended level of engagement with the Administration on these matters during the transition.”

Based off of these emails it is clear Obama was going to become president without a doubt. If you take these emails and the things we are now becoming aware of concerning election rigging it appears that all elections are rigged. The elections here in the United States seem to be nothing more than a distraction. With dead people casting votes and one in eight eligible citizens refusing to vote it seems the system is more corrupt than it has ever been.

WikiLeaks has shown us time and time again just how secretive our government really is here in the United States.

According to another memo leaked along with the rest of these emails, Obama was already discussing his transition into office with the Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.

Dated October 30th, 2008, John Podesta sent an email to Obama telling him that he needed an economic transition team and why he needed to get the wheels in motion before his term was to begin. They were speaking as if Obama had already been elected president. Yet, there was no way at the time for them to have known he was going to win.

Is the election process just one big play for the people to watch? It sure...


Putin To Disclose Details Of Secret NATO Bombing Raids In Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to publish details of secret Belgian and NATO bombing raids over Syria.  According to Putin, two Belgian F-16 aircraft carried out a bombing raid on the Kurdish village of Jasajek in Aleppo, killing 6 people. reports: On the same day there were reports that the ‘Syrian Defence Forces’ – an umbrella organisation dominated by the Kurdish militia the YPG – has captured this village from ISIS. The Russians say that they were not told of this bombing raid by the US led anti ISIS coalition despite the agreement between the US and Russian militaries that they would inform each other of such raids. The Belgians categorically deny that the raid took place.  In order to lend force to their denials, they summoned the Russian ambassador to the Belgian Foreign Ministry to complain personally to him about the Russian claims. Given the routine way allegations go continuously backwards and forwards in this conflict, this Belgian reaction in a situation where a mere denial would have sufficed, looks hyper-sensitive and strange in itself. The Russians have responded to the Belgian denials by claiming that they have radar data which proves conclusively that the raid took [...]

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SOPA False Flag? Alleged ‘Hack’ on Netflix, Twitter, Amazon – US ready to blame Russia "IndyWatch Feed"

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire
Yesterday, a wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks hit some of the top online companies websites including Amazon, Netflix, Twitter and Reddit. One cannot rule out the very real possibility that this a staged-managed event, especially when you consider The New York Times was listed among those affected. If recent US media and political themes are anything to go by, you can expect a cascading chorus of blame directed at Russia.
In this age of America’s new and improved trial by media format, you can expect a litany of unfounded accusations, along with the usual anti-Russia


Booty slap: Royal Marines court-martialed over spanking initiation "IndyWatch Feed"

Four members of the elite Royal Marines – navy soldiers colloquially known as boot-necks or booties – are being court-martialed over a drunken hazing ritual in which junior personnel were injuriously spanked with a 2ft computer wrist support named ‘Big Red.’ The senior marines, all in their 30s, are being court-martialed over the incident in […]


‘Today Is One of the Heaviest Days of My Life’ "IndyWatch Feed"

I’ve written often about our Iraqi refugee friend and his oldest son from Baghdad. I will call them Mohammed and Ahmed. They made the torturous flight last year from Baghdad to Kurdistan and then across Turkey. They were on three Greek islands before permission was granted them to continue their trip. They passed through several […]


553 Killed and Executed in Iraq as Militants Attack Kirkuk "IndyWatch Feed"

Islamic State militants attacked
the predominantly Kurdish city of Kirkuk and nearby areas on Friday, a
day after ISIS/Daesh called on the
Kurds to cease fighting the militant group in Mosul. The commander of a
Peshmerga base near Kirkuk believes
that Daesh has been keeping sleeper cells in Kirkuk. Or, the militants may have
entered […]



DNA Analysis of Paracas Elongated Skulls Released: Unknown to Any Human, Primate, or Animal David Icke latest headlines

‘Paracas is located in the Pisco Province in the Inca Region on the Southern coast of Peru. Home of the ground breaking discovery in 1928 by Julio Tello of a massive graveyard containing tombs filled with the remains of individuals with elongated skulls, now known as the famous Paracas Skulls. They are approximately 3000 years old, and initial DNA analysis of them has revealed that they may not have come from humans, but from a completely new species, according to Paracas Museum assistant director, researcher and author Brien Foerster. Here is the apparent quote from the geneticist who did the testing.’ Read more: DNA Analysis of Paracas Elongated Skulls Released: Unknown to Any Human, Primate, or Animal


Los reyes de España son recibidos con gritos y abucheos en Oviedo "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Los reyes de España fueron repudiados este viernes a su llegada al Teatro Campoamor, en Oviedo, en medio de los


Why The Nobel Peace Prize is a Complete Joke David Icke latest headlines

‘Since its founding in 1901, the Nobel Peace Prize has ostensibly been the most prestigious international award recognizing those who have done “the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” However, the Norwegian committee, which chooses the peace prize winner annually, uses no formal definition of “peace” and has been criticized for the politicizing the award numerous times.’ Read more: Why The Nobel Peace Prize is a Complete Joke


Half of US Adults Are Recorded in Police Facial Recognition Databases "IndyWatch Feed World"

More than 117 million adults are included in a ‘virtual, perpetual lineup’, which police can use to track citizens, raising concerns over privacy and profiling. This means that half of all Americans are included in the database!

A report from Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy and Technology found that more than 117 million adults are captured in a “virtual, perpetual lineup”, which means law enforcement offices across the United States can scan their photos and use unregulated software to track law-abiding citizens in government data-sets.

But, this sort of research and collection of data is in violation of the citizens’ right to privacy, Freedom of Speech and protection from unjustified and irrational seizure and searching.

Alvaro Bedoya, The executive director of the Center for Privacy and Technology, states that facial recognition technology allows the police to “identify you from far away and in secret without ever talking to you.”

“Unless you’ve been arrested, the chances are you’re not in a criminal fingerprint database or a criminal DNA database either, yet by standing for a driver’s license photo at least 117 million adults have been enrolled in a face recognition network searched by the police or the FBI,” added Bedoya.

The center’s year-long investigation, based on more than 100 police records requests, has produced the most comprehensive survey of facial databases to date and raises many questions about the lack of transparency and privacy protections.

The FBI database photos come from state driver’s licenses, passports, and visa applications, meaning police can easily identify and monitor people who have not had any run-ins with the law.

“In the case of face recognition, there appear to be very few controls or safeguards to ensure it’s not used in situations in which people are engaged in first amendment activity,” said Neema Singh Guliani, ACLU’s legislative counsel.

Public concern is at an all-time high since the publishing of this report and many civil rights organizations are coming to the forefront to register their protest against this sort of data collection and use.




By Anon

Mark Carey (left) with his father Lord Carey, who was the UK’s Archbishop of Canterbury.

Mark Carey is a priest and he is the son of Lord Carey, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Mark Carey was detained at his home after claims that, when he was in his late teens, he sexually abused a female child.


Islington has been a major centre of child abuse.

In 1998 the spooky George Carey made a public call for the humane treatment of Augusto Pinochet, the former dictator of Chile, who was at the time in custody in the United Kingdom.[11][12]

George Carey (right)
Carey supports Israel and is opposed to disinvestment in Israel companies.

In 2006, Carey declared that a church motion in favour of disinvestment in a company active in the occupied territories of Israel made him ashamed to be an Anglican.[41]

In 2009, Carey made positive remarks about the arms trade.[42]



Whole Foods in deep financial trouble; sales plummet following deceptive anti-labeling position with Monsanto David Icke latest headlines

‘The financial outlook for Whole Foods Market continues to look grim, as consumers seeking natural and organic products continue to take their business elsewhere. As far back as 2014, then-CEO John Mackey admitted that the company was hurting due to an explosion in the number of stores selling organic groceries. “The growing demand for fresh, healthy foods, the offering of natural and organic products is expanding everywhere [in] new stores, existing stores and online,” Mackey said. The company has also been hit by several recent scandals, including allegations of price-gouging, and more recently, of colluding with Monsanto to ensure the passage of a bill that bans the labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).’ Read more: Whole Foods in deep financial trouble; sales plummet following deceptive anti-labeling position with Monsanto


Court Reinstates Torture Case Against Abu Ghraib Military Contractor "IndyWatch Feed World"


Pfc. Lynndie England holding a leash attached to a detainee in late 2003 at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, Iraq.

An appellate court on Friday reinstated a lawsuit against a private military contractor accused of torturing detainees at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, reversing a lower court decision that dismissed the case and rejecting the defendant’s claim that the issue of torture was beyond the court’s jurisdiction.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia ruled against the Arlington-based contractor CACI Premier Technology, Inc., sending the case back to the district court in Alexandria for additional review.

CACI had argued that its conduct was outside the court’s bounds, but the panel disagreed, stating, “It is beyond the power of even the president to declare [torture] lawful…. The determination of specific violations of law is constitutionally committed to the courts, even if that law touches military affairs.”

“[T]he military cannot lawfully exercise its authority by directing a contractor to engage in unlawful activity,” the ruling stated.

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), which brought the case on behalf of four plaintiffs, celebrated Friday’s ruling.

CCR legal director Baher Azmy said, “There is no question that torture is unlawful under domestic, military, and international law. The only issue in this case is whether CACI will be held accountable—or treated with impunity—for its role in torture at Abu Ghraib.”

A 2004 military investigation (pdf) found that CACI contractors in 2003 conspired with U.S. soldiers to “soften” Abu Ghraib detainees for interrogations, which led to prisoners being subjected to a range of abuses, from electric shocks to sleep deprivation.

“Today’s decision reaffirms the role of the courts to assess illegality, including torture, and we are optimistic this case will finally move forward and our clients will have their day in court,” Azmy continued. “As with the problems that arise when private corporations run prisons, accountability is particul...


Canada’s PM Trudeau’s Statement To U.N: Tacitly Endorses Illegal “Regime Change” under a Fake Humanitarian Mandate "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Mark Taliano Global Research, October 21, 2016 Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, recently stated at the UN General Assembly plenary meeting on Syria that “Canada is taking a stand at the United Nations General Assembly today to protect vulnerable Syrians and help find a solution to the conflict engulfing that country. With the support […]


Anti-vaxxer Australian nurses may face prosecution David Icke latest headlines

‘Nurses and midwives who chose to promote anti-vaccination on social media or in person could face prosecution, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has warned, urging members of the public to report those who spread “misleading and deceptive” materials. “With no exceptions we expect all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions.This includes providing information to the public about public health issues,” Chair of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) Dr. Lynette Cusack said in a statement. The NMBA has called on Australians to report nurses or midwives promoting anti-vaccination – ‘anti-vaxxers’, as they’re known colloquially.’ Read more: Anti-vaxxer Australian nurses may face prosecution


Nigerian Lady Hair Stylist Arrested with Cocaine Hidden in Her Brassiere (PHOTOS) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nnaji Juliet Ijeoma

Nnaji Juliet Ijeoma

LAGOS OCTOBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested a 30 year-old Brazil-based Nigerian hair stylist, Nnaji Juliet Ijeoma with substance suspected to cocaine hidden in her brassiere at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Ikeja, Lagos.
She was arrested during the inward screening of passengers on a South African Airways flight from Brazil.
The suspected white powdery substance discovered in her brassiere tested positive for cocaine with a gross weight of five hundred and thirty-five (535) grammes.

NDLEA commander at the Lagos airport, Ahmadu Garba disclosed in a statement made available to Urhobotoday that, “A thirty year-old lady by name Nnaji Juliet Ijeoma was arrested on her way from Brazil following the discovery of 535 grammes of cocaine hidden inside her brassiere. The incident is being investigated and she will soon be charged to court.”
How the cocaine was concealed in her brasierre

How the cocaine was concealed in her brasierre

The suspect who is a hair stylist and a Diploma holder in Mass Communication said that she smuggled the drugs because she needed money.
Juliet in her statement affirmed, “I work as a hair stylist in Brazil where l reside for the past two years. I studied mass communication but because of lack of job, I work as a hair stylist in Brazil. I was approached to smuggle cocaine to Nigeria and I accepted because of the money involved. I needed money for my personal problem. The drug was prepared inside brassiere and given to me to put on. I did not know how it was packaged. My role was to smuggle the drug to Nigeria and collect the sum of one million naira”. She hails from Enugu State.
Tthe brasierre before search......


‘Harmful for Poland’: Tusk slams new govt conspiracy theory on presidential plane crash in Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Preview Poland’s defense minister claims a video of Donald Tusk talking with Russian officials at the site of Lech Kaczynski’s plane crash refutes the official probe and was hidden. The EC head dismissed the ...Read More


The Meaning of Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"

October 21, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon By Gilad Atzmon The question regarding the meaning of Trump is unlike questions concerning the person of Trump or what the Republican candidates stands for. The meaning of Trump is that, pretty much, half of the American people say enough is enough. Half of the American people are expressing […]


'Angel cloud' captured on video over South Carolina "IndyWatch Feed World"

This unusual shaped cloud has been spotted in the sky over South Carolina. Cory Hearn captured the rare weather phenomenon on camera, which appears in the shape of an angel with its wings spread wide. Speaking on the footage, Cory says: "Check that out. Is that not an angel or what?" "Nobody would believe me if I didn't do this live but I want you to look at this cloud in the sky. "I don't know that I've ever seen with my own two eyes this type of cloud. Isn't it amazing? "I'm seeing an angel, I don't know if anybody sees anything different." He later told People that it was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen in my life.


La doble moral de Barack Obama hacia Cuba "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Pese al acercamiento entre Estados Unidos y Cuba desde diciembre de 2014, las medidas no se han traducido en beneficio


Some notes on today's DNS DDoS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Some notes on today's DNS outages due to DDoS.

We lack details. As a techy, I want to know the composition of the traffic. Is it blindly overflowing incoming links with junk traffic? Or is it cleverly sending valid DNS requests, overloading the ability of servers to respond, and overflowing outgoing link (as responses are five times or more as big as requests). Such techy details and more make a big difference. Was Dyn the only target? Why were non-Dyn customers effected?

Nothing to do with the IANA handover. So this post blames Obama for handing control of DNS to the Russians, or some such. It's silly, and not a shred of truth to it. For the record, I'm (or was) a Republican and opposed handing over the IANA. But the handover was a symbolic transition of a minor clerical function to a body that isn't anything like the U.N. The handover has nothing to do with either Obama or today's DDoS. There's no reason to blame this on Obama, other than the general reason that he's to blame for everything bad that happened in the last 8 years.

It's not a practice attack. A Bruce Schneier post created the idea of hacking doing "practice" DDoS. That's not how things work. Using a botnot for DDoS always degrades it, as owners of machines find the infections and remove them. The people getting the most practice are the defenders, who learn more from the incident than the attackers do.

It's not practice for Nov. 8. I tweeted a possible connection to the election because I thought it'd be self-evidently a troll, but a lot of good, intelligent, well-meaning people took it seriously. A functioning Internet is not involved in counting the votes anywhere, so it's hard to see how any Internet attack can "rig" the election. DDoSing news sources like CNN might be fun -- a blackout of news might make some people go crazy and riot in the streets. Imagine if Twitter went down while people were voting. With this said, we may see DDoS anyway -- lots of kids control large botnets, so it may happen on election day because they can, not because it changes anything.

Dyn stupidly uses BIND. According to "version.bind" queries, Dyn (the big DNS provider that is a major target) uses BIND. This is the most popular DNS server software, but it's wrong. It 10x to 100x slower than alternatives, meaning that they need 100x more server hardware in order to deal with DDoS attacks. BIND is also 10x more complex -- it strives to be the reference implementation that contains all DNS features, rather than a simple bit of software that just handles this one case. BIND should never be used for Internet-facing DNS, packages like KnotDNS and NSD should be used instead.

Fixing IoT. The persistent rumor is that...


Puppet Enterprise Web Interface Authentication Redirect "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by hyp3rlinx on Oct 21

[+] Credits: John Page aka hyp3rlinx

[+] Website:

[+] Source:

[+] ISR: ApparitionSec


Puppet Enterprise Web Interface
Version < 2016.4.0

Puppet Enterprise is the leading platform for automatically delivering, operating and securing your infrastructure....


FIRE-EARTH Invitation: Planetary Pledge – Act I "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Affiliates CJ Members EAC OC Teams FIRE-EARTH Invitation: Planetary Pledge – Act I Affiliates may be provided with details of the Pledge at Members’ discretion.    Filed under: News Alert Tagged: 001022, 22 October 2016, Affiliates, CJ Members, EAC, FIRE-EARTH Invitation, FIRE-EARTH PULSARS, Planetary Pledge, TML


Saturday assorted links "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

1. My life as a Whole Foods DJ booker those new service sector jobs.

2. The political power of black women.

3. Antiprioritarianism (pdf), by Hilary Greaves.

4. Was the internet hack driven by commandeered Internet of Things?  I cannot verify what is in there, but it is potentially a very important and also disturbing post, via Binyamin Appelbaum.

5. The evidence for universe acceleration may be flimsier than we had thought.  And do you think this is a bigger story than #4 in this list?

6. No one bid for John Nash’s Nobel Prize — was that the Nash equilibrium?

7. Chemical bike lock causes vomiting in thieves.

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Evo: Ya no estamos sometidos al chantaje del FMI y el Banco Mundial "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

“Gracias a la lucha de los movimientos sociales y la unidad del pueblo, Bolivia no depende de potencias extranjeras ni


U.S. Sail Destroyer In South China Sea In Act China Calls “Illegal” And “Provocative” "IndyWatch Feed World"

Just one day after President Rodrigo Duterte from the Philippines officially announced the separation of his country from the United States, it has been reported that the United States Navy has placed a warship in the South China Sea. This forceful statement has been confirmed by the White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

Josh Earnest had this to say at a press briefing concerning the matter:

“This operation demonstrated that coastal states may not unlawfully restrict the navigation rights. freedom and lawful uses of the sea that the United States and all states are entitled to exercise under international law.”

The destroyer was followed by three Chinese warships, and according to China’s Defense Ministry, two of those three warships warned the Decatur to leave the area.

The Ministry of Defense called this move by the United States ‘illegal’ and ‘provocative.’

The fact that the Philippines are no longer on the same page as the United States and have now begun working with China, the appearance of this United States warship raises great suspicions. The U.S. of course, calls the claims being made by China ‘excessive’ and we do not know just how close to the disputed islands the ship actually got.

This is the fourth naval exercise of this sort to take place this past year. It has also been reported that China is most likely going to extend fishing rights to the South China Sea to Filipino fishermen, the Filipino trade business is going to be experiencing around thirteen billion dollars worth of trade deals in the near future as well. The United States is currently making claims that China is attempting to ‘unlawfully restrict’ access to those waters.

The exact outcome of this is unclear, we may be able talk this one through, only time will tell. In the past, the presence of  a U.S. Destroyer in the South China Sea has done nothing, but cause angry responses from China. Yet, for some reason, we seem to continuously be testing the waters.


Puppet Enterprise Web Interface User Enumeration "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by apparitionsec on Oct 21

[+] Credits: John Page aka hyp3rlinx

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[+] ISR: ApparitionSec


Puppet Enterprise Web Interface

Puppet Enterprise is the leading platform for automatically delivering, operating and securing your...


The Gruber Family Murders Remains One Of The Strangest Unsolved Mysteries Ever "IndyWatch Feed World"

The case of the Gruber family murders in 1922 remains one of the strangest unsolved mysteries ever. It all took place approximately 60 miles north of Munich, Germany, on Hinterkaifeck  Full Article »


Akhilesh Yadav’s Pre-poll Alliance Plans May Change Political Dynamic of UP Polls "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The alliance could disrupt the existing political equations and force the BJP and BSP to draw alternative strategies.

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadac in a file photo. Credit: PTI

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadac in a file photo. Credit: PTI

In what may significantly change the political dynamic in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, the ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) may enter into a pre-poll electoral alliance with the Ajit Singh-led Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) and Janata Dal (United) [JD(U)]. Although the latter is a minor player in state politics with only a few pockets of strength in eastern UP, the RLD has a significant support base among Jats, who are dominant in western Uttar Pradesh.

According to top sources in the party, the SP has been in constant talks with the two parties regarding the alliance with an intention to forge a strong secular platform to take on a fledgling BJP. Sources claimed that the RLD and the JD(U) have responded positively to the prospect and the alliance may be announced soon.

“We are giving a final shape to the alliance. The idea is to gain the confidence of minorities and progressive section of population by giving them a credible option to defeat communalism in the state,” said a source close to the SP.

The idea of the pre-poll alliance was mooted by a section of SP leaders who are seen as close to chief minister Akhilesh Yadav. However, it was seriously pursued only after the party sensed that the BJP has gained significant ground in the state after the surgical strikes the Indian army carried out on ‘terror launch pads’ along the LoC. The BJP has been using the strikes in its electoral campaigns and, according to reports, has been met with a considerable degree of success.

The SP hopes to corner the BJP in western UP with the support of Jats, who had turned en masse turned towards the BJP in 2014 parliamentary elections. Following the Muzaffarnagar riots, and an aggressive campaign by the BJP in the area on issues like ‘Love Jihad’ and the so-called Muslim ‘appeasement’ by the SP, western UP...


Centrales sindicales brasileñas convocan protesta contra paquetazo antiobrero "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Las centrales obreras brasileñas se movilizarán el próximo lunes 24 de octubre para protestar contra las medidas neoliberales que el


Neoliberalism and the Future of the Euro Zone David Icke latest headlines

‘The unequal development of the countries of the euro area since the outbreak of the crisis is causing increasing friction that threatens to tear the monetary union apart. Contrary to what many critics of the monetary union suggest, responsibility for this development lies not alone with its internal structure, but is rather a general feature of capitalist development. It is illusory to believe that under the dominance of the capitalist mode of production a spatially even development would ever be possible. Rather, the current monetary regime reinforces the cycles of capitalist crisis.’ Read more: Neoliberalism and the Future of the Euro Zone


Puppet Enterprise Web Interface Authentication Redirect "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

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Puppet Enterprise Web Interface
Version < 2016.4.0

Puppet Enterprise is the leading platform for automatically delivering, operating and securing your infrastructure....


State-Owned Bank: How California Could Save $10 Billion on a $9 Billion Loan David Icke latest headlines

‘School districts are notoriously short of funding – so short that some California districts have succumbed to Capital Appreciation Bonds that will cost taxpayers as much is 10 to 15 times principal by the time they are paid off. By comparison, California’s Prop. 51, the school bond proposal currently on the ballot, looks like a good deal. It would allow the state to borrow an additional $9 billion for educational purposes by selling general obligation bonds to investors at an assumed interest rate of 5%, with the bonds issued over a five-year period and repaid over 30 years. $9 billion × 5% × 35 equals $15.75 billion in interest – nearly twice principal, but not too bad compared to the Capital Appreciation Bond figures. However, there is a much cheaper way to fund this $9 billion school debt. By borrowing from its own state-chartered, state-owned bank, the state could save over $10 billion – on a $9 billion loan. Here is how.’ Read more: State-Owned Bank: How California Could Save $10 Billion on a $9 Billion Loan


Oracle Netbeans IDE v8.1 Import Directory Traversal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

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Netbeans IDE v8.1

Vulnerability Type:
Import Directory Traversal

CVE Reference:

Vulnerability Details:...


The re-taking of Mosul: What’s the long the and short of it? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

231231231231To any neutral observer of the events happening in the Middle East, the battle for re-taking the city of Mosul by the Iraqi forces, aided by the US military “advisers”, from the Islamic State does appear to be the departing US president’s last attempt at giving his party’s voters an image of success ahead of the up-coming elections. While this operation is much more than that, it has still largely been forgotten that the taking of Mosul by IS in June 2014 was a direct punch to the US, which had invaded Iraq in 2003, killed thousands and spent US$25 billion rebuilding a second Iraqi army after it cashiered the first one shortly after occupying the country. The US, we all know, has not had any meaningful success in the fight against terrorists in Iraq since 2014 when it helped defend Baghdad against a Daesh attack on the city. This show of success in Mosul will, therefore, not only help re-build the US’ image, in the eyes of its voters as well as its allies, as a strong stakeholder in the region but also counter-balance Russia’s major successes against ISIS in Syria, particularly in and around Aleppo. The plan, as indications tell us, is to re-engage militarily in Syria.

