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Sunday, 09 July


Visit New Hampshire "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Photo of covered bridge

Come visit us and see how liberty is being achieved in New Hampshire! Whatever your reason, whether you are simply curious about what New Hampshire and the Free State Project community are like, want to check things out before becoming a participant, or are in the process of making the move, you are invited to visit and experience "Porcupine" hospitality.

Want to get to know one of our great regions a little more intimately? Take a self-guided tour created by Porcs, for Porcs. See below for links to each regional tour!

Driving Tour of the North Country

Driving Tour of the Lakes Region

Driving Tour of the Upper Valley By Emily Smith

Driving Tour of Merrimack Valley By Chip Spangler

Driving Tour of Monadnock Valley By Marcus Connor and Julia

Driving Tour of the FreeCoast

To facilitate your visit, please complete the following form and/or make a post on our forum. A Free State Project representative will follow up with you. If you run into any problems or have questions, contact us. We look forward to meeting you.

Thank you to the Free Staters of New Hampshire for suggesting locations and helping to create these wonderful tours! This community of volunteers made the tours possible.

Photo by James Walsh.


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Thursday, 15 June


Fredric Jameson: One Hundred Years of Solitude "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Everything changes in Macondo, the state arrives, and then religion, and finally capitalism itself; the civil war pursues its course like a serpent biting its own tail; the town grows old and desolate, the rain of history begins and ends, the original protagonists begin to die off; and yet the narrative itself, in its rhizomatic strings, never grows extinct, its force remaining equal to itself until the fateful turn of its final pages.

Ian Jack: The Brexiters "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Brexit voters cant be divided into two Hannanites on one side and Faragists on the other. The voter who was impressed by the financial argument Vote Leaves extra 350 million a week for the NHS wasnt necessarily tut-tutting at Ukips stance on refugees and immigration. In my experience, he was shouting his agreement. Too many headscarves in the high street, too much money sent to Brussels, the Empire, St Crispins Day.

Sara Roy: In Gaza "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Nearly three-quarters of Gazas inhabitants are under thirty and remain confined to Gaza, prohibited from leaving the territory; most never have. Amid such disempowerment, young people have increasingly turned to militancy as a livelihood, joining various militant or extremist organisations simply to secure a paying job. Person after person told me that growing support for extremist factions in Gaza does not emanate from political or ideological belief as these factions may claim but from peoples need to feed their families.

James Wood: Hardy in London "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Wessex was where Hardy could stage his feeling for cosmic conservatism; a late formulation appears in In Time of The Breaking of Nations, written in 1915, which pits the Continental catastrophe of the Great War against the longer histories of the English countryside, peopled by a maid and her wight: Wars annals will cloud into night/Ere their story die. If Hardy was half a modern Londoner, the other half had a weakness for the pastoral-oracular. The two halves changed shape, feeding and modifying each other.

Letters "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The letters page from London Review of Books Vol. 39 No. 12 (15 June 2017)

Table of contents "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Table of contents from London Review of Books Vol. 39 No. 12 (15 June 2017)

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Tuesday, 13 June


Fast-moving storm hits Twin Cities, leaving 132 00 homes without power, Minnesota "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A fast-moving thunderstorm started in the Dakotas overnight Sunday, June 11, 2017 and pushed east into central Minnesota, dumping heavy rain and up to tennis-ball-sized hail. The front edge of the storm system hit Twin Cities metro with wind gusts up to 112 km/h (70...... Read more

Rare, winter-like June storm hits Northern California "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A rare, winter-like June storm hit Northern California early Sunday afternoon, June 11, 2017, bringing sharp temperatures drop, heavy rain, hail, frequent lightning, and even snow in some higher elevations. The weather is expected to clear up by Monday morning, but...... Read more

Powerful explosive eruption at Bogoslof, ash to 10.4 km (34 000 feet) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A powerful explosive eruption took place at Bogoslof volcano on June 10, 2017, forcing officials to raise the Aviation Color Code to Red and Volcano Alert Level to Warning. It seems the eruption may have destroyed the lava dome emplaced last week. The eruption...... Read more


Nibiru in 2020, says Russian Astronomer "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Nibiru has escaped the suns gravitational pull, increased speed, and will reach its closest point to earth0.3 astronomical unitsin 2020, says Russian astronomer and Nibiru whistle-blower Dr. Dyomin Damir Zhakarovich. Once a close friend and astronomical advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dr. Zhakarovich now operates in the shadows, emerging from time to time for one single purpose: to warn the world about Nibiru, said to be a brown dwarf star and seven companion planets hurtling toward the inner solar system.

His knowledge of the Nibiru system is so thorough that many governments have deemed his mind a dangerous weapon, able to sow chaos with a few spoken words. To prevent a potential societal breakdown, world leaders such as Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Kim Jung-un, Theresa May, and Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud have banned Dr. Zhakarovich from entering their respective nations, fearing his words might spark potential insurrections and coups if knowledge of the Nibiru realities reached mainstream populations.

Last year, during a pre-recorded broadcast of the German television show Space and Beyond, Dr. Zhakarovich was forcibly removed from the studio and thrown into the street after expressing concern about Nibiru. Of course, the episode never aired.

Now, Dr. Zhakarovich sheds new light on Nibirus expected date of arrival; aided by colleagues, Russias most powerful telescope, and a top-secret supercomputer, he predicts Nibiru will be clearly visible in the southern skies between September and December of 2019 and begin catastrophically affecting our climate by early 2020. But neither the brown dwarf star nor the planets pose the gravest threat to Earth, he says. The greatest menaces are the trillions of asteroids and micrometeorites accompanying the Nibiru system.

As Nibiru travels through space on its 3600 year round-trip journey it collects all sorts of celestial objects that become stuck, for lack of a better word, in the brown ...


How to Build A Spider Shelter | A Survival Life Guide "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A spider shelter is a type of debris shelter that uses more posts for its framework, making it look like a spider web. Learn how to build one in this Survival Life guide.

Spider Shelter: Surviving the Wild Outdoors

A spider shelter is similar to a debris shelter, however, this type of survival shelter is more spacious. It uses more posts on its framework, providing more space for your survival gear and equipment. Building a spider shelter is as easy as building a debris shelter. Scroll on to know how to build one to survive the wild outdoors.


Gathering the Materials

Gathering the Materials | How to Build A Spider Shelter | A Survival Life GuideImage via Sensible Survival

Your goal here is to find a branch that is at least a bit longer than your height. This will serve as the sloped beam that goes back like a spinal cord. Secondly, find four branches around two feet tall. These four branches will serve as the support for the long branch and will carry the weight of the structure. Dont forget to gather debris to cover your shelter.


Establishing The Framework



In zwei Tagen findet der erste Welt-Gurken-Tag statt (Sponsored) "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Reklame Diese Woche findet das erste Mal der Welt-Gurken-Tag statt und es dreht sich einen Tag lang alles um die unterschtzte Cucumis Sativus Gratulation. Wir wnschen alles gute zum Welt-Gurken-Tag. Welt was? Richtig gelesen: bermorgen, am 14. Juni 2017 findet das erste Mal, seit dem es das wunderbare und leckere Gewschs Cucumis Sativus gibt, ein eigener Tag zum Ehren der Gurke statt. Einen Tag lang dreht sich alles (ok, fast alles) um das leckere Gewchs, dass viel mehr kann, als man ihm auf den ersten Blick und Geschmack zutraut. Eine der bekanntesten Sandwich-Klassiker, geeiste Sommersuppen und Drinks. Die Gurke kann kulinarisch ziemlich viel. Eine Welt ohne Gurken wrde zwar funktionieren, aber wre nicht schn und lecker wie eine Welt mit Gurken. Die Gurke hat ihren eigenen Tag im Jahr also mehr als verdient. In zwei Tages ist es soweit. Ins Leben gerufen hat den Welt-Gurken-Tag, der dieses Jahr das erste Mal stattfindet, der schottische Gin Hendricks. Nicht ganz uneigenntzig also, macht die Gurke Hendricks doch genau zu dem leckeren Getrnk, das es ist. Und wer einmal die Kombination Gin und Gurke probiert hat, wei wie gut diese ist. S0 saen auch vor knapp 20 Jahren der Schotte Janet Sheet Roberts und ein befreundeter Whisky-Brenner bei guten Gin und Gurken-Sandwich zusammen ...

Der Beitrag In zwei Tagen findet der erste Welt-Gurken-Tag statt (Sponsored) erschien zuerst auf URBANSHIT.


Bancor An Innovative Token Sale "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The Bancor Token Allocation Event will Begin on June 12, 14:00 GMT.

from News


This Photographer Paints Entire Rooms a Single Color for Surreal Shots "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Photographer Karen Jerzyk turned abandoned spaces into dark fairy tales after the death of her father. After getting into trouble with that series, she created Colors, a series of fantasy scenes photographed in rooms dominated by a single color.

Back in 2014, I had gotten arrested for trespassing an activity I would often partake in as most of my photos are set in a decayed scene, Jerzyk tells PetaPixel. I was scared and stressed out. I instantly became the victim of bullying and harassment [on the Internet].

The comment that deeply resonated with me was one that stated maybe she will finally stop taking photos. I had a couple of months to wait and lay low before my court date, but I wanted to show people that I dont just stop doing something when things go bad.

So, Jerzyk cleaned out her basement and shot self-portraits, which she could post to show that she was not out of the photography game.

Karen Jerzyk, Self Portrait

Fast forward to April 2016, and Jerzyks mother gave her a final warning to get rid of the broken TV that had been in the driveway all winter. She stared in dismay at the 80s vintage beauty when she noticed a can of blue spray paint behind it.

It would be cool to paint the entire thing blue. But then what?

