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Monday, 04 September


San Marinos Ambassador to the United States: Who Is Damiano Beleffi? "IndyWatch Feed"

Damiano Beleffi, a longtime member of his countrys Foreign Service, presented his credentials as San Marinos ambassador to the United States on July 21, 2017. Surrounded completely by Italy, San Marino has a population of about 33,250.


Born August 15, 1971, Beleffi attended the University of Genoa, where he earned a masters degree in political science. Beginning in 1998, he was head of finance in the Ministry of Finance and Budget for San Marino.


In 2001, Beleffi moved into the diplomatic world as deputy permanent representative to the Council of Europe, which works to uphold human rights, democracy, rule of law in Europe and promote European culture. Beleffi was named ambassador to Germany in 2007. In 2008, he added the post of deputy permanent representative to the United Nations to his portfolio and in 2011 was additionally named ambassador to Canada.


Beleffi took over as charg daffaires at San Marinos UN mission in May 2016, and was formally named permanent representative on July 7.


Beleffi speaks Italian, French and English. Hes married to Hiromi Matsuzaki and has two daughters.

-Steve Straehley


To Learn More:

Official Biography


HRW: Human Rights Protections Need Greater Priority "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

HRW, September 27, 2006 -- Warlords with records of war crimes and serious abuses during Afghanistan's civil war in the 1990s, such as parliamentarians Abdul Rabb al Rasul Sayyaf and Burhanuddin Rabbani, General Abdul Rashid Dostum, and current Vice President Karim Khalili, have been allowed to hold and misuse positions of power, to the dismay of ordinary Afghans.

Top Afghan woman official killed "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

BBC NEWS, September 25, 2006 -- Unidentified gunmen have killed a top women's affairs official in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, security officials say. Safia Amajan, head of the province's women's department, was leaving her home for work when a gunman on a motorcycle shot at her, police said.

Rights Watchdog Alarmed At Continuing 'Honor Killings' in Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

RFE/RL, September 20, 2006 -- A UN-backed rights watchdog has expressed continuing concern over violence against women in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) released disturbing figures in mid-September on violence against women and girls, including dozens of cases of so-called honor killings.

Opium cultivation surges by 59% in Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Financial Times, Sep.4, 2006: Afghanistan now produces 92 per cent (6,100 tons) of the worlds supply of opium used to make heroin. Afghanistans opium cultivation surged by 59 per cent this year largely as a result of a Taliban-led insurgency that is pushing the southern part of the country to the verge of collapse, the United Nations drugs agency chief said at the weekend.

Afghan orphans reshape their lives at RAWA orphanages "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

RAWA, Aug.22, 2006: One of the criteria for selecting the children and taking them to the orphanage is their economical and social status; therefore, most of them are orphans, victims of child labor and street children forced to beg. They have been exposed to very hostile and painful environments, polluted by drug mafia, armed gangs and religious extremism.

Man publicly executed in Helmand "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Pajhwok Afghan News, Sep. 2, 2006: Taliban have publicly executed a man for his alleged involvement in a murder case in the Garmsir district of the southern Helmand province on Saturday.

Suicide an option for desperate war-widows "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Indo Asian News Service, Aug. 14, 2006: UNIFEM Survey revealed: "65 per cent of the 50,000 widows in Kabul see suicide the only option to get rid of their miseries and desolation."

Taliban Kill a Woman and Hang Her 13-Year-Old Son "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

NY Times, Aug. 10, 2006: Taliban militants killed a woman and her 13-year-old son after accusing them of spying for the government and for foreign troops in southern Afghanistan, the Afghan government said Wednesday. The woman was shot and her son was hanged by an electrical wire from a tree on Monday in Helmand Province, said a spokesman for the provincial governor, Hajji Mohaiuddin.

People of Paghman protest against Sayyaf, police kill 2 protesters (with photos) "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

RAWA, July 30, 2006: Hundreds of people from the Paghman district of Kabul demonstrated against Rasul Sayyaf, a fundamentalist leader of the Itehad-e-Islami party and a current member of the Afghan parliament. The protesters accused Sayyaf and his armed militia of extorting their lands and imposing crimes against them.

Journalists were beaten by armed men while covering anti-Sayyaf demonstration "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Pajhwok Afghan News, July 29, 2006: Three staffers working with a private television channel were beaten by armed men while covering a demonstration against former Mujahideen leader and current Member of Parliament Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf in Paghman district of Kabul on Saturday.

Vice and Virtue Department Could Return, Women and Girls Again at Risk "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

HRW, July 18, 2006: A proposal to reestablish the Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Afghanistan raises serious concerns about potential abuse of the rights of women and vulnerable groups, Human Rights Watch said today. President Hamid Karzai's cabinet has approved the proposal to reestablish the department, and it will go to Afghanistan's parliament when it reconvenes later this summer. It is not clear what the department's enforcement power would be. Nematullah Shahrani, the minister of Haj and religious affairs, who would oversee the department, has stated that it would focus on alcohol, drugs, crime and corruption. Afghanistan's criminal laws already address these issues.

NO END TO SUFFERING? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Times of India (Calcutta), June 24, 2006: In an exclusive with Amrita Mukherjee, Mehmooda, a member of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), gets candid about the present situation of women in her country

RIP Solaris. Ich habe gelernt, was Software-Portabilitt ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

RIP Solaris. Ich habe gelernt, was Software-Portabilitt bedeutet, als ich an der Uni Kram fr SunOS 4 unter Solaris kompilieren wollte. Das Ende einer ra. Wenn es auch nicht so berraschend kam.

Wie Merkel ihre Wiederwahl herbeifhrt.Seit Beginn ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Wie Merkel ihre Wiederwahl herbeifhrt.

Seit Beginn der Merkel-ra gilt: Immer wenn gewhlt wird, bessert sich wundersam in den Monaten zuvor die Wirtschaftslage im Land - und die Chancen der Herausforderer schwinden. Mysteris.

Strong and shallow M6.4 earthquake hits Admiralty Islands, Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.4 hit Admiralty Islands archipelago, Papua New Guinea at 04:17 UTC on August 27, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 8.1 km (5 miles). Geoscience Australia is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 0 km....... Read more

The Reasons for Netanyahus Panic (Alastair Crooke ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

03/09/2017 - Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is pushing the panic button over the collapse of the Saudi-Israeli jihadist proxies in Syria and now threatening to launch a major air war, as ex-British diplomat ...

The Zionist Tango Why the racist honesty of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked is preferable to the fake views of the Israeli left (Gideon Levy ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

03/09/2017 - Why the racist honesty of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked is preferable to the fake views of the Israeli left Ravit Hecht attributes a fragrance of true love for my honest, brave ...

The new national-Zionism (Daniel Blatman ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

03/09/2017 - Israeli Justice Minister Shakeds worldview recalls the racist xenophobia of the southern U.S. states during the 1930s and onward Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked is increasingly establishing herself ...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

59 Police Officers Admitted in Hospital With Cholera
Daily Nation

Nairobi County health executive Bernard Muia speaks at a press briefing on the cholera outbreak on July 15, 2017. He has said that police officers have been admitted to hospital with cholera symptoms. PHOTO | ANTHONY OMUYA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

In Summary
Sinai Hospital administrator Paul Dullo confirmed that they had admitted 25 police officers since Sunday morning.
The DVC said experts from the health department have inspected their facility and given it a clean bill of health.


Several police officers have been admitted at Sinai Hospital in Kajiado with cholera symptoms.

The new cholera outbreak has left over 59 police officers hospitalised in various city health facilities.

Sinai Hospital administrator Paul Dullo confirmed that they had admitted 25 police officers since Sunday morning.

The administrator said the officers showed symptoms ranging from fever, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Nairobi County health executive Bernard Muia on Sunday said 20 more officers were admitted at Nairobi Women's Hospital, Rongai branch.

The 59 officers are said to be part of 430 police officers deployed in the city ahead of last Friday's Supreme Court ruling.

They were residing at Multimedia University of Kenya, Rongai, where they are suspected to have contracted the disease.

Speaking to Nation at the university, Nairobi County head of Disease Surveillance Ralph Muli said the officers are suspected to have contracted the disease after eating at Nairobi Area Police Station Canteen.

Those infected did not get it from Multimedia University.

"Our investigations indicate that they might have contracted the disease at the Nairobi Area Police Station canteen from where they took lunch," Dr Muli, who confirmed that 12 officers are admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital while two are at Nairobi West Hospital, said.


The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Aff...


Judge Jeanine Impanel a Grand Jury for Hillary and Comey, 1777 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

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I Was In Law Enforcement. Believe Me, You Need To Carry A Firearm Every Day "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

I Was In Law Enforcement. Believe Me, You Need To Carry A Firearm Every Day by: Terry Nelson  Off the Grid News Its very simple folks; the police usually will not be able to save you. Dont get me wrong, I...

The post I Was In Law Enforcement. Believe Me, You Need To Carry A Firearm Every Day appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Google - Most Powerful Monopoly in History, 1776 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Denas Pain Relief Store: 503.395.4142 Good morning, Im still reporting on: Google - Most Powerful Monopoly in History, 1776 Synopsis: Last night Tucker Carlson and his guest started to draw back the curtain on one of the most under-reported stories of the most massive monopoly in American history - Google. According to the Wall Street Journal, this year the internet ad business will rake in $83 billion. Google will take home 41% of that, and second-place Facebook will take home a measly 20% market share. But when it comes to search, Google has an even more commanding 78% of the market. That means not only that they will take in nearly $30 billion this year from search, but that Google absolutely dominates the information flow. This dominance brings serious danger to the freedoms that we Americans hold dear specifically enshrined in the 1st amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Most disturbing is Googles growing misbehavior on YouTube. I no longer can simply strive for seeking the truth. The truth is no longer good enough. I have to worry about whether my truths will be flagged with the dreaded demonetization bug, which is happening with greater frequency these days perhaps 50% of the time. Yes, when I appeal to the YT hierarchy, I usually win 90% of the time, but that process takes a couple of days to work out, and by then the bulk of monetizeable views have been lost. Pretty clever, eh? So, Ive turned to privately procuring small advertisers to keep my head above water. But I suspect Googles thought police have devised other sneaky ways to try to suppress the incomes of those who resist conforming to San Francisco socio/political values. For example, recently, my Lifetime YouTube Views which I proudly display in the first 10 seconds of every video - actually decreased from one day to another! Support Our Sponsors: - Life Change Tea: Rid Your Body From Toxins! - Nobel Gold & Silver: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 888-596-7916 - Water Smacker - Makes your water less acidic by ionization. - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level cyber protection. - Jeevy Computers: Buy/Sell Bitcoin & other Cryptos: 888-844-7806 - Learn How To Generate Passive Income Using Bitcoins At: - Denas Pain Relief Store: 503.395.4142 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & dai......


NNPC says Petrol, Cooking Gas prices gone down "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The management of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has stated that the prices of the Premium Motor Spirit (Petrol) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), also known as cooking gas have gone down nationwide. According to the statement from the Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, Ndu Ughamadu, the reduction in prices was as a result []

The post NNPC says Petrol, Cooking Gas prices gone down appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


Crusaders and Zionists "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Zionists talk endlessly about peace. No week passes without Binyamin Netanyahu releasing some touching declaration about his craving for peace. But it is absolutely clear that he does not dream of giving up one inch of land west of the Jordan. Just a few days ago he again publicly confirmed that he will not "uproot" one single Jewish settlement in the West Bank. Under international law each of these settlements is illegal.


US, South Korea Consider Effective Military Reponses to DPRKs Nuclear Test "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The top military officers of the United States and South Korea have discussed "effective military responses" that could show the military might of the allies in the wake of North Korea's latest nuclear test on Sunday.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Zanu-PF Poised for Victory: Think-tank
Zimbabwe Sunday Mail

Local think-tank Research and Advocacy Unit has predicted victory for President Mugabe and Zanu-PF in next years harmonised elections, ruling out any real challenge from the opposition.

In its August 2017 report, RAU which comprises academics and NGO officials says President Mugabe will continue to befuddle pundits who have dismissed him based on age and Zimbabwes economy by once again emerging tops in the coming polls. Titled Zimbabwe since the elections in 2013, the view from 2017, the document ribs the ruling partys challengers with a prediction that 2018 will likely decimate the opposition once and for all.

The report reads in part: The big question, as we have raised here, is why, apart from the Constitutional requirement to do so, would Zanu-PF, in its fractured state, be willing to take a chance on elections? The only reason that Zanu-PF would take the election route, early or otherwise, would be to decimate the opposition once and for all and claim a legitimate hold on power. Unless something changes drastically in the next 12 months, there is little hope for an opposition win in 2018.

. . . Given Zimbabwe has a separate Presidential poll, one key problem that the grand coalition has yet to solve is who will lead the coalition in challenging Zanu-PF for the Presidency. Despite this, there are few signs that the central problem of who will lead the coalition has been resolved.

RAU predicts that just as it did in 2013 with President Mugabe at the helm, Zanu-PF would silence pundits with victory come 2018. While regurgitating the Wests mantra about Zimbabwes economy being in the intensive care unit, it acknowledges a further surge in President Mugabes popularity since 2013.

Zimbabwean politics may well confound the pundits as it has done in the past,  and show a decided contempt for the best tenets of political science, Posner and Young, in analysis of the changes taking place, theorised that no African big man would attempt to continue in power if his lead in opinion polls was less than 20 percent, was older than 60 years and led a country that was very dependent on ec...


Bomb Bluff? Expert Pours Cold Water on North Korea Testing Hydrogen Bomb "IndyWatch Feed"

Once again, the world is on edge after North Korea completed its sixth and most powerful nuclear test. Reports say the Hermit Kingdom tested a hydrogen bomb but did it? Nuclear expert Alexander Uvarov believes North Korea might be bluffing about the type of bomb it tested. 

Sputnik News reports:

North Korea claimed Sunday that it had successfully conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb, which had generated a 50 kiloton detonation, meaning that the blast was tantamount to exploding 50,000 tons of dynamite. The Japanese Defense Ministry later commented that the yield of the nuclear weapon that had been tested may have been as high as 70 kt, according to preliminarily estimates.

The bomb, it said, was designed to be mounted on its newly developed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

Alexander Uvarov, an editor-in-chief of the Russian website, commented to Sputnik on the test, saying that judging by the announced yield of explosion (just a few dozen kilotons), it might have been not a thermonuclear device in the modern sense of the word, but a so-called boosted device, an atomic bomb that uses some hydrogen isotopes to enhance its explosive yield.

It is a long-established physical principle, offered way back at the end of 1940s beginning of 1950s, which became one of the stages of development of the thermonuclear programs of the USSR and the US, he told Sputnik.

On Sunday afternoon Japan and South Korean officials confirmed North Korea conducted a hydrogen bomb test.

An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale centered in the area of North Koreas nuclear weapons facility was reportedly followed by a 4.6 quake that appears to be a cave-in due to the test. The test is reportedly the strongest of the previous five tests since 2006. President Trump responded to the North Korean provocations on Twitter.


Shell Be Glad To Turn That Calendar Page This Month "IndyWatch Feed War"

It is the beginning of July again
and those curtains will remain drawn
for the entire 31 days.
The milk and newspapers
get cancelled for four weeks or so.
No one knows what goes on in there?
The energy in the street
is different when you walk by
Ive seen sensitive folk
shudder and cross themselves.
You can hear Her
as it nears the 13th of the month
a low, heavy sobbing
emanating through the walls,
theres just no fixing grief
nor medicating a desolate soul.
Come the start of August
she emerges timidly,
dishevelled and aged cruelly,
with faint traces of an inner battle
slowly receding from weary, worn-out face.
She limps and half-shuffles
over to the Public Park
where she polishes and cleans
the little wooden bench dedicated to Him
with a love, care and affection
which would bring a tear to your eye.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Zisco Deal: Let Re-industrialization Begin
Zimbabwe Sunday Mail

ZIMBABWEs industrialisation strategy has been given a major boost following last weeks announcement that a wealthy Chinese investor R and F Company is planning to plough US$2 billion into the iron and steel behemoth, Zisco.

Zisco is the focal point of an industrial ecosystem. The steel mill has both downstream and upstream value chain implications. Moreover, it is one of the few mining enterprises that achieves beneficiation from raw sediment to completely processed steel. This ties in well to two points within President Mugabes 10- Point Plan; namely advancing beneficiation of mineral resource endowment and promoting infrastructure development.

Zisco, which has an illustrious history dating back to 1942 when the colonial regime set up the Rhodesian Iron and Steel Commission (RISCOM) to take over all iron and steel production in the country, is therefore crucial for economic turnaround.

Last week, R and F Company president Mr Zhang Li a well-heeled property magnate, reportedly owning the bulk of properties in Guangzhou, China flew into the country to meet President Mugabe and underline his willingness to revive Zisco.

Mr Zhang is estimated by Forbes magazine to have a net worth of US$3,4 billion.

The revival of Zisco dovetails with the countrys re-industrialisation thrust, and the African Unions Agenda 2063, which aims at the socio-economic transformation of the continent.

Already, the nation is pregnant with expectations that the anticipated revival of Zisco will help turn around the economy, which has been sneezing in slightly over a decade largely due to economic sanctions slapped by the West since the turn of the millennium.

RISCO (now Zisco) was used by the Ian Smith regime to sidestep economic sanctions in 1965 after the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) following a 14 million injection into the second development programme.

So crucial was RISCO such that a meeting for the third expansion programme held in 1972 to boost the steelmaking capacity from 410 000 tonnes to just over one million tonnes per annum was held in Paris, France, in defiance of the United Nations mandatory sanctions agai...


Despite Deep State Blocks, Trump Sails On To DACA, 1775 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Petition Link: - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level cyber protection. Good morning, Im still reporting on: Despite Deep State Blocks, Trump Sails On To DACA, 1775 Synopsis: A supporter wrote in today and said the following. His words are so right on, I just have to repeat them. Why hasn't anyone mentioned that President Trump managed the response to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey with only 1/3 of the political appointees that Barack Obama had at this time in his presidency?   Why hasn't anyone mentioned that the DO NOTHING SENATE has only approved 1/2 of President Trump's appointments? Didn't the Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell mention that at the Senate's present pace of getting President Trump's executive team in place, it will take approximately 11 years? But Trump just moves ahead. There are too many low hanging fruits for him to pluck to worry about wasting any time. However, the DACA issue is obviously taking up a lot of the Presidents attention, and shows just how much he cares about getting this right. DACA is a program that tries to deal with the question of what to do about the children of illegals, known as the Dreamers. Obviously, you cant deport them all. There are around nearly one million of them. They couldnt help being brought here by their parents. Trump is a legendarily compassionate man. Stories of his munificence throughout his lifetime abound. Trump had previously announced that he would make his decision known today. However, today the White House press office said that Trump was still wrestling with what would be the very best solution for all concerned. Support Our Sponsors: - Life Change Tea: Rid Your Body From Toxins! - Nobel Gold & Silver: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 888-596-7916 - Water Smacker - Makes your water less acidic by ionization. - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level cyber protection. - Jeevy Computers: Buy/Sell Bitcoin & other Cryptos: 888-844-7806 - Learn How To Generate Passive Income Using Bitcoins At: - Denas Pain Relief Store: 503.395.4142 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political...


The citi never sleeps "IndyWatch Feed War"

My dad dead
In a box
Might lay
It was closed
So I cannot say
Some men
Ive heard
They lived longer
Was it health
Or smell
Twas so much stronger.
The young who die
The old who live
Have no truth
Nor fortune to give
In pockets
With blood so deep
For gold
Even where worms creep
In the banks of the Hudson
Or the vaults on the Thames
The old of the Citi
Never sleep.


A Lil Somethin for Dick Gregory "IndyWatch Feed War"

Our white-bearded cannon
fell silent
The day became grayer
I know, I know, I know, I know
He was my Moms favorite funnyman
She bought his books, his vinyl
Speaking to her like Malcolm
(she shared Turkish Coffee with
Malcolm on his trips west, fishing for men
but Mr. Gregory
was my Moms favorite funnyman)

I remember the mantra
He chanted like a Buddhist Priest:
You youngsters got a lotta work to do
You youngsters got a lotta work to do
Doubling us over,
splitting our sides, shaking our cores

I remember the mantra
He chanted like a Buddhist Priest:
You youngsters got a lotta work to do
You youngsters got a lotta work to do
Piercing steel veils with X-ray vision
puncturing absurdities with barbed tongue
Soul-ar powered bullshit detector
administering smell tests

I remember the mantra
He chanted like a Buddhist Priest:
You youngsters got a lotta work to do
You youngsters got a lotta work to do
while coming as close as weve come to
Having a Super Hero,
putting his body
On the line, running,
Marching, fasting, speaking,
Teaching us to laugh
at Lone Wolves, magic bullets;
call out coverups and
Follow the money
where bodies are buried

Reduction as a Process of Expansion "IndyWatch Feed War"

I will melt at the flash point
of simplicity
until my mind
into mist

I will meditate on the blessings
of light
until my eyes
can see God
through the shadows

I will trust in the process
of Tao
until water
grows calm
in the river

I will seek the true depths
of faith
until conflict
holds no sway
in my heart

I will drift along the pathway
of memories
until wisdom
all your teachings

I will sit through the swelter
of summer
until autumn
claims the season
with new color


Comingling Fragrances in a Summer Backyard "IndyWatch Feed War"

The savory bouquet of summer flowers
roses, honeysuckle, wisteria, jasmine
perfumes the afternoon air
and comingles and merges with
sundry other fragrances
also permeating the air:
the aerosol can room freshener scent
of a pesticide recently sprayed,
poison that smells like perfume;
the fetor of decaying matter
that exudes from the compost heap,
nutriments stinkier than poison;
the fragrance of freshly mowed grass
and the acrid smell of glyphosate,
with which dandelions were recently doused;
the appetizing, mouth-watering aromas of
burgers, weenies, sauce smeared drumsticks
sizzling on a charcoal grill;
the pungent smell of the open fire
and glowing charcoal briquettes;
the lingering odor of lighter fluid;
the alluring aroma of perking coffee;
the catty scent of beer gone flat;
the reek of tobacco smoke and vapors.
Such is the menagerie of fragrances
some sweet-scented, others fetid
comingling in a summer backyard.
Sorting them out, one from another,
the redolent from the miasmic,
is a task of Sisyphean proportions
when they intermingle and meld
and the salubrious is stenchy
and poison smells like gardenias.


Strange brain-looking creatures spotted in Canada "IndyWatch Feed World"

Low water levels revealed the strange jelly creatures at Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia. Within Stanley Park's "Lost Lagoon," a strange amorphous blob of life has appeared. The gelatinous "brain" is known as the Pectinatella magnifica, or, more commonly, the "magnificent" bryozoan. What appears to be a single alien organism is instead the gelatinous gathering of hundreds of individual bryozoan "zooids." At a fraction of a millimeter each, it takes a lot of them to form into these oddly cerebral communities. The gelatinous creatures are hermaphrodites, possessing all requisite reproductive organs within each individual. They spread from their gelatinous communal clumps via "statoblast," where clumps of cells are detached from a zooid that can reproduce themselves asexually to form another brain-like colony. Fossil records have placed ancestors of the modern bryozoan as far back as 470 million years, but they have never been spotted outside of areas east of the Mississippi River.


She who dwells in the tower speaks "IndyWatch Feed War"

I will not live my life afraid.
I will not hide in fear.
For what good would my silence do
But make hates pathway clear?
I will not live my life a lie,
Dictated to by fools.
I will not cast my pearls to swine.
I will retain my jewels.
I will not live my life bound up
By evil mens cruel chains.
When my carriage comes to town,
I shall hold the reigns.
I will not live my life shut in
By those whod build a wall.
Ill live free and speak the truth
Until all these castles fall.


the dog, the dove, the turtle "IndyWatch Feed War"

the dog, the dove, the turtle
decided to go to war
they trained and trained and trained some more
for they were going to war

they finally concluded
that the time was ripe
they would set out on their mission
at the first sign of light

they reached their destination
they conquered all they saw
a duck, a fawn, a grizzly bear with an injured paw

the dog, the dove, the turtle
with nothing else to kill
turned upon each other
their training with them still

the dove pecked out the turtles eyes
the dog he ate the dove
then he died of loneliness and the lack of love


Self-congratulatory Americans "IndyWatch Feed War"

Saw a
Bumper sticker
While waiting
For the


It said.

The truck
was a nice, new,
Union made

I didnt
see who had
made their

The city
Traffic light
Changed, and
They dutifully
Went on.

I took
My public
City bus,

To myself,

In the collective.


Baltimore Organizers Schedule Second 72-Hour Ceasefire With Momentum From First "IndyWatch Feed"

They would have better luck organizing a job fair. Update to this story. Via Baltimore Sun: Organizers of last months 72-hour ceasefire in Baltimore which rallied the city around a message of peace, even if it didnt completely silence the gunfire have announced another event this fall. The second Baltimore Ceasefire event will []


Brooklyn-based Muslim: Then we will go to FBI headquarters, kill the FBI people "IndyWatch Feed War"

Apparently Akhror Saidakhmetov didnt get the memo on how the FBI steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat, falsely claims that right-wing extremists are as much or more of a violent threat than jihadis, and apparently tried to get foes of jihad terror and Sharia oppression murdered. If he had known []


While You Were Sleeping: North Korea Perfected A Hydrogen Bomb "IndyWatch Feed World"

mini nuke north korea

North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb on Sunday while we were sleeping, according to officials in the country. If confirmed, it would be the most powerful nuclear explosion ever achieved by the isolated country.

According to Gizmodo, things are moving quickly on the Korean peninsula, and theres a lot we dont know, including the details about what this reported US-South Korea military response will involve. But we have accumulated a round-up of what we do knoweverything that happened on the other side of the world while America slept.

The explosion of North Koreas hydrogen bomb was first picked up as an earthquake at exactly noon, local time. Measuring 6.3 on the richter scale by the US Geological Survey, such an explosion is at least 5 times stronger than any previous detonation performed by the country and roughly 8 times stronger than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima during World War II. -Gizmodo

North Korean TV broadcasts in the country declared the nuclear test a perfect success of a hydrogen bomb for [an] intercontinental ballistic rocket. Other state media claimed that dictator Kim Jong-un had personally overseen the test and described the bomb as a multi-functional thermonuclear nuke with [a] great destructive power which can be detonated even at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP attack according to strategic goals.

North Korea is claiming that the hydrogen bomb it tested is small enough to be fitted on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The rogue regime tested its first ICBM on ...