We have been told that the US forces will be primarily engaged in an “advisory role” in the battle. While this is how the US administration often manipulates certain facts to hide the actual extent of its military engagement, the “advisers” it has deployed will be playing any role other than that of “advising.” It may look a bit strange, but this is how things are going to work in the field. “Advisers” is the Pentagon’s preferred term for every type of US military personnel in Iraq and Syria who isn’t a pilot. However, in reality, “advisers” run the gamut between Special Operations forces such as Army Green Berets, to National Guard soldiers teaching an Iraqi unit, for instance, how to build a bridge. For Mosul, US and Western “advisers” will advance in tandem with whatever Iraq unit they are paired with. Conventional American forces, for the Mosul battle, are allowed to “advise” even at the battalion level.

This implies that while the US advisers will, officially, still be supposed to stay behind the lines, however if an Iraqi unit’s battalion commander wants to fight from the front, his American counterparts will go with him. Western Special Operations forces, therefore, will move about the front much more freely. This particular case has been least r...


New Ad Campaign In College Papers Calls Out Israeli Leaders’ Bigotry Against Palestinians David Icke latest headlines

‘Palestine Advocacy Project (PalAD) has launched a dynamic new ad campaign “Israel’s Leaders: In Their Own Words,” directly quoting prominent Israeli officials’ extremist and bigoted rhetoric. The In Their Own Words series was created to spark conversation on U.S. college campuses seldom featured in the mainstream media. Thus far nine college campuses, including University of California-Berkeley, have agree to publish ads in their campus newspapers.’ Read more: New Ad Campaign In College Papers Calls Out Israeli Leaders’ Bigotry Against Palestinians


Bayelsa Gov Poll: PDP Raises Alarm over Sylva’s Move to Bribe Supreme Court Justices "IndyWatch Feed Africa"



By Amos Okioma
LAGOS OCTOBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bayelsa State has raised the alarm over alleged attempt by Bayelsa State Governorship candidate, Chief Timipriye Sylva to to bribe to bribe Supreme Court justices to as to influence the judgment in his favour.
The party equally condemned in its entirety, a statement by the All Progressives Party (APC) that, it will expose every move by the PDP to bribe Justices of the Supreme Court to swing the State Governorship appeal before the apex court in favour of Governor Seriake Dickson.

Reacting to the APC statement, the State Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Barrister Osom Macbere described it as a complete balderdash, diversionary and should not be taken serious by any right thinking Bayelsan and indeed Nigerians.
The PDP spokesman, who likened the APC statement to the proverbial ‘pot calling the kettle black’, noted that, it is sad that, the APC statement is coming on the heels of the recent revelation by very senior Justices publicly accusing top members of the APC at states and national levels of allegedly attempting to bribe them to secure favourable judgements for their governorship candidates in some States.
He recalled how, the APC leadership in Bayelsa State has on several occasions, before and after the last governorship polls in the state, boasted of using federal might to win elections in the State, instead of the popular votes of Bayelsans and wonders how the same people are now turning round to point accusing fingers at the PDP.
According to him, what the APC is doing is to divert the attention of Bayelsans and Nigerians away from the truth, which is already in the public domain, that it is they (the APC) that have been bribing and attempting do the same to subvert the course of justices, as was alleged recently by some senior justices of the Judiciary.
He also described the APC as a party of liars, who should not be taken seriously any longer, stressing that, they lied to win election and have failed woefully to fulfill their election promises, as Nigerians groan and suffer in hunger and abject poverty to a level never witnessed under any government in the past, stressing that, instead of telling Nigerians the truth, they are still lying.
The statement added that, while every Nigerian, including close family and party members of the APC have come out openly to blame the APC led Federal Government of its inability to manage the Nation’s economy, the APC in Bayelsa is so myopic and mischieve...


Women Peace Activists Peace Treaty Initiative To End Korean War David Icke latest headlines

‘On Tuesday, September 27, women peace activists held a press conference at the Interchurch Center across from the United Nations Headquarters building in NYC. They announced that they had delivered a letter signed by more than 100 women asking UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to initiate a peace process which will lead to a peace treaty between the US and the DPRK by 2020. They explained that with 100 days left before the UN Secretary General completes his second five year term at the head of the UN Secretariat, he has an obligation to fulfill on a promise he made in a speech in 2007 where he stated: “Beyond a peaceful resolution of the nuclear issue with North Korea, we should aim to establish a peace mechanism, through transition from armistice to a permanent peace regimen.”’ Read more: Women Peace Activists Peace Treaty Initiative To End Korean War


New Project Releases All Current (Non-Confidential) Congressional Research "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard

Going back nearly a decade, we've been talking about the ridiculousness of Congress refusing to publicly release reports from the Congressional Research Service (CRS). As we've discussed many times, CRS is an in-house think tank for Congress that is both famously non-partisan and actually really good at what they do. CRS reports tend to be really useful and highly credible (which is part of the reason why Congress isn't a fan of letting them out into the public). Of course, as works of the federal government, CRS reports are in the public domain, but the way it's always worked is that the reports are released only to members of Congress. These include both general reports on topics that are released to every member of Congress, or specific research tasked by a member for the CRS to investigate and create a new report. The members who receive the reports are able to release them to the public, and some do, but the vast majority of CRS work remains hidden from public view. For the most part, both CRS and Congress have resisted any attempt to change this. Going back decades, they've put together a mostly ridiculous list of reasons opposing plans to more widely distribute CRS reports.

Some members of Congress keep introducing bills to make these public domain CRS reports actually available to the public. We've written about such attempts in 2011, 2012, 2015 and earlier this year. And each time they get shot down, often for completely ridiculous reasons, including the belief that making these reports public will somehow hurt CRS's ability to continue to do good, non-partisan research.

[...] But earlier this week, there was a new entrant: Unlike basically all of the other aggregators of CRS reports that collect released reports and aggregate them, it appears that EveryCRSReport basically has teamed up with members of Congress who have access to a massive stash of CRS reports loaded onto the Congressional intranet, all of which have been released via the site -- and it appears that the site is automatically updated, suggesting that the still nameless Congressional partners have set up a way to continually feed in new reports. To avoid public pressure or harassment (one of the core reasons used by Congress and CRS to reject proposals to open up the content), the site removes the names and contact info of the CRS staffers who create the reports. The reports that are available are not just in unsearchable PDFs, but they're fully HTML and fully searchable.



8 Popular Myths About Aliens "IndyWatch Feed World"

1). They are here to eat us Take a look around … if they were fattening us up for harvest, the feast could have started years ago. As much as  Full Article »


US wants to keep alliance with Philippines: Pentagon chief David Icke latest headlines

‘US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says his country intends to keep its alliance commitments to the Philippines, despite remarks by the Southeast Asian country’s president regarding a shift from the Washington policies. Carter made the comments on Friday, a day after Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte announced Manila’s “separation” from Washington, a former long-standing ally, and its realignment with Beijing. “We have important alliance commitments which we intend to keep in the Philippines,” Carter said, adding that, “Obviously any relationship is one of mutuality and we will continue to discuss that with our Philippine counterparts.”‘ Read more: US wants to keep alliance with Philippines: Pentagon chief


Pakistan rejects India's claim about killing seven soldiers David Icke latest headlines

‘Pakistan has strongly rejected a claim by India that its forces have killed seven Pakistani soldiers along the so-called Line of Control (LoC). Pakistan’s army spokesman Lieutenant General Asim Bajwa said in a message posted on Twitter on Friday that the Indian “claim of hitting or killing any” Pakistani soldier “with firing at anytime of today” along the LoC, the de facto border in the disputed territory of Kashmir, was “absolutely false.” Earlier in the day, India’s Border Security Force, also known as the BSF, said Pakistani Rangers had targeted Indian positions with sniper fire, following an attempt by militants overnight to enter the Indian side in Hira Nagar near the main city of Jammu in Indian-controlled Kashmir.’ Read more: Pakistan rejects India’s claim about killing seven soldiers


The (Mobile) Games Women Play "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Who counts as a gamer and what counts as games amount to data that is heavily skewed in its class, caste and gender perspectives.

Gameplay from the 'Freedom Fall' games. Source: Lisa Rye, Stirfire Studios/2013

Gameplay from the ‘Freedom Fall’ games. Source: Lisa Rye, Stirfire Studios/2013

While I was growing up in the sleepy town of Pune, many teenage girls made the most of their first cell phones by sending coy, flirty texts to their boyfriends and making plans about which Café Coffee Day to hang out at after school. Those blessed with early smartphones also had the privilege of uploading a new Facebook profile picture every week; the sort that racked up ‘likes’ in the hundreds.

Meanwhile, I was busy playing Snake 2 on my dinky Nokia 1101. Not all of us got to be cool kids. Making sure my pixelated snake didn’t eat its own tail got me through elongated periods of boredom and adolescent heartaches. I never progressed to that elusive four-digit high score, though, possiblybecause I had the uncanny ability to make phones disappear every six months.

Almost a decade later, when I climbed aboard the shaky freelance-writer-train, I found myself downloading Mean Girls: Senior Year onto my smartphone. After all, who would want to channel their free time into self-growth or learning to code when they could be personally victimised by Regina George instead?

For the un-inducted, the Mean Girls movie is an initiation into adulthood; a scathing satire about how terrible teenagers can be to each other, disguised as a chick-flick. Mean Girls: Senior Year was a basic, simulation role-playing game, with mostly-perfect animated versions of the movie characters. I chose what my cha...


South Korean War with Chinese Poachers "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

45234324123Against the backdrop of the incident involving the apprehension of North Korean poachers which is now being discussed in the Russian media (one person injured on the Russian side, one person killed and eight persons injured on the other side) and might seem to be an unprecedented escalation of the conflict, it is worth mentioning the similar “front” between South Korea and China that accompanies the deterioration of relations due to the THAAD issue.

There has never been a lack of notable incidents in this area, especially after October 2014, when the captain of a Chinese fishing vessel died when being apprehended by the South Korean coast guard, so we are going to refer to the events which took place recently.

The latest incident at the time of writing this article happened in the Yellow Sea on October 2, 2016, when a Chinese fishing vessel crashed into the patrol boat of the South Korean coast guard. Caught by the 4.5 ton South Korean patrol boat undertaking illegal fishing, the 100-ton fishing vessel launched an attack. The incident took place 76 km to the south-west of Socheong Island of Ongjin County, Incheon. Nobody died, but the patrol boat finally went down.

The Administration of the Korean president regretted this incident. On 11 October the Korean Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kim Hyoung-zhin delivered the protest note to Qiu Guohong, the Chinese Ambassador to Seoul, and demanded more efforts from China, in order to avoid similar incidents in the future. The leader of the ruling Saenuri party Lee Jung-hyun compared this incident with war. On 12 October he visited the quay to see the arrested Chinese vessel, pointed out the need for drastic actions due to the life-threatening danger for the coast guard officers and proposed to the Ministry of the Interior of the Korean Republic that the incident and the related issues should be discussed with China at a hig...



Mining giants face homicide charges over Brazil dam disaster David Icke latest headlines

‘Brazilian prosecutors have filed homicide charges against 21 people over a mining dam collapse a year ago that killed 19 people and left hundreds homeless in the Minas Gerais region. Among those charged include current and former top executives of mining companies Vale and BHP Billiton who jointly owned the Samarco mine. If found guilty of qualified homicide, the individuals could face sentences of between 12 and 30 years in prison.’ Read more: Mining giants face homicide charges over Brazil dam disaster


6 Major Media Conspiracies Happening Right in Front of Your Eyes "IndyWatch Feed World"

Woven into the ever-evolving narrative of the mainstream media are key plot lines, hidden in the sub-text of so-called current events, going for the most part unnoticed by the public. We could  Full Article »


US warship sails close to China's islands in South China Sea David Icke latest headlines

‘A US Navy warship has allegedly conducted a “navigation freedom operation” near an island claimed by China in the South China Sea, in a move that could heighten tensions between Washington and Beijing. The US Defense Department made the announcement on Friday, saying the USS Decatur destroyer passed close to the Paracel Islands and “conducted this transit in a routine, lawful manner without ship escorts and without incident.” Pentagon spokesman Commander Gary Ross added, “This operation demonstrated that coastal States may not unlawfully restrict the navigation rights, freedoms, and lawful uses of the sea that the United States and all states are entitled to exercise under international law.”‘ Read more: US warship sails close to China’s islands in South China Sea


BullionStar attends LBMA Conference in Singapore, October 2016 "IndyWatch Feed World"

By BullionStar


This year, the well-known annual conference of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) was held in Singapore between Sunday 16 October and Tuesday 18 October at the impressive Shangri-La Hotel. The conference attracts delegates and speakers from across the world of bullion, with representatives from precious metals refiners, mints, bullion banks, brokers, trading and technology providers, bullion dealers and bullion wholesalers. This year over 700 delegates attended.

The main speaker sessions, presentation and panel sessions of industry representatives ran over two days, between Monday 17 October and Tuesday 18 October. Topics covered in the speaker sessions were numerous and varied and included the bullion market in China, developments in the Indian gold market, responsible gold guidance, LBMA updates and developments, a dedicated session on platinum group metals, and a session on the financing of refineries.

As interesting as the speaker sessions and presentations are, many of the conference attendees use at least some of their time at the LBMA conference to engage in meetings with each other on the sidelines. This explains the constant stream of small breakout meetings that took place in the hotel lobby’s seating areas, as well as in dedicated meeting rooms around the hotel. BullionStar also used the occasion to meet with existing suppliers from the refining, minting and wholesaling world, as well as to discuss potential business opportunities with new suppliers.

There were also approximately 20 exhibitor stands at the conference, including stands hosted by CME Group, Brinks, the World Gold Council, IE Singapore (Singapore’s trade development authority), Istanbul Gold Refinery (IGR), Metals Focus consultancy, Cinnober, and Nadir Refinery.

Singapore – Central Business District, Skyline

Hong Kong – Shenzhen Gold Connect

On the Sunday prior to the conference, the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange...


Russia extends Aleppo humanitarian pause for another day David Icke latest headlines

‘Russia has announced that it has extended a humanitarian ceasefire, which was due to expire on Friday in Syria’s embattled city of Aleppo, for another day. “The humanitarian pause in Aleppo will be extended for another day, starting from 8.00 a.m. (0500 GMT) until 7.00 p.m. (1600 GMT) on October 22,” Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Sergei Rudskoi said at a press briefing in Moscow on Friday night.’ Read more: Russia extends Aleppo humanitarian pause for another day


NASA Admits: Someone Took Control Over Our Aircraft, We Received Messages From An Unknown Language "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Space probe “Voyager 2” during its path through space sent a message to the base of the Earth in a quite unintelligible language. NASA after over six years did not know the reason, but they  know that it can not be accidental.

Via theusualroutine


“Voyager 2” is the first spacecraft to leave the solar system in 2010 and it was in the moments when the spacecraft could enter into interstellar space that a strange thing happened, that NASA would consider “someone or something” had assumed control over it.

“At a distance of about 15 billion kilometers from Earth, the probe suddenly started sending data in a language which they could never understand,” said NASA expert Kevin Baines, reports Physics Astronomy.

“Something or someone changed the communications system of the space probe Voyager 2,” added Baines.

NASA admits: Someone took control of our aircraft, we received messages from an unknown language

“The assessment of the other systems, the Voyager team could not find any defect. Only one system was changed, “he said Baines adds that the later analysis showed that a component in a binary code system was changed from 0 to 1.

Such a change of only one bit indicates that someone deliberately tried to change some things on the computer of “Voyager 2”. With such methods commonly used by hackers, they can completely shut down the computer or destroy data. In this case, damage was only to one system.



Train derailment kills 55, wound nearly 600 in Cameroon David Icke latest headlines

‘At least 55 people, including women and children, have lost their lives and nearly 600 others sustained injuries in an accident during which an overloaded passenger train derailed in southern Cameroon, authorities say. According to a statement read on state broadcaster CRTV by the country’s Transport Minister Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o, the train, carrying 1,300 passengers instead of the usual 600, derailed while travelling from the capital Yaounde to the port city of Douala at midday on Friday. Witnesses said that several wagons swung off the track as the crammed train derailed leaving behind debris spread over adjacent rail tracks.’ Read more: Train derailment kills 55, wound nearly 600 in Cameroon


Nigerians React to Re-Arrest of Fani-Kayode, Demand Arrest of Amaechi,Umar,Saraki "IndyWatch Feed Africa"



LAGOS OCTOBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-Fani Kayode was re-arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on October 21.
Following his arrest, Nigerians have been reacting furiously, especially in the light of accussations darted at the minister of transport, Honorable Rotimi Amaechi.
Below are the reactions of Nigerians to the arrest.
Anslem Sander Ebuogbei said: “So there are moles in the EFCC who inform people about their impending arrest. This is bad for the anti-corruption fight.”

Abiodun Emmanuel was of the opinion that this is good, he however, asked: “But what about Ameachi? if nothing will happen to ameachi,nothing is happening to you uncle femi,you are only a EFCC victim because no immunity like others such as Ameachi, Danladi Umar, Bukola saraki,fayose to mention but few…no option for them than to release you back.”
Freeman Solomon said: “He will only just be like that. Wickedness never satisfies anyone. These are experienced people that he should have brought together to help this country. Instead he has chosen to pursue them from one end to the other all in the name of “fighting quaruption” and at the end of it all would have been an effort in futility. I laugh.”
Tony Opanka Theo said: “Go well bro, what dosnt kill a man will make him stronger. The so called fight against corruption is so glared to be nothing but witch hunt. Be calm, an event that will keep a end to this will come one day.”
A furious Agbo Christian said: “To hell with Buhari and his corruption fight. Are all APC members saints?. You cannot put the cart before the horse. Nigerians are dying of hunger but the tyrant is more concerned about witch- hunting his political opponents. NONSENSE!!!” Ogalla Chinonso Kelly said: “Nigeria when ever you say something then you are corrupt what about tinubu amechi obasanjo buhari is detaining his opposition parties….. Buhari as old man you suppose know that if you brake a bottle you will never fix it again.”


US to deploy F-35 jets in Japan next year David Icke latest headlines

‘The US is set to deploy over a dozen F-35 Lightning II warplanes in Japan next year, a move that is likely to anger China and intensify tensions in East Asia. The US Forces Japan confirmed the deployment in a tweet on Friday, adding that the state-of-the-art fighter jets will be stationed at a Marine Corps base in the Japanese city of Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture. “The future of US Marine Corps aviation, the F-35 Lightning II set to hit MCAS Iwakuni in 2017,” the force said.’ Read more: US to deploy F-35 jets in Japan next year


4 Tons Of Cocaine Found On Crashed CIA Jet Plane "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

8 years ago,  a CIA jet plane, named Gulfstream II, crashed within the wilderness of Mexico’s Yucatan jungle carrying 4 tons of pure cocaine. The aftermath of the event changed the entire narrative of the war on drugs. It was brought to question the significant involvement the US government has with its ‘war on drugs’.

Via theusualroutine



Counter Current news reports: The Gulf Stream II jet, aircraft #N987SA, was allegedly used to transport CIA Rendition prisoners from Europe to America to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba crash-landed Sept 24, 2007, in Mexico carrying over 4 tons of cocaine. It is suspected to Gulf-stream jet ran out of fuel as it traveled from Columbia to the United States.

FAA records list the plane as belonging to Atef Hanna of Tarpon Springs, FL, but at the time of the incident, it was registered to Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc. a front for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE claims it sold the aircraft to DEA suspected drug smugglers as part of an undercover operation immediately prior to the crash in Mexico.

The ICE undercover agent who brokered the deal, Don Whittington, pled guilty to federal tax charges in 1987. According to an affidavit accidentally unsealed then subsequently released, Whittington is currently under investigation for using a Colorado Springs resort and spa to launder profits from the sale of this and other aircraft used in smuggling busts.


Rita Bahuguna Joshi’s Defection: BJP Doesn’t Gain, Nor Does the Congress Lose "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

An insignificant leader even among the Brahmins and with hardly any mass support, Bahuguna might end up being the biggest loser in the game of political soccer ahead of the Uttar Pradesh assembly election early next year.  

Biggest loser in the shuffle? Credit: PTI

Biggest loser in the shuffle? Credit: PTI

Rita Bahuguna Joshi, the former Uttar Pradesh Congress chief who after unsuccessfully contesting parliamentary elections twice managed to win only a MLA seat from Lucknow cantonment in the last assembly, sent shock waves in the Congress by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party as the state is gearing up for polls early next year. Rumours of her talks with the BJP leadership has been doing the rounds but her timing to finally leave the Congress comes close on the heels of Congress scion Rahul Gandhi’s plans to do a state-wide padyatra, his longest-ever political campaign in the state.

Although Congress leaders have said that her exit at this critical juncture will not harm the party’s prospects in the upcoming state polls, it certainly disadvantages the party against its national rival BJP psychologically, if not electorally. The party is at an all-time low standing in the state. Observers who follow state politics feel that Bahuguna’s defection at this juncture will be a cause of temporary embarrassment for the grand old party but nothing more as the party is struggling to retain even its select pockets of support in the state....


SOPA False Flag? Alleged ‘Hack’ on Netflix, Twitter, Amazon – US ready to blame Russia "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

Yesterday, a wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks hit some of the top online companies websites including Amazon, Netflix, Twitter and Reddit. One cannot rule out the very real possibility that this a staged-managed event, especially when you consider The New York Times was listed among those affected. If recent US media and political themes are anything to go by, you can expect a cascading chorus of blame directed at Russia.

In this age of America’s new and improved trial by media format, you can expect a litany of unfounded accusations, along with the usual anti-Russia hyperbole and waving fingers at Washington’s new go-to scape goat – Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The likelihood of Russia or any other country being involved in this heavily coordinated DDoS incident falls flat, when you consider that the US media has been floating the ‘blame Russia’ meme for months now, and even more conveniently during this 2016 US presidential election cycle, led by Vice President Joe Biden, and of course, the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, all blaming Kremlin for both the DNC Leaks and the Wikileaks email dump.

If Russia is going to be the scapegoat for this recent DDoS attack, then consider the following…

‘HACK ATTACK?’ – Who was behind the Black Friday internet outage in America? (Photo illustration 21WIRE’s Shawn Helton)

Immediate when this story broke, the establishment quickly wheeled out their ‘experts’, as CNN’s chief gatekeeper Wolf Blitzer cued-up scripted questions to Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) advocate, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R, TN), Vice Chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee. Not only is Blackburn is a staunch supporter of more draconian copyright laws (she once claimed that ‘Fair Use’ was...

SOPA False Flag? Alleged ‘Hack’ on Netflix, Twitter, Amazon – US ready to blame Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Shawn Helton


Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

Yesterday, a wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks hit some of the top online companies websites including Amazon, Netflix, Twitter and Reddit. One cannot rule out the very real possibility that this a staged-managed event, especially when you consider The New York Times was listed among those affected. If recent US media and political themes are anything to go by, you can expect a cascading chorus of blame directed at Russia.

In this age of America’s new and improved trial by media format, you can expect a litany of unfounded accusations, along with the usual anti-Russia hyperbole and waving fingers at Washington’s new go-to scape goat – Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The likelihood of Russia or any other country being involved in this heavily coordinated DDoS incident falls flat, when you consider that the US media has been floating the ‘blame Russia’ meme for months now, and even more conveniently during this 2016 US presidential election cycle, led by Vice President Joe Biden, and of course, the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, all blaming Kremlin for both the DNC Leaks and the Wikileaks email dump.

