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Monday, 23 January


Week in review: Kali Linux certification, cross-browser fingerprinting, most common passwords of 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news and articles: Fruitfly: Unusual Mac backdoor used for tightly targeted attacks? The malware – detected as OSX.Backdoor.Quimitchin by Malwarebytes but dubbed Fruitfly by Apple – is believed to have been around for some years, but was never before flagged as a specific malware family. In 2017, the digital will get physical when machines start to lie The key to our connected existence is accurate … More


Major M7.9 earthquake hits Bougainville Island, PNG "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.9 hit Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea at 04:30 UTC on January 22, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 136 km (84.5 miles). Geoscience Australia is reporting M7.9 at a depth of 200 km (124 miles)....... Read more »

Landslide buries Mirage Hotel in China's Hubei Province "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

15 people were trapped after a landslide hit a part of Mirage Hotel in Chengguan town of Nanzhang County, central China's Hubei province around 11:30 UTC (19:30 CST) on January 20, 2017. According to Xinhua, rescue workers have pulled five survivors from the...... Read more »

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Sunday, 22 January


The Bourke Street Mall Attack–I Have One Simple Question "IndyWatch Feed National"

Originally posted on peterpilt:
? We are all grieved over the car attack in the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne. Debate has raged on my Facebook page about whether it is terrorism related or not. I have not entered into the debate as I have one simple question that I think AustralianâŹ"s deserve to have…


Tasmanian Government wants plan to expand Centrelink debt recovery to pensioners delayed "IndyWatch Feed National"

20 January 2017

Tasmania's Liberal Government wants the Commonwealth to delay the expansion of Centrelink's troubled debt recovery program.

The automated service has copped a barrage of criticism for wrongly issuing debt notices and prompted an investigation from the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Earlier this week it was revealed the program would be expanded later in the year to focus on aged pensions and disability support payments.

Tasmania's Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma said in a statement she called on her federal counterpart Alan Tudge to proceed with the expansion only when he was confident the process was correct.

"We are concerned about the issuing of incorrect debt notices and the impact this is having on vulnerable Tasmanians, and their families, who have been inadvertently caught up in this process," she said.

"The recent announcement that families, pensioners and people living with disability will be added to the debt recovery program adds to the concern given the high percentage of Tasmanians who are in receipt of such payments.

Ted O'Connor
ABC News


Slater and Gordon lawyers investigating if Centrelink debt system breaches law "IndyWatch Feed National"

22 January 2017

Firm stops short of committing to legal action, saying it is ‘reviewing Centrelink’s conduct’

The law firm Slater and Gordon says it is investigating whether Centrelink’s controversial debt recovery system is in breach of the law. But the firm has stopped short of committing to legal action, saying it is only in preliminary stages.

“Slater and Gordon is currently reviewing Centrelink’s conduct for the purpose of confirming whether it has engaged in any contraventions of applicable laws,” Slater and Gordon’s practice group leader, Tim Finney told Guardian Australia. “This investigation is still in its formative stages and it is too early to say what form any possible legal action against Centrelink would take.”

The Australian Lawyers Association has said it believes those wrongly targeted with debts could sue the government but said those billed for lesser amounts would need to mount a class action for a civil case to be viable.


The human services minister, Alan Tudge, continued to defend the automated debt recovery system on Friday. The system, which has been the subject of repeated complaints, relies on a messy data-matching process to identify discrepancies between Centrelink and Australian taxation office records.

Where humans would previously have weeded out errors, the system now automatically sends letters demanding an explanation of years-old income discrepancies within 21 days. More than 170,000 letters have been sent since July.

If the letter is not received, or a person is unable to respond with sufficient evidence, the debt is imposed and individuals are forced to begin paying the money back....


Israel conference called off for 'security reasons' after complaints from Jewish community David Icke latest headlines

‘An academic conference to discuss the legitimacy of Israel has been postponed by by an Irish university citing ‘security reasons,’ after complaints from the Jewish community labelling it a biased, anti-Israel event. The seminar was due to convene at University College Cork (UCC) in March, but has been called off due to “inadequate security infrastructure and staffing,” amid reports of planned protests at the event. The conference was entitled ‘International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism. Cork University’s Management Team issued a statement saying they had not received a formal request to host the conference and came to hear about it through social media. It noted that a number of academic staff holding positions within the University invited conference organisers to the university. This is the second time the conference has been pulled due to “security concerns”. In 2015 the University of Southampton cancelled the event citing similar reasons.’ Read more: Israel conference called off for ‘security reasons’ after complaints from Jewish community


Bill Clinton, 1995, Sounded Just Like President Trump. #1444 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Good evening, I’m still reporting on Bill Clinton’s incredible 1995 State of the Union message that sounds just like present-day Donald Trump. When Clinton addressed the problem of illegal immigrants, it was exactly a page out of Trump’s campaign speech. Visit our website at Considered by informed insiders’ as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and today’s United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. So as soon as President Trump starts implementing his border wall, and the Soros team starts ramping up the paid protest community, Trump could counter by running this as an ad and all he would have to say would be this tag at the end: “I’m President Donald Trump, and I approved this message. Brought to you by the National Border Patrol Council, Bikers for Trump and the Still Report. I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a cherished sponsor:


Trump Inaugural Livestream by the Stills. SR-1443 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the Inauguration. As we announced a month ago, we are about to start a couple of different livestreaming initiatives. We wanted to get the technology up and running in time for the Inauguration, but that wasn’t to be due to software development. So, we decided to try it the old-fashioned way, rendering two HD TV images, one full-frame, and the other as a picture-in-picture small frame and it was a really slow process. So we are presenting it today – the day after. Having grown up in the area and having been to several inaugurations in the past, I knew something about it and definitely knew more about the National Mall area than most commentators, so it full of interesting information that we’d never have a chance to talk about in a short report. This will give you a very good idea what our future shows will be like. I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day. Visit our website at Considered by informed insiders’ as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and today’s United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Good evening, I’m still reporting on the Trump Inauguration Livestream by the Stills. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a cherished sponsor:


Car Bomb Explosion in Libya’s Tripoli Kills Two "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Representative Image. A rebel army officer stands guard near destroyed vehicles after an explosion at Tibesti hotel in Benghazi June 1, 2011. Credit: Reuters/Mohammed Salem

Tripoli: A car bomb exploded late on Saturday close to the recently re-opened Italian embassy in the Libyan capital, a security official said.

It was not clear who was responsible for the blast. Two charred bodies were recovered from the car, according to a statement on a social media page run by a local branch of the Red Crescent, but the identity of the occupants was unknown.

Some vehicles parked nearby were also hit, but damage from the blast, which could be heard at least a kilometre away, was limited.

The security official, who did not want to be named, said it appeared that explosives had been planted in the car.

The blast occurred next to the Ministry of Planning and near the Egyptian embassy, which is closed. The Italian embassy is some 350 metres away.

A Reuters reporter at the scene said roads had been cordoned off near the site of the blast, and dozens of security officials and vehicles had been deployed in the area. The wreckage of the car that exploded was quickly removed.

Italy became the first western country to reopen its embassy in Tripoli earlier this month. Most countries closed their embassies here in 2014 and early 2015 after heavy fighting and attacks in the city.

Tripoli is home to a large number of rival militias, some of which oppose the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) that Italy has strongly supported.

ISIS is known to have sleeper cells in Tripoli, and it has claimed attacks there in the past, i...


Justice Department gives green light for Kushner to advise Trump David Icke latest headlines

‘US President Donald Trump’s hiring of his son-in-law Jared Kushner will not violate any anti-nepotism laws and can go forward, says an official with the US Justice Department (DOJ). “In choosing his personal staff, the president enjoys an unusual degree of freedom, which Congress found suitable to the demands of his office,” said deputy assistant attorney general in the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), Daniel Koffsky, as reported by CNN. He made the statement amid concerns that hiring Ivanka Trump’s husband could violate federal anti-nepotism laws or make the situation harder for Palestinians, given the close ties Kushner maintains with the Israeli ruling Likud party.’ Read more: Justice Department gives green light for Kushner to advise Trump



There was a strange moment during President Trump's inauguration speech, and that strange moment seems to be catching the attention of a few people…



‘Stop global war’: Hundreds protest against US military base in northern Italy David Icke latest headlines

‘Hundreds of people have marched through the streets of Vicenza to protest against “the continued existence” of the “Dal Molin” US military base located near the northern Italian town. The protesters gathered at the central Piazza Matteotti square around 15:30 local time (14:30 GMT), where they staged a rally under the slogan “no to war.” The demonstration was organized by the ‘Presidio No Dal Molin’ movement which opposes the presence of US military bases near Vicenza and across Italy. The organizers put the number of demonstrators at about 700 people, while police said no more than 500 attended, local media reports.’ Read more: ‘Stop global war’: Hundreds protest against US military base in northern Italy


Pope warns against Hitler-like leaders coming to power on wave of populism David Icke latest headlines

‘Pope Francis warned against populist leaders, saying that Germany came to elect one in 1933, and ended up with Adolf Hitler as its dictator. “Crises provoke fear, alarm. In my opinion, the most common example of European populism is Germany in 1933… A people that was immersed in a crisis, that looked for its identity until this charismatic leader came and promised to give their identity back, and he gave them a distorted identity, and we all know what happened,” he said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais. “Hitler did not steal power,” the Pope said. “He was elected by his people and then he destroyed his people.”’ Read more: Pope warns against Hitler-like leaders coming to power on wave of populism


Donald Trump Preaches Angry Nationalism, While Practicing Goldman Sachs Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The establishment that President Donald Trump railed against in his inaugural address will be well represented in his administration.

President Donald Trump acknowledges the audience after taking the oath of office. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

President Donald Trump acknowledges the audience after taking the oath of office. Credit: Reuters/Jim Bourg

Reprinted with permission from The Intercept.

President Donald Trump’s inaugural address was fiery and nationalistic, a considerable departure from the traditional Republican Party embrace of the free market and an activist foreign policy. Trump talked of an “America First” policy and vowed that “January 20, 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.”

But Trump’s words on the steps of the Capitol bore little resemblance to the reality of the administration he is building.

It’s hard to argue with Trump’s assessment that “the establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories; their triumphs have not been your triumphs.”

But that establishment will be in full force in the Trump administration. The mega-bank Goldman Sachs, famously close to Trump’s opponents in the Democratic Party, has six alumni posed for key posts in his administration, including his treasury secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin.

People look on and listen as President Trump delivers his inaugural address. REUTERS/Ricky Carioti/Pool

People look on and listen as President Trump delivers his inaugural address. Credit: Reuters/Ricky Carioti/Pool

Trump spoke of “mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities; rusted-out factories sc...


UK Against Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Fluoridation has nothing to do with lowered IQ or obesity has it Steven Slott?


British government covered up nuclear weapons failure "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from England says about itself:

Trident is obsolete and too expensive. We are completely against the weapons of mass destruction

16 March 2016

Momentum at the National Demo in London.

From the Sunday Mirror in Britain:

Failed Trident missile test ‘covered up’ by government before MPs’ decision on nuclear weapons

A Trident II D5 missile may have veered off in the wrong direction off the coast of Florida after it was launched from HMS Vengeance in June last year, according to reports

By Dan Bloom and Courtney Greatrex

23:22, 21 JAN 2017. Updated 08:37, 22 JAN 2017

A failed Trident missile test was allegedly covered up by Downing Street just weeks before MPs were due to vote on its nuclear weapons programme.

A Trident II D5 missile may have veered off in the wrong direction off the coast of Florida after it was launched from HMS Vengeance in June last year, according to reports.

It is believed that the test was intended to be fired 5,600 miles to a sea target off the west coast of Africa.

But the missile suffered an in-flight malfunction after launching out of the water, which is believed to be the reason for it veering off course towards America.

News of the failure prompted a news blackout by Downing Street until this weekend, the Sunday Times reported.

A source told the newspaper: “There was major panic at the highest level of government and the milit...



100,000 women take to Britain’s streets to protest against President Trump..Where were these women when we were uniting against child abuse ? David Icke latest headlines

‘The last United Against Child Abuse rally I attended about 80 people turned up outside Westminster, shame these women don’t feel as strongly about the abuse of children carried out by their own governments and institutions as they do about Mr Trump. Wearing pink, pointy-eared ‘p****hats’ to mock the new president, throngs of women descended on the US capital and other cities around the globe on Saturday for marches and demonstrations aimed at showingDonald Trump they won’t be silent over the next four years. They carried signs with messages such as ‘Women won’t back down’ and ‘Less fear more love’ and decried Trump’s stand on such issues as abortion, diversity and climate change.’ Read more: 100,000 women take to Britain’s streets to protest against President Trump..Where were these women when we were uniting against child abuse ?


Hillary Clinton gets booed at Trump’s presidential inauguration David Icke latest headlines

‘Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has been booed at the inauguration of Donald Trump as the president of the United States. Despite his controversial policies and divisive rhetoric, Trump stunned the world by defeating the heavily-favored Democratic candidate on November 8, 2016. When Clinton was introduced on Friday at the ceremony along with her husband, former US President Bill Clinton, she was met with jeers and boos from the pro-Trump crowd. Many of Trump’s supporters were wearing red hats with Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”’ Read more: Hillary Clinton gets booed at Trump’s presidential inauguration


Joint Russian, Turkish Bombing Campaign in Syria Deepens NATO Crisis David Icke latest headlines

‘The launching of coordinated air strikes by Russian and Turkish warplanes against Islamic State (ISIS) targets in northern Syria Wednesday has further exposed the crisis gripping Washington’s intervention in the war-ravaged Middle Eastern country, as well as the deepening contradictions plaguing the NATO alliance on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president. The bombing campaign struck targets around the Syrian town of al-Bab, the scene of bloody fighting between Turkish troops and ISIS militants over the past several weeks. From a political standpoint, the joint action by Russia and Turkey, a member of the NATO alliance for the past 65 years, is unprecedented. It stands in stark contradiction to the anti-Moscow campaign being waged by Washington and its principal NATO allies, which has seen the cutting off of military-to-military ties, the imposition of sanctions, and the increasingly provocative deployment of thousands of US and other NATO troops on Russia’s western borders.’ Read more: Joint Russian, Turkish Bombing Campaign in Syria Deepens NATO Crisis


Trump"s Declaration of War "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

President Trump’s brief inaugural speech was a declaration of war against the entirety of the American Ruling Establishment. All of it.


#StopCETA: Thousands protest EU-Canada trade deal in demos across Europe David Icke latest headlines

‘Protesters in more than a dozen European states have taken to the streets in scheduled demonstrations against the yet-to-be-approved CETA trade agreement, charging it will result in the loss of jobs, lower safety standards, and grant freer rein to corporations. “The people and the planet are not merchandise,” read a banner carried at the front of a column of demonstrators in Madrid. In Dublin, protesters dressed as politicians from the ruling Fine Gael party handed over a “blank check” to a man dressed as a “corporation,” wearing a skull mask.’ Read more: #StopCETA: Thousands protest EU-Canada trade deal in demos across Europe David Icke – The Trojan Treaties – Deleting Freedom


Masked As Reclaiming a Rural Sport, Jallikattu Protest is a Symbol of Tamil Self-Assertion "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The mass protests at Marina beach were about fulfilling the aspirations of the people and restoring the self-esteem of the Tamils.

Jallikattu became a cultural symbol that triggered the protests on Marina beach. Credit: AP/Files

Jallikattu became a cultural symbol that triggered the protests on Marina beach. Credit: AP/Files

Padmavathy is a 21-year-old working with the IT industry. She hails from a small town near Madurai and migrated to the city for employment. On the morning of January 19, she begged off from work, and with a group of her colleagues, headed off to Marina beach, the iconic seashore of Chennai.

She had heard that the motley protest seeking to reclaim Tamil Nadu’s most popular rural sport, Jallikattu, had now escalated into a larger, heavily-charged movement and she wanted to be a part of it.

Why do you support Jallikattu? I asked her. With extraordinary clarity, she said that Pongal is the one festival, and Jallikattu, the one sport played during the festival, that took her back to her roots once a year. For the rest of the year, she was away from home, working as a migrant, in a culturally disconnected industry – IT.

“But don’t misunderstand, I enjoy my job,” she hastily added. “Isn’t it a sport about machismo that hurts the bull?” I asked. Throwing political correctness to the wind, she said, “I don’t have a problem with females in short skirts and I don’t have a problem with this guy-sport once a year.” Moreover, she said, the rules of the game do not intend for the bull to be hurt. She didn’t stop there. She went on to comment about the status of farmers, the insidiousness of multinationals and the destructive agendas of politicians. Even as she was entertaining my persistent line of inquiry, she nudged a man not to litter the beach and handed out bottles of water to fellow protestors. It was hard to comprehend this energy, but also hard to believe that this young lady would want to hurt any creature at all.

Perhaps this is the essence of the epic Marina mega-mobilisation of January 2017 that mainstream discourse has not been able to wrap its head around. The mainstream national media, which rarely features even the farmer and the agricultural sector in its prime time, struggled to get a fix on the pronunciation of this common sport that it was alien to, calling it jelly-cut, Jolly-cut, Jaalikaatoo and their variations.

“History tells...


Facial recognition to replace passports in radical security overhaul at Australian airports "IndyWatch Feed National"

Originally posted on TOTT News:
Facial recognition to replace passports in airports. Photo: NEC Australia’s Customs and Border Protection will install 92 facial recognition terminals in international airports as part of an $18 million deal to replace passports with a “contactless” biometric identification system. The program will see all international passengers processed by biometric recognition…


"Smell-O-Vision" Comes to VR in the Form of "OhRoma" Gas Mask "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's time to wake up and smell the next frontier in virtual entertainment:

CamSoda's OhRoma features two canisters that attach to the front of the device. Each canister includes three slots for scent cartridges that you can swap out to customize the experience. CamSoda said it developed over 30 different aroma canisters, which include "sensual" scents that simulate the smell of body odor, pleasing environments, and stimulating aphrodisiacs.

The company also developed a mobile app that interfaces with the OhRoma mask and lets you select what you would like to smell during the experience. OhRoma can also sync with another immersive product that CamSoda launched last year called Teledildonics, which replicates the sensations of sex. Teledildonics allow people to have "sex" over the internet with another partner. And with OhRoma added to the mix, CamSoda offers a completely virtual experience that stimulates four of your five senses.

Here's the Nosulus Rift from last year.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Busting Black Myths: The Truth About Our First Peoples. "IndyWatch Feed National"

You could get drunk this Australia Day, or try something different… learn about the real history of this nation. Amy McQuire helps you dip your toe in the water.

It’s one of the greatest myths about Aboriginal people: that before European invasion, Aboriginal people were simply living off the land, with no civilization and a culture that didn’t make it out of the ‘stone age’ despite tens of thousands of years of human habitation.

If you believe this trope, you would be one of those arguing that the invasion and the massacres and small pox and stolen children that came along with it, was all for the ‘greater good’.

You would be one of those on Twitter recently messaging me rubbish like “What have the Aboriginals invented? A throwing stick?” Or “Civilisation would have never progressed in this country”.

You would be one of those people who believes that Aboriginal people should be thankful and rather than whinge about ‘Australia Day’, instead start assimilating into society, and maybe bring along with you a side of lamb chops to throw on the barbie, mate.

But if you are one of those people, you really are regurgitating 19th century propaganda and after 200 years, I thought you might have advanced, just a little.

As you celebrate ‘Australia Day’ this year, maybe start to think not just of the massacres on the frontier, but also the strength of Aboriginal civilization, and how it has survived despite the repeated attempts to extinguish it.

Here is a handy guide to get you started:


Aboriginal people have architecture

If you have ever sweltered in the Queensland heat or shivered in the Canberra cold, you might have wondered what shelter Aboriginal people used over tens of thousands of years?

The myth that Aboriginal people didn’t have towns or villages was used by European colonists to paint blackfellas as primitive, a view that has still persisted to this day.

But different Aboriginal tribes had a diverse architecture that varied according to the climate and season. In some areas, campsites and villages were occupied all year round, while other camps were impermanent, and occupied depending seasonal patterns.

Professor Paul Memmott from the University of Queensland has documented the complexity of Aboriginal architecture extensively in his book ‘Gunyah, Goondie + Wurley: The Aboriginal Architecture of Australia’.

“The modest nature of ‘Aboriginal architecture’ poses numerous questions concerning the role of the built form in Australian Indigenous cultures… (it) was misconstrued by colonial imm...


What Is A Biosimilar Drug? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Here’s why you’ll be seeing that word a lot in the future.


Great egret on ice wins wildlife video prize "IndyWatch Feed World"

This December 2016 video shows a great egret on ice. Like some other birds, at first the egret has problems on the ice.

Rob Struyk in the Netherlands made this video.

It was a candidate, along with nine other videos, for the wildlife video of 2016 prize of Dutch Vroege Vogels TV show.

This video shows ten wildlife video highlights of 2016 from the Netherlands. Including a long-eared owl, a peacock butterfly, and more.

Wildlife filmer Michael Sanderson, whose work is in, eg, the BBC series Planet Earth II and in Dutch wildlife film The New Wilderness, has decided which of these ten videos has won the prize. It was a difficult decision, Michael said on Vroege Vogels radio this morning, as all candidates were good. Finally, he decided that the great egret on ice was best.


Trump Vs Obama Crowds Remind Me of M14 vs M8 Protests "IndyWatch Feed World"

I never thought I’d see the day where US media is busy debating whether Trump attracted more crowds to his inauguration than Obama did in 2009. They are comparing crowds by examining aerial shots, metro ridership figures and pulling all sorts of statistics.

The first thing that came to mind were the 2005-2009 March 14 and March 8 protests where each side was trying to attract more crowds during public rallies or simply trying to prove they got more people by referring to aerial shots and maps and silly estimates. Everyone was busy arguing how many protesters would fit into 1 square meter, whether they had flags or not or how some parties were asking people to distance themselves and carry large flags to look more numerous.


After Draghi’s admission…. What’s the Bill for Grexit? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In a stunning admission, chief of European Central Bank, Mario Draghi said that a country can leave the Eurozone but must “Settle its Bill First”. He practically gives the green light to EZ member states wanting to leave the monetary union. In a letter to two Italian lawmakers in the […]


Scores killed, injured in south India train derailment "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

November’s train derailment in Uttar Pradesh, which killed at least 150 and injured 200, was the deadliest in decades [Xinhua]

The death toll from an East India Railways derailment in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh reached 39 early Sunday, officials said, with at least 50 more injured.

At press time, rescue operations were ongoing.

The Hirakhand Express train was traveling from Jagdalpur to Bhubaneswar in the eastern state of Odisha, when it derailed around 11pm local time.

A spokesman for the rail company said that eight of the 22 coaches and the engine were derailed, but police are now investigating of the derailment was an act of sabotage by Maoist rebels.

The Andra Pradesh derailment comes three months after a train derailment accident in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh which killed at least 150 people.

At least 200 people were also injured when 14 coaches of the Indore-Patna Express derailed

Over 500 passengers were on board.

Subsequent investigations revealed that a pressure cooker explosive placed on the railway line cause the derailment.

The BRICS Post with inputs from Agencies


Trump Doesn't Know Who He's Dealing With "IndyWatch Feed"

I don't have the energy to write anything at the moment so this will be brief and I may revisit it tomorrow. I think Donald Trump's trip to the CIA today was extremely unfortunate and incredibly dumb. Setting up in front of the wall where clandestine officials who have died in the line of duty are anonymously memorialized was a very, very bad mistake. It shouldn't be difficult to find examples of CIA officers talking about that wall in hushed and reverent tones. It's the CIA's Arlington Cemetery. It's not a spot for a photo op.

What Trump had to say is almost immaterial, but it did make matters much, much worse.

I could go into that in detail, but I won't tonight.

He also appeared on a Saturday when the regular work force is not there and those who are there are expected to monitor things, not sit around in the lobby listening to a speech.

Trump has made an enemy of the CIA, and he's made it personal. He came in there needing to apologize for calling them Nazis and he just poured gasoline on the fire in so many ways.

That's just not a good idea.


The Pussy Hat Revolution Goes to Philly "IndyWatch Feed"

Here’s what the Malvern, Pennsylvania train station looked like shortly before 9:00am this morning, as an estrogen-fueled army prepared to descend on Philadelphia and rage against the Trump presidency.

Reports are that the train was jam-packed by the Berwyn stop, meaning that they will be packed like sardines long before they near the city. And that’s just one of many regional rail lines. This protest is going to be huge.

I’ve seen the same reports from Washington DC, where the train stations were virtually empty yesterday for the inauguration.


A Fragment from the Future "IndyWatch Feed"



FORMERLY, at your request, most readily transmitted to you the Ecclesiastical History of the American Nation, which I had newly published, for you to read, and give it your approbation; and I now send it again to be transcribed and more fully considered at your leisure. And I cannot but recommend the sincerity and zeal, with which you not only diligently give ear to hear the words of Constitutional interpretation, but also industriously take care to become acquainted with the actions and sayings of former men of renown, especially of our own nation. For if history relates good things of good men, the attentive hearer is excited to imitate that which is good; or if it mentions evil things of wicked persons, nevertheless the religious and pious hearer or reader, shunning that which is hurtful and perverse, is the more earnestly excited to perform those things which he knows to be good, and worthy. Of which you also being deeply sensible, are desirous that the said history should be more fully made familiar to yourself, and to those over whom Providence has appointed you governor, from your great regard to their general welfare.



On a drizzly Friday morning in the year of our Lord 2017, Donald John Trump heard a sermon from a hateful and ill-reputed Southern Baptist pastor whose history of inflammatory remarks on coreligionists ought rightly to have alerted all to his wicked and depraved nature. Robert Jeffress was at pains to compare the esteemed biblical leader Nehemiah the Cup-Bearer to Mr. Trump, firstly on account of their mutual reputations for large construction projects and secondly with respect to Trump’s plan to build a large wall to keep Catholics from entering our nation and “befouling” the Protestant gene pool.

Jeffress falsely attempted to explain that “the infrastructure of the country was in shambles,” and then blasphemously suggested that God, out of a desire for a builder of walls, had chosen Trump to lead our nation instead of someone given to piety and forthrightness. As Nehem...


Homeless man kicked out of Starbucks after customer complains he ‘fucking stinks’ David Icke latest headlines

‘A homeless man was kicked out of a Manchester branch of Starbucks after customers and workers complained he “f****** stinks”, despite attempts by a teenage girl to convince others to show a little human compassion. The homeless man walked into the Market Street branch of Starbucks to enjoy a hot drink, but was confronted by an angry customer who walked up to him and complained about his smell. Carrie-Anne, a local hair stylist, said the branch “came to a standstill”, as the furious customer delivered a barrage of insults towards the homeless man.’ Read more: Homeless man kicked out of Starbucks after customer complains he ‘fucking stinks’


Israeli Fluoridation Promoters Whitewash Scientific Uncertainty "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

(It Happens in the US, Also)

Israeli fluoridation proponents misled legislators and the public about the safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation in order to preserve a country-wide fluoridation mandate, reports two Israeli researchers in the Journal of Risk Research (August 2016) after they reviewed government documents and newspaper reports.

Anat Gesser-Edelsburg, PhD, Head of Health Promotion Department, School of Public Health, University of Haifa, and Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz report that “In this study, we argue that the policy makers themselves …[carry] out what they accuse others [fluoridation opposers] of doing. They share only partial, biased information in order to support their case, and convey information in terms that misrepresent the actual situation.”

Fluoride chemicals added to public water supplies, touted by fluoridationists as a conclusively-proven safe and effective tooth decay preventive, is shown to be the opposite in many scientific reports and government documents. Fluoridation has been doubted by respected scientists and physicians since its US birth, in 1945.

“Despite the uncertainty surrounding the questions of [fluoridation] safety and efficacy, [Israeli] health policy-makers and health officials not only characterize the science regarding fluoridation as providing ‘certainty,’ but use decisive and definitive terms, such as ‘unequivocal’ and ‘undisputed,’ to stress that ‘certainty,’” report Gesser-Edelsburg and Shir-Raz.

This Israeli research team doesn’t come out for or against fluoridation but says, despite claims to the contrary, uncertainty does exist. They argue that the public can handle the truth and make appropriate decisions based on all information, both positive and negative towards fluoridation.

Gesser-Edelsburg and Shir-Raz explain that some studies, including recent ones, show no benefit from fluoridation; some even report adverse effects and that those studies were ignored by officials who mandated fluoridation in Israel.

For example, three expert committees (NRC, SCHER, YORK) revealed “that there is uncertainty surrounding both the safety and the efficacy of fluoridation,” they report.

They add, “A Cochrane systematic review (2015) “concluded that there is very little updated and high-quality evidence indicating that fluoridation reduces dental caries, while there is significant association between fluoride levels and dental fluorosis.” Dental fluorosis (discolored teeth) occurs when too much fluoride is ingested while teeth are forming.

Critics of Gesser-Edelsburg and Shir Raz’s conclusion claim that dental fluorosis is “often not even considered to be undesirable.” However, writing in the New York State Dental Journal, Dincer reports “Such changes in the tooth’s appearance can affect the child’s...


At least 4 dead as tornado rips through Hattiesburg, Mississippi "IndyWatch Feed World"

A vicious tornado ripped through Hattiesburg in Mississippi killing at least four people and causing widespread structural damage. The tornado prompted Mayor Johnny DuPree to sign an emergency declaration as dozens of firefighters continue to search for casualties from the devastating storm. Homes and buildings have been decimated, trees uprooted and numerous cars, and even a large truck, were flipped over. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) said at least four people are known to have died. The tornado caused damage across a three-county area, according to local news outlet the Hattiesburg American, quoting Lee Smithson of MEMA.



World (Ensia) – For public land managers, policy-makers, natural resource specialists, farmers, ranchers and others in the business of protecting and renewing the world’s diverse ecosystems, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of studies and strategies. How does a person determine which solutions will yield the best results in any given situation?

What Works in Conservation 2017, a free online book just published by University of Cambridge conservation specialists, aims to help conservation workers navigate that sea. With the guidance of an international team of experts, the book summarizes, organizes and evaluates the outcomes of specific conservation practices reported in more than 150 scientific journals as well as in unpublished reports and other literature from around the world. By providing detailed information on various practices and outcomes, it attempts to answer the questions: What worked? What looked promising, but didn’t end up making a difference in the long haul? What actually ended up doing more harm than good? And in what context?

The results are categorized by type of organism, type of threat, type of conservation action and whether the intervention is likely to be beneficial, have unknown effectiveness, or be ineffective or harmful. Each action is rated on a scale, based on the quality of evidence available, potential risks and harms, and overall effectiveness.

Take bird conservation, for example. On a global scale, agriculture is a threat to biodiversity — bird biodiversity included. What Works in Conservation assessed 38 studies of agricultural lands and found that 32 showed that growing grassy buffer zones around plowed fields reduced soil erosion and boosted bird and small mammal biodiversity.

Image Source – Pixabay

On the flip side, the report rates efforts sp...


Naomi Klein Getting Caught Up In The Climate Wars "IndyWatch Feed National"

She’s a powerful and passionate writer and activist, writes Geoff Russell. But she’s missed the mark on the causes of cancer and dispossession.

Almost since the beginning there was “the left” and “the right”. We are talking politics here, not handedness. “The left” was always defined roughly as being of the workers while “the right” belonged to the bosses.

The workers inhabited the dark satanic mills of William Blake’s industrial revolution; they lived in poverty and had short filthy wretched lives. The bosses of the industrial revolution were in some sense a new group historically. They were, as they still are, the middle class; their job was traditionally to generate wealth for the idle rich.

Environmentalism” has also been around for a very long time but was mostly the domain of the idle rich. Royalty, frequently claiming a divine mandate, shut the peasants out of hunting grounds to preserve what they revealingly called game.

This kind of environmentalism goes back over a thousand years. It’s based on a clear understanding that the natural increase in bears, stags, lions or even swans or ducks is always low in comparison to the food needs of the masses. Let them eat bread!

In Australia, a few thousand hunters can bag 2-4 kilos of duck meat each year without wiping out the species, but do the math on 23 million people trying to consume ducks like they do chickens, about 5 to 7 times a week.

Put simply, hunting is only ever sustainable when hardly anybody does it. Royalty has always known this and can be counted among the first environmentalists.


The somewhat strange emergence of green-left

The concept of “green-left” is a somewhat strange modern hybrid. Environmentalism has always been about prohibiting or restricting the exploitation of natural resources while the left has been about sharing them equitably. A consistent green-left ethos requires simultaneous restrictions on exploitation while ensuring the fruits of what little exploitation is allowed are shared equitably.

The place of animals in this picture is highly ambiguous. The Royals love a heath or forest replete with animals, but mainly so they can either shoot them or have their dogs rip them to pieces. The similarity of the words peasant and pheasant is perhaps no coincidence. The idea that animals might be more than mere resources is alien to early environmentalism and still to many greens; whether with or without a capital ‘G’.


Enter Naomi Klein

Which bri...


Then and now: 100 years of wildlife loss and deforestation in Borneo "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

[caption id="attachment_192618" align="aligncenter" width="683"] Group of proboscis monkeys along the Mahakam River. Photo Gabriella Fredriksson[/caption] Continued from part 2. We have now entered the taller forest parts of the Mahakam area. The river sides are covered in increasingly dense forests and villages are few and far between. This starts showing in the wildlife we encounter. Surveying before dusk we see a group of monkeys every few minutes, including long-tailed macaques, silvered leaf monkeys, and proboscis monkeys. They are not even that shy and most just stare at us as our boat glides past their sleeping trees and don’t bother to move. This is a good sign. In areas with high hunting pressure, species like primates tend to get very flighty. The next day starts misty. We spent the night anchored near the town of Melak. An area of long-term human use because it sits on dark and fertile volcanic soils, something Raven noticed too. People on Borneo are not randomly distributed across the map, as one might think. They worked out a long time ago which soils were best for growing crops and where the climate was ideal. Borneo has several such population concentrations, even deep in the interior, where access is much limited by the almost impassable rapids in the upper river areas. In more recent times, Borneo has increasingly started to look outward though. The overseas trade in coal, oil, palm oil and timber has resulted in more and more people in the coastal parts of the island,…

Für den Trump ist es ja sehr wichtig, dass die Leute ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Für den Trump ist es ja sehr wichtig, dass die Leute ihn alle anhimmeln. Um so mehr traf es ihn ins Mark, als die fiesen Democrats nach seiner Amtseinführung Bilder verbreiteten, die Trumps Publikum mit Obamas Publikum verglichen und das von Obama war viel größer. Trump konnte mal wieder nicht die Klappe halten und hat dann händeringend irgendwelche Ausreden gesucht und getweetet. Das ist natürlich schon peinlich, wenn so ein Präsident seine Bevölkerung anlügt, also … haben sie den neuen Press Secretary des Weißen Hauses hingeschickt, und der hat sich um Kopf und Kragen gelogen.

Entweder die sind einfach alle inkompetent, oooder der Press Secretary wird gerade als Bauernopfer aufgebaut. Bin mal gespannt, ob die den gleich wieder feuern jetzt, der ist ja erst seit ein paar Tagen im Amt.

Das ist jedenfalls alles unfassbar peinlich, was der da alles behauptet hat.

Die aktuelle Richtung von Trump ist, dass er die Presse als solche zu delegimieren versucht, spontan alle als Fake-News abtut und lieber über Social Media mit den Wählern reden will.

Und wisst ihr was? Zur historischen Einordnung muss man das glaube ich mit dem Volksempfänger vergleichen.


DWP ‘deliberately misleading the public’ about the impact of housing benefit cuts David Icke latest headlines

‘The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been accused of “peddling lies and deliberately misleading the public” about the impact of upcoming cuts to housing benefit, which could leave thousands of young people struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Upcoming cuts to housing benefit for tenants in the social rented sector, which come into force from early 2019, will see housing benefit for people living in social housing capped at the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate – the equivalent of housing benefit for tenants in the private rented sector. Single people under 35 years of age without children will also see their housing benefit limited to the shared accommodation rate of LHA, meaning a person living in Dundee will have the maximum amount they can receive reduced from £79.24 per week to just £57.69.’ Read more: DWP ‘deliberately misleading the public’ about the impact of housing benefit cuts


UK Against Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

More Nazi misinformation but regardless fluoride is a danger to the body as the man says.

Young, old, learned and aware people everywhere are becoming awake. Thanks to the Internet.


Russian Hacker behind 'NeverQuest' Malware, Wanted by FBI, Is Arrested in Spain "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A Russian computer hacker wanted by the FBI on hacking allegations was arrested and jailed in Spain earlier this week, while a decision on his extradition to the United States has yet to be made. The Guardia Civil, Spanish law enforcement agency officers, have detained 32-year-old Stanislav Lisov at Barcelona–El Prat Airport based on an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol at the


No 10 'covered up' botched missile test weeks before Trident vote David Icke latest headlines

Downing Street is being accused of a cover-up after a malfunction in Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons deterrent in a test just weeks before a crucial House of Commons vote. The Sunday Times reports that a Trident II D5 missile experienced a failure after being launched from the British submarine HMS Vengeance off the coast of Florida in June last year. Read more: No 10 ‘covered up’ botched missile test weeks before Trident vote


'Loud explosion' heard as residents lose power in South Wales "IndyWatch Feed World"

ALMOST 10,000 homes were plunged into darkness as power left parts of Swansea. Residents around the Marina heard a loud explosion and emergency services were rushed to the scene. The incident at Monmouth House in Cambrian Place is not being treated as suspicious and teams are working to solve the problem. Fire station manager Steve Richards said at the scene: "It's an underground cable fault. We responded to several calls of a large explosion in the vicinity of Monmouth House.


Trump’s First Government Agency Visit: CIA "IndyWatch Feed"

RT President Donald Trump spoke at CIA Headquarters on his first stop as the newly inaugurated commander in chief telling the intelligence agency that despite media reports he is not at war with the intelligence community.
“The reason you’re my first stop is as you know I have a running war with the media- they are among the most dishonest beings on earth, they say I have a feud with the intelligence community. The reason you’re my first stop is exactly the opposite,” Trump said.
“I am so behind you,” he told CIA officials at Langley, Virginia.

Trump continued with examples of the


2 dead, 2 injured in Memphis drive-by shooting "IndyWatch Feed"

A drive-by shooting in Memphis, Tennessee, has left two people dead and two others injured, officials say. Four men in a black Chevy Impala opened fired on four other people in Whitehaven on Saturday, police said. One person was killed at the scene and the other three were taken to hospital where one of them […]



Vive Tracker Brings Easier VR Hacking "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

CES 2017 is over and there were VR gadgets and announcements aplenty, but here’s an item that’s worth an extra mention because it reflects a positive direction we can’t wait to see more of. HTC announced the Vive Tracker, to be released within the next few months.

The Tracker looks a bit like a cross between a hockey puck and a crown. It is a self-contained, VR trackable device with a hardware port and built-in power supply. It can be used on its own or attached to any physical object to make that object trackable and interactive in VR. No need to roll your own hardware to interface with the Vive’s Lighthouse tracking system.

Valve have been remarkably open about the technical aspects of their hardware and tracking system, and have stated they want to help people develop their own projects using the system. We’ve seen very frank and open communication on the finer points of what it took to make the Lighthouse system work. Efforts at reverse-engineering the protocol used by the controller even got friendly advice. For all the companies making headway into VR, Valve continues to be an interesting one from a hacking perspective.

[Image source for bottom of Tracker: RoadToVR]


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Trump’s Declaration of War "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Paul Craig Roberts Editor’s note: This first appeared on Paul Craig Roberts’ website President Trump’s brief inaugural speech was a declaration of war against the entirety of the American Ruling Establishment. All of it. Trump made it abundantly clear that Americans’ enemies are right here at home: globalists, neoliberal economists, neoconservatives and other unilateralists accustomed to […]


Cyber crimes spike in England and Wales, says ONS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For the first time the England the Office for National Statistics (ONS) includes data related hacking and fraud, and findings are shocking.

Cyber criminal activities in England and Wales have shown a spike in the last twelve months, Cyber frauds and computer misuse offences are most common crimes of this worrisome trend.

According to the report “Crime in England and Wales: year ending Sept 2016” published by the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) there were 6.2 million reported incidents of crime in the 12 months to September 2016 in England and Wales.

The ONS crime report is an annual analysis of the criminal phenomena and has been produced every year for the past 35 years. Data belonging Scotland and Northern Ireland are not included because the two countries have separate judicial and policing regime.

“Headline figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) produced on a consistent basis showed an estimated 6.2 million incidents of crime in the survey year ending September 2016; no statistically significant change compared with the previous year’s survey.” states the report.

“Following an extension of the coverage of the survey, Experimental Statistics showed there were 3.6 million fraud and 2.0 million computer misuse offences for the first full year in which such questions have been included in the CSEW.”

This overall figure is unchanged compared with the previous 12 months, except for the weight of the cyber criminal activities.

Experts noticed that adding  3.6 million cases of fraud and 2 million computer misuse offences to 6.2 million figure of crime, the number of reported incidents reached 11.8 million. This data represent a 90 per cent surge in criminal activities.


The most important consideration to do reading the report is the inclusion of computer crime and fraud, this means that the awareness of cyber threats is increasing.



President Trump speaks at CIA Headquarters: Media made it sound like I had a feud with intelligence community "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Donald Trump spoke at CIA Headquarters on his first stop as the newly inaugurated commander in chief telling the intelligence agency that despite media reports he is not at war with the intelligence community. "The reason you're my first stop is as you know I have a running war with the media- they are among the most dishonest beings on earth, they say I have a feud with the intelligence community. The reason you're my first stop is exactly the opposite," Trump said. "I am so behind you," he told CIA officials at Langley, Virginia. Trump continued with examples of the "dishonest media" claiming they skewed attendance figures for his inauguration citing lower numbers and showing images of an empty field. He also called out Time magazine for running a false story stating that he had removed Martin Luther King's bust from the Oval Office when it was in fact just blocked from view by a cameraman.


Remembering Kumar Gandharva, Who Brought Hindustani Classical Music Back to Its Original Ethos "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The singer who refused to be bound by tradition has left behind a vast body of avant-garde music, which even a quarter century after his death, remains a matter of searing debate in music circles.

Kumar Gandharva. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Kumar Gandharva. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“Art” said the famous American sculptor Leonard Baskin “is man’s distinctly human way of fighting death.” Pt. Kumar Gandharva, the maverick vocalist who blazed the Hindustani classical music trail, shattering tradition with his stunningly original musical syntax, died 25 years ago on January 12, 1992. But his vast body of avant-garde music has conferred him with a kind of enduring veneration that few artists enjoy posthumously.

Some of that adoration was visible in Dewas earlier this month, where a two-day commemorative festival called Anhad saw poets, singers, actors and art connoisseurs from across the country descend upon Bhanukul – Gandharva’s atmospheric home in Malwa where he spent a better part of his life as a performing artist, drawing intimate influences from the region’s rich folk culture.

The sprawling mansion lies at the foothills of Mata Ki Tekri, a conical hillock that houses the temples of the goddesses Chamunda and Tulja Bhavani. Large black and white photographs of the man hung from the shadowy trees that abound Bhanukul’s environs.

Audience at the second day of the commemorative festival 'Anhad' held in memory of Pt. Kumar Gandharva's 25th death anniverasry at his residence Bhanukul in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. Credit: Nikhil Inamdar

The audience at the second day of the commemorative festival Anhad held in memory of Pt. Kumar Gandharva’s 25th death anniversary at his residence Bhanukul in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. Credit: Nikhil Inamdar

It was a day when India celebrated Sankranti and Bihu, Pongal, Poang Lum and Uttarayan, the festivals of harvest that mark winter solstice across the country. A gentle breeze blew a kite into the open venue as Kalapini Komkali lent her rich vibrato to her father’s folk composition Aapke Bulawa… The scene was poetic enough to appear choreographed.



Malcolm Is Not So In The Middle When It Comes To The Trans Pacific Partnership "IndyWatch Feed National"

In his attack on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten for not supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is playing into the hands of isolationists and protectionists, writes Ian McAuley.

Earlier this week the Prime Minister tried to resurrect the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade and investment deal involving 12 Pacific rim countries including the US, Japan and Australia.

While countries such as Mexico, Chile and Vietnam have been reasonably enthusiastic about the TPP, it has had a difficult run in the US. Even though most analysts believe it would be advantageous to big American businesses, including the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries, it has been stalled in Congress, and its scrapping has been one of Donald Trump’s few consistent election promises.

In Australia, in spite of campaigns by the Greens, Getup and others warning about its adverse consequences it has received little public attention. A 2014 survey by the Australia Institute found that only 11 per cent of Australians had heard anything about the TPP. Now that Trump has raised the issue, a few more people may know there is some proposal floating around, but there is still little public awareness of what is meant by the “TPP”.

Donald TrumpUS president Donald Trump. (IMAGE: Gage Skidmore, Flickr)

This lack of awareness can be put down to the secrecy around the TPP negotiations, its lack of immediacy (it’s been seven years in the making), and the mainstream media’s general inability to address serious issues of economic policy – stories about ministers’ travel rorts and supposedly ruinous budget deficits are much easier to cover.

When the TPP – or as much of it as can be seen through the veil of secrecy – is explained to people, the response is generally negative, because the TPP is no ordinary trade deal of the type that sees countries reduce their tariffs and associated barriers against imports.

Australia has been through that process of trade liberalisation: average tariff support for manufacturing is now a trivial 2.2 per cent, way down from the 30 to 40 per cent rates in the 1960s.

Rather, at the core of the TPP is liberalisation of foreign investment. Of main concern to analysts and the informed public are Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions, which legally privilege the interests of investors o...


Watching Major Media Commit Suicide: Notes On The End Of The News Business As We Know It David Icke latest headlines

‘Trump has blazed a trail of rejecting major media. As a result of his merciless attacks, press outlets are going mad pushing numerous outlandish fake stories. They’re ripe for further incursions on their territory. In the past, this was the pattern: an outsider enters the scene and accuses the government of vast fraud; media operators assemble their usual cast of sordid characters, who dismiss the charges; everybody goes home and the story dies. But that’s not working anymore. Media pomposity is exposed as fakery. Millions of people see through the ruse. The media emperor is naked. He can prance around and around, but his fundamental nakedness keeps compounding the joke.’ Read more: Watching Major Media Commit Suicide: Notes On The End Of The News Business As We Know It


The appliance of science "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Earlier in the week the Times reported that the newly-appointed BBC chairman Sir David Clementi will be asking for "scientific" monitoring of BBC impartiality. including into the corporation's post-EU referendum coverage. 

I suspect the phrase 'scientific research' will have rung loud alarm bells with senior BBC editors. They've vigorously rejected that idea for years now, often being at pains to tell MPs or Newswatch viewers that such a thing isn't suitable for the BBC - eg. the BBC’s chief political adviser Ric Bailey:
I’m a really strong believer that you don’t achieve due impartiality by maths and by stopwatches. That’s what used to happen years ago. It’s no longer the case. It’s not the whole picture. You’ve got to achieve a consistency of approach, a similar level of scrutiny across the different parties over time of which airtime is only one small part.
A flavour of this likely negative BBC reaction can perhaps be gathered from the old presenter of BBC One's NewsWatch Raymond Snoddy, who is not at all happy about Sir David's call for 'scientific monitoring' of BBC impartiality. In this passage, you can hear clear echoes of BBC disdain, past and present, for such an idea:
Scientific research would be a fine thing indeed - if such a thing existed.
One of the gaps in Sir David's knowledge may be the history of such attempts, usually by right-wingers trying to use stop-watches to prove the BBC was hopelessly left-wing.


"Billion-year" Gambian President Was Installed by the CIA "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Gambian President and dictator Yahya Jammeh, facing a combined military force composed of Senegalese army troops, the Nigerian air force, and troops from Mali, Ghana, and Togo, has agreed to relinquish the presidency of Gambia. On December 1, 2016, Jammeh was defeated for re-election in a surprise upset by his little-known rival Adama Barrow. Jammeh received only 45 percent of the vote.


Former UKIP leader, Brexit crusader Nigel Farage hired by Fox News David Icke latest headlines

‘The former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader has a new job as contributor for the US television network Fox News. The controversial British politician will appear on both daytime and prime-time programs on the network and its sister channel Fox Business. The arrangement was announced on Friday by Fox News in a short statement. As the leader of UKIP, Farage led a campaign for Britain to leave the EU, which culminated in the ‘yes’ vote for Brexit. He is also an outspoken supporter of Republican US President Donald Trump, who takes similar positions on issues like immigration. Farage attended Trump’s inauguration ceremony on Saturday as a guest of Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.’ Read more: Former UKIP leader, Brexit crusader Nigel Farage hired by Fox News


David Leyonhjelm Gets Grinchy Again… And It’s Only 48 Weeks Until Christmas! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia’s angriest white man has taken aim at childcare. And so Nelly Thomas has taken aim at him.

In case you missed it, Senator Leyonhjelm shat all over another important thing recently: childcare. (Sorry, I know that’s an impolite opening sentence, but it does match the tone of Leyonhjelm’s mutterings, so I ran with it.)

In short, Senator Leyonhjelm has got a bee is his bonnet about childcare which, he thinks, simply amounts to wiping noses and making sure kids don’t die.