Feds Seek Information On Legal Medical Marijuana Patients "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Staff for WBZ. The federal government is asking the state of Massachusetts to turn over information on the 40,000 patients who were prescribed medical marijuana. The request coming from the White Houses National Marijuana initiative. Governor Baker says no information will be turned over to the federal government that will compromise patients. We just got the request. We wont do anything that is going to violate anybodys privacy. I can promise you that, Baker said. Massachusetts isnt the only state that has been contacted by the federal government. So far the state has complied and given general information like the age of the patient and date of the prescription, but not information on medical conditions. The state says that data could actually be used to identify the patient.


Big Data Surveillance "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Newly minted sociologist Sarah Brayne spent two and a half years studying the LAPD as it shifted from traditional methods to what she calls big data surveillance.

This article examines the intersection of two structural developments: the growth of surveillance and the rise of big data. Drawing on observations and interviews conducted within the Los Angeles Police Department, I offer an empirical account of how the adoption of big data analytics doesand does nottransform police surveillance practices. I argue that the adoption of big data analytics facilitates amplifications of prior surveillance practices and fundamental transformations in surveillance activities. First, discretionary assessments of risk are supplemented and quantified using risk scores. Second, data are used for predictive, rather than reactive or explanatory, purposes. Third, the proliferation of automatic alert systems makes it possible to systematically surveil an unprecedentedly large number of people. Fourth, the threshold for inclusion in law enforcement databases is lower, now including individuals who have not had direct police contact. Fifth, previously separate data systems are merged, facilitating the spread of surveillance into a wide range of institutions. Based on these findings, I develop a theoretical model of big data surveillance that can be applied to institutional domains beyond the criminal justice system. Finally, I highlight the social consequences of big data surveillance for law and social inequality.

Heres one bit, not far from what one would see on CSI:

For example, after a series of copper wire thefts in the city, the police found the car involved by drawing a radius in Palantir
around the three places the wire was stolen from, setting up time bounds around the time they knew the thefts occurred at each site, and
querying the system for any license plates captured by ALPRs in all three locations during those time periods.

And another:

I encountered several other examples of
law enforcement using external data originally
collected for noncriminal justice purposes,
including data from repossession and collections
agencies; social media, foreclosure, and
electronic toll pass data; and address and
usage information from utility bills. Respondents
also indicated they were working on
integrating hospital, pay parking lot, and
university camera feeds; rebate data such as
address information from contact lens rebates;...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nigeria, South Africa Likely Out of Recession
Africa News

Africas two biggest economies likely emerged from recession in the second quarter but strong growth wont show up until business confidence is restored, a Reuters poll suggested on Friday.

Nigeria and South Africa have both benefited from a recovery in commodity prices since early 2016, though not as much as their main trading partners China, the United States and the euro zone.

Both countries have bounced off the bottom, but the sustainability is in question. Nigeria needs a single FX policy and South Africa needs more policy certainty, said Aly-Khan Satchu, CEO of Rich Management in Nairobi.

Nigeria, the continents most populous country, had been in recession since late 2015 while South Africa confirmed a technical recession in the first quarter of this year. Official growth data are expected early next week for both countries.

A Reuters poll taken this week showed Nigerias economy broke out of a long slump in the second quarter with a median forecast for 1.55 percent year-on-year growth while South Africa quit shrinking with 2.2 percent quarter-on-quarter growth.

We expect a return to positive year-on-year growth in Nigeria, helped by improved foreign exchange availability and a recovery in oil production, said Razia Khan, head of Africa research at Standard Chartered.

Nigeria has suffered from dollar shortages and falling commodity prices that have affected Africas major crude exporters. The crisis has been exacerbated by limits on what citizens can import as authorities try to stop the naira sliding.

However, Gaimin Nonyane, head of economic research at Ecobank, said she expects the positive growth trajectory to be maintained for the foreseeable future as long as forex market liberalisation continues and assuming oil prices remain at current levels with no further disruptions to oil production.

The Nigerian central bank has occasionally taken steps to inject dollars into the market, squeezing the huge difference between black market and official prices, but has not allowed the naira to float.

Still, Nigerian assets which were largely shunned by foreign investor...


Putin and Xi agree to 'appropriately deal' with N. Korea nuclear test "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have agreed to "appropriately deal" with the recent nuclear test conducted by North Korea, Chinese Xinhua news reports. "The two leaders agreed to stick to the goal of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and keep close communication and coordination to deal with the new situation," the report says. The presidents met in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen for the ninth BRICS summit, which is scheduled for September 3-5. Earlier in the day, the Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the North Korean test, adding that in a situation like this, it is essential "to keep composure and to restrain from any acts, which may lead to further escalation of tensions."


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Roman "Underwater Ruins" Discovered in Tunisia

Twenty hectares of the remains of Roman ruins under the sea have been discovered in Nabeul, Tunisia by a joint team of experts from the National Heritage Institute of Tunisia and the University of Sassari-Oristano in Italy.

We started working in Tunisia and Italy in 2010. We were searching for a port and a sub-marine that can allow us to find other remains and especially to have the certainty that the earthquake in Neapolis really occured, one of the mission experts said.

According to the Director of the mission, this is a major discovery which confirms ancient stories that a tsunami swallowed up part of the city of Neapolis in the 4th century.

This discovery has allowed us to have the certainty that Neapolis was a great center of production of garum and curing. Probably the largest center in the Roman world and that Neapolis notables depended on garum, the director of the Tunisian archaeological mission, Mounir Fantar said.

According to researchers, the expensive garum was exported to various neighbouring countries.

This is really an archaeological reserve for future generations. Here the most important is not the search, the most important is to keep it, Mounir Fantar added.

The team now has the certainty that Neapolis suffered an earthquake which according to historian Ammien Marcellin, occured on July 21, 365 AD and which severely affected Alexandria.


Trump says appeasement will not work after N.Korea nuke test "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | Donald Trump (right) has threatened North Korea with fire and fury if it continues to threaten the United States

WASHINGTON (AFP)  US President Donald Trump declared Sunday that appeasement with North Korea will not work, after Pyongyang claimed it had successfully tested a missile-ready hydrogen bomb.North Korea has conducted a major Nuclear Test, Trump said. Their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States.

His comments came hours after the US Geological Survey picked up a 6.3 magnitude explosion in North Korea, which Pyongyang confirmed was a nuclear test, its sixth.

The isolated regime said this one was of a hydrogen bomb that could be fitted atop a ballistic missile, sharply raising the stakes in a US-North Korea confrontation.

Trump last month threatened North Korea with fire and fury if it continued to threaten the United States, but he refrained from direct threats in his latest tweets.

South Korea is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing! he said.

North Korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to China, which is trying to help but with little success.



Whos Behind Fossil Fuel Extraction Not Just Republicans "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A service truck drives past an oil well in North Dakota, November 2014. REUTERS/Andrew Cullen


Russian Defense Ministry: Defeating ISIS in Deir Ezzor will constitute strategic defeat of it in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Saturday, 02 September 2017 18:49 Moscow  Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday that the Syrian Arab Army advances successfully supported by Russian Aerospace Forces towards Deir Ezzor city to lift the siege imposed on it by ISIS, noting that defeating ISIS terrorist organization in this area will constitute a strategic defeat of it in Syria. []


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Major Egypt-China Projects Coming Soon, Says Egyptian Ambassador Ahead of BRICS Summit
Ahram Online
Sunday 3 Sep 2017

Egypt's ambassador to China, Osama El-Magdoub, said on Sunday that many joint projects between the two countries, in different fields, will be announced soon.

Speaking on the first day of the 2017 BRICS summit in Xiamen in China, El-Magdoub told Egyptian private news channel Extra News that relations between Cairo and Beijing are witnessing strong growth, and that the Chinese are interested in investing in Egypt.

The Egyptian ambassador mentioned coming Chinese investments in the new administrative capital worth $3.2 billion as well as other investments by two Chinese companies worth $8 billion.

The summit, which includes the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, will be held from 3 to 5 September. The theme of the ninth annual summit is Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future.

Egypts President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi is set to participate in the summit, upon the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

El-Sisi is also set to deliver a speech at the summit in the dialogue session on Tuesday, to present Egyptian economic policies and efforts to attract foreign investment, and expansion in external cooperation.

The speech will also highlight suggested models to consolidate global governance, and joint efforts for cooperation between Egypt and the other participating countries.

El-Sisi is also expected to meet with a number of large Chinese companies investing in Egypt, as well as bilateral meetings with Chinese, Russian and Indian counterparts.

According to El-Magdoub, China supports Egypts recent programme of economic reforms.

He said the summit would focus on economic issues, and will address the means of cooperation to overcome the problems of the global economy, especially the structural sides.


It's official: Obama is now the most costly former president in US history "IndyWatch Feed World"

Long gone are the days when then-candidate Barack Obama called increasing America's national debt "un-American". Not only was Obama's presidency the most costly to the U.S. taxpayer, but so is his post-presidency. Townwall reports: Every former president gets an office, expenses and, in some cases, an annual pension payment, thanks to a 1950s-era law enacted after former President Truman struggled for income when he left the White House in 1953. While most ex-presidents since Truman have found ways to make their life beyond the Oval Office financially rewarding, the taxpayer-funded perks have remained - and Mr. Obama is the latest to take them. (The Washington Times) The biggest expense for former presidents is the cost of rent for their office spaces - especially for Obama and Clinton since their offices are in Washington, D.C. and New York City, respectively. Obama's will cost $536,000 next year, while Clinton's is $518,000. Bush 41's office in Houston costs $286,000 and Bush 43's in Dallas is $497,000. Carter's Atlanta office is only $115,000. Obama also has the most expensive pension. Mr. Obama's pension payment is also the highest, at $236,000. Mr. Clinton is second with $231,000, followed by the younger Mr. Bush at $225,000, the CRS memo says, citing figures from the General Services Administration, which administers the 1958 Former Presidents Act.


Has Al Gore Remade Silicon Valley in his Image? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Al Gore played an enormous role in Silicon Valley's transformation from technological marvel into marketing/finance/software/censorship hub, animated by Leftist passion for destruction and deep-ecology anti-humanism, both amplified by artificial intelligence


Upon Evading a Major Conflict with China, India Gets Back to its Political Games "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Upon Evading a Major Conflict with China, India Gets Back to its Political Games by Vladimir Terekhov Journal-NEO The possibility of a direct military confrontation between China and India on the Doklam plateau now seems to have faded. This...

The post Upon Evading a Major Conflict with China, India Gets Back to its Political Games appeared first on The Daily Coin.


David Ignatius Sells the Occupation of Syria As The Right Thing to Do "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is David Ignatius after all, so we have to expect perception management to be conducted at extraordinary levels. Thats what Ignatius does best. Keep GIs in Syria post ISIS Get serious man! Hes talking occupation and this desired occupation has been made loud and clear
Ignatius also regurgitates the fabrication that because the US left Iraq, which they didnt, ISIS was able to take hold! Thats a flat out lie.
ISIS was able to take hold in Iraq precisely because the US NEVER left Iraq- The idea that they left was just another prevarication... Sitting in a mile high pile of  stinkin bullshit and intentional untruths.. But then this oped is written by David Ignatius?

 Let's briefly flashback to a few recent postings regarding the very obvious US desire to occupy northern Syria- A desire shared by their Kurdish terror proxies. In an area they (the US) have annexed with their Kurdish proxies

Flashback: Pretext Alert? US Claims Troops Exchanged Fire With Turkish Backed Rebels.

Flashback:  US Increases Military Posts in Kurd Annexed Syria: Vindicated Again

 Flashback- US to Remain In Syrian Kurdistan For Decades After ISIS is Defeated



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Egyptian Ethnomusicologist and Pioneer of Electronic Music Halim El-Dabh Dies at 96
Ahram Online
Sunday 3 Sep 2017

El-Dabh was an Egyptian composer, performer, and educator who experimented with electronic music in Egypt and went on to establish himself in the USA

Egyptian composer and ethnomusicologist Halim El-Dabh passed away on 2 Septemberin his home in Kent, Ohio, his wife Deborah wrote on social media.

In the short obituary, El-Dabh's wife wrote that he was "a prolific composer as well as a performer, professor and ethnomusicologist.

One of his most famous works is his collaboration with Martha Graham for a work entitled Clytemnestra. He has written scores for worldwide orchestras, dance companies, chamber orchestras and solo works."

Born on 4 March 1921 in Cairo to a Coptic family, El-Dabh graduated from the agricultural engineering department of Fouad I University (now Cairo University) in 1945, yet his interest in music directed him to many explorations, first of folkloric expressions and soon electronic experimentations where he indulged himself in sound manipulation with wire recorders.He also used these tools to capture the sounds of the zaar ritual, exorcisms, and the streets of Cairo.

El-Dabh explained this experience thus: I just started playing around with the equipment at the station, including reverberation, echo chambers, voltage controls, and a re-recording room that had movable walls to create different kinds and amounts of reverb.

He used those experimentations to compose his own music, becoming an early pioneer of electronic music.

In the 1950s El-Dabh received a Fulbright Music Grant which took him to the Aspen Music Center, Colorado, where he met and assisted Igor Stravinsky, and studied with Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein at the Berkshire Music Center in Massachusetts, Amal Choucri Catta wrote about the composer in 2007 for Al-Ahram Weekly.

At a later date, in New York, El-Dabh developed friendships with prominent musicians and became one of "Les Six d'Orient", representing the vanguard of contemporary composers inspired by Eastern music.

Inspired by Bla Bartk, whom he met in Egypt at the Cairo Music...


Teacher Makes Students Remove Their Trump Apparel Because Theyre Neo-Nazi "IndyWatch Feed"

INSANE!! High school teacher calls Trump shirt a "swastika" and makes him take it off in class! How is this ok!?! RT!!! Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) September 2, 2017 Via Daily Caller: A teacher was caught on video telling students to remove their pro-Trump shirts because theyre basically swastikas and Neo-nazi slogans, according to []


Florida Crowd Chants: Lock Her Up at Mention of Wasserman Schultzs Name "IndyWatch Feed"

Republican Carlos Reyes kicked off his campaign last week against Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the District 23 Congressional race.

The Republican crowd chanted Lock her up! after Wasserman Schultz was mentioned by name.

Federal agents are investigating whether Debbie Wasserman Schultzs aide Imran Awan was selling secrets to the Pakistanis while serving as IT specialist for Wasserman Schultz and dozens of liberal lawmakers.

The Sun-Sentinel reported:
The Sun-Sentinel reported:

Reyes was cheered Tuesday night by a crowd at an elaborately staged formal kickoff of a campaign he officially launched early in August.

The candidate promised a campaign focused on issues, but he and his team offered plenty of criticism of Wasserman Schultz. The mention of the incumbents name frequently drew boos and chants of lock her up. The campaign also distributed signs to attendees with the phrase lock her up.

Reyes said the case of Imran Awan, the former information technology staffer for Wasserman Schultz and many other Democrats is an example of her unsuitability for office. He was fired by the other members of Congress shortly after they learned he was under investigation in connection with his government IT job; Wasserman Schultz didnt fire him until he was arrested on an unrelated bank fraud charge in July.


Interview 1298 James Corbett on This Week in Money "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

[audio mp3=""][/audio]James Corbett joins Jim Goddard on Roundhouse Radio 98.3's This Week in Money to discuss Asian markets and geopolitics. This time they talk about North Korea's recent missile test over Japan, Chinese capital controls and the Chinese/Indian border squabble.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Raisonn: A Catalog of Work by Legendary Egyptian Painter Mahmoud Said Coming to Town
Dina Ezzat
Ahram Online
Thursday 24 Aug 2017

Painter and professor Amal Nasr speaks to Ahram Online about the process of collecting the work of the prominent artist's and making it available to the public

The Italian publishing house Skira is planning to provide copies of its Mahmoud Said catalogue raisonn for sale in a limited number of Egyptian bookstores this September, and will be distributed by the AUC Press.

The 864-page catalogue documents the work of the man who is rightly called the founder of Egyptian modern painting, complete with descriptions, explanations and scholarly comments.

The catalogue, which was launched earlier this year, was the result of three years of work under the direct supervision of prominent collector and scholar Hussam Rashwan and Christies Valrie Didier.

This is an unprecedented effort in documenting the works of an Egyptian artist and of course it made perfect sense that the first to merit this hard work would be no other than Mahmoud Said, said painter Amal Nasr.

Nasr, a professor at the Alexandria University School of Fine Arts, is one of the scholars who contributed to the catalogue.

It was not at all an easy job to work on this catalogue, essentially due to the fact that a considerable number of the works of Mahmoud Said are not in his museum nor for that matter in the private collections that are kept in Egypt, Nasr said.

According to Nasr, as to others who contributed to this task, it took a considerable deal of effort to locate all Saids paintings, sketches and notes, and it took almost as much work to get the permission of the collectors to have their pieces photographed.

Obviously too it was an expensive job and it was thoroughly funded by collectors and donors who wished to contribute to an overdue exhaustive documentation of Mahmoud Said, Nasr added.

Born to an aristocratic family in Alexandria on 8 April 1897, Said passed away at the age of 68 on 8 April 1964.

It was at his early teens that Said started to experiment with drawing. However, due to the conservative social norms of his time, he wa...


Vindictive Prosecution: Activist Who Laughed During Hearing "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

ByAndrea Germanos for Common Dreams. CODEPINK activist Desiree Fairooz, who was arrested after laughing during Attorney General Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing, will face a second trial this fall after she rejected a plea deal on Friday. "I still cannot believe the government refuses to drop this. Vindictive!" she wrote on Twitter, while CODEPINK called it "ridiculous." She was convicted in May of disorderly and disruptive conduct during the hearing. While Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) argued that Sessions' record of "treating all Americans equally under the law is clear and well-documented," Fairooz, who was in the hearing room, laughed. She held up a sign that read "Support Civil Rights; Stop Sessions" as she was placed under arrest and taken out of the room.


Parents travel from India to help son beat wife for being disobedient "IndyWatch Feed World"

Three foreign nationals from India were arrested Saturday after deputies found a beaten woman and her child being held inside her home, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. Deputies described the woman, 33-year-old Silky Gaind, as "badly beaten and bruised over her entire body" from beatings by her husband and his parents that they say had "been ongoing for an extended period of time." In response to a request for a welfare check, deputies arrived about 6:30 a.m. Saturday at 9601 Greenbank Drive, the home of the woman and her husband, 33-year-old Devbir Kalsi. Though deputies had confirmed people were inside the home, repeated knocks at the door went unanswered. Eventually, Gaind tried to open the door and "screamed for the deputy to save her and her child," the Sheriff's Office said. A deputy then forced the door open to find Kalsi. When he tried to push the door closed, the deputy began arresting him before being confronted by the man's father, Jasbir Kalsi, 67, and mother, Bhupinder Kalsi, 61.


What Is North Koreas Kim Jong Un Trying Prove With H-Bomb? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Eric Talmadge

TOKYO North Korea put on an extraordinary two-part show of its nuclear ambitions Sunday, releasing photos of leader Kim Jong Un next to what it described as a H-bomb for an ICBM, then actually detonating a device in its sixth and by far most powerful nuclear test to date.

The underground test, a major nose-thumb at Washington, Beijing and all of the Norths neighbors, follows an intense few months that have seen Kim launching missiles at record clip and in ways that are much more provocative than usual.

It was almost certainly intended to get under the skin of one man in particular: U.S. President Donald Trump, whose first salvo back, in a tweet, was: North Korea has conducted a major Nuclear Test. Their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States.


Heres a closer look at what the North did Sunday, and some of the possible reasons why.



Bright and early, North Koreas state media started posting photos of Kim visiting the countrys Nuclear Weapons Institute to see what state media described as a signal turn in nuclear weaponization.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Fight to Preserve Architectural Heritage of Egypt's Alexandria 
Dina Ezzat
Ahram Online
Sunday 20 Aug 2017

Confronting the demolition of Alexandrias historical building is a multi-layered task, argues prominent architect and founder of the Alexandria Preservation Trust Mohamed Awad

A beautiful four-floor early 20th century apartment building is being knocked down on Fouad Street at the heart of Alexandria, much to the consternation of inhabitants who have lived through what was arguably the citys belle poque. 

Another apartment building overlooking the corniche of Alexandria, in El-Shatby neighbourhood, has also been evacuated in anticipation of a demolition that architectural heritage preservation activists are campaigning against on social media. 

I am not sure if the campaign will succeed, lamented Mohamed Awad, the prominent architect who has dedicated years to the preservation and documentation of the architectural heritage of Alexandrias city centre. 

Awad told Ahram Online that the problem is that neither building had ever been put on the list of historic buildings that he helped compose during his days as the head of the Alexandria Preservation Trust (APT). 

The list includes 1,135 buildings 33 of which have exquisite architectural decoration 63 zones, and 38 streets. 

Fouad Street, at the very heart of the city centre, is obviously on the list. 

However, in the technical sense, preserving a historic street would not necessarily involve a prohibition on knocking down all its old buildings especially if the owners of the building manage to provide municipal authorities with a valid reason for the demolition. 



Self medicating with tea? L-Theanine for anxiety "IndyWatch Feed World"

Making the case for a cup of amino acid in tea may be just what you need to feel less anxious. Whether taken as a supplement or in cups of tea, l-theanine is safe and helps many people reduce stress and anxiety. Research shows that l-theanine induces alert/relaxed thinking states, reduces your fight-or flight response to stressful events and helps protect the mind from stress-linked thinking and memory deficits.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Egypt's Pope Tawadros II Leads Divine Liturgy in Sydney, Australia
Ahram Online
Saturday 2 Sep 2017

Pope Tawadros arrived in Sydney Tuesday after a short visit to Japan

Pope Tawadros II, the Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, led a 5,000-strong mass in Sydney Saturday morning, part of his first papal visit to Australia, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported.

During the divine liturgy at the International Convention Centre Sydney, Pope Tawadros II promoted six new priests to arch-priests of the Sydney Diocese into the Order of Christ.

Pope Tawadros arrived in Sydney Tuesday after a short visit to Japan where he inaugurated the first Coptic church in the East Asian country.

During his 10-day pastoral tour during, the Pope is expected to meet with top Australian political and religious figures and visit churches and schools in Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra.

On Thursday, Pope Tawadros laid the foundation stone for St Mary, St Cosman and St Demian Coptic Orthodox Church in Kellyville, Sydney.

The new church will cater to the growing numbers of parishioners and include community facilities.It is expected to be completed in five years.

The pontiff will also give a number of masses and meet with Australia's Coptic community members.

Tawadros II is head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, which has an estimated 25 million members worldwide.


Schrader gives Venice film festival glimpse of Apocalypse soon "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nobody is ever going to call Paul Schrader's First Reformed a feel-good movie, and the legendary screenwriter and director is fine with that. "If you are hopeful about humanity and the planet you are not paying attention," Schrader said Thursday as he presented his latest writing and directing project at the Venice film festival. The film turns around the uncheery theme of impending environmental apocalypse and the question of whether Christians could or should have done more to prevent it. "I don't see humanity outliving the century," Schrader told reporters after the drama, which stars Ethan Hawke, as an unexpectedly middle-aged troubled pastor, and Amanda Seyfried, was unveiled. The dark tale is being tipped as an outside shot for the Golden Lion, the top prize at the world's oldest cinema festival.


PAPER: Kim Jong-un Has Secret Son Waiting to Inherit North Korean Regime "IndyWatch Feed"

Amid the deeply troubling news of North Korea conducting its sixth and most powerful nuclear test, a curious report reveals Kim Jong-un has a secret son waiting to inherit the Hermit Kingdom.

Daily Mail UK reports:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has a secret son who is heir to his brutal regime, spies have revealed.

The dictator has three children with his wife Ri Sol-ju but the gender of the couples first who was born in 2010 has never been revealed.

Following the birth of their son the couple had a baby girl in 2013 and another child just six months ago, according to previous reports from South Koreas intelligence agency.

The first lady had disappeared for an extended period last year, raising speculation that she could be pregnant.

According to previous intelligence reports from Seouls spy agency, Ri married Kim in 2009 and gave birth to their first child the following year, with their second born in 2013.

Kim is the third generation of his dynasty to rule North Korea, but little has been revealed about the countrys first family.

Japan and South Korean officials are confirming North Korea conducted a nuclear bomb test Sunday afternoon local time. An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale centered in the area of North Koreas nuclear weapons facility was reportedly followed by a 4.6 quake that appears to be a cave-in due to the test. The test is reportedly the strongest of the previous five tests since 2006.

This is the first nuclear weapons test by North Korea in the Trump presidency. President Donald Trump has taken a much harder line with North Korea than his predecessors.

North Korea announced a special statement will be made at 1500 hours local time, 2:30 a.m. EDT.

There are reports the...


Guess who is to blame: Nobel Prize winners predict the end of the world "IndyWatch Feed"

Any wonder why we believe that liberalism is a mental disorder? From NY Post: A group of 50 Nobel Prize winners has spoken out to reveal the 10 greatest threats to mankind. In a survey, the brainiacs revealed fears that Continue reading


PaulCraig Roberts 299 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Robert E. Lees Ubiquitous Presence

Robert E. Lees Ubiquitous Presence


Abolitionists From Around The World Gather To End Prisons "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Jean Trounstine for Truthout. In July 2017 more than 200 people from across the globe met for four days in New Bedford, Massachusetts, which was once home to abolitionist Frederick Douglass and a major stop on the Underground Railroad. Meeting intentionally in a place with such historical significance to the abolition movement, conferees came together to learn more about the relationship between the carceral state and struggles against colonialism and slavery. Since 2000, "The increased use of incarceration accounted for nearly zero percent of the overall reduction in crime," according to a recent report by the Vera Institute, entitled "The Prison Paradox: More Incarceration Will Not Make Us Safer." The report also underscores the structural racism in which incarceration is grounded, adding, "Incarceration will increase crime in states and communities with already high incarceration rates." Recognizing that prison does not reduce violence, many organizations and abolitionists advocate community accountability practices as an alternative to the punishment system, utilizing networks of friends, families, church groups, neighborhoods or workplace associates to provide safety to the community and ways of healing harm.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Deaths Among Egyptian Pilgrims on Hajj Rises to 46: Health Ministry
Ahram Online
Sunday 3 Sep 2017

Saudi Arabia has reached 46, the health ministry said on Sunday.

The head of Egypt's hajj medical commission, Ahmed El-Ansary, attributed the number of deaths to fatigue and old age, according to state-run news agency MENA.

He said that most cases were caused by respiratory issues and cardiac arrest.