If Russia is going to be the scapegoat for this recent DDoS attack, then consider the following…

‘HACK ATTACK?’ – Who was behind the Black Friday internet outage in America? (Photo illustration 21WIRE’s Shawn Helton)

Immediate when this story broke, the establishment quickly wheeled out their ‘experts’, as CNN’s chief gatekeeper Wolf Blitzer cued-up scripted questions to Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) advocate, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R, TN), Vice Chair of the En...


WikiLeaks Show Rothschilds Grooming Clinton For Presidency — Months Before She Launched Candidacy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Months before Hillary Clinton officially announced her bid for the presidency, the Rothschild family was hard at work helping craft her future economic policy.

Via AlternativeNews

As Wikileaks reveals in the ongoing hugely-damaging release of John Podesta’s files, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who maintains an incredibly cozy personal relationship with the Clintons, was already forming Hillary’s economic policy in January 2015 — long before the former secretary of state announced her candidacy.

On January 7, 2015, Lady Rothschild wrote to top Clinton aide, Cheryl Mills, under the subject heading “FW: Elizabeth Warren”:

“I think this blog overstates what Warren was doing, but we need to craft the economic message for Hillary so that Warren’s common inaccurate conclusions are addressed. Xoxo Lynn.”

In the blog Rothschild refers to, Warren attacks Clinton’s close association with Big Banks and Wall Street, by highlighting how enormous free trade deals and banking deregulation line the wallets of the elite at the expense of the working class.

Rothschild’s brief message tells of the upcoming predictably negative public perception Clinton would incur for her fealty to bankers — as clearly evidenced in the transcripts of highly-paid speeches for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and others — also recently released by WikiLeaks. Of course, the irony of both Lady Rothschild’s concern and her heralding the “need to craft” Hillary’s “economic message” cannot be overstated.

Heading an elite global banking empire, the notorious — or, more aptly, nefarious — Rothschild family collectively shapes the planet’s economic and, thus, political policies. Lynn Forester de Rothschild, whomarried billionaire financier Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in 2000, plays prominently throughout Clinton’s political career — including her tenure at the State Department. In fact, it could easily be argued Clinton’s Big Bank loyalty more accurately lies specifically with the Rothschild family.

Wikileaks’ previous release of Hillary Clinton’s emails disclosed an April 2010 exchange in which  Rothschild tells Clinton under the subject heading “Miss you” that she “would love to catch up” and “I remain your loyal adoring pal.” Clinton responds in kind, “let’s make that happen,” and signs off, “Much love, H.”

Then in September 2010, Clinton messaged Rothschild, “I was trying to reach you to tell you and Teddy that I asked Tony Blair to go to Israel as part of our full court press o...


Trump with narrow lead in some polls "IndyWatch Feed"

Trump With Narrow Lead In Some Polls Donald Trump’s campaign strategy in recent days has been to openly question the validity of the upcoming election results, and his potential refusal to accept the outcome. His comments, with the election 17 days away, perhaps serve as an admission that his…


Questions about the Bermuda Triangle have a weather explanation "IndyWatch Feed"

Questions Over The Bermuda Triangle Have Weather Explanation The Bermuda Triangle has long been a topic of folklore and urban legend. The 500,000 square mile area of the Atlantic Ocean bounded by Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico is where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared…


Zika found to change human cells – report "IndyWatch Feed"

Everything we know about Zika fever may change due to a discovery from the University of California, San Diego’s School of Medicine. The disease only recently became public knowledge and has been the subject of a significant amount of scientific study. One alarming aspect of the Zika virus is the insidious way it can damage […]



Aung San Suu Kyi’s Visit to India Sets the Stage For Improved Ties With Myanmar "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The restoration of democracy in Myanmar, the lifting of US sanctions and Narendra Modi’s hands on approach foretells New Delhi’s more active role in the country’s nation building.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sand Myanmar state counsellor and foreign minister Aung San Suu Kyi after their joint press statement in New Delhi. Credit: PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sand Myanmar state counsellor and foreign minister Aung San Suu Kyi after their joint press statement in New Delhi. Credit: PTI

Aung San Suu Kyi – state counsellor and foreign minister of Myanmar, and leader of the National League of Democracy (NLD) – recently concluded her first official visit to India, six months after the NLD formally taking charge.

Suu Kyi is no stranger to India, having lived in Delhi with her mother Daw Khin Kyi, Burma’s Ambassador to India in the 1960s and graduated from a Delhi college, and later pursued research on the independence movements in India and Myanmar, at the IIAS, Simla. She has often spoken of her affection and closeness to India, most feelingly during her acceptance speech for the Jawaharlal Nehru Prize for International Understanding during her last visit to India in November 2012, not long after she was released from house arrest in 2011.

Though not formally head of state or government, her recent visit was treated as a ‘state’ visit, with full ceremonials and official meetings with President Pranab Mukherjee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and foreign minister Sushma Swaraj, for which the external affairs ministry deserves credit. It marks the culmination of a series of interactions since the NLD assumed power, including a major business event in Yangon led by commerce and industry minister Nirmala Sitharaman; Foreign office consultations in India; visits by national security advisor Ajit Doval and Swaraj to Myanmar; a meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Suu Kyi at the ASEAN-EAS Summit in Vientiane; and Myanmar President U Htin Kyaw’s formal visit as head of state last August. President Mukherjee also hosted a private lunch in her honour. Taken together, they mark a determined outreach towards the last of India’s immediate neighbours under PM Modi’s ‘neighbourhood first’ policy hitherto held back by the election process in Myanmar in 2015.

Media coverage of her visit was understandably dominated by the situation in the...


So Russia Won't Elect the Next POTUS "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

What about the (silent) Big Red Dragon in the midst of this appalling circus? The final cage match in Vegas yielded no further demonization of China. Beijing anyway is ready -- confident that no Pivoting Darth Vader in a White Pantsuit will be able to derail the Eurasian Century.


NSA Whistleblower: US Intelligence Worker Likely Behind DNC Leaks, Not Russia "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

During the third and last presidential debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, debate moderator Chris Wallace pulled a quote from a speech Clinton had given to Brazilian bankers, noting the information had been made available to the public via WikiLeaks. Instead of answering the question, Clinton blamed the Russian government for the […]

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The Liberation Power of Brexit "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By Isidoros Karderinis
LAGOS OCTOBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-The referendum of June 23, 2016 regarding Britain’s remain at or exit from the European Union, through its subversive BREXIT result – the first major, painful defeat for the under German control European Union of the banks and multinationals,- undoubtedly shook the dominant British and European political and economical system.
The British, taken as a whole, are not the people of a protectorate who might have perhaps a slave mentality. They are the proud people of a great country that in the past has been an empire and today is one of the world’s largest economies. The British therefore, who are also the winners of two world wars, have developed a highly dignified attitude and behavior. So, the British citizens who endured with unprecedented fortitude and bravery the fierce bombardments of the Nazi air force in World War II, would not be able to accept, -against any short-term negative economicc impacts arising from the BREXIT-, the German domination and leadership in the European Union.
Thus, the incredible surprise of the German political leaders and far away standing bureaucrats in Brussels caused by this amazing, liberating for the ordinary people result, on that promising and sunny dawn of June 24, 2016, does not comply in any way with any historical knowledge and thorough data analysis.
Germany’s assiduous effort to put under its complete control the European people and level once again the continent –this time not by the use of military weapons as in the past, but the use of economic ones-, presents similar, ignorant of history characteristics. It is obvious that the Germans, who cannot control in any way their great political and economic power, are completely ignorant of the history, and so now, find themselves -by mathematical determinism- on the verge of a new defeat that will come through the imminent, unraveling of the European Union.
The European Union, which in 1993 through the Maastricht treaty replaced the until then EEC, is basically a by default unnatural and defective political and economic union of states with different political, legal, economic, military and cultural levels, but as well a union of people who feel like strangers to each other, without any mutual and brotherly feelings of solidarity Thus, the grandiose pronouncements and unrealistic visions for a democratic and prosperous from end to end European Union could not but be bitterly ruled out.
Germany, taking advantage of the impacts of the crisis erupted in September 2008 through the grandiose collapse of the banks (Lehman Brothers), and invoking -of course- th......


Fixing the IoT isn't going to be easy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A large part of the internet became inaccessible today after a botnet made up of IP cameras and digital video recorders was used to DoS a major DNS provider. This highlighted a bunch of things including how maybe having all your DNS handled by a single provider is not the best of plans, but in the long run there's no real amount of diversification that can fix this - malicious actors have control of a sufficiently large number of hosts that they could easily take out multiple providers simultaneously.

To fix this properly we need to get rid of the compromised systems. The question is how. Many of these devices are sold by resellers who have no resources to handle any kind of recall. The manufacturer may not have any kind of legal presence in many of the countries where their products are sold. There's no way anybody can compel a recall, and even if they could it probably wouldn't help. If I've paid a contractor to install a security camera in my office, and if I get a notification that my camera is being used to take down Twitter, what do I do? Pay someone to come and take the camera down again, wait for a fixed one and pay to get that put up? That's probably not going to happen. As long as the device carries on working, many users are going to ignore any voluntary request.

We're left with more aggressive remedies. If ISPs threaten to cut off customers who host compromised devices, we might get somewhere. But, inevitably, a number of small businesses and unskilled users will get cut off. Probably a large number. The economic damage is still going to be significant. And it doesn't necessarily help that much - if the US were to compel ISPs to do this, but nobody else did, public outcry would be massive, the botnet would not be much smaller and the attacks would continue. Do we start cutting off countries that fail to police their internet?

Ok, so maybe we just chalk this one up as a loss and have everyone build out enough infrastructure that we're able to withstand attacks from this botnet and take steps to ensure that nobody is ever able to build a bigger one. To do that, we'd need to ensure that all IoT devices are secure, all the time. So, uh, how do we do that?

These devices had trivial vulnerabilities in the form of hardcoded passwords and open telnet. It wouldn't take terribly strong skills to identify this at import time and block a shipment, so the "obvious" answer is to set up forces in customs who do a security analysis of each device. We'll ignore the fact that this would be a pretty huge set of people to keep up with the sheer quantity of crap being developed and skip straight to the explanation for why this wouldn't work.

Yeah, sure, this vulnerability was obvious. But what about the product from...


Uncategorized Brutal Military-Style Police Raid Ends Native American Prayer Against Dakota Pipeline With Pepper-Spray and Machine Guns "IndyWatch Feed Europe" North Dakota police have just imposed police state tactics on Native American water protectors with military-style equipment surrounding a prayer gathering against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline on Wednesday. “ND authorities deploy armed personnel with shotguns … Continue reading

Musical Interlude: Justin Hayward, John Lodge, “I Dreamed Last Night” "IndyWatch Feed World"

Justin Hayward, John Lodge, “I Dreamed Last Night”

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. 
That myth is more potent than history. 
That dreams are more powerful than facts. 
That hope always triumphs over experience. 
That laughter is the only cure for grief. 
And I believe that love is stronger than death.”
- Robert Fulghum


Clinton Staffer Hands Questions to Andrea Mitchell "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video shows a Clinton staff member texting NBC’s Andrea Mitchell a question to ask Hillary. The press no longer reports the news — they are part of the news.


60 Years Ago Aldous Huxley Predicted How Global Freedom Would Perish "IndyWatch Feed World"

In a televised interview with ABC’s Mike Wallace in 1958, author of the seminal classic Brave New World, Aldous Huxley laid out his rather grim vision for the future of the  Full Article »


Rotimi Amaechi Reacts as Another Supreme Court Judge, Justice Sylvester Ngwuta Accuses Him of Bribery "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Another Supreme Court judge, Justice Sylvester Ngwuta, whose house was raided and was arrested by officers of the Department of State Services (DSS) has accused the Minister of Transportation and former governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi of attempting to bribe him to pervert justice in the governorship election disputes in Ekiti, Rivers, and Ebonyi […]


Is Hillary Behind the False Charges against Julian Assange? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hillary Fight for Us

Hillary has a reputation for being very vindictive. The latest is that she is ultimately behind the whole incident of accusing Julian Assange of sex crimes. This is getting really bad. The one clear link is that the father of negative interest rates, Larry Summers, is also connected to Hillary. You never know what is real or fake anymore. What a complete mess this election has become.

In the above video, Al Gore discusses the rigged election in 2000. Our computer projected a Gore victory. When the vote seems to go against our computer, it becomes something that is questionable.



WikiLeaks Bombshell: ‘There Is No US Election’ The whistleblowing organization also released Barack Obama’s personal emails, showing that President Bush organized his transition to the highest office in the land before the 2008 election. "IndyWatch Feed World"

WikiLeaks couldn’t have made it clearer in a series of tweets on Thursday – the US election for the President of the United States is rigged. The establishment have selected their President and by hook or crook she will be “elected.”

Responding to allegations that WikiLeaks ...Read More


America’s Doomed "IndyWatch Feed"

More fun in the Indispensable Nation: As we have all heard by now, according to Hillary, ardent of becoming National Basilisk, half of Trump’s supporters are evil and the other half losers, deplorables all. That is, she holds half of Americans in contempt. Unsurprisingly she said this in New York, which is barely America, and to a convention of sexual curiosities.

I frankly think her admirable. As she coughs, staggers convulses, lies, pilfers, sells favors and lapses into intermittent confusion, she still has the courage to tell America that she loathes half of it. That´s candor.

Give her credit for consistency. She is always mendacious, firmly in the pockets of Wall Street, Israel, the Neocon hawks, and the arms industry, never  having accomplished anything on her own, always riding Bill’s coattails, having a disastrous record as SecState, always for sale. With her, we know what we will get. With Trump, it’s a roll of the very weird dice.

Ah, the Donald. While he unmistakably displays various presidential qualities–he can walk up stairs by himself, and his eyes usually point in the same direction–there is indeed a certain aleatory quality to the man. God knows what he might do. He shoots from the hip, saying all sorts of loopy but interesting things. Interesting if you live somewhere else. He talks  unflatteringly  about the other sex near open mikes, instead of away from them like everybody else.

The potential consequences of this are not easily grasped by those under fifty. The United States has been remarkably protected for decades. America’s wars are fought in other people’s countries. Except for 9/11 the public has never been subjected to the horrors routinely inflicted by America in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and so on. Ever fewer Americans have been in a schoolyard fight, baited a hook, fired a gun, or lived a week in the woods. We are a coddled nation.

My saying this will bring forth much squeaking and gibbering to the effect that I am insecure and fantasizing about Marlboro Man, remembering a macho world that never was, a latent transgender and that I hate everybody. Only the last comes close.

But America is more fragile than it looks. Its people cannot feed themselves. The economy really can collapse. If civil unrest broke the link from farm to cities, in two weeks New Yorkers would be eating each other. Soft white urbanites eeeeking and squealing about guns cannot defend themselves. It is over. Watch. Trump, if elected, will be more interesting, Hillary a boring but more certain civilizational mortician, but both are chips floating on a fetid tide.

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Double, Double Toil and Trouble "IndyWatch Feed"

“We came, we saw…he died” boasted a beaming Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, speaking of the 2011 western overthrow of Libya’s leader Muammar Khadaffi.

She was, of course, shamelessly paraphrasing Caesar’s famous summary of his campaign around the Black Sea. Mrs. Clinton, who seems ordained to be America’s next president, should have been rather more cautious in admitting to murder.

This week marks the fifth anniversary of Khadaffi’s grisly death. The Libyan leader was fleeing in a motor convoy to reach friendly tribal territory when French warplanes and a US drone attacked and destroyed the vehicles.   Wounded, Khadaffi crawled into a culvert where he was captured by French and US-backed rebels.

Khadaffi was severely beaten, then anally raped with a long knife. At least two bullets finally ended his suffering. Thus ended the colorful life of the man who wanted to be the second Nasser and leader of a united Arab world. His death was a warning to others trying to challenge the Mideast status quo I call the American Raj.

But he was also a dreamer who often had fanciful schemes, like the Great Manmade River to draw artesian water from the Sahara. He loved to insult his fellow Arab leaders, branding them cowards, thieves, and liars. Khadaffi was theatrical and flamboyant and loved to show off.

After spending an evening with Khadaffi in his Bedouin tent, I told him, tongue in cheek, “Leader, we may bomb you but I must confess our women think you are the most handsome and dashing Arab leader.”  He beamed and showed me some of his Italian-tailored faux combat wear and kid-skin jump boots.  At times he seemed like a kid in a toy store – zany but also serious and determined. According to his many critics, Khadaffi was a dangerous, anti-western megalomaniac.

He was also vilified and demonized by the western media, a process that happened to all third world leaders who refuse to accept western dictates.

Khadaffi was quietly cooperating with the US when the Arab Spring erupted in Tunisia. Secretary Hillary Clinton and her neocon advisors decided to seize advantage of Mideast turmoil and overthrow Khadaffi.

A new ‘color revolution’ was unleashed by the western powers.  Protests were organized in Benghazi, always an anti-Khadaffi stronghold, by CIA, French intelligence, and Britain’s MI6. Western special forces attacked Libyan military positions.  The UN was gulled into calling for ‘humanitarian intervention to supposedly save civilian lives.’

France led the military intervention. Khadaffi’s son, Seif, had claimed that his father had helped finance French president Nicholas Sarkozy’s election. The vindictive Sarkozy intended to shut up the Khadaffis....


President Strangelove "IndyWatch Feed"

Is the Iraqi city of Mosul on the border with Syria, as Mrs. Clinton averred during the third presidential debate?

No way.

Exactly no one has called her out on this. I guess you have to be Gary Johnson, rather than a former Secretary of State, for the mainstream media to start mocking you over your lack of geographical knowledge. And this was no inconsequential error: it’s supposedly key to her strategy that after “we” take Mosul we’re going to “press into Syria.”

Did seventeen US intelligence agencies say that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee’s server and John Podesta’s inbox, as Hillary Clinton asserted Wednesday night?


Mrs. Clinton’s claim here is worth going into in some depth. It came in the context of a question from Chris Wallace about her speech to a gaggle of bankers in which she said “My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.” She defended hersel “existential threat to our democracy” for a candidate of a major party to call the integrity of our elections into question – a bit of overreaching, since all Trump said was that he’d wait until the votes are counted before committing to accept the alleged result. And please recall that, after the Supreme Court decided that George W. Bush and not Al Gore was the duly elected President, Hillary said the former had been “selected, not elected.”

What’s really unprecedented, however, is how a major party candidate has accused her opponent of being, in effect, an agent of a foreign power. This has neverhappened – no, not ever. During the cold war, to be sure, there were some Republicans who accused the Democrats of being “soft” on Communism, but here Mrs. Clinton is clearly accusing Trump of enabling and “encouraging” “Russian espionage,” to use her phrase. Mr. Trump, says Hillary, is a traitor to his country. And our “fact-checking” media is silent, except for this guy – who, at any rate, has few compunctions about “going down that road.” I doubt he’ll like what he finds at the end of it. But by then, of course, it will be too late.

This whole nonsensical and very dangerous campaign theme of Hillary’s – that the Russians are behind the alleged hacking of the DNC and Podesta, and that therefore Trump is their conscious agent – is based on the scientific equivalent of vaporware. The reality is that...

The Power Elite’s War "IndyWatch Feed"

“A populace deprived of the ability to separate lies from truth, is no longer capable of sustaining a free society.”

Journalist Chris Hedges

As the ruling elite pushes its rigged election, forcibly cramming crime boss Hillary down our gullets against the people’s choice or will, so goes suppression of information rapidly shutting off the truth spigot, leaving Americans high and dry, starved of honesty by their oligarchic owned and controlled crime cabal government. Signs that the globalists are panicking are visible every day as they aggressively provoke World War III timed with the collapse of their morally and financially bankrupted global economy. And with two-thirds of Americans living from paycheck to paycheck, the future does not look bright.

The latest over-the-top signs reflecting the globalists’ aggressive desperation are the UK’s RT bank closing its account and cutting off Julian Assange’s internet access in London. It’s bad enough that the WikiLeaks founder has effectively been imprisoned for over four years trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy, but now he’s apparently been cut off from internet contact with the outside world and media in Ecuador is swimming with the sharks eagerly urging reconsideration of his asylum status.

These two significant and most definitely intertwined events coming hours apart out of London are just the beginning of the elite’s major assault on free speech and freedom of the press, in effect putting a final cap on the truth ever leaking out to a truth-starved world. The globalists’ fixation on absolute power and control is currently manifesting as deep state’s invasive silencing of any and all voices of truth and dissidence, starting with these two biggies. Completely cutting off the world’s free access to accurate information from legitimate sources still authentically reporting world news events and developments past and present is the rulers’ highest priority right now on the eve of the elec...


Ballots and Bullets "IndyWatch Feed"

Perhaps the leading argument for democracy is that it substitutes “ballots for bullets”: that it replaces the inconvenient and disruptive processes of violent change by peaceful changes expressing the majority will. Some democrats have defined democracy as majority rule, while others have placed on this rule the limitation that minorities must themselves be left free to try to become a majority. But, whichever the definition, the peaceful change argument is the dominant one. (The other major argument for democracy is that the decisions of the majority are always, or almost always, morally right, but support for this article of faith has dwindled in recent years.)

Yet though pervasive, the peaceful change argument has been simply accepted with little or no analysis. In particular, no one has investigated the problem: is the existing form of democracy really compatible with this argument, and what specific form of government does the argument entail? Instead, it has been simply assumed that any type of democracy automatically receives its credentials from the peaceful change doctrine.

But let us investigate the doctrine a little further. What it really holds is that, in the long run, majority opinion rules under any form of government, and that therefore it is better to let it rule peacefully, as in a democracy, rather than force the majority to take to the streets periodically in a violent coup or revolution. Ballots then substitute for bullets in a very precise way: for democratic election yields that very result which would have been attained if the majority had had to test its strength against the minority in violent combat.

Here, then, we have a criterion for democracy imposed by the peaceful change argument: that the result be the same as would have ensued from a test of combat. It is important to realize that this criterion is rigorously implied by the argument, and that, if we accept the argument, and we also find that a certain form of democracy leads systematically to results which are very wide of this “bullet-substitute” mark, then we must either reject that form of democracy or give up the argument.

Current Prices on popular forms of Gold Bullion

How, then, does American democracy, or the democracy of any other state, fare when we test it against our criterion? Perhaps the most fundamental democratic form (violated only in the small number of traditional university plural votes in England) is that each man has one vote. Even though the practicalities of electoral allocation often weight the votes of rural or other areas, the democratic ideal is universally considered to be one vote per man, and this is generally pretty well approached in practice. But, if we...

The Establishment’s in Panic "IndyWatch Feed"

Donald Trump “appeals to racism.”

“[F]rom the beginning … his campaign has profited from voter prejudice and hatred” and represents an “authoritarian assault upon democracy.”

If Speaker Paul Ryan wishes to be “on the right side of history … he must condemn Mr. Trump clearly and comprehensively. The same goes for every other Republican leader.”

“Maybe that would split the (Republican) party,” but, “No job is worth the moral stain that would come from embracing (Trump). No party is worth saving at the expense of the country.”

If Republican leaders wish to be regarded as moral, every one of them must renounce Trump, even if it means destroying their party.

Who has laid down this moral mandate? The Holy Father in Rome?

But after March 15, the smoke will have cleared.

If Trump has fallen short of a glide path to the nomination, the war goes on. But if Trump seems to be the near-certain nominee, it will be a time for acceptance, a time for a ceasefire in this bloodiest of civil wars in the GOP.

Otherwise, the party will kick away any chance of keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House, and perhaps kick away its future as well.

While the depth and rancor of the divisions in the party are apparent, so also is the opportunity. For the turnout in the Republican primaries and caucuses has not only exceeded expectations, it has astonished and awed political observers.

A new “New Majority” has been marching to the polls and voting Republican, a majority unlike any seen since the 49-state landslides of the Nixon and Reagan eras.

If this energy can be maintained, if those throngs of Republican voters can be united in the fall, then the party can hold Congress, capture the While House and reconstitute the Supreme Court.

