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Tuesday, 29 August


Chinese governments latest crack against online anonymity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Chinese government is dead-set on making it so that all online interactions can be tied to a specific user. The latest move towards this goal came on Friday, when the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) released an overview of the new rules that dictate that anonymous users cant post content online. The new rules The rules have actually been announced by Chinas National Internet Information Office, and are expected to be enforced by Internet More


Chair of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Who Is Neil Chatterjee? "IndyWatch Feed"

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), facing a large backlog of natural gas pipeline construction applications, now has the necessary quorum to vote on them, thanks to Senate approval of two new Republican members, Neil Chatterjee and Robert Powelson. Both favor continued use of fossil fuels despite the dangers posed by global warming. On August 10, 2017, President Donald Trump named Chatterjee chair of the Commission, succeeding Norman Bay, who served from April 2015 to February 2017. Chatterjees FERC term will last until June 30, 2021.


Born July 16, 1976, Indranil Neil Chatterjee is the son of physicians and cancer researchers Sunil and Malaya Chatterjee. He grew up in Buffalo, New York, and Lexington, Kentucky, graduating Henry Clay Senior High School in Lexington in 1995. Chatterjee earned undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Psychology at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, in 1999, where he participated in the study abroad program in Vienna, and a J.D. at the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 2002. 


Chatterjee began his career Washington in 2003 as an awestruck intern with the House Committee on Ways and Means, served as an aide to House Republican Conference Chair Deborah Pryce (R-Ohio) from 2004 to 2005, and served on the House Republican Policy Committee from 2005 to 2007.


After Democrats took control of the House in 2006, Chatterjee left public service to work as a lobbyist for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, which represents rural power providers which tend to over-rely on fossil fuels like oil and coal, from 2007 to 2009.


As a board member of the Indian American Republican Council, in April 2009 Chatterjee enthusiastically endorsed fellow Indian-American Bobby Jindal, then governor of Louisiana, calling him, the future of not just the Republican Party but of this country.


Back on Capitol Hill in 2009, Chatterjee served as a legislative director in the personal office of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky). In December 2009, he became McConnells policy advisor for energy and agriculture and a year later was promoted to policy advisor for agriculture, energy, env...


New, custom ransomware delivered to orgs via extremely targeted emails "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ransomware campaigns are usually wide-flung affairs: the attackers send out as many malicious emails as possible and hope to hit a substantial number of targets. But more targeted campaigns are also becoming a trend. Targeting different verticals Take for example the latest ones spotted by Proofpoint researchers in August: one was primarily aimed at Healthcare and Education verticals, while the other targeted Manufacturing and Technology companies. In both cases, the campaigns targeted UK and US More


Extensive illegal cattle ranching destroys core area of Nicaraguas Indio Maz Biological Reserve "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

(This article is a collaboration between Mongabay-Latam and Onda Local in Nicaragua) Indio Maz Biological Reserve, Nicaragua The howl of a spider monkey that swayed from branch to branch alerted a group of green macaws to our presence and eventually took flight and disappeared into the forest. From one moment to another, the gentle wind that refreshed us turned into an intimidating gale rocking millennial trees back and forth some trees are taller than one hundred meters and forced us to walk hastily until we arrived at the Chontaleo River. There we noticed fresh jaguar footprints which put us on alert. All this is part of the daily life and charm of the Indio Maz Biological Reserve. Seventy percent of the Indio Maz Biological Reserve is the indigenous territory of Rama and Afro-descendant Kriol people. The reserve is located between the municipalities of Bluefields, New Guinea, San Juan de Nicaragua and El Castillo, in the southeastern region of Nicaragua. Forest in the core area of the Indio Maz Biological Reserve. Photo courtesy of Onda Local The Indio Maz Biological Reserve comprises about 2,639 km, slightly larger than Luxembourg. It is one of the most important tropical rainforests in Central America because it is home to a variety of endangered and threatened species. There are tapirs, jaguars, peccaries, manatees, and a great variety of birds, such as macaws, toucans, quetzals, bare-throated tiger heron, among others. The humid tropical climate of the reserve generates diverse ecosystems and it filters the water

We need to talk about the Spanish and Catalan reactions to the Barcelona attack even if it's not a nice conversation (Robert Fisk) "IndyWatch Feed World"

28/08/2017 - It may be a jolly idea that the cultist murderers of Isis however unwittingly could create Spanish unity on the eve of Catalonias independence vote, but the idea that this potentially ...


Is There ANYONE in Authority Who Cares About Raped and Murdered Children? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Going on 13 years now- have contacted police, the media, and the FBI to try and get my family investigated for murdering children and no one seems to give a damn. Is this the world we have come to live in? has all the info on it


Getting a start on cyber threat hunting "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In this age of advanced persistent threats, waiting for traditional threat management solutions like IDS and SIEM to flag incidents and threats is simply not enough anymore. We live in a world where the adversaries will persist in getting into an organizations environment, and they only have to be successful once. And, on average, companies are breached for more than 200 days before they realize they are compromised, notes Mark Terenzoni, CEO at Sqrrl, a More


Fall foliage prediction map The Loop

Its getting to be that time of year again. If you are in the US or planning a visit, this is a terrific resource for catching foliage at just the right moment for optimum glorious fall color.

Slide the slider to get a sense of when the leaf color change is at its peak in your area.

Read this on The Loop


The life and death of the MacBook Touch Bar The Loop

Chuq Von Rospach:

It seems to me Apple fell in love with the technology of the Touch Bar system, which if you dig into it a bit is a stunning piece of engineering, and expected all of us to fall in love with it as well. The problem is: Apple rarely sells things to us based on neat technology, it sells us based on the stories of how that technology will solve problems for us, and right now, the problems a Touch Bar solve for us that we care about being solved are few and far between.

Thoughtful piece on the Touch Bar. Resonates with me.

Read this on The Loop


Seven Decades of Grappling With Intellectual Property Issues in India "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Create, Copy, Disrupt: Indias Intellectual Property Dilemmas is well-researched and easy to read, especially for a non-legal audience.

Credit: Reuters

Analysis of the clause in Indias patent law that allows for rejecting patents on minor inventions that do not significantly improve efficacy narrowly interpreted by the Supreme Court in the Novartis case as therapeutic efficacy falls short. Credit: Reuters

The book Create, Copy, Disrupt: Indias Intellectual Property Dilemmas (OUP, 2017) is a serious effort by two legal scholars, Prashant Reddy T. and Sumathi Chandrashekaran, to explain some of Indias most controversial intellectual property (IP) issues to a non-legal audience. It is a painstakingly well-researched book that was clearly also aimed at providing new nuggets of information and analysis to IP scholars, thus making it a book that takes on the difficult task of simultaneously seeking approval from two very different audiences. But this is a timely publication as it is high time someone gave us the full background and context of the more interesting IP policy issues that India has had to grapple with over the last seven decades since its independence. Therefore, this book ought to have a wider audience than just IP scholars.

Fortunately for those interested in knowing more about these issues, this book is mostly written in an easy-to-read style, mostly free of jargon and best of all, it tells us some fascinating stories behind some of the legislative and policy decisions taken in this country over the decades. I say mostly because at times the author...


Is There an Organised Attempt to Scuttle Customs Agencys Probes Against Adani Group? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The adjudicating authority in the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence case on alleged over-invoicing of power equipment has evidently been sympathetic to the Adani group. But this is just one instance.

Adani group companies have allegedly overvalued equipment for power generation to the tune of Rs 3,974 crore by conniving with an intermediary, Electrogen Infra FZE (EIF), United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Adani group companies have allegedly overvalued equipment for power generation to the tune of Rs 3,974 crore by conniving with an intermediary, Electrogen Infra FZE (EIF), United Arab Emirates (UAE).

On August 22, the adjudicating authority in the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) absolved two Adani group companies, Adani Power Maharashtra Limited (APML) and Adani Power Rajasthan Limited (APRL), of all charges laid out in a showcause notice (SCN) issued by the DRI in May 2017.

It had been alleged in this SCN that the companies overvalued equipment for power generation to the tune of Rs 3,974 crore by conniving with an intermediary, Electrogen Infra FZE (EIF), United Arab Emirates (UAE). The DRI had issued another SCN to the Adani group for Rs 1,526 crore (for a power transmission project) in May 2014 and a third in September 2016 for around Rs 1,000 crore. It is reported that the adjudication is still pending in the last two SCNs.

The order of the adjudicating authority (K.V.S. Singh, the additional director general for adjudication at DRI) ruled against the DRI...


Integrating GDPR into your day to day IT practices "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GDPR, four letters that when combined strike fear into the heart of any sysadmin. Luckily, there is quite some time before it comes into force, which means getting into the habit of complying should be natural by 25th May 2018. My default position on these types of regulations are to consider it from a consumers point of view, and think about how I would feel with someone holding personal data of mine for longer than More

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Monday, 28 August


Open Banking APIs under PSD2: What are the security threats and solutions? Download VASCO's white paper now "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this week by the folks at VASCO. Thanks to the great team there for their support!

More than 10,000 customers in 100 countries rely on VASCO to secure access, manage identities, verify transactions, simplify document signing and protect high value assets and systems.

The Revised Payment Services Directive, also known as PSD2, requires European banks to provide communication interfaces to Third Party Providers (TPPs).

In this whitepaper VASCO analyzes the requirements for the communication interface as defined in the draft RTS, with a special emphasis on security requirements. VASCO identifies the most important security threats against these interfaces, and discuss various solutions that can help banks to protect against them.

By downloading this free white paper, youll discover:

  • the PSD2 requirements for open banking APIs
  • the security and privacy threats against the APIs of banks
  • how to protect APIs against security threats
  • VASCO's solution suite for PSD2 compliance

Interested in learning more? Download VASCO's white paper: Open Banking APIs under PSD2: What are the security threats and solutions?

If youre interested in sponsorin...


Misogyny bullying and brutal violence; what is there to worry about in the Middle East? "IndyWatch Feed"


My eldest daughter, a primary school teacher, returns to Qatar this weekend as do hundreds of young people from these shores supporting the education systems across the Middle East.  With developments over the summer I felt anxious as we said our farewells; she was sanguine as young people are.  Having left the Emirate in June just after the borders and airspace were closed, and sanctions imposed by a coalition cobbled together by Saudi Arabia, no fresh chicken or milk were her only inconveniences.  And anyway she assured me this happened before and it was quickly resolved.

While the Gulf nations slumbered in the overpowering heat of their summer, Saudi Arabias resolve to cower its smaller neighbour with thirteen demands did not diminish nor did Qatars resistance to be censured.  This is a family dispute make no mistake and it could turn nasty quickly.

In the first months of 2012 I travelled across this region.   I find travel and experiencing other cultures always exciting and exhilarating but Saudi Arabia was a shock.  It stood out starkly in its extremes and my two week stay in the Kingdom proved a lonely and dispiriting experience.

A kindly Egyptian named doctor was assigned to look after me.  From Saudi Arabia, we travelled together onto; Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and finally Qatar.  Aware that I was entering a different cultural zone I telephoned in advance to ask him what I should and should not do.   Dr Terry, he confided, do as you are and do what you want and I only give one piece of advice; do not attend Friday beheadings in Riyadh.  An American colleague had done this and two years later was still paying for the psychotherapy.

Just before our half-fully BA flight into Riyadh landed all women passengers disappeared into the toilets and came out dressed in black head to toe.  At immigration, after a considerable wait, I had my palms and finger prints recorded on a computer screen by an indifferent young soldier who avoided eye contact yet during my processing engaged in horseplay with his colleagues at one stage throwing a heavy stamper across his kiosk striking it off the wall.

I was detained without explanation in a glass cubicle and waited for two hours.  During this time an Indian worker, one of a few hundred being processed through another section, was dragged into the room and while being held by two young soldiers sustained a number of severe facial punches from a senior official.  He lay unconscious for some time on the ground bleeding from nose and mouth before being taken away by colleagues.

My handprint it seems could not be confirmed by the London Embassy as the computer server was down.  I was eventually let go; met my driver who already had my luggage and I was soon at my hotel a palatial building with a stunning inlaid marble foyer and a cal...


You dont expect vampires to be ethical, do you? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

You knew this was coming, the perfect example of raging capitalism: old people buying young peoples blood.

In Monterey, California, a new startup has emerged, offering transfusions of human plasma: 1.5 litres a time, pumped in across two days, harvested uniquely from young adults.

Ambrosia, the vampiric startup concerned, is run by a 32-year-old doctor called Jesse Karmazin, who bills $8,000 (6,200) a pop for participation in what he has dubbed a study. So far, he has 600 clients, with a median age of 60. The blood is collected from local blood banks, then separated and combined it takes multiple donors to make one package.

Lets consider all the ways this is sleazy.

  • Karmazin isnt paying the donors in proportion to the value of their blood; a unit of blood is worth a few hundred dollars, and hes just buying it up from blood banks and repackaging it with a significant markup.

  • If he were paying what it was worth to him to donors, hed be enticing donors to contribute to him for a pointless exercise in imaginary rejuvenation, rather than to blood banks/hospitals for saving lives.

  • Right now hes depleting the local blood supply by a small amount for his venality.

  • Hes lying and calling it a study. There are no control groups. Participants have to buy in with large sums of money, so hes selecting for only the rich.

  • There is no good evidence that this is an effective and significant treatment for aging. There is some work in mice, but its so preliminary that theres no way to justify leaping into human trials.

  • Imagine that there are solid, measurable improvements in the recipients health. I dont believe in getting something for nothing; then I would have to ask what are the detriments to the donors health of giving blood. Are there long term losses? Short term effects? This study is ignoring that side of the issue.

Bad science, weak justifications, and wealthy exploiters literally feeding on the blood of the young, like a swarm of geeky overpaid ticks. They are actual vampires. They should think about that, because there is a universally known literary precedent for how one deals with vampir...


Sculpting, painting, using ARKit The Loop

[VIDEO] Watch the video embedded in the tweet in the main Loop post. Theres something groundbreaking here, though I cant quite put my finger on it. Perhaps its the idea of creating 3D models for use in augmented reality apps using augmented reality itself. Fascinating.


German Nationalist Leader: Trump Should Tweet Less "IndyWatch Feed War"

BERLIN A leader of the nationalist Alternative for Germany party said Monday that Donald Trump should devote more energy to governing and less to tweeting, but she insisted the U.S. presidents unpopularity in Germany is not harming her partys standing ahead of next months election.

The AfD partys anti-immigration, anti-Islam stance has often been compared with Trumps positions, and members welcomed Trumps election and some of his policies.

Alternative for Germany hopes to enter the German parliament in the countrys Sept. 24 election, in which conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to win a fourth term.

If I had a wish list, I would like Donald Trump to tweet less, clean up his own shop more and deal more humbly with his governmental responsibility, Alice Weidel, one of AfDs top leaders, told foreign reporters in Berlin.

She also blamed the media, however, for painting what she called an absolutely exaggerated picture of Trump.

Polls show AfD on track to top the 5 percent of votes needs to enter parliament, but short of the support levels it reached following the massive migrant influx to Germany in 2015 and 2016. Migration has receded as a political issue in Germany.

Weidel insisted that Trumps often-criticized performance has no influence on AfDs popularity.

We are completely independent of what Donald Trump does, Weidel said. I can draw no parallels.

AfD drew criticism Monday for reported remarks by Weidels co-leader in the election campaign, Alexander Gauland, who said the German governme...


YouTube Economically Censors Ron Paul, Labels Videos Not Suitable For All Advertisers "IndyWatch Feed World"

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C.

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

In a tweet published Saturday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange tweeted a screenshot of Pauls Liberty Report page showing that his videos had been labeled not suitable for all advertisers by YouTubes content arbiters.

Assange claims that Paul was being punished for speaking out about President Donald Trumps decision to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan, after Paul published a video on the subject earlier this week.

The notion that YouTube would want to economically punish a former US Congressman for sharing his views on US foreign policy a topic that he is unequivocally qualified to speak about is absurd. Furthermore, the review requested marking on one of Pauls videos reveals that they were initially flagged by users before YouTubes moderators confirmed that the videos were unsuitable for a broad audience.

Other political commentators whove been censored by YouTube include Paul Joseph Watson and Tim Black both ostensibly for sharing political views that differ from the mainstream neo-liberal ideology favored by the Silicon Valley elite.

Last week, Google another Alphabet Inc. company  briefly banned Salil Mehta, an adjunct professor at Columbia and Georgetown who teaches probability and data science, from using its service, freezing his accounts without providing a...


Man arrested for allegedly attempting to commit suicide over N50,000 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Security operatives in Ogun have arrested a man who allegedly attempted to commit suicide over his inability to refund a N50,000 loan. The man  was arrested by  the Anti-Vandal Team of  Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Ogun Command, while he was trying to  hang himself  in a  bush on Ayetoro Road, Abeokuta. The []

The post Man arrested for allegedly attempting to commit suicide over N50,000 appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


Sokoto Govt partners private firm to establish textile factory "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Few months after it commissioned a new fertiliser company, Sokoto state government said it is partnering with a private firm to establish a textile factory in the state. The company, to be situated at Kalambaina in Wamakko LGA of the state, will have the capacity to produce 20,000 metric tonnes of finished products and will []

The post Sokoto Govt partners private firm to establish textile factory appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


Why the Mac needs iCloud Backup The Loop

Dan Moren:

With the announcement this week that CrashPlan was discontinuing its consumer-oriented online backup plans, more than a few users found themselves wondering what steps to take to make sure their data remained safely and securely backed up.

There are, of course, plenty of options for Mac users who dont want to switch to CrashPlans small business backup plans: Backblaze, Arq, and so on. But it also put into stark relief the fact that Mac users miss out on at least one major feature accorded to their iOS-using counterparts: iCloud Backup.

Terrific piece by Dan Moren. I would gladly pay a bit extra for the ability to include my Mac in my automatic iCloud device backup regimen.

Read this on The Loop


Navy intercepts 1.1m litres stolen diesel off Rivers coast "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Nigerian Navy has intercepted about 1.1 million litres of Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) believed to have been stolen from pipelines belonging to multinational oil companies in Rivers. No fewer than 13 suspects, all male of Nigerian nationality, were arrested on account of their alleged role in the illegal shipment of the petroleum product to []

The post Navy intercepts 1.1m litres stolen diesel off Rivers coast appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


FLASHBACK: Top Democrat Bill Clinton Signed Legislation to Celebrate Robert E. Lee Holiday "IndyWatch Feed"

The Democrats have a proud history of racism.
Democrats fought against the Union during the Civil War. Democrats founded the KKK as an armed wing of the liberal party. And, Democrats initiated the Jim Crow laws in the South.

So much to be proud of.

The Hillary Campaign knew playing the race card would be problematic during the 2016 election because of the Bill and Hillarys support of Confederate holidays and Robert E. Lee.

As first family of Arkansas the Clintons set aside a special day each year to honor the Confederate Flag.
The Clintons even established a $100 fine for those violating the law:

Clinton had a Confederate flag-like issue of his own. Arkansas Code Annotated, Section 1-5-107, provides as follows:

(a) The Saturday immediately preceding Easter Sunday of each year is designated as Confederate Flag Day in this state.

(b) No person, firm, or corporation shall display an Confederate flag or replica thereof in connection with any advertisement of any commercial enterprise, or in any manner for any purpose except to honor the Confederate States of America. [Emphasis added.]

(c) Any person, firm, or corporation violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars ($100) nor more than one thousand dollars ($1,000).

Bill Clinton signed Act 116 that stated The blue star above the word ARKANSAS is to commemorate the Confederate States of America.

And Bill Clinton signed legislation to make Robert E. Lee day a holiday.
Via Wikileaks and Reddit The Donald:


California Gun Range Ends Ladies Night After Man Threatens Legal Action For Discrimination "IndyWatch Feed"

One metrosexual gets butt hurt and ruins it. I wish my gun range would have a ladies night, might increases my chances. Via Breibart: The Riverside Magnum Range just dropped its weekly ladies night after receiving a letter in which a man threatened legal action for discrimination. Riverside Magnum Range is located in Riverside, California. []


Recent History of the Debt Limit "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is very interesting look at how the debt limit has been managed in recent years; more to come on this shortly . . .   Click for an interactive chart. Source: Bipartisan Policy Center

The post Recent History of the Debt Limit appeared first on The Big Picture.


US Senate is trying to brand WikiLeaks a 'hostile intelligence service' but what does that even mean? "IndyWatch Feed World"

The US Senate Intelligence Committee published its annual intelligence spending bill this week - and nested in the bill is a provision which would declare WikiLeaks to be a "non-state hostile intelligence service". In an interview with the Daily Beast, Mieke Eoyang, a former House intelligence committee staffer, said the move would open WikiLeaks up to more extensive surveillance by the US government, allowing the intelligence community to "collect against [WikiLeaks] in the same way they collect against al-Qaeda". Lone dissenter The bill which includes the WikiLeaks provision was voted on last month by the Senate intelligence committee. It passed 14-1, with Oregon senator Ron Wyden being the only dissenter. Wyden, a Democrat, explained that he voted against the bill due to the "legal, constitutional and policy implications" of the WikiLeaks provision. In particular, Wyden said, he worried that the phrasing "non-state hostile intelligence service" could be applied to journalists inquiring about government secrets or using information released by WikiLeaks. But that really is the whole point of the exercise. The Senate is doing its best to discredit WikiLeaks as a transparency organization and credible source of information. Those who associate with WikiLeaks in any way - by publishing information released by WikiLeaks for example - would be tarred with the same brush. Wyden, no fan of WikiLeaks himself, cautioned against the introduction of "vague, undefined new categories of enemies" of the US.


Why Teens Take Risks: It's Not a Deficit in Brain Development "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Why DO teens do THAT? Raging hormones? Prefrontal cortex fully developed? Thrill Seeking? New research from The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania has released a report explaining Why Teens Take Risks: It's Not a Deficit in Brain Development:

The authors propose an alternative model that emphasizes the role that risk taking and the experience gained by it play in adolescent development. This model explains much of the apparent increase in risk taking by adolescents as "an adaptive need to gain the experience required to assume adult roles and behaviors." That experience eventually changes the way people think about risk, making it more "gist-like" or thematic and making them more risk averse.

"Recent meta-analyses suggest that the way individuals think about risks and rewards changes as they mature, and current accounts of brain development must take these newer ideas into account to explain adolescent risk taking," said co-author Valerie Reyna, Ph.D., director of the Human Neuroscience Institute at Cornell University.

Romer[1] added, "The reason teens are doing all of this exploring and novelty seeking is to build experience so that they can do a better job in making the difficult and risky decisions in later life decisions like 'Should I take this job?' or 'Should I marry this person?'There's no doubt that this period of development is a challenge for parents, but that's doesn't mean that the adolescent brain is somehow deficient or lacking in control."

[1] Daniel Romer, Ph.D

Daniel Romer, Valerie F. Reyna, Theodore D. Satterthwaite. Beyond stereotypes of adolescent risk taking: Placing the adolescent brain in developmental context. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 2017; 27: 19 DOI: 10.1016/j.dcn.2017.07.007 (Javascript required).

Alternate Link: Science.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


GnuPG 2.2 Released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Werner Koch has announced the release of GNU Privacy Guard's GnuPG 2.2 stable series...


At last, Angola's first new president for 38 years "IndyWatch Feed World"

For the first time in 38 years, Angola has someone new sitting in the seat of power.


Wait, what!? "Viele Deutsche haben Flchtlingen mit ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Wait, what!? "Viele Deutsche haben Flchtlingen mit Brgschaften geholfen, legal nach Deutschland zu kommen"

Mit Brgschaften!? Fr Leute, die man gar nicht kennt?

Nun, h, die Rechnung kam nicht sofort, aber sie kam:

Denn das rtliche Jobcenter will Geld von ihnen, ziemlich viel Geld, mehr als 20 000 Euro zum Beispiel von einem Paar, das fr eine ganze Familie gebrgt hat, und auch sonst geht es meist um 10 000 und mehr Euro. Die Verpflichtung gilt nmlich nicht nur, bis ein Flchtling ein Bleiberecht in Deutschland hat, wie die Helfer annahmen. Sie gilt, so ihr Schtzling von Hartz IV lebt und der Brgerkrieg in Syrien nicht endet, bis zu fnf Jahre. Die genersen Helfer sind in die Mhlen der zunehmend restriktiven Flchtlingspolitik geraten.
Die haben anscheinend das Kleingedruckte nicht genau studiert, und dann hat sich auch noch die Gesetzeslage gendert. Ja super.


iOS 11 Beta points to new Apple Watch workouts: dancing, bowling, skating, many more The Loop

Mitchel Broussard, MacRumors:

This years Apple leaks have seen an uptick in activity thanks to data gathered from HomePod firmware, as well as internal files in pre-release beta software for iOS 11. Today, the newest piece of information comes from the latter source and concerns new exercises for the Apple Watch.

The leak that keeps on giving.

Read this on The Loop


BJP Wins Both Seats in Bypoll, But Congress Remains Single Largest Party in Goa "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The by-election victory has taken the BJPs tally up by one seat only, to 14 MLAs. With 16 seats, the Congress is still the single largest party in the 40-member House.

BJP won the Panaji and Valpoi seats that went to polls on August 23. Credit: Twitter/@visrane

BJP won the Panaji and Valpoi seats that went to polls on August 23. Credit: Twitter/@visrane

Panaji: The BJP has won both the seats in Goa that went for by-elections on August 23. Chief minister Manohar Parrikar managed to retain the Panaji seat that he had won five times previously and has been with the BJP for 23 years. He defeated the Congress Girish Chodankar by a margin of 4,800 votes.

A BJP MLA had resigned from the Panaji seat for Parrikar to contest after he stepped down from the Union defence ministers post to return to Goa as chief minister.

In Valpoi the other seat that went for by-election the former Congress chief minister Pratapsingh Ranes son Vishvajit, who defected to the BJP, painted the once Congress bastion saffron. Rane Jr (as he is known in media circles here) won the seat with a margin of over 10,000 votes, leaving his Congress opponent, Roy Naik, trailing far behind.

Though Congress supporters were banking on putting up a strong fight, a sense of the inevitable could be felt in the run-up to the bypolls. Parrikar and his health minist...


Bull attacks animal rights activists who invaded bullring (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Anti-bullfighting protesters who invaded a ring in France on Sunday found themselves under attack by the animal they were trying to protect. Video shows the activists being chased by the bovine, which then flings one of them into the air. They were demonstrating against the "novillada," an event where novice bullfighters fight younger bulls, reported AFP, citing L'express. The pair can be seen at around the 07:15 mark of the video jumping over the barrier of the arena, in Carcassonne, southern France.


The Race War is Being Engineered Pt. 2 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Derrick Broze Activist Post takes a look at the apparent brewing race war in the United States. Check out part 1 of this discussion...


I just Became a Bitcoin Gazillionaire! "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

I just Became a Bitcoin Gazillionaire! by Rory The Daily Coin How many times have the banksters released the minutes of meetings that people actually read? What about their reports on the health and direction of economies? How many...

The post I just Became a Bitcoin Gazillionaire! appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Entire Families Are Being Killed by U.S. Airstrikes in Raqqa, Syria "IndyWatch Feed"

A photo of the Al-Aliwi family who were reportedly killed during an airstrike in Raqqa, Syria, according to AirWars.


BBC Promotes Putting Lithium in Drinking Water to Combat Dementia "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Aaron Kesel Researchers in Denmark believe that we should add lithium to drinking water because studies show it may reduce dementia. You simply cant make...


Is The U.S. Media Fair, Truthful And Not Controlled? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich As a journalist who values facts rather than spin, I cant help but question what Ive witnessed happen to the...

Dismantling Racial Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed"

This months white supremacist rally and deadly attack in Charlottesville again reminded millions of white Americans that racism did not, in fact, end with the 2008 election of Barack Obama. In the wake of the recent events in Virginia, there has been lively debate over white peoples proper role in joining in the fight against white supremacy. This is understandable. After all, people of color have reason to question whether those who took so long to acknowledge the existence of racism can be trusted to fight against it.

But white supremacy is a system that does more than just oppress people of color. It serves to divide us and keep poor and working people from building the power necessary to create a more equitable world. We should be wary of calls for white folks to step to the side because theyre not victims of racial prejudice. This approach isnt just wrong-headed it lets white people off the hook. They need to fight on the front lines for racial justice alongside the rest of us.

White supremacy has ensured that people of color have suffered the worst oppressions our country has to offer from the genocide of Native Americans to slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, deportation and the vast racial wealth gap. But white folks have not been spared from Americas ongoing war on the working class, which has been waging since our countrys founding. White Americans continue to face high rates of suicide, poverty, debt, opioid overdoses and alcoholism. While these rates dont match the disproportionately high levels of suffering among people of color, our shared vision needs to be more than the racially equitable distribution of suffering: All suffering and injustice must come to an end.

Though it has largely remained on the margins of both academia and activism since its inception, racial capitalism a term initially put forth by Black radical political theorist Cedric J. Robinson in the 1980s offers a helpful lens for understanding systemic oppression. At its core, this concept holds that racism and colonialism were built into the heart of feudalism and continued to permeate western civilization as it transitioned into capitalism. Rather than operating independently of one another, racial capitalism teaches that economics and racism are inseparable. Capitalism intentionally organizes society through economic inequality and racial divisions, working hand-in-hand with white supremacy to oppress the many while empowering the few.

Under our current system, people of color are oppressed through state violence, poverty and the lack of economic opportunity while they are simultaneously blamed for the precarious position of lower- and middle-class white folks.

By comparison, white people are provided with a variety of privileges. From greater access to housing and employment or less abuse at the hands of police...


Anti-Choice Attacks On Independent Abortion Clinics Are Working "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Nicole Knight for Rewire - A fight is raging in Louisville, Kentucky, where the extremist anti-abortion group Operation Save America aims to shut down the states last remaining abortion clinic. A new report suggests the anti-choice assault in Kentucky isnt an isolated event. In the past five years, almost one-third of independent abortion clinics have been forced to close, according to a new report out Thursday by Abortion Care Network, a national association of independent providers. The report suggests that while independent clinics provide the majority of U.S. abortion care, anti-abortion politicians and extremists are forcing these clinics to close at an alarming rate, said Nikki Madsen, executive director of the Abortion Care Network. Independent clinics are the chief providers of abortion care in the United States. Three in five people ending a pregnancy go to an independent clinic, according to the report. And independent clinics perform 60 percent of U.S. abortionsnearly double the share performed by Planned Parenthood, which has more fundraising might and greater name recognition.


Rohingya: Even a baby was not spared by the Myanmar army "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Rohingya Muslim woman who fled Myanmar to Bangladesh to escape religious violence, sits with her baby in a boat after being intercepted crossing the Naf River by Bangladesh border authorities in Taknaf, Bangladesh, Wednesday, June 13, 2012. (AP Photo/Anurup Titu)

A Rohingya Muslim woman who fled Myanmar to Bangladesh to escape religious violence, sits with her baby in a boat after being intercepted crossing the Naf River by Bangladesh border authorities in Taknaf, Bangladesh, Wednesday, June 13, 2012. (AP Photo/Anurup Titu)

The Myanmar army has been accused of carrying out extrajudicial killings in the restive Rakhine region, with residents and activists accusing soldiers of shooting indiscriminately at unarmed Rohingya men, women and children and carrying out arson attacks.

Authorities in Myanmar say close to 100 people have been killed since Friday when armed men, reportedly from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), launched a pre-dawn raid on police outposts in the restive region.

The army has declared a war against terrorism, encircling the townships of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung, home to around 800,000 people, and imposed a curfew from 6pm (11:30 GMT) to 6am (23:30 GMT).

However, advocates for the Rohingya have given a much higher death toll, telling Al Jazeera that at least 800 of the Muslim minority, including dozens of women and children, have been killed in the violence.

Al Jazeera could not independently verify the figures.

Aziz Khan, a Maungdaw resident, said the army stormed his village early on Friday and began firing indiscriminately at peoples cars and homes.

Government forces and the border guard police killed at least 11 people in my village. When they arrived they started shooting at everything that moved. Some soldiers then carried out arson attacks.

Women and children were also among the dead, he said. Even a baby wasnt spared.

Ro Nay San Lwin, a Rohingya activist and blogger based in...


Rep Gomer VA Dems Colluded to Create Violence, 1768 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Water Smacker - Makes your water less acidic by ionization. Good afternoon, Im still reporting on: Rep Gomer VA Dems Colluded to Create Violence, 1768 Synopsis: According to Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), the Dept. of Justice should mount a formal investigation into Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer for deliberately creating the conditions that led to violence in Charlottesville, VA on Aug. 12th,, then refusing to let the police stop it. Gohmert also called for a full investigation into the role of Jason Kessler, the white supremacist organizer of Unite the Right rally for his ties to both the Obama administration the Hillary Clinton campaign and Occupy Wall Street group. He has also written for CNN. In Nov. 2016 the month President Trump won his upset victory over Hillary Clinton, Kessler suddenly shifted from far left to announcing himself to be the leader of a new far right group, Unite the Right. UTR was the right-wing group who got the permit from Charlottesville to stage a right-wing rally. Kessler is now suspected of being a plant who purposely helped set up the violent clash to damage the reputation of President Trump, and the political right in general. According to Gohmert: You dont just go all of a sudden from having multiracial roommates to all of a sudden being a white supremacist that wants to join the Republican party. Theres something very, very wrong in all of this.  Support Our Sponsors: - Life Change Tea: Rid Your Body From Toxins! - Nobel Gold & Silver: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 888-596-7916 - Water Smacker - Makes your water less acidic by ionization. - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level cyber protection. - Jeevy Computers: Buy/Sell Bitcoin & other Cryptos: 888-844-7806 - Learn How To Generate Passive Income Using Bitcoins At: - Denas Pain Relief Store: 503.395.4142 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also...



William Blum: The Anti-Empire Report #150 "IndyWatch Feed War"

William Blum

The Anti-Empire Report #150

By William Blum Published August 25th, 2017


Randy Bryce-- A Different Kind Of Democrat... More Like Us Than Like Them! "IndyWatch Feed"

If you're a member of Blue America you got a letter by Randy Bryce yesterday-- Randy Bryce, the Wisconsin iron worker running for the southeast Wisconsin congressional seat represented by a severely damaged Paul Ryan... @IronStache. Randy's letter was very strong and very different from any kind of communication you're likely to receive from a DCCC-manufactured candidate. For one thing, it's his authentic voice, not some disembodied focus group-tested corporate concoction. And his critique of what ails our political system is exactly what the DCCC demands it's plastic candidates not say, not even think. They could never invent a Randy Bryce. He's their worst nightmare-- because Randy Bryce in Congress-- and others like him-- are a worse threat to the DC Establishment than Paul Ryan could ever be. This is how the Democratic Establishment sees Paul Ryan:

It's their filthy, corrupt, corporately-funded world-- and electing DCCC candidates won't fix a think. Electing authentic voices for change, like Randy Bryce, will at least give us a fighting chance against these forces. This was-- word-for-word, unadulterated, the letter Randy sent Blue America members yesterday:
My name is Randy Bryce. Im a union ironworker, progressive activist, and military veteran whos running against Paul Ryan for Congress.

Look around this country and you see the same things I see: an inadequate health care system, a quickly rising cost of living, and millionaires and billionaires taking more and more while working people earn less and less. The monopoly-driven economy is taking advantage of us by benefiting fat cats who want to take away our health care so they can get a tax break. These bankers, hedge fund managers, and private equity executives could care less about our well being. For them, all they want are...


Facebook Messenger scam is targeting its victims via a video link malware "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facebook Messenger Spam Spreading Malicious Chrome Extensions, Adware

Beware Facebook Messenger users, as cybercriminals are targeting victims by spreading malware through links sent by their friends.

The malware campaign was discovered by David Jacoby, a senior security researcher in the global research and analysis team at Kaspersky Lab, who was himself targeted after a Facebook friend with whom he rarely interacts, sent a link to a purported video file in Messenger.

After just a few minutes analyzing the message, I understood that I was just peeking at the top of this iceberg. This malware was spreading via Facebook Messenger, serving multi platform malware/adware, using tons of domains to prevent tracking, and earning clicks, David said.

So, how does this malware spread? Apparently, the malicious message containing a or link and the name of the user plus the word Video arrives through one of your friends account on Messenger to make the potential victims believe that it is a legitimate video link. When the victim clicks on the link, it will take the user to a Google Docs page that has a screenshot photo of that Facebook friend. The message is made to look like a playable movie.

But when clicked on that video, the victim is redirected to external sites depending on their browser, location and operating system that ultimately attempt to lure them into installing the malware. This malicious software, if downloaded, will cause the victim to spread the virus to their contacts on Facebook Messenger.

By doing this, it basically moves your browser through a set of websites and, using tracking cookies, monitors your activity, displays certain ads for you and even, in some cases, social engineers you to click on links, Jacoby writes.

For example, a Google Chrome user is redirected to a fake YouTube page with a fake error message designed to push the user in downloading a malicious Chrome extension.

Meanwhile, on Firefox, the users get directed to a website displaying a fake Flash Update notice, which attempts to run a Windows executable to deliver the adware. Since this malware is cross-platform, it affects MacOS Safari too and offers the download of a .dmg file, which is also adware.

It is unclear how the malware spreads via Messenger.

The initial spreading mechanism seems to be Facebook Messenger, but how it actually spreads via Messenger is still unknown. It may be from stolen credentials, hijacked browsers or clickjacking, David speculated.

The people behind this are most likely making a lot of money in ads and getting access to a lot of Facebook accounts, said David.

We know that clicking on unknown lin...


Sher Bahadur Deubas India Trip Was Further Evidence of Chinas Influence in Nepal "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Political parties in Nepal want to be seen as standing up to India, the old bully, and appearing close to China, the much-needed counterweight to India.

Nepal's Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Dueba with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Credit: Twitter/@MEAIndia

Nepals Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Dueba with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Credit: Twitter/@MEAIndia

Kathmandu: Should a new Nepali prime minister visit India upon assuming office, before any other country, just to keep alive an outdated tradition? This is a question that is being increasingly asked in Nepal following Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deubas just-concluded five-day state visit to India. Deubas visit, just like those of his predecessors K.P. Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, both undertaken after the promulgation of new Nepali constitution, is believed to have achieved little.

Before Deubas state visit, there was a consensus in Nepal that the inundation in the Terai plains  partly attributable to the construction of roads and dams on the Indian side of the Indo-Nepal border should be...


The Daily Bird #455. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A juvenile Coopers Hawk, from Kestrel, click for full size!

Kestrel, all rights reserved.


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Hungary? "IndyWatch Feed"

NOTE: This article was originally published at Medium on May 29, 2017. Im re-posting it here because I recently deleted my Medium account.

Hungary is a country that Americans typically dont think about, aside from trite hungry jokes and occasional cravings for goulash. On the other hand, Hungary is a country that the globalists and the fake news media are always thinking about, because its the one country in Europeaside from Russiathat has completely slipped out of their grasp.

Google Hungary or Viktor Orbn (the countrys much-maligned prime minister), and youll see a nonstop procession of left-wing hit pieces on how backwards and intolerant the country is. Hungarians are racist! Hungary hates democracy! Hungary hates the European Union! Orbn is in bed with Vladimir Putin! Hell, I Googled Orbns name just now, and I was treated to these lovely, balanced articles that exhibit no bias whatsoever:


So according to the fake news media, Hungarians are homophobic and anti-Semitic, in addition to being racist, sexist, and reactionary. Im surprised that leftists arent agitating to invade Hungary to restore their freedom and democracy, given that theyre itching to start World War III with Russia over nonexistent election hacking and the oh-so-pressing issue of gay rights.

The latest globalist line against Hungary is that theyre refusing to take in their fair share of refugees....


Chinese APT17 group leverages fake Game of Thrones leaks as lures "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Researchers at Proofpoint spotted a cyber espionage campaign leveraging recent Game of Thrones episode leaks and attribute it to Chinese APT17 group.

Security researchers at Proofpoint have uncovered a cyber espionage campaign leveraging recent Game of Thrones episode leaks to trick victims into opening malicious documents sent via email.

Experts have observed during the past week, the threat actor sending emails to victims with the subject of Wanna see the Game of Thrones in advance?

The malicious messages use weaponized documents booby-trapped with an embedded LNK file that runs a Powershell script to installs the 9002 remote access trojan and gain full access to the victims machine.

Proofpoint recently observed a targeted email campaign attempting a spearphishing attack using a Game of Thrones lure. The malicious attachment, which offered salacious spoilers and video clips, attempted to install a 9002 remote access Trojan (RAT) historically used by state-sponsored actors. reads the analysis published by Proofpoint.

The 9002 RAT was well known by experts in the IT security community, below a list of operations that involved it:



This Thing Called the American Dream "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

In 1968, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson mused about this Death of the American Dream thing. But what was this thing called the American Dream, and what made it uniquely American?


FDA Approves Synthetic THC for Pharma Co. Behind Anti-Pot Lobby and Opioid Bribery Scheme "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

insysA Big Pharma company, Insys caught bribing doctors to prescribe opioids and lobbying against pot, just got their second synthetic THC approved by FDA.


Afghanistan: Deadly Attack on Mosque a War Crime "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

(HRW)  The attack on a Shia mosque in Kabul claimed by the Afghan affiliate of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) on August 25, 2017, is a serious violation of the laws of war, and an apparent war crime, Human Rights Watch said today. The hours-long attack on the Imam Zaman mosque in the Qala-e Najara neighborhood of northern Kabul killed at least 20 people and wounded at least 30 others, media reports said.

The attackers, reportedly wearing police uniforms, initiated the assault with a grenade attack and then entered the mosque and fired on worshipers. Gun battles continued for several hours. An armed group claiming allegiance to the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP) reportedly claimed responsibility.

An attack on a place of worship during prayers is a horrific crime meant to maximize civilian deaths, said Patricia Gossman, senior Afghanistan researcher. This contemptible act against a religious minority, claimed by ISISs Afghan affiliate, is a grim reminder that civilians bear the brunt of Afghanistans war.

The attack is similar to others that ISIS affiliates have committed over the past year targeting Afghanistans Shia minority. On August 1, an attack claimed by ISKP on a Shia mosque in Herat killed at least 20 and wounded more than 30. Since July 2016, sectarian suicide attacks have injured or killed hundreds of members of the Shia community in Afghanistan. This wave of attacks on Shia is largely attributable to the emergence of militant groups affiliated with ISIS.

Attacks deliberately targeting civilians in Afghanistan have increased sharply in the past year. In its most recent report, the United Nations Assistance Missio...


The Tech That Won the First Formula Student Driverless Race "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

On-the-fly mapping got the driverless car through a rainy day Photo: Formula Student Germany

Engineering student Manuel Dangel of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in  Zurich and teammates were walking the racecourse at Formula Student Driverless in Hockenheimring, Germany, earlier this month when they realized that the computerized wheelbarrow they were using to map the course had gone haywire. [See " Students Race Driverless Cars in Germany in Formula Student Competition " 16 August 2017.]

As part of the track-drive event, one of several events that make up the entire competition, the rules permit teams half an hour to walk the racecourse and make measurements they might need to program their driverless cars. Because the track-drive event consists of ten solo laps on the same, unchanging course among traffic cones, the basic strategy is to run within the map, Dangel says. If you cannot make a map before the event, though, you have to switch to a more complex strategy.

The car, which the Zurich student engineers named Flela in honor of a Swiss mountain pass, is a veteran of the 2015 Formula Student Electric race. Its builders gave it two types of eyes: lidar and optical, along with several ways of measuring its ground velocity. They also gave it two ways of navigating: following a pre-loaded map, or building a map of its own during the first couple of laps, which requires slower driving and trustworthy sensors.

For the car to build its own map, it had to use the lidar to distinguish the triangles of the traffic cones and determine the likeliest correct path between the cones. That is harder than it sounds, because lidar does not detect colors, which is how the race organizers distinguished between cones on the left and right side of the track. Instead, the students had to program a probability tree, as shown in the image. Identifying cones may seem obvious to humans, but to a computer they can look a lot like objects in the background, such as tall grass. Water on the track can also reflect images of cones that appear to be below ground level, further confusing things. A lot of driverless driving may be in the eyes, but even more is in the brains.



Trump's transgender ban and the Pentagon's politically correct absurdity "IndyWatch Feed World"

US President Donald Trump seems to be heading for another clash with the Pentagon over his renewed order banning transgender individuals from serving in the military. When Trump first announced the ban last month, the reversal of policy initiated under President Obama in 2016 caught military chiefs by surprise. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford led the pushback. He appeared to rebuke the president for making decrees by Twitter, and said there would be no change on Pentagon policy admitting transgenders into the armed forces until a formal order was received. This week, the White House doubled down by issuing a memo to the Pentagon reiterating Trump's ruling that no transgender individuals are to be allowed to serve in the military. He appeared to soften his order somewhat by giving the Defense Secretary, James Mattis, the discretion on what to do about transgenders who are already in the forces.


Paul Craig Roberts 297 "IndyWatch Feed War"


we dont need no stinkin fa...


Marine Who Found Wasserman Schultzs Smashed Hard Drives Calls for Her Imprisonment "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


wasserman 1


The following entails a story of how a Marine discovered Wasserman Schultzs destroyed hard drives that were under subpoena. Awas indictmet is this week and this may prove to be Wasserman Schults last stand.




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Mystery explosions reported off the coast of Digha, India "IndyWatch Feed World"

Two mysterious explosions were reported off the Digha coast in West Bengal's East Midnapore district this morning. Some hotels located close to the coast are reported to have developed cracks on walls, and glass panes shattered from the impact. The explosion sites are said to be well out in the sea, and not within visible range from the coast. The sound and shock waves from the explosions caused panic in the tourist hotspot of Digha. People left homes and hotel rooms and rushed out on to the streets. Police sources said they have found no material evidence on land, reinforcing assumptions that the explosion site was quite some distance off the coast. Further details are awaited.


Air Niugini introduces Sabre Sonic as its passenger service systems partner "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Air Niugini will partner with Sabre Corporation to introduce a leading Passenger Service Systems (PSS) to enhance its customer experience in online sales and as part of its Business Transformation Program.
The transition will come into effect on the 30th September 2017.
The SabreSonic PSS has enhanced features including inventory management, Web Sales, Ancillary products and more.
Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer, Mr Simon Foo said the new agreement would see ANG engage Sabre on a transformation program combining technology and business consulting initiatives to reduce costs and improve customer experience.
Mr Foo said Air Niugini has commenced its business transformation 4 years ago in the areas of customer service, cost management and changing our culture to better suit the evolving needs of our travelers.
By moving to SabreSonic technology and its support services, we believe an integral part of our customer care will be enhanced .
A PSS is made up of modules that are used to manage different parts of the airlines business including the airline reservation systems which allows an airline to sell its inventory (seats), contains information on schedules, fares and database of reservations and tickets issued.
Vice President and Regional General Manager of Sabre Airlines Solutions Asia Pacific, Dasha Kuksenko, said With Air Niugini now on-board with using our leading-edge technology for its sales and service platforms, we are confident about growing the Papua New Guinea and Pacific regional travel industry.
She said Sabre Airlines Solutions has been in Asia Pacific for over two decades and we continue to invest in smart technologies that capture new opportunities and address existing challenges.
SabreSonic will provide Air Niugini with an improved eCommerce platform, broader industry expertise and tools for additional retailing opportunities.
Air Niugini operates to 25 domestic routes and 15 International destinations in Australia, Asia and the Pacific. Tickets to these destinations will soon be made available via Sabre.
Picture: Air Niugini CEO, Mr. Simon Foo


Protesters Rally To Remove Statue Of Columbus From Manhattan: He Didnt Discover America He Invaded It "IndyWatch Feed"

The siege against statues has begun. Via Daily Mail: A rally was held in New York by those who wish to see the removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus from where it has stood since the 1800s. The statue is currently under review by a special task force implemented by Mayor Bill de Blasio []


The New Holocaust "IndyWatch Feed War"

Unworthy victims: Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990

Landmark research proves that the US-led war on terror has killed as many as 2 million people, but this is a fraction of Western responsibility for deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last two decades


Investors Pull Billions from Stocks As New Bitcoin, Crypto Options Appear "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Investors Pull Billions from Stocks As New Bitcoin, Crypto Options Appear By Jon Buck  Coin Telegraph The withdrawal of funds from stocks and precious metals has coincided with the massive price increase of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It seems that investors have...

The post Investors Pull Billions from Stocks As New Bitcoin, Crypto Options Appear appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Animal Kindness "IndyWatch Feed"

Watch this dog open the door to let the cat in from the snow: ~Eowyn


Growing Resistance to Montagne dOr Mine in Guiana "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


translated by Earth First! Journal

The excavation would lead to the artificial and permanent creation of two 100-meter-high rock piles and a 70-m-high dammed mountain containing 54 million tonnes of sludge from the process of detaching gold from the rock with cyanide.

Opposition to the largest primary gold mining project ever offered on French territory is growing. The project is being sought out by a Russian-Canadian consortium in the rainforest of Guiana but has not been authorized by the government.
165,800 signatures have already been collected by an online petition against the Montagne dor project near Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni in western Guyana, 55% owned by Russian Nordgold and 45% by the Canadian Columbus Gold. The petition was launched last March by the Guianese collective Or de question, and supported by 110 national and international organizations. Its been 150 years since Guiana had a love affair with gold, but it has to stop. Its not the best economic direction for Guiana, says Nora Stephenson, spokesperson for collective.

Thirteen customary chiefs of Guiana declared themselves against this unprecedented industrial project evoked for 2022. In the name of economy, you are ready to crush a new generation, said Bndicte Fdjk, president of the customary chiefs. Make holes everywhere in the soil that feeds us; its a bad thing, also found Christophe Pierre, leader of the group Aboriginal Youth, at a public meeting end of July.

Montagne dor is out of the ordinary by its economic aspects, [the] space and ecological footprints are of unknown dimensions in France, according to an interministerial information note from February 2016, obtained by AFP. According to this note, the taxes associated with mining production would represent 80.6 million euros and those on imports at 325.5 million euros...


Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent 08/28/17 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This week we have two newcomers in our chart.