Leyonhjelm thinks that the only reason childcare educators (and yes, they do prefer that description Senator) are now “over-educated” (that is, qualified) is because,

“[P]arents seeking to justify the decision to place their children in childcare are demanding standards that allow them to believe their little darlings are receiving a better start in life than if they stayed at home.”

I’ll translate: if middle class mothers are going to be crazy enough to have kids, they should be home with them instead of pursuing silly things like careers and paying bills. And because they feel guilty about it, they have made the work of childcare (which is easy and should be done by grannies and aunties) all professional n’ stuff. Now it costs too much.

Bah Humbug.

Of course, Senator Leyonhjelm’s real concern* is not money or an anti-feminist agenda, it’s The Kids and working-class women who, he suggests, would dearly love to stay home with their children but can’t because the lure of childcare subsidies is just too much to resist! Working class and poor women apparently don’t enjoy work or gain any benefit from it; they only do it because the government will pay some of their childcare costs.

Some of the Senator’s best friends are working class mothers, so he’d know (as an aside, for a man who so often calls for “common sense”, the idea that anyone would consider putting small children in childcare a way to make money is wackadoodle, even by Leyonhjelm standards.)

If Leyonhjelm’s remarks weren’t just the ravings of an apparently very angry man – his Facebook entry is so full of contempt – it would do well to ignore them. However, the man is a Senator and his views are indicative of a wider undervaluing of childcare educators, care-work in general and frankly, women’s work.

First things first, childcare educators do a bloody important job. Regardless of your views on why and whether or not kids should be in care, they are and while the “little darlings” (his words – but he means them pejorativ...


We will not impose our way of life, but we will shine for others to follow ‒ Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. In his inaugural address, he has promised to give the government back to the people and put “only America first.” “Today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another ‒ but we […]



Eugenics and Population Control to Save the Planet, Says Berkeley Professor David Icke latest headlines

‘Malcolm Potts is a Malthusian figure with deep roots in the history of eugenics. He’s not hiding in the shadows, but in the open as a professor at one of the most prestigious academic institutions in America, one that has been espousing eugenic philosophy for almost a century: University of California, Berkeley. In 1924, another eugenicist was a professor at UC Berkeley: Samuel Jackson Holmes, who published a 1924 paper titled “A bibliography of eugenics,” at Berkeley, in 1937 he writing, “The Negros’ Struggle For Survival.” Malcolm Potts has been a rabid advocate of population reduction for almost 50 years, and was the first physician to promote the main modern method of abortion today, uterine manual vacuum aspiration, and in 1968 became the first Medical Director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, not many years after Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was openly calling for the extermination of black people.’ Read more: Eugenics and Population Control to Save the Planet, Says Berkeley Professor


‘Sleepwalking to Surrender’ – A Study in Pakistani Extremism "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Khaled Ahmed’s Sleepwalking to Surrender: Dealing with Terrorism in Pakistan fell short in that was far more descriptive than it was prescriptive.

The Indian and the Pakistani flags. Credit: Reuters

The Indian and the Pakistani flags. Credit: Reuters

The optics of the 1989 dissolution of the USSR was most intense in Europe and symbolised by the collapse of the “iron curtain” in Berlin. But it was a process that unraveled far from Europe, with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. So it is not surprising that the long-term effects of that event visited South Asia with a vengeance. Its immediate impacts were Washington’s cynical use of Pakistan in globalised Islamist extremism and the devastating sway of this cynicism on the direction of state and society in Pakistan. The latter’s copycat deployment of proxy warrior tactics exacerbated the already dysfunctional ‘paired minority conflict’ between India and Pakistan in South Asia. Meanwhile, in the identity politics spawned as an aftermath of the collapse of the cold war regime, India also steadily journeyed towards an overtly muscular religious nationalism. All these after effects have contributed to make for a deceptively unstable South Asia.

Today, the prospect of a clash between South Asia’s two largest states with competing religious nationalisms (one matured and the other growing) and the concurrent utility of both states, for reasons of market economics and geostrategic advantage, makes for a complex tangle in South Asia that cannot be underestimated. At the center of this potential maelstrom are the twin extremisms of Islamist and Hindutva impulse, both powered by non-state actors and both allied with deep-state players. Clearly, in the interests of regional peace, the two extremisms need careful study, objective analysis and common-sense prescriptions to avoid the abyss that South Asia could be confronted with very soon. Khaled Ahmed’s Sleepwalking to Surrender: Dealing with Terrorism in Pakistan (2016, Penguin-Viking), albeit focused only on Pakistan, is a welcome title in that vein.

Khalid AhmedSleepwalking to Surrender: Dealing with Terrorism in PakistanViking, 2016



Gladio Again: Germany Could Have But Didn’t Stop Berlin Attacker. Why? David Icke latest headlines

‘According to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), German security and intelligence agencies were particularly familiar with the Berlin attacker, Anis Amri, long before he plowed a large truck into a Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring many more. In an article titled, “All the cracks that Berlin suspect Amri slipped through,” a now familiar litany of excuses are peddled before audiences in a bid to explain why the suspect wasn’t stopped, weeks, months, even years before he carried out his attack, as soon as it became apparent he was both violent and a danger to society.’ Read more: Gladio Again: Germany Could Have But Didn’t Stop Berlin Attacker. Why?


Scientists unleash graphene’s innate superconductivity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Already renowned for its potential to revolutionize everything from light bulbs and dental fillings through to semiconductors and motorcycle helmets, graphene can now add innate superconductivity to its repertoire. Scientists at the University of Cambridge claim to have discovered a method to trigger the superconducting properties of graphene without actually altering its chemical structure.

Light, flexible, and super-strong, the single layer of carbon atoms that makes up graphene has only been rendered superconductive previously by doping it with impurities, or by affixing it to other superconducting materials, both of which may undermine some of its other unique properties.

However, in the latest research conducted at the University of Cambridge, scientists claim to have found a way to activate superconduction in graphene by coupling it with a material known as praseodymium cerium copper oxide (Pr2− xCe xCuO4) or PCCO. PCCO is from a wider class of superconducting materials known as cuprates (derived from the Latin word for copper), known for their use in high-temperature superconductivity.


Fearing New President's Approach to Russia, Bulgarian NGOs Plot Color Revolution David Icke latest headlines

‘This week, all eyes are on the US as the country prepares to inaugurate its 45th president. But another important inauguration is also taking place in Bulgaria, where President-elect Rumen Radev is expected to take office on Sunday. Unfortunately, some fear that opponents of the new president may try to destabilize the situation through protests. According to RIA Novosti political observer Igor Pshenichnikov, rumors have been circulating recently on Bulgarian internet sites suggesting that Bulgaria may face intense “protest demonstrations” against President-elect Rumen Radev “aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country in favor of certain parties and groups.”‘ Read more: Fearing New President’s Approach to Russia, Bulgarian NGOs Plot Color Revolution


The Professional Sceptic "IndyWatch Feed National"

This blog post introduces something new to Stumbling Through the Past. I want to help authors at the start of their book-writing careers but I can’t possibly review every debut history or biography that is published. So I hope to post … Continue reading


Mental Illness Or Mental Skillness? The Case For Neurodiversity "IndyWatch Feed National"

The language used around mental illness – and the stigma attached to it – needs serious review, writes Brooke Murphy.

Recent media coverage of Carrie Fisher’s death has been dominated by outpouring of love from friends, fans, and fellow stars. Fisher was most famous for playing Princess Leia, the doughnut-bunned heroine of the Star Wars franchise. Just like her mother, she was a triple threat. But she wasn’t known for dancing or singing. Fisher was an actress, an author, and a fierce mental health advocate.

What was refreshing about Fisher was her honesty. She made no secret of the fact that she was bipolar and had battled addiction. After footage emerged of Carrie frantically pacing around a cruise-ship stage in 2013, she explained what was happening instead of trying to cover it up. She told Daily Mail:

I was in a severely manic state, which bordered on psychosis. Certainly delusional. I wasn’t clear about what was going on. I was just trying to survive.… There are different versions of a manic state, and normally they’re not as extreme as this became. I’ve only had this happen one other time, 15 years ago, so I didn’t have a plan of action.

It is important to note that Fisher made this statement in a Hollywood world where admissions to hospital for mental health issues are frequently explained away as ‘exhaustion and dehydration.’ Fisher didn’t want or need anyone’s pity, and clearly didn’t see the point in making up more palatable excuses for her breakdown. She was who she was and made no apologies. If a big star like Fisher didn’t give any fucks about identifying as mentally ill, why should we?

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have as much power or authority as Fisher. Some of us hide aspects of our identities to keep our jobs, to keep our friends and family happy, or to hold onto our friends. When it comes to mental illness, we view it as the ‘other’ – a foreign experience that is not shared by the dominant group. This line of thinking conceals the truth; we all suffer from mental illness at some point. For some of us, it may come in the form of stressing over exams or falling into a brief depression after a breakup. Many people, such as Fisher, deal with more extreme versions of everyday experiences of mental illness. So why do we view ‘mentally illness’ as something to be feared?

One of the problems is that mental illnesses are categorised as illnesses or diseases. Small pox was a disease. A really, really horrible infectious disease. What did we do? We invented vaccines to eliminate it. It’s wonderful that we are working on cures for illnesses and diseases, but mental conditions don’t belong in the same category.



'They came to conquer' David Icke latest headlines

‘“It’s not a state, or a government or forces that came to enforce the law. They came to conquer.” That is how resident Raed Abu al-Qiyan described an Israeli police raid on his village, Umm al-Hiran, in the south of present-day Israel on 18 January. The police were there to carry out demolition orders against 15 homes in the Palestinian Bedouin village, which the Israeli government aims to evacuate in order to establish a Jewish settlement in its place.’ Read more: ‘They came to conquer’


Finding foothold as a wave of climatic counter-logic hits our parliaments "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Some January 2017 notes with links and contemplations as we enter a new year and are confronted with governments’ increasingly absurd lack of response to the dangerous climate change disruption – the Great Turning, collapse, catastrophe, apocalypse or whatever you want to call it – which temperature graphs and science reports show is approaching with full speed.

Just a few weeks after we entered 2017, I experienced something which could probably be classified as a ‘nervous breakdown’ over the new year’s counter-logical steps in the US, Australian and Danish governments, which all want to increase the air pollution rather than reduce it, as they have promised when they signed the UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

We were on the last stretch of what had been a wonderful and totally offline family holiday, having spent two weeks in the Tasmanian wilderness. Then we got back to “civilisation” – which in our case was a camping site with free wifi. Those news headlines my iPhone welcomed me with instantly made me grumpy. More than that, they kept me awake that night, mixed into my dreams, and when I woke up the following morning my mood was even gloomier.

Some stories were prompted by the findings by NASA, NOAA, the World Meteorological Organisation, the UK MET Office and other bureaus of meteorology that 2016 was the hottest year on record, marking the third...


Trump Administration to Embrace 'Shale Oil And Gas Revolution' David Icke latest headlines

‘The United States will utilize unused energy resources and embrace the shale and gas revolution, according to an America First Energy Plan released by the White House on Friday. “Sound energy policy begins with the recognition that we have vast untapped domestic energy reserves right here in America. The Trump administration will embrace the shale oil and gas revolution to bring jobs and prosperity to millions of Americans,” the plan said.’ Read more: Trump Administration to Embrace ‘Shale Oil And Gas Revolution’


Trump Makes Huge Move, Names New Anti-Net Neutrality FCC Chairman (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Despite the fact that Obama’s “net neutrality” passed in 2016, President Donald Trump appears to have chosen a new FCC Chairman who vehemently opposes the whole premise, and if given the position as FCC Chairman, Trump's pick promises to "fire up the weed wacker" and remove numerous regulations currently put in place under Obama’s administration.

Some of the more popular myths about “net neutrality” were that is was needed to help minorities and the underserved communities get better access to the Internet, encourage competition between broadband providers, protect us from Internet “Fast Lanes,” and who can forget the nonsense about how if “net neutrality” wasn’t passed, it would put Netflix out of business. Please!

In th...


A new age of demonstrations and social unrest will come back to haunt the complacent class "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

That was my prediction in my forthcoming book The Complacent Class: The Self-Defeating Quest for the American Dream, but I didn’t realize it would come true on such a scale so soon.  Yesterday we saw the largest protests in American history.  Here is one excerpt passage from the book, part of a section describing how different the past was from what we had grown used to:

As much as nonviolence was an essential feature of big parts of the civil rights movement, many blacks in the South, including many of the most prominent movement leaders, protected themselves with firearms, in recognition of what a violent and vindictive time they were operating in. Martin Luther King Jr. kept a gun at home and sometimes relied on neighbors to protect his home with firearms. Medgar Evers traveled with a rifle in his car and kept a pistol beside himself on the front seat; Evers later ended up being murdered.

Almost impossible to imagine in today’s climate of overprotective parenting, the civil rights movement even saw parents willing to put their children in the line of fire. The 1963 Birmingham Children’s March paraded large numbers of African American children in front of potentially hostile armed police, police dogs, and also angry local, racist crowds. The worst-case scenario of violence against the children did not come about, but even the relatively calm course of the demonstration makes for harrowing reading today. This is from one newspaper report of the time: “The teen-agers, most of them 13 to 16, kept moving. Then the water hit them. Cowering first with hands over their heads, then on their knees or clinging together with their arms around each other, they tried to hold their ground.” It’s hard to imagine that being considered an acceptable course of action—from the marchers as well as the police—for the last few decades. Fortunately, at the time the police did hesitate to turn the fire hoses on the six-year-olds who participated in the march. And many African Americans were upset with their leaders for allowing it to proceed in this manner, yet it did, which is a reflection of how far that time was from the current safety-first mentality.

One of the major claims in the book is that history is more cyclical than we had thought during the 1948-2009 period, and that this is a major source of systematic risk in the world today.  Another major claim is that individual attempts to make one’s lot in life safer and more secure actually may exacerbate broader risks at the macro level.

Again, if you...



Part 40 (F) Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity. Murder statutes that Centrelink staff are not told about "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia’s “irrelevant” crimes against humanity happen because the training of Centrelink staff does NOT include the following MURDER laws.

South Australia:Criminal law Consolidation Act – Suicide.

13 (7) A person who, by fraud, duress or undue influence, procures the suicide of another or an attempt by another to commit suicide shall (whether or not he was a party to a suicide pact with the other person) be guilty of murder or attempted murder, as the case may require.

    (8)     If on the trial of a person for murder or attempted murder the jury is not satisfied that the accused is guilty of the offence charged but is satisfied that he is guilty of an offence against subsection (5), the jury may bring in a verdict that he is guilty of an offence against that subsection.

    (9)     In any criminal proceedings in which it is material to establish the existence of a suicide pact and whether an act was done, or an omission made, in pursuance of the pact, the onus of proving the existence of the pact and that the act was done, or the omission made, in pursuance of the pact shall lie on the accused.

   (10)    For the purposes of this section—

     (a)     suicide pact means an agreement between two or more persons having for its object the death of all of them whether or not each is to take his own life; and

    (b)     nothing done or omitted to be done by a person who enters into a suicide pact shall be treated as done or omitted to be done in pursuance of the pact unless it is done or omitted to be done while he has the settled intention of dying in pursuance of the pact.

   (11)    Where a person induced another to enter into a suicide pact by means of fraud, duress or undue influence, the person is not entitled in relation to an offence against the other to any mitigation of criminal liability or penalty under this section based on the existence of the pact.

NOTE: I shall add to this list in a few days time: every state and territory has laws that make Centrelink triggered fatalities unlawful homicides, i.e. either murder or manslaughter due to criminal negligence.

Centrelink staff are not told about these laws.


All References to ‘Climate Change’ Deleted From White House Website David Icke latest headlines

‘A climate of change! Perhaps the most stark contrast between the Obama administration and the Trump administration is on “global warming”. The climate differences were visible today as the White House website was scrubbed of all references to “climate change” at exactly noon today just as President Donald Trump was sworn in. Climate Depot statement: “Climate skeptics are thrilled that one of the very first visible changes of the transition of power between President Obama and President Trump is the booting of “climate change” from the White House website. Trump is truly going to make science great again and reject the notion that humans are the control knob of the climate and UN treaties and EPA regulations can somehow regulate temperature and storminess. Welcome to the era of sound science!”’ Read more: All References to ‘Climate Change’ Deleted From White House Website


Massive worldwide protests against Trump presidency "IndyWatch Feed"

Special report Massive worldwide protests against Trump presidency By a WSWS reporting team 22 January 2017 Millions of people participated in demonstrations throughout the United States and the world Saturday in a powerful and unprecedented show of opposition to the administration of US President Donald Trump. The massive protests were far larger than organizers […]


Video: Chinese drone operator investigated for filming airliners "IndyWatch Feed"

Chinese drone operator investigated for filming airliners. Accordong to police, it was a threat to public safety RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Via Youtube



Regional African powers reject foreign intervention in Libya David Icke latest headlines

‘Libya’s neighbors have rejected any foreign intervention into the north-African state as the fighting between various armed factions rages on – six years six years since the fall of colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. The 10th ministerial meeting of Libya’s neighboring countries, held in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Saturday, reaffirmed the need of maintaining Libya’s stability, unity and sovereignty. The final communique agreed on a “rejection of any external interference in the internal affairs of Libya.”‘ Read more: Regional African powers reject foreign intervention in Libya


At least 32 killed, 50 injured in India train derailment "IndyWatch Feed World"

At least 32 people have been killed and dozens more injured when a train derailed in India. The carriage was traveling from Jagdalpur city to Bhubaneswar in Andhra Pradesh. The Jagdalpur-Bhubaneswar express went off the tracks at around 11:00 pm (1730 GMT) near the Kuneru railway station in the Vizianagram district. Seven coaches and the engine cart derailed 160 kilometers (100 miles) away from Visakhapatnam, the capital of Odisha state. At least 32 people died in the tragedy, while 50 more have been injured, police said, according to NDTV. "Most of the casualties and deaths are from the three sleeper-class compartments," Superintendent of Police L.K.V. Ranga Rao said as quoted by Reuters.


Nobody is stealing your jobs, you spend too much on wars: Alibaba founder Jack Ma tells US "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Chinese billionaire and Alibaba founder Jack Ma believes that improper distribution of funds and hyper inflated US military spending, not globalization or other countries “stealing” US jobs, is behind the economic decline in America. The Chinese business magnate earlier in January met with US President-elect Donald Trump, who has bemoaned the loss of American industry …


Dark Matter Probably Not Needed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

According to this paper [PDF], the calculations of spiral galaxy spin which required the dark matter fudge factor were oversimplified. If you actually model the spiral arms in detail the results match observations without the need for dark matter:

"Abstract The gravity fields and rotation curves of whirlpool galaxies with thin disc distribution of material are calculated numerically. It is proved that the gravity field of mass thin disc distribution is greatly different from that of spherically symmetrical distribution. As long as the Newtonian theory of gravity is used strictly, by the proper mass distributions of thin discs, the flat rotation curves of whirlpool galaxies can be explained well. The rotating curve of the Milky Galaxy is obtained which coincides with practical observation. In this way, it is unnecessary for us to suppose the existence of additional dark material in the illuminant discs of whirlpool galaxy again. Meanwhile, in the space outside the illuminant disc, the quantity of dark material needed to maintain the flatness of rotation curves is greatly decreased. By considering the observation fact that the quantity of non-luminous baryon material is 3~10 times more than luminous material, we can explain the flatness of rotation curves of whirlpool galaxies well without the hypotheses of non-baryon dark material. So it is unnecessary for us to suppose that non-baryon dark material is about 5 times more than baryon material in a single whirlpool galaxy, no mater [sic] whether non-baryon dark material exits or not."

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Intellectual Froglegs Presents: “Evolution of a Revolution”… "IndyWatch Feed"

Another fun perspective from JoeDan Media. Website HERE  –  Support HERE


J20 Live Updates "IndyWatch Feed World"

Welcome to our continuous coverage of the mobilization against Trump’s inauguration! We’re updating nonstop all day, providing firsthand reports and analysis of the events in DC and other cities around the US and the world. Please send us field reports, photos, and footage at


Israel’s shadowy role in Guatemala’s dirty war David Icke latest headlines

‘Last year was a busy one for Guatemala’s criminal justice system. January 2016 saw the arrests of 18 former military officers for their alleged part in the country’s dirty war of the 1980s. In February last year, two ex-soldiers were convicted in an unprecedented wartime sexual slavery case from the same era. Such legal proceedings represent further openings in the judicial system following the 2013 trial and conviction of former head of state General Efraín Ríos Montt for genocide and crimes against humanity. Although the Guatemalan Constitutional Court very quickly annulled the trial (finally restarted in March after fitful stops and starts, but currently stalled again), a global precedent has been set for holding national leaders accountable in the country where their crimes took place.’ Read more: Israel’s shadowy role in Guatemala’s dirty war


Interesting Trip Journal by Canadian Traveler to China "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Here is the link to an interesting trip journal by a Canadian recently traveling to China. Many good points and food for thoughts. Political – sure, but in a raw, intelligent, sincere, and honest way. I hope you enjoy!


Trump"s Top Priorities "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

What he should and will do may be world’s apart. His top priorities should be world peace, stability, mutual cooperation with all nations, making America a model state, unlike its current pariah status, along with equity and justice for everyone.


In a World That’s Always Been America First, Trump’s Way May Undermine US Power "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Casting itself as a humane authority has meant accepting some constraints on its behaviour but, backed with the power of the American military and economic system, the strategy has been a winning one for the US until now.

This December 17, 2016 photo shows a Donald Trump campaign sign along a highway near Los Banos, Caliornia. Credit: AP/Scott Smith

This December 17, 2016 photo shows a Donald Trump campaign sign along a highway near Los Banos, Caliornia. Credit: AP/Scott Smith

So President Donald J. Trump wants to put America first everywhere. There should be no surprise in this. Every leader of every country, presumably, puts his or her national interests first on every issue. This, as the early 20th century revealed, leads to intense competition – and sometimes war. For this reason, the community of nation states got together to moderate and regulate conduct among themselves, first creating the League of Nations and, eventually, the United Nations. But even so, there have been countries like the United States which refuse to be regulated and play an out-size role in world affairs.

Without venturing into the controversial nature of the phrase in 1940, even a cursory look at recent US history will demonstrate how things have been ‘America First’ for a long time. The issue is of definition. While US presidents since Truman put forward a broad interpretation of the meaning of the term – where the US assumes the role of a leader – Trump & Co want to put across a hard line, narrower vision.

In ancient Chinese political thought, there is a concept of “all under the heaven” – signifying the rule of an emperor who is supreme, moral and humane and accepted so by everyone. “Hegemony” is the second category of rule which is indeed supreme, but maintains itself so through the obvious exercise of power.

After  the Second World War, the US exercised hegemonic power but was also seen by many as an exemplar of humane authority – a state which was powerful, but also moral in some sense. Its concepts of democracy, trade policy, human rights – though not always evenly adhered to or advocated – had wide acceptance. Its challengers –the Soviet Union and China – never quite managed to move up from the third category, which is that of “tyranny.”

It was a world where America was First. The US shaped the monetary order, its doll...


Integration "IndyWatch Feed National"

All those people who rightly condemn the nationalist fools shouting about integration. Integration, which happens when people are forced to give up their identity and culture and language in order to adopt a country or culture not of their own.

The same condemning people who tut tut over seventy years of the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families. Those stolen children were sent to missions and institutions where they were taught to reject their heritage and their language and become 'assimilated' into white society.

And yet those people are the same people who approve of ABA, the practice of training autistic children to be as non-autistic as we can possibly make them. Eye contact, no stimming, it's weird and abhorrent otherwise, our native practices. What our neurology dictates to them is wrong, because our neurology is not like theirs. They approve of the idea that 'some disabled people are too disabled to live in the community' or have the same right to schooling as other children.

And then there's the endless insistence on walking, even for children who will never walk, because you are normal and we are not.

It's not such a difference, is it? You might cloak your intolerance in a professed desire to help those poor, poor things and you might get a butterfly or ribbon or jigsaw tattoo to show your love and solidarity. Wear a wristband, step up for Steptember.

But the outcomes are the same. Those poor stolen children who were taught to deny their Aboriginality, the stolen children who will never tick the 'autism spectrum disorder' box on a form. The now grown children with PTSD from being therapied into something they are not. Over and over the damaging message that you are less than and other and that you must be changed or fixed because you are not okay just the way you are.

You don't have to be an angry white man draped in an Australian flag to be arrogantly intolerant of difference. It doesn't even matter whether you can distinguish between the words 'you're' and 'your'. If you think we're broken, less than you are, then you're just the same.


State Bill To Mandate Children To Receive Every Vaccine — Citizens Fighting Back David Icke latest headlines

‘Oklahoma State senator and physician, Ervin Yen won’t give up his personal vendetta to force all Oklahomans to vaccinate their children. For the third year in a row, Yen has introduced a bill requiring all children in the state to be vaccinated, with the only exception being children who already have a serious medical condition. Yen’s fear is that students won’t be vaccinated (even though OK already has a 90 percent compliance rate), and an outbreak will occur — killing thousands of the state’s schoolchildren. “I’m worried about those kids who are immune compromised, who cannot be vaccinated, I don’t want them going to school and being exposed,” said Yen. He’s urging his colleagues to bring Senate bill 83 to a vote. “I’d like to get it passed right away before we have a huge outbreak and a lot of people die,” said Yen.’ Read more: State Bill To Mandate Children To Receive Every Vaccine — Citizens Fighting Back


Louisville, KY: ARA Communique Against the Ascendancy of White Nationalism "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Submitted to It’s Going Down

“We are ready to end fascism once and for all, even in spite of the government. No government in the world fights fascism to the death.” -Buenaventura Durruti

Neo-Nazis. Racist skinheads. Klansmen. White Nationalists and Apologists:

For decades, they were the face of the enemy and only a minute few dared show their true colors in public. This made them easy to dismiss, easy to ignore. They were a dying breed, crushed by a multitude of failed wars, civil lawsuits and the stubborn inability to progress with a society that had long ago passed them by. However, recent events have proven that the fascist ideology has not only survived but thrived in its original home, on the fringes of the far-right and the socially inept. Its proponents, no longer just swastika-tattooed skinheads or disenfranchised men in ghostly costumes, but middle-aged businessmen in suits with means, have burst forth into the public sphere. They unapologetically display the “Sieg Hail!” salute and strongly imply, if not outright state, that their political opponents are sub-human. They’ve infected our discourse, maneuvered their way into public offices and swayed public opinion in their favor. Now, their labors of hatred have been rewarded with a sympathetic President-Elect and a federal Congress that is, at best, indifferent to their evil.

A quick digression; we are not just another anti-Trump protest organization or liberal movement. We are not arbitrarily opposed to the President-Elect, but rather the white nationalists that consider him “their candidate”, who intimidate and threaten members of our community. Our enemies, and the enemies of all who believe in real democracy and working class solidarity, have been welcomed with open arms by his incoming administration.

The roots of racial intolerance are poised to strangle this nation, not only on a federal level, but here in our own backyard. The Traditionalist Youth Network, a North Carolina-based organization that, despite their name, only values the tradition of white nationalist oppression, have recently set up shop outside Louisville. This self-proclaimed group of “English-speaking White Americans who’ve returned to their pre-schismatic Christian roots,” have historically shown themselves to be opposed to the rights of ethnic and religious minorities while also railing against regulations meant to protect the rights of LGBTQ citizens. Their political wing, Traditionalist Workers Party, work actively to underm...


Trump Dumps TPP, Vows To Make USA Car Manufacturing Hub Of The World "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Trump wasted no time setting as official policy the withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the renegotiation of NAFTA, placing his election promise to bring jobs and industry back to America front and center. Straight after Trump was sworn in, the administration got to work and pledged to negotiate “tough and fair” trade agreements in order to create more U.S. jobs and make the United States a manufacturing powerhouse once more. The strategy has been listed as one of the new administration’s top policy issues on “This strategy starts by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and making certain that any new trade deals are in the interests of American workers,” the statement says. “President Trump is committed to renegotiating NAFTA. If our partners refuse a renegotiation that gives American workers a fair deal, then the President will give notice of the United States’ intent to withdraw from NAFTA.” Detroit Free Press reports: Until now, automakers and auto executives have been reluctant to publicly speak out about the potential consequences of renegotiating or pulling out of North American Free Trade Agreement because Trump’s comments on the campaign trail were not official White House policy. Putting American workers first According to [...]

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Denying Feud Over Election Hacking, Donald Trump Vows Support to CIA "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

U.S. President Donald Trump waves as he leaves the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters after delivering remarks during a visit in Langley, Virginia U.S., January 21, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

U.S. President Donald Trump waves as he leaves the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters after delivering remarks during a visit in Langley, Virginia. Credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria

Washington: US President Donald Trump tried to ease tensions with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on Saturday, telling officers he had their back after he had leveled unprecedented criticism against spy agencies for their investigation into Russian hacking during the election.

In his first official visit to a government agency as president, Trump who had said US intelligence tactics were reminiscent of Nazi Germany sought to leave no doubt with officers that he supported their work.

Even so, some analysts said it would take more than a quick visit for Trump to patch up relations with a community that he has denigrated. A large part of Trump’s off-the-cuff remarks on Saturday were not related to the work of the CIA, at times sounding more like a campaign rally than an address to intelligence professionals.

Trump made no mention of Russia during his remarks, which included praise for his nominee to head the Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo, a pledge to fight ISIS and a rant against the media, which he said invented his feud with intelligence agencies.

“Very, very few people could do the job you people do and I want you to know I am so behind you,” Trump said, to cheers and loud applause from about 400 officers who packed the building’s atrium to hear him speak.

Ahead of his inauguration, Trump had harshly criticized intelligence officials after they concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed hackers to breach Democratic emails to try to boost Trump’s presidential election campaign. He has since accepted those conclusions.

Then, after leaks about an unsubstantiated dossier compiled by a private security firm suggesting Moscow had compromising information about him, Trump blamed intelligence agencies for using Nazi-like tactics drawing a rebuke from outgoing CIA director John Brennan.

Trump has said he wants to try to wo...


President Trump assures CIA officials 'I am so behind you' "IndyWatch Feed World"

US President Donald Trump has visited the CIA's headquarters to thank personnel of America's intelligence services During his visit on Saturday, Trump told intelligence officials: "I am so behind you." Trump previously criticised intelligence officials after they concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed hackers to breach Democratic emails to try to boost Trump's presidential election campaign. Then, after leaks about an unsubstantiated dossier compiled by a private security firm suggesting Moscow had compromising information about him, Trump blamed intelligence agencies for using Nazi-like tactics.


Powerful 8.0 Magnitude Deep Earthquake Rocks Solomon Islands "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A powerful magnitude 8 earthquake hit the Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands on Sunday, but no tsunami was reported hours after the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued an alert for nearby islands. The quake struck at a depth of 167 kilometers (103 miles) under Papua New Guinea's most eastern province of Bougainville, where the two South Pacific countries meet in a continuous archipelago, said Chris McKee, assistant director of Papua New Guinea Geophysical Observatory in Port Moresby.


Newt Gingrich Wants to Fire Federal Employees Who Voted for Clinton David Icke latest headlines

‘As I write this, President-elect Donald Trump is set to assume control of the White House in a manner of hours, and his longtime adviser Newt Gingrich is giddy about reported plans to cut $10.5 trillion out of the federal government over 10 years by gutting federal agency budgets by as much as 10 percent while slashing 20 percent from the federal workforce. The Trump transition team has reportedly met for months with career officials in the White House to outline a plan for massive cuts to the federal workforce. The plan, modeled after a budget championed by the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation, essentially calls for cutting nearly all of the government’s discretionary spending. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is so excited by the prospects that Trump will finally be able to deliver the extremely right-wing restructuring of the federal government he’s championed for decades.’ Read more: Newt Gingrich Wants to Fire Federal Employees Who Voted for Clinton


Madonna contemplates “blowing up the White House” "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Madonna: “I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”


The New World Order Is Dead "IndyWatch Feed"

“Don’t Make Any Sudden Moves” is the advice offered to the new president by Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations, which has not traditionally been known as a beer hall of populist beliefs. Haass meant the president should bring his National Security Council together to anticipate the consequences before tearing up the Iran […]



Four identical mistakes on one day. Really? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Fans of attorney Zion Amir’s legal virtuosity will have another opportunity to see him in action on Thursday: He’ll be at Jerusalem District Court in the case of The State vs. Ben Dery, who is accused of killing teenager Nadim Nuwara while serving as a Border Police company commander. A live bullet to the chest, …


Philly J20 Report Back "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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It’s not because Trump won. Its not because Hillary lost. Its because fuck all this. Its because the world is burning and the only way to ignore it is to side with the death culture– turning life into commodities. Trump is merely today’s incarnation of “democracy;” the logical extensions of capitalism, imperialism white supremacy, patriarchy, and all the systems that undergird “democracy” under any president. Because democracy is synonymous with capture. Because its all supposed to happen like this. In four or eight more years a new figurehead of the same system to march around blocks about. Because shits not working, folks.

As if we think broken windows and spray paint will change any of it. Of course it won’t. No window will ever be enough. No march, no rally, no bloc, no president. can we take seriously anything nowadays? Are we seriously still debating violence vs. non-violence. Property vs. life. Its farcical. The “system”, “protest”… Laughable, and yet dire, with real consequences for land, animals, people. Because actually, we’re dying. Because amidst all the rhetoric of hope, the closest glimpse we see sometimes is in people willing to throw down for each other- for some vision, fractured as it may be, that we can fight back, that we can be fearless, that we can strike, be ungovernable, remind ourselves, if no one else, that some part of our minds and bodies hasn’t yet been domesticated by our masters. It could be 100,000 people evicting the halls of D.C. – and would be a resurrection from suffocation, but instead, 100 here, 50 there… we are a death gasp. Signs of life in a dying body.



In Challenge to Trump, Women Protesters Swarm Streets Across US "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Protesters participating in the Women's March on Washington move up 17th Street Northwest after U.S. President Donald Trump's motorcade returned to the White House in Washington January 21, 2017. REUTERS/James Lawler Duggan

Protesters participating in the Women’s March on Washington move up 17th Street Northwest after US President Donald Trump’s motorcade returned to the White House in Washington January 21, 2017. Credit: Reuters/James Lawler Duggan

Washington: Hundreds of thousands of women, many with husbands, boyfriends and children in tow, filled the streets of several major US cities on Saturday in an unprecedented wave of mass protests against President Donald Trump the day after his inauguration.

Women activists, galvanised by Trump campaign rhetoric and behaviour they found to be especially misogynistic, spearheaded scores of US marches and sympathy rallies around the world that organisers said drew nearly five million protesters in all.

The demonstrations, far surpassing crowd expectations, highlighted strong discontent over Trump’s comments and policy positions toward a wide range of groups, including Mexican immigrants, Muslims, the disabled and environmentalists.

People participate in the Women's March on Washington, following the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump, in Washington, D.C., U.S., January 21, 2017. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

People participate in the Women’s March on Washington, following the inauguration of US President Donald Trump. Credit: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

The planned centerpiece of the protests, a Women’s March on Washington, appeared to draw larger crowds than turned out a day earlier to witness Trump’s swearing-in on the steps of the US Capitol.

No official estimates of the turnout were available, but it clearly exceeded the 200,000 marchers projected in advance by organisers, filling long stretches of downtown Washington around the White House and the National Mall.



Trump’s Attack on Big Pharma’s Cartel Profiteering Lost the Drug Industry $25 billion in 20 Minutes "IndyWatch Feed World"

With each and every move that the newly elected President Donald Trump makes, it becomes all the more obvious as to why the establishment would rather have Hillary Clinton. While she would have worked as a puppet for the corporations and cronies, Trump takes a different stance: exposing them for what they are.

Just by use of words, Trump has already completely turned the pharmaceutical industry upside down. During an interview with the Washington Post, Trump merely criticized the, and with a short span of only twenty minutes, they had already lost $25 billion. Obviously, if Trump continues to point out the corruption taking place in various other industries, we could see the beginning of the end of the empire.

“Our drug industry has been disastrous. They’re leaving left and right. They supply our drugs but they don’t make them here, to a large extent. And the other thing we have to do is create new bidding procedures for the drug industry because they’re getting away with murder. Pharma has a lot of lobbies, a lot of lobbyists, a lot of power.” Trump went on to explain that “there’s very little bidding on drugs. We’re the largest buyer of drugs in the world, and yet we don’t bid properly. We’re going to start bidding. We’re going to save billions of dollars over a period of time.” President Trump stated during a press conference.

If you continue to feel that Trump will eventually lead us to our own demise, please take a second look, especially at moves such as these. Obviously, the man has flaws, however, if he continues to tear down at least half of the corruption that is currently running rampant within our nation, he could indeed make America somewhat great again.

Health care has been a topic of debate for many years within the Unites States, but if Trump begins his presidency by going up against big pharma, we could see a health reform taking place merely due to one action. In order for our nation to thrive, we must begin reform somewhere, and what better place to start than improving the physical and mental health or our nation? Of course, personal responsibility plays a major role in this, however, by improving transparency the populace may find it easier to make the right decisions.

Regardless of the actions of our President, it is also up to us to make a change in this world. This is the case for almost every issue facing our nation. Don’t get me wrong, having a...


All of the Science ‘Fact Checking’ In the World Can’t Change the Fact that Mercury is Toxic to the Neurology of Children "IndyWatch Feed World"

While doctors and mainstream media sources maintain that thimerosal (mercury preservative in vaccines) is safe, despite scientific facts that say otherwise. On the contrary, mercury is a very toxic substance that has proven associations to damage to the nervous system.

Instead, they draw the attention away from such facts and continue to focus on the topic of vaccines and autism. Due to this distraction, the subject continues to go round’ and round’ without ever meeting any sort of resolution. According to Mark Hyman, M.D, “There is no debate that mercury in any form is toxic,” continuing, Hyman says, “Scientists may debate the differences in toxicity between different forms of mercury, such as ethylmercury (which is an ingredient in Thimerosal) or methylmercury (from fish). But all would agree that mercury is a potent neurotoxin.” 

First introduced in the 1940s by Eli Lilly and Company, Thimerosal contains around 49.6% mercury by weight. Once it enters into the body, it is broken down into ethylmercury to work as a preservative. Once turning into this substance, it then kills foreign microbes, because mercury is highly toxic.

“There is a broad consensus among research scientists that Thimerosal is a dangerous neurotoxin that should be immediately removed from medicines,” environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy wrote in his book Thimerosal – Let the Science Speak. “Several hundred peer-reviewed scientific publications by the world’s leading research scientists, public health agencies, universities, and teaching hospitals have confirmed that Thimerosal is a potent neurotoxin that has never been proven safe for medical use and for which cost-effective alternatives exist.”

Even the EPA maintains that mercury is a neurotoxin which can affect your health in a number of ways depending on your age, the amount of exposure, and how the poison enters the body. The damaging affects include a variety of horrible symptoms. This is the following list of symptoms found on the EPA’s website.

Symptoms can include, but are not limited to:

  • loss of peripheral vision
  • “pins and needles” feelings, usually in the hands, feet, and around the mouth
  • lack of coordination of movements
  • impairment of speech, hearing, walking
  • muscle weakness

The symptoms for childre...


What Could You Create With Smart Thread? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This color-changing thread has endless possibilities.


White House Website Scrubbed of LGBT, Climate Change, Healthcare, and Civil Rights Mentions as Trump Was Sworn In "IndyWatch Feed World"

Immediately after Donald Trump was sworn into Presidency, the official White House website began receiving updates. Included in the updates was the LGBT, Climate Change, Health Care, and Civil Rights aspects of the issues section.

While obvious changes were made to the website, such as an update on images of the new POTUS, along with changes made to the Twitter account to adjust to the incoming president, observant Twitter users saw other immediate changes as well. Pages in the issues section of the White House website that covered a variety of social topics like LGBT rights and healthcare were also removed from the site.

obama site2obamasite

The Pictures Above Depict the White House Website During Obama’s Term

The Picture Below is a Glimpse Into President Trump’s White House Website (Maintenance Continues to Take Place)


Whenever a new President is elected to takeover as commander in chief of the United States, a transitional period begins. During this transitional period, the new administration has a number of responsibilities to tackle. The former President then, of course, leaves the office, but with the former President also goes an entire outlook on how to govern the United States of America.

Obviously, not all of Barack Obama’s laws, policies, and outlooks will be changed. However, many of them will, especially the...


Nicole Kidman ‘Blacklisted’ From Hollywood For Vowing To Support President "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nicole Kidman has had contracts cancelled by two Hollywood studios and has been warned by “famous liberal celebrities” to “steer clear of the Oscars“, according to a source at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles. Kidman has also received threatening letters telling her to “go back where you came from” sent by intolerant liberals, despite the fact she was born in Hawaii and holds dual US-Australian citizenship. Why all the hate? Because on January 10th, Nicole Kidman, a Hollywood A-lister, dared to go against the Hollywood agenda and told an interviewer that “we need to support whoever is the president”. Sounds like a reasonable statement in a democracy. But then the backlash began. A few days later, mainstream media decided to mobilize against her and began reporting that Kidman exhibited “bizarre behavior” during the Golden Globes … despite the fact the awards show had taken place a week ago and was no longer in the news cycle. Make no mistake, free speech is under attack by the mainstream media and Hollywood. And they are using underhand methods Vigilant citizen reports: There is something seriously wrong with mass media and today’s political climate. Censorship is sharply on the rise. Character assassination is [...]

The post Nicole Kidman ‘Blacklisted’ From Hollywood For Vowing To Support President appeared first on Your News Wire.


The Ongoing War Against Trump "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Obama-Clinton (and Democratic Party newsmedia) war against Donald Trump — a war to delegitimize him as the U.S. President, and to soften the country up for installing instead a President as rabidly hostile toward Russia as Hillary Clinton would have been — continues on every front.


2017 How to Create and Use Facebook Business Page Lists "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

2017 How to Create and Use Facebook Lists: the old way has gone. Dear students, In this video lecture I walk you through creating Facebook Business Pages especially for LISTS. Why do you want lists? Oh to keep an eye on your industry, to see best practices from your fellow travellers, to find content to share, to watch out what NOT to do and so on.

So for example, I want a list of all Farmers’ and Growers Markets and Stalls Facebook Business Pages so I can see in one long toilet roll of Facebook updates, all the Facebook updates from those Facebook Business Pages and only those Facebook Business Pages. We used to have an Interests Lists function, but Facebook removed it.

  • We create a Facebook Business Page for that List – let’s call it Grower’s Market Facebook List Page or something
  • then use the  “Like Pages as Page” feature on the 3rd party Business Pages. In other words, like a Facebook Business Page as your Facebook Business Page (not your personal profile).
  • so we get a curated newsfeed at Pages Feed on the right hand side of our own Facebook Business Page.

Basically this


Then this



Rothschild family is worth more than the top 8 billionaires in the world "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

A recent report by Oxfam International highlights the dramatic rise in income equality by noting that the combined wealth of the world’s top 8 individual billionaires is more than the lower half of the world’s population, some 3.6 billion people. The intention of the report was to bring awareness to the unfairness and injustice inherent in our …


Operation Condor: Latin-American Heads of State Condemned by Rome Tribunal, Declassified Docs Reveal Role of Henry Kissinger David Icke latest headlines

‘A tribunal in Rome, Italy, today sentenced two former heads of state and two ex-chiefs of security forces from Bolivia and Peru, and a former Uruguayan foreign minister to life imprisonment for their involvement in the coordinated, cross-border system of repression known as “Operation Condor.” The National Security Archive, which provided testimony and dozens of declassified documents as evidence to the tribunal, hailed the ruling. Today’s posting on the Archive’s web site includes several exhibits from the trial. One declassified Department of State document that the Archive provided to prosecutors stated that Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay “have established Operation Condor to find and kill terrorists … in their own countries and in Europe.” “… [T]hey are joining forces to eradicate ‘subversion’, a word which increasingly translates into non-violent dissent from the left and center left.” Their definition of subversion, according to the document, was so broad as to include “nearly anyone who opposes government policy.”‘ Read more: Operation Condor: Latin-American Heads of State Condemned by Rome Tribunal, Declassified Docs Reveal Role of Henry Kissinger


The Tories Are Wrecking the NHS in Order to Privatise It "IndyWatch Feed World"

Are we witnessing the unfolding of the last chapter of the Tories’ plan to privatise the NHS? The first step was taken by the Tory government under Margaret Thatcher in its National Health Services and Community act in 1990. This act introduced the internal market and competition, instead of cooperation, within the NHS. The Health and Social Care Act of 2012 pushed the marketisation and outsourcing of health and social care to private health providers to new levels. Allyson Pollock, professor of public health research and policy at Queen Mary College, University of London, in an article in the Guardian, characterised the Health and Social Care Act thus:

In March 2012 the coalition passed the Health and Social Care Act, which dismantles the NHS in England, paving the way for private funding (user charges and insurance) and the marketisation of healthcare. This new model of care is based on the American healthcare system, where risks and costs are passed to patients. The first things the act did were to remove the 64-year-old duty on the health secretary to provide services throughout England and to make commercial contracting virtually compulsory. Today, clinicians, nurses, managers and armies of consultants and lawyers spend their days preparing multiple bids, tenders and awarding contracts, instead of providing patient care. Every year thousands of contracts are put out to tender, many of them going to the private sector.

This brings us to the present crisis in our most cherished of institutions, the NHS. This government is demanding more and more from our trusted doctors and nurses, and at the same time shrinking the resources. NHS spending is falling as a proportion of GDP and is projected to fall further by 2020, well below the European average. It is illuminating to look at healthcare spending per capita per year across the world. The World Bank gives these figures for the year 2014 for every country on earth. I have chosen four countries in addition to the UK for comparison. All figures are in US dollars: US 9403, Germany 5411, France 4959, Denmark 6463, United Kingdom 3935.

So the UK spends substantially less than its neighbours and less than half the spending of the US, the country on which healthcare system the Tories are trying to base the NHS. In fact, the US is by far the largest spender on healthcare than any other country on the planet, yet......


Women’s marches draw 3 million in protest at Trump presidency "IndyWatch Feed"

An estimated 3 million people took part in marches across the United States in protest against Donald Trump’s presidency, exposing the depth of frustration and anxiety in a deeply divided country. Half a million people descended on the National Mall and nearby streets Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington, city officials said. The march, which […]


Laying the Ground for Resistance to Trump on Day One "IndyWatch Feed"

About 3000 people marched through Minneapolis to protest the inauguration of Republican President Donald Trump on January 20, 2017. They criticized Trump’s policies on women, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ people, workers and the environment. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue) Want to see more stories like this one? A free, unbought press has never been more necessary or more […]


Video: Russian Tu-22M3 bombers target ISIS positions in Deir ez-Zor, Syria – Defense Ministry "IndyWatch Feed"

Russia deployed six long-range supersonic Tupolev Tu-22M3 bombers from Russian territory to strike Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) targets in the Syrian … Via Youtube



Gambia’s ex-ruler escorted into exile David Icke latest headlines

‘The Gambia’s former leader, Yahya Jammeh, has left the country after finally conceding defeat in an election under increasing international pressure. Jammeh lost the presidential election in December last year to Adama Barrow but said he would not relinquish power, claiming that there had been irregularities in the vote and pushing the country to the edge of war. West African nations, which had been peacefully trying to convince him to leave, gradually turned to the idea of removing him militarily and put a regional force on standby as the official end of Jammeh’s mandate approached.’ Read more: Gambia’s ex-ruler escorted into exile


Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 22, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Restored Republic via a GCR Jan. 22 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 22 Jan. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. Jan. 21 2017 TNT Sunny cliff notes of TNT Conference Call: "We Could RV ADN" - Sat. AM TNT Thoughts The 19th was the deadline date for some things that needed to be concluded in the US. New information tells me the banks already have, or will soon have, a communication for us. For all intents and purposes that means "Go."

B. Jan. 21 2017 11:30 am EST WSOMN AdminBill: "Activities Playing Though" - Sat. AM WSOMN Chat w/ AdminBill "Golden Day" - Sat. AM WSOMN "Unconfirmed Info" - Fri. PM WSOMN Chat w/ AdminBill 

1. There are activities playing out through the weekend and into next weekend that are important.

2. There are groups that should see their appointments set and see money in the bank shortly....


Shorten at Bourke Street today - says "hoon" struck in "iconic place" "IndyWatch Feed National"

I've been to Bourke St Mall so many times, today was different. Proud to be Melbournian seeing such kindness after this unspeakable tragedy. — Bill Shorten (@billshortenmp) January 22, 2017 Bill Shorten visits #bourkest floral tribute, says "evil hoon" struck Melbourne's heart. PM due shortly also. — Pia...


Fundraiser for IWW and GDC Member Shot in Seattle "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Fundraiser for IWW and GDC Member Shot in Seattle appeared first on IT'S GOING DOWN.

Donate Here

On the evening of Friday, January 20th, a comrade of ours was shot in the stomach in the most public place on the University of Washington’s campus in Seattle – a place called “Red Square” for the color of its bricks rather than its politics.