Come the ides of March, the GOP is going to be in need of its uniters and its statesmen. But today, all Republicans should ask themselves:

Are these folks coming out in droves to vote Republican really the bigoted, hateful and authoritarian people of the Post’s depiction?

Or is this not the same old Post that has poured bile on conservatives for generations, now in a panic that America’s destiny may be torn away from it and restored to its rightful owners?

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The Week of Maximum Overdrive "IndyWatch Feed"

There are less than three weeks left before Election Day and if the next two are anything like this one, we’re going to have a heart attack. On Monday, James O’Keefe

On Monday, James O’Keefe announced he was going to release a damning piece of evidence every day running up to Nov. 8. At noon, he dropped the first bomb and showed the world that the DNC has been inciting violence at Trump rallies to make Republicans look bad. “If you are there and you’re protesting,” said one Dem operative caught on tape, “you will be attacked…. That’s what we want.” This is just one damning quote in a mountain of brutal conversations where DNC operatives use any means necessary to cheat a win. They’re not simply encouraging people to vote for Hillary. They are illegally manipulating evidence against Trump so he loses. The RNC doesn’t have to stoop to these levels because Hillary’s record speaks for itself. Project Veritas is often ignored when major scoops happen. They claim James takes things out of context (he makes full versions of tapes available) or he was jailed for fraud (it was invasion of privacy). This time, however, they couldn’t ignore him. His Twitter feed links to Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, as well as Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, and Van Jones, feverishly reporting on the tapes. Hillary’s people started firing operatives to put out the fire, but a second blaze broke out that had nothing to do with Project Veritas. On Monday, we discovered Hillary’s people were offering “quid pro quo” to the FBI in exchange for pretending some emails were not classified. Hillary continued to throw even more people under the bus in a bid to save herself and the FBI has denied any involvement. She can fire her entire staff if she wants to. The lies are still there. I don’t know what Garfield is talking about. Mondays rock.

Why are the most advertised Gold and Silver coins NOT the best way to invest?

Tuesday was even better. Before dawn, a statue of Hillary...


Wikileaks, Russia, and Me "IndyWatch Feed"

As someone involved in politics for more than 40 years, I can attest to the fact that you ruffle some feathers and, dare I say, make some enemies along the way. So what? If the bed-wetters and pearl-clutchers aren’t upset with you, you aren’t making a difference.

Politics ain’t beanbag, as the saying goes, and I’m no stranger to controversy or a fight. I’ve been called just about every name in the book, and new books could be written using just the words that have been created to attack me.

But there is one word that no one has ever attempted to attach to me before this week: traitor.

Think of me what you will, I love my country. I’ve spent my life defending it from those who seek to harm it, both foreign and domestic. So imagine my surprise when a third-rate bureaucrat cum fourth-rate partisan  former CIA Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell accused me of “actually working on behalf of the Russians.”

Congressman Jerry Nadler started this witch hunt when he called on FBI Director Comey (director of the Sandy Berger, Mark Rich, and Hillary e-mail cover-ups) to investigate me for my non-existent ties to Russia. I am accused of treason. That’s what Nadler, CIA hack Michael Morell, and the Clinton thugs have accused me of. It is, to put it mildly, bullshit. And they know it.

But Morell, now a flying monkey in Hillary Clinton’s thug army, is happily spreading the lie that I knew in advance that Wikileaks would hack the very revealing e-mail of Hillary campaign chief John Podesta. This because of a tweet I posted in August at the time my boyhood friend and colleague Paul Manafort was under attack for his perfectly legal work in Ukraine for a democratic political party. I predicted that Podesta’s business dealings would be exposed. I didn’t hear it from Wikileaks, although Juli...


What’s Your pH? "IndyWatch Feed"

Proponents of the alkaline diet claim that eating certain foods influences the body’s acid-base homeostasis, or pH levels. It’s believed that encouraging a healthy, pH balanced environment within the body can produce favorable effects on one’s health.[1] It sounds like a good idea, and it is true that tissues and fluids must maintain a certain pH level to function properly. However, your body has mechanisms to keep pH levels in check — regardless of what you eat. Let’s take a closer look at the alkaline diet and break it down.

Much of the discussion surrounding the alkaline diet focuses on the significant changes in the human diet over the last 10,000 years. Until a recent point on our evolutionary timeline, humans mostly consumed fruit, vegetables, and small amounts of lean protein. Once the food industry came into existence, we began eating more refined grains, fattier sources of meat, and processed foods[2] that are high in sodium, saturated fat, and refined sugars — all of which cause inflammation and contribute to serious, chronic diseases.[3]The alkaline diet discourages such foods.

If you’re researching the alkaline diet, you may have noticed some sources describe it using lofty words like “miraculous.” In reality, there are many variables, diet-related and otherwise, that affect your health. In many ways, theresistance, and kidney stones. It causes kidney damage, which contributes to metabolic acidosis.[9]

How Your Body Compensates for Unbalanced pH Levels

The kidneys are one of the body’s primary defenses against acidosis. They accomplish this by sending excess metabolically-produced acids to your bladder to be eliminated via urine. They also maintain tight control over bicarbonate, which can act as either a base or an acid depending on what it reacts with. When kidney function is compromised the body is less equipped to control its acid load, which leads to an even higher acid load. This condition may worsen with age if kidney function continually decreases.[10]

The ability of the kidneys to filter acid is not the body’s only mechanism to control its acid load;...


Rigged Primary, Rigged Media, Rigged Candidate "IndyWatch Feed"

After months of exposing damaging internal information from both the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign, much of which actually points to criminal behavior but seemingly has no impact on the polls, Julian Assange has concluded that “There is no US election. There is power consolidation. Rigged primary,rigged media and rigged ‘pied piper’ candidate drive consolidation.

Sadly, it is difficult to disagree with the assessment.  That an establishment democratic candidate could endure an extended FBI investigation, in which multiple federal laws were clearly and intentionally broken, and clear evidence of corruption and collusion between the FBI and State Department is mind boggling.  Throw in evidence from WikiLeaks clearly linking the DNC to criminal efforts to incite violence at rallies, numerous examples of pay-to-play activities at the Clinton Foundation, blatant media collusion, etc, etc, and it actually becomes quite frightening.

Physical Gold & Silver in your IRA. Get the Facts.

And, while no amount of corruption or scandal seems to sway an American electorate that is intent upon driving the bus off the cliff, Assange has promised a “surprise” for Tim Kaine and the “persecuted Christian woman”, Donna Brazile

And while we certainly look forward to one more “October Surprise,” we’re sure it’s just one more damning piece of information that will be promptly ignored by the complicit “mainstream media”, which as Wikileaks itself exposed is nothing but a PR machine for the administration and an oblivious American electorate.

Reprinted with permission from...


You’ve Got It All Wrong "IndyWatch Feed"

It’s precisely BECAUSE Donald Trump has been a bit impulsive, a bit demeaning, sometimes inaccurate, and an alleged misogynist, but has still managed to rattle the cage of those who buy favors from government and threatens the reign of what appears to be a criminal element that has taken over American government and surprisingly still has a fighting chance to become a populist President.

It isn’t Donald Trump that is being paid off by foreign sources to do their bidding.  It is now revealed the former Secretary of State solicited a $12 million donation from a foreign government [New York Post Oct 21, 2016] while Donald Trump is pilloried for not donating enough money to charity. [News Examiner]  One is a crime. The other is just being miserly.

Some (rigged) polls have shown Hillary is favored over Mr. Trump. Yet her trustworthiness is questioned by a majority of Americans. [

Here is a woman who said she had to run from snipers in the Balkans and was “dead broke” upon leaving the White House. [] When her husband left office in 2001, she took home gifts (furniture, china, flatware) intended to furnish the White House and was forced to return some items and pay for others*. [] And this is the woman whom Americans may now end up entrusting their future?  There is a disconnect here.

Somehow Americans wonder if Donald Trump’s hair is real while we know that Hillary Clinton has an impersonator who has been standing in for her for some time now and was shown on the street in New York without a secret service detail.  [You...


Socialism’s Community Organizers "IndyWatch Feed"

Back in the 1980s, some conservatives began distinguishing between old-school, New Deal welfare statists like a Ted Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey or a Lyndon Johnson and the “Lunatic Left,” the hardcore Marxist Left that had emerged from the universities in the 1960s.  The former group “only” wanted to tax and regulate capitalism; the latter group wanted to destroy it and replace it with as much totalitarian government control and domination that they could get away with in American society.  They wanted the Sovietization of America, in other words.  Indeed, many of them traveled to the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and other socialist hellholes and returned to write books and articles about what a great utopia they had witnessed, as documented in the book Political Pilgrims by Paul Hollander.  Unlike the old New Deal Cold Warriors, they were anything but anti-communist.

James Bennett and I wrote a 560-page book, published in 1985, entitled Destroying Democracy: How Government Funds Partisan Politics that discusses many of these characters, including one Robert Creamer, who has been all over the news recently for being videotaped bragging about how he orchestrates election fraud for the Democratic Party (See “Project Veritas”).  The book was about the illegal use of tax dollars to subsidize mostly (but not exclusively) left-wing political pressure groups.  The government gives them tax dollars under some noble-sounding guise like fighting poverty, helping the elderly, etc.; they use the tax dollars to lobby and agitate for bigger government, more regulation, and higher taxes instead; when they succeed the government then shares the loot with them and the cycle repeats itself.  And it is all illegal.

  • Tampa, Florida was sued to prevent the city schools’ requirement of a functional literacy test as a condition of graduation from high school.
  • Numerous lawsuits sought to give alcoholics Supplemental Social Security benefits.
  • One lawsuit sought “disability payments” for homosexuals under the assumption that homosexuality was a “disability.”
  • Schools in Newburg, New York were forced to make expulsions subject to racial quotas.
  • An LSC lawsuit prevented a Connecticut “workfare” program from suspending welfare payments to able-bodied people who simply refused to look for work.

In addition to all of this, Republican members of the U.S. Senate Labor and Human Resources committee found that millions of dollars were also diverted for left-wing political “training” and “legislative advocacy” during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as chairman of the board of the LSC.  The LSC was funneling taxpayers’ funds to all the Alinsky-style political rabble-rousing groups.  This occurred despite the fact that Congress had passed a law stipulating that no LSC funds may be...


The Reality of ‘Pink’: Rights of the Incarcerated Are Completely Sidelined "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Recent statistics show that not even 1% of the jails in India are being monitored according to law while prisoners continue to live in sub-human conditions.

Representational image. Credit: Pixabay

Representational image. Credit: Pixabay

Pink – the recent Taapsee Pannu, Amitabh Bachchan blockbuster that addresses the horrors faced by a woman falsely accused of a crime –  is much closer to fact than you might think.

It has a scene in which a lead character falls ill behind bars unable to bear the trauma of her arrest following trumped-up charges. While the film goes on to challenge the arrest and accusations against her, it ends up meekly accepting the hellishness of that lockup – as if approving India’s penal system.

Reality is not much different. Nearly every prison in India emits a strong stench of decay caused by systemic and human malfeasance and impropriety.

This is because the power dynamics of the Indian penal system clearly lays out the role of the oppressor and the oppressed. The state has complete control over the lives of those who have lost their liberty. Combine this with the failure of any monitoring systems and we have a perfect recipe for despair, torture and ill treatment. An upcoming report by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, titled ‘Looking into the Haze: A Study on Prison Monitoring in India’ finds that not even 1% of the jails are being monitored according to law. This means of 1387 jails in the country, less than 13 are properly supervised.

Do we understand the gravity of this stark fact? It means that a place that houses mostly the poor and uneducated and those crushed by the system (who, by the way, have not been proved a threat to society) are not only deprived of their freedom and contact with the outside world, but also their voice.

Government statistics stand witness to this. In 201...


The David Icke Videocast/Podcast Trailer - David Icke in Italy: What is the Phantom Self? David Icke latest headlines

The full David Icke videocast/podcast  can be sent to your email each weekend … Click here to sign up … Here is a clip from this week’s video … Phantom Self – David Icke’s Acclaimed New Book Available At Phantom Self is now available for immediate shipping Worldwide! Click here to secure a copy for immediate despatch … Includes what David calls ‘the most important chapter I have ever written’. Deeper in the rabbit hole than ever before, solution-based and right up with current events.


Hackaday Prize Entry: The Open Voice Factory "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Joe’s little brother Richard has never been able to speak. When Richard turned 19, he received a device not unlike the voice box of Stephen Hawking. Suddenly, Richard was able to communicate using thousands of words, and everyone could understand him. In the UK, there are thousands of people who could benefit from this technology, but can’t afford one. This is the inspiration for the Open Voice Factory, a device that allows anyone to create pages of touch screen interfaces and parses them into functioning speech aids.

The basic idea behind the Open Voice Factory is — wait for it — PowerPoint. Hold on, this actually makes sense. The Open Voice Factory is designed so caregivers can create and modify the touchscreen ‘pages’ with different words and actions. PowerPoint is universal, and everybody’s grandmother knows how to use it. In this regard, the software that is the leading cause of death for astronauts isn’t a terrible choice.

That PowerPoint stack is sent off to an online Factory that parses the commands and assembles a web page built for touch screen interaction. It’s brilliantly simple, relies on a cloud service so it’s highly marketable, and requires only a minimal hardware investment for each user. Consider the fact that computers – especially Macs – have had exceptional text to speech capabilities for twenty years now, and you wonder why something like this hasn’t come along sooner. It’s an awesome idea, and a great entry for the Hackaday Prize.

The HackadayPrize2016 is Sponsored by:


Breath: Your Natural Healing Tool "IndyWatch Feed World"

Breath is a Requisite for Life & Healing

“It’s like breathing,” we say, to illustrate the ease of a particular task or the acquisition of a new skill that isn’t really difficult.

From our initial entry into life, breathing is automatic, something we don’t prepare for or think about until we face a health crisis later in life or develop a respiratory condition that requires monitoring and medicating.

We know that breath is requisite for life, but the benefits of conscious breathing transcend the physical to include multidimensional healing and spiritual awakening.

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Six Things to Consider About Inflation "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


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Money and BanksMoney and Banking

Six Things to Consider About Inflation


As an economic term, “inflation” is shorthand for “inflation of the money supply.”

The general public, however, usually takes it to mean “rising prices” which is not surprising since one of the common effects of an increase in the money supply is higher prices. However, supporters of government policy often say, “If quantitative easing (QE) and its terrible twin, fractional reserve banking, are so awful, why have we got no inflation?”

To address this conundrum, there are six related factors that are noteworthy:

Number One: we need to be clear about the terms we are using. Instead of talking about “inflation” in the loose sense, as above, it is more accurate to speak of currency debasement, which is the real impact of fiat money creation by any means. We experience currency debasement as declining purchasing power. Two sides of the same coin: one reflects the other.

Number Two: the above question overlooks the fact that the measures used in this process are inherently unreliable. The decline in purchasing power is most evident when objectively measured by reference to an essential commodity such as oil — rather than against the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI purports to reflect the prices of ingredients selected by government statisticians...

‘Consumed’ — A Film Where Fiction Melds With GMO Facts "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Dr. Mercola

US GE Crops

By Dr. Mercola

“Consumed” is a fictional action thriller about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) foods. The lead character is a single mother who is desperately trying to get to the bottom of her young son’s mysterious health problems.

Her struggle to learn the truth intersects with other storylines, including that of an organic farmer, the CEO of a biotechnology company, two scientists and a former police officer caught in the middle of the unfolding drama.

Daryl Wein, who wrote, produced and directed the film, managed to enlist a long line of well-known actors for this film, including Danny Glover, Anthony Edwards, Victor Garber, Taylor Kinney and Kunal Nayyar. In the words of Erin Brockovich:1

“Entertaining, relatable, suspenseful and informative, and a real eye opener to what is going on. This film has re-inspired and educated me. BRAVO!”

Uncommon Ailments Becoming More Common — Do GMOs Have Something to Do With It?

The lead character reminds me a bit of Robyn O’Brien, a typical American mom with four kids and a limited food budget who, virtually overnight, became a real food activist when her youngest child suffered an acute allergic reaction following a typical breakfast of Eggo waffles, blue-colored yogurt and scrambled eggs.

O’Brien — featured in the TED Talk below — threw herself into researching food allergies, and was shocked by what she found. She’d assumed that if something was sold as food, it was obviously safe and probably, for the most part, healthy. The reality of the situation was a rude awakening.

The notion that something is wrong with our food becomes obvious when you look at disease statistics and consider the fact that food is foundational for health.

Allergies are a good place to start, as allergic reactions to food occur when your body reacts to a food protein as a foreign invader. This in turn triggers an inflammatory response....

A Solid Plan to Conquer Clutter in Your Kitchen "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Dr. Mercola

By Dr. Mercola

Is clutter the bane of your existence? Stacks of paper, piles of toys, shelves overflowing with knick-knacks, drawers stuffed to the brim — all of these may contribute to your stress levels and, in turn, encourage a poor diet and weight gain.

This is perhaps especially true in your kitchen, where clutter may take up valuable space on your counters and in your cabinets, pantry, refrigerator and freezer. You need a clear, calming space to prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family.

The same goes for your pantry and fridge; an uncluttered organized space makes it easy to locate the ingredients you need, discourages food waste and encourages purposeful decisions about what to fill your shelves with (fresh, healthy foods as opposed to processed junk).

People Who Struggle With Clutter Are 77 Percent More Likely to Be Overweight or Obese

In the book “Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight: The Six-Week Total-Life Slim Down,” author Peter Walsh cites 2008 research that found people who struggle with clutter were 77 percent more likely to be overweight or obese.1

He attributed this weight gain to the rise in stress levels that comes along with a cluttered existence. Stress alters the way fat is deposited because of the specific hormones and other chemicals your body produces when you’re stressed.

For example, recent research shows that chronic stress stimulates your body to produce betatrophin — a protein that blocks an enzyme that breaks down body fat.2

Further, stress-induced weight gain typically involves an increase in belly fat, which is the most dangerous fat for your body to accumulate because it increases your cardiovascular risk.

Not to mention, research also suggests that eating in a chaotic envir...


Senators Want to Know: Who’s Actually Being Held Accountable at Wells Fargo? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Elizabeth Warren asks: Has Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf “profited from the bank’s fraud”? When Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf stepped down last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said it wasn’t “real accountability” given the scope of the financial institution’s fake-account scandal. Now, Warren and her colleague Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) are doubling down on that accusation, […]

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Warrior Publications will be away from the office… "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

kwakwakawakw-canoes-sails… for the next ten days.  See you in November!  If you order a t-shirt we’ll process your order at that time…


Navajo Nation President Endorses Hillary Clinton for President; Says Trump Will Not Respect Tribal Sovereignty "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Nevajo Nation Russell Begaye in Phoenix in March 2016.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Nevajo Nation Russell Begaye in Phoenix in March 2016.

Published October 22, 2016

WINDOW ROCK – Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye has endorsed Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, and urges Navajo citizens to support her, as well. According to the 2010 Census, the Navajo Nation is the most populated tribe in Indian Country. President Begaye also urged other tribal nations to endorse Clinton.
The presidential election is 17 days away on November 8, 2016.
Here is the text of President Begaye’s endorsement that was released late Friday:

Yá’át’ééh Shidine’é,

As President of the great Navajo Nation, I take our inter-governmental affairs and federal relationship extremely seriously. Our sovereign nation must work cooperatively with other states, tribal nations and other foreign governments, so that we can protect and create the best opportunities for our citizens. Fortunately, we as the Navajo Nation have had many friends and champions from both the Democratic and Republican parties. In my view, our tribal issues do not fit nicely into one political party. Each of the two major parties offer some policies and proposals that can benefit the Navajo people and it is important to work with both of these groups to advance our nation.

As President, I always have, and always will put the Diné people first – and that includes before any political party. As such, I have not typically endorsed a particular party or candidate for election.  However this U.S. Presidential election is of tremendous magnitude with much at stake for the Navajo people. The stark difference between the two major candidates necessitates that I speak out as leader of the Navajo Nation.

With this in mind, I do not feel Donald Trump will respect our tribal sovereignty and will set harmful precedents for federal Indian policy. Mr. Trump has funded advertising campaigns that falsely accused Indian gaming of being involved in organized crime and drugs. He has also supported using the power of the federal government to deny tribal sovereignty. I have...


"Worthiness: Accepting Our Calling" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Worthiness: Accepting Our Calling"
by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM

"Our worth of being on the planet at this time cannot be judged as we are all worthy and essential to being here now. The issue of worthiness may come up in many areas of our lives, as we ask, often unconsciously, whether we are worthy of success, love, happiness, and countless other things, from supportive relationships to a beautiful home. In the end, though, it all comes down to one thing: our willingness to claim our space in this life as humans on this planet at this time. When we accept our divinity, we no longer question whether we are worthy, because we know that we are meant to be here to fulfill a particular purpose, a purpose that no one other than us can fulfill.

There are no replacements who can take over and live our lives for us, no other person who has had the experiences we have had, who has access to the same resources and relationships, who carries the same message to share with the world. Our purpose may be large or small, and in most cases it is multi-leveled, with important actions taking place on the interpersonal level, as well as in terms of the work we do in the world. Small acts of kindness share the stage with large acts of sacrifice, and only through accepting and honoring our divinity can we know what we are called to do and when.

Ultimately, we are all equally, exactly, completely worthy of being here in this life. Moreover, we are all essential to the unfolding plan of which we are each one small, but important, part. If we suffer from low self worth, it is because we have lost track of understanding this truth, and allowing it to guide our actions in the world. Seeing ourselves as part of something larger, as beings called to serve, is the ultimate cure for feelings of unworthiness. In the end, it's not about evaluating ourselves as worthy or unworthy, so much as it's about accepting that we have be...


Philadelphia Cops Threaten to Seize Man’s Phone for Recording them Arresting Other Men "IndyWatch Feed War"

Philadelphia cops were arresting two men on a darkened street when one of the men called out to a passing bicyclist, asking him to record the interaction.

The cyclist, Jean-Jacques Gabriel, wasted no time in stopping his bike, pulling out his smart phone and video recording on Facebook Live.

The cops then began harassing him with their usual bullying routine of accusing him of obstructing traffic, even though Gabriel was standing across the street on his bike in a bike lane.

When Gabriel continued recording, the cops then threatened to confiscate the phone as “evidence,” which is another tiresome routine that cops still use, even though the law is very clear that they are only allowed to confiscate cameras under exigent circumstances, meaning they would need to have a reasonable suspicion that the person with the camera is going to delete the footage.

Destroying cameras and deleting footage is what cops do once they confiscate video of questionable arrests, which is why it’s best never to hand over the camera under these circumstances.

The Philadelphia cop, who identified himself as “Ortega,” badge 2418, was in street clothes with a badge around his neck, and was very cocksure about his right to seize the man’s phone.

But Gabriel was even more confident about his rights to not hand over his phone, so he refused to do so, asking Ortega for a supervisor.

Gabriel remained calm, speaking truths, while the cop remained high-strung, spouting lies about him having to hand the phone over.

At one point, Gabriel informed him that he was recording on Facebook Live, a function that allows users to live stream video on their Facebook timelines.

And it was that mention of Facebook Live that the cop stopped harassing Gabriel for his phone, leaving us with a reasonable suspicion that he had a guilty complex.

Or maybe Ortega realized confiscating the phone would do him no good because the video was already being watched by people on the internet.

So Ortega resorted to accusing Gabriel of obstructing again, which Gabriel laughed off because he knew he wasn’t obstructing.

The cop then walked back across the street as one of the men being arrested was complaining about being stopped for being black in a white neighborhood.

The incident took place Tuesday night and the story has since been picked up by...