Hitmans Bodyguard is the most downloaded movie.

The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise.

RSS feed for the weekly movie download chart.

This weeks most downloaded movies are:
Movie Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Rating / Trailer
Most downloaded movies via torrents
1 () Hitmans Bodyguard 7.2 / trailer
2 (2) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 8.0 / trailer
3 (1) Baywatch 5.7 / trailer
4 (3) The Mummy 2017 5.8 /...


How Can US Leaders NOT Know About Islam? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Understanding the Threat, by John Guandolo, Aug. 28, 2017: When Understanding the Threat (UTT) conducts its 3-day Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Network two things are always true at the end of the course:  (1) the attendees tell us none Continue reading


Know your adversary: Focus on social engineering "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2017, Tim Roberts, Senior Security Consultant at NTT Security, talks about social engineering and emphasizes the importance of security awareness and security culture. Heres a transcript of the podcast for your convenience. Hi, my name is Tim Roberts. I work for NTT Security Threats Services Group. We provide service offerings for offensive security testing. This includes network application, wireless mobile penetration testing, as well as on-site social More


Large sinkhole nearly swallows couple in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Mzingazi travellers narrowly escaped with their lives after part of the road on the R34 caved in, forming a massive sinkhole. A Richards Bay couple are lucky to be alive after their vehicle nearly sank when a stretch of the John Ross Parkway (R34) caved in on Friday afternoon, resulting in a massive sinkhole, reports the Zululand Observer. Traffic was brought to a standstill as the gaping hole could be seen on the part of the road heading towards Richards Bay (before the Mondi traffic lights), leaving motorists stuck for hours on the parkway. The sinkhole itself stretches about five metres in length, crossing the entire length of the double lane towards Richards Bay.



Hi, I'm back. Thank you again, Yastreblyansky and Crank -- I've been leaning on you guys and Tom a lot lately, and I've really appreciated your help when I've been away.

I'm reading the Hurricane Harvey news, and while I agree with Yastreblyansky that The New York Times is giving Trump a lot more credit for engagement than he deserves, I think Trump could surprise us by responding to Harvey at least adequately.

Trump was completely overmatched when it was time to craft complex health care legislation because he lacks the ability to master details, which are the source of health care disputes. He couldn't participate in bill crafting because he couldn't be bothered to understand the consequences of supporting or opposing particular policy choices.

But competent disaster relief isn't really political. Republicans and Democrats don't have serious disagreements about how to do it well. So Trump doesn't have to understand what he's being told about how it's done. He just has to nod and agree with what the pros tell him they intend to do. From what Mark Landler of the Times is telling us, there are pros in place, and nodding in agreement with them is precisely what Trump is doing:

One thing that may help the Trump administrations response is the hard-won history that some of its leaders have with Katrina. Mr. Trumps homeland security adviser, Thomas P. Bossert, was working for FEMA when the hurricane struck, and later ran Mr. Bushs emergency preparedness office. The agencys current administrator, [Brock] Long, was head of FEMAs hurricane program at the time of Katrina....

Mr. Bossert suggested that disaster relief, with its focus on rapid response and logistics, was well suited to Mr. Trump.

This is right up President Trumps alley, he said. His questions werent about geopolitical issues or about large political consequences. His questions were about, Are you doing what it takes to help the people who are going to be affected by this storm?
Are you doing all the right things? Great.

Trump probably isn't obsessed, as he usually is, with trying to do the opposite of whatever President Obama did. He knows that he and his people have to be on top of the situation, which is what didn't happen during Katrina in the Bush administration. Trump doesn't like the Bush family very much, so I'm sure he thinks it's important to outdo George W. He probably has a vague memory that various crises were referred to as "Obama's Katrina," and the problem with the real Katrina seemed to be lack of interest on t...


Beer production industry returns to Syria with opening of $16mn brewery "IndyWatch Feed World"

Syria's beer production industry is being resurrected with the opening of a $16 million brewery which plans to produce an impressive 15 million litres the product each year. The Aradoz Beer Factory opened in Syria's north west coastal city of Safita and is the work of two Syrian expats living in the Czech Republic. It represents the first mass-produced domestic beer since the civil war halted production of the country's only two brands. "The factory's machines are imported from Czech Republic. The machines were put together by Czech experts," factory director Basel Abbas said.


Apple sets up iTunes page for Hurricane Harvey donations The Loop

Heres Tims tweet:

The link embedded in the tweet takes you to iTunes so you can make a donation to the American Red Cross specifically targeted for Hurricane Harvey relief. I believe this particular path only works in the US.

From the iTunes page:

Click Donate below the amount you wish to contribute and iTunes will transfer 100% of it to the American Red Cross, which is providing relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey.

100% of the money goes to the American Red Cross. Apple doesnt take a penny.


DOJs Anti-Trump Crackdown "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The Taliban Tried to Surrender Shortly After the US Invasion (Trevin)

How do you kill terrorists when there arent any? And how do you lose a war when the enemy has already surrendered? Ryan Grim reviews Anand Gopals investigative work on the war in  Afghanistan, No Good Men Among the Living for The Intercept.

Hawks on the Horizon (Dan)

Meet the John McCain apprentice club  the place where future war hawks earn their wings.

Top US General in Afghanistan Says Trump Plan Means Long Term US Commitment (Jimmy)

16 years is a long fight. But according to General John Nicholson, Donald Trumps Afghanistan strategy means America wont be leaving anytime soon.

Judge OKs Handover of Users on Anti-Trump Website (Dan)

While the handover includes many stipulations and barriers, the effect is chilling in recent years where two presidents Democrat and Republican  have shown increasingly hostility to criticism.

White House Pressuring Intelligence Officials to Find Iran in Violation of Nuclear Deal (Jimmy)

The author writes, US intelligence officials are under pressure from the White House to produce a justification to declare Iran in violation of a 2015 nuclear agreement, in an echo of the politicisation of intelligence that led up to the Iraq invasion, according to former officials and analysts.

The post DOJs Anti-Trump Crackdown appeared first on WhoWhatWhy.


TEDGlobal: The computer that can smell explosives "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Nigerian Oshi Agabi has unveiled a computer based not on silicon but on mice neurons at the TEDGlobal conference in Tanzania.

The system has been trained to recognise the smell of explosives and could be used to replace traditional airport security, he said.

Eventually the modem-sized device dubbed Koniku Kore could provide the brain for future robots.


Antony Sutton, Skull & Bones, Hitler, The Bush Family "IndyWatch Feed World"

The prodigious author and researcher, Antony Sutton (1925-2002), wrote about hidden men behind momentous events. I recently came across a 1999 interview with Sutton, conducted by Kris Millegan, researcher and head of TrineDay publishers.


UN Says Its Poised to Take Over US In Time of Civil Unrest "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"





In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, I am looking for signs of UN involvement. Why? Because of the treaty that will allow the UN to enter a civil conflict within the United States along with their peacekeepers.  Here is the story



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Thousands Stopped Fascist Alt-Right in San Francisco and #Berkeley "IndyWatch Feed War"

The fascist Alt-Right planned  two rallies in the Bay Area on Saturday and Sunday, but both rallies were confronted with massive counter protests. Saturdays rally in San Francisco was cancelled by organizer Joey Gibson and on Sunday anti-fascists pushed the fascist Alt-Right out of MLK Civic Center Park in Berkeley.


Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all our antifa reports; here.

Thousands Stop Fascist Alt-Right in San Francisco and Berkeley

The fascist Alt-Right planned  two rallies in the Bay Area on Saturday and Sunday, but both rallies were confronted with massive counter protests. Saturdays rally in San Francisco was cancelled by organizer Joey Gibson and on Sunday anti-fascists pushed the fascist Alt-Right out of MLK Civic Center Park in Berkeley.

On S...


Canada: Grand Prairie, Alberta refuses to grant permit for free speech rally against anti-Islamophobia motion "IndyWatch Feed War"

The event planned for Saturday was supposed to have speakers talk about free speech and M-103, but that was not permitted in Grand Prairie. In light of recent conflicts around similar gatherings across Canada and in the US, its not unreasonable to foresee that the proposed August 26th event may increase risk for participants, other []


German nurse suspected of murdering over 80 intensive care patients "IndyWatch Feed World"

German nurse, Niels Hoegel, is suspected of slaying over 80 patients in his care with lethal doses of medication. In February 2015, Hoegel was jailed on charges of killing two patients. Meanwhile, the convict himself claimed that he had killed over 80 patients in the intensive care units of hospitals in the cities of Delmenhorst and Oldenburg by giving them a lethal dose of medication. After the revelations, the police launched an investigation. "The horrific deeds of Niels H. go beyond any imagination," Johann Kuehme, the head of Oldenburg police told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper after presenting the results of the investigation. The murderer confessed that he would bring patients to the brink of death before attempting to revive them in order to look like a savior in front of his colleagues.


Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

We've got a birthday to celebrate here at the cabin today and considering the biblical aspects of what's happening in southeast Texas, I don't feel like getting political. So, just use this thread to discuss Hurricane Harvey and I'll see y'all tomorrow when we'll be releasing the new Washington Monthly College Guide.


Serious Question "IndyWatch Feed"

Who amongst us doesn't deserve a presidential pardon for committing crimes like these?

The rules of the tent city were strict, arbitrary and brutally enforced. There are no newspapers allowed; Arpaio hated newspapers. The only food allowed for those of us in the work furlough program was the food in the vending machines, which was grossly overpriced.

During the sweltering summer, the temperature could reach 115 or 120 degrees. I was in the tents when we hit 120. It was impossible to stay cool in the oppressive heat. Everyone would strip down to their underwear. There was no cold water, only water from vending machines; and eventually, the machines would run out. People would faint; some had heatstroke. That summer, ambulances came about three times. One man died in his bed.

But the winter was even worse. During the winter, there were no heaters. Most jackets and heavily insulated pants werent allowed; they dont want you to be comfortable.

When the temperatures dropped, we were forced to come up with makeshift ways to keep ourselves warm. The showers were kept scalding hot during both summer and winter. We hated to shower, but we would fill our empty water bottles up with the nearly boiling water and put the bottles between our blankets when it was freezing outside. We also would save the plastic bags we found when we cleaned up the jail yard and wrap our feet with them, tucking hot water bottles inside to keep our feet warm while we slept.

He kept Arizona safe!


We Must Define "Offenses Against the United States" "IndyWatch Feed"

Between when Trump verbally committed to pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio and when he actually did so last night, law professor Martin H. Redish of Northwestern University wrote a piece for the New York Times about the parameters of the presidential pardon power. What are the limits, and what can be done if the power is clearly abused?

Many legal scholars argue that the only possible redress is impeachment itself a politicized, drawn-out process. But there may be another route. If the pardon is challenged in court, we may discover that there are, in fact, limits to the presidents pardon power after all.

The only effective means courts have to prevent or stop governmental violations of constitutional rights is through injunctions. But injunctions have teeth only when they have the potential of a contempt conviction behind them. In other words, in issuing an injunction, a court is saying, stop doing that or else. The or else is a criminal conviction for contempt, leading to a fine, imprisonment or both. Absent the or else, the injunction is all but meaningless.

But if the president signals to government agents that there exists the likelihood of a pardon when they violate a judicial injunction that blocks his policies, he can all too easily circumvent the only effective means of enforcing constitutional restrictions on his behavior. Indeed, the president could even secretly promise a pardon to agents if they undertake illegal activity he desires.

In one sense, the pardon power pertains to any offense against the United States, and therefore would seem to cover anything that might happen in a federal court that brings punishment. Show up late to court and get slapped with contempt? Tell the judge to screw herself in the ear? Deliberately urinate on the floor? All of it can be construed as an offense against the United States federal government. But, as Prof. Redish notes, these arent things that bring people into court in the first place. They can be done as easily by the lawyers or the plaintiff as they can be done by the defendants. The court has the power to impose order and rules on its courtroom and on the procedure with which the trial will proceed. They can demand that jurors dont talk to each other or that lawyers dont talk to the press. They can demand that defendants not engage in certain behaviors or that police not enforce certain crimes while the issues at hand are adjudicated. These are more process issues than matters of guil...


HuffPo Asks If Serving Your Country Makes You Racist "IndyWatch Feed"

Did HuffPo check the DD 214s of the white nationalists? Via Fox News: The Huffington Post published an op-ed mulling over whether serving in the American military makes soldiers racists. The author notes that veterans of the Iraq-Afghan war were among the white nationalists who rioted in Charlottesville, Virginia, leaving one counter-protester dead. One Iraq-Afghan []


Study: Katharine Hayhoe Can Convert Climate Skeptics "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A study conducted by Katharine Hayhoes dad suggests even recorded lectures by Katharine Hayhoe can convert climate skeptics. Study: Katharine Hayhoe is successfully convincing doubtful evangelicals about climate change A new study finds that a lecture from evangelical climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe successfully educates evangelical college students, validating the trusted


Venezuela Readies For U.S Invasion, H3H3 Sargon Legal YouTube Limbo (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Venezuela Readies For U.S Invasion, H3H3 Sargon Legal YouTube Limbo Video We Are Change In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Trumps strong words against Venezuela, the legal youtube lawsuits involved with...

The post Venezuela Readies For U.S Invasion, H3H3 Sargon Legal YouTube Limbo (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Police Chief Outed as Leader of Neo-Nazi Group Prepping for Bloody Race War, Owner of KKK Website "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

chiefTwo white supremacist websites were taken offline hours after a local news station found that they were linked to the new police chief.


No More Forced Windows Updates, Promises Microsoft "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Microsoft will stop Windows 10 forced automatic updates

After a truck load of complaints from angry users, Microsoft has finally changed its mind and will stop sending forced updates to users PCs. Starting with the Windows 10 Creators Update, your machine will no longer display easy to miss reminders about updates and then install it automatically. You will now get to control when any new updates will be installed. This news broke back in May and at the time, it was being pegged as Microsoft listening to its users. However, reports have recently come out that this action might have been in response to the lawsuits that were filed against Microsoft for pushing updates to machines without user knowledge.


During the one year period when Microsoft allowed a free upgrade from Windows 7 & 8 to Windows 10, Microsoft downloaded GBs of data onto user machines that were eligible for the update. This led to many angry Windows users filing lawsuits against the company. In 2016, a consumer rights body in the German state of Baden-Wrttemberg, took Microsoft to court over these downloads, claiming that the company would download up to 6 GB of files onto machines without user consent. After approximately a year of legal proceedings, the German wing of Microsoft has voluntarily agreed to not download files on to user machines without consent. The German rights group has welcomed this news, but also said that the delay in implementing the change was not acceptable.

We would have wished for an earlier backdown, but [Microsofts statement] is a success for more consumer rights in the digital world, said Cornelia Tausch, CEO of the Consumer Center in Baden-Wrttemberg.

How it will now work

Once the update is available, instead of a small prompt, users will now receive a full screen prompt that will give you 3 options viz. Restart Now, Pick a time and Snooze. Even if you do not do anything, your machine will not take any action automatically as is the case right now. On hitting Snooze, a user can delay the update for up to 3 days until 35 days have passed. Once those 35 days are up, users can delay the update even further by hitting Remind me Tomorrow. Therefore, a user can delay the update indefinitely.

As we mentioned earlier, reports of this first broke out in May with Microsoft releasing a statement on their blog post that made it seem like Microsoft was listening to its users. An excerpt of the blog post is as below:

Prior to the Creators Update, Windows 10 made most of the decisions for...


Defying international pressure, Islamic Republic of Mauritania refuses to free slaves "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Mauritanian agency that is supposed to be dealing with slavery is run by the white Moor community there, and it focuses a lot on a poverty alleviation mandate and doesnt really address the slavery issues. Where is the international outcry? In the U.S., the Left is enraged over 100-year-old statues of slaveowners, but what []


#PartitionAt70: Restorying Partition Recall "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Publisher Arpita Das and her mother recall a story of mistaken identity when her mothers sibling was grabbed by a refugee woman who was convinced that the child was her lost daughter.

The post #PartitionAt70: Restorying Partition Recall appeared first on The Wire.


Revisiting Partitions Little Red Book "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Krishan Chanders Hum Wehshi Hen is a humanist response to the trauma and tragedy of 1947, and presents points of view of various characters across class, gender and ideology in colonial India.

Among the short stories is one titled 'Peshawar Express, which is told from the point of view of a train, an inanimate object which was travelling from Peshawar in what became Pakistan to Bombay in what became India. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Among the short stories is one titled Peshawar Express, which is told from the point of view of a train, an inanimate object which was travelling from Peshawar in what became Pakistan to Bombay in what became India. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Wires #PartitionAt70 series brings a number of stories, through text and multimedia content that will attempt to draw a comprehensive picture of those weeks and months when entire geographies and histories changed forever.

The fire of civil war is raging in India and Pakistan, its flames threaten to burn humans, houses and libraries alongwith our life, freedom, culture and civilisation to ashes. Today after many months these flames have lessened but have not gone cold yet. There are several embers beneath the ash which can be inflamed with just a blow. Those who would fan these flames are also present.

But there is no scarcity too of firefighters. The healthy and progressive elements of India and Pakistan are tr...


Arabic press review: Dahlan, Sisi and shock for pilgrims "IndyWatch Feed War"


Hamas isn't talking to the former Fatah leader. In other news, World Bank says poverty will worsen in Jordan


Arrested wildlife trafficker was set to sell Sumatran tiger carcass "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A wildlife trafficker who was in possession of a tiger carcass has been arrested in North Sumatra in Indonesia.

An anti-trafficking team made up of officials from the Gunung Leuser National Park (GNLP) and the Orangutan Information Centres Forest Wildlife Protection Unit (ForWPU) caught the trafficker yesterday (Sunday) in the Cinta Raja area of the park, in the Langkat district.

He was in possession of the carcass of a female Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae), said by the GNLP officials to have been about three years old. The trafficker said the animal was 13 years old.

The director of the Orangutan Information Centre (OIC), Panut Hadisiswoyo, said he was extremely shocked that a poacher had been caught in possession of a tiger carcass.

Hadisiswoyo said traffickers had been caught in North Sumatra in the past with tiger skins, but this was the first time one was arrested in possession of a tiger carcass.

This is bitter-sweet, he added. On the one hand, the loss of this tiger is a serious threat for the animals survival, especially if we fail to protect the remaining population. This female tiger is important for the genetic tiger pool in the Leuser Ecosystem.



Opioid Overdoses Increase When Unemployment Rises "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

NBER paper links increase in unemployment to trebling in opioid deaths and increased emergency room visits over the 1999-2014 period.


Trump Is Reversing The Ban On Military Gear For Police "IndyWatch Feed World"


Concern about the increasing police state was ramped up when word spread that the Trump administration is going to reverse the ban on the transfer of surplus military gear to the police.

The new plan, outlined in documents obtained by USA Today, would roll back an Obama administration executive order that blocked armored vehicles, large-caliber weapons, ammunition, and other heavy equipment from being repurposed from foreign battlefields and used on Americas streets. A military and battlefield type response by the police in St. Louis three years ago after rioting prompted the ban.

But executive orders are fairly easily undone, and Donald Trump is planning to do just that. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scheduled to address the annual meeting of the Fraternal Order of Police, the nations largest police union, and he will likely outline the program changes there later today. Sessions is onboard with a militarized police force to take out drug users and steal more money from civilians through the controversial civil asset forfeiture program.

The Trump administrations action would restore the full scope of a longstanding program for recycling surplus, life saving gear from the Department of Defense, along with restoring the full scope of grants used to purchase this type of equipment from other sources, according to a administration summary of the new program recently circulated to some law enforcement groups. Assets that would otherwise be scrapped can be repurposed to help state, local and tr...


Beauty and the Sword: Beyond the Freedom of Speech Refrain "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In Canada, liberal defenders of free speech say all voices must be heard. They say hatred is not easily distinguishable from strong disapproval. Therefore, prohibiting anti-immigrant protests might silence important voices. It is about rights to freedom of expression.



Private Internet Access Get a Secure VPN to Protect Your Online Privacy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Since most of us rely upon the Internet for day-to-day activities today, hacking and spying have become a prime concern, and so have online security and privacy. The Internet has become a digital universe with websites collecting your sensitive information and selling them to advertisers, hackers looking for ways to steal your data from the ill-equipped networks, websites, and PCs, and


Syria: The Mark of a Great Nation Is Its Ability to Thwart Americas Scheme to Destroy It "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Im talking about Syria here. Knowing that I write this at my peril, I continue. Not as a defense, but as an argument, one from a different and, I believe, a worthy perspective. Because some acknowledgement must be made especially


VIDEO: College Professors Harass, Abuse Student Group on Nebraska-Lincoln Campus Because Theyre Conservative "IndyWatch Feed"

This happened at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

The Alt-Left is so powerful on college campuses today that they feel no shame in publicly abusing conservative students.

Teaching assistant Courtney Lawton was captured on film abusing students.

A group of students representing the conservative Turning Points USA organization were abused and harassed at the Lincoln campus.

Turning Point USA promotes free markets and limited government.
Thats it. And they are getting this kind of abuse form the Alt-left administreation In Nebraska!
The abuse was caught on video.

The far left profs and teaching assistants were calling the conservatives neo-fascists because anyone who is slightly conservative in NEBRASKA is a fascist!
This is the American left today. If you disagree with them you are a Nazi neo-fascist.
The debate is over.
Now they just want to abuse you and crack skulls.

Via Campus Reform:

The post VIDEO: College Professors Harass, Abuse Student Group on Nebraska-Lincoln Campus Because Theyre Conservative appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


! | "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

deth21750x1024.jpg 9/9 18:00
, , . .


A Word on Penis Size "IndyWatch Feed National"

Oi, boomed Kristy across the kitchen.

It was a rainy Budapest afternoon in our rather shabby hostel the type people come to stay at for a night or two and end up lasting a season. I had just finished my cup of coffee, and was rinsing the mug.

Whats the smallest dick youve ever had sex with?

My smile froze as Kristy grabbed a short, chubby eggplant off the bench from where she was helping to prepare dinner. It was the first time shed spoken to me since the day shed checked me in.

Mine was legit this big, she continued loudly, holding out her finger and thumb close together as she threw back her head in crude laughter. Still giggling, she held the eggplant against her crotch and thrust.

About five of Kristys co-workers bustled around her in the kitchen, as well as a handful of guests. Because of the weather, nearly everyone was holed up inside. The others feigned busyness, pretending not to hear her.

I I dont know, I stammered vaguely, desperate to melt into the floor and unsure of how to confront the situation.

Kristy thrust her hips a few more times, and put the eggplant down. Bored with my lack of engagement, she then stalked off down the hallway, grinning like a cat, to harass the guests watching television.

I put the mug in the drying rack.

A girl chopping carrots suppressed a smile. Were compiling a list from biggest to smallest, she confided in me excitedly, not bothering to lower her voice.

Sams got the biggest dick.

Sam was a guest who had become a somewhat permanent fixture at the hostel.

And apparently Zac is small, she mouthed, digging me in the ribs and giving me a knowing look.

Zac was also in the kitchen. He was the boy Id been sleeping with for the duration of my stay a holiday fling, and my first sexual partner since a particularly painful breakup a few months before.

He was divine.

I wouldnt know, I said quietly, trying to imply that I didnt approve of the conversation but didnt have the guts to say so. The girl chopping carrots just smirke...


India withdraws troops from disputed border zone, China says "IndyWatch Feed World"

China said India had pulled its troops from the Chinese side of a disputed Himalayan border area on Monday afternoon, after a months-long stand-off.


Vietnam puts 50 bankers on trial for graft and mismanagement "IndyWatch Feed World"

About 50 bankers are on trial in Vietnam for alleged graft and mismanagement as authorities intensified efforts to crack down on corruption in the country. The bankers are accused of causing losses of $69 million at the Ocean Bank. The former chairman Ha Van Tham of Ocean Bank and general manager Nguyen Xuan Son are among those accused of embezzling $2.2 million and appropriating another $8.8 million, according to the Associated Press. At the time, the bank was 20 percent owned by state energy company PetroVietnam, where Son had previously served as chairman. The losses led to the bank being taken over by the State Bank of Vietnam. Another 44 senior executives are accused of abuse of power or economic mismanagement. Five executives from different companies are also named in the case.


Antifa Pushing America Towards a Civil War (Part 4) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"




Most Americans are aware of Soros organizations of, Black Lives Matter, Southern Poverty Law Center, et al. However, to most Americans, although they have heard of Antifa, their nature and purpose remain a mystery to the average American. This article will demonstrate that just like the Weathermen Underground, this group is just another in a long line of Nazi Brown Shirted style organizations whose mission to perpetrate a coup against the government of the United State, via a provoked civil war using racial violence as a flash point.

I began my research into this organization by an examination of what the Mainstream Media was saying about Antifa. I was shocked to learn that the MSM described this terrorist organization in fairly accurate terms, although CNN and the Washington Post obscured the true origin of this group and sugar-coated their violent, criminal activities.

CNNs Description of Antifa

The greatest purveyors of fiction of our era, CNN, describes Antifa in fairly  glowing terms, but at the same time, they acccurately describe their illegal behaviors. Here is CNNs description:

Antifa is short for anti-fascists. The term is used to define a broad group of people whose political beliefs lean toward the left often the far left but do not conform with the Democratic Party platform. The group doesnt have an official leader or headquarters, although groups in certain states hold regular meetings. (Editors Note: I guess CNN has never heard of George Soros).


They dont speak English: Five-year-old Christian girl in UK placed in foster care with niqab-wearing Muslims "IndyWatch Feed War"

And more recently the girl told her that Christmas and Easter are stupid and that European women are stupid and alcoholicthe child was very distressed and claimed the foster carer had removed her Christian cross and encouraged her to learn Arabic. Imagine what the outcry would be if a Muslim child were placed in a []


Syria Summary Towards the End of the Caliphate "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The first map below from the last Syria summary shows the forming of two cauldrons north and north-west of Palmyra. ISIS forces there were enclosed by the Syrian army progressing eastwards on several axes.

Ten days later the most eastward


Beware! Viral Sarahah App Secretly Steals Your Entire Contact List "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Are you also one of those 18 Million users using SARAHAH? You should beware of this app because the anonymous feedback application may not be as private as it really sounds. Sarahah is a newly launched app that has become one of the hottest iPhone and Android apps in the past couple of weeks, allowing its users to sign up to receive anonymised, candid messages from other Sarahah users.


All The Countries America Has Invaded in One Map "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

From Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, the US has had a military presence across the world, from almost day one of its independence. For those who have ever wanted a clearer picture of the true reach of the


Fascinating Glimpse Into Police Investigation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How an abused child was located and rescued using obscure clues

A few years ago I wrote about the extreme security practices of the YardBird
child abuse media trading group. The security rules they developed and, for the most part, followed enabled a significant portion of the group to evade capture even though they were thoroughly penetrated by law enforcement who passively collected data for about a year.

This post is not going to examine the security procedures they used, but rather look at the investigative work that police conducted in order to rescue one child who was being abused. I will state up front that I do not know if the media documenting her abuse was available via other channels or exclusively to the YardBird group. Also, I will admit that I am not entirely sure that this investigation is related to the YardBird group, although it seems to be an exact match. Finally, given the nature of this crime, I will not be providing any suggestions on mitigations to protect against these investigative techniques.

Anyone that would learn from decade old investigation did so long ago, and anyone else is unlikely to use this post as a guide.

The affidavit is here:

Probably linked to YardBird

There are a few things which stand out in the description of the group which I think sound remarkably similar to the YardBird group. In particular the use of Usenet, procedure to join the group, and the security rules governing members actions. The original investigation was conducted by the Australian police which also matches with the YardBird investigation.

Inband Clues

The police have nothing but the content of the pictures to go on. Somehow, they link the location of the abuse victim to the state of Georgia in the US. Fortunately the press filled the details of the process that the investigators followed. Analyzing the complaint, affidavit and article allows us to extract the critical elements which were used to locate the abuser and rescue the child victim.

At each step remember that the police are constructing a sieve that they can pass data through which...


Pakistan postpones senior US diplomat's visit amid row over Trump's Afghanistan remarks "IndyWatch Feed World"

Pakistan has postponed a visit by an acting US assistant secretary of state scheduled for Monday. It comes amid irritation in Islamabad over US President Trump's allegations that Pakistan harbors terrorists and his call on India for help in Afghanistan. Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells would have been the first high-profile visitor from the US since Trumps' new Afghanistan strategy was announced last Monday. On Sunday, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry and the US embassy in Islamabad released similarly-worded statements saying that her visit has been postponed at Pakistan's request until a "mutually convenient time." Neither side said when such a time may come or why Pakistan decided to pull the plug on the visit.


Cambodia Exposes, Expels US Network Involved in Democracy Promotion "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Featured image: US Knows best. NDI teaches Cambodians how to run their nation.

The government of Cambodia has exposed and expelled a US network attempting to interfere in the nations political processes. The US National Democratic Institute (NDI) was reportedly


Hurricane Harvey Will Render Some Parts Of Texas Uninhabitable For An Extended Period Of Time "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Hurricane Harvey Will Render Some Parts Of Texas Uninhabitable For An Extended Period Of Time by Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse Blog Do you remember what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans?  Well, now we are watching the same...

The post Hurricane Harvey Will Render Some Parts Of Texas Uninhabitable For An Extended Period Of Time appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Nursing Homes and Elder Care: Medical Staff Giving Lethal Doses and Too Many Rapes, Crimes "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nurse suspected of 90 murders in Germanys worst post-war killing spree

Nurse suspected of 90 murders in 'Germany's worst post-war killing spree'
Photo: DPA
A German male nurse jailed for life two years ago for killing two patients with lethal drug overdoses murdered at least 90 patients in total, police said on Monday, calling it post-war Germanys worst killing spree.

Niels Hoegel, 40, was jailed in February 2015 for two murders and several attempted murders of intensive-care patients at the Delmenhorst hospital near the northern city of Bremen.

Police said on Monday that investigators exhuming and analyzing more bodies had since found evidence of scores of additional murders.

The death toll is unique in the history of the German republic, said chief police investigator Arne Schmidt, adding that Hoegel killed randomly and preyed especially on those in critical condition.

There was evidence for at least 90 murders, and at least as many (suspected) cases again that can no longer be proven, he told a press conference, declaring himself speechless at the outcome.

Hoegel has admitted to injecting patients with a drug that can cause heart failure or circulatory collapse so he could then try to revive them and, when successful, shine as a saviour before his medical peers.

He said he felt euphoric when he managed to bring a patient back to life, and devastated when he failed.

After the revelations of the nurses murderous obsession, police and prosecutors launched a special forensic commission dubbed Kardio (Car...


Maharashtra Government Apologises to Justice Oka Over Claims of Bias in Noise Pollution Case "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Senior members of the bar and lawyers associations had slammed the governments allegations and claimed that the move was to ensure that no systems of accountability were in place ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi.

The state government said that its intention has been misunderstood and misinterpreted to project that the state is against the judiciary. Credit: Reuters

New Delhi: Days after accusing Justice A.S. Oka who is heading a Bombay high court bench that was cracking down on Maharashtra for its noise pollution norms of harbouring a serious bias against it, the state government on Monday (August 28) withdrew its claims and apologised to the judge. According to ANI, the state government said that its intention has been misunderstood and misinterpreted to project that the state is against the judiciary.

Following the allegations levied against Justice Oka, Bombay high court Chief Justice Manjula Chellur had, upon the governments request, withdrawn the case from him and transferred it to another bench, reported.

However, after the Advocates Association of Western India (AAWI) and senior members of the bar came forward in protest of the governments allegations and claimed that the move was to ensure that no systems of accountability were in place ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi, Justice Chellur formed a larger bench headed by...


India and China agree to 'disengage troops' along disputed border area ahead of BRICS Summit "IndyWatch Feed World"

On Monday morning, the world had one less geopolitical hotspot to worry about, when following months of escalating verbal jawboning and explicit threats on both sides, India agreed with China to disengage at the contested territorial dispute face-off site in Doklam. India's foreign ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar tweeted on Monday that disengagement of border personnel at the "face-off site at Doklam" has been agreed to and is on-going, with China confirming that India had pulled its troops from the Chinese side of a disputed Himalayan border area on Monday afternoon, after a months-long stand-off which started in June. The de-escalation started earlier on Monday when India's foreign ministry said it had agreed with China to an "expeditious disengagement" of troops from the Doklam plateau, an area close to the borders of China, India and Bhutan, SCMP reports. "In recent weeks, India and China have maintained diplomatic communication in respect of the incident at Doklam," India's Ministry of External Affairs said. "On this basis, expeditious disengagement of border personnel at the face-off site at Doklam has been agreed to and is ongoing."


BREAKING: Charley Boy, Deji Adeyanju storm EFCC, demand trial of Diezani "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Protesters including Charles Oputa, Deji Adeyanju have stormed the headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in Abuja demanding the repatriation of a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Allison-Madueke. The former Minister who served during the administration of ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan, is undergoing investigations over alleged fraud committed while she was in []

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Video: Repealing and Defeating the Islamic State, The Role of Iraqs Popular Mobilization Units "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In June 2014, the so-called Islamic State (IS) occupied about one-third of Iraqs territory, including Iraqs second largest city, Mosul. It meant the radical islamists were close to capturing Baghdad and imposing its authority over all of Iraq. At that


Land Registry Created to Protect Mayan Lands from Belizean Government "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Latinamerica Press

On Aug. 9, in the context of the International Day of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples and the 10th anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Sarstoon-Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) launched the Maya Land Registry to protect their ancestral territories due to the [fact that the] Belizean government has not complied with a Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruling of 2015 that ordered it to create an effective mechanism to identify and protect Mayan lands in accordance to their traditional governance.

Given the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the implementation of the Court order, [the Mayan community of] Crique Sarco took the matter into their own hands, said Froyla Tzalam, SATIIM executive director. They identified traditional territorial boundaries and resolved boundary conflicts, creating a local model that can be applied nationally.

This is an historic moment, but it is just the beginning. We celebrate that the Maya have taken the initiative to implement the CCJ order, Tzalam added.

Crique Sarco is a Maya Qqchi community of 250 residents, located in the south of the country, about 40 miles from Punta Gorda. Is the first Maya community to ask for SATIIMs assistance to prepare for the legal mechanism specified in the CCJ ruling.

Territorial conflicts erupted in 1994 when the Mayan and Garfuna communities of southern Belize discovered that the government had stripped them of their ancestral lands to create the Sarstoon-Temash National Park.

Not much later they awoke to the sound of the dynamite blasting seismic paths in preparation of oil drilling in this protected area. The paths, wide enough for jeeps, us...


World watch Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Monday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


Opinion: The left is alienating its allies by shutting down free speech "IndyWatch Feed World"

So-called progressives celebrated last week after Ryerson cancelled an event featuring controversial speakers Earlier this month, in an ironic but somehow all too predictable turn of events, Ryerson University announced that it would be cancelling its event called "The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses." The event was to be held last Tuesday and panel members included Jordan Peterson, the University of Toronto professor who opposes Bill C-16's mandate for gender-neutral pronouns, Gad Saad, an evolutionary behavioural scientist at Concordia University, Oren Amitay, a clinical psychologist and Ryerson University sessional lecturer and Faith Goldy, formerly of Canada's Rebel Media.


25 Things Only People Who Love Spending Time Alone Will Understand "IndyWatch Feed World"

There is a common misconception that being alone is a bad thing, but that is simply not the case! If you are someone who loves to spend time alone chances are you will be able to relate to this list big time.

I personally would prefer a night in with my pets over a night out with anyone else. While most people think being alone is a problem, to people like me it is anything but. It can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the worlds especially for introverts, empaths, or anyone in between. Check out the list below and let us know how much you can relate or if you can even relate at all.

25 Things Only People Who Love Spending Time Alone Will Understand:

1. You are more attentive when you spend time with people.

The more time they spend with themselves, the more patience they have to be attentive to others.

2. You feel at ease when you are alone.

There is a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders when no one else is around. It is a time when you can really take off your mask and just be yourself.

3. You hate large crowds.

Large crowds of people can be overwhelming to a lot of people, especially people who love to be alone.

4. Anything that involves people covered in sweat somewhere loud is a no go.

While most people love going to concerts and festivals, you would rather be at home snuggled up on the couch with a good book.

5. You get super tired of people asking you why you dont want to hang out.

Its like they just cannot comprehend that someone doesnt like going out, and doing things with groups of people. Not everyone is the same, some people are just loners.

6. Being around people is exhausting.

You literally can and usually do become overstimulated in crowds or when you have to participate in shallow conversations.

7. Being away from people feels so much better because it is judgment-free.

Society has become so judgmental, when you are alone you dont have to worry about what other people think of you.

8. You can be your true self in private without worrying about offending other people.

You ar...


August 29 in history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

708 Copper coins were minted in Japan for the first time.

1350  Battle of Winchelsea (or Les Espagnols sur Mer): The English naval fleet under King Edward III defeated a Castilian fleet of 40 ships.

1475  The Treaty of Picquigny ended a brief war between France and England.

1526  Battle of Mohcs: The Ottoman Turks led by Suleiman the Magnificent defeated and kill the last Jagiellonian king of Hungary and Bohemia.

1632 John Locke, English philosopher, was born (d. 1704).

1655 Warsaw fell without resistance to a small force under the command of Charles X Gustav of Sweden during The Deluge.

1758  The first American Indian Reservation was established, at Indian Mills, New Jersey.

1777   Hyacinth, ( Nikita Yakovlevich Bichurin), Russian religious leader, founded Sinology,  was born (d. 1853).

1786  Shays Rebellion, an armed uprising of Massachusetts farmers, began in response to high debt and tax burdens.

1809 Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., American physician and writer, was born (d. 1894).

1831  Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction.

1833 The United Kingdom legislated the abolition of slavery in its empire.

1842 Treaty of Nanking signing ended the First Opium War.

1862 Andrew Fisher, 5th Prime Minister of Australia, was born (d. 1928).

1869  The Mount Washington Cog Railway opened, making it the worlds first rack railway.

1871  Emperor Meiji ordered the...


Midnight Movie The Long Arm "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

1956 Jack Hawkins and Ealing Studios


Kenyan Court Orders Scrutiny of Electronic Voter Count Systems "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Kenyan Supreme Court judges attend a hearing of a petition challenging the election result filed by the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition and Human Rights groups at the Supreme Court in Nairobi, Kenya August 28, 2017. Credit:Reuters

Kenyan Supreme Court judges attend a hearing of a petition challenging the election result filed by the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition and Human Rights groups at the Supreme Court in Nairobi, Kenya, August 28, 2017. Credit: Reuters

Nairobi: Kenyas Supreme Court ordered the election commission on Monday to allow the opposition, which is di...


Sixteen More Convincing Reasons to Question 9/11 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

It has been 16 years since the crimes of September 11th, 2001. In that time, facts have been revealed that led more than a third of Americans to believe that the U.S government was involved in the attacks.


New Senate Bill Targets WikiLeaks, Russia, Independent Press and the First Amendment "IndyWatch Feed World"

Assange Wikileaks

In defiance of its own verification policy, Twitter still wont verify Julian Assanges account.

WASHINGTON The Senate Intelligence Committee is pushing Congress to label WikiLeaks a non-state hostile intelligence service, having adopted that very position in the Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA) it approved last month. The terminology used in the bill originates from a speech given in April by CIA director Mike Pompeo, who called the pro-transparency media organization a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by hostile nations.

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, Julian Assange, has slammed the Senate bill as an attempt to legislate what he termed the Pompeo doctrine.

WikiLeaks has been under U.S. investigation since 2010 but the U.S. has failed to formally charge anyone in the organization for its role in leaking State and Defense Department documents.

However, WikiLeaks source in this case, Chelsea Manning, was convicted in 2013 and was only recently released from prison after receiving a pardon from President Barack Obama in January of this year. WikiLeaks came under scrutiny once again last year during the presidential election after publishing emails considered damaging to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The IAAs 12,000-word text, however, makes only brief mention of WikiLeaks in the last...


The Balkans Between Competing Poles "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

A large segment of the Balkan population still hopes for EU membership, despite the problems afflicting the bloc. Although EU leaders cannot guarantee that the accession process will ever be quick and easy, they are the only ones who can ensure that it will still be worth it in the end.


Ensuring existence of Israel in Hezbollahs crosshairs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The problem facing "Israel" is that the more its military and technological capabilities develop, the more Hezbollah's deterrent and defense capabilities advance. The higher the motivation for aggression, the more it clashes with countermeasures that prevent Hezbollah's capabilities from being liquidated.


A Major Win for Indigenous Rights in Brazil "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By Vic Bishop

In a world of never-ending bad news for nature and Mother Earth, some good news has at last come to the Indigenous people of Brazil who recently won two separate court rulings validating their rights to land.

At issue was the attempt to block the titling of lands long-held by indigenous people, a move which would have allowed more land to be sold out from under native peoples to corporations seeking to drill for oil or deforest the land for the production of palm oil, cattle ranching, or mining.

Marked with scandal, Brazils current president was recently formally accused of corruption for taking bribesfrom and pandering to a large contingency of mining and agribusiness interests. As part of this scandal, President Temer made significant concessions to the business sector which would included, rollbacks on indigenous rights, reduction of environmental protected areas, legalization of land grabbing and support for gutting legislation on environmental licensing of development projects not to mention billions in budget amendments earmarked to specific members of congress.

This type of official contempt for natives and the sacredness of land in the region are shockingly common, and it is not surprising that this type of action would come from the highest offices in the land.

Never-the-less, the recent cases went all the way to the Brazilian Supreme Court, and were highly contentious, bringing many thousands of people out to protest in the wake of the rulings.

As plaintiff in both cases, the government of Mato Grosso state claimed that portions of the Xingu Indigenous Park and territories occupied by the Nambiquara and Parecis people were initially vacant lands belonging to the state government, and so their appropriation by the federal government in order to grant titles to indigenous tribes was illegal and deserving of financial indemnification. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously in both cases that overwhelming evidence exists to confirm the status of the disputed areas as traditional native territories, rendering subsequent land claims, and claims for indemnification, null and void. [...


Municipality contract worker stabs mayor of Elefsina in his office "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A 35-year-old man had been arrested as suspect for the stabbing and injuring of mayor of Elefsina. Giorgos Tsoukalas, on Monday. Despite initial media reports that the attacker was not unemployed but his short term contact as cleaner is to expire in September. The attack took place around 12 noon on Monday. The municipality worker

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #282 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Week That Was: 2017-08-26 (August 26, 2017) Brought to You by SEPP ( The Science and Environmental Policy Project ################################################### Quote of the Week. The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear


Two Killed as Mountain Collapses on Township in South West China "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Rescue workers search for survivors at the site of a landslide that occurred in Nayong county, Guizhou province, China August 28, 2017. Credit:Reuter

Rescue workers search for survivors at the site of a landslide that occurred in Nayong county, Guizhou province, China August 28, 2017. Credit:Reuters

Beijing: A landslide caused part of a mountain to collapse on to a remote township in Chinas remote southwest on Monday, state media said, killing at least two people with 25 missing.

The landslide sent rubble sweeping over 34 homes in Zhangjiawan township in the city of Bijie, Guizhou province.

Video footage broadcast by media outlets showed large blocks of a mountain collapsing from a great height, leaving a dense plume of grey smoke and a long trail of rubble.

The footage also showed rescue workers pulling survivors from collapsed homes in the aftermath, with shocked residents surveying the scene.

Rescue workers had pulled out four people alive from the rubble by the afternoon, state-run news agency Xinhua said....


EU laws prevented deportation of Barcelona jihad mastermind "IndyWatch Feed War"

Jihad Watch reported last week that the imam who masterminded the Barcelona jihad massacre had been given human rights asylum by a judge who believed that his forced removal would be a breach of his international rights. Now the Express has revealed that it was EU laws that prevented the imams deportation: EU LAWS prevented []


5 Traits of Actual Psychopaths "IndyWatch Feed World"

Usually, when we hear the word psychopath the first thing to pop into our minds is a serial killer or something along those lines, right? Well, a psychopath is not always a serial killer, actually, most psychopaths are not criminals at all.

Psychopaths are much more subtle than we have been conditioned to believe. Psychopaths are actually just people who suffer from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. If you want to know whether or not someone in your life is a psychopath see if they have the following traits.

1. They are charming

To begin with, you will like the psychopath. He or she is someone that people seem to love to be around. While in movies psychopaths are often portrayed as outcasts this is not something that is found to be true in the real world at least for the most part.

2. They lack remorse

Psychopaths are not good at showing emotions, granted they dont feel very many, remorse is something they never feel.

3. They are arrogant

This is not the normal arrogance I am talking about but an extreme version. They will go over how amazing they are again and again.

4. They are manipulative

This is something they will use to get what they want. It will become a game of seeing how far they can go and they will push you to your breaking point without feeling bad about it.

5. They love negative reactions

When something they do upsets you, they do not feel bad about it. To be honest most of them feel good about it. They love to create chaos.

If someone close to you is a psychopath cutting them out of your life is the best option. For more information on psychopaths check out the video below. Does someone you know have the traits listed above?


Buy Gold As Washington Stumbles Advise Blackrock "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Gold set to shine as Washington stumbles
Bet on golds diversifying properties rather than political stability

Worlds largest asset manager believes Trump and political drama in the U.S. means gold likely to rise
 Real rates flattening out and rising political instability Blackrocks Koesterich
For now my bias would be to stick with gold Blackrock

U.S. debt ceiling issue to be fractious as bankrupt U.S. hits $20 trillion debt
Investors will again turn to gold in coming political strife

For now I would prefer to bet on golds diversifying properties rather than political stability  Russ Koesterich, Blackrock.

Not for the first time this year, Blackrocks Koesterich has spoken about his faith in gold during times of both financial and political instability.

Those times are now, the worlds largest money manager believes. Since the beginning of the year Koestrich has been adding to the gold position of the $39bn  Global Allocation Fund. Gold is now the funds second-largest position.

Golds performance, up 12% year-to-date, is particularly interesting. A hard-to-define asset, gold is often thought to perform best when either inflation and/or volatility is rising. This year has been notable for both falling inflation and record low volatility, raising the question: What is powering golds ascent and can it continue? Two trends stand out:

Real rates have flattened out

Political uncertainty has risen



Hundreds Attend Anti Racism Rally in San Francisco (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Hundreds Attend Anti Racism Rally in San Francisco Video The CrowHouse Video Source

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UN Takes Steps to Protect South Sudan Civilians After Years of Criticism "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Chinese Peacekeepers in the United Nations Mission to South Sudan (UNMISS) parade during the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers in Juba, South Sudan May 29, 2017. Credit:Reuters

Chinese Peacekeepers in the United Nations Mission to South Sudan (UNMISS) parade during the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers in Juba, South Sudan May 29, 2017. Credit:Reuters

Kampala: United Nations peacekeepers in South Sudan are moving more aggressively to protect civilians caught in the countrys four-year civil war, after years of criticism for failures that led to the sacking of the missions military chief last year.

This year, the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has rescued aid workers and UN staff during attacks, saved civilians from abduct...


To Trump: how to win the war in Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

To Trump: how to win the war in Afghanistan

By Jon Rappoport

Win the war in Afghanistan? Impossible, you say?

Dear Mr. Trump: it can be done, I assure you.

There is a pattern. Its tried and true. Its been tested in America for decades. So lets rely on this accumulated wisdom and put it to good use. Finally.


Buckle up. This doesnt need an executive summary. It isnt a position paper. Its an all-out attack. Lets roll!

From hundreds of planes, drop fast food all over Afghanistan. Burgers. Fishsticks. McMuffins. Legs, breasts, wingstwo weeks of chicken done right. Its a good intro. Lightens everybody up a little. Hey, theyve been cooking vulture over yak excrement for centuries. Theyll love the change. And the numerous chemicals in the food will begin to slow them down. Thats a given.

Then, from those same planescandy! Fifty thousand tons of gum drops, jelly beans, Almond Joy, Reese. Hell, Reese all by itself is unstoppable.

Sugar! Youre telling me people can resist sugar? Theyll be scooping that stuff up off the frozen ground. In high mountain areas, tribes live on lichen. All of a sudden, here come 20 colors of Reaganesque jelly beans out of the sky!

Give them enough sugar, and theyll be running in circles one minute and lying back and napping the next. Its chemical determinism.

A month of heavenly candy.

Then next, a million cases of various diet sodas dumped out of our planes. Aspartame! Weird those dudes out. Three months, and they wont be able to find their way back to their yurts. Theyll be bumping into rocks and trees, howling at the moon.

Now comes the heavy action. It takes a little longer. After installing an Afghan wireless grid, carpet bomb the joint with cell phones and iPads. Beam in Soaps, Judge Judy, Rachel Ray, Fallon and Colbert, Oprah, Little House on the Prairie reruns, Law and Order, and yessports! Soccer, and, of course, womens beach volleyball! Kidding me? Amazons wearing G-strings running and leaping on sand, hour after hour?

Hey, dude, its time for the Friday night tribe meeting.

Shh! First, two hours of Hermosa Beach Womens Finals. Then Victoria and Billy just adopted a baby. She cant have kids. Billy paid two million for a little girl. But its actually Daisys baby. Nobody knows it.

The fabric of Afghan society comes apart at the seams.

US planes fly over with a few million cases of Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, and Ritalin. Open the bomb-bay doors. Drop those suckers right down the slot. And tranqs! Valium! Old stocks of Librium. Opioids.

On the ground, pills and capsules everyw...


China claims victory over India in Himalayan border row "IndyWatch Feed War"

BBC News

Indian soldier along China borderAn Indian soldier on the China border Beijing has reiterated what it says is its right to territory. AFP photo

China says India has withdrawn troops from a disputed Himalayan border area, ending a tense stand-off lasting weeks.

The foreign ministry in Beijing said it was pleased that trespassing Indian personnel have all pulled back to the Indian side of the boundary.

Indias foreign ministry confirmed troops were disengaging at Doklam after agreement between the countries.

The row began in mid-June when India said it opposed a Chinese attempt to extend a border road on the plateau.

The area is known as Doklam in India and Donglang in China.