Deaths from heat exhaustion, fatigue and other natural causes are a common occurrence among pilgrims on the hajj in Saudi Arabia.

The six most recent deaths among Egyptians were of pilgrims ranging in age from 50 to 78, and included two women and four men.

Some 53 more Egyptian pilgrims are being treated for fatigue, diabetes and blood pressure problems in Saudi hospitals, El-Ansary said on Saturday.

Last year, 43 Egyptians died of natural causes during the pilgrimage.

Saudi authorities say more than two million Muslims are expected to participate in this year's hajj.

The five-day pilgrimage started on Wednesday and will conclude on Monday.


Trump STUPIDLY Attacks A Major U.S. Ally Before Threatening North Korea With War Addicting Info | The Knowledge You Crave

If Donald Trump drags us into war with North Korea, it could be without the help of our most important ally in the region.

South Korea is a critical ally since the country sits just below North Korea. South Korea not only serves as a base for our troops and any strike we launch against Kim Jong-Uu, it would provide logistical and military support.

Defeating North Korea requires strong allies and cooperation. But Trump may have just ruined that with a Twitter tantrum on Sunday morning.

First, Trump took a shot at China. Then he tweeted out what amounts to an I told you so and accused South Korea of appeasing North Korea. Then he threatened war with North Korea.

Trumps attack on South Korea comes just a day after h...


Whats Wrong With The Robot Tax? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Vin Armani In this video, Vin Armani talks about the approaching agenda of taxing robots as if theyre the same as labor because they...


Democrats attack Trump's pardon of Joe Arpaio but forget their pardons of terrorists and traitors "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Left is losing its collective mind over President Trump's pardon of former Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio over the weekend. The outrage comes after Trump allowed the 85-year old Korean War veteran and long-time sheriff to avoid potential prison time due to a case that began with a simple traffic stop of a Mexican citizen in Arizona. In all of the Democrats' outrage, they fail to remember their leaders have a history of forgiving terrorists and traitors alike.


Who will pay for the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The official death toll for the storm increased to 46 on Friday, though this figure is expected to rise in the coming days. As many as one million people have been displaced by the floods, turned into internal refugees. The number of flooded structures is estimated at 136,000 just in Harris County, which includes Houston, the fourth-largest city in the country.


Japans Second Largest Bank To Invest 100 BILLION Yen In Stocks! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Japans Second Largest Bank To Invest 100 BILLION Yen In Stocks! Video WAM Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about Japans second largest bank, Japan Posts plan to plow 100 billion Yen in stocks over...

The post Japans Second Largest Bank To Invest 100 BILLION Yen In Stocks! (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Putin, Xi meet in China, talk tough on North Korea "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

File photo: Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin [PPIO]

Moscow and Beijing have agreed to appropriately deal with the latest nuclear test conducted by North Korea.

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Sunday, calling for joint efforts to promote world peace and development.

Chinas Environment Ministry said on Sunday it has started emergency monitoring for radiation along its border with North Korea.

Russia and the US have condemned North Koreas latest nuclear test. North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test on Sunday, which it said was an advanced hydrogen bomb for a long-range missile.

Putin is in the southeastern Chinese coastal city of Xiamen to attend the ninth BRICS summit from Sept. 3-5.

I hope President Putin will have a beautiful memory of the trip to Xiamen, and I believe we will start the next golden decade of the BRICS countries, Xi said.

It was the fourth meeting between the two leaders this year.

The North Korean crisis will figure in the talks between the five leaders of the BRICS.

The Summit will focus on the state of the global economic recovery, intra-BRICS trade and a greater role for emerging economies in the international financial architecture.

The Xiamen Declaration and Action Plan will be agreed on by the five leaders after intensive discussions over the next two days.

A common approach towards fighting protectionism blighting global trade and also the battle against terrorism in Syria and elsewhere will feature in the final communique.


TBP and Agencies


North Korea Claims Test of Hydrogen Bomb for Long-Range Missile a Success "IndyWatch Feed War"

Pyongyangs sixth nuclear test came after Kim Jong Un showed off what he described as a hydrogen bomb for an ICBM


Updated Sept. 3, 2017 10:13 a.m. ET

SEOULNorth Korea said it conducted a sixth and significantly larger nuclear test Sunday, stepping up pressure on President Donald Trump in what is shaping up to be his biggest foreign policy crisis.

In a televised statement, North Korea described the underground explosion, which triggered a large earthquake, as a perfect success in the test of a hydrogen bomb for an ICBM. Pyongyang said the creditability of the operation of the


Can the BRICS hold the line on US war with North Korea? "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As Russia and its BRICS partners convene this week, the organization faces a momentous test of its global influence: can it hold the line and insist on a diplomatic solution to the alarming US standoff with North Korea? The ninth annual summit of the BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa - comes at a critical time. Ahead of the two-day conference opening Sunday in China's southern port city of Xiamen, Russian President Vladimir Putin published an article warning that the North Korea crisis is "on the brink of large-scale conflict." Few people doubt that if the US and North Korea go to war the conflict will result in the use of nuclear weapons, with millions of people's lives in the balance. Since the crisis blew up again about two months ago, there has been a dangerous tit-for-tat bellicose exchange between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Coupled with the fiery rhetoric is a seemingly never-ending display of military force by both sides.


Is the US Under Attack From Manufactured Weather Events? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



Many credible people are asking the question as to whether the United Stated is under attack from manufactured weather events?

The first question that any reasonable person may ask as if the technology exists? The answer is a simple without quetion. Does that necessarily mean that Hurricane Harvey was a manufactured event tied to some nefarious purpose? It certainly does not follow that because the technology exists, that the use of proven weather modification is a given (ie Air Force Owning the Weather 2025).

Making the Case for a Manufactured Weather Event

Dean Wigington has provided one of the most lucid accounts of why Hurrican Harvey is a manufactured weather event:

From: Dane Wigington

Hurricane Harvey is the latest example of covert weather warfare being waged on completely unsuspecting populations. Increasingly catastrophic climate cataclysms are being orchestrated and manipulated by an ever more desperate and aggressive global power structure. Rapidly accelerating climate and biosphere collapse is not somewhere on the horizon, it is here, now. Climate engineering is further fueling the unraveling of the remaining web of life on our once thriving planet. With undeniable facts and film footage the video below fully exposes the manipulation of Hurricane Harvey

Sharing credible and verifiable data is absolutely crucial in the fight to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering assault.  When incorrect or false data is propagated, t...


President Trump: N. Korea hostile and dangerous to US, talk of appeasement won't work "IndyWatch Feed World"

US President has branded North Korea a 'rogue nation and a threat' after Pyongyang said it conducted its sixth nuclear device test. Donald Trump added that South Korea must understand by now that "talk of appeasement" with its neighbor "won't work." In a series of tweets on Sunday, the American leader described North Korea's words and actions as "very hostile and dangerous to the United States".


John Kelly Can Serve His Country Now "IndyWatch Feed"

The president is a hard man to serve:

President Trump was in an especially ornery mood after staff members gently suggested he refrain from injecting politics into day-to-day issues of governing after last months raucous rally in Arizona, and he responded by lashing out at the most senior aide in his presence.

It happened to be his new chief of staff, John F. Kelly.

Mr. Kelly, the former Marine general brought in five weeks ago as the successor to Reince Priebus, reacted calmly, but he later told other White House staff members that he had never been spoken to like that during 35 years of serving his country. In the future, he said, he would not abide such treatment, according to three people familiar with the exchange.

I will be mildly surprised if Kelly lasts to the end of the month. I dont see the point in what he is trying to do, and I doubt hell be able to see any point in it for much longer. He cant save this administration or even keep it afloat. And I dont think Trump will stop disrespecting him in front of the staff, so unless he enjoys being treated like Reince Priebus hes going to take a walk or get himself fired before too much longer.

Things might be different if the administration were not taking on water faster than Kelly can bail it out, or if September were not set up as a crucible custom-designed to destroy the illusions of Republicans and Trump supporters everywhere. But playtime is over and the grim waiter has brought the check. Failure will begin to roll down like waters, and haplessness like a mighty stream. Brother shall deliver up brother, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause their political death.

Through it all, for as long as he lasts, Kelly will vainly try to steer the ship away from the shoals, and hell take the blame for errors not of his making and decisions made against his advice.

If hes a patriot and doing this because the situation is so dangerous, he should focus on only two things: protecting the countrys credit rating and keeping us out of a shooting war with North Korea or anyone else. But, really, when he leaves he should explain to the whole country what peril we are in and how urgently necessary it is to remove the president from power.

Thats the best and only way he can really serve his country now.


Tim Ryan Needs a Lesson in Regional Inequality "IndyWatch Feed"

Tim Ryan is making himself look kind of clueless with comments like these:

Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan (Ohio) is going against party leaders and calling for a business friendly agenda ahead of the 2018-midterm elections.

To be competitive globally, we have to reduce the corporate tax rate, Ryan told The Hill in an interview from his Youngstown, Ohio, district office. Were just not competitive globally because of that.

Ryan, a fast-rising Democrat from industrial Ohio, is challenging Democrats to take a different approach to big business and work with corporate America to create jobs.

We cant just be the party of redistribution of wealth; we need to be the party of the creation of wealth in communities all over the country, not to just Silicon Valley, not just Wall Street, but all over.

Though Ryan says hes confident Democrats can take back the House in 2018, he insists a pro-business message will be key.

If we could figure out the big economic question, which really is how do we get wealth out of the coasts and into the industrial Midwest and start creating real jobs by the hundreds, if not by the thousands, in places like I represent thats a game changer for me.

Im tempted to send his staff a copy of our November/December 2015 issue of the Washington Monthly so they can read my brothers excellent piece Bloom and Bust that magnificently explains how changes in public policy, not a deceptively high corporate tax rate, have caused the regional inequality that is killing places like Youngstown, Ohio.

Heres a little sample from Phils article:

A major factor that has not received sufficient attention is the role of public policy. Throughout most of the countrys history, American government at all levels has pursued policies designed to preserve local control of businesses and to check the tendency of a few dominant cities to monopolize power over the rest of the country. These efforts moved to the federal level beginning in the late nineteenth century and reached a climax of enforcement in the 1960s and 70s. Yet starting shortly thereafter, each of these policy levers were flipped, one after the other, in the opposite direction, usually in the guise of deregulation. Understanding this history, largely forgotten in...

The Month-from-Hell has Arrived "IndyWatch Feed"

Its happened. The Republicans month-from-hell has arrived. Its the month I coined a meat-grinder. And its going to get off to the slowest of starts owing to the long Labor Day weekend holiday. There will much work for responsible government officials to do, and very little time for them to get it done.

Yet, the president is the farthest thing from focused. The Russia investigation is terrifying him. He wants to fire his Secretary of State and it looks like Rex Tillerson would welcome that outcome. Hes fuming at his National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn because Cohn essentially called him a racist in public, but he doesnt feel like he can afford to fire him because hes trying to pivot to a doomed tax reform effort. Hes chomping at the bit his chief of staff put on him to limit his access to fake news and crazy supporters and advisers. Hes still obsessed with his media coverage and the camera angles and attendance he gets at his political rallies. Hes more energized by his efforts to settle scores with Republican senators who have crossed him than he is with attracting the support of Democratic senators he will soon need. Hes recently made open war on the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House, both of whom have been increasingly critical of his behavior and performance. Most of all, he misses the brief period during which the job of president was kind of fun:

President Trump spent the final days of August dutifully performing his job. He tended to the massive recovery from Hurricane Harvey. He hit the road to sell his tax-cut plan. And he convened policy meetings on the federal budget and the North Korean nuclear threat.

Behind the scenes during a summer of crisis, however, Trump appears to pine for the days when the Oval Office was a bustling hub of visitors and gossip, over which he presided as impresario. He fumes that he does not get the credit he thinks he deserves from the media or the allegiance from fellow Republican leaders he says he is owe......


North Korea tests nuclear bomb it says can be made into warhead for long-range missile "IndyWatch Feed War"

China strongly condemns the test, while US President Donald Trump says appeasement will not work with rogue nation

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 03 September, 2017, 11:50am
UPDATED : Sunday, 03 September, 2017, 8:09pm
 North Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb with perfect success, its state media said on Sunday, adding that the device was capable of being loaded onto its long-r...


US raid of Russian diplomatic sites a parade of power to reassert claim for global dominion "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Annie Machon | RT | September 3, 2017 The shutting and subsequent searches of Russias diplomatic sites are a meaningless show of power and domination by the US, which, however, could help push through controversial new intelligence related legislation, believes Annie Machon, a former MI5 intelligence officer. Its part of efforts to push through []


Antifa Madness "IndyWatch Feed"

There's something wrong with this Politico story by Josh Meyer that is getting huge play in the rightwing outlets with the claim that the so-called antifa is now officially regarded as practitioners of "domestic terrorist violence":
Federal authorities have been warning state and local officials since early 2016 that leftist extremists known as antifa had become increasingly confrontational and dangerous, so much so that the Department of Homeland Security formally classified their activities as domestic terrorist violence, according to interviews and confidential law enforcement documents obtained by POLITICO.
It's that after that opening graf you can't find any information about how that DHS "formal classification" is sourced. Interviews and documents are cited, but none of them say that. They say that
A senior state law enforcement official said, A whole bunch of them have been deemed dangerous enough to be placed on U.S. terrorism watch lists.
and that
recent FBI and DHS reports confirm they are actively monitoring conduct deemed potentially suspicious and indicative of terrorist activity by antifa groups.
and that federal officials launched an investigation in spring 2016
To determine whether the U.S.-based anarchists might start committing terrorist bombings like their counterparts in foreign anarchist extremist movements in Greece, Italy and Mexico, possibly at the Republican and Democratic conventions that summer.
They did show up at...


Indiana: Taxpayer-funded Ball State University gives academic credit to students for meeting Muslims "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is based on the oft-repeated claim of the establishment media and Islamic apologists that Islamophobia stems from people simply not knowing any Muslims personally, and if these racist, redneck yahoos would simply meet some of these charming, wise, noble people, they would no longer be greasy Islamophobes, but would morph immediately into metrosexual, horn-rimmed-glasses-wearing []


[WATCH] Woman Told Shes at Fault After Parked Car Sideswiped by St. Louis Police Vehicle "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

ST. LOUIS A St. Louis City resident says a police officer sideswiped her legally parked car and then took off. Danielle Allen is uncomfortable with the situation she was

The post [WATCH] Woman Told Shes at Fault After Parked Car Sideswiped by St. Louis Police Vehicle appeared first on Filming Cops.


15 Ivy League Professors To Class Of 2021: Think For Yourself, Dont Follow Groupthink "IndyWatch Feed"

Guaranteed to offend the snowflakes. Via Red Alert Politics: Fifteen Ivy League professors have published an open letter for young people who are headed off to college. Their advice? Think for yourself. Believe it or not, some Ivory Tower academics are tiring of safe space culture and monolithic thought. While hive-mind-syndrome is easy to fall []


This Is How the U.S. Creates Terrorist Groups Like ISIS "IndyWatch Feed World"

September 4th, 2017 By Wes Annac Guest Writer for Wake Up World Warning: Due to their nature, some of the contents of this article are graphic. Reader discretion is advised. If you kick a man, don"t expect him to stay down. Expect him to get up and defend himself. Most people won"t tolerate abuse no matter whom []


Dj vu "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The table where Mark Mardell will be dining today?

Good grief, Mark Mardell's back at the Villa d'Este on the shores of Lake Como again! He's become quite the regular there over the past year or so. 

(Not that I'm envious, but I've always wanted to holiday at Lake Como and would love it if my work would send me there a couple of times a year like MM. No chance of that though.)

Mark was there to hobnob with the European elite, listen to M. Barnier and report their views. Unusually, we also heard from a Eurosceptic too - one Geert Wilders.

There was a fascinating interview with Niall Ferguson, where (among many other things) he accused media organisations, including the BBC, of misreporting the Trump presidency.


Make Cars Safer By Making Them Softer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Would making autonomous vehicles softer make them safer?

Alphabets self-driving car offshoot, Waymo, feels that may be the case as they were recently granted a patent for vehicles that soften on impact. Sensors would identify an impending collision and adjust tension members on the vehicles exterior to cushion the blow. These members would be corrugated sections or moving panels that absorb the impact alongside the crumpling effect of the vehicle, making adjustments based on the type of obstacle the vehicle is about to strike.

The new reality of self driving vehicles has had people anxious over safety concerns with good reason, as our own Elliot Williams points out but any man vs. car standoff rarely favours the human side. In light of that, it would be nice to see this technology go the route of the three-point seat belt, becoming an industry standard.

For now, Skynet will have to contend with smaller, cuter and potentially less destructive...

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Practical Reason Can and Will Defeat the New World Order (Part I) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Practical reason is universal. And anyone who dismisses it will invariably affirm it. Moreover, the denial of practical reason will logically lead to relativism, which makes no sense whatsoever.


Saudi lobbyist advocates for a new Emir in Qatar "IndyWatch Feed War"

Saudi Press Agency

Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al Thani with King Salman

The head of a big Saudi lobbying group shocked many people this week by openly calling for regime change in Qatar.

Image result for Doha News, logo

Salman Al-Ansari, the founder and president of the Saudi American Public Relation Affairs Committee (SAPRAC), tweeted his support for a new Qatari Emir on Eid.

The move comes as the blockade against Qatar by its neighbors passes the 90-day mark, with no end in sight.


Newsletter: Climate Breakdown "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. Climate breakdown is happening before our eyes at the same time the science on climate change grows stronger and has wider acceptance. Hurricane Harvey, which struck at the center of the petroleum industry the heart of climate denialism provided a glimpse of the new normal of climate crisis-induced events. In Asia, this week the climate message was even stronger where at least 1,200 people died and 41 million were impacted. By 2050, one billion people could be displaced by climate crises. Climate disasters demonstrate the immense failure of government at all levels.


UK: Former Labour MP says Left turning blind eye to Muslim rape gangs for fear of being called racist "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is obviously true. Even Champion herself apologized for stating what is obvious fact. As the last jihadi knife blade slices through the neck of the last Leftist in the UK, the victim will be consoling himself with the last thought, At least I was never a racist. Floppy Labour are turning a blind eye []


A Nuremberg Tribunal for ISIS and Friends "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


A dozen nations armed ISIS, protected them, some provided air support, others funneled jihadists from the far reaches of the Pacific to battle fields in Iraq and Syria.

Half a trillion dollars in oil, antiquities, entire factories, not to mention endless thousands of human slaves enriched those behind ISIS. Most involved arent Muslims. Many are Americans, the same corporations that profited from the War on Terror, backed ISIS as well.

Every NATO nation was involved as was Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. This was a war of corporations and banks, a commercial venture building on the real lessons learned after 9/11.

War is too important for governments, politicians can be bought and sold like any other commodity and everyone has a price. Behind it all, the media and their darlings, Assange and WikiLeaks, the Murdoch organization, the BBC, all enthrall to international thuggery on a scale previously unseen. We begin.

In early 2014, I met with Iraqi Sunni leaders to discuss security concerns. Iraqs Sunnis are a complex interrelationship of tribal units, complex family ties further diffused by tenuous alliance with Saddam and his Baathist regime.

As the post 9/11 US occupation dragged on, Iraqs Sunni minority, which includes most of the business community, increasingly looked south to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates for stability. Many were fearful of Irans influence.

Despite warnings, this led many, including military leaders, to cozying up to ISIS. The hand of Saudi intelligence services was always there as well, promises made but seldom kept. A few short months later, many I met with had their heads displayed on pikes, their dance with the devil unsatisfactory and unfulfilling.

Thus, overnight, ISIS found itself in control of the vast city of Mosul and billions in American military hardware, all handed over to ISIS. Behind this was not only Saudi intelligence but the Mossad as well, the Israeli intelligence service that had set up a large headquarters in Mosul as early as 2003.

There, they played Christians and Muslims against each other and began their dance with Turkey, supplying intelligence to Turkey on the Kurdish PKK, a group Israel had helped...


Tale of Two Presidents: Donald Trump versus Barack Obama on Louisiana Flooding (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump took time on Saturday to visit flood victims in Houston, Texas and Louisiana.

It was their second trip to the flood damaged region.

The people of Louisiana lined the streets to see the president and First Lady.

And here was Barack Obama during the Louisiana floods in 2016.


Theres more
Obama sent out a letter lecturing flood victims of racism.
The Washington Times reported:

President Obama has refused so far to survey the Louisiana flood disaster, but he did let state and local officials know that hes watching to make sure they dont engage in racial discrimination.

In a 16-page guidance issued Tuesday, the Obama administration, led by the Justice Department, warned Louisiana recipients of federal disaster assistance against engaging in unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin (including limited English proficiency).

The guidances frameworks highlight the importance of complying with nondiscrimination requirements of civil rights statutes, addressing the needs of the whole community, and ensuring equal opportunity to access recovery efforts.

Needless to say, some Louisiana residents wer...


UK will not be pressured by EU timetable: Davis "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | The EUs chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier (right) and his British counterpart David Davis disagreed over how much progress was made during their last meeting on August 31

LONDON (AFP)  Brexit negotiator David Davis on Sunday insisted that Britain would not be forced into accepting unfavourable terms in the face of European Union criticism that not enough progress had been made.Davis clashed with EU counterpart Michel Barnier this week over the Brexit divorce bill, which the bloc has put at 100 billion euros ($118 billion), a figure Britain rejects.

What hes (Barnier) concerned about is that hes not getting the answer on money and theyve set this up to try and create pressure on us, Davis told BBCs Andrew Marr Show.

Im not going to allow them to use that time pressure to force us to do x, y or z.

Barnier demanded on Monday that London start negotiating seriously as a March 2019 deadline looms, with talks stalling over what comes first the divorce settlement or Britains future relationship with the bloc.

I am concerned, time passes quickly, Barnier added.

Davis responded that the point about the Europeans, they wont talk about the future, theyll only talk about so-called divorce proceedings.

We are saying, youve given us this enormous bill well go through line by line, we gave them a two-and-a-half hour presentation, they even complained about that.

Were going through this very systematically, very British way, very pragmatic way of doing it and of course hes finding it difficult, which is why this stance in the press conference, he added.

The European Union has said there must be sufficient progress in three key areas EU citizen rights, Northern Irelands border and the exit bill before it will consider post-Brexit arrangements, possibly from October.

Britain believes it is not legally obliged to pay any settlement fee though accepts it will have to pay for any future access to the EU institutions, but is reluctant to name a figure without knowing what that access will be.

Davis dismissed as silly EU accusations that no progress had been made.

He also rejected a story in the Sunday Times that said Prime Minister Theresa May would accept 50 billion (54.6 billion euros) as a settlement, calling it completely wrong.

May is...


Time For Paper Ballots-- So The Kremlin Cant Steal The Next Election The Way They Stole 2016 For Trump. (Oh, You Didnt Hear?) "IndyWatch Feed"

Naive people-- really naive people-- have believed an American establishment desperate to pretend that the Kremlin didnt steal the election for Trump. Ive always thought they were fools and that Putin certainly stole the election for Trump, while Obama sat by with his dick in his hand. And then participated in a massive coverup to make Americans think their voting system was just fine and that all Putin did was hack the criminally-minded Debbie Wassermann Schultz-- she desreved it and worse, right?-- and release some silly e-mails and get some Albanian and Macedonian kids to monkey around with Facebook. Yeah, wanna buy a bridge?

A low key article in the NY Times yesterday scratched the surface of how Putin delivered America the devastating, debilitating blow of a Trumpanzee White House. Nicole Perlroth, Michael Wines and Matthew Rosenberg began their report in Durham. North Carolina is a swing state. Hillary was competitive there. Trump won the states crucial 15 electoral votes 2,339,603 (50.5%) to 2,162,074 (46.7%). Not that close. Howd that happen? Durham is a blue county. After winning the state in 2008, Obama lost North Carolina in 2012 2,275,853 (51%) to 2,178,388 (48%). But he kicked ass in Durham County-- 109,185 (76%) to 33,326 (23%) for Romney. Running against a sociopathic racist Hillary had every reason too think she would do better than Obama had-- and she did-- 118,783 (78.9%) to 27,879 (18.5%). She should have done even better, but Durham County, of all counties, was targeted for some trouble.

The problems, wrote Perlroth, Wines and Rosenberg, "involved electronic poll books-- tablets and laptops, loaded with check-in software, that have increasingly replaced the thick binders of paper used to verify voters identities and registration status. [Susan Greenhalgh, a troubleshooter at a nonpartisan election monitoring group] knew that the company that provided Durhams software, VR Systems, had been penetrated by Russian hackers months before. 'It felt like tampering, or some kind of cyberattack,' Ms. Greenhalgh said about the voting troubles in Durham."
[M]onths later, for Ms. Greenhalgh, other elec...


Cherry picking terror and explaining radicalisation at the BBC "IndyWatch Feed War"

h/t RS

A series of attacks in Europe over the summer months has raised the number of people killed in the West by jihadists during the past three years to more than 420, writes Dr Lorenzo Vidino.

The deaths of 16 people in Barcelona and Cambrils earlier this month highlighted the continued threat posed by Islamist militants.

Along with many other countries, Israel does not fall into the geographic area covered by the study concerned and readers are told that:

Although the vast majority of I...


Turkey is only hurting itself, policy expert says "IndyWatch Feed War"

Berlin is hardening its tone against Ankara. Foreign policy expert Sylke Tempel tells DW there is a danger of diplomatic escalation with no guarantee that sanctions can influence President Recep Erdogan.

Turkish President Erdogan (picture-alliance/dpa/Presidency Press Service/Stf)

DW: Ms. Tempel, Chancellor Angela Merkel has responded to Turkeys  detaining of two German citizens by saying it was perhaps necessary to rethink Turkey policy even further. Is this an adequately clear statement?

Sylke Tempel: The chancellor is not known for heated rhetoric. However, Im certain she has already gone through a few options in dealing with Turkey. With Erdogan, we have someone who is dismantling democracy after he at first expanded it, with respect to empowering religious Turks, for example. Turkey is also strategically important to NATO, given its geographical location in a volatile region. We do not want Turkey turning towards Russia. We want to continue to have influence. That doesnt happen with someone like Erdogan simply by beating them down. A gentler approach is necessary.

Read more: Sigmar Gabriel: Turkey will never join EU under Erdogan

In your view, what would be the appropriate steps for Germany to take?