Entrevista com Timo Kivimäki : Terrorismo Global: Causas, Consequências e Soluções "IndyWatch Feed World"

O finlandês Timo Kivimäki, professor de Relações Internacionais e diretor de Pesquisa da Universidade de Bath (Reino Unido), especialista em terrorismo global e um dos poucos acadêmicos sóbrios ao pensar o assunto, concedeu a seguinte entrevista falando sobre suas origens,…

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13 Years of War: Mosul"s Frightening and Uncertain Future "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Mosul has been a dangerous place since the US-led invasion of 2003. It is the greatest Sunni Arab city of Iraq during an era in which the Sunni had lost their old predominance and have struggled against Shia-dominated governments in Baghdad and Kurdish rulers next door in Iraqi Kurdistan


Hillary Clinton: Threatening China and Asia-Pacific Security "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Much has been said about Hillary Clinton’s hostility towards Russia. The Democratic candidate attacks her Republican rival Donald Trump, accusing him of harboring sympathy for Moscow. But Russia is not the only country Mrs. Clinton is hostile to. China policy ranks very high in the presidential race. Neither Trump nor Clinton treats China as a friend in this campaign...


Switch: Nintendo’s next-gen gaming console "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Nintendo unveils next-gen gaming console ‘Switch’

Nintendo Co Ltd, the Kyoto-based games company, has unveiled its much-anticipated new video games console called Nintendo Switch, its first new gaming device in four years. The Nintendo Switch, is a new name that replaces the “NX” codename the company has been working under.

The company still considers console gaming to be the centre of its business, even as casual gaming has moved to smartphones and tablets. Nintendo managed to sell only 13 million Wii U consoles (its last console) since its launch in 2012, compared with 101 million sales of its predecessor, the Wii, launched in 2006, clearly indicating that Wii U flopped badly due to lack of must-have titles. Nintendo is now hoping that the Nintendo Switch, a com...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Zimbabwe Pays Off IMF Arrears
October 22, 2016
Enacy Mapakame Business Correspondent
Zimbabwe Herald

Zimbabwe has cleared its arrears with the International Monetary Fund as part of efforts to settle its overdue financial obligations to the multilateral institution.This is a milestone in the country’s endeavour to attract fresh capital.

The IMF said Zimbabwe, which had been in arrears since 2001, last Thursday settled its obligations, amounting to $107,9 million to the IMF’s Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust.

The IMF said Zimbabwe transferred part of its SDR holdings kept at the IMF to the PRGT account to clear the arrears.

“Zimbabwe is now current on all its financial obligations to the IMF,” said IMF communications director Mr Gerry Rice in a statement.

In his Mid-Term Monetary Policy Statement presented last month, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya indicated significant progress had been made towards the re-engagement process to clear the country’s external debt arrears with multilateral financial institutions.

Indications were that Zimbabwe would have cleared arrears by year end.

“Significant work has been recorded to ensure that the country clears its arrears by 31 December 2016. It is critical to note that it is Zimbabwe that owes multilateral and bilateral creditors and not vice versa,” he said.

As at September 2016, the country’s arrears to the IFIs totalled $1,8 billion. Of this, the IMF accounted for $110 million, AfDB- $601 million, IDA- $218 million and IBRD at $896 million.

Dr Mangudya could not be reached for comment as he is away on business in Germany.

External debt arrears clearance will improve Zimbabwe’s country risk premium through reducing its debt overhang.

This will also enhance the country’s access to foreign finance.

Economist Dr Gift Mugano said although Zimbabwe still needs to meet financial obligations with other MFIs such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank, this was a step in the right direction.

“The issue of debt overhang has been serious and our relations with these institutions...


Why Corporate Media Won’t Tell You What’s Being Done To The Amazon "IndyWatch Feed World"

Taken that the news industry largely depends on advertising income, it’s no wonder that nearly 90% of the world’s media is controlled by big corporations. In other words, this means  Full Article »


How Quantum Computing Will Change the World "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When the world's first digital computer was completed in 1946 it opened up new vast new worlds of possibility. Still, early computers were only used for limited applications because they could only be programmed in machine code. It took so long to set up problems that they were only practical for massive calculations.

That all changed when John Backus created the first programming language, FORTRAN, at IBM in 1957. For the first time, real world problems could be quickly and efficiently transformed into machine language, which made them far more practical and useful. In the 1960's, the market for computers soared.

Like early digital computers, quantum computing offers the possibility of technology millions of times more powerful than current systems, but the key to success will be translating real world problems into quantum language. At D-Wave, which is already producing a commercial version, that process is already underway and it is revealing massive potential.


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Jorge Ramos: Trump can’t expect Latino votes while calling us ‘rapists’ and ‘bad hombres’ "IndyWatch Feed"

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, popular Fusion host Jorge Ramos discussed Republican nominee Donald Trump’s failure to reach Latino voters in the 2016 election cycle. Cooper started off by rightfully noting how Arizona could likely go blue this year for the first time in 20…



The Battle for Mosul Against ISIS Might Have Begun a Little Too Late "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The costly reconquest of the city will not significantly impact the group’s transnational strategy.

Peshmerga forces advance in the east of Mosul. Credit: Thaier Al-Sudani/Reuters

Peshmerga forces advance in the east of Mosul. Credit: Thaier Al-Sudani/Reuters

Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote that if a victory is told in detail, it becomes hard to distinguish it from a defeat. This is certainly true of the current narrative about the recapture of the Iraqi city of Mosul, held by ISIS since June 2014.

With embedded reporters dramatically reporting minute-by-minute advances, an obvious fact is left unspoken: that Iraq’s second largest city, a community of close to two million residents, has been in the hands of a non-state armed group for two and a half years.

However formidable a military force ISIS is, such an entity simply should not be in control of a city of that magnitude.

Beyond the expected difficulty of retaking Mosul, two facts indicate that the upcoming victory will be outweighed by the larger historical issues raised by ISIS. The ongoing, decade-old militarised insurgency throughout Iraq will continue. And the elasticity of ISIS’s positioning across the region will mean it can find new territory.

The long battle for Mosul

The “Battle for Mosul” narrative has been going on for so long that it is now in its third edition.

In August 2014, as the Iraqi army was still dealing with its shock eviction from Mosul by ISIS (aro...


Luxury potato chip markets in everything truffle seaweed from the waters around the Faroe Islands edition "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

They cost $11 a piece and come in boxes of 5:

In an attempt to create a special snack to go with their high quality beer, Sweetish brewery St. Erik’s has created the world’s most expensive potato chips.

Apparently, St. Erik’s didn’t think Lays or Pringles chips were good enough to pair with their ale, so they decided to create their own exclusive snack and price it accordingly. “St. Erik’s Brewery is one of Sweden’s leading microbreweries and we’re passionate about the craftsmanship that goes into our beer. At the same time, we felt that we were missing a snack of the same status to serve with it,” brand manager Marcus Friari said in a statement. “A first-­class beer deserves a first-­class snack, and this is why we made a major effort to produce the world’s most exclusive potato chips. We’re incredibly proud to be able to present such a crispy outcome.”

The luxurious black box designed by St. Erik’s contains just five individual potato chips, each made by hand by a chef, using five special Nordic ingredients – Matsutake mushroom picked from pine forests in northern Sweden, truffle seaweed from the waters around the Faroe Islands, Crown Dill hand-picked on the Bjäre Peninsula, Leksand Onion grown on the outskirt of the small Swedish town of  Leksand and India Pale Ale Wort, the same kind used to make St. Erik’s Pale Ale beer.

The potatoes themselves, are also special. They apparently come “from the potato hillside in Ammarnäs, a steep, stony slope in a south-facing location where almond potatoes are cultivated in very limited numbers. The slope is difficult for modern agricultural machines to access, which means that all potatoes are planted and harvested by hand.”

Here is further information, via Michael Rosenwald, and here is another source, via Mark Thorson.

The first batch sold out almost immediately, and it is unclear when more will be produced.

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The USA are about to face the worst crisis of their history and how Putin’s example might inspire Trump "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

This article was written for the Unz Review: Watching the last Presidential debate was a rather depressing experience.  I thought that Trump did pretty well, but that really is


October 22nd – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “2016 Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Presidential Race and/or … Continue reading


Saturday October 22nd – Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those … Continue reading


Some iPhone 7 models are faster than others show tests "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Tests reveal that some iPhone 7 models are slower than others

The 256GB iPhone 7 models have much faster write speeds than the 32GB iPhone 7 models, indicate the tests performed on iPhone 7 models by Unbox Therapy on YouTube. In other words, the iPhone 7 models with more storage are considerably quicker when it comes to reading and writing data or transferring big files than the entry-level iPhone 7s.

To demonstrate the difference in write speeds in raw numbers, YouTuber Unbox Therapy uses a benchmarking app to run a real world test where he transfers  4.2GB copy of “Star Wars” from a Mac to the phone. The 256GB iPhone 7 finishes copying in 2 minutes, 34 sec...


US-led coalition systematically destroys Syrian infrastructure, carries out airstrikes on civilians "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Office in Geneva Alexey Borodavkin affirmed that the US-led coalition systematically destroys infrastructure in Syria and carries out airstrikes against civilians and the Syrian Arab Army. “While hysteria is being whipped up around Aleppo, the US-led coalition has been systematically destroying infrastructure in government-controlled areas, delivering crushing strikes to civilians and the Syrian Army, and now seems to intend to squeeze ISIS terrorists from the Iraqi city of Mosul into Syria,”Borodavkin said during a special session of the UN Human Rights Council on Friday. Borodavkin said that “certain countries continue placing stakes on terrorists and extremists, rendering them political and propaganda assistance, supplying them with arms and ammunition.” He pointed out that the parties that called for holding a special session of the UN Human Rights Council about Syria are trying to protect terrorists and keep them away from the airstrikes in Aleppo.

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Solus Linux Making Performance Gains With Its BLAS Configuration "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Those making use of the promising Solus Linux distribution will soon find their BLAS-based workloads are faster...


US, Turkey ‘not serious’ in fighting Daesh: Analyst "IndyWatch Feed"

The United States and its Middle Eastern ally Turkey are “not serious” in their fight against the Daesh (ISIL) terrorists, considering Washington and Ankara’s reluctance to join the forces who are truly combating the terror group, says an American political analyst. Derek Ford, a New York-based scholar, made the remarks with regards to a recent pledge by […]


Guarding Hillary’s Health "IndyWatch Feed"

Among all the recent WikiLeaks email dumps, perhaps the most important one of all has been overlooked by the mainstream media. In it, Neera Tanden, Hillary Clinton’s longtime political guru, warned campaign manager John Podesta not to raise the question of primary opponent Bernie Sanders’ health because it would draw unwanted attention to the hidden […]


Which One Is Less Evil? "IndyWatch Feed"

Donald Trump seems to be a shady dealer, a blusterer, a prevaricator, an abuser of women — not my choice for president. Yet a case can be made for Trump as the slightly lesser of two evils. Hillary Clinton could be called an abuser of women, children, and men – through war. As first lady, […]



After Murder, South Democrats Seek to Change Voting Location on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Vinny Brewer III was killed in parking lot of gymnasium last weekend.

Vinny Brewer III was killed in parking lot of gymnasium last weekend.

Published October 22, 2016

PINE RIDGE INDIAN RESERVATION – The South Dakota Democratic Party today called upon South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs and Fall River/Oglala Lakota County Auditor Sue Ganje to change the early voting location in Oglala Lakota County from the SuAnne Big Crow Center in light of  the homicide which took place at the center this past weekend.

Vinny Brewer III was murdered in broad daylight on last Sunday in the parking lot of the gymnasium.

 “The right to vote is one of the most basic and important rights in a democracy,” said Henry Red Cloud, Oglala Sioux Tribal Member and Democratic Candidate for Public Utilities Commission. “When people are unable to exercise that right, or feel uncomfortable exercising that right because they fear for their safety at their polling location, our democracy is diminished.”

Native Vote countsExecutive Director of the South Dakota Democratic Party Suzanne Jones Pranger said...


WikiLeaks Reveals the Truth about Benghazi Plus Hillary and Obama's Treason "IndyWatch Feed World"

From a reliable source:

From Wikileaks

So here's the REAL story. Amb. Stevens was sent to Benghazi post haste in
order to retrieve US made Stinger missiles supplied to Ansar al Sharia
without Congressional oversight or permission. Hillary brokered the deal
through Stevens and a private arms dealer named Marc Turi. Then some of the
shoulder fired missiles ended up in Afghanistan used against our own
military. It was July 25th, 2012 when a Chinook helicopter was taken down by
one of our own Stingers, but the idiot Taliban didn't arm the missile and
the Chinook didn't explode, but had to land anyway. An ordnance team
recovered the serial number off the missile which led back to a cache of
Stingers being kept in Qatar by the CIA. Obama and Hillary were now in full
panic mode and Stevens was sent in to retrieve the rest of the Stingers.
This was a "do-or-die" mission, which explains the stand down orders given
to multiple commando teams. It was the State Dept, not the CIA that supplied
them to our sworn enemies, because Petraeus wouldn't supply these deadly
weapons due to their potential use on commercial aircraft. Then, Obama threw
Gen. Petraeus under the bus after he refused to testify that he OK'd the BS
talking points about a spontaneous uprising due to a Youtube video. Obama
and Hillary committed treason...and THIS is what the investigation is all
about, why she had a private server, (in order to delete the digital
evidence), and why Obama, two weeks after the attack, told the UN that the
attack was because of a Youtube video, even though everyone knew it was not.
Further...the Taliban knew that this administration aided and abetted the
enemy without Congressional approval when Boehner created the Select Cmte,
and the Taliban began pushing the Obama Administration for the release of 5
Taliban Generals. Bowe Bergdahl was just a pawn...everyone KNEW he was a
traitor. So we have a traitor as POTUS that is not only corrupt, but
compromised...and a woman that is a serial liar, perjured herself multiple
times at the Hearing whom is running for POTUS. Only the Dems, with their
hands out, palms up, will support her. Perhaps this is why no military
aircraft was called in...because the administration knew our enemies had

>> Copied and pasted...and pasted again and again and again until everyone
reads this truth.... share​


Pleiadian High Council Of Seven: Past Life Memories "IndyWatch Feed World"

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

Aspects of your consciousness are creating for you, and it is time for that to come to an end. It is time for all of you to begin to create as your whole selves, rather than letting fragmented parts of you have a say in what it is that you experience.

So the first thing that you want to do is to consciously invite in all of these various aspects of yourself.

There are many aspects that you would be aware of from your current lifetime because of the fact that you can remember those aspects of self.

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Unrest and Martial Law? Leaked Military Drill Anticipates “No Rule of Law” After Election Results "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

martial law

This tip came through the back channels; its implications are astounding. If there is any truth to it, the 2016 election could be a kick-off for total tyranny. According to an unnamed source – who has provided accurate intel in the past – an unannounced military drill is scheduled to take place during a period…

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October Comex Gold “Deliveries” "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Sprott Money

Hold your real assets outside of the banking system in one of many private international facilities –>

October Comex Gold “Deliveries”

As we’ve been monitoring all year, the total amount of gold allegedly “delivered” through the Comex has soared in 2016. This is simply another anecdotal datapoint of gold demand but the trend is certainly noteworthy, particularly when you see the numbers thus far in October.

We’ve already written about this trend several times this year. Our most recent article is linked below and I strongly encourage you to read this post as a refresher before you continue.

As noted in the post above, 2016 has seen a very unusual “delivery” pattern for gold on the Comex. Consistent with surging open interest and surging demand for gold in all its forms around the world, “deliveries” of gold through the Comex have increased as well. However, when you compare “deliveries” for 2016 versus 2015, you’ll notice that the divergence and increase didn’t really begin in earnest until June if this year. See below:



A Different Perspective on this New Republic Intel for October 19, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Fw: Perspective on this – New Republic Intel – October 19, 2016 …. W*O*W !!

According to the info on our BBS show tonight:

Dunford is in charge of the temporary Republic. Not Ryan. Ryan took office under the US corp, and the Constitution’s declaration of that office being next in line for Pres does not apply to the corp. He CAN’T be Pres.

An entirely different form of governance will come into being. Think King Arthur’s Round Table. Participation. Consensus. Etc.

All the positions, members of Congress, SCOTUS, etc. — although the office names are the same as in the Constitution — they are US corp positions as currently held. It’s confusing. Deliberately done to trick us.

The 2 parties will be dissolved. They again are US corp-type entities, not Republic entities.

There will be no election Nov 8 at any level, federal down to local towns. Today’s plan is that Obama will announce “no election”. This could change.

No new Pres candidates will come forth nor be nominated as replacements.

Kaine could never in any case take office as he has never been elected VP under either the US corp or the Republic.

The 3rd Pres debate was dull, like a no-show. The best double for Hillary was again used. The real Hillary died 9/11, evening. There’s no energy on the debate because the whole system it was under is dead.

The FED has been put under the UST and the new rainbow money (it’s very pretty!) was printed months (years?) ago and is sitting in protected places all over the country. You will turn in your Fed notes for equal rainbow UST notes, a $5 for a $5 etc. Way sooner than 2018. Probably this year or early next. It is fully gold-backed. No debt.

—– Original message —–
From: C O

“Monumental” – New Republic Intel – October 19, 2016

Received via email at 3:34 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Republic Update
October 19, 20160

What a proud, proud day to be American as our Republic has been fully restored and shall now be revealed to the world as whole and functioning without a coup d’etat shot fired on our shore.

On Tuesday, current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) Wisconsin was sworn in as the 45th President of the Republic. You read that right. Paul Rya...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Album Immortalizes Lebo Mathosa
By Lesley Mofokeng - Entertainment Editor
Oct 21, 2016

A decade after her untimely death, Lebo Mathosa's voice has been brought back to life.
Kwaito singer Lebo Mathosa. Picture Credit: Gallo Images

On Sunday, it will be exactly 10 years since Mathosa died in a car crash near the Heidelberg off-ramp in Germiston, on the East Rand.

She was 29 years of age. A young talent snuffed out in its prime, she was touted as the next Brenda Fassie because of her sheer genius as a performer after her solo forays following the success of her band Boom Shaka.

Boom Shaka was a pioneering kwaito group consisting of Junior Sokhela, Mathosa, Thembi Seete and Theo Nhlengethwa.

Today, Universal Music released a 15-track dance compilation album, Lebo Remembered, which celebrates her biggest hits such as Benga with Shana, Free with Boom Shaka, Brand New Day and Dangerous.

DJ Christos met Mathosa when she was just 13 and recorded her with Boom Shaka when she was 15. He remembers Mathosa like his own child. Christos remixed I Love Music and Awudede. "I've been recording Lebo all my life," says Christos.

"It doesn't feel like 10 years since she has been gone, [it] still feels like yesterday. She was close to a lot of people and had a special impact. She was like my child. It was sad to lose such a talent and now we can remember her with this album."

Christos says Mathosa could have gone on to become one of the top international acts to come from South Africa. "I think she would have gone jazzy and more experimental, perhaps world music but would not have been confined to a genre."

The music on Lebo Remembered is surprisingly refreshing and entertaining for material recorded over 10 years ago. And this, Christos pins on her work ethic and ambitions.

"I have never met an artist as dedicated as Lebo. She would spend 18 to 20 hours in the studio singing and perfecting the same verse . She was the first one to come into the studio and the last to leave."

Compiler Matwetwe Ntombini says most of the music was sourced from the SABC library and comes as a CD and a DVD of music videos and five live p...


He’s With Her: Inside Paul Ryan’s Months-Long Campaign to Elect Hillary Clinton President "IndyWatch Feed"

Paul Ryan I'm With Her
Donald Trump made headlines this week when he questioned whether Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan wanted him to prevail over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

South Africa Opposition Defends Biased Netherlands-based International Criminal Court
South African foreign minister Tshabalala-Mashabane.

Opposition parties in South Africa are taking the government to court over the decision to leave the International Criminal Court.

The country announced on Friday it was quitting the court because it conflicted with diplomatic immunity laws.

But the opposition says the decision to leave was irrational and procedurally flawed as it was not put to vote in Parliament.

TVC’s Vauldi Carelse reports that Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir wanted for genocide and other atrocities committed in Darfur and now the trigger for South Africa pulling out of the ICC.

Under obligation, the country was supposed to arrest him last year but failed to do so, despite a court order.

South Africa says it’s already given notice to the United Nations and cabinet also informed parliament of its decision.

The country was one of the court’s strongest supporters when it was established 14 years ago. But it’s now become the second African country to announce membership withdrawal from the Rome Statute.

The South African Litigation Centre – who took government to court over Al-Bashir – says this a huge blow for international justice.

Several African countries and the African Union accused the court of bias in its 14 year history there’ve only been five substantive verdicts and all of them against African suspects.


More lies &a deception. "IndyWatch Feed"

‘Dangerous’ Trump ‘undermines our democracy’, says Obama

William W. Lee

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North Carolina judge convicted of bribing FBI agent with ‘2 cases of beer’ to spy on his wife "IndyWatch Feed"

A North Carolina judge may have been “up for whatever” when he tried to bribe an FBI agent with Bud Light beer in exchange for some “innocent” spying on his wife and her alleged friend, but a unanimous jury found him guilty. Jurors unanimously agreed Friday that Superior Court Judge Arnold O Jones II was […]



Yes, we can validate the Wikileaks emails "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Recently, WikiLeaks has released emails from Democrats. Many have repeatedly claimed that some of these emails are fake or have been modified, that there's no way to validate each and every one of them as being true. Actually, there is, using a mechanism called DKIM.

DKIM is a system designed to stop spam. It works by verifying the sender of the email. Moreover, as a side effect, it verifies that the email has not been altered.

Hillary's team uses "", which as DKIM enabled. Thus, we can verify whether some of these emails are true.

Recently, in response to a leaked email suggesting Donna Brazile gave Hillary's team early access to debate questions, she defended herself by suggesting the email had been "doctored" or "falsified". That's not true. We can use DKIM to verify it.

You can see the email in question at the WikiLeaks site: The title suggests they have early access to debate questions, and includes one specifically on the death penalty, with the text:
since 1973, 156 people have been on death row and later set free. Since 1976, 1,414 people have been executed in the U.S
Indeed, during the debate the next day, they asked the question:
Secretary Clinton, since 1976, we have executed 1,414 people in this country.  Since 1973, 156 who were convicted have been exonerated from the death row.
It's not a smoking gun, but at the same time, it both claims they got questions in advance while having a question in advance. Trump gets hung on similar chains of evidence, so it's not something we can easily ignore.

Anyway, this post isn't about the controversy, but the fact that we can validate the email. When an email server sends a message, it'll include an invisible "header". They aren't especially hidden, most email programs allow you to view them, it's just that they are boring, so hidden by default. The DKIM header in this email looks like:


Will Economically Successful Kazakhstan Be Able to Set Its Democratic Record Straight? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Human rights organisations, foreign governments and academics have expressed deep concerns about the country’s observance of human rights, protection of civil liberties and adherence to democratic procedures.

Ak Orda, the President’s Residence in Astana. Credit: Nurseit Niyazbekov/The Conversation

Ak Orda, the President’s Residence in Astana. Credit: Nurseit Niyazbekov/The Conversation

This year, Kazakhstan celebrates the 25th anniversary of its independence from the USSR. Politicians have already started boasting about the country’s successful socioeconomic reforms and praising President Nursultan Nazarbayev for the country’s achievements.

Thanks to its abundance of natural resources, this young Central Asian republic has managed to attract billions of dollars’ worth of investments and rebuild its economy with two-digit annual GDP growth.

But while there’s no doubt that Kazakhstan has become an economic success, international human rights organisations, foreign governments and academics all have expressed deep concerns about the country’s observance of human rights, protection of civil liberties, and adherence to democratic procedures.

A recent...


Countries Quietly Dumping Treasuries, Buying Their Own Debt "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

dumping treasuries

More corporations are laying off employees. US auto sales for October are estimated to fall by 7%. Retail stores will be shutting down because there loans are coming do and will need to refinance from now until the end of 2017. Many are calling for helicopter money – debt – in the trillions to fix…

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Cherokee Nation Visits Standing Rock "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

 (L to R) Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Councilman Chad Harrison, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Vice Chair Jesse McLaughlin, Cherokee Nation Tribal Council Speaker Joe Byrd, Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Councilman Kory McLaughlin.