The news comes a week before a visit to China by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The plateau, which lies at a junction between China, the north-eastern Indian state of Sikkim and the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, is disputed between Beijing and Bhutan. India supports Bhutans claim over it.

Earlier on Monday China made clear it would continue its sovereignty rights in the area.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Chinese troops had verified on ground that Indian personnel had withdrawn in the morning.


Berto Jongman: US Media Plays Up Polarization, Anti-Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"

Berto Jongman

Threats of political violence rise in polarized Trump era

At the center of it all is President Trump, whose heated rhetoric has angered opponents while firing up his supporters, magnifying the sense that the political divide in the country is growing wider.



Artificial Intelligence Comics "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How about smiling with some comics on Artificial Intelligence and Robots?

Blade Runner: 2049s upcoming release is quickly approaching us. We will have to hold out two more months to learn what those mysteries may be.


Hit App Sarahah Quietly Uploads Your Address Book "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sarahah, a new app that lets people sign up to receive anonymized, candid messages, has been surging in popularity; somewhere north of 18 million people are estimated to have downloaded it from Apple and Googles online stores, making it the number three most downloaded free software title for iPhones and iPads.

Sarahah bills itself as a way to receive honest feedback from friends and employees. But the app is collecting more than feedback messages. When launched for the first time, it immediately harvests and uploads all phone numbers and email addresses in your address book. Although Sarahah does in some cases ask for permission to access contacts, it does not disclose that it uploads such data, nor does it seem to make any functional use of the information. Sarahah did not respond to requests for comment.

"Zachary Julian, a senior security analyst at Bishop Fox, discovered Sarahah's uploading of private information when he installed the app on his Android phone, a Galaxy S5 running Android 5.1.1. The phone was outfitted with monitoring software known as BURP Suite, which intercepts internet traffic entering and leaving the device, allowing the owner to see what data is sent to remote servers. When Julian launched Sarahah on the device, BURP Suite caught the app in the act of uploading his private data.

"As soon as you log into the application, it transmits all of your email and phone contacts stored on the Android operating system," he said. He later verified the same occurs on Apple's iOS, albeit after a prompt to "access contacts," which also appears in newer versions of Android. Julian also noticed that if you haven't used the application in a while, it'll share all of your contacts again. He did some testing on the app on a Friday night, and when he booted the app on a Sunday morning, it pushed all of his contacts again."

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Nayer Talal "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nayer Talal, or simply; Nayer was born in 1983 in Umm Ruwaba, Sudan. the former co-founder of Sudanese Cartoonists Association in 2009, Nayer studied Civil Engineering and graduated in 2006, but his real desire is art, so he chose to focus on journalism and art. he has worked with many newspapers in various countries: Al-Sharie []


Show me the money: the fight for funding and accountability for womens rights "IndyWatch Feed"

Aid donors, governments and the United Nations have made many commitments to gender equality. Their actions have been less impressive.

Former UK development secretary Justine Greening with youth activists. Former UK development secretary Justine Greening with youth activists. Photo: Flickr/DFID UK Department for International Development. Creative Commons (CC by 2.0). Some rights reserved.Across United Nations programmes, gender equality is vastly underfunded. When the UN Women agency was created in 2010, activists estimated that it needed at least a $1 billion budget (for comparison, total revenue for the childrens agency UNICEF was over $4.8 billion in 2016). 

Several years on, and donors have consistently failed to meet this target. UN Womens total revenue for 2016 was under $335 million. 

Aid donors have repeatedly committed to whats called mainstreaming gender across various global development efforts (to assess all policies, at all levels, for their different impacts on women and men). But their records are disappointing.

For example: In 2013 and 2014, only 24% of international aid for economic and productive sectors (including public financial management and urban development) went to projects listing gender equality as a specific objective. Just 2% was spent on projects where womens economic empowerment was the primary goal.

Civil society organisations are receiving more money for gender-related work, but direct funding for womens rights organisations still comprises a...


UN chief faces stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts in first visit "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP / by Joe Dyke | Peace efforts to end the decades-old conflict between Israelis and Palestinians have been at a standstill since April 2014. In this photo from 2008, a Palestinian man walks past an Israeli border policeman in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

JERUSALEM (AFP)  UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres meets Israeli leaders Monday on his first visit since taking office, with long-stalled peace efforts with the Palestinians and a United Nations force in Lebanon high on the agenda.Guterres is likely to seek to push Israel and Palestinian leaders closer to renewed talks on their decades-old conflict during his three-day visit that ends Wednesday, but the interests of Israeli leaders lie elsewhere for now.

They have said they want to press Guterres on the UN peacekeeping force in neighbouring Lebanon, known as UNIFIL, accusing it of blindness to what they call an arms buildup by Hezbollah.

The trip comes as the UN Security Council debates renewing the forces mandate for a year, with a vote expected on Wednesday.

After meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, Guterres is due in Ramallah on Tuesday for talks with Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas is visiting Turkey and is not expected to meet Guterres during the trip.

Guterres will then travel to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday.

After arriving on Sunday evening, the UN chief met Jason Greenblatt, a top aide to US President Donald Trump charged with pursuing Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.

Greenblatt was part of a US delegation last week including Trumps son-in-law Jared Kushner that held talks with Netanyahu and Abbas. He remained in the region for further discussions.

Guterres, a former Portuguese prime minister who took office in January, is likely to try to take steps to keep the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a viable option at a time when it is under threat.

Peace efforts have been at a standstill since April 2014 and Israeli settlement building in the occupied West Bank has continued.

Trump has said he wants to reach the ultimate deal Israeli-Palestinian peace but he himself has cast doubt on the two-state solution, saying he could support a single state if it meant peace.

Such statements deeply concern Palestinians, while delighting right-w...


Hurricane Harvey Will Render Some Parts Of Texas Uninhabitable For An Extended Period Of Time "IndyWatch Feed World"

Do you remember what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans?  Well, now we are watching the same thing happen to southeast Texas.  On Friday, Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a category 4 hurricane.  It is the first hurricane to make landfall in the United States in 12 years, and it is the most powerful storm to hit the state of Texas in at least 50 years.  One meteorologist is saying that what we are witnessing is worse than the worst-case scenario for Houston, and another stated that this storm could easily be one of the worst flooding disasters in U.S. history.

It would be difficult to overstate the devastation in the Houston area at this moment.  Hurricane Harvey has ripped roofs off of homes, turned vehicles over and snapped thousands of trees.  Thousands have been rescued from their homes and vehicles, and it is being reported that so far five people have died.  In fact, one womans dead body was actually spotted floating down the street.

According to the National Weather Service, over 24 inches of rain fell in Houston in just a 24 hour period.  More rain continues to fall in southeast Texas, and meteorologists are running out of adjectives to describe the nightmare that is currently unfolding

Its catastrophic, unprecedented, epic whatever adjective you want to use, Patrick Blood, a National Weather Service meteorologist, told the ChronicleIts pretty horrible right now. The newspaper reported the weather service said five people have died in the Houston area in unconfirmed flood-related deaths.

The latest forecasts are telling us that we could see a total of 40 to 50 inches of rain in southeast Texas by Thursday, and so some areas will actually receive a years worth of rain in less than a week...


fp selection 28 august 17 "IndyWatch Feed"

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Merkel takes tougher stand on Muslim migrants ahead of election "IndyWatch Feed War"

Angela Merkel is the queen of flip-flop. She once said to respond to jihad massacres with love and compassion; on another occasion, when she was losing voter support, she called for a burqa ban, and said the refugee crisis must never be repeated. Then in mid-August, she called for more migrants, echoing her wir schaffen []


Some 200,000 troops from the National Bolivarian Armed Forces and 700,000 reservists carry out two days of military exercises in defiance of US sanctions imposed on Venezuela. "IndyWatch Feed World"

Venezuela, all citizens of military service age (18-60 years old) are obligated

Venezuelan troops taught civilians how to shoot rifles, fire missiles and engage in hand-to-hand combat during drills held Saturday in defiance of US sanctions and President Donald Trumps threat of military action.

War planes, tanks and 200,000 troops of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB) deployed along with 700,000 reservists and civilians as socialist President Nicolas Maduro launched two days of military exercises.

In a Caracas military academy, soldiers taught civilians how to use their fists, rifles, bazookas and anti-aircraft guns and supervised them on obstacle courses.

Yankees out! 60-year-old Erica Avendano yelled as she bashed a rag dummy with her rifle on an assault course.

I hope nothing will happen, but we are ready for anything, she told AFP.


US wants regime change after putting puppets into Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed World"

Simmering tensions between the United States and Venezuela have entered a new phase with the government in Caracas launching wargames in the face of sanctions and fresh threats of military action by US President Donald Trump. Venezuela has blamed the opposition for lobbying with the US for the imposition of sanctions against the Latin American country. Press TV has asked Daniel Shaw, a Latin America expert, from New York, and Fredrick Peterson, a senior US congressional defense advisor from Virginia, to give their thoughts on the latest developments.


Venezuelan army use Russian-made T-72B1 tanks in  marchpast during a military parade

Daniel Shaw said American officials are tightening the screw on the Venezuelan government in a bid to reinstate stooge policymakers in an otherwise independent country.

President Trumps so-called smart sanctions on Venezuela are in line with Washingtons agenda for regime change and recolonization of the Latin American country, the analyst said.

America is using a propaganda campaign on elections and democracy in Venezuela as a pretext to hurt the oil-rich country, Shaw argued.

The US Department of the Treasury imposed fresh sanctions on Venezuela following the nations election of a new assembly tasked with rewriting the constitution.



Macron Readies French Government for Labor Reform Battle France is the only big European country that hasnt won the battle against unemployment. "IndyWatch Feed War"

PARIS French President Emmanuel Macron says its too early to surrender to pessimism, even as he faces sinking approval ratings and upcoming protests against a pro-business labor reform.

As Frances politicians return from summer vacations, Macron met with government ministers Monday and told them I hope that you are well-rested and that you have regained your strength to attack this return to work.

While he acknowledged that some are predicting the worst, he insisted we shouldnt give in to the pessimists.

Macrons popularity quickly tanked after his May election amid a series of domestic bungles. His government is set to unveil changes to labor law later this week that would notably reduce union powers. Unions and far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon plan protests against the changes next month.


The Guardian

The unions are threatening national strikes and blockades. A growing number of critics are warning that France is a powder keg waiting to blow. After an unconvincing summer, in which his popularity has plummeted, crunch time for Emmanuel Macron has arrived. The new French president is facing the prospect of a September standoff in the streets over his controversial plans to revamp the labour laws.

In his election manifesto Macron pledged to use a special presidential decree to force through measures making it easier, among other things, for employers to hire and fire.

He has a clear parliamentary maj...


Continuing Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast August 27- September 2 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Perspectives from the Sky

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Most people reported that they experienced a great rising of intensity at the Total Solar Eclipse last Monday the 21st.

Many others experienced breakthroughs in their lives, some rather dramatically.

Others felt the changing winds, knew a big New Chapter in their lives had begun, but yet feel more is to come.

And of course we are in the middle of Eclipse Season, lasting till around Autumn Equinox.

After the Total Eclipse on Monday, a few days later on Friday August 25, Hand of Time Saturn went direct, showing us fated events as time started clicking forward again..

Later that day Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas, the biggest Hurricane of the decade.

Also later that day North Korea blasted off two missiles.   This was at an important turning point in the conflict between the United States and North Korea.  It shows us that this conflict is not over.

With the second, last, and most important Eclipse, The Total Solar Eclipse in our rear view mirrors, and with Saturn going Direct, we now have arrived in the New Chapter.

Nevertheless, next weekend, Labor Day weekend in the USA, will bring us another important turning point in personal and world affairs in this New Chapter.

Before that, on Tuesday August 29 there is a 2nd quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

That second quarter Moon has the Sun in Virgo, which it entered last Tuesday just after the Eclipse, square to the Moon in Sagittarius.

So whatever sense of grounded reality we may have experienced since the Eclipse, we will shift again into higher gears of movement forward.

And then next weekend, a turning point weekend,  Mars will trigger the degree in Leo where the Total Eclipse ignited-  28+ degrees of Leo. And it will be exactly trine transiting Uranus, a planet of breakthrough and radical change.

So with that trigger, in effect the Eclipse comes back.  More is shaking and shifting. Also what started earlier in E...


David Frank: One Voice Now "IndyWatch Feed War"

One voice made up of three hundred million people containing billions of brain cells all working together to solve the problems of today, making the world a better place for the children of tomorrow. ~ David Frank ~



Petition seeks to rename Roosevelt Island, calls FDR racist "IndyWatch Feed"

Attention snowflakes: Changing a name does not change history. From NY Post: Roosevelt Island should be renamed because of FDRs racist decision to send Japanese-Americans to internment camps during World War II, a new petition demands. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Continue reading


Peak US Asset Prices? Japanese Acquisitions Hit Record "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Peak US Asset Prices? Japanese Acquisitions Hit Record by Wolf Richter Wolf Street Their buying binge in the US goes into the Contrarian Indicators category. After eight phenomenal years of surging stock prices in the US, buyers are getting...

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National Energy Board Warns of Unmet Trans Mountain Requirements "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Warrior Publications

Before Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. can begin construction of its controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in September as planned, the National Energy Board says the company still has some hoops to jump through.

In an update sent to Federal Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr this week, the national energy regulator said the backers of the $7.4-billion Trans Mountain project have satisfied 27 of the 49 regulatory conditions necessary to begin construction at Burnabys Westridge Marine Terminal where oil is exported to foreign markets. Kinder Morgan wants to upgrade and expand the terminal to handle increased volumes of crude as the pipeline systems capacity is nearly tripled to the tune of 890,000 barrels a day.

Additional compliance requirements must be met for the company to begin construction on any portion of the project, the NEBs letter to Ottawa notes.

Kinder Morgan has said construction on the project will begin in September, but this years work will not involve actual pipeline construction. The work this fall will likely include terminal construction, clearing and site preparation.

The company said on a Friday in a statement it is confident it will meet the NEBs demands and begin construction next month.

The Trans Mountain expansion project is in an ongoing process to meet the conditions required by the NEB to begin construction, said the statement attributed to Kinder Morgan spokesperson Ali Hounsell. This process will continue in-step with our activities...


Where India Goes "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Where India Goes, a book about the problem of open defecation in India, is the best social science book I have read in years. Written by Diane Coffey and Dean Spears, Where India Goes, examines an important issue and it does so with a superb combination of human interest storytelling and top-notch empirical research made accessible.

Drawing on the academic literature, Coffey and Spears show that open defecation sickens and kills children, stunts their growth, and lowers their IQ all of which shows up in reduced productivity and wages in adulthood.

The dangers of open defecation are clear. Moreover, Gandhi said that Sanitation is more important than independence and Modi said toilets before temples, yet in India some half a billion people still do not use latrines. Why not? Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen (2013), offer a typical explanation:

In 2011 half of all Indian households did not have access to toilets, forcing them to resort to open defecation on a daily basis

The phrasing presents the problem as a lack of access that forces people to resort to open defecation. From this perspective the solution seems obvious, provide access. After all, if you or I had access to latrines we would use them so if someone else isnt using latrines it must be because they dont have access. A bit of thought, however, dispels this notion.

Latrines are not expensive. Many people in countries poorer than India build their own latrines. If access is not the problem then building latrines may not be the solution. Indeed, Indias campaign(s) to build latrines have been far less successful than one might imagine based on the access theory. Quite often latrines are built and not used. Sometimes this is due to poor construction or location but often perfectly serviceable latrines are simply not used as latrines. In fact, surveys indicate that 40 per cent of households that have a working latrine also have at least one person who regularly defecates in the open (Coffey and Spears 2017).

For many people in India, open defecation is preferred to latrine use. The reasons relate to issues of ritual purity and caste. Latrines in or near homes are considered polluting, no...



we dont need no stinkin facts

Paul Craig Roberts

In the United States, facts, an important element of truth, are not important. They are not important in the media, politics, universities, historical explanations, or the courtroom. Non-factual explanations of the collapse of three World Trade Center buildings are served up as the official explanation. Facts have been politicized, emotionalized, weaponized and simply ignored. As David Irving has shown, Anglo-American histories of World War 2 are, for the most part, feel-good histories, as are civil war histories as Thomas DiLorenzo and others have demonstrated. Of course, they are feel good only for the victors. Their emotional purpose means that inconvenient facts are unpalatable and ignored.

Writing the truth is no way to succeed as an author. Only a small percentage of readers are interested in the truth. Most want their biases or brainwashing vindicated. They want to read what they already believe. It is comforting, reassuring. When their ignorance is confronted, they become angry. The way to be successful as a writer is to pick a group and give them what they want. There is always a market for romance novels and for histories that uphold a countrys myths. On the Internet successful sites are those that play to one ideology or another, to one emotion or the other, or to one interest group or another. The single rule for success is to confine truth to what the readership group you serve believes.

Keep this in mind when you receive shortly my September quarterly request for your support of this website. There are not many like it. This site does not represent an interest group, an ideology, a hate group, an ethnic group or any cause other than truth. This is not to say that this site is proof against error. It is only to say that truth is its purpose.

Karl Marx said that there were only class truths. Today we have a large variety of truths: truths for feminists, truths for blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, homosexuals, transgendered, truths for the foreign policy community that serves the military/security complex, truths for the neocons, truths for the One Percent that control the economy and the economists who serve them, truths for white supremacists, itself a truth term for their opponents. You can add to the list. The truth in these truths is that they are self-serving of the group that expresses them. Their actual relation to truth is of no consequence to those espousing the truths.

Woe to you if you dont go along with someones or some groups truth. Not even famous film-maker Oliver Stone is immune. Recently, Stone expressed his frustration with the False Flag War Against Russia....


"You Were Saying?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"You were saying? Right, that's what I thought..."


European climate protesters take on German coal "IndyWatch Feed War"

Thousands of European climate change activists have descended on the heartland of Germanys coal industry. The movement brings together a broad coalition of social justice activists wanting to challenge the status quo.

Deutschland Proteste von Braunkohlegegnern (DW/C. Winter)

From the outside, the pitched circus tents and colorful figures dashing around look like the fair has arrived at the heart of Germanys brown coal industry.

But on the inside, Climate Camp is a self-described communal utopia bringing together a panoply of social and ecology movements from across Europe seeking climate justice.

Around 6,000 activists have gathered at camps in Germanys coal districts from August 18 29. The main camp is based near Erkelenz and used as a headquarters for workshops and experimental grassroots democracy.

The movement is composed of autonomous groups, ranging from anarchists and queer activists to environmentalists and pro-immigration groups.

In effect, the activists are a coalition whose overriding mission is to block coal infrastructure, to call for an immediate phaseout of lignite mining, said Insa Vries, a student from Berlin and spokesperson for Ende Gelnde, one of the more prominent anti-coal groups that engages in civil disobedience.

Read: The battle for villages and forests in Germanys coal country

Brown coal

Set in a bucolic landscape west of Cologne, four coal-fired power plants run by the energy group RWE send white plumes of smoke skyward.

The plants are fueled by three massive open-pit lignite mines that have engulfed fields, roads and villages in the name of powering Germanys economy.



10 Monday AM Reads "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

You can find a long list of options to donate to help out victims of Harvey here; send some cash, then enjoy our morning train reads:  Uber Gets Deal-Maker, Trump Agitator in Expedias CEO (Bloomberg)  Why Amazon Is Such a Threat to the Grocery Industry (The Atlantic)  Bull and Bear Market Volatility Look Very Different (Bloomberg

Read More

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The Spirit of TraneCD Review by Sammy Stein (Jazz In Europe) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

We will be touring extensively starting this weekend

GA: six weeks ahead of our official Album Launch, here is our first album review published by Jazz in Europe.



'The Spirit of Trane' is released simply because, for Gilad Atzmon, it is a chance to acknowledge possibly the greatest and most influential tenor sax player in jazz history. Gilad says, "whether it is his patented sheets of sound, his rapid fire improvisations, advanced harmonic progressions or lush interpretations of ballads, no aspiring music lover can afford to neglect the music of 'Trane" . As Gilad handed me one of the first copies of the CD at a gig recently he told me, you will love this'. He was, as he sometimes is, right. 

By Sammy Stein

This CD is a spiritual journey along with Coltrane, with Gilad adapting his distinctive style ( he often plays with an Eastern lilt or a more Parker-esque accent to his playing in my opinion) to try to capture the essence of Coltranes style, his beauty, skill and simply take the listener through significant stages of the man whose name is synonymous with almost sublime sax playing.

The CD opens with Ellingtons In A Sentimental Mood, a track which Coltrane rendered with such heartfelt emotion at times and here Gilad and his quartet produce an outstanding version, complete with the percussive rhythms lifted as if from the Ellington original counterpointing the emotive and beautiful playing of Atzmon as he soars across with the melody. There is a gorgeous double bass section from Yaron Stavi and the arrangement is interesting with both piano and bass having extended and interesting parts underneath the beautiful and explorative sax line. Gilads touch is surprisingly light and gentle on this number yet there is a strength and conviction throughout the track, particularly the last freely delivered section making it a great opener.

Bronislaw Kapers Invitation is next ( the other famed theme from MGMs On Green Dolphin Street). Given that this track is popular and has been done slow, fast, high, low and any which way in between, G...


Peering Down Trumps Lie Hole. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Kate Kretz, Lie Hole IV (2017), colored pencil on black Rives BFK paper, 10 x 8 inches, from the Lie Hole series.

This mouth has bullied and cheated its way through the world.

This mouth has claimed self-invention, but was born gnawing a silver spoon.

This mouth blusters and brags.

This mouth promises to pay the builders of its empire; then refuses, counter-sues, and laughs.

This mouth cant suppress its instinctive, arrogant sneer.

This mouth incites hatred and violence, spreading intolerant aggression like a cancer.

This mouth expresses glee at its own retaliatory cruelty.

This mouth will say and do anything to win.

This mouth is oblivious to its own stupefying ignorance.

This mouth, wet with slime, has forced open countless unwilling lips.

This mouth degrades the women he cant manage to get  his tiny, swollen hands on.

This mouth has a predatory predilection for young girls (daughter included).

This mouth

Head on over to Hyperallergic to read the rest of Kate Kretzs piece. Blunt, and brilliantly done.

In other Trump-based artwork, check out As a satirist, I can barely keep up: the stories behind the Trump magazine covers.


Pakistan: Another Major Strategic Partner Now Fighting For Its Life "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Can Pakistan survive a military intervention if it is to be announced yet another link of the so-called

Can Pakistan survive a military intervention if it is to be announced yet another link of the so-called axis of evil

So the Trump White House is really on the ball now. After suddenly discovering what North Korea has always been, it has done the same with Pakistan, and is trying to cover its essential ignorance by saying how unhappy it is about it.

Rex Tillerson is threatening to cut aid to Pakistan on the grounds that it is providing safe haven for terrorist groups. He is careful to say however that this is an ongoing problem, and that as relations have been deteriorating for several years the damage was done before his appointment, and is therefore beyond the ability of the present State Department to reverse. This hardly indicates a genuine resolve to counter terrorism, but given the number of terrorists the US sponsors to suit itself this is not surprising.

Pakistan doesnt seem worried, largely because it has been hearing all this for many years. It has never been a secret that since the Soviets took over Afghanistan in 1979 various groups have found shelter in Pakistan and then managed to arm themselves against the invaders. When the Soviet withdrawal was followed by civil war many combatants again based themselves in Pakistan, as they were never sure whether their friends in Afghanistan wouldnt become enemies the following day when the pattern of alliances changed, as it frequently did.

Pakistan was always quick to point out that its various governments have not provided direct support, with funds, arms or personnel, to any of these combatants. This may be disingenuous, as Pakistan has also failed to properly investigate a number of murders of former Afghan combatants who have renounced violence and set up shops in Pakistan, and continues to repatriate refugees to areas where fighting is taking place, thus exporting conflict as they have no alternative but to take up arms to defend...


Charlottesvilles Statue Burqas Are A Sign Of Liberals Panic Over What Theyve Unleashed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Charlottesvilles novel solution to the conflict over its monuments to Confederate heroes is to drape them in statue burqas meant to shield viewers from the temptation to either worship or become enraged by the images of men who lost a war 150 years ago. Up until a year ago, of course, no such measures were necessary because nobody reacted that way. But sure, its the statues that are the problem, so they need to be covered.

It looks like this.

Thats the statue of Robert E. Lee somewhere under there. Here is Stonewall Jackson.

Charlottesville has a tendency to put up bad modern art, and these look like new entriesabstract pieces entitled Moral Cowardice. This completes the kind of magical thinking behind the Confederate statues campaign: if we cover the idols of the old gods, we can finally banish their evil spirits.

You can also see this moral panic in the story of a vaguely Confederate-flag-looking tile design in a New York subway stopwhich is to say, an X of blue tiles over a white and red backgroundwhich has to be altered to avoid confusion. Clearly the tiles are not the source of the confusion, but people will insist on rearranging the outside world so they wont have to do the more difficult work of bringing order to their own minds.

My sense of this is that the Charlottesville city council thought their campaign to remove Confederate monuments was going to be an easy layup. They thought it would be a cheap way to score some moral authority points and get fawning media coverage for themselves and the city, and that nobody would complain very much except a few stodgy country club types who look like generic Southern gentr...


The Joe Arpaio Pardon Was Trump-Level Political Theater From Top To Bottom "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

President Trumps pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for criminal contempt of court related to a racial profiling case has stirred controversy, even on the right side of the political spectrum. Some see the Arpaio pardon as raw politics, an assault on the rule of law and a tacit endorsement of institutional racism. Others see it as a response to the political prosecution of an official for the political crime of attempting to enforce immigration laws the Obama administration had put on a low priority.

The reality may both more and less complicated than you might think. Were this a movie, heres when we would hear the record scratch during a freeze-frame on Joe, with the caption How Arpaio Got to the Pardon.

Joe Arpaio: The Toughest Sheriff in America

Arpaio was the elected sheriff of Maricopa County from 1993 through 2016. The length of his tenure was matched by its flamboyance. As Reason magazines C.J. Ciaramella observed: He made a national name for himself with his unconventional and demeaning incarceration practices; inmates lived in a tent city in the desert heat and were forced to wear old-timey striped uniforms, as well as pink underwear. Among Arpaios other ignoble achievements were running the only female and juvenile chain gangs in the nation.

As early as 1995, a court ordered him to improve health care in his jails. The U.S. Justice Department launched an inquiry that found a pattern of excessive force against inmates by the sheriffs staff, but its civil rights lawsuit against the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office (MCSO) was dismissed in 1997.

The story leading to Arpaios conviction and pardon, however, began in 2006. As part of a crackdown on illegal immigration, Arpaio and the MCSO entered into an agreement with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency under section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, whereby members of the MCSO were cross-certified to enforce federal civil immigration laws.

The Melendres Lawsuit

In 2007, Manuel de Jesus Ortega Melendres and other plaintiffs brought a class action against Arpaio, the MCSO and other defendants, alleging the defendants violated the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution by racially profiling Latino motorists and passengers.

The Melendres lawsuit, which the Justice Department joined, focused primarily on saturation patrols in which the MCSO would flood...


Fake News Claiming Border Checkpoints During Hurricane Harvey Is Why Americans Hate The Media "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In southeast Texas, a humanitarian and economic catastrophe is underway. The National Weather Service has called Hurricane Harvey and the ensuing tropical storm unprecedented and beyond anything experienced. Flooding in some parts of Houston have reached 500-year floodplain levels, leaving thousands displaced or still stranded in their homes. But that hasnt stopped the mainstream media from turning the disaster into a political talking point attacking the Trump administration.

On Friday, the American Civil Liberties Union released a grossly inaccurate and inflammatory statement in response to the unremarkable news that the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol would not close any internal checkpoints in Texas during the hurricane.

As people seek refuge from hurricane Harvey, they are likely to have to go north or west of Texas and would have to go through a checkpoint. By keeping checkpoints open, the Border Patrol is putting undocumented people and mixed-status families at risk out of fear of deportations, said Lorella Praeli, the ACLUs director of immigration policy and campaigns. This is a disgusting move from the Border Patrol that breaks with past practices. The Border Patrol should never keep checkpoints open during any natural disasters in the United States. Everyone, no matter the color of their skin or background, is worth saving.

The problem is, there are no checkpoints in the areas affected by the storm, and no one fleeing Hurricane Harvey will encounter a Border Patrol checkpoint. The closest checkpoints are about 80 and 50 miles southwest of Corpus Christi and cover northbound routes from the Rio Grande Valley. No one fleeing the hurricane or the flooding along the coast would be headed north on these routes because they dont lead inland to higher ground.

Quartz Ran the ACLUs Statement Like It Was a News Story

But none of that information, which anyone could discern from taking five minutes to study a map of Texas and looking up a bit of information about where the Border Patrol checkpoints in question are located, stopped Quartz from regurgitating the ACLUs false and hysterical claim under the factually incorrect headline, The Trump administration will check peoples papers as they evacuate from Hurricane Harvey.

Set aside the tendentious claim that the Trump administration is responsible for the specific policy decisions of every federal agency, the article produces zero examples of anyones papers being checked by Border Patrol during the evacuation.

Whats more, the report...


Dear Trans Lobby: The Military Is Not A Social Experiment "IndyWatch Feed National"

My first serious brush with postmodernism was when I was pursuing my second masters degree in New Zealand. Previously, I had post-colonial and post-structuralist professors in India, who once told me that the right to not listen to someone is democratic. When replied it of course is, but implies no credibility when they critique the concept they refuse to hear, they walked out.

But those were isolated incidents. New Zealand (not geographically, but culturally West) gave me an idea what organized post-modernist cultism is. My alma-mater, the oldest and most prestigious university of the land, had a Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, which made us do a module. While other subjects in the broader field, like international relations and economics, had a positivist bend, Peace and Conflict was a different world altogether.

They had weekend activism meets, the professors had Palestinian flags on their doors, students were invited to join political discussion about feminizing armed forces and how feminists should infiltrate and oppose wars, and they had stellar researchers discussing the viability of opening a taxpayer-funded peace park on the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas.

I bring this up because, coming from military analysis and conflict journalism background, I had a different idea of what Peace and Conflict studies might include, like knowing the causes and effects of war and strategies to deter the most calamitous of human events. Instead, I found it was simply an activist hub.

I had to write an essay on the role of women in infantry. When I pointed out that no single Australian marine female officer has passed the combat training and all dropped out, including one female marine captain who wrote against this entire idiocy, I got the lowest passing grade in that module. The essay was subsequently published unchanged and unedited in a journal.

Donald Trump is litigating this debate, this time with transgender troops.

Opening Salvo in the Defining Culture War of Our Times

Transgender issues are the most emotive of our times, an echo of the...



CULT SURVIVOR WARNS THE WORLD: BREAK YOUR CONDITIONING Video SGTReport Rebecca Joy is a survivor of the sex cult once known as The Family (aka The Children of God), she is also the author of the book Inner Course:...

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Pro-Islam Indoctrination in Public Schools? "IndyWatch Feed War"

From a cartoon depicting the 'Five Pillars of Islam'From a cartoon depicting the Five Pillars of Islam (Photo: video screenshot)

Access Islam

Parents across the U.S. have objected to a Department of Education program called Access Islam. The federally-funded program is directed at children from grades 5-12 and is also featured on various websites, including PBS Learning Media.

The Smithsonian also promotes the course as does the Indiana Department of Education and the United Nations.

Parents charge that the course amounts to nothing less than proselytizing about Islam in public schools. In addition, they note that the Department of Education provides no comparable study or promotion of any other religion.

A video from the course prominently features a Christian convert to Islam, who declares emotionally how he has found the true religion without any intermediaries.

In addition to videos, students are given worksheets to learn the Five Pillars of Islam and how to pray. Children are also expected to memorize verses from the Quran and know the meaning of those verses.



As part of the schools World History curriculum, high school students in Maryland were taught extensively about Islam without any context of current events and required to list the benefits of the religion.

In one homework assignment obtained by a news outlet, the question was asked: How did Muslim conquerors treat those they conquered? The corr...


Meet The Real American Heroes Saving Harvey Survivors Stranded In Texas "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas over the weekend, rescue efforts are underway to bring survivors to safety amid rising floodwaters. Large swaths of the Lone Star State remain underwater, and rain is expected to continue falling for several more days. The state is anticipating a total of 50 inches of rain in what many are calling an unprecedented flood that has killed at least three people thus far.

Police, firemen, rescue workers, military personnel, and volunteers stepped up to help their fellow Americans. Their stories will restore your faith in humanity.

These Harris County Sheriff officers rescued this man whod been stuck in eight feet of water for 12 hours.

Sheriffs officers rescued two small children from their home while it was being engulfed in water.

This man carried a mother and her baby to safety amid waist-high waters.

Members of the so-called Cajun Navy, a group of recreational boat owners and grassroots volunteers who rescued people during the Louisiana Flood of 2016. mobilized to help out thousands of Texans left stranded.

When a reporter asked this man what he planned to do with his boat, he responded: Im going to go save some lives.



Make a Statue to Donald L. Hollowell "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

From the NYT: [nyt] January 2005

ATLANTA, Jan. 1 Donald L. Hollowell, a prominent Atlanta civil rights lawyer who played a part in a number of leading Georgia desegregation cases and later became an official of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, died here on Monday. He was 87.

The cause was heart failure, his family said.


His obituary in The Times is pretty stellar: joined the Buffalo Soldiers when he was told hed have to quit school to make ends meet, served with some distinction in WWII earned a law degree from Loyola in Chicago, blah, blah. The Times is, as youd expect from the mouthpiece of the establishment, a bit dry about Hollowell. Hollowell gained a view on racism when he was in the army, seeing how the army and later the Jim Crow south treated people. He concluded that black people in America were going to need lawyers, so he became one.

And lawyer, he did. He won a 1961 case against University of Georgia that resulted in the University finally admitting two black people (one man, one woman). He won the release of Martin Luther King, Jr., from Georgia State Prison at a time when most of the civil rights movement expected King to be shot while trying to escape, or something like that. It was fairly clear from the way the prison authorities tried to move King around that they hoped to lose him somewhere where something bad could happen to him.

Hollowell and Jordan. Look at the door of the taxi. The US was such a disgusting place in 1960. Has it improved enough? No.

University of Georgia has a page [uga] about unsung footsoldiers of the civil rights movement but Id sing him more as heavy cavalry. If you search about Hollowell on the web, there isnt much, though Malcolm Gladwell does a pretty good bit on some of what Hollowell endured [...


Scientific Americans Transgenderism Issue Only Delegitimizes Science "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

If you need proof that the line between science and politics has been irrevocably erased, look no further than the September edition of Scientific American.

In a special issue entitled Sex and Gender, the magazine purloins the progressive political agenda and attempts to give it a scientific mooring even when none exists. It represents a wholesale retreat from the principle that science should be apolitical, further jeopardizing the integrity of the scientific establishment and potentially inflicting real harm as it chooses to promote identity politics over solid science.

SAs opening salvo is an editorial with the headline, Why the New Science of Sex & Gender Matters for Everyone. The piece is astonishing not just because its poorly written and ill-conceivedone would expect more from such smart peoplebut also because it offers no evidence to back up its claim there is new science on sex and gender. Heres how it begins:

Sex is supposed to be simpleat least at the molecular level. The biological explanations that appear in textbooks amount to X + X = and X + Y = . Venus or Mars, pink or blue. As science looks more closely, however, it becomes increasingly clear that a pair of chromosomes do not always suffice to distinguish girl/boyeither from the standpoint of sex (biological traits) or of gender (social identity).

Rather than citing multiple peer-reviewed studies or a meta-analysis of a body of work to prove this so-called new science, the article instead offers this: Researchers have found XY cells in a 94-year-old woman, and surgeons discovered a womb in a 70-year-old man, a father of four. There is no link to either case in the magazine or online version; a Google search comes up empty. Pretty thin gruel for a bold proclamation that we are biological hybrids on a male-female continuum.

This Science Is Nowhere Near Settled

This doesnt stop the editors from calling for updated biology textbooks and lamenting how arguments about innate biological differences between the sexes have persisted long past the time they should have been put to rest. In other words, they want us to believe that gender fluidity is the new settled science.

Except its not. Last fall, two scientists at Johns Hopkins University issued a wide-ranging report on sexuality and gender. Among their many findings is that the hypothesis that gender identity is an innate, fixed property of human beings that is independent of biological sex that a person might be a man trapp...


A First-Timers Guide To Getting Started With Fantasy Football "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

So, youve finally decided to join the other 59 million Americans and Canadians and build a fantasy football league. Welcome! Depending on how well you do, this season may be the most fun or stressful 17 weeks of your year.

Ive been an active fantasy football team owner for the last five years, with two championships to my resume. Pittsburghs wide receiver Antonio Brown beautifully exposed my AFC West rivals Raiders defense in 2015 to get me 30 points on 0 touchdowns, my highest fantasy accomplishment to date. By this point, youve probably familiarized yourself with your leagues scoring system, rules, and any relevant guidelines. Now all thats left is the exciting part: the draft!

Im going to go out on a limb here and declare that this is where I shine. Last year, I guided a friend of mine (and first-time fantasy team owner) through her entire draft process, encouraging her to select players each week who could go toe-to-toe with the selections of her league-mates. Anyone who has given even 30 minutes to watching football over the last decade probably knows former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is a walking bag of bones. Because I remember so well how Dak Prescott was a problem in his Mississippi State days and handled my beloved LSU Tigers, I knew he could compete with the best of them as a rookie.

A few more rational picks later, she too found herself in the exclusive fantasy football championship club. Follow these steps if you also want to experience victory.

Dont Go for Sexiest Starting Lineup

You may find some peace of mind in securing your entire starting lineup before moving to your bench players, but that wont guarantee you a championship, or even playoff contention. Even the best players get injured, underperform, or get cut and traded within the first weeks of the season. Its essential to craft a roster built to withstand the instability of the NFL.

Lets say your draft is in its fifth round, and youve selected three reliable quarterbacks and two satisfactory tight ends. You desperately need both a running back and wide receiver, but the top positional player undrafted so far is a QB. Take the QB! Every draft is different, and sometimes we wont get our most desirable position, but dont cripple yourself by evading crucial positions thinking this increases the value of your squad.

Mums the Word on Sleepers

So, you have a real intuition about a few sleepers, players who are projected to have breakout seasons, and you want to say you drafted them when. Keep that to yourself, my friend. Most owners are focused on securing top 10 running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers. If yo...


What Catholics Lost When They Started Tearing Down Their Great Altars "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

For most of the Catholic Churchs 2,000-year history, it has been known for its magnificent churches. In the popular psyche, the stereotypical Catholic church has high, arched ceilings, statues of saints, massive crucifixes, incense that seems to pour from the walls, and gilded, beautiful, and (sometimes) obnoxious altars.

There is perhaps no better example of this than St. Peters Basilica in Rome, the Vatican itself, which fulfills every Catholic stereotype to the highest degree. If any building could embody the very essence of Catholicism, it would be the Vatican.

But those stereotypical churches are fading into the pre-Vatican II past and being replaced with churches that are, simply, bland. Statues of saints have been removed, the incense is gone, the ceilings and walls have a color palette comparable to Starbucks, and the Great Altars have been replaced with simple blocks of marble, or sometimes even wood. These losses may be aesthetic, but they reveal something deeper about the changes in the Catholic Church following the tumult and fallout of the Second Vatican Council.

Different Sources of Community and Outreach

I attend two parishes in Chicago with some regularity. One is a traditional parish that celebrates most of its Masses in Latin, doesnt shy from public rosary or Eucharistic processions, and has a healthy, loyal congregation. This type of engagement public on major feasts, but otherwise focused on parish-centric activities used to be a major component of parish life that has largely dried up.

Parishes do still hold processions, pastors still assert themselves in the community, and faith is still lived outside the church building. But the style of community engagement and parish building that drove (and continues to drive) traditional Latin Mass parishes is vastly different from the way it is done in more contemporary parishes, and not necessarily in a bad way.

Activities like rosary groups, First Friday devotions, and catechesis-centered book groups may be old-fashioned, but they generally achieve the same ends as theology on tap and keynote speaker events do for other parishes. For example, the contemporary-minded parish I attend is similar to the traditional one except that its Masses are exclusively in English, there is a stronger emphasis on community-building (speaker series, networking opportunities, etc.), and displays of faith outside the church building are more limited. But it also has a strong, loyal congregation.

One of the major differences between the two is that the Latin-Mass parish kept its Great Altar, while the English one removed it long ago for something more modest. To many Catholics today what separates one parish from another is more about the politics of the place and less about the aesthetics. It is not uncommon for young adults o...


As Hurricane Harvey Batters Texas, People Drop Differences To Help "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Weve seen plenty of incidents in recent weeks that illustrate the toxic environment that has developed in communities across the country. People are protesting, and counter protesting, violence is erupting, and people on opposite sides of just about any issue cant talk calmly to someone who opposes them anymore. In times of tragedy, though, Americans can still put aside our differences and band together to help one another.

When Hurricane Harvey came crashing ashore in southeast Texas, as a monstrous category-four storm, it leveled the town of Rockport with 130 mph winds tearing homes from their foundations, ripping old-growth trees right out of the ground, and downing power poles.

Even now as it has moved onshore, the devastation is just beginning. Some areas in and around Houston have received more than two feet of rain and may yet get another 12-24 inches before this is all over. With Harvey stalled over southeast Texas for the next week, Americas fourth-largest city and its suburbs, home to more than 6 million people, will be buried under an epic flood the likes of which we have not seen in our lifetimes.

People Are Getting Stuck on Their Roofs

Even in Austin, where I live, we have seen inches upon inches of wind-driven rain causing flooding in creeks, streams, and rivers, plus damage to homes and businesses. More than 10 million Texans live in areas that are or will be affected by this storm.

With the national media, and every local and regional network, newspaper, magazine, and news site covering the storm, theres no way you can miss the tragedy in Houston, where it is the worst. Thankfully for those affected, Americans are stepping up to help. Thousands of water rescues have saved thousands of lives. People with small boats, kayaks, canoes, and even inflatable mattresses are helping get residents out of flooded neighborhoods.

In activity eerily reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina more than a decade ago, people in and around Houston are being trapped on their roofs, with water so high they have nowhere else to go. City and state officials are begging people not to get stuck in their attics as they seek higher ground within their homes. Rescuers from the military, local first responders, state agencies, and even police and f...


No, Jesse Jackson, The Electoral College Isnt Racist "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Recently, Rev. Jesse Jackson made headlines saying that as we get rid of Confederate statues we should also get rid of the Electoral College. He complains that the historic institution, by which America chooses its presidents, has twice stolen the White House from Democrats, but the overall implication of his claims is that the Electoral College is racist.

Hes wrong on two fronts.

First, the college didnt steal the elections from Al Gore in 2000 or Hillary Clinton in 2016. Neither Gore nor Clinton received more than 50 percent of the popular vote, and we dont know how the more than four million Gary Johnson voters or three-quarter million Evan McMullin voters would have voted in a runoff between Trump and Clinton. More importantly, absent the Electoral College candidates would have campaigned differently. Clinton lost because she neglected too many non-coastal states.

The second charge, the charge of racism, is more subtle. The claim that the college is racist can be made two ways. First, that the college was designed as racist by giving more clout to slave states than they would have had under a popular vote model. Second, that boosting the influence of low-population states today effectively boosts the whiter states in the nation.

The former claim is plausible because Southern states did effectively have more representation through the college than they might have had under a popular vote of all free persons. But the oft-maligned Three-Fifths Clause was designed to limit the influence of slave states in congressional apportionment. Since congressional apportionment determines the number of a states electorsone for each representative and senator in Congresslimiting Southern representation in Congress limited their representation in the Electoral College.

A popular vote for president was not a viable alternative to the Electoral College considered at the Constitutional Convention. Convention delegates feared that popular executives could too easily turn into popular autocrats, as the annals of history repeatedly show. Additionally, the delegates werent convinced the average voter would know enough about the requirements for office or the qualifications of candidates to be able to make an informed decision. The Electoral Compromise was a compromise that allowed people to choose representativeselectorsto elect the president on their behalf.

The proponents of the college werent motivated by racism. Oliver Ellsworth, the Father of the Electoral College, twice asked the Convention to consider banning slavery in the Constitution. Northern states supported the institution, while the only votes against it came from Southern states.

Since the abolition of slavery under the Fourteenth Amendment (passed due to the efforts of Abraham Lincoln, who won in 1860 with less than 40 p...


Prominent Group Of Rabbis Wont Forgive Trump This Day Of Atonement "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This high holiday season, which starts the night of Sept. 20, a group of conservative, reform, and reconstructionist rabbis will neither forgive nor forget when it comes to President Trump.

The Jewish New Years day, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur (day of atonement in Hebrew) are times for introspection and atonement, where centuries of Jewish responsa have stressed that prayer until one is blue in the face wont wipe out sins committed between man and fellow man. Heartfelt prayer can lead to atonement for sins committed against God, but interpersonal conflicts require delivering apologies directly to the person one has wronged.

But what is a rabbi to do when the other person seems to be unrepentant? Many Jewish spiritual leaders struggle with this dilemma all the time, says Rabbi Ysoscher Katz, chair of the Talmud department at the modern orthodox rabbinical college Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, in New York.

If Bernie Madoff were your congregant, how would see your role: pastor or preacher? asks Katz, who also has a pulpit at a Brooklyn synagogue. Do you condemn his actions and reject him or is your role to comfort, because thats what rabbis have to do, comfort the physically and spiritually afflicted?

Katz notes a woman named Beruria in the Talmud, who went against the establishment and courageously distinguished between sin and sinner. Beruria introduced this intriguing notion, sin and sinner are not one and the same, that they can be separated and one can hate the sin (whatever that means) and still at that very same time love the sinner, Katz says. I think its an incredibly sophisticated theological postulate.

But if Katz were invited to join other rabbis on a conference call with President Trump, he says hed sit it out. He notes, however, that he would forever wonder if I failed my rabbinic duty; to see the person behind the evil and perhaps influence him that way instead of staying away and rebuking him.

Staying away and rebuking is what leaders of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, The Rabbinical Assembly, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, and Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism decided to do after thoughtful and prayerful consideration, they wrote, when they canceled an annual call with the president that began under President Obama.

We have concluded that President Trumps statements during and after the tragic events in Charlottesville are so lacking in moral leadership and empathy for the victims of racial and religious hatred that we cannot organize such a call this year, t...


MTV VMAs Were A #Resistance Rally, Not An Awards Show "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

MTV really, really does not like Donald Trump. The network that used to be dedicated to all things music but now just airs various reality shows used its annual Music Video Awards show Sunday night to make sure that you knew how much they hate the current president.

Katy Perry, who was emceeing the awards show, started the night with a joke about how the earth was on fire and that to be fashionable in 2017 one should wear a pilgrim-esque getup straight outta The Handmaids Tale, a Hulu show based on a dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood. In the series, fertile women are forced into sex slavery and made to bear children. The costumes these women wear in the show have been used to virtue signal many, many lefty things.

A man who was identified as a descendent of Robert E. Lee the Confederate general whose visage has been under attack by leftists who want to remove statues honoring him from public parks came onstage to introduce Heather Hayers mother. Heather was killed earlier this month while she was protesting against a group comprised largely of white nationalists who marched in opposition to the imminent removal of a statue honoring Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia.

We can find inspiration in the Black Lives Matter movement, the women who marched in the Womens March in January, and especially Heather Heyer, who died fighting for her beliefs in Charlottesville, Lee said before introducing Susan Bro, Heathers mother. 

In Vogues writeup of the evening, entitled How the 2017 VMAs Took On Donald Trump, the fashion magazine pointed out that MTV banned sex-specific awards categories several months ago to not offend anyone. #SoBrave

Speaking of de-sexing things, Pink, who received the Vanguard Award, shared a story about her daughter complaining that she wasnt pretty enough because she looked like a boy. The singer showed her a PowerPoint...


MACKAY Multiple charges follow violent behaviour, Rural View "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY August 28, 2017 at 08:41AM ,

Multiple charges follow violent behaviour, Rural View

August 28, 2017 at 08:41AM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court this morning, August 28, to have the matters heard. Police will not tolerate violent behaviour under any

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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"The Only Thing..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"I stared at the pictogram of a burger nestled between similar representations of shakes, sodas, and fries, on the front of my register. I wondered why humankind seemed so dead set on destroying all of its accomplishments. We draw on cave walls, spend thousands of years developing complex language systems, the printing press, computers, and what do we do with it? Create a cash register with the picture of a burger on it, just in case the cashier didn't finish the second grade. One step forward, two steps back - like an evolutionary cha-cha. Working here just proved that the only thing separating me from a monkey was pants."
- Lish McBride


Doomed Incandescent Light Blinker "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[Jnis]s entry for the Flashing Light Prize was doomed from the start. Or should we say Doomed? It was a complicated mess of Rube-Goldbergery that essentially guaranteed that hed have no time for making a proper video and submitting and entry. But it also ran Doom. Or at least ran on Doom.

(Note: [Jnis] sent us this hack in the e-mail theres no link for this blog post. Youre reading it here and now.)

It starts with a DC motor salvaged from a DVD player that spins a wheel that flips a switch back a...


Is Anybody Running the Deep State? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Barry Eisler has had many jobs. He was a covert operative for the CIAs Directorate of Operations, an attorney in an international law firm, in-house counsel at the Osaka headquarters of Panasonic, an executive in a Silicon Valley technology startup, and a best-selling author.

This week Barrett Brown talks to Eisler about the future of the United States, whether the CIA is relevant anymore, and whether the US even has a future as a representative democracy, given the way politics, especially participation in local government, has changed.

In Browns commentary, he looks back at an old Tom Friedman column and its not-so-wise assessment of the future of Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

Barry Eisler is the author of numerous thrillers, all published by Thomas & Mercer, including Zero Sum (June, 2017), The Gods Eye View (February, 2016), A Lonely Resurrection (August, 2014), A Clean Kill in Tokyo (October 2014).


download ...


What to #20YearRule papers tell us about gender balance in public appointments? "IndyWatch Feed"

A Department of Economic Development file DED/3/466A [selective scan] now released under the 30/20 Year Rule contains its preparations for inclusion in the 1989/1990 annual report of the Equal Opportunities Commission.