With these kinds of opponents, you have to always see what you can do to make things hurt and, where possible, bring them to their senses. However there is never, really never, any guarantee that this will have any effect. Such rulers whip up their people into a frenzy, using slogans about not bending and remaining steadfast. However, Turkey is only hurting itself that way. Everything they have won at the economic and political level is being put at risk, including Turkey as a partner for Europe. This means that the German governments reaction has been so far appropriate: It has increased travel and security notices and is turning up the heat. But there is no guarantee this will lead anywhere.



Trump Calls North Koreas Hydrogen Bomb Test Hostile And Dangerous "IndyWatch Feed"

Via NY Post: President Trump addressed North Koreas most recent nuclear test on Twitter Sunday, calling the country a rogue nation, and an embarrassment to China. North Korea has conducted a major Nuclear Test. Their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States, the commander-in-chief tweeted around 7:30 a.m. []


UK: State schools allowing girls as young as five to wear hijabs as part of uniform "IndyWatch Feed War"

In an Islamic context, the hijab is commonly understood as being for females after they reach the age of puberty. There are very few Muslims who would say a child should be covered. Yes, women are required to cover their hair so that they dont tempt men. This policy in the schools is implying that []


Huge landslide filmed on Shimla-Dhalli bypass, India "IndyWatch Feed World"

Incessant rains for the past two days, which had paralysed life in Shimla and several other towns across Himachal Pradesh, triggered a massive landslide on the Shimla-Dhalli-Bhatta Kuffar bypass road Saturday. Nearly half a dozen vehicles marked along the road, just next to Dhalli traffic tunnel, were damaged in the landslide. People witness to the landslide, whose video also went viral on social media,saw cars flying in the air after hit by the landslide. Residents living in Bhatta Kuffar area were also stranded on the other side after the landslide completely blocked the road. However, Deputy Commissioner, Shimla, Rohan Chand Thakur said no deaths were reported. "Approximately 7 to 8 vehicles dulled in the debris.Three houses also developed cracks and a temple also came in the grip of the falling rock debris. The owners of the houses and tenants have been temporarily rehabilitated," he said .


China firmly opposes and strongly condemns DPRK nuclear test "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

China's Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Sunday, expressing firm opposition to and strong condemnation of a nuclear test undertaken by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).


Kenyan judges criticise Kenyatta over veiled threats "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Al Jazeera

President Kenyatta called the countrys Supreme Court judges crooks after they annulled his election win.

Kenyatta made the remarks on Friday in Nairobi while addressing supporters [Tony Karumba/AFP]Kenyatta made the remarks on Friday in Nairobi while addressing supporters [Tony Karumba/AFP]

Kenyan judges have critcised the veiled threats made by President Uhuru Kenyatta after the judiciary overturned his election on the ground that it was flawed.

Calling it an assault on the judiciary, the Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA) late on Saturday asked people to ignore political rhetoric.

The president of this country referred to the president of the Supreme Court and the other judges as wakora, or crooks in Swahili, it said.

He went on to make veiled threats against the same judges based on their decision. The same threats against the judiciary have been repeated at State House, said its chief Bryan Khaemba, referring to the presidential palace.

We condemn this assault on the decisional independence of the honourable judges, he said.

READ MORE: Kenya president warns judiciary after vote nullified

Chief Justice David Maraga on Friday declared Kenyattas victory in the August 8 polls invalid, null and void, pointing to widespread irregularities in the electronic transmission of vote results.

An enraged Kenyatta said he respected the decision but lashed out against the judges, saying: Every time we do something a judge comes out and places an injunction. It cant go on like this there is a problem and we must fix it.

I think those robes they wear make them think that they are more clever than the rest of us Kenyans, Kenyatta said of the Supreme Court judges, taking specific aim at Maraga.

Maraga thinks he can overturn the will of the people. We shall show you that the will of the people cannot be overturned by a few people.

On Friday he slammed the judges as crooks.



SUNDAY SCREENING: The Deep State: Hiding in Plain Sight (2014) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Our weekly documentary screening curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE.

Editors Note: Although this is not an actual documentary film, this powerful interview segment is a must-see in order to grasp the concept of the Deep State in America, and further into the international arena. 

In this seminal interview segment, author Mike Lofgren, a congressional staff member for 28 years, talks to veteran broadcaster Bill Moyers about Washingtons shadow government now commonly referred to as the Deep State, where elected and unelected figures collude to protect and serve powerful vested interests. It is how we had deregulation, financialization of the economy, the Wall Street bust, the erosion or our civil liberties and perpetual war, says Lofgren. Watch:

Run time: 26 min
Host: Bill Moyers
Program: Moyers & Company
Production: Public Affairs Television (2014)

Also read Mike Lofgrens powerful essay, The Anatomy of the Deep State



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What would Hitler have said about Abraham Lincoln or General Lee and the U.S. Civil War? "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Some crazy person just compared President Abraham Lincoln to Hitler. Yes, this just happened on CNN and Brooke Baldwin's reaction was perfect." So scribbled one Ricky Davila on Social Media (Twitter). Indeed, an elderly Southern gentleman had ventured that President Lincoln, not General Lee, murdered civilians, a point even a Court historian and a Lincoln idolater like Doris Kearns Goodwin would concede. While the Argument From Hitler is seldom a good one; Ms. Baldwin's response was way worse. Were she an honest purveyor of news and knowledge; anchor-activist Baldwin would have sought the facts. Instead, she pulled faces, so the viewer knew she not only looked like an angel, but was on the side of the angels.


Linux Browser Marketshare Strikes Above 3% "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

According to Net Applications' Netmarketshare, the Linux market share on the desktop as judged by browser interactions may now be above 3%.

The company is reporting a 3.37% Linux marketshare for August 2017, a rise from 2.53% a month prior and the first time they have reported the Linux desktop marketshare above 3%.

They report Windows meanwhile at 90.7%, macOS at 5.94%, and the other operating systems statistically at zero. Their monthly report can be found here.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Malawi church pastor jailed for possession of ivory "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nyasa Times

Reverend Kanyimbo jailed for possessing ivory: Chitipa Magistrate hands four years sentence

August 31, 2017 Ed-Grant Ndoza -Mana 2 Comments

Chitipa Magistrate Court Tuesday sentenced a 26-year-old man to   four years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL) for being found in possession of ivory of an African elephant.

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The court heard that Reverend Kanyimbo was arrested on August 23 in a rest house at Nthalire Trading Centre in the district following a tip from game rangers from Nyika National Park.

Police Prosecutor, Inspector Evans Mtepuka, told the court that the game rangers received information that the accused was secretly hunting for ivory potential buyer at the trading centre.

He said Kanyimbo committed a serious crime arguing that for him to possess ivory, an elephant was killed by the accused himself or another poacher.

An elephant is one of special wild animals which attract tourists who rake in revenue to the government. It, therefore, becomes a big loss to the government when one elephant is killed just for its ivory, he said.

He therefore asked the court not to exercise lenience in punishing those in possession of ivory and poachers who hunt down elephants.

In his ruling, First Grade Magistrate Julius Kalambo said as a government arm, the Judiciary will join efforts in protecting the endangered wildlife so that government continues to maximize their benefits.

Kalambo, therefore, corroborated with Mtepuka that possession of specimen like ivory is enough evidence that an elephant was killed, only that it may not be the accused that killed the animal.

He observed that wanton killing of elephants in protected reserves has become rampant which he feared if the trend is not immediately stopped, it would threaten the endangered species with extinction.

As the Judiciary, our role in protecting elephants from the hands of heartless poachers is  to give harsh penalty to those accused of killing elephants and those in possession of specimen like ivory, Kalambo said.

He then sentenced the accused to four years jail term and ruled out any option of a fine in consideration of prosecution arguments.

The offense contravenes Section 110 of National Parks and Wild Life Act, which draws a maximum penalty of K5 million or a custodial sentence of 30 years.

Kanyimbo comes from Mahowe Village in the are...


Mushroom Hunt: Parasol Mushroom. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

From Charly, who notes: Another edible mushroom, I personally do not like it very much, but my nephew who was collecting with me does. It makes passable fried breaded cutlets, but in my opinion the blusher is much tastier. Click for full size!

Charly, all rights reserved.


Bill Holter Truth Revealed Will Mean Crashed System "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Bill Holter Truth Revealed Will Mean Crashed System by Greg Hunter USA Watchdog Financial writer Bill Holter says 2017 is the year of the truth bombs, and along with the truth comes pain. Holter explains, Unfortunately, the truth...

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President Trump Responds to North Korean H-Bomb Test: North Korea Understands Only One Thing "IndyWatch Feed"

On Sunday afternoon Japan and South Korean officials confirmed North Korea conducted a hydrogen bomb test.

An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale centered in the area of North Koreas nuclear weapons facility was reportedly followed by a 4.6 quake that appears to be a cave-in due to the test. The test is reportedly the strongest of the previous five tests since 2006.

President Trump responded to the North Korean provokations on Twitter

President Trump: North Korea has conducted a major Nuclear Test. Their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States. North Korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to China, which is trying to help but with little success. South Korea is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing!

The post...


Another Heaping Dose Of Fear "IndyWatch Feed"

If you are like us, you usually have the news on first thing. For a while now the toxicity of the news narrative seems to have been increasing every week.  Todays terror du jour: North Korea has a hydrogen bomb Continue reading


African-Americans Fighting Fascism And Racism "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By Matthew Delmont for The Conversation. There is a historical relationship between Nazism and white supremacy in the United States. Yet the recent resurgence of explicit racism, including the attack in Charlottesville, has been greeted by many with surprise. Just look at the #thisisnotwhoweare hashtag. As a scholar of African-American history, I am troubled by the collective amnesia in U.S. politics and media around racism. It permeates daily interactions in communities across the country. This ignorance has consequences. When Americans celebrate the countrys victory in WWII, but forget that the U.S. armed forces were segregated, that the Red Cross segregated blood donors or that many black WWII veterans returned to the country only to be denied jobs or housing, it becomes all the more difficult to talk honestly about racism today.


Southern Poverty Law Center refuses to classify Antifa as a hate group "IndyWatch Feed War"

Of course. The SPLC and Antifa have the same overall goal: to destroy the freedom of speech and allow only Leftists access to the public square. The SPLC demonizes and tries to destroy dissenters (including foes of jihad terror) by lumping them in with the likes of the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis. Antifa, a []


Governo Temer completa 1 ano sem nada para comemorar "IndyWatch Feed"

Um ano aps ter tomado definitivamente o poder com a ajuda do Congresso, Michel Temer e sua turma tm pouco a comemorar. So fracassos, recuos e vexames sucessivos em todas as reas do governo. O balano desastroso. Trata-se de uma retumbante tragdia sob qualquer ponto de vista.

At aqui, a grande marca do governo comandado por Michel Miguel Elias Temer Lulia a forma camalenica com que se relaciona com a sociedade. austero com o povo, generoso com parlamentares e servil ao alto empresariado e ao mercado financeiro. Enquanto corta direitos das camadas da populao que mais dependem do Estado, despeja rios de dinheiro sobre a Cmara e busca atender aos interesses do mercado atravs de reformas e vendas de estatais a preo de banana. Dessa forma, Temer tem garantido a blindagem contra s denncias de corrupo que caem sobre sua cabea.


Cortes no Bolsa Famlia e no Fies

Nada parece funcionar nesse governo. Boa parte das promessas feitas no incio do mandato hoje soam como piada. Logo aps a votao do impeachment na Cmara, em seu discurso de posse, Temer afirmou que nenhuma das reformas alteraria os direitos adquiridos pelos cidados brasileiros. Prometeu tambm, em letras garrafais para que ningum duvidasse, que aprimoraria os programas sociais:

reafirmo, e o fao em letras garrafais: vamos manter os programas sociais. O Bolsa Famlia, o Pronatec, o Fies, o Prouni, o Minha Casa Minha Vida, entre outros, so projetos que deram certo, e, portanto, tero sua gesto aprimorada

Bem, nenhum desses programas foi aprimorado. Pelo contrrio, eles foram dilacerados. O Bolsa Famlia sofreu o maior corte da histria, justamente em um momento de crise econmica e desemprego. O ...


Top Union Official Urges Kenyan President to Sober Up "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

NAIROBI, Kenya The head of Kenyas Central Organization of Trade Unions, the umbrella body for the countrys trade unions, has appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop drinking alcohol.

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli held a press conference in Nairobi on Sunday in which he urged Kenyatta to sober up.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and suit

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenyatta appeared on state television speaking to supporters Friday night after the Supreme Court canceled his re-election and ordered fresh polls within 60 days. Atwoli said Kenyatta appeared not to be sober at the event and warned that Kenyatta may lose supporters because of his conduct.

Many Kenyans on social media have made fun of Kenyattas appearance, some calling him Commander in Drinks. In September 2015 activist Boniface Mwangi publicly urged Kenyatta to seek treatment for alcoholism.


Cambodia Daily to close after tax row with government "IndyWatch Feed World"

One of Cambodia's last remaining independent newspapers announced Sunday it was closing after 24 years, the latest in a series of blows to critics of prime minster Hun Sen.


The Evolution of Chinas Great Firewall: 21 Years of Censorship "IndyWatch Feed World"

(GVO)  In September 1987, a Beijing laboratory sent what became Chinas first email. The message, to a German university, read: Across the Great Wall we can reach every corner of the world.

The development of internet infrastructure in the past few decades has enabled Chinese people to continue crossing the Great Wall and communicate with the rest of the world. But Chinese authorities soon threw up another wall to prevent the people from accessing information they deemed threatening to the Chinese Communist Party.

In 1996, Beijing enacted a set of interim provisions for governing computer information, and in 1998, the Ministry of Public Security launched the Golden Shield project a national filter that blocks politically sensitive content from entering the domestic network.

This censorship tactic scheme has long been nicknamed the Great Firewall, and has undergone periodic upgrades since it was first introduced, given that peoples efforts to cross the Great Firewall have been non-stop. Some describe the interplay between the Great Firewall and Chinese netizens as an ongoing prison break.

Recently, Hong Kong-based investigative journalism platform the Initium reviewed the concurrent evolution of the Great Firewall and tools used to circumvent it. Below is a summary and partial translation of key points in the Chinese report.

First stage: The Golden Shield blocks domain names and IP addresses

The first generation of the Golden Shield was a domestic filter that blocked specific domain names and server IP addresses.


The Great Firewall is like an evil mailman; whenever he sees Google or Facebook addressed on the envelope he will just toss the letter away.

By using an overseas server, i.e. a proxy server, people could still go around the wall and visit any sites they wanted:

It is like you plan to send a letter to Google; you can first send the letter to a friend who knows a nice mailman and then the mailman can forward the letter to Google.



Israel Set for $28 Billion Infrastructure Spending Boost "IndyWatch Feed War"

JERUSALEM Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday his office would soon publish a multi-year infrastructure spending plan worth more than 100 billion shekel ($28 billion).

Speaking at the start of Israels weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said the planned projects would include private sector investment.

Governor of the Central Bank of Israel   Karnit Flug told the meeting that improving public transport infrastructure would be one area of investment.

The level of infrastructure in Israel is insufficient, particularly in the area of public transportation, and mainly in the major cities, but also in the electricity delivery system and in communication infrastructure, Flug told ministers.

The volume of annual investment is low by international comparison, and we are therefore not closing the gap in the level of infrastructure compared to other advanced economies, which weighs down productivity and the growth potential of the economy.

Flug said the government should set up a special unit to specialize in the management and monitoring of public-private partnership (PPP) tenders and contracts.

It is important that an informed estimation of the costs be made, and that the budgetary sources be defined, in order to avoid stopping projects and sharp cutbacks in projects as has happened in the past at times of budgetary stress, she said.

($1 = 3.5705 shekels)



Next stop for Trump dossier investigation: the FBI "IndyWatch Feed World"

In late July, the Justice Department refused a request from the Senate Judiciary Committee - a bipartisan, joint request from Chairman Charles Grassley and Ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein - to make two top FBI officials available for an interview in the committee's investigation of the Trump dossier and other matters related to the Trump-Russia affair. Citing the Mueller special prosecutor investigation, Justice stated "confidentiality" and the "sensitivity of information relating to pending matters" made it impossible for the two officials, Carl Ghattas and James Rybicki, to talk to the Senate committee that oversees the FBI. Grassley and Feinstein are still trying - they sent another, more strongly worded, request last Friday. Their efforts show the importance of the FBI in Congress' quest to learn more about the "salacious and unverified" dossier (the words of former FBI Director James Comey), and could signal the FBI will play a key role in Congress' dossier investigation as it plays out in coming months. Just last week, Glenn Simpson, head of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that handled the Trump dossier, refused to tell Grassley's and Feinstein's investigators who funded the effort. But there are other ways to get at the story - and the FBI is the number-one possibility.


Fast-tracking mandatory vaccination while government and media muzzle scientists "IndyWatch Feed World"

Turning their backs on the human rights principle of voluntary informed consent memorialized in the Nuremberg Code after World War II, health authorities in France and Italy are fast-tracking involuntary vaccine mandates for school-age children. In Italy, millions of Italians have been demonstrating since June, protesting the infringements to parental rights. On July 28, industry-beholden Italian legislators voted 296-92 to pass a one-size-fits-all law that mandates multiple doses of ten vaccines for preschoolers through teenagers, imposing steep fines for parents who do not comply. Mainstream media outlets in both Italy and the US ignored the record protests against medical coercion.


FICO reports a 39 Percent Rise in Debit Cards Compromised in US "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The analytic software firm FICO Reports a 39 Percent Rise in Debit Cards Compromised at ATMs and Merchants in the United States.

According to a report published by the analytic software firm FICO, US Debit Cards compromised raise up to 39% in the first six months of 2017 compared to the same timeframe one year prior.

In the same period, FICO reported an increase in the number of ATMs and point-of-sale devices (+21%) in the US.

One year ago, FICO reported a 30 percent increase in compromised devices for 2016, compared to 2015, and a 70 percent rise in cards compromised for that period. These figures are related to payment card fraud occurring at physical devices, not online card fraud.

Cards Compromised

FICOs Card Alert Service monitors hundreds of thousands of ATMs and card readers in the US it confirms the rate of fraud pattern changes has accelerated in the last 24 months.

FICO helps financial institutions in identifying fraud patterns and trends and take necessary actions to halt card fraud.

The rate of fraud pattern changes has accelerated in the last 24 months, requiring us to continuously adapt our predictive analytics to stay on top of this criminal behavior, said TJ Horan, vice president and heads of FICOs fraud solutions. We have introduced new AI technology into our FICO Falcon Fraud Manager platform, which protects most of the payment cards in the U.S.

Below the list of recommendations provided by FICO:

  • If an ATM looks odd, or your card doesnt enter the machine smoothly, consider going somewhere else for your cash.
  • Never approach an ATM if anyone is lingering nearby. Never engage in conversations with others around an ATM. Remain in your automobile until other ATM users have left the ATM.
  • If your plastic card is captured inside of an ATM, call your card issuer immediately to report it. Sometimes you may think that your card was captured by the ATM when in reality it was later retrieved by a criminal who staged its capture. Either way, you will need to arrange for a rep...


Moths Worthy Of Art Galleries "IndyWatch Feed World"


A collection of Gowins photographs from Mariposas Nocturnas, taken in February, 2007, at the Integral Forest Otonga, El Reventador, and Otongachi Reserve, in Ecuador.Photographs by Emmet Gowin / Pace/MacGill Gallery / Emmet and Edith Gowin



New Zealand: Polluted Paradise "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Via: Al Jazeera: I also discovered that the country is harbouring a disturbing secret, little known to the rest of the world: its freshwater is in severe crisis. Two-thirds of New Zealands rivers are too polluted to swim in and half its lakes are irreversibly damaged. This pollution, say many independent environmentalists, scientists and economists, []


But what was she wearing ? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

If you want to do something to reduce or end sexual harassment in workplaces you can help in the making of this documentary film based on this subject. The film titled But what was she wearing is looking for funding from public.

Chennai-based Vaishnavi Sundar defines herself as an independent filmmaker, writer, theatre actor and social justice activist.

She has been making films for the past five years, with a focus on gender issues. Shes also the founder of Lime Soda Films, which makes grassroots films on social issues and documentaries.

Image credit Newsminute

Currently, Vaishnavi is crowdfunding a documentary on sexual harassment at the workplace, a complex issue that has gained media and public attention after certain high profile cases made it to the headlines.

Titled But what was she wearing?, the documentary, Vaishnavi says, will look at sexual harassment at the workplace that women who live in south India experience.

This doesnt mean that all the women will be south Indians. For example, I want to look at how North Eastern women are targeted when they travel to other states and work there. I dont have to shoot in the North East for thisit makes more sense to talk to those who work here, points out Vaishnavi.

One more day to contribute. So please hurry and help Vaishnavi and team in this great venture.

Details here and here


BREAKING: North Korea Claims It Has Tested A Hydrogen Bomb Capable Of Going On ICBM "IndyWatch Feed"

The first word was that there was a big earthquake tremor out of North Korea. Then North Korea announced that it had conducted a hydrogen bomb test. Worse? That the test involved loading it onto an ICBM. North Korea claimed that the test was successful.


The Utah Nurse is Not Alone Police Have a History of Abusing Professionals Rendering Aid "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Body Cam footage of a nurse being violent arrested for doing her job and refusing to break the law may be shocking, but it's not uncommon.


CIA Counterfeiting Money in order to Destroy Nations "IndyWatch Feed World"

From time to time the New York Times publishes articles that contain extraordinary revelations, that show the real working methods of the CIA. These revelations are normally once-off news, never to be followed up. In 1992, the newspaper published an article with the headline Fake-Money Flood Is Aimed At Crippling Iraqs Economy, which had some extraordinary revelations:

Iraqs economy is the target of an American-led destabilization campaign to pour vast amounts of counterfeit currency into the country, Arab and Western officials here say.

The fake dinar notes are being smuggled across the Jordanian, Saudi, Turkish and Iranian borders in an effort to undermine the Iraqi economy, said the officials here who closely monitor the situation inside Iraq. Those officials said counterfeit dollars are being smuggled into Iraq in smaller quantities to further confound the banking system. The officials, who insisted on not being identified, said the countries behind the separate counterfeiting operations included Western nations, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel.

The fake currency has contributed to Iraqs severe inflation problem, which is aggravated by the fact that the Iraqi Government is printing money at uncontrolled speed to pay inflated salaries and cover the costs of reconstruction.

A Saudi official, who insisted on not being identified, concurred with the reports, saying that all borders are being used.



South Africa cabinet reaffirms commitment to regulation of endangered wildlife trade "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Source: Xinhua| 2017-09-02 00:07:34|Editor: yan

CAPE TOWN, Sept.1 (Xinhua) The South African cabinet on Friday reiterated its commitment to a regulated process that manages the trade in threatened or protected species.

This position falls in line with the domestic legislation as well as the legally binding provisions of the the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), cabinet spokesperson Phumla Williams told reporters after a fortnightly cabinet meeting in Cape Town.

Despite an earlier ruling by the North Gauteng High Court on the issuing of a permit to private rhino horn breeders to sell rhino horns at home, international trade in rhino horns remains banned in terms of the CITES provisions, Williams said.

The permit does not authorize international trade in rhino horns, she stressed.

The permit led to South Africas first online auction of rhino horns last month.

The cabinet reiterates that anyone who has acquired a sellers permit can only sell rhino horn to a person who has a buyers permit issued in terms of the National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act 2004, authorizing him or her to buy rhino horns from a seller permit holder, Williams explained.

For any auction of rhino horns, the Department of Environment Affairs (DEA) must be granted access to the online auction to do the necessary compliance monitoring, said Williams.

She said the cabinet also welcomes the recent announcement by Minister of Environmental Affairs Edna Molewa that South Africa is finalizing a verification and audits of all the existing privately owned rhino horn stockpiles.

The initial audit which was conducted on the provinical level is being checked and verified by the national DEA, according to Williams.

This will assist in preventing the potential smuggling of illegally obtained rhino horns and will ensure that the country has full and accurate information on the number of horns in South Africa at any given time, as well as the registered owner of each one of such horns, Williams said.

She was speaking amid rising concern that domestic trade in rhino horns would lead to an increase in the illegal international trade due to the lack of a regulatory regime in the country.

The South African government has denied allegations that the country does not have systems in place to ensure that any prospective domestic sale of rhino horns takes place in a strictly regulated manner.

South Africa, home to more than 80 percent of the worlds rhino population, bears the brunt of rhino poaching, having lost a total of 529 rhinos this year, official statistics show.



On Bakrid, Muslims in Ayodhya Perform Qurbani Without Fear "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

While the slaughter and distribution of meat is banned in Ayodhya, during Bakrid, the local administration unofficially lifts the ban to allow Muslims to sacrifice goats.

Those Muslim families who want to offer qurbani on Bakrid do it without fear of anyone. Representative image. Credit: PTI

Ayodhya: Amid the meat ban controversy across the country, the temple town of Ayodhya was the best example of religious tolerance and respect for sentiments of the Muslim community this Bakrid.

In this holy town, also known as Ram Nagri (City of lord Rama), the slaughter and distribution of meat has been banned by law. Even cooked meat cannot be served publicly, but during the three days of Id-ul-Zuha, no Hindu religious leader or mahant has ever objected to the qurbani ritual being carried out by the Muslim population in the city.

In Ayodhya, meat of any kind, cooked or raw is neither sold nor served even in weddings and parties. However, once a year, the local administration unofficially lifts the ban for the Muslim festival of Bakrid. This year too, the ban has been lifted, though there was no official order.

Everything happens with a great understanding between the two communities, said Mahant Raghuv...


Netherlands: Muslims at Palestinian rally screamed about killing Jews "IndyWatch Feed War"

As I explain in my book The Truth About Muhammad, Muhammad led a Muslim force against the Khaybar oasis, which was inhabited by Jews many of whom he had previously exiled from Medina and massacred them. The Khaybar chant is a threat of new massacres of Jews. Leefebaar [sic] Rotterdam, a right-wing faction []


Snow recorded on August 31st at Laurentides Wildlife Reserve, Quebec "IndyWatch Feed World"

The fall seems to be in a hurry to settle in Quebec, while some regions have already experienced, in the night from Thursday to Friday, their first fall of snow, particularly in the Laurentides wildlife Reserve. A few flakes fell on the road 175 as evidenced by the images captured by the hunter of storms Mathieu Bordage on the approach of the Stage, half-way between the Quebec region and the Saguenay - Lac-Saint-Jean. In the morning, the mercury ranged between 1 and 3 degrees, resulting in some snow showers, without, however, that it accumulates on the ground. A white carpet was still visible on vegetation. "This is not common, but this is not abnormal either, it is already seen. The month of September, it is autumn that is settling and we have less sun so the temperature difference increases between the nights become quite cold, and the days remain comfortable," said Amlie Bertrand, meteorologist at Environment Canada. In such conditions, the mountainous terrain are more likely to receive a few flakes.