(L to R) Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Councilman Chad Harrison, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Vice Chair Jesse McLaughlin, Cherokee Nation Tribal Council Speaker Joe Byrd, Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Councilman Kory McLaughlin.


Tribe donates firewood, $10k to Sioux Tribe to fight pipeline

Published October 21, 2016

FORT YATES, NORTH DAKOTA – A delegation from the Cherokee Nation hand delivered a $10,000 check to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe this week to help with attorney fees and other costs to keep out the Dakota Access Pipeline which threatens the tribe’s sovereignty, resources and water supply.

The Cherokee Nation also delivered three truckloads of firewood to the Sacred Stone campsite in North Dakota where thousands of Native people are gathered and camped in the frigid weather to protest the pipeline construction underway.

Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Tribal Council Speaker Joe Byrd and other tribal representatives met with Standing Rock Sioux Vice Chair Jesse McLaughlin and Tribal Councilors, as well as campsite leaders and water protectors to offer the Cherokee Nation’s full support.

The Cherokee Nation delivers firewood to the Sacred Stone campsite in North Dakota Tuesday.

The Cherokee Nation delivers firewood to the Sacred Stone campsite in North Dakota Tuesday.

“The Cherokee Nation is a Nation of people who have been dispossessed, forcibly removed and had economies buil...


Buggered Bitfinex Begs Burgler For Bitcoins Back "IndyWatch Feed World"

Bitfinex has made a desperate attempt to reach out to the hacker that buggered their bum and liberated almost 120k Bitcoins from their platform in August with a post on their blog detailing the channels opened for dialogue. One of the methods even goes as far to suggest blockchain spam as a viable communication protocol.

From the announcement:

We believe that a combination of Tor and an anonymous email service should suffice to protect your identity and location. Encrypting your message with our PGP key further guarantees privacy from prying
eyes, but to prove your authenticity to us, we ask that you provide the public key associated with 1QDBWKgfftwuraEasMGSUvj9PPrswZv19q and sign your message with the corresponding private key.

Instead of using e-mail, you can send the authenticating information via Bitmessage and Tor. Our Bitmessage address is BM-2cW79647sMFe3fJKKGKAwXWwTSS293meq8.

Alternatively, you can send us a message on the Blockchain using OP_RETURN. You can encrypt a message (containing your pub key) with our PGP key, split up the message into 80-byte chunks, and send
transactions to 19eT7KGKo1gFjgBhEF4957wVNugkc2cakK from any one of the 2072 addresses currently holding the bitcoins in question.

Despite not being registered in the WoT, Bitfinex also somehow managed to make a gpg key and post it as well. The post closed by stating that they were "very anxious to hear" from the attacker, and asked if there is perhaps a different way that they would prefer to communicate, as absconding with $75 million in Bitcoin evidently did not send a clear enough message. (archived)


Oil and Gas Threat Map Shows At-Risk Populations "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By Caeleigh MacNeil | Wednesday, October 19, 2016 A government bureau wants to open up one million acres of central California land to more fracking, but an Earthjustice lawsuit shows that the bureau needs to think before it acts. Pumpjacks … Continue reading


«Casques blancs» à l’Elysée: un tapage médiatique compensatoire à une relégation diplomatique "IndyWatch Feed War"

Honte à l’instrumentalisation de l’Humanitaire! La France a réservé aux «Casques Blancs» opérant en Syrie, un accueil sans rapport avec la réalité de cette organisation faussement humanitaire financée, en sous-main, par l’administration américaine, opérant principalement dans le secteur EST d’Alep, le secteur contrôlé par les djihadistes, dont ils passent pour être les partenaires occultes. Faisant fi des souffrances du peuple syrien, pas uniquement à l’EST d’Alep, mais aussi dans de nombreuses autres provinces, pas uniquement dans celles conquises par les terroristes islamistes désignés comme djihadistes, -par ailleurs partenaires de son allié de l’Otan la Turquie et des pétromonarchies-, la France a ainsi instrumentalisé la tragédie d’Alep pour la satisfaction d’objectifs non avoués! La campagne pour l’attribution du Prix Nobel de la Paix 2016 aux «casques blancs» a échoué, malgré une extraordinaire opération «psyop» du camp atlantiste, -une guerre psychologique et de propagande médiatique-, matérialisée par un intense lobbying des médias occidentaux, mobilisant des célébrités Hollywood, tels George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, et, sur le plan arabe, la campagne du Qatar, via ses deux vecteurs médiatiques Al Jazira...>>>...

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Damaged brand: New Trump hotels will no longer bear his name "IndyWatch Feed"

With reports that Trump hotels are seeing occupancy rates plummet faster than the GOP presidential nominee is falling in the polls, the CEO for Trump Hotels announced future travelers won’t be seeing the old name on any new developments. According to Travel + Leisure, new Trump luxury hotels…


2 US cops exonerated over black man’s death "IndyWatch Feed"

Two US police officers involved in the fatal shooting of an African American man in Minneapolis, Minnesota last year won’t be disciplined, authorities say. Officers Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze shot 24-year-old Jamar Clark in an altercation in November 15, 2015. Clark died of his wounds the following day. Officers Ringgenberg (L) and Schwarze According […]


Argentines burn British flags to protest Falklands military drills (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Hundreds of Argentines have joined protests against British military exercises in the Falkland Islands (also known as Islas Malvinas) by setting fire to Union flags outside the British Embassy in Buenos Aires. Video footage taken by the Ruptly video agency shows a crowd of hooded protesters belonging to the far-left Quebracho Patriotic Revolutionary Movement loudly […]


Hip hop pioneer Russell Simmons: Trump often used racist and anti-semitic slurs in front of me "IndyWatch Feed"

In a recent interview with Fortune, music mogul Russell Simmons discussed his relationship with Republican nominee Donald Trump, with whom he was friends for 30 years. Simmons told Fortune that he was able to have friendships with people like Trump and former Fox CEO Roger Ailes, despite their…



Trump: Dems Inciting Violence at My Rallies — WikiLeaks Emails ‘Dirty, Disgusting Stuff’ "IndyWatch Feed"

On his Friday show, Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity asked GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump about his opponent Hillary Clinton’s campaign tactics. Trump replied that the differential media treatment, Democrats inciting violence at his rallies and WikiLeaks showing Clinton was involved in a pay for play arrangement with Moroccan King Mohammed VI for $12 million is “dirty, disgusting stuff.” “Take a look at what’s going on. Look at, as an example this wasn’t WikiLeaks, but look at what you just said about the voter fraud that was uncovered with the tapes. Look at what you said about the thugs going into arenas and starting problems. Look at what came out today about The New York Times where they have reporters that are soft or safe or something, and I have those same reporters and they are brutal — they’re not brutal, they’re dishonest, it’s a totally dishonest group of people. And you just take a look at what’s happened. Look at how you get set up. They say you saw somebody in 1902 and you touched the person. I mean, give me a break, This is stuff that all doesn’t exist, Sean. This is dirty, disgusting stuff. And they’ll find out, it’ll be revealed at


All Time High Levels of QE Are Coming "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


The Central Banks are going to go absolutely nuclear within the next 18 months. In the last few weeks we’ve seen the Bank of Japan, the Bank of England, the European Central, and the US Federal Reserve all push for fiscal stimulus instead of monetary stimulus. What this means is that Central Banks are collectively saying, “We have…

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Magnetic Fields of the Human Body and Their Functions "IndyWatch Feed World"

Magnetic Fields of the Human Body and Their Functions is the title of an interview with Manly P. Hall, a Freemason who was very knowledgeable in esoteric teachings.

I do not agree with everything that Manly teaches; however, in the interview, he shared a lot of very important information about energy fields and the human body, so if you want to learn some empowering information about energy fields and the human body, I highly encourage you to watch and listen to the interview.

Here is an excerpt about Manly P. Hall from

Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author and mystic.

He is perhaps most famous for his work The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, which is widely regarded as his magnum opus, and which he published at the age of 25 (or 27, 1928).

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Overnight Open Thread: Wheelchair-Bound Teen Shames Anthem Protesters "IndyWatch Feed"

Fine young man. Via NY Post: A Florida teenager with spina bifida was caught on camera shaming athletes who sit for the national anthem — using his arms to proudly “stand” from his wheelchair as the American flag passed by him during a parade. Arek Trenholm, 16, has become a social media sensation after his […]


BN Beauty: Flawless! Neutral Full Glam Makeup Tutorial for Dark Skin by OmabelleTV "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Beauty vlogger OmabelleTV has a new makeup tutorial out on how to achieve this lovely neutral makeup look. Here’s what she said; Hi Beauties! So today, I’ve got a neutral full glam makeup tutorial for you and this look is also perfect for my dark skin beauties because of the color tones used. This is a […]


Battistelli-Commissioned PwC ‘Study’: Survey Comparison Shows Serious Deterioration and Efforts by PwC to Disguise the Truth "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC): best propaganda money can buy?

PwC survey

Survey Comparison. Large version.

Summary: The latest output from PwC turns out to be even worse than initially thought, indicating that not only did it find a degradation in the EPO but also attempted to hide/obscure it

THE situation at the EPO is getting out of hand, to the point where Battistelli has made up some new and truly silly “Social Conference” (more waste of money which corrupts truth and journalism) in which to lie and deny the crisis.

In no sane institution where accountability exists would Battistelli have kept his job this long.

“We are hoping that more people will leak to us material that’s related to this.”Looking at a comparison of surveys, it becomes ever more apparent that not only Battistelli lies; the people whom he hired are lying as well.

The picture “Survey Comparison” (it’s really self-explanatory), as shown above, is quite revealing and it relates to the study’s criticism (see “Battistelli-Commissioned PwC 'Study': The Raw Outcome Shows Distortion of the Facts at the EPO's Notorious 'Social Conference'“).

“Survey Comparison” is a comparison of the 2016 results with those of 2011 and it “reveals that the deterioration of the social climate is reflected also by the data collected by PwC, despite their efforts of hiding the truth,” a source told us. We are hoping that more people will leak to us material that’s related to this. We......


43+ Million Users Affected by Confirmed Weebly Breach "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard

Weebly, a popular web-hosting service featuring a drag-and-drop website builder, has been breached, and email addresses/usernames, IP addresses and encrypted passwords for some 43 million users have been stolen.

Unfortunately, the company did not notice the breach when it happened, around February 2016. They were notified of it once LeakedSource got its hands on the stolen data.

"Unlike nearly every other hack, the co-founder and CTO of Weebly Chris Fanini fortunately did not have his head burried [sic] deeply in the sand and actually responded to our communication requests. We have been working with them to ensure the security of their users meaning password resets as well as notification emails are now being sent out," the group noted.

Weebly also published a security update on the site, explaining what they did once they were made aware of the breach:

  • Confirmed the authenticity of the data
  • Called in security consultants to help with the investigation
  • Reset passwords of affected users and notified them via email
  • Took steps to enhance their network security to prevent future breaches
  • Implemented tougher password requirements
  • Set up a dashboard for users to monitor their log-in history.


Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Shared Post Wikileaks says Hillary will win, Trump boosted to ‘create FEAR’ "IndyWatch Feed"

Bill ( thinks you may be interested in the following post:

Wikileaks says Hillary will win, Trump boosted to ‘create FEAR’

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Gold Is Near The 2011 Highs "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


There are a lot of people who are concerned about the performance of gold and the fact that the price after four years of correction is still so far from the high. The mistake that most people make is to measure gold in US dollars. We are seeing currently very temporary dollar strength. But the…

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Police Drones Zapping Suspects with Stun Guns: ‘The Public Is Going to Initially be Alarmed by This’ "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Wall Street Journal: In a conference room away from the busy San Diego Convention Center floor where law-enforcement officials from around the world perused the latest police technology, a Taser employee showed some police leaders a drone, and discussed how different things could be attached to it, including a camera, a light and a […]


“Neutral” Syrian Volunteer Group Receives Millions From Western Governments "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Credit – Business Insider

Despite their claims of neutrality in the conflict between the Syrian government, US-backed rebels, and ISIS, the Syrian “volunteer” group known as the “White Helmets” have openly acknowledged that they receive over $123 million from Western governments, with $23 million coming just from the US State Department. Though you wouldn’t know it from the near-constant praise they receive from the media, this same group, which has been linked to US-backed terrorist group al-Nusra, has been accused by independent Western journalists as well as Syrians of staging photo ops and protests to demonize the Russian and Syrian bombing campaign in Aleppo that is currently targeting Al-Nusra and other US-backed “rebel” forces.

This certainly wouldn’t be the first time the US and its allies have paid millions to manufacture propaganda supporting their wars in the Middle East. It was recently revealed that the US paid a British PR firm over half a million dollars to create terrorist propaganda in Iraq in an attempt to manufacture support of its illegal occupation of the country. Independent journalist Vanessa Beeley, who has personally traveled to and reported from Aleppo, has argued that the White Helmets are doing something similar as their chief purpose is to manipulate the Western public into accepting Western military intervention in Syria.

The White Helmets themselves deny this narrative but do not deny the millions of dollars they receive from pro-intervention Western governments. One of the leaders of the White Helmets, Abdulrahman Al Mawwas, recently told RT that though they “are a humanitarian organization,” they “admit [that] th...


A Realist's View Of The US Presidential Contest "IndyWatch Feed World"

Submitted by Eric Zuesse via,

Because the viewpoint expressed here will be a controversial one not frequently expressed or encountered, links are provided in order to enable the reader quickly to access the documentation wherever a particular allegation might seem ...Read More


Bryan Johnson invests $100 million in Kernel to unlock the power of the human brain "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Earlier this year, former Braintree founder Bryan Johnson publicly announced his plans to forge Kernel, a company with the sole purpose of building hardware and software to augment human intelligence. Today, Johnson is investing $100 million of his own money into the concept, looking to rapidly double the size of his team, shore up a portfolio of intellectual property and prepare for animal and human testing trials for a forthcoming device aimed at reducing cognitive deficiencies for sufferers of conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Kernel is still very much in the planning stages, but the idea is rooted in the research of Theodore Berger, the company’s chief science officer. The futuristic device, which Johnson says might actually not need to be implanted beneath the skull at all, is designed to facilitate communication between brain cells by hacking the “neural code” that enables our brain to store and recall key information. With proper implementation, such a device could correct faulty signals to mend a cognitive impairment.

“We have done this before with biology and genomics,” said Johnson in an interview. “We can program yeast to do a specific function. We can expect the same path with neural code.”

Read more


America, Land of Opportunity? Not for Young People "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: McClatchy: The United States is supposed to be a land of opportunity where young people can expect their quality of life will be better than their parents’. But the U.S. isn’t even in the top 20 countries when it comes to opportunities for young people. The U.S. ranks 23 on a list of 183 […]


WikiLeaks Supporters Launch Plan To Restore Assange’s Internet Connection "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Credit – Reuters

Things haven’t been going quite as planned for WikiLeaks’ Editor-In-Chief Julian Assange. Though WikiLeaks has continued its daily releases of John Podesta’s emails, Assange lost his connection to the outside world when Ecuador caved to US pressure and cut off his access. Assange has been arbitrarily detained for over four years in Ecuador’s London Embassy after the country offered him asylum in 2012. Ecuador continues to stand by that agreement but has said that Assange’s current work – the release of emails belonging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair – threatens to interfere with the US presidential election, something they could not allow to continue. However, WikiLeaks has said that US Secretary of State John Kerry was largely responsible for pressuring Ecuador to cut off Assange’s internet connection, a claim the State Department denies.

Yet, supporters of Assange, particularly members of 4chan and Anonymous, are working to reconnect Assange to the web. The plan, known as “Operation Hot Pockets,” involves Assange supporters gathering around the embassy, in shifts, to create mobile wireless hotspots in order to provide the WikiLeaks founder with internet access. The operation was scheduled to transpire today, though there has been no word as of yet how many people showed up or if Assange is even aware that it was set to take place. 4chan and Twitter responded enthusiastically to the idea, suggesting a decent turnout was likely.

The severance of Assange’s internet connection has had little effect on WikiLeaks’ activities. Just th...


U.S. Warship Challenges China’s Claims in South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Reuters: A U.S. navy destroyer sailed near islands claimed by China in the South China Sea on Friday, drawing a warning from Chinese warships to leave the area. The U.S. action was the latest attempt to counter what Washington sees as Beijing’s efforts to limit freedom of navigation in the strategic waters, U.S. officials […]


IoT Can Never Be Fixed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This title is a bit click baity, but it's true, not for the reason you think. Keep reading to see why.

If you've ever been involved in keeping a software product updated, I mean from the development side of things, you know it's not a simple task. It's nearly impossible really. The biggest problem is that even after you've tested it to death and gone out of your way to ensure the update is as small as possible, things break. Something always breaks.

If you're using a typical computer, when something breaks, you sit down in front of it, type away on the keyboard, and you fix the problem. More often than not you just roll back the update and things go back to the way they used to be.

IoT is a totally different story. If you install an update and something goes wrong, you now have a very expensive paperweight. It's usually very difficult to fix IoT devices if something goes wrong, many of them are installed in less than ideal places and some may even be dangerous to get near the device.

This is why very few things do automatic updates. If you have automatic updates configured, things can just stop working one day. You'll probably have no idea it's coming, one day you wake up and your camera is bricked. Of course it's just as likely things won't break until it's something super important, we all know how Murphy's Law works out.

This doesn't even take into account the problems of secured updates, vendors going out of business, hardware going end of life, and devices that fail to update for some reason or other.

The law of truly large numbers

Let's assume there are 2 million of a given device out there. Let's assume there are automatic updates enabled. If we can guess 10% won't get updates for some reason or other. That means there will be around 200,000 vulnerable devices that miss the first round of updates. That's one product. With IoT the law of truly large numbers kicks in. Crazy things will happen because of this.

The law of truly large numbers tells us that if you have a large enough sample set, every crazy thing that can happen, will happen. Because of this law, the IoT can never be secured.

Now, all this considered, that's no reason to lose hope. It just means we have take this into consideration. We don't build systems that can handle a large number of crazy events. Once we take this into account we can start to design a system that's robust against these problems. The way we develop these systems and products will need a fundamental change. The way we do things today doesn't work in a large number situation. It's not a matter of maybe fixing this, it has to be fixed, and someone will fix it, the rewards will be substantial.



Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “China on a Buying Spree, US on a Bombing Spree "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


China needs to be on a buying spree as they have a Silk Road to build! YT Comment Do not confuse the Chinese government with individual Chinese people. The real estate bubbles are created by the individual Chinese people. Yes, you are correct that Western governments (or any government) can easily nationalize foreign owned assets…

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More On ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Between State Dept And FBI: Aim Was To ‘Deep Six’ Benghazi Email… "IndyWatch Feed"

More details emerge on the "quid pro quo" arrangement between the State Dept and the FBI over the classification of Sec. Clinton's emails. — Oversight Committee (@GOPoversight) October 21, 2016


"How It Really Is" "IndyWatch Feed World"

The total insanity suggested this song... lol
Couldn't resist...


France: Solidarity with prisoners of the Social War "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


From Bordered by Silence

Solidarity Weekend for Prisoners of the Social War
Saturday October 29 and Sunday October 30

How do we demonstrate our solidarity with shared acts of revolt, even in the face of repression?

In this period of war and of generally heightened tension, the unbearable conditions under which we’re made to live are maintained by fear. Fear of losing your job and of coming up short at the end of the month, fear of police, fear of prison. This feeling is driven home by the indefinite extension of the state of emergency and by locking away for ever longer those who remain recalcitrant. And yet, there are so many reasons to revolt against this world of cash and cops, and so no wonder that many people don’t give in to resignation and continue to take action against it all, in small groups or in a crowd, by day or by night. Because the social war against the deadly rule of state and capital, there can be no truce: attacks against borders, rebellions in jail, escapes from detention centres, sabotage against the construction of airports or of high-tension power lines. Ransacking schools, burning construction equipment or the cables that permit the flow of information and transportation. Destroying campaign offices, riots following yet another police killing, daily hustles to avoid wage slavery… Beyond any law, whether earthly or divine, this routine disorder is able to flourish freely.

These past months, many of us have been thrilled to see the spread of offensive street actions, including in unpermitted marches not organized by unions or parties. From clashes with the guard dogs of the state and property and to the fiery destruction of their tools of the trade; from the smashed windows of businesses and the occasional looting of their contents, to burning Porsches and AutoLibs(1), and to blockades of high schools; even the occasional attack on snitch journalists and managing to break free of the union marshals — all this has come to shake up the arrogance of the powerful. In all (these) forms of struggle, not just those of the current “social movement”, self-organization and direct action are essential to break from the pacification imposed by consumer relations and the terrorism of the state. Afte...


‘Days of Cinema’ Film Festival Concludes in Palestine "IndyWatch Feed War"

“Days of Cinema” is a film festival which has been running all this week in Palestine and which wound up today. Films by Palestinian filmmakers, as well as filmmakers of other nationalities, have been featured–more than 60 in all. A little bit more on the festival can be found here: Days of Cinema is an […]


Donald Trump Vs The American Founding Fathers: He Said This, They Said Something Else Entirely "IndyWatch Feed National"

Donald Trump is a self-declared patriot. The greatest patriot ever. He’s just really, really great at being a patriot. But according to Liam McLoughlin’s research, if the Founding Fathers had foreseen ‘Trump 2016’, they’d have probably founded Canada instead. Turns out that under scrutiny. The Donald’s views don’t square away all that well.

In a related development, a tourist at Mount Rushmore swears she heard George Washington yell ‘FFS’ during the recent presidential debate.

Many American conservatives cling to the Constitution and claim the vision of the Founding Fathers as their own. The historical record makes a mockery of such claims.

It’s fair to say if Founding Fathers like George Washington, James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Paine and Alexander Hamilton were alive today, not only would they be really old and pretty confused by all the tweeting they’d also be deeply disturbed by the chunderous spectacle of the Trump campaign, barely recognising the spooky funhouse mirror of American democracy reflected back at them.

As evidence, let’s see how the public statements of a would- be- daughter- dating- father stack up against those of the Founding Fathers on key election issues.

Maybe Donald Trump really is a latter-day Thomas Jefferson?

Corporate Regulation

Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence (1776) and was elected the third US President in 1800. James Madison helped draft and promote the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and was President from 1809- 1817. They both had strong views on the need for corporate regulation.

thomas-jefferson“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” – Thomas Jefferson

thomas-jefferson“I hope that we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.” – Thomas Jefferson


james-madison“The pow...


Junior Miners: Gold And Silver Are Ready To Rumble "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

gold silver

TDC Note – The gold and silver junior miners are rested and relaxed. Hopefully, everyone has a little dry powder and is ready jump on board or add to your position. As was discussed on the latest Shadow of Truth, Dave and I both believe the precious metals are primed for a year end push…

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8 Ways Control Freak Government is Sabotaging Freedom and Making Life More Difficult For Us "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Lily Dane

freedom liberty

The truth is that any form of authoritarian control—any type of “government,” whether constitutional, democratic, socialist, fascist, or anything else—will result in a set of masters forcibly oppressing a group of slaves. That is what “authority” is—all it ever has been, and all it ever could be, no matter how many layers of euphemisms and pleasant rhetoric are used in an attempt to hide it. – Larken Rose

It’s no secret that the US government continues to grow larger, more oppressive, and more authoritarian with each passing year.

If one were to attempt to write down all of the ways the government impedes liberty and stomps all over the people it is supposed to serve, it would take days…perhaps weeks…to accomplish.

So, this list is by no means exhaustive, but here are 8 ways the control-freak US government is sabotaging freedom and making life more difficult for citizens.