The figures pertain to the gender balance of the 50 public bodies for which DED was responsible.

In 1990, nine DED bodies had no members at all.

Only a quarter of those that were not dormant had 1 or more woman appointed.

In total, women accounted for just 1 in 6 of the membership (128 of the 765 appointments).

These were just the figures for DED and I couldnt quickly turn my hand to the Equal Opportunities Commission annual report for the overall picture across all departments.

The Office of First Minister and deputy First Ministers annual report for 2014/5 on public bodies and public appointments reveals that as well culling many of these bodies the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment was now responsible for just four the gender balance had improved, though had not reached parity.

Of those four bodies, women now made up 31.7% of membership, nearly double the proportion in 1990.

Looking wider than DETI, women made up 38% of the public appointments made through OFMdFM (figures for 31 March 2015) though just 22% of chairs of bodies were female....


How You Change People "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

This is exactly what we all need right now. Here is a great secret of life that you can use to change the hearts and minds of everyone in your world.

Spoken Word by Garret John LoPorto

You may not like how things are going. You may not agree with those who seem to have power over your happiness.

But here is a great secret of life:
You have way more influence than you realize.

Gandhi called this influence Truth Force Love Force Soul Force

It is the inherent power in you to conjure the truth and the very best in other people.

It is the power in you to change peoples hearts and minds by changing the way you see them by changing the way you observe them.

Nobel physicist Max Planck said When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

Scientists have discovered that when a teacher is merely told a student has a higher IQ, that students IQ rises to meet the teachers expectations.

Expecting the best from people, brings out the best in people.

But the reverse is also true. Seeing the worst in people, brings out the worst in people.

Your consciousness has the power to conjure the very best or the worst in everyone you observe even at a distance

Our friends. Our family. Our children. Our co-workers. Our police.
Even our Presidents. We have the power to change each and every one of their hearts and minds, simply by changing our own hearts and minds about them.

We all have darkness in us but we also have the Light
and in every moment we have another chance another choice of whether darkness or the Light is given reign over our consciousness.

What you stand witness for in others, is strengthened in them by the power of your observation.

When you look for the worst in someone when you make them wrong in your mind when you refuse to see the best in them you are committing a spiritual assault of the worst kind for you are testifying against their ability to choose the Light, standing witness for the darkness in them, and strengthening its power over their heart and mind.

If youve ever faced a hostile crowd, a hostile cop, a hostile lover youve felt the destructive force of anothers contempt for you.

Do not give in to this way of seeing!
Stand witness for the Light in others!



When Less is More "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

How putting fewer people on probation and parole can reduce prison populations, save money and keep us safer.

How ICE Uses Secret Police Databases to Arrest Immigrants "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Recent lawsuits claim the agency is targeting people for deportation based on spurious allegations of gang connections.


Netanyahu: Iran building missile production sites in Syria, Lebanon "IndyWatch Feed War"


Netanyahu accused Iran of turning Syria into 'a base of military entrenchment as part of its declared goal to eradicate Israel'


Only Restructuring Will Ensure The Unity, Peace And Development of Nigeria. ( Being Text of Press Conference By Southern Leaders Forum(SLF) onAugust 23,2017 @Lagos) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Southern Leaders Forum (SLF) welcomes President Muhammadu Buhari back to the country after 105 days medical vacation in the More


The Lies of 9/11 Miracle Workers. Bush and Cheney, How They Ruined America and the World "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Americas fate was sealed when the public and the anti-war movement bought the governments 9/11 conspiracy theory.  The governments account of 9/11 is contradicted by much evidence.  Nevertheless, this defining event of our time, which has launched the US on


Der Staat macht seine Widersacher mundtot "IndyWatch Feed World"


Ein Kommentar von Susan Bonath.

Das Verbot der Internetplattform linksunten. Indymedia wird vielfach bejubelt. Doch bei aller Kritik: Gegen wen geht es wirklich und war das Vorgehen nur der Auftakt fr weitere Repressionen?

Sieben Wochen nach dem G20-Gipfel in Hamburg hat Bundesinnenminister Thomas de Maizire zum Schlag gegen Linke ausgeholt. Der CDU-Mann, dessen mgliche Verwicklungen in den Sachsen-Sumpf nie aufgeklrt wurden, hat mit linksunten.indymedia eine der wichtigsten Plattformen der Szene verboten. Springers Welt bezeichnete das Portal als Hassmaschine gegen Staat und Polizei.

Der Jubel durchdrang nicht nur Politik und Medien. In der Tat: Linksunten war in mancher Hinsicht zu kritisieren. Jeder konnte anonym etwas auf der Seite verfassen. Viele Autoren scherten sich wenig um das Presserecht. Hier und da fanden sich  Aufrufe zu Angriffen auf Jobcenter, Bundeswehr- oder Polizeiautos. Linke Demonstrationen wurden angekndigt, diverse Bekennerschreiben tauchten auf.



Venezuela: You Have the Overwhelming Support of the Peoples of the World. Open Letter to President Nicolas Maduro "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Dear Mr. President Maduro,

You have the overwhelming support of the peoples of the world.

On 25 August President Trump signed an executive order slapping Venezuela with the most sweeping economic sanctions ever. They practically paralyze Venezuela, threaten


Trevor Tree of Bellingen Northern NSW- nice tributes to Trevor on his Facebook page from friends "IndyWatch Feed National"

A younger Trevor with his wife Helen and their family. Look how strong Trevors physique is- no one would have expected him to have a heart attack so relatively young at 57

My friend of over thirty years Trevor Tree of Bellingen, who grew up on Sydneys Northern Beaches, died a few months ago.

Here is an article I wrote and published on this, my personal blog-site, a few months ago when Trevor was lying in a coma in Coffs Harbour Base Hospital.

Blog article of 3 May 2017

I mentioned my old friend Trevor Tree in blog article about how Jesus said to build ones spiritual house upon a rock in His Sermon on the Mount 1,970 years ago on that gently sloping hill in Galilee near Cana.



Trumps Africom killing Somali civilians "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This 26 August 2017 video about Somalia says, translated from Indonesian:

26 August 2017

Somali forces backed by the United States shot dead 10 residents, including three children in a village. Barire village was attacked The Somali military says no civilians were killed in the attack.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

10 civilians killed in raid by Somali army and US forces

Monday 28th August 2017

SOMALIAS army chief of staff admitted on Saturday that 10 civilians were killed in a joint raid with US forces the previous day.

Ahmed Jimale Gedi said he was shocked by the massacre in the village of Barire in the Lower Shabelle region.

The US Africa Command (Africom) confirmed that it had supported an operation by the Somali army in the area.

The Somali Information Ministry had earlier claimed that eight al-Shabab terrorists had been killed in the operation on Friday morning and no civilians were harmed or killed.

A second statement late that night said: It appears that there were different security operations.

Villagers brought the bodies of the dead to the capital Mogadishu in a protest later on Friday. Lower Shabelle deputy governor Ali Nur Mohamed told reporters there the residents had been killed one by one by foreign troops.

He said: These local far...


Ideology as Addiction "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Ideology as Addiction by Charles Hugh Smith Of Two Minds Solutions abound, but they arent one size fits all ideologies. It isnt just coincidental that ideology shares so many dynamics with addiction. Though ideology is a faith-belief dynamic rather...

The post Ideology as Addiction appeared first on The Daily Coin.


What was the Harmonic Convergence? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By Steve Beckow

Although many people joined to make the Harmonic Convergence possible, its generally associated with the work of Jose Arguelles.

About the Harmonic Convergence

Law of


There comes a point when things have to change. A vibration signal was sent out. Where the signal was coming fromwhether it was coming from our genetic coding, whether it was coming from the Earth, whether it was coming from outer space, or whether it was coming from all of thosethis signal went out and people responded to a signal. It is very much like when a species gets a signal to change the direction of its migration pattern. The signal was, go back to the Earth if you want peace on this planet, go back to the Earth.

Jos Arguelles on the Harmonic Convergence

In 1987 Jos Arguelles launched a word-of-mouth Harmonic Convergence campaign calling for 144,000 Sun dancers to gather near sacred sites at dawn on August 16 and 17 to open the doors to the final 26 years of the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle, an era of unprecedented change and preparation for a new evolutionary cycle on Earth.

The Harmonic Convergence was celebrated worldwide by tens of thousands if not millions of people and marked the first time human beings simultaneously coordinated their prayers, meditations, and ceremonies at sacred sites around the planet. This was the first manifestation of a networked thrust toward a unified moment of collective synchronization. Everyone from Shirley MacLaine to Timothy Leary to John Denver celebrated the event. Even talk show host Johnny Carson got his studio audience to OM on behalf of the event. Many people reported significant shifts in consciousness and a reorientation in their life patterns.

The dates of the Harmonic Convergence were based on prophetic events beginning with Good Friday 1519 when Cortez led the invasion of the Spaniards into Mexico. This day on the Mexican sacred calendar marked the precise end of a 5...


Weaponization of History and Journalism "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

In the United States facts, an important element of truth, are not important. They are not important in the media, politics, universities, or the courtroom. Non-factual explanations of the collapse of three World Trade Center buildings are served up as the official explanation. Facts have been politicized, emotionalized, weaponized and simply ignored. As David Irving has shown, Anglo-American histories of World War 2 are, for the most part, feel-good histories, as are civil war histories as Thomas DiLorenzo and others have demonstrated. Of course, they are feel good only for the victors. Their emotional purpose means that inconvenient facts are unpalatable and ignored.


Media Silent As Saudi Regime Kills Its Own People "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

NwoReport| Western media outlets have remained silent on the recent slaughter of thousands of Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia at the hands of the oppressive Saudi regime.

As the media continues to report on the ongoing Syrian conflict which occurred as a result of Syrian troops allegedly opening fire on anti-regime protestors in 2011 the Saudi regime are doing much worse in the Shia-dominated region of the Kingdom amid a total media blackout. reports: In the case of Syria and Aleppo, the Russian and Syrian militaries were battling what could only be described as a foreign-backed armed jihad. Conversely, Saudi Arabia is killing political dissidents and has been doing so for some time now, facing little to no outrage from the international community.

The current conflict sees Saudi Arabia allegedly reconstructing an entire town in the Awamiya district. Saudi Arabia has tried to frame it as a development project in which they reportedly generously compensated and offered alternative houses to the residents, according to the BBC. Clearly, that was not the case, as the BBC notes that police were forcing the population of this Shia town to leave their homes, also sealing off the towns entrances and exits so residents could not access essential services. They also cut off the electricity in a last-ditch effort to force residents out.

Fortunately, the BBCs Sally Nabil was recently given rare and restricted access to the Awamiya district in Saudi Arabia to see this...


Putin and Netanyahu: The Worlds Most Powerful President Meets the Worlds Most Powerful Liar "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

There is no doubt that Vladimir Putin is the worlds most powerful President. By comparison, while Chinas Xi Jinping is highly powerful and intelligent, Chinas leadership retains a collective element while in Russia, Vladimir Putin maintains an unwritten but obvious


Record Amount of Cash Withdrawn from the Stock Market-Is the Game Over? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"





A record amount of cash has been withdrawn from the Stock Market. What does it mean? Is your investment in trouble? Heres the latest on this breaking story



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Women Workers and the Fight to Eradicate Precarious Labor in South Korea "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Irregular women workerspart-time and/or short-term contract workers without job security or benefitsare emerging as the new face of organized labor in South Korea. On June 29, ahead of a nationwide strike called by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU)


You Are Most Likely to Die at 11 AM "IndyWatch Feed World"

You Are Most Likely to Die at 11 AM
by Megan Garber

"Particularly when you're older, you are 14 percent more likely to die on your birthday than on any other day of the year. Particularly when you live in certain geographical areas, you are 13 percent more likely to die after getting a paycheck. And particularly when you're human, you are more likely to die in the late morning - around 11 a.m., specifically - than at any other time during the day. Yes. That last one comes from a new study, published in the "Annals of Neurology", that identifies a common gene variant affecting circadian rhythms. And that variant, it seems, could also predict the time of day you will die. Even death, apparently, has a circadian rhythm.

For more on this, read Lindsay Abrams' great overview of the study and its findings. What's fascinating about it from a tech perspective, though, is the role that technology - or, more specifically, the absence of it - plays in making the biggest biological determination there is: the time of our deaths. Circadian rhythms are physiological in origin, but they have structural analogs - analogs that have to do with the highly mediated way we human animals live our lives. When we're younger, we impose schedules on ourselves. We use machines to wake us from sleep. We use artificial illumination to escape a mandatory night....


The Mass Produced Civil War Monuments "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The soldier page of Monumental Bronze Co.s 1882 catalog, completed with drawings and testimonials. Internet Archive/Public Domain.

Most people are aware that most of the civil war monuments which went up were a blatant product of later propaganda, and a convenient way to oppress and terrorize those not white enough. Atlas Obscura has a look at the company that had a lock on so many of these bronze monuments, the Monumental Bronze Co., who had discovered white bronze, which is actually zinc, and started mass producing monuments of all kinds. Described as the Wal-Mart of monuments.

White bronze isnt white. Its more of a chromy gray that, over time, gets progressively blue. It isnt bronze, either: its zinc, cast into shape in a mold, and blasted with sand to add a rough, stony texture. But bluish-gray sand-blasted zinc doesnt sound that appealing, and the company trafficking in this material, Monumental Bronze Co., of Bridgeport, Connecticut, was focused hard on selling it. From 1879 until 1914, Monumental Bronze Co. offered statues, grave markers and monuments that were, in their words, beautiful in appearance and unequaled for durability.

They also had a whole muster of Civil War statues in various designs, the parts of which could also be easily interchanged, Mr. Potato Head-style. Statue of American Soldier was a man with a mustache and a billed cap, holding his gun in both hands. Colorbearer had a flag draped over his shoulder. Confederate Soldier, introduced in 1889, wore a broad-brimmed hat and carried a bedroll. You could also get your soldiers custom-made: the Confederate Monument in Portsmouth, Virginia has four Monumental Bronze Co. statues on it, each fashioned after a local man.

Another of their selling points was price: thanks to their choice of material (as well as their distribution model, which relied on independent agents and eliminated the need for storerooms) they could easily undersell stone-based companies.


Disaster in the Sea Lanes: Bruising the US Navy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Featured image: YOKOSUKA, Japan (June 17, 2017) The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) returns to Fleet Activities (FLEACT) Yokosuka following a collision with a merchant vessel while operating southwest of Yokosuka, Japan. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass


New Objects Identified in Europols Stop Child Abuse Campaign Second Update "IndyWatch Feed War"

Europol, the law enforcement agency of the European Union, has asked the help of the crowd in countering child pornography. Despite all their detection methods, they sometimes encounter objects in child abuse footage of which they have no idea what it is or where they are. Following Europols call for help, Bellingcat started a crowdsourcing project that has successfully identified several objects.

This is the second update on the Stop Child Abuse Trace An Object campaign. You can read our previous coverage here:

Want to join the search? Bellingcat uses the Check crowdsource platform, for which you can register to become part of the Bellingcat verification team on Check. It is worth noting that Check-user Bo has identified the largest share of the objects.



The photo of an unknown hotel room (Check), tweeted by Europol, went viral and received worldwide attention. It was identified as a hotel room on Mauritius by a Portuguese Twitter-user. Dutch news show EenVandaag made a short item about the campaign.


This object (Check) has been identified as a soft...


As US Empire Fails, Trump Enters a Quagmire "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A quagmire is defined as a complex or unpleasant position that is difficult to escape. President Trumps recently announced war plans in Afghanistan maintain that quagmire. They come at a time when US Empire is failing and its leadership


Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Sentenced to Ten Years in Jail for Rape, Fined Rs 65,000 "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Dera Sacha Sauda chief was convicted of raping two female followers, after which his followers turned violent and 32 people died.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in a still from <em>MSG 2</em>.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in a still from MSG 2.

New Delhi: A special CBI court on Monday (August 28) sentenced Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh to ten years in prison. The sentencing hearing was held in Sunaria jail, Rohtak. A special court was set up in the jail premises to prevent a repeat of the violence which was witnessed following the announcement of the conviction of the Dera head on Friday. 

The CBI court also fined the Dera chief Rs 65,000 for three separate offences Rs 50,000 for rape, Rs 10,000 for attempt to murder and Rs 5,000 for criminal intimidation. The court allowed him a separate cell, but no attendants or special facilities After the verdict, 50-year-old Singh was seen weeping profusely as he sat on the floor outside the courtroom. He was then forcibly taken away by security personnel.

While the CBI lawyer termed it a victory for the process of justice, the defence counsel said the court had given him a light sentence in view of his work for social causes. He also said an appeal would be filed in the high court against the CBI court order.

Judge Jagdeep Singh, along with the court staff, was flown in from Chandigarh by helicopter earlier in the morning. Rohtak was placed on high alert for the hearing. Rohtak deputy commissioner Atul Kumar had earl...


What is Globalization? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

  Who are the winners and losers of globalization?   Slow income growth among the middle class of rich countries like the U.S., Japan and Germany is widely attributed to globalization. A lack of upward mobility has been frustrating for many, leading to an increase of political populism on both sides of the spectrum. Former

Read More

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Classic Radio Rambling Sid Rumpo "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The marvellous Kenneth Williams from that classic BBC Radio series Round The Horne compulsory listening when Adam was a lad.

Definitely not PC nor in anyway correct.

You need to listen closely, very closely.


What Does the Surprise Selection of Expedias Dara Khosrowshahi as CEO Mean for Uber? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Does the choice of Expedia's Dara Khosrowshahi to be Uber's CEO increase the odds of the local transportation company's success?


Autism, PTSD and the City "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

One of the realities that provides me unique insight is that Im both a civil engineer and a land use planner. I have a Professional Engineer (PE) license and American Institute of Certified Engineers (AICP) certification. I worked for five years strictly as an engineer and then, after graduate school, I spent another decade doing mostly planning work.

These two professions -- engineer and planner -- may seem to the outsider to be very similar, but they tend to attract very different types of people. While there are many exceptions, engineers tend to be linear thinkers while planners tend to be more abstract. In engineering school we made jokes about clueless planners and in planning school we made jokes about myopic engineers. They were both equally funny.

In the 20th century, our obsession with efficiency gave rise (and power) to the specialist. In the civil engineering profession, we have traffic engineers, hydrological engineers, structural engineers (with various sub-disciplines), project engineers, etc... While we still experience this kind of segmentation by specialty in many fields, we seem to be experiencing a renewed appreciation for the generalist. More pointedly, decades of hyper-specialization leading up to a suddenly hyper-connected world has made highly valuable those people who can incorporate insights from outside of their own profession.

Steve Jobs was an engineer. He was also an artist. It was the merger of those two very different pursuits that gave us the elegance of modern computer graphic interfaces. Keep in mind, he was mocked by many over his obsession with the look and feel of his devices. Apple is likely to be the world's first trillion dollar company.

It's in that spirit -- making an intellectual connection across two very different specialities -- that I shared an article last week on our social media feed entitled "The Mental Disorders that Gave Us Modern Architecture." It was written by Ann Sussman, an architect and biometric researcher, and Katie Chen, who has a degree in applied psychology. I find this work utterly fascinating.

People not familiar with cognitive science or ASD often key in on the word "disorder" as having some type of negative connotation, along the lines of a defect, when in fact the word refers to a disruption of cogn...


Video: CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All to Expose the Shadow Government "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Featured image: Kavin Shipp, former CIA Officer (Source:

Kevin Shipp was a decorated CIA officer who refused to look the other way in regard to government criminality and cover-up.

At a very important public awareness event, held by


Is Jacinda the next Michael Joseph Savage? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Is Jacinda the next Michael Joseph Savage?

Will the portrait of Adern adorn walls for decades to come?

Jacinda has evoked Savage for some time now.  She frequently drops his name and talks  about how his welfare ideal degenerated into a judgemental and unjust system under National. She is a little bit Turei, and a little bit Clark.

But no bit Savage.

His goal was to provide assistance for people who were utterly down on their luck through no fault of their own. 

Savage's social security, following in the tradition of the Old Age Pension and even the Widow's Pension, required applicants to prove they were worthy of state support - that provided by their unknown fellow New Zealanders. There was a strong and shared understanding about the deserving and the non-deserving.

That may seem archaic today - certainly to leftists (but not insurance companies). The 'societal social compact' the Left strongly champions was necessarily based on the deserving/non-deserving concept. Without it, the common understanding that held the compact together as a successful policy for so many decades was gone.

Now Ardern  talks forcefully about a better and fairer NZ. But she has no idea - or chooses to ignore - what fairness on Micky Savage's terms would look like.

He wouldn't have been trying to convince Labour supporters they need to pay a young woman $3,000 a year for her newborn. He would have been demanding that a father support his child. He would have strongly rejected any idea that the state should pay for what  Jacinda advocates.

She should quit exploiting past leaders to build support for her own senseless spraying of social subsidies.


Who Killed Cock Robin? A Book Review of 9/11 Exposed and the Myth of the War on Terror "IndyWatch Feed World"

The not so mysterious death of Cock Robin

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

The author (or authors?) of this book: 9/11 Exposed, the Myth of the War on Terror, says the September 11, 2001 attacks were entirely done by persons connected to Israel. Read More


Intel Haswell Scheduler Updated In LLVM "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last month in LLVM there was new Sandy Bridge scheduler information to improve the instruction scheduling and other hardware detail changes so LLVM can generate more efficient code for those older CPUs. At that time we learned Intel developers were also planning improvements too for LLVM with newer Haswell / Broadwell / Skylake / Skylake-X CPUs. Improvements have now landed for Haswell...


Beautiful deep-sea animals video "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

The Beauty Of Deep-sea Creatures Blue Planet BBC Earth

28 August 2017

At night, weird and wonderful animals emerge from the ocean deep.


Viral image of submerged care home resident prompts Hurricane Harvey rescue "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Twitter post retweeted almost 4,000 times is being credited with expediting the rescue of elderly nursing home residents caught in waist-high flood water in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Timothy McIntosh posted the shocking image showing residents submerged in several feet of flood water.


The Philosophers Metrics "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Philosophers Metrics by JC Collins Philosophy of Metrics POM as the Entrance to the Mystery School of You By JC Collins The only way out is further in. Pull the prima materia inward and embrace the forces of...

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How To Connect To Your Higher Self "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By Joe Martino

In our busy lives, we might find it tough at times to connect to deeper parts of ourselves on a daily basis. Yet, its so important that we not only take the time to meditate, but also to check in with ourselves to see more clearly how were feeling, what we want to do at various points in our lives, and ultimately to get guidance, on a more conscious level, from our higher selves.

First off, what is our higher self? In my definition, our higher self is our soul. Its the aspect of us that is observing this entire experience we call life. Its the aspect of ourselves that is here to experience human life through this vehicle we call a body and through the game we call life. Through a number of experiences good and bad, as we like to label them we gain a deeper understanding at our soul level of all we can create. Simply put, when you have a gut feeling, when you get a strong love or passion for something, when you have foresight, its your higher self connecting with your conscious mind.

Becoming More Aware of Thoughts

I thought it would be helpful to offer one potential method of becoming aware of the connection we have with our higher self. We can use this method to receive guidance on decisions we might be looking to make or feelings we might have about certain experiences, or simply to help become more aligned with our souls purpose at any given moment. I often check in with myself in this way a couple of times a month, but the more you practice being present, the more your higher self is already in your awareness.

First we have to remember to be aware of the labels and definitions we put on things and ourselves, as this is the first step toward becoming more aware of the mind and ego. Why do I bring this up? Mainly because these states of consciousness, mind and ego, are what we are most often engaged in when we are out of touch throughout the day. By becoming aware of this, we create a reference point of what the mind feels like compared to what no-mind feels like. This helps us to get more clear on connecting with our higher self versus just hearing mind thoughts.

As you are more present and pay attention to the way the monkey mind thinks and creates thoughts, you will begin to not only discern the patterns in which it operates, but also the feeling or frequency that you/it emits when those thoughts run rampant. The more you pay attention, the clearer it gets.

How to Connect to Your Highe...


How the Deep State Ties Down Trump "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Americas Deep State players have tied down President Trump on Russian sanctions and other foreign and economic policies but that doesnt mean the struggle is over, writes ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke.  


"The American Way: Mindless Pursuit" "IndyWatch Feed National"

"The American Way: Mindless Pursuit"
By Cognitive Dissonance

"Its actually embarrassing if Im to be frank and honest in my opinion. How many times during my adult life did I hear leadership proclaim they are simply defending The American Way without ever really thinking about what constituted the way We the People live? Sure I gave passing consideration now and then, but I always remained safely within the pro-programmed thought box promoted by those who claimed to be defending me and my way. Therefore when I was younger the answer was simplicity at its finest: baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and ChevroletIn other words, the mindless pursuit of all things pleasurable.

Of course, this is an over simplification of a complex situation. Then again, maybe not. There are several trigger words in my statement, any one of which can be endlessly argued to death. And if there is one thing Ive learned in my advancing age it is this. When I dont wish to confront an unpleasant situation I will argue the piss out of the details until I have convinced myself it doesnt apply and I can ignore it completely.



If not here, then where? On Douglas Ross' war against the Gypsy/Traveller community in Moray "IndyWatch Feed"

The new Tory MP for Moray has long sought to crush one of the most persecuted ethnic groups in his constituency.

Douglas Ross MP and Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson MSP. Image, Moray Conservatives, fair use.

If you were prime minister for the day, without any repercussions, what would you do?  I would like to see tougher enforcement against gypsy travellers [sic]. ~ Meet the MPs, Core Politics Douglas Ross    

The lexicon of solution groups is not new. As history demonstrates, solutionists have always been amongst us, always in search of problem groups to scapegoat or further a party agenda as Hitler did.  

Europes Roma and Sinti people (Gypsies) were targeted by the Nazis for total destruction. [] Upward of 200,000 Roma and Sinti were murdered or died as a result of starvation or disease. Many more were imprisoned, used as forced labour or subject to forced sterilisation and medical experimentation. [] In June 1936, a Central Office to Combat the Gypsy Nuisance opened in Munich and later that year, Berlin police were given the authority to conduct raids against Gypsies so that they would not mar the image of the city as the host of the summer Olympic Games.

Douglas Ross interview with Good Morning Scotland (25th August) did little to redeem his statement. Whilst apologising for saying that would be a number one priority as prime minister he went on to state that [roadside encampments] are a blight on our community and current laws and protections make it difficult to get get rid of them. We must assume then that calling for tougher enforcement against Gypsy/Travellers was not a slip of the tongue response during a quick fire question and answer session but rather was a topic at the forefront of his mind.                                                     &nbsp...


Bangladesh Denies Thousands of Rohingya Fleeing Violence in Myanmar "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


A group of Rohingya refugees takes shelter at the Kutuupalang makeshift refugee camp, after crossing the Myanmar-Bangladesh border today in Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh, August 26, 2017. Credit:Reuters

A group of Rohingya refugees takes shelter at the Kutuupalang makeshift refugee camp, after crossing the Myanmar-Bangladesh border today in Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh, August 26, 2017. Credit:Reuters

Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh: Bangladesh border guards on Monday moved to push back thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing the worst violence in Myanmar in five years, with 104 people killed and the United Nations aid groups forced to pull out some staff.

The flight of large numbers of Muslim Rohingya and Buddhist civilians from the northern part of Myanmars Rakhine state was triggered by coordinated attac...


Former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Disappears Before Trial "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Ousted former Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra greets supporters as she leaves the Supreme Court in Bangkok, Thailand, August 1, 2017. Credit:Reuters

Ousted former Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra greets supporters as she leaves the Supreme Court in Bangkok, Thailand, August 1, 2017. Credit:Reuters

Thailands defence minister on Monday said he did not know the whereabouts of former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, days after she failed to show up for a verdict in her trial for negligence for which she faces up to 10 years in prison.

Yingluck, whose government was ousted in a 2014 coup, fled to Dubai via Singapore, sources in her Puea Thai Party said on the weekend. Her departure leaves the populist movement that has dominated Thai politics for more than a decade without a leader.

Her brother, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted by the military in 2006 and also fled Thailand to avoid a 2008 jail sentence for corruption. He has a home in Dubai.



Care Workers new campaign: Pay whats owed for sleep-ins, or else "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Over the weekend Bristol Care Workers Network (BWCN) celebrated its first year organising in the region, which has taught many lessons and allowed carers to collectively take on big issues such as the integration of anti-migrant policing into healthcare and announced the launch of a major new wages campaign. The group said:   Recently []


If Iran Expands in Syria, Well Bomb Assads Palace Israeli Official says "IndyWatch Feed War"

 AUGUST 28, 2017 12:17

Israel warned Russia of dire consequences if Iran is allowed to continue on its current path in Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Sochi,

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Sochi, Russia August 23, 2017. (photo credit:SPUTNIK/ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/KREMLIN VIA REUTERS)

A senior Israeli official warned the Russian government that if Iran continues to extend its reach in Syria, Israel will bomb Syrian President Bashar Assads palace in Damascus, according to reports in Arab media.

Israel also warned that if serious changes do not happen in the region, Israel will make sure the ceasefire deal, reached by the United States and Russia in Astana, Kazakhstan, will be nullified.

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A senior Israeli source told the Al-Jadida newspaper that no understanding was reached between the Israelis and the Russians. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did, however, make it clear to Putin that its concerns must be met or Israel will be forced to act.

The warnings occurred in a meeting between...


Tax office calls on 6.3million owners to pay 3.153billion in Property Tax (ENFIA 2017) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Tax office is calling property owners in Greece. 6.3 million owners will have to pay in total 3.153 billion euros in property tax (ENFIA 2017) for the time between September 2017 and January 2018. The declarations for the so-called Unified Property Tax (ENFIA) were uploaded on taxisnet on Sunday evening, a week earlier than originally

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SUSE Pledges Endless Love for btrfs; Says Red Hat's Dumping Irrelevant "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard

SUSE has decided to let the world know it has no plans to step away from the btrfs filesystem, and plans to make it even better.

The company's public display of affection comes after Red Hat decided not to fully support the filesystem in its own Linux.

Losing a place in one of the big three Linux distros isn't a good look for any package even if, as was the case with this decision, Red Hat was never a big contributor or fan of btrfs.

[Matthias G. Eckermann] also hinted at some future directions for the filesystem. "We just start to see the opportunities from subvolume quotas when managing Quality of Service on the storage level" he writes, adding "Compression (already there) combined with Encryption (future) makes btrfs an interesting choice for embedded systems and IoT, as may the full use of send-receive for managing system patches and updates to (Linux based) 'firmware'."

Mmmmmm... butter-fs


Original Submission

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Netanyahu: Iran building missile production sites in Syria, Lebanon Part of declared goal to eradicate Israel. "IndyWatch Feed War"


JERUSALEM (Reuters) Iran is building sites to produce precision-guided missiles in Syria and Lebanon, with the aim of using them against Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday.

At the start of a meeting with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Netanyahu accused Iran of turning Syria into a base of military entrenchment as part of its declared goal to eradicate Israel.

It is also building sites to produce precision-guided missiles towards that end, in both Syria and in Lebanon. This is something Israel cannot accept. This is something the U.N. should not accept, Netanyahu said.

Reporting by Maayan Lubell; Editing by Jeffrey Heller

Image result for Iran, missiles, underground, photos

Iran has boasted about its ballistic missiles, many of which are on mobile launchers

Image result for Iran, missiles, underground, photos


London carnival remembers Grenfell disaster victims "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from Britain is called Notting Hill Carnival 27/08/2017 Sunday.

By Felicity Collier in London, England:

Carnival remembers Grenfell fire victims

Monday 28th August 2017

Mayor joins survivors in releasing dozens of white doves

NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL started yesterday with a remembrance opening ceremony for those who died in the Grenfell Tower fire.

Dozens of white doves were released by survivors and residents of the north Kensington area.

A minutes silence was also observed at 3pm and another one is scheduled for the second day of the carnival today.

More than 80 people are believed to have died in the blaze on June 14 in the council-owned tower block that is near the carnival route.

A ring of care was formed around the tower by police and organisers encouraged attendees to wear green to show reverence and respect amid the revelry.

Labour Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad addressed the carnival, which is now in its 51st year.

She said: Today is a day to set aside our burden of sadness and enjoy some real joy with our families, our friends and our amazing community, which the world now knows about though its always been here, we know that.

Remember you are the Grenfell generation and you are special.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan spoke for a few minutes with Hamid Ali Jafari, who had lived on the 11th floor of...


Stay in your lane: Poverty edition "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The American dream will always remain a dream because of the realities of poverty. Its a self-perpetuating cycle, and breaking it without intervention is a matter of dumb luck. Despite this, the myth of hard work persists.

Well-meaning people who have never been poor are convinced that they know what I should have done. That subtle tweaks to my budget could somehow stretch my $9.50 per hour. I should have gotten a roommate. I should have lived somewhere cheaper. I should have found a better job.

Anyone whos ever lived in poverty has probably had this experience.

In the U.S., we have become so accepting of the fact that poverty is not a symptom of a grossly unequal economy, or the result of numerous systemic failures, or the product of years of trickle-down economics, but instead, that the only thing standing between a poor person and the life of their dreams is their own decisions, their own choices, and their own failures.

This is why I would advise any person whose immediate reaction upon hearing about a friend, relative, or stranger on the Internet who is living in poverty is to offer unsolicited advice to hold their tongue (or fingers), at least long enough to consider what other forces contribute to poverty and how their help may actually be insulting, incorrect, and downright damaging.

Read more here.



New Video Army of Love in 432Hz "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By Jonathan Carty

I was inspired to create this video today while I was at work. I very much enjoy the work of Estonian singer Kerli. She is very metaphysical and the things she sings about really resonate with me. I have included some lyrics from her song Zero Gravity on my The Event tab on this blog. Her song Army of Love was no different. In the beginning of the original song (the one I used is a dance remix) she says:

Moon children, prepare to take over the Universe.

I hope those who feel so guided enjoy this videoLight and love.

This article (New Video Army of Love in 432Hz) was originally published on Truth Earth and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


Australian Solar Panels Manufacturer Uses ICO, Crypto Tokens for P2P Energy Trading "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian solar power panel manufacturing company expects the Blockchain to improve efficiency in the energy market by enabling peer to peer trading.

Australian Solar Panels Manufacturer Uses ICO, Crypto Tokens for P2P Energy Trading "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian solar power panel manufacturing company expects the Blockchain to improve efficiency in the energy market by enabling peer to peer trading.


An elegy for Labor Day "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Labor Day was instituted as a celebration of the American Labor movement. But the history and present state of labor is nothing to celebrate. The NLRA of 1935 was quickly hollowed out by the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 which permitted states to enact so-called right-to-work laws (now passed by 28 states). As the recent failure of the UAW to unionize the Nissan plant in Mississippi shows, U.S. labor is prostrate before capital.


ERYC: Misfeasance in Public Office Legal Action Announced "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

ERYC: Misfeasance in Public Office Legal Action Announced

  • an In My View article by NIGEL WARD, up-dating readers a the developing situation at East Riding of Yorkshire Council.


As anticipated, the todays Yorkshire Post (28th August 2017) features, on page 5, a piece announcing the extent and nature of the legal action which is now in the process of being mounted against various individually identified personnel at East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Misfeasance in public office is a cause of action in the civil courts of England and Wales and certain Commonwealth countries. It is an action against the holder of a public office, alleging in essence that the office-holder has misused or abused their power.

That the actions out of which the present lawsuits have emerged are Planning-related will come as no surprise to readers who have followed attempts made by Mr Peter ROBINSON (and others) to hold ERYC Leader Councillor Stephen PARNABY [Con.] (and others) to account.

The Enquirer will be covering the action as it unfolds.



Tim Kelly Interviews E. Michael Jones: Meyer Lansky & The Cincinatti Ballet "IndyWatch Feed War"

I like Tim Kelly @ Our Interesting Times! (always linked in the sidebar here at the blog)
He does a great job interviewing all sorts of people. 

 Mr Kelley recently interviewed E. Michael Jones. This is not the first interview these two have undertaken, but, this is the first one I've ever posted here.  Why, you ask?
Because for some reason I just found it so very interesting. So much so that I listened twice & may give it yet another listen!
 E Michael Jones is often labelled/name called as an "antisemite" I don't care. I've been labelled that before myself, and worse. Labels aka name calling are often employed so a consumer of media/information does not even bother to consider  information being presented. Information that might spark a flame. Turn on a light. Open a door.  Labels/name calling such as that have no power unless you ascribe a specific power to it. Don't do it!
 I don't choose to taken in by the name calling game.  Rather, my preference is to listen to the information presented and see if it jibes with what I already understand. In the case of this interview and it's topic of societal degradation. This is apparent. Jones addressing this from a more historical perspective aids in filling in the picture.
What is the role of the Talmudic tribe in this societal degradation? It seems oversized for the numbers of that tribe. Why are we tolerating their leadership in issues affecting us non Talmuds aka the goyim? E Michael Jones speaks of when Talmudic judaism over took, I guess what must have been actual or historical Judaism?  He makes the point that Talmudic judaism came after Christianity?  Opposite of common presentation. Quite thought provoking and I wonder what others think about that?

 Can't help but notice after  the Charlottesville incident, the ADL is one of the main mouthpieces to the media presenting the narrative we're supposed to believe. Southern Poverty Law Centre being another one. Why should we believe these narratives? The presenter and what is presented? Why is the ADL telling us what to think?  Who does the ADL really serve?  I'm going to save the historical creation of the ADL for another post! (It's a doozy) Knowing what I do know about the ADL, it has to be asked why should we accept any narrative that organization presents as worthy? What do they have to gain from pushing the anti christian black vs white narrative? More cultural degradation? More divisive identity politics?

It gets me thinking about what is going on in the...


Indian Police Issue Shoot on Sight Order Ahead of Godman Guru Sentencing "IndyWatch Feed War"

ROHTAK, India Police in India issued orders on Monday to shoot protesters on sight ahead of the sentencing of a self-styled guru whose conviction for rape triggered deadly clashes last week.

The guru, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, was on Friday found guilty of raping two women in a 2002 case, sparking protests by his supporters in various parts of north Indian. At least 38 people were killed and more than 200 were injured.

Singh is due to be sentenced in Haryana state later on Monday.

Panchkula violence
A soldier looks at a burnt out car after a day of violence. (Reuters)

We have issued shoot-on-sight orders if anyone tries to start a protest, said Ram Niwas, a senior bureaucrat in Haryana in-charge of law and order.

Singhs lawyer told Reuters his client was innocent and would appeal against his conviction.

Authorities imposed curfews in several areas of Haryana and Punjab states, while the capital, Delhi is on alert.

Niwas said Singh would not be taken to court to hear his sentence. Instead, the judge who convicted him would be flown to the jail where he is being held in Rohtak town.

The prison has been transformed into a fortress, with journalists banned from approaching closer than a mile (1.6 km) and roads lined with barbed-wire barricades.

A library in the jail has been converted into...


A Prayer to the Divine Source Within "IndyWatch Feed National"

I have always declined to pray at family meal times. I created this prayer as an alternative to the many prayers I've heard over the years to a personal God, who is separate and distinct from the universe, who allegedly answers prayers for personal needs and the healing of loved ones, if He chooses. Conversely, I believe that meditation can enable us to directly experience the transpersonal Love Source of all creation.


AAP Retains Bawana Assembly Seat, Defeats BJP By Over 24,000 Votes "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The BJP was hoping that using a candidate who defected from AAP would push them over the edge, but that was not to be.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in Bawana after AAP's win. Credit: Twitter/AAP

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in Bawana after AAPs win. Credit: Twitter/AAP

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) retained the Bawana assembly seat today, with its candidate Ram Chander defeating the BJPs Ved Prakash by a huge margin of 24,052 votes. The seat had fallen vacant after Prakash, who was earlier the AAP MLA from the constituency, resigned in March this year ahead of the civic body elections in Delhi.

The chief electoral officer announced that while the AAP candidate bagged 59,886 votes, BJP polled 35,834 votes while Surender Kumar of the Congress, who is a three-time party MLA from the constituency, finished third with 31,919 votes.

Delhis deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia thanked the voters for electing the party candidate from Bawana.

AAP leader Alka Lamba also tweeted suggesting that in the AAPs win, they had defeated n...


Re: Integer overflow in bttv driver "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Greg KH on Aug 28 shows this, from the repo you link to above:

what am I missing here?

Also, any specific reason you sent this to oss-security just a few
minutes after sending it to security () kernel org? I don't really care
for something like this that is not really an issue, but if it was,...


Trumps Doomed Afghan Strategy "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

US President Donald Trump has outlined a strategy that he claims will help stabilize Afghanistan and bring America's 16-year-long military intervention in the country to an end. But the strategy is likely to fail to achieve Trump's stated goals and may well make matters in South Asia worse.


Initial Vulkan SDL Integration Lands "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Landing within the SDL (Simple DirectMedia Library) code-base over night is initial Vulkan API support...


Explosive Podcast interview revealing David Walter Kangaroo Court Case "IndyWatch Feed National"


Harry Palmer from Australian Patriot Radio conducted an interview with John ?? who delivers a mine field of information of how QLD Beaty government manipulated the system to remove all peoples rights without them knowing, they do not even own their own property and that David Walter exposing this and more is being silenced by a corrupt judicial system about to collapse. Read More


Who is 'Tevgeri Azadi' to replace Corrupt Barzani and Talabani in Kurdistan? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

'Tevgeri Azadi' organizations enjoy the good relationship with PJAK of Iran, PKK of Turkey, and PYD of Syria. They are challenging corrupt Barzani and Talabani mafia families. It is the matter of time before they take over KRG region through the election. Finally, there are hopes for Kurds in KRG region to be free from the injustice of Barzani and Talabani rules.


9 Awesome Urban Commons Projects in Ghent "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

by Shareable, on P2P Foundation:

Mai Sutton: Urban commons initiatives are booming in the Belgian city of Ghent, according to a new report. One of the researchers behind the study, Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation, says that the ecosystem of commons-based initiatives in Ghent is quite exemplary precisely because it covers an ecosystem in an area that requires a lot of capital and has to overcome a lot of commons-antagonistic regulation. So against the odds, approximately 500 urban commons projects have sprung up in the last decade.

>A canal...


Heavy clashes in last pocket of IS fighters near Tal Afar "IndyWatch Feed War"


Islamic State group militants have launched four suicide car bomb attacks at Iraqi forces and civilians on Monday morning


Ben Bernanke succumbs to the darkside Cryptos! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Ben Bernanke succumbs to the darkside Cryptos! Video The Daily Economist TDC Note Let me see if I understand this correctly. All the too big to jail banksters are involved with cryptos and block chain technology ...

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Trump"s Afghan Strategy Is Riddled with Contradictions "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The widespread opinion is that the way forward in Afghanistan as outlined by the US President Donald Trump last Monday is doomed to fail, since it is basically old wine in a new bottle a rehash of strategies that were tried and discarded by previous US administrations.


Heavy clashes in last pocket of IS fighters near Tal Afar "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP | Members of Iraqs Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) patrol a road in Tal Afar during an operation to retake the city from the Islamic State (IS) group on August 27, 2017

AL-AYADIEH (IRAK) (AFP)  Iraqi forces engaged in heavy fighting Monday near Tal Afar with the last pocket of Islamic State group jihadists in the northern province of Nineveh.An AFP journalist saw fierce clashes pitting Iraqi government forces and allied militia against IS fighters in the town of Al-Ayadieh 15 kilometres (10 miles) north of Tal Afar.

Iraqi troops, police and special forces, allied with the Hashed al-Shaabi paramilitary coalition, took control of all districts inside Tal Afar on Sunday, a week after launching their latest offensive against an IS stronghold.

Clearing operations were continuing and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was expected to soon arrive in the city to announce its liberation from IS.

Some of those inside Tal Afar were believed to have fled to Al-Ayadieh, located on the road between the city and the Syrian border, where they appeared to be making a desperate last stand.

The jihadists launched three suicide car bomb attacks at Iraqi forces on Monday morning and smoke could be seen rising above the town from air strikes carried out in support of ground troops.

The Iraqi advance against IS is backed by the US-led coalition that launched an air war against the jihadists in 2014, a few months after they seized control of large parts of Syria and Iraq.

Much of that territory has since been lost to the jihadists in the face of US-backed offensives by Iraqi forces and an Arab-Kurdish alliance in Syria.

In Iraq, the jihadist group now only controls the city of Hawija, about 300 kilometres (185 miles) north of Baghdad, and desert areas along the border with Syria.


Women infected with vagina yeast are unaware Expert "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Dr Mojirayo Ajayi, a Consultant Family Physician at De-Cross Maternity Hospital, Jericho Ibadan, says half of women affected with vaginal yeast infection are unaware of the disease. Ajayi made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ibadan on Saturday. There is a specie of yeast known as Candida that []

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Ganduje donates bus to Kano Pillars Para soccer team "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Kano state government has donated a brand new 18 seater Toyota Coaster bus to Kano Pillars Para Soccer team, the state governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has announced. This is to further encourage the team, having won the World Polio Day National Para Soccer Tournament for five times, he explained. Dr. Ganduje, who announced []

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Regulators are starting to stand against further deregulation of finance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

On Friday, two of the most powerful central bankers in the world, delivered back-to-back warnings against governments removing existing controls over the financial industry.

At first glance, it may seem odd that central bankers might stand up for regulation of the industry. It makes sense though. From their point of view, they see the potential risks to the whole financial sector. Regulators are less concerned with the gains or losses made by an individual business than they are with how the whole sector is fairing. What is good for one is not necessarily good for the other.

Now that the global and many national markets are less certain and riskier, the incentive is to overcome this through sufficient regulation and the imposition of barriers to mavericks, who might upset the apple cart.  By this means the risk of financial loss is lessened across the financial system.

During the financial crisis of 2007, governments used regulators to limit the damage, by covering for the banks (increasing liquidity) and other financial institutions. This soon became known as corporate welfare. There is a clear incentive to keep this line of assistance open.

This is why the worlds two most powerful central bankers delivered back-to-  back warnings last Friday, against dismantling tough post-crisis financial rules that the Trump administration blames for stifling U.S. growth.

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, speaking at the Federal Reserves annual retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, pointed out that this is not the time to loosen regulation given that central banks are still supporting their economies with accommodative monetary policies.

That warning followed earlier remarks by US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, who offered a broad defense of the steps taken since the 2008 financial-market meltdown and urged that any rollback of post-crisis rules be modest.

The combined effect was a subtle shot across the bow of those who seek deregulation, said Michael Gapen, chief U.S. economist at Barclays Capital Inc. in New York.

There is also a political factor. Banks are unpopular just about everywhere. They are seen as grasping institutions and are blamed for many of the existing economic problems. The banks have  a major public relations problem....


Doklam Stand-Off Ends: Indian Troops Withdraw, China Says Will Exercise Sovereign Rights "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Chinese statement made no mention of whether its personnel had been removed and the road construction project ended.

Chinese and Indian Army at Doklam. Credit: PTI

New Delhi:
Announcing that the nine-week-long Himalayan stand-off was effectively over, India stated on Monday that New Delhi and Beijing have reached an understanding on a quick disengagement of border personnel at Doklam. China, however, claimed that while all Indian troops have be withdrawn, it will continue to exercise its sovereign rights.

In a press statement, the MEA said an expeditious disengagement of border personnel at the face-off site at Doklam has been agreed to and is on-going.


Border passes: MOD keen but forces in NI say its a positive asset to the IRA #20YearRule "IndyWatch Feed"

A briefing ahead of a meeting of the NI Secretary of State and the Defence Secretary on Wednesday 15 March 1989 assessed the issue of Border Passes and ID Cards. There is nothing new under the sun as the writer of Ecclesiastes might remind those considering a hard border as part of the Brexit negotiations.

The information is contained in the NIO/10/9/5 file [selective scans] recently declassified under the 30/20 Year Rule and now available to read in the Public Records Office.

The Secretary of State Tom King recognised that any attempt to introduce an ID card scheme in Northern Ireland is likely to present serious political, presentational and, even perhaps security problems. But he had yet to report these conclusions to the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The briefing explained that the Secretary of State sees no merit in a voluntary scheme as an aid to improved security in the Province and accepts that a compulsory scheme applying only in Northern Ireland might bring some security benefits but is not a practical proposition.

The ID Card scheme remained on ice. But while the lesser Border Pass scheme was a brainchild of the MOD in London, there was no enthusiasm from 3 Brigade in Northern Ireland nor from the Chief Constable who sees a pass scheme as a positive asset to the IRA.



Syrian Army declares ceasefire near Lebanon border "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Syrian army is pushing ahead as it begins liberating major parts of rebel-held territory near the Lebanese border [Xinhua]

Syrias national army declared a ceasefire in the Qalamoun district near the border with Lebanon on Sunday following a number of rapid advances into Islamic State-held territory.

The Syrian army and its Hezbollah affiliate militias have for weeks been engaged in an offensive in this mountainous area of the border.

In the meantime, the Lebanese army has also been defeating IS forces on its side of the border near the town of Ras Baalbak.

This came following the Lebanese Armys entry into Arsal, a small town on the Lebanese side of the border just south of Ras Baalbak, which had previously been occupied by Islamist rebels Tahrir a Sham, believed affiliated with IS.

Hezbollah had on July 27 routed Tahrir a Sham in Arsal leading to a ceasefire agreement to have the rebel fighters vacated to the Syrian province of Idlib, now considered the last bastion of anti-government forces.

Hezbollah also carried out an exchange of prisoners with Tahrir a Sham.

Lebanese military sources say they will use Sundays break in fighting to find out what happened to their officers who were overrun in Arsal and by IS in 2014 and 2015. In the meantime, they have forced hundreds of Syrian refugees in Arsal back across the border to Syrian territory.

Prisoner exchanges, surrender and relocation of Islamist extremist rebels in exchange for civilians, and the establishment of safe zones have markedly increased in the past 10 months since the Syrian Army routed IS and affiliate forces in the strategic town of Aleppo.