Army Repels Large ISIS Counter-Attack In Uqayribat, Secures Town (Maps) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Army Repels Large ISIS Counter-Attack In Uqayribat, Secures Town (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

On Sunday, Syrian government forces repelled a large ISIS counter-attack in Uqayribat in the eastern Salamiyah countryside that had been onoing since the army and its allies entered the town on Friday.

According to pro-government sources, the army killed a large number of ISIS terrorists, including suicide bombers, during the clashes in the town.

Now, when the ISIS attack is repelled and the town is secured, government forces can focus on liberating the rest of the ISIS-held pocket in the area.

Army Repels Large ISIS Counter-Attack In Uqayribat, Secures Town (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

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The FBI Pressured a Lonely Young Man Into a Bomb Plot. He Tried to Back Out. Now Hes Serving Life in Prison. "IndyWatch Feed"

The parking lot where FBI agents arrested Harlem Suarez. The fake bomb he was given rests on the ground.


The Creative Resistance Of Domestic Workers "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Rose Mahi for Open Democracy. Many conditions play into the exploitation of migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in Lebanon. Most of the time, MDWs are women, and some of us are illiterate. And at times, this illiteracy furthers existing exploitation, which is already embedded in sexism, classism, and racism. These factors are present in our home countries, and migration renders us even more vulnerable to them. Our employers often believe that people migrate because they had nothing to do, were not qualified, or lacked opportunity in their home countries, and that we therefore owe them for saving us.


McCain visits Italy and slams Trump, recommits to America's role in world "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said that America is still committed to traditional alliances and values, despite doubts that have emerged due to the "actions and statements of our president." McCain said in remarks Saturday at the Ambrosetti Forum, a major economic and policy conference, that he realizes that he comes to Italy "at a time when many are questioning whether America is still committed to remaining engaged in the world, to upholding our traditional alliances and standing up for the values we share." "It is true that there is a real debate underway now in my country about what kind of role America should play in the world," McCain said. "And frankly, I do not know how this debate will play out." He added that the "future of the world will turn, to a large extent, on how this debate in America is resolved."


Why Does Philosophy Have Such a Conflicted Relationship With the Imagination? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Imagination is a powerful tool, but perhaps the reason why philosophers have been conflicted about it is that they havent grasped how limitations need to be tailored to circumstances.

'Two Men Contemplating the Moon' by Caspar David Friedrich. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Two Men Contemplating the Moon by Caspar David Friedrich. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Philosophers have a love-hate relationship with the imagination. Ren Descartes, for one, disparaged it as more of a hindrance than a help in answering the most profound questions about the nature of existence. Trying to imagine ones way towards metaphysical truth, he wrote in Meditations on First Philosophy (1641), is as foolish as falling asleep in the hope of obtaining a clearer picture of the world through dreams.

Yet, Descartes also relied heavily on imagination in scientific and mathematical essays such as The World (1633), in which he tried to conjure up the details of the basic building blocks for structures such as humans, animals and machines. According to the philosopher Dennis Sepper at the University of Dallas, Descartes relied upon a kind of ...


87-Year-Old Grandma Sentenced to Prison For Saying Auschwitz was Just a Labor Camp "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Political dissidents in Germany are feeling the wrath of "free speech" laws that apply only when the government approves of their speech.


I Doubt Bernie Primary Voters Who Backed Trump (12%) Will Vote For Status Quo Democrats "IndyWatch Feed"

After the Wasserman Schultz primaries and the post-Wasserman Schultz convention most Bernie supporters I know did exactly what Bernie urged them to do-- they voted for Hillary Clinton. And the ones I know who didn't, voted for Jill Stein. Polling bears my observation out on the first fact-- close to 80% of Bernie supporters cat their ballots for Hillary in the general. But 12% of Bernie voters got the idea that they would rather vote for Trump-- who was spouting "change"-- than vote for the status quo (or incrementalist) candidate. And, according to University of Massachusetts political science professor Brian Schaffner in several key states-- Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan-- the number of Sanders to Trump defectors were greater than Trumps margin of victory-- 51,000 in Wisconsin (where the Trumpanzee margin of victory was 22,000); 47,000 in Michigan (where the Trumpanzee margin of victory was just 10,000); and 116,000 in Pennsylvania (where the Trumpanzee margin of victory was 44,000). There's no "Hillary Would Have Won" song on YouTube like the one up top, is there?

Schaffner also noted that in 2008, more Hillary primary supporters went over to McCain (instead of Obama) in the general than Bernie voters who voted for Trump. Jeff Stein at Vox:
[G]iven Democrats interest in winning back the Rust Belt, its worth digging into exactly who this population of voters is. Schaffner found some demographic characteristics that might align with what youd expect-- Bernie-Trump voters were older and whiter than the average Democratic primary voter, for instance.

Perhaps surprisingly, however, these defectors did not turn out to have views on trade policy that marked them as significantly more opposed to free trade than the average Democrat. That may fly against the expectation that Sa...


Interview on Bechtloffs Saturday Night Livestream: Back to School Special "IndyWatch Feed"

Last night, I joined the Bechtloff, Artistic Layman, Davis Aurini, and Common Filth for a live YouTube stream, discussing the latest layoffs at TheBlaze, Joel Osteen, the drama between Mister Metokur and some nutjob pedo, and much more. Click here to listen.

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France: Muslim MP strikes rival politician with motorbike helmet, puts him in intensive care "IndyWatch Feed War"

Yes, Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner senseless with a cane on the floor of the U.S. Senate, but that was a long time ago. This is something new in Western politics, courtesy of the mass influx of adherents of a culture of violence. Oh, and maybe Faure called him names. So what? People get called []


EXCLUSIVE: Cops Caught on Video Blocking Road, Creating Traffic JamTo Get Starbucks "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

NYPD cops were caught on video flexing blue privilege, parking in the middle of the road, creating a massive traffic jamto get coffee.


Frankfurt residents evacuated after second world war bomb found "IndyWatch Feed War"

Discovery of unexploded WWII bomb in German financial capital forces evacuation of thousands of residents.

From The Guardian, September 3, 2017.

People near the sealed off area where a British seconcd world war bomb was found during construction work in Frankfurt. Photograph: Armando Babani/EPA

Thousands of residents in Frankfurt evacuated their homes early on Sunday ahead of the planned defusing of a massive second world war bomb discovered on a building site in the German financial capital.

A steady flow of people filed into a temporary centre at Frankfurts trade fair site, in Germanys biggest evacuation since the war.

The bomb was found last week in the citys leafy Westend suburb, where many wealthy bankers live, and the evacuation area included the countrys central bank where $70bn in gold reserves are stored.

About 60,000 people had to leave their homes and Frankfurt fire and police chiefs said they would use force if necessary to clear the area, warning that an uncontrolled explosion of the bomb would be big enough to flatten a city block.



Episode #200 SUNDAY WIRE: Meet the Muckrakers with guests Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, Ian R. Crane, Vanessa Beeley, Shawn Helton, Basil Valentine "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Episode #200 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes on Sept 3rd, 2017 as host Patrick Henningsen brings you this weeks LIVE broadcast on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) covering all the top news stories both at home and internationally


5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12am PT (US)

1-SUPPORT-21WIRE-ClickThis week we deliver another LIVE broadcast with SUNDAY WIRE host Patrick Henningsen joined in-studio by co-host Mike Robinson from the UK Column bringing you this weeks biggest stories at home and internationally. This week were joined by a numbers of guests including Bulgarian investigative reporter, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, to discuss the controversy surrounding her recent sacking from Trud Newspaper in Sofia over her exposure of a massive illegal US-EU-NATO-GCC international weapons trafficking operation to funnel arms to ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. Well also be joined by Ian R. Crane from Britains anti-Fracking front line for discussion on the future of activism in the 21st century, and later with Vanessa Beeley with her latest from Syria and the Middle East, and also 21WIRE investigative analyst Shawn Helton to revisit a number of his top stories including the clandestine...


Only 9/11 Truth Can Make America Great Again heres why "IndyWatch Feed War"

Its our fault for not exposing the 9/11 Big Lie a long, long time ago. More


Russia has closed the Syrian sky for Israel and the US "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russia has closed the Syrian sky for Israel and the US. Israel and the United States today are rather in a state of anaphylactic shock, as Russia has taken its own new path in the Middle East party. Henceforth, the air forces of the western Middle Eastern coalition will no longer be able to do air strikes while remaining unnoticed. How to manage such a result? Very simply - Russia has recently transferred four Beriev A-50 aircraft to Syria. They are equipped with the most advanced systems of long-range radar detection and control. The characteristics of such equipment allow precise determination of targets at a distance of up to 600 km. Thus, a Russian aircraft can cover all parts of Israel during flight and is able to detect any movements of civil and military aircraft. Movement of the American ones too ... This move by Moscow was made to support the process of combining the air defense systems of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Army. Now they will be coordinated from a single command center.


Hassan Nasrallah: Israel is in despair after the defeats of Daesh "IndyWatch Feed War"

Source Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on 28 August 2017 on the occasion of the Second Liberation, following the complete surrender of the terrorists of Daech and Al-Nosra in Lebanon Transcript: [] We are truly facing a great victory (against Daesh in Lebanon). From there, consider that on May 25, 2000, we []


Varoufakis book review: Rock star economist but fake-leftist politician "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Ramin Mazaheri How hard is it to be the coolest guy in a room full of economists? Isnt that an award which would embarrass any truly cool guy? Its


Muslim leader vows to intensify jihad in Kashmir, calls on Pakistan to work for supremacy of Islam "IndyWatch Feed War"

In further evidence of Pakistani terror outfit Jamat ud-Dawas attempts at inciting violence in India, the organisations second-in-command, Abdul Rehman Makki, has pledging to intensify Jihad in Jammu and Kashmir. Whats Makki going to do? Start hitting the gym more often? Seriously, only in the West, due to the deliberate obfuscation of Leftists and Islamic []


The most accurate strategic analysis of the Gulf conflict: Anis Naqash "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Full Interview  Filed under: AngloZionist Empire, Anis naqash, Axis of Resistance, Hezbollah, Nasrallah, Qatar, Saudia, UAE, War on Syria


"IndyWatch Feed War"

Related Videos Related Articles Hezbollah: US-Led Coalition Still Blocking ISIL Convoy Heading to Deir Ezzor :   Maliki Denounces Campaign against Sayyed Nasrallah: ISIL Evacuation Deal Right Decision : .. ..     Syria Emerging []


Are you an American Slave? The Federal Reserve, Charlie Gard, & Socialized Medicine "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Are you an American Slave? The Federal Reserve, Charlie Gard, & Socialized Medicine by David Whitney Freedom Outpost Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass is not just a childrens story. It presented a place where nothing was as...

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Ian Buruma "IndyWatch Feed War"

1 opmerking:

  1. De familiegeschiedenis van Buruma versus die van Van Houcke leest als Slauerhoff's vertaling van Lao Tse's wijsheid dat 'Zij die spreken weten niet en zij die weten spreken niet.' Die tegenstelling in dit stukje over Buruma vs Van Houcke heb ik erg gewaardeerd, dank daarvoor. Buruma spreekt aldoor over zichzelf en zijn familie, maar weet niet.

    Het enige waar de Buruma's van deze wereld niet over spreken zijn de mores waarmee zij opgegroeid zijn, en waarbij een mos niet een regel is, maar een ongeschreven regel. En dat is een belangrijk detail want over ongeschreven regels praat je niet, en die kan je ook niet ter discussie stellen, want die regels bestaan niet (op schrift), ze zijn er nou eenmaal. - Voor wie? Voor de Buruma's van deze wereld natuurlijk. De dingen in de wereld gaan nou eenmaal zoals ze gaan, daar is niks aan te doen, en zolang we daar aan meedoen en verder geen vragen over stellen komt het wel goed met de Buruma...


San Antonio Removes Confederate Statue In Travis Park Under The Cover Of Darkness "IndyWatch Feed"

Hurricane relief taking a backseat. Via My SA: The Confederate statue that has overlooked Travis Park for more than 100 years is gone. Shortly before 2 a.m., workers were overheard saying: We are floating. Go ahead and take it up easy. 10-4 coming up easy, someone responded. Alright were clear? Youre good to go sir, []


Mysterious 'trumpet' sound emanates from Iranian sky "IndyWatch Feed World"

A strange sound resembling a trumpet was apparently heard by people in the vicinity of the coastal city of Astara in Iran on August 28. While some people immediately started speculating about the nature of this mysterious phenomenon, a number of skeptics have already commented on YouTube that the video may be a hoax and that the strange sound could be the product of montage.


National Conference Workers Solidarity Movement Ireland "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Workers Solidarity Movement held our national conference in Dublin, Ireland on the 22nd July. What follows is a brief report on the days proceedings.


More Than 900 Nonviolent Actions Planned For Sept. 16-24 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Campaign Nonviolence is a long-term grassroots movement for a culture of peace and nonviolence free from war, poverty, racism, environmental destruction and the epidemic of violence.

By Staff,, September 2, 2017, Popular Resistance.

We invite people and organizations in the U.S. and worldwide to take action during CNV Action Week around the International Day of Peace, September 21. Together we will join our voices from around the planet to support a global nonviolent shift!

During this years Campaign Nonviolence Week, September 16-24, 2017 our goal is 1000+ marches, vigils, rallies and more for a culture of peace and nonviolence in cities and towns in all 50 states and in nations around the world. Together we will march against violence and for a world of peace, justice and sustainability. We will connect the dots between war, poverty, racism, climate change, and the epidemic of violence and join forces for a culture of peace.

Plan a march and other nonviolent actions such as vigils, rallies and more! Let us know that you will be planning a nonviolent action during CNV Action Week by filling out the form on the right and well add your information to the bottom of this page soon. Once you have your action details youll be able to post them here.

Mark your calendars for September 16-24, 2017 and start planning now!

To support these powerful forms of action, Campaign Nonviolence invites people everywhere to:


El Libertario: Arma falaz de la contrainformacin en Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

460_0___30_0_0_0_0_0_portada72.jpgEn medio de la vorgine mundial y local por conseguir informacin oportuna y veraz, pero fundamentalmente til, deconstructiva y constructiva, nutritiva y cardinal, los anarquistas venezolanos contamos apenas con una publicacin peridica conocida como El Libertario. No obstante, de la diversidad de tendencias y opiniones internas en el movimiento crata surgen dudas acerca de la autenticidad del Colectivo Editor El Libertario como agrupacin de raz anarquista y cnsono con las ideas y luchas libertarias.

En tal sentido, con la intencin de conocer qu es o quines son el Colectivo Editor El Libertario, me he planteado una investigacin diacrnica (en el tiempo) de todas y cada una de las publicaciones digitalizadas y disponibles en Internet de este peridico. El objetivo es evaluar la postura poltica de El Libertario y su consonancia con el ideario crata. La hiptesis de trabajo: Una cantidad equiparable de artculos en contra del gobierno y de la oposicin muestra una autntica postura anarquista. Tngase en consideracin que la oposicin venezolana est conformada y representada por grupos e individuos conservadores, adherentes a la derecha nacional.


Trump Responds To North Koreas Bomb Test: Appeasement with North Korea will not work; They only understand one thing! "IndyWatch Feed War"

 SEPTEMBER 3, 2017
The explosion of what North Korea said was an advanced hydrogen bomb caused residents across the border in China to flee their homes, fearing an earthquake.
Trump after North Korea test: Pyongyang 'only understands one thing'

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un provides guidance on a nuclear weapons program in this undated photo released by North Koreas Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang September 3, 2017.. (photo credit: KCNA/VIA REUTERS)

LONDON North Koreas biggest nuclear test to date was condemned around the world on Sunday, with the UN nuclear watchdog expressing grave concern and Russia saying it could lead to serious consequences.

The explosion of what North Korea said was an advanced hydrogen bomb caused residents across the border in China to flee their homes, fearing an earthquake. Japan and South Korea said it was around 10 times more powerful than the tremor picked up after the last test a year ago.

US President Donald Trump took to his personal Twitter account to express his anger towards North Korea and his I told you so attitude towards South Korea.



Snow already! Mount Washington in New Hampshire gets its first taste of winter "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Mount Washington Observatory has recorded snowfall on top of Mount Washington on Friday! According to the observatory's Facebook page, the snow was brought in by 25 degree temperatures and hurricane force winds. The first taste of winter brings mixed reviews from residents and tourists. Some can't wait to strap on their ski gear, others are cherishing the warm weather while it lasts. Officials from the observatory say the first recorded snowfall usually comes toward the end of September, but snow this early is not uncommon. In fact, snow has fallen on the summit every month of the year at some point. Between mid-July to early August, the temperatures on the summit are usually around 49 degrees.


Southern Poverty Law Center: Our aim in life is to destroy these groups, completely "IndyWatch Feed War"

The problem is not so much that the Southern Poverty Law Center libels and defames me and others who are calling attention to the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat. The problem is that the establishment media uniformly acts as if the SPLC were an impartial and reliable arbiter of what constitutes a hate []


Cops Kill Deaf Electrical Engineer, Detain the Only Witness and Delete His Video "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Police claim a deaf man was shot and killed after he opened fire on an officerbut they destroyed the video taken by a witness who says they are lying.


The Time Machine: The Elusive Jack the Ripper "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

This week, the Time Machine recounts how an unidentified serial killer terrorised the Whitechapel district of London in 1888.

The most horrific thing that Jack the Ripper did was remain elusive. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The most horrific thing that Jack the Ripper did was remain elusive. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In 1888, during the months of August, September and October, a series of gory murders shook London. It is thought to have begun with the murder of Mary Ann Nicholls, a 42-year-old woman, whose corpse was found in a severely mutilated condition by a cart driver at 3:40 am on August 31. Some have speculated that Nicholls was probably not the first victim Martha Tabram, who was found savagely murdered on August 7, might have been the first.

A week after the death of Nicholls, on September 8, the murderer struck again, leaving behind another woman in her forties with similar mutilations. Three weeks later, on September 30, was the double event, where two women were found murdered in two different locations, but it looked like the killer had not entirely finished with his first victim.

Soon after the double event, the Central News Agency in London received a bloodstained postcard signed Jack the Ripper. Earlier, the agency had...


Study Finds Disturbing Spike in Birth Defects in US Women Living Near Industrial Agriculture "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Chemical agriculture companies have long been able to keep the toxicity of their products "secret" thanks to the EPA, but their devastating effects on human health are being exposed.


Boogeyman prepared: Germany concerned with Russian 'meddling' in upcoming election "IndyWatch Feed World"

With exactly three weeks to go before the German parliamentary election, the authorities are apparently looking for a boogeyman, as they claim, without evidence, that Russia could interfere in the voting process. As Germany gears up for the next federal parliamentary election, the authorities are looking at potential threats to the democratic process. The latest polls conducted by German public broadcasters show German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leading by a wide margin, with a 15-percent lead over its closest competitors - the Social Democrats. However, government security officials have already called the legitimacy of the election into question, saying that Russia could influence it in a number of ways. "We believe that Russia is capable of starting disinformation campaigns in connection with the elections to the Bundestag [the Lower House of the German parliament]," the head of the German state security agency (BfV), Hans-Georg Maassen, told Die Welt daily just one month before the election. Maasen admitted, however, that it is "almost impossible for the intelligence services to find irrefutable evidence that Russia, for example, was behind the cyber-attacks on the Bundestag," but that his service still believes "it is very likely."


Wissam Kamal The First Lebanese Comedian on Comedy Central Arabia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Wissam Kamal is making his debut tonight on Comedy Central Arabia as he is taking part in the channels latest show Ridiculousness Arabia Season 2. For those who are not familiar with Comedy Central, it is the worlds largest TV network dedicated for Comedy and has witnessed the debuts of great comedy legends such as: The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show with John Stewart, Chapelles Show with David Chappelle, The Sarah Silverman Program and many more.

Wissam began his career at age 17 and became quickly renowned for his unconventional dark humor. I first got introduced to Kamal following his hilarious Lebanese Father & Son series and Ive been a fan ever since. Kamal has yearly stand up shows, weekly videos on his channel and took part recently in a MARCH campaign against censorship.

The first episode of Ridiculousness on Comedy Central Arabia is airing tonight at 9:30 Beirut time on OSN. Best of luck Wissam! Make us laugh and make us proud

Dont forget to subscribe to his channel [here].



Sunday Devotional: Take up your cross and follow Him "IndyWatch Feed"

Matthew 16:21-27 Jesus began to show his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer greatly from the elders, the chief priests, and the scribes, and be killed and on the third day be raised. Then Peter took Jesus Continue reading


Russian MoD reports last major pocket of ISIS terrorists' resistance in central Syria eliminated "IndyWatch Feed World"

Syrian government forces, supported by Russian air power, have wiped out the last major pocket of terrorist resistance in central Syria, liberating the strategic town of Akerbat in Hama governorate, Russia's defense ministry has announced. "The units of the 4th tank division of Syrian government forces, in collaboration with the 5th Volunteer Corps and military intelligence unit (Mukhabarat), liberated the town of Akerbat," the ministry said. "The operation to destroy a large group of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters in the eastern part of the Hama province was carried out with the active support of the Russian Air Force." Russian planes destroyed terrorist strongholds and their armored hardware. The jets also targeted IS artillery positions, control points and communication outposts. "The last major pocket of terrorist resistance in central Syria has been eliminated," the ministry said, adding that the Syrian army is now targeting the rest of the completely surrounded IS forces in the area.


Thoughts That Win; "Afformations: Change Your Life!" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Thoughts That Win
by Medical Express

Back in high school, on the soccer field, poised to take a crucial penalty kick, "I always had a lot of thoughts going on in my head; I think most people do" says sports psychologist Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis. "I was setting the ball and planning my shot; I was the captain and never missed those types of shots; then I had that thought striking me that it was not going to be good. I knew I was going to miss," he recalls, "and I did miss." Even then, he could see that his mind had a big effect on his body. From these unhappy experiences evolved Hatzigeorgiadis' interest in the psychology of sport - the link between one's thoughts and performance, and specifically in "self-talk" the mental strategy that aims to improve performance through the use of self-addressed cues (words or small phrases), which trigger appropriate responses and action, mostly by focusing attention and psyching-up.

"We know this strategy works, and it works in sports," says Hatzigeorgiadis. But what makes it work better, and in what situations? To find out, Hatzigeorgiadis and his colleagues at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the University of Thessaly, Nikos Zourbanos, Evangelos Galanis, and Yiannis Theodorakis conducted a meta-analysis of 32 sport psychological studies on the subject with a total of 62 measured effects. Their findings will be published in an upcoming issue of "Perspectives on Psychological Science," a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.



When super is better than simple in a border poll "IndyWatch Feed"

Sometime in the future I foresee the birth of a baby fated to change the course of Irish history. At the time its nationalist parents wont be aware of how special their child is. In fact its identity may never be known. Its not that the young person is destined to perform some heroic action. All he or she has to do is put an X on a ballot paper. But the impact of that will be profound.

Heres the scenario Im envisaging. The numbers favouring a united Ireland are moving relentlessly upwards. On the day before a border poll, which just happens to coincide with young persons 18th birthday, nationalist and unionist opinion on the border is evenly matched. The next morning the young nationalists vote swings the first ever majority in favour of the unification of Ireland.

In theory that could happen. It only takes fifty per cent plus one to remove the border. Im assuming here that the Republic wouldnt reject the outcome in its own referendum. In reality when the ballot eventually takes place, there may be a margin of a few thousand in support of change. Even with that more substantial number, the result would still be turning on less than a fraction of one per cent of the entire electorate.

Some apprehension has already been expressed about such a prospect. There is a natural fear that unification, especially if delivered by a very slender majority, would spark a loyalist insurrection. Its a danger than cant be dismissed but are we really arguing that the threat of violence should either prevent or drive constitutional change. It hasnt been allowed to up to this point.

There is, however, another quite different issue to consider here. Once the people have voted, that should be it. The decision should leave no good grounds for further change. But if the margin were small, there would be no sense of finality. As soon as the result was announced, unionists would clamour for another vote. And who could legitimately deny them their right to try and reverse the decision or in due course to secede from the new Republic.

Its possible that once everybody had sampled the delights of living in a United Ireland, few would want to break away again but I wouldnt count on it. A small margin would invite instability.

The solution is to require the abolition or restoration of the border to be supported by more than fifty per cent of the votes through the application of the supermajority principle. Change in either direction would only happen if say 65% of voters backed it. Such a prescription would presumably require a change in the Northern Ireland Act 1998 but that of itself shouldnt be an insurmountable barrier.

While simple majorities are the norm for most democratic decisions, there are examples around the world where supermajorities, double, qualified and weighted majorities are spe...


South China Sea: China demands Indonesia drop new name for Natuna waters Indonesia complicated and expanded of the dispute. "IndyWatch Feed War"

  • The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Sun, September 3, 2017 | 03:51 pm

China demands Indonesia drop new name for Natuna watersIndonesian President Joko Jokowi Widodo stands on deck of Indonesian Navy ship KRI Imam Bonjol after chairing a limited Cabinet meeting in Natuna Islands waters in the province of Riau Islands. (Kompas/.)

China has issued a demand for Indonesia to reverse its decision to rename the South China Sea (SCS) waters that lie within Indonesias exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

In July, the Indonesian government named the maritime region in question, which lies north of the Natuna Islands, the North Natuna Sea.

Channel News Asia reported that the Chinese Foreign Ministry sent an official note to the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing dated Aug. 25, expressing its opposition to the move.

In the letter, China said Indonesias move to change an internationally accepted name resulted in the complication and expansion of the dispute, and affects peace and stability.

The China-Indonesian relationship is developing in a healthy and stable way, and the South China Sea dispute is progressing well, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said. Indonesias unilateral name-changing actions are not conducive to maintaining this excellent situation.

China and Indonesia had overlapping maritime claims in the southwest of the South China Sea, Beijing said, adding that renaming the area would not change that fact.

Shortly after renaming of the area, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti said Indonesia had every rights to make the decision.

The North Natuna Sea falls within our...