The War on Drugs

Cannabis has been illegal at the federal level since 1970, when Congress placed it under Schedule I. It was supposed to be a provisional classification. Back then, not much was known about the plant.

In 1972, the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse released a report favoring decriminalization of cannabis. The Commission’s chairman, Raymond P. Shafer, presented a report to Congress and the public entitled “Marihuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding,” which favored ending marijuana prohibition and adopting other methods to discourage use.

The Commission’s report said that while public sentiment tended to view marijuana users as dangerous, they actually found users to be more timid, sleepy, and passive. It concluded that cannabis did not cause widespread danger to society. It recommended using social measures other than criminalization to discourage use, and compared its use to that of alcohol.

But the Nixon administration took no action to implement the recommendation, and the reasons are pretty damn nefarious:


8 Ways Control Freak Government is Sabotaging Freedom and Making Life More Difficult For Us "IndyWatch Feed World"

freedom liberty

The truth is that any form of authoritarian control—any type of “government,” whether constitutional, democratic, socialist, fascist, or anything else—will result in a set of masters forcibly oppressing a group of slaves. That is what “authority” is—all it ever has been, and all it ever could be, no matter how many layers of euphemisms and pleasant rhetoric are used in an attempt to hide it. – Larken Rose

It’s no secret that the US government continues to grow larger, more oppressive, and more authoritarian with each passing year.

If one were to attempt to write down all of the ways the government impedes liberty and stomps all over the people it is supposed to serve, it would take days…perhaps weeks…to accomplish.

So, this list is by no means exhaustive, but here are 8 ways the control-freak US government is sabotaging freedom and making life more difficult for citizens.

The War on Drugs

Cannabis has been illegal at the federal level since 1970, when Congress placed it under Schedule I. It was supposed to be a provisional classification. Back then, not much was known about the plant.

In 1972, the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse released a report favoring decriminalization of cannabis. The Commission’s chairman, Raymond P. Shafer, presented a report to Congress and the public entitled “Marihuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding,” which favored ending marijuana prohibition and adopting other methods to discourage use.

The Commission’s report said that while public sentiment tended to view marijuana users as dangerous, they actually found users to be more timid, sleepy, and passive. It concluded that cannabis did not cause widespread danger to society. It recommended using social measures other than criminalization to discourage use, and compared its use to that of alcohol.

But the Nixon administration took no action to implement the recommendation, and the reasons are pretty damn nefarious:

President Richard Nixon saw pot prohibition as a way to destroy the antiwar left, according to clandestine recordings m...


Distribution Release: SalentOS 1.0 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Gabriele Martina has announced the release of SalentOS 1.0, a new line of the desktop-oriented distribution featuring a customised desktop based on the Openbox window manager. Code-named "Luppìu", this is the project's first release based on Debian's stable branch, rather than Ubuntu as was the case with the....


Podesta Adani WikiLeak: Clinton Presidency will hold mirror to Turnbull’s climate inaction "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

MEDIA STATEMENT – 22 October 2016

Revelations via WikiLeaks in The Australian newspaper today that a major US philanthropist has been emailing the senior advisor to the likely next US President, about the expansion of coal mining in Australia, highlights a major diplomatic risk for the Turnbull government: that a Clinton Administration will hold a mirror to Australia’s climate inaction and pursuit of new coal reserves, says Executive Director of The Sunrise Project, Mr John Hepburn.

Find here an email written by John Hepburn, forwarded to John Podesta, Chairman of the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign, former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Obama which is now on the Wikileaks site.

“It is no surprise that the ongoing expansion of coal mining in Australia is on the radar of Clinton’s most senior advisor. While the world is ratifying the Paris Climate agreement in record time, Australia is becoming a global embarrassment for being the first developed country to go backwards on climate policy and fast-tracking the approval of new coal mines,” said Mr Hepburn.

“With the UN Climate Conference in Marrakesh only weeks away, this leak adds to the wider pattern of international concern over Australia’s failure to meet our international obligations and dogged commitment to give special treatment to the coal industry while the rest of the world rapidly shifts to clean energy.

“In January, the Obama Administration implemented a moratorium on new coal mines on public land in the US. The UK has closed its last coal mine and China will close more than 1,000 coal mines in 2016, yet our government is still in the thrall of mining companies like Adani at a time when scientists are confirming that barely any carbon budget remains.

“Of course we and other environmental groups are fighting tooth and nail to stop the Adani project. It should not be allowed to proceed. It is a highly polluting project by a shonky company with an appalling track record of environmental abuse. If built, the Adani Carmichael mine will be a carbon bomb that is completely incompat...


Witness list for next Nuclear Citizens’ Jury 29 October South Australia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Pro nuclear witnesses in RED. Probably Leaning to pro – orange Neutral (or I don’t know) in Yellow Leaning to nuclear free – light green Nuclear free -GREEN

It is not clear exactly which individuals are to be the facilitators.

... ...
Safety (1)

(includes overview and focus on impact on human health)



Dr Sami Hautakangas (alternate for Timo Äikäs)
Dr Margaret Beavis
Dr Robert Hall (alternate for Professor Tilman Ruff)
Dr Stephan Bayer (alternate for John Carlson)
Dr Tony Hooker (added by democracyCo from Fact Check queries)
Dr Ian Fairlie (via Skype)
Dr Jim Green
Safety (2)


(includes general safety, siting and transport)





Dr John Loy (alternate for Carl-Magnus Larsson)


Warring with the Warrior Queen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ding-dong the witch is dead. Take, as evidence, Donald Trump’s profanity-laden celebration of rape, the tape of which has just surfaced (and is already being followed by more of the same) If that won’t drive a stake through his genuinely iniquitous heart, nothing will. How dead? Metaphorically, he’s as dead as Moammar Gaddafi whom Hillary gleefully dispatched with the words, “we came, we saw, he died.” Judged by the rather manic look on her face she sure got a kick out of it. But when the thrill  was gone, Hillary left behind a dangerous, leaderless mess, rife with violence and terrorism. Such is the fruit of neoliberal intervention.

Still, there’s a certain giddinesss in the air. “Downward Spiral,” trumpets HuffPo, weighing in on the Donald’s campaign chances. “Trump Craters,” another of their headlines says.

For 2016 Clinton has attached herself to the relatively popular Barack Obama’s coat-tails. Do you think it will bother her, the way he’s forcing down the nations’s throat the TPP bill. I doubt it. Obama and his cadre of lobbyists has made sure the agreement is being forged in Stalinesque secrecy. But if Americans knew what was in TPP they wouldn’t like it, says Elizabeth Warren. It will cost jobs, says progressive superstar Robert Reich. You’re making a big mistake, say the 200 intellectuals and economists who wrote a letter to the president.

Tough, says the man of the people. You’ll get it and you’ll like it.

Now, Hillary has said she’s against TPP. But remember, she’s the one who, as the esteemed journalist Carl Bernstein has pointed out, has “a difficulty with the truth”. She and her people took special pains to banish specifically anti-TPP language from the Democratic Convention Platform. And then she goes and chooses as her Vice President Tim Kaine, Wall Street suck-up and, as a senator, would-be enabler of TPA, which will go even further toward grinding American democracy into the dirt, with its mandated up-or-down vote (no questions allowed). So much for reasoned, thoughtful discourse. What is the Hill trying to tell us with her choice of Kaine and with her choice of Ken Salazar as...


Premier Jay Weatherill’s Nuclear Waste Decisions in November South Australia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Weatherill nuclear dreamDavid Noonan, 22 Oct 16 In mid-late November Premier Weatherill intends to announce his SA gov decision and go to the SA Parliament to amend the Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Prohibition Act 2000 – at a minimum: to repeal the prohibition on spending public monies on nuclear waste plans (as per the likely ‘amber light’ Citizen Jury outcome over the first weekend in Nov).

This has to follow on from release of the SA Parliamentary Inquiry Report, likely in the week of Parliamentary sittings 15th to 17th Nov. The SA Liberals have privately said they will not give their position while the Citizen’s Jury is on, and will not do so until after this Inquiry reports.

The Premier will likely go to Parliament in the final scheduled sitting week of 29th Nov to 1st Dec (with an ‘optional sitting week’ in early Dec – which is very rarely ever used). The Premier requires the SA Liberals to agree to his proposed changes.

Appears unlikely the SA Liberals will agree to repeal the key prohibitions on import, transport, storage and disposal of International nuclear waste (at this time) BUT likely agree to repeal the prohibition on spending public funds – in a ‘further information’ style approach.

The Premier will then formally ask the Federal government to jointly work up the Inter dump plan along-side the SA gov through-out 2017 and in the lead up to the March 2018 State election. The Premier would then have to return to Parliament to repeal the key prohibitions on import, transport, storage and disposal of nuclear waste – potentially late in 2017 OR after the State Election.

Note: Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas MLC (the lead Liberal on the Parliamentary Inquiry) has made media statements (as an individual) that the extent of public funds required to be spent before SA knows if this plan could go ahead – “is a potential deal breaker”;

And has also cast doubt on the potential eco­nomic benefits: warning it was not possible to verify “some of the financial ­estimates in terms of what the state might earn from this facility”.

see:SA nuclear dump dreams just fool’s gold: senior Lib The Australian 29 Sept 2016:


All Signs Point to a Corporate Takeover of the Marijuana Industry by Bayer-Monsanto "IndyWatch Feed World"

Following months of negotiations and various offers, Germany-based Bayer has finally sealed the deal with Monsanto, purchasing the seed giant for $66 billion. The merger is reported to be the largest all-cash deal on record.

The purchase means a lot of things, and none of them good for consumers. For one, it strengthens the monopolization of the world's food supply. It also means more genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and chemicals to be doused on them.

Now, some are predicting the merge could also mean the takeover of the marijuana industry. Monsanto has an intimate business relationship with Scotts Miracle-Gro, "a convicted corporate criminal– and Scott's Miracle-Gro is trying to take over the marijuana industry," according to Big Buds Mag.

Is Monsanto going after the pot industry?

Read Entire Article »


Australia desperately needs to discuss our poisoned military role – Pine Gap and other targets "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

map-Australia-targets-when China looks at Australia, it will see Australia as an American base

“I think fundamentally we have to ask is that really the way we want to go. The signal we’re sending to Americans is that if they go to war with China, sure, we’ll be part of that.”

“It is embedding us in global military operations for which there is little strategic benefit for Australia.”

We are told mass surveillance makes us safer and in our fear we accept growing militarisation….. these facilities most likely don’t protect us, but put us at greater risk….These are the questions we don’t discuss.

US military bases in Australia: Protecting us or putting us at risk?    Emma Reynolds @emmareyn OCTOBER 2, 2016 THE US is strengthening a network of secretive military bases across Australia that could be used for waging wars against our interests, it was claimed at a weekend summit.


Minecraft Sword Lights Up When Nearby Friends "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With All Hallow’s Eve looming close, makers have the potential to create some amazing costumes we’ll remember for the rest of the year. If you’re a fan of the hugely addict-*cough* popular game Minecraft, perhaps you’ve considered cosplaying as your favorite character skin, but lacked the appropriate props. [Graham Kitteridge] and his friends have decided to pay homage to the game by making their own light-up Minecraft swords.

These swords use 3D-printed and laser-cut parts, designed so as to hide the electronics for the lights and range finder in the hilt. Range finder? Oh, yes, the sword uses an Arduino Uno-based board to support NewPixels LEDs and a 433Mhz radio transmitter and receiver for ranged detection of other nearby swords that — when they are detected — will trigger the sword to glow. Kind of like the sword Sting, but for friendlies.

Fellowship of Minecraft Sword

All of the files for the parts are available on the project’s Thingverse page and the board setup can be purchased here. If you want to have some fun controlling the real world from inside Minecraft, check out how this fan uses it to turn on lamps in their home.

Filed under: 3d Printer hacks, Arduino Hacks, weapons hacks ...

A Realist’s View Of The US Presidential Contest "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Tyler Durden

Submitted by Eric Zuesse via,

Because the viewpoint expressed here will be a controversial one not frequently expressed or encountered, links are provided in order to enable the reader quickly to access the documentation wherever a particular allegation might seem to be dubious on the basis of false assertions that any particular reader might have read elsewhere; but, otherwise, the links that are provided here are intended to be simply ignored, especially because so many of the allegations here are highly contentious and therefore require providing ready access to the documentation (and because no reader should waste his time to read documentation at a linked item that the reader already believes to be true):

The rape-allegations that have been raised recently against Donald Trump, turned the US Presidential contest so drastically, that a Hillary Clinton victory now appears to be all but certain. Morning Consult headlined on October 18th, “Donald Trump Has a Growing Problem With Men”, and reported: “Before the first debate, Trump led his Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton, by 8 points among men in a Morning Consult survey of likely voters. After the second debate and nine women making sexual assault allegations against Trump, those numbers have nearly flipped: Clinton now leads Trump among men by 6 points.”

That’s a 14% swing away from Trump, among half of the electorate, during a time-interval extending from 24 September to 15 October — 21 days — with only 22 days left until voting ends (hardly enough time to reverse that plunge and then to rise into the lead). Rape allegations couldn’t get Bill Clinton forced out of office, but they likely will force Hillary Clinton into office. Future historians might say that the biggest issue in the 2016 US Presidential contest was rape — more important to voters than the economy, the wars, the income-stagnation of the bottom 99%, trade-policy, criminal-justice reform, or any other public-policy issue. But, if this turns...


UN report blames Syrian government for 2015 gas attack "IndyWatch Feed War"


Syrian government forces dropped barrel bombs that released chlorine gas, according to report


Hier ist das heutige "Internet of Things"-Update.The ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hier ist das heutige "Internet of Things"-Update.

The future is now!

Statistik des Tages: Julian Assange ist von London ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Statistik des Tages: Julian Assange ist von London nach Ecuador gelaufen. Virtuell jetzt. Denn der Regisseur Ken Loach hat ihm ein Laufband gegeben, damit er sich in seiner Isolation körperlich ertüchtigen kann. Und auf diesem Laufband rennt Assange jetzt ein paar Meilen pro Tag. Wenn man die Entfernung zusammenrechnet, dann kommt man grob auf die Luftlinie zwischen London und Ecuador.

Wie reagiert man eigentlich am besten, wenn man von ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Wie reagiert man eigentlich am besten, wenn man von einem E-Mail-Leak betroffen ist?

Also nicht deine eigenen E-Mails leaken. Sondern eine E-Mail von einer Clinton-Mitarbeiterin zu einem Kollegen leakt, und in der wirst du mit Wörtern wie "pompös" und "blasiert" bedacht. Das leakt, und die ganze Welt sieht es.

Wie reagiert man am besten?

Wie Lawrence Lessig am besten. Der äußerte sich wie folgt:

I’m a big believer in leaks for the public interest. That’s why I support Snowden, and why I believe the President should pardon him. But I can’t for the life of me see the public good in a leak like this — at least one that reveals no crime or violation of any important public policy.

We all deserve privacy. The burdens of public service are insane enough without the perpetual threat that every thought shared with a friend becomes Twitter fodder. Neera has only ever served in the public (and public interest) sector. Her work has always and only been devoted to advancing her vision of the public good. It is not right that she should bear the burden of this sort of breach.

Well played, sir. Und er hat natürlich auch inhaltlich völlig Recht.

Kurze Durchsage vom BKA:Beim Zusammentragen der Daten ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Kurze Durchsage vom BKA:

Beim Zusammentragen der Daten sei ein «bedauerlicher Fehler» passiert, sagte eine BKA-Sprecherin. Somit stieg die Zahl der zur Fahndung Ausgeschriebenen ohne deutschen Pass im Vergleich zum Vorjahr mit 119 636 Menschen auch nicht um rund 140 Prozent, sondern lediglich um weniger als zwei Prozent.
Ach naja, kann ja mal vorkommen. 2%, 140%, wollen wir mal nicht so kleinlich sein hier!1!!

Ignored Wars (I) ( "IndyWatch Feed World"

21/10/2016 - BERLIN/RIYADH/SANAA (Own report) - Berlin persists in its support for Riyadh's ruling clan, despite the Saudi armed forces' ongoing war crimes committed in Yemen. Whereas demands to tighten sanctions ...


The Pentagon Changes Its Story: Military No Longer Sure Yemeni Rebels Attacked A US Ship "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

050102-N-1444C-012 Persian Gulf (Jan. 2, 2005) Ð The guided missile destroyer USS Mason (DDG 87) patrols the Northern Persian Gulf. Mason is on her first deployment to the Persian Gulf as part of the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Carrier Strike Group, to support coalition efforts in the Global War on Terrorism. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Peter J. Carney (RELEASED)

The USS Mason       Credit – US Navy

Since March 2015, Yemen has been the site of a brutal, one-sided war between Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The Houthi rebels overthrew then-Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, who many Yemenis perceived as a US puppet, and the Houthi revolution enjoyed considerable public support. However, a Houthi-led government threatened to all, but eradicate Saudi influence in Yemen, propelling the Saudis to begin a vicious bombing campaign that has claimed the lives of over 10,000, the majority of them civilians. The US joined the fray last Thursday after the Pentagon claimed that the US Navy’s USS Mason was the victim of two consecutive missile attacks. The Pentagon said, at the time, that the missiles had been launched by Houthi rebel forces. The USS Nitze retaliated, launching several Tomahawk cruise missiles at radar installations located by the straight of Bab el-Mandab.

Pentagon Spokesman Peter Cook said that the US attack on Yemen were a series of “limited self-defense strikes” that were conducted to “protect our personnel, our ships, and our freedom of navigation.” Cook argued that the radars targeted had been used in the alleged attack on the USS Mason. Another military official added that the radars were in rural areas, making the risk of civilian casualties negligible. Yet, at the time, there were growing concerns that the Pentagon had no official proof that the Houthis, or those who support them, were responsible for the attempted strikes on US ships. Despite that, the US decided on a...



voter fraud

Donald Trump, or Any Candidate, Should Challenge Election Results if Evidence of Fraud is Suspected. Challenging Fraud Can Strengthen Democracy and Build Confidence in the System. Fraud Left Unchecked, Leads to Further Instances of Fraud That Can Undermine Confidence. A Challenge of Election Results is not the Same as a Challenge to a Law. The…



Fifty years ago today, when we said no to LBJ "IndyWatch Feed National"

We were part of the anti-Vietnam War movement and we were angry. For more than a year LBJ had been escalating the war in Vietnam. US planes were bombing large swathes of Vietnam back to the Stone Age (to use a phrase attributed to US air force chief Curtis LeMay). Hundreds of thousands of American troops were battling peasant guerrillas in the paddy fields and jungles of Vietnam and villages were being napalmed.


BREAKING: Heavily Armed Police Outside Julian Assange’s Ecuadorian Shelter "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

October 21, 2016 Alarming reports have surfaced according to which multiple State actors dressed in police uniforms are gathering outside of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where Wikileaks Founder Julian

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17-Year Old ‘Aminata’ tells her Heartbreaking Story of being Kidnapped & held for Two Years by Boko Haram "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Two years ago a 15-year old ‘Aminata’ was taken by Boko Haram against her will and forced to marry an insurgent. She had no choice but to live with the insurgents, for two years, until she finally managed to escape. She is now an internally displaced person (IDP) living in one of many camps established […]


#OneAfricaMusicFest: Vanessa Mdee, Efya, Harrysong, Cabo Snoop & More Encourage Students of Dekaney High School "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The promotions for the upcoming One Africa Music Fest are in full gear as almost all the artists that will be performing at the event have arrived in Houston, Texas. It has been quite a full day of activities and today some of the celebs involved in Saturday’s concert visited Dekaney High School in Houston […]


Australia’s deplorable nuclear disarmament policy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Later this month, the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly will vote on a draft resolution that will ‘convene a UN conference in 2017, to negotiate a legally-binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination’. The resolution is expected to be adopted with a substantial majority. But the Australian government, in an unprecedented departure from a decades-long bipartisan commitment to nuclear disarmament, plans to vote no.



EPO Teaser – The “Iberian Connection” – Some Photos of García-Escudero and His Royal/Government Connections "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Summary: A look at the undeniably close connections between Mr. García-Escudero and the most powerful people in Spain

IN spite of the issues we have been having, tomorrow we intend to publish part two of the Iberian connections that relate to the EPO, incorporating text and images collected throughout our research.

Here are some photos of Pio García-Escudero Márquez, including photos with the Spanish PM Rajoy and members of the Royal Family. The connection to the EPO will be made apparent soon.


García-Escudero Wikipedia

García-Escudero Wine Reception

García-Escudero Wine Reception

Rajoy and García-Escudero, Madrid, Election Campaign

Rajoy Garcia-Escudero-Madrid-Election Campaign

PM Rajoy and García-Escudero

PM Rajoy and Garcia-Escudero

Queen Letizia and García-Escudero

Queen Letizia and Garcia-Escudero

Queen Letizia and Garcia-Escudero

Queen Letizia and Garcia-Escudero

Queen Letizia and Garcia-Escudero

King Felipe and García-Escudero

King Felipe and Garcia-Escudero



The coming anti-science revolution – starting with the Trumpocene "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

In Australia, we have a senator who similarly sees climate change as a thing made up by the UN. Our top-rating radio host, Alan Jones, has said climate science is “witchcraft”.

Now, before I go on, there’s a prevailing view (often expressed in the comments of this blog) that climate science deniers and oddballs like Alex Jones should be ignored. In some ways, those commenters are right.

But then you look at the popularity of people like Jones and see that, to increasing numbers of people, they are not people to be ignored, but are paragons of fearless truth-telling.

There’s a demographic to which rhetoric from people like Jones and, more broadly, Trump, appeals.

For a while, maybe the Trumpocene and the Anthropocene can coexist.

But even though they exist on separate plains, can we really afford to dismiss the impact of either of them?

Book Anthropocene

trump-hawkWe are approaching the Trumpocene, a new epoch where climate change is just a big scary conspiracy Graham Readfearn

Websites pushing climate science denial are growing their audience in an era where populist rhetoric and the rejection of expertise is gaining traction For years now geologists have been politely but forcefully arguing over the existence or otherwise of a new epoch – one that might have started decades ago.

Some of the world’s most respected geologists and scientists reckon humans have had such a profound impact on the Earth that we’ve now moved out of the Holocene and into the Anthropocene.

It’s not official. But it’s close.

Dropping nuclear bo...


Trump -VS- Clinton: Live Stream Speech Comparison – Engagement and Enthusiasm Example… "IndyWatch Feed"

♦ Today Hillary Clinton delivered a speech during a campaign event in Cleveland Ohio, the venue was Cuyahoga Community College.  Secretary Clinton held only one rally, and gave only one speech.  (pictured below left) ♦ Today Donald Trump delivered a … Continue reading


Assange, WikiLeaks, UFO False Flag -- It is Happening Now: SHTF Alert from Jim Stone "IndyWatch Feed World"

October 21 2016


It started with Wikileaks posting a photo of Assange being arrested earlier this week to twitter (today) Then Twitter went down for a long time. Now James Okeefe was in contact with Alex, saying he was in trouble and attempting to release incredibly damning material. Now some people are saying that after Twitter came back up, many truth site accounts are gone off of it.

It suddenly looks like Alex is in trouble now too.

I am going to vanish now for a little while and might go into hiding. This won't affect the web site at all, I have set all of this up so I can keep going under the most hostile situations and will remain online and updated constantly, despite bugging out for a while.


And remember, if that document about a UFO false flag stalling the election is true, REMEMBER: THEY HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY and if you have not seen it yet, I did not post this because I doubted it (despite saying in the text it is confirmed) SEE THIS, and (for now) take it with a grain of salt. I had this earlier and did not post it because I am now questioning the authenticity of wiki releases. But it is definitely important to know about and if I am facing the possibility of communist crackdown type problems, I'd better let people see this now.