In May, Iran, Russia and Turkey signed the Memorandum of De-Escalation in Astana, Kazakhstan for establishing four safe zones including the Idlib province and some neighboring territories (Latakia, Hama and Aleppo) to the north of Homs, East Ghouta and some provinces in southern Syria (Daraa and Quneitra).

The BRICS Post with inputs from Agencies


Biafra: Nobody can arrest me, Kanu tells FG "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

says he wont go on exile MASSOB kicks over plot to re-arrest IPOB leader   The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has cautioned the Federal Government against any attempt to re-arrest him, declaring that anyone who attempts to carry out the action will die. Kanu said he wont go on []

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James Howard Kunstler: Its Time To Be Honest With Ourselves "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

James Howard Kunstler: Its Time To Be Honest With Ourselves by Adam Taggart Peak Prosperity The ever-eloquent James Howard Kunstler returns to our podcast this week to discuss the dangers of the comprehensive dishonesty he observes in our culture today....

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We Still Don't Know How Trump's Administration Will Handle Ukraine "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Last December, in these very pages, I warned that a particular danger the new Trump administration would face in the national security field would be the problem of senior figures issuing contradictory statements about U.S. policy, especially in the absence of effective direction from the White House. This would lead to uncertainty both within the U.S. government as well as in the capitals of other nations about American intentionswith potentially destabilizing consequences. Unfortunately, over the last several months, we have seen these worries become self-fulfilling prophecies.


Popkins Arboreal Editorial "IndyWatch Feed World"


Credit Zoe Keller

Economic value from trees is as old as mankind. Timber for homes and ships and all variety of implements. Nutritional value also: olives and their oil; figs; nuts. In the last year while in the forests of northwest Belize we were on the lookout for something new, something we had not yet known, something that would reveal new value within the forest; we had no clue what it might be. We were looking for the intersection between economic, nutritional and ecological value.

And finally a few months ago we came upon a nut that was new to us, and the trees it grows upon are particularly valuable from an ecosystem perspective. And an ethnobotanical perspective. So we are on the lookout for tree stories, especially those that overlap with themes we tend to in these pagesecological, cultural and edible. We have linked to articles by...


Presidency raises alarm over campaign of calumny against President Buharis COS, Kyari "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Presidency has alerted the public on an orchestrated campaign to smear the good name of President Muhammadu Buharis Chief of Staff Abba Kyari by a section of the press. Malam Garba Shehu, the Presidents Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity stated this in a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday. According to him, []

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US airlifts ISIS terrorists in Syria for second time in a week: Monitor David Icke latest headlines

For the second time this week, a helicopter operating under the US-led coalition has transferred members of the Daesh terrorist group in Syrias eastern Dayr al-Zawr Province, a UK-based monitoring group says. The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the airlift was conducted in the town of al-Tabani, on the western outskirts of Dayr al-Zawr, on Saturday. Syrian sources said that the operation was accompanied by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces artillery fire. The sources speculated that the airlift was possibly meant to transfer US mercenaries fighting alongside Daesh or the terror outfits ringleaders who sought to defect. On Thursday, the SOHR reported a similar operation, during which US helicopters took four Daesh members and a civilian from a house used as an arms depot in Beqres, a suburban area east of Dayr al-Zawr. The five people transferred during the operation included a foreign bomb expert, three Egyptian Daesh members and a civilian, the report added. Read more: US airlifts ISIS terrorists in Syria for second time in a week: Monitor


Biggest shark-smuggling bust in Galapagos history nets big Chinese ship but many get away "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

Demand for shark-fin soup drives global poaching and smuggling. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

On Aug. 13, Ecuadorian authorities intercepted a Chinese ship crossing the Galapagos Marine Reserve, one of the most heavily protected nature reserves in the world. In its freezers they discovered 300 tons (270 metric tons) of fish, of which more than half were sharksmostly illegal hammerheads and threatened silky sharks.

Yet the Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999 was not a fishing boat. Its crew, who now face jail time in Ecuador for environmental crimes, were likely not the fishermen. To fish commercial quantities of shark, you need tens of thousands of meters of thick fishing line, big, motorized winches, and piles of hooks, each the size of an adult finger. That sort of gear was not on board.

Rather, the Chinese ship was a carrier vessel, whose job was to collect and deliver to port the illegal catch of other fishing boats. Its capture, likely one of the biggest seizures of illegal sharks in recent years, opens a rare window into the murky world of maritime poaching. And it has triggered an international hunt to piece together the puzzle: Where was it heading? Who was making money off of the smuggling? And, most of all, who were the fishermen and where did they catch the sharks?

fuyuanyu999_shipThe Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999 at the time of its capture. (Courtesy of Ecuadorian navy)

Tracking the smugglers

The Galapagos islands are nearly 600 miles (960 km) west of the Ecuadorian mainland. The waters around them, the Galapagos Marine Reserve, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for the largest abundance of sharks in the world. They are part of a marine corridor spanning the Eastern Tropical Pacific, all the way up to Cocos Island in Costa Rica. Many sharks migrate along the corridor, leaving them exposed to fishing fleets waiting outside the reserves protected waters.

Throughout the corridor, shark fishing is driving local species like hammerheads towards extinction, according to a Costa Rican marine biologist, Geiner Golfin. The illegal markets continue to grow in order to satisfy the ex...


AIADMK Decides to Expel Sasikala, Reclaim Jaya TV "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

At a meeting today headed by the chief minister, the party resolved to hold a general council meeting where it will remove the jailed leader and nullify all appointments made by T.T.V. Dhinakaran.

V.K. Sasikala. Credit: PTI

V.K. Sasikala. Credit: PTI

Chennai: Amid continued rebellion by 21 MLAs loyal to sidelined deputy party chief T.T.V. Dhinakaran, a meeting of the AIADMK (Amma) headed by Tamil Nadu chief minister E. Palaniswamy, today decided to remove jailed party general secretary V.K. Sasikala. A general council meeting will be called, the party said, to make the decision official.

The meeting, which some party MLAs and MPs did not attend, also discussed the validity of the appointments made by Sasikala before she was jailed in the Rs 66.6 crore disproportionate assets case and those made by her nephew Dhinakaran, AIADMK sources said. The party has decided to nullify these appointments.

Steps would be taken to remove Sasikala as the chief of the party at the meeting of the general council, the apex body of the AIADMK, they added.

Sasikala was appointed the interim general secretary of the party by the general council at a meeting held on December 29 last year, days after the demise of late chief minister and party supremo J. Jayalalithaa.

Earlier, on August 20, when the two factions of the AIADMK led by Palaniswami and current deputy chief minister O. Panneerselvam merged, party MP R. Vaithilingam had said steps would be taken to sack Sasikala fr...


Can This Smartwatch Save Fitbit? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hands on with the Fitbit Ionic, the long-awaited watch thats more about building a better fitness tracker than going after Apple or Samsung.

The wrist is a tough piece of territory. Aside from because its cool, smartwatches havent presented a compelling use case to most people, who are pretty happy with what their phones offer (including, of course, a clock). Sales have been tepid in the category even three years after the Apple Watch emerged. Until recently, the situation has been much better for smartwatches cheaper cousins, fitness trackers, which sell over twice as many products globallyhappy news to fitness tracker granddaddy Fitbit, until recently.

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Iran Sentences New Age Leader to Death "IndyWatch Feed War"

Mohammed Ali TaheriMohammed Ali Taheri (Courtesy)

New Agers dont quite fit in with normative society, but in the West they are often perceived as harmless eccentrics who want to share peace and love with all of mankind.

So too in Iran. Except that in the Islamic Republic, New Agers are not regarded as harmless by the ayatollahs. They see them as blasphemers who twist Islam. While the Iranian public seemingly accepts New-Age Shiites, the government decided to crack down, sentencing to death their leader Mohammed Ali Taheri.

Who is Ali Taheri?

  • Taheri is an Iranian researcher on alternative medicine.
  • He introduced a system of mysticism known as Erfan Keyhani or circle of unity. Tahrei created his Circle of Unity Institute 11 years ago.
  • His system relies on healing, psychoanalysis and inter-universalism.
  • Middle-class students were his main followers and his message quickly spread (Arabic link) throughout the country.
  • Taheri was honored by Iranian national TV after he was awarded two honorary degrees.
  • Iranian religious authorities rejected his notions, seeing it as a challenge to traditional Muslim doctrines. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei warned Iranians against joining this cult.
  • In 2010, Iran arrested Taheri for acting against national security. He was released after being in solitary confinement for 67 days.
  • In 2011, he was sentenced to a five-year jail term for blasphemy, lashes for touching female patients and fined for a variety of other charges.
  • In 2015, he was sentenced to death for creating his cult. That ruling was overturned by an appeals court.
  • In August 2017, he was once again sentenced to death.
  • Supporters allege he was tortured to death in prison and the new verdict is merely a cover up.

Taheris mother appealed for his release in this video:



My latest (ir)regular email "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I guess I should call this an irregular email, since I havent sent one for a few weeks. As usual, Id appreciate any compliments, brickbats, suggestions on things I should say more or less about and so on.

Adani, energy and climate action

Farmers for Climate Action commissioned me to do a report on the proposed loan to the Adani Rail Project, focusing on alternative investments in the agricultural sector. It was release at the weekend, and got some coverage, including in The Guardian. The report is here, along with a summary. Its recently got a nice run in Queensland Country Life
Other media interviews included Robyn McConchie RN Country Hour, and WIN Rockhampton. I also spoke to ABC Brisbane Drive about electricity prices

Asset recycling

Theres been quite a lot of interest from the US in the idea of asset recycling which is being pushed hard by the finance operators who would profit from such a deal and also by our unlamented former Treasurer and now Ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey. My thoughts are here

I did interviews with the Washington Post a while back
with Bloomberg,
Asset recycling
reported here and just now with Politico (yet to appear)


I gave to a video presentation to on Income: What to aim for and how to get there a workshop on UBI run by the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.
Penalty rates
I appeared by teleconference, before a Senate Committee today (24 August), defending penalty rates

Twitter feed


Debt Rattle August 28 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Lou Reed New York City 1966   Harveys Cost Reaches Catastrophe: Only 15% Of Homes Have Flood Insurance (BBG) Gasoline Surges, Oil Holds Near $48 as Harvey Shuts Refineries (BBG) Mammoth Flood Disaster in Houston: More Rain Yet to Come (WU) The Coming Collapse Of Chinas Ponzi Scheme Economy (SCMP)

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Heres What Happened To My Productivity When I Started Eating Breakfast "IndyWatch Feed World"

I havent eaten breakfast in nearly five years. Turns out it might really be the most important meal of the day if you want to get work done.

I havent eaten breakfast in years.

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Saudi Arabia and Israel Might 'Directly Intervene' in Syrian Conflict David Icke latest headlines

The civil war in Syria is de-facto over. This is what Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said during a meeting with his Lebanese counterpart at the ongoing ARMY-2017 forum in Kubinka on Wednesday. Israel Shamir, a Russian-Israeli journalist and Middle East expert however told Sputnik Radio that some powers might not agree with this statement. The implementation of de-escalation zones in Syria and the separation of terrorists from the opposition have allowed the fight against terrorism to intensify, effectively ending the civil war in the country, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said during the meeting with his Lebanese counterpart, Yaacoub Sarraf. The Russian Defense Minister, however, stressed that the movement of terrorists from one country to another cannot continue indefinitely. I would like our Western partners finally to separate the moderate opposition from terrorists and stop rendering assistance across the board, Shoigu said. Read more: Saudi Arabia and Israel Might Directly Intervene in Syrian Conflict



While you're contemplating today's conclusion to the three part blog about the McCain disaster (the ship, not the Senator), consider this:
US Predator drone

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America and Chinas Codependency Trap "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

On August 14, President Donald Trump instructed the US Trade Representative to commence investigating Chinese infringement of intellectual property rights. Whatever the merit of such allegations, Chinese retaliation against US trade sanctions would almost certainly cause far more economic damage.



The last two days I've been offering my usual high octane speculation about the various incidents that have plagued the Arliegh Burke class of



Police Can Kill If People Resist Arrest, Says Phillipiness Duterte "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte checks the scope of a 7.62mm sniper rifle during the turnover ceremony of China's urgent military assistance given

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte checks the scope of a 7.62mm sniper rifle during the turnover ceremony of Chinas urgent military assistance given gratis to the Philippines, at Clark Air Base, near Angeles City, Philippines June 28, 2017. (Reuters)

Manila: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte told police on Monday they could kill idiots who violently resist arrest, two days after hundreds of people turned the funeral of a s...


Trump: Afghanistan First David Icke latest headlines

For those voters who believed US President Donald Trump represented the publics desire to withdraw from multiple foreign wars and entanglements and place America first, President Trumps announcement that not only would that not happen, but that these wars would be expanded, must have come as a surprise. However, perhaps it is the first in a long series of hard lessons for the American public to learn that no matter who they vote for in Washington, it is clear agendas are decided upon and pressed from elsewhere. The Hill, in its article, 5 takeaways from Trumps Afghan speech, touched upon several points regarding President Trumps recent speech regarding Afghanistan, where the US currently has 8,400 troops deployed, and is poised to deploy thousands more. Read more: Trump: Afghanistan First Afghanistan Where Empires Die


UK plans significant uptick in Afghanistan special ops reports David Icke latest headlines

Hard on the heels of Donald Trumps decision to wage a more aggressive war in Afghanistan, London reportedly prepares to ramp up SAS covert operations there. According to British intelligence, Afghanistan could fall to the Taliban if the US pulled out. Prime Minister Theresa May intends to give the green light to a surge of covert operations targeting Taliban, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Qaeda militants in Afghanistan, the Sunday Times reported citing senior sources in the government. Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Service (SBS) operatives are expected to play a vital role in a scoping exercise allowing military leaders to figure out what kind of troops are more suitable for a new Afghan deployment. A significant uptick in SAS operations in Afghanistan will come after a British Army intelligence units agents reported that the Taliban had managed to infiltrate every province or main town of Afghanistan, the newspaper said. Read more: UK plans significant uptick in Afghanistan special ops reports


US will seek peaceful resolution despite 'provocative' North Korean missile launch, Rex Tillerson says David Icke latest headlines

Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State, has called North Koreas most recent missile launch a provocative act, but said the US will continue to seek a peaceful resolution with Kim Jong-uns regime. North Korea reignited tensions with the US this weekend by firing three ballistic missiles into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan. One failed and none posed risk to the United States, the US Pacific Command said in a statement late Friday. The missiles appeared to be short-range, unlike the intercontinental ones capable of reaching the mainland US that North Korea fired last month. We do view it as a provocative act against the United States and our allies, Mr Tillerson said in an interview on Fox News Sunday. Were going to continue our peaceful pressure campaign as I have described it, working with allies, working with China as well to see if we can bring the regime in Pyongyang to the negotiating table. Read more: US will seek peaceful resolution despite provocative North Korean missile launch, Rex Tillerson says


10 Disgusting Things Joe Arpaio Did as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Trump deemed this man who for all intents and purposes seems a lot like him (racist, clueless, bad at his job, dangerous) worthy of a pardon. I can think of a million other things that hes worthy of.


Projecting Weakness: President Trump Allows Inner Circle to Publicly Disparage Him as Globalists March David Icke latest headlines

In the past several days, several members of President Donald J. Trumps inner circle have publicly disparaged himand the president has done nothing public to stop them. First, National Economic Council (NEC) director Gary Cohnthe former number two banker at Goldman Sachs and a top Democrat who joined the Trump administration after the presidents electionbashed the president in an on-record interview with the Financial Times. The Washington Post added in its own reporting that Cohn was overheard in a Long Island restaurant trashing President Trump. On Wednesday evening, Cohn complained loudly about Trump while dining with friends at a Long Island restaurant called the Frisky Oyster, the Washington Posts Damien Paletta and Philip Rucker reported on Friday. Cohn explained to his companions in a loud voice overheard by others that he had to be careful not to give Trump too much lead time about some new ideas because the president could disclose the information prematurely and upend the planning process, according to a person familiar with the dinner. Read more: Projecting Weakness: President Trump Allows Inner Circle to Publicly Disparage Him as Globalists March


As US Empire Fails, Trump Enters A Quagmire "IndyWatch Feed War"

A quagmire is defined as a complex or unpleasant position that is difficult to escape. President Trumps recently announced war plans in Afghanistan maintain that quagmire. They come at a time when US Empire is failing and its leadership in the world is weakening. The US will learn what other empires have learned, Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires.

During the presidential campaign, some became convinced that Trump would not be an interventionist president. His tweets about Afghanistan were one of the reasons. In January of 2013, he tweeted, Lets get out of Afghanistan. Our troops are being killed by the Afghanis we train and we waste billions there. Nonsense! Rebuild the USA. Now, we see a president who carries on the interventionist tradition of US Empire.

While Afghanistan has been a never-ending active war since 9-11, making the 16-year war the longest in US history, the truth is the United States became directly involved with Afghanistan some 38 years ago, on July 3, 1979. As William Rivers Pitts writes: On that day, at the behest of National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter signed the first directive in an operation meant to destabilize the Soviet-controlled government of Afghanistan. In fact, when the US dropped the MOAB bomb, Trump was bombing tunnels built with the assistance of the CIA in the 1980s for the mujaheddin and Bin Laden.

Trumps Afghan policy is inaccurately described as a new approach but has only one element that is new secrecy, as Trump will not tell us how many soldiers he will send to this war. His so-called new strategy is really a  continuation of the permanent war quagmire in Afghanistan, which may be an intentional never ending war for the empires geopolitical goals. Ralph Nader reviews 16 ye...


Donald Trump to allow local police forces to access surplus military equipment David Icke latest headlines

The Trump administration is preparing to restore the flow of surplus military equipment to local law enforcement agencies under a program that had been sharply curtailed by the Obama administration amid an outcry over police use of armored vehicles and other war-fighting gear to confront protesters. Documents obtained by The Associated Press indicate President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order undoing an Obama-era directive that restricted police agencies access to the gear that includes grenade launchers, bullet-proof vests, riot shields, firearms and ammunition. Trumps order would fully restore the program under which assets that would otherwise be scrapped can be repurposed to help state, local, and tribal law enforcement better protect public safety and reduce crime, according to the documents. Read more: Donald Trump to allow local police forces to access surplus military equipment


Texas deploys 3,000 state and national guard troops amid catastrophic flooding David Icke latest headlines

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, has said the state has activated 3,000 National Guard and State Guard members to aid rescue efforts for flood victims of Tropical Storm Harvey. Harvey, which was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm over the weekend, has brought unprecedented and catastrophic flooding to the southeastern region of Texas, according to the National Weather Service and state officials. We are dealing with a triangle of ongoing rain, including Houston, Victoria and Corpus Christi cities. We will continue receiving incredibly heavy rain, Mr Abbott said at a news conference in Austin. Along with the guard, he said 500 vehicles and 14 aircraft have been put into service. Read more: Texas deploys 3,000 state and national guard troops amid catastrophic flooding



Moldova Presses Russia over Transnistria: What Next? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The government of Moldova has called on the United Nations to discuss the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from the breakaway Transnistria region at the upcoming 72nd session of the General Assembly to open on September 12. A letter from the Permanent Representative of Moldova to the UN, Victor Moraru, was forwarded on August 22, calling the presence of Russian troops in Transnistria a threat to international peace and security.


Chinese Fishing Boats Confiscated, Crews Sent To Jail in Galapagos Illegal Fishing Disagreement Ecuador says: Zero tolerance for environmental crimes! "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Environment Ministry of Ecuador/AFP | This picture released the Ecuadors Environment Ministry shows the frozen catch including endangered shark found inside the Chinese-flagged Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999
QUITO (AFP)  A court in Ecuador sentenced the crew of a Chinese ship caught fishing endangered sharks in the Galapagos marine reserve to prison terms on Sunday.

The Chinese-flagged Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999 was caught within the protected zone on August 13 with 300 tonnes of fish including some 6,000 sharks, mostly protected species such as the hammerhead and the bigeye thresher.

Image may contain: ocean, outdoor, water and nature

Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999

The court announced on the third day of the trial against the crew that it was sentencing the ship captain to four years prison for committing an environmental crime with aggravating circumstances.

The ships three top officers got three years prison, while the 16 other crew members were jailed for one year.

The court also ordered the crew to pay $5.9 million to the Galapagos National Park.

Its unclear if the Chinese crew will appeal the sentence.

After the enormous indignation we felt, this will definitely compensate for the damage caused because a historic precedent has been set, park director Walter Bustos told AFP upon hearing the sentence.

The 138,000 square-kilometer reserve, a sanctuary for sharks, has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Some 27,000 people live on the 19 Galapagos islands, located in the Pacific some 1,000 kilometers off Ecuadors coastline.

The Galapagos is famous for its unique flora and fauna studied by Charles Darwin as he developed his theory of evolution.

Zero tolerance for environmental crimes! tweeted Ecuadors Environment Minister Tarcisio Granizo.

The Chinese ship has been confiscated and will be held in service to the Galapagos park, Granizo said.

Galapagos residents have been protesting what they say is a fleet of 300 Chinese fishing vessels located in international waters just outside the marine reserve.



More than 100 people receive hospital treatment after 'chemical haze' drifts onshore at Beachy Head David Icke latest headlines

Residents along a five-mile-stretch of Sussex coast have been warned to stay inside and close their windows after a noxious chemical haze swept over a beauty spot and left 133 people requiring hospital treatment. Visitors to Birling Gap, next to Beachy Head, were evacuated and treated by emergency services after reporting stinging eyes, sore throats and vomiting from around 5pm. Sussex Police said the mystery haze then appeared to spread east towards Eastbourne and Bexhill and urged people to stay away from beaches and remain inside. A police statement said the mystery cloud was causing discomfort for people along the coast from Eastbourne to Birling Gap. The effects felt by those caught in the cloud had prompted emergency services to warn people to stay away from the beaches and to keep doors and windows closed if living near the coast. Read more: More than 100 people receive hospital treatment after chemical haze drifts onshore at Beachy Head


Inexplicably Russias in a Bind over Qatar Gulf Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The deepening crisis triggered by Saudi-led efforts to isolate Qatar is putting Russia in a bind over relations its sought to cultivate with several countries in the region.

Russia, which urged talks to resolve the confrontation, is trying to maintain a delicate balance as it has close ties with Qatar and is cooperating with Saudi Arabia to stabilize oil markets and resolve the war in Syria, where its also working with Iran. The Qatar Investment Authority and Glencore Plc agreed to buy a 19.5 percent stake in Russias largest oil producer, state-owned Rosneft PJSC, for $11 billion in December.

Any escalation in the region, which is already afflicted by various conflict situations, is a matter for concern, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters in Moscow on Wednesday. We believe any differences should be resolved at the negotiating table to eliminate concerns and unite forces against the main threat in the region, terrorism.

Demonstrating the fine line Russias treading, President Vladimir Putin spoke Tuesday by phone with Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Egypt joined Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates a day earlier in cutting diplomatic ties and transport links with Qatar, as they seek to punish the gas-rich emirate over its alleged support for Islamist groups and its cordial relations with Iran, their key regional rival. The measures risk causing supply shortages and disrupting Qatars energy exports.

While Russias unlikely to act as a mediator in the dispute, the active work of Putin and Lavrov shows that were interested in resolving the situation around Qatar by political and diplomatic means, Kremlin foreign policy aide Yuri Ushakov told reporters in Moscow on Wednesday.



NO border controls at Irish border post Brexit: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar insists Irish and European citizens will be able to 'move freely into the UK' David Icke latest headlines

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said he remains very confident there will be no need for passport controls on the Irish border post Brexit. Mr Varadkar was responding to concerns raised by former Irish president Mary McAleese, who questioned how the EU and UK could differentiate between Irish citizens, who are set to be allowed to travel freely across the border, and other European nationals. Mrs McAleese said she did not know how some form of ID checking could be avoided. If the almost-century-old Common Travel Area agreement remains in place post Brexit, UK and Irish citizens will continue to be able to work and travel freely across the two jurisdictions. The former Irish president queried how the UK authorities would be able to establish whether a person crossing the border was a beneficiary of the CTA or not. Read more: NO border controls at Irish border post Brexit: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar insists Irish and European citizens will be able to move freely into the UK


Creating Water Sufficienty For Your Home Environment "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Water is quickly becoming one of the hot topics in our crazy controlled world. UBUNTU's Alosha Lynof is tackling Water Self Sufficiency head on. After 9 years of traveling the world to some of the top ecological water wizards, he took his home completely off-the-water grid in the middle of suburbia without the use of borehole water. In his complimentary webinar , Alosha will show you how you


US Secretary of State distancing himself from Trump "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson distanced himself from his boss when he said that President Donald Trump 'speaks for himself' not on behalf of the American people.


Paedophile vicar housed in luxury apartment by Church of England David Icke latest headlines

A paedophile former vicar, and former Church of England national youth officer, is being housed in a luxury apartment paid for by the church. Paul Battersby was convicted of sexual offences after members of his family discovered a collection of obscene files on his family computer, including a video of a girl being bound and raped by her father. Last year Liverpool Crown Court heard that after serving jail time in 2010, the 68-year-old downloaded a further 1,730 indecent images featuring children and animals between 2014 and 2017 and also wrote a child sex abuse fantasy featuring himself. Now, the Liverpool Echo have revealed that Battersby is now being housed in a luxury apartment paid for by the church. The apartment is in the 29-storey Beetham Tower block, which is found next to West Tower, Liverpools tallest building. Two-bedroom apartments in the block can cost up to 165,000, or 1,050 per month to rent, the paper reports. Read more: Paedophile vicar housed in luxury apartment by Church of England


Delta @ 26 : Okowa Celebrates Return Of Buhari, Expresses Gratitude To Deltans "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

LAGOS AUGUST 28TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Delta State Governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa on Sunday celebrated the return of President Muhammadu Buhari to Nigeria after 103 medical sojourn in London.
The Governor equally expressed his gratitude to the people of Delta State for the existence of peace in the state despite the economic recession.
Okowa was quoted as saying this yesterday in a statement by the Government House, Asaba said, We thank God for the return of Mr. President to the country. Death is not a thing that one can wish any one and the return of President Buhari deserves to be celebrated. Nigerians have come to realise that it is better for us to remain united as a people, he said.
The Delta Governor spoke at a church service to mark 26 years of the creation of Delta.
As a people, as a state and as a government, we have every reason to celebrate because, if not for any other reason, from August last year when we marked our silver jubilee to this year, there is reasonable restoration of peace, especially in our creeks where there is no longer destruction of pipelines.
Okowa, who spoke yesterday at an interdenominational thanksgiving service at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Delta Province 3 Headquarters, Asaba, said: Though the impact of the peace that has returned to the creeks may not have been felt in our economy, because, the state did not only suffer from the effect of consistent low price of oil for more than 38 months; we were not just affected by the price going down and the quantum produced but, there is hope that it will be better.
We are grateful to the church for the prayers, we are thankful to the youths for sheathing their swords, we thank our traditional rulers for their interventions, and to all those who worked for peace to return to our state, we say, thank you, Okowa said


Human Rights Body Urges MHA to Withdraw Advisory on Deportation of Rohingya Muslims "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative pointed to a 1996 verdict of the Supreme Court on Chakma refugees to back its plea.

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative has asked the home affairs ministry to withdraw its advisory on deportation of Rohingya Muslims. Credit: Reuters/Soe Zeya Tun

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative has asked the home affairs ministry to withdraw its advisory on deportation of Rohingya Muslims. Credit: Reuters/Soe Zeya Tun

New Delhi: The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) has urged the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to consider withdrawing its recent advisory on the deportation of Rohingya to Myanmar by drawing attention to a 1996 verdict of the Supreme Court.

A Muslim ethnic minority, the Rohingya belong to Myanmars Rakhine State. Since they do not find mention in Myanmars official list of 135 ethnic communities, they are not recognised as citizens. In a bid to drive them out of Myanmar, government agencies reportedly force the Rohingya to take permission for getting married, seek employment, avail health services and even for recording births....


Liberation of Tal Afar- Why It Matters? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Iraqi Army, backed by Counter-Terrorism Service and allied fighters from the Popular Mobilization Units, have dislodged the last remnants of the ISIL Takfiri group from the city of Tal Afar, located 63 kilometers west of Mosul.


Communicating in a Foreign Language Takes Emotion Out of Decision-Making "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

From mrpg comes an interesting story about how communicating in a foreign language can influence decision making.

If you could save the lives of five people by pushing another bystander in front of a train to his death, would you do it? And should it make any difference if that choice is presented in a language you speak, but isn't your native tongue?

Psychologists at the University of Chicago found in past research that people facing such a dilemma while communicating in a foreign language are far more willing to sacrifice the bystander than those using their native tongue. In a paper published Aug. 14 in Psychological Science, the UChicago researchers take a major step toward understanding why that happens.

"Until now, we and others have described how using a foreign language affects the way that we think," said Boaz Keysar, the UChicago psychology professor in whose lab the research was conducted. "We always had explanations, but they were not tested directly. This is really the first paper that explains why, with evidence."

[...] "We discovered that people using a foreign language were not any more concerned with maximizing the greater good," said lead author Sayuri Hayakawa, a UChicago doctoral student in psychology. "But rather, were less averse to violating the taboos that can interfere with making utility-maximizing choices."

Journal Reference: Sayuri Hayakawa, David Tannenbaum, Albert Costa, Joanna D. Corey, Boaz Keysar. Thinking More or Feeling Less? Explaining the Foreign-Language Effect on Moral Judgment. Psychological Science, 2017; 095679761772094 DOI: 10.1177/0956797617720944

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Radioactive wastes: South Australia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Royal Adelaide Hospital waste to be shipped back overseas when it closes, Daniel Wills, State Political Editor,   August 27, 2017  

RADIOACTIVE waste currently stored at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital is set to be sent back overseas as the site is cleared when health services shift to the other end of North Tce.

With demolition and redevelopment of the site imminent once medical services are transferred to the new hospital next week, The Advertiser can reveal the State Government is developing plans to return the waste back to it European or British origin.

More than a year ago, Renewal SA chief executive John Hanlon told a State Parliament committee how the Government was working on plans to house the waste in SA when the old RAH closed. While no proposal was settled, officials investigated a new SA site that could also be a repository for other low-level radioactive waste scattered in other sites around the state....


Christian girl, 5, is forced into foster care with Burka-wearing Muslim carers who 'took away her crucifix and stopped her eating bacon' David Icke latest headlines

A Christian girl aged five was forced to live in traditional Muslim foster homes where nobody spoke English and she was encouraged to learn Arabic, it was reported. The girl, who was white and a native English speaker, spent the past six months in two Muslim households after being placed into foster care in Tower Hamlets, east London. Local authority reports describe how the little girl sobbed and begged not to be returned to her niqab-wearing carers home, telling a social worker: They dont speak English. The reports, seen by The Times, detail how the child was very distressed and claimed the foster carer had removed her Christian cross and encouraged her to learn Arabic. Read more: Christian girl, 5, is forced into foster care with Burka-wearing Muslim carers who took away her crucifix and stopped her eating bacon


China Says Indian Forces Have Withdrawn to Indian Side of Disputed Border "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

BEIJING Chinas Foreign Ministry on Monday said Indian troops had withdrawn to the Indian side of a disputed border area where the two countries soldiers had been locked in stand-off for more than two months.

Speaking at a daily news briefing, ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Chinese troops would continue to patrol the disputed Doklam region.

Earlier on Monday, Indias foreign ministry said it had agreed with China to an expeditious disengagement of troops at the disputed border area.

The move comes ahead of a summit of the BRICS nations a grouping that also includes Brazil, Russia and South Africa in China early next month.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Writing by Philip Wen; Editing by Clarence Fernandez)



US aid cuts to Egypt: A wink to the region's dictators "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The US aid cuts announced last week are a step in the right direction to curb Egypt's autocratic regime. But if recent history is any guide, this is nothing more than optics


US General beats Central Asia war drums, promises to annihilate Daesh "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

US Army Gen. John Nicholson, the top ranking US commander in Afghanistan, made a promise on Thursday to "annihilate" Daesh and "crush the remnants" of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.


Emmanuel Macron's approval rating hits record lows four months after election landslide David Icke latest headlines

A majority of French voters are now dissatisfied with Emmanuel Macrons performance just four months after the president gained a landslide victory in the countrys elections, a poll has found. The survey, conducted by Ifop for newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche (JDD), showed Mr Macrons dissatisfaction rating rising to 57 per cent, from 43 per cent in July. Forty per cent expressed satisfaction with the centrist leader down 14 points from July. The 39-year-old, who became Frances youngest president since Napoleon, suffered the worst drop in popularity for a French president in 20 years in July, with his approval rating plummeting from 64 to 54 per cent in the space of one month. The drop was the biggest decline in popularity for a French president since Jacques Chirac in 1995. Read more: Emmanuel Macrons approval rating hits record lows four months after election landslide


The windscreen phenomenon - why your car is no longer covered in dead insects David Icke latest headlines

Wildlife experts have been warning about the alarming decline in insects for decades. But the fall in numbers of bugs in Britain has now reached such a troubling extent that even motorists are noticing that their windscreens are clear of squashed flies, gnats, moths and wasps. Where a trip in high summer would once have necessitated taking a squeegee to the front window, now the glass is largely clear, drivers are reporting. Writing in The Telegraph letters page earlier this week, Michael Groom of Teffont Evias, Wiltshire asked: Where have all the insects gone? My windscreen remains clear whatever the speed. Reader Richard Acland, of Chepstow, in Monmouthshire, also noticed the vanishing bugs, and said he believed insecticides on crops were wiping out insect life, adding: This is why cars are not bug-splattered anymore. Read more: The windscreen phenomenon why your car is no longer covered in dead insects


As Britain Pushes for Talks About the Future, EU Wants Divorce First "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

 A worker arranges flags at the EU headquarters as Britain and the EU launch Brexit talks in Brussels, June 19, 2017. (Reuters)

A worker arranges flags at the EU headquarters as Britain and the EU launch Brexit talks in Brussels, June 19, 2017. Credit: Reuters

Brussels: British officials arrive in Brussels on Monday to push the EU towards talks about their post-Brexit ties, which the bloc refuses to do without an agreement first on Londons exit Bill and other divorce issues.

A third round of Brexit talks takes place more than a year after Britons voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, delivering an unprecedented blow to the post-World War Two European integration.

Chief Brexit negotiators, the EUs Michel Barnier and Britains David Davis, will meet at 1500 GMT before more talks on Tuesday and Wednesday to convene on technical level on expatriate rights, divorce bill and other separation issues.

Senior officials will also tackle the conundrum of the future border between EU, state of Ireland and the United Kingdoms Northern Ireland. A news...


Another Privatization Fail: 5 Things You Dont Know About School Lunches (but Probably Should) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

School lunches: yet another area where the privatization fairy has failed to perform a miracle and cut costs while raising standards.


Fake News: Reuters Issues Retraction after Labeling Antifa 'Peace Activists' David Icke latest headlines

Left-leaning media outlet Reuters was forced to issue a retraction Wednesday after labeling violent demonstrators outside a Trump rally in Phoenix peace activists. A tweet sent out from the news agencys official Twitter account Tuesday night claimed, Pro-Trump supporters face off with peace activists during protests outside a Trump rally in Phoenix. Reuters peace activists were immediately thrown into question by numerous Twitter users, who pointed out Phoenix rally counter-demonstrators were caught staging violence towards police, as well as Trump supporters leaving the venue. Read more: Fake News: Reuters Issues Retraction after Labeling Antifa Peace Activists


Brian Houston Twitter: Im absolutely pumped / excited about Hillsongs launched in Orange County and Perth on Sept 10. Both have enormous potential "IndyWatch Feed National"


China cash curbs to hit European clubs Too much money exits China, government says "IndyWatch Feed War"



AFP/File / by Peter STEBBINGS | Chinese football has been on a roller-coaster since President Xi Jinping (pictured during a visit to Dublin) declared soon after coming to power in 2012 that he wanted to make the country a football power
SHANGHAI (AFP)  Chinas crackdown on overseas investments is expected to herald a slowdown in splurging on European clubs and impact teams where it hurts fans the most on the pitch.

It is unlikely that supporters in Italy, Spain and England were aware earlier this month when Chinas State Council, or cabinet, moved to restrict Chinese companies from investing in foreign sports clubs, the latest salvo in a wider campaign by Beijing to curb capital outflows.

But fans of the dozen European clubs that are Chinese-owned or part-owned may want to pay attention, especially if they are expecting lavish spending on players before the transfer window closes in most of Europe on Thursday.

I think it will have an impact on current ownership. Most of them will have to make continued significant investment into playing staff and all other areas of the football club in order to compete, said Ji Zhe, director at London-based sports marketing firm Red Lantern and an expert on Chinese football.

This impact could then have a knock-on effect to the clubs as investment dries up. Chinese owners could realign their focus and the clubs can suffer both on and off the pitch.

Chinese football has been on a roller-coaster since President Xi Jinping declared soon after coming to power in 2012 that he wanted to make the country a football power.

Wealthy Chinese began investing in or simply buying up some of the biggest clubs in football including Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Manchester City.

Dramatic change

A swathe of teams in the Midlands area of England fell under Chinese control: former European champions Aston Villa, Premier League side West Bromwich Albion, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Birmingham City.

In China, clubs that many football fans across the world had never heard of began shelling out huge amounts of money to lure the likes of Oscar, who moved from Chelsea to Shanghai SIPG for 60 million euros.

But the mood music has changed dramatically in the past three months, said Ji, pointing also to how Chinese clubs were reined in during the recent domestic transfer window, which fizzled to a close last month after a 100...


Police chief is owner of white nationalist website, Oklahoma news station claims David Icke latest headlines

An Oklahoma news station claims to have exposed a local police chief alleged to have been selling white nationalist materials via his own far-right website. The station, KXII News, used a nationwide Hate Map released last week by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to identify a group operating a website from its base near the Oklahoma-Texas border, an area known as Texoma. The site, ISD Records, carries the banner The Voice of Blood and Honour and sells media and memorabilia aimed at white nationalists. It features bands with names inspired by historically racist groups. Using court records, investigators at KXII News traced the ownership of ISD Records to a Bart Alsbrook of Denison, Texas. Probing further, the team found that there was only one other person by that name in the nearby area the Bart Alsbrook named interim chief of police at Colbert, Oklahoma. Read more: Police chief is owner of white nationalist website, Oklahoma news station claims


Dr Jim Green debunks the hype about Generation IV new nukes "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

James Hansens Generation IV nuclear fallacies and fantasies, REneweconomy, Jim Green, 28 Aug 2017

The two young co-founders of nuclear engineering start-up Transatomic Power were embarrassed earlier this year when their claims about their molten salt reactor design were debunked, forcing some major retractions.

The claims of MIT nuclear engineering graduates Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie were trumpeted in MITs Technology Review under the headline, What if we could build a nuclear reactor that costs half as much, consumes nuclear waste, and will never melt down?

MIT physics professor Kord Smith debunked a number of Transatomics key claims. Smith says he asked Transatomic to run a test which, he says, confirmed that their claims were completely untrue.

Kennedy Ma...


SSouth, SEast govs meet over power devolution, state police "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

South-East/South-South Governors urge FG to prevail on Petroleum Companies to operate from the region Governors of the South-South and South East States have urged the Federal Government to encourage investors in the oil and gas industry to operate from within the regions and also make regional  investments in the sector. In a communique  at the []

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People Who Chose To Not Evacuate For Hurricane Told To Put SSN On Arms David Icke latest headlines

Tens of thousands of Texans have evacuated their homes fearing Hurricane Harvey. Now, one local leader in a coastal Texas community had told residents who chose to stay home during the hurricane, to write their names and Social Security numbers on their arms. Rockport Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Rios said at a news conference, Were suggesting if people are going to stay here, mark their arm with a Sharpie pen with their name and Social Security number. He went on to say, We hate to talk about things like that. Its not something we like to do but its the reality, people dont listen. But if people dont listen to evacuation orders, what makes the mayor assume people will willingly mark themselves? Rios wants people marked to make things easier for the government in the event of deaths. He also claims that that grim step is necessary to prepare for the worst-case scenario of numerous deaths among the people who freely chose to remain in the area. If you think this sounds a little bit like Nazis forcing the Jews to wear yellow stars on their clothing for a quick government identification, you arent the only one. Read more: People Who Chose To Not Evacuate For Hurricane Told To Put SSN On Arms


Why I cant transfer money with my Monitor upright "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Berliner Sparkasse Onlinebanking FAQ: Why do I get the message mobile device, cant perform smsTAN money transfer when using my Desktop computer. A possible cause is the display resolution. Your computer is being detected as a mobile device by our online banking system. smsTAN is not working from a mobile device. Solution: Change the display resolution.

So 19201080 work, but 10801920 doesnt.


The quantum internet is just a decade away here's what you need to know David Icke latest headlines

As China moves closer to building a working quantum communications network, the possibility of a quantum internet becomes more and more real. But what does having a quantum internet mean? The word quantum sounds so advanced and complex that people tend to get hyped up about anything attached to it. While not every quantum breakthrough elicits a positive response, in the case of a so-called quantum internet, people have a reason to be excited. In the simplest of terms, a quantum internet would be one that uses quantum signals instead of radio waves to send information. But lets explain that a bit further. The internet as we know it uses radio frequencies to connect various computers through a global web in which electronic signals are sent back and forth. In a quantum internet, signals would be sent through a quantum network using entangled quantum particles. Following what Einstein called spooky action at a distance, entangled particles exist in a special state that allows information carried in one to be instantaneously reflected in another a sort of quantum teleportation. Read more: The quantum internet is just a decade away heres what you need to know


A Totalitarian Society Has Totalitarian Science David Icke latest headlines

Over the past 35 years, Ive exposed as least as much fraudulent science as any reporter around. Thats just a fact. I mention it, because one would expect Ive learned a few lessons in the process. And I have. Government-backed science exists because it is a fine weapon to use, in order to force an agenda of control over the population. We arent talking about knowledge here. Knowledge is irrelevant. What counts is: How can we fabricate something that looks like the truth? I keep pointing this out: were dealing with reality builders. In this case, they make their roads and fences and buildings out of data, and they massage and invent the data out of thin air to suit their purposes. After all, they also invent money out of thin air. Since 1987, one of my goals as a reporter has been to educate the public about false science. Between then and now, I have found that, with remarkably few exceptions, mainstream reporters are studiously indifferent to false science. Read more: A Totalitarian Society Has Totalitarian Science


Antony Sutton, Skull&Bones, Hitler, the Bush family "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Antony Sutton, Skull&Bones, Hitler, the Bush family by Jon Rappoport August 27, 2017 The prodigious author and researcher, Antony Sutton (1925-2002), wrote about hidden men behind momentous events. I recently came across a 1999 interview with Sutton, conducted by Kris Millegan, researcher and head of TrineDay publishers. Millegan wrote about Antony Sutton in 1999: Antony []

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Kimba nuclear enthusiasts should check out the situation in Japan "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Paul Waldon, Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, August 26
Nuclear promotes what it is, and that is DEATH. Look at Japan a country that lived by nuclear and now dying by nuclear, with a population that is reducing every year. The year that followed the triple meltdown at Daiichi Fukushima 20,000 people worked at the plant with many leaving after 3 months with high exposure levels of radiation reaching their safety limits. 3,000 people worked at the plant everyday with a unrealistic program to cleanup in a 40 year time frame.
Its common  for young people to refuse to work there, workers receiving 10x more radiation than other plants, many quit because of pay and perks being cut, contracts reduced by 30%. TEPCO and contractors finding it hard to source skilled workers with the expertise to mitigate the contamination, and the stigma of radiation dividing communities.


Syria Rebels Trained Children To Perform Chemical Attack (Video) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syria Rebels Trained Children To Perform Chemical Attack (Video) Here is serious evidence that the so called Syrian rebels systematically trained children to play chemical attack victims. The evidence was found by Partisangirl who today tweeted: Partisangirl @Partisangirl 11:20 PM 27 Aug 2017DAMNING VIDEO: Terrorists make #Syria-n children rehearse false flag chemical []


World leaders condemn US racists, far-right violence "IndyWatch Feed World"

International leaders criticized US President Trump after he said multiple parties were to blame for violence at neo-Nazi marches in the US. In Germany, a leading politician called the presidents words monstrosities.

At home and abroad, US President Donald Trump has been condemned for blaming both sides for the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and for saying some fine people took part in a rally where violence left one person dead over the weekend.
Read: White supremacy and neo-Nazis in the US what you need to know

In Germany, politicians expressed their shock at seeing people carrying flags with swastikas and chanting anti-Semitic slurs.

 USA Virginia - Ausschreitungen nach Demonstrationen (Getty Images/C. Somodevilla)Leaders around the world have condemned the violence in Charlottesville

Chancellor Angela Merkels condemned the racist, far-right violence, while her main election challenger called Trumps comments the confused utterances of a dangerous man.

We should not tolerate the monstrosities coming out of the presidents mouth, Martin Schulz told the RND newspaper group.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said Trumps failure to condemn neo-Nazis was a huge mistake.

Drawing an equivalence between the two sides instead of clearly distancing himself from the Nazi potential which was exhibited there was, of course, a huge mistake, he told the German dpa news agency on Wednesday.

Read more: What are the links between US and German neo-Nazis?

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas criticized Trumps latest response to the violence, saying that theres no way to relativize anti-Semitism and racism.

Far-right participants in the Unite the Right rally (picture-alliance/ZUMA Wire/A. Lohr-Jones)These men are the not the same as anti-racist protesters, German politicians said


Afghanistans other great tragedy climate change "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

According to a report by the UNEP, the World Food Programme and the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA), the biggest climate hazards to Afghan livelihoods are drought and floods, caused by irregular snowmelt or rainfall.

global warming should be taken as seriously as fighting insurgents. Terrorism is not going to be lingering here for ever, he says. But climate change is an ongoing death sentence.

How climate change is a death sentence in Afghanistans highlands, ...


After Triple Talaq, a Look At the Other Discriminatory Personal Laws That Need to Go "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

If the legislature is serious about introducing gender parity in personal laws, it should not focus all its energies on one particular religion.

If a widowed Hindu woman dies without a will, and without children, her property will go to her husband's heirs. Representative image credit: Reuters

If a widowed Hindu woman dies without a will, and without children, her property will go to her husbands heirs. Representative image credit: Reuters

In light of the Supreme Courts recent decision to abolish instant triple talaq, a number of ostensible protectors of Muslim women in Indian politics came out in open support of the decision, lauding the cleansing of this oppressive religious practice. Of course, the government was the first to praise its ability to rid Muslim women of an evil they had suffered for decades. While the decision is welcome, the selective purging of personal laws of a particular religion does not send out the right message, especially since it is not as if other personal laws in our country are shining beacons. This would perhaps be an apt time to remind the government and the courts of a number of other personal laws that are retrograde, discriminatory and do not apply parity between women and men. That these laws will be noticed and repealed, however, is perhaps a pipe dream, given that they may not all provide the...


Fitch upgrades mortgage-covered bond programmes of 3 Greek banks "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Fitch Ratings announced an upgrade of four Greek mortgage-covered bonds programmes issued by Alpha Bank, National Bank of Greece and Piraeus Bank to B from B-, as follows: Alphas covered bonds upgraded to B from B-; Stable Outlook NBGs covered bonds Programme I (NBG I) upgraded to B from B-; Outlook Positive

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Needham: Belfast is hobbling along in real danger of being left behind "IndyWatch Feed"

Speaking to me last night about the transformative effect of the Tall Ships visiting Belfast back in 1991, Sir Richard Needham reflected on Belfast today in 2017.

Im very worried about it now as its starting to miss out on all sorts of fantastic opportunities. He compares Belfast with Bristol (a city close to his old constituency).

Bristol now has half the number of kids on free school meals that Belfast has, so that gives you an indication of the difference in wealth between the two cities. Bristol is now one of the most exciting, forward-looking, smart cities of the 21st century and Belfast is hobbling along a long way behind. And thats not because it doesnt have people who are clever or enthusiastic within the City Council [but] it doesnt have a government.

He highlighted the layers of government MPs, Stormont, Belfast Council and the surrounding councils.

What Belfast requires in my view is it needs a metropolitan mayor, which is quite difficult because of the problems of power sharing. But you could need somebody with a cabinet who has major responsibility. Belfast should be part of the northern powerhouse. If you look now at whats happening in places like Leeds, Glasgow and Bristol and Manchester, Belfast is in real danger of being left behind.

Although having said that, it is still an incredible city. Its still got wonderful life and vitality. Its got very bright young people Belfast should be aiming to become a world class city, but if it doesnt have the right imagination and leadership its very difficult to see how thats going to happen.

But he says that Direct Rule is absolutely not the answer.

Theyd be frightened of upsetting anybody so they wouldnt do anything, I dont think thats the solution at all. I think Brexit is an utter disaster. Its a disaster more for the island of Ireland than it is for the English but the English have shot themselves in every part of their anatomy and theyre going to have to live with the consequences. It is not good news.

And the politicians in Northern Ireland are playing party politics and that does not help the economic social development of the city. Its easy for me to say that because Im not a politician in Northern Ireland, but thats the reality.


We have failed the younger generation Dino Melaye "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Senator representing Kogi west senatorial district, Dino Melaye, has included himself among the political elite who have failed Nigeria and her teeming youth. Speaking at The Osasu Show Symposium in Abuja on Friday, Melaye said politics being played by the elite is responsible for poverty and hunger in Nigeria, and both ills have no political []

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Are Russian Actions in Belarus A Cause for Concern?? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russian actions in Belarus, an Eastern European country slightly smaller than the state of Kansas, are causing concern among neighboring countries.

Russia is planning massive joint military exercises next month in both Belarus and Russia, and is even constructing a nuclear reactor in the country, close to the Belarus-Lithuania border.

A former Soviet nation, Belarus has been ruled by autocratic President Alexander Lukashenko since 1994. Lukashenko, who has been called the last dictator of Europe, maintains tightfisted rule over the country.

Freedom House classifies Belarus as not free, noting that it is an authoritarian state in which elections are carefully managed and civil liberties are minimal.

Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. But this cant be done alone. Find out more >>

In June, President Donald Trump extended U.S. sanctions against Lukashenko and other members of the Belarusian ruling elite due to their actions and policies to undermine democratic processes or institutions of Belarus, to commit human rights abuses related to political repression, and to engage in public corruption.

Belarus is an ally of Russia, although the relationship is not black and white and is at times contentious.

Belarus has long flirted with the West but always remained closer to Moscow. At times, Lukashenko has sought to create breathing room in his relationship with the large neighbor to the eastfor instance, denying Russian requests to build an airbase in Belarus.

Yet, despite some differences with the Kremlin, Belarus remains deeply entwined with Russia. Today, Belarus is the only former member of the USSR where the number of people who cite Russian as their first language has grown since the breakup of the USSR.

Military cooperation is a key component of the relationship. In September, the two nations will conduct Zapad 2017, a massive exercise in Rus...


GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS-Brainwashed Child Executioner "IndyWatch Feed War"

ISIS seems to have a conveyor belt filled with brainwashed children in a factory production line of hate and terror.

This highly graphic video shows one victim of Islamic State child incitement spewing ISIS rhetoric before executing his prisoner.

If youd like to help Clarion challenge radical Islam in any way please contact us here.

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Australia: no preparedness for nuclear disaster "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Whats the plan for nuclear survivors? No, really, Gympie Times,  Julia Lawrence OAM, 27th Aug 2017 I FIND it hard to believe we are not up-to-date with nuclear disaster preparedness in this country.



Dr Jim Green debunks the claims about Integral Fast Reactors solving the nuclear waste problme "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

James Hansens Generation IV nuclear fallacies and fantasies, Jim Green, REneweconomy, 28 Aug 2017,

.Hansen claims that modern nuclear technology can solve the waste disposal problem by burning current waste and using fuel more efficiently and he states that nuclear waste is not waste, it is fuel for 4th generation reactors!

But even if IFRs Hansens favoured Generation IV concept worked as hoped, they would still leave residual actinides, and long-lived fission products, and long-lived intermediate-level waste in the form of reactor and reprocessing components all of it requiring deep geological disposal. UC Berkeley nuclear engineer Prof. Per Peterson states: Even integral fast reactors (IFRs), which recycle most of their waste, leave behind materials that have been contaminated by transuranic elements and so cannot avoid the need to develop deep geologic disposal.

So if IFRs dont obviate the need for deep geological repositories, what problem do they solve? They dont solve the WMD proliferation problem associated with nuclear power. They would make more efficient use of uranium but uranium is plentiful.

In theory, IFRs would gobble up nuclear waste and convert it into low-carbon electricity. In practice, the EBR-II reactor in Idaho an IFR prototype, shut down in 1994 has left a legacy of troublesome waste.

This saga is detailed in a recent article and a longer report by the Union of Concerned Scientists senior scientist Dr Ed Lyman. Lyman statesthat attempts to treat IFR spent fuel with pyroprocessing have not made management and disposal of the spent fuel simpler and safer, they have created an even bigger mess.



Over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs in America David Icke latest headlines

Psychiatric drug use is on the rise in the U.S., with one out of every six Americans now taking some type of medication in this category. This is highly concerning given the scary side effects and poor effectiveness of many of these drugs, but there is one particularly disturbing aspect of this trend that seems to get glossed over, and that is the extraordinary number of children who are taking such drugs. Mental health watchdog group Citizens Commission on Human Rights is drawing attention to the concerning fact that more than a million kids younger than six in our nation are currently taking psychiatric drugs. While around half of these children are four to five years old, an incredible 274,804 of them are younger than a year old. Thats right: babies are being given psychiatric drugs. The number rises for toddlers aged two to three, with 370,778 kids in this category taking psychiatric drugs overall. Data from IMS Health shows that the situation only gets worse as kids get older, with 4,130,340 kids aged 6 to 12 taking some type of psychiatric drug. Read more: Over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs in America


GE May Be Sued Over Fukushima Disaster "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

GE may finally be sued for their role in the 2011 Fukushima Disaster. A second lawsuit filed in the US



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NZ First party list "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Shane Jones has been placed at 9 on the NZ First party list, which probably outs him behind all the current MPs standing again. So far named (by RNZ): Winston Peters Ron Mark Tracey Martin Fletcher Tabuteau Shane Jones Jones will need NZ First to get 7.5-8% to get in if he doesnt win the []


Has Narenda Modi Switched Sides?, by F. William Engdahl "IndyWatch Feed War"

Over the past few months, India has changed its attitude abruptly on several issues. It is as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to sabotage his rapprochement with China and Pakistan and to create artificial conflicts. For William Engdhal, this shift would be inspired by Washington and Tel Aviv.


Russian FSB beat up American diplomat attempting to enter the US Embassy in Moscow "IndyWatch Feed World"

The diplomat was attempting to enter the US Embassy in Moscow

Thats not a good idea!


  • A uniformed FSB officer grappled with the diplomat breaking his shoulder
  • The diplomat was able to struggle his way into the embassy compound 
  • Reports claim the man may be a spy working under diplomatic cover

An American diplomat was beaten up outside the the US Embassy in Moscow by uniformed FSB agents tasked with protecting the building.

According to reports, the man suffered a broken shoulder and other injuries while attempting to gain access to the compound on June 6.

The diplomat managed to struggle into the building where he underwent medical treatment, before he was flown out of the country to recover.

A US diplomat was attacked by Russian police guarding the American embassy in Moscow, file photo 

A US diplomat was attacked by Russian police guarding the American embassy in Moscow, file photo

Uniformed members of the FSB broke the diplomat's shoulder as he struggled to enter the embassy, pictured

Uniformed members of the FSB broke the diplomats shoulder as he struggled to enter the embassy, pictured



Tall Ships 1991 great spectacularity that could have turned M2 into a carpark #20YearRule "IndyWatch Feed"

The Tall Ships first visited Belfast between 23-27 July 1991, with US broadcaster Walter Cronkite sent over to cover the story as well as the BBCs Harry Secombe. The Balmoral Show and Ideal Home Exhibition were probably the largest events in Northern Ireland at that time.

The then Junior Minister, Richard Needham, saw the maritime festival as an opportunity to show the world there was another side to Belfast. It also attracted many local people back into Belfast city centre after years of avoiding it during the height of the Troubles.

A week or so ago I spent a couple of hours in the Public Records Office reading through a government file ENV/45/1 [selective scans] about preparations for the Tall Ships event while previewing the papers released last Friday under the 30/20 Year Rule. It brought back memories of being taken as a teenager to the undeveloped Belfast Harbour area for the first time and pushing through the throngs as we walked up the long quayside to look at the sailing ships.

I spoke to the former Northern Ireland Minister Sir Richard Needham last night and he described the summer 1991 Tall Ships event as the culmination of a year long programme of events to celebrate the rebirth of Belfast.

Hed inherited a regeneration plan from his predecessor Chris Patten, and the strategic concept was to redevelop Belfast and make it modern, exciting, well designed, centre. Richard Needham used to quip that the plan was to get everybody to come and work in the city centre, shop in the city centre, eat in the city centre and then go home and make love to each other.

It was to create a place of hope a...


Cheap and Easy Magnetic DNA Separation Method Needs Your Help "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When you consider that almost every single cell in your body has more than a meter of DNA coiled up inside its nucleus, it seems like it should be pretty easy to get some to study. But with all the other cellular gunk in a crude preparation, DNA can be quite hard to isolate. Thats where this cheap and easy magnetic DNA separation method comes in. If it can be optimized and tested with some help from the citizen science community.

Commercial DNA separation methods generally involve mixing silica beads into crude cell fractions; the DNA preferentially binds to the silica, making it possible to mechanically separate it from the rest of the cellular junk. But rather than using a centrifuge to isolate the DNA, [Justin] from The Thought Emporium figured that magnets might do a better job. Its not a new idea biotech companies offer magnetic separation beads commercially, but at too steep a price for [Justin]s budget. His hack comes from making magnetite particles from common iron compounds like PCB etchant and moss killer, and household ammonia cleaner. The magnetite particles are then coated with sodium silicate solution, also known as waterglass. The silica coating should allow the beads to bind to DNA, with the magnetic core taking care of separation.

[Justin] was in the process of testing his method when he lost access to the needed instruments, so hes appealing to the larger science community for help optimizing his technique. Based on his track record of success in fields ranging from satellite tracking to graphene production, well bet hell nail this one too.

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Current Events Stressing You Out? Do This For A Saner, More Focused Workday "IndyWatch Feed World"

Try these low-tech solutions to avoid current-events burnout.

Last weeks solar eclipse was greeted with widespread reports about the dollar-value of lost productivity from people scurrying out of their offices to watch the moon pass in front of the sun for 40 minutes or so. But whatever deficit that amounted to likely pales in comparison with the impact of recent news cycles.

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Bumbles CEO Takes Aim At LinkedIn "IndyWatch Feed World"

The feminist dating app is adding more than 50,000 new users per day. With the launch of a new networking vertical, founder Whitney Wolfe is expanding her ambitionsfor Bumble and for women.

Like many single millennials, Ashley and Connor met cute the modern way: They matched on Bumble, the dating app where people swipe through potential partners but only women are allowed to initiate a conversation, and started texting. But when Ashley asked an innocent question about work, Connor launched into a misogynistic rant in which he called her a gold-digging whore. Bumbles response, a fiery blog post now known as the Dear Connor letter, quickly went viral. The company called for a future in which Connor would engage in everyday conversations with women without being afraid of their powerand then, in an unusual move, banned him from using the service.

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Bias In Business Cant Be Ignored, From Google To Charlottesville "IndyWatch Feed World"

What is the role of business in addressing societys ills?

After a recent appearance on CNBCs Squawk Box, I got into a bit of off-camera back-and-forth with Squawk Box co-anchor Joe Kernen. Wed been talking on air about President Trumps relationship with CEOs. I argued that business leaders have a moral responsibility, one that is increasingly connected to business performance. Kernen felt I was being nave, that corporate morality is a facade that is quickly jettisoned in favor of financial opportunity.

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Iran ex-foreign minister turned opposition figure dies "IndyWatch Feed War"


Ebrahim Yazdi originally resigned as foreign minister following the 1979 capture of American diplomats in Tehran


Y2Gay was not a joke article "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

(Article in German)

So the software in German Standesmtern does not implement marriage properly after the law changed: It cannot register a marriage between partners of the same sex. The workaround is to enter the sex of one of the partners falsely, hence the Geschlechtsumwandlung (sex change) in the articles title.

Time to read the Y2Gay article again, and this time not as a joke.


GMO 'safety' has been systematically and deliberately falsified David Icke latest headlines

The safety of genetically modified foods is a matter that has long been under debate. Despite mountains of evidence showing the harms caused by GMO foods, some high-profile scientific institutions and scientists have defended the products. The mainstream media and government officials tend to take their arguments at face value given their authority, but closer scrutiny shows a high degree of misrepresentation. Whether its deliberate deceit or a high amount of negligence, many of the so-called facts supporting GMOs simply dont hold water. Steven Druker of Independent Science News recently took aim at a paper by the U.K.s Royal Society titled, GMO Plants: Questions and Answers and other publications from the same society. The paper claims that it offers reliable and unbiased answers to common GMO questions, but Druker says that analysis shows not only a tremendous amount of bias in favor of GMOs, but also some outright false assertions. Read more: GMO safety has been systematically and deliberately falsified


Benjamin Netanyahus nightmare comes true as Putin crushes his plans "IndyWatch Feed Europe"



Benjamin Netanyahus nightmare is coming true. The guards of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and Hezbollah fighters prepare to attack Israel by using Syria as a springboard. The Israeli Prime Minister shared the terrible news on August 23, 2017 during a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Sochi (the meeting lasted for almost 2.5 hours). Despite Netanyahus emotional state, the Russian leader remained calm.

Iran is Russias strategic ally in the Middle East, Putin said. But Israel is also an important partner for Russia in the region, he added.

Moscow takes into account security interests of the Jewish state. Thus, as experts say, the Kremlin conducts a complex geopolitical game, balancing between Tehran and Tel Aviv.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a frequent guest in Russia. In 2016, the Prime Minister of Israel visited the Russian Federation twice: in April and June. His most recent visit to Sochi for a meeting with Putin is also a second one during the current year: he visited Moscow in early March 2017.

Netanyahu, 67, is considered the patriarch of Israeli politics. One can put him in the same line with other heavyweights of Israeli politics, such as Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Ariel Sharon, and Netanyahu can rightly be considered the last of the Mohicans. However, even such an experienced and charismatic leader of Israel as Benjamin Netanyahu could not keep composure at a meeting with Vladimir Putin in his Sochi residence of Bocharov Ruchei.

According to eyewitnesses of the open part of the talks, the Israeli prime minister was too emotional and at times even close to panic. He described a picture of the apocalypse to the Russian president that the world may see if no efforts are taken to contain Iran, which, as Netanyahu believes, is determined to destroy Israel.

Netanyahu also told Putin that Israel was extremely concerned about Irans participation in the Syrian conflict. According to him, Tehran is working on creeping expansion in the Middle East under the pretext of a peaceful settlement in Syria. Iran, he added, supplies weapons to Hezbollah fighters and gradually attracts Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen in the sphere of its influence.

Netanyahu told Putin that Iran...


22 million Americans support neo-Nazis "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nearly 1 in 10 people in the United States say holding white supremacist or neo-Nazi views are acceptable, according to a new poll.

download (78).jpg

The ABC News/Washington Post poll released Tuesday found that 9 percent of Americans, equivalent to about 22 million people, call it acceptable to have a racist and xenophobic opinion.

A similar number, 10 percent, say they support the so-called alt-right movement, a loosely defined group of people with far-right ideologies who support white nationalism.

The alt-right movement has gained increasing attention since President Donald Trump launched his election campaign and his time in the White House.

While Trump has sought to distance himself from the movement which has been accused of racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia  its members have rallied behind Trump and helped him get elected to the White House.

Fifty-six percent of Americans disapprove of how Trump responded to the deadly clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, while 28 percent approve of his reaction in the new survey.

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A truly good news story the cuttlefish are back in Spencer Gulf "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

South Australians pat yourselves on the back. When the nuclear lobby wanted to put the nuclear industry up at the top of Spencer Gulf South Australia said NO as South Australians have been doing for decades fighting back. Nuclear power would have caused releases of hot water into the Gulf, ruining the special temperature conditions essential for the breeding of these unique and beautiful animals.

We dont really know why they dwindled, and why theyre now back. But hooray for their return!



An Uber driver was just fined $78,000 for illegal taxi driving in Denmark "IndyWatch Feed World"

The driver was one of four who received fines for driving a taxi illegally, Reuters reports. The driver with the largest fine reportedly made 5,427 illegal taxi rides as an Uber driver in 2015. Copenhagen is the only city in Denmark where Uber operates, but the ride hailer has previously announced it will be pulling its Continue reading An Uber driver was just fined $78,000 for illegal taxi driving in Denmark

The driver was one of four who received fines for driving a taxi illegally, Reuters reports. The driver with the largest fine reportedly made 5,427 illegal taxi rides as an Uber driver in 2015. Copenhagen is the only city in Denmark where Uber operates, but the ride hailer has previously announced it will be pulling its service from the locality after updated taxi laws require all cars operating as taxis to install taxi meters and video surveillance. The new rules also state only 125 drivers can be licensed each quarter. Uber has said under the new rules it would take years before all drivers could be licensed.

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Scotland Yard is looking for Madeleines secret in Athens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Scotland Yard is looking for the secret of British toddler Madeleine McCann in Athens after a witness contacted the team Grange. A Greek newspaper revealed that a German citizen living in Athens contacted  Team Grange claiming he had information about the case as he was in nearby area when 3-year-old Madeleine disappeared from a hotel

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Intelligence indicates Barcelona was more than ISIS-inspired attack "IndyWatch Feed World"

Law enforcement officials tell CBS News there is intelligence that indicates theBarcelona attack that left 14 dead and more than 100 injured was more than just an ISIS-inspired attack.

CBS News national security analyst and former homeland security adviser to President George W. Bush, Fran Townsend, said on CBS This Morning the attack looks like it was much more directly controlled than merely inspired.

As you look at the chronology, this was a fairly large cell, had to have been in place for a while  pretty good planning, Townsend said. You had the house that blew up when they failed to put together these gas canisters probably for a car bomb. Then you had the tragic sort of seven-block rage of this car killing 14. You also had in Cambrils last night another car attack.



HEADS UP: Controlled Collapse As Rothschild Just Sold Massive Amounts Of U.S. Assets "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Experts Believe This Could Leave The Whole Financial System At Stake

Truth Theory| Jacob Rothschild has released a report detailing a huge change in assets switching significantly from US dollars to pounds and euros.

In the report from Rothschilds investment trust RITCAP he stated:

We do not believe this is an appropriate time to add to risk and that we are in a time when economic growth is by no means assured.

This video gives a detailed outline of some of the ramifications of what this could have for the US and global economy.

H/T: Global Truth


Not even reading "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Why do companies think about Chatbots and other abominations for customer support? Because already their Fleshbots are not even reading what the customer writes.

Here for example is my password strength for the KLM website:

But Kris, thats terrible. Why dont you set a proper password? Well, there is this:

Seriously, 4 numeric characters only? Well, no, they even suck at sucking, its actually taking up to 6 numeric characters.

But seriously, KLM? This is how it is done:

Would you please kindly unfuck your password management? Well, lets ask:

That looks like a phishing attempt to me, but thats the actual KLM account, so lets try it:


Nope, you did not even read what I wrote.



Texas Flooding: Has Weather Modification Played A Part? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Houston (CNN)Harvey is no longer a hurricane, but life-threatening flooding continued in and around Houston on Sunday night as citizens with boats assisted authorities in search and rescue efforts. Flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey is overburdening resources in the countrys fourth-largest city, prompting authorities to call on volunteers with watercraft for help in rescuing those []

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Trumps Nation Building comes to Texas "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hurricane Harvey Will Render Some Parts Of Texas Uninhabitable For An Extended Period Of Time By Michael Snyder Do you remember what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans?  Well, now we are watching the same thing happen to southeast Texas.  On Friday, Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a category 4 hurricane.  It is the first []


Beyond the Green Fields of Punjab Lies a Mounting Agrarian Distress "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Punjab exceeds most states in metrics on mechanisation, chemical input and capital investment. What then explains the failure of its green fields?

Labourers work in a paddy field at Thaska village in Punjab. Credit: Reuters/Ajay Verma/Files

Labourers work in a paddy field at Thaska village in Punjab. Credit: Reuters/Ajay Verma/Files

The farms of Punjab, which once sowed the seeds of the Green Revolution, are an eyesore today. According to the state governments own figures, over 1,000 farmers have committed suicide in the last two years. Agrarian distress is mounting and farmer debt stands tall. A 2016 survey by Punjabi University pegs a total outstanding farm debt at almost Rs 70,000 crores.

The incumbent Congress government has joined the political bandwagon and announced a farm loan waiver as a stop-gap measure. However, farmer suicides...


Afghan refugee saved from deportation to death "IndyWatch Feed National"

This Associated Press video says about itself:

Protest as Germany deports Afghan refugees

(14 Dec 2016) Germany deported around 50 Afghans to their homeland on Wednesday after after their asylum bids were rejected.

They left on Wednesday evening from Frankfurt airport as dozens of people gathered to rally against the deportation.

Only 18 Afghan citizens were deported in the first half of 2016, according to government figures.

More than 12,500 Afghans have received orders to leave the country, but not yet been deported.

Instead, it has tried to convince them to go home on a voluntary basis by offering financial incentives upon their return.

Recently, however the government has said it would toughen its stance on rejected asylum-seekers and that more people would be deported.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Last-minute reprieve for young Afghan

Monday 28th August 2017

Pilot refuses to fly man who has been threatened by Taliban

A YOUNG man who could have faced death if returned to Afghanistan is still in Britain after the pilot on his deportation flight reportedly refused to take him.

Samim Bigzad, 22, was detained after he attended his monthly appointment at a London immigration office in July. His initial asylum claim was rejected in March 2016 and subsequent appeals were also refused.

He was due to be taken on a Turkish Airlines commercial flight via Istanbul on Saturday, however campaigners said he is still in the country because he did not board the plane.

A protest group at Heathrow pleaded with the airl...


Over a Century Later, Marie Curies Research Papers Are Still Radioactive "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Marie Curies Research Papers Are Still Radioactive 100+ Years Later  by Ted Mills 
When researching a famous historical figure, access to their work and materials usually proves to be one of the biggest obstacles. But things are much more difficult for those writing about the life of Marie Curie, the scientist who, along her with husband Pierre, discovered polonium and radium and birthed the idea of particle physics. Her notebooks, her clothing, her furniture, pretty much everything surviving from her Parisian suburban house, is radioactive, and will be for 1,500 years or more.

If you want to look at her manuscripts, you have to sign a liability waiver at Frances Bibliotheque Nationale, and then you can access the notes that are sealed in a lead-lined box. The Curies didnt know about the dangers of radioactive materials, though they did know about radioactivity. Their research attempted to find out which substances were radioactive and why, and so many dangerous elementsthorium, uranium, plutoniumwere just sitting there in their home laboratory, glowing at night, which Curie thought beautiful, like faint, fairy lights, she wrote in her autobiography. Marie Curie carried these glowing objects around in her pockets. She and her husband wore standard lab clothing, nothing more.


Saudis Deal With Anyone: This Time $70b. Arms Contract With China "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Saudis attend a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the creation of the King Faisal Air Academy at King Salman airbase in Riyadh.Saudis attend a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the creation of the King Faisal Air Academy at King Salman airbase in Riyadh. (Photo: FAYEZ NURELDINE / AFP / Getty Images)


In the worlds of international diplomacy and brinkmanship, you have to go a long way to find a better player than Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is the ultimate pragmatist. And in the bloody, Machiavellian Middle East, having the sense not only to survive but to thrive is no mean achievement.

So it comes as no surprise that the Saudis just signed a $70 billion arms deal with China. Just three months after U.S. President Donald Trump sealed contracts for $110 billion for American defense companies to sell their weapons to the House of Saud.

This of course keeps both China and the U.S. both satisfied with a tidy bit of business but also as wary as ever of the diplomatic strength of one another.

And those with the biggest smiles are the Saudis.

Gone are the days when Egypt could claim to be the dominant force in the Arab world. For some time, that has been the sole reserve of Saudi Arabia. As a result, everyone needs to be in Riyadhs good books.

Parenthetically, China is also extremely good at this game, managing to curry favor not only with the Saudis but also with Saudi Arabias arch rival Iran.

And something else ties China and Saudi Arabia: their abysmal track record on human rights.



Naturopathy vs. patients: Patients lose "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Over the weekend, there was a news story describing two cancer patients treated by naturopaths in New Zealand. Both died, one almost certainly unnecessarily, the other after enduring more suffering than she likely had to. These tragic cases and others reminded me of why it is so appalling that so many physicians are "integrating" naturopathy into "integrative medicine." In reality, they are integrating quackery into medicine.


A person was killed yesterday protesting Nazis in the United States "IndyWatch Feed"

White Supremacists Kill 1, Injure Dozens, During Ku Klux Klan Rally in Charlottesville, VA The white supremacist violence in Charlottesville began on Friday night, as thousands of neo-Nazis, KKK members and other white nationalists began descending on the city of Charlottesville to participate in the Unite the Right rally. Hundreds of white men and women []


Wanda shares tumble on rumours chairman detained "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP | Wanda Group has dismissed as utterly basless reports that chairman Wang Jianlin had been detained by authorities and told he could not leave China

SHANGHAI (AFP)  Shares in Chinese conglomerate Wandas hotel chain plunged nearly 10 percent in Hong Kong on Monday despite the firm dismissing as false reports that chairman Wang Jianlin had been barred from leaving the country and detained for hours.

Wanda and other Chinese conglomerates that made a succession of multi-billion-dollar overseas investments in recent years have been under official scrutiny for months as Beijing clamps down on capital flight and skyrocketing debt.

The obscure website Bowen Press reported on Sunday that Wang, one of Chinas richest men, was stopped at Tianjian airport on Friday as he sought to fly to London.

It said he was released after several hours but told he could not leave China.

Wanda Group released a statment Monday saying that in recent weeks certain individuals with ulterior motives have created and spread various vicious rumors about supposed restrictions placed on Wang.

Wanda Group strongly reiterates that all of these rumors are utterly baseless and have ulterior motives behind them, it added.

But the Hong Kong-listed shares of Wanda Hotel Development Co plunged as much as 9.62 percent on Monday.

They later seesawed throughout the session and were down more than six percent by mid-afternoon.

Wanda has diversified rapidly in recent years from commercial property into entertainment, theme parks, sports and other sectors, and is now reportedly facing difficulty paying off debts run up in its buying sprees.

It said in July it was selling off 77 hotels and several other tourism-related assets in a huge deal worth $9.3 billion to Guangzhou-based R&F Properties.

Recent reports have said China plans to squeeze Wanda by cutting off new loans and regulatory approvals for deals, punishing it for breaching Chinese restrictions on overseas investments.


California Could Become the First State to Legalize Magic Mushrooms David Icke latest headlines

It could be up to California voters to make the state the first in the nation to allow for the use and sale of psilocybin, the mind-altering component of magic mushrooms. On Friday, Kevin Saunders, a candidate for mayor in the Monterey County town of Marina, filed the California Psilocybin Legalization Initiative with the state attorney generals office. The initiative would exempt people 21 and over from state criminal penalties for using, possessing, cultivating, transporting, and selling psilocybin. Filing an initiative is just the first step. The measure must be submitted for public comment for 30 days and then given a circulating title and summary by the attorney generals office before it is approved for signature gathering. If and when it is approved, campaigners then have to gather some 365,880 valid voter signatures to be placed on the November 2018 ballot. Read more: California Could Become the First State to Legalize Magic Mushrooms


Delta @ 26: Ogboru Slams Successive PDP Govt ForTaking Delta State Backward "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Chief Great Ogboru

Chief Great Ogboru

LAGS AUGUST 28TH (NEWSRANGERS)-At Delta State celebrates its twenty six years anniversary, prominent Delta state political leader and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Olorogun Great Ovedje Ogboru has lambasted successive Peoples Democratc Party, PDP government in the state for taking the state backward.
Ogboru who made the statement on Sunday maintained that despite the retrogressive manner that successive PDP governments have been leading Delta State, thereby denying the average Deltan the benefits of his natural heritages, there is need for every Deltan to be hopeful as Change has become inevitable.
According to him, the level of mismanagement, lack of transparency and accountability as well as unpatriotic style of governance emanating from the Okowa led administration, which ought to be righting the numerous wrongs that trailed the administrations of his predecessors, had become unbearable for Deltans.
He, however expressed readiness to work with all well meaning Deltans so as to rescue the State from the shackles of destruction.
At 26, we watch in disbelief how one of the most promising states in Nigeria after creation in 1991 has become so deserted and bereaved of development, irrespective of its crude oil richness and intelligent human resources, Ogboru lamented.
Deltans have every reason to be unhappy but I would rather charge them to approach the future with much determination and hope as we all join efforts together to redeem our dear state from the callous hands of power mongers, who lavish our commonwealth on their egocentric lusts instead of using same to build an enabling environment for the people, he further said.
Great Ogboru who is also hopeful for the APC 2019 governorship ticket, also used the opportunity to emphasize on the importance of good governance and selfless leadership, being the only way to redirect Delta State to the path of greatness and true prosperity.
Speaking also, another APC chieftain and the Acting State Coordinator of the Light of APC, Delta State, Evang. Ossai Abey noted that the continuous bad governance in De...


Greenways bring huge benefits so why dont we have more? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

As summer 2017 draws to a close it is useful to consider the impact of tourism on the Irish economy. More particularly we can sometimes draw lessons and analogies from the the tourism sector to the wider economy. 

The proposed South Kerry Greenway, a cycle track along the bed of the old great southern and western railway from Killarney to Cahersiveen provides an excellent example of the good and bad of Irish economic planning


Despite importance of tourism in Ireland there are relatively few published academic studies of its impact. Typically this is done by estimatin of a multiplier. This shows the impact of a marginal euro on the economy when that euro is spent in a sector. Two types are calculated direct and indirect, the indirect also accounting for the increase in demand and consumption from the injection generated by the first.


Department of tourism estimates that upwards of 8 billion in revenue is generated from the tourism sector, and that something of the order of 200,000 jobs are dependent upon it. Such a large sector should really have a large amounts of research pertaining to its impact. Such research is has been produced tends to, at least in recent years focus on issues around sustainability, or on willingness to pay for more environmentally friendly products. Part of the difficulty as the tourism sector is diffuse; the high-end golfers who common jetting in played links courses of the West Coast are very distinctly different market from the European hiking and bicycling tourists. We do have some estimates of the impact : a 2014 comparative study put the direct multiplier for hotels and restaurants at 1.4, which would suggest a total impact of perhaps 2 or 3: a 2014 studysuggests that walking tourism generates approx. 12 jobs and ...


Thunderbolts Space News: Electric Comets "IndyWatch Feed World"

In our previous episode, we began a commemoration of the 5-year anniversary of Space News from the EU with a comprehensive summary of the most significant findings to date from comet missions. Today, we continue our commemoration with a review of the some of the most dramatic and "surprising" comet displays, all of which point to the electrical nature of cometary phenomena.


What Not to Do in Paris and What to Do Instead "IndyWatch Feed World"


by ALEX GREIG, Online Writer

Paris, je taime. Except when your queues are interminable, your croque-monsieurs the price of a Michelin-starred meal and your taxi drivers go the long way round.

Dont go shopping on the Champs-lyses. You wont find effortlessly elegant French women with poodles going about their business on the Champs. Its Pariss best-known street which is why big multinationals including McDonalds have their shopfronts here and a million foreign tourists traipse down it on a daily basis. A local would not be caught mort in a Champs-lyses chain caf.

Instead, shop with the Parisians. If you have money to spend (or you just want to pretend you do), head south of the Champs-lyses to the so-called Triangle Dor, the Golden Triangle, which comprises the area arou...


12 Concealed Traits Most Empathetic People Have But Never Knew "IndyWatch Feed World"

Empathetic people are well known for their ability to absorb the emotions of others, but it goes far beyond just that. These people have many other traits that make them who they are as well.

Sure, empaths are highly sensitive and good listeners, but if you want to truly know about empaths there are many other things worth remembering. Below you will find a list of the most commonly overlooked traits most empaths share. Do any of these traits apply to you?

1. They become drained easily.

Empaths usually take on far too much from others, and energy vampires seek them out. This leaves them feeling almost constantly fatigued. While they may look just fine they may be exhausted on the inside.

2. They have an addictive personality.

This is something that can be brought on as a means of blocking out the emotions of others. I guess you could look at it as an unhealthy form of protection.

3. They are super creative.

Empaths are far more creative than most people. The average empath is able to do things like act, draw, sing, or write (one or all depending on the empath). That being said the empath does not always recognize his or her talent.

4. They sometimes come off as moody or shy.

While they are not really either of these things lots of people think they are. This is because when they are taking on too much it can make them appear a bit unsociable.

5. They find it impossible to do things they do not enjoy.

Trying to force an empath into doing something they dont like doing is not going to work. It will only serve to make them unhappy, this is one of the reasons why some empaths are mislabeled as lazy.

6. They need to be alone sometimes.

The empath needs to be alone to recharge from time to time.

7. Lots of empaths are also introverts.

This is hard for most people to believe, but it is true. Empaths often tend to prefer one on one contact or many only being close to one small group of people. They do not get overwhelmed this way.

8. They give too much.

Empaths are too kind, they love helping other people, and in some cases allow them to take advantage of their niceness.

9. They just know things.

Their intuitions are much more he...


Accused of funding terrorism and being too cozy with Iran, Qatar says it has done no wrong "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Los Angeles Times

The tiny gas-rich nation of Qatar has been ostracized by its regional Arab neighbors, which accuse it of funding terrorism and being too cozy with Iran.

In June, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates cut diplomatic and trade ties, closed their air routes to Qatari aircraft and served the government with a host of demands aimed at fighting terrorism and extremism. Mauritius, Mauritania, Yemen, the Maldives and one of Libyas two warring governments also suspended diplomatic relations.

Qatar did little to quell the conflict last week when it announced it was restoring full diplomatic relations with Iran, more than a year after it pulled its ambassador in a show of solidarity with Saudi Arabia, whose embassy and diplomatic missions in Iran were attacked.

Qatari officials say their country has done no wrong and that a statement by the countrys emir that became a pretext for the row he was quoted on Qatar news sites as praising Iran and the fundamentalist group Hamas  was fabricated in a hacking attack. Qatar blamed the Emirates, which has denied it.

Qatar does not fund terrorism whatsoever no groups, no individuals. Not from afar or from a close distance, Sheik Saif bin Ahmed al Thani, director of the government communications office, said in an interview with The Times editorial board and reporters.

His comments have been edited for length and clarity.

President Trump and Qatar's Emir Sheik Tamim bin Hamad al Thani during a bilateral meeting at a hotel in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in May 2017.President Trump and Qatars Emir Sheik Tamim bin Hamad al Thani during a bilateral meeting at a hotel in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in May 2017. (Mandel Ngan / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images)

Why do these countries want to pick a fight with Qatar and why now?

I can answer what we think it is. We have differences in opinion. That is the main issue. Differences of opinion. We do not support parties or in...


Patagonia Ad Calls Out Corporate Takeover of Public Land David Icke latest headlines

On Sunday, Patagonia released its first TV commercial since its founding 44 years ago. Rather than selling outdoor gear, the one-minute commercial comes out against the selling off of Americas national parkland to private interests. The ad features the clothing companys founder, Yvon Chouinard, who asks viewers to pressure Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to protect public lands. Zinke gave President Trump recommendations this week to shrink four outdoor national monuments, as a followup to Trumps April executive order to review national monuments over 100,000 acres. Reassessing public land worries environmentalists, ranchers and others because it would potentially reopen the lands to corporate use. Trump has tried to misrepresent federal protection of land as a massive federal land grab. Read more: Patagonia Ad Calls Out Corporate Takeover of Public Land


Houston TV station is evacuated as it starts to flood live on air during coverage of Hurricane Harvey "IndyWatch Feed World"

Houston TV station is evacuated as it starts to flood live on air during coverage of Hurricane Harvey | 27 Aug 2017 | A Houston TV station was forced to evacuate when its building's first floor was flooded during its live news coverage of Hurricane Harvey. News anchors were at their desks when water began to seep into the building, forcing them to a second level before the staff fled the building entirely on Sunday.


Without Clean Energy Target, Australias booming renewable energy will flounder: Frydenberg prevaricates "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Renewable energy booming but could soon turn to bust, analysts warn, The Age, Nicole Hasham , 27 Aug 17

Australia produced enough renewable energy to power 70 per cent of households last financial year, new data shows, but advocates warn the booming industry will flounder unless the Turnbull government commits to a clean energy target.

The government is sharply divided over whether to adopt the target, the central recommendation of Chief Scientist Alan Finkels review of the national electricity market.

Mr Frydenberg cited Clean Energy Council figures showing there was a record $8 billion of renewable investment underway, delivering more than 4000MW of new renewable generation capacity.

He has previously said the clean energy target, if implemented, would not come into effect until 2020 so there was no rush for the government to make a decision



Google mistake is the root cause of Internet Outage in Japan "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A widespread internet disruption occurred in Japan on Friday, Google error it the main cause of the Internet outage that caused the panic in the country.

Google error it the root cause of a widespread Internet outage in Japan that lasted for about an hour on Friday, August 25. The incident was caused by a BGM route hijack that began at 12:22 PM local Japan time and was fixed by 1:01 PM.

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a standardized exterior gateway protocol designed to exchange routing and reachability information among autonomous systems (AS) on the Internet. It interconnects the networks of major Internet service providers that announce which IP addresses are available on their networks.

If an ISP provides wrong information on the availability of IP address blocks we are in presence of a BGM route hijack ISPs.

This is what has happened on Friday when Google wrongly advertised that IP blocks belonging to a Japanese ISPs were found on its network.

BGPMon who analyzed the event confirmed that Google hijacked the traffic NTT Communications Corp., a major ISP who also supports two smaller ISPs named OCN and KDDI Corp. NTT has more than 8 million customers, 7.67 million home users, and 480,000 companies.

Beginning at 2017-08-25 03:23:34, we detected a possible BGP hijack.

Prefix, Normally announced by AS7527 Japan Internet Exchange Co., Ltd.

Starting at 2017-08-25 03:23:34, a more specific route ( was announced by ASN 15169 (Google Inc.).

This was detected by 17 BGPMon peers. reported BGPMon.

Other ISPs started routing traffic that was destined for Japan to Googles systems, many services online in Japan went down, including the Nintendo networks.

A widespread internet disruption hit Japan on Friday, blocking access to banking and train reservation services as well as gaming sites.

The disruption was limited to the networks of NTT Communications Corp. and KDDI Corp.

NTT Communications, which runs the OCN internet service, said the problem occurred because an overseas network service provider that OCN uses suddenly switched internet routes. reported the Japan Times.

It was chaos in the country, the Internal Affairs...


Has Andrew Norfolk exposed another scandal? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Andrew Norfolk, The Times

The Times has a disturbing report today by Andrew Norfolk about Tower Hamlets council placing a five-year-old white Christian girl in the care of two Muslim households in London.

The girl apparently became "very distressed" because in one of the households they "don't speak English", removed her necklace which had a Christian cross on it, suggested she learn Arabic, refused to allow her to eat her favourite food carbonara because it contained bacon, and taught her to think that "Christmas and Easter are stupid" and that "European women are stupid and alcoholic". Her first carer wore a niqab in public. Her second carer wears the full burka in public.

(Mr. Norfolk is, of course, the reporter who did so much to expose the Rotherham grooming scandal.)

It was good to see that last night's The Papers on the BBC News Channel led with the story, though with words of caution from BBC presenter Julian Worricker about the report's "claims". He presented the council's response and added this caveat:
Just to round this particular conversation off: Allegations there at the moment. Obviously we can't verify them at this point ourselves but we put them out there because there it is on the front page of the Times and we put the council's view.
Given the obvious importance of such a story it's to be hoped that the BBC will follow it up extensively, and not just because it's on the front page...


India withdrawing troops from disputed frontier, ending military standoff with China "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

China and India, with a combined population of 2.7 billion, are members of the BRICS bloc [Xinhua]

Ending more than a month-long stand-off with Chinese troops near a three-way junction between Bhutan, China and India, the Indian Foreign Ministry on Monday said the two neighbours have begun to swiftly withdraw border forces from the disputed Donglang/Doklam area.

In recent weeks, India and China have maintained diplomatic communication in respect of the incident at Doklam. On this basis expeditious disengagement of border personnel at the face-off site in Doklam has been agreed and is on-going, an Indian Foreign Ministry statement said.

Beijing has responded to the statement confirming the withdrawal of Indian troops from the disputed zone.

Indian forces have already withdrawn to the Indian side of border, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said within minutes of the Indian governments press briefing.

The recent stalemate involved over 200 soldiers each from the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army and the Indian Army standing just 100 meters (328 feet) apart at Donglang/Doklam, a plateau at the tri-junction where the borders of India, China and Bhutan meet.

Earlier in June, Indian Army troops stopped a road construction by the Chinese PLA, crossing over into Donglang, which is claimed by Beijing as Chinese territory.

At a meeting between the local army commanders from India and China at Nathu La in Sikkim on August 11, China insisted on the withdrawal of Indian Army troops from the disputed region.

The Indian statement of withdrawal of troops comes ahead of the Indian Prime Ministers upcoming visit to China for the 9th BRICS annual Summit.

Official relations between the worlds two fastest growing economies have come a long way since the two fought a brief border war in 1962.

India has partnered with China on both the BRICS Bank and the AIIB.





Uber and Lyft's Effort to Disrupt Public Transportation Will Hurt the Environment and Screw the Poor David Icke latest headlines

A 15-minute Uber ride or a 30-minute transit ride? For affluent city dwellers who increasingly prefer comfort and convenience, this choice is a no-brainer. However, this choice is a privilege that remains out of reach for those who live in transit-dependent low-income communities, who face many barriers to accessing ride-hailing services. Uber competing with taxis is old news, but many now worry that ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft compete with public transit for riders. Not only can ride-hailing service be incredibly convenient, nowadays it can be dirt cheap, increasing the appeal of simply opening the mobile app. This trend may come as no surprise to cities with limited and inefficient transit that are losing their poor, transit-dependent riders in droves to gentrification. However, a 2017 study shows that even in New York City, Lyft and Uber ridership is increasing, as subway and bus ridership declines. When ride-hailing services threaten even the best public transit network in the country, you know we have a major problem. Read more: Uber and Lyfts Effort to Disrupt Public Transportation Will Hurt the Environment and Screw the Poor


China has more than doubled its end-of-decade solar power target "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

China has more than doubled its end-of-decade solar power target, with new
installations dramatically outstripping expectation, according to the
governments energy agency. By the end of July this year, Chinas solar
PV capacity topped 112GW, after installing a stunning 35GW in just seven
months more than twice as much as installed by any other country in all
of 2016.

As a result, total solar PV capacity now exceeds the governments 2020 goal of 105GW, set as recently as last year. This could have created a very confusing situation for the industry after years of
record-setting installations, there was no target to hit but the
National Energy Administration (NEA) responded by settin...


India and China Agree to Disengagement Along Disputed Frontier: Indian Government Statement "IndyWatch Feed War"

NEW DELHI Indias foreign ministry said on Monday it had agreed with China to an expeditious disengagement of troops at a disputed border area where soldiers from the two countries have been in a stand-off for more than two months.

In recent weeks, India and China have maintained diplomatic communication in respect of the incident at Doklam, Indias Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement, referring to the area in the Himalayas close to the borders of China, India and Bhutan.

On this basis, expeditious disengagement of border personnel at the face-off site at Doklam has been agreed to and is on-going.

(Reporting by Tommy Wilkes; Editing by Sanjeev Miglani)


Enough renewable energy to power 70% of Australian homes "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Renewable energy generates enough power to run 70% of Australian homes

Renewable Energy Index shows sector will generate power to run 90% of homes once wind and solar projects being built in 2016-17 are completed, Guardian, Joshua Robertson, 28 Aug 17, Australias renewable energy sector is within striking distance of matching national household power consumption, cranking out enough electricity to run 70% of homes last financial year, new figures show.

The first Australian Renewable Energy Index, produced by Green Energy Markets, finds the sector will generate enough power to run 90% of homes once wind and solar projects under construction in 2016-17 are completed. The index, funded by GetUp through supporter donations, underlines the advance of renewables, despite Australias electricity markets still leaning heavily on carbon-emitting coal and gas-fired generation.

Renewables, which made up just 7% of national electricity output a decade ago, accounted for 17.2% last financial year. This jum...


Vietnam President Appears in Public for First Time in More Than a Month "IndyWatch Feed War"

HANOI Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang appeared in public for the first time in more than a month on Monday, ending an absence from the political scene that triggered online speculation about his health and position.

The Communist Party leadership is notoriously opaque and changes this year have included the unprecedented sacking of a politburo member and a vice-minister in a corruption crackdown.

The government website showed pictures of Quang at his office welcoming Cuban ambassador Herminio Lopez Diaz. Quang had been absent from the public eye since July 25, when he met the secretary of Russias security council, Nikolai Patrushev.

Earlier this month, state media published an article by Quang calling for tougher internet controls, but the fact that there was no picture further fueled speculation about his position.

Conservatives with close ties to the security establishment gained greater sway in the Communist Party early last year. Since then Vietnam has launched major crackdowns on corruption and dissidents.

(Reporting by Mi Nguyen; Editing by Nick Macfie)



Guatemala president expels UN anti-corruption chief David Icke latest headlines

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales announced Sunday he is expelling the head of a UN anti-corruption commission that is investigating the presidents campaign financing. A video posted on the governments Twitter site showed Morales declaring Ivan Velasquez non grata and ordering him to leave the country immediately. He also announced he was firing Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales for failure to carry out the expulsion. Velasquez heads a 10-year-old commission of experts that has worked with Guatemalan prosecutors to root out corruption in the country. It was key to bringing down former President Otto Perez Molina, who was forced to resign in 2015 and remains in prison. Read more: Guatemala president expels UN anti-corruption chief


PNG Uncovered People Smuggling crimes "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Loop PNG Author 

This was the statement by Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato, while speaking at the Bali Process Government and Business Forum in Perth, Australia, last week.

He said PNG has committed to advancing measures to stop human trafficking and modern-day slavery in the APEC Region.

We are continuing to step up border control protection measures that will detect further illegal activities.

Be it modern-day slavery in the fisheries sector, or the exploration of people in the sex trade, and other instances of forced labour, Papua New Guinea takes this issue very seriously.

Accompanied by Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Petrus Thomas, Pato said action that will save lives must be stepped up.

Human trafficking is a scourge, a blight on humanity, and an anathema to the free world, he told the audience of Ministers and business leaders from 45 countries.

From the poorest to the most developed countries, right now, people are being trafficked and their rights denied.

We all have a role to play, regardless of the size or power of our country or Government.

Pato said Government cannot tackle the problem of human trafficking on its own, but must work with the private sector; and the upcoming APEC Transport Ministerial Meeting in Port Moresby will advance this agenda.

We have to work with the transportation industry to interrupt supply chains and networks in this awful trade in human misery.

In October this year, Papua New Guinea will host the 10th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting.

APEC has been proactive in encouraging collaboration, through the APEC Anti-Corruption and Transparency Working Group, to combat the problem of human trafficking in the Asia-Pacific region.

Considering transportation networks are exploited by traffickers, I expect our engagement through APEC will make an important contribution to dealing with this problem.......


Jamshedpurs MGM Hospital Blames Malnutrition After Over 100 Infants Die in Two Months "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

A state-level probe has not found any negligence by the government-run facility, but medical staff has alleged serious lapses in infant care.

MGM hospital. Credit: Twitter/@ANI

MGM hospital. Credit: Twitter/@ANI

New Delhi: After Gorakhpurs BRD Medical College came under the spotlight over the deaths of more than 70 children after oxygen supply was cut off at the hospital, over 100 infants including newborns have reportedly died at a government-run hospital in Jharkhand in a matter of just two months.

Over 52 of these newborn deaths at Jamshedpurs Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Medical College and Hospital have occurred in the past 30 days. According to The Telegraph, while a state-level inquiry into the high mortality did not find any negligence at the part of the hospital, it has been indicated by...


UN chief urges Saudi Arabia to let humanitarian aid reach Yemeni people David Icke latest headlines

The United Nations has strongly urged the warring sides in the Yemen conflict, including the invading Saudi Arabia, to allow humanitarian assistance into the impoverished country, as the Saudi war machine increasingly kills more civilians, including women and children. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres made the remarks in a press conference in Kuwait on Sunday, amid a political stalemate that has seen violence spilling into the Yemeni capital, Sanaa. We are doing our best to create the conditions for the present stalemate to be overcome, he said, following talks in Kuwait City, which is currently leading mediation efforts in crises across the Persian Gulf region, including the standoff between Qatar and a Saudi-led quartet coalition. Guterres comments came as tension between militia loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthi Ansarullah movement, led by Abdul Malik al-Houthi, escalated into armed clashes that left a number of people from both sides killed late Saturday. Saleh had formally announced his alliance with Houthis in July last year in a bid to defend the Yemeni nation against the Saudi aggression. Read more: UN chief urges Saudi Arabia to let humanitarian aid reach Yemeni people


Voices of reason call for immediate end  to NT Indigenous Intervention "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

~ Jeff McMullen,10655

 Several outspoken Elders,  including Utopias Rosalie Kunoth-Monks  and speakers from the Yolgnu Nations Assembly  will launch the statement of support in Melbourne.

They say the slow strangulation of services to the smaller homelands and the suffocating government control of almost all aspects of community life  is a creeping extinction for these Aboriginal people.

The group statement concludes:

We call on the Australian Government to heed the call of Northern Territory Elders  for an immediate end to the racism and discrimination of the Intervention policies which are an ongoing stain on the Australian nation.

It is time that the Australian Governments respect and negotiate with remote living Indigenous people in good faith, demonstrate proper duty of care to them and allow all First Nations of Australia the right to self-determination.



Donald Trump set to lift ban on military gear for police "IndyWatch Feed War"

The US presidents predecessor Barack Obama had restricted police access to military hardware after the 2014 Ferguson riots. The move banned gear such as grenade launchers, high caliber weapons and armored vehicles.

A police tactical team moves in to disperse a group of protesters following the shooting of a young black man by a white policeman in Ferguson (picture-alliance/AP Photo/J. Roberson)

US President Donald Trumps administration on Sunday was preparing to halt restrictions on miltary hardware for local police departments, multiple US news outlets reported.

Trump was planning to sign an executive order reversing a directive from former President Barack Obama that restricted police agencys access to military gear such as grenade launchers, bullet-proof vets, riot shields, guns and ammunition, according to documents seen by the Associated Press, the Washington Post, the New York times and USA Today.

Obama instated the ban on surplus high-caliber weapons, armored vehicles and other heavy equipment for local police departments following a public outcry over the militarized response to rioters in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.

The new order would fully restore the full scope of a longstanding program for recycling surplus, lifesaving gear from the Department of Defense, along with restoring the full scope of grants used to purchase this type of equipment from other sources, according to an administration summary that was quoted by USA Today.

Assets that would otherwise be scrapped can be re-purposed to help state, local and tribal law enforcement better protect public safety and reduce crime.

A Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle sits in front of police headquarters in Watertown, Conn Police departments only had to pay for transport costs under the controvers...