This Fellow Worker (what members of the IWW call ourselves) and Defender (for GDC members) is a longtime anti-fascist and dedicated activist, a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and the General Defense Committee of the IWW. He’s currently in critical condition at Harborview Hospital in Seattle. They have a Level One Trauma center, so it’s likely he is receiving the best quality care available, for which we are deeply grateful.

How do we respond? We are building an expanded anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-fascist presence in Seattle, and this person was spearheading that effort. Will others are willing step up and replace his effort while he heals? Our response will help determine that.

There is a limited amount of time for us to make clear to the world what is clear to us: we are under armed attack. The fascist right knows where to find us – protests such as anti-Donald Trump events, or actions against police brutality. In the Twin Cities, the trial has just begun of Allen Scarsella, one of the white supremacists who came to the Fourth Precinct in Minneapolis in November, 2015 and opened fire, shooting multiple people.

We don’t have confirmation that the person who shot our comrade was a counter-protester angry at those protesting Milo’s hateful white nationalist misogyny. We do know that he turned himself into the police several hours later, claiming ‘self-defense.’ This, of course, is exactly what Scarsella did as well.

Our friend will have enormous hospital bills and undoubtedly some legal costs as well. There will be a significant loss of income. Let’s raise him so much that he won’t have to worry about that angle of things. Please give. All money will be controlled directly by them and their partner; none will go to any other cause, excepting any fees associated with the fundraising service used.

Please don’t just give; please tell your friends and families and organizations to give. That may sound daunting, but here’s why they should:

This isn’t just about one guy. Your friends and families know that the situation has changed dramatically. They know that things...


Jingoistic white nationalism stops with me "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

With 26 January looming, it is that time of year in Australia when the gatekeepers of the national narrative go into overdrive.

Where I live, in western Sydney, it is easy enough to look around the train carriage or campus or shopping centre and celebrate diversity. It is equally easy to forget, unless venturing into the large and poorly-conceived social housing estates, that western Sydney has the largest Aboriginal population in the country.

And on 26 January, it is impossible to ignore the social fact that white Australia relentlessly, aggressively promotes the dominant agenda: whites are nation-builders, we ‘let’ the migrants in, we obscure the violence of our own ‘entry’, we are the arbiters of what is, and of what is not, Australian.

An early salvo from DIBP

One example of the dominant narrative is how junior minister for Immigration and Border Protection Alex Hawke stopped Freemantle Council holding a citizenship ceremony on Saturday 28 January. His is the department which the Australian National Audit Office reported has spent $2.2 billion on off-shore detention without authorisation.

This shambolic, cruel, militarised, profligate department is designed to manufacture and disseminate xenophobic hate. And its 2IC (from the wealthy white northern suburbs of Sydney) confidently told a local government in Western Australia that its citizenship ceremony ‘has got to be apolitical, non-commercial, bipartisan and secular’.

Given the rabid politics in which white Australia engages around 26 January, these criteria would be met by changing the date of the first Freemantle citizenship ceremony for 2017.

At no point did Hawke articulate what exactly is ‘political’ (or commercial, or partisan, or religious) about 28 January. Unlike 26 January, which is obnoxiously white and hideously commercial, 28 January is just another day on the calendar. There was no mention that 28 January is the saints day of Thomas Aquinas, although Hawke is a...


The Law, Public Ethics and Family – the Influences on Teesta Setalvad "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

This excerpt from Foot Soldier of the Constitution: A Memoir delves into the activist’s roots, explores how her family shaped her childhood and the role Parsis have played in her life.


Teesta Setalvad. Credit: Facebook

We had a good childhood. Always in Bombay, living by the sea in Juhu.

I was born in Purandare Hospital on Chowpatty in 1962. My mother had gone to her parent’s home for my birth. My maternal grandparents had a small flat in Girgaon. My sister and I were both born in the same place – she after me. My parents were second cousins. My mother’s side of the family was clearly middle class. My maternal grandfather worked in an insurance company and I spent many weekends with my maternal grandparents at Temple View, often donning a cap to watch the races at Mahalaxmi where Bakukaka – as my maternal grandfather was called by all of us – took me. My sister and I were both father’s pets. My relationship with my mother was turbulent, but I nonetheless always carried some sound values, my grounding, from her. For instance, that the value of money can and should never be taken for granted.

My parents lived at our present home at Juhu Tara Road in Mumbai before I was born. The bungalow where my father and I were born was next to the one we now live in, where we moved in 1965. It was where my grandfather M. C. Setalvad, the eldest son of Sir Chimanlal Setalvad, had moved in 1933. My grandfather was the eldest son of ten siblings. He preferred the wide-open spaces of Juhu with a view of the sea. It was better for him than the family home, which also had a sea view, at Nepean Sea Road – the home of his father – in South Bombay.

The road on which the house sits is now called Setalvad Lane. At the time of the Setalvad shift into Juhu, the British government was offering incentives for moves of residents, northwards.

From Bihar to Tihar Kanhaiya Kumar Juggernaut Books, 2016

Foot Soldier of the Constitution: A Memoir
Teesta Setalvad
LeftWord Books

My grandfather – M. C. Setalvad or Dada – was India’s first attorney general, having served from 1950 to 1963. He was t...


Over 2,000 failed asylum seekers in Vienna still get social benefits as they cannot be deported - report David Icke latest headlines

‘More than 2,000 migrants living in the Austrian capital, Vienna, cannot be deported despite falling short of being granted asylum – mainly due to the lack of proper ID documents – while still receiving monthly payments, an Austrian daily has reported. Out of 20,000 migrants that receive social benefits in Vienna, only about two thirds either have been granted asylum or have their asylum requests under consideration, the Austrian Kurier has uncovered. The rest are residing in the Austrian capital on the so called “tolerated stay” scheme. As of November last year, 6,165 migrants were living in Vienna and are receiving social benefits because they cannot be deported from Austria, despite not being granted official refugee status, the daily reports, describing the situation as “the sucking out effect.”’ Read more: Over 2,000 failed asylum seekers in Vienna still get social benefits as they cannot be deported – report


Massive rally in South Korea demand Park removal, Samsung heir arrest David Icke latest headlines

‘Tens of thousands of people have converged on the streets of the South Korean capital, Seoul, demanding the swift ouster of the country’s desperate President Park Geun-hye and the Samsung heir’s arrest for alleged corruption. Some 150,000 angry people, according to the tally given by organizers, convened in the Gwanghwamun Square on Saturday evening, chanting slogans against Park and Lee Jae-yong, the most powerful man behind the South Korean multinational conglomerate, demanding their arrest and calling them “co-culprits” in the current scandal. Park is amid a months-old major corruption scandal, in which the first female president of the East Asian country allegedly colluded with long-time confidante Choi Soon-sil to pressure major corporations to contribute money to non-profit foundations controlled by Choi. Park has denied misconduct in the case but nevertheless apologized for being careless in her ties with Choi, who is facing her own trial.’ Read more: Massive rally in South Korea demand Park removal, Samsung heir arrest


Iraqi forces make fresh territorial gains against ISIS in Mosul David Icke latest headlines

‘Iraqi government forces have registered more territorial gains in Mosul as they are battling in joint operations with volunteer fighters and Kurdish Peshmerga forces to push Daesh Takfiri terrorists out of their last urban stronghold in the Arab country. Commander of Nineveh Liberation Operation, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah, said on Saturday that the 9th Armored Division and the 3rd Brigade of the First Division in the Iraqi Army had freed al-Qousiyat village on the outskirts of Mosul, located some 400 kilometers north of the capital Baghdad, and hoisted the national flag over several buildings there. The high-profile Iraqi military commander added that government forces had inflicted heavy losses on Daesh ranks and military equipment during the operation as well.’ Read more: Iraqi forces make fresh territorial gains against ISIS in Mosul


Car bomb goes off near Italian, Egyptian embassies in Libya’s capital David Icke latest headlines

‘A car bomb has exploded near the Italian and Egyptian embassies in the Libyan capital Tripoli. The bomb went off on Saturday night in a street behind both of the embassies outside the country’s ministry of planning. According to Red Crescent official in the city, the burnt remains of two people were pulled out of the burnt car after the blast. It is still not clear if the attack was aimed at the Italian embassy which reopened around two weeks ago. Following the incident, the Italian foreign ministry released a statement stressing that all of its embassy’s staff were safe following the bombing “in the vicinity of the Italian and Egyptian embassies.”’ Read more: Car bomb goes off near Italian, Egyptian embassies in Libya’s capital


Translating Trump’s Inaugural Speech From the Original German "IndyWatch Feed"

Donald Trump’s inaugural speech, like the candidate himself, was a chain of falsehoods, saber-rattling and scary Neofascist uber-nationalism. But it could be difficult to follow because so much of it seemed stolen from the mass politics of the 1930s in central and southern Europe. So here is a plain English translation of some key passages. […]



UK has sold £50 million worth of arms to Turkey since coup David Icke latest headlines

‘The United Kingdom has sold almost £50 million worth of arms to Turkey since its government clamped down on opposition groups after the failed coup attempt in July 2016. According to newly published export statistics, Turkey, which is now a major buyer of British weapons, purchased £26 million worth of ML13 licences pertaining to exports of armored plate, body armor and helmets between July 1 and September 30. Britain also sold Turkey £8.5 million worth of ML10 licences, for aircraft, helicopters and drones, and approximately £4 million worth of ML4 licences, for missiles, bombs and “counter-measures.” In total, Turkey has bought £330 million in arms since 2015 and now it is on the UK Department for International Trade’s list of “priority markets” for arms exports.’ Read more: UK has sold £50 million worth of arms to Turkey since coup


Re: [tigervnc-announce] TigerVNC 1.7.1 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Alan Coopersmith on Jan 21

Is there a CVE assigned to this issue that we should use when passing this
fix through to our packages/distros? I don't see one mentioned in the commit
or pull requests:




Farting on Everyone in 'CropDuster Supreme' Now Available on Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard

The aim of the game in 'CropDuster Supreme' [Steam] is to fart on people, now you may think this sounds terrible — but it's actually quite amusing! I know, I'm shocked too.

Usually, a game like this, I would probably blast by saying it's terrible and it doesn't deserve to be sold on Steam. Something like that anyway, but wow, this game is actually quite funny (and it costs less than £1).


[Ed Note: I watched the videos, and read the reviews on Steam. All of the reviews were good. The game requires no skill. It is exactly what it looks like. You fart on people to clear the room.]

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Powerful Earthquake Strikes Bougainville Island, N. Solomons "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

M7.9 strikes WNW of Panguna, PNG EQ Details Magnitude: 7.9 mww  [USGS/EHP] Location: 6.214°S, 155.122°E [uncertainty: ± 7.8 km] Depth 136.0 km [uncertainty± 1.9] Time: 2017-01-22 04:30:23.140 UTC Number of Phases: 145 Minimum Distance: 397.0 km (3.57°) Travel Time Residual: 1.03 s Azimuthal Gap: 15° This earthquake struck onshore and did NOT generate a tsunami. […]


The Rebel Girl "IndyWatch Feed"

In 1976, Life magazine marked the US bicentennial with a special report on “Remarkable American Women.” I was thirteen years old at the time and I remember thumbing eagerly through the pages of the magazine, a gift from my mother to nurture my budding feminism.

Among the 166 women profiled was the Rebel Girl, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World (also known as the IWW or the Wobblies), free speech fighter, co-founder of the ACLU, and first female secretary of the Communist Party USA. Her bio and photo appeared in the section titled “Noble Causes,” along with seventeen other “Crusaders for the Sick, Poor and Oppressed,” including Angela Davis, Dorothy Day, Dolores Huerta, Mary Harris “Mother” Jones, and Harriet Tubman.

In 2017, were a magazine of Life’s stature to publish an updated report, Flynn almost certainly would not be deemed worthy of inclusion. That’s too bad, because the Rebel Girl is an especially apt role model for our own times.

As I type these words, Donald Trump and his supporters are celebrating his inauguration as the forty-fifth president of the United States. But while the Trump and Pence families dine and dance, millions of people amassed in Washington, DC and cities around the country and the globe, to answer Trump’s nativism and faux-populism with a demonstration of solidarity and a call for resistance.

Yesterday’s Women’s March is just the beginning of a long process of organizing and protesting in an environment that portends increasing hostility to public dissent. Even before the new president took office, lawmakers around the country began advancing proposals to limit the rights of peaceful protestors. And with the post-inauguration declaration that his would be a “law and order administration,” Trump has made clear which side he is on.

In this era, the example of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn is instructive. Throughout her activist career, the Rebel Girl struggled against repressive laws at the local, state, and federal levels and tried to forge a movement of workers that cut across ethnic, racial, and gender barriers. Her efforts, while not always successful, are a wellspring of inspiration for socialists looking to build a movement for genuine social change at the same time we resist the depredations of the Trump administration.

Homegrown Socialist

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was born to a w...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Towards Record Gold Output in Zimbabwe

Below are excerpts of the speech by Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa at the inaugural 2016 Gold Sector Awards held in Harare last Friday.

Hon Walter Chidhakwa

Traditionally, the mining industry has been very important to the economy of Zimbabwe. The sector generates considerable employment, foreign currency earnings, infrastructure development and attracts significant foreign direct investment.

The gold sector, in particular, is estimated to provide employment to more than 200 000 as small scale and artisanal miners and about 10 500 from large scale producers.

The sector is, therefore, estimated to employ about 25 percent of the mining sector’s formal employment.

In 2014, the gold sector generated US$687million which rose to US$737 million in 2015 and US$914 million in 2016 in terms of export earnings.

This sector, and the mining industry in general, has been a central pivot in economic development contributing:
◆ more than 53 percent of the nation’s total exports from 2009 to date;
◆ 7 to 10 percent of fiscal revenue;
◆ about 45 000 formal jobs (and more than 300 000 as small scale and artisanal miners);
◆ more than 50 percent of the $1, 9 billion foreign direct investment inflows since 2009.

Last year, most major minerals recorded higher performance compared to 2015 despite the challenges of depressed international commodity prices, depreciating regional currencies and a firming US dollar that we largely use; and lack of access to affordable funding.

This is also despite the local debilitating factors such as power shortages and the liquidity crunch that were working, not only against mining operations, but the economy as a whole. However, the gold sector defied all odds to become the number one performer.

In line with our ZimAsset agenda, on 14 November 2014, Government announced strategies to revitalise the gold sector through the formation of the Gold Mobilisation Technical Committee, to ensure that the nation derives maximum benefits from the gold sector.

The measures that had...


Tulsi Gabbard to Represent US in Astana Peace Talks? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Gabbard's office, citing security, says a lot of the details of the trip are not going to be revealed until she has returned to the United States, and they declined to say if she had met directly with President Bashar al-Assad, though they did confirm she'd met with several government leaders while in Damascus.


Heavy Metal Chess "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Chess is a slow game of careful decision-making, looking several moves ahead of the current state of the board. So is machining, and combining the two is an excellent way to level up your machine shop chops. And so we have the current project from [John Creasey] who is machining a chess set out of stainless steel.

This isn’t that new-fangled computer numerical control at work, it’s the time-tested art of manual machining. Like chess, you need to plan several steps ahead to ensure you have a way to mount the part for each progressive machining process. In this first video of the series [John] is milling the knights — four of them, with two which will eventually get a black oxide treatment.

Milling the horse head is fun to watch, but you’ll be delighted when the work gets to the base. [John] is using a pipe fitting as a fixture to hold the already-milled horse-head-end while working the base on his lathe. The process begins by getting rid of the inner threads, then working the pipe fitting very carefully to the diameter of the chess piece for a perfect press fit. Neat!

At the end, [John] mentions it took “quite a few months of weekends to get to this point” of having four pieces made. They look great and we can’t wait to see the next piece in the set come to life. You’ll find the video embedded below, but if you can’t sink this kind of time into your own chess set, you may try three-dimensional laser cut acrylic pieces.

[via /r/metalworking]

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10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just for fun I recently asked Erin, “Now that the kids are in summer school, don’t you think it’s about time you went out and got yourself a job?  I hate seeing you wallow in unemployment for so long.”

by Steve Pavlina

She smiled and said, “Wow.  I have been unemployed a really long time.  That’s weird…  I like it!”

Neither of us have had jobs since the ’90s (my only job was in 1992), so we’ve been self-employed for quite a while.

Read Entire Article »


How to Safely Bring Wheat Back Into Your Diet "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Dr. Mercola

By Dr. Mercola

Is it ever appropriate to eat wheat or grains? John Douillard’s book “Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet” would seem to be in direct conflict with my first book, the New York Times Best Seller “The No-Grain Diet: Conquer Carbohydrate Addiction and Stay Slim for Life.”

Interestingly, our views are nowhere near as conflicting as you might think. About 90 percent of our views are actually in agreement. But the devil’s in the details, so I thought it would be interesting to have a dialog about this perceived conflict.

To Wheat or Not to Wheat

Douillard, who began his health career as a chiropractor, went to India for a two-week vacation in 1986. He ended up staying for a year and a half, studying traditional Ayurvedic medicine. During that stay, he met Deepak Chopra, and ended up running The Chopra Center for eight years upon his return to the U.S.

“What I write about in my newsletter every week is the ancient wisdom of time-tested traditional medical practices that are now being proven with modern science.

When you have techniques that have been successfully used for thousands of years and now backed by science — we should take interest in these concepts,” Douillard says.

“Early humans have been eating gluten-rich grains like wheat and barley for as much as 3.4 million years according to a handful of studies.

There is a lot of science that has not been publicized that suggest many health and longevity benefits of whole grain, including wheat. We now have a $16 billion gluten-free industry that is promoting more processed foods.

Most of the science that frowns on grains has been done on processed grains...

Heart Healthy Kale Tortilla Recipe "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By none

Recipe by Pete Evans

Eggs, whether soft-boiled or poached, are a popular breakfast food, but if you’re getting tired of them or if you want to add variety and flavor, there’s one way to kick it up a notch: turn them into a tortilla. You can use whatever healthy ingredients you have on hand, turning it into a delicious and nutritious dish. Your imagination is the only limit.

This recipe from Pete Evans is all-organic and healthy, starting with the most important ingredient: organic pastured chicken eggs. It also incorporates various vegetables, such as kale, garlic and pumpkin, to make the whole meal burst with flavor. It’s a great way to make your breakfast more enjoyable.


  • 3 oz. of organic kale leaves
  • 6 organic pastured eggs
  • 3 ½ oz. of organic pumpkin, peeled and cut into small cubes
  • 2 Tbsp. of coconut oil or another high-quality fat of your choice (e.g. raw, grass-fed butter)
  • 1 garlic glove, finely chopped
  • 1 ½ oz. of toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Fresh lemon to serve
  • 2 Tbsp. of cultured vegetables or fermented krauts of your choice, to serve


  1. Wash the kale leaves thoroughly, then drain them well and pat dry. Roughly chop the kale leaves, discard the inner stems and set aside.
  2. Using a fork, lightly beat the eggs in a bowl and season them with salt and freshly cracked pepper.
  3. Heat the coconut oil or fat of your choice in a 9 ½-inch non-stick pan over medium heat.
  4. Add the pumpkin and cook for 3 minutes.
  5. Decrease the heat; add the garlic and cook for another 2 minutes or until softened.
  6. Increase the heat to medium, add the kale...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

President Mugabe’s China Master-stroke
Zimbabwe Sunday Mail

President Mugabe’s recent meeting with his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jingping has started bearing fruits as several Chinese investors are already in the country to effect deals under Special Economic Zones.

On the other hand, Zimbabwe has started reaping rewards from the US$60 billion fund under the Forum on China-Africa Corporation (FOCAC), as economic co-operation between Harare and Beijing is expected to soar in 2017.

This comes as a latest update from the Chinese embassy in Harare.

Most of the deals signed between Harare and Beijing are at various stages of implementation.

A few weeks ago, President Robert Mugabe met his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping in Beijing with the Oriental State’s leader making a firm pledge to enhance economic co-operation between the two countries and also committing to complete implementation of the mega deals.

President Xi’s strong affirmation was a clear sign that the world’s second largest economy means business in its engagement with Zimbabwe.

In an apparent heed to their leaders’ call, a number of Chinese investors are set to invest in the country through the SEZ model, which involves turning geographical areas that are endowed with economic potential into industrial growth centres.

Last week, Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe His Excellency Huang Ping said everything points to greater co-operation between Zimbabwe and China in 2017 following the meeting between President Mugabe and President Xi.

“I was honoured to attend the meeting and witnessed with my own eyes as the two leaders reaffirmed their commitment to stronger bilateral relations and more fruitful practical co-operation,” said Ambassador Huang.

“Such high-level reception for leaders on vacation has never been seen before in China.

“It gives me and my colleagues in the Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China more confidence and...


Women's March costs Soros (or is it the CIA?) over half a billion today alone! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I reply (since PCR allows no responses to his articles) to Paul Craig Roberts' promotion of the fake news that the millions of protesters today are all paid actors.


Heavy Protests Mark Start Of Trump Presidency "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

With homemade signs, banners and even locks and chains, thousands of protesters descended on Friday's inauguration of Donald Trump. In modern times, no one so disliked has ascended to the nation's highest office.


Video - Shadow AG Mark Dreyfus QC wilfully breaks law he's sworn to uphold "IndyWatch Feed National"

It doesn't get much clearer. Thanks to Bill Thompson for the video. And as many readers have pointed out - this bloke has form. Don't you know who I am? By the time the plane landed, Qantas had withdrawn its complaint. Thursday, 02 May 2013 I have had so many...


FORGOTTEN FIRE--one of the Things Your Teens are Reading and Learning "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

As prescribed in Viktor Frankl's classic logotherepeutic autobiography of MAN'S SEARCH FOR MEANING, Vahan is slowly able to recover or find feelings of peace and joy in both (1) his memories of loved ones, like his sister or mom, in his past and (2) in his occasional hopes and dreams of a real future with some sort of new family.


Can Donald Trump Read? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Donald Trump does not use teleprompters. Is it because he cannot read? Donald Trump shows many of the telltale signs of functional illiteracy. Journalists should demand that President Trump show us whether he can read.


Socialism, Maybe? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This Article looks at Socialism worldwide. It also looks at the role of young people in making their voices heard as well as what we need to do in order to get democratic socialism and more progressive values in our government and political process.


Time to Diss Obey- The Failure of Identity Politics and the Need for Radical Art "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I examine the inauguration protest campaign "We the people" by the artist Shephard Fairey (aka Obey) in collaboration with the Amplifier Foundation. I claim that it is an example/expression of divisive establishment identity politics, which have failed the American people. In our present situation, radical art that challenges the corrupt system itself, not its symptoms, is absolutely necessary.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Angola and Spain Consider New Security Deal
Luanda — Angola and Spain are considering to sign a new cooperation accord in the field of security and internal order.

This was said Wednesday in Luanda by the secretary of State for Home Affairs, Hermenegildo Félix.

Addressing the ceremony of award of the Spain Order of Civil Merit to Angolan commissioner José Dembi, the official said the deal will give a new boost to the existing relations.

He reiterated Angola's readiness to continue cooperating with Spain in the security and internal order, with mutually advantageous results.

The official stated that over the last few years, cooperation between both countries has recorded significant progress with reciprocal advantages and boosted by the implementation of diversified projects in various spheres of the national affairs.

Hermenegildo Félix added that the cooperation between the ministries of Interior of Angola and Spain are based on various legal instruments that govern existing bilateral relations concerning security and internal order signed in June 1997 in Madrid.

According to him, Spain is among the countries that have since long assisted Angola with the preservation of its independence,.

Currently, the official also stated, Spain is playing a relevant role in the national reconstruction process and the country's economic growth and development.

In her turn, the Angolan ambassador to Spain, Júlia Olmo, highlighted that the two countries enjoy a strong and fruitful friendship since 1977

Spain's Civil Guard is considered one of the most prestigious security bodies in Europe, with a long history that dates back to the XV Century.


TurkeyMan: The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian Terrorist "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In1973, TurkeyMan kidnapped the National Zoo's only caged turkey in the name of the American Indian, a classic tactic of asymmetrical warfare that diverted the Feds' attention long enough for an airdrop to resupply the Wounded Knee Siege. To all who seek freedom, including Dakota Pipeline Access resistors, TurkeyMan's story is a beacon to fearless feathered warriors everywhere.


*Forged Through Fire* "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Written by John Ferejohn and Frances McCall Rosenbluth, with the subtitle War, Peace, and the Democratic Bargain, this is a very important book.  Here is the main thesis:

If the modern democratic republic is a product of wars that required both manpower and money for success, it is time to take stock of what happens to democracy once the forces that brought it into being are no longer present.  Understanding war’s role in the creation of the modern democratic republic can help us recognize democracy’s exposed flanks.  If the role of the masses in protecting the nation-state diminishes, will the cross-class coalition between political inclusiveness and property hold?

…a second question is what is to become of the swaths of the world that were off the warpath in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries when the European state was formed?  Continued and intense warfare forged democracies with full enfranchisement and protected property rights in the Goldilocks zone: in countries that had already developed administrative capacity as monarchies, and where wars were horrendous but manageable with full mobilization…

The bad news is that in today’s world, war has stopped functioning as a democratizing force.

You can order the book here, here is the Rosa Brooks WSJ review.

The post *Forged Through Fire* appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.


Trump is Right: NATO is Obsolete "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

When Trump called NATO obsolete he was speaking a dangerous truth.


Tulsi Gabbard - A Real Progressive! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Tulsi Gabbard continues to make headlines and operate outside the restrictive box of Party Politics. More People like her, are what we need in Government!


Theresa May: Talking Tough, Grasping for Air "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Brits never felt comfortable in the European Union. Their unwritten, tradition-based democracy does not fit well into the normative, structured and hierarchical European Union. It is no surprise that a majority of them, admittedly small, followed their heart, not their reason, in June last year and decided to leave the Union. They must now bear the consequences of their decision.


Women's March, January 21: Overviews and Aerial Views from Helicopters and Tall Buildings "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Quite an interesting series of overviews. I don't know of any cities in which the Mayor took part in the March and the speeches. No doubt there were some, and we would like to know of more who did what and where, please, in your comments. Includes a link to photos of the Santa Fe March, shot by Risa Gandy, New Mexico documentary photographer.


A Love Story: Big rally in a small from Santa Cruz, California "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I describe a gathering of 15,000 in my hometown, population 25,000 as a convergence of the kind of Love Dr. King said was the only force strong enough to defeat hatred.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Army Mutiny Exposes Cracks in Ivory Coast Neo-colonial Project
Soldiers of Ivory Coast presidential guard patrol as they arrive at the port of Abidjan, Ivory Coast January 18, 2017. REUTERS/Luc Gnago

By Joe Bavier | ABIDJAN

Ivory Coast's President Alassane Ouattara has seduced foreign investors with his single-minded focus on economic reform and growth but entrenched problems within the security forces threaten to undermine a much-lauded recovery.

Split from 2002 to 2011 between rebels in the north and government forces in the south, Ivory Coast has since become one of the world's fastest growing economies and is regularly cited as a model of post-conflict renewal.

But that narrative was dealt a major blow this month when thousands of soldiers, mostly former rebels who battled for years to get Ouattara into power, mutinied and seized control of the country's second biggest city.

The government capitulated rapidly and met demands for bonus payments the soldiers said they were promised when fighting to oust former President Laurent Gbagbo, who lost a disputed election to Ouattara in 2010 but refused to quit.

While many foreign investors are looking past the uprising as a relatively minor hiccup, analysts and diplomats see it as warning of more trouble to come, not least because it was the second mutiny in three years and has triggered similar revolts by security forces left out of the deal.

"It's not enough just to focus on the economy and attract investors. What's happening in the army should be the government's priority," said International Crisis Group's (ICG) West Africa analyst Cynthia Ohayon. "Ouattara's own stability is at stake."


The immediate issues date back to the aftermath of the civil war in 2011 that ended nearly a decade of geographical division in Ivory Coast and put Ouattara in power.

Thousands of former rebels who backed him became part of the army, as well as other branches of the security forces, the forestry service, customs offices and the prison system, rubbing shoulders with former foes.

But six years, on the country's security apparatus remain...


Otaki Pool Upgrading "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Major work starts soon to improve facilities at Otaki’s swimming pool By Alan Tristram The Kapiti Coast Council says redevelopment of the Ōtaki Pool’s will get underway next month. And the pool will be closed from Friday, 24 February, for about eight months while work is carried out. Parks and Recreation Manager Alison Law says […]


Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview: "Ass Backwards" -- January 22, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

What if I told you Trump (Drumpf) was from Jewish ancestors out of Germany would anyone believe me? Probably not.

But what if I told you President Trump is being held on a political string by the Republic, China and Russia due to past discretions? Now would that be more realistic? Yeah, maybe?

Know that Trump's inauguration speech was the soft worldwide GESARA announcement we've been waiting for, and written specifically for him which he was made him read as part of the deal for his entire family's amnesty. Making him a cabal traitor.

Keep in mind also that the contents in that speech are contrary to everything he and his Ashkenazic family believe in, which means that Donald Trump has 100% been controlled from the start of his campaign. Thus everything election oriented we've witnessed was all one great big lying cabal show.

Stay with me.

The cabal knew they could not stop Trump from running, in fact they did everything they could to prevent him from winning, even assassination. But nothing worked --as he was protected by the light on a lot of levels -- even though he was 100% dark from birth.

Incredible I know. Keep reading.

For those in the know, Trump's speech Friday was a shocking moment to say the least as it meant the light factions backing the Republic had full taken control over the cabal/zionists. And there wasn't a damn thing those killer lizards could do but play right along like good little beaten reptiles.

Finally the Children of Zion were seated politely and quietly at the same humble table, can our RV meal be served.

Amazing! Hallelujah! PTL!

The plan now is to slowly...

Read More:



France’s Self-Inflicted Refugee Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

3453423123123Following rhetoric regarding Europe’s refugee crisis, one might assume the refugees, through no fault of Europe’s governments, suddenly began appearing by the thousands at Europe’s borders. However, this simply is not true.

Before the 2011 wave of US-European engineered uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) transformed into Western military interventions, geopolitical analysts warned that overthrowing the governments in nations like Libya and Syria, and Western interventions in nations like Mali and the Ivory Coast, would lead to predicable regional chaos that would manifest itself in both expanding terrorism across the European and MENA region, as well as a flood of refugees from destabilized, war-racked nations.

Libya in particular, was singled out as a nation, if destabilized, that would transform into a springboard for refugees not only fleeing chaos in Libya itself, but fleeing a variety of socioeconomic and military threats across the continent. Libya has served for decades as a safe haven for African refugees due to its relative stability and economic prosperity as well as the Libyan government’s policy of accepting and integrating African refugees within the Libyan population.

Because of NATO’s 2011 military intervention and the disintegration of Libya as a functioning nation state, refugees who would have otherwise settled in Libya are now left with no choice but to continue onward to Europe.

For France in particular, its politics have gravitated around what is essentially a false debate between those welcoming refugees and those opposed to their presence.

Absent from this false debate is any talk of French culpability for its military operations abroad which, along with the actions of the US and other NATO members, directly resulted in the current European refugee crisis.

France claims that its presence across Africa aims at fighting Al Qaeda. According to RAND Corporation commentary titled, “Mali’s Persistent Jihadist Problem,” it’s reported that:

Four years ago, French forces intervened in Mali, successfully averting an al Qaeda-backed thrust toward the capital of Bamako. The French operation went a long way toward reducing the threat that multiple jihadist groups posed to this West...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

U.S. Removes Libya From List of Zones With Looser Rules for Drone Strikes
New York Times

WASHINGTON — Before ceding power, the Obama administration quietly removed a former extremist stronghold in Libya from a list of combat zones where United States counterterrorism drone strikes are authorized without obeying special rules intended to prevent civilian deaths, officials said on Friday.

The change means that as Donald J. Trump’s presidency begins, the United States is targeting Islamist militants in three known “areas of active hostilities,” where strict guidelines to protect civilians do not apply: Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. For much of 2016, there was a fourth: The region around Surt, Libya.

It is not clear whether Mr. Trump will keep those civilian-protection rules — called the “Presidential Policy Guidance,” or P.P.G. — for airstrikes outside of active war zones. Issued by Mr. Obama in 2013, they require “near certainty” that a bombing will kill no civilians, and that the target must pose a threat to Americans — not just to American interests.

The Obama administration developed the guidelines in response to criticism that airstrikes were killing too many civilians, and in turn fueling anti-Americanism and helping terrorists recruit new members. But some military and C.I.A. officials have chafed under the limits.

Mr. Trump’s team has not said what it will do with the 2013 rules. But a statement posted on the White House website after he was sworn in on Friday said the new administration would “pursue aggressive joint and coalition military operations when necessary” to defeat the Islamic State.

Last August, after the fledgling Libyan government asked for help in dislodging militants from the city of Surt, the Obama administration quietly designated it an “area of active hostilities,” where the guidelines to prevent civilian deaths did not apply. The change gave the military a freer hand to target Islamic State fighting positions and equipment. Under ordinary combat rules established by the laws of war, some bystander deaths are permissible if deemed necessary and proportionate.

At the time, the government did not announce that Mr. Obama had exempted Surt from the extra sa...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Italy Says Its Embassy Personnel Is Safe After Libya Bombing
January 21 at 6:04 PM

ROME — Italy’s foreign ministry says the staff at its embassy in Tripoli, Libya, are all safe after a car bombing “in the vicinity of the Italian and Egyptian embassies” in that city.

The ministry said late Saturday that a vehicle “full of explosives” blew up earlier in the evening and that “it seems” there were two victims, who presumably were the two people in the car.

Italy said that Libyan authorities have stepped up security near the Italian embassy, which was recently re-opened.

Rome, the former colonial power and participant in the 2011 NATO seven-month long bombing of the country. says it wants a unity government in Libya. The North African country has been wracked by fighting and other violence involving rival militias after the counter-revolution against the longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.


Show your solidarity this Survival Day - Amnesty International Australia "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Show your solidarity this Survival Day - Amnesty International Australia: This year on Survival Day, let’s stand in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and recognise the survival and resilience of the oldest living culture in the world.

We encourage our staff and supporters to support local Survival Day events. Contact event organisers and volunteer your time. Participate in a local event, or if appropriate, host a Community is Everything stall at one. Better yet, bring your family and friends along


January 22nd – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #3… "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and … Continue reading


Overnight Open Thread: Hero Of The Day-Library Guy… "IndyWatch Feed"

And the hero of the day award goes to this guy! Pure fun. Let that be a lesson to all protesters!#whyIMarch #WattersWorld #WomensMarch — Tennessee GOP (@TEN_GOP) January 22, 2017


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Regional African States Reject Foreign Intervention in Libya
22 Jan, 2017 03:59

Libya's neighbors have rejected any foreign intervention into the north-African state as the fighting between various armed factions rages on - six years six years since the fall of colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

The 10th ministerial meeting of Libya’s neighboring countries, held in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Saturday, reaffirmed the need of maintaining Libya's stability, unity and sovereignty.

The final communique agreed on a "rejection of any external interference in the internal affairs of Libya."

The announcement was made just days after US B-2s and Reaper drones bombarded Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] training camps in Libya, killing around 80 jihadists. That strike was initiated under the previous Barack Obama administration in coordination with Libya’s UN backed Government of National Accord (GNA).

Reports have also been circulating in the media, throughout last year, that a small number of US and British special operations teams have been seen on the ground in Libya.

Following the meeting, the ministers reiterated their "categorical rejection of a military solution to the Libyan crisis given the negative implications for the security and stability of Libya in particular, and for the neighboring countries in general," the communique said.

Libya has been torn apart by fighting between different armed gangs and the two rival governments following the US-backed bombing campaign of the country in 2011, which toppled the country's long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The uncontrolled flow of migrants fleeing the war-torn state, attempting to get to Europe, contrasts sharply with the mass infiltration of Islamist militants, have seen the country engulfed in chaos ever since.

Libya is currently in a state of a civil war. The ongoing conflict is spurred by rival groups and factions, including IS, seeking control, as well as the internationally-recognized government in Tobruk, the GNA, and the Tripoli-based General National Congress (GNC).

Saturday’s m...


Raduan Nassar, Back To The Land "IndyWatch Feed World"

9780811226561On January 31st, 2017 New Directions Publishing is bringing this masterpiece, published originally in Brazil in 1984, to an English-reading audience for the first time:

For André, a young man growing up on a farm in Brazil, life consists of “the earth, the wheat, the bread, our table, and our family.” He loves the land, fears his austere, pious father, who preaches from the head of the table as if from a pulpit, and loathes himself as he begins to harbor shameful feelings for his sister Ana. Lyrical and sensual, written with biblical intensity, this classic Brazilian coming-of-age novel follows André’s tormented path. He falls into the comforting embrace of liquor as—in his psychological and sexual awakening—he must choose between body and soul, obligation and freedom.

I was completing a degree in literature the year this was first published, but Portuguese was not an option for my reading, nor was Brazil really on my map at that time. As a result, or for whatever other reasons, I never heard of this book before.

Work assignments took me to Brazil several times in the intervening decades, and Latin America has been home base for most of the last two decades. I know I must read this, and soon, so it has just moved to the top of my next-book list. But fo...


Bahrain Intensifies Media Crackdown Ahead of Protest Anniversary "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Bahrain (GV) Bahrain is intensifying its crackdown on media freedom ahead of the 14 February uprising anniversary, when anti-government protesters, inspired by the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, took to the streets and called for political reform and equality for the country’s majority Shia population.

On 16 January, the government banned the online edition of the country’s only independent newspaper al-Wasat, from “using electronic media tools“. This implies that the paper is not only banned from publishing on its website but also from having any online presence through its different social media channels. The paper has 229K followers on Twitter and more than 354K on Facebook. The newspaper also has a YouTube channel, and an Instagram account.

Al-Wasat co-founder Karim Al-Fakhrawi died in the custody of the National Security Agency in April 2011 after he was subjected to torture. The news daily has faced similar bans in the past. In 2010 it was banned from broadcasting audio reports and interviews on its website, while last year it was forced to close its video section until August of the same year.

The Ministry of Information tweeted that it has banned the daily for “repeatedly publishing and broadcasting material that causes a rift in society and a spirit of division that harms national unity and public order.” It is not clear what material the ministry is referring to, but activists speculate that the ban may have been in response to the paper’s coverage (both online and offline) of the 15 January execution of three men convicted of the murder of three policemen in a bombing attack in 2014.

Rights groups described the men’s trial as unfair, after they were forced to confess under torture. As the Bahrain Center for Human Rights reports:

AlWasat is the only newspaper in Bahrain that led its 16 January print edition with frontp...


Sunday January 22nd – Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those … Continue reading


Government Biggest Litigant, Says Modi, But Little Being Done to Lessen Burden on Judiciary "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The draft National Litigation Policy aims to make government an efficient litigant, however, the law ministry is yet to provided a timeline for its implementation.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Credit: PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has twice in the past three months lamented that various government departments prefer to settle their disputes in courts and that there was a lack of coordination between them. However, the draft National Litigation Policy which seeks to address the issue through a multi-pronged strategy appears to have been lost in oblivion after being passed by the committee of secretaries, getting approved by a ministerial panel and reaching the union cabinet.

In such a scenario, Modi would do well to look in his own backyard for answers to some of the vexed issues that have been troubling him of late. As for the government or the Ministry of Law and Justice, there appears to be either a lack of appreciation for the urgent need for the new law or most of the key players are simply in the dark about it.

The Wire reached out to the law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to get his views on the status of the draft policy and this article will be updated with his inputs. The union law secretary Suresh Chandra said that as a matter of policy he does not speak to the media. The minister of state for law and justice, P.P. Choudhary, however, said, “the matter is with the ministry and very soon the policy would be finalised to address the issues raised by the prime minister”. Choudhary, however, was unable to delve deeper into the subject.

`Not a healthy situation’

On January 20, the prime minister stated that it was not a healthy situation when “two departments of the same government confront each other in court to settle disputes by paying money to lawyers”.

Addressing a conference of ministers and secretaries, Modi had noted “unfortunately, government departments have a nature of working in silos. Sometimes there are so many silos within the department. There is no coordination between departments. That is why if one department thinks about a particular programme, the other department thinks completely opposite of that.”

He had suggested that the way for...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Libya's Neighbors Reject Military Intervention in the Country
Ahram Online
Saturday 21 Jan 2017

Libya's neighbours call for political dialogue to replace military action inside Libya, and for a new national unity government to be selected and afforded the confidence of parliament

Representatives of Libya’s neighbours rejected Saturday any proposal of military intervention in the country. The rejection was voiced during a conference in Cairo held to discuss solutions for the ongoing Libyan crisis.

In a final statement of the ministerial meeting of countries neighbouring Libya, foreign ministers called on the Libyan Presidential Council to form a national unity government that would represent all political powers in Libya, and that it be given the confidence of the Libyan parliament.

The statement also underlined the principles of the Skhirat agreement, which was signed in Morocco in 2015, as the only way out to the Libyan crisis, asserting the necessity of keeping Libya stable, united, secure and civil, with full sovereignty over its lands, preservation of legitimate Libyan institutions, and keeping the Libyan army unified.

The foreign ministers attending the meeting also called for political dialogue instead of use of military force as a solution for the current crisis, while affirming that fighting terrorist groups in Libya should be done in accordance with international law.

The ministers also expressed concern about the humanitarian situation of the Libyan people, calling on the international community to coordinate with Libya's legitimate authorities to respond to human needs, especially the lack of medication and medical supplies.

Cairo’s Saturday meeting is the tenth meeting of the group of participating countries, which include Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Niger, Chad, as well as United Nations envoy Martin Kobler and a representative of the African Union.

Libya currently has two parliaments and two rival governments, which have effectively divided the country into east and west.

The parliament and interim government in...


Tsunami risk still being assessed after 7.9 quake in Solomons [UPDATED] "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

UPDATE:   A magnitude 8 earthquake has hit the Solomon Islands and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says it could generate tsunami waves on nearby islands. The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake hit near Arawa in Papua New Guinea at a depth of 167 kilometers (103 miles). There are no immediate reports of casualties […]

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Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Libya’s Neighbors Demand National Dialogue to End War
Libyan Foreign Minister, Mohamed Taher Siala, top center, attends a ministerial meeting of countries neighboring Libya which include Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Niger and Chad, as well as United Nations envoy, Martin Kobler, third right, in Cairo, Egypt, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017. Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, top left, said “Egypt is committed to upholding Libya’s sovereignty, supporting its legitimate institutions and rejecting foreign interference in the crisis”. MENA reported. (Amr Nabil/Associated Press)

By Associated Press
January 21 at 1:04 PM

CAIRO — Representatives of Libya’s neighbors meeting in Cairo on Saturday warned the North African nation’s main rival factions against seeking to settle their differences through military force, as Egypt announced that efforts were underway to bring their leaders together to chart a “joint vision” for the country.

The representatives came from Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Chad, Niger and Tunisia. Also attending was U.N. envoy to Libya Martin Kobler.

“A comprehensive political dialogue between all Libya parties is the only way out of this crisis,” said a final communique after the meeting, saying the delegates “decisively reject” a military solution to the Libyan crisis, a thinly veiled reference to past clashes between forces backing the factions.

Libya has plunged into chaos and lawlessness since the ouster and later killing of longtime leader Muammar Gadhafi in a 2011 counter-revolution and subsequent civil war, with two rival administrations operating in the east and west of the vast, oil-rich nation. Also operating in Libya is an array of militant Islamic groups, including a local affiliate of the extremist Islamic State.

The communique said participants in the Cairo meeting commended recent defeats of the militants in the coastal cities of Sirte and Benghazi, but that they remained concerned over their continuing presence elsewhere in the vast country.

Saturday’s meeting followed airstrikes earlier this week by U.S. Air Force B-2 bombers that targeted a pair of IS military camps southwest of Sirte,...

Major 8.0-magnitude earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed National"

A major earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.0 has struck Bougainville Island in the Solomon Islands, prompting a tsunami alert for both the islands and the wider region, seismologists say. Only few details are available. FOR LIVE UPDATES: Twitter, Facebook The earthquake, which struck at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, was centered about 37 kilometers (23 miles) northwest of Panguna, a town on Bougainville Island that is located northeast of mainland Papua New Guinea and is geographically part of the Solomon Islands archipelago. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, which put the preliminary magnitude at 8.4, said the earthquake struck at a depth of 168 kilometers (104 miles), making it a relatively deep quake. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) put the preliminary magnitude at 8.0. As a result, a tsunami alert has been issued for Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Nauru, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Vanuatu, and Chuuk. "Based on the preliminary earthquake parameters, widespread hazardous tsunami waves are possible," the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.


Power beyond mind control "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Power beyond mind control

by Jon Rappoport

January 22, 2017

“All thought is not the same. There is random static. There is repetitious and circular rumination. There is thought devoted to solving a problem or analyzing a situation. Then there is thought that occurs when one is creating something that never existed before. To blithely say that ‘externally inserted’ mind control can replace all levels of thinking without a person being aware of what is going on is foolish.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Consciousness wants to create new consciousness, and it can. Imagination is how it does it. If there were some ultimate state of consciousness, imagination would always be able to play another card and take it further.

In any arena of life, and especially when it comes to the mind, perception, power, empathy, and so on, there is always a status quo. It’s merely the place where a person says, “Well, that’s enough. I’ll settle for what I have. I’ll stop here.”

Sooner or later, this leads to boredom, frustration, problems, and conflict. It leads to a decline.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we’ve flattered reality enough. It doesn’t need any more. Imagination creates new realities.

You can create the same thing over and over, and eventually you’ll be about as alive as a table. Inject imagination into the mix, and everything suddenly changes. You can steer that boat anywhere you want to.

The lowest common denominator of consensus signals an absence of imagination: everyone agrees; everyone is bored; everyone is obedient. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are massive floods of unique individual creation, and then that sought-after thing called abundance is as natural as the sun rising in the morning.

Sitting around in a cosmic bus station waiting for reality is what reality is. Everything else is imagination.

There are those who believe life is a museum. You walk through the rooms, find one painting, stroll into it and take up permanent residence. But the museum is endless. If you were a painter, you’d never decide to live inside one of your canvases forever. You’d keep on painting....


Government Requiring ID For Anyone Buying at Sotheby’s "IndyWatch Feed World"


As of January 1, 2017, you can no longer buy anything at Sotheby’s without proving who you are. I have bought many things from Sotheby’s over the past 30 years. Since January 1, all sales now require a photo ID even if you are paying by check or bank wire. In other words, they want to know who is buying anything tangible to make sure you paid your pound of flesh. This has nothing to do with “cash” transactions; it does not matter how you pay for anything. Just another step forward into the realm of a cashless society for total accountability to the government.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Cairo Prepares for Meeting Between Haftar and Al-Serraj
Libyan Express
Saturday 21 January 2017

According to high-profile Egyptian sources, Cairo will host a meeting between the leader of the Operation Dignity, Khalifa Haftar, and the Prime Minister of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) Fayez Al-Serraj.

“The meeting will try to build bridges between the two parties and will aim at finding a solution for the Libyan political crisis.” The sources added.

Upon his last visit to Cairo, days ago, Haftar express willingness to sit with Al-Serraj, the sources said on Saturday, adding that Al-Serraj said he supports removing (Article No. 8) from the Libyan Political Agreement.

Article No. 8 is related to appointment of high-ranking and supreme military positions in the Libyan government.

The sources also said that Egypt is trying to bridge the gap among the conflicting parties in Libya so that the country retrieves its stability soon.

Headed by the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Sokri, a meeting for the neighbouring countries of Libya kicked off in Cairo Saturday to try to find a suitable and common ground among Libya’s political factions so that they can all agree on implementing the Skhirat agreement.


Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council Passes Resolution to Close Camps "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published January 22, 2017

STANDING ROCK INDIAN RESERVATION – On Friday, January 20, 2017, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council passed a resolution by a unanimous vote to close the camps located on the banks of the Cannonball River:  Oceti Sakowin Camp, Rosebud Camp and Sacred Stone Camp.

The tribe wants the encampments vacated by February 19, 2017.

While thousands have part of the encampments since last April, about 500 water protectors still remain. It is unclear on Saturday how many of those who remain will, in fact, leave.

There are several reasons why the tribal council voted to close the camps. Among the most urgent is the camps are located in a floodplain and the tribe needs time to ensure all debris leftover from the encampments will be eliminated prior to the rising water.

Here is the statement released by the tribe on Saturday:

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is grateful to all who have stood with us during our efforts to secure a thorough review of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Because we worked together, the Federal Government will prepare an Environmental Impact Statement. Moving forward, our ultimate objective is best served by our elected officials, navigating strategically through the administrative and legal processes.

Yesterday the Tribe passed a resolution brought forward by the Cannonball District which asked that no camps remain in the Cannonball District. Councilmen from across the reservation, including Cannonball, described the hardships and strain on the citizens and resources of our Nation. The Council passed the motion unanimously. For this reason, we ask the protectors to vacate the camps and head home with our most heartfelt thanks. Much work will be required to clean up before the spring thaw, which will flood the area. It is imperative we clean the camps and restore them to their original state before this flooding occurs. Once again, thank you, and we wish you well.

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Connecting the Dots "IndyWatch Feed World"


COMMENT: I read you piece on “The “Trump Revolution” is not about Trump Himself” and I understood this is a global trend. I think one has to be biased and blind not to see the trend is emerging globally. I showed it to a friend and he said you were wrong its all about Trump. I can see he was totally ignorant of anything outside the country and did not even comprehend Brexit. Connecting the dots takes an open mind. Thank you for bringing the world together into focus.