Jerzyk remembers scratching her head as she pondered the scene.

Aesthetically, thats weird and doesnt really match anything. Well, what if I painted other props blue? What if I painted the furniture blue? What if I painted the whole damn room blue?! So, off I went to buy one of those high-powered paint guns and the rest is history.

Blue was the first in the series Colors that she did.

From April 2016 to August 2016, I spent well over 1,000 hours designing entire rooms, painting them, and tearing them down for the next.



An Introduction to the Hungarian Neo-Avant-Garde of the 1960s and 70s "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Installation view of With the Eyes of Others at Elizabeth Dee gallery (all images courtesy of Elizabeth Dee gallery)

Elizabeth Dee had a brave and rather curious idea to host an exhibition of the Hungarian neo-avant-garde. Allegedly prompted by her encounter with the work of Dra Maurer a seminal figure of the scene and one of the very few Eastern European artists who has enjoyed visibility in New York during the past decade Dee hosts a show which is as compelling and opaque as its subject. Curated by Andrs Sznt, a Budapest-born, New York City-based cultural consultant, With the Eyes of the Others: Hungarian Artists of the Sixties and Seventies is a dense survey of over a hundred works by thirty artists, and although it is the first presentation in New York City of this barely known topic, it contains not a single label, only brief wall texts.

Installation view

The fam...


2/3rds of sexual minorities now identify as bisexual, but it depends "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Originally posted at Inequality by (Interior) Design.

Ive been following a couple different data sets that track the size of the LGB(T) population in the United States for a few years. Theres a good amount of evidence that all points in the same direction: those identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and possibly transgender too are all on the rise. Just how large of an increase is subject to a bit of disagreement, but the larger trend is undeniable. Much of the reporting on this shift treats this as a fact that equally blankets the entirety of the U.S. population (or only deals superficially with the really interesting demographic questions concerning the specific groups within the population that account for this change).

In a previous post, I separated the Ls, Gs and Bs because I suspected that more of this shift was accounted for by bisexuals than is often discussed in any critical way (*the GSS does not presently have a question that allows us to separate anyone identifying as transgender or outside the gender binary). Between 2008 and 2016, the proportion of the population identifying as lesbian or gay went from 1.6% to 2.4%. During the same period, those identifying as bisexual jumped from 1.1% to 3.3%. Its a big shift and its even bigger when you look at how pronounced it is among the groups who primarily account for this change: women, people of color, and young people.

The thing about sexual identities though, is that theyre just like other kinds of meaningful identities in that they intersect with other identities in ways that produce different sorts of meanings depending upon what kinds of configurations of identities they happen to be combined with (like age, race, and gender). For instance, as a sexual identity, bisexual is more common than both lesbian and gay combined. But, bisexuality is gendered. Among women, bisexual is a more common sexual identity than is lesbian; but among men, gay is a more common sexual identity than bisexualthough this has shifted a bit over the 8 years GSS has been asking questions about sexual orientation. And so too is bisexuality a racialized identity in that the above gendered trend is more true of white and black men than men of other races.

Consider this: between 2008 and 2016, among young people (18-34 years old), those identifying as lesbian or gay went from 2.7% to 3.0%, while those identifying as bisexual increased twofold, from 2.6% to 5.3%.  But, look at how this more general change among young people looks when we break it down by gender.


Your 11-tweet guide to new environment secretary, er, Michael Gove "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"









Insta Feel - Colourful Crochet "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Hello dear people!
It's sunny and bright in my part of the world. I hope you are also having a wonderful Monday and to make it even beautiful and inspirational I am inviting you to grab a cup of {your drink of choice} coffee and explore some colorful crocheted goodness with me. 
I am going to enrich this post with some beautiful, joyful and of course, colorful images to spruce it up. I am always on the lookout for appealing visual images with high aesthetics and instagram as such is a never-ending source. So plunge in and enjoy it!



Conservative Party regrets using Easyjet for advice "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Insiders have admitted that the Conservative Party probably shouldnt have used Easyjet to provide strategy advice over the last few years.

Admittedly they have a simple approach to problem solving, said a senior Tory today. Want to stay in or leave the EU? Ask the public, theyll know the right answer.

Want a mandate for hard Brexit? Who better to ask than the British public?

Engines playing up, should we still fly? Answer is obvious, innit? he said, before admitting the engine question was a bit of a stinker best play safe and take the flight, he said. As Theresa says, what could possibly go wrong?


Choosing Pieces that Last "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Choosing Pieces that Last | Design*Sponge

When I moved into my apartment last year, I loved that the change of scenery gave me an excuse to replace furniture that had seen better days. I wanted my money to go as far as possible and ordered pieces from online discount retailers, for the most part. A bed frame, headboard, dresser, media console, desk and two dining chairs later, I now have a different perspective on the pieces I want to buy and where I want to buy them from. The dresser and the chairs were the only pieces that came from local shops. These are also the pieces that will be in the best shape when its time to move again in a few years.

In the age of online shopping for just about everything, convenience can outweigh the quality assurance of buying in person. When my media console came, my husband and I carried it up to our 3rd-floor apartment, unpacked it from the tons of styrofoam and cardboard packaging and started assembling. As it came out of the box, it was immediately evident that the solid wood furniture we thought we had ordered was actually damaged particle board with a wood veneer. At that point, with the amount of packing material, effort of carrying it and the desire to have our living room set-up complete, it felt worth it just to keep it and jigger it to work rather than send it back. Its not that there arent reputable online furniture stores there are great sources online to find quality pieces but there are also ones that promise low prices that are so enticing, we put the items in our virtual carts and hope for the best.

Choosing Pieces that Last | Design*Sponge

Images above: (1) Katie and Tim thrifted almost everything in...


Caleb Visits Copenhagens Labitat Hackerspace "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

During a quick visit to Copenhagen, Caleb managed to squeeze in enough time to visit a hackerspace called Labitat.

Read more on MAKE

The post Caleb Visits Copenhagens Labitat Hackerspace appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.


Audience Wasnt Sure Door Price Was Worth it Until Fight Broke Out "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

SAN DIEGO A fist fight livened up an otherwise forgettable show over the weekend at the Steak House nightclub, according to attendees who, up to that point, felt they wasted their money on the $5 cover charge.

Witnesses confirm most of the audience was apathetic to performances by several local punk bands, and it wasnt until the first punch was thrown that the crowd perked up.

[The bands] were really just going through the motions, said Pete Winstead, who almost dropped his beer during the fight. Maladapted headlined and somehow got their own lyrics wrong. They even played the same song twice in a row. I thought about leaving early, but then the singer just teed off on this one dude, and suddenly, the place really came alive.

The fight, which began when Maladapted frontman Paul Clancy mistook a fans beer for his own, escalated quickly. Clancy allegedly brandished his mic stand before the audience member tackled him with two of his friends, inspiring the rest of the band to jump in as well. While none could be reached for comment, witnesses admit the fight was the highlight of the night.

I couldnt look away! said Sarah Wilson, who was texting her mother when the fight broke out. It was mesmerizing. One guys shirt got ripped off, and there was a lot of blood, but you couldnt tell whose blood it was. It was complete mayhem.

Venue manager and owner Brad Tyler kept a positive outlook despite the property damage caused by the fight.


They totally fucked up my PA, and the soundboard got wet, but this was the most excited I have ever seen a crowd. People actually tried to buy a ticket to next weeks show, Tyler said. If we can really feed the bloodlust, we might even sell out! Ive got to start making t-shirts. Is Worldstar still a thing?

Tyler, who revealed he now plans to book rival bands on the same nights just to instigate conflict, hopes the change will pay off in the end.

Next months shows are going to be crazy, he predicted. Gonna be some real rumbles. But thats what happens when you book both Orthodox and Koncentrati...


Rare Footage Shows US and British Soldiers Getting Dosed with LSD in Government-Sponsored Tests (1958 + 1964) "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Were usually right to reserve judgement when it comes to conspiracy theories. But the reason they often sound plausible is a compelling one: What we do know about the secret activities of agencies like the CIA, FBI, KGB, NSA, etc. often points to a surreal, nefarious, extra-legal dimension full of plots Kurt Vonnegut or Philip K. Dick might have written. In such a dimension was born Project MK-ULTRA, the mind control program developed by the CIA in the early fifties and only officially stopped in 1973.

Most famous for introducing a young hospital orderly named Ken Kesey to LSD when he volunteered for an experimentand thus acting as a primary cause of the Acid-fueled Haight-Ashbury movement to comeMK-ULTRA tested drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and psychological torture as a means of manipulating interrogation subjects. At the same time as the CIA drugged willing and unwilling participants, Army intelligence conducted research into using LSD as a mind control agent.

Sim dosed himself several times with LSD and in 1957 proposed a series of practical experiments with the drug at Edgewood. It was deemed important, writes Khatchadodourian, to conduct LSD tests on people who were provided no information about what the drug would do. You can see film of one of those tests above, conducted in 1958 on Army volunteers who, the narrator tells us, responded like well-trained soldiers to the request: immediately and without question.


Monday, 12 June


Advertising Trade Group to Use Ethereum Tokens in Fight Against Online Fraud "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Digital advertising group DMA has announced the launch adChain, an ethereum-based solution for online marketers.



Crystal Uterus jewelry: Sacred and feminine "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Jewelry, Elizabeth Taylor once said, has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique. Romanian-born artist Ouvra (aka Maria Rozalia Finna) creates original, bold, and beautiful jewelry that would make anyone...


Bancor - An Innovative Token Sale "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The Bancor Token Allocation Event will Begin on June 12, 14:00 GMT.