Phony Pretext of Combating ISIS: US Terror-Bombing Turned Raqqa Into a Moonscape "IndyWatch Feed War"

Phony Pretext of Combating ISIS: US Terror-Bombing Turned Raqqa Into a Moonscape By Stephen Lendman, America raped and destroyed Mosul on the phony pretext of combating ISIS and liberating the city.   Thousands of civilians were killed. Indiscriminate terror-bombing, including use of banned weapons, massacred them. Raqqa is being raped and destroyed the same way, []


Pakistani school drops John Lennons Imagine over blasphemy law fears David Icke latest headlines

A private school in Karachi has dropped John Lennons classic Imagine from a student concert following complaints about the songs atheist lyrics. Students at Karachi Grammar School were due to sing the Beatle singers 1971 solo hit at an annual event in a tradition stretching back decades. However, school administrators were forced into a late change over fears they could be liable for prosecution under Pakistans blasphemy laws. Newspaper columnist Ansar Abbasi highlighted the songs lyrics in a tweet Wednesday, sparking a widespread debate over whether the controversial lyrics were appropriate for a school event. Read more: Pakistani school drops John Lennons Imagine over blasphemy law fears


Piracy Fines For Dutch Pirates, Starting This Autumn "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In 2014, the European Court of Justice ruled that the piracy levy, used in the Netherlands to compensate rightsholders for illicit downloading, was unlawful. In the immediate aftermath, downloading from unauthorized sources was banned.

Three years on and illegal downloading is still considered by rightsholders to be a problem that needs to be brought under control. This means that BitTorrent users are the number one target since their activities also involve uploading, something that most courts consider to be a relatively serious offense.

With that in mind, Dutch film distributor Dutch Filmworks (DFW) is preparing a wave of anti-piracy activity that looks set to mimic the copyright-trolling activities of similar outfits all over the world.

A recent application to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens), revealed that DFW wishes to combat the unlawful dissemination of copyright protected works by monitoring the activities of BitTorrent users.

DFW intends to collect data from people who exchange files over the Internet through BitTorrent networks. The data processing consists of capturing proof of exchange of files via IP addresses for the purpose of researching involvement of these users in the distribution or reproduction of copyrighted works, it reads.

People who are monitored sharing DFW titles (the company says it intends to track people sharing dozens of releases) will get a letter with an offer to settle in advance of being taken to court. Speaking with NOS, DFW CEO Willem Pruijsserts now reveals that the campaign will begin in the autumn.

[The lettter] will propose a fee, he says. If someone does not agree [to pay], the organization can start a lawsuit.

Quite how much DFW will ask for is not yet clear, but Pruijsserts says the Dutch model will be more reasonable than similar schemes underway in other regions.

In Germany, this costs between 800 and 1,000, although we find this a bit excessive. But of course it has to be a deterrent, so it will be more than a tenner or two, he said.

In comments to RTLZ, Pruijsserts confirmed fines of at least hundreds of euros.

According to documents filed with the Dutch data protection authority, DFW will e...


Taliban bombing claims 13 lives in Afghanistans Helmand province David Icke latest headlines

At least 13 people have been killed and several more injured in a Taliban bombing attack on a convoy of troops in Afghanistans Helmand province. A suicide bomber detonated an explosive-filled car as the Afghan National Army convoy passed a small market in Nawa District of Helmand, said the spokesman for the provincial governor, Omar Zwak, on Sunday. The spokesman noted that civilians and members of the military were among the dead and injured. A local medical source claimed that 19 people had been injured in the blast. The majority of the dead belong to Afghan forces and most of the wounded are civilians, he added. Read more: Taliban bombing claims 13 lives in Afghanistans Helmand province


Malcolm Turnbull tries to look climate change good, with Snowy Hydro funding "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Malcolm Turnbull to announce millions in funding for Snowy Hydro 2.0 pet project, The Age,  James Massol, 27 Aug 17 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to announce millions in extra funding for his pet project, Snowy Hydro 2.0, after visiting the power station on Monday morning. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to announce millions in extra funding for his pet project, Snowy Hydro 2.0, after visiting the power station on Monday morning.

The announcement is due to be made in News Corp papers on Monday, but Fairfax Media has learnt the details ahead of time.

Mr Turnbull will attempt to focus on electricity prices and energy policy for the entire week ahead, in an attempt to shift focus away from the citizenship fiasco.

The feasibility study is due to be completed by the end of year; work is already under way on technical and drilling work and it will soon ramp up to be a 24-hour-a-day operation

The expansion of Snowy Hydro, which will conservatively cost at least $2 billion and which will take at least four years to complete, is designed to provide power for an extra 500,000 homes when finished. The bill for the project...


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

-by Noah

Seor Trumpanzee, aka The Crybaby-in-Chief, is throwing a real spitting mad tantrum about his wall these days. He's calling for shutting down the government if we don't pay for it with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars and give him his way. This, after promising that Mexico would pay for it.

By the logic of Trump's incredibly childish, sick, psychopathic mind, we should now not only pay for his wall, we should also, by his proposed shutdown, be deprived of the government services (such as Social Security, Medicare, VA benefits...) we've already paid for. You can bet that brings a smile to the faces of fellow psychopaths like House Speaker Paul Ryan.

There is, however, a solution; a common sense, a far cheaper, more righteous solution! Yes! Let's build the wall around Seor Trumpanzee himself! It would also make sense to make if just a little bigger and build the wall around the entire Trump White House, but first things first. I'm ready to contribute my share! I'm sure millions of us would be willing to go to Washington, trowels in hand, to each ceremoniously place a brick or two.


Wind PowerSome Basic Facts "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

From Paul Homewoods Blog August 12, 2017 tags: wind power By Paul Homewood We see many glowing articles about wind power, and renewable lobbyists, such as Renewable UK, are often given undue space in the media to peddle mistruths. This article is designed to lay out some of the basic facts. It will naturally concentrate


August 15 and the North-East Asia Conundrum "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

WWII are among the hardest for the Japanese public.

WWII memories are among the hardest for the Japanese public.

August 15 presents itself as a landmark date in the new history of the Asia-Pacific Region and, in particular, the North-East Asia Sub-Region. On this day in 1945, the then-Emperor of Japan, Hirohito, issued a historical statement in which he agreed to accept the terms of capitulation that the leaders of the United States, Great Britain and the Republic of China had formulated three weeks earlier in Potsdam.

Since then, Japan has always associated the end of the 1937-1945 war, a disaster that was unprecedented in the history of the country, with this date. Suffice it to say that, of the approximately 2.4 million servicemen killed in the wars that Japan had waged since the mid-19th century, over 90 per cent of them were in this last war.

However, the human and material losses incurred by China are incalculably greater. It is rather South Korea that claims the moral and political losses against Japan, which, however, extends to the entire period of the occupation of the Korean Peninsula (1910-1945).

In recent decades, the PRC and the ROK have followed with great attention the events that have marked this sad date in Tokyo, which is in line with the complex context of Japans current political relations with its two Asian neighbors. The negative context of this level in Japans relations with its main enemy in the last war, the US, is now virtually absent. To pay their due homage, people visit the memorials that were erected to commemorate the events of the bygone era, which are now very remote in relation to the current regional problems that are piling up like snowballs, threatening to destroy the entire system of relations across the Pacific Rim.

In view of these circumstances, during these days, both sides try to do various kinds of appreciable gestures for each other. For example, an almost 90-year-old former American marine serviceman who allegedly recovered (and had since been keeping) a Japanese flag from the body of a Japanese soldier who died on the island of Saipan in 1944 finally brought it to Japan. On August 15 o...


Pied wagtail video "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is a pied wagtail video. Sometimes they are considered to be a separate species; sometimes a white wagtail subspecies.


Gateway to the Heavens: The Assyrian Account to the Tower of Babel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

 How about an alternative reading?  As the Sahara desert dried out all the peoples living therin migrated toward the Nile delta. and this drove a population boom.


The Ottawa Angel Incident "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This another extaordinary eye witness report and very rich in detail.  She had ample time to observe close up and from diffeent angles.  I also think she has it ight on all counts.  This is an ambassador heading to a meeting in the city and surely was met by a conveyance there outside the city.

It is cetainly not an angel but may be a human genetic experiment constucted during the antidiluvium high civilization. Or it may be alien as well.  However, i do find that the whole described biology to be purely terran.  I know those wings and those feathers and that brow ridge as well.  Thus the simplest explanation is a population of flight modified humanity that retains its arms and legs as well and spots the necessary deep chest needed for the oveall large size.

We already know that such experiments were conducted long ago.  We already know how to do this ourselves or are so close that it no longer matters.

Of course this could be someone's creative witing execise or alternatively an ambasaador from our near future as well.  Yet i have ample indication of such cuiosities now stepping into and out of our present reality in order to taste our world again.  The wild was always about but few in number and smart enough to avoid common knowledge.

These on the other hand are completely human smart and simply biologically wonderful and good at not been seen generally.

The Ottawa Angel Incident

Friday, August 11, 2017


Diamond and Silk get the axe "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It angers me that Google, Facebook and Youtube, who possess effective monpolies over their space should use that power to choke independent voices supporting a political meme they simply do not like.  Perhaps the government should declare them to be a media utility and perhaps disallow their sale of advertising.  In fact why should they own the perpetual right to sell advertising anyway?

Newspapers no longer own the classifieds.  How about we simply create an advertising meme for all customers in the form of John Doe$$$ who immediately auto posts to his  account on these sites and shares with his friends.  I actually know how to make this into the central channel for all advertising without paying a dime to Google, Facebook and Youtube.

Diamond and Silk are good fun and no more.  I think i watched them once and they are actually funny.  Cutting that free act off from money is petty and insulting and enough to make many users angry.  These spoiled owners need to wake up and stop trying to jump in front of a political train(wreck) or otherwise because there is no way a commercial enterprise can win that game.

Recall how Trump's drawing power served to smash up a number of top unassailable brands and precipitated the abrupt departure of their bosses.  Then recall it had nothing to do with him at all and become very scared.  He is the bowsprit on a massive reformation of the American  polity that is happening regardless.

Diamond and Silk get the axe: Google, Facebook and YouTube on black censorship RAMPAGE to silence all pro-Trump voices by any means possible

Thursday, August 10, 2017 by: Ethan Huff



Free Laundry Machines Could Be A Key To Boosting School Attendance "IndyWatch Feed World"

When Whirlpool first donated washers and dryers to low-income schools, chronically absent kids started showing up an average of two more days per month. A new partnership with Teach for America will expand the programs reach even further.

Five years ago, the Piccolo School of Excellence in Chicago was selected as a turnaround school by the state of Illinois. It was one of the lowest-performing schools in the city, and had been so for a decade, current principal Michael Abello tells Fast Company. A complete overhaul in administration, from teachers to sound AV technicians, would help the school get back on track, the state reasoned. Between 2013 and 2014, the school jumped 864 places forward in the states rankings.

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The Supernatural Weapons of the Mahabharata and Their World Destroying Power "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Battle of Kurukshetra, fought between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, recorded in the Mahabharata

One thing that i have never truly commented on is that there is ample evidence in scriptures to support  both the Bronze Age and an earlier antediluvian technological civilization that sustained human lifespans past a thousand years.  Our own science is saying this is completely plausible.  

The memory of this past age has bled into the scriptures and has been sustained as we finally slipped into a primitive global dispensation rather recently in fact.   I suspect the last of the long lived humans left off not much later than 4000 to 5000 years ago with the establishment of several large cities.  Since then we have been living short cycle lives, forcing rapid change as a matter of course.

 Thus reading these scriptures is best done assuming modernity to provide technical explanations.  This works well.


 The Supernatural Weapons of the Mahabharata and Their World Destroying Power

In many world mythologies, the characters in the myths are often given supernatural weapons. In Greek mythology,...


Pakistan postpones visit by senior US official David Icke latest headlines

Pakistan has had a visit by a senior US official to the country postponed amid high anti-American sentiment in the country following controversial remarks made by US President Donald Trump. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry and the US Embassy in Islamabad said a planned visit by US Acting Secretary of State Alice Wells had been postponed. At the request of the Government of Pakistan, Acting Assistant Secretary Wells trip has been postponed until a mutually convenient time, a US Embassy spokesperson told Reuters on Sunday. The spokespersons name was not mentioned in the report. Neither Pakistani nor the US side explained why the visit was being postponed. But simmering anti-American sentiment caused by Trumps recent remarks accusing Pakistan of abetting militants fighting the government and foreign forces in neighboring Afghanistan is believed to be the reason. Read more: Pakistan postpones visit by senior US official


The Native American casualties of US immigration policy "IndyWatch Feed"

The O'Odham nation lives on both sides of the US-Mexican border, and for that they are persecuted.

My name is Ophelia Rivas, but my family knows me as Ilya. You know, the place where I come from is beautiful land. We've lived there for centuries and we have a way of life that we've followed for all those years. We continue parts of it right now, but the political effects that are imposed on our people because of these borders are greatly impacting our people.

After 9/11 the world discovered that there was the O'Odham nation, which is the second largest reservation in the United States after the Navajo. These reservations are considered concentration camps of the indigenous people in the United States. Our traditional lands are divided into different political boundaries. Less than one-third of our lands are now cordoned off, like a concentration camp.

We have three main roads that exit our reservation. Each of those exits have a border patrol checkpoint. We have to declare what citizens we are, on our own lands whether we're US citizens or Mexican citizens. I have resisted throughout my life, so I always say I am O'Odham, and we're on O'Odham land. I receive different responses to that. Sometimes I'm pulled into a secondary checkpoint and held there for hours, and have a drug-sniffing dog put into my car.

They held a gun to my head and asked me to say whether I was a US citizen or Mexican citizen in front of my daughter and my grandson.

There are different attacks on our people. My young friend who's travelling with me today, I remember his mother was nursing a baby. She was laying on a mat on the floor when border patrol came into the house, and instead of looking elsewhere they were looking for undocumented people  they shined their flashlight at her breast. What kind of human does that to another human to try to degrade them, in a way that is inhuman?

One of the things that happened to me was when they held a gun to my head and asked me to say whether I was a US citizen or Mexican citizen in front of my daughter and my grandson. It had a traumatic effect on my grandson for many years. The little boy used to run around making a pistol with his fingers, because that's what he saw that day. There are different extreme acts of violence and extreme aggression that have happened to not just me, but to every single person on the reservation where I come from.

My father's community is 15 miles south of that arbitrary border. Throughout my life, I've crossed that border back and forth to my father's community and my mother's community for differen...

Humanitarian citizens: breaking the law to protect human rights "IndyWatch Feed"

When states criminalise help, is it a sign of active citizenship to disobey?

Sleeping on the streets of Paris. NurPhoto/SIPA USA/PA Images. All rights reserved.

This article draws on research that will be presented at the European International Studies Association Pan-European Conference on International Relations in September 2017.

As part of the European Unions crackdown on irregular entry and smuggling of migrants and refugees, laws criminalising actions that facilitate the irregular entry, movement, or stay of foreigners have been enforced against those providing humanitarian assistance. Ongoing research at the United Nations University Institute on Globalisation, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM) examines how citizens are expressing solidarity with migrants by violating laws that criminalise humanitarian assistance. In doing so, these citizens are actively remaking their relationship to the state, challenging the notion of citizenship as a bounded legal category based on national identity in favour of an active form of citizenship as a practice of human solidarity.

In the Roya Valley, along the French-Italian border, citizens are actively contesting these laws through actions that assist migrants, and several court cases have been brought against them. Cdric Herrou has become the most visible face of the movement Roya Citoyenne, and numerous other individuals throughout the Roya Valley have become unlikely activists because of their assistance to migrants. For them, these activities began as a moral imperative to assist people in need and have evolved into political convictions against the governments restrictive policies on migration.

Activities which began as a moral imperative to assist people in need have evolved into political convictions against the governments restrictive policies on migration.

The actions of Herrou, Roya Citoyenne, and other grassroots groups in the region have much popular support, but have also met with political resistance and legal action. Breil-sur-Roya, where Herrou has hosted over 200 migrants on his farm, is a strongly polarised part of France. In...

The Case for Cosmic Pantheism - Facts So Romantic "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Einstein, a professed pantheist, wrote that he experienced a cosmic religious feeling, a persistent awe at the sublimity and marvelous order of the universe. He was not alone.Credit: Internet Archive

Arent those opposites? people often ask me, when they discover I study science and religion. As a professor of religious studies, I am particularly drawn to the places where religion and science seem antagonistic, but turn out to be entwined. The multiverse, I would argue, is one of those places. This may come as a surprise, because the multiverse is so often used as an argument against the existence of God.

The multiverse hypothesis has been around since the late 1950s, but it gained traction in the late 1990s when physicists discovered dark energy, or the cosmological constant. When it comes to the mass of the electron or the strength of the nuclear forces, nearly any other value would have prevented the emergence of life as we know it. As for the cosmological constant, nearly any other value would have prevented the emergence of the universe itself. So, this discovery forced physicists to confront a question they had been avoiding for decades: Why is the universe so well suited to our
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Enzyme Produced in the Liver Promotes Obesity, Fatty Liver Disease and Insulin Resistance "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Original article in Deutsches Zentrum fr Diabetesforschung e.V. (DZD):

In mice that are given a high-fat diet, an increased production of the enzyme DPP4* by the liver promotes an increase in body fat, the development of fatty liver disease and insulin resistance. These were the findings of a current study by DZD-researchers in Potsdam and Tbingen. "In combination with our observations from additional human and cell studies, these results indicate that increased DPP4 production by the liver is the cause rather than the consequence of a fatty liver and insulin resistance," says the head of the study, Annette Schrmann from the German Institute for Human Nutrition Research (DIfE), a partner of the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD). The research team led by Schrmann has now published its findings in Molecular Metabolism.

"DPP4 inhibitors** are well known from the treatment of diabetes. Therefore, in our opinion, they could be used in the future not only to improve the sugar metabolism but also to treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease***," adds the lead author of the study, Christian Baumeier from DIfE.

[...] In addition, the scientists observed that human beings suffering from insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease have a greater amount of active DPP4 in their blood than healthy people.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Destabilization Plots Against Syria and Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed War"

Destabilization Plots Against Syria and Venezuela By Hugo Turner,   First published in April 2017 The empire is on the rampage across the planet. World War 4 is intensifying with disastrous results for the world. The US has expanded its aggression against so many countries at once that is hard to keep up. North Korea []


UK press: EU could be open to Brexit climbdown over trade talks "IndyWatch Feed War"

David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, travels on Monday to Brussels for face-to-face talks with Michel Barnier, the EUs chief negotiator (right)  CREDIT:  GEERT VANDEN WIJNGAERT/AP

The Telegraph reports on moves from France and others in the European Union to begin talks in October 

  • France is proposing the UK requests a three-year transitional deal as long as the UK continues to pay into the EU Budget & accepts EU law
  • On the other hand, hardliners in the EU (eg. Michel Barnier, the EUs chief negotiator) say there can be no trade talks until the issue of the Brexit divorce bill is settled
Chart via Bloomberg


Bodies of all 10 missing sailors on USS John McCain recovered David Icke latest headlines

The US Navy says it has recovered the remains of all the 10 sailors that went missing on USS John McCain guided-missile destroyer, a week after the warship collided with an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore. The US Navys 7th Fleet, to which the destroyer belongs, said Monday that the bodies were scattered around within the destroyer, which has been docked at Changi naval base in Singapore ever since the August 21 collision. The incident is under investigation to determine the facts and circumstances of the collision, said a spokesman for the Japan-based 7th Fleet. The sailors were mostly electronics technicians, according to an earlier statement by the US military. Five sailors were also injured. The McCain collided with the Liberian-flagged oil tanker, which was three times its size, before dawn near the entrance to the Strait of Malacca, one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes. Read more: Bodies of all 10 missing sailors on USS John McCain recovered


Israel finalizes deal for 17 more F-35 'stealth' fighters David Icke latest headlines

Israel says it has finalized a deal to buy another batch of F-35 warplanes from the US, and is to become only the second military in the world to have an operational squadron of the warplanes aside from the US itself. Israels ministry for military affairs announced the conclusion of the accord for 17 more stealth fighters on Sunday, coming in line with US policy of ensuring Tel Avivs qualitative military edge in the Middle East. The regime has already ordered 33 of the worlds most expensive fighter jets. Of these, it has received five aircraft so far, and will render a full-fledged squadron airworthy by yearend. The aircraft, which are manufactured by US-based Lockheed Martin, are said to have fundamental design flaws that could vex the F-35 for decades to come. Read more: Israel finalizes deal for 17 more F-35 stealth fighters


Toxic Mist from the Sea Sickens 133 People in the UK "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Cloud of toxic gas forces mass evacuation at busy UK beach At least 133 people have been decontaminated in hospital after a suspected chemical leak along the East Sussex coast in the UK, a report said. Birling Gap beach was evacuated on Sunday after people reported breathing difficulties, stinging eyes and vomiting when a mist []


Hillary Clinton Allies Are Working From Within White House to Ruin Trump - Sebastian Gorka "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hillary Clinton Allies Are Working From Within White House to Ruin Trump - Sebastian Gorka | 27 Aug 2017 | Donald Trump is being undermined by White House insiders who would rather have worked for Hillary Clinton, according to former deputy assistant to the president Sebastian Gorka.


UK is facing a Brexit brain drain, survey finds "IndyWatch Feed War"

Almost one million EU nationals currently working in the UK are considering leaving the country in a potential Brexit brain-drain, according to a new survey.

Among those who said they were considering quitting Britain were 50% of EU workers with PhDs, 39% with postgraduate degrees and 52% of those on higher incomes who were interviewed for the survey for KPMG UK.

The survey of 2,000 EU citizens found that 45% plan to stay in the UK after Brexit, 35% are considering leaving and 8% have made up their minds to go.

If all of those considering departure actually left, it would reduce the UKs national workforce by 3.1% almost one million people said the consultancy firm.

Some 51% said they would like to hear a clear commitment from their employers that they want them to stay.

KPMGs head of Brexit, Karen Briggs, said: Our survey highlights how important the actions of employers are going to be if the UK is to avoid a Brexit brain-drain.

Although almost half of the EU citizens working in the UK plan to stay, what other EU citizens choose to do is definitely hanging in the balance.

Against this backdrop we expect to see increased competition for talent between employers over the coming years, and numerous firms seeking to supplement their workforce with AI (artificial intelligence), robotics and automation.

Half (50%) of those surveyed said they felt less welcomed and valued in the UK since the Brexit vote and 53% said that the Governments offer to protect their rights after Brexit had made no difference to their thinking.

In a separate poll of 1,000 EU citizens from countries supplying large numbers of workers to the UK, some 49% said that the desirability of Britain as a place to live and work had fallen due to the referendum result.

:: OnePoll questioned 2,000 EU workers in the UK between July 14 and 31, and 1,000 EU citizens living in Poland, Ireland, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, France, Germany, Spain and Latvia between July 14 and 25.



7 of the Rarest Mental Disorders That You Have Probably Never Heard Of "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mental health conditions affect tons of people across the globe; we all know about the more common ones like depression or anixety, but what about the ones that we have never heard of? These uncommon conditions are rare and fascinating, to say the least.

These conditions are everything from delusional misinterpretations to reactions to overwhelming experiences, and everything in-between. While I have personally never met anyone with one of these illnesses, I would love to. Have you ever heard of any of the following mental disorders?

Strange Mental Disorders You Probably Have Never Heard Of:

1. Alien Hand Syndrome

Alien Hand Syndrome is the belief that ones hands do not belong to them and have their own minds. The hands of these people seem to do things that the person has no control over. They act in opposition of the person who should be controlling them. This generally occurs in people who have damage to their corpus callosum, but can also affect those who have had a stroke.

2. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

This syndrome is also known as Todd syndrome and is a neurological condition in which a person has a distorted sense of space, body image, and in some cases time. Those with this syndrome may experience hallucinations and other things of the sort. This is something often associated with frequent migraines and brain tumors.

3. Capgras Syndrome

This is something that can be a bit tricky at times. People with this syndrome believe that someone (a family member, friend, or even acquaintance) has been replaced by an identical looking impostor. This has been reported in people suffering from dementia, but is most common in those with schizophrenia.

4. Cotard Delusion

This is one of my favorite syndromes to research. It is a condition in which the person affected believes he or she is already dead and/or is rotting. People with this disorder may refuse to eat as they feel they no longer need to and so forth. They are in their mind zombies I guess you could say without the need to feast on brains of course.

5. Foreign Accent Syndrome

This one while it is not quite as strange is still pretty interesting, people with this condition speak their native language as if they have a foreign accent. Usually, this comes after a head injury or st...


Merkel Says She Has No Regrets Over Refugee Policy Despite Political Cost "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a top candidate of the Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU), gives a speech during an election rally in Vacha, Germany, August 24, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach

Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she has no regrets about her 2015 decision to open the countrys borders to hundreds of thousands of refugees and added she will not be deterred from campaigning by angry hecklers.

In an interview with the Welt am Sonntag newspaper on Sunday, Merkel denied she had made any mistakes with her open-door policy even though the arrival of a million refugees over the last two years from Syria and Iraq opened deep rifts in her conservative party and depressed its support.

Four weeks before the September 24 election, an Emnid opinion poll on Sunday showed Merkels...


DESOPADEC Abandons Six Classrooms Blocks In Oginibo Secondary School "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The sign board of the DESOPADEC cobtactor looking rusty and over grown with weed at the site of the abadoned six block xlassroom project

The sign board of the DESOPADEC cobtactor looking rusty and over grown with weed at the site of the abadoned six block xlassroom project

LAGOS AUGUST 28TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, DESOPADEC has allegedly abandoned a six classrooms block in the hometown of former Minister of Education(State) Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, Oginibo Community in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State.
Ourinvestigatio revealed that that the project situated in the dilapidated Oginibo Secondary School in Oginibo Community, Delta State has been overtaken by weeds and reptiles.
Tabmote Enterprises of No. 22 Enerhen road in Uvwie Local Government Area is the contractor handling the project in the hometown of former Minister for Education(State) Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi and other distinguished Ughievwen sons.
Currently, the staff room is unbefitting even for rats and other animals to dwell.
Dilapidated laboratry science classroom of the scholl

Dilapidated laboratry science classroom of the school

There are also no toilet facilities, enough desks and chairs in the school that has unfurnished and unequipped and dirty science laboratory.
The ceilings in the school have been shattered by unknown persons and the home of Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi whose residence is just a stone throw from the school.


Indonesian Woman Jailed for Suicide Bomb Plot at Jakarta Palace "IndyWatch Feed War"

JAKARTA A Jakarta court has sentenced a female would-be suicide bomber to seven and a half years in prison, prosecutors and her lawyer said, the first time a woman has been convicted in Indonesia for planning such an attack.

Dian Yulia Novi, 28, was arrested late last year on suspicion of plotting to blow herself up outside Jakartas presidential palace during the changing of the guard. She was arrested along with her husband, Muhamad Nur Solikin.

Indonesia, the worlds largest Muslim-majority nation, has seen a surge in homegrown militancy inspired by Islamic State, and has grappled with a series of small-scale attacks in the past two years.

Prosecutors had demanded a 10-year sentence for Novi, whom they said received instructions to carry out the attack from Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian militant believed to be fighting with Islamic State in Syria.

Her sentence was reduced because she admitted to her actions, Novis lawyer Kamsi told Reuters on Monday. He said the verdict was handed down by East Jakarta District Court on Aug. 25.

Judges delivered the verdict earlier than expected because No...


A Review of US Media Coverage on Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed War"

A Review of US Media Coverage on Venezuela By Richard Seymour | TeleSUR | August 24, 2017 United States newspapers. | Photo: Reuters The majority of the media loathes Trump. But there is little likelihood of their opposing him if he follows through on his military threat against Venezuela. Donald Trump has warned that Washington []


After Decades of War, Colombias FARC Rebels Debut Political Party "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Colombias Marxist FARC rebel leader Rodrigo Londono, known as Timochenko, and Ivan Marquez seen during the installation of the National Congress of the FARC in Bogota, Colombia, August 27, 2017. Credit: Reuters/ Jaime Saldarriaga

Bogota: Colombias leftist FARC rebel group is introducing its political party at a conference that began on Sunday, a major step in its transition into a civilian organization after more than 50 years of war and its first chance to announce policy to skeptical voters.

The six-day meeting in Bogota of FARC members, who have handed in more than 8,000 weapons to the United Nations during their demobilisation, is expe...


GoFundMe has created a central location for campaigns to help those affected by Harvey "IndyWatch Feed World"

One of the few good things that come out of natural disasters is the way people from across all walks of life come together to help each other out in times of need. Unsurprisingly, a large number of campaigns have been created on GoFundMe to help the victims of Harvey. To make finding those campaigns Continue reading GoFundMe has created a central location for campaigns to help those affected by Harvey

One of the few good things that come out of natural disasters is the way people from across all walks of life come together to help each other out in times of need. Unsurprisingly, a large number of campaigns have been created on GoFundMe to help the victims of Harvey. To make finding those campaigns easier, GoFundMe has now created a central Hurricane Harvey Relief hub that aggregates all the Harvey-related campaigns. You can check it out here.

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Gloves are off in Adani megamine fight "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

ADANI will chase activists and environmental groups for an estimated $1 million in court damages after receiving a slap on the wrist for coal dust spill. (subscribers only) news/queensland/adani-plays-ha rdball-with-protesters-to-get- its-carmichael-mine-built/news -story/e9cffaf4f9a0fb631f80ca1 fb3fd1336


TOP announce co-deputy and party list "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Opportunities Party has announced a co-deputy leader and also their party list. Opportunities Party Announces Teresa Moore Co Deputy Leader The Opportunities Party East Coast Bays candidate Teresa Moore will join Wellington Central candidate Geoff Simmons as Co Deputy Leader of the Party. Teresa is a welcome addition to TOPs leadership team and will []


Heavy sea ice stops another sailing expedition to the North Pole in August "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Arctic Mission had set out with the objective to reach the the north pole by sailboat to prove there was global warming melting the Arctic sea ice. Problem is they are already bogged down in feet thick sea ice a couple of weeks out of Alaska. This is due to growing sea ice extent versus prior years and below normal temperatures registered the entire melt season of 2017.


Australia eclipsed in commercial solar uptake "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"  Reece Turner, 27 Aug 2017, Australia is seeing a new boom in solar energy generation powered by nose-bleeding electricity and gas price rises. In fact, Australian households are approaching 25 per cent solar uptake, which is the highest in the world by a large margin.

In Illawarra, there are 11,259 households powered by the sun and, according to advocacy group Solar Citizens, this saves residents $5.4 million every year. This is great for job creation and the environment.

However, when it comes to businesses installing solar power, Australias doing far worse. Estimates are were not even in the top 20 countries for commercial solar.

Community energy group Repower and solar engineering company Planet Ark Power hope to change that by helping more companies in Illawarra to take up solar.

This month, at the Wollongong Tennis Club, well be launching Repower Wollongong. This follows successful launches of Repower Shoalhaven and Repower Southern Highlands. Indeed, this model of community energy group is one of the most successful in the country, assisting 17 businesses save thousands on their bills.

Many businesses are interested in going solar, but there are some hurdles. One of them can be the upfront costs. A commercial solar system generates free energy for 25 or 30 years, but the initial investment can be anything from $20,000 upward...


Pakistan Army: Bombing Kills 2 Troops in Tribal Region Near Afghanistan Border Area of safe havens for the Afghan Taliban President Trump wants shut down "IndyWatch Feed War"

ISLAMABAD Pakistans army says a bomb has killed two soldiers during a search operation in the South Waziristan tribal region near the border with Afghanistan.

A military statement says the troops were conducting the search in the Angur Adda area close to the border late on Sunday night, when the bomb went off.

Image result for Angoor Adda, map

Pakistan has carried out several military operations against militants in South Waziristan and elsewhere in recent years. The army says its now clearing up remaining pockets in areas once used by militants as sanctuaries.

Last week, President Donald Trump demanded that Pakistan shut down safe havens for the Afghan Taliban. Pakistan says it has no safe havens for the Taliban. The demand came during Trumps speech announcing a new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia.

Related image


[SECURITY] [DSA 3956-1] connman security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Luciano Bello on Aug 27

Debian Security Advisory DSA-3956-1 security () debian org Luciano Bello
August 27, 2017

Package : connman
CVE ID : CVE-2017-12865
Debian Bug :...


So-called Ignorant former state agronomists demand scrapping of Shenhua coal mine "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Ignorant: Former state agronomists demand scrapping of Shenhua coal mine, The Age, Peter Hannam, 27 Aug 17

Claims that Shenhuas restricted coal mining will avoid affecting the aquifers of the rich farmlands of the Liverpool Plains are false and ignorant, former state and private agronomists have said in a letter to Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

The government last month paid the Chinese coal miner $262 million for just over half the exploration licence area of the proposed mine at Watermark in northern NSW. Energy Minister Don Harwin said the buyback would ensure there was no mining on the fertile black soils of the plains.

But the agronomists, five of whom worked for the Department of Primary Industries or precursor departments, said limiting the proposed open cut mine to ridges would still likely affect surface and groundwater flows in the plains and downstream regions.

The claim that mining the ridges above Breeza will not have an impact on farming operations is false and ignorant, the letters authors said.

Hydrogeological investigations have shown that there is a high degree of connectivity between the alluvial aquifers throughout the Namoi Valley. Brian Tomalin, a retired cattle farmer and a former Namoi Catchment Management board member, told Fairfax Media endangered ecological communities such as whitebox woodlands were also at risk from impacts of an open pit reaching as deep as 300 metres.

 Theres more at stake than just the agriculture, Mr Tomalin said. If you drain the alluvial aquifers youll never get them back..

The retired agronomists said a range of studies indicated that, at the least, the government should be demanding more research to assess the risks posed by the mine.

The Namoi Catchment Water Study, the Independent Expert Scientific Committee and the Federal Environment Minister all identified the need for more information to inform the decision-making process, the letter said. To date this has not happened.



Dipak Misra Sworn in as Indias New Chief Justice "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Justice Misra was part of the bench that confirmed the death sentence of the convicts in the December 16 rape case and passed the order for mandatory singing of the national anthem in cinema halls.

Justice Misra, 64, assumes office following the retirement of Justice J.S. Khehar. Credit: PTI

Justice Misra, 64, assumes office following the retirement of Justice J.S. Khehar. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: Justice Dipak Misra, who was part of the bench that confirmed the death sentence of the four convicts in the December 16 gangrape case and passed the order for mandatory singing of the national anthem in cinema halls, was today sworn in as the 45th Chief Justice of India.

At a brief ceremony in the Darbar Hall of Rashtrapati Bhawan, President Ram Nath Kovind administered the oath of office to Misra.

Justice Misra took the oath in English in the name of God.

Justice Misra, 64,...


Muslim Men Lynched in West Bengal Over Cow Theft Suspicions "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The two were dragged out of a van carrying seven cows and killed by a mob in the middle of the night. The driver of the van managed to escape.

A murder case has been lodged but nobody has been arrested so far. Credit: PTI

A murder case has been lodged but nobody has been arrested so far. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: Two Muslim men were killed by a mob who suspected them of being cow thieves in Dadon village, Jalpaiguri, early on Sunday. They were travelling in a pick-up van carrying seven cows, Indian Express reported.

Anwar Hussain (19) and Hafizul Sheikh (19) were beaten to death by the mob, which intercepted their van and pulled them out of it at around 3 am on Sunday, the police said, adding that the pick-up van was also badly damaged by the mob.

Police took Hussain and Sheikh to the Dhupguri hospital where they were declared brought dead. The police also took charge of the animals in the vehicle. A large contingent of police was deployed in the area. The driver of the van, police have said, managed to escape the mob. He later told the police that they had lost their way and were wandering around the village trying to find a way out when the mob attacked them, Hindustan Tim...


96% of Gazas water supply is unsafe "IndyWatch Feed War"

96% of Gazas water supply is unsafe Palestine Information Center August 27, 2017 LONDON, (PIC) + The Independent British newspaper said that An incredible 96 per cent of Gazas water supply is unsafe to drink, as its only aquifer is contaminated by sewage and the coastal enclaves three desalination plants are in effect []


BBC WS Newsdays one-sided peace process reporting part two "IndyWatch Feed War"

As we saw in part one of this post, on August 24th the lead story in the early edition of the BBC World Service radio programme Newsday related to a visit to the Middle East by a US delegation.

That item presented an unchallenged, one-sided view of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians from a former PLO employee and steered listeners towards the belief that the main issue at stake is settlements, as well as promoting partisan views of international law.

A later edition of the same programme on the same day also led with that story but if listeners were expecting to hear a balancing viewpoint from the other side, they would have been sorely disappointed. Presenter Lawrence Pollard introduced the item (from 00:21 here) thus: [emphasis in italics in the original, emphasis in bold added]...


White-tailed deer in the USA "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from the USA says about itself:

27 August 2017

A young White-Tailed Deer grazing in a meadow finds us about as fascinating as we find him.


Heres the latest updates on tropical storm Harvey "IndyWatch Feed World"

Harvey was originally a category 4 hurricane when it made landfall in Texas, but it quickly lost power and was downgraded to a tropical storm, the Guardian reports. Currently, 13 million people are under flood watches and warnings. These include cities ranging from Corpus Christi, Texas, to New Orleans, reports CNN. At Continue reading Heres the latest updates on tropical storm Harvey

Harvey was originally a category 4 hurricane when it made landfall in Texas, but it quickly lost power and was downgraded to a tropical storm, the Guardian reports.

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Factcheck: Misleading headlines about electric car charging while boiling the kettle "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Since the UK government announced plans to ban petrol and diesel sales from 2040, the shift to electric cars has attracted a lot of negative media coverage.


It's a digital world - Australian periodicals "IndyWatch Feed National"


I have written a few posts in recent times, about the need to digitise old Australian UAP periodicals; and the ability of blog readers to upload digital copies of old TUFOIC and UFOIC Newsletters. I am currently working on on making more Australian UAP periodicals available, stay tuned to this blog.

Long term blog readers, will also recall that I am a great believer in going back to original source material when reviewing cases. Old periodicals are an excellent source of such original material.

I have received a number of requests from both Australian and overseas researchers, to provide a list of the available digital Australian periodicals. Here it is.

If any blog readers have digital issues which are not listed, I would appreciate a scanned PDF copy being sent to me at If you have hard copies of no...


Nigeria wins Women Afrobasket after 12 years "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Nigerias senior women basketball team, DTigress, on Sunday restored the nations lost glory in the Women Afrobasket having defeated defending champions, Senegal to clinch the title for the third time after 12 years. The News agency of Nigeria reports that in the competitions final played in Bamako, Mali, the DTigress walloped their Senegalese counterparts []

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Brexit talks to resume in Brussels "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Formal Brexit talks are due to resume in Brussels later, with British negotiators urging the EU to show flexibility and imagination. Brexit Secretary David Davis wants to broaden discussions to include trade. But the EU says there has to be progress on the issues of citizens rights, the Irish border and the divorce bill []

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Harvey flood disaster in Houston, USA "IndyWatch Feed World"

This New York Times video from the USA says about itself:

Houston Flooding Is Deadly as Harvey Lingers

27 August 2017

Once a hurricane Harvey, now a tropical storm, pummeled Houston and the surrounding region, bringing catastrophic flooding and killing at least five people.

By Tom Hall in the USA:

Capitalism and the Houston flood catastrophe

28 August 2017

Nearly twelve years to the day after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans, Hurricane Harvey is wreaking havoc along the Texas Gulf Coast. Harvey has caused widespread flooding in Houston, the fourth largest city in the country, with 2.3 million people and a metropolitan area population of nearly 6.5 million.

Once again, a major storm has stripped away the pretense and revealed the brutal reality of American society, exposing pervasive poverty, staggering levels of inequality, and rampant official neglect and corruption. Scenes are unfolding of entire families trudging through waist-high water befouled with oil, sewage and chemicals; people young and old scrambling onto roofs in the desperate hope of being rescued from rapidly rising water; entire sections of the city cut off from shelter, food and clean water. The situation will only grow worse as the storm continues to drop record volumes of rain on the city and its environs.

In the richest country in the world, where trillions of dollars were made available to the banks in the aftermath of th...


The Media Is the Villain for Creating a World Dumb Enough for Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Media Is the Villain for Creating a World Dumb Enough for Trump By Matt Taibbi Yet another TV executive says Trump is good for business. Is sudden good fortune of news media by accident or design? Credit: Ralph Freso/Getty The craziest part of Donald Trumps 77-minute loon-a-thon in Phoenix earlier this week came []


Greenland, the land of ice and snow, is burning "IndyWatch Feed"

This is going to sound weird, but theres a wildfire right now in west Greenland. You know, that huge island of mostly ice? Part of it is on fire. Theres been nothing even close to this since reliable satellite-based fire detection records began in Greenland in 2000. Very small wildfires can evade satellite detection, and []


Storm Harvey: 2,000 rescued as Houston hit by catastrophic floods "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Up to 2,000 people have been rescued from floods in and around Houston, as Tropical Storm Harvey continues to batter Texas with heavy rains. There are reports of possible deaths in submerged vehicles, but investigations continue, Chief Darryl Coleman of the Harris County Sheriffs Office said. Texas Governor Greg Abbott told the media []

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Uber picks Dara Khosrowshahi as new CEO "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Uber has chosen Expedia boss Dara Khosrowshahi to be its chief executive, ending months of speculation in the firms search for a new leader. The decision was made by Ubers board late on Sunday, a source told the BBC, but the company has made no official announcement. Khosrowshahi would replace Travis Kalanick who resigned []

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Gurmeet Ram Rahim Sentencing: Rohtak Under Shutdown, Security Heightened in Haryana "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

A special CBI court will begin hearing arguments over sentencing at 2:30 pm in the district jail at Sunaria where the Dera Sacha Sauda chief is lodged.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. Credit: PTI

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: With the sentencing of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh scheduled for today (August 28), Haryana and Punjab have shut down schools and colleges, suspended mobile services and increased security around a Rohtak jail, where punishment will be handed out to the Dera Sacha Sauda chief who on Friday was convicted of rape. Shamli and Baghpat in western Uttar Pradesh are on high alert, while heavy police force has been deployed at the Haryana border, Firstpost reported.

According to a Hindustan Times report, a special CBI court will begin h...


Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Western Wars Have Killed Four Million Muslims Since 1990 By Nafeez Ahmed Landmark research proves that the US-led war on terror has killed as many as 2 million people, but this is a fraction of Western responsibility for deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last two decades Nafeez Ahmed MEE Last month, the []


Fatehabad nuclear project: a Fukushima in the making? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Amita Bhaduri | Nuclear plants are usually located near oceans or rivers in order to have access to ample water for cooling but not the plant at Fatehabad. When completed, it will be Indias largest and could be its most dangerous too.

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How reconnecting with nature can help us cope with floods "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Heavier rains and urban flooding are forecast for Southeast Asia in the next few decades, as the region feels the impact of climate change and rapid urbanisation. Will technology or getting in touch with nature save us?


EPL: Arsenal greats slam Wengers side "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Arsenals shocking performance in their 4-0 Premier League defeat at Liverpool on Sunday was slammed by the clubs former greats with all-time top scorer Thierry Henry describing the team as unwatchable. Arsene Wengers team were 2-0 down at the break and could have lost be an even bigger margin if it had not []

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Katie Couric Has A Smartphone Problem And Isnt Afraid To Talk About It "IndyWatch Feed World"

Fresh off her Yahoo anchor gig, the TV star and budding podcaster is looking for more thoughtful conversationand trying to get off her phone.

Ive got issues, says Katie Couric. Shes on vacation with friends in Nantucket, and has been driving around the island looking for a spot with good reception. Her cellphones battery has died, so shes calling from a friends phone. Like most people I know, I sometimes get panic-stricken looking for my phonewhen Im on my phone, the anchorwoman says with a laugh. That makes me think that I have I have a problem. I just think that like so many people, I check my phone way too frequently. I am on it way too much and I think its disruptive to relationships and to your mental health.

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La Liga: Valencia end Reals winning streak "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Real Madrid needed a late strike from Marco Asensio to prevent a shock defeat but still saw their relentless winning streak ended by Valencia in a thrilling 2-2 draw at the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday. Asensio had got the hosts off to the perfect start after just 10 minutes, but Carlos Soler rounded []

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2019: Buharis return unsettles APC leaders "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Presidential hopeful made overtures to PDP Opposition plots waivers for APC chieftains   There are indications that politicians, mostly from the northern part of the country, are presently jittery over the safe return of President Muhammadu Buhari from his medical sojourn in London, United Kingdom (UK). Investigations revealed that following the prolonged stay of the []

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Whaleoil Backchat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You dont have to stay on topic in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. If you havent tried it before, signing up for a Disqus account is free, quick, and it is easy. New []

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Adani Says to Start Work on Carmichael Coal Project With Own Funds "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Analysts have raised doubts about whether Adani can fund what would be Australias biggest coal mine given opposition from green groups and a global backlash to investment in fossil fuels, while Adani insists the project will proceed.

Indian billionaire Gautam Adani speaks during an interview with Reuters at his office in Ahmedabad in this April 2, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Amit Dave/Files

Sydney: Indias Adani Enterprises said on Monday it will start work in October on its Carmichael coal project in Australia using $400 million ($317 million) of its own funds, even as it looks to lock in financing for the controversial mine.

Adani, which has said previously that it needed to borrow under $2 billion to get the project off the ground, will target first shipments from March 2020 for the first stage of the project which has been trimmed back to a cost of $4 billion.

Analysts have raised doubts about whether Adani can fund what would be Australias biggest...


Michael Moore Says Trump Is On Track To Win Again In 2020 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Moores new Broadway show, The Terms of My Surrender, is his attempt to change that.

Three weeks into the run of his anti-Trump Broadway show, The Terms of My Surrender, filmmaker and activist Michael Moore tells Fast Company that the president will be reelected in 2020. I should say re-appointed, because we will have an even larger population that will vote against him in 2020, Moore says. But he will win those electoral states as it stands now.

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U.S. Has Only Acknowledged A Fifth of Its Lethal Strikes "IndyWatch Feed"

Over the past decade, the United States has claimed broad authority to carry out drone strikes across the world, even in places far from the battlefield. Under President Barack Obama, the U.S. acknowledged killing between 2,867 and 3,138 people in strikes that took place in countries like Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan. Although in the waning []


Zimperium researcher released an iOS Kernel Exploit PoC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Zimperium Researcher Adam Donenfeld released an iOS Kernel Exploit PoC that can be used to gain full control of iOS mobile devices.

Researcher Adam Donenfeld of mobile security firm Zimperium published a Proof-of-concept (PoC) for recently patched iOS vulnerabilities that can be chained to gain full control of iOS mobile devices.

The expert called the PoC exploit zIVA (Zimperiums iOS Video Audio), it is designated to work on all 64-bit iOS devices <= 10.3.1.

The vulnerabilities discovered earlier this year are tracked as CVE-2017-6979, CVE-2017-6989, CVE-2017-6994, CVE-2017-6995, CVE-2017-6996, CVE-2017-6997, CVE-2017-6998 and CVE-2017-6999.

The exploit allows an attacker to take complete control of the kernel, chaining the vulnerabilities it is possible to jailbreak a device, it has been presented at the HITBGSEC held in Singapore on August 25th.

Following my previous post, Im releasing ziVA: a fully chained iOS kernel exploit that (should) work on all the iOS devices running iOS 10.3.1 or earlier. The exploit itself consists of multiple vulnerabilities that were discovered all in the same module: AppleAVEDriver. Donenfeld wrote in a blog post.

iOS Kernel Exploit

iOS 10.3.2, which Apple released in mid-May, addresses seven AVEVideoEncoder flaws and one IOSurface vulnerability discovered b...


Second deadly storm in a week batters southern China "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tropical storm Pakhar leaves one man dead and 62 injured in China's autonomous territory of Hong Kong. One man was killed, 62 were injured as severe tropical storm Pakhar descended on China's autonomous territory of Hong Kong, local media reported. The storm hit Hong Kong and Macau on Sunday, with Macau officials reporting eight people with minor injuries, according to the newspaper South China Morning Post. Macau reportedly canceled 33 flight departures and 32 arrivals, while in Hong Kong 677 flights were either canceled or delayed on Sunday. Macau was recently ravaged by Typhoon Hato, which struck the resort city on Wednesday, killing 10 people and injuring more than 200.


A team from Munich just won the Hyperloop Pod Competition "IndyWatch Feed World"

The competition sought the fastest pod that could go down a 1.25 kilometer (0.77 mile) track. The winning pod was built by the Warr team from the Technical University of Munich, with their pod hitting a top speed of over 200 mph, reports Engadget. Of course, now that a 200 mph pod has been built, Continue reading A team from Munich just won the Hyperloop Pod Competition

The competition sought the fastest pod that could go down a 1.25 kilometer (0.77 mile) track. The winning pod was built by the Warr team from the Technical University of Munich, with their pod hitting a top speed of over 200 mph, reports Engadget. Of course, now that a 200 mph pod has been built, Elon Musk says theres no reason a pod cant be made that goes 600 mph.

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Traditional Cannon, Ituru Kills Pregnant Woman In Urhobo Community "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

LAGOS AUGUST 28TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Shells of a cannon, known as Ituru or Ebeghre in Urhobo language shot during a traditional ceremony has reportedly killed a 26-year-old pregnant woman at Ujevwu community, in Udu Council Area of Delta State.
Sources from the community said the woman, identified as Mrs. Ese Edewor, was alleged to be taking her bath in a makeshift bathroom outside her apartment when the incident occurred on Saturday.
The deceased, a mother of two, was expecting her third child when the shrapnels from traditional cannon pierced her stomach and she died on the spot before medical assistance could be rendered.
It was gathered that the cannon was allegedly fired as part of activities marking the 11th memorial anniversary of a prominent community leader, late Chief Richard Kenairu Alerebo, which was expected to climax on Sunday, August 27.
Recounting details of the incident to our correspondent, a neighbour to the deceased, who pleaded not to be mentioned, said, The late Ese was having her bath when shells from traditional cannon fired around our neighborhood to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the demise of a chief in the community.
Another woman who was waiting in line to take her bath after Ese survived the incident.
A Police source at the Ovwian Police Division in Udu confirmed the incident, saying one of the children of late Kenairu Alerebo, identified as Obruche Kenairu, has been arrested.
The celebration was reportedly suspended following the killing.
The State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Andrew Aniamaka, could not be reached for comment as efforts to reach him for confirmation proved abortive.