Robert Steele: 12% of Sandernistas Voted for Trump on Election Day How Many More Would Cross Over if Trump Sponsored Election Reform Act and Embraced Cynthia McKinney? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Heres How Many Bernie Sanders Supporters Ultimately Voted For Trump

Fully 12 percent of people who voted for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries voted for President Trump in the general election. That is according to the data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study a massive election survey of around 50,000 people. (For perspective, a run-of-the-mill survey measuring Trumps job approval right now has a sample of 800 to 1,500.)

ROBERT STEELE: Our legitimately-elected President, Donald Trump, is acutely aware of the impending implosion of the GOP and the need to create a national movement (People, Not Parties)...


The Universe "IndyWatch Feed National"

You don't have to take everything so seriously. Life isn't black and white, answers aren't always yes or no, and absolutely nothing has to happen today. Act when you're ready. Be led by your feelings. And the next time someone wants to fit you into a mold, just tell 'em that your jeans are in the wash, your angels are at the mall, and Oprah's on the other line. You're a spiritual being on an eternal quest in a love-adventure you get to design. Do it your way.
Fuzzy as dice, 
    The Universe

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!


Robert E. Lees Ubiquitous Presence "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Robert E. Lees Ubiquitous Presence Paul Craig Roberts We are going to have to do far more than take down Robert E. Lees statue. We have to close the US Military Academy at West Point. Not only was Lee a...

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"Fukushima Update: 15,189.7 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow"; A Comment "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Comment: I very nearly didn't post this today, though it gets posted every Saturday. The situation in Houston is so horrifying, and the consequences so unimaginably bad, that adding Fukushima to the mix seemed a grim doom and gloom overdose, but there's just so much happening that has to be covered, that you should be aware of, and you'll never hear it from the treacherous, lying main stream media money-whores. Truth be told, I've never liked the always dire economic predictions, however true I knew them to be, after very long and serious study. The real question was should you have the right to know the truth, as I best understood it to be, or not? The answer was always the same, you do have that right, and can handle the truth if given the chance. What you do with it, of course, is up to you. I'm personally compelled to present it, do it because I can, no matter how unpleasant it may be, and reality is what it is, however much we delude ourselves otherwise. I, too, am emotionally affected by all this grief, you simply can't shield yourself sometimes. I just wanted you to know that doom and gloom was not what this blog was ever intended to be, and I offer no apologies for reality being what it is. Thank you all for your understanding, and for stopping by!
- CP

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.
- Shiva



World watch Monday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Sunday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


Scores dead in clashes between the Syrian government and IS "IndyWatch Feed War"


Pro-Assad forces are trying to wrest control of a strategically vital part of Hama province from the Islamic State group


September 4 in history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

476 Romulus Augustus, last emperor of the Western Roman Empire, was deposed when Odoacer proclaimed himself King of Italy.

626  Li Shimin, posthumously known as Emperor Taizong of Tang, assumed the throne of the Tang Dynasty of China.

1666 In London, the worst damage from the Great Fire occurred.

1781 Los Angeles, California, was founded as El Pueblo de Nuestra Seora La Reina de los ngeles de Porcincula (The Village of Our Lady, the Queen of the Angels of Porziuncola) by 44 Spanish settlers.

1812  War of 1812: The Siege of Fort Harrison began when the fort was set on fire.

1862  Civil War Maryland Campaign: General Robert E. Lee took the Army of Northern Virginia, and the war, into the North.

1863 Soon after leaving Nelson for Napier, the newly built brigDelawarewas wrecked. Accounts of the incident often focus on the heroism of Huria Matenga, the only woman in a party of five local Maori who assisted the crew to shore.

1870  Emperor Napoleon III of France was deposed and the Third Republic  declared.

1884  The United Kingdom ended its policy of penal transportation to Australia.

1886  Indian Wars: after almost 30 years of fighting, Apache leaderGeronimo, with his remaining warriors, surrendered to General Nelson Miles.

1888  George Eastman registered the trademark Kodak and received a patent for his camera that used roll film.

1894  In New York City, 12,000 tailors struck against sweatshop working conditions.

1901 William Lyons, British industrialist (Jaguar cars), was born (d. 1985).

1905 ...


Robert Steele with Joseph Cotto: What is the Deep State, really? Includes Mossad & Pedophilia Entrapment Agent Jeffrey Epstein "IndyWatch Feed National"

Deep state gets thrown around more than a bit in political discussions these days. Just what does it mean, though? Former CIA clandestine services officer, top Amazon reviewer, author, and media commentator Robert David Steele answers a most controversial and complex question on this weeks San Francisco Review of Books on Sunday.


Last major pocket of ISIS terrorists resistance in central Syria eliminated Russian MoD "IndyWatch Feed World"

Syrian government forces, supported by Russian air power, have wiped out the last major pocket of terrorist resistance in central Syria, liberating the strategic town of Akerbat in Hama governorate, Russias defense ministry has announced.

The units of the 4th tank division of Syrian government forces, in collaboration with the 5th Volunteer Corps and military intelligence unit (Mukhabarat), liberated the town of Akerbat, the ministry said.

The operation to destroy a large group of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters in the eastern part of the Hama province was carried out with the active support of the Russian Air Force.

Russian planes destroyed terrorist strongholds and their armored hardware. The jets also targeted IS artillery positions, control points and communication outposts.

The last major pocket of terrorist resistance in central Syria has been eliminated, the ministry said, adding that the Syrian army is now targeting the rest of the completely surrounded IS forces in the area.

Clearing Akerbat can be considered one of the most important battles against the terrorists by government forces, Ivan Konovalov, head of military policy at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, told RT.

The so-called Akerbat pocket is one of the most important battles at this stage. Destruction of a large enemy grouping in this region certainly affects the balance of power, Konovalov noted.

Such successful military operations always matter the enemys troops and equipment are destroyed. The more often such operations are conducted, the closer we get to the end of the war, the expert explained, emphasizing the pivotal role Russian forces are playing in Syria.

The liberation of Akerbat is paving the way for a further offensive by the Syrian Army, in particular on Deir ez-Zor. The Syrian Army is expected to attack the terrorists from several directions and has been making rapid progress on that front.

This is a strategic victory. Now all terrorists are locked up in Deir ez-Zore province, Konstantin Truyevtsev, a senior researcher at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies told RT.

Over time, this will have an impact on the development of the war, especially the capture of Deir ez-Zor, which is the last major stronghold of ISIS, Konovalov added.

The Syrian Army, backed by the Russian Air Force, continues to r...


Rethinking Conspiracy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

First published by Global Research on November 17, 2014

The terms conspiracy theorist and conspiracy nut are used frequently to discredit a perceived adversary using emotional rather than logical appeals. Its important for the sake of true argument that we


Iran tests home-grown air defence system: official "IndyWatch Feed War"


Bavar is Tehran's first long-range missile defence system and is set to be operational by March 2018


Pssst! Dijja Hear About...................? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I see Steven Spielberg is secretly working on a new movie based in Washington DC.

The title?

"The Saving of Ryan's Privates."

Impeccable sources from within the film industry and Republican party officials who can't be named because they are not authorised to speak (Trademark NYT) have leaked documents to selected media showing a script and potential casting list.  It's the story of the desperate search for GOP Speaker Paul Ryan's missing cojones.

It is apparent the President will play a cameo role as Spielberg films the live public sacking of the Mueller circus.

Oh and by the way, it seems the Auckland Museum will today unveil a statue commemorating 'the unknown father,' on account of there being a hell of a lot more of them these days than there are unknown soldiers.  The statue will depict a person of  indeterminate race, neanderthal gait, reversed baseball cap and bum crack hanging out of dacks slung so low the crutch shelters his knees.


Say It Isnt So: Trump Administration Weighs Withdrawal From South Korea Trade Pact "IndyWatch Feed War"

President Donald Trump has been a critic of the five-year-old bilateral deal

U.S. President Donald Trump, right, and President of South Korea Moon Jae-in at a White House press conference in June.
U.S. President Donald Trump, right, and President of South Korea Moon Jae-in at a White House press conference in June. PHOTO:MICHAEL REYNOLDS/EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY

Updated Sept. 3, 2017 6:59 a.m. ET

The Trump administration is weighing giving notice to South Korea of plans to withdraw from a five-year-old bilateral trade pact, with a decision arriving as soon as this coming week, according to people familiar with the matter.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly complained about the pact and the sharp increase in the U.S. trade deficit that followed the 2012 implementation of the agreement. Trade negotiators from the two countries held a series of tense meetings over the summer with American officials leaving unhappy with what they felt wa...


Support Joseph Buddenberg: Call Prison Warden on September 5 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Support Nicole and Joseph

Nicole Kissane and Joseph Buddenberg were arrested and federally indicted for alleged Conspiracy to Violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in 2015, for allegedly releasing thousands of animals from fur farms, destroying breeding records, and causing economic damage to businesses and individuals in the fur industry

On Tuesday, September 5th, please make a phone call to the wardens office at FCI Victorville Medium I to ask that the prison staff process Josephs paperwork for releasing him to a halfway house.

Joseph has been in the SHU at Victorville for over 7 months, even though after 6 months the prison was supposed to transfer him to another facility and these months of isolation have been rough on him. The time in Victorvilles SHU has become increasingly upsetting to him as he is eligible for halfway house placement (its common for federal prisoners to do the last 6 months of their prison sentence in a halfway house, and Joseph only has about 5 months left), but the prison staff has not processed that paperwork to get him there. Instead, prison staff have repeatedly requested that he be transferred and have another prison handle the halfway house paperwork, but the BOP has rejected the transfer three times so far.

So Joseph needs your support to ask the prison to stop prolonging his time in SHU with repeated (failed) attempts at transferring him to another prison and to instead process his halfway house paperwork so that he can be released directly to there as soon as possible.

When to call: Tuesday, September 5, from 8:00am 4:00pm PDT

Where to call: Call FCI Victorville Medium I at 760-246-2400

Who to talk to: Ask to speak with the Warden or Assistant Warden (leave a voicemail if necessary)

Talking points:
Calling to ask that the unit team for Joseph Buddenberg (his inmate number is 12746-111) process him for release to halfway house as soon as possible.
He only has about 5 months left on his sentence.
He has bee...


Work-In-Progress Porting Of GCN 1.0/1.1 UVD To AMDGPU DRM Driver "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With the experimental AMDGPU DRM driver's support for GCN 1.0 "Southern Islands" and GCN 1.1 "Sea Islands" graphics processors as an alternative to the default Radeon DRM driver, one of the disadvantages of that experimental kernel driver is losing out on UVD video decoding. But a port is in the works...


Fallacy "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The would-be Today complaint is classic 'complaints from both sides' territory.

Of course, Today is far from being pro-Brexit, and that's why this is such a classic instance of the fallacy of the 'complaints from both sides' argument. 

Lord Adonis is talking nonsense about Today. The evidence runs in completely the opposite direction. His complaint, therefore, has no credibility because it has no substance behind it. The complaints from the likes of News-watch, on the other hand, have credibility because they have plenty of substance behind them. 

Of course, he may have a point about Andrew Nei...


LexOrbis is Trying to Sneak Software Patents Into India in Defiance of the Ban "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Pay up for legal services or else!

Indian money

Summary: The attempts to disguise mere code (or thought processes) as a device prevail in the nation which is set to become the worlds largest population in less than a decade

TECHRIGHTS has come across a lot of nefarious lobbying by LexOrbis in recent years. IAM is often the (apparently) paid-for platform, but thats not always the case.

It is trying to attract software patent hopefuls, thats pretty clear based on its writings.LexOrbis keeps pushing for software patents in India (and lies about these too, as theyre generally not allowed) because it profits from litigation. It is trying to attract software patent hopefuls, thats pretty clear based on its writings. Its also attempting to change the law. In addition to this, LexOrbis keeps trying to give tips on patenting software by fooling examiners, basically dodging the rules. This kind of mischief continued in IAM last week, courtesy of Daljinder Pal Singh Parmar who wrote:

Every denial of patentability in cases involving algorithms should be properly justified using a rule of reason analysis, rather than refusal as a category of excluded subject matter being based on a per se rule analysis. This would necessitate claim drafting by restricting an algorithm to a particular application and its use as applied in any manner to physical elements or process steps which should result in the transformation and reduction of an article to a different state or thing.

As a precaution, drafters should avoid reciting algorithms directly or indirectly and refrain from using the term calculate in claims. Where algorithms are found to be recited in claims, the invention should be structured and claimed in a manner which makes them an integral part of a larger process, apparatus or device, affecting physical changes or producing a transf...


UK PM May Says EU Repeal Bill Best Way to Avoid Brexit Cliff Edge Theresa May might not survive too much longer as PM "IndyWatch Feed War"

LONDON Prime Minister Theresa May warned lawmakers that Britain could be faced with a Brexit cliff edge if they failed to back her EU repeal bill, as reports suggested momentum was growing within her party to unseat her.

With British lawmakers readying for their first full parliamentary debate on the legislation that will sever the countrys ties with the European Union, the minister responsible for overseeing the divorce proceedings admitted on Sunday that some payments would continue to Brussels after Britain left.

A lame duck leader: Theresa May departs from Tokyo last week

A lame duck leader: Theresa May departs from Tokyo last week. Photograph: Okauchi/Rex/Shutterstoc

May failed to win a clear mandate at a snap election in June and only has a slim majority in parliament that rests on an agreement with a smaller party. She remains vulnerable if pro-European lawmakers in her Conservative party team up with other parties to vote down legislation or support amendments.

In Thursdays debate, the main opposition Labour Party is planning to propose several changes to the repeal bill with a view to keeping Britain in the single market and customs union during a Brexit transition period after 2019, according to The Times.

On Saturday, Mays deputy advised Conservative lawmakers against doing anything that would increase Labours chances of returning to power, while May said the bill was the best way to ensure a successful Brexit.

(It is) the single most important step we can take to prevent a cliff-edge for people and businesses, because it transfers laws and provides legal continuity, s...


The Supposed Decline of Copyleft "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) provides a rebuttal, the supposed decline of copyleft, to assertions from Black Duck regarding the uptake of reciprocal versus non-reciprocal licenses. In the rebuttal, the FSF works to stem a cascade of articles and blogs which have proliferated based on some initial disinformation. While there does seem to be an increase in the use of non-reciprocal licensing in general there are several possible explanations and the rebuttal goes into detail and backs each possibility with data. In short, both styles of licensing are increasing in popularity

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Pirate Sites and the Dying Art of Customer Service "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Consumers of products and services in the West are now more educated than ever before. They often research before making a purchase and view follow-up assistance as part of the package. Indeed, many companies live and die on the levels of customer support theyre able to offer.

In this ultra-competitive world, we send faulty technology items straight back to the store, cancel our unreliable phone providers, and switch to new suppliers for the sake of a few dollars, pounds or euros per month. But does this demanding environment translate to the pirate world?

Its important to remember that when the first waves of unauthorized platforms appeared after the turn of the century, content on the Internet was firmly established as being free. When people first fired up KaZaA, LimeWire, or the few fledgling BitTorrent portals, few could believe their luck. Nevertheless, the fact that there was no charge for content was quickly accepted as the standard.

Thats a position that continues today but for reasons that are not entirely clear, some users of pirate sites treat the availability of such platforms as some kind of right, holding them to the same standards of service that they would their ISP, for example.

One only has to trawl the comments section on The Pirate Bay to see hundreds of examples of people criticizing the quality of uploaded movies, the fact that a software crack doesnt work, or that some anonymous uploader failed to deliver the latest album quickly enough. Thats aside from the continual complaints screamed on various external platforms which bemoan the sites downtime record.

For people who recall the sheer joy of finding a working Suprnova mirror for a few minutes almost 15 years ago, this attitude is somewhat baffling. Back then, people didnt go ballistic when a site went down, they savored the moment when enthusiastic volunteers brought it back up. There was a level of gratefulness that appears somewhat absent today, in a new world where free torrent and streaming sites are suddenly held to the same standards as Comcast or McDonalds.

But while a cultural change among users has definitely taken place over the years, the way sites communicate with their users has taken a hit too. Despite the advent of platforms including Twitter and Facebook, the majority of pirate site operators today have a tendency to leave their users completely in the dark when things go wrong, leading to speculation and concern among grateful and entitled users alike.

So why does The Pirate Bays blog sta...


Your eyes start itching: Pollution Soars in Houston After Chemical Industry Leaks "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

by Oliver Milman / The Guardian

Hurricane Harvey has resulted in Houstons petrochemical industry leaking thousands of tons of pollutants, with communities living near plants damaged by the storm exposed to soaring levels of toxic fumes and potential water contamination.

Refineries and chemical plants have reported more than 2,700 tons, or 5.4m pounds, of extra air pollution due to direct damage from the hurricane as well as the preventive shutting down of facilities, which causes a spike in released toxins.

On Friday, ozone levels in south-west Houston were nearly three times higher than the national standard, triggering one of Texass worst recent smogs. Scientists warned that people outside cleaning up in the aftermath of Harvey were vulnerable to the poor air, particularly the elderly, children and those with asthma.

According to an analysis by the Center for Biological Diversity, a cocktail of nearly 1m pounds of particularly harmful substances such as benzene, hexane, sulfur dioxide, butadiene and xylene have been emitted by more than 60 petroleum industry plants operated by ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron and other businesses since the hurricane.

Houston has not met national air quality standards since the introduction of the Clean Air Act in 1970 and the sudden surge in pollution has caused deep concern among public health advocates.

Its a really serious public health crisis from the pollution and other impacts people are facing, said Bakeyah Nelson, executive director of Air Alliance Houston.

Communities in close proximity to these facilities will get the worst of it, as they get the worst of it on a daily basis. Theres also the acute da...



A formal petition seeking for the removal of Mr. Chris Okey Ezike as the Commissioner of Police in Imo State, More


Arno Reuser: Open Source Intelligence So What? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tip of the Hat to Contributing Editor Berto Jongman for this glorious find.


Fed Up! The Federal Reserves New Comic Book For Schools Saying Gold is Shiny Rocks of No Value (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Fed Up! The Federal Reserves New Comic Book For Schools Saying Gold is Shiny Rocks of No Value Video Silver Report Fed Up. Silver and Gold are just Shiny rocks of no value. The Federal Reserve is now Distributing...

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Owerri Zone Elders Declare Seven-day Mourning over Desecration of Land by Rochas. "IndyWatch Feed Africa" under: Uncategorized


Three Dangerous Delusions about Korea "IndyWatch Feed World"

They say that most of the worlds real dangers arise not because of what people dont know but because of what they do know that just aint so. As a case in point, consider three things about Korea that the bipartisan Washington establishment seems quite sure of but are far removed from reality: Delusion 1: []


Linux 4.13 Should Be Released Today With Its Many New Features "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Unless there is a last minute hiccup, the Linux 4.13 kernel should be officially released before the day is through...


Canada: Members of Secwepemc Nation to Build Tiny Houses on Trans Mountain Pipeline Route "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Red Power Media

A First Nations group plans to build Tiny Houses on route of the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

The group is called the Tiny House Warriors.

According to a media release by Greenpeace, members of the Secwepemc Nation are constructing the first of ten tiny houses based on a design from allies at Standing Rock next week at an undisclosed location on unceded Secwepemc territory. Greenpeace Canada, is a partner in the build.

InfoTel News reports, from Sept. 5 to Sept. 8 at Neskonlith near Kamloops, volunteers with the Tiny House Warriors will be working to build a home in the path of the pipeline with the intention of rebuilding village sites along the route. In doing this the group hopes to assert its authority over unceded territory.

The unceded Secwepemc territory, is the largest indigenous territory that Kinder Morgans controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will cross.

The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline was originally built in 1953 and the $6.8 billion expansion is expected to triple the lines capacity as it runs from Edmonton to Vancouver.

For more on the tiny home protest go here.


CAIN "IndyWatch Feed World"

Many secret orders have an Outer Head - a non-corporeal entity who is recognized as that orders true Grand Master, for whom the corporeal Grand Master is but a representative. It is similar to the concept of the patron deity. For us, we understand the Ordo Lapsit Exillis to be under the guidance of the spirit of Cain, the god-king of the ancient world immortalized in legends as mankinds Forgotten Father.

Cain is said to have created civilizations across the globe, and to have shared with certain chosen men a secret, forbidden wisdom: the Hermetic doctrine of the occult, symbolized by the Lapsit Exillis, or the Holy Grail. These actions brought him into conflict with other members of the divine hierarchy, an occasion immortalized in the Biblical story of the War in Heaven, and in other myths from various cultures that tell the same story. He is also said to have interbred with mortal females, creating mankinds first royal family, the Grail bloodline, which carried with it the seed of the divine. Their descendants became the lords of the earth, resulting in many, if not, in fact, most of the worlds royal dynasties throughout history. The Grail gene can even be found in numerous other important personages from both the past and the present, including every single president of the United States.

The archetypal figure of Cain can be found in an astonishing variety of myths and legends from divers places and periods. Notable ones include:
  • Kronos/Saturn
  • Hermes/Mercury
  • Zeus


HOW CIA RAN Weapons to Terrorists in Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

Journalist fired for exposing how CIA ran weapons to terrorists Watch: Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva says she was fired after reporting about how the Central Intelligence Agency ran weapons to Al-Nusra terrorists through Azerbaijan. Gaytandzhieva was let go for refusing to reveal her sources, she tells RTs Anya Parampil.   RT   See []


Manjaro Linux To Drop 32-bit Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Arch-based Manjaro Linux distribution is deciding to retire their x86 32-bit support...


Toxic femininity hides jealousy and corruption "IndyWatch Feed World"

The left has been pushing the notion that masculinity is "toxic" and must be rooted out. Classes of college students are propagandized to this point of view, often mandatorily imposed. "Feminist" speakers and books for young girls promote it and women's magazines are full of such drivel. This week it's apparent that it's this kind of nonsense that's toxic, not masculinity. Often it's a cover for jealousy and a corrupt search for power. Comment: What is 'Cultural Marxism'? A left-wing conspiracy to destroy Western civilization!


Tom Atlee: Understanding Oppressive Systems and Freedom From Them "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tom Atlee

Delving into the trap of oppressive systems and seeking ways out

I found Chris Hedges article on identity politics How Antifa Mirrors the Alt-Right spot on in many ways. I also felt it missed the point in many other important ways. It was confusing and thought-provoking and I recommend it. It made me reflect on what I, myself, think about identity politics. Heres what I realized about my own views.

If identity was not used for oppression and privilege there would be no identity politics.

If diverse identities were celebrated, supported and creatively engaged or even simply ignored there would be no identity politics.

Read full article.


LOreal fires transgender model who said all white people are racist "IndyWatch Feed"

Girl bye. From NY Post: French cosmetics giant LOreal fired its first transgender model to appear on a British advertising campaign after she described all white people as racist on Facebook. London-based model Munroe Bergdorf announced on her Facebook page Continue reading


Missing 411?: Boy, six, who disappeared while on holiday with his family is found after THREE DAYS wandering in Azerbaijani forest "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is the moment when a six-year-old boy who went missing while on holiday with his parents in Azerbaijan is found by a rescue team after three days in the woods. Natik Namig oglu Aliyev, had disappeared from the cottage his family was staying in at a holiday camp outside the village of Eski Igrik in north-eastern Azerbaijan's Quba District. It is believed the boy went to explore the surrounding woods, and got lost when darkness fell.


10 Sunday Reads "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

My easy like Sunday morning reads:  Five reasons Harvey has been so destructive its not only about climate change ( see also The Chemical Plant Explosion in Texas Is Not an Accident. Its the Result of Specific Choices. (Esquire) but see Harvey Wont Hold Back Houston (Bloomberg View)  The Death of Stocks Has Been Exaggerated (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Read More

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'Floating moon': Study reveals new details about Uranus satellite Cressida "IndyWatch Feed World"

Uranus' moon Cressida would float if placed in water, according to new research, which has recorded the first measurements of the satellite's mass and density.TrendsSpace exploration Robert Chancia of the University of Idaho and colleagues calculated Cressida's density and mass using variations in an inner narrow ring of the planet as Uranus passed in front of a distant star. The analysis came from both ground-based and Voyager stellar and radio occultations of the Uranian rings, spanning the period from 1977-2002.


The United States of Manufactured Hysteria "IndyWatch Feed World"

Thank God for the Charlottesville Nazis! For a moment there, it was looking like we were actually going to have a few days to stop and reflect on the state of America without being subjected to some new form of manufactured mass hysteria. Seriously, just a few short weeks ago, as the corporatist ruling classes []


4 Shouts of Allahu Akbar Then What Happened? "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

(Illustrative photo: Reuters)(Illustrative photo: Reuters)


A man who stormed a funeral in a church in Malta shouting Allahu Akbar had some of the charges against him reduced after his lawyer claimed he was praying for the deceased, The Independent reported.

The man, a 29-year old from the Ivory Coast, was originally charged with breaching the public peace, public intoxication, and threatening and insulting the police.

At his trial, the latter two charges were dropped. The man pleaded guilty to the other charge and agreed to return immediately to Italy.

The court then agreed to a conditional discharge of two years, meaning that after two years, the conviction will be wiped from his record.


The mayor of Venice announced that anyone who shouts Allahu Akbar in the citys famous St. Marks Square will be shot after taking three steps.

Last year, the controversial mayor said four steps. Now he is down to three.

Speaking at a conference about extremism in the city of Rimini, Mayor Luigi Brugnaro admitted his decision is controversial, saying, I have never been politically correct, I am incorrect. I would shoot, we would shoot.

They said they wanted to go and meet Allah, so we will send them straight to Allah, without having to throw them off the bridge. We will just shoot them.

Brugnaro added, In contrast with Barcelona, where they had not set up protection, we keep our guard up.



What Germany and the EPO Could (and Should) Learn From Australia About Patent Scope "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Public Release of Productivity Commission Final Inquiry Report into Australias IP Arrangements
Reference: Public Release of Productivity Commission Final Inquiry Report into Australias IP Arrangements

Summary: Patent maximalism, including patenting of software, recognised as an undesirable, but will the EPO accept that rather than publicly advocate software patenting?

Australia like Canada (subject of our previous post) is a large developed country with a relatively small population. Both are historically inspired by English/British law.

Australias patent policy seems to be improving, e.g. by reducing the incentive to troll Australian firms.As we noted the other day, Australia not only recognises the dangers of overpatenting but also does something about it. Australia has just limited patent scope and Peter Leung from Bloomberg did an article about it (Australia Seeks Tougher Inventiveness Patent Requirements).