Theres a Kim Jong-un romper for men "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Why oh why does this monstrosity exist? I have absolutely no idea, but here it is anyway! The rompers for men fad probably crawled up its own ass a long time ago., but its a Kim Jong-un romper, goddammit, and its kind of freaking me out a little bit Who would...


Heres the Right Way to Wrap Cords and Cables "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

There are few things in life more frustrating than tangled cords and rope, and you may run into both during a photo shoot. In under 5 minutes, this video from PremiumBeat will teach you how to properly wrap your cables to keep them tidy and save time.

The Over and Under method is a tried-and-true method for organizing cables that audio and video technicians use daily. It works best with longer cables, and can be done either left- or right-handed.

As the video explains, you may need to retrain your cables if they have developed kinks or loops. To prepare them, just lay them out in the sun for a few hours. For rope, soak it in water first and then lay it out in the same way.

Now, the method. Its easier to see this in motion, so check the gif below or the full video at the top. Basically, you want to grab your cable and create an overhand loop, then flip it and create an underhand loop. By repeating this, the cable will coil in to a nice circle.

Once you have your neat circle, secure it with a velcro tie or string. Its better to secure it at the male end of the cable, so it wont interfere with the equipment youre plugging it in to.

Heres an extra tip, since you made it this far: you can store the neatly coiled cable in a large bucket, which will help it keep shape and make transport easier.

(via PremiumBeat via Fstoppers)


Dad Interviews Daughter on First Day of School from Grade 1 to Graduation "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"


In a tradition 12 years in the making, proud papa Kevin Scruggs interviewed his daughter Mackenzie on her first day of school from Grade 1 12. He then edited and compiled the interviews into the heartwarming video above on the eve of her upcoming graduation from high school.




Sudden $3,000 Bitcoin Volatility Shakes Altcoin Markets "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Altcoins caught todays Bitcoin volatility as prices swung by up to 6% amid turbulence surrounding $3000 per BTC.

from News


Author of retracted gene editing paper alleges bullying by former PI "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

In the fall of 2015, out-of-work stem cell biologist Mavi Camarasa decided she had waited long enough. It had been three years since she and a colleague were, best they could tell, the first to successfully correct the most common cystic fibrosis mutation in stem cells derived from a patient. But her former lab director, []

The post Author of retracted gene editing paper alleges bullying by former PI appeared first on Retraction Watch.


The Political Abuse of Psychiatry in America My Story "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Imagine going to the airport to travel to London, a commute you had made dozens of times before, only to find yourself locked in a high-security psychiatric ward a few hours later, stunned and naked except for a gown and underwear, paralyzed by psychoactive drugs, and deprived of all of your belongings.

This happened to me, and you will be shocked to learn how easily it could happen to you. The airlines and their cronies in government dont want you to know that the political abuse of psychiatry is alive and well in America.

I am a mother of two, with no history of violence or arrest, but was falsely arrested and imprisoned without probable cause, notice, warrant, charges, legal advice, hearing, or paperwork, for 18 days in a psychiatric ward at Zucker Hillside Hospital in New York City, part of Northwell Health, in June 2011, during which time I was drugged and subjected to various types of severe physical and emotional abuse  including assault, hands-on stripping, and deprivation of human essentials like water and fresh air. This was carried out by malicious staff, several of whom were unlicensed by the State to practice their profession.

I was handcuffed, perp-walked, and my car and nearly all of my belongings were confiscated, including my Macbook, iPad, iPhone, pens, paper, books, toiletries, contact lenses, medications, belt, clothing, jewelry, shoes, keys, and money.

I was denied contact with my children, including my youngest, who was only age seven at the time.

There was no signature or approval in the hospitalization process, issued by any authorized individual, committee, or court.

This is not a picture of the New York where I was born and raised; it is a grisly reflection of the political abuse of psychiatry that took place in the Soviet Union or under other authoritarian regimes.

My small-town Christian upbringing, and two college degrees, had not prepared me for this, nor had my career as a medical technology executive. I was raised in a seaside Long Island suburb where there was practically no violent crime. Even though I had traveled around the globe many times, and lived on three continents, I had never encountered a situation as terrifying as this one. I had visited some of the most gruesome hospitals in the world on business, but never had I seen anything like this.

Nothing is going to erase the psychological devastation to me from being stabbed in the back by people who owed me a duty of care. Northwell labeled me with a record of arrest and involuntary psychiatric commitment, which has been damaging to my reputation, social life, and ability to find employment, and could continue to do so for the rest of my life. I went from having....


This plan to stop people pinching milk from an office fridge has a major flaw "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The wonderful world of the office fridge and the tiny battles that happen inside it

Theyre not the first person to do this.

Although theres a devious route to bypass the security measures.

The post This plan to stop people pinching milk from an office fridge has a major flaw appeared first on The Poke.


Sudden $3,000 Bitcoin Volatility Shakes Altcoin Markets "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Altcoins caught todays Bitcoin volatility as prices swung by up to 6% amid turbulence surrounding $3000 per BTC.


Dear Lover, I Promise you This. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

I promise to laugh with you, choose you daily, to risk my heart for you as much as I dare. I promise to be as vulnerable as I can stand without losing myself. I promise to learn what our needs and boundaries are and how to respect, accept, and express them.


How to Colorize and Bring Life Back to Old Family Photos in Photoshop "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Watching old family photographs fading away in treasured photo albums is a sad reality. However, bringing the digital age to these old film photographs can deliver them back to life. Colorizing old black and white photos can immediately transform an aged, washed-out capture into an image full of realism.

In this simple, easy to follow 5-minute video tutorial by Spoon Graphics, you can do this yourself and immortalize precious family memories into a digital file.

Once your photo is scanned in and imported into Photoshop, start by removing the typical sepia tone of an old photo. Having been converted into black and white, youre ready to add color layers and make the photo pop. With some practice and persistence, the results are rather impressive.

The soft light blending mode, combined with adjustments to the opacity slider, allow for more realistic and subtle colorization. Note that in the tutorial he uses some extra unexpected color choices, such as blue for the skin, to add variation to the overall color palette. Try it out and you could be making family members smile with such a meaningful gesture.

(via Spoon Graphics via Fstoppers)


What I Learned from Hiding Under a Turban. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Losing her hair was a dreadful experience, one that no woman should ever have to go through. But, as awful as it was knowing what was coming, she didn't shave her head like some women do.


Hyperledger Releases Beta Version of Fabric Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

One of the main blockchain initiatives within the Linux Foundation-led Hyperledger project has passed a key development milestone.



An Air Force Intelligence Officer Reveals That An Extraterrestrial Was Shot & Killed (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Above is a picture George Filer III at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure.

(Kalee Brown) Extraterrestrials (ETs) have been visiting us for a long time, and government officials and witness testimonies have consistently reiterated this to the public. Mainstream media has sort of made ET/UFO phenomena into a joke through heavy propaganda, which is strange given the fact that theres so much evidence in support of it.
Read more


Give Dad a DIY Leather Catch-All Coin and Key Holder "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Wow your dad this Father's Day by making him a leather catch-all valet. Perfect for the dad who needs a place to stash his keys or extra change.

Read more on MAKE

The post Give Dad a DIY Leather Catch-All Coin and Key Holder appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.


Blockchain Could Help Russia Close Gap With Advanced Economies "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Russia seems to place blockchain technologies on top of the list of its priorities lately.

from News


Israeli Banks Can Legally Refuse Service to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Companies "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Banks around the world have always had an uneasy relationship with Bitcoin companies. Banks do not like Bitcoin and vice versa. A financial institution was never able to legally deny service to a cryptocurrency company before, though. That has now come to change in Israel, thanks to a recent court ruling. It is quite troublesome Continue reading Israeli Banks Can Legally Refuse Service to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Companies

The post Israeli Banks Can Legally Refuse Service to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Companies appeared first on NEWSBTC.


Building a strong cybersecurity program for the long haul "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Patch Tuesday is approaching and there is a chance it might be a boring one. Hopefully, I didnt jinx things by saying that, but I think most of what well see is a bit of volume on the third-party side. Before we get into the forecast, though, lets talk about the recent roller coaster weve all been on. WannaCry WannaCry is a name that will hold a place in our minds similar to Heartbleed, Conficker, More


The Ultimate Preppers Survival Guide Survive When Disaster Strikes. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A Comprehensive 11,344-word Preppers Guide to Home Storage, Bartering, Bugging Out, Weapons, and Self-Defense. Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes.


Evergreen College What the US Democratic Party Has Become "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Transsexuals With Baseball Bats Opinion by Deplorable Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen   America is beset by problems.  Our Health Care system does not work, is horribly expensive, and is destroying our national economy.  Our unemployment rate is horrendous.  Young people out of college cannot find work and are faced with massive loans they can never Continue reading Evergreen College What the US Democratic Party Has Become

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Halfway Homesteader "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

by Halfway Homesteader  this is an entry in our non-fiction writing contest.

No one likes to do things halfway. In or out. Hot or cold. Red or blue. It flies in the face of human nature to try and straddle the middle. It will also earn you much derision from all corners of purists. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world. A world that required compromise and, in general, making do. As my daddy was fond of saying Just do the best you can with what youve got, and youll see more often enough that its enough. So when I first got into...

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From a Jade Burial Suit to Terracotta Warriors, a Blockbuster Display of Chinas Ancient Treasures "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Jade (nephrite) burial suit of Dou Wan from the Western Han dynasty (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

When the Han Dynasty princess Dou Wan died some 2,000 years ago, her corpse was encased within 2,160 small plates of solid jade. Carefully strung together with 700 grams worth of gold thread, the green stones formed a glistening cocoon that conformed to the contours of her body, intended to preserve it for eternity. That jade burial suit, recovered with her husbands in 1968 from their tombs in the northern Chinese province of Hebei, is currently on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Its one unmissable, standout artifact in a blockbuster exhibition showcasing the rich artworks that emerged during two of Chinas most pivotal dynasties.