Whats Changed in the 50 Years Since the Supreme Court Ended Interracial Marriage Bans "IndyWatch Feed"

Should we allow states to decide whether black Americans may marry white Americans? Today, such an idea seems absurd. Most Americans believe that states shouldnt be permitted to trample on the basic right of interracial couples to marry. It would be unfair a clear violation of civil rights. But until 50 years ago on []


[Portugal] Multiform combat against global tyranny, irreducibility to the advance of state terrorism "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

[International solidarity week with anarchist prisoners August 23 to 30, 2017]

Multiform combat against global tyranny, irreducibility to the advance of state terrorism

In Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Greece, Turkey, Syria, USA, Venezuela, Germany, Poland, Russia, India or China as in Portugal or any other part of the world the order is to attack by all means those who resist, relentlessly pursuing all combatants, imprisoning them, torturing them, killing them if they deem it necessary. The dogs of Power receive the salary to that, the laws are adapted to legitimize the crimes of state terrorism, all crimes of capitalism. Capitalism, in all nuances, feeds on these situations while the peoples remain inert, terrified or dormant, ignoring to what extent their inaction reinforces the implementation of fascism that is tried to install everywhere.

We are against all frontiers, against all forms of power, of subordination, against all forms of capitalism. We could appeal in particular to the solidarity with comrade Santiago Maldonado, disappeared by the police in Argentina (when he was in solidarity with the dignified struggle of the Mapuche people) or with all the other anarchists who struggle daily around the world for the destruction of this system, for freedom, risking their lives, inside and outside prisons however, we consider that the only way to defend your freedom and life is to take care of our freedom and our own life, each of us. This is the memory that must prevail.

Multiform combat against global tyranny, irreducibility to the advance of state terrorism.
The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons!

Some anarchists
August 24, 2017

in pdf here

in Portuguese, Spanish


Higher Interest Rates Will Kill the Recovery "IndyWatch Feed"

Higher interest rates will triple the interest on the federal debt to $830 billion annually by 2026, will hurt workers and young voters, and could bankrupt over 20% of US corporations, according to the IMF. The move is not necessary to counteract inflation and shows that the Fed is operating from the wrong model. Responding []


Uber has a new CEO: Expedias Dara Khosrowshahi "IndyWatch Feed World"

The ride sharer is set to announce Khosrowshahi is stepping into the spot left vacant by controversial ex-CEO Travis Kalanick, reports Bloomberg. Kalanick was forced out of the company earlier this year after a number of scandals tarnished his image. The 48-year-old Khosrowshahi is an Iranian-born American and former investment banker who led takeovers of Orbitz Continue reading Uber has a new CEO: Expedias Dara Khosrowshahi

The ride sharer is set to announce Khosrowshahi is stepping into the spot left vacant by controversial ex-CEO Travis Kalanick, reports Bloomberg. Kalanick was forced out of the company earlier this year after a number of scandals tarnished his image. The 48-year-old Khosrowshahi is an Iranian-born American and former investment banker who led takeovers of Orbitz and HomeAway while with Expedia. Bloomberg also notes Khosrowshahi is an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump. Uber has not officially announced Khosrowshahi as CEO, saying the company would inform employees first.

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Alumni Ask IIM Directors to Address Lack of Diversity Immediately "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The over-representation of dominant caste groups in the teaching and research positions only endorses the belief of suppressing the historically marginalized populace.

The campus at IIM Ahmedabad. Courtesy:

The campus at IIM Ahmedabad. Courtesy:

New Delhi: After a faculty member and research scholar raised the issue of the lack of diversity within the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), alumnus have written to the directors of all IIMs ahead of their meeting today (August 28), asking that the matter be addressed urgently.

Deepak Malghan and Siddharth Joshi from IIM Bangalore, who wrote to the IIM directors last week asking that they take action and have also raised the issue with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), have collected data on 512 faculty members at IIMs and found that only two of them belong to the SC category and not a single person belongs to the ST category. This serious lack of diversity, they have argued, can be traced back to the homogenous nature of students postgraduate students at IIMs, since thats where most faculty members are chosen from.

The MHRD had written to all the IIMs in April this year asking them to gather information on the representation of margina...


Muscle robots being developed to remove debris from Fukushima reactors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

TOKYO A joint venture between Japanese and American high-technology power houses Hitachi and General Electric is developing special robots for removing nuclear debris from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the most difficult task in decommissioning the plants six reactors, three of which suffered core meltdowns in the March 2011 accident.

The machines under development by Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy are called muscle robots, as their hydraulic springs operate like human muscles. The company, based in Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture, is stepping up efforts to complete the development project in time for the start of debris removal in 2021.

Hitachi-GE is testing the arms of the robots at a plant of Chugai Technos, a Hiroshima-based engineering service company, located a 30-minute drive from the center of the city. The testing is taking place in a structure with a life-size model of the primary containment vessel of the No. 1 reactor at the Fukushima plant. The robots awkwardly move about, picking up concrete lumps standing in for fuel debris.


9 Underlying Truths a Psychologist Wants You to Know About Narcissistic Behavior "IndyWatch Feed World"

Narcissists are everywhere whether we notice them or not. They are charming and kind, but also evil and terrifying, do you know a narcissist?

Below you will find a list of the underlying truths about narcissistic behavior. If someone in your life is a narcissist please do what is best for your own well-being. Sometimes it can be hard to understand why a narcissist does the things that they do, but I hope the following will help you too.

1. A narcissists behavior has NOTHING to do with you.

You are not the cause behind this persons behavior. They are going to do the things that they do no matter who is in their life. The narcissist has a very fragile ego and this can cause them to be quite volatile at times. If they blow up on you over something they would normally laugh about it is because they are more stressed currently.

2. The narcissist has a deep need for validation.

One compliment is never enough for the narcissist. They will never back down, nothing is ever enough for them, you need to know this so that you will understand better how YOU are not the problem. You are not the reason for their overcompensation.

3. It is easier for a narcissist to be angry than it is for them to be sad.

The narcissist uses anger as a coping mechanism. This protects them from their own vulnerabilities and is a reaction they cannot help but use.

4. The narcissist can only see things from their perspective.

The narcissist is not capable of seeing your point of view. They cannot begin to fathom how two people may have different but still valid points of view. When you try to give them your opinion on something because of this one-minded way of thinking they often react as if they are being attacked whether that is the case or not.

5. The narcissist is an all or nothing kind of person.

Something is either right or it is wrong, there is no in-between with a narcissist.

6. The narcissist does not apologize.

It is extremely rare that you will ever get an apology from a narcissist and when you do it will not be sincere I can guarantee you that.

7. The narci...


The Price of Plastics "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pushing my way through the mountain of sweaty, drunken bodies, I stumble to the bar. I signal for a drink and the bartender nods in understanding. They pour the liquid into the glass, then reach for the black plastic in front of them.
No straw! I call out before they can put in the unnecessary plastic. I pay for the drink and walk away with my strawless beverage, satisfied that Ive just helped save the world.


Okay, so I know it takes more than refusing a straw on a night out to really make a huge difference. But, hey its a start.

The rate at which the world consumes plastic is an alarming one. Photographer Benjamin Wong, whose images of a mermaid swimming in 10,000 plastic bottles went viral late last year, was a public wake up call as to how disturbing plastics can be.

Ben admits to not realising how large the problem was until he was bottle deep in research and found out how embedded plastics will be in our food chains over the next few years.

If animals eat plastic and we eat animals, were essentially going to be eating our own waste for centuries to come, he said.

It takes 1000 years for a plastic water bottle to biodegrade, but in that time, it doesnt stay whole. It becomes tiny micro plastics that end up in the water or in the soil. The ocean is currently filled with over five trillion pieces of plastic that get ingested by marine life. We then, in turn, ingest the marine life and end up with the plastic in our bodies.

Next time you buy a plastic water bottle, after you finish its content, you might as well marinate the bottle and eat it. Its going to end up in your body in one way or another. This way you get a free meal with your drink. What a bargain!

Over 300 million metric tons of plastics are produced in the world annually. Thats around the equivalent of 10 million humpback whales. And to make things even more messed up, about half of that amount goes into products that are discarded within a year of their purchase....


This is what a Tesla looks like in a Hyperloop tunnel "IndyWatch Feed World"

Elon Musk posted this photo showing a Model S in the L.A. tunnel his The Boring Company is digging. Right now the tunnel doesnt perform any of the functions of a Hyperloop (its literally just a tunnel at the moment), but the image gives you a good idea of the scale of things once cars are Continue reading This is what a Tesla looks like in a Hyperloop tunnel

Elon Musk posted this photo showing a Model S in the L.A. tunnel his The Boring Company is digging. Right now the tunnel doesnt perform any of the functions of a Hyperloop (its literally just a tunnel at the moment), but the image gives you a good idea of the scale of things once cars are actually inside. Looks pretty snug.

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Turnbull's claims about his union corruption legislation don't stack up - he's treating us like mugs "IndyWatch Feed National";fileType=application/pdf


Jane Bowron on the Labour/Green MOU "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Jane Bowron comments on the MOU which is in tatters: The MOU (memorandum of understanding) between Labour and the Greens has deteriorated to an MOU (memorandum of undermining) with the Greens standing a candidate in Ohariu at the 11th hour. This latest betrayal from the Greens will make it easier for Labour to ditch the []

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Building for India's poor: plant a seed to grow a forest "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Rapid urban growth has seen concrete blocks of skyscrapers rise in India's major cities. But a renowned architect challenges this unsustainable approach at creating urban centres by introducing 'organic buildings.'


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 28, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 28 2017

Compiled 12:27 am EDT 28 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Aug. 27 2017 8:40 pm EDT Zap Report: "Paradigm" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 8.27.17

1. I have spoken with Grandfather and it is clear that there is a timetable for things to begin - and they are beginning this coming week.

2. This week major releases of funds will begin to appear in accounts - usable cash. Over $5 trillion will be released into the economies. The release of such funds will continue through exchanges and redemptions.

3. Some releases have already been done to set the stage for the rest.

4. There are many years of work ahead just getting things set up and mobilized. For years we have been getting ready for this time and to begin the work ahead.

5. Yesterday confirmed many Dinar transactions and the Zim is being done.

6. There is one group that is lowballing the exchange and getting a lot of impatient people in for a few million here and there as opposed to the real rate.

7. People are getting paid and this will increase this coming week.

8. Now I can see where we will have the funds to get the Fukushima thing done. I don't want to see West Coasters glow in the dark. Many marine species are dead and some on the verge of extinction. Just because these are underwater and out of sight does not mean all is well.

9. The news media is saying nothing about this.

10. The funds are inevitable and have started.

B. Aug. 26 2017 Outlaws Call Yosef, Okie, Art, Ginger, Philip, Mike T and Carlos:

1. Okie: Can't say much other than we are so close that we are at the point of counting our money.

2. Philip Tilton:

a. In revenuing the government we are within our rights under the US Constitution.

b. The US Inc. Corporation has left us in debt and was forced into bankruptcy under Chapter 7. Now that bankruptcy has been reorganized under Chapter 11.

c. US Inc. assumes that they still have a contract with US citizens, but in order to preserve the Constitution the Americ...


Fani-Kayode Accuses Okorocha Of Ritual Sacrifice Over Deaths In Owerri Market Demolition. "IndyWatch Feed Africa" under: Uncategorized


Sex Robots -- The Evolution of Objectifying Women "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Waking Times | by Christina Sarich

On a recent trip to the near-Silicon-Valley-area of California, I was awe-struck at the promotion of the technocratic singularity a time in which AI intelligence would surpass our own and we would all bow down as AI slaves to a "greater" intelligence. As unwitting, dumbed down humans we are meant to absorb this advanced technology into our lives without questioning its motivations.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke

Children were encouraged to play with robots as "pals" at a science museum in San Diego, and robots were at the airport in Santa Ana, within a toddler-safe den of toy blocks. The robot was accompanied by a woman with sparkly glitter on her cheekbones who handed out robot stickers and encouraged children to play with the r...


Cambodia Exposes, Expels US Network "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Cambodia Exposes, Expels US Network by Joseph Thomas  Journal-NEO The government of Cambodia has exposed and expelled a US network attempting to interfere in the nations political processes. The US National Democratic Institute (NDI) was reportedly ordered to end its activities...

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Montage of Animals Revolting from Captivity Will Give You Chills "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Truth Theory | by Amanda Froelich

No animal wants to live in a cage. Though this may be common knowledge, we humans continue to capture and raise animals in captivity primarily for the sake of entertainment. Yes, some efforts are purely for conservation purposes and are essential to ensure endangered species don't go extinct. However, keeping monkeys, orcas and other exotic animals many people find cute in enclosures is less than humane.

If you disagree, just watch a montage created by The Dodo that shows various species of animals revolting from captivity. The footage isn't only frightening at times, it's downright gut-wrenching.

It is now well-established that animals kept in captivity tend to have shorter life spans than those that live in the wild and experience emotional suffering due to being separated from their kin. Animals kept in zoos, marine parks and circuses also tend to display symptoms of stress from living in artificial conditions and regularly show symptoms of boredom.

At the end of the day, every creature desires to live a happy life on their own terms. Hopefully, the montage inspires more people to consider this in the future.

Read more: The Harsh Reality About Zoos, Circuses And Animal In Captivity



The world's top biodiversity investment returns "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

If fragmented sections of forest are linked in the Eastern Arc Mountains in Tanzania and the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, it could significantly increase the odds in favor of ensuring species survival and its a financially safe bet.


200,000 Troops and 500,000+ Militia will Join the Venezuelan War Games "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: Covert Geopolitics

Venezuela has begun massive wargames to show Donald Trump that it is capable of defending itself against US aggression. The drills will involve 200,000 troops and thousands of civilian volunteers, the military said.

The number of participants in the exercise starting Saturday will exceed 900,000 people, Remigio Ceballos, head of the Venezuelan Strategic Operational Command, told the media.

There'll be around 200,000 servicemen taking part, with the rest of those drilling being members of the Venezuelan civilian militia, Ceballos said.

The National Bolivarian Militia was created by the late Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, in 2009. The force, which allows every citizen to enlist, answers directly to the country's president.

Venezuelan Army snipers during military drills in Caracas on August 26, 2017. HO / Venezuelan Presidency / AFP

According to Ceballos, the number of those willing to become a militia member has sharply increased since the current drills were ordered in mid-August by President Nicolas Maduro.

Members of the National Bolivarian Militia get ready before a military exercise in Caracas, Venezuela August 26, 2017. Andres Martinez Casares / Reuters

The announcement of the massive exercise came in response to Donald Trump saying that Washington has prepared a range of measures against Venezuela, "including a possible military option if necessary."

"The fundamental objective for this exercise is to prepare the people for defense," Ceballos said.

Venezuela's Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez attends snipers drills during military exercises in Caracas, Venezuela, August 26, 2017. Miraflores Palace / Reuters

The wargames will take place across the country, including the border areas, the commander added.

The Nati...


The US Will Still Continue to 'Export Democracy "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Covert Geopolitics

Despite what Trump said in his policy-making speech, the US will still continue to destabilize rival governments, but it'll just do so under different pretexts.

Trump's Afghan speech earlier this week resulted in a surprising bout of exuberance from many anti-imperialists in the Alt-Media Community who focused on the significance of three key policy-making sentences:

"we will no longer use American military might to construct democracies in faraway lands or try to rebuild other countries in our own image. Those days are now over. Instead, we will work with allies and partners to protect our shared interests."

These words brought hope to many that the US would no longer continue waging wars of aggression around the world under the banner of "exporting democracy", and in a sense, that's true. As Trump himself said, "those days are now over", but what's to come might even be worse.

Instead of elaborating on far-reaching "arguments" and producing a slew of "fake news" to convince the American people and the rest of the world about the "righteousness" of any forthcoming US military action abroad, the Trump Administration will be as characteristically simple as the President himself in calling things as they are.

"Protecting our shared interests", like Trump put it, just means articulating Neo-Realistic geostrategic interests to the public at large, something which was hitherto avoided for the most part because it was seen as "unprincipled", "self-interested", and "against America's global mission".

The twist, though, is that the US will try to market its own interests as being equal to those of its regional "Lead From Behind" partners who it will designate for doing the "heavy lifting" in the theater of operations, just as it did Turkey vis--vis Syria up until last summer for example.

This might sometimes include a "democratic argument", but not just for the "principled" sake of it rather, the strategic interest that the US always had in forcibly exporting this governance model is that it allows for regular leadership transitions ("elections") in an easily manipulable political environment (mass media, lobbyists, NGOs, etc.).

"Non-Democracies", as the US smears them, or more impartially described as "National Democracies", are at times useful...


5 other nations invited to attend BRICS Summit in China "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Intra-BRICS trade ties remained robust for the past year [Xinhua]

Host China has invited five non-member countries to the annual BRICS leadership Summit that begins this Sunday.

This time, China has adopted a global approach and invited five countries from various parts of the world, Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov was quoted by Russian agency Tass.

UNASUR and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) leaders were invited to attend the 6th BRICS Summit in Brazil. The African Union had participated in the 2013 Durban BRICS Summit.

Leaders of Guinea, Mexico, Thailand and Tajikistan will attend the BRICS Summit this year.

The 9th annual BRICS summit will take place in Chinas Xiamen on September 3-5.

The bloc has created a $100 billion development bank and a $100 billion emergency fund.

Border tensions between BRICS members, China and India, will not be discussed by the bloc, although leaders of the two countries are expected to hold bilateral talks on the sidelines of the summit.

Intra-BRICS trade ties remained robust for the past year.

Earlier last month, Vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen said China expects to import over $8 trillion worth of goods in the coming five years, and the other BRICS members are welcome to further tap into the vast Chinese market.

China was the largest trading partner for the other four nations last year.

Earlier this month, Trade Ministers from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa discussed trade facilitation, economic and technological cooperation, and the multilateral trade system at a two-day annual meeting.

At the BRICS meet, Chinese Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan warned against trade favouritism.

Safeguarding the multilateral trade system and rising against protectionism serve the common interests of emerging and developing economies, Zhong said.

The zeal of protectionism pushed forth by Donald Trumps electoral win has been a much-discussed topic at global economic summits including the G20 earlier this year. The BRICS Summit in Xiamen will also discuss the fight against protectionism and the state of the global economic recovery.



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Is the Stock Market Really Overvalued? "IndyWatch Feed World"

All we have been hearing since 2011 is how the stock market is going to crash and then there will be hyperinflation and all sorts of strange relationships that never materialize. They simply focus on the level of the stock market in nominal terms without adjusting it for inflation or showing how it has performed relative to the rest of the economy. Here is a chart of the stock market expressed as the total value of shares traded annually as a percent of GDP. Sorry, this illustrates that the retail market is not in crash mode just yet and it is still nowhere near the overbought levels of 2007.

This chart also reflects the crisis we have in liquidity. The more government tries to also regulate banks, they have been withdrawing from proprietary trading and we find the trading volume has been shrinking.



Breath-Taking Images of the Recent Solar Eclipse from Space "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Collective Evolution | by Arjun Walia

I've always been fascinated by such events that happen in space, as well as chronobiology, a field within biology that examines and studies phenomena in living organisms and how solar, lunar, and other related rhythms affect our physiology.

Here at Collective Evolution, based on all of our research in several different fields, we believe there is currently a massive shift in consciousness happening, and that it's actually coinciding with the heightened activity of the Sun. Throughout all stages of human history, major events (like 9/11) have been marked by a spike or increase in solar activity.

"I believe it will be the magnetic influence produced by the sun that will usher in what is described by our ancient ancestors as 'the transition' bringing us to a new state-of-being."
Mitch Batros, author, solar researcher

Today, we understand that the sun goes through cycles, like the sun spot cycle that lasts 11 years.

Do these events affect human consciousness? A Soviet-era interdisciplinary scientist and biophysicist who founded "heliobiology," the study of the sun's effect on biology, named Alexander Chizhevsky produced a lot of great research on the subject, as have many others.

"When I first came across Chizhevsky's research it was fascinating because you're seeing thousands of years' worth of human history and human events that seem to coincide almost perfectly with the cycles of the sun, and the radiation and cosmic rays that are coming down cosmologically and that are ultimately impacting human consciousness and the events that take place here on Earth."
Joe Martino, Founder of Collective Evolution

After analyzing years of data, Chizhevsky discovered a remarkable correlation between sun spot cycles and major events in human history. We go into more detail about this in our third documentary, The Collective Evolution III: The Shift, at approximately the 40 minute mark.

It's also important to mention the fact that an international cooperative effort to help activate the heart of humanity and facilitate a shift in global consciousness is underway, thanks to the work of scientists over at the HeartMath Institute. Science has recently shed light on the fact that what we used to perceive as 'human' aura is actually an electromagnetic field that all our bodies emit, a fact...


The Death Of Cash New Tech To Revolutionize The Payments Industry "IndyWatch Feed World"

This report is a PAID ADVERTISEMENT from


The world has had enough of paper money.

Now that consumers are done with physical wallets, the multi-billion-dollar mobile pay app market is minting new digital barons at breakneck speed.

And weve just identified one company at the forefront of the revolution which has a very compelling story.

Glancepay is already the no. 1 mobile payment app in Canada, ranking at over 92 percent of mobile payment app downloads. Its also making big waves across North America, where it ranks 37 percent of all mobile payment app downloads.

This could be a timely opportunity for early investors who understand whats about to happen.

For example, when Alipay hit the Chinese market with its instant mobile app pay features, it was an overnight sensation. Now, its conducting a massive $1.7 trillion in business annually in China.

And this story is very exciting because GlancePay (CSE:GET; OTC:GLNNF) is also making inroads in the billion-dollar cannabis market in a deal that gives them direct ownership in Canapay Financial Inc. and they are planning moves into cryptocurrency markets, too.

Mobile payment technology is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, and GlancePay is hoping to be the major market disrupterfilling a gap that not even the trillion-dollar Chinese turnover is filling, nor major players on the North American scene.

How? By focusing equally on merchants and consumers, losing cumbersome and security-plagued hardware, and offering much more than just one-click payments: rewards, choices, and even tab-splitting.

In short, GlancePay (CSE:GET) has apps that can simply take a glance at where you are using proprietary and patented GPS / micro-location and image identification technology and pays your merchantin seconds.

Its holistic, streamlined, and has the technology with patents to protect it, an issue that has kept major players from securing greater market shar...


North v South & Revising History "IndyWatch Feed World"

COMMENT: Robert E. Lee, before the outbreak of the war, was overwhelmingly regarded as the finest military mind in the U.S. army. Winfield Scott offered him command of all Union forces at the outbreak of hostilities. But he chose allegiance to his state of Virginia, rather than the Federal government. He didnt fight for slavery. He freed his slaves. He was fighting for states rights. He was an honorable God fearing noble man. Stonewall Jackson was an extremely religious man who waged war with a passion, but also taught Sunday School to slaves. Lee and Jackson must be viewed in the context of the 19th century rather than being judged by the standards of the 21st century.

The vast majority of Confederate soldiers who did the fighting and dying during that war didnt own slaves. They werent fighting to maintain slavery. They were fighting because a foreign army had invaded their land. In 1860 this nation was more an amalgamation of states than a centralized government. States still had a tremendous amount of power and leeway to run their states the way they chose. The ever increasing power of a central authority occurred during and after the Civil War. The South were not the bad guys. Their leaders, generals and soldiers were not evil. They were Americans.

The revisionist history now being peddled by the left wing media and their non-thinking acolytes lacks a factual basis, historical context and a true understanding of history. The Civil War was the climax of decades of tension between the North and the South over states rights, economic policies, slavery, and a myriad of other complex issues. Examined within the context of generational theory, it was a Fourth Turning that was unavoidable. It was a crucial important event in U.S. history. It wasnt the shameful episode portrayed by the brain dead faux journalists babbling on CNN and MSNBC



REPLY: You are correct. Robert E. Lee wrote to the New York Times to correct what was written and he said before the war he would free his slaves within five years. Indeed, even George Washington owned slaves. Yo...


Washington Post Article Calls for Full-on Nazi Style Violence in the Streets "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: The Free Thought Project | by Jay Syrmopoulos

The violence witnessed in Charlottesville was indicative of a larger ideological battle that has, until recently, largely been played out in mass and social media, as the non-stop barrage of race-baiting news only serves to capitalize on the strife for clicks ie increased revenue at the expense of maintaining a civil society.

One can pinpoint the drastic recent sharpening of ideological divisions in the US to the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. In many ways, Brown's murder was a catalyst to the divisive nature of American society that we are seeing play out in the streets today.

What began as online battles between people that believed Brown to be a victim, and those that claim he was a "thug" have now taken on a new life, as we witness a drastic sharpening of identities. Make no mistake that what we saw in Charlottesville last weekend was simply the beginning of a hardening of conflict solidarity, and which could inevitably result in continued violence and death.

The question now becomes: How did America come to resemble Weimar Germany with socialist white nationalists engaged in violent altercations resulting in blood in the streets?

While racism has never left the proverbial building here in the US, the main drivers of the conflict actions now being seen are mainstream corporate media. After pushing identity politics en masse onto the American psyche, emboldened by extremist ideology, the systemic divisions of racial and ethnic groups have become the new norm, as the public discourse has been buried in the name of political correctness.

The stoking of racial tensions for profit, at the expense of an ongoing and continuous healing of racial division, has without question gripped the mass media and played a large roll in the hardening of racial and ethnic identities.

One need look no further than a recent op-ed published by the Washington Post, written by N.D.B. Connolly, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University. Connolly breathlessly appeals to the left to engage in violence and rioting as a means of prec...


Clowns-Only Showing of Stephen King's 'It' is Worst Idea Ever "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story on CNET:

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is offering a clowns-only screening of Stephen King's "It," the classic horror story featuring Pennywise the murderous clown.

There are three clowns-only showings, all at Austin, Texas theaters on Sept. 9, the day after "It" opens in the US.

"For this special clown screening of IT, all attendees should arrive dressed as a clown in order to attend," the Alamo Drafthouse website explains. "Please arrive early and join us in the Barrel O' Fun (CNET note: The whaaat, now?) beginning at 5:30pm for an IT pre-party where we will have face-painters available for clown touch-ups, a photo booth, raffles for prizes, and other terrifying merriment. Please arrive in your own Pennywise best and be ready to float with us."

[Ed Note: The fear of clowns is Coulrophobia. The wikipedia page does NOT have pictures, which I find mildly amusing.]

-- submitted from IRC

Original Submission

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Turning On Your Amplifier With A Raspberry Pi "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Life is good if you are a couch potato music enthusiast. Bluetooth audio allows the playing of all your music from your smartphone, and apps to control your hi-fi give you complete control over your listening experience.

Not quite so for [Daniel Landau] though. His Cambridge Audio amplifier isnt quite the latest generation, and he didnt possess a handy way to turn it on and off without resorting to its infrared remote control. It has a proprietary interface of some kind, but nothing wireless to which he could talk from his mobile device.

His solution is fairly straightforward, which in itself says something about the technology available to us in the hardware world these days. He took a Raspberry Pi with the Home Assistant home automation package and the LIRC infrared subsystem installed, and had it drive an infrared LED within range of the amplifiers receiver. Coupled with the Home Assistant app, he was then able to turn the amplifier on and off as desired. Its a fairly simple use of the software in question, but this is the type of project upon which so much more can later be built.

Not so many years ago this comparatively easy project would have required a significant amount more hardware and effort. A few weeks ago [John Baichtal] took a look at the evolution of home automation technology, through the lens of the language surrounding the term itself.

Via Hacker News.

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Chemotherapy Side Effects Enable Cancer Cells To Spread From Breast To Lungs "IndyWatch Feed World"

(NaturalHealth365) Most people are aware that chemotherapy, a primary cancer treatment, can cause harsh chemotherapy side effects.

However, now research by Tsonwin Hai and his team of scientists is showing that chemotherapy can actually trigger cellular responses that lead to the spread of more cancer in adjacent areas.

Breast cancer survival rates have been improving in recent years.

However, this news that chemotherapy can actually promote the spread of cancer would make it by far one of the most disturbing chemotherapy side effects ever documented.

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Where should you fear private internet censorship the most? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Alex already has covered this topic.  I am less worried than he is, and Ill go through a list, but first here are a few general remarks.

Most of the ban attempts seem directed at versions of alt right ideas.  Whether you like it or not, those ideas have benefited from the internet perhaps more than any other.  I am seeing a small amount of that gain clawed back, but in a manner consistent with principles of liberty and free association and probably Coasean efficiency as well.  The claim the tech companies are way more open than the previous mainstream gatekeepers, but they have to spend more customer and employee good will to be all the more open yet has some resonance with me, but I cant say it is in the top 300 list of demands I wish to place on the world.  It might not be in the top 1000.

It remains the case that the most significant voluntary censorship issues occur every day in mainstream non-internet society, including what gets on TV, which books are promoted by major publishers, who can rent out the best physical venues, and what gets taught at Harvard or for that matter in high school.  In all of these areas, universal intellectual service was never a relevant ideal to begin with, and so it seems odd to me to pick on say Facebook.  Its still not nearly as important an influence as the above-mentioned parts of non-internet society, nor is it anywhere close to being as discriminatory.

That all said, I am happy when I see people complain about voluntary censorship, even when I disagree with the complaints, or think the complainer is being too pessimistic.  Complaining > complacency.  That said, here is my wee dose of complacency, in the form of a list across various parts of the internet:

1. On-line dating services.  No fears here.  Christian, Jewish, and other dating services are already set up to include some groups and exclude others.  If OK Cupid excludes neo-Nazis, or supposed neo-Nazis, this seems entirely in order.

2. Amazon.  You can order Mein Kampf on Amazon, and few seem to complain about that.  Does it make sense to have a world where Hitler is available but Milo is banned?  Well, a lot doesnt make sense these days, but still I dont ever expect that to happen.  There are cultural and also business reasons why universal booksellers will be among the last to embrace voluntary censorship.

Can you order a swastika, of the evil kind, on Amazon?  It seems not.  Presumably that has...


Trump Expected to Lift Ban on Military Gear to Local Police Forces "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: USA Today: The Trump administration is preparing to lift a controversial ban on the transfer of some surplus military equipment to police departments whose battlefield-style response to rioting in a St. Louis suburb three years ago prompted a halt to the program. The new plan, outlined in documents obtained by USA TODAY, would roll []


Wave energy at Australias coast "IndyWatch Feed"

Carnegie Wave Energy Limited source


Weekend Entertainment: Video Explorations Around Area 51 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Visits to the various gates of Area 51 comprise an entire genre of videos on YouTube. Click bait titles and corny theremin soundtracks are par for the course here. If you are interested in the topic at all, you have probably seen many of these. Ive watched dozens of videos where someone drives up to []


Govt To Toughen Fiscal Regime, Control Exports "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


The ONeill Government will now toughen its fiscal regime to control depleted resources going out of the country without any record, Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel said last Friday.

Mr Abel said that for far too long, the Government has had no control nor database on all resources leaving the country like gold, copper, logs, fish and others and that is one reason why the countrys economy has declined despite PNG being so rich in resources.

The Government has put in place measures to address this part of which is included in the 100 day 25-point plan.

Together with these, Treasury Minister Abel said that it was important that the government hit the ground running that it articulated its longer term plans but also respond to some specific issues that were happening to the countrys economy both today and in the long term.

We going to maintain our very best for fiscal discipline, Mr Abel said. PNG during the past five even going back 10 years has enjoyed some excellent economic growth

The country has benefitted greatly from different factors. We had the boom in the commodity prices that is to the previous government from 2007-2012, we enjoyed commodity boom and we had surplus budgets and we enjoyed good growth that, following that we came into the construction phase of the PNGLNG, that stimulated a lot of growth into the economy, then of course after that phase, the ONeill government undertook this big expansionary fiscal policy that is government in anticipation of gap between the construction phase and the receipts of our exports in 2014.

We deliberately went into a series of deficit budgets we wanted to create that resource envelope to get the investment going to economy going and generate returns to our country to create jobs and we went through that phase and of course we came across particular circumstances that have resulted in the slow-down of that extraordinary economic growth that we had.

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Harvey rocks Houston: The surreal before and after photo "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Courtesy of Weather Channel weather producer, Matthew Sitkowski, here is a photo of what Houstons East Loop at Market Street on the I-610 looks like right now.

As Sitkowski says, this image and the forecast of what is still to fall. This is surreal. He is right: we added a photo of the same location from February 2016 to show the before and after.

Here is the result:

And another before and after photo, courtesy of Twitter user Chris Tycksen, showing downtown Houston:

And just the after:

The following time-lapse video shows the Buffalo Bayou next to Houston rising over the past day


Horror! Houston Dem Mayor Told Citizens to Think Twice Before Trying to Leave Houston Now Theyre Dying "IndyWatch Feed"

On August 24th Texas Governor Greg Abbott warned Texas citizens in the path of Hurricane Harvey to heed warnings from local officials and adhere to ALL evacuation orders.

But Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner had a different idea.

The Houston mayor told citizens to think twice before trying to leave Houston before Hurricane Harvey hit.

Via Redditt The Donald:

Now Houston is flooded, the city is expecting more rain, looters are ransacking stores, and people are dying.

And its only going to get worse.

On top of that, Mayor Turner is not taking the governors calls:

Texas governor says he cant reach Houston mayor Mayor Will Not Talk to the Governor Chicken Abbott said Sunday hed called Tuners cell phone several times to let him know that, whatever he needs, the state of Texas will provide. Abbott said hed yet to hear back.

On Sunday Turner defended his decision to tell residents to stay put.

The post Horror! Houston Dem Mayor Told Citizens to Think Twice Befor...


Stipend Hike Only for IIT and IISc Research Scholars Is Just Academic Snobbery "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

It is high time the government realises that all good researchers should be treated equal, that they dont deserve to become embedded in a rather illogical hierarchical setup.

IISc, Bengaluru. Credit: IISC

IISc, Bengaluru. Credit: IISC

Aswin Sekhar is an Indian astrophysicist who works at the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo.

The recent announcement of special privileges and stipend hike exclusively for IIT and IISc research scholars is a monumental case of academic snobbery. India is a country with tens of top class research institutions in the basic sciences and in the medical and engineering sciences. The combined strength of junior researchers from all these institutions will run into the ten thousands. In such an environment, it is extremely unfair when the stipend is hiked more than twice over (from Rs 25,000 to Rs 70,000) only for a small proportion of this research population, ignoring the rest. Are all the other researchers, from the non-IITs/IISc, children of lesser god?

It has been reported that the primary motivation for this decision from the centr...


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Xenotopia  an uncanny or unsettling landscape; an out-of-place place.

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The Long Road Leading to the Destruction of IRAQ "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Dee McLachlan The Iraq nation has been destroyed over a million citizens were killed, and its 37 million people are suffering the consequences. Who would do this and why? Syria has suffered six years of war, and Iran has been told that they are next. Should civilised people sit at home eating popcorn []

Levin Librarians Trumped "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

  Author asks: Why do Librarians have to re-apply for their own jobs? By Alan Tristram Well-known author Judith Holloway is angry and thereby hangs a tale. So shes taken to print to publicise the sad story of the librarians of Levin. Shes asked the Horowhenua District Council why all librarians at Te Takere ( []


French Voters regret choosing style over substance "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Pretty boy Emmanuel Macron has wasted tax payer dollars on his appearance spending an incredible  26,000 on makeup in only three months. French President Emmanuel Macron spent 26,000 on makeup in his first three months as leader of the country, Le Point magazine reported Thursday The news comes as Macrons popularity is falling, according to opinion polls. Only []

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Before and After Photos of Houston Underwater Are Going Viral "IndyWatch Feed World"

Thousands of water rescues are currently underway as the flooding continues in Houston and the surrounding areas. It seems the flooding is only going to get worse and those still there are being urged to make way to their roofs if the highest floors become dangerous.

It appears close to seven hundred billion gallons of water were dumped on Houston in just one night. These before and after photos scream how intense this situation truly is. This flooding comes after the hurricane has left and whole communities are underwater. Thousands of rescues have already happened, but there are many more that need to be carried out. This situation is one that has gone from bad to worse and there is no end in sight.

Rainfall from Harvey has and still will in other areas reach up to 50 inches making it the highest ever recorded in the state FoxNews reports that this storm has affected almost seven million people so far. A video taken from above ground and posted on twitter by the Coast Guard Heartland shows a major area in all of this submerged in water. Check out that video and these terrifyingly heartbreaking before and after photos below.

If you would like to donate to help the rescuers out in all of this doing what they can please click here. Hurricane Harvey has been the fiercest hurricane to hit the US in 13 years and we need to help as much as we can with the devastation that will follow. My heart truly goes out Texas residents. I cannot imagine going through something like this. Unfortunately, it seems that the worst is yet to come.


Bill Shorten wants to "update" CAPT Cook statues and plaques because "Our history didn't start when Cook sailed here" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bill Shorten's jumped on the rename the statues, change the plaques bandwagon. Here's one they'll have problems knocking over. From The Australian today Update inaccurate statue plaques, says Bill Shorten Statues in Sydney's Hyde Park were vandalised with "Change the Date" and "No Pride in Genocide" slogans. The Australian 1:36PM...


August 28th 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #221 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


BRICS and the Fiction of De-Dollarization "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Next week in early September 2017, the member states of BRICS, will be meeting in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. The financial media as well as segments of the alternative media are pointing to a possible weakening of the US dollar as a global trading currency resulting from the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) initiative. One of the central arguments in this debate on competing World currencies hinges on the BRICS initiative to create a development bank which, according to analysts, challenges the hegemony of Wall Street and the Washington based Bretton Woods institutions. The BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) was set up to challenge two major Western-led giants the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. NDBs key role will be to serve as a pool of currency for infrastructure projects within a group of five countries with major emerging national economies Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa. (RT, October 9, 2015, emphasis added)


Government must abandon plans to force refugees living in the community back to danger "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today the Australian Government told people seeking asylum and refugees they have three weeks to find their own accommodation and they will lose all income support immediately. In a move designed to force people back to danger, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton began issuing a new visa known as the final departure Bridging E Visa.

Hugh de Kretser, Executive Director at the Human Rights Law Centre, said:

This is a shocking act of cruelty. People are being told all their income is being cut immediately and that theyve got three weeks before they are evicted from their homes.  And the real sting in tail is that they are being told they must leave Australia and go back to harm on Nauru or Manus or to the same country from where they've fled persecution.

More than a year ago the successful Let Them Stay campaign prevented Minister Duttons first attempt at deporting this same group - including babies born in Australia - back to Nauru and Manus Island. The Minister this morning refused to rule out, and in fact suggested, that the policy would apply to the entire group. The Government's own documents make it clear that the policy will apply to children.

These are babies whove taken their first steps and spoken their first words in Australia. Kids going to Australian schools. Families who have been part of our community for years. And now, out of the blue, theyll be effectively thrown out on the streets in a cruel attempt to force them back to harm, said Mr de Kretser.

The documents outline that visa holders will be given 6 months to arrange return to the countries from which they fled, or one of the offshore detention centers on Nauru or Manus.

Natasha Blucher, Detention Advocacy Manager, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, said:

Were talking about women who were sexually assaulted on Nauru. Men who were violently attacked on Manus. Children who were so traumatised by offshore detention that they needed urgent psychiatric care in Australia. They have already endured unimaginable suffering but were finally starting to rebuild their lives in freedom and safety in our co...


Monday August 28th Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


Ukraine Crisis: Geopolitics Dictates It Will Remain Frozen "IndyWatch Feed War"



The Ukraine crisis has undeniably reached a frozen phase where no side can make considerable gains even though the ceasefire is constantly being violated. There have been agreements (two reached in Minks, Belarus) signed on wider aspects of the conflict as well as various ceasefire agreements for limiting escalation along the contact line. Nevertheless, there has not been any meaningful breakthrough and the conflict has already lasted for more than three years. In fact, any new progress is entirely contingent upon either Russia or Ukraine/West conceding on their interests. This brings us back to basics of the Ukrainian problem, which are rooted in geography.


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Green for wellbeing  science tells us how to design urban spaces that heal us "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The positive relationship between nature and mental health has long been established. University of Western Australia's Zoe Myers explains how city planners can carve out meaningful and restorative green spaces in an urban environment.


Venezuela Open Letter to President Nicolas Maduro "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dear Mr. President Maduro, You have the overwhelming support of the peoples of the world. On 25 August President Trump signed an executive order slapping Venezuela with the most sweeping economic sanctions ever. They practically paralyze Venezuela, threaten to plunge her into famine. Its an economic coup of the worst kind. Its outright financial warfare. []


Wanted: GNU Project Maintainers Part 2 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Want to use your skills to aid in the development and maintenance of GNU projects? Here are four more projects that could use your help.

GNU XBoard

A screenshot from XBoard, an app for playing chess and other chess-like board games. (Photo credit:

Carters Corner

This article is a continuation of my last article on GNU projects that are in current need of maintainers. When I first read about the projects GNU needed help with, I was drawn to Gnubik from my own personal love of Rubiks Cube puzzles. I ended up liking the program and wanted to help so I reached out to the maintainer, who replied back asking about my background and letting me know where help was needed at if I was still interested. Since then, Ive slowly been helping out where I could and enjoying learning more about the code behind the program. Im hoping that by writing about these projects,...


Taboo of Black Eyed Peas & Magnificent Sevens Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL Wins MTV Video Music Award "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Representing tribal nations on at MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday evening.

Published August 28, 2017

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA On Sunday night, for the first time, American Indian artists won his years MTV Video Music Awards in the newly-added Best Fight Against the System category. The music video Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL was recorded by Taboo of Black Eyed Peas and Magnificent Seven Native American artists from different tribes, including Zack Doc Battiest, Spencer Battiest, Emcee One, Drezus, PJ Vegas, SupaMan, Natalia Aka My Verse. The song serves as a statement of support to those who have embraced the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).Native American actor Martin Sensmeier and pipeline activist Shailene Woodley also make appearances in the nominated music video.

Taboo, who has Shoshone Tribe heritage, and other Native American artists including those from the Seminole Tribe of Florida, banded together to create the song, which is meant to serve as both a tool to promote awareness, as well as an anthem for the indigenous people across the country who have united in the effort against the DAPL. The video features real footage from the water protectors on the front lines at Standing Rock, and looks to rally people from across the country and draw together the Native communities of North America in an unprecedented way.

The purpose of this video was to shine the light on this very important cause pairing that with recognition from MTV is incredible, said Spencer Battiest, Hard Rock Records alumnus, member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and one of the Magnificent Seven. This song is the only one nominated without a record label, which I think is very powerful and special and were proud to be doing our part to raise awareness for native issues.

The addition of the Best Fight Against the System category was added to the 201...


Ukraine releases rare footage showing arrests of North Korean nuclear spies "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ukrainian authorities have released rare surveillance footage filmed during a sting operation that ended with the capture of three North Korean spies. The North Koreans, two of whom are now serving prison sentences in Ukraine, had traveled there in 2011 believing they would be given missile technology secrets.


Leather grown using biotechnology is about to hit the catwalk "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

LEATHERMAKING is an ancient craft. The oldest leather artefact found so far is a 5,500-year-old shoe from a cave in Armenia, but paintings in Egyptian tombs show that, 7,000 years ago, leather was being turned into all manner of things, from sandals to buckets to military equipment. It is a fair bet that the use of animal skins for shelter and clothing goes back hundreds of thousands of years at least.

Leathermaking is also, though, a nasty business. In 18th-century London the soaking of putrefying hides in urine and lime, to loosen any remaining flesh and hair, and the subsequent pounding of dog faeces into those skins to soften and preserve them, caused such a stench that the business was outlawed from the City proper and forced downwind and across the river into Bermondsey. In countries such as India and Japan, the trade tainted people as well as places and was (and often still remains) the preserve of social outcasts such as Dalits and Burakumin.


Congress Needs More Time to Finish Spending Bills; Shutdown Ahead? "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Speaker Paul Ryan at a news conference in Oregon Wednesday said most people dont want a government shutdown, ourselves included. (Photo via YouTube)

Guest Commentary

Published August 28, 2017

The September Mess has started early. Congress will return to Washington next week facing some really tricky issues ranging from an increase in the debt limit to spending money so that the federal government can operate. President Donald J. Trump in Phoenix raised the stakes, saying he would favor a shutdown of the government unless Congress includes funding for the border wall.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, at an event in Oregon, said I dont think a government shutdown is necessary, and I dont think most people want to see a government shutdown, ourselves included. Funding for a border wall has already passed the House and is now waiting on the Senate.

But thats where this mess gets tricky. It would take 60 votes to move that spending legislation forward (which is why the president keeps tweeting that the filibuster should go away) and the votes are not there. Democrats in both the House and Senate reaffirmed their opposition to the wall.

And there is another problem. Ryan said the Congress doesnt have enough time to finish this years budget by Sept. 30 (the deadline for spending) and so its likely there will be another Continuing Resolution that funds the government through the end of 2017.

The fact is though, given the time of year it is and the rest of the appropriations we have to do, were going to need more time to complete our appropriations process, particularly in the Senate. So thats something that I think we all recognize and understand, that were going to have to have some more time to complete our appropriations process, Ryan said.



Life Is Still Beautiful in Rural France "IndyWatch Feed"

For the price of a Motel 6, Jonathan Revusky and I have three floors in Florensac, a village of 5,000 in southern France. This house is older than the USA, for sure, with raw wooden beams in the ceilings, stone floors, twisting stairs, odd angled walls, and an entrance to the bathroom so low, the owner had to pad the top casing, lest her guests be knocked out cold.

A small couch has a caf crme floral design on a faded indigo background. Plopped on top are three cushions of red, red and Prussian blue. A tall casement window stares down at it. Matisses ghost must be here. Hi, Henri.

We arrived just in time to catch the Pat Cryspol band performing outdoors for free. Trumpet, trombone, saxophone, bass and drums. In the night, dozens of people, mostly old, were dancing. Dozens more sat at long tables to watch and, when the mood struck, sing along. Prs de la grve, souvenez-vous / Des voix de rve chantaient pour nous / Minute brve du cher pass / Pas encore efface, etc.

After two plastic cups of sangria, bought for two Euros each, we tried a pitcher of ros for five. Though terrible, it couldnt ruin our mood, for it was wonderful to see a community enjoying itself. An old lady encouraged Jon to sing, too. For one number, all the dancers formed a large circle, held raised hands and turned clockwise, then vice versa. A boy and a girl, no older than ten, asked if they could clear our table.

Time to buy old US gold coins

Next to the concert area, there was an inflatable slide, shooting gallery, bumper car rinks, merry-go-round and other rides. Cotton candies, churros, hot dogs, pizzas and fries were being sold.

Two police cars, four cops and a bomb sniffing dog guarded one entrance to the amusement area, but real terrorists would have had no problem causing havoc there, not to mention so many other targets, just in Florensac itself. Its merely theater and social conditioning, my dear chumps, from the same people who brought us 9/11 and the endless War on Terror.

We met a Poland-born retired professor whos living in Germany, I had a house here for twenty years. I come back often. Florensac is wonderful. It is peaceful, and there is never any problem.

We were sitting at a round wooden table under a maple tree. His wife and daughter were also...


The Structure of Power "IndyWatch Feed"

According to a 1950s political theory The Structure of Power in American Society is mainly build on three elite groups, the high military, the corporation executives and the political directorate. (The political directorate can best be described as the bureaucracy, the CIA and their proxies within Congress.)

On election day I noted that only the military had supported The Not-Hillary President. The corporate and executive corners of the triangle had pushed for Hillary Clinton and continued to do so even after Trump had won. (Only recently did the collusion with Russia nonsense suddenly die down.) I wrote:

The military will demand its due beyond the three generals now in Trumps cabinet.

That turned out to be right. A military junta is now ruling the United States:

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Inside the White House, meanwhile, generals manage Trumps hour-by-hour interactions and whisper in his ear and those whispers, as with the decision this week to expand U.S. military operations in Afghanistan, often become policy.At the core of Trumps circle is a seasoned trio of generals with experience as battlefield commanders: White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and national security adviser H.R. McMaster. The three men have carefully cultivated personal relationships with the president and gained his trust.Kelly, Mattis and McMaster are not the only military figures serving at high levels in the Trump administration. CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke each served in various branches of the military, and Trump recently tapped former Army general Mark S. Inch to lead the Federal Bureau of Prisons. [] the National Security Council [..] counts two other generals on the senior staff.

With the firing of the renegade Flynn and various other Trump advisors, the Junta has already removed all independent voices in the White House. It is now  attaching more control wires to its salesperson marionette:

The new system, laid out in...


Its Can Kicking Time "IndyWatch Feed"

You have to hand it to the Donald. He speaks his mind. This week he dropped an unwelcome stink bomb on Capitol Hill during his Phoenix rant Tuesday night. If Mexico wont pay for my wall, he seemed to say, then Congress will-even if I have to shut down the Imperial City to extract the first $1.6 billion of seed money:

Were going to get our wall, Mr. Trump said at a rally in Phoenix. If we have to close down our government, were building that wall.

The Mexican Wall waste an estimated $20 billion needed to complete and would place ICE agents at the border handing out guest worker papers to anyone who comes across looking for a job. That would mean more domestic production and tax revenue, and a tad less addition to the crushing national debt that Washington is handing generations to come.

It didnt take long for Washingtons permanent political class to say no dice to the shutdown idea. It seems Speaker Paul Ryan has been domiciled in the Imperial City since he was 21 years old and makes no bones about his priorities.

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I dont think anyones interested in having a shutdown, House Speaker Paul Ryan said at a stop at an Intel Corp. facility in Oregon on Wednesday.

Mr.. Ryan said he expected lawmakers would need to pass a short-term spending bill in September to give them more time to work out a broader budget agreement later this year.

What has the GOP Congress been doing the last nine months that it hasnt enacted into law a single one of the 12 annual appropriations bills? The same bills that would provide upwards of $1.1 trillion to run the Pentagon and the domestic agencies.

The answer is simple. Theyve been deliberately burning up the clock in order to force spending measures through as emergency continuing resolutions (CRs) or 11th-hour compromises to keep the government open. This has been going on for years.  It is the very reason Washington now stands on the edge of raising the national debt ceiling above $20 trillion.

So weve officially enter the kick-the-can season. You can count