Australias patent policy seems to be improving, e.g. by reducing the incentive to troll Australian firms. Here are some portions from Leungs report, which compares it to the EPO:

Inventors seeking new patents in Australia may have to meet more stringent inventiveness requirements that better match Europes under a government proposal aimed at improving the nations intellectual property system.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbulls governments recent response to recommendations from the Productivity Commission, a government research body, included support for raising the inventive step requirement analogous to the U.S. requirement that an invention be not obvious. An invention is not obvious if its sufficiently different from the known technology at the time.

As it currently stands, the inventive...


Philippines President Duterte Says He Is Reaching Out to Indonesia and Malaysia To Create Counter-Terrorism Task Force "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing

FILE PHOTO: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wears a bulletproof vest and a helmet as he gives a pep talk to troops fighting the extremist Maute group in Marawi, Philippines August 24, 2017. Picture taken August 24, 2017. Presidential Palace/Handout via REUTERS/File Photo Reuters

MANILA (Reuters) Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will discuss with Indonesia and Malaysia the possibility of creating a task force to combat Islamic State-inspired militancy, he said on Sunday.

Duterte even expressed willingness to open the borders to Indonesian and Malaysian security forces hunting Islamist fighters. He plans to meet with Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Malaysian Prime Minster Najib Razak on the matter.

We have agreed that we will talk, the three of us. We are just waiting for the right time, he told reporters.

Asked what could be discussed, he said: In all probability, it will be a joint task force. And I will open my borders to the Malaysian authorities and Indonesian authorities. Theyll be given access.

Southeast Asian nations have agreed to use spy planes and drones to stem the movement of militants across their borders, as concerns rise over the growing clout of Islamic State in the region.

In June the three nations agreed to pool intelligence and tackle militant financing.

Last November, the Philippines agreed to allow Malaysia and Indonesia to carry out hot pursuits in its territorial waters to tackle kidnappings and piracy by Islamist Abu Sayyaf rebels.

Duterte indicated the meeting with Widodo and Najib could take place after the siege of Marawi city in southern Philippines involving militants loyal to Islamic State has been fully resolved.

More than 600 militants, 45 civilians and 136 soldiers and policemen have been killed in more than 100 days of fighting in Marawi. The military has expressed confidence the end is in sight for what has be...


Korea Crisis Exposes Orwellian West "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Western media would have us believe that North Korea and its nuclear arsenal is the worlds number one threat. The continual depiction of a rogue state in the Western media plays into the US agenda of a pre-emptive attack on North Korea. But lets get this straight. North Korea has an estimated 10-20 total []


To the Moon "IndyWatch Feed"

Art thou pale for weariness
Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth,
Wandering companionless
Among the stars that have a different birth,
And ever changing, like a joyless eye
That finds no object worth its constancy?

Percy Bysshe Shelley


Gsta Adrian-Nilsson "IndyWatch Feed"

Gsta Adrian-Nilsson (1884-1965) was a Swedish modernist who usually signed himself GAN, because that's that sort of thing modernists did.  I'm not crazy about most of his work but I love these illustrations.


Overdose Deaths Still Rising in Ohio "IndyWatch Feed"

In Ohio, overdose deaths rose 33% from 2015-2016, a staggering amount. Most are from the synthetic opiate Fentanyl or its close analogs.

This is the sort of problem we ought to be working on solving, instead of shouting insults at each other.


Cambodian Opposition Leader Kem Sokha Arrested Over Alleged Plot With US "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Cambodia's opposition leader and President of the National Rescue Party (CNRP) Kem Sokha talks during an interview with Reuters in Prey Veng province, Cambodia May 28, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Samrang Pring/Files

Cambodias opposition leader and President of the National Rescue Party (CNRP) Kem Sokha talks during an interview with Reuters in Prey Veng province, Cambodia May 28, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Samrang Pring/Files

Phnom Penh: Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha was arrested in a police raid on his home early on Sunday and veteran Prime Minister Hun Sen accused him of treason with the backing of the US.

The arrest marks an escalation in a campaign against critics, independent media and any potential threats to Hun Sens hold on power ahe...


Largest wildfire in Los Angeles' history: More than 700 are forced to evacuate as 8,000 acres are scorched "IndyWatch Feed World"

The largest fire in Los Angeles history is engulfing thousands of acres of land and forcing residents to evacuate homes throughout the county. The fire, dubbed the La Tuna Fire after the canyon where it erupted, has already burned through 8,000 acres of land, and the heatwave in the area along with erratic winds are proving major obstacles for firefighters trying control the blaze. The fire broke out Friday and has already forced the partial closure of the 210 Freeway, a major thoroughfare. The 210 is closed between the Glendale Freeway and Sunland Boulevard. It's unclear when the freeway will completely reopen, according to the LA Times. The blaze started with just one acre of brush on Friday. The enormous blaze led authorities to evacuate more than 700 homes in a north Los Angeles neighborhood and in nearby Burbank and Glendale, officials said.


Chinas Anger at West to Overshadow Tougher Action on North Korea "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

BEIJING North Koreas latest nuclear test is likely to pile more pressure on China to take tough action against its neighbor, but Beijing already doubts economic sanctions will work and says it is not its sole responsibility to rein in Pyongyang.

China has lambasted the West and its allies over recent weeks for promoting the China responsibility theory for North Korea, and been upset by Seoul and Washingtons own military drills that Beijing says have done nothing to cool tensions.

The United States has to play its own role and should not be blindly putting pressure on China to try and squeeze North Korea, said Ruan Zongze, a former Chinese diplomat now with the China Institute of International Studies, a think-tank affiliated with the Foreign Ministry.

While the seriousness of Sundays nuclear test means China will likely support tough new action, including possibly cutting off oil supplies, China will make clear others need to step up too, Ruan added.

Over the past week, Chinas foreign ministry has repeatedly hit back at calls from Western countries and J...


United States Republican advocates lynching for paint on Confederate statue "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Politician Goes On Racist Rant After Confederate Monument Vandalized

2 September 2017

Hey Rep. Warren Love THIS is why its NOT OKAY to say what you said. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

A Missouri legislator on Wednesday called for a vandal who defaced a Confederate statue to be lynched. State Rep. Warren Love (R[epublican]) was responding on Facebook to a story about an unidentified vandal who threw paint on a Confederate memorial in Springfield National Cemetery, the Riverfront Times reported. The paper published a screenshot of Loves Facebook post above the article, which he quickly deleted. This is totally against the law, Love wrote. I hope they are found & hung from a tall tree with a long rope. National Veterans Cemetery in Springfield, Mo.

Read more here.



How to Smuggle Gold and Get Caught "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

How to Smuggle Gold and Get Caught from Schiff Gold Almost every morning as I scour the interwebs for gold news, I run across a story about gold smuggling. Its big business, you know. Particularly in countries like India that...

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Dr Rima Responds: Eight Pro-Vaccine Myths Compared With The Facts "IndyWatch Feed World"

On todays podcast show Dr Rima Laibow responds to a recent News-Corp article entitled, Vaccination safety: Eight anti-vaccine myths compared with the facts by Anthea Batsakis, Herald Sun. Read More


The World on Verge of Large-Scale Conflict "IndyWatch Feed World"

Putins Warning To The World North Korea On The Verge Of A Large-Scale Conflict As tensions between the US, its regional allies and North Korea continue ebb and flow, depending on what and where Kim lobs the next missile and whether Kelly can block Trump from tweeting for the next few hours, Russian President Vladimir []


Sunday Sermon: Military Glory The Bravest of Them All "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

They have fought, the bravest, for thousands of years; their record of defeat and victory is mixed but theyve stood with the desperate, charged gloriously to victory, and like all warriors humped gear from one place to another.

Not just the glorious ones in front of the charge, they served by pulling the great cannon of the Napoleonic wars through waist-deep mud as thick as glue. There are a few who we name: Bucephalus, Veillantif, Traveller, Marengo, Lisette most of them, are unsung.

The horse is named Sir Briggs; he is shown carrying some English guy.

Shakespeares Richard III, in one moment of clarity, understood that the horse can make the king. Theyre always there, though, where the glory is happening. We sing about the riders, not the horses that also charged, obediently, straight into the guns. I first began to wonder about the horses when I read about the battle of Hattin, how the crusader knights marched out stupidly into the heat of Palestine, and were obliterated by Saladins forces when their horses couldnt carry them and their armor. I was about 13 at the time, and finally, I thought, it must have been horrible to be a horse.

Cheval, avec Chasseur De La Garde, par Detaille

A great deal of military glory was won at great cost to the horses; theyre generally placid creatures, disinclined to charge into the face of artillery, or to march into the desert to be obliterated by storms of arrows. The horses Ive known would prefer a nap in some sweet shady grass its not the horses that come up with these desperate ideas, but they pay the price and they paid the price over and over and over for thousands of years. Their surprisingly delicate legs break easily, and theyre scared of being wounded. The great barrel chests that let them run or pull a cannon are big targets, easily pierced with arrow or artillery fragments; they dont understand why they are suffering this, its not glory to them, its just what theyve been asked to do. And they do it, because, I guess, horses have been bred not to ask theyve been bred to obey. Is that not the very essence of military glory, right there?



FBI fights public release of Trump dossier info "IndyWatch Feed World"

Senate investigators have had problems getting the FBI to reveal information about the Trump dossier. They're not the only ones. Outside groups filing Freedom of Information Act requests are running up against a stone wall when it comes to the dossier. On March 8, Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request for documents regarding the bureau's contacts with Christopher Steele, the former British spy who dug for dirt in Russia on candidate Donald Trump in the months before the 2016 presidential election. Steele's effort was commissioned by the oppo research firm Fusion GPS, which at the time was being paid by still-unidentified Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton. Just weeks before the election, the FBI reportedly agreed to support Steele's oppo project - an extraordinary action in the midst of a campaign which Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said raised "questions about the FBI's independence from politics."


Only In California: Sacramento To Pay Gang Bangers A Cash Stipend If They Stop Killing People "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This article by Mac Slavo was originally published by

Youre probably thinking this is a satirical report from The Onion.

We thought so, too.

But be assured its very real, as reported by Fox 40 Sacramento:

After a violent weekend of suspected gang-related shootings, Tuesday the Sacramento City Council took action to reduce the bloodshed.

It approved a controversial program called Advance Peace, which offers cash stipends to gang members who remain peaceful.

Lets get going on doing everything we can to save innocent lives, Steinberg said.

The program targets key gang agitators, offering them cash stipends to graduate school and remain peaceful. It already claims success in dropping crime rates in Richmond. But the city would still have to pay half the cost of the program, $1.5 million out of the citys general fund.

In the end, the council agreed to the program, voting 9-0 in favor.

Because policies of appeasement have worked so very well throughout history, why not give it another try?

Take money from peaceful tax paying citizens and redistribute that money to the gang bangers who are killing them.

Sounds like a brilliant idea that could only manifest itself on the progressively tolerant left coast.

Maybe we should kick this up to the Federal level and see if we can get taxpayer funds to send to the Islamic State and North Korea that should work like a charm.

Hattip Tess Pennington



How To Select Just About Any Electronic Part "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sometimes you see an excellent post somewhere else on the web, and then discover that it is one of a series of similarly good posts that you completely missed when they were published. If you are a Hackaday scribe you are left wondering how you managed to pass them by, and then why on earth you didnt think of writing them yourself.

Such is the case with [Sanket Gupta]s excellent series for Octopart, of posts titled How to select a and then a class of component. It was the latest, How to select a voltage regulator that caught our eye first, but then we found the previous installments dealing with capacitors, resistors, inductors, connectors, IC packages and MCUs. Each one provides a basic primer for the engineer, in terms of both parts selection based on capability and on suitability for manufacturing, and while you may think that only an inexperienced reader might find benefit in such pieces the reality is that everybody can learn something.

So if you are involved in choosing electronic parts, no matter at what level, take a look at this series. If you know everything [Sanket] has to say then we congratulate you on your mastery of the field, however we think most readers will find them to be an interesting and useful resource.

Header image: Kae [Public domain].

Filed under: parts


#NoG20 Police Violence Projected on German Consulate in #Amsterdam "IndyWatch Feed War"

Activists projected the excessive police violence during the NoG20 protests on the German consulate in Amsterdam last night. Meanwhile repression is growing in Germany. After the ban on Linksunten on August 25, authorities deployed SEK squads with automatic riffles against a peaceful antifa demonstration in Wurzen, Germany yesterday.


Image: Activists projected the excessive police violence during the NoG20 protests on the German consulate in Amsterdam last night. Image by Indymedia NL.

Published by Enough is Enough. Based on a statement at Indymedia NL.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all our NoG20 reports; here.

NoG20 Police Violence Projected on German Consulate in Amsterdam

Activists projec...


Buddhists and Hindus flee Myanmars sectarian clashes Islamist militants battle security forces "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP | An internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Sittwe, in Rakhine state, where tens of thousands have fled recent fighting between Islamist militants and security forces

MAUNGDAW (MYANMAR) (AFP)  Village chief San Tuns remote Mro tribe used to get by foraging in the Myanmar jungle, living among the patchwork of ethnic groups who co-existed imperfectly in Rakhine state.But last month murder visited his community.

An attack on his people, allegedly by Muslim Rohingya militants, was the catalyst for the worst round of fighting the region has ever seen, forcing them to flee death, arson and suspicion.

San Tun says Rohingya militants killed eight villagers as they were out foraging, including his brother and oldest son, on August 3.

Following the deaths a build-up of security forces in northern Rakhine sent tensions soaring.

Heavy fighting broke out three weeks later between Islamist militants and security forces, causing some 73,000 Rohingya Muslims to flee west into Bangladesh, bringing with them harrowing tales of rape and murder at the hands of the military and Buddhist mobs.

But a smaller and similarly terrified stream of civilians from Rakhines Buddhist and Hindu communities some 11,000 have headed in the opposite direction, their lives also upended by neighbour turning on neighbour.

The Mro, a forest-dwelling and mainly Buddhist tribe who live on Myanmars border with Bangladesh, are among them, fleeing the latest round of violence in which they had played an inadvertent central role.

We Mro used to live on the forests and mountains, our only business was farming since the time of our ancestors, San Tun, 46, told AFP earlier this week in a government-controlled village outside Maungdaw, the main town in northern Rakhine to which many Buddhists and Hindus have escaped.

Now we have no security, he lamented.

Tit for tat

Rakhine, Myanmars poorest state, has become a crucible of religious hatred focused on the Rohingya, who are reviled and perceived as illegal immigrants in the Buddhist-majority country.

The Rohingya militant group fighting Myanmars military since last October the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) said the coordinated ambushes they launched on August 25 were in response to the fresh security crackdown on their kin.



North Korea HAS Developed Its ADVANCED Hydrogen Bomb That Can Be Fitted on ICBM "IndyWatch Feed World"

North Korea has developed a new, more advanced hydrogen nuke that is small enough to be fitted on a new intercontinental ballistic missile, state media KCNA has claimed. According to the KCNA report, DPRK's Nuclear Weapons Institute has created a more developed nuke, bringing about a signal turn in the countrys nuclear arsenal. Kim Jong-un, the countrys leader, inspected the new weapon during his visit to the nuclear facility. Scientists further upgraded its technical performance at a higher ultra-modern level on the basis of precious successes made in the first H-bomb test, KCNA said, boasting about the progress of the domestic weapons program.


Draco Royal Hierarchy "IndyWatch Feed World"


                                                      The Fleur-de-lis, symbol 
of the Babylonian trinity of Nimrod,
Queen Semiramis and Tammuz,
among other things.


No progress on Brexit UK/EU Brussels talks: both sides hold on to their positions "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A row over the Brexit divorce bill has dominated the latest round of talks between the UK and the European Union, with both sides in the Brussels negotiations voicing their frustrations.


How to Profit From the iPhones Most Revolutionary Feature Yet "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

How to Profit From the iPhones Most Revolutionary Feature Yet by Justin Spittler Casey Research Justins note: Todays essay comes from my colleague Jeff Brown, editor of Exponential Tech Investor. Jeff has been working in the tech field for...

The post How to Profit From the iPhones Most Revolutionary Feature Yet appeared first on The Daily Coin.


How to Stay Out of a FEMA Camp "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


fema 999


Operation Mountain Guarida, circa 2011, at Sports Authority Field in Denver, CO., practiced enticing parents into the stadium after conducted an unauthorized removal of several hundred school children from the Denver Public Schools.  It was an ugly scene at the ole stadium.

At almost the same time, the same drill was conducted at Giants Stadium in New York.

Now we are witnessing untold rumors about FEMA and how strangely this organzation is behaving. Some are asking the question, what does one have to do to stay out of a FEMA Camp?



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Ants named after Obama, Ken Saro-Wiwa "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This 23 August 2017 video is called 3D rotation video of Zasphinctus sarowiwai sp. n. paratype worker.

From the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University in Japan:

Say hello to the 3-D Obama ant

Three new ant species named in honor of key figures in conservation Barack Obama, Ken Saro-Wiwa, and E.O. Wilson are immortalized as 3-D virtual avatars

August 30, 2017

Biologists at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have named three new, rare ant species in Africa after important figures in African biodiversity conservation a former United States president, a writer-activist, and a world-renowned scientist. Using new scanning technology for documenting species, the OIST researchers compiled scans of the ants to create 3D avatars, giving them, and their namesakes, a measure of immortality.

The first ant species, Zasphinctus obamai, was discovered in the Kakamega Forest National Park, Kenya, located near Mr. Barack Obamas ancestral family village. The OIST researchers chose to honor Mr. Obama for his prodigious contributions to global biodiversity conservation. The second species, Zasphinctus sarowiwai, was named after Ken Saro-Wiwa, a Nigerian writer and environmental activist who, after campaigning against irresponsible oil development, was executed in 1995. The third, Zasphinctus wilsoni, was named after biologist Edward O. Wilson, who is famous for his contributions to sociobiology, ant biology, evolution, and biodiversity conservation. Through his foundation, Wilson has contributed to the resurgence of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, which is one of Africas most successful wildlife restoration stories.

To create th...



South Front Click to see the full-size map The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces and some units of pro-government Shia militais, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, are rapidly advancing in the direction of the ISIS-besieged city of Deir Ezzor. Government forces have liberated the Nuzayrat Mount, the Adimah Mount and entered  the Nirman []


Alarming West, Turkey Nudges Closer to Russia Arms Deal "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Turkey and Russia are inching towards an accord for the first major Turkish weapons purchase from Moscow, troubling Ankara's allies in NATO even though the deal may not ultimately materialize.


A 5-Minute Standing Ovation for The Insult at Venice74 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ziad Doueiris The Insult was showing at the 2017 Venice Film Festival and received an honorable 5-minute standing ovation from the public. The movie made its debut at the Venice film festival last week and the results should be announced on September 9.

Lebanese Director Doueiri co-wrote the script of The Insult with his wife Joelle Touma. Its the fourth joint project between the two and the fact that both came from families with deep political convictions and different religious affiliations provided first-hand material for the script.

I had the chance to attend a special screening of the movie last week. Check out my [review].


Canada Does Not Allow Classic Software Patents, But There Are Loopholes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Combining copyrighted code with a machine (patentable) does not render this code patentable

Copyright not patentable

Summary: Clarifying the situation in Canada, where law firms try to convince engineers to pursue software patents using loopholes that can help fool examiners but not courts

FOR BETTER OR for worse, Canadas patent policy has rarely been covered here (this reference page about it was last updated in 2013*). Its a large country, albeit not a large population, and patents from Canada tend to target the US, with lawsuits too being filed in the US for maximal impact.

The software must be more than an algorithm, says this new article titled Patents in Canada. It was published some days ago and here is the relevant part:

To be patentable, software must be properly regarded as falling under one of the categories of invention outlined in Section 2 of the Patent Act, namely:

any new and useful art, process, machine, manufacture or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement in any art, process, machine, manufacture or composition of matter.

The software must be more than an algorithm (Section 27(8) of the Patent Act prohibits: mere scientific principles or abstract theorem). If the software is a method and the method, on its own merits, does not pertain to patentable subject matter under Section 2 of the Patent Act, the method does not become patentable subject matter by virtue of being carried out on a computer.

Bereskin & Parr LLPs Paul Horbal and Denver Bandstra, both of whom working for the patent microcosm (law firm based in Canada), are trying to sell patent maximalism in a journal for patent maximalists. From the relevant passages (covering Mayo and Alice):

One common form of intellectual property protection sought for mobile apps and software generally is the utility patent, more commonly simply called a patent. A utility patent is sometimes referred to as the Cadillac of intellectua...


Hariri dismisses claims Iran building missile factories in Lebanon "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has rejected claims by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Iran is establishing plants in Lebanon to build missiles, saying the Tel Aviv regime is carrying out deception campaigns.


Large part of Blue Star Patmos detached; Video towboats in action "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Towboats managed to detach the largest part of the passenger ferry BLUE STAR PATMOS from the reef. The ferry ran aground just before entering the port of Ios in the early morning hours of Wednesday. However the bow remained stuck and a new operation took place on Saturday by a Dutch company which has undertaken

The post Large part of Blue Star Patmos detached; Video towboats in action appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Will 2017 be remembered as the year without summer in Labrador, Canada ? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Cool temperatures, wet conditions and stubborn sea ice kept the swimsuits in people's closets If you live in Labrador, you might be feeling a bit sun-deprived now that Labour Day is just around the corner. Your feelings are justified. According to Environment Canada's senior climatologist David Phillips, this has been one of the worst summers on record for the region. "Canadians love to complain about the weather, but boy, this summer people in Labrador may be doing it but they're not doing it without reason," he told CBC's Labrador Morning. "It's almost as if nature has forgotten [Labrador] this summer."


400,000 Deaths in Syria Civil War Directly Attributed to US & Allies "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

1 Sep, 2017 (RT)* African and Asian leaders are denied by the West to have any military means against an insurgency in their countries, while the US and its allies have absolute impunity when they want to take on a population anywhere in the world, says political analyst Dan Glazebrook.

**Photo: Two destroyed Syrian Army tanks in Azaz, August 2012. | Author: Christiaan Triebert | Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


Read 'The Business of Anti-Aging Science' "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Read "The Business of Anti-Aging Science".


Army Troops Rapidly Advancing Towards Deir Ezzor City, Liberate More Points (Maps, Video) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Army Troops Rapidly Advancing Towards Deir Ezzor City, Liberate More Points (Maps, Video)

Click to see the full-size map

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces and some units of pro-government Shia militais, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, are rapidly advancing in the direction of the ISIS-besieged city of Deir Ezzor.

Government forces have liberated the Nuzayrat Mount, the Adimah Mount and entered  the Nirman Mount area amid clashes with ISIS terrorists.

The SAA, the NDF and their allies are now advancing on ISIS positions from two directions:

  • From the direction of Sukhna to Kobajep;
  • From the direction of the Bishri triangle to Ash Sholah;
Army Troops Rapidly Advancing Towards Deir Ezzor City, Liberate More Points (Maps, Video)

Click to see the full-size map


Is US Congress Declaring War on WikiLeaks? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The United States, uniquely among nations, believes that its writ runs all over the worldand that it has a right to use its courts of law to seek retributive justice even in situations that did not involve American citizens and occurred in a foreign land. No other country sends its marshals overseas to forcibly detain fugitives from justice. If the United States is truly exceptional, it is no doubt due to its hubris in declaring itself to be the final arbiter of what goes on all around the globe.


Of Snakes and Lambs "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Not the same Larry Lamb

You learn something new every day.

Yesterday I learned that we don't have a new type of snake in the UK, bringing the total number of species to four, despite the BBC reporting that we do early last month. So, after the BBC website corrected itself yesterday, it turns out that we're back to just having three species of snake here in Britain.

The full background is here, and very interesting it is too if you're into grass snake taxonomy. (And who isn't?). It's also interesting if you're into corrections of "rather muddled reports in the British media". 

So what I have I learned today then?

Well, Andrew Marr talked this morning to writer James Graham and actor Bertie Carvel about Ink, their new play about Rupert Murdoch - a play that, surprisingly, doesn't appear to be a crude hatchet job on the man and which sounds well worth seeing. 

This is what I learned:
Andrew Marr: Larry Lamb, Murdoch's first editor, is determined to beat the Mirror under any circumstances, in any way necessary, and that leads to the first topless Page Three. 
James Graham: Yes, so it was incredibly dangerous, incredibly shocking. They kept it very quiet. Larry Lamb, in f...


Embattled Doctor John Piesse Responds to Medical Inquisitors "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article by Global Freedom Movement.

Embattled Doctor John Piesse, the GP at the centre of the vaccine exemption controversy in Melbourne, has hit out in writing in response to media reports presenting him as a member of a "secret underground ring of anti-vax doctors."

The article Embattled Doctor John Piesse Responds to Medical Inquisitors appeared first on Global Freedom Movement.


ISIS Video: From Wheelchair to Suicide Bomber "IndyWatch Feed War"

A disabled ISIS fighter dismounts an anti-aircraft gun.A disabled ISIS fighter dismounts an anti-aircraft gun. (Video screenshot)

In most modern societies we strive to rehabilitate people with disabilities so they can work, study or play like the rest of us. When ISIS is in charge, as this video shows, things are very different.





New ISIS Video: DC, New York, Orlando to Face More Attacks

New Gruesome ISIS Video: Prisoner Forced to Make Plea Before Beheading

Horrific ISIS Video: The Child Executioner


The post ISIS Video: From Wheelchair to Suicide Bomber appeared first on Clarion Project.


Russian Diplomats Leave Three US Properties in Compliance with Order "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Russian diplomats have left three properties in the United States including the six-story consulate in San Francisco, complying with a U.S. order issued in retaliation for Moscow cutting its diplomatic presence in Russia.


U.S. as a rogue nation about to see the dollar spanked (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

U.S. as a rogue nation about to see the dollar spanked Video The Daily Economist Video Source

The post U.S. as a rogue nation about to see the dollar spanked (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Despite the Naysaying of Employers and Pundits, Minimum Wage Must Rise "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

When it comes to the fight to raise the minimum wage, many in the mainstream media have already made up their minds.

Washington Post editorial columnist Catherine Rampell worries that raising the federal minimum would have unintended consequences and would make workers more costly to hire, causing massive job losses.

NPR Weekend Edition host Scott Simon had only scorn for Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) when Smith raised doubts about the credibility of a University of Washington study that appeared to show that some low-skill workers were worse off after Seattle decided to gradually raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour.

In what can only be termed a hostile exchange for NPR, Simon fired back: I mean, Ive got to ask are you is there any study that will convince you this wasnt the idea you thought it was, or are you just going to wait for a study that agrees with your ideas?