Internet denied: What’s behind the massive DDoS attacks "IndyWatch Feed"

An attack on a major DNS service provider literally broke the internet Friday, impacting more than 80 popular websites, including PayPal, Reddit and Twitter. Here’s how a group of hackers is suspected to have pulled off the takedown.
Read more A myriad of websites were unavailable Friday as three separate distributed denial of service (DDoS) […]


WATCH: Scottie Nell Hughes called out after defending black people getting beat up at Trump rallies "IndyWatch Feed"

During an appearance on Erin Burnett’s OutFront on CNN, Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes fed the latest conspiracy that the Clinton campaign had paid surrogates to incite violence at his rallies. Burnett indicated how Republican nominee Donald Trump often encourages the attendees of his…



Trump Gains On Clinton, Poll Shows ‘Rigged’ Message Resonates "IndyWatch Feed"

NEWTOWN, Pa./CLEVELAND (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gained on his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton among American voters this week, cutting her lead nearly in half, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling released on Friday. The polling data showed Trump’s argument that the Nov. 8 election is “rigged” against him has resonated with members of his […]


The Freemasons | Declassified (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

freemasons declassified

They’re the most famous elite society in the world – yet also the most secretive. What do we actually know about them? What goes on during their secret rituals, and what is their purpose? This is the Freemasons declassified YT Comment Politically Incorrect Adolf Hitler arrested masons and put them in concentration camps for being…

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EFCC re-arrests Fani-Kayode                  …against Fayose, Omisore       The Federal Government may have concluded plans to make use of a former Minister of State for Defence, Senator Mussiliu Obanikoro, as prosecution witness against the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, and a former deputy governor of Osun […]


Serena Shim -American Journalist Killed in Turkey for Revealing the Truth Regarding ISIS-Daesh "IndyWatch Feed War"

No Investigation Two Years After Suspicious Death of American Journalist Serena Shim. Although all signs point to foul play, indeed murder, by Turkish intelligence, until now the US government has neither conducted nor demanded an inquiry into the events of the alleged car accident which Turkish officials say was the cause of Shim’s death, let alone…


Over 60% Of Americans Fear “Corruption Of Government Officials” Above Anything Else "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Tyler Durden

Infographic: Americans' Top Fears In 2016 | Statista

“Global warming”? “Obamacare”? “Terrorism”? all rank in the Top 10 fears for Americans. While ‘creepy clowns’ are all the rage, according to the Chapman University Survey of American Fears, corruption of government officials is the top fear among U.S. adults this year.

This chart shows the % of Americans who reported being “afraid” or “very afraid” of the following…

You will find more statistics at Statista

Just don’t tell the mainstream media.. because that would be threatening the very core of America’s democracy… or some such bullshit.

Visit Site


Top nuclear shill, James Voss, imported to lecture South Australians on the benefits of nuclear "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

nuke-spruikersSmTrisha Dee Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 22 Oct 16   Leading international nuclear industry executives have descended on Adelaide. James Voss has global links in the nuclear industry at the highest level. Through UCL he is lecturing South Australians on the glories of nuclear. Voss is the ex-MD of Pangea Resources – a failed joint venture attempt to bring High Level nuclear waste to Australia in the late 1990s. We need community driven, not industry driven initatives.


IPOB, AFENIFERE, OTHERS TO BUHARI: Don’t shield Amaechi "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose; the Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere; the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB); human rights lawyers and a host of others yesterday called for a probe into the allegations levelled against the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, by some justices of the Supreme Court. Justices John Okoro and Sylvester Ngwuta […]


Corruption: FG to arraign indicted judges next week "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

More judges seek to withdraw from the bench Strong indications emerged yesterday that the Federal Government would arraign the seven judges that were arrested and released on bail by the Department of State Service over alleged corruption next week. The DSS had on October 8 and 9 raided the apartments of about seven judges, arrested […]


Stark choice – eliminate nuclear weapons – or they’ll eliminate us "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

bombed cityEliminate nuclear weapons – or they’ll eliminate us Lew Patrie  Will you help end our terrible love affair with nuclear weapons that threatens us all?

“Our species faces the stark choice of either eliminating the world’s nuclear weapons, or they will eliminate us”, so said Joseph Rotblat, senior Manhattan Project scientist who quit the project for ethical reasons after the Hiroshima bombing in 1945. These dangers are now greater than ever. Dealing with this threat to human survival is the main reason that Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) exists.

The 2016 World Conference against atomic and hydrogen bombs confirmed that nuclear powers still maintain more than 15,000 nuclear warheads, half ours. About 1,000 of them are ready for immediate launch.

Dr. Ira Helfand, active with PSR and International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, has provided evidence that detonating even 100 nuclear weapons in a limited nuclear war could cause the deaths of as many as 2 billion people from massive starvation due to crop failures caused by a prolonged nuclear winter.

Recently, the risk of outbreak of nuclear war has sharply increased due to deteriorating relations between Russia and the U.S. Both nations are building smaller, more usable nuclear weapons.

Competing U.S./NATO and Russian military exercises have raised international tensions. Former U.S. Secretary of Defense William Perry has stated that nuclear war is more likely than...


All arms of government are corrupt – Osinbajo "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Fayose to FG: Give Ekiti airport Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) has said that all three arms of government: executive, legislature and the judiciary are corrupt. The vice-president, who spoke yesterday at the grand finale of the 4th convocation of the Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, said to be out of the problem, there was need for […]


Japan’s ruling party might lose next election on the nuclear issue "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Abe,-Shinzo-nukeLDP may lose next election if nuclear exit becomes main issue: ex-PM  KYODO  OCT 21, 2016

Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said the pro-nuclear ruling party of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe could lose the next Lower House election if nuclear power becomes the main election issue.

Citing recent gubernatorial election wins for candidates concerned about restarting nuclear power plants in Niigata and Kagoshima prefectures, Koizumi said during a recent interview with Kyodo News, “(Anti-nuclear) opinions are beginning to grow . . . that could influence the (next) House of Representatives election.”

If opposition parties unite in fielding anti-nuclear candidates and make complete phase-out of the country’s nuclear plants one of the top election issues, they can defeat the ruling Liberal Democratic Party by tapping into voter fears following the 20111 Fukushima meltdowns, Koizumi said.

The current term of Lower House lawmakers expires in December 2018, but some senior LDP officials have said Abe might dissolve the house for an election early next year.

Koizumi, who promoted nuclear power generation as prime minister between 2001 and 2006, has become an active anti-nuclear campaigner. He has repeatedly criticized Abe and the way his government is dealing with the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

“There is no way that a party which ignores the will of the public can maintain its hold on power,” said Koizumi, who retired from politics in 2009.

Koizumi also said that the main opposition Democratic Party “has not realized that the nuclear...


Millions Of American Men Exposed To Feminizing Chemical In Drinking Water "IndyWatch Feed World"

Atrazine, a potent hormone disrupter linked to sex-changes in animals and powerful effects on humans in extremely low doses has been found in one in 6 American’s drinking water. According to research, exposure to atrazine in utero can cause genital deformation in young boys, including the development of a micropenis, medically known as microphallus. The chemical, banned in Europe for its harmful qualities, is known to disrupt endocrine function in human beings, which can lead to a slew of disastrous health disorders. Problems that may occur as a result of exposure include breast and prostate cancer, weight gain, lowering metabolism, ovarian cancer, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, thyroid disorder and hairy cell leukemia. “Timing of exposure may be more important than exposure levels. Research shows that low levels of exposure during key periods of pregnancy may interfere with healthy fetal development,” warns the Pesticide Action Network of North America.  The third trimester of pregnancy appears to be most critical, says a recent epidemiological study. Synergystic effects between atrazine and other pesticides may also render health harms more severe.“ And these problems can occur at extremely low-level exposure to the chemical. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states the safe level of atrazine in [...]

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My last discussion with Izu was on money, death –Alaba "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

3SC star in the minds of players, coaches     It was a sad moment for Shooting Stars defender, Osawe Alaba, after hearing of his defence partner, Joseph Izu’s death in the hands of gunmen which it later emerged were men of the Nigerian army. Alaba was in tears as he recalled his last discussion […]


Samsung 'Blocks' Exploding Note 7 Parody Videos "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Samsung 'Blocks' Exploding Note 7 Parody Videos

Samsung appears to have filed copyright claims against YouTube videos mocking its recalled Galaxy Note 7 handset. Many gamers have showcased a modification to video game Grand Theft Auto V, in which sticky bombs were switched with exploding Samsung phones.

But some have reported that their videos have been blocked on YouTube following a copyright complaint.

Samsung has not yet responded to repeated BBC requests for comment.

Critics have warned that trying to remove gamers' videos will only draw more attention to them.

One US gamer - known as DoctorGTA - said restrictions had been put on his YouTube account as a result of Samsung's complaint. "It's going to take three months to get the strike removed from my channel... I got my live stream taken away," he said in a video.

Game Modification Ridicules Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The gamer HitmanNiko (non-Cloudflare link), and perhaps others, modified the sticky bomb weapon in Grand Theft Auto V , giving it the appearance of the trouble-prone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone. Reportedly, Samsung sent a DMCA notice to YouTube, requesting that one of the videos showing the mod in use be taken offline, and YouTube, initially, complied. The video (N.B. shows violence) is currently available; according to the uploader, "YouTube finally put it back up."



Ukraine pulls out of deal to pay Russia for nuclear waste disposal "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

text-relevantUkraine to stop paying Russia for nuclear waste disposal : 21 Oct, 2016 From next year Ukraine is not going to pay Russia $200 million annually to remove spent nuclear fuel from the country, according to Ukrainian Energy Minister IgorNasalik.

The country will build its own spent nuclear fuel storage facility, the minister announced.

The storage site chosen is in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power, but it is not designed to store nuclear waste for a long time.

The exclusion zone is a 30-kilometer radius from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant established by the USSR soon after the 1986 accident.

Construction of the new central used fuel storage facility is expected to start in March 2017, according to a director of a subsidiary of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant operator Energoatom.

European nuclear industry experts are concerned the Ukrainian project does not meet standards for nuclear safety and creates a risk of a radioactive accident.

In August, the former director of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Mikhail Umanets warned of the rising number of emergency situations in Ukraine’s nuclear energy sector, stressing the country would face a “collapse” in the sector within seven years……



CNBC: Sunoco pipeline spills at least 55,000 gallons into water, threatening PA drinking supply "IndyWatch Feed World"

Communities downstream from Williamsport that take their drinking water from the Susquehanna River have been alerted there could be gasoline in the stream. An 8-inch Sunoco Logistics pipeline was breached about 3 a.m. Friday in northern Lycoming County, allowing an estimated 55,000 gallons of gasoline to get into Wallis Run, a tributary of Loyalsock Creek

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The Third Cyber Attack has Officially Begun "IndyWatch Feed World"

Third Cyber Attack Officially Underway

Internet traffic company Dyn on Friday warned a third cyberattack is currently ongoing, hours after websites and services across the East Coast were initially shut down

Dyn told CNBC Friday afternoon the attacks are "well planned and executed, coming from tens of millions of IP addresses at the same time."

A senior U.S. intelligence official told NBC News the current assessment is that this is a classic case of internet vandalism. The official said it does not appear at this point to be any kind of state-sponsored or directed attack. Impossible to say how long it will take to say who's responsible, the official added.

Dyn told CNBC that one of the sources of the attack is coming from devices known as the "Internet of Things" devices such as DVRs, Printers, and appliances connected to the internet.

The company said in a conference call Friday afternoon that the attack is being waged from devices infected with a malware code that was released on the web in recent weeks.
Dyn said it has not heard from attackers and does not know who they are.

"What they're actually doing is moving around the world with each attack," Dyn Chief Strategy Officer Kyle York said in a conference call Friday afternoon.

The company's general counsel, Dave Allen, said during the call the company regularly prepares for scenarios like this.

"We have begun monitoring and mitigating a DDoS attack against our Dyn Managed (Domain Name System) infrastructure. Our Engineers are continuing to work on mitigating this issue," Dyn said on its website at 11:52 a.m. ET.

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is when a web service is intentionally overwhelmed by traffic from many sources. It is a common method for digital assaults.

Dyn also said the attack impacted its DNS advanced services monitoring for customers, but it later resolved the issue.

It was not known who was behind the distributed denial of service attack.

The Department of Homeland Security told CNBC that it is "looking into all potential causes" of the attack. NBC News reported that one U.S. intelligence official said North Korea had been ruled out as a suspect.

The White House said U.S. authorities are monitoring reports of attack on the internet services company and whether it is a "criminal act," according to Reuters.

Many prominent websites including Amazon, Twitter and Spotify were shut down for nearly two hours Friday morning by an earlier denial of service attack. was also affected. Amazon reported later that it was once again having service issues but resolved the problem.



Independence for Scotland is Back on the Agenda "IndyWatch Feed World"

In Scotland, independence back on the agenda

In Scotland, winter is setting in - but the political temperature is heating up. Nicola Sturgeon has said that Scotland could vote again on leaving the United Kingdom over Brexit. Peter Geoghegan reports from Glasgow.

Speaking as the Scottish government published a draft bill on a second independence referendum on Thursday, the first minister suggested that if Scotland does not remain in the European single market as the UK leaves the European Union, then she could re-run the 2014 vote.

"If we find that our interests cannot be properly or fully protected within a UK context then independence must be one of the options open to us and the Scottish people must have the right to consider it," Sturgeon said.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) leader's warning comes after her opposite number in Westminster, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, said earlier this month that all of the UK would leave the European Union.

The first minister's comments open the possibility of a referendum before the UK formally leave the EU, a process that is due to be completed in March 2019.

Thursday's draft legislation proposes a very similar ballot to that which 55 percent of Scots voted against two years ago. Citizens living in other EU member states would have a vote - unlike in June's EU referendum - and once more the franchise would be extended to 16- and 17-year-olds.

But the draft bill does not mean a second referendum will definitely be held. There could be legal obstacles.

Legal obstacles

Westminster would have to give the devolved Scottish parliament permission to hold such a vote. Already May has said she does believe there is a mandate for a second referendum.
Theresa May und Nicola Sturgeon in Schottland (picture-alliance/dpa/A.Todd)

Theresa May (left) is unimpressed by Sturgeon's revived independence bid

Even if London acquiesces, the Scottish National Party (SNP) is unlikely to call a vote until polls change. Currently a majority of Scots remain in favor of staying the UK, despite 62 percent voting to remain in the EU.

Sturgeon has said that a second referendum is "highly likely," but that this could be avoided if a deal were reached that allowed Scotland to retain access to the European Single Market.

But Michael Keating, professor of politics at Aberdeen University, says that it is not feasible that Scotland could remain in the EU when the rest of the UK withdraws.

Either in or not

"You're either in it or you're not in it, so just imagine, could Scotland stay in the single market if the rest of the UK were to leave the single market? That would imply an economic...


"The Unique Human Capacity for War" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Unique Human Capacity for War"
By Michael Brenner

The question “why war?” has long inspired scholars to seek answers in human nature. Their findings invariably have been ambiguous and judgments inconclusive. While it is easy to make the case that humans do engage in violent behavior as part of their nature, there is no basis for arguing that they are “killers.” There is no propensity to kill fellow humans that prevails over other forms of social inter-action.

Moreover, the development of organized societies as their standard habitat introduces cultural and structural elements that produce a wide range of behavioral patterns. Simply put, humans in groups are capable of conducting their collective affairs just about any manner imaginable– as illustrated abundantly by the historical record.

The effort to make sense of the connections between human nature and the phenomenon of war is getting renewed attention thanks to the rising interest in understanding Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or PTSS (also called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD). That interest, in turn, reflects growing awareness that there is nothing new about PTSS or PTSD except that now we are chary about accepting cavalier explanations ascribing it to character flaws or the contradictions of socio-cultural conditioning.

One place to begin an exercise intended to unravel the puzzle is recognition that individual violence and war are not the same thing. All of God’s creatures engage in violence; only homo sapiens war with each other. Our ability to do so derives from the enlarged capacity of our brains that enables us to abstract, to conceptualize, to use language and– thereby– to organize joint enterprises sustained over tim...


Erin offers to dig for dirt on toxin shock "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

US environment crusader Erin Brockovich has vowed to advocate on behalf of residents affected by the Defence Department’s Adelaide contamination scandal.(subscribers only)


Doubts over Australia’s Department of Environment Regulation (DER) commitment to public health "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Environment regulator questioned over its measuring of how it protects public health, ABC News By Rebecca Turner, 20 Oct 16, The environmental regulator has been questioned why it is using the speed at which it issues environmental approvals to measure its effectiveness at protecting public health and the environment.

Between the lines of the department’s 2015-16 annual report lies a simmering disagreement between the public sector watchdog, auditor-general Colin Murphy, and the director-general of the Department of Environmental Regulation, Jason Banks.

Mr Murphy has taken the Department of Environment Regulation (DER) to task for choosing to monitor how effectively it fulfils one of its key roles — ensuring pollution and land clearing do not put the health of Western Australians or their environment at risk — by measuring how quickly it finalises environmental approvals, permits and investigations……..

While the disagreement is being played out in the most bureaucratic of language in a document which is likely to gather dust on departmental shelves, it is an interesting insight into how policy debates are conducted among public servants.

For example, Mr Murphy chose to issue a qualified opinion on the department’s annual report, a serious matter in the world of auditing.

He was critical of how the department used four Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  which focused on the timeliness of regulatory activities — including the percentage of major resource projects work approvals decided within 60 days — to measure how it was avoiding risks to public health and the environment.

He called the KPIs to assess its effectiveness as a regulator “not relevant”…….

While the nature of this new KPI is unknown, this year’s annual report marked the first time the department has not published KPIs which show how many times environmental pollution exceeded safe guidelines.

It has prompted Greens MP Lynn Maclaren to call on the WA Government to reinstate vigorous environmental health and air quality measuring in the annual report.

Ms Maclaren said she agreed with the auditor-general, who had raised a serious issue with a department which she claimed was shifting its focus away from ensuring a healthy environment and towards speedy development approvals.

“Who else is going to challenge the director-general in this way?” she said.”It shows that he is taking his job very seriously.”



Paul Ryan must address his Trump problem "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

It is easy for columnists and editorial boards to demand that Ryan completely renounce Trump and announce he cannot in conscience vote for him. But it is excruciatingly hard for a Speaker to go against a presidential nominee of his own party as the presidency, control of both houses of Congress and a Supreme Court majority hang in the balance.


"A Look to the Heavens" "IndyWatch Feed World"

“Framing a bright emission region this telescopic view looks out along the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy toward the nebula rich constellation Cygnus the Swan. Popularly called the Tulip Nebula, the glowing cloud of interstellar gas and dust is also found in the 1959 catalog by astronomer Stewart Sharpless as Sh2-101. 
Click image for larger size.
About 8,000 light-years distant and 70 light-years across the complex and beautiful nebula blossoms at the center of the composite image. Red, green, and blue hues map emission from ionized sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. Ultraviolet radiation from young, energetic stars at the edge of the Cygnus OB3 association, including O star HDE 227018, ionizes the atoms and powers the visible light emission from the Tulip Nebula. HDE 227018 is the bright star very near the blue arc at the center of the cosmic tulip.”


Belgian Forces Caught Bombing Civilian Village In Syria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Credit – Reuters

An airstrike this Tuesday in the small Syrian village of Hassadjek left six civilians dead and injured four more. Though no Russian or Syrian forces were operating in the area, radar data has proven that two Belgian F-16 jets, working on behalf of the US-led coalition, were the only planes operating in the area at the time of the attack.

The village was located in the Aleppo province in Northern Syria, which has been the focus of international scrutiny due to the heavy fighting taking place in the province’s capital Aleppo, once Syria’s most populous city. Western countries allied with the US have accused Russian and Syrian forces of killing civilians in their bombing campaign to drive ISIS and other anti-government rebels from the city. The village attack, however, occurred while the Russian and Syrian air forces were grounded due to a 48-hour humanitarian ceasefire in the Aleppo province. The US and other coalition countries have remained silent about the bombing.

Belgium has fiercely denied its involvement. Belgian Defense Minister Steven Vandeput said Belgium was “not involved in [the] Aleppo strike. [It’s] Russian disinformation.” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said Vandeput was either “deliberately deceiving people in Belgium and elsewhere in the world, or his subordinates and the Americans are lying to the leadership of Belgium.” Russia has continued to press Belgium to admit its involvement.

Furthermore, Russia has released evidence gathered from radar data that shows two Belgian jets flew from the Muwaffaq Salti airbase in Jordan and were immediately identified upon entering Syrian airspace, as all aircrafts have a unique identifiable signature. The Belgian planes then carried out a night strike in the village, just two hours after take-off. After conduc...


Coal Seam Gas industry far too influential in CSIRO research "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

‘No-brainer’: Calls for CSIRO to make its CSG gas research more independent , The Age, Peter Hannam, 19 Oct 16  The CSIRO needs to ensure its research into coal seam gas remains independent of industry if it’s to win over opponents worried about environmental and social impacts, The Australia Institute (TAI) argues in a new paper.

The report highlighted how the original research advisory committee of the CSIRO-led body – known as the Gas Industry Social & Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) – had been dominated by industry representatives and the CSIRO.

While this committee have since been split into NSW and Queenslandones, industry continues to have a significant presence that raised doubts about how arm’s length the research work could be, said Matt Grudnoff, a researcher with the TAI.

“It’s not just the industry is sponsoring this research,” Mr Grudnoff said. “Industry also sits at the table that decides the questions, and decides what projects get funded.” “It’s a no-brainer that they should get gas executives off these research committees” if the industry wanted to be accepted by communities worried about interference and possible contamination of aquifers from CSG wells, he said.

The industry also wants to convince the public that gas is cleaner than coal as part of efforts to gain “social licence”, Mr Grudnoff said. CSIRO executives will face a fresh grilling at Senate estimates on Thursday.

Emails released earlier this year revealed the nation’s premier research agency was looking to shift its emphasis away from “science for science sake”.

“Public good is not enough, needs to be linked to jobs and growth, but science that leads to SLO [social licence to operate] is OK,” Andreas Schiller, an executive in the Oceans and Atmosphere division, said in one email.

According to CSIRO, GISERA funding totalled $13.05 million for the 2014-15 to 2016-17 years. Industry chipped in about half, or $6.65 million, with governments and CSIRO providing the rest…….



Giden Knight, Crow in a Tree "IndyWatch Feed"

Winner of the youth prize in a nature photography contest in Britain.


"Just Once..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Just once in a while let us exalt the importance of ideas and information."
- Edward R. Murrow


Corruption, Realism, and Rebuilding Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed"

I've seen several stories like this one over the past two or three years:

American officials received persistent, stark warnings that Afghanistan’s entrenched culture of official corruption would undermine their efforts to rebuild that country after the West’s military invasion 15 years ago, according to recently declassified diplomatic cables and internal government reports.

But the U.S. officials in charge of rebuilding the country largely failed to heed these alarms, according to their own assessments. “The ultimate point of failure for our efforts,” said Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador from 2011 to 2012, in a newly released interview with a team of official auditors, is Afghanistan’s corruption.
Suppose we all agree that corruption in Hamid Karzai's government and other Afghan power centers ultimately made it impossible to create a stable, more-or-less democratic Afghanistan.

What was any American supposed to do about it? Blaming American decision makers for "ignoring" Afghan corruption seems ridiculous to me. What else could they have done? The US put a huge effort into building Karzai up as Afghanistan's legitimate ruler, partly because there just wasn't anyone else available to fill that role. One reason Karzai had as much success as he did was that he was very much  plugged into the traditional Afghan power structure. And that power structure was and probably always has been corrupt. I have never seen any credible alternate scenario to going all-in with the only Afghan friends we had.

Various American agencies came up with various anti-corruption plans, which were never really implemented. They were never implemented because 1) Karzai refused to cooperate, and 2) implementing them would have meant taking serious action against the very people we needed to fight the Taliban. I am reminded of a point David has made several times in the comments here, that small client countries can be very skilled at manipulating their great power backers. Any time we tried to interfere i