Fluted column with dragons and Chinese inscriptions (2nd century CE)

Age of Empires: Chinese Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties is impressive in logistics alone. The over 160 objects arrive on loan from 32 museums and archaeological institutions in China just think of the bureaucratic hurdles, never mind the shipping and most have never before been displayed in the West. The exhibition is intended as a kind of visual summary of archaeological findings, mostly from shrines and underground tombs of royals, from the last half-century. The result showcases the remnants of 400 years of innovation and craftsmanship, developed to suit the visions of an increasingly unified state.

The long histories of the Qin and the Han dynasties, which witnessed the centralization of government and the standardization of everything from laws to the economy to written language, are glossed over in a handful of wall texts. The exhibition relies largely on visual splendor, with the objects, most of which are accompanied by short descriptions, serving as traces of a clearly astounding past. That this didnt bother me is a testa...


Chicks With Guns Thread, May Be NSFFW* "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

And they're nekkid too!
* Not Safe For Farm Workers

22:50 aims real world integrations of Bitcoin Ecosystem, moves into second week of Pre ICO "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Following an overwhelming response in the first week of its Pre ICO, XinFin XDC reaffirms its mission to provide real world connectivity to the bitcoin ecosystem. (For Immediate Release) XinFin XDC, a distributed and decentralised permissioned blockchain platform meant for global trade and financing ecosystem meant to bridge the $5 trillion infrastructure deficit has moved Continue reading aims real world integrations of Bitcoin Ecosystem, moves into second week of Pre ICO

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Travel Tips to Stay Healthy this Summer. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

From an Ayurvedic perspective, the vata dosha (or air energy) can easily become disturbed by flying or traveling. A new branch of medicine, called Circadian Medicine, has measured the negative effect of travel stress (vata imbalance) on the nervous system.


E1000 erweitert alltgliche Dinge in der Stadt durch eine knstlerische Ebene "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Der spanische Knstler E1000 erweitert durch abstrakte Farbflchen alltgliche Dinge in der Stadt durch eine knstlerische Ebene Der Knstler E1000 zieht mit Farbrolle und Pinsel durch die Stadt und gibt alltglichen Dingen durch seine Kunst eine zustzliche Ebene. Ausgehend von den urbanen Strukturen, die durch Architektur, Material, Stadtmblierung und anderen Dingen in der Stadt vorgegeben werden, bauen die Arbeiten des spanischen Knstlers genau darauf auf und ergnzen den urbanen Raum durch eine knstlerische Intervention. All Pictures by courtesy of the artist Die umgebungsabhngige (site-specif) Kunst von E1000 besteht aus Farbabstufungen und besticht durch klare, abstrakte und meist geometrische Formen. Um mehr ber die Arbeit von E1000 zu erfahren und immer auf dem Laufenden zu sein, folgt dem Knstler bei Flickr und Facebook.

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Some Days I feel PrettyNot Today. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

As I asked myself these questions and searched for the answers, panic threatened to overwhelm me as no plan magically fell into place. For someone solution oriented and with a regular plan or strategy, issues that are not quickly fixed can cause me great anxiety. I work at sitting in the discomfort but not holding onto it, or, worse, building on it. After a few deep breaths and a little physical movement to burn off some of the illogical negative energy, I ask the most important question, What happens if you dont get all, or any of what you want?


iDice: The latest gambling craze "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

iDice is the first mobile blockchain based gambling app. The company has got the reputation worldwide as one of the most played blockchain casinos in the world, and is growing faster as a blockchain game. The company has already paid out Ethereum of worth more than $250,000 with zero spending on marketing; however, in view Continue reading iDice: The latest gambling craze

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Daily Bible Verse "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.  Psalm 103:12 (KJV)


Bank-Line Versus Para Cord: Weekly Product Review "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

para cord

para cord

Para Cord or as some refer to it 550 cord or any number of other names was designed to be used on parachutes prior to World War II by Dupont manufacturing. It consists of an outer sheath of braided nylon with an inner core of between 7 and 9 strands of 3 ply nylon strings. Being designed this way allows for multiple uses and makes it a widely used product for modern preparedness people.

Bank-line or tarred twine is a far simpler cordage with somewhat foggy originations, it has been in use for hundreds of years possibly longer and consists of a simple twisted cordage soaked in tar...

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Solar Irrigation Pump is Winner of the 2017 Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy and Water "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The winner of the 2017 Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy and Water - announced today (12th June, 2017) - is Futurepump, which manufactures an affordable, highly efficient and portable solar irrigation pump aimed at the millions of smallholder farmers in Kenya and around the world, writes CHHAVI SHARMA


A big inflatable duck has been arrested in St Petersburg "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

In Russia people attending protests are reluctant to carry anti-government placards, so have taken to using ducks (both rubber and inflatable) to show their dislike of government corruption inevitably a giant inflatable duck was arrested in St Petersburg during some protests earlier today.

The New Statesman reports that ducks were adopted as a symbol by oppositionists and their allies after an anti-corruption investigation into Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedevs wealth.



Qualys Container Security: Discover, track, and secure containers "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Qualys announced a new solution that extends its single-pane visibility and continuous security to the new and growing virtualization environment of Docker containers, and enables customers to proactively build security into their container deployments and their DevOps processes at any scale. OS containers are not inherently unsecure, but are being deployed unsecurely, driven by developers and a need for agility in service development and deployment, according to Neil MacDonald, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner. Security More


Goth AF black lemonade recipe "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Instructables has a detailed recipe for Black Lemonade. I havent made it yet, so I cant tell you if its any good or not. It does look very intriguing and simple to make, though. I might have to try...


The Daily Mail but with all the headlines replaced with real user comments "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Todays copy of The Daily Mail but with all the headlines replaced with real user comments is as worrying as usual notes @Technicallyron over on Twitter.

Follow: @TechnicallyRon NOW!

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World Press Cartoon 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"



World Press Cartoon is the most prestigious international cartoon competition in the profession. We are very proud that this years winners include a number of our cartoonists. Third prize in the editorial cartoon section went to Sunnerberg Constantin (Cost) and Trayko Popov, Silvano Mello and Marco De Angelis all received honourable mentions.

Check out the World Press Cartoon gallery to see all the cartoons from this years edition.

De AngelisCost.

De AngelisMarco De Angelis.

MelloSilvano Mello.



Panel member quits 'doomed' Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

A key member of the Scottish government's child abuse inquiry has resigned, saying it is "doomed" by government interference. Psychology professor Michael Lamb said there had been "repeated threats" to the independence of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. The major review is scheduled to last four years, but has been criticised by survivors of abuse. The inquiry, which concerns historical allegations of child abuse in Scotland, will examine the extent of abuse of children in care, and identify any systemic failures. It launched a formal call for evidence in March, but has already heard from some seriously ill or very elderly survivors. Mr Lamb - one of three members of the panel, alongside chairwoman Susan O'Brien QC and Glenn Houston - said the project had "noble and worthy goals", but that it was ultimately "doomed". In a letter to Education Secretary John Swinney, he said: "It has become increasingly clear over the last nine months that the panel cannot act independently and that the Scottish government intends to continue interfering in ways large and small, directly and indirectly. Continuing interference threatens to prevent the inquiry from investigating thoroughly and taking robust evidence of the highest quality. The Scottish government has delayed or prevented the appointment of crucial members of staff for prolonged periods of time while its officials have questioned the decisions made by the supposedly independent inquiry."

Note: Watch an excellent segment by Australia's "60-Minutes" team "Spies, Lords and Predators" on a pedophile ring in the UK which leads directly to the highest levels of government. A second suppressed documentary, "Conspiracy of Silence," goes even deeper into this topic in the US. For more, see concise summaries of sexual abuse scandal news articles.

Facebook wants to secretly watch you through your smartphone camera "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Facebook wants to get up close and personal with its users after a patent was revealed detailing a desire to secretly watch users through their webcam or smartphone camera, spying on your mood in order to sell you tailored content or advertisements. The purpose behind the invasive idea is to analyse people through the camera in real time while they browse online and if it recognises you looking happy, bored or sad, it would deliver an advert fitting your emotion. If you were forlorn, for example, it would be able to serve an ad to perk you up, or know what products you had previously looked at online and put them under your nose at just the right time. The social network has filed several patents over the years on emotion-based technology but this, based on 'passive imaging data' is perhaps the most unnerving, considering it would take control of cameras that weren't even switched on by the user. As described by CB Insights: "This patent proposes capturing images of the user through smartphone or laptop cameras, even when the user is not actively using the camera. By visually tracking a user's facial expression, Facebook aims to monitor the user's emotional reactions to different types of content." Other patents listed by Facebook include a text messaging platform to detect a user's mood by measuring how hard and fast they were typing, then augment the message format, such as adding emojis or changing the font size, to match their emotion.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on corporate corruption and the disappearance of privacy.

Who Won the Election? NSA Report Suggests Russia Might Have Hacked Voting System "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Russian military intelligence attempted to cyber-attack a U.S. voting software supplier and more than 100 local election officials in the days leading up to the 2016 presidential election, The Intercept reported Monday. According to an NSA document ... Russian military intelligence cyber-attacked a U.S. voting software supplier, using information gained in that attack to launch a voter registration-themed spear-phishing campaign targeting U.S. local government organizations. Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate actors executed cyber espionage operations against a named U.S. company in August 2016, evidently to obtain information on elections-related software and hardware solutions, the document states. The operation gave the hackers persistent access to the targeted computers, allowing them to survey the victims for items of interest. But Pamela Smith, president of election integrity watchdog Verified Voting, said the hacking might have kept some Americans from voting. If someone has access to a state voter database, they can take malicious action by modifying or removing information, she told The Intercept. This could affect whether someone has the ability to cast a regular ballot or be required to cast a provisional ballot ' which ... may mean the voter has to jump through certain hoops such as proving their information to the election official before their eligibility is affirmed.