It is touching that highly paid reporters should have so much empathy for low-skilled workers. It is quite likely they have never done the math to compute what their own generous salaries amount to on an hourly basis.

In truth, Rep. Smith was not the only person to question the studys methodology.

There were plenty critiques [of the University of Washington study] the media could have reported on, Yannet Lathrop, a policy analyst for worker advocacy group, the National Employment Law Project (NELP), told WhoWhatWhy. Maybe that was too much detail for the media to report.

For example, economists at the University of California Berkeley also released a study of Seattle, and had far more optimistic findings. They faulted the University of Washingtons study, partly because it excluded chain employers like Walmart and McDonalds leaving out nearly half of Seattles low-paid workers. Multi-state employers, like fast-food franchises and restaurant chains, now have to pay a higher minimum wage. So the University of Washington study failed to consider whether workers who left jobs with small employers actually went to work for bigger employers now offering better pay. What the...



You knew it was coming sooner or later: Amairkuhn edykayshun has finally decided to go after mathematics as being discriminatory and segregating and, well, one suspects that behind all this whining, there's a group of people that just don't "get" all those hieroglyphics on the blackboard or in their no-longer-existing hardcopy textbooks, but they'd very much like to pretend to get all the hieroglyphics, and be able to write them too. But in any case, you heard it here: math - in the latest lunacy to come from Doctors of Edublither and Edubabble Departments sponsoring courses in Methodoloboggle for that all important "license to practice methodoloboggle" on hapless students called the "teacher certification"... yes, math has come under fire, according to this article shared by a number of people this week:
Now, believe it or not, I'm not going to rant about this. Rather, I'm going to say these teachers might be on to something, but alas, they're probably on to something in a way that robs their discovery of all possible joy, and opens the door for more psychobabble and edublither, with healthy dollops of pedagogimuck thrown in for good measure in the many Departments of Edublither in the Amairkuhn quackademy:


Snow for parts of Labrador on the last day in August "IndyWatch Feed World"

Oh summer, where have you gone? Parts of Labrador received a blast of winter weather Thursday evening into Friday morning. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary joked about the so-called "special treat," but urged drivers to slow down on the roads, including Route 500. Our members in #LabWest received a special treat tonight while on patrol, SNOW! #NotDounuts #nltraffic #nlwx @BigLandFM @weathernetwork @RNC_PoliceNL


Sunday palate cleanser: Salome "IndyWatch Feed War"

Teresa Stratas in the title role, 1974,


Yemen: Popular resistance has thwarted Saudi attempt to impose puppet ruler "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In June 2015, after having traveled through the Middle East RT American reporter Caleb Maupin gave a talk. The 7:45 minute excerpt of his talk embedded below explains succinctly and better than most other material produced since then that I have watched, the war in Yemen. As Caleb shows, the war is between the popular Ansar Allah resistance fighters (mislabeled "Houthis" by the Saudis and the corporate newsmedia) and the invading army of the neighbouring dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.

As explained by Caleb in the e-mail which notified me of this video:

The mainstream media often obscures [the Yemen conflict], or tries to make it sound very complicated.

In reality, the war is not very complex. Saudi Arabia, with the support of the United States, is violating international law and suppressing Yemen's aspirations for democracy and independence.

Another more recent program about Yemen is the Iranian PressTV's Debate: UN's silence on Saudi crimes in Yemen published on Monday 28 August 2017.



Myanmar: UN Rights Expert Urges Efforts to Break Worsening Cycle of Violence in Rakhine "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

31 August 2017 A United Nations human rights expert has expressed alarm at the deteriorating situation in Myanmars Rakhine State, affecting not just the Rakhine Buddhist and Rohingya Muslim populations but also other communities.

A Rohingya woman and her child at a makeshift camp outside Sittwe in Myanmars western Rakhine State. Photo: IRIN | Source: UN News Centre

The worsening cycle of violence is of grave concern and must be broken urgently, said the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, in a news release issued today from the Office of UN High Commissioners for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims are now reported to be fleeing towards Bangladesh.

While the worlds Muslim communities celebrated Eid al-Adha, the Rohingya remained in a precarious situation, not knowing their future or the fate of their relatives, she said.

Latest estimates from UN sources suggest more than 27,000 people have crossed into Bangladesh in the area around Coxs Bazar, while 20,000 more remain stranded between the two countries. The number continues to grow.

The Special Rapporteur noted concerns over both extremist attacks and the major security operations undertaken in response to the attacks.

I am concerned that these events will derail efforts to address the root causes of the systematic discrimination and recurrent violence in Rakhine State, said the...


The Dangers of CRISPR, Designer Babies, and Artificial Genetic Mutation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Announcement of CRISPR technology, which allows precise editing of the human genome, has been heralded as the future of individualized medicine, and a decried as a slippery slope to engineering individual human qualities. Of course, humans already know how to manipulate animal genomes through selective breeding, but there has been no appetite to try on humans what is the norm for dogs. Thats a good thing, says Dawkins. The results could well be dangerous. Does technology as a whole represent a threat to human welfare if it continues to evolve at its current rate? Not so fast, warns Dawkins. Comparing biological evolution to technological progress is an analogy at best. His newest book is Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist.

Follow Big Think here:

Transcript: I think its Im a believer in the precautionary principle as Ive just said, and I think we have to worry about possible consequences of things that we do, and the ability to edit our own genomes is one thing we ought to worry about. Im not sure its so much an ethical problem as a more practical problem. What would the consequences be? Would the consequences be bad? And they might be.

I think its worth noticing that long before CRISPR long before it became capable of editing our genomes in anyway we have been editing the genomes of domestic animals and plants by artificial selection, not artificial mutation, which is what were now talking about, but artificial selection. When you think that a Pekingese is a wolf, a modified wolf, a genetically modified wolfmodified not by directly manipulating genes but by choosing for breeding individuals who have certain characteristics, for example, a small stubbed nose, et cetera, and making a wolf turn into a Pekingese. And weve been doing that very successfully with domestic animals like dogs, cows, domestic plants like maize for a long time, weve never done that to humans or hardly at all.

Hitler tried it but its never really been properly done with humans Im glad to say. So if weve never done that with humans with the easy way, which is artificial selection, its not obvious why we would suddenly start doing it the difficult way, which is by direct genetic manipulation. There doesnt seem to be any great eagerness to do it over the last few centuries anyway.

A lot of people have problems with what they call designer bab...


"Don't Mess With Yellowstone Supervolcano" Geologists Warn NASA "IndyWatch Feed World"

Two weeks ago, we reported that Brian Wilcox, a former member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defense, had shared a report on what the Space Agency considered one of the greatest natural threats to human civilization: the Yellowstone "supervolcano."
Following an article published by BBC about super volcanoes last month, a group of NASA researchers got in touch with the media to share a report previously unseen outside the space agency about the threat Yellowstone poses, and what they hypothesize could possibly be done about it. 


CSS- 9/3 Mike Adams- Joe Hagmann-James Wesley Rawles- New Listen by Phone 605-475-8092 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Listening to the Common Sense Show by phone

Listening to the Common Sense Show by phone




See you tonight at 8pm Eastern!

Tonights guests are:

Hour 1- The Hagmann and Hodges News Hour

Hour 2: Mike Adams and Stopping Google From Controlling Everything You Read and See

Hour 3:    James Wesley Rawles and How to Survive Anything- Domestic Terrorists Ready to Go to the Next Level


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When Apple Finds Patents Inconvenient "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Looking for shelter whilst attacking everyone

DunnySummary: Apples aggressive patent strategy proves to be hypocritical now that Apple complains about other aggressors, including Qualcomm

TECHRIGHTS started covering Apple more closely after Apple had started suing Android/Linux, using highly dubious patents granted by the USPTO. Its hard to believe that it happened more than 7 years ago!

Apple is nowadays facing lots of lawsuits from many directions. We often wonder if Apple softened its position/views on patents.

Apple can expect more such lawsuits if the patent bubble isnt imploded. Who will pay the price? Customers. Who will gain the most? Law firms.In the east, Apple faces more and more lawsuits something which was almost unheard of a decade ago. Patent trolling in general is a growing thing in China. As it turns out, a university in Taipei (Taiwan) does pursue software patents and also sues with them, even when its a national university. As South African media put it last week: Taiwans National Cheng Kung University has filed a suit against US tech giant Apple, claiming the companys Siri intelligent assistant has infringed on two of its patents.

Apple introduced the voice-activated assistant technology when launching the iPhone 4S in 2011.

Apple can expect more such lawsuits if the patent bubble isnt imploded. Who will pay the price? Customers. Who will gain the most? Law firms.

Apple is in fact gradually finding out that china too can be hostile. Once a patent bubble developed there (not too long ago) we started seeing many reports about non-practicing patent entities there. Here comes another blow:

Apple probably has one of the busiest local IP teams in China in addition to fending off NPE litigation there, it is preparing a validity challenge to...


North Korea Looks Unmoved By Sanctions, Threats Continues using Same Old Playbook in Nuclear Weapon, Ballistic Missile Programs "IndyWatch Feed War"


KCNA VIA KNS/AFP | Far from being irrational, experts say North Korea

SEOUL (AFP)  The path to Pyongyangs latest nuclear test followed a textbook North Korean strategy: escalating provocations accompanied by furious denunciations of annual South Korea-US military exercises.In the 12 days since Washington praised Pyongyangs restraint and held out the prospect of early talks, the North has fired three short-range missiles, sent another one soaring over Japan and detonated what appears to be a full-fledged thermonuclear device.

The hydrogen bomb test was a perfect success, an announcer on state TV claimed after Sundays test.

While some western media delight in portraying the North Korean regime as irrational or even unbalanced experts say it demonstrates an extremely refined ability in calibrating and timing its actions to maximise their impact.

The fuse for Sundays detonation was lit with the test in July of two intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) that appeared to bring much of the US within range.

That sparked a fierce warning by President Donald Trump that Washington could rain fire and fury on the North, while Pyongyang unveiled a plan to fire a salvo of missiles towards the US territory of Guam.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un later said he was putting the plan on hold, but warned he could still give the order depending on Washingtons next move.

The final countdown then began on August 21 when the United States and South Korea kicked off an annual military exercise called Ulchi Freedom Guardian involving tens of thousands of troops.

The North, which sees such war games as rehearsals for invasion, said the US would be pouring gasoline on fire by going ahead with the drill.

Its initial military response came on August 26 with the relatively innocuous launch of three short-range ballistic missiles.

That was followed three days later by the far more provocative launch of an intermediate-range missile over Japan a move that triggered consternation in Tokyo and the wider region.

Sundays H-bomb test was flagged just hours before by the release in the Norths state media of photos of Kim inspecting a thermonuclear weapon capable of being mounted on an ICBM.

More than 60 years after the end of the Korean War, the impoverished North uses the perceived threat of US invasion to justify its nuclear weapons programme.



Red Cross Admits It Doesnt Know How Hurricane Harvey Donation Money Is Spent "IndyWatch Feed World"

Written by 

(ANTIMEDIA)  Though the Red Cross has a historical reputation for providing relief to victims of natural disasters and other emergencies, the organizations practices have tarnished its name over the last few years.
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Amid the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the Red Cross ...


16 Million Children Affected by Massive Flooding in South Asia UNICEF "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

The United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF) on 2 September 2017 said that an estimated 16 million children are in urgent need of life-saving support in the wake of torrential monsoon rains and catastrophic flooding in Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

People displaced by the floods take temporary refuge along a road in southern Nepal. Photo: UNICEF Nepal/2017/NShrestha

Millions of children have seen their lives swept away by these devastating floods, said Jean Gough, UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia. Children have lost their homes, schools and even friends and loved ones. There is a danger the worst could still be to come as rains continue and flood waters move south, she added.

UNICEF is on the ground working in close coordination with respective governments and humanitarian partners in the South Asian countries to scale up its responses and respond to immediate needs of affected children and their families.

Since mid-August, there have been at least 1,288 reported deaths, with over 45 million people estimated to be affected.

Many areas remain inaccessible due to damage to roads, bridges, railways and airports. The most urgent needs for children are clean water, hygiene supplies to prevent the spread of disease, food supplies and safe places in evacuation centres for children to play.

Massive damage to school infrastructure and supplies also mean hundreds of thousands of children may miss weeks or months of school, said Gough.

Getting children back into school is absol...


Christian Beaten to Death by Muslim Classmates "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sharoon MasihSharoon Masih

A 17-year old Christian boy in Pakistan was beaten to death in Pakistan by his fellow Muslim students in their classroom, reported the British Pakistani Christian Association.

A gifted intellect and head of his class, Sharoon Masih was the only Christian student in his grade. He had faced isolation and bullying from the first day he entered the school in Verahi District in Punjab.

His mother said he was warned from the beginning not to mix with the Muslims at school, with one fellow classmate saying, Youre a Christian. Dont dare sit with us if you want to live.

Repeated attempts were made to convert Sharoon, but he refused. His family reported that he used his isolation to concentrate on his studies and reached the top of his class a position which infuriated his fellow students even more.

Sharoon and I cried every night as he described the daily torture he was subjected to, related his mother. He only told me about the abuse and violence he was facing. He did not want to upset his father because he had such a caring heart for others.

Sharoona father, a laborer at a brick kiln had saved money to send his gifted son to the best school in the area.

While the instigator of the beating was been arrested, many other boys took part in the murder remain at large as witnesses to the horrific beating refuse to come forward.

There are varying reports about why no teachers stopped the fight. Initial reports out of the classroom allege the teacher ignored the fight. Others say it occurred between classes when the teacher was not present. Still, there was no teacher at the school that responded to the noise of the melee.

The headmaster of the school was dismissed, but to date, all the teachers remain in their positions.

Christians are despised and detested in Pakistan they are a constant target for persecution, said Wilson Chowdhry, chair of the British Pakistani Christian Association.

This killing of a young Christian teenager at school serves only to r...


FBI and DHS Officially Classify Antifa Activities As 'Domestic Terrorist Violence' David Icke latest headlines

President Trump was crucified by the mainstream media a few weeks back after hosting an improvised press conference and saying there was blame on both sides for the violence in Charlottesville that resulted in the death of a counterprotester. The comments resulted in most of Trumps advisory councils being disbanded, as CEOs around the country pounced on the opportunity to distance themselves from the administration, and heightened calls from CNN for impeachment proceedings. The problem is that while Trumps delivery probably could have been a bit more artful, the underlying message seems to be proving more accurate with each passing day and each new outbreak of Antifa violence. As Politico points out today, previously unreported FBI and Department of Homeland Security studies found that anarchist extremist group like Antifa have been the primary instigators of violence at public rallies going back to at least April 2016 when the reports were first published. Read more: FBI and DHS Officially Classify Antifa Activities As Domestic Terrorist Violence


FIR Lodged Against Former Manipur CM Ibobi Singh, Five Others for Alleged Misuse of Funds "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Okram Ibobi Singh. Credit: PTI

Okram Ibobi Singh. Credit: PTI

Imphal: An FIR has been lodged against former Manipur chief minister O. Ibobi Singh and five former bureaucrats of the state for alleged financial irregularities in the Manipur Development Society (MDS), a police officer said on September 2.

Ibobi Singh of the Congress was the chief minister of Manipur from 2002 to March 2017.

The FIR was on Friday lodged at the Imphal police station against Ibobi Singh and former chief secretaries Y. Ningthem Singh, P. C. Lawmkunga and O. Nabakishore Singh. Also named in the FIR were former project director of MDS D. S. Poonia and its administrative officer Ranjit Singh, the officer said.

The police lodged the FIR against Singh and five others after the joint secretary in the planning department, Th Munindra Singh, urged the Imphal West Superintendent of Police to conduct a detailed investigation and to book the persons/officials responsible for mismanagement, misappropriation and misuse of funds, on the basis of an enquiry report submitted by the vigilance department.

The vigilance report said the former chief minister is required to be examined and record his statement as he was the chairman of MDS from July 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014.

In November last year, the planning department of the state government had approached the vigilance department to conduct an enquiry into the alleged financial irregularities in MDS.

It was allege...


Dark chocolate, olive oil combination found to protect the cardiovascular system "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Dark chocolate, olive oil combination found to protect the cardiovascular system by: Russel Davis  Natural News Combining dark chocolates and olive oil could magnify both foods beneficial cardiovascular effects, a recent study revealed. As part of the study, a team of...

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North Korea"s Missile Tests Used as Pretext for Nuclearization of Asia-Pacific "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The US National Nuclear Security Administration has announced that the Air Force had successfully flight tested the B61-12 guided bomb. Two qualification tests took place on August 8 at Tonopah Test Range in Nevada. The non-nuclear test assemblies, which were dropped from an F-15E based at Nellis Air Force Base, evaluated the weapons non-nuclear functions and the aircrafts capability to deliver the weapon. Its hardly a coincidence that the information was made public only now as tensions are running high because of North Korean recent tests, with some missiles flying over Japan.


A Western Journalist Killed in South Sudan What Really Happened? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

P.D. Lawton
21st Century Wire

A number of major geopolitical moves are currently afoot in Africa. Make no mistake about it: neocolonialism is alive and well on the continent.

Last week, Christopher Allen, a young American journalist was killed on the 27 August by South Sudanese government forces near the Ugandan border of South Sudan.

IMAGE: US freelancer Christopher Allen killed while reporting in South Sudan (Source: Twitter)

Allens death is tragic and unfortunate and so are the deaths of the two government soldiers and 16 rebels that were also killed in the firefight. All of these deaths are unnecessary and tragic for all the families concerned who will be mourning the loss of fathers, brothers, husbands and sons.

But there are no good guys in this story and no bad guys. The government of Salva Kiir and the rebels under opposition leader Riek Machar are both constructs of Empire in Africa. Salva Kiir became president in 2011 and one of his first acts of the new South Sudan was to hand over nearly 50% of the oil rights to Rothschilds Glencore, kingpin extractive industry of Empires hub, the City of London.

It doesnt require a great imagination to see this as payment for Empires role in funding and arming John Garangs SPLA. Garang probably underestimated the malevolence of his benefactors. He for his part, had a genuine mission to improve the lot of his people. He was dispatched in a helicopter crash. Coincidentally (or not), the helicopter was owned by President Museveni.

South Sudan has been at civil war which is described as a tribal conflict between Nuer and Dinka. Such an anthropological dissection of society is itself one of Empires constructs and has been the modus operandii of warfare in Africa for at least half a century. It is a strategy of war written about in a...


Russian Foreign Ministry says 'occupation' of Russian diplomatic properties in US 'blunt act of hostility' "IndyWatch Feed World"

The "occupation" of Russian diplomatic properties in the US is merely a "blunt act of hostility," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, adding that Washington is violating international law and the Vienna Convention by the move. Searches of the Russian premises began on Saturday, after the US State Department ordered the foreign ministry on August 31 to vacate the premises by September 2. The FBI arrived in at least two vehicles to search the San Francisco Consulate. The minute the deadline expired, agents entered the Russian-owned diplomatic property, which in 2016 alone issued more than 16,000 tourist visas to American citizens.


Laughing, a crime in Donald Trumps USA? "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 14 July 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

The protester who was arrested for laughing during Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing had her case thrown out by a judge. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you how shes not out of the woods yet.

WASHINGTON A D.C. judge has tossed out a jurys conviction of a protester who laughed during Attorney General Jeff Sessions Senate confirmation hearing, finding on Friday that the government had improperly argued during the trial that her laughter was enough to merit a guilty verdict. The judge ordered a new trial in the case, setting a court date for Sept. 1.

Desiree Fairooz, 61, who was associated with the group Code Pink, had been convicted of disorderly and disruptive conduct and demonstrating inside the Capitol. Fairooz was taken into custody during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in January after she laughed when Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) claimed Sessions had a clear and well-documented record of treating all Americans equally under the law. (The Senate rejected Sessions nomination for a federal judgeship in the 1980s over concerns about his views on race.)

But Chief Judge Robert E. Morin of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia tossed out the guilty verdict on Friday because the government had argued that the laugh alone was enough to warrant the verdict. Morin said it was disconcerting that the government made the case in closing arguments that the laughter in and of itself was sufficient.

Read more here.

By Andrea Germanos in the USA:

Vindictive: CODEPINK Activist Who Laughed During Jeff Sessions Hearing to Face New Trial

I still cannot believe the government refuses to drop this, said Desiree Fairooz

Saturday, September 02, 2017

CODEPINK activist Desiree Fairooz, who was arre...


Crusaders and Zionists "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

By Uri Avnery*


A FEW days ago I found myself in Caesarea, sitting in a restaurant and looking out over the sea. The sunbeams were dancing on the little waves, the mysterious ruins of the ancient town arrayed behind me . It was hot, but not too hot, and I was thinking about the crusaders.


Uri Avnery

Caesarea was built by King Herod some 2000 years ago and named after his Roman master, Augustus Caesar.

It once again became an important town under the Crusaders, who fortified it. These fortifications are what now makes the place a tourist attraction.

For some years in my life I was obsessed with the Crusaders. It started during the 1948 War of Independence, when I chanced to read a book about the crusaders and found that they had occupied the same locations opposite the Gaza strip which my battalion was occupying.

It took the crusaders several decades to conquer the strip, which at the time extended to Ashkelon. Today it is still there in Muslim hands.

After the war, I read everything I could about these Crusaders. The more I read, the more fascinated I became. So much so, that I did something I have never done before or after: I wrote a letter to the...


Washington Is Preparing for Nuclear War in Europe David Icke latest headlines

Amid mounting military and diplomatic tensions between the US and Russia, the German daily Sddeutsche Zeitung reported Friday that the American Congress has taken the first steps toward Washingtons annulling of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. The INF, or Washington Treaty on Mid-range Nuclear Systems, is a bilateral agreement reached between the United States and the Soviet Union on the decommissioning of short- and mid-range missiles (with a range of between 500 and 5,500 miles), and the banning of their production. The treaty, signed on 8 December 1987 by US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, led to a significant reduction of US nuclear weapons in Europe. The nuclear-armed mid-range Pershing II missiles, whose stationing in Western Europe five years earlier had triggered the largest peace demonstrations to that point in history, were withdrawn. The danger now is that the US will construct new missiles and station them in Europe, warned the Sddeutsche Zeitung. A major shift would be set into motion and Europe would stand on the brink of a new nuclear era nuclear mid-range missiles were the horror of the Cold War thirty years on, the spectre has returned. Read more: Washington Is Preparing for Nuclear War in Europe


North Korea tested hydrogen bomb that can be mounted on ICBM state TV David Icke latest headlines

Pyongyang has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb which can be mounted on an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), the countrys state TV announced. Earlier an artificial quake was registered near a nuclear testing site in North Korea. On Saturday, Pyongyang said it developed a new, more advanced hydrogen nuke that is small enough to be fitted on a ICBM, KCNA state media reported. North Koreas Nuclear Weapons Institute created a more developed nuke, bringing about a signal turn in the countrys nuclear arsenal, the outlet said. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reportedly inspected the new weapon during his visit to the nuclear facility. Our hydrogen fuel, which can be arbitrarily adjusted from tens to hundreds of kilotons depending on the target of the nuclear strike, not only exerts enormous destructive power, but can also explode at a high altitude, producing a super powerful EMP [electromagnetic pulse] against a vast region, KCNA said in the Saturday statement. Read more: North Korea tested hydrogen bomb that can be mounted on ICBM state TV


UK Minister: EU Commission Criticism of Brexit Talks Was Silly David Davis still optimistic over EU trade deal "IndyWatch Feed War"

LONDON Britains chief Brexit negotiator David Davis said on Sunday the European Union had made itself look silly by criticizing the British approach to the talks that Brussels said had made little progress.

Bluntly, I think it looked a bit silly, because there plainly were things that weve achieved, Davis told the BBC. The commission puts itself in a silly position if it says nothing has been done.

He also said it was likely Britain would continue to pay some money into the EU budget after Brexit, but that the sums would not be large over the medium to long term.

(Reporting by William James; Editing by Robin Pomeroy)



Ikhras Shoe-Of-The-Month Award Winner August 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Source September 1, 2017 The Ikhras awards committee is pleased to announce the Muntadhar Zaidi Ikhras Shoe-Of-The-Month for August, 2017 is awarded to the UAEs ambassador to the United States, Yousef al-Otaiba. Otaiba, who is proudly marketing himself as the new Arab face of the emerging GCC-Israel alliance, is proving to be a hawkish actor at the behest of Israels most []


South Korea is 'to be allowed to stockpile more ballistic missiles to counter threat from Kim Jong-un' after Trump agrees to revise joint treaty David Icke latest headlines

A treaty which limits the number of ballistic missiles which South Korea is allowed to stockpile looks set to be revised in response to the threat from Kim Jong-un. US President Donald Trump has agreed with South Korean President Moon Jae-in to revise a joint treaty capping the development of the Souths ballistic missiles. Trump also gave conceptual approval to the purchase by the South of billions of dollars of US military hardware, the White House said. The South wants to raise the missile cap to boost its defences against the reclusive North, which is pursuing missile and nuclear weapons programmes in defiance of international warnings and UN sanctions. Read more: South Korea is to be allowed to stockpile more ballistic missiles to counter threat from Kim Jong-un after Trump agrees to revise joint treaty


Japan Says U.S. Has Assured It of Nuclear Deterrent Protection "IndyWatch Feed War"

TOKYO U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster told his Japanese counterpart on Sunday that Washington is firmly committed to defending Japan, including with its nuclear deterrent, following North Koreas latest nuclear test.

McMaster made the assurance during a telephone call to Shotarou Taniuchi, the Director-General of the Japanese National Security Council, according to a government statement.

Under Japans alliance treaty with the United States, Washington has pledged to defend Japan. It has put Japan under its nuclear umbrella, meaning it could respond to any attack on Japan with atomic weapons.

(Reporting by Takaya Yamaguchi; Editing by Nick Macfie)



Myanmar army 'beheading children and burning people alive' according to eyewitnesses David Icke latest headlines

Fears of mass atrocities against Rohingya civilians in Myanmar were growing after eyewitness accounts emerged of children being beheaded and people burned alive. The reports followed a week of violence and inflammatory government statements that led the UKs ambassador to the UN to urge Aung San Suu Kyi, the de facto head of Myanmars government, to set the right tone. The Nobel peace laureate has faced international condemnation for failing to address ongoing rights abuses of the Muslim minority and for online statements by her information committee that have been accused of inflaming public sentiment against the wider Rohingya population and aid workers in