REPLY: That is the difference between a REAL international hedge fund manager and your local fund manager. The former must watch the entire world and connect the dots, whereas the latter gets killed from time to time when the events are external and thus unfold to his surprise. Connect the dots and everything becomes clear and you can see the trend coming before it hits.


Scotland’s Awesome Accomplishments "IndyWatch Feed World"


Scotland’s new strategy calls for a totally carbon-free electricity sector by 2032. Photograph: Murdo Macleod for the Guardian

Thanks to the Guardian for their excellent environmental coverage:

Scotland sets ambitious goal of 66% emissions cut within 15 years

Holyrood ministers aim higher after hitting target of 42% cut by 2020 six years early, but say Brexit poses challenge

Scotland editor

Scotland is seeking to dramatically cut its reliance on fossil fuels for cars, energy and homes after setting a radical target to cut total climate emissions by 66% within 15 years.

In one of the world’s most ambitious climate strategies, ministers in Edinburgh have unveiled far tougher targets to increase the use of ultra-low-carbon cars, green electricity and green home heating by 2032.

The Scottish government has set the far higher target after its original goal of cutting Scotland’s emissions by 42% by 2020 was met...


Tanker Crash Kills 1; Closes Highway on Navajo Nation "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Adron Gardner | Navajo Times  – A road block cordons off U.S. Route 191 in Burnside after an accident early Friday morning, Jan. 13, 2017.

Published January 22, 2017

By Arlyssa Becenti and Cindy Yurth

BURNSIDE JUNCTION, ARIZONA A Blue Gap, Arizona man was killed Thursday night in an accident that caused a diesel spill and closed U.S. 191 between Burnside and Chinle for nearly 15 hours.

According to a report by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Benton Fatt, 53, of Blue Gap was northbound at Milepost 429.7 at 10:42 p.m. when the pickup truck he was driving veered across the center line and struck a southbound semi truck driven by Delano Besselente, 29, of Zuni, New Mexico.

Fatt was pronounced dead at the scene. Besselente was transported to University of New Mexico Hospital. The extent of his injuries was not released.

Steve Elliot, Arizona Department of Transportation, said they had closed the road from Burnside Junction to the Piñon turn-off at 10:45 p.m. Thursday night. The road finally reopened at approximately 2:15 p.m. Friday.

“Approximately 150 to 200 gallons of diesel spilled from the commercial vehicle’s fuel tanks,” said Elliot.

Because of this, another “tanker” had to remove 8,000 gallons of gasoline from the commercial vehicle that was involved in the accident. This, Elliot said took quite a bit of time.

The contractor was approved by ADOT and will clean up any fuel that had spilled; they will also coordinate with Navajo Environmental Protection Agency on requirements to make sure that any fuel spilled in the soil will be remediated.

Editor’s Note: This article was first published in the Navajo Times. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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How To Strengthen Psychic And Intuitive Abilities "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By bodymindsoulspirit

by Deidre Madsen, Waking Times Environmental conditions can often produce a hyper-sensitive empath. When I came into the world aware in-vitro, I acquired a hyper-vigilant survival mechanism of empathically and psychically needing to connect with everyone around me to gauge their behavior / mood / thought patterns, thus strengthening my “intuitive muscles” over time – […] Visit Site


Easiest Diet EVER: Lose 30 Pounds In 3 Months! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Why “waist” your money on an Atkins Diet or Weight Watchers when you can get better results for FREE? Would you like a free and easy diet that TRULY WORKS? 

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Imagine eating great food all day… and still losing weight! This has got to be the easiest and simplest diet EVER and you don’t need to buy a book or take a special course to learn how to do it.

The best part: I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING… THIS IS ALL FREE!  Share it with your friends!

Read Entire Article »


"A Look to the Heavens" "IndyWatch Feed World"

“What's happening to this spiral galaxy? Just a few hundred million years ago, NGC 2936, the upper of the two large galaxies shown, was likely a normal spiral galaxy- spinning, creating stars- and minding its own business. But then it got too close to the massive elliptical galaxy NGC 2937 below and took a dive. Dubbed the Porpoise Galaxy for its iconic shape, NGC 2936 is not only being deflected but also being distorted by the close gravitational interaction. A burst of young blue stars forms the nose of the porpoise toward the left of the upper galaxy, while the center of the spiral appears as an eye. Alternatively, the galaxy pair, together known as Arp 142, look to some like a penguin protecting an egg. Either way, intricate dark dust lanes and bright blue star streams trail the troubled galaxy to the lower right.
 Click image for larger size.
The above recently-released image showing Arp 142 in unprecedented detail was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope last year. Arp 142 lies about 300 million light years away toward the constellation, coincidently, of the Water Snake (Hydra). In a billion years or so the two galaxies will likely merge into one larger galaxy.”


Whaleoil Backchat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Whaleoil Backchat is brought to you byuse coupon code WHALE OIL to get 10% off e-cigarettes and e-liquids Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You don’t have to stay “on topic” in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. […]

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Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0008 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 1.25 AUD


Ich bin gerade auf Geschäftsreise in Utah und habe ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ich bin gerade auf Geschäftsreise in Utah und habe den Trump-Amtseid live im Fernsehen verfolgt. Die Stimmung hier in den USA gerade ist echt komisch. Großflächig leugnen die Leute einfach die Realität und begeben sich absichtlich in politikfreie Filterblasen. Wie so Kleinkinder, die sich die Augen zuhalten, und denken, dass sie dann auch unsichtbar sind. Aber die anderen sind dafür umso radikalisierter.

Im Hotel-Frühstücks-Saal hängen lauter Fernseher aus, das ist in den USA (leider) so üblich. Normalerweise nervt das nur, aber dieses Mal war das echt ein Gefühl wie in einem Matrix-Film. Da lief heute morgen Berichterstattung über Märsche gegen Trump, und die hatten Bilder aus mehreren Großstädten, so Luftbilder, wo das nach Hunderttausenden aussah, zusammen womöglich mehr als eine Million. Viele davon waren Frauen, die gegen Trumps Sexismus protestieren wollte, aber nicht nur.

Kennt ihr die Eingangsszene von Shawn of the Dead? Ein großartiger Zombie-Film aus Großbritannien. Der Protagonist läuft völlig in seiner eigenen Welt auf dem Weg zur Arbeit an brennenden Autos und Zombies vorbei. So fühlte sich das hier auch an. Im Fernsehen liefen diese ganzen apokalyptischen Bilder von wegen "die Welt brennt, das Land zerbricht, run for the hills" und keiner der Leute schien das wahrzunehmen. Ich starrte da halb entgeistert auf die Schirme, als diese enormen Menschenmassen gezeigt wurden, und die anderen nippten halt an ihrem Pumpkin Latte oder was die hier für gruseliges Zeug trinken.

Tja, und in Deutschland treffen sich die Rechtspopulisten, das wurde hier ein paar Mal in einem Atemzug genannt. Brexit, Trump, Marine Le Pen.

Diary from Trumpland: Magician’s dust (Vijay Prashad) "IndyWatch Feed World"

19/01/2017 - Donald Trump takes office with an agenda so toxic that it could curdle milk. But the Democratic leadership seems to be in no mood for a fight, and much of the anti-Trump discourse is obsessed with ...


Bird of the Day: River Terns "IndyWatch Feed World"

River Terns by Gururaj Moorching - La Paz Group

Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Karnataka


Media Meltdown On Inauguration Day Worse Than Their Freak-Out On Election Night "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Media Meltdown On Inauguration Day Worse Than Their Freak-Out On Election Night by Susan Duclos –  The MSM Propaganda Versus The Truth Movement Has Kicked Into High Gear If you, like me, thought the mainstream media spectacle on election night, with pundits crying and lashing out at American voters, couldn’t get any worse…. you and I, were…

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Trump in violation of US Constitution over his DC hotel: Watchdog "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

  US President Donald Trump speaks during the Armed Services Ball January 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by AFP) An ethics watchdog has lodged a formal complaint with the federal government against US President Donald Trump over a lease on his Washington, DC hotel. The Trump International Hotel in Washington is located on federal property […]


"Memory, Meanings, Moments and Madness: Wanderers In No Man's Land" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Memory, Meanings, Moments and Madness:
Wanderers In No Man's Land"
by Chris Floyd

"Zachary Mason's remarkable novel, "The Lost Books of the Odyssey," is based on a grain of fact. Before the stories of the Iliad and the Odyssey were crystallized and canonized in the books of Homer sometime in the 8th century B.C., various (and often conflicting) tales of the Trojan War and its heroes had floated around in various forms for hundreds of years. Some of these variants survive in fragments of other ancient works, like ghostly echoes of alternative universes. Mason's intriguing fictional conceit is that he is translating one of these: a "pre-Ptolemaic papyrus excavated from the desiccated rubbish mounds of Oxyrhynchus" which "contains forty-four concise variations on Odysseus's story." And that is what he proceeds to offer us: 44 chapters, 44 alternative (and conflicting) universes, where some tale of Odysseus- or, occasionally, the whole arc of his life- is presented in sharply etched, psychologically penetrating modern prose. (No faux-epic stylizations.) Sometimes there are gods and magic; sometimes Odysseus lives in a world of the grimmest realism.

It's not my intention here to give a literary review of the book. I just wanted to highlight two passages which seem to me to have some particular relevance for our current political situation. Both come from a chapter called "The Iliad of Odysseus." This is the longest chapter in the book, and one of the most "realistic." As Odysseus puts it toward the end of the section: "There are, as far as I have seen, and I have seen much, no gods, no spirits and no such thing as witches, but I seem to be the only one who knows it."

In this chapter, Odysseus begins as a rather soft, dreamy young prince, more given to the songs and stories of the bards than to the role of warrior-king for which his father is rigorously- and violently- molding...


Trump Goes “Full Buffoon Plus” During Speech at Langley "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

  US President Donald Trump speaks at CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, on January 21, 2017. (Photos by AFP) US President Donald Trump should be “ashamed of himself,” over his speech at the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in Langley, Virginia, says the former spy agency’s chief, John Brennan. The new president appeared in front of […]


Baby Girl Born in Ukraine Using Three-Parent Pronuclear Transfer Technique "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ethicists are bothered by the circumstances surrounding the world's first use of pronuclear transfer to create a baby:

It was a first for the entire world: Using a controversial in vitro fertilization technique, doctors in Kiev, Ukraine, helped a previously infertile couple conceive and deliver a baby girl. Some critics say, for genetic reasons, the use of this IVF method should have been restricted to producing a baby boy. The baby was born on January 5, the result of an experimental technique known as "pronuclear transfer" and sometimes referred to as three-parent IVF. The 34-year-old Ukrainian mother suffered from "unexplained infertility," according to Dr. Valery Zukin, director of the Nadiya Clinic for Reproductive Medicine, where the controversial pronuclear transfer technique was performed. She did not have mitochondrial disease.

[...] The reason this experimental method is a cause for concern -- and was vigorously debated in the UK before approval -- is the genetic modifications produced in a girl baby could be passed onto her children, according to Lori P. Knowles, adjunct assistant professor at the University of Alberta School of Public Health.

Boy babies carrying donor mitochondria cannot pass their modified genetics onto any future children they may have because once a sperm fuses with an egg to form an embryo, the masculine mitochondrion withers and dies leaving the resulting embryo with only mitochondrion from the mother's egg. "I do think it's highly significant that this is a girl because we know for sure that she will be passing on her mitochondrial DNA through her maternal line," said Knowles. If in the future this baby girl has genetic children, they will inherit her genetic modifications "and that's always been a really bright line," said Knowles -- a line not to be crossed until rigorous scientific testing proves it is safe.

The previous three-parent baby was conceived using spindle nuclear transfer, and couldn't pass on donor mitochondrial DNA (well, conventionally anyway) as a male. The Ukrainian procedure was used as a workaround for infertility rather than mitochondrial disease. The article also notes that Dr. Valery Zukin, director of the Nadiya Clinic for Reproductive Medicine where the procedure was performed, is also the vice president of the medical review board that approved the procedure.

Also at BBC and Smithsonian Magazine:



Why the International Community Needs to Act Urgently in South Sudan "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The world needs to take urgent steps to stop the threat of mass massacres in South Sudan with tough measures that must include direct legal and financial sanctions against the main protagonists.

Graves of unidentified people killed during fighting in Juba, South Sudan, in 2016. There are fears the country could descend into genocide. Credit: Reuters

Graves of unidentified people killed during fighting in Juba, South Sudan, in 2016. There are fears the country could descend into genocide. Credit: Reuters

The international community is focused on defeating ISIS, dealing with the Syrian conflict and the refugee crisis on their doorsteps as well as home grown terrorism. But, now more than ever, it needs to be actively engaged in South Sudan or the situation could rapidly deteriorate. The country is dealing with a deadly cocktail of personal ambition, state failure, high level corruption and political manipulation, and a failure to transform a revered liberation movement into an accountable ruling party.

It’s only a matter of time until the world witnesses massacres in South Sudan on our TV screens again.

The international community has repeatedly called on South Sudan’s leaders to implement the peace agreement signed in August 2015. But it has still failed to exert enough pressure to nudge things along. This matters both for South Sudan and for the world. Mass atrocities in any one place can undermine the entire international system of collective security by calling into question the UN Security Council’s ability to live up to its responsibility as the authority tasked by law with maintaining international peace and security.

Too often, the international response has been either too late or too weak. Rwanda and Syria stand out as two marked examples. It is therefore imperative that the international community –and other leading bodies – begin to act and do something about what is happening in South Sudan. This needs to happen now.

South Sudan has been consumed by fighting since December 2013, when President Salva Kiir...


German Supreme Court Rules Measles Does Not Exist "IndyWatch Feed World"

Judges at the German Federal Supreme Court have confirmed that the measles virus does not exist, vindicating conspiracy theorists who have said that no study has ever proven the existence of the virus. According to the judgement by the Supreme Court, the measles vaccination may have been injected into millions of unsuspecting German citizens for sinister reasons. reports: The First Civil Senate of the BGH has confirmed the judgment by the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart (OLG) of the 16 February 2016. The sum of €100,000 which I had offered as a reward for scientific proof of the existence of the alleged measles virus does not have to be paid to the plaintiff. The plaintiff also was ordered to bear all procedural costs. Five experts have been involved in the case and presented the results of scientific studies. All five experts, including Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Podbielski who had been appointed by the OLG Stuttgart as the preceding court, have consistently found that none of the six publications which have been introduced to the trial, contains scientific proof of the existence of the alleged measles virus. Genetics falsifies thesis of existence In the trial, the results of research into so-called genetic [...]

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What if I told you that a vacuum cleaner is not dangerous? by Scott "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Old Rome and the Third Rome came together and they are winning. Cat Motja   The Battle for liberation of Germany. Part I. Recently while talking to my German


China Says Its World-First ‘Exascale’ Supercomputer Is Almost Complete "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you’ve never heard of an exascale computer before — known unofficially as a super-supercomputer — don’t worry, it doesn’t even exist yet.

But 2017 could be the year that all changes, because China just announced that its world-first exascale supercomputer prototype is due for completion in the coming months. If this thing works as it should, it will be the fastest computer in the world, capable of performing 1 quintillion (a billion billion) calculations per second.

The country’s National Supercomputer Centre announced this week that completion of their prototype is way ahead of schedule, and is expected to be completed in 2017, rather than 2018, as originally predicted.


Trump’s New America: Borders Closed to Those Who Share Plans to Attend Women’s March on Washington "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

With President Trump now sworn in, glimpses of how his fascist regime will operate over the next four years have already begun. It appears that the current administration is already closing its borders to those they believe hold dissenting values to those of their own, and repressing the free speech of those who oppose the new POTUS.

Would be protesters planning to attend the Women’s March on Washinton found themselves turned away from the Canada/US border when they revealed their intentions to attend the march. Apparently voicing your opinion of Trump, and wanting to stand up for women’s rights may even be punishable by arrest.

As reported Ashifa Kassam for Alternet:

Montrealer Sasha Dyck was part of a group of eight who had arranged online to travel together to Washington. Divided into two cars, the group – six Canadians and two French nationals – arrived at the border crossing that connects St Bernard de Lacolle in Quebec with Champlain, New York, on Thursday.

The group was upfront about their plans with border agents, Dyck said. “We said we were going to the women’s march on Saturday and they said, ‘Well, you’re going to have to pull over’.”

What followed was a two-hour ordeal. Their cars were searched and their mobile phones examined. Each member of the group was fingerprinted and had their photo taken.

Border agents first told the two French citizens that they had been denied entry to the US and informed them that any future visit to the US would now require a visa.

“Then for the rest of us, they said, ‘You’re headed home today’,” Dyck said. The group was also warned that if they tried to cross the border again during the weekend, they would be arrested. “And that was it, they didn’t give a lot of justification.”

Dyck described it as a sharp contrast to 2009, when the research nurse made the same journey to attend Barack Obama’s inauguration. “I couldn’t even get in for this one, whereas at the other one,...


Is Neoliberalism creating an epidemic of mental illness? Wrenching society apart "IndyWatch Feed World"

What greater indictment of a system could there be than an epidemic of mental illness? Yet plagues of anxiety, stress, depression, social phobia, eating disorders, self-harm and loneliness now strike people down all over the world. The latest, catastrophic figures for children's mental health in England reflect a global crisis.


ISIS Militant Caught Attending Anti-Trump Protest "IndyWatch Feed World"

An ISIS militant was caught joining in with anti-Trump protestors in Washington DC this week, proudly carrying a photo of an ISIS flag and displaying a beheading video on his phone.  Images taken during the violent riots in the Capitol this week show a person dressed in ISIS attire attempting to threaten and intimidate Trump supporters – while protestors and police do nothing to stop him. reports: The individual who took the photos of the protester sent them to Infowars. He said he was inside the Proper 21 sports bar in northwest Washington when the protester approached the glass window. “A man outside in a partial black mask held up an ISIS flag on his phone he was showing people inside through the glass (mainly Trump supporters),” the source tells us. “He pointed both fingers to his eyes and then to those watching him,” said the eyewitness, adding, “We alerted security at the bar but do not think anything was done. He returned to show a video of an ISIS beheading as if to taunt those inside.” The individual said that he had also filed an online FBI report about the incident. The photos clearly show that the protester [...]

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Definitive CNN Gigapixel Image of Crowd During Trump Inauguration Speech Confirms Sean Spicer Correct… "IndyWatch Feed"

(Interactive Gigapixel Image HERE) The New York Times and Trump Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, appear to be in an argument over the crowd attending the President Trump inauguration.  In the politicized era of jaw-dropping media bias, fake news and constructed … Continue reading


Brexit and Trump Inauguration Leave Investors on the Sidelines "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Brexit and Trump Inauguration Leave Investors on the Sidelines by Rachel Stonier for Gold Money Trump’s inauguration, continued Brexit news and the potential risk of inflation make markets susceptible to downward pressures and Comex gold futures show strength. Goldmoney Wealth clients have remained fairly neutral on all precious metals this week. Clients have favoured vaults…

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Study Confirms Holistic Medicine More Effective Than Morphine "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine confirms that holistic medicine is more effective at treating pain than morphine. Researchers working on the study at the Fattaouma Bourguiba University Hospital in Tunisia say that intravenous morphine is less effective at easing pain than acupuncture. reports: Morphine is an opioid pain medication which can have severe adverse effects. These include drowsiness, dizziness, constipation, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, headache, tired feeling, anxiety and mild itching. Other risks associated with morphine use include misuse, abuse and addiction. In addition, scientific research has shown that prescription opioids may actually worsen chronic pain. It appears that a holistic alternative to treating pain is much-needed in order to mitigate the dangers of conventional pharmaceutical pain treatment. Now, a groundbreaking study shows that acupuncture is one of these effective holistic alternatives. Considering the study results, it may perhaps be even more effective than morphine. Study: Acupuncture versus Morphine A study performed in the Emergency Department of Fattouma Bourguiba University Hospital, which sees about 100,000 emergency patients per year, evaluated the pain treatment approach for 300 ED patients. The research evaluated 300 emergency patients. 150 were administered up to 15 mg of morphine per day. [...]

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US Government Pushes AIDS-Causing Drugs On Black Population "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The US government has been given the green-light to aggressively push HIV drugs that hasten the onset of AIDS to millions of African Americans. Public health officials are urging doctors to prescribe PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) onto patients who are at greatest risk of contracting the HIV virus – namely gay men and African Americans. What doctors aren’t being told is that PrEP medication, sold under the brand name Truvada, comes with such a long list of seriously adverse side effects, some experts claim that the side effects themselves eventually cause patients to receive an AIDS diagnosis: In the Swiss Cohort study, during 6 years of follow-up, the presence of laboratory adverse events was associated with higher rates of mortality, which highlights the importance of adverse events in overall patient management. [In clearer language: these are deadly drugs that can and do kill] reports: The medication, which is sold under the brand name Truvada, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2012 to prevent HIV infection. Research conducted in Africa, where HIV transmission in heterosexual couples is common, found that it is effective in preventing HIV infection when one partner is HIV positive. If the daily pill is taken consistently, it [...]

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Trump to welcome British PM in 1st meeting with foreign leader "IndyWatch Feed"

The White House has announced that US President Donald Trump will receive British Prime Minister Theresa May later this week in his first meeting with a foreign leader early into his term. The upcoming meeting, due to take place on Friday, was announced during a briefing by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday. […]



SNL’s Putin tells US to ‘relax’: America is ‘the most expensive thing Russia ever bought’ "IndyWatch Feed"

This week, Saturday Night Live opened with “a paid message from the Russian federation.” A shirtless Vladimir Putin — played by SNL cast member Beck Bennett — began by congratulating the American people. “We all made Donald Trump the 45th president of the United…


Video: LIVE: Thousands attend women’s march & anti-Trump protest in Washington, DC "IndyWatch Feed"

Crowds have gathered for Women’s March in Washington DC to show their disapproval of the new president and his values just one day after Donald Trump’s … Via Youtube



Self Care – Seeing the Smallest Thing in the Universe (YouTube Video) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This video comes from Dianna Cowern, aka Physics Girl. She’s talking about seeing the smallest things in the universe (obviously). I’m a big fan of Physics Girl, and this is an awesome video. (Incidentally, it was also posted on my 28th birthday: May 22, 2015. :D )


Another union stalwart shoulder-tapped by Labour "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

  Labour leader Andrew Little has ruled out running in New Plymouth in this year’s election, leaving it wide open for outgoing teacher union president and Taranaki high school teacher, Angela Roberts. After four years at the helm of the Post-Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) Roberts is packing up the last of the boxes and clearing […]

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NWO Eugenics And Population Control Pushed On All Fronts "IndyWatch Feed World"

Malcolm Potts is a Malthusian figure with deep roots in the history of eugenics. 

He’s not hiding in the shadows, but in the open as a professor at one of the most prestigious academic institutions in America, one that has been espousing eugenic philosophy for almost a century: University of California, Berkeley.

In 1924, another eugenicist was a professor at UC Berkeley: Samuel Jackson Holmes, who published a 1924 paper titled “A bibliography of eugenics,” at Berkeley, in 1937 he writing, “The Negros’ Struggle For Survival.”

Malcolm Potts has been a rabid advocate of population reduction for almost 50 years, and was the first physician to promote the main modern method of abortion today, uterine manual vacuum aspiration, and in 1968 became the first Medical Director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, not many years after Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was openly calling for the extermination of black people.

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White House Spokesperson "IndyWatch Feed War"

Who is this guy? Why is he angry? His boss just became president.  I have a feeling this White House will remind us of Richard Nixon's.  Is there an enemy's list?


Talking about press spokespeople "IndyWatch Feed War"

Do you know: Obama's administration may be the first administration in my lifetime who never had a memorable spokesperson, neither in the White House nor in the State Department.


Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes: US indirectly worked with al-Nusra and al-Qaeda "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ben Rhodes has unintentionally dropped the political bomb by saying indirectly that the Syrian rebels indeed had contacts with Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra.


donning the fake-copycat-cake "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Idiot trump is in the big house now and he and his team are classic dims. One of the few highlights this year will be watching trump make a bigger fool of himself - it will be a daily event because he really is a self absorbed dickhead. He has no style, he has no class, and his team are worse than him.

The cake episode is a good example
Amid the glitz of President Donald Trump's inaugural festivities, one item stood out in particular late Friday night: a spectacular nine-tier cake that the new president and Vice President Mike Pence cut into with a sword.To pastry chef Duff Goldman, the cake seemed a little too familiar - because it looked almost exactly like one he had made years earlier for Barack Obama's second inauguration as president.
Oh dear - but could it actually be almost exactly the same?
On Saturday morning, Tiffany MacIsaac, owner of Washington's Buttercream Bakeshop, stepped forward to say she had been the one to create the much-talked-about cake.She said that the order came in while she was out of town, and that the client had brought in a photo of the cake from Obama's inauguration asking her to recreate it."They came to us a couple of weeks ago, which is pretty last minute, and said, 'We have a photo that we would like to replicate,'" MacIsaac told The Washington Post by phone. Her bakery tried to encourage the client to use the photo as "inspiration," as they do with many others, she said."They said, 'Nope, they want this exact cake. It's perfect.' And we said, great," MacIsaac said.
EXACTLY the same - why the hell would you do that unless you lack imagination and a few other things - so indicative of trump and his team - just like...


White House announces exit from TPP, warns of possible exit from NAFTA "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

NEW WHITE HOUSE WEB SITE: This strategy starts by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and making certain that any new trade deals are in the interests of American workers. President Trump is committed to renegotiating NAFTA. If our partners refuse a renegotiation that gives American workers a fair deal, then the President will give notice…


US Citizens Rise Up Against Mandatory Vaccine Legislation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Parents in Oklahoma are rising up their thousands to reject a proposal to introduce mandatory vaccine legislation – forcing vaccinations on all children. Following in the footsteps of California, where vaccinations are mandatory for all children (NO exceptions), Oklahoma State senator Ervin Yen is trying (and so far failing) to force Oklahomans to vaccinate their children against their will. reports: For the third year in a row, Yen has introduced a bill requiring all children in the state to be vaccinated, with the only exception being children who already have a serious medical condition. Yen’s fear is that students won’t be vaccinated (even though OK already has a 90 percent compliance rate), and an outbreak will occur — killing thousands of the state’s schoolchildren. “I’m worried about those kids who are immune compromised, who cannot be vaccinated, I don’t want them going to school and being exposed,” said Yen. He’s urging his colleagues to bring Senate bill 83 to a vote. “I’d like to get it passed right away before we have a huge outbreak and a lot of people die,” said Yen. Yen’s is just the latest exhibition of the corporatocracy at work. The melding of big pharma [...]

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Central Bankers Will Shutoff Spicket & Economy Will Rollover:Charles Hugh Smith (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Central Bankers Will Shutoff Spicket & Economy Will Rollover:Charles Hugh Smith (Video)

Central Bankers Will Shutoff Spicket & Economy Will Rollover:Charles Hugh Smith Video Once something gets moving through this market it will be almost impossible to stop. The daisy-chain of interconnectedness is on such a scale that a handful of derivatives could set the banking system ablaze. When you are talking about $700+ trillion of “financial instruments” going…

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Retired US Legislator Tom Tancredo Thanks Hussein Bahamas For Making Trump Presidency Happen "IndyWatch Feed World"

In an op ed for Breitbart former US Congressman from Colorado Tom Tancredo thanked former US President Hussein Bahamas for making the Trump Presidency happen. (archived) Meanwhile socialist agitators are working very hard to make Trump a two term president.




Carbon Tax, Agenda 21, Climate Change and Global Warming fake narrative removed!  


Rashid Khalidi: Obama's Condemnation of Israeli Occupation Doesn't Match His Last 8 Years in Office | Democracy Now! "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Rashid Khalidi: Obama's Condemnation of Israeli Occupation Doesn't Match His Last 8 Years in Office | Democracy Now!: During Wednesday’s press conference, President Obama warned that the expansion of Israeli settlements was making a two-state solution impossible. "I don’t see how this issue gets resolved in a way that maintains Israel as both Jewish and a democracy," Obama said, "because if you do not have two states, then, in some form or fashion, you are extending an occupation. Functionally, you end up having one state in which millions of people are disenfranchised and operate as second-class occupant—or residents. You can’t even call them 'citizens' necessarily." We get response from Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said professor of Arab studies at Columbia University. He’s the author of several books; his most recent is titled "Brokers of Deceit: How the U.S. Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East."


House Of Cards: Netflix Show Hints At Coming ‘False Flag’ "IndyWatch Feed World"

House of Cards Season 5 dropped a dark and disturbing trailer just minutes before Trump’s inauguration on Friday, hinting that a false flag by the establishment will soon occur on American soil in order to end the Trump presidency.  The trailer is titled “We make the terror” and focusses on an upside down American flag – a sign that the country is in “dire distress“. The timing of the trailer and focus on the upside down flag has led some to believe that the show is hinting that something “major” is about to occur, and will happen under President Trump’s watch. A false flag is a covert operation designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them – usually the government of the country the event occurs in. Are the Hollywood elite yet again giving us a hint of what’s about to happen in real life? Hollywood have a history of predicting future atrocities and false flags. It’s almost as if the Hollywood elite are connected to our controlling overlords and pump out “entertainment” for the masses at the elite’s command. People are incredibly [...]

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‘It scares me to my core’: Women explain how Trump’s election galvanized them into action "IndyWatch Feed"

In the early hours of Friday morning as Donald Trump’s supporters were lining up to watch their candidate take the oath of office, a bus was leaving Kansas City. The seats were filled with women who were happily riding more than 24 hours to make it to the Women’s March on Washington. Historian…


Governance, Kin, and Romans 13 "IndyWatch Feed"

The typical understanding of the bible’s teaching on civil government is that it is a special office directly ordained by God wherein a subset of humanity is given authority to wield the sword in a way that the rest of humanity may not…. I am not yet convinced this understanding is biblical. Everyone who holds […]



Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Melanite – a black variety of andradite (garnet); an imaginary stone supposed to exude a honey-like substance.

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China is Changing the Middle East’s Geo-political Dynamics "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

4534324221313Nowhere has the Obama administration done more damage to the US position than in the Middle East, leaving a big void to be filled largely by China, the silent player, and Russia, the military stalwart holding the US at bay. Could this be the end of US’ unchallenged hegemony it has been enjoying since the end of the Second World War? While Russia has quite effectively sidelined the US in military terms, China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) which is to stretch deep inside the Middle East and extend into Europe, is emerging as a factor that will transform the Middle East’s current geo-political landscape. Nowhere is this impact more apparent than in the emergence of Israel as China’s most important partner. With Israel acquiring a pivotal position in China’s mid-eastern calculus, other countries’ relations, particularly those trying to tap into China’s economic projects, with Israel are also likely to undergo a very meaningful transformation.

With China’s emergence as the main driver of geo-economics, the question of political rivalry is likely to be replaced by the question of the necessity of economic partnership. This is already happening and leaving its impact. A very apparent instance is the emphasis being put on the necessity of two-state solution of the Palestine issue. Regardless of the fact that Israel’s relations with a number of regional states remain rather hostile, within China’s calculus, Israel is politically and economically the most stable place and needs to the integrated in the economic belt.

Hence, China’s own involvement in the regional conflicts and conflict-resolution. In recent years, China has endeavored to enter itself into the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, brokering peace talks and commenting on incremental shifts in the standoff without much enthusiasm from either side. ‘China welcomes and supports all efforts conducive to easing tensions between Israel and Palestine and to an earl...


Trump at the CIA "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Donald Trump has spoken at the CIA, stirring up a lot of controversy, again. In particular he has launched another attack on media, as has his press secretary Sean Spicer. They have blamed the media for misrepresenting his relationship with the CIA and the intelligence community. And Spicer has also blasted the media for misreporting […]


Twitter is under fire for auto-following people for Trump "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

EVERYTHING SEEMED TO be going so smoothly. No, we’re not talking about the vaunted peaceful transfer of the presidency from one elected leader to the next. We’re talking about the handoff of the @POTUS Twitter account from the Obama administration to the Trump team. Around the time Donald Trump took the oath of office to […]

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Physicists may have just manipulated ‘pure nothingness’ "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It’s one of those philosophical questions we occasionally ponder: What is nothing? Can nothing be something? If not, then how can something come from nothing?

If there’s one scientific field on the forefront of such conceptual paradoxes, it’s quantum theory. And in quantum theory, nothing actually is something … sort of.

See, according to quantum mechanics, even an empty vacuum is not really empty. It’s filled with strange virtual particles that blink in and out of existence in timespans too short to observe. Nothingness, on the quantum level, exists on a level of intuitive absurdity; a kind of existence that is paradoxical but, in some conceptual sense, necessary.


Who Are The Controllers? "IndyWatch Feed National"


In the West, we’ve all been spoon fed the idea that we are free citizens of sovereign countries, where our democratically elected governments rule according to the peoples’ wishes. If that’s not achieved, it’s usually explained as being due to misfortunes such as crises, security threats or wars, or the stupidity of our governments. The few people that doubt these explanations, or even suspect hidden hands behind the occurrences of our time or the official narrative of our history, are easily dismissed as conspiracy nuts.

Our Rulers in Ancient Times

For sure, there were no hidden hands when humanity was in its “pre-history,” predating our “real history” as seen by most. For about 200,000 years our ancestors lived in small nomadic communities, sharing the food obtained by hunting and gathering. Problems, plans and rules were settled in probably long discussions, where the opinions were usually harmonised until a consensus was reached. Our pre-historic world was ruled by highly sovereign people.

Things started to change about 10,000 years ago with the revolutionary innovations of crop and livestock farming. Many communities became sedentary and small villages grew bigger. The makers of tools, clothes, pottery or art had to barter with the people producing food. At some point, money such as shells or clay tablets came in as a handy substitute for bartering. Then silver and gold coins appeared, and inevitably, some people became poorer and others richer. Next, people with a surplus started to lend their money to people in need of it. At times as a favour, but usually against interest.

It was then discovered that even a small percentage of interest applied over a few years would quickly double a debt, e.g. 10% over seven years. Thus, the treacherous power of usury revealed itself, capable of destroying the fabric of any egalitarian society. The ancient knowledge of the wreckage caused by usury led to its prohibition in the three Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Today, it’s still forbidden in Islam.

Through usury, the first bankers of Babylon became so wealthy and powerful that they controlled kings and priests. Commercial laws were drawn up that protected the elite and even gave them the right to treat conquered people as a commodity: Big Slavery, in multi-colour, became a key business. After the fall of Babylon, other empires like the Persian, the Phoenician and the Roman came and went. In all, the question “who rules the world” was easy to answer.



Do Psychopaths Run the World? "IndyWatch Feed National"


Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.
– John Lennon (1940-1980), English singer and songwriter

Lennon and others externalise the apparent paranoia that wells up inside us. “The world has gone mad!” More often than not we partition this voice off, content to view the world as others prescribe it. But who are these others, and what do they want?

The term psychopath is often criminally misjudged, thanks largely to unhelpful portrayals of sick, twisted and violent psycho-character types in the popular media. This has led, by way of public ignorance, to the common belief that the psychopath has no function, role or place in open society. A swift offload that allows us, the apparent sane majority, to circumvent our worst fears.

Any notion that the psychopath is incapable of functioning in open society is, according to M.E. Thomas1 – a self-confessed sociopath – flawed. The question is not the capacity to function, but rather what capacity or form that function takes. As Thomas says, psychopaths and sociopaths share an intertwined clinical history; both can function, they just do so differently. And though we are left to muse on what mask that function may take, in many social situations they excel.

Competition Wins Out

Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck was a French biologist who advocated a theory of evolution widely rebuked in establishment circles. Lamarck’s major work was published in the same year Charles Darwin was born – who would go on to supplant Lamarck’s theory 50 years later. In Lamarck’s world cooperation prevailed over Darwinian competition as the driving mechanism of evolution.

According to authors G. Greenberg and M.M. Haraway,2 it was Darwin’s view that served to reflect and sustain a Victorian society tied to free market, capitalist and imperial values. His model supported a dog-eat-dog, life is hard, code of practice; the scientific valediction of the natural world as played out on a brutal, cold and insensitive landscape. Arguably the perfect environment for the aspiring modern day psychopath, and a prevailing view that the poet Tennyson described as nature, red in tooth and claw.

Snakes & Ladders

Although diagnosing definitive psychopathy in individuals remains somewhat...


How Long Do You Choose to Live? The Truth About Longevity "IndyWatch Feed National"

God of Longevity (Shoulao) with a Deer


Recently my wife and I were driving back from Seattle to the island of San Juan where we live. To reach the island you must take a ferry from the small port town of Anacortes, some two hours north of Seattle, once the famed capital of Grunge. Now the stomping ground of Yahoo, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, this new Seattle is in constant motion… but not the motion of people walking about, conversing and interacting.

As in so many places around the world today, Seattlites’ gaze is increasingly dug into their smart phones, a ceaseless thumb twirling, the last vestige of the bodily urge to move. Except, that is, for the hordes of Lance Armstrong lookalikes speeding by on their bicycles, the same look in their eyes, the same expression on their faces.

Around this digitised social mass there is only an inexorable motion upwards: everywhere you look you see scaffolding rising to support the mutating species of tech-humans required to run this ultimate software machine. Glisteningly boring architecture wraps its soulless coils around the tree-lined communities with their famed water views, slowly asphyxiating them as might a giant python its prey. This brave new world emanates a distinct whiff of Singularity as technology continues its phallic and parabolic rise against the dwindling forces of nature.

Or perhaps not. Nature is also uprising, with an unstoppable force of its own. As TS Eliot once wrote, the centre no longer holds. From the relative calm at the eye of the storm, we are now being spun out into the concentric rings of tempest that surround it. The centre is collapsing as the outer rings unleash the hounds of chaos.

A perfect storm? Loss of faith in government, in religion, in financial regulation, in science, in our humanity; even loss of trust in our species capacity to prevail against self-administered adversity. Shadows are building around the glib optimism spouted by governments with their sycophantic media vomit and cherry-picking disregard for scientific consistency.

As we shall see, this entropy at the centre need not always mean death and destruction. It could mean exactly the opposite. In fact, it is this v...


The Soul in the Sea: Re-Uniting with the Dolphins "IndyWatch Feed National"


“What mystery is the sea,” exclaimed Herman Melville, “whose stirrings speak of a hidden soul beneath!”1 I only understood what the great American meant for the first time two years ago, while visiting the Roatán Institute for Marine Sciences in Honduras. It was located at an otherwise uninhabited islet just off the mainland, where a shallow barrier corralled more than thirty dolphins within some six square acres. The top of the fence stood so low above the water, all but the most arthritic dolphin could easily hop over it. In fact, several have made good their escape in this manner, I was told, only to jump back inside a few days later.

As part of their daily routine, all the resident dolphins are herded together and taken out to sea, where they often frolic with their friends and relations in the wild for an hour or so – much like walking one’s pet dogs – before returning to the fenced-in islet. Perhaps they regard it as a sanctuary from sharks, enjoy its largesse of flattering attention from scientists and tourists, are bribed by free squid and herring – among their favourite delicacies – or all these amenities and more no human can guess.

Together with fellow tourists guided by a local handler, we waded into shallow depths and were immediately met by a female dolphin, which allowed us to come quite close, even touch her. Expecting to feel a hard or at least tough, scaly exterior, I was surprised by her supple, smooth, warm skin, so human-like.

“No one who has ever touched the skin of a dolphin,” wrote famed oceanographer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, “is likely to forget the silken, elastic, soft feel of it.”2 But a deeper impression was made by her light brown eyes. Behind the anticipated high intelligence and complex awareness, there was something even more compelling lurking deeper inside. If, as the old French saying has it, “the eyes are the mirror of the soul,” then her gaze betrayed a core mystery comparable only to a kindred connection.3

The feeling is not uncommon. Cetacean researcher Ann Spurgeon spoke for many, when she observed, “We looked often into the dolphins’ eyes, and the quality of the look they returned was unlike that of any animal we have known.”4

According to no less an authority on the sea than Cousteau himself, “it is obvious that dolphins are often motivated by curiosity, and especially by curiosity about man. One literally can see it in their eyes. This is a fact that can be doubted only by someone who has never really looked a dolphin in the eye...


Intuitive Linked Communication: A Practical Way to Connect "IndyWatch Feed National"


You can communicate with minds on the other side. In fact, you already do, whether or not you know it. It’s just a matter of learning to do so consciously. You already use the necessary techniques. Communication is communication, whether with physical beings or non-physical.

I have been doing this for more than 25 years. After some fumbling experiments with automatic writing, I learned how to engage in written dialogue, and in the next few years I learned how to get into closer touch with what I now call The Guys Upstairs (TGU). Early in 1993 I allowed them to come through in speech as I held myself in a conscious but altered state, and this led to years of my acting as conduit for them to answer the questions posed by others.

What I can do, you can learn to do, and I’ll show you how. It isn’t really difficult. Employing this technique correctly, within its limitations, will provide you with information. Once you obtain that information, you have to weigh it, just as you do with information you obtain in other ways. Verification is always going to be an issue. But that merely amounts to saying, don’t check your common sense at the door.

Intuitive Linked Communication

I don’t use the word “channelling,” chiefly because it makes the process seem more mysterious, more “special” than it is. So one day I asked the guys for a better way to describe the process we were engaged in, and they came up with Intuitive Linked Communication, or ILC. I like that. It is a good descriptor that doesn’t exalt either the process or those engaged in it. It is simply a method of mind-to-mind communication.

A little thought will show you that mind-to-mind communication is the same process whether we think of it as telepathy, or access to guidance, or channelling, or after-death communication. In each case, your mind directly contacts another mind. The variable is not the process, but the other mind.

Telepathy connects you to a mind in another physical body.

Accessing guidance connects you to minds specifically attuned to yours.

What is commonly called channelling connects you to minds on the other side that are, by definition, within your range, but are not necessarily specifically attuned to you.

And after-death communication is nothing but connecting with specific minds on the other sid...


Space Weather Its Effect on Human Health & Behaviour "IndyWatch Feed National"


Solar energy and cosmic radiation have electrical influences over a multitude of human activities including human health. Mainstream science has begun to accept these effects, and to investigate the topic in a serious way, but the science itself is by no means ‘new’.

At the December 1926 annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society, Russian Professor Alexander Tchijevsky (also spelt Chizhevsky) presented the paper “Physical Factors of the Historical Process.” The paper examined the cyclical variations in the sunspot number of the Solar Cycle in order to create a mass index of human excitability throughout history. He found that revolutions and periods of intense fighting seemed to occur during Solar Maxima – the period of greatest activity in the 11-year solar cycle of the Sun – while cultural flourishing and social cohesion tended to occur during Solar Minima.

It was in this paper that Tchijevsky wrote:

The Sun is an enormous generator of electric energy and emits it in the form of radiation and induction. The Sun is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, the limits of which reach beyond the farthermost planet Neptune, and therefore the Earth with its electromagnetic field is in the Sun’s field of tremendous power.1

Tchijevsky and other observers at this time noticed that during the period of maximum solar activity, all of the Sun’s phenomena would acquire tremendous size and strength, and that, “The Sun ejects streams of anode and cathode rays which ionize the Earth’s atmosphere (Birke, Arrhenius, Nordmann, Paulsen, Villards) and create certain effects.”

Based on previous research, Tchijevsky postulated that:

The influence of the Sun on the human organism results in chemical changes in the pigment of the skin, in the chaining of the heart-beat, in the alterations in the chemical composition of the blood and the latter results in changes in the general condition of the organism and its nervous tonicity (Lenkei, Behring, Hasselback, Nogler, Aimes, Rollier, Revillet, Marques, d’Oelsnitz, Robin, Moleshott, Loeb, I. Newton, Professor Bechtereff, Lombroso).

Given that the varying amount of the Sun’s energy received by the different climatic zones has such a great influence on humanity, Tchijevsky posed the question: do the periodical changes of the Sun’s activity resulting in the amou...


Thoughtforms, Tulpas & Egregores "IndyWatch Feed National"


What are thoughts – are they real, and once created are they things that exist independent of our minds? Are they constructs created by our soul’s mental and emotional faculties? If so, how do these faculties mould consciousness into the creation of thoughts? In many of the world’s religions, mystical and esoteric traditions there is a belief that once a thought comes into being it becomes a real entity that exists separately from the thinker.

The first time I became aware that our thoughts had a profound effect on our personal reality was as an adolescent in reference to Mark 7:15 in the Bible. In this passage Jesus says, “There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are the things that defile a man.” In explaining that we are not what we eat but what we think, Jesus was alluding to Proverbs 23:7: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” It was during this time I began seriously contemplating what these two passages meant, but could not fathom their true implications.

In the late 1960s I began studying a Kabbalistic meditation known as pathworking and had some profound experiences in which I could visualise mythological figures on the lower paths of the Tree of Life. The questions I asked then was, am I creating these figures out of my own thoughts and are those figures real on some level? I had no answers.

Several years later I began studying a new method of meditation form – the Diamond Way tradition of Tibetan Buddhism – a form of Vajrayana or Tantric Buddhism. In studying Buddhism, it became evident from their teachings the physical world we experience is created from our thoughts and our reality is an illusion. Trying to sort through the implications of what I was learning, I stumbled upon the writings of Prentice Mulford, one of the founders in the late 1800s of the New Thought movement. In his book Thoughts Are Things he explained how our thoughts influence our spiritual, mental and physical health. Our thoughts create sickness as well as wellness.

I was becoming convinced that our thoughts in some way were creating our reality. It was at this point I re-connected with the Kabbalah, this time magical Kabbalah. This led me into the many streams of magic, especially Renaissance magic and later Tibetan Buddhist magic. I soon discovered in the Western magical traditions the practitioner, through ceremonial rituals, moulds reality into their biddi...


Nothing Is True, Everything is Permitted: The Untold Story of Brion Gysin "IndyWatch Feed National"


If Brion Gysin had not existed, it probably would have been necessary to invent him, as the saying goes. Pre-eminent multimedia psychedelic shaman of the latter-half of the twentieth century, Gysin was something of a jack-of-all-trades: artist, calligrapher, entrepreneur, kinetic sculptor, novelist, performance artist, photographer, poet, raconteur, restaurateur, and traveller in this-and-other worlds. Brion did it all.

Even a brief list of the names he crossed paths with sounds like a veritable who’s who: Laurie Anderson, Francis Bacon, David Bowie, Paul Bowles, Ira Cohen, Ornette Coleman, Max Ernst, Marianne Faithfull, Leonor Fini, Jean Genet, Keith Haring, Billie Holliday, Brian Jones, Timothy Leary, Iggy Pop, Genesis P-Orridge, Patti Smith, Gore Vidal – and, of course, his long-term friend and collaborator, William Burroughs – are among the friends, fellow-travellers and sometimes collaborators that have spoken of their admiration for the man and his work. As his biographer, John Geiger, wrote:

Brion Gysin may be the most influential cultural figure of the twentieth century that most people have never heard of.

‘Brion Gysin’ was originally John Clifford Brian Gysin, born 19 January 1916 in Taplow, Buckinghamshire, England. He never knew his English-born father, who had emigrated to Canada, just in time to marry and father a child, before joining up and getting sent back to Europe to die in the First World War. After moving back to Edmonton in Canada with his young widowed mother, Gysin always preferred to stress his Swiss ancestry via his paternal grandfather, but even then he would complain later in life concerning the ‘delivery’ of his birth:

Wrong address! Wrong address! There’s been a mistake in the mail. Send me back. Wherever you got me, return me. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong colour.

The young Gysin wanted to “have adventures and see visions” and figured that Paris was the place. Moving there at 18, his career as a painter should have got off to a spectacular start: a chance encounter with Marie-Beth Aurenche – then still the first Mrs Max Ernst – gave access to the hottest scene in town, the Surrealists. Without formal art tuition, Gysin got some basic tips from the Argentinian spitfire, Leonor Fini, but the main lesson came from visiting Ernst’s studio and seeing that the objective was “to make the paint make the painting.” Barely 19, Gysin was...


Refreshing Independence – Constitutional Republic "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

“The way to have good and safe government is not to trust it all to one, but to divide it among the many, distributing to every one exactly the functions he is competent to. Let the national government be entrusted with the defense of the nation, and its foreign and federal relations; the State governments […]


Pomegranate Juice Provides Significant Effect In Reducing Blood Pressure "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Pomegranate Juice Provides Significant Effect In Reducing Blood Pressure By Mae Chan Pomegranates help protect your body’s cells from free radicals, which cause premature aging. In simple words, pomegranate juice pumps the level of oxygen in your blood. A comprehensive meta-analysis of data from eight randomized controlled trials supported a role for pomegranate juice in a heart-healthy diet.…

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Trump Declares War Against Ruling Elite "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Trump’s inaugural speech was a declaration of war against the ruling elite in America, according to American economist Paul Craig Roberts.  Trump’s speech made it clear that the American people have been screwed over by globalists, neoliberal economists, and neoconservatives who have dragged us into wars around the world in order to benefit the ruling establishment reports: If truth can be said, President Trump has declared a war far more dangerous to himself than if he had declared war against Russia or China. The interest groups designated by Trump as The Enemy are well entrenched and accustomed to being in charge. Their powerful networks are still in place. Although there are Republican majorities in the House and Senate, most of those in Congress are answerable to the ruling interest groups that provide their campaign funds and not to the American people or to the President. The military/security complex, offshoring corporations, Wall Street and the banks are not going to roll over for Trump. And neither is the presstitute media, which is owned by the interest groups whose power Trump challenges. Trump made it clear that he stands for every American, black, brown, and white. Little doubt his declaration of [...]

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Honduras: TV Reporter Igor Abisaí Padilla Chávez Assassinated | Democracy Now! "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Honduras: TV Reporter Igor Abisaí Padilla Chávez Assassinated | Democracy Now! - In Honduras, television reporter Igor Abisaí Padilla Chávez has been assassinated. Padilla covered crime for the television station HCH, Hable Como Habla. Honduran police have arrested 18 suspects they allege were involved in the killing.


Police stand down as Black Lives Matter protesters attack women, other Trump supporters "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Media ignores attacks on Trump supporters while openly praising leftist radicals

(INTELLIHUB) — As the corrupt corporate media continues their day long worship of the so-called Women’s March (which in reality is simply a Soros backed anti-Trump protest) details are emerging of Black Lives Matter protesters literally attacking women who tried to enter the inauguration while police stood by and refused to do their job.

Infowars Alex Jones has reported from Washington D.C. for the last two days and has detailed a series of disgusting attacks by BLM affiliated radicals on what seemed to be anyone, including women, who weren’t a part of the protests.

In one video report, Jones interviews a husband and his wife after they were attacked by Black Lives Matter protesters who literally used their fingernails to rip open the skin of the women after she tried to enter the inauguration.

Shockingly, the couple also revealed that police actually stood down as the attack was happening, with one officer even saying that they were told to stand down by their commanding officer who supported BLM. That’s right, criminal attacks on Trump supporters were allowed to happen after some sort of illegal police stand down!

For their part the corporate media has totally ignored this, instead opting to continually hype leftist protesters and celebrities.

As we noted before, the corporate media literally hates Americans who are against globalism and are engaged in a full-scale disinformation operation to demonize anything Donald Trump while purposefully ignoring violent attacks against his supporters.

Alex Thomas is a reporter and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.

©2017. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.

Featured Image: Alex J...


Donald Trump: Press Lying About Inauguration Crowd Size "IndyWatch Feed"

LANGLEY, VA - JANUARY 21: US President Donald Trump speaks at the CIA headquarters on January 21, 2017 in Langley, Virginia . Trump spoke with about 300 people in his first official visit with a government agaency. (Photo by Olivier Doulier - Pool/Getty Images)


NFL Preview: Championship Match-Ups Prove Teams Without Elite QB’s Wasting Time "IndyWatch Feed"

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott (21) rushes for a gain as Green Bay Packers strong safety Morgan Burnett (42) reaches to tackle him during the first half of an NFL divisional playoff football game Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)


SELinux Mitigates Container Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for AndyTheAbsurd

A new CVE, (CVE-2016-9962), for the docker container runtime and runc were recently released. Fixed packages are being prepared and shipped for RHEL as well as Fedora and CentOS. This CVE reports that if you execd into a running container, the processes inside of the container could attack the process that just entered the container.

If this process had open file descriptors, the processes inside of the container could ptrace the new process and gain access to those file descriptors and read/write them, even potentially get access to the host network, or execute commands on the host.

[...] It could do that, if you aren't using SELinux in enforcing mode. If you are, though, SELinux is a great tool for protecting systems from 0 Day vulnerabilities.

Note: SELinux can prevent a process from strace-ing another process if the types or MCS Labels are not the same, but when you exec into a container, docker/runc sets the labels to match the container label.

Mainly this is a host-based attack. This is where SELinux steps in to thwart the attack. SELinux is the only thing that protects the host file system from attacks from inside of the container. If the processes inside of the container get access to a host file and attempt to read and write the content SELinux will check the access.


Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Gladio Again: Germany Could've But Didn't Stop Berlin Attacker. Why? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

January 22, 2017 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - According to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), German security and intelligence agencies were particularly familiar with the Berlin attacker, Anis Amri, long before he plowed a large truck into a Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring many more.

In an article titled, "All the cracks that Berlin suspect Amri slipped through," a now familiar litany of excuses are peddled before audiences in a bid to explain why the suspect wasn't stopped, weeks, months, even years before he carried out his attack, as soon as it became apparent he was both violent and a danger to society.

DW's article admits:
The suspect first caught authorities' attention in November 2015, when he unwittingly told an informant for the investigative police unit (BKA) in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia that he wanted to "do something in Germany," according to a document obtained by the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung. He also claimed that he could get an AK-47 for an attack.
The article claims that from that point onward, Amri was "watched" by German agencies. DW also admits:
Further, he was apparently aggressively seeking an opportunity to undertake an attack in Germany. Information pointing to his dangerous potential became so overwhelming that authorities designated him a threat last February. 
DW then reports:
All information was then handed over to the Berlin public prosecutor's office. The suspect was observed from March on. He raised no suspicion in the months that follo...


White House: Mexican president will meet Trump in Jan 31 visit "IndyWatch Feed"

US President Donald Trump is scheduled to welcome his Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto in an official meeting at the White House on January 31, his press secretary has announced. Announcing the planned meeting in a Saturday briefing, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer further elaborated that the two leaders had held a phone conversation […]


Video: Car bomb rocks Tripoli near Italian embassy, 2 dead "IndyWatch Feed"

A car bomb exploded late on Saturday in the centre of Libya’s capital Tripoli. The blast, which left at least two people dead, struck near the recently re-opened … Via Youtube



Australians waiting on hospital list up to 6 years for refugee priority "IndyWatch Feed National"

There are many dodgy policies and actions by the Australian Government that deliberately are not reported by the mainstream media.

A recent article (on cleaning out Melbourne's streets of the homeless) by the Herald Sun publication stated that the publication "can reveal" that a bylaw is being passed by the Melbourne City Council.

Are laws passed in secret that the publication cannot 'reveal', where it can only do so upon the approval of that business entity?

Aren't 'lawful' laws supposed to be passed by the parliament of the said state, where they are debated a few times and the public can sit in?

If it sounds dodgy then it most likely is; with reference to this 'bylaw' that gets rid of the homeless.

Hard working Australians, tax payers who have paid their dues to society where they also provided wages for people in parliament, the underprivileged, people on social welfare as a result of being unemployed due to foreigners taking their jobs,  are being treated by their policy / law makers as third class 'citizens' (technically Australians are not citizens, as Australia is still under a monarchy, where the people are 'subjects'), to make way for refugees.

A hospital source has passed on information with regards to a government enacted policy treating Australian patients.

The source stated that Australians are put on a waiting list for treatment which can initially blow out from 12 months to 3 years, which in a lot of cases leaves people waiting for up to six years, where top priority is given to refugees, thereby putting Australian lives at risk.

It is with actions like this that it seems that the policy makers in government really despise the Australian public, or there may be something that the herd populati...


Michael ‘Moobs’ Moore At The Women’s March: ‘We Have to Take Over the Democratic Party!’ "IndyWatch Feed"

Please do. Via Mediaite While speaking at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. this morning, liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore addressed the crowd and gave them some advice for what they should do when it comes to the Democratic Party in the future. “We have to take over the Democratic Party,” Moore exclaimed. He continued, […]


Rothschild Family Wealth is Five Times that of World’s Top 8 Billionaires Combined "IndyWatch Feed World"

A recent report by Oxfam International highlights the dramatic rise in income equality by noting that the combined wealth of the world’s top 8 individual billionaires is more than the lower half of the world’s population, some 3.6 billion people.

The intention of the report was to bring awareness to the unfairness and injustice inherent in our global economic system.

“It calls for a fundamental change in the way we manage our economies so that they work for all people, and not just a fortunate few.” [Oxfam]

Listed below are the 8 billionaires along with their estimated wealth, which combined equals $426.2 billion.

Jacob Rothschild
Read Entire Article »


Taking Control Of Your Furby "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[Jeija] has made a lot of progress and can already control the Furby’s actions, antenna and backlight color, and change the Furby’s emotional state by changing the values of the Furby’s hungriness, tiredness, etc. [Jeija] has created a program that runs on top of Node.js and can communicate with the Furby and change its properties. [Jeija] has also discovered, and can bring up, a secret debug menu that displays in the Furby’s eyes. Yet to be discovered is how to run your own code on the Furby, however, [Jeija] is able to add custom audio to the official DLC files and upload them into the Furby.

[Jeija] points out the all this was done without taking a Furby apart, only by sniffing the Bluetooth communication between the robot and the controlling app (Android/iOS device.) Check out a similar hack on the previous generation of Furbys, as well as a replacement brain for them. We just hope that the designers included a red/green LED so that we will all know when the Furbys switch from good to evil.

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Millions march around the world for women’s rights, civil rights on day one of Trump presidency "IndyWatch Feed War"

New Cold, Jan 22, 2017 Links to news reports enclosed. Extensive photos and video reports throughout. *  Women’s March events take place in Washington and around the world – as it happened, by Amber Jamieson and Nicola Slawson and Nadia Khomami, The Guardian, Jan 22, 2017 *  Massive Women’s March on Washington overwhelms streets, ...

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Speaking of global warming… "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Villagers knit jumpers for Indian elephants to protect the large mammals from near-freezing temperatures Local women make colourful jumpers for formerly abused animals after staff at conservation centre warn of temperatures dipping close to freezing point. I wonder how the 97% of climate scientists that have settled the science are going to cope with the […]

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#StopSabalTrail pipeline draining Fla... - Sacred Water Camp | Facebook "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

#StopSabalTrail pipeline draining Fla... - Sacred Water Camp | Facebook: THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE!! Sabal Trail Pipeline has been draining swamps ALL along the route. This is just ONE example of the pure environmental negligence they have for their own surroundings. Taken January 21, 2017. In Bronson, Florida down the road from the elementary, middle, and high schools.


Newsletter: The Inauguration Of Protest "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The last few days have seen a series of mass protests against President Trump and his incoming administration. This should be the inauguration of persistent protests, not just against the Trump administration but the system that has consistently put in place governments that represent big business interests and militarism while most people in the US face economic insecurity, and people around the world face US bombings. President Obama broke George W. Bush’s record for bombs deployed creating further hatred for the United States, insecurity and chaos. Trump is a symptom of a failed political system that does not represent the interests of the people or planet. Protests were varied from Black Bloc to the massive Women’s March


West Virginia lab manager gets 2yrs in prison for doctoring water samples to benefit coal industry "IndyWatch Feed World"

A former manager of a West Virginia laboratory that conducted water sampling for coal mining operations in the state has been sentenced to two years in prison for his role in forging data to show compliance with pollution discharge rules. This week, John Brewer, a former manager with Appalachian Laboratories, was sentenced to prison after he pleaded guilty in October to one count of falsifying water sample reports later filed with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, a violation of the US Clean Water Act's standards for water sampling for mining operations, according to local reports. In addition to two years in prison, Brewer will have one year of supervised release following his prison sentence. He was not fined for his actions despite facing a potential $10,000 maximum fine.


Trump and the CIA "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Trump and the CIA

So how come Trump is playing goody-goody with the CIA, some readers ask?

Come on, guys and gals. You can figure this out for yourself. There are two obvious reasons. One is that Trump thinks the attacks on him were political from the top and did not involve the rank and file. The other is that time and energy are limited, and he doesn’t want to be deterred from his agenda by fights with the CIA.

Let’s hope Trump is correct.

If he is another fake like Obama, we will know soon enough.

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Dark Matter Falsified -- Again? | Space News "IndyWatch Feed World"

2016 may be remembered as the year that the hypothesis of dark matter was finally, officially falsified. Two recent scientific studies report findings that may raise fatal objections to dark matter's existence. In the first of this two-part episode, our guest Barry Setterfield begins our analysis with an overview of the origins of the dark matter hypothesis, and the significance of these new scientific reports from the Electric Universe perspective.

Source stories:


Three Years of Communicating From Below, Three Years of Community Radio Amiltzinko "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Three Years of Communicating From Below, Three Years of Community Radio Amiltzinko appeared first on IT'S GOING DOWN.

Translated and Submitted to It’s Going Down

On January 4-6, the community of Amilcingo, Morelos, reunited again to celebrate and raise awareness of the radio labor of those that make up the Community Radio Amiltzinko 100.7 FM. Observing the work of its announcers (ranging from a teacher of physical education in an elementary school and a bicycle taxi driver to the tuba player of a band) it was made clear that specialization in the act of communication is a farce, showing rather that communication is a necessity of community sustenance. Or perhaps humans can collectively exist, but isn’t it through operation of expression/ communication of what we think of this or that phenomenon inside and outside of us? Simply to go for tortillas is indispensable communication!

In a small room, grayish on the walls but welcoming for those that work there, are many collages, letters, paintings, art, and photographs of social movements. There is a machete and a red bandana left by ejido members in resistance from San Salvador Atenco. In the other corner is a textile memory of the “Villa la Maternidad” in Córdoba, Argentina, who have struggled since 2004 against the uprooting of their land. There is a print with the slogan #VivasNosQueremos. There is also a photograph of subcomandante Marcos (now Galeano) and near the door that leads to the small hallway on the second floor, there is a piece of pottery hung, the piece most symbolic of the space, marked in blue the following words: Community Radio Amiltzinko 100.7.

They do not have antennas the size of a skyscraper. They do not have a lobby for guests, much less office workers that attend to the calls of those that listen to the station. It is a private house. In the part below they carry out screen-printing and cook different types of bread. The radio is very successful in the community because it is the community converted into radio.

The first day of activities, the community organized—playing on the professional field—a volleyball tournament for local teams. Now yes, lets play! Some watched from beneath the green blanket that covered the rays of the sun.

On the second day, literary and physical activities were initiated for the children. Everyone smiled in the final photo showing the origami that was crafted from the arrival of the sun. In the radio, the normalistas of FECSM began to arrive, coming from different schools (Tet...


Obama was booed like his supporters booed Bush in 2009 "IndyWatch Feed World"

When Donald Trump is sworn in as the country's 45th president, outgoing President Barack Obama will be in attendance to witness the peaceful transition of power. The last time power was transferred, the 2009 inauguration of Obama, the tone turned ugly when then outgoing President, George W. Bush, was introduced to the crowd and was met with loud, sustained booing.


New President, New World "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

New President, New World by Patrick J. Buchanan “Don’t Make Any Sudden Moves” is the advice offered to the new president by Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations, which has not traditionally been known as a beer hall of populist beliefs. Haass meant the president should bring his National Security Council together to…

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Scientists are checking a nearby exoplanet for alien transmissions "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Wolf 1061c is just a few blocks away, cosmically speaking, and alien seekers have begun a long-term campaign to look for signs of life there.


Media Blackout: Surface-To-Air Missile System Deployed at Standing Rock "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Source (ANTIMEDIA) North Dakota — The militarization of law enforcement at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline has apparently reached a whole new level. On Monday, independent journalist John Ziegler posted photos and video on Facebook showing what appears … Continue reading


Day One: Trump (Through Spicer) Lies, Officially. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

So, Spicer (and Trump) are caught lying, denying
The things we could see with our very own eyes;
Of course, Trump would find “ours is bigger” a trigger
(The man has some sort of fixation with size).
But everyone knows, for this rally, the tally
Was larger than his was–a vast sea of pink!
So Trump made a move like some Cheeto Benito:
Control what they’re told, you control what they think

The truth, though, is Trump is outnumbered–he’s blundered–
He’s shown us his weakness (his ego, of course);
It’s all about size (what I mean is, his penis)
He’s starting to wonder: am I the right horse?
We’re seeing now–Trump’s second-rated, or hated,
And those who defend him are forced into lies.
So, yes–we are putting on notice the POTUS,
Or tyranny wins, and democracy dies.

What a normal person might do is say “the numbers tell me I need to work hard to earn your approval; here are my plans to work toward that end.” Trump, though, cannot stand the fact (yes, fact) that Obama’s crowds were bigger than his.

And on the major networks, they still have paid Trump surrogates making ludicrous cases for Trump. Lying through their teeth, claiming not to know or care about the numbers (Trump, of course, both knows and cares), pretending that no one knows they are pretending.

Keep notes. Remember.


Women’s March Recorded As Largest Protest In U.S. History "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Credit: NPR

Yesterday, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. Because of lewd comments the business tycoon has made in the past, as well as certain policies pushed forward by individuals who now serve in his cabinet, millions of women in America took to the streets the day after his inauguration, January 21, 2017.

According to numbers tallied by Jeremy Pressman, a professor at UConn, it’s estimated that approximately 3.2 million women participated in the Women’s March across the nation – a new record! USUncut points out that the number is expected to increase as more figures are received.

3.2 million women is a lot, considering 250,000 people attended Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech in 1963. Another notable protest was the Anti-Vietnam war protest which occurred in 1963 as well, in Washington DC, and drew a crowd of 500,000 to 600,000. To put the number of protestors into perspective, consider that the march on Washington DC for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation (in 1993) drew a crowd between 800,000 and 1 million.

One thing’s for certain: women in America aren’t ready to relinquish their rights which were hard-earned in the past and are still being fought for.



BREAKING: Report That 20 Dead, 200 Missing After Pro-Trump Rally In Nigeria "IndyWatch Feed"

There are conflicting reports, but that’s horrific, if true. Via ABC: A Nigerian separatist group says the death toll has risen to 20 after a demonstration in support of U.S. President Donald Trump turned into clashes with police. Friday’s demonstration in southern Rivers state was organized by the Indigenous People of Biafra, which wants Trump […]


When Trump Promises to Put ‘America First,’ Does He Really Mean Israel? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Posted on January 21, 2017 by Richard Edmondson “From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first, America first. Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit American workers and American families.” –President Donald Trump, from his inauguration speech [ Ed. note – I’m not […]


Women's March on Washington: Solidarity comforts anxious Americans "IndyWatch Feed War"


Thousands of Americans worried about losing civil liberties under Trump come together in show of solidarity and defiance


The Taming of a Demon Bull: C.S. Chellappa’s Classic Jallikattu Novella "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

C.S. Chellappa’s novella, Vaadivaasal, written in the 1940s, marks the first time that the traditional sport of jallikattu finds space in modern Tamil literature.

In it, Picchi and Marudan take part in the annual bull-taming contest at the Chellaiyi festival at Periyapatti hoping to subdue a ferocious Kaari bull that had defeated Picchi’s father. Picchi takes the Kaari on and what follows is a gripping account of a sport that the Supreme Court banned in 2014 for the cruelty to animals it supposedly involves but which jallikattu supporters insist is a keen contest between man and beast.

Vaadivaasal is a classic story of power play in the Tamil Nadu countryside, a tale in which the feudal social relations that underpin the local economy and ‘tame’ the subaltern castes figure implicitly even as the narrative is driven by the latter’s attempts to compete with each other and with animals in the ritual taming of bulls.

The novella beautifully captures the cultural significance of jallikattu in the life of rural Tamil Nadu, even if the ‘tradition’ is inextricably bound up with feudalism, caste hierarchies, masculinity and patriarchy. In Chellappa’s telling, the Arena produces uncertain and even fatal outcomes for its human participants but not for the bulls –though the fate that awaits them after can be unpredictable.

Anyone looking to understand the place of jallikattu in the Tamil imagination – and the passion that the ban on the sport has aroused across the state – can do no better than to read Vaadivaasal.

An extract

avadi (1)

The Kaari stood majestically at the wicket gate. The animal’s battened, glistening black hump jutted impressively above the neck-high wooden enclosure. Springing fork-like from the edges of the mound on its forehead, its two sharply pointed horns with a small hook-like curve at each tip glittered and shone impressively. With its head lowered and eyes downcast, it stepped forward confidently and slowly, humps subtly undulating and horns swaying from side to side, it came halfway out of the wicket gate and after casting sidelong glances at the anaimarams on either side as a precaution, reached the centre of the vaadivaasal and stood there.

‘Look how it’s standing there, like a falcon!’

‘If this bull runs away too like all the other donkeys, then what …?’

‘If there is ever a bull that will stand its ground and gore the tamer, it’s this one!’

‘And that...


Police stand down as Black Lives Matter protesters attack women, other Trump supporters "IndyWatch Feed"

Media ignores attacks on Trump supporters while openly praising leftist radicals
(INTELLIHUB) — As the corrupt corporate media continues their day long worship of the so-called Women’s March (which in reality is simply a Soros backed anti-Trump protest) details are emerging of Black Lives Matter protesters literally attacking women who tried to enter the inauguration while police stood by and refused to do their job.
Infowars Alex Jones has reported from Washington D.C. for the last two days and has detailed a series of disgusting attacks by BLM affiliated radicals on what seemed to be anyone, including women, who weren’t a part


Ohio mom charged after taping her toddler to a wall during Facebook Live broadcast (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

An 18 year-old Ohio mother has been charged with abduction after she taped her two year old son to a wall and live streamed the incident on Facebook. Shayla Rudolph was charged with the third-degree felony on Thursday, weeks after the video was broadcast on January 1. The footage shows the two year old boy […]



Europe’s Jihad against Israel "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A summary of some important parts of history that politicians gloss over The UN before 1967 did not refer to the West Bank and Gaza as “occupied” territories when they were “occupied” by Egypt and Jordan after the 1948-49 war, which the Arab states launched against Israel. The Arab states then were the “occupiers” of […]

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On Reaching 83 And Seeing Through Clearer Eyes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In retrospect, my whole life has been a journey, a quest, to find an emotionally lost little boy within myself who once knew and saw that he was part of something far greater than himself, and longed to share the truth that I am now sharing with you.


Queensland's Labor/AWU/CFMEU Government making life easy for union cheats "IndyWatch Feed National"

In its last session for 2016 the Queensland Labor AWU Government introduced the Industrial Relations Bill - you can read all about it in the Hansard here. At 7.44PM 30 November 2016 Mr Millar, the member for Gregory described some of the effects: the cost of the IR Bill on...


Tesla’s Second Generation Autopilot Could Reduce Crash Rate by 90%, Says CEO Elon Musk "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Whatever you think about autonomous drive technologies, my point with posting these stories is not to be a cheerleader one way or another. I just want to be sure everyone knows that this stuff is real and it is coming. Millions of drivers will lose their jobs, and these are not minimum wage, burger flipping […]


Stop NATO!: Polish scholar Mateusz Piskorski writes to Donald Trump from behind bars "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mateusz Piskorski is a renowned Polish scholar and anti-NATO activist who has been held in prison in Warsaw on no charges since May 2016, when he exposed NATO plans to suppress protests in Eastern Europe. Fort Russ has translated two of Piskorski's other prison letters (1 + 2) and held an exclusive interview with him several months before him and his party, ZMIANA ("Change"), became the victims of direct political repression. In his latest correspondence from behind Atlanticist bars, Piskorski addresses his words to US President Donald Trump and expresses hope that a Trump presidency will end the globalist chaos and political repression that the previous US administration incited to a beyond concerning extent.


Still Aloof: Dreading De-Globalization In Davos "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By 21wire


“Davos Glitter in the Gloom of Populism” topped the front page of the Jan. 17 New York Times on the first day of the WEF, which runs through Jan. 20, the day of Trump’s inauguration as the 45th U.S. president—the first one ever so clearly defined as a “populist.” The Times sub-headline added: “Elites grapple with working-class rage.”

DAVOS: Where overpaid derivative traders and hedge funders pay a fortune to be lectured by overpaid actors (see Matt Damon, above).

Mark Anderson
American Free Press

Many of the gilded glitterati gathering in Davos, Switzerland amid the towering Alps for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) see the populism sweeping much of the world as a fascinating trend. They certainly enjoy talking about it. But their academic chitter-chatter is starting to take on a panicked tone over the implications of the common man demanding a better life—a life without poverty in the face of plenty and without nonstop unwinnable wars, among other vexing problems.

Even before this year’s WEF started on Jan. 17, American public television personality Charlie Rose—a frequent attendee of the much more exclusive Bilderberg meetings that AFP has doggedly covered since 1975—was interviewing several guests about this topic on his well-known talk show, as this AFP reporter flipped on the TV during recent travels. Rose’s esteemed guests fretted over several trends that suggest there’s a devolution from globalism in the works—call it “de-globalization.”

Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haas and Chicago Council on Global Affairs President Ivo Daalder in early December 2016 confided to Rose that they’ve got the jitters over the current populist surge, most visibly represented by brash businessman Donald J. Trump’s ascent to the presidency—and above all by what his election says about the worldview of a sizable cross section of the American people. Simply put: Globalization is losing its grip on the human psyche.

Daalder feebly tried to say that largely unregulated “integration” is the Western “tradition,” without mentioning that the kind of forcible integration that’s taking place—largely due to wars waged b...

Still Aloof: Dreading De-Globalization In Davos "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

“Davos Glitter in the Gloom of Populism” topped the front page of the Jan. 17 New York Times on the first day of the WEF, which runs through Jan. 20, the day of Trump’s inauguration as the 45th U.S. president—the first one ever so clearly defined as a “populist.” The Times sub-headline added: “Elites grapple with working-class rage.”

DAVOS: Where overpaid derivative traders and hedge funders pay a fortune to be lectured by overpaid actors (see Matt Damon, above).

Mark Anderson
American Free Press

Many of the gilded glitterati gathering in Davos, Switzerland amid the towering Alps for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) see the populism sweeping much of the world as a fascinating trend. They certainly enjoy talking about it. But their academic chitter-chatter is starting to take on a panicked tone over the implications of the common man demanding a better life—a life without poverty in the face of plenty and without nonstop unwinnable wars, among other vexing problems.

Even before this year’s WEF started on Jan. 17, American public television personality Charlie Rose—a frequent attendee of the much more exclusive Bilderberg meetings that AFP has doggedly covered since 1975—was interviewing several guests about this topic on his well-known talk show, as this AFP reporter flipped on the TV during recent travels. Rose’s esteemed guests fretted over several trends that suggest there’s a devolution from globalism in the works—call it “de-globalization.”

Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haas and Chicago Council on Global Affairs President Ivo Daalder in early December 2016 confided to Rose that they’ve got the jitters over the current populist surge, most visibly represented by brash businessman Donald J. Trump’s ascent to the presidency—and above all by what his election says about the worldview of a sizable cross section of the American people. Simply put: Globalization is losing its grip on the human psyche.

Daalder feebly tried to say that largely unregulated “integration” is the Western “tradition,” without mentioning that the kind of forcible integration that’s taking place—largely due to wars waged by Western powers that force people out of their homelands and into places they wouldn’t otherwise live, in most cases—creates cultural clashes, crime, and upheaval. This could all be av...


How Oil and Primary Exports Impact Brazil’s Economic Fortunes "IndyWatch Feed War"


The process of growth and modernization in Brazil has long been described as an example to be followed by other developing countries. Nevertheless, the Brazilian ‘locomotive’ has now stopped.

The country is going through a period of dramatic political and economic instability. Although the Olympic Games should have been an international show of Brazilian power, they revealed the structural weakness of a country full of ambiguities and contradictions instead. The Petrobras inquiry (Operation Car Wash), combined with the negative effects of the economic crisis, seem to have temporarily buried the ‘China of South America.’ Once again, oil wealth is becoming not a blessing but a curse.

“In a broader sense, hydrocarbons and its scarcity psychologization, its monetization (and related weaponization), is serving a coercive and restrictive status quo rather than a developmental incentive.” – Such is the diagnosis of Professor Anis H. Bajrektarevic.


Oil: How Black is Gold?

To describe the history of the nation, we need to focus our attention on oil, because black gold is the embodiment of the rise and fall of the Brazilian economy.

One of the central drivers of Brazilian economic growth has been the production and export of natural resources and their products. Looking at Brazil’s GDP between 1982 and 2015, three main trends can be observed: (i) A stable growth pattern from 1982 to 2002; (ii) The GDP rocketing up between 2003 and 2012, with a light slowdown during 2009-2010 due to the financial crisis; (iii) A fall in GDP values between 2012 and 2015. Analyzing the evolution of the percentage of annual GDP growth, it is not possible to identify a specific trend. The most significant point that can be made is that of constant GDP growth between 2004 and 2008, which was around 5% per year. Economic growth does not just imply a dramatic increase of GDP but also the improvement in social-economic status for millions of poor Brazilians. Starting from 2001, the level of absolute poverty – defined as the percentage living with less than two dollars a day – decreased 12%. The levels of relative poverty – defined as the percentage of people with less than 50% of the average income – fell by 25% between 2002 and 2013.

Trend of Brazilian GDP 1982-2014 (Source: World Bank)

Graph 1 – Trend of B...


ISIS releases photos of Turkish Army losses in east Aleppo "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Leith Fadel – 21/01/2017 BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:20 P.M.) – The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) foiled a massive assault by the Turkish Armed Forces in the Al-Bab countryside on Friday, putting a temporary end to their military operations in east Aleppo. ISIS showed off photos of this failed Turkish Army assault on […]


International Investors Vying To Turn Chernobyl Into Solar Power Park "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Credit – BCD-UrbEx.Com

For over 30 years, the area in and around Chernobyl in Northern Ukraine has been a wasteland. In April 1986, the unthinkable occurred when a devastating nuclear meltdown turned the once-thriving town into a no man’s land while also poisoning much of Eastern Europe with radiation. In the years since, Chernobyl has remained a highly radioactive ghost town, an eerie reminder of the dangers of nuclear power. However, that could all soon change as groups of international investors are now seeking to transform the abandoned town into a solar power plant.

According to Ostap Semerak, Ukraine’s Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, 39 different groups have applied for permission to install up to 2 gigawatts of solar panels on land that will continue to remain uninhabitable for hundreds of years. 2 gigawatts, as Bloomberg notes, is almost the same energy output that would be produced by two modern nuclear reactors. Semerak told Bloomberg News that Ukraine has “received requests from businesses that are interested in renting land for building solar power stations.” Many of those requests have come from China where Chinese companies such as GCL System Integration Technology Co Ltd and China National Complete Engineering Corp have pitched their plans to build a 1-gigawatt solar power facility on the site. Another major investor group hails from Germany and has asked permission to install 500 megawatts worth of solar panels in the area. Other proposed projects are much smaller, averaging projected outputs of around 20 megawatts.

Semerak said that the companies, overall, have requested between 20 hectares and 1,000 hectares for the projects. He elaborated on the Ukrainian government’s feelings about the projects’ potential, saying that “we are not looking to profit from land use, we are looking to profit from investment.” The project could indeed be profitable as well as set...


British Race Relations Board Member Tasered in the Face by English Police "IndyWatch Feed War"

Race relations in the UK took a bit of a step back last week when a 63 year old black man that works with a group attempting to mend relations between minorities and the police was tasered in the face by them on video in Bristol, England. At the time of the incident, he was returning from walking his dog. (Unlike what is the tradition for American police, the dog was not murdered.)

Judah Adunbi, a founding member of an independent advisory group working to improve relations between the police and Afro-Caribbean communities, was dragged through a gate into the street by two police officers and then tasered when he refused to give his name. The unnamed officers had claimed that they thought Adunbi was another person that was wanted for unspecified crimes.

Via the New York Times:

Judah Adunbi was returning home last week when two police officers suddenly confronted him, demanding his name. When he refused to give it, they yanked him outside his gate and shot him with a Taser stun gun.

But Mr. Adunbi was not the wanted suspect whom officers were seeking. He is a 63-year-old black race-relations adviser who has worked to improve ties between police officers and the black people in Bristol, about 120 miles west of London.

Britain’s police watchdog agency announced on Friday that it was opening an investigation into the episode, which was caught on video by a neighbor. The video, which spread rapidly on social media, reignited criticisms against the police over the use of force against blacks.

According to race-relations campaigners and data provided by the Home Office, black people are three times more likely to have a Taser used against them than white people.



UFO Gives Escort to US President Donald Trump in Air Force Two? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: UFO Sightings Daily

Aliens Give Escort To US President Donald Trumps Plane In Washington DC, Jan 19, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 19, 2017
Location of sighting: Washington DC, USA

Another UFO was seen near trump, but this time it was seen nearly colliding with the jet itself. As you can see the UFO shot past at such a speed even the camera had difficulty focusing on it. Fox News was lucky enough to catch it and show it on national TV today. It looks like Fox News has found proof that aliens have a deep interest in Americas new president and what he has destined for the world.


Rare interview: Gaddafi on Ukraine, 2009 (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Rare interview: Gaddafi on Ukraine, 2009 Video It’s been five years without Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. If the mainstream media did their job back in 2011, representing his true opinions and views, it’s unlikely that NATO and the UN could ever manufacture the consent for his murder. Amongst the obvious repercussions of his death is…

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Dem Rep Clarke: We Won’t Stand for ‘Fascism’ "IndyWatch Feed"

While on hand for the women’s march in Washington D.C., Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) said on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Saturday that Democrats will not stand for “fascism” used to suppress and oppress the “marginalized communities” in the US. “I believe that people recognize that in a democracy all of our voices count,” Clarke told host Joy Reid. “You know, we may have fallen short on election day, but we did carry the popular vote. And, so, there are many more Americans who are in tune with the fact that we’re in the 21st century. And we’re not turning back the clock. We’re not going to stand for the type of, if you will, fascism — and I’m going to use that word — that many use to their advantage while suppressing and oppressing marginalized communities in this nation.” “People across the spectrum, across economic status, across religions have come to that ‘eureka’ moment and that’s what we see here on the mall today. We see people coming together from across this nation making their way to the capital to let we know as a member of Congress that they’re not going to stand for this. And I’m here to receive


All that wealth...squandered "IndyWatch Feed World"

After having returned back home to Berkeley last week, I assumed that I was finally finished with writing about Mexico City -- but apparently not.

One of the top images from there that still keeps popping into my brain, one that I apparently brought back home in my luggage, is a flashback to Mexico City's glorious main cathedral -- and that image still haunts me. From floor to ceiling, it seemed like the whole place was garishly covered with gold. Gold. Gold everywhere you looked. So now I feel compelled to write about that.

All that wealth in just one single church. Enough gold to keep me and all of my friends in riches for the rest of our lives.

But the wealth in just this one cathedral represents only a minuscule fraction of the fabulous tons and tons of gold that Spain extracted from Latin America a few centuries ago -- so much gold. Scrooge McDuck woulda gone nuts.

But what actually happened to all that gold? Did it make Spain rich? Sure, for a while. Spain used to be the richest nation on earth. But then wars were declared and squabbling began and this and that happened -- and then suddenly all that wealth was gone, just gone.

Which reminds me of the vast wealth of another nation -- ours. America also used to be the richest nation on earth. Not any more. First Franklin Roosevelt died and the Dulles brothers and Richard Nixon schemed their evil schemes to steal what they could from the New Deal.

And what ever happened to all that gold in Fort Knox -- let alone all that gold in the Social Security slush fund. And then 9-11 happened, the most evil scheme of them all -- and eleven trillion dollars in "war" blood-money suddenly began disappearing down this or that rat hole too.

And now America, like Spain, is no longer the richest nation in the world. What the freak happened? This and th...


Syria’s Future "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syria’s Future January 19, 2017 by Igor Pejic The Syrian crisis is slowly reaching its seventh year. Violence, radicalization, civil displacement, fragmentation and deterioration of the Syrian society are reaching unprecedented levels. International and regional actors, thus far, have largely failed in their attempts to reach a compromise or a sustainable solution in order to […]


Interior Dept. reactivates Twitter accounts after shutdown "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Department of the Interior has revived its Twitter accounts after being told to shut down its operations on Friday, the Washington Post reported.The Trump administration reportedly told the department to stop tweeting after the National Parks...


AMUSING! "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A sign at one of the anti-Trump (aka anti-American) protests in NZL yesterday ... 'Dump the Trump, Dump the TPPA'.

Strange bedfellows.  Guess they hadn't heard.

Would be funny if it wasn't so sad.


Generation Snowflake, Nuclear War, Obama, Fake News, Putin, and… (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

What do you get what you mix a conversation about “Generation Snowflake” with their disregard for authority, and their reliance on “safe spaces,” discussion about possible lead-ins to a global nuclear war, the looming global economic crisis, Vladimir Putin, the Clinton death list, paying people to protest, and of course… “fake news?”


Here’s How Trump Presidency Will Play Out "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Trump era starts now – with geopolitics and geoeconomics set for a series of imminent, unpredictable cliffhangers. I have argued that Trump's foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger's strategy to deal with the formidable Eurasia integration trio – Russia, China and Iran — is a remixed Divide and Rule; seduce Russia away from its strategic partnership with China, while keep harassing the weakest link, Iran. In fact that's how it's already playing out – as in the outbursts of selected members of Trump's cabinet during their US Senate hearings. Factions of US Think Tankland, referring to Nixon's China policy, which was designed by Kissinger, are also excited with the possibilities of containment regarding at least one of those powers "potentially arrayed against America".


Video: Street preachers try to block people recording them "IndyWatch Feed"

PINAC founder and publisher Carlos Miller was at the anti-Trump rally in Miami on Saturday when he came across this group of street preachers who tried to … Via Youtube



Obama Allies Working To Undermine Trump’s National Security Team… "IndyWatch Feed"

Dems are not going to enjoy living under the rules change imposed by Former Senator Harry Reid. Via Free Beacon: Democrats loyal to former President Barack Obama are waging a behind-the-scenes effort to undermine President Donald Trump’s national security team by blocking key appointees, according to multiple sources familiar with the outgoing administration’s efforts. The […]


Mental Health Break "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

WHY WE GO COLD ON OUR PARTNERS from Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat on Vimeo.

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Campi Flegrei showing signs of reawakening- Italy "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A new study suggests that Campi Flegrei, a volcano in the metropolitan area of Naples, one of the most densely inhabited areas in the world, may be near a critical pressure point which would reawaken it from its, almost 500 years long, sleep. In … Continue reading


Trump anti-Communist Counter Revolution "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Trump anti-Communist Counter Revolution by James Hall The century anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution occurs this year. Any serious examination of The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union must conclude that the systematic eradications of millions and the ruthlessness of the Communist commissars rule was a miserable failure, even by Marxist postulates. Russia today is quite different…

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Making Moonbattery Great Again… "IndyWatch Feed"

Most of America knows the organizers of the various “Women’s Marches” today did not construct women’s events, they constructed events for women who are anti-Trump and voted for Hillary Clinton, ie. liberal women. After all, billionaire George Soro’s financing is … Continue reading


DOJ: Trump Hiring Kushner Doesn’t Violate Anti-Nepotism Laws "IndyWatch Feed"

That will clear the way. Via NY Post: President Trump’s son-in-law has been cleared to work in the White House as a senior adviser. His hiring of Jared Kushner would not violate a federal anti-nepotism law because a loophole grants the president the authority to hire employees who are family members, Deputy Assistant Attorney General […]


The False Majority: The Lie We Tell Ourselves About America "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

It has been a long time since public opinion has had anything to do with the direction of this country, and the sad fact is that the majority of Americans are aware of this, yet are either too apathetic or too scared to speak out. There are some who are starkly aware of it, and it […]

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Obama Ended His Presidency With A Bang – at Least in Libya "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Barack Obama has ended his presidential career doing what he does best: dropping bombs. This time, Obama decided to target an ISIS camp in Libya, with initial estimates suggesting over 80 militants (or 80 people, depending on the source) were killed. Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told reporters that the fighters training in the camp, located just outside […]

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Shock horror, Red Radio presents both sides of the story "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Knock me down with a feather, Red Radio has actually done some journalism. When wading through the typically one-sided fodder usually found in our left-wing media the last thing I expected to find was a balanced piece on Red Radio. My mother-in-law listens to Radio NZ as her sole source of news due to her […]

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U.S. Inauguration: Historic Day Marks Beginning of Renewed ‘America First’ Era "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By 21wire

Donald Trump

Mark Anderson
American Free Press

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Donald John Trump took to the podium on the Capitol Building’s west side with a look described by Connecticut resident Ann Marie Murray as one of “humility”—just before Trump was sworn in Friday as the 45th president of the United States by Chief Justice John Roberts.

The event clearly was seen as inspiring by many. Chicago resident Doug Sparkman, moments after Trump’s inaugural address, agreed that he found Trump’s remarks to be rather “Jeffersonian,” in the sense of being people-based. In that vein, he yearns for a country run on the basis of principle, not party. And given what he heard in Trump’s address, he feels that’s possible under the new administration.

“Action, and putting politics aside, is what we really need for this country,” Sparkman added.

With the whole inaugural ceremony some 20 minutes behind schedule, Trump and his family, looking regal and acting highly anticipatory of the challenges that await them, arrived at the Capitol around 11:15 a.m. The new first lady, Melania, was escorted to the west balcony to be seated first, wearing a stunning high-necked blue outfit that brought “oohs” from many in the massive crowd—whose view was aided by large screens on both ends of the Capitol.

Trump himself, appearing reflective and solemn, emerged alongside Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and was seated at 11:32. As the somewhat chilly day spat a little rain here and there, you could feel the heavy anticipation to hear Trump take the oath of office. And soon after former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was sworn in as vice president by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Trump proceeded to begin taking his oath when a group of six agitators erupted in a flurry of slogans and declarations—precisely when Trump began repeating the words “I do solemnly swear . . .”

This writer, some 10 feet from the protestors in the Section eight seating area reasonably close to the presidential podium, could see the anguish on the faces of many of the nearby inaugural attendees, a number...

U.S. Inauguration: Historic Day Marks Beginning of Renewed ‘America First’ Era "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Donald Trump
Mark Anderson 
American Free Press

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Donald John Trump took to the podium on the Capitol Building’s west side with a look described by Connecticut resident Ann Marie Murray as one of “humility”—just before Trump was sworn in Friday as the 45th president of the United States by Chief Justice John Roberts.

The event clearly was seen as inspiring by many. Chicago resident Doug Sparkman, moments after Trump’s inaugural address, agreed that he found Trump’s remarks to be rather “Jeffersonian,” in the sense of being people-based. In that vein, he yearns for a country run on the basis of principle, not party. And given what he heard in Trump’s address, he feels that’s possible under the new administration.

“Action, and putting politics aside, is what we really need for this country,” Sparkman added.

With the whole inaugural ceremony some 20 minutes behind schedule, Trump and his family, looking regal and acting highly anticipatory of the challenges that await them, arrived at the Capitol around 11:15 a.m. The new first lady, Melania, was escorted to the west balcony to be seated first, wearing a stunning high-necked blue outfit that brought “oohs” from many in the massive crowd—whose view was aided by large screens on both ends of the Capitol.

Trump himself, appearing reflective and solemn, emerged alongside Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and was seated at 11:32. As the somewhat chilly day spat a little rain here and there, you could feel the heavy anticipation to hear Trump take the oath of office. And soon after former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was sworn in as vice president by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Trump proceeded to begin taking his oath when a group of six agitators erupted in a flurry of slogans and declarations—precisely when Trump began repeating the words “I do solemnly swear . . .”

This writer, some 10 feet from the protestors in the Section eight seating area reasonably close to the presidential podium, could see the anguish on the faces of many of the nearby inaugural attendees, a number of whom traveled long distances to hear their new president take the oath. But from their vantage point, Trump’s exchange with Roberts was largely drowned out. It’s a testimony to the manners and restraint of the pro-Trump attendees that...


US: Dawn of Dangerous New Era "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

(HRW) – Donald Trump takes office today having vowed to enact policies that would threaten rights at home and abroad if actually implemented, Human Rights Watch said today. Human rights advocates, elected officials, and members of the public should press the new United States president to abandon those proposals and should call out government actions that violate rights. Congress, the courts, and the people of the United States should demand transparency and hold the administration accountable for policies and actions that threaten rights.

“This inauguration opens up a dangerous and uncertain new era for the United States,” said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. “Even if President Trump acts only on ten percent of the most problematic of his campaign proposals, it will cause a momentous setback for human rights at home and abroad. The onus is now on elected officials and the public to demand respect for rights that the President-elect seems to have put in his crosshairs.”

Both during his presidential campaign and since his election, Trump has embraced policies that would harm the rights of millions of people – from the immigrants he has vowed to deport in vast numbers, to the women whose reproductive rights he has promised to restrict through his judicial appointments. He has at times publicly embraced torture and the illegal targeted killing of civilians abroad. He said he would halt the release of men from Guantanamo Bay detention facility and “load it up with some bad dudes.” Trump’s pick for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, has a long track record of hostility and disdain towards the very civil rights enforcement tools the US Justice Department is called on to deploy in defense of rights.

Image Source: Gage Skidmore, Flickr, Creative Commons
Donald Trump
Donald Trump at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C.

Trump’s approach to foreign policy appears to embrace close collaboration with repressive governments on a range of issues, without regard for their troubling human rights records. During his confirmation hearing, Rex Tillerson, Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, refused to acknowledge human rights violations by...


Barbie Typewriter Toys Had a Secret Ability to Encrypt Messages — but They Didn't Think Girls Would "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for AndyTheAbsurd

In 1998, Slovenian toy company Mehano designed a line of children's electronic typewriter toys with the ability to write secret messages.

Eventually, the company licensed the typewriter to another company, (none other than Barbie herself), that had something altogether different in mind for the toys. Slathered in pink, it was soon headed to market to appeal "to girls."

[...] The four encryption modes — each featuring a simple alphabet substitution cipher (or 1-to-1 encoding) — were left out of Mattel's instruction manuals and advertisements. Mattel is Barbie's parent company. Even the latest model, produced in 2015, omitted this novel feature.

[...] It's an all-too-common marketing assumption that continues to plague the "pink aisle" of girls' toys. They often fail to encourage little girls to grow up to be engineers and scientists. A December report by the Institution of Engineering and Technology showed that boys were almost three times more likely to receive a STEM-themed toy for Christmas.

"STEM toys are by default for boys," says Meryl Alper, professor of communication studies at Northeastern University. "We have to add 'for girls.'" With over a decade of experience working in children's media at Northeastern, Sesame Workshop and Nick Jr., Alper emphasizes the importance of representation and diversity in characters and storylines. Playtime matters.

"Children use the objects in their world to think through ideas," she says. "If you have objects that signal to a kid that it's not for them, either explicit or implicit, you reduce that opportunity to learn through manipulation."


Original Submission

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Curtains for Israel? "IndyWatch Feed War"

A 36-second video, but nonetheless kind of amusing. The deep-south of the US, often referred to as the “Bible belt,” has traditionally been a stronghold of Christian Zionism. If public sentiments against Israel are starting to grow here, it could be bad news for the Jewish state. I’d wager these are people who voted for […]


China, the New Leader of the Corporate-Controlled Globalised World "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

China, the New Leader of the Corporate-Controlled Globalised World by Luis Miranda Many years ago, people used to tell me that one day, China would be the most powerful nation in the world; even above the United States. Of course, it was hard to imagine how that would happen and what it would mean. Today,…

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Video: Last year was the hottest year ever "IndyWatch Feed National"

  From AJ+ via Facebook   Last year was the hottest year ever on record. On its own this does not tell us much about...

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Kahlil Gibran, "The Seven Selves" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Seven Selves"
by Kahlil Gibran

"In the stillest hour of the night, as I lay half asleep, my seven selves sat together and thus conversed in whisper:

First Self: Here, in this madman, I have dwelt all these years, with naught to do but renew his pain by day and recreate his sorrow by night. I can bear my fate no longer, and now I rebel.

Second Self: Yours is a better lot than mine, brother, for it is given to me to be this madman's joyous self. I laugh his laughter and sing his happy hours, and with thrice winged feet I dance his brighter thoughts. It is I that would rebel against my weary existence.

Third Self: And what of me, the love-ridden self, the flaming brand of wild passion and fantastic desires? It is I the love-sick self who would rebel against this madman.

Fourth Self: I, amongst you all, am the most miserable, for naught was given me but odious hatred and destructive loathing. It is I, the tempest-like self, the one born in the black caves of Hell, who would protest against serving this madman.

Fifth Self:...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Delivers Statement to Press TV: 'Americans Angry With Trump’s 'Hateful Rhetoric':' Journalist
Sat Jan 21, 2017 6:40PM

To listen to this statement delivered by Abayomi Azikiwe just click on the following URL:

The American people have exercised restraint with Donald Trump, considering the president’s “hateful rhetoric” against women, Muslims and immigrants, said an American analyst and journalist in Detroit.

Trump, whose election victory in November stunned the world, took the oath of office on Friday as thousands of people packed the streets of Washington and around the US to protest his presidency.

“Mass demonstrations against the inauguration of Donald Trump come at a time when many people around the United States are angry about the rhetoric of the current president,” Abayomi Azikiwe, editor at the Pan-African News Wire, told Press TV on Saturday.

“It is an amazement that the United States has allowed Donald Trump to be inaugurated, considering his lack of experience, his hateful rhetoric against African Americans, against immigrants, against Mexicans, against women,” he added.

The journalist explained that Trump’s presidency is a “mixture of white nationalism, populism, neo-fascism, racism and misogyny,” adding, “The Untied States cannot live alone. The people on the United States are much more diverse than what Donald Trump’s rhetoric is prepared to offer.”

The US capital was rocked by Women’s March on Saturday -- the second day of Trump’s presidency. Mass protests were being held around the country and across the world in solidarity with Washington marchers.