Note: Why have those who set up our elections allowed private companies to develop software which can be hacked? For undeniable evidence our voting systems have not been safe for years, read summaries of these major media news articles.

At $75,560, housing a prisoner in California now costs more than a year at Harvard "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The cost of imprisoning each of Californias 130,000 inmates is expected to reach a record $75,560 in the next year. Thats enough to cover the annual cost of attending Harvard University and still have plenty left over. The price for each inmate has doubled since 2005, even as court orders related to overcrowding have reduced the population by about one-quarter. Salaries and benefits for prison guards and medical providers drove much of the increase. The result is a per-inmate cost that is the nations highest. Since 2015, Californias per-inmate costs have surged nearly $10,000, or about 13%. New York is a distant second in overall costs at about $69,000. Critics say with fewer inmates, the costs should be falling. Now that were incarcerating less, we havent ramped the system back down, said Chris Hoene, executive director of the ... California Budget & Policy Center. California was sued over prison overcrowding, and to comply with a federal court-imposed population cap, the Brown administration now keeps most lower-level offenders in county jails instead of state prisons. Additionally, voters in 2014 reduced penalties for drug and property crimes and last fall approved the earlier releases.

Note: Could it be that the privatization of prisons is driving up prison costs? For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing prison system corruption news articles from reliable major media sources.

Why Is Diet Soda So Bad For Your Brain? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A study in the journal Stroke showed a correlation between drinking diet soda and both stroke and dementia: people who drank at least one diet soda a day were three times as likely to have a stroke or develop dementia as those who avoided the beverages. Previous research had already uncovered a possible link with higher stroke risk. The findings in this study add some support to those results. The link with dementia, however, is new, and at minimum is enough cause for concern that it's worth studying further. Why might diet sodas contribute to these risks? Diet sodas are designed to trick the brain into thinking its getting an extra dose of glucose (the brains fuel), but eventually the trick is on us because the brain adapts to not receiving the added glucose by overcompensating in other ways (leading to a variety of effects still under investigation). Diet sodas could imbalance the bacterial jungle in our guts - the microbiome - causing unpredictable results. Since theres a bacterial superhighway from gut to brain, which we know interacts with key neurotransmitters, this theory may eventually tell us more of a much bigger brain story. This study didnt narrow down the exact types of artificial sweeteners that were consumed, so its an open question how one may have affected the brain differently than another. In the meantime, curtailing how much of any artificial sweetener you ingest, along with added sugar, is a reasonable position to take.

Note: Artificial sweeteners have also been connected with blood sugar level spikes, obesity, and diabetes. There is undeniable evidence that aspartame is toxic to the human body. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on food industry corruption and health.

Republicans and Democrats Continue to Block Drug Reimportation After Publicly Endorsing It "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The entire pharmaceutical industry is floated by a protectionist racket. Drugs that are in fact very cheap to make are kept artificially expensive we have drugs that cost $1,000 a pill here in America that sell for $4 in India, for instance. The means of keeping prices high vary, but include lengthy patents to push production of generics into the future, the barring of foreign competition, and the prohibition of negotiations to lower prices for bulk purchases by both the federal and state governments. Without government intervention, the pharmaceutical industry would be profitable, but it wouldn't be the massive cash factory it is now. In 2015, for instance, the 20 largest drug companies made a collective $124 billion in profits. All the industry needs to protect those sums is the continued cooperation of Congress. So naturally it spends money ... to make sure they always have just enough dependable people in office to block change. Which brings us ... to drug importation. Trump announced early in the race that he was in favor of bringing in cheaper drugs from Canada and made it a big stump theme. The Democrats, meanwhile, put allowing importation of drugs from countries like Canada in their platform last summer. The seeming synergy of the two candidates' positions led to the hope that something might actually be done about the problem, no matter who won. No such luck. Trump's support for drug importation basically went up in smoke from the moment he started filling out his executive appointees.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about corruption in government and throughout Big Pharma.

Peter Thiel Wants to Inject Himself with Young People's Blood "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Trump delegate and Gawker bankrupter Peter Thiel is no stranger to the idea of increasing his lifespan through science. On Bloomberg TV in 2014, Thiel explained that he was taking human-growth hormone pills as part of his plan to live 120 years. Given Thiels obsession with warding off death, it comes as no surprise that the Silicon Valley billionaire is interested in at least one radical way of doing it: injecting himself with a young persons blood. [In] a year-old interview ... the venture-capitalist [said] that hes interested in parabiosis, which includes the practice of getting transfusions of blood from a younger person, as a means of improving health and potentially reversing aging. I'm looking into parabiosis stuff. This is where they did the young blood into older mice and they found that had a massive rejuvenating effect, he said. Its one of these very odd things where people had done these studies in the 1950s and then it got dropped altogether. I think there are a lot of these things that have been strangely under-explored. A Thiel Capital employee ... previously expressed interest in the technique to Jesse Karmazin, the founder of Ambrosia LLC, a company that has been looking for volunteers over the age of 35 to receive blood transfusions from individuals under the age of 25. Bercovici notes that Silicon Valley is abound with rumors of wealthy tech elites experimenting with parabiosis, and Gawker ... received a tip in June claiming that Thiel spends $40,000 per quarter to get an infusion of blood from an 18-year-old.

Note: One university researcher has found that many in the European royalty until the end of the 18th century practiced selective cannibalism in the belief if would keep them young. Another article goes into greater depth about the practice some elder members of the wealthy elite taking blood infusions from young people to stay young.

Trump Administration Starts Returning Copies of C.I.A. Torture Report to Congress "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Senators, spies and a president spent years in a pitched battle over how the history is told of one of the most controversial chapters of Americas campaign against terrorism, the detention and interrogation of prisoners in secret C.I.A. jails. Congressional officials said on Friday that the [Trump] administration had begun returning to Congress copies of a 6,700-page Senate report from 2014 about the C.I.A. program. The move raises the possibility that most of the copies could be locked in Senate vaults indefinitely or even destroyed. The classified report [tells] the story of how ... the C.I.A. began capturing terrorism suspects and interrogating them ... beyond the reach of the American judicial and military legal systems. The central conclusion of the report is that the spy agencys interrogation methods - including waterboarding, sleep deprivation and other kinds of torture - were far more brutal and less effective than the C.I.A. described to policy makers, Congress and the public. The Senate Intelligence Committee, which was run by Democrats when the executive summary was released, sent copies of the entire report to at least eight federal agencies, asking that they incorporate it into their records ' a move that would have made the documents subject to requests under the Freedom of Information Act. The agencies all refused to add the report to their records, and instead kept their copies locked up, prompting the American Civil Liberties Union to sue the C.I.A. for access to the full report.

Note: See a revealing New York Times article listing seven key points from this torture report. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about corruption in government and in the intelligence community.

7 Key Points From the C.I.A. Torture Report "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The report released by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence discloses new details about the C.I.A.s torture practices. 1. The C.I.A.s interrogation techniques were more brutal and employed more extensively than the agency portrayed. The report also describes detainees being subjected to sleep deprivation for up to a week, medically unnecessary rectal feeding and death threats. Conditions at one prison, described by a clandestine officer as a dungeon, were blamed for the death of a detainee, and the harsh techniques were described as leading to psychological and behavioral issues, including hallucinations, paranoia, insomnia, and attempts at self-harm and self-mutilation. 2. The C.I.A. interrogation program was mismanaged and was not subject to adequate oversight. 3. The C.I.A. misled members of Congress and the White House about the effectiveness and extent of its brutal interrogation techniques. 4. Interrogators in the field who tried to stop the brutal techniques were repeatedly overruled by senior C.I.A. officials. 5. The C.I.A. repeatedly underreported the number of people it detained. It also underreported the number of detainees who were subjected to torture. 6. At least 26 detainees were wrongfully held and did not meet the governments standard for detention. 7. The C.I.A. leaked classified information to journalists, exaggerating the success of interrogation methods in an effort to gain public support.

Note: Efforts to bury this report have been ongoing. For more along these lines, see the "10 Craziest Things in the Senate Report on Torture". For more, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about corruption in government and in the intelligence community.

The anti-terror ad going viral in the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A hard-hitting video advertisement of a suicide bomber being challenged by victims of terrorism has gone viral in the Middle East. Kuwaiti telecom company Zain launched the TV ad on Saturday at the start of Ramadan, the holiest month in the Muslim calendar, in an effort to counter terrorism. Since then, the three minute music video has been viewed nearly 2.4 million times on YouTube. The message of the company's ad is unmistakeable. "Worship your God with love, with love not terror," sings Hussain Al Jassmi, an Emirati star famous in the region. "Be tender in your faith, gentle not harsh. Confront your enemy, with peace not war." Ramadan is typically a huge month for TV audiences as families gather to break their dawn-to-dusk fast and watch TV shows together. Advertisers spend a large proportion of their budget during the month. Zain has struck a chord before with its creative ads. Its spot last year carrying a message of peace was viewed 13 million times while its Eid holiday ad, which marked the end of Ramadan, had more than 24 million views. This latest project recreates the aftermath of a bus bombing as the suicide bomber walks through the carnage. The terrorist recites Islamic phrases but he is corrected by those sitting in front of him. The ad also features survivors of previous attacks including a man from the blast at a Kuwaiti mosque in 2015 and a bride from an attack on a wedding in Amman, Jordan, in 2005.

Note: Explore a treasure trove of concise summaries of incredibly inspiring news articles which will inspire you to make a difference.

Eyes of the highways: Raising a 'trucker army' for trafficking fight "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

There was a time when truck driver Kevin Kimmel knew little about the scourge of human trafficking. That all changed when he pulled into a gas station [and] a "kind of unusual" family recreational vehicle parked nearby caught his eye. Kimmel ... saw what he thought was a "minor female" appear from behind [a] curtain before abruptly disappearing. He immediately [called] the local sheriff. Police cars were soon on the scene. He later saw on the news that the woman he spotted was a 20-year-old sex trafficking victim. She had been lured away from her home in Iowa, held against her will and subjected to ... forced prostitution. Yet without the concern or quick thinking of Kimmel, she may never have been found. Truckers ... are increasingly seen as operating on the front line in the fight against human trafficking. Kimmel, who still drives a truck and speaks about his experiences at anti-trafficking events around the country, says that truckers tend to spend a lot of time in the places that victims pass through given the transient nature of their job. "[Traffickers] are constantly moving these people," he explains. "But when you're moving them, then you come into my world. If we know the signs and are vigilant then we can make a big piece of this problem go away." This is a point echoed by Kendis Paris of anti-trafficking charity Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT). Her organization seeks to educate truckers about what to look out for, how to report suspected incidences of trafficking and why it is important to do so.

Note: Learn about the inspiring Truckers Against Trafficking movement and watch the excellent video there.

'Extraordinary' month for Scottish renewable energy "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Scotland had "another extraordinary month" for renewable energy in May, according to environmental groups. Wind turbines alone provided enough electricity to supply 95% of Scottish homes. WWF Scotland analysed renewables data, [and] found that in several parts of Scotland, homes fitted with solar PV panels had enough sunshine to generate more than 100% of the electricity needs of an average household. Wind turbines provided 863,495 MWh of electricity to the National Grid during May, an increase of almost 20% compared to May 2016 when wind energy provided 692,896 MWh. Overall the data showed that wind generated enough output to supply 100% or more of Scottish homes on 11 of the 31 days in May. Dr Sam Gardner, acting director of WWF Scotland, said: "The global energy revolution is unstoppable and continues at pace here in Scotland. "On one day in particular, 15 May, output from turbines generated enough electricity to power 190% of homes or 99% of Scotland's total electricity demand. Month after month, renewables play a vital role in cutting carbon emissions and powering the Scottish economy." Homes with solar PV (photovoltaic) panels generated over 100% of average household electricity needs in Aberdeen, Dumfries, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Lerwick. Dr Gardner added: "Thanks to a super sunny month, solar was on sizzling form and could have met more than 100% of household electricity demand in towns and cities across Scotland."

Note: Explore a treasure trove of concise summaries of incredibly inspiring news articles which will inspire you to make a difference.


Animal Rights Advocates Protest Killing of Bear in Union Beach NJ "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

by David J Del Grande /

About 36 animal rights advocates lined the north bound side of Route 36 at Poole Avenue in Hazlet Thursday evening to protest the death of a black bear on Memorial Day weekend.

Car horns blared in support of the group, while others jeered. A passerby yelled, Go home. One protesters response: Were in New Jersey, this is our home.

The bear was killed by Union Beach police on May 28, after a four-hour stakeout, and after police were denied assistance from the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, police have said.

Lauretta Iavarone, a local business owner from Red Bank, said her conscience motivated her to attend the protest. She said the killing of the bear was a real shame.

Even though I do understand the parameters, its very sad and it makes you sad, Iavarone said.

Janine Motta, programs director at the Animal Protection League of New Jersey, said they organized a protest to raise awareness about bear populations being relocated and growing in new areas, and to tell people that the state isnt providing tools to mitigate this situation.

This really has to be exposed and has to be talked about more, Motta said.

Motta said the local police department has told her the department is very responsive and open to having a conversation about bear safety education programs and using nonlethal options in the future.

She said state officials refused to tranquilize the bear, because the incident was reported at night. It was also on Sunday.

This particular bear was obviously part of the states relocation effort, because it was registered in Stillwater, which is too great a distance for a bear to travel undetected and without incident, Motta said.

Susan M. Kearney, a member of Be...



Coinbase to Face Trial over Possible Role in Cryptsy Exchange Collapse "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A legal dispute between the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange Cryptsy and its former users is ensnaring one of the industry's largest startups.



African Farmers Facing Heavy Prison Sentences if They Continue Their Traditional Seed Exchange "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

from Alternative Media Syndicate

In order to get developmental assistance, Tanzania amended its legislation, which should give commercial investors faster and better access to agricultural land as well as a very strong protection of intellectual property rights.

If you buy seeds from Syngenta or Monsanto under the new legislation, they will retain the intellectual property rights. If you save seeds from your first harvest, you can use them only on your own piece of land for non-commercial purposes. Youre not allowed to share them with your neighbors or with your sister-in-law in a different village, and you cannot sell them for sure. But thats the entire foundation of the seed system in Africa, says Michael Farrelly.

Under the new law, Tanzanian farmers risk a prison sentence of at least 12 years or a fine of over 205,300, or both, if they sell seeds that are not certified.

Thats an amount that a Tanzanian farmer cannot even start to imagine. The average wage is still less than 2 US dollars a day, says Janet Maro, head of Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT).

Under pressure of the G8

Tanzania applied the legislation concerning intellectual property rights on seeds as a condition for receiving development assistance through the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition (NAFSN). The NAFSN was launched in 2012 by the G8 with the goal to help 50 million people out of poverty and hunger in the ten African partner countries through a public-private partnership. The initiative receives the support of the EU, the US, the UK, the World Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Companies that invest in the NAFSN are expected to pay attention to small-scale farmers and women in their projects, but sometimes little of that is noticed. As a result, the NAF...


Europes Battle over Symbols "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The battle over symbols has intensified. Muslim organizations have gone so far as to demand special police uniforms for female officers.


Tucker: Trump:Russia WAS a Coup Attempt, 1667 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

- Life Change Tea: Rid Your Body From Toxins! Good morning, Im still reporting on Tucker: Trump:Russia WAS a Coup Attempt, 1667 Synopsis: Last night, an outraged Tucker Carlson took to the Fox News airwaves and pointed out that what former FBI Director, Jim Comey had done the day before was to actually admit that the entire Trump/Russia collusion theory that the Democrats had cooked up and then the cooperative MSM has been spouting since President Trumps inauguration, was a total fraud a hoax specifically designed to derail Trumps presidency from day one. [insert] Support Our Sponsors: - Life Change Tea: Rid Your Body From Toxins! - Nobel Gold & Silver: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 888-596-7916 - FlyGrip: Makes your phone a on-handed operation. - Water Smacker - Makes your water less acidic by ionization. - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level cyber protection. - Jeevy Computers: Buy/Sell Bitcoin & other Cryptos: 888-844-7806 - Trade Genius: The safe, sure way to trade. Still Report BTC address: 1LAAGYVNrdBBMDXSUsEtCTZ93azLtftDug Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a cherished sponsor:


Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


I found a few random disposable nappies. 

10 Aldi ones. Crawler size maybe? 

5 swim nappies.

Pick up Reservoir.

0466 584 397


Pealing back the layers of genocidal predatory communism "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere. Voltaire Communism Victims Remember Powerful testimony of personal experiences with communisms horrors. Do not listen to what the Communists promise, just watch their actionsSearch the truth by talking to victims of Communism, recently warned Truc Brown, a refugee from Vietnamese Communism.  Available for public []


UFO Hunters Who Mysteriously Disappeared (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

(The Daily Sheeple) In recent months the deaths of famous UFO hunters Max Spiers and Guarav Tiwari have prompted many to ask if someone is killing off our extra-terrestrial investigators.
Read more


Eyewitness: I Was There When Seth Rich Was Shot, They Walked Him Past Me, He Didnt Even Know He Was Shot, No Pain "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This report was originally published by Shepard Ambellas at

seth-rich-corner1The Washington D.C. corner Seth Rich was shot on (Via Google Street View)

A man claiming to be Mark Mueller, Seth Richs neighbor, who may also be going by the alias Scott Roberts, was at the scene when Rich was shot on July 10, 2016, and was listed in the police report.

Interestingly enough, the eyewitness made a few shocking statements at a vigil for the late Democratic National Committee staffer where Debbie Wasserman Schultz was also in attendance, which were captured on video.

I was there when he [Seth Rich] got shot and uh they walked him past me so that I could see him and identify him because I knew him in the neighborhood and the police officer said: he didnt even know he was shot, the eyewitness said.

The eyewitnesses testimony begins at 6:29 into the video.

Mark Mueller, a.k.a. Scott Roberts (Screencapture NBC Washington 4)

A timeline of Seth Rich related tweets and retweets by Twitter user @ScottRobertsDC starting the day Rich was shot as follows:

Eyewitness: I Was There When Seth Rich Was Shot, They Walked Him Past Me, He Didnt Even Know He Was Shot, No Pain "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This report was originally published by Shepard Ambellas at

seth-rich-corner1The Washington D.C. corner Seth Rich was shot on (Via Google Street View)

A man claiming to be Mark Mueller, Seth Richs neighbor, who may also be going by the alias Scott Roberts, was at the scene when Rich was shot on July 10, 2016, and was listed in the police report.

Interestingly enough, the eyewitness made a few shocking statements at a vigil for the late Democratic National Committee staffer where Debbie Wasserman Schultz was also in attendance, which were captured on video.

I was there when he [Seth Rich] got shot and uh they walked him past me so that I could see him and identify him because I knew him in the neighborhood and the police officer said: he didnt even know he was shot, the eyewitness said.

The eyewitnesses testimony begins at 6:29 into the video.