‘Breathing Exercises’ In The Rose Garden Got The White House Through Election Night "IndyWatch Feed"

Hilarious. Via Daily Caller: Breathing exercises in the Rose Garden and a steady stream of booze got the White House through election night, a communications staffer wrote in a story recounting his experience watching Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton lose. Pat Cunnane had been so confident Clinton would win that when he penciled in plans for […]


The Daily "Near You?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Pune, Maharashtra, India. Thanks for stopping by!


Hollyweirdos at the Women’s March on Washington "IndyWatch Feed"

On January 21, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, an unknown number of women descended on D.C. to march against Trump and for their “reproductive rights,” i.e., their “right” to commit murder of unborn human beings. I won’t bore you … Continue reading


Musical Interlude: Irving Berlin, “Let's Face The Music And Dance” "IndyWatch Feed World"

Irving Berlin, “Let's Face The Music And Dance”, Sung by Nat King Cole

“Let's Face The Music And Dance”

“There may be trouble ahead,
But while there's moonlight and music and love and romance,
Let's face the music and dance.

Before the fiddlers have fled,
Before they ask us to pay the bill,
And while we still have the chance,
Let's face the music and dance.

Soon, we'll be without the moon,
Humming a different tune,
And then, there may be tear drops to shed.
So while there's moonlight and music and love and romance,
Let's face the music and dance.
Let's face the music and dance.

Soon, we'll be without the moon,
Humming a different tune,
And then, there may be tear drops to shed.
So while there's moonlight and music and love and romance,
Let's face the music and dance,
Let's face the music and dance.”


Border Patrol stops Anti-Trump Trolls from Crossing Canadian Border "IndyWatch Feed World"

by John Galt
January 21, 2017 20:10 ET

Thankfully it would appear that the United States Border Patrol is being allowed to do its job and stop trolls from crossing into the United States from Canuckistan. From the CBC:

Montrealers bound for Trump inauguration turned away at border

Freaking awesome. It’s not that we do not have enough left wing Marxist lunatics running around spending their welfare checks to come to Washington or New York or wherever to set cars on fires and act like degenerate scum on television, but for God’s sake we don’t need the Canucks from the Union of Socialist Soviet Canuckistan running around here acting like jerks on top of that!

Excerpted from the article:

CBC has spoken to two Montrealers who were refused entry to the U.S. en route to Washington for Donald Trump’s U.S. presidential inauguration today and the women’s march Saturday.

Joseph Decunha, a McGill University physics student, said he had tried to cross the border at Lacolle, Que., at 10 p.m. ET Thursday.

“The first thing he asked us point blank is, ‘Are you anti- or pro-Trump?'” Decunha claims he was asked by a border guard who eventually denied him entry.

Sasha Dyck, another Montrealer travelling with a different group of people, was refused entry to the U.S. at the same crossing, after telling agents he was hoping to attend the women’s march....


Here’s how the Trump presidency will play out "IndyWatch Feed War"

January 19, 2017 by Pepe Escobar The Trump era starts now – with geopolitics and geoeconomics set for a series of imminent, unpredictable cliffhangers. I have argued that Trump’s foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger’s strategy to deal with the formidable Eurasia integration trio – Russia, China and Iran – is a remixed Divide and Rule; […]


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Trump: No He Can’t? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Yes we can! Catch cry in the 2008 Obama presidential campaign Beyond belief By Roger Childs Most Americans woke up this morning wondering why the shallow Donald Trump, who so many had said was unfit for high office, was now President of the United States. However, he may have lost the personal vote by nearly […]


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Imperialist-backed Military Intervention in Gambia Makes Good on Pentagon “Joint Operations”
By Abayomi Azikiwe
Editor, Pan-African News Wire
January 19, 2017

United States Africa Command has been planning an intervention in West Africa for years

A major military invasion of the small West African state of Gambia is taking place as troops from neighboring Senegal are entering the agricultural country.

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh had been granted a three month extension by the parliament to remain in office in the midst of a controversy surrounding the outcome of a recent national election.

Jammeh has rejected calls from the regional Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to resign from office immediately describing their threats of an occupation as unwarranted interference in the country’s internal affairs. The president has declared a state of emergency signaling his willingness to maintain the existing position.

At the Gambian embassy in Dakar, Senegal, the proclaimed winner of the November elections, businessman Adama Barrow, was sworn in as president. Although Barrow is saying that he is the legitimate head-of-state for Gambia, nevertheless, he is not even residing inside the small nation.

Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz visited the capital of Banjul on January 18 in another effort to persuade Jammeh to relinquish office. The talks at the presidential palace fueled speculation that Jammeh is being pressured to leave the country to settle in Morocco or Nigeria.

Nonetheless, there were no guarantees mentioned which would indicate whether he would be subjected to extradition back to Gambia or to Europe as was done to former Liberian President Charles Taylor in 2003. After an ECOWAS intervention, Taylor was sent to Nigeria for a brief period and then in contravention to the agreement, he later wound up in The Hague for a Special Tribunal on the War in Sierra Leone.

Thousands of tourists and other guests in Gambia have been seen evacuating the country. These developments followed a travel advisory issued by the British government, the former colonial power in Gambia.

According to the Inde...


The Struggle is Real… "IndyWatch Feed"

Relax. Remember Wisconsin? This is the same opposition.


Map of the Day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Soros-Funded Groups Back Anti-Trump Women’s March "IndyWatch Feed World"

Today was the Women’s March on Washington, and it is all that I have heard about all day. And as a woman it is something that I am supposed to be all for, however, what people don’t realize is that this woman’s march is not a march for women, but a march for women who are anti-Trump.

Upon doing some research I found out a lot of things about the supposed march for women’s rights, and I think what I found might interest some of you. In my research, I came across an article from nytlive or women in the world, and the author’s words really sat with me.

“As someone who voted for Trump, I don’t feel welcome, nor do many other women who reject the liberal identity politics that is the core underpinnings of the march, so far, making white women feel unwelcome, nixing women who oppose abortion and hijacking the agenda.

… Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association, a march “partner,” told me his organization was “nonpartisan” but has “many concerns about the incoming Trump administration that include what we see as a misogynist approach to women.” Nick Fish, national program director of the American Atheists, another march partner, told me, “This is not a ‘partisan’ event.” Dennis Wiley, pastor of Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ, another march “partner,” returned my call and said, “This is not a partisan march.”

Really?, another partner, features videos with the hashtags #ImWithHer, #DemsInPhily and #ThanksObama. Following the money, I poured through documents of billionaire George Soros and his Open Society philanthropy, because I wondered: What is the link between one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the “Women’s March”?”

Hmmm… that kind of makes you think doesn’t it? One of the most powerful men in the world, George Soros is behind the March. Soros was one of Hillary’s largest donors and has links to over fifty ‘partners’ of the Women’s March…

Some of the so-called “partners” financed by Soros include Sierra Club, Amnesty International,, NAACP, Green For All, Center for Constitutional Rights, Human Rights Watch, NARL Pro-Choice, People for the American...


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Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV Debate Program: 'Imperialist Agenda' Behind Political Turmoil in Gambia: Pundit
Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:32AM

To watch this Press TV The Debate program from Jan. 19, 2017 just click on the website below:

Post-election developments have caused political unrest in Gambia and the prospect of a foreign military intervention has made the situation more sophisticated. Despite initially congratulating opposition leader Adama Barrow for his victory in the December 1 presidential election, incumbent president Yahya Jammeh insists that there were irregularities in the voting process.

Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of Pan-African News Wire from Detroit, referred to the United States and the United Kingdom as two imperialist powers which are behind the ongoing political turbulence in Gambia.

The role of America, Britain and the European Union in Africa should not be ignored, because “they are the ones who supply resources to many of the military forces throughout the West African region,” he told Press TV on Thursday night.

“The role of former colonial powers and the dominant neocolonial power,” which is the United States, is clearly rampant in political developments of West Africa, because Britain and America have been “involved in massive military interventions all across Africa,” he said.

The imperialist powers, he said, resort to their allied governments in Africa to implement their hegemonic agenda in the region.

According to the analyst, Senegalese troops have amassed on the Gambian border, which is suspicious, because Senegal signed a joint defense agreement with the United States in July turning the country into “the closest country" in the region to the US Africa Command or AFRICOM.

“This is the manifestation of the military exercises that have been carried out last several years in West Africa coordinated by the US Africa Command,” he said.

Azikiwe said there are concerns about wh...


Freak snowfall brings winter to New Zealand resorts in summer! "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Guests at Cardrona Alpine Resort, near Wanaka, have woken to a winter wonderland - in the middle of summer. Light snow began falling on Saturday afternoon, but increased to heavy falls overnight, leaving a 30-centimetre base, Cardrona marketing coordinator Matt McIvor said. The white stuff was still falling on Sunday morning. In five years at the resort McIvor said he had never seen these conditions in January.


Video: White Helmets denounced by Aleppo residents "IndyWatch Feed National"

Posted by Tim Anderson on Facebook   The following clip is about the White Helmets, a group that has been presented in the west’s media...

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Cannabis: The Right To Home Medicine And The Auto-Flowering Strains "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Allowing for the unrestrained domestic cultivation of marijuana offers an astounding advantage when compared with buying, as it allows you to determine the strain of cannabis you are using and that strain’s peculiar therapeutic effects. There are distinctive strains of cannabis with equally different therapeutic and medicinal effects that can be used in the treatment of […]

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When Trump Promises to Put ‘America First,’ Does He Really Mean Israel? "IndyWatch Feed War"

“From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first, America first. Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit American workers and American families.” –President Donald Trump, from his inauguration speech [ Ed. note – I’m not sure exactly how Trump’s pledge to move the […]


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Defeated Gambian Leader Ends Standoff and Boards a Flight Into Exile
New York Times
JAN. 21, 2017

A ferry bringing back people who fled Gambia because of its political crisis arrived at the port in Banjul on Saturday. Credit Jerome Delay/Associated Press

BANJUL, Gambia — As a military band played, the defeated president of Gambia, who had set off a tense standoff by refusing to step down after his election loss, left the country on Saturday night, boarding a flight that would send him into exile.

Teary supporters gathered at the airport to usher off the former leader, Yahya Jammeh, as he finally let go of the presidency, two days after a new president, Adama Barrow, was inaugurated in nearby Senegal, where he had fled out of fears for his safety.

Mr. Jammeh, who seized power in a coup in 1994, arrived at the airport in Banjul, the capital, in his Rolls-Royce and dressed in all white. A military band played the national anthem and a song it had composed just for him that it often played to accompany his journeys. Mr. Jammeh walked slowly toward a waiting airplane, shaking hands with a line of people and escorted by Alpha Condé, the president of Guinea. A Quran in one hand, he waved with the other to the crowd.

As of Saturday night, it was still unclear exactly where Mr. Jammeh would wind up.

Mr. Jammeh had appeared on state television early Saturday morning and announced that he would step down.

“I am truly and sincerely proud of being of service to you,” he said in a somber speech.

With Mr. Jammeh’s long record of unpredictability, many Gambians had questioned whether he would actually give up power after he was defeated in an election last month. On Saturday, a wave of relief spread across Mr. Barrow’s supporters.

Mr. Jammeh’s departure ended a tense stretch for the West African nation, which had been at a standstill, with foreign troops and military vehicles inside its borders and the presidents of both Guinea and Mauritania intervening to persuade Mr. Jammeh to step down to make way for the newly elected president, Mr. Barrow. Fearing for his safety in Gambia, Mr. Barrow was sworn in on Thursday in Senegal, as...




Submitted to It’s Going Down

Milo Yiannopoulos is not off to a great start for the third leg of his “Dangerous Faggot Tour.” Kicking things off in California at UC Davis on January 13, Milo’s event was a complete disaster with protesters successfully shutting down the event before it even had a chance to start[1]. The second stop on Milo’s tour was supposed to be at UC Santa Barbara on January 17, but the host group Students for Liberty cancelled the event themselves due to poor communication from Milo’s handlers[2]. The next stops in California for Yiannopoulos are Cal Poly SLO on January 31, UC Berkeley on February 1, and finally UCLA on February 2. Milo’s previous visit to UCLA in 2016 was complicated by protesters employing a variety of tactics including blocking access to the building Milo was to speak in (causing an hour-long delay), disruptions in the audience once the talk started, and lastly a bomb threat that resulted in the room being evacuated.

Milo Yiannopoulos is scum. His offenses are well-documented and reported on and thus it isn’t surprising to see such large and militant turnouts in opposition to his politics everywhere he goes. As controversy continues, discussions are usually boiled down to simplistic and individualized analysis centered on the man himself. Does Milo deserve free speech? Is Milo racist/transphobic/Islamophobic etc? Is Milo alt-right? A fascist? The list goes on, and it’s always Milo, Milo, Milo.

We would like to add some quick thoughts and analysis from a different point of view.

Opposing the tour is not just about Milo, it’s about the Moment

It’s no longer a secret. By now we know that Republican clubs and other college student groups that have been inviting Milo Yiannopoulos to their campuses have ties to or are themselves directly involved in alt-right and neo-nazi movements. This includes the president of the UW College Republicans[3] and multiple members of the Berkeley College Republicans[4].

This is significant. Jessica Gamble, the previously mentioned president of UW College Republicans, admits that the Yiannopoulos speaking tour is to serve as a recruitment tool for her group:

“Our membership is growing because...


Three More Years of Harassment and Abuse of Power in San Antonio Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Submitted to It’s Going Down

After the culmination of the three-year municipal period, 2014-2016, ten compañerxs of the community assembly remain imprisoned in the penitentiaries of Ixcotel, Cuicatlán and Etla Oaxaca. Furthermore, orders of arrest remain outstanding against nineteen of our compañerxs. This is the result of a municipal conflict on December 14th, 2014, between peoples of the municipality, in a dispute over control of the municipal palace and the naming of the municipal mayor.

The municipal palace had been previously taken through violence by a group using sticks and firearms, lead by the professor/ brothers: Vicente, Vidal, and Manuel Zepeda Cortes (the latter being the ex-municipal president for the three years 2011-2013). Their intention was to retain power in order to hide the embezzlement of 23 million pesos carried out in complicity with the ex-municipal administrator professor Eleazar Bravo Fuentes. Their pretext for the attack was that the then municipal president, Alfredo Bolaños Pacheco, was not adequately using the resources to benefit the municipality. In reality, Manuel Zepeda Cortes ex- municipal president, was searching to obscure the gifting of the money to works of his construction company, which he had started during his municipal presidency.

It is important to note that under his command, the repression and violation of the human rights of members of the community assembly who don’t pertain to his political line were extensive. In February of 2011, he orchestrated the burning of a truck belonging to UCOCAM (Unión de Comunidades Campesinas Marginadas).   On the 30th of the same month, Manuel Zepeda Cortes along with his followers, using sticks, rocks and machetes, attacked compañerxs of the community assembly that were carrying out a Faena (community works project) in the neighborhood of Puerto Rosete. On November 20th of 2012, as compañerxs gathered in an autobus in Puente de Fierro, to travel to Mexico City to commemorate the anniversary of the tragic death of Ricardo Flores Magón, hooded men attacked them. As a result of the attack, professor and journalist Fernando Palacios Chazares and various others were gravely injured. Until now, the perpetrators remain in impunity. Manuel Zepeda Cortes also used heavy machinery in the river that runs through our municipality to remove large quantities of rock and sand from big landholdings that he obtained with municipal resources. This ha...


Study: Chicago More Dangerous for Black Residents than any Other Group "IndyWatch Feed"

Black Chicago Mourners AP
A recent study of the violence in Barack Obama's adopted home town of Chicago shows that the most at-risk group in the Windy City are its African American residents.


The Year For Banning Cash Globally (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Year For Banning Cash Globally Video This is a brief walk through on the recent events surrounding the attack on the use of physical cash in our monetary system. Since India has banned their older high denomination notes over the last few week, more countries are looking into doing the same. Take two minutes…

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YWAM Medical Ship to establish Traning campus in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

YWAM Medical Ships looking at establishing a youth training campus in Alotau, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea.

It is working together with YWAM – University of the Nations Kona Hawaii to expand their operations in PNG this month by exploring the feasibility of the campus.

YWAM has been invited to establish the campus by the Member for Alotau Open and Minister for National Planning & Monitoring, Charles Abel.

The purpose of the YWAM Alotau Campus is to create opportunities for skills-based training, character development and volunteering in PNG’s rural areas; contributing toward the broad goals and principles of the National Youth Policy and the Higher and Technical Education Plan of PNG.

YWAM Medical Ships Managing Director, Ken Mulligan, said the YWAM Medical Ships Alotau Campus is an exciting step toward helping to empower PNG’s young people.

“YWAM’s unique training approach focuses on developing young people holistically – hands-on opportunities are matched with character development, Christian values and application that directly benefits not only the student, but entire communities.

“We are looking forward to expanding our work to a greater level through this new campus,” said Mulligan.

The first programs to commence in Alotau include pilots of two-week introductory seminars covering a range of topics including basic health care, women’s empowerment, micro enterprise and community technology.

YWAM – University of the Nations Kona Hawaii Executive Director, Paul Childers, said the seminars will help provide direction on a long-term strategy and approach for the new campus.

“These initial introductory seminars will help us gauge the appropriate style for training delivery as we progress toward delivering nationally accredited training in the future.

“Our desire is for the training to be culturally relevant and engaging – to help young people not only attain skills, but a true understanding on their value and their part to play in building their nation.

“These first few months are really about hearing from the students and the local community as we get to know each other in this context, and together explore the best strategy for long-term results,” said Childers.

The YWAM Alotau Campus would attract and include people from all over the world, helping to create a vibrant environment for young people to grow and flourish.

The campus would also serve as a support-base for YWAM’s Medical Ships, serving in remote communities in PN...


Activist Featured In Project Veritas Inauguration Video Arrested… "IndyWatch Feed"

The poor snowflake missed the inauguration. Via Washington Times: DisruptJ20 protesters dismissed as a joke an undercover Project Veritas video showing activists supposedly planning to shut down Thursday night’s DeploraBall by setting off smoke bombs or the sprinkler system — but D.C. police weren’t buying it. The 34-year-old man arrested Thursday night for conspiracy to […]


The Big Shoes of Adenan Satem "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

“I LOVE Sarawak and I want the people of Sarawak to love and care for Sarawak as much as I do.” The 5th Chief Minister of Sarawak had left this Fairland Sarawak with those parting words. In his three-year reign, “Sarawak” and “Sarawakians” had meant much more to the people of Sarawak and the world […]


Philadelphia, PA: A “No More Presidents” Reportback "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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From Philly Anti-Capitalist

On J20, around 50 of us masked up and took down South St.  We wanted to set a tone of resistance against the Trump regime and the ruling class for the years to come.  There were chants of “Good Night Alt Right” and antifascist flags and banners. The OCF Coffee house was smashed while people spray painted windows along the street.  Bank of America took a paint bomb.  As we moved along, more windows were tagged and shattered.  There was a brief discussion before we turned off South St and started pulling barricades into the road, knowing the cops had to be close by, being eerily absent so far.  When they did show, we split, the obstacles slowing them down enough for everyone to get away.

This shit is officially still possible in Philly. Affinity groups can come together in direct, violent, contempt against the business of gentrification and the moneyed masters funding attacks on indigenous peoples.  For all those arrested on J20 and all those still fighting the Black Snake.

Expect more.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

South Africa: Hundreds March in Cape Town Against Donald Trump
Protesters in Cape Town marched against new U.S. president Donald Trump.

By Bernard Chiguvare

Hundreds of people, mostly women, gathered at the South African Museum in Cape Town on Saturday. They marched through the Company's Garden to the front entrance to Parliament holding placards with signs like "A woman's place is in the revolution","Well-behaved women seldom make history" and "It's time for women to stop being politely angry".

The march was in solidarity with women's marches taking place in the United States and elsewhere around the world to show opposition to US president Donald Trump who was inaugurated yesterday.

Dubbed the Cape Town Sister March, it was supported by several organisations including Sex Workers Education Advocacy Taskforce, Sonke Gender Justice and International Domestic Workers' Federation.

"The march is in solidarity with what is happening today in the United States but this is a warning shot to our government. The way women are treated by our government is the same way we believe President Trump's administration would do," said Myrtle Witbooi of the South African Domestic Service and Allied Workers Union, addressing the media.

A pamphlet by the protesters expressed concerns that the Trump administration might threaten decades of international gains in human rights. The protesters demanded that President Trump:

must hear and submit to calls for women's rights to be respected, protected and fulfilled in and beyond US borders; and

must support women's struggles to attain the realisation and advancement of women's rights to equality.

The pamphlet said that all women must have access to the highest possible attainable standard of health including women's sexual reproductive health.

Dean Peacock, Executive Director of Sonke Gender Justice, said Trump's administration should be taken head on from the start. "It is important to resist Trump's conservative policies from day one and to make it clear across the world that his policies are discriminatory," he said.

Ethan Parsons, from America, said "I have nev...


The Poet: Arthur O’Shaughnessy, "Music and Moonlight" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Music and Moonlight"

"We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone seabreakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world forever, it seems…
We, in the ages lying
In the buried past of the earth,
Built Ninevah with our sighing,
And Babel itself in our mirth;
And o’erthrew them with prophesying
To the old of the new world’s worth;
For each age is a dream that is dying,
Or one that is coming to birth."

- Arthur O’Shaughnessy, "Music and Moonlight" (1874)


Bloomington, IN: #J20 Reportback "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Submitted to It’s Going Down

People worked their way out of the shadows to meet at People’s Park. Participants were handed complimentary gift bags which included a handout on safety in the streets, face and hand coverings, noisemakers, and other fun items for a night out on the town. It feels like a sign of the times that all of these tools were enthusiastically accepted and used by most people who received them. It doesn’t seem hard for people to understand that in order to fight this regime and its “Alt Right” foot soldiers, we need to begin to protect ourselves and each other.

While the small, but energetic, crowd of around 30 took the streets shouting “Fuck Donald Trump”, crews broke off in relative ease to relax by each of the city’s parking meters down Kirkwood, the main street in town. The meters were decorated with stickers drawing connections between the meters and the police (meter money helps fund the BPD). Stickers decorated with “Don’t Feed the Pigs,” solidarity slogans with refugees and prisoners, anti-police and Trump messages were placed strategically on the solar panels that power the meters in an attempt to sabotage their functioning. And let’s just say the pigs will go a little hungrier these days as the locks on over 35 meters were disabled with glue and/or had their card and coin slots blocked with expanding foam.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Trump’s Press Secretary Lashes Out at Press, Calling Crowd Coverage ‘Shameful and Wrong’
By John Wagner
Washington Post
January 21 at 6:43 PM

During a briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer accused members of the press on Saturday of “deliberately false” inaugural coverage, adding that “accountability goes both ways.”

President Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, on Saturday used his first media briefing to angrily lambaste the press for its coverage of the new administration, claiming reporters had deliberately sought to minimize the “enormous” crowd at Trump’s swearing-in on Friday.

“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period — both in person and around the globe,” Spicer said. “These attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong.”

Channeling Trump’s frequently voiced disdain for the media, Spicer said that there has been a lot of talk about holding the new president accountable for his actions. But Spicer said that “goes both ways.”

“We’re going to hold the press accountable as well,” Spicer said. “The American people deserve better.”

In a highly unusual move, Spicer left the briefing without taking questions, ignoring reporters who shouted questions at him about the massive crowd in town for the Women’s March on Washington, which was designed to protest Trump’s presidency.

Spicer’s comments on crowd size echoed those of his boss a couple of hours earlier, when Trump appeared at the CIA headquarters in Virginia. Trump said that the “dishonest” media had underreported a crowd that, from the dais, he said “looked like a million, a million and a half people.”

Spicer walked through numbers of people that various sections of the area in front of Trump were believed to hold in making a case that media estimates were too low.

The area between the platform where Trump spoke and 4th Street held 250,000 people, Spicer said. The area between 4th Street and a media tent held another 220,000, he said. And the area between the tent and the Washington Monument could hold 250,000.

“All of this space was full...


Fluoride in Water Can Calcify Arteries, Study Finds "IndyWatch Feed World"

Fluoride in Water Can Calcify Arteries, Study Finds | tap-water | Fluoride General Health Medical & Health Special Interests

Fluoride is put in your drinking water ‘for your teeth’ without your consent, but did you know that it could also be calcifying your arteries?

A few years ago, we reported on a study evaluating a new diagnostic technology that inadvertently revealed a link between fluoride exposure and coronary artery disease. Our report stirred up quite a lot of controversy and criticism, even leading one of the most respected figures in alternative medicine (deservedly so) – Dr. Russell Blaylock — to call us out on Infowars for our allegedly sophomoric interpretation of the following article: “Association of vascular fluoride uptake with vascular calcification and coronary artery disease.” As one can see, the study’s results revealed a hitherto largely unknown connection between fluoride exposure, coronary artery disease and cardiovascular events (e.g. heart attack).

“There was significant correlation between history of cardiovascular events and presence of fluoride uptake in coronary arteries. The coronary fluoride uptake value in patients with cardiovascular events was significantly higher than in patients without cardiovascular events.”

The argument, at the time, was the study was simply about a new diagnostic technique and shouldn’t be ‘read into,’ and that, presumably, the increased fluoride uptake value observed in patients with a higher frequency of cardiovascular events was a an ‘effect’ of the heart disease itself and not in any way indicative of fluoride’s causative role as a cardiotoxic agent — despite the fact that fluoride’s cardiotoxicity has already been consistently dem...


Andrew Little: “My first hundred days as Prime Minister” "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Labour is challenging the Government to support a Bill to remove any legal barrier to the recovery of the 29 Pike River miners, says Labour Leader Andrew Little. “Bill English has been hiding behind the legal excuse that any attempt to re-enter the mine to recover the bodies might place the mine’s owner, Solid Energy […]

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"Searchers" "IndyWatch Feed World"


"Some people do not have to search- 
they find their niche early in life and rest there,
seemingly contented and resigned. 
They do not seem to ask much of life, 
sometimes they do not seem to take it seriously. 
At times I envy them, 
but usually I do not understand them- 
seldom do they understand me. 

I am one of the searchers. 
There are, I believe, millions of us. 
We are not unhappy, but neither are we really content. 
We continue to explore life, 
hoping to uncover its ultimate secret. 
We continue to explore ourselves, 
hoping to understand. 



The Mainstream Media Knew, But Never Warned Anyone About… (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

T he group responsible for planning the #DisruptJ20 movement has already made it very clear in a direct statement that can be found on their website, the rioting and civil disobedience that began during Trump’s inauguration is only the beginning of their resistance to Trump's presidency.

In the following video, I discuss the precedent being set by these far-left “protests” if order is not restored, and restored fast, because there is clearly a double standard in play, rather than a uniform set of laws to govern all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. Why the concern? Specifically, the #DisruptJ20 website says:

"#DisruptJ20 will be the start of the re...


500,000 march on Washington to protest Trump presidency "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

  Hundreds of thousands of people from across the United States descend on Washington to voice their anger and anxiety over Donald Trump’s presidency a day after he took the oath of office. The Women’s March on Washington, which organizers said attracted half a million people on Saturday, seeks to raise awareness of women’s rights and other civil […]


WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer Blasts Media’s ‘Deliberately False Reporting’ "IndyWatch Feed"

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 21: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer makes a statement to members of the media at the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House January 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. This was Spicer's first press conference as Press Secretary where he spoke about the media's reporting on the inauguration's crowd size. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)


Trump finds lack of support at his inauguration "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ben Wilson If Donald Trump expected huge crowds at his inauguration parade in Washington, he must be a very disappointed man. The prepared...

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This One Chart Shows Why The Donald May Be Inheriting A Sinking Ship "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This One Chart Shows Why The Donald May Be Inheriting A Sinking Ship by Jeff Berwick He’s made all kinds of promises about major changes he intends to make with the US federal government.  But, could the US government be on the verge of complete bankruptcy? This is a chart of foreign central bank purchases…

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“Welcome to Your First Day. We Won’t Go Away” — Scenes From the Women’s March in D.C. "IndyWatch Feed"

Jeremy Scahill describes the extraordinary scene from the middle of the Women’s March on Washington. “This is a good indication of the kind of resistance that we’re going to see going forward,” he says. (Video by Cameron Hickey; Edited by Lauren Feeney.)


Hours before the Women’s March program was set to start on Saturday morning, many hundreds of people were already filing towards the starting point. Washington’s Metro, which on Friday saw below-average ridership, quickly filled with crowds wearing pink “pussy” hats and signs.

By midday, crowds with no end in sight were converging around the rally’s center and kept pouring in.

The March, created as a counterpoint to Donald Trump’s inauguration, was criticized in the first days after the election for its lack of inclusiveness. But a group of women of color eventually took the lead and the efforts to highlight a broader range of issues was everywhere to be seen on Saturday, with women, and men, of all ages and races carrying signs in support of everything from immigrants to black lives, indigenous struggles to reproductive rights.

Everyone expected the march to be big, but not this big. Organizers had planned for about 250,000; on the ground, it felt like at least twice that — and there were over 700 sister marches in other cities in the U.S. and around the world.

Even as space ran out, the mood remained peaceful and festive. Organizers had planned for marchers to move along the southern side of the mall, but so many people showed up that several marches took off in different directions, fanning along all sides of the Mall and filling the space in between with a sea of hats, music, and signs.

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Fukushima Update January 21, 2017: 13,732 Hiroshima Bombs" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Publishing Note: Due to Bob Nichol's other commitments the city-specific radiation reporting will now be published every 2 weeks until further notice. The next such report will be on January 28, 2017. I will update the weekly Hiroshima bomb equivalents information. This is to keep you as aware and informed as possible, not alarm you, though you should be alarmed, and is scientific FACT, not sensationalistic nonsense. Everything here is active-linked for your own verification, or not; I encourage you to do so. The radiation's not going anywhere, folks, but we are... - CP

"Your Radiation This Week: January 14, 2017"
By Bob Nichols
  "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”
- Shiva




The effluent from olive mills: proposals for re-use and purification with reference to Italian legislation (Part II) "IndyWatch Feed World"

The effluent from olive mills: proposals for re-use and purification with reference to Italian legislation (Part II)


Karyotype and gametogenesis of the common liver fluke, Fasciola sp., in Japan "IndyWatch Feed World"

Karyotype and gametogenesis of the common liver fluke, Fasciola sp., in Japan


RM38b allocated for Sabah, Sarawak’s development "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Sabah and Sarawak have been allocated a substantial RM38 billion for the next five years because Datuk Seri Najib Razak wants both states to progress on par with the peninsula. Sabah Finance Assistant Minister Datuk Ramlee Marahaban said the Prime Minister emphasised on development as “a must” for Sabah and Sarawak in all aspects including […]


Landowners unhappy with longhouse chiefs’ intent to develop land "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The action of a group of longhouse chiefs who applied for a provisional lease (PL) to enable them to cooperate with a company to carry out certain project in Ulu Ngemah, Kanowit has displeased the landowners in the area. A representative of the Ulu Ngemah residents, Thomas Laja Besi said the action of the longhouses […]


Trump Report Card: Straight A’s For Inaugural Address… "IndyWatch Feed"

Going against the media narrative. Via Washington Examiner: This marks our first Weekly Report Card for new President Trump and it starts with a bang. Both of our professors, coming at Trump from opposite sides, give 45th President of the United States an A. Jed Babbin PEOTUS became the 45th POTUS at noon on Friday. […]


UniKL recognises UEC as entry qualification, says MARA chairman "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa today clarified that the Unified Examinations Certificate (UEC) is recognised by Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) as an entry qualification to its university. Although UniKL is under MARA, he said it is a private higher learning institution which has received approval from the Higher Education Ministry to […]


Reason for palm oil shortage: Only 1 factory in west Sabah "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The shortage of cooking oil-repackaging factories in western Sabah has become one of the reasons for the delay in the distribution of cooking oil supply to the markets in the area. Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Hamzah Zainudin said only one cooking oil-repackaging factory could be found in western Sabah, namely in Kota Kinabalu, […]


Think tank predicts Chinese Malaysian population may drop below 20pc by 2030 "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese will form less than 20 per cent of the total population in just 13 more years if their emigrating trend and low birth rates continues, according to the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Asli). “If the migration trend continues to 2030, Malaysian Chinese would only account for only 19.6 per cent of […]


Abang Johari: No Umno in Sarawak as long as I’m CM "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Sarawak Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Abang Openg reiterated today his predecessor’s pledge to bar entry to Umno, its peninsula-based Barisan Nasional (BN) partner, for as long as he is in office. Abang Johari said he has conveyed the message directly to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Umno president and federal BN chairman. […]


Warisan: Let’s talk about common manifesto before seats "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Opposition parties in Sabah must first talk about sharing a common manifesto and a set of policies before commencing talks on seats for the upcoming polls. Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) president Shafie Apdal likened the union of opposition parties in Sabah under one coalition to a marriage. “It’s like getting married. If we want to […]


Self Care – The Wonders of Space – Amazing Hubble instellar images – sit back, relax and enjoy the view! (REALLY LONG YouTube Video) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This video is 8 hours, 54 minutes, and 19 seconds long. It’s basically a compilation of so much of what Hubble has brought us, along with images from the Spitzer, Herschel and Chandra Telescopes, as well as from the ISS.

I did actually have this video playing once a few days ago for the entire nearly 9 hours when I just had no interest in doing anything else but cleaning, eating, and relaxing. What I would do is, if you can, cast this to your TV or set it to full-screen on your monitor and just enjoy the view while doing other stuff.


Irrigators are bludgers "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Irrigators are bludgers if they don’t pay for the damage they do.   A free right to water? A free right to kill a river? A free right to pollute? Those are all just subsidies.   – RNZ

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Remote Controlling A Dog "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Until the industrial revolution, humans made use of animals to make our labor easier. This is still seen in some niche areas, like how no machine yet has been invented that’s as good at sniffing out truffles as pigs are. [William] has hearkened back to humanity’s earlier roots, but in a more modern twist has made something of a general purpose dog that could feasibly do any work imaginable. Now his dog is remote-controlled.

[William] accomplished the monumental task in a literally cartoonish fashion using the old trope of hanging a hot dog in front of something’s face to get them to chase it. The attachment point was fitted with a remote control receiver and an actuator to get the hanging hot dog to dangle a little bit more to the dog’s right or left, depending on where the “operator” wants the dog to go. [William]’s bulldog seems to be a pretty good sport about everything and isn’t any worse for wear either.

Believe it or not, there has been some actual research done into remote controlling animals, although so far it’s limited to remote-controlled cockroaches. We like the simplicity of the remote-controlled dog, though, but don’t expect to see these rigs replacing leashes anytime soon!


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What’s going on in Idlib? - TTG "IndyWatch Feed War"

“BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:30 P.M.) - The jihadist rebels of Jund Al-Aqsa (Al-Qaeda franchise) and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham clashed again in the Idlib Governorate, marking the end of this brief period of peace. According to local rebel activists, Jund Al-Aqsa carried...


Self-driving cars mean less organ donors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For all the good that self-driving cars will bring, there’s always a way to look on the bad side:

As technology takes the wheel, road deaths due to driver error will begin to diminish. It’s a transformative advancement, but one that comes with consequences in an unexpected place: organ donation.

Here’s why:

It’s morbid, but the truth is that due to limitations on who can contribute transplants, among the most reliable sources for healthy organs and tissues are the more than 35,000 people killed each year on American roads. Currently, 1 in 5 organ donations comes from the victim of a vehicular accident.

Via Slate

Volunteer "IndyWatch Feed World"

I am looking for people to write a recipe for how to connect to the WiFi in a Mcdonalds without running its nonfree Javascript code. The recipe could include a free Javascript program I could run, or it could consist of instructions for what I would type into IceCat (our variant of Firefox). It doesn't have't be super convenient, it just has to work.


Facebook Censors Artist's Tattoos for Breast Cancer Survivors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An obligatory moment of bad press for Facebook and its censorship team comes to us from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Facebook says it made a mistake in disabling the accounts of an artist who posted images of tattoos that she created for breast cancer survivors following reconstruction. "A member of our team accidentally removed something you posted on Facebook. This was a mistake, and we sincerely apologize for they error," the social media site said in a message to Kerry Soraci. "We've since restored the content, and you should now be able to see it."

The note came after a story about Soraci's accounts was posted on Thursday afternoon, which launched other media inquiries into why Facebook took the action it did. "It is really annoying that we have to go through the media to get them to respond!" Sorachi told the Post-Dispatch Friday morning.

Facebook had disabled Soarci's page, Tattoos by Kerry Soraci, on Dec. 30, saying it did not meet the social media site's "community standards." "Your account has been disabled for not following the Facebook Community Standards, and we won't be able to reactivate it," Facebook's Steven Parker wrote in a response to Soraci. "We disable accounts that solicit others or feature content that is sexually suggestive/contains nudity."

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Ferguson film 'Whose Streets?' aims to show humanity of community - Reuters UK "IndyWatch Feed World"

Reuters UKFerguson film 'Whose Streets?' aims to show humanity of communityReuters UKA protester marches through the streets as he demonstrates against what they say is police brutality after the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, by a white police officer, in St. Louis, Missouri, March 14, 2015. REUTERS/Jim ...and more »


George Soros Has Significant Ties To Women’s March On Washington "IndyWatch Feed World"

Saturday’s ‘Women’s March” on Washington DC has been portrayed as a spontaneous, organic grass roots effort with independent organization. The media have been trying to make it seem as though the march wasn’t anti-Trump…. but it turns out that billionaire globalist and one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors George Soros had links to over fifty ‘partners’ of the Women’s March…. March “partners” financed by Soros, include: Sierra Club, Amnesty International,, NAACP, Green For All, Center for Constitutional Rights, Human Rights Watch,, NARAL Pro-Choice, People for the American Way, and Planned Parenthood. Asra Q. Nomani reports via NYTLive  In the pre-dawn darkness of today’s presidential inauguration day, I faced a choice, as a lifelong liberal feminist who voted for Donald Trump for president: lace up my pink Nike sneakers to step forward and take the DC Metro into the nation’s capital for the inauguration of America’s new president, or wait and go tomorrow to the after-party, dubbed the “Women’s March on Washington”? The Guardian has touted the “Women’s March on Washington” as a “spontaneous” action for women’s rights. Another liberal media outlet, Vox, talks about the “huge, spontaneous groundswell” behind the march. On its website, organizers of the march [...]

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In the meantime, in the “only democracy in the Middle-East”… "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Daily life in the “Jewish state of Israel with its eternal capital Jerusalem”, life goes on.  Or does it?  You tell me.


Science, Religion, or Both? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Science tells us one story and religion another. Neither is complete. Neither offers absolutes. Together they offer profound new questions. In union, they can give us a depth of understanding that leads to a new level of comfort and assurance.


A Deeper Look at the Black Bloc: Did Trump's People Fund these Anarchists? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The black bloc, a group of anarchists who infiltrate protests and wreak havoc, might be paid by financiers close to Trump, some say. Their violence of property would provide a convenient excuse for Trump to, say, outlaw all public demonstrations in D.C.


Joy Reid: A Lot of Women ‘Feel Robbed of the White House’ "IndyWatch Feed"

joy reid
Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Joy Reid said while discussing the Women’s March that has made its way into other countries around the world that “a lot of women feel robbed of the White House” because of President Donald Trump. “Why do you think Trump triggers that kind of — we get it in this country because a lot of women feel robbed of the White House, what is it about around the world?” Reid asked. Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Call For Full Forensic Audit Grows 

Date: January 19, 2017
To: All Trustees
From: Trustee Keli`i Akina

Subject: Personal Concerns Relating to the Fiscal Sustainability Plan

Dear Trustees,

I would like to share the following observations and concerns with you relating to the Fiscal Sustainability Plan and the current contract with Spire.

Based upon a comprehensive review of the contract1, I would like to share the following two concerns with you:

1. The current contract with Spire for the Fiscal Sustainability Plan reflects a duplication of services that the Administration should already be doing on a regular basis.

The contract for the Fiscal Sustainability Plan stipulates the following four responsibilities:
a) An inventory of all critical assets and liabilities which are part of OHA or reasonably expected to be part of OHA in 10 years.
b) An evaluation of the condition and performance of inventories, assets and liabilities.
c) An evaluation of OHA’s operating capabilities, including but not limited to, core services, organizational planning, and resource planning.

The comprehensive review includes an evaluation of the following documents:
* Action Items: #16-08, 16-03
* Contract # 2976, 2976-01, 2976-02, 2976-03, 2976-04
* Spire Invoices (5/15/2016 till 12/07/2...


Christopher Whalen: There Is No Auto Loan Bubble? (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Christopher Whalen: There Is No Auto Loan Bubble? Video Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, investment banker, financial analyst, bond analyst, credit analyst, bank analyst & author, Christopher Whalen R C Whalen Chris is considered one of the top bank & credit analysts in the US. Follow Chris on Twitter @rcwhalen Twitter Chris…

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Holy See confirms investigation of Order of Malta "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


The Holy See has issued a statement Tuesday in response to “attempts by the Order of Malta to discredit” the new group established by the Vatican to conduct the investigation of why the Chancellor of the Order of Malta was asked to step down.

It states that the Holy See “reaffirms its confidence in the five Members of the Group appointed by Pope Francis on 21 December 2016 to inform him about the present crisis of the Central Direction of the Order, and rejects, based on the documentation in its possession, any attempt to discredit these Members of the Group and their work.”

The Order of Malta has refused to cooperate with the investigation and on January 14, the Grand Master of the Order of Malta sent a letter to the Knights Membership explaining that there could be “serious accusations of a conflict of interest” within the five member group the Vatican has appointed, which contain four members of the Order of Malta.

“In relation to the events of recent weeks concerning the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the Holy See wishes to reiterate its support and encouragement for the commendable work that members and volunteers carry out in various pa...


Nationalism vs. Globalism: What Route Should The World Take? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Whether it’s the Brits voting for the Brexit, the Americans electing Donald Trump as president, or Marine Le Pen gaining momentum in France, the populist tides of nationalism are causing massive shifts in political power throughout the world. It’s not just these select cases either where populism has taken root. The reality is that anti-establishment […]

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Suspect In Shooting Outside MILO Event Claims Self Defence, Released Without Charges "IndyWatch Feed"

"One of the law-enforcement officials said the man who fired the gun claimed the man he shot was some type of white supremacist."


America’s new secret weapon could cripple an entire enemy city without any physical damage "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


HEAVY explosions and damaging gunfire are no longer the answer to modern warfare, with the armed forces developing a new weapon capable of crippling an entire enemy city.

The US Army is currently working on a non-explosive electromagnetic pulse artillery shell, which would be capable of rendering a wide range of electronics, critical infrastructure, and computer-based systems as useless.

A new army research proposal has detailed how America’s next secret weapon may be deployed.

“[This weapon] provides an alternative attack vector for the ne...


Facebook facing potential $2bn payout as Zuckerberg testifies in VR theft trial "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


Mark Zuckerberg has appeared in a Dallas court to testify in a case where his company is accused of stealing virtual reality technology. If found guilty, the social network could be facing a US$2 billion payout.

Facebook is being sued by ZeniMax Media, which claims Oculus – bought by Facebook in 2014 – copied its early innovations when it built its Rift VR headset.

John Carmack, a games designer who co-founded id Software, now owned by ZeniMax, worked for both Oculus and id Software for a period of time. He is now the chief technology officer of Oculus.

According to ZeniMax, Carmack shared intellectual property with Oculus while he was still with id, including highly confidential information and copyrighted code.

“Carmack secretly and illegally copied thousands of documents containing ZeniMax’s intellectual property from his computer at ZeniMax to a USB storage device which he wrongfully took with him to Oculus,” court papers...


In Stunning Admission, Draghi Says A Country Can Leave Eurozone But Must "Settle Bill First" "IndyWatch Feed"

Less than 4 years ago, and shortly after his infamous “whatever it takes” threat to speculators, Mario Draghi responded to a question from Zero Hedge readers, saying “there is no Plan B” when it comes to contingency plans for a Eurozone nation leaving the monetary union. The reasoning was simple: the mere contemplation of such a scenario assigned a probability to its occurrence, which is why the ECB was desperate to give the impression that no matter what, Europe’s cohesion is unbreakable.


Exposing The "Fake News" Censorship Industry "IndyWatch Feed"

Name a single person or organisation you trust to control your speech. Whom would you trust to control what you can read, or make decisions on what is true and what is false for you? Whom do you trust to police what you think? The German government thinks it knows exactly who should be the arbiter of truth and what articles you should be allowed to post. Itself!


‘Embarrassing and pathetic’: Twitter rips Spicer’s claim that Trump inaugural crowd was ‘largest ever’ "IndyWatch Feed"

Apparently stung by reports that the inaugural turnout for President Donald Trump was smaller than in recent years, the Trump administration held a press conference on Saturday evening in which newly minted Press Secretary Sean Spicer angrily insisted Friday’s crowd was “the largest…


Obama’s Evil and Idiotic "IndyWatch Feed"

As Murray Rothbard often emphasized, the free market and a peaceful foreign policy are indispensable partners. We cannot maintain a free market if the government engages in a bellicose foreign policy. A powerful and aggressive state constantly engaged in war requires vast resources to sustain it, and “military socialism” is an all-too-present reality. From this […]



NZ currently out in the cold "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I told McCully he put New Zealand on the wrong side of history with his support for Resolution 2334.  The chickens are now coming home to roost. We are entering a new era,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaimed last month, the day after the U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction […]

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Wayne Rooney Makes History, Breaks Man Utd Scoring Record With Injury-Time Equaliser "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Wayne Rooney on Saturday became Manchester United’s all-time leading goal scorer with a sensational stoppage-time free-kick that rescued a point at Stoke City.

Substitute Rooney curled in from the left-hand corner of the penalty box for his 250th United goal, one more than Sir Bobby Charlton.

Stoke looked set for a third straight Premier League win, clinging to a lead given to them when Juan Mata poked Erik Pieters’ cross into his own net in the 18th minute.

Rooney, so often the fulcrum of the United side since joining from Everton as an 18-year-old in 2004, has had to make do with a bit-part role under Jose Mourinho this season.

Indeed, this 546th appearance came from the bench, but still delivered a moment of history.

United had been frustrated for so long by Stoke’s stoic defence and their own wastefulness, and a free-kick awarded just outside the home penalty area looked to be the visitors’ last chance as five minutes of added time ticked down.

Rooney, largely ineffective since joining the action, looked prime to cross, but instead arced a wonderful, dipping, right-footed shot inside the far post past the previously unbeatable Grant.

Not only did the 31-year-old pass the mark of Charlton that had stood since 1973, but he gave United a point that looked to have gone.

United wasted chances, hit the woodwork and were denied by Potters keeper Lee Grant.

But their 25th and final effort at goal preserved a 17-game unbeaten run, albeit if the dropped points mean they lose ground in the race for the top four.

They are three points behind fourth-placed Arsenal and 11 off leaders Chelsea, who both play on Sunday. (NAN)


Media Who Chastised GOP Staffer For Comment On Obama Girls, Silent On Mocking Of Barron Trump… "IndyWatch Feed"

Here’s a sample of how they they called out, rightfully so, comments about the Obama children. After the Lauten debacle the @LATimes wrote this: A search of their site on @KatieMaryRich brings up 0 results. — Bethany S. Mandel (@bethanyshondark) January 21, 2017 As yet, no MSM condemnation of SNL writer Katie Rich for […]


Buhari Is Not Dead, He's Very Much Alive - Presidency Explains His True Condition "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The presidency has denied a report by some media that President Muhammadu Buhari, who is holidaying abroad is dead.

The alleged fake report first broken by MetroUK quoted the Nigerian mission in the country as confirming the president’s death.

The report claimed that Buhari visited the UK for medical check over an unknown disease, adding that, details of his death were still sketchy.

But in his reaction, Shehu Garba, Buhari’s spokesperson, said: “He is alive and well! President Buhari is not magical. He cannot be holidaying in the UK and be in Germany, dead or alive at the same time.

“He is unlike a past President who was at Ota, with Chief Obasanjo and attending the Trump inauguration in D.C, being in two places at the same time!” And Nigerians slammed him for this statement.

In his reaction, Femi Adeshina, one of Buhari's aide also reportedly said he would only say best wishes to all who wish Buhari well while for those who carry evil rumours, may they receive grace to repent.


New CIA Docs Reveal Black Budget “Project Star Gate” To Study “Supernatural” Abilities "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

cia docs thumbRecently released CIA documents are giving insight into many of the top secrets projects the government has conducted.


“Assad must go!” "IndyWatch Feed War"

“Assad must go!” – fail 🙂 January 20, 2017 The excellent Colonel Cassad posted this hilarious picture yesterday and added “in Spring we will add Hollande to this list” 🙂 Related PRESIDENT ASSAD BIDS A FOND FAREWELL TO WAR CRIMINAL OBAMA Kerry Says Assad Has To Leave Syria Or Else He will have a Temper Tantrum 2016 ‘Assad […]


Madonna Threatens To ‘Blow Up The White House’ "IndyWatch Feed World"

Madonna used her platform at the Women’s March in Washington DC to admit that she is “angry” and “outraged” and has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.“ “We choose love!” Madonna proclaimed to wild cheers from the crowd of protestors, less than 24 hours after Hillary supporters rampaged through DC destroying private property and attacking people for having a different opinion. Famous for constantly reinventing herself to stay relevant, it appears Madonna has unveiled her latest persona: “mad witch terrorist.” The 58-year-old pop star, using her platform to incite other Hollywood celebrities and liberals to terrorize the nation, offered a chilling ultimatum to the crowd: If you don’t accept my politics, there will be death. Wearing a devil horns hat, the woman who admitted to performing witchcraft to make Trump lose the election, warned, “We must love one another – or die.“ “We choose love! We choose love” she proclaimed, encouraging the audience to chant along with her, moments after sharing dark ideas of terror and destruction with millions. Madonna, the pop star of peace The millionaire heretic recently revealed that she practiced Jewish mystical witchcraft on election night while her Muslim agent read passages from the Quran to make Donald Trump lose. Speaking to [...]

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Toxic Brain Cells May Drive Many Neurodegenerative Diseases, Study Finds "IndyWatch Feed World"

By: Science Daily; Stanford University Medical Center | 

While most of us haven’t heard of astrocytes, these cells are four times as plentiful in the human brain as nerve cells. Now, a team led by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine has found that astrocytes, which perform many indispensable functions in the brain, can take on a villainous character, destroying nerve cells and likely driving many neurodegenerative diseases.

Barres, who has spent three decades focusing on brain cells that aren’t nerve cells, called the findings “the most important discovery my lab has eve...


Drama As Celebrity Baker Calls Out Donald Trump's Team For Making The Type Of Cake He Made For Obama "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Oh well, it's self-explanatory, lol.. Duff Goldman said he made the one on the left for the immediate past President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, during his inauguration and that, the one used now by President Donald Trump, (right), wasn’t made by him.. In otherwords, they copied his job! It's a photocopy, using another colour.. Trump must really like, admire and respect Obama, deep down, lol. Whewww.. It's a rap guys, thanks for reading.. Have a pleasant night and for those just waking up, have a great day!


Asian Nations Send Both Optimistic, Chilling Messages to Trump on Inauguration Day "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Asian Nations Send Both Optimistic, Chilling Messages to Trump on Inauguration Day

Asian Nations Send Both Optimistic, Chilling Messages to Trump on Inauguration Day As Barack Obama left office on Friday, some Asian nations took the opportunity to voice their position on key issues as incoming U.S. President Donald Trump prepared to give his inaugural address. Japan, for instance, will seek to strengthen its alliance with the U.S. and…

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After 6,000 Exorcisms, Priest Says ‘The Devil Is Afraid of Me’ "IndyWatch Feed"

The crucifix of Bishop Manuel Acuna on the altar during a ritual at the
A Mexican priest who has performed more than 6,000 exorcisms in his 40-year career says that he does not fear the devil, because the devil is afraid of him.


The command-line, for cybersec "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

On Twitter I made the mistake of asking people about command-line basics for cybersec professionals. A got a lot of useful responses, which I summarize in this long (5k words) post. It’s mostly driven by the tools I use, with a bit of input from the tweets I got in response to my query.


By command-line this document really means bash.

There are many types of command-line shells. Windows has two, 'cmd.exe' and 'PowerShell'. Unix started with the Bourne shell ‘sh’, and there have been many variations of this over the years, ‘csh’, ‘ksh’, ‘zsh’, ‘tcsh’, etc. When GNU rewrote Unix user-mode software independently, they called their shell “Bourne Again Shell” or “bash” (queue "JSON Bourne" shell jokes here).

For Linux IoT devices, BusyBox is the most popular shell. It’s easy to clear, as it includes feature-reduced versions of popular commands.


‘Man’ is the command you should not run if you want help for a command.

Man pages are designed to drive away newbies. They are only useful if you already mostly an expert with the command you desire help on. Man pages list all possible features of a program, but do not highlight examples of the most common features, or the most common way to use the commands.

Take ‘sed’ as an example. It’s used most commonly to do a search-and-replace in files, like so:

$ sed 's/rob/dave/' foo.txt

This usage is so common that many non-geeks know of it. Yet, if you type ‘man sed’ to figure out how to do a search and replace, you’ll get nearly incomprehensible gibberish, and no example of this most common usage.

I point this out because most guides on using the shell recommend ‘man’ pages to get help. This is wrong, it’ll just endlessly frustrate you. Instead, google the commands you need help on, or better yet, search StackExchange for answers.

You might try asking questions, like on Twitter or forum sites, but this requires a strategy. If you ask a basic question, self-important dickholes will respond by telling you to “rtfm” or “read the fucking manual”. A better strategy is to exploit their dickhole nature, such as saying “too bad command xxx cannot do yyy”. Helpful people will gladly explain why you are wrong, carefully explaining how xxx does yyy.

If you must use 'man', use the 'apropos' command to find the right man page. Sometimes multiple things in the system have the same or similar names, leading you to the wrong page.



The decline of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Suliman Mulhem – 19/01/2017   The Free Syrian Army (FSA) was, and to some extent, still is, used to display opposition forces as “moderate” and “democratic.” Although radical Islam and shariah law weren’t core features of the FSA (at least not publicly), the group has always lacked religious diversity, with Sunni Muslims dominating its ranks. This is […]


‘Reform’ at the EPO Means Destroying the Staff Union, Crushing Patent Examiners, and Imposing on Europe a System It Does Not Want (UPC) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

“When asked by Ars, the EPO’s spokesperson mentioned the imminent arrival of the unitary patent system as an important reason for revising the EPO’s internal rules…”

Dr. Glyn Moody

Laurent Prunier (EPO) talking about the scandal at the EPO with Suzette Saint-Marc (Council of Europe)

Summary: The chaotic transition at the EPO — a transition from something which has been workable to something intolerable — and the role of the Unitary Patent (UPC), which lurks in the shadows and threatens to harm the whole of Europe

Laurent Prunier is the latest victim of the brutal regime at the EPO, where many suicides have been reported (and some not publicly reported). A unions group which is familiar with and outspoken about union-busting activities at the EPO showed “L. Prunier (SUEPO) talking about the scandal at the EPO with S. Saint-Marc (Council of Europe) at the USF meeting during break in Brussels.” (the link is seemingly broken and is connected to a surveillance Web site (Facebook), so the photo at hand got uploaded).

“Laurent Prunier is the latest victim of the brutal regime at the EPO, where many suicides have been reported (and some not publicly reported).”Staff representatives at the EPO, notably but not exclusively SUEPO, have raised legitimate concerns for a long time, but it wasn’t until Battistelli and his crooked regime gained a foothold that they (and staff ‘downstream’, i.e. people they represent and protect) had their rights trampled on. Patent Administration members of staff are suffering the most (intense pressure), some people who are familiar with internal EPO affairs argue, and it’s also where workers occasionally resort to suicide. 6 years ago concerns were raised by staff representatives [PDF], noting that PAs “have a day-job. Change is not the night-job” (that was the title). This lo...


Fox News Declines to Renew George Will’s Contract "IndyWatch Feed"

George Will, a Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative American newspaper columnist, journalist, and author is interviewed by AP writer Hillel Italie on politics, history, and life without the late William F. Buckley, at Will's office in Washington's Georgetown district, Tuesday, April 22, 2008. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
Fox News has decided not to renew political commentator George Will's contract, according to a spokesperson from the network.


Prince William Set To Move Into Old Childhood Home Of Kensington Palace With Family After Quitting Air Ambulance Job To Become A Full-Time Royal "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Prince William is moving his family back to his childhood home of Kensington Palace after quitting his air ambulance job to become a full-time royal, it has been announced.

From the autumn the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be spending increasing amounts of time in their six-bedroom apartment at Princess Diana's former London residence.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte will also go to school and nursery in the capital as William and Kate step up their royal duties to support the 90-year-old Queen.

The couple moved into a cottage in Kensington Palace after they were married in 2011 and had Princess Margaret's former apartment 1A renovated for them at a cost of £4.5 million before they relocated there in 2013.

However, for the past few years they have been spending most of their family time at their country home, Anmer Hall in Norfolk, where three-year-old George goes to nursery, and where Kate enjoys under-the-radar outings while William works in the air ambulance.

But as The Queen and Prince Philip, 95, look to decrease their future workload the Cambridge family has announced that, while Anmer will still be their "home" their family life will increasingly be based in London.

"From this Autumn, however, The Duke and Duchess will increasingly base their family at Kensington Palace.

"As they have in recent years, Their Royal Highnesses are keen to increase their official work on behalf of The Queen and for charities and causes they support, which will require greater time spent in London.

"Prince George will begin school in September and Princess Charlotte will also go to nursery and eventually school in London as well.

"His Royal Highness will finish his role with the EAAA in the summer in line with his commitment to fly with them for two years."

William said: "It has been a huge privilege to fly with the East Anglia Air Ambulance.

"I would like to thank the people of East Anglia for being so supportive of my role and for letting me get on with the job when they have seen me in the community or at our region's hospitals.

"I would especially like to tha...


Standing With Standing Rock: Of Pipelines and Protests "IndyWatch Feed"

For the majority of the 1300 mile journey from Los Angeles to North Dakota, you don’t see much besides devastating, inhuman moonscapes illuminated by startling sunsets or sunrises. If you came – as we did – from a densely populated, warm city suffocated by endless lines of traffic and hopeless dreams, that ride becomes almost […]



IBD Reports Clinton Foundation Is Closing Down "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Racketeering indictment

IBD Reports Clinton Foundation Is Closing Down by Dave Kranzler When you are not in a position to wield power and broker deals for the wealthy individuals, corporate entities and foreign Governments who stuff money into your bank account, the money flow stops.  I just stops. The first reports about the Clintons’ pay for play…

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Photo of the Day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Adrift on a raft in the Atlantic for 76 days ‘I got scared by the thought I’d be dead in a few hours; I found a way to fix the raft and it felt like the biggest victory of my life’ On the night of January 29, 1982, Steven Callahan set sail alone in his small […]

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More Fair "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

They left me with your shadow, saying things like Life is not fair & I believed them for a long time.
But today, I remembered the way you laughed & the heat of your hand in mine & I knew that life is more
fair than we can ever imagine if we are there to live it. – More Fair  – ©2016 Brian Andreas – posted with permission.

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The New Reality : Reports from J20 in Seattle "IndyWatch Feed World"

This communiqué from comrades in Seattle comes to us as the night is ending there. They offer it as a partial report of the many events that transpired: some demoralizing, some inspiring, and some horrifying. Whatever their impact, all of these events are representative of what is to come: crystallized examples of this political and historical moment.

The Day Begins

Seattle, bastion of West Coast liberalism and smug leftist exceptionalism, was very busy on Inauguration Day. According to the police, resistance began at 9:30 AM when “an unidentified person threw a rock through the windshield of a Bellevue Police Department officer’s vehicle” while it was parked on Capitol Hill.

The day of protests began with mass student walkouts at noon. Students from several local high schools and middle schools walked out and took the streets immediately. With hand-crafted banners, clever chants, and an air of rebellion, they blocked traffic and marched to Seattle Central Community College. Some students carried a giant banner against the new youth jail under construction.

The mood was raucuos and jubilant, with that particular joy that accompanies expressing rage, in the streets, with comrades.

A vibrant student walk out.

Unfortunately, that joyous and rebellious spirit was crushed, redirected, and preyed upon as soon as students reached their destination, a rally at Seattle Central. Socialist Alternative organizers jumped at the opportunity to recruit and fundraise. The creative signs and chants were quickly replaced by rote repetition, as chant sheets and identical pre-printed signs were handed out. Kshama Sawant, the local celebrity socialist on City Council, quickly took the stage to promote her party, Socialist Alternative, as the only way to resist Trump; she celebrated the spirit of resistance while her organizers did their best to prevent critical thinking and autonomous action while building their party apparatus. This strategy is identical to Socialist Alternative’s actions during the anti-war movement: creating student front groups, placing their signs in front, and claiming credit for the autonomous activity of students.

What's wrong with this message?

This is part of our new reality—the Left is already preparing for a return to the Bush years, building their membership lists and pretending to represent change while funneling people into the same ineffective electoral strategy that will never liberate us. It was disheartening, and unsurprising.



Police Arrest 28Years Old Female Suspect Who Cleans Expiry Date On Food Products "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Police have arrested a suspect in Abia State allegedly involved in repackaging of expired food products. Described as a worrisome act, the police said Nnenna Sunday, 28, has perfected the act of using chemicals to erase batch production numbers and expiry dates on snacks.

It is an act that endangers the lives of the buyers of the expired products, but yet reinforces the need for everyone to check well before buying any food product.

After her arrest, she claimed to be innocent and obeying the orders of her boss.

“I did not do anything. They have been doing it before I came. I am not the first or the second. I do not understand this type of temptation.

“My hands are clean. Police saw us wiping out the expiry dates on the snacks and it is my oga (boss) that asked me to do it because that is how he has been doing it before he employed me,” the suspect said.

She further claimed to have joined the company recently and do not know the boss very  well, but many onlookers at the scene questioned what her conscience had told her while she engaged in the act.

The arrest, according to the police was part of its determination to continue the implementation of the anti-crime strategies which are proactive in nature and geared towards ensuring a safe and secured environment for inhabitant of Abia State.

The Abia State Police Command that made the arrest reiterated its readiness to sustain the fight against heinous criminal activities by improving on the existing security strategies which include visibility policing, raiding of criminal hideouts, intelligence led policing amongst many others.



Women’s March: 500,000 March In Washington To Protest Trump Presidency "IndyWatch Feed World"

Women around the globe have been taking to the streets today in protest against the new US president Donald Trump. In Washington DC, half a million people have been turning out to stand up for gender equality, healthcare for women and other issues thought to be threatened under Trump’s presidency. In London, thousands marched from the US embassy on Grosvenor Square to Trafalgar Square in a stand united against Trump. Demonstrators have even be marching against him in Antarctica. BREAKING: Antarctica announces #womensmarch, expanding the movement to 7 continents! #womensmarchglobal via @grist — Womens March Global (@WM_Global) January 20, 2017 RT reports: Reports on Saturday suggest that as many as 500,000 people have turned up to make the walk from Independence Avenue towards the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. According to Women’s March organizers, the event aims to protect human rights which have been “threatened” and “insulted” during the recent US presidential election. The Women’s March on Washington will send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights,” the group said online. “We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is [...]

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US Airstrike kills 100+ Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

More than 100 Al-Qaeda militants have been killed after US aircraft targeted a militant training base in Syria's Idlib province, the Pentagon has said. The "precision airstrike" on the Shaykh Sulayman training camp was conducted by manned and unmanned American aircraft, Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis announced on Friday. A B-52 bomber and unmanned aircraft dropped 14 munitions on the camp, an anonymous US official told Reuters.


CVE request: Linux kernel: vc4: int overflow leading to heap-based buffer overflow "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Murray McAllister on Jan 21


This issue affects the VC4_SUBMIT_CL IOCTL in the VideoCore DRM driver,
so probably only affects devices like the Raspberry Pi.

Quoting from Eric Anholt's post:

We copy the unvalidated ioctl arguments from the user into kernel
temporary memory to run the validation from, to avoid a race where the
user updates the unvalidate contents in between validating them and
copying them into the validated BO.

However, in setting up...


Whewww.. Donald Trump Posts Embarrassing Spelling Mistake In One Of His First Tweets As President "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Donald Trump has been President for just a day and he will already be realising that the scrutiny surrounding him has heightened somewhat.

So it was a really bad time for his official Twitter account to share a message with a really embarrassing typo - because the whole world was ready to screengrab it.
Earlier today, Trump decided to share a nice tweet, saying he was "honoured" to serve them as their 45th President.

Eagle-eyed social media users immediately spotted the embarrassing spelling error - where Trump had written "honered" instead of the usual US spelling of "honored", and they weren't going to let it SLIDE.


‘Indivisible’ Guide Teaches Progressives How to Play Defense Against Trump "IndyWatch Feed World"

By KiMi Robinson

Former congressional and Capitol Hill staffers created a 25-page resistance guide—which went viral—to help prevent the Republican Congress from passing conservative legislation.

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India To Deploy Hundreds Of Battle Tanks On Border With Pakistan "IndyWatch Feed World"

India is about to deploy almost 500 main battle tanks (MBTs) along its Western and Northern borders with Pakistan. The move substantially increases a large tank force that is already there and according to analysts could be an indication that India is preparing to activate its ‘Cold Start’ doctrine if required. Pakistan has already vowed that it would use all the weapons at its disposal to defend it’s country, including nuclear weapons. “If ever our national security is threatened by advancing foreign forces, Pakistan will use all of its weapons — and I mean all of our weapons — to defend our country,” one of the officials told The Financial Times. RT reports: The MBTs have been specifically designed for export by Russia, at a cost of $2 billion, and will join the existing 900 or so T-90S Bhishma tanks currently deployed in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Punjab. The T-90 is the main battle tank of the Indian Army, replacing the older variants of T-72 and T-55 tanks in the force. The new tanks will come with new thermal imaging sights and will be divided up into ten new regiments. They will also include a “Make in India” [...]

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Faces From the Women’s March on Washington "IndyWatch Feed"

Hundreds of thousands of women and men crowded the streets of Washington in an anti-Donald Trump rally and march on Saturday. Photographer Polina Yamshchikov (@polinavy) shared faces and voices from the street for @theintercept on Instagram. As she followed along the route of the Women’s March on Washington, she asked the people that she met the same question: What are you marching for?

Ayesha Gill and Rabia Baig, from Virginia. “We are here to show support for everyone else who has been marginalized by Donald Trump. We’ve got their backs, and we’re so grateful that they have ours.”

Dustin Philips, from Washington, D.C. “The collective energy—and positive feelings—here are such a contrast from yesterday. It has given me a little hope.”

Alina Mogilyanskaya and Elia Gran, from Barcelona. Alina says she is marching because she wants “to resist the new regime,” while Elia says: “I am here for selfish reasons: for my own need to feel accompanied and feel this presence in this difficult time. I am from Barcelona and this march feels independent from any government. Women’s rights are truly universal. I came because I could participate, regardless of citizenship.”

Rui Wang, of Tucson. “I came to send a message to the U.S. and to the world that decency, kindness, justice, constitutionality are important. It’s a big tent and we may not all agree on every single issue, but it’s so important to show solidarity with one other.”

Gayle Ayer, of Panama. “I care about my grandkids, but I’m not just here for my family—I am here for the whole world. He [Trump] wants to destroy so much. This matters a lot.”



Louisiana Deputy Accused of Using Taser on His Fiancee During Domestic Violence Incident "IndyWatch Feed War"

A deputy with the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office appeared in court last week. In September, Deputy Victor Cass Butler was accused of using his department issued taser on his fiancee during a domestic dispute in Vidalia, Louisiana, where he lives. According to court files, the data saved on Butler’s stun gun shows that it was used “several times” that day.

Via the Natchez Democrat:

“From what I understand, it was a confrontation (at his residence),” [Vidalia Police Chief Joey] Merrill said.

Sources close to the investigation said Butler allegedly used the stun gun multiple times.

Merrill declined to give more details about the incident or how many times Butler reportedly used the stun gun on the victim, citing the ongoing investigation.

Following the incident, the victim was treated and released at a local hospital, Merrill said.

The stun gun allegedly used in the incident was sent to Alexandria to be evaluated, Merrill said. The stun gun has a computer system, Merrill said, that records the date and time of when the weapon was fired and how many times it was fired.

More information will be made public when VPD is able to get the records of the weapon’s use, Merrill said.

“This was an unfortunate event for both parties involved,” Merrill said. “We at Vidalia Police Department are going to investigate this case fully and make sure justice is served. We, as neighboring law-enforcement agencies, are going to move forward and get past this unfortunate event.”

In spite of how unfortunate this was for both of them, the fiancee who was tasered multiple times was apparently the only one that had to be treated at the hospital afterwards.

Also, although he was originally charged with aggravated battery, Deputy Butler, who had only recently been rehired by the CPSO and has since resigned from the sheriff’s department, has already had the charged reduced t...


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Makes Emergency Call To Premiers After Trump’s Inauguration… "IndyWatch Feed"

Trudeau shaking in his ballet shoes. Via The Daily Caller: President Donald Trump’s “America first” inauguration speech prompted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make an emergency conference call Friday night to his provincial and territorial counterparts. Trudeau was reportedly trying to convince Canadian premiers that his Liberal government is prepared to meet the formidable […]


Pics: Thousands Of Women Take To Britain's Streets As Part Of International Demonstrations Against Donald Trump "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Thousands of women and men have gathered ahead of a global 'solidarity' march in the wake of the inauguration of US President Donald Trump.

The Women's March on London event, which 40,000 people had pledged to attend, is being held in conjunction with others taking place in cities across the world to promote women's and human rights.
Several thousand people across all ages and genders descended on Grosvenor Square in London on Saturday before the rally at 2pm.
They came holding a rainbow of placards with slogans such as; 'dump Trump', 'reject hate, reclaim politics' and 'no to racism, no to Trump'.


Trump’s inaugural speech – promises, hopes and opportunities "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Trump’s inaugural speech – promises, hopes and opportunities by The Saker Just hours ago Donald Trump was finally sworn in as the President of the United States. Considering all the threats hanging over this event, this is good news because at least for the time being, the Neocons have lost their control over the Executive…

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President Donald Trump Scraps All Mention Of Climate Change Plans From White House Website "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Immediately following the inauguration of president Donald Trump the white house website scrapped all mentions of any climate change plans. In this video Dan Dicks of Press for Truth asks the question cui bono?


Quote of the Day: Form follows function … "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


“[T]o the steadfast eye of one standing on the shore of things … the heart is ever gladdened by the beauty, the exquisite spontaneity, with which life seeks and takes on is forms in an accord perfectly responsive to its needs. It seems ever as though the life and the form were absolutely one and inseparable, so adequate is the sense of fulfilment.
    “Whether it be the sweeping eagle in his flight or the open apple blossom, the toiling work horse, the blithe swan, the branching oak, the winding stream at its base, the drifting clouds, over all the coursing sun, form ever follows function, and this is the law. Where function does not change form does not change. The granite rocks, the ever brooding hills, remain for ages; the lightning lives, comes into shape, and dies in a twinkling.
    “It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic, of all things physical and metaphysical, of all things human and all things superhuman, of all true manifestations of the head, of the heart, of the soul, that the life is recognisable in its expression, that form ever follows function. This is the law.
    “Shall we, then, daily violate this law in our art? Are we so decadent, so imbecile, so utterly weak of eyesight, that we cannot perceive this truth so simple, so very simple?”

~ Architect Louis Sullivan, in his 1896 article ‘The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered



Trump mends fences with CIA: ‘We have to get rid of ISIS’ "IndyWatch Feed War"


Trump moves to confront tensions over US intelligence findings that Russia interfered in election to tip outcome in his favour


More Than 50 Soros-Funded Groups Partnered With Women’s March On Washington "IndyWatch Feed World"

We Are Change

Liberal billionaire and notable Clinton donor George Soros reportedly has ties to more than 50 groups in the Women’s March on Washington against President Donald Trump.

The New York Times reported that it found the links to Soros after studying 403 groups that are partners of Saturday’s march.

The march pins itself as non-partisan, however it claims to have a message that is announcing to “our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights.”

The march’s official website says, “We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.”

NYT Reporter Asra Q. Nomani noted that she uncovered that not only was the march a partisan event, Soros’s money was everywhere. She reported that she found financial ties between Soros and at least 56 of the march’s “partners.”

A few of these organizations include Planned Parenthood, the National Resource Defense Council,, the National Action Network, the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, Arab-American Association of New York, Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Nomani also spoke to a spokeswoman from Soros’s Open Society Foundation who said that, contrary to popular belief, these were “false reports” and that OSF supports “a wide range of organizations.”

“There have been many false reports about George Soros and the Open Society Foundations funding protests in the wake of the U.S. presidential elections,” The spokeswoman told the Times. “There is no truth to these reports.”

[RELATED: George Soros Throws Tantrum Over Donald Trump]

According to a memo released by WikiLeaks that was sent to Soros by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, the campaign wanted to use grassroots organizations to “control political discourse.” Podesta wrote that he wanted to better utilize these networks to drive the content of politics through a strong echo chamber.”



8 Reasons To Drink More Water For Survival "IndyWatch Feed World"

8 Reasons To Drink More Water For Survival | Water | General Health Preparedness\Survival

In the summertime when you get hot, sweaty and sticky, it is quite natural to reach for a nice, cool glass of water to quench your thirst.  In the Fall and Winter, however, it is easy to forget to drink an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated.

Think about it.  You are indoors, covered with layers of warm clothing and subject to the dry heat produced by your furnace wood stove, or fireplace.  Talk about a recipe for dehydration.

Today I discuss some reasons why you need to drink water for survival.  This may see rather simplistic and you may be saying to yourself,  “yeah, I know that” and move on.  Before doing so however, keep in mind that in a stressful disaster, survival, collapse, or SHTF situation, you are going to need to be healthy, alert, and physically able to deal with the toils of the environment and the chaos around you.  And for that, you need to be hydrated.

Simply stated, dehydration occurs when your body does not have sufficient water and fluids to function in peak form. To re-nourish your cells, the remedy is to drink water and lots of it.  Let me tell you why.

Eight Reasons to Drink Water

1.  Protect Your Immune System:  The lack of water can dry out the mucous membranes of your lungs, stomach, intestines, and sinus passages.  This is especially true in the winter.  When this happens, you lose your resistance to disease since these barriers can only protect your body against bacteria, viruses, and pollutants when they fully hydrated and intact.

2.  Lose or Maintain a Healthy Weight:  A well-hydrated body has a higher level of oxygen in the bloodstream, translating into an increased ability to burn fat as fuel.  In addition, drinking water reduces hunger by quenching your appetite so you eat less.

3.  Prevent Headaches:  Drinking plenty of water can mitigate headaches.  You will often hear that someone who has been vomiting will come down with a massive headache.  This is not fallacy and has happened to me.  The reason for this is the lack of fluids and electrolytes.

General dehydration can also bring upon what is commonly referred to as a low-grade headache.  Whatever the type, a headache is no fun and a severe headache, such as a migraine, can be debilitating for hours if not days.

4.  Prevent Indigestion and Constipation:...


Shakeup Against Patent Parasites in the US and More Rumours/Speculations About USPTO Director Michelle Lee After Trump’s Inauguration "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Summary: The US patent system is becoming ever more hostile towards patent trolls, owing in part to reforms introduced under Michelle Lee’s tenure, but people are still not certain that she will maintain her job and continue to fix the system

THE phones that are being made in east Asia are attracting many patent parasites and patent trolls, as we last noted yesterday. The same goes for tablets, wristbands, watches etc. albeit their overall worth (or market size) is relatively small. Qualcomm has been one among the top parasites in this area (harming both Android OEMs and Apple) and its behaviour is belatedly getting the attention of the FTC, not too long after it published a study about PAEs (a sort/type of patent trolls). The corporate media including Reuters is still writing about it:

Apple files $1 billion lawsuit against chip supplier Qualcomm

Apple Inc filed a $1 billion lawsuit against supplier Qualcomm Inc on Friday, days after the U.S. government filed a lawsuit that accused the chip maker of resorting to anticompetitive tactics to maintain a monopoly over a key semiconductor in mobile phones.

Qualcomm is a major supplier to both Apple and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd for “modem” chips that help phones connect to wireless networks. The two companies together accounted for 40 percent of Qualcomm’s $23.5 billion in revenue in its most recent fiscal year.

IAM’s slant on the news wants us to think that Trump is going to change it all, even though there are no indications of any imminent changes at the USPTO. The article starts as follows:

After an investigation lasting more than two years, the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against Qualcomm on Tuesday over what it alleges are the chipmaker’s a...


Indianapolis Colts Punter Trashes GM Ryan Grigson After Firing "IndyWatch Feed"

Indianapolis Colts punter trashes GM Ryan Grigson after firing
Jan. 21 (UPI) — All-Pro punter Pat McAfee didn’t mince words when he heard about general manager Ryan Grigson losing his job.


An alternative view of the US-Russia confrontation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The current heating up of the rhetoric in US-Russia relations was triggered in the US by the events in the Ukraine that Cold War warriors in the US say is a sign that Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin are trying to expand the country’s borders and resurrect the Soviet empire, and it shows that they cannot be trusted.

Political scientist John J. Mearsheimer is of the ‘realist’ school of politics in the US that plays down ideological fervor and tries to understand global events in the light of the interests of the nations involved. The members of this school argue that the US should act in its interests coldly and calculatingly and not allow other factors to influence it. He wrote back in 2014 that what happened was the US’s fault and that the Russian takeover of Crimea was a predictable response to the way that the US and NATO had been expanding its front right into the Russian back yard, and what the US did in the Ukraine prior to the takeover was the final straw.

Washington may not like Moscow’s position, but it should understand the logic behind it. This is Geopolitics 101: great powers are always sensitive to potential threats near their home territory. After all, the United States does not tolerate distant great powers deploying military forces anywhere in the Western Hemisphere, much less on its borders. Imagine the outrage in Washington if China built an impressive military alliance and tried to include Canada and Mexico in it.

It is a good article that provides a detailed analysis of the events that led up to the Russian annexation of Crimea. But we have few realists in the US foreign policy political establishment, though they are present among the career professionals. Donald Trump may have warm feelings towards Putin now but he can hardly be called a realist. He can hardly be credited with having any coherent philosophy at all in fact, so he could suddenly turn hostile against Russia overnight.




ATTACKING KIDS!  I am appalled at the left wing twitters, and liar media on their evil attempt to get to Trump by creating all sorts of evil ideas about his son.  I will not be sharing any more of this left wing evil demonic garbage.  They have all reached a new low…or perhaps better stated they have all exposed just how soulless and rotten they are.

The same evil minions that raked Sarah Palin’s kids through the coals, even attacking her son who had down syndrome…without any remorse whatsoever regarding making fun of a handicapped person.  Meryl Streep never came out on his defense now did she?  Nor in support of the woman Sarah?

So sick of the liars and deceivers who use any evil tactic to make their ignorant liar pointless accusations by tearing apart innocent people who only deserve praise.  I guess that is the key here….God fearing people are the enemy.  Those who obey the law and try to do good things and live by morals and values are the true enemy of the left.

If ever a good versus evil scenario were ever to be evident….it has fully manifested itself now.  But, as Paul said, “Fear not in well doing for in due time we shall all reap if we faint not.”:

Onward and block their crap.  Sad, that they are so busy doing evil that they don’t take a look at their own selves….pity the fools who are in leagu...


Guys Checkout This Shocking New Toyota Nigeria 2017 Price List.. "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

I'm so speechless at the prices! May God HELP us!! A popular twitter user shared this online and people have been sharing their opinions.. See full list below…


Pet Rats Linked to U.S. Outbreak of Seoul Virus "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Exposure to pet rats has led to an outbreak of Seoul virus in Illinois and Wisconsin:

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Friday that pet rats are the source of an outbreak of Seoul virus infections in Illinois and Wisconsin. The virus has been confirmed in eight patients in an ongoing investigation. The recent cases are "the first human cases we've seen in the United States associated with pet rats," said Dr. Jennifer McQuiston, a veterinarian and deputy division director for CDC's division of high consequent pathogens and pathology. Several previous outbreaks reported in the US occurred in wild rats.

Also at CBC. Illinois Department of Public Health statement.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a Seoul Virus FAQ.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

At CIA Headquarters, Trump Boasts About Himself, Denies Feud
The president lashes out at critics, boasts of his magazine covers and exaggerates the size of the crowd at his inauguration.

01/21/17 05:09 PM EST

President Donald Trump, in his first speech in his first full day as commander in chief, visited the Central Intelligence Agency on a mission to reassure the intelligence community that they have his full support but he soon veered off course to attack the “dishonest media” in an unusually political speech in front of national-security professionals.

Standing on hallowed ground at the Langley headquarters, in front of the wall of stars carved into marble to represent each of the 117 CIA agents who have died in service to the country, Trump lashed out at his critics, boasted of his appearances on magazine covers and exaggerated about the size of the crowd at his inauguration.

He also hinted at loosening rules on torture put in place under President Barack Obama, promised to wipe “radical Islamic terrorism… off the face of the earth” and pledged his full backing to the CIA.

“I am so behind you,“ Trump said, adding, “You’re gonna get so much backing. Maybe you’re gonna say, please, don't give us so much backing, Mr. President, please, we don’t need that much backing.”

Trump’s comments, delivered without the aid of a teleprompter, oscillated jarringly between wanting to entertain, reassure, brag and attack. Roughly 400 CIA employees attended the speech, which was repeatedly interrupted by cheering and clapping. A TV pool report said that those cheering were arrayed along the sidelines of the event. A print pool report said the applause came from where rank-and-file were seated while senior staff were “far more subdued.”

“Probably almost everybody in this room voted for me,” Trump claimed at one point. "But I will not ask you to raise your hands.”

“I can only say that I am with you 1,000 percent. And the reason you’re my first stop—” Trump said before dramatically changing direction, “— is that as you know I have a running war with the media. They are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. Right? And they sort of made it sound...


SAD! Pakistan Vegetable Market Bomb Blast Kills 20 And Injures 4 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

At least 20 people have been killed and 40 wounded after a bomb exploded at a vegetable market in northwest Pakistan.

The blast happened in the city of Parachinar, a mainly Shia Muslim area on the Afghan border.

The market was full of shoppers when the device exploded. Officials said the death toll was expected to rise.

A faction of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) said it was behind the blast, adding its goal was "to avenge the killing of our associates".

The group's spokesman said it wanted to "teach a lesson to Shiites for their support for Bashar al-Assad," referring to the Syrian president.

The spokesman warned that his Sunni Muslim group will continue attacking Shia Muslims if they back President Assad, whose regime is entrenched in a six-year civil war that has claimed more than 310,000 lives.

Varied reports have emerged about the cause of the explosion, with some blaming an improvised explosive device (IED) hidden in a vegetable box.

Other accounts suggested a suicide bomber was responsible.

Sabir Hussain, a doctor at Parachinar's main hospital, told the Associated Press agency that 11 critically-wounded people were brought there, but died during treatment.

He said several others in a serious condition were being moved to other hospitals for better care.


Anti-Trump Women Marchers Threaten to Never Leave Washington, DC "IndyWatch Feed"

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 21: Protesters march down Pennsylvania avenue during the Women's March on Washington January 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. The march is expected to draw thousands from across the country to protest newly inaugurated President Donald Trump. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)


‘It looked like a million’: Trump says media is lying that his inauguration crowd was small "IndyWatch Feed"

Pres. Donald Trump said on Saturday that the media is lying about his sparsely-attended inauguration. In a speech and photo op at CIA Headquarters, the newly sworn in chief executive said that when he turned on the television Saturday morning, “one of the networks” showed “an…


At least 4 dead as tornado rips through Mississippi town (VIDEO, PHOTOS) "IndyWatch Feed"

A vicious tornado ripped through Hattiesburg in Mississippi killing at least four people and causing widespread structural damage. The tornado prompted Mayor Johnny DuPree to sign an emergency declaration as dozens of firefighters continue to search for casualties from the devastating storm. Homes and buildings have been decimated, trees uprooted and numerous cars, and even […]


Soros Has Ties to More Than 50 ‘Partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington "IndyWatch Feed"

In the pre-dawn darkness of today’s presidential inauguration day, I faced a choice, as a lifelong liberal feminist who voted for Donald Trump for president: lace up my pink Nike sneakers to step forward and take the DC Metro into the nation’s capital for the inauguration of America’s new president, or wait and go tomorrow to the […]



Russians stitched up as hackers to cover for US Intelligence leaks "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

President Barack Obama’s last press conference was a success, but only if you consider journalistic incompetence worthy of praise. During the one-hour affair, Obama answered questions ranging from the commutation of whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s sentence to personal queries concerning his and First Lady Michelle Obama’s approach when talking to their daughters about the 2016 election […]

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Horrible Parenting Spotted At Inauguration "IndyWatch Feed World"

The world is becoming a terrible place; horrible things are going on in the United States right now. A lot of this is based on propaganda, of course, but how people are letting their children act is really getting out of hand.

We here at Awareness Act are all for standing up for what you believe in, and making it known that you are not going to take it anymore. Peaceful protest is an amazing thing; it allows all people to share their beliefs in a peaceful manner. But there is a difference between peaceful protests, and straight up madness.

Last night after the inauguration, a young child was interviewed on camera after he set fire to a Trump sign in the middle of the street. The young goofball shouted at the camera “screw our president!” When the reporter asked the boy why he started the fire he said, “uh…. because I felt like it.” Clearly a social justice warrior in training…

Here is the clip of the kid…

There is a way to get your point across without acting a fool, teach your children right from wrong.

For more on this, here is an article we wrote about raising an awake child in a broken world.


Superstar Couple, David & Victoria Beckham Pocket £22Million Bonus From Their Business Empire! Wows!! "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Superstar couple David and Victoria Beckham have pocketed part of a £33million windfall from their business empire.

Accounts shows annual profits at Beckham Brand Holdings quadrupled from £10million to nearly £40million.

The business oversees Victoria’s fashion firm and DB Ventures , which rakes in money from ''licensing and other forms of commercialisation of the ‘David Beckham’ brand.''

Documents filed at Companies House show the parent company dished out a £23.1million dividend to shareholders for 2015, on top of £9million in 2014.

But the accounts go on to disclose that, during 2016, “dividends totalling £10.2million have been declared and paid to its shareholders”.

Records show Beckham Brand Holdings is jointly owned by ex-footie ace David, Victoria and Spice Girls svengali Simon Fuller ’s XIX Management firm.

Given the Beckhams own two thirds of the business, it means they shared £22.2million of the £33.3million in total dividends lavished by the firm.

Yet the company is just part of many the couple have built-up over the years.


Trump’s Inauguration: Boycotts, Protests And Fake Entrance "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Bill Hughes for the Baltimore Post Examiner. WASHINGTON, DC - I knew that President-elect Donald Trump was going to have his smiley face on at his inauguration as soon as I stepped into Baltimore’s Penn’s Station early on Friday morning, January 20, 2017. It was packed with Trump true believers carrying all kinds of signs and wearing red baseball caps that barked: “Make American Great Again.” There were only a few anti-Trump activists in sight. Trump supporters at Penn Station Trump supporters at Penn Station Well, the 8:30 am MARC train out of Penn Station had eight cars. I asked the conductor how many empty seats he had. He said it was only filled to “about one-third of its capacity.”Washington D.C. and federal officials were expecting close to 1,000,000 visitors for the weekend. I don’t think they even came close to making that number. The MARC line prepared for a huge turnout for the event, too, the 45th in our country’s history. It had ordered out more trains than usual for the occasion.


You Can Now Benchmark The ArrayFire GPU Library With The Phoronix Test Suite "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you have some spare GPU cycles this weekend, ArrayFire can now be benchmarked via the Phoronix Test Suite...


Pink hats take over Sundance festival as Handler leads Women's March - Reuters UK "IndyWatch Feed World"

Reuters UKPink hats take over Sundance festival as Handler leads Women's MarchReuters UKKona Burton, age 5, Maile Burton, age 7, and Keilani Burton, 9, (L-R) from Midway, Utah, hold their signs during a protest against new U.S. President Donald Trump during the Sundance Film Festival, in solidarity with the Women's March protests being ...and more »


Indianapolis Colts fire GM Ryan Grigson "IndyWatch Feed"

Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson responds to a question during an NFL football news conference Thursday, April 23, 2015, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)


Director of the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office: Who Is L. Wayne Brasure? "IndyWatch Feed"

Dr. L. Wayne Brasure, a physicist and former Air Force officer, was named in October 2016 to head the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO).


Brasure was born February 21, 1958, in Petoskey, Michigan. He grew up in Northville, Michigan, son of a Presbyterian minister. As a teen, Brasure was an amateur astronomer and he went on to earn a B.S. in physics and astronomy at the University of Michigan in 1980. He went into the Air Force, with his first assignment as an operations research analyst at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. While there, he worked on a M.S. in systems management at the University of Southern California, earning that in 1983. Brasure then took time off to earn an M.S. in nuclear engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1985. He then served as a nuclear research officer and chief of the Lethality Projections Branch.


Brasure subsequently returned to school, this time at the University of New Mexico, where he earned a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering in 1991. By now a major in the Air Force, he then taught physics for a time at the Air Force Academy and at New Mexico.


In 1995, Brasure was named chief of the Nuclear Assessment Branch at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida, and the following year was made chief of Atmospheric Sciences there. He moved to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California in 1998 as chief of the lab’s detachment of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. In 2001, he was made director of the Air Force’s High Power Microwave Program at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico.


Brasure dipped a toe into the private sector in 2003 as division manager and senior staff scientist at Albuquerque defense contractor Science Applications International. In 2006, however, he was back in government service as chief of the Stockpile Systems Division of the Air Force Nuclear Weapons and Counterproliferation Agency at Kirtland. Brasure moved to the Department of Energy in 2008 as stockpile sustainment manager at the National Nuclear Security Administration. In 2010, he was named executive director of the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center at Kirtland, and in 2014 Brasure became director of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Later that year, he moved to DNDO as deputy director and acting director. In 2016, he was made the agency’s Component Acq...


Devil-Worshipping Rapist, Pedro Evangelou, Attacks Teenager In His Satanic Chamber (Pics) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A devil-worshipping rapist who attacked a teenager in the 'satanic chamber' he constructed at his home has been jailed for nine years. The 19-year-old fled naked when Pedro Evangelou, 42, preyed on her at his flat in Pembroke Street, Islington, north London after meeting her in a nightclub.

But Evangelou, who has a pentangle tattooed into his forehead, caught her and snarled: "I haven't f***ing finished with you yet, we're going to do all the positions," Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Evangelou dragged her back up the stairs to his room telling her: "I've got a gag and handcuffs."

The room was a shrine to the devil, decorated with satanic posters and crammed with books on black magic, the court heard.

Evangelou has occult tattoos all over his body and wears a pendant made of single human tooth.

The rapist showed no trace of emotion as prosecutor Hugh French read a victim statement from the victim to the court.

She said: "It will be with me for the rest of my life. It's still hard for me to comprehend I'm here.
"I remember thinking I'm never escaping, that's what he told me.

"Not even sleep can provide an escape, his face haunts my nightmares. It was no surprise when I was diagnosed with post traumatic distress disorder."

She added that she had struggled with work since the attack, and was no longer comfortable around men.

Evangelou, was found guilty of sexual assault and rape after a trial at the same court in November...


Technology for making Death Star Sized Structures will have technical feasibility in the next 20 years "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I never heard of this sort of making bubbles. And the details given are slim. Anyone here of this?

The first Death Star had a diameter of between 140 and 160 kilometers. The second Death Star’s diameter ranged from 160 to 900 kilometers.

There are two near term technologies which could be applied to making Death Star sized structures:

1. Space bubbles
2. Robotic spiderfab construction

Giant Space Bubbles


Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – Live Stream… "IndyWatch Feed"

Press Secretary Sean Spicer is scheduled to give a White House press briefing momentarily. Live Stream Link.


Delegated Director, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: Who Is Kana Enomoto? "IndyWatch Feed"

Kana Enomoto, who has spent almost all her career in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), was delegated the duties of the director of the agency in August 2015.


Enomoto has a B.A. in psychology as well as a master’s in clinical psychology from UCLA. She went to work at SAMHSA in 1998 as a Presidential Management Fellow and has remained at the agency since.


Over the years, Enomoto moved up the ladder into the role of public health adviser. In 2005, she worked on mental health issues related to Hurricane Katrina. That year she was made the principal senior adviser to the SAMHSA administrator, a job she held through 2009. In 2008, Enomoto was named acting deputy administrator and director of the Office of Policy, Planning and Innovation. She was named deputy assistant secretary and principal adviser to the assistant secretary in August 2011, duties she performed until taking over SAMHSA.


The previous administrator, Pamela Hyde, left SAMHSA after criticism over the agency’s spending. When Enomoto assumed control, it was missing many senior staff and had a 25% staff vacancy rate.


Since taking over, Enomoto has prioritized spreading information to help slow overdoses of opioid drugs and worked to cut the suicide rate.

-Steve Straehley


To Learn More:

Official Biography


Dating markets in everything "IndyWatch Feed Economics" is a matchmaking site where supporters of President-elect Donald Trump can connect and possibly find love.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” the site’s founder said TrumpSingles helps supporters navigate a divisive year.

“Sometimes it’s tough to date when you’re a Trump supporter, so we’re making it easier to find each other, who are like-minded and have the same political views,” said David Goss, the 35-year-old Californian who launched the site in June.

TrumpSingles, which costs $19.95 per month, had 24,000 members as of Wednesday afternoon.

Here is the link, via Brent.

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"Hang up your opinions with your coat" "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Just going back to Twitter again...

One of the most blatantly biased of all the BBC Twitter feeds I'd ever read, a couple of years or so back, belonged to Damien McGuinness ("BBC correspondent. Berliner. Migrant. Presenter of DW Focus on Europe"). I wrote a post about it at the time. 

And looking at his Twitter feed again now, it hasn't got any more impartial - especially over Brexit.

If you are on Twitter, just keep scrolling down and then search for 'Brexit' and you'll read a deluge of tweets including the word. (I get 224 mentions). They are relentlessly - and I do mean 'relentlessly' - anti-Brexit. It's just one negative news story and anti-Brexit opinion tweeted about, linked to, re-retweeted after another. 

This is a BBC correspondent who clearly doesn't like the idea of us leaving the EU one little bit.

It's a sorry tale of how the UK's "Brexiteers" have come a cropper in Germany today. They got laughed at by German businessmen. The BBC man ends by suggesting that they might come away ha...


Gerald Celente – Who Gives a Crap? The New York Times, The Toilet Paper of Record! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Gerald Celente – Who Gives a Crap? The New York Times, The Toilet Paper of Record! Video Economic collapse continues. Gerald does his usual thing in exposing the fake news from some of the largest purveyors of fake news, NY Times, WSJ and the like. Economic news is all moving in the wrong direction while…

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41Yrs Old Mother, Tammie Stanley, Left With Extreme Scars After Surgeon Performs Skin Graft Operation Without Consent (See Pics) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A mother was left with extreme scars on her face after she underwent a surgical operation she did not consent to.

Tammie Stanley, 41, has undergone more than 40 operations in her life after she suffered third-degree burns as an eight-week-old baby in a mobile home fire.

She claims she quit her job as a carer and was left housebound after a surgeon decided to take a skin graft from her neck to cover up scar tissue.

The 41-year-old was admitted to John Radcliffe Hospital for z-plasty release - a plastic surgery technique used to improve the appearance of scars.

She claims she quit her job as a carer and was left housebound after a surgeon decided to take a skin graft from her neck to cover up scar tissue.
The 41-year-old was admitted to John Radcliffe Hospital for z-plasty release - a plastic surgery technique used to improve the appearance of scars.

She received a five-figure payout from the hospital in September last year in an out-of-court settlement after bosses admitted the operation did not meet "satisfactory standard".

She said: "This was supposed to be my last surgery - I was going to get this done and that was it because I had dealt with my scars.

"Growing up with burns scars you just get on with life. I wasn't brought up sheltered away and I was always one of those people who didn't notice people staring, I was very confident - the life and soul.

"But the operation left me with more scarring at both corners of my mouth and com...


Russia: Obama Sold His Soul To The New World Order "IndyWatch Feed World"

Barack Obama sold his soul to the New World Order and used the United States as the globalist’s military arm to create instability around the world, while disrespecting traditional Western and  Full Article »


And finally... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Of course, there is one exception (that proves the rule). This exchange just in....
SKY NEWS NEWSDESK: A White House official has confirmed Prime Minister Theresa May will meet President Donald Trump this week. 
JOHN PRESCOTT: So on the same day that thousands of women marched against Trump, it's announced Theresa May is running to meet him. Sad. 
ANDREW NEIL: You really think the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom should not meet the President of the United States? Seriously?


Indonesia is losing Melanesia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Indonesia is losing Melanesia

On Sunday last week, New Zealand-ba...


Pics: Melania Trump Wows In Stunning Inaugural Ball Dress She Helped Design And First Daughters, Ivanka & Tiffany Trump Dazzle In Inaugural Ball Gowns "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

America's First Lady, Melania Trump and First Daughters; Ivanka and Tiffany Trump, have upped their style stakes after making flawless entrances in their inaugural ball gowns.
Melania Trump opted to design her gown, in collaboration with Herve Pierre, the former creative director of Carolina Herrera.
The off white, sleeveless, silk chiffon gown was embroidered with silver thread, and had an accompanying cape - and the American public loved it.


Supercell, Clash of Clans authors, hacked. 1 Million accounts compromised "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Reportedly, over a million accounts on the Supercell community forum have been compromised after a data breach occurred in 2016.

The firm Supercell, the authors of the notorious “The Clash of Clans” mobile game admitted that accounts on Supercell community forum have been hacked. Supercell is the creator of popular games such as Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach.

According to an official statement issued by the company, hackers compromised more than 1 million accounts in a data breach occurred in September 2016.

LeakBase confirmed that the number of affected user account is 1 million.

The cyber attack affected the Supercell community forum said in an official statement that the breach happened in September 2016 and that the site’s forums were affected. According to the company,  hackers exploited a vulnerability in the Vbulletin CMS used by Supercell for its forums.

The company confirmed that game accounts weren’t affected by the data breach.

“As we’ve said before, to provide our forum service we use software from We’re currently looking into report that a vulnerability allowed third-party hackers to gain illegal access to some forum user information, including a number of emails and encrypted passwords.” reads the official statement from the company. “Our preliminary investigation suggests that the breach happened in September 2016 and it has since been fixed. ” 


Supercell urges users to change the password they are using on the affected forum as soon as possible. You can reset your password here:

Users can reset their password here:

As usual, let me suggest users change the password in any other web service they are...


CIA Tries to ‘Edit the Past’ With Release of Declassified Documents on Internet "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik | January 21, 2017 There is more to the CIA’s online release of unclassified documents than meets the eye, security expert Dmitry Efimov told Sputnik. On Wednesday the CIA published roughly 930,000 documents online, totaling more than 1 million pages, which had previously only been accessible on computers at the National Archives in Maryland.The database, which is searchable […]


Moonbats Lower Lady Liberty Into Coffin, Part Of New Orleans Jazz Funeral On Day Of Trump Inauguration… "IndyWatch Feed"

Nobody missed work to attend. Via The New Orleans Advocate: As Donald Trump was being inaugurated in Washington, D.C. on Friday, a brass band was warming up with mournful tones outside the gates of Armstrong Park. The dirge played and protesters lowered a papier-mache Statue of Liberty into a wooden coffin. And as the band […]


A Better Class of Pundit – Fox News Replaces George Will With Nigel Farage… "IndyWatch Feed"

Last night it was announced that British Brexit UKIP leader and Trump supporter Nigel Farage was hired by Fox News.  Today, Fox News announces they have declined to renew the contract of the ‘nevertrumper‘ George Will. Mr. Will famously railed … Continue reading


LIVING on EARTH: “The Social Cost of Carbon” "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Elevated Temperatures Globally

This Week’s Show: The Social Cost Of Carbon, PRI, 1/20/17

A state-of-the-art report that brings together some of the best minds in environmental policy and economics recommends a new way of evaluating the social costs of carbon pollution to keep up with the best available science. Living On Earth’s Helen Palmer and Professor Billy Pizer, an economist at the Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy discussed the changes and why social cost evaluations are crucial to tackling carbon pollution.

Show Transcript: HOST: Helen Palmer

PALMER: From Public Radio International, this is Living on Earth, January 20, 2017

PALMER: I’m Helen Palmer in for Steve Curwood. Rising seas, falling crop yields, more air conditioning — Rethinking how to count the costs of global warming and the benefits of cutting carbon is our topic here.

The Social Cost Of Carbon

The social cost of carbon (SCC) refers to the net damages from global climate change that result from an increase in CO2 emissions of one metric ton.

PALMER: From the Jennifer and Ted Stanley Studios at the University of Massachusetts, Boston and PRI, this is Living on Earth. I’m Helen Palmer in for Steve Curwood. 2016 was the hottest year on record. So was 2015, and 2014 before it, according the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other agencies. And NOAA blames human activity for this run of heat records, which gives urgency to attempts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Rules and Regulations do this at the U.S. federal level and a new report from the National Academies of Sciences updates an important policy tool authorities rely on to craft them. It’s the social cost of carbon, which quantifies the costs of climate change damage, and the social benefits of cutting emissions. The report is a collaboration of experts in many different disciplines, from climate science to economics to public policy. Joining us to clarify the new thinking is committee member Billy Pizer of the Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy. Professor Pizer, welcome to Living on Earth.

PALMER: So, first of all, tell me what is the social cost of carbon? What does it attempt to quantify?



Pics: Bill Clinton Caught Checking Out Trump's Daughter, Ivanka Trump By Wife, Hillary And She Doesn't Look Happy About It "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Donald Trump's inauguration, which was Yesterday, must have been Hillary Clinton's worst day ever and there was one moment in particular where she didn't look very happy - but it appeared to be caused by her husband, rather than Trump.

January 20 could have been the afternoon she stepped into the Oval Office, becoming the first female President of the United States.

Instead, she had to watch as her opponent went through the motions of his inauguration ceremony.

But while everyone else was looking at the stage, her husband Bill Clinton was gazing in an entirely different direction and appeared to be biting his lip.
The cameras were focused on him and caught every nuance of his movement - and so did his wife, even though he was completely oblivious to it.

Giving him the type of look a wife will regularly give her spouse, she stares at him with fiery eyes, no doubt thinking he will notice and be forced to look away.

Unfortunately for Bill, he didn't seem to be at all aware of the daggers his wife is giving him and she eventually is forced to look back at the stage.

Some have even speculated Bill was looking at Donald Trump's wife, Melania.

Perhaps Bill was just thinking about what he was going to have for his dinner? Who knows??


India – Crime of the Century: Narendra Modi & Rothschild’s BIS Failed Financial Coup "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

January 20, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – A Financial genocide, if there was ever one. Death by demonetization, probably killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, through famine, disease, even desperation and suicide – because most of India’s money was declared invalid. The official weak reason for this purposefully manufactured human disaster is […]


CIA torture, new information "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

Here the rain never finishes: exclusive CIA torture report from the ACLU

13 October 2015

Survivors of Central Intelligence Agency torture are sueing the contractor psychologists who designed one of the most infamous programs of the post-9/11 era. Salim, one of the three ex-detainees in the suit, is a Tanzanian fisherman who says that flashbacks from his ordeal in CIA custody are a permanent part of his life.

By Shelley Connor in the USA:

Declassified reports reveal torture techniques used by Bush-era CIA

21 January 2017

Newly disclosed documents from the CIA detail the “enhanced interrogation” techniques—torture—used on detainees at black sites throughout the world. The documents, 50 in all, include information that was not presented to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the CIA torture program in 2014.

This information has been released amid a pitched legal battle concerning the handling of the full 6,700 page document that was presented to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The documents were released as the result of an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Freedom of Information Act suit against the CIA. The documents describe, in clinical, disinterested prose, a harrowing array of torture techniques used against suspects, from extreme humiliation to potentially deadly force.

The use of “mock burials,” in which detainees were forced into coffin-shaped boxes with hidden ventilation holes, the slamming of detainees repeatedly into walls, and the exposure of denuded detainees to...


NASA's Cassini spacecraft captures Saturn's 'wavemaker' moon like never before "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Cassini spacecraft has captured the closest ever view of Saturn's small, 'wavemaker,' moon, Daphnis, allowing astronomers to observe new details up close. The image is the latest in a series of spectacular pictures of Saturn's rings and moons sent back by the spacecraft. Daphnis is about five miles (8 kilometres) in diameter and orbits Saturn in the 26-mile (42-kilometer) wide Keeler Gap within the A ring - the outermost of the large bright rings. In this image, taken by the Cassini narrow-angle camera, however, the gap appears smaller due to the spacecraft's viewing angle.


Brendan O'Neill: Selected Posts "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Thoughts you are unlikely to hear on Radio 4's A Point of View or Four Thought:



Ziad Fadel With a big heave-ho and a blowing of a big Bronx cheer, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, gave the boot to the noisome and leprotic former president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. He was the U.S. leader who always confidently stated that “Assad has no place in Syria’s future”.  Well, nimrod, where is […]


Selectivity in Trashing Trump "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Around the United States, massive demonstrations have protested the inauguration of Donald Trump, but there is a danger that the anti-Trump forces could block the positive elements of his message, writes Robert Parry


Madonna Drops F-Bombs at Anti-Trump Rally: ‘I’ve Thought a Lot About Blowing Up the White House’ "IndyWatch Feed"

Madonna railed against the Trump administration Saturday at the Women's March on Washington and confessed during her profanity-laced speech that's she's been thinking about "blowing up the White House."


Yellen and Trump Comments Send Dollar on Wild Ride "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Yellen and Trump Comments Send Dollar on Wild Ride Only a few days after President-elect Trump’s comments talking down the dollar, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen has sent the greenback rebounding today with strong hints of multiple interest rate hikes “a few times a year” for the next few years. Yellen and the FOMC raised the federal funds rate by…

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Progress painstakingly slow "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Latest benefit statistics show painstakingly slow progress on raw numbers.

(Note the first MSD chart is mislabeled and should read "to December 2016")

But a few other aspects can be considered.

"The majority (70.4 percent) of main benefit recipients had been receiving a benefit continuously for more than one year."

This proportion has been constant since at least 2010. Bearing in mind that in December there are more temporary beneficiaries, during the rest of the year the percent who have been continuously dependent for more than a year increases to around 73%.

How have other characteristics changed?

You would hope that the beneficiary population would be ageing as proof the reforms to discourage young people from becoming dependent early are working.

I've compared December 2007 to December 2016:



I Will Be Returning To My Homeland, The Republic Of The Gambia - President Adama Barrow "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

President of The Gambia, Adama Barrow on Saturday said he was returning to his country following Yahya Jammeh’s announcement to step down as president.

Barrow on his twitter handle, @adama_barrow, said “As Yahya Jammeh officially stepped down from office — I will be returning to my homeland, the Republic of The Gambia. #NewGambia.”

Barrow also told the Associated Press in an interview on Saturday that he would enter Gambia once a security sweep had been completed.

The new president also said that Jammeh would be leaving within hours on Saturday and told Gambians who had fled the country that they now had “the liberty to return home”.

Barrow on Thursday took the oath of office as Gambia’s new president.

He was sworn-in about 5p.m. Senegalese time at the Gambian High Commission in Dakar, Senegal.

Barrow succeeded Yahya Jammeh, who lost in the Dec. 1 presidential election and refused to vacate office when his 22-year rule expired midnight on Thursday.

West African mediators spent several hours in talks with him on Friday after military forces of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) stopped actions to remove Jammeh by force to allow last-minute negotiations.

Jammeh, however, on state TV on Saturday, announced that he would step down in the interest of the Gambian people adding that it was his duty to “preserve at every instant” their lives.

He was also reported to have left the State House to join President Alpha Conda of Guinea to the airport, to begin a new life in exile.


How Microsoft’s Cortana will compete with Alexa "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Tech Correspondent Samuel Burke sits down with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to discuss the company’s plans for its digital assistant Cortana.


What Are the Chances That a Muslim Is a Terrorist? "IndyWatch Feed World"

(FEE) – It’s flu season and for the past two days you’ve had a headache and sore throat. You learn that 90% of people who actually have the flu also have those symptoms, which makes you worry.  Does that mean the chances of your having the flu is 90%?  In other words, if there’s a 90% chance of having a headache and sore throat given that you have the flu, does that mean there’s a 90% chance having the flu given that you have a headache and sore throat?

We can use symbols to express this question as follows: Pr(Flu | Symptoms) = Pr(Symptoms | Flu) = 90%?

The answer is no. Why?

If you think about it you’ll realize that there are other things besides the flu that can give you a combination of a headache and sore throat, such as a cold or an allergy, so that having those symptoms is certainly not the same thing as having the flu.  Similarly, while fire produces smoke, the old saying that “where there’s smoke there’s fire” is wrong because it’s quite possible to produce smoke without fire.

Fortunately, there’s a nice way to account for this.

How Bayes’ Theorem Works

Suppose you learn that, in addition to Pr(Symptoms | Flu) = 90%, that the probability of a randomly chosen person having a headache and sore throat this season, regardless of the cause, is 10% – i.e. Pr(Symptoms) = 10% – and that only one person in 100 will get the flu this season – i.e. Pr(Flu) = 1%.  How does this information help?10% of Terrorists are Muslim. Does this mean that there’s a 10% chance that a Muslim person is a terrorist?  Definitely not.

Again, what we want to know are the chances of having the flu, given these symptoms Pr(Flu | Symptom).  To find that we’ll need to know first the probability of having those symptoms if we have the flu (90%) times the probability of having the flu (1%).  In other words, there’s a 90% chance of having those symptoms if in fact we do have the flu, and the chances of having the flu is only 1%. That means Pr(Symptoms | Flu) x Pr(Flu) = 0.90 x 0.01 = 0.009 or 0.9% or a bit less than one chance in 100.

Finally, we need to divide that result by the probability of having a headache and sore throat regardless of the cause Pr(Symptoms), which is 10% or 0.10, because we need to know if your headache and sore throat are flu Symptoms out of all headache-and-sore symptoms that have occurred.

So, putting it all together, the answer to the question, “What is the probability that your Symptoms are caused by the Flu?” is as follows:

Pr(Flu | Symptoms) = [Pr(Symptoms | Flu) x Pr(Flu)] ÷ Pr(Symptoms) = 0.90 x 0.01 ÷ 0.10 = 0.09 or 9%.

So if you ha...


Trump: CNN ‘Blacklisted’ From White House – More Outlets To Follow "IndyWatch Feed World"

Rogue fake news outlet CNN had their press pass applications denied by all Trump events at Friday’s inauguration, with a source in the transition team revealing the network will not be  Full Article »


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Trump Assures CIA: 'I Am So Behind You'
JANUARY 22, 2017
Associated Press

President Donald Trump has moved to mend his tumultuous relationship with America's spy agencies, travelling to CIA headquarters on his first full day in office and assuring officials, "I am so behind you."

Trump's decision to visit CIA headquarters just outside of Washington was aimed at making a public gesture to the intelligence officials he disparaged during the transition.

He had repeatedly challenged the agencies' assessment that Russia meddled in the presidential race to help him win and suggested intelligence officials were behind the leak of an unverified dossier that claimed Russia had collected compromising financial or personal information about him.

During remarks to about 400 CIA officials, Trump denied that he had a feud with the intelligence community, saying it was "exactly the opposite."

He again blamed the media for creating that impression, despite the fact that he made numerous public statements critical of intelligence officials.

"There is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and CIA than Donald Trump," he said. "There's nobody."

The 45th president's inauguration has been shadowed by news reports that the CIA and other federal agencies are investigating Russian interference in the presidential election on behalf of Trump. The New York Times, citing anonymous officials, said agencies were examining intercepted communications and financial transactions between Russian officials and Trump's associates.

FBI Director James Comey has declined to confirm or describe the nature of the government's investigation, both during a congressional hearing and in closed-door meetings with members of Congress.


Guest Post: National you can count me out, my future vote does not go with you "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

GuestPost: Max Sky is a retired NZ/Australian Entrepreneur and Company CEO with international jurisdiction, specifically Australia, New Zealand, Germany, China and Britain. His continuing political and historic research is generated on a need to know basis, born through the want of attempting to validate the facts to acknowledge and share his conclusions. Max is a confessed […]

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The Ultimate Chicken Crap Composting Guide "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Ultimate Chicken Crap Composting Guide | chicken-crap-composting-1024x629 | Agriculture & Farming Organics

There are no two ways about it – your soil needs nutrition regularly. This isn’t just dirt that we’re talking about. We’re talking about soil and soil is alive. In order for plants to grow to their optimum capacity, they need bio-intensive nutrients present in the soil to assist with growth, root development and disease prevention. While there are other nutrients needed for perfect soil, there are three responsible for the overall health of the plant.

1. Nitrogen: Encourages green foliage by producing chlorophyll and improves leaf development.

2. Phosphorus: Phosphorus promotes good root production and helps plants withstand environmental stress and harsh winters.

3. Potassium: Potassium strengthens plants, contributes to early growth and helps retain water. It also affects the plant’s disease and insect suppression.

This Bi-Product is One of the Leading Soil Amendments and Preferred by Most Organic Farmers

While most of these elements and nutrients are naturally found in soil, sometimes they can become depleted and need to be added to help the soil get healthy again. Those of you who are working towards sustainability are well versed in the importance of composting and may even be making the most of your property by caring for backyard livestock.  If you do have livestock, you probably have a plethora of the bi-product they produce – manure. Once composted, aged manure is a gre...


This Little Girl Was Chained, Caged & Tortured For Months Over Allegations Of Witchcraft In Akure, Ondo State (See Pics) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nigerian activist, Dr Joe Okei-Odumakin, has shared the touching story of a little girl who was tortured, kept in a dog cage, without food for months and assaulted after people accused her of being a witch. The shocking story which happened in Akure, Ondo State, has left many people in shock.
Okei-Odumakin wrote: "It's so sad little child was accused of witchcraft in Akure and after all tortures and attempts to kill but she did not die; she was chained in a dog cage without food for months before she was found and brought out by someone. I stumbled on the good people who found and started taking care of her again. What a world!

   "Her torturers thought her not to survive, but she was rescued after months she was caged and deserted. Largely in rural African parts, geniuses are still victims of primitive ignorance.


Boko haram celebrates America’s upcoming Black History Month … "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

‘Black Lives Matter‘ However, multitudes are being murdered in Nigeria, Sudan and Indonesia by Jihadist Terrorist gangs, but they get almost no news coverage, help or protection! Why not? And America is a ‘bad’ place?  Get real. Who exactly are the New Black Panthers? Warning Graphic Nothing these idiots do helps their own cause.Filed under: […]


Primo incontro femminista di Solidaridad – Federación Comunista Libertaria "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

16002995_10208929912544910_1237592031980817320_n_1.jpgDal 14 al 15 gennaio 2017, a Valparaíso, si è tenuto l'Incontro femminista nazionale di Solidaridad – Federación Comunista Libertaria.


GOP Senator Calls for Investigating What FBI Did About Russia-Trump Intelligence "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The night before Donald Trump was sworn in as president, the New York Times dropped a bombshell: intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been examining intercepted communications and financial transactions in an investigation of possible contacts between Trump associates and Russian officials.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

I'm Behind You, Trump Tells CIA Officials
US President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, Vice President Michael Pence and his wife Karen Pence attends the National Prayer Service at the Washington (AAP)

US President Donald Trump has told CIA and intelligence officials: "I am so behind you".

22 JAN 2017 - 8:02 AM

US President Donald Trump has visited the CIA's headquarters to thank personnel of America's intelligence services

During his visit on Saturday, Trump told intelligence officials: "I am so behind you."

Trump previously criticised intelligence officials after they concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed hackers to breach Democratic emails to try to boost Trump's presidential election campaign.

Then, after leaks about an unsubstantiated dossier compiled by a private security firm suggesting Moscow had compromising information about him, Trump blamed intelligence agencies for using Nazi-like tactics.

That drew an unusual public rebuke from outgoing CIA Director John Brennan and raised fears about the impact that sagging morale at the agencies could have on US security.

Trump also denied that he feuded with America's intelligence agencies - telling CIA officers that it was "exactly the opposite."

The president is addressing about 400 CIA employees at their headquarters in Langley, Virginia, on his first full day in office.


[KR1022] Keiser Report: Trumphoria "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

We discuss Obama and Clinton loyalists grappling with recession. And then Max continues his interview with Reggie Middleton of about the T’rash to follow Trumphoria.

[KR1022] Keiser Report: Trumphoria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

We discuss Obama and Clinton loyalists grappling with recession. And then Max continues his interview with Reggie Middleton of about the T’rash to follow Trumphoria.

Visit Site


Oh Mine!! Policemen Opens Fire On UNIOSUN Students While Playing Football (Pics) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

There is confusion at Oke Baale area of Osogbo, the Osun State capital, as some Policemen allegedly opened fire on some students of the Osun State University while playing football on Saturday morning.. It was gathered that two students were hit by the bullets.

One of them identified as Abiola Kazeem, was said to have been hit on the stomach and was rejected at two hospitals before he was taken to LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Osogbo, where he is now being treated.

The other victim, Ibrahim, was said to have been hit by the bullet in the mouth.

He is currently receiving treatment at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital at Jolayemi area of Osogbo.

Some students living in the area told our correspondent that the Policemen came to the football pitch and started shouting Yahoo boys, Yahoo boys and thereafter opened fire on the students.
The Coordinator of the National Association of Nigerian Students in the South West, Mr. Saheed Afolabi, confirmed the incident to our correspondent.

He said he rushed down to Oke Baale area to find out what happened and he was one of those who took the students to the hospital.

There is massive protest on major streets of Osogbo by students of the university and they are being joined by their colleagues to protest the s...


President Donald Trump Speech at Armed Services Inauguration Ball (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

President Donald Trump Speech at Armed Services Inauguration Ball (Video)

President Donald Trump Speech at Armed Services Inauguration Ball Video President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump at Liberty Ball in Washington D.C. President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump and Vice President and Mrs. Pence address attendees at the three official inaugural galas (the Liberty and Freedom balls). President Trump Participates in Inaugural Parade…

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Tancredo: We Must Thank Barack Obama for Making Donald Trump Possible – And Inevitable "IndyWatch Feed"

on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. In today's inauguration ceremony Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.
Thank you, Obama, for being the polarizing king of cultural warfare. Without you, the Republican Party might still be stuck in La-La land.


Girl, 14, left in Wellington police interview room for hours after arrest "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Girl, 14, left in Wellington police interview room for hours after arrest:

This demonstrates, yet again, that the New Zealand police has absolutely no concern for the safety and well-being of young people.


Now the turn of Seamus Mallon at 80. Why he and Trimble were unable to unite over arms decommissioning remains unexplained "IndyWatch Feed"

Following the tributes to John Hume on his 80th   birthday, the venerable SDLP deputy leader and  the initial deputy first minster Seamus Mallon has given a fascinating interview to the Irish News  for his own  80th. In passing I can’t help noticing the comparisons and contrasts with Sinn Fein. What are yours? On working with more...


US Urged Saddam Hussein To Attack Syria To Secure Oil Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed World"

A secret 1983 CIA intelligence report suggested that the US should encourage Saddam Hussein to attack Syria to secure Iraq’s oil pipeline Hafez al-Assad had closed Iraq’s oil pipeline and as a result had a ‘hammerlock’ on US interests in both Lebanon and in the Gulf The report by ex- CIA official Graham Fuller, said that America should consider ‘urging Iraq to take the war to Syria’, noting that Saddam was ‘fighting for his life’ in the Iran-Iraq war. The Mail Online reports: With that being the case, he said the US should consider ‘sharply escalating the pressures against Assad’ from three border states hostile to Syria – Iraq, Israel and Turkey. Faced with ‘three belligerent fronts’, Assad would probably be forced to abandon his closure of the pipeline, the report claimed. It hoped it could convince Iraq to co-operate as the closure of the pipeline had brought the country ‘to its financial knees’, impelling it towards dangerous internationalization of the war in the Gulf. It noted that Iraq might not ‘readily wish’ another campaign but said Syria was already fighting a one-front war in Lebanon and could ‘ill-afford to broaden’ its conflict. It also said Syria was struggling to [...]

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Apple Sues Qualcomm for $1 Billion over Patent Royalties and "Retaliation" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Following the Federal Trade Commission's lawsuit against Qualcomm, Apple has also sued the company, seeking $1 billion in damages:

Apple is suing Qualcomm for roughly $1 billion, saying Qualcomm has been "charging royalties for technologies they have nothing to do with." The suit follows the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's lawsuit against Qualcomm earlier this week over unfair patent licensing practices. [...] Apple says that Qualcomm has taken "radical steps," including "withholding nearly $1 billion in payments from Apple as retaliation for responding truthfully to law enforcement agencies investigating them." Apple added, "Despite being just one of over a dozen companies who contributed to basic cellular standards, Qualcomm insists on charging Apple at least five times more in payments than all the other cellular patent licensors we have agreements with combined."

Also at Reuters, The Verge , and Ars Technica .

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Gravity in the Greenhouse "IndyWatch Feed"

Gravity is the cause of the greenhouse effect.


Well if a Rabett thinks long enough and hard enough about it, the greenhouse effect is a consequence of three things, two of which are the result of gravity and the other of quantum mechanics.  The quantum mechanics part is that there are gases in the atmosphere that absorb and emit infrared radiation (for  such as CO2 and H2O, let's stick with radiation, there are folks who object to calling IR photons light and Eli does not have enough money to buy the beers needed to settle that one).

The first is the lapse rate, the decline of temperature with altitude in the troposphere.  There are plenty of detailed derivations of the dry lapse rate on the net and a bunny can even throw in some water vapor, but the basic principle is that the atmosphere is for all thermodynamic purposes an ideal gas, and the temperature decreases with pressure, and pressure decreases with altitude because of gravity. 

The second is the decrease in density with altitude, again because pressure decreases with altitude because of gravity.  The higher you go the less stuff.

Both of these effects explain why radiative energy transfer from the ground to space slows, the higher greenhouse gas concentrations are. 

Absorption of IR radiation by greenhouse gases is strong enough that any IR photon doesn't get very
far before being absorbed.  A good rule of thumb is that it will get about 3 m at ground level on an absorption line before being absorbed and maybe about 30 m in the space between the lines.

Because density falls with altitude, at some point the density is so low that IR radiation emitted from greenhouse gases can escape to space rather than being absorbed by another greenhouse gas molecule.  The higher the percentage (or mixing ratio if a bunny prefers) the higher this level will be and because of the lapse rate the colder it will be.

Emission from colder things is slower than from hotter things, thus raising the level at which the atmosphere can emit to space, that is increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases, slows the rate at which the Earth can shed the energy absorbed from the Sun.  If you heat something at a constant rate, and you limit the rate at which it can get rid of that heat, the something...


For the Demented and Delusional Leftie "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This is just sooooooooo good.

At the Sydney Brainless Bitches march yesterday:-


Canadians blocked at US border when agents learned they were traveling to DC Women’s March "IndyWatch Feed"

Multiple groups of protesters were stopped, searched, fingerprinted and detained by U.S. border agents on Thursday when they revealed they were traveling to Washington, D.C. for the Women’s March. The Guardian reported Saturday that one group of eight demonstrators — six Canadians and…



Hillary: The Face Of The Defeated… "IndyWatch Feed"

She will never break the glass ceiling. Via Politico: She arrived at the East Front of the Capitol at not quite 20 minutes past 10 a.m. in a pantsuit of the softest cream, smiling gamely and waving to onlookers. She ignored a reporter’s shouted question about how it felt to be there, but off camera, […]


AT to XT Keyboard Adapter "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you got an old PC/XT stored somewhere in basement and want to use a newer keyboard, here’s a little project you might like. [Matt] built an AT2XT keyboard adapter on a prototype board using an AT to PS/2 keyboard cable. An AT2XT keyboard adapter basically allows users to attach AT keyboards to XT class computers, since the XT port is electronically incompatible with PC/AT keyboard types. For those retro computing fans with a lot of old PCs, this trick will be great to connect the XT machines to a KVM (keyboard/Video/Mouse) switch.

[via DangerousPrototypes]

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Rare eastern black redstart in Cornwall "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from Britain says about itself:

Eastern Black Redstart at Mousehole in Cornwall UK

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed on January 21st 2017

This subspecies lives mainly in Asia, and is rare in Britain.


Not even the tennis can distract us from how badly this government is doing | Greg Jericho "IndyWatch Feed National"

Most political garbage gets taken out just before Christmas but new reports slipped through the net – and they deserve noticeWhen the news is bad, governments love distractions, and this week the Australian Open has been excellent for diverting voters' attention from more examples of how badly this government is at governing. To be fair to Nick Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic, it's not all their doing. This government – like many others before – has purposefully used the summer holidays [...]


More good news "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Bill English is good with numbers and now he is the PM S&P obviously sees financial stability on the horizon from a National government. He may lack charisma and the ability to answer a yes no question but no one will deny his expertise with the economy. Standard & Poor’s has affirmed New Zealand’s credit […]

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25 Lies About Cannabis On The DEA Website — Refuted By The DEA Itself In 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Justin Gardner With eight states legalizing recreational cannabis and 26 other states legalizing medical cannabis use, federal government is the biggest obstacle to freedom...


Route Monkey working with NQIT to develop transport & mobility algorithms for quantum computers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Nice and will be very useful for many in QC.

Scotland-based route optimization specialist Route Monkey, a unit of telematics and big data company Trakm8, is working on a new generation of transport and mobility algorithms for quantum computers.

Route Monkey already works with Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh on creating and enhancing innovative algorithms for transport and travel (earlier post). The two are now joining forces with the Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub (NQIT), led by the University of Oxford. Together, the three organizations will develop, test and commercialize quantum algorithms.

The leap forward in the capabilities offered by quantum computing opens up a whole new field. We can create algorithms that deliver even faster and more accurate answers, to ever more complex transport and mobility challenges.

—Colin Ferguson, Trakm8 Group’s Managing Director of Fleet and Optimization.


Video Shows Police Punching, Stomping Handcuffed Man "IndyWatch Feed War"

Two police officers in Westmoreland County are on leave from their departments after being seen hitting a suspect in a video that was shared on social media. The video was captured by Andrea Baker of New Kensington, PA, who was startled by a noise she heard outside of her home. She rushed to the door to investigate and discovered the police outside ‘arresting’ a suspect.

According to Andrea,

I heard someone outside screaming “I can’t breath” so I went to look and seen this.. I wish I could’ve got it from the beginning. They were stepping on his neck, punching and shooting him with their taser gun while he’s already hand cuffed on the ground.

The victim in this video is  40-year-old Justin Harvey.  According to the criminal complaints, police where chasing Harvey for several offenses, including receiving stolen property, eluding a police officer, reckless driving, and disarming a law enforcement officer. Police also claim that he resisted arrest and that a weapon was found in his possession.

Let’s say for the moment that everything the police alleges is true. Does that give them the right to brutally beat a defenseless man, who is handcuffed, and who was struggling to breath because three police officers couldn’t restrain themselves? The answer is no.

Todd Hollis, Mr. Harvey’s attorney, said:

It’s disheartening because you want to build trust with the community but when you look at videos like that, how can you suggest that? One officer standing on the back of this young man, another officer punching him, another officer jumping off his back, all while this young man is handcuffed.

One thing to note is that NONE of the police officers involved in this  horrific beating reported any injuries. With the victim in this case not assaulting, or threatening to assault, the police, what justification can they possibly come up with for beating, hitting, kicking, chocking, and jumping up and down on, a...


1) Indonesia ‘will not negotiate’ with Freeport over new rules: mining ministry official "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

2) WEST PAPUA: ‘Stop killing Melanesians’ Vanuatu civil society plea to Canberra
Sat Jan 21, 2017 | 3:57am EST
1) Indonesia ‘will not negotiate’ with Freeport over new rules: mining ministry official

 FILE PHOTO: Trucks operate in the open-pit mine of PT Freeport's Grasberg copper and gold mine complex near Timika, in the eastern region of Papua, Indonesia on
 September 19, 2015 in this photo taken by Antara Foto. REUTERS/Muhammad Adimaja/Antara Foto/File Photo


Donald Trump, after the inauguration "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

Women’s March descends on D.C. a day after Trump’s inauguration

21 January 2017

Hundreds of thousands rally in Washington ahead of Saturday afternoon’s march, CBC’s Lyndsay Duncombe reports

To read more: here.

Trump’s inaugural address combined nationalistic chest-thumping against foreign countries with bullying demands for patriotism and conformity at home: here.

Only hours after Donald Trump delivered his fascistic inaugural address, Senate Democrats overwhelmingly voted with their Republican counterparts to confirm recently retired Marine generals James “Mad Dog” Mattis and John Kelly to head the departments of Defense and Homeland Security, respectively: here.

More than 200 arrested in Washington DC. Dozens of protests against Trump’s inauguration across the US: here.

Donald Trump Already Redecorated The Oval Office, And Of Course The Curtains Are Gold. The president does love gold. Gold, gold, gold, gold: here.



YAHOO: ‘I picked cannabis oil over surgery’: How cancer survivor beat the disease a THIRD time "IndyWatch Feed World"

On the eve of her 21st birthday, Jessica Olson defied doctors’ orders and terrible odds in a desperate bid to beat her third bout of cancer.  VIDEO Teen’s seizures disappear after cannabis-based drug trial. Source: 7 News In what is an unprecedented endorsement for a controversial drug, the young journalism student turned to cannabis oil

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Young Crippled Man Allegedly Walks After Touching Late Blessed Tansi's Remains (Pics) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Wows! According to Facebook user, Tobe Ozoemenam, who shared the pics, this young crippled man rose to his feet after an exposition of the remains of Blessed Iwene Tansi in Aguleri, Anambra state. Read what she wrote below + see more pics..
   ''It was a first class miracle yesterday as CRIPPLED MAN rose to his feets and started walking at the exposition of the the remains of Blessed Iwene Tansi at AMA TANSI (St Joseph Catholic Church Aguleri)!! Blessed Iwene Tansi.. Continue to intercede for us!''


France's Hollande criticizes protectionism as 'worst response' - Reuters UK "IndyWatch Feed World"

Reuters UKFrance's Hollande criticizes protectionism as 'worst response'Reuters UKWith Chile's President Michelle Bachelet, Hollande said both countries wanted climate change agreements to be respected and that Chile and the European Union would update their free trade agreement. "There are ongoing discussions between Europe ...and more »


Does Market Rigging in the Metals Signal a Buying Opportunity? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Does Market Rigging in the Metals Signal a Buying Opportunity? by Dennis Miller for Miller on the Money Central Banks are rigging the metals markets. Does it signal a buying opportunity? Will they ever be prosecuted for this illegal activity? I recently interviewed good friend Ed Steer who writes Ed Steer’s Gold and Silver Digest, a daily must-read.…

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Trump's fascistic diatribe: On the road to World War III "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Any conception that once he actually assumed office a "presidential" Trump would emerge was quickly dispelled by the tenor of his remarks. He glared, he ranted. He had only one tone of voice: an angry shout. The speech gave a jolt, signaling to the world that the new American president is an out-of-control megalomaniac.


Trump Gives Oval Office New Look with Gold Drapes "IndyWatch Feed"

President Donald Trump has already redecorated the Oval Office at the White House, CNN reported Friday night, and photos show the room’s reddish curtains have been replaced with gold-hued drapes.


"Does A Rogue Deep State Have Trump's Back?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Does A Rogue Deep State Have Trump's Back?"
by Charles Hugh Smith

"This question has come up often: If Trump is a political Outsider, then why has he stuffed his staff with Insiders- Goldman Sachs alumni, generals, etc.? The question follows an understandable logic: Wouldn't an Outsider appoint other Outsiders? The doubt expressed also follows a reasonable logic: If Insiders are running the Trump administration, won't it be just another case of "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"?

I think there is another dynamic in play: Outsiders can be effective in meeting their policy goals, but they need Insiders who know how to get things done within a self-serving Establishment highly resistant to Outsiders and institutional reforms. I would argue the surest way to fail as a president is to stock your administration with Outsiders- especially True Believer Outsiders who view entrenched, self-serving Insiders with utter disdain.

To get anything done in a culture of entrenched interests, one must either have an overwhelming political mandate to dismantle the entire machine- Trump does not- or you need Insiders who know the pressure points of the system and its key players- in effect, Insiders who know how to slip a political stiletto into the kidneys of key players and twist the blade to get done what would otherwise be impossible.

Insiders know (or can find out) who the politicized brown-nosers and incompetents are that must be cashiered if anything is going to change for the better. Outsiders are tempted to "clean house," a strategy that can backfire as entrenched interests hunker down and await the inevitable failure of the reforms. It boils down to this: You need Insiders who are loyal to an Outsider and an Outsider agenda to accomplish any real reforms.


Oklahoma State Senator Ervin Yen introduces Mandatory Vaccine Bill for the third year in a row "IndyWatch Feed World"

Oklahoma State senator and physician, Ervin Yen won't give up his personal vendetta to force all Oklahomans to vaccinate their children. For the third year in a row, Yen has introduced a bill requiring all children in the state to be vaccinated, with the only exception being children who already have a serious medical condition. Yen's fear is that students won't be vaccinated (even though OK already has a 90 percent compliance rate), and an outbreak will occur — killing thousands of the state's schoolchildren. "I'm worried about those kids who are immune compromised, who cannot be vaccinated, I don't want them going to school and being exposed," said Yen. He's urging his colleagues to bring Senate bill 83 to a vote. "I'd like to get it passed right away before we have a huge outbreak and a lot of people die," said Yen. Yen's is just the latest exhibition of the corporatocracy at work. The melding of big pharma with government is almost imperceptible but present nonetheless. After all, who doesn't want all children to be healthy?


Liberty Links 1/21/17 "IndyWatch Feed World"

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Must Reads

Why Ridiculous Official Propaganda Still Works (Outstanding, Counterpunch)

The Smuggest Show on Earth: Robert Hardman Visits Davos (The best article I read on the topic this year, UK Daily Mail)

Requiem for a Lightweight (Not many people write this well. A must read for Bernie people, Jacobin)

Wide Impact: Highly Effective Gmail Phishing Technique Being Exploited (Important read, Wordfence)

Bill Black: A Letter to Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger about Hiring Proven Whistleblowers (Very good read about our insane incentive structure, Naked Capitalism)

Why Won’t Clinton Democrats Like Sally Albright Stop Lying About Bernie Sanders? (Paste Magazine)

U.S. Politics

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Politicians Around the US Move to Make Protesting Illegal "IndyWatch Feed World"

On Wednesday, Indiana passed a bill that authorizes police officers to shut down highway protesting “by any means necessary.” As of recent, people are using protesting as an excuse to cause chaos and violence, burning flags and signs, acting without conscience.

The election brought all new meaning to the term social justice warriors, and people have been diving as low as to bring their children into this “fight”. People all over the country are boasting the words “Love Trumps Hate,” but my question to them is when was there ever a time with no hate? People don’t realize that celebrities are used in this propaganda to start chaos, and people all over are buying into this madness. Because of this, rights, such as the right to peaceful protest are being taken away from us one at a time.

S.B. 285, as it is known, obliges a public official to dispatch all available officers within 15 minutes of discovering any assembly of 10 or more people who are obstructing vehicle traffic.

A responsible public official shall, not later than 15 minutes after learning of a mass traffic obstruction in the official’s jurisdiction, dispatch all available law enforcement officers to the mass traffic obstruction with directions to use any means necessary to clear the roads of the persons unlawfully obstructing vehicular traffic,” the legislation’s text reads.

Critics of the bill are calling it the “Block Traffic and Die” bill, an apt name for a bill that has co-opted the phrase “any means necessary,” used famously in a speech delivered by Malcolm X during the Civil Rights Movement, turning it into a threat against government dissent.

As the Intercept reported Thursday, other Republican-led state legislatures have wasted no time in their new legislative sessions to propose similar bills. In North Dakota, site of the Standing Rock protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline, a bill was introduced last week that would allow a motoris...


Zuckerberg Is Forcing People Out of Their Island Homes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Just when you thought that Facebook could not get any worse, a story has surfaced about how Zuckerberg is forcing Hawaiian Islanders off of their lands.

The bully tactics are so severe that I thought I was reading the movie script of a Disney movie. You won’t believe the depths of treachery that Zuckerberg is sinking to., the sane alternative to Facebook and Google Gestapo censorship., the sane alternative to Facebook and Google Gestapo censorship.


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Trump to CIA: Media made it sound like I had a feud with intelligence community "IndyWatch Feed"

President Donald Trump spoke at CIA Headquarters on his first stop as the newly inaugurated commander in chief telling the intelligence agency that despite media reports he is not at war with the intelligence community. “The reason you’re my first stop is as you know I have a running war with the media- they are […]


In Photos: Women's Marches on All Seven Continents Demand 'A Better Future' "IndyWatch Feed"

The second day of the Trump administration has seen an unprecedented wave of protests swell across the globe, as the Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches on all continents—yes, including Antarctica—fight back against the U.S. president’s frightening rhetoric. Organizers’ informal tally now puts the total number of march participants at a stunning 2.5 million […]



New Zealand’s Third Wave Feminism is a broad church but not an inclusive one "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Feminism used to be just for women. Later it evolved to the point where men who shared feminist views on equality were also called feminists. Later still feminism started to stand for things other than the equality of the two sexes and became anti-men. Still, later it became firmly entrenched in a stance of protecting minority […]

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Picture: First Day in Oval Office for President Donald Trump… "IndyWatch Feed"

President Trump’s Director of Social Media, Dan Scavino Jr, shares a picture, taken last night of the first day for the Trump administration in the oval office: (Click Here To Enlarge) Nice return to traditional, deliberate and serious decor – … Continue reading


Lilith The Genesis Of The Feminism Curse (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lilith The Genesis Of The Feminism Curse (VIDEO) | feminism-dictionary-definition | Faith Multimedia News Articles Sleuth Journal Special Interests

“You can find her in the Bohemian Grove. Also, congress is in her belly. I present to her the middle finger. ” -James Dye

Demons and devils are part of the folklore of almost every culture. Beliefs vary as to the nature of such evil spirits. Some dismiss the concept of mischievous poltergeist altogether. However, the definition of evil is constituted within your value system, the consequences of wicked actions abound. Most civilizations rely upon the heritage, legacies and teachings of previous generations. Much of the original dialogue on humanity, founded on the books of the Bible, teach lessons of morality. So what can be said about the Lilith myth and how does her revulsion toward the natural order distort modern society?

Lilith The Genesis Of The Feminism Curse (VIDEO) | Lilith2Cover | Faith Multimedia News Articles Sleuth Journal Special Interests
Your religious education will not find the account of Lilith in the book of Genesis. “The only possible occurrence is in the Book of Isaiah 34:13–15, describing the desolation of Edom, where the Hebrew word lilit (or lilith) appears in a list of eight unclean animals, some of w...


In a slow and secret transition within Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams, still in charge, appears to be setting high targets for negotiations on the Assembly "IndyWatch Feed"

At a Sinn Fein conference on a united Ireland in Dublin,  Gerry Adams has claimed Brexit  is a “ hostile action” that  will “destroy the Good Friday Agreement”,  although adding that  “special status” would not take Northern Ireland out of the UK. Is this to be a sticking point in any talks to restore the more...


La fine dell’ideologia a Cuba? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Nel 1960, il sociologo ed accademico USA Daniel Bell (1919-2011) pubblicò “La fine dell’ideologia”, opera che è diventata un classico nelle scienze politiche ufficiali. La pubblicazione è stata catalogata, dal Times Literary Supplement, come uno dei 100 libri più influenti…


Seismic Swarms and Mysteries "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Of Ghost Towns and Explosions In these cold winter days, the ghost town of Bodie is even ghostlier than usual. Located east of the Sierra Nevada north of Mono Lake, the hamlet became a boomtown in the 1880’s after a prospector named Waterman Body discovered gold in the barren hills of this remote area. During […]


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Women’s Marches: Millions of Protesters Around the Country Vow to Resist Donald Trump
The protest is expected to be the largest of the organized gatherings against the new president.

By Perry Stein, Steve Hendrix and Abigail Hauslohner
Washington Post
January 21 at 2:30 PM

Millions of women gathered in Washington and cities around the country Saturday to mount a roaring rejoinder to the inauguration of Donald Trump one day earlier. The historic protests of a new president packed cities large and small — from Los Angeles and Boston to Stanley, Idaho and Lander, Wyo. In Chicago, the demonstration was overwhelmed its own size, forcing officials to curtail its planned march.

In Washington, there was confusion about whether the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators jamming the National Mall had grown too large to formally march to the White House.

Janaye Ingram, who is charge of logistics for the Women’s March, went to the microphone Saturday afternoon to announce that the actual marching would still happen — just not using the original route.

“We are marching, and we are using Constitution Avenue,” she told the massive gathering. And the Women’s March twitter account declared: “We are marching! We are marching straight ahead toward the Washington monument to the ellipse! #WomensMarch”.

The Washington organizers, who originally sought a permit for a gathering of 200,000, said Saturday that as many as a half million people participated, dwarfing Friday’s inaugural crowd.

Similar scenes unfolded around the country. In Chicago, after a 150,000 demonstrators swamped downtown blocks, officials cancelled the march portion of the event.

In Los Angeles, a police spokesman said authorities had begun to temporarily close some of the side streets beyond the scheduled perimeter of the march to accommodate the size of “the crowds spilling over into adjacent streets.”

“We are doing our best to facilitate because they are squeezing into every street right now,” said Capt. Andrew Nieman of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Boston transit system added extra trains to accommodate tens of thousands of protesters. There were huge crowds in N...


Views his own "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

One of the most striking things, for those of us who go on Twitter, is the sheer extent to which BBC types have been reflecting their biased reporting of matters Trump-related in their biased tweets.

I can barely remember all of the ones I've seen, but Newsnight editor Ian Katz's inauguration tweets stand out and left very little doubt about where he stands...

His concerns on Twitter were to focus on making points about race and making dark links to the fascist 1930s, eg:

That Sinclair Lewis book, if you're wondering, is a novel about the election of a fascist to the American presidency - something that will have been in Ian Katz's mind when he sent that tweet.

Two of those tweets were directly echoed by Emily Maitlis on that night's Newsnight, with the third tweet's question being put to a race-focused anti-Trump guest. Had Ian suggested it to her? (The Sinclair Lewis one was probably too recherché for Friday night on BBC Two).


Trump's Inaugural Address "IndyWatch Feed War"

" ... For too long, a small group in our nation's Capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished -- but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered --...


MSM lie about how many attended Trump’s inauguration "IndyWatch Feed"

Don’t believe the MSM’s lies about the sparse number of people who attended Trump’s presidential inauguration yesterday. THE LIE The pic below is a screenshot I took from a Daily Mail article. The pic is CNN’s; the caption is Daily … Continue reading


Finally David has a Goliath in his corner "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Israeli Leaders quite understandably have hailed the ‘New Era’ of Donald Trump after eight long and painful years of Barack Obama’s leadership. It is worth noting that Donald Trump has been described as a “true friend of Israel” given that Whaleoil published the responses from three of New Zealand’s political parties to the question, ” […]

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The 10 biggest purveyors of fake news in 2016: CNN, Washington Post, MSNBC, Forbes and more "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The 10 biggest purveyors of fake news in 2016: CNN, Washington Post, MSNBC, Forbes and more

The 10 biggest purveyors of fake news in 2016: CNN, Washington Post, MSNBC, Forbes and more This past year will be remembered for a lot of things, including the year that so-called fake news helped one unlikely presidential candidate win the White House. For weeks since President Donald J. Trump vanquished two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton, a narrative emerged that…

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Woman's Hour doesn't like Donald Trump (shocker) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Of course, I might have been unfair to Woman's Hour earlier in noting that their reaction to the Trump inauguration was to discuss something so inherently 'BBC' as this:

To be fair, they did have other angles this week: 

I know they are impartial, what with being a BBC programme and all that, but, if I'm honest, I've got to admit to a sneaking suspicion that they really don't like Donald Trump.

Still, they did have a nice Democratic presidential wife and her fashionable clothes to discuss too:



Jackson’s new guitar lineup for 2017 The Loop

I love Jackson guitars—especially the Dinky models. I have six Jacksons and they all play so well and feel really good in my hands.

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Religion at a price? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This doesn’t look like a Jesus sort of way to do religion but I presume it was free choice, and business is business. Stuff: Exclusive Brethren charge $850 a pop to watch business seminar Thousands of Exclusive Brethren members were charged up to $850 to watch a live stream of a speech by their supreme leader […]


Satellite: Blue’s wireless noise cancelling headphones The Loop

20 years, the world’s greatest artists have used Blue in the studio. Now we’ve built a wireless headphone that delivers every detail of their music, everywhere you go. Satellite combines legendary Blue sound quality with proprietary active noise cancelling (ANC) to ensure your music is never compromised. Together with premium wireless technology and a built-in audiophile amp, Satellite is a new benchmark for the modern listening experience.

These headphones are light-weight, have noise-cancelling, and a built-in amp. I didn’t get a chance to listen to them, but I’m really interested to hear how they sound. I’ll be keeping an eye on these.

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Pro-Life Youth Crash Pro-Abortion Women’s March "IndyWatch Feed"

Women's March
Only pro-abortion women were allowed to partner with the so-called “Women’s March” in Washington, but the president of America’s largest organization of pro-life youth decided to crash the march anyway with her group’s own message about abortion and women.


Watching Major Media Commit Suicide: Notes On The End Of The News Business As We Know It "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Jon Rappoport It’s personal. This article goes to many places. I think you’ll find a place that works for you. I’ve been investigating and...


Stephen Colbert reviews the inauguration "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I didn’t watch the inauguration yesterday because displays of pomp and pageantry coupled with speechifying bores me to tears and having to listen to Donald Trump would just compound the irritation. So I was grateful to Stephen Colbert for providing the highlights.


Blue’s Sadie headphones The Loop

Nowadays, you probably listen to more music on your laptop than anywhere else. That’s why we designed Sadie—a headphone that liberates digital music from overhyped playback so you can enjoy true high fidelity on your laptop and mobile devices. It’s the headphone for a new generation of music lovers.

These are nice sounding headphones for the money. I had a chance to listen to them at NAMM at was impressed.

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Redbull Destroyed This Woman’s Liver "IndyWatch Feed World"

It’s always great when you can discover something that helps you push through your day. Activities like meditation, reading and listening to music have all proven to do just that  Full Article »


The switch from Premiere to Final Cut Pro The Loop

After roughly eight years of using Adobe Premiere Pro as our preferred NLE system, a few months ago we made the transition to Final Cut Pro X. This was not an easy decision, we debated amongst ourselves and as a result came up with many pros and cons for staying with or leaving Adobe Creative Cloud. We found that there were really two debates taking place when we discussed leaving Creative Cloud: firstly, the hardware debate of making the switch from PCs to Macs, and secondly the software debate of making the switch from Premiere Pro to Final Cut X.

There are two parts to the story, so be sure to read both. This is a professional business and they explain why they made the switch from PC to Mac, and from Premiere to Final Cut Pro.

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