Take Photos Through These Raspberry Pi Powered Binoculars "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Make pinoculars by upgrading a pair of binoculars with a Raspberry Pi 2 and a Pi camera so it can view and take pictures at a distance.

Read more on MAKE

The post Take Photos Through These Raspberry Pi Powered Binoculars appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.



Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Howdy neighbours,

We have a Panasonic DVR/BlueRay player and also a Masport wood heater looking for a new home.  Wood heater will need 2 to move - really heavy!

Call or text 0415 421 382 if you'd like either or need further info.



Origami Fashion - Wearable Art by Papel (Paper) "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

If you're a longtime reader, you've probably noticed how much I enjoy featuring emerging artists. Today's introduction is to the youngest by far - Agustin is only seven years old! After mentioning in...

[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]


Blockchain Could Help Russia Close Gap With Advanced Economies "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Russia seems to place blockchain technologies on top of the list of its priorities lately.


LifeFlight (Aeromed) LearJet 45 Bizjet VH-VVI Pops into Bundaberg Airport - And Gladstone Airport! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

On Saturday 10 June, LifeFlight (Aeromed) LearJet 45 bizjet VH-VVI was noted visiting Bundaberg Airport.

File photo

It appears that the LearJet was returning to its Townsville base after around a week on the ground at Sydney, possibly undergoing planned maintenance.  VH-VVI was noted using its registration as its radio callsign rather than its 'usual' med-evac radio callsign of "Ambulance 451".

UPDATE!  Late on Sunday 12 June, VH-VVI completed what looked to be a med-evac flight into Gladstone Airport.  It arrived from and later departed back to Townsville.  VH-VVI was heard to be using its 'usual' radio callsign of "Ambulance 451".


Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Airbus A330-203 / KC-30A (MRTT) A39-003 "Dragon 21" Calls into Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

On Monday 12 June, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Airbus A330-203 / KC-30A (MRTT) A39-003 called into Rockhampton Airport on what is becoming a frequent land, park, and go type training flight.


Lost Dog "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Large Black and Tan dog missing in Reservoir area. Likely be injured after being hit by a car. The dog is familiar with the creek so please keep an eye out if you are out walking in the area.

Any sightings please call Darcie  ph 0433 368 852.


A Garden Writer's Diary "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hi Newlanders,
If you are interested in gardens and gardening, you may like to look at my blog.
I came to live in North Coburg three years ago and have made a new garden here.  A friend said that at my age I was mad not to buy a unit and garden in pots, but I have always been a keen gardener and so in my late seventies I find myself digging and tending yet again. I have also always been a garden writer, years ago writing regularly for magazines and newspapers. Now I am writing a book about the three significant gardens I have made in my lifetime, and it is always a toss-up as to what will win my attention each day: the garden or the book. The garden usually wins because it is lovely to be in a garden even though it is hard work, whereas writing is very hard work and my desk an unlovely place in comparison with the beckoning garden beyond the window.


Jaxx Wallet Vulnerability: Users Report $400k Funds Thefts "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Jaxx wallet is the subject of scrutiny Monday as reports surface of at least $400,000 funds being stolen through a security vulnerability.

from News


Benjamin Fulford 6-12-17 Khazarian mafia will make several more tries to start WW3 before their final defeat "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

New weekly report from Ben. Fascinating that Ben points out the possibility that Comey hinted at the Khazarians being non-human.

The Khazarian mafia that has ruled humanity, or at least the West, for thousands of years is still clinging to power in Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, parts of Europe and in a section of the US power elite. However, the balance of world power has now tipped decisively against them. That is why, facing final defeat, they will be trying very hard to start World War 3

They are also clinging to the illusion they will somehow manage to remove US President Donald Trump from power and thus re-establish their control over the military industrial complex. Their lack of power in Washington DC was made evident last week when fired FBI director James Comey not only failed to provide impeachable evidence against Trump but also incriminated himself and the Democratic Party establishment.

Comey also gave ammunition to the folk who say the Khazarians are not even human by saying he has had a lot of conversations with humans over the years.

The Khazarian corporate media also showed how utterly foolish is has become by writing, in all apparent seriousness, articles about a so-called NSA leaker by the name of...


Local Electrician and Painter "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Friendly, reliable local electrician (REC 24154) and painter available for jobs of all sizes at reasonable prices. Free quotes. See reviews of business here and here.

Contact Aref (Alex) 0423 278 327.


How original Batman Adam West, who has died aged 88, listed himself in the phone book "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Adam West, who played the original Batman in the 1960s TV series, died on Friday night aged 88. Heres some classic Adam West humour, as listed in the Idaho phonebook where he lived.

While were here

And here is the great man himself.


RIP Adam West our three favourite Batman moments and more


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Grassland Discovery @ The Murnong Patch "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Grassland discovery at the Murnong Patch   
Wednesday 14 June 2-3 pm
Off Connolly Avenue

Join some regular Merri Murnong volunteers who are well versed in the gentle and contemplative art of grassland appreciation that often involves weeding. Together we can learn to care for this very special place; no prior skills required, we will show you the ropes.

The progressive discovery and appreciation of the diverse and dynamic complexity of our grassland may involve some weeding; this will sharpen observation skills and indigenous plant knowledge. Indeed, this is one of the best ways to get to know indigenous bush food, as well as fibre and medicinal plants.
Sore back or knees? Feel free to still join us. You can cheer us on and chat! There are also opportunities for all to care for this place by recording information, taking phot...


Jaxx Wallet Vulnerability: Users Report $400k Funds Thefts "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Jaxx wallet is the subject of scrutiny Monday as reports surface of at least $400,000 funds being stolen through a security vulnerability.


Bitcoin Makes Global Media Headlines As Bitcoin Price Reaches New Highs "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Bitcoin continues to enjoy global media attention, placed on currency cats statue in Shanghai.

from News


This is How the World Will End, According to Buddha "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The end time (also called end times, end of time, end of days, last days, final days, or eschaton) is a future time-period described variously in the eschatologies of several world religions which believe that world events will achieve a final climax. 


FIRE-EARTH E-E ALERT 061201 EE02 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

All Groups FIRE-EARTH E-E ALERT 061201 EE02 Details via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.  Filed under: News Alert Tagged: 061201, All Groups, EE02, extreme event, Fire-Earth Alert, FIRE-EARTH E-E ALERT, FIRE-EARTH PULSARS


Bitcoin Makes Global Media Headlines As Bitcoin Price Reaches New Highs "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Bitcoin continues to enjoy global media attention, placed on currency cats statue in Shanghai.


Bitcoin Drops $300 in One Hour as Price Falls Abruptly and Rebounds "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The price of bitcoin saw renewed volatility today, just hours after setting a new all-time high above the $3,000 mark.



Review: 10.5-inch iPad Pro "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ive been using Apples new 10.5-inch iPad Pro for five days now and there is a lot to like about the device. When you factor in whats coming this fall in iOS 11 and the features built specifically for iPad, you have a device thats more compelling than its ever been before. []


Nazi groups clash at the Hate Against Counter Hate demonstration "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Fans of rival types of fascism have clashed again, as a planned Hate against Hate march was ambushed by Counter Hate Against Hate, which argues there should be no platform for hatred and it should be stamped out as violently as possible.

The Hate Against Hate demo was organised in response to Hate Crimes by a third group of Haters, which hates the country that granted them asylum. However, Counter Hate Against Hate organised a demo to oppose Hate Against Hate, arguing that anyone who hates hate haters is great by them.

This country has a long tradition of tolerance, said a spokesman for Counter Hate, and if anyone disagrees we are going to kick their heads in.


Better Window Covers "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Big windows in a boat are wonderful for providing views but can really heat up the inside. Regular shades work most of the year, but better window shades can lower interior temps by 10. Just 5 minutes and less than $20!


Lucio Fontanas Psychedelic, Ceramic Crucifixes "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Lucio Fontana, Lucio Fontana, Crocifisso (195557), polychrome ceramics, 17 x 14 x 4 1/3 in ( Fondazione Lucio Fontana, by SIAE 2017, courtesy Galerie Karsten Greve Cologne, Paris, St Moritz; photo by Sasa Fuis, Cologne)

PARIS The visual experience transmitted by Lucio Fontanas ceramic crosses, currently on view at Galerie Karsten Greve, evokes hallucinogenic transmutation and transubstantiation. Made between 1948 and 1961 and thus predecessors of quasi-religious acid art their woozy motifs reek of the high sacramental vision that Aldous Huxley discovered under the influence of mescaline, as recounted in his book The Doors of Perception.



Smirnoffs new ad has a pop at Donald Trump "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

If you dont expect vodka advertising to get political, then Smirnoffs latest ad poking fun at Donald Trumps tangled relationship with the Russian government will prove you wrong.

Its apprently real, and has been popping up on billboards across the US.

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Things to do in Copenhagen in Winter "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


We jetted into the Danish capital from Reykjavik Iceland. Copenhagen in January we were told we were crazy. We landed at Copenhagen airport only to be greeted by pouring rain. This Copenhagen weather would push our ideas of things to do in Copenhagen in winter. The weather is cold in winter have no doubt about that. The temperatures in December January can be in the minus degrees. We made sure we had thermals, good quality winter jackets and waterproof shoes

Getting into the city from the airport:

Copenhagen is a manageable Airport for arriving and departing. The metro train to the city is located right above Copenhagen airport arrivals terminal 3. All the trains go in the same direction, the airport is the end of the line. No need to worry about getting on the wrong train. The trains run with 4-6 minutes intervals during the day and evening.  At night the train runs every 15-20 minutes. The airport service will deliver you to the Nrreport Station (hub in the city centre) in 13 minutes. You buy Tickets at the metro station and at the DSB ticket sales counter in terminal 3. Customer service representatives were present to help you buy the right tickets. This was something you dont see often but it was reassuring to be pointed in the right direction. It would have been even handier when we arrived at Norreport in the rain and had no idea which direction to go. A real tourist moment.

Things to do in Copenhagen in Winter

Best Places to stay in Copenhagen

For budget friendly accommodation we stayed at the Generator in Copenhagen. The Generator had a family room for 4 that suited our family. There was a communal area with games, TV, food and drinks for the whole family. It was nice not be stuck in your hotel room the...


Rosebud Sioux Tribal Citizen Killed by Omaha Police Taser "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Zachary Bearheels. Photo from GoFund Me.

Published June 12, 2017

OMAHA Zachary Bearheels, a tribal citizen of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, died after being hit with 12 direct shots from a police Taser in Omaha, Nebraska early last Monday morning.

Bearheels was on his way to Oklahoma when he was kicked off an interstate bus in Omaha on Saturday, June 3, 2017. Bearheels, who suffered from bi-polar and  schizophrenia, was not allowed back on the bus because of his behavior after another bus passenger complained to the bus driver.

Left in Omaha, Bearheels failed to arrive in Oklahoma to meet his mother who went to the bus stop to pick him up. His mother called the Omaha police and told the dispatcher about her sons mental health condition. The police told her they could not do anything unless her son was a risk to himself or others.

More than 24 hours later, police were called to Omaha convenience store because Bearheels was allegedly causing a disturbance. He was apprehended and put in the back of a police cruiser. The police contacted his mother, who spoke with an officer on the scene for almost an half hour. She asked for the police to take her son back to the bus station. Soon thereafter, Bearheels left the police cruiser and police chased after him.

After reaching him, officers began to drag him by his ponytail. One officer used his Taser gunfiring 12 shots.

Police are trained that more than three Taser shots can be harmful to a human being.

Bearheels was taken to a local hospital where he was declared dead.

A GoFundMe page has been established to assist family with burial expenses.

The post Rosebud Sioux Tribal Citizen Killed by Omaha Police Taser appeared first on Native News Online.


Zero G - 5 June 2017 Episode 1136 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ZERO-G #1136

Title: Wonderful!

Podcast Title: Gal Podot On Podadise Island

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical Radio with Rob Jan & Megan McKeough. This week: we marvel at the marvelous and wonderful WONDER WOMAN! Plus the latest DOCTOR WHO, of course.

For playlists, show notes, and news see the 3RRR website at:

Follow @zerogrobjan on Twitter and Facebook:

Zero G broadcasts live from Melbourne Australia on Mondays at 1pm AEST


Ethereum Blockchain Bloat Could Reach 1TB In 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Blockchain bloat is afflicting Ethereum with a user reporting a download taking more than a week to complete.

from News


Someones organised Theresa Mays leaving drinks on Facebook and so far 33,000 people are going "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Someones organised Theresa Mays leaving drinks on Facebook and so far 33,000 people are going (at the time of writing) with another 67,000 interested.

Its at the Red Lion pub near the Houses of Parliament, in case youre interested, and kicks off this Friday. Lets hope she lasts that long. For the drinks, we mean.

Steve Harcourt wrote on the Facebook page:

The Red Lion landlord has asked that we are patient with the bar team, as if all 18,000 people turn up who have confirmed then it might be worth ordering double rounds when you get to the bar.

This place might have been more appropriate.

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Costs of fluoridating water supplies a concern for Northland councils "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Ratepayers may have to stump up any shortfall in fluoridating drinking water under new legislation, two Northland councils say.

The Whangarei District (WDC) and the Far North District Councils (FNDC) said it was not clear what they would be required to do under the new law, and whether fluoridation would be compulsory.

The councils were reacting to an announcement by Health Minister Jonathan Coleman that $12 million has been set aside in this years budget to fund the infrastructure needed to fluoridate more drinking water throughout the country.

The Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill, currently before Parliament, would move the decision making process from local councils to the district health boards.

The funding will help cover the infrastructure costs if an area does not currently fluoridate its water but is directed by a DHB to do so.

WDC water services manager Andrew Venmore said the estimated cost of adding fluoride to all its water treatment plants was $1.5m in capital expenditure in 2014, along with annual operating costs including chemical supply, electricity and staff expenses of about $100,000 per year.

Should we be required to fluoridate, we would seek funding from all sources possible, including funds allocated by central government.

Far North councillor Ann Court said while the district may be well placed to receive a larger than others share of the $12m, it still relied on its communities to fund the shortfall.

Significantly they will be expected to fund the on-going operations, maintenance and depreciation costs which may be a significant cost for communities already struggling to make ends meet.

And all of that, she said, came without any democratic right to participate in the decision making.

Kaipara District Council, which does not have fluoridated water supply, has not yet considered a fluoridation policy.

Northland District Health Board chief executive Dr Nick Chamberlain said the budgetary allocation to fluoridate water should particularly benefit highly deprived communities, which would result in greater health benefits for them.

The high rate of dental decay affects general health and well-being and results in si...


Bitcoin Price Watch; $3000 The Next Key Break "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Were off to a fresh week of trading in the bitcoin price and a break of the $3000 level is looking more and more realistic. The weekend brought with it plenty of volatility and price is currently trading in and around the 2950 region. With a little pop from these levels, theres plenty of opportunity Continue reading Bitcoin Price Watch; $3000 The Next Key Break

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Akira Kurosawas Names His 21 Favorite Art Films in the Criterion Collection "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The highly auteur-respecting Criterion Collection has, as you might expect, done quite well by the work of Akira Kurosawa, director of RashomonSeven SamuraiIkiru, and Ran  to name just a few out of his many films in their catalog. Given all the time and attention Criterion puts into not just the pictures themselves but the wealth of supplemental material that goes with them, you could potentially become a Kurosawa expert from only what you can learn through Criterion releases. That includes an understanding of the 21 Criterion films that Kurosawa included on his list of favorite movies. Find them listed right below.

You'll notice that Kurosawa's Criterion selections, a subset of his list of 100 favorite movies we featured here on Open Culture a few years ago, include more than just pictures to which he would have thrilled during his formative years in Japan in the 1920s and 30s. In fact, it skews toward much more recent and international productions, right up to Paris, Texas (1984) by German New Wave star Wim Wenders, who once interviewed Kurosawa for a magazine. The younger filmmaker asked the elder only technical questions such as "'Mr. Kurosawa, you let it rain really beautifully. How do you shoot it?" "To be honest," Kurosawa admitted, "for me also such topics are more welcome, and we discussed it further. But the editors were pretty embarrassed."


Ethereum Blockchain Bloat Could Reach 1TB In 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Blockchain bloat is afflicting Ethereum with a user reporting a download taking more than a week to complete.


Max Keiser: Hedge Funds Will Soon Send Bitcoin To $5k "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Max Keisers latest Bitcoin price forecast sees $5000 incoming as hedge funds signal dabbling in cryptocurrency.

from News


Melania and Barron move into the White House "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The Australian

Melania and Barron move into the White House

President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump, and their son and Barron Trump walk from Marine One across the South Lawn to the White House on Sunday. 
  • 6:39PM June 12, 2017

Americas first family is together again under the same roof: the White House.

After nearly five months of living apart, President Donald Trumps wife, Melania, announced Sunday that she and the couples young son have finally moved into the executive mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Mother and son broke with tradition by living at Trump Tower in New York since the inauguration so that Barron, now 11, could finish the school year uninterrupted; the president lived and worked at the White House.

Looking forward to the memories well make in our new home! (hash) Movingday, the first lady tweeted Sunday evening after she and Barron arrived at the White House with Trump. The tweet accompanied a photo of the Washington Monument as seen from the White House Red Room.

The president spent the weekend at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and had said on several occasions that his wife and son would move to the White House after the school year. Trump celebrates his 71st birthday on Wednesday and got his gift a few days early.

Mrs. Trump said last month that Barron will attend a private school in Maryland in the fall, an announcement that answered one of the lingering questions surrounding the Trump familys unusual living arrangement. It also pointed toward a coming move to the White House.

One remaining question had to do with a move-in date, and Mrs. Trump answered it Sunday.

Her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, confirmed the move by email and on Twitter. Its official! (at) FLOTUS & Barron have made the move to DC! (hash) WelcomeHome, Grisham tweeted.



Max Keiser: Hedge Funds Will Soon Send Bitcoin To $5k "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Max Keisers latest Bitcoin price forecast sees $5000 incoming as hedge funds signal dabbling in cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin Price Made History Again by Topping $3,000 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The price of bitcoin topped $3,000 for the first time in history.

from News


Head of DHS Just Admitted Drug War is a Waste of Time at Stopping Drug Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The War on Drugs has failed so miserably, that now even the head of the Department of Homeland Security is admitting that it is wont stop the current drug crisis.

DHS Secretary John Kelly testified before Congress on the Trump Administrations 2018 Homeland Security budget request on Tuesday.

He told Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) he believes the current methods used by the United States are a complete waste of time, given that fact that there is still such a high demand for the same drugs the U.S. is trying to eliminate.

If we dont reduce the drug demand in the United States for heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine, this is all a complete waste of time, Kelly said.

The bad news for Mexico and the southwest border is, largely because of our drug demand, an incredibly efficient network has developed that stretches, frankly, from around the world, goes through the Western Hemisphere into the United States.

Read Entire Article


Australian Government and UNESCO are Oceans Apart on Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Australia's governments and mining giant Adani have announced the go ahead for a mega mine - despite the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) warnings over climate change and the likely impact on the Great Barrier Reef. MAXINE NEWLANDS reports


Bitcoin Price Made History Again by Topping $3,000 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The price of bitcoin topped $3,000 for the first time in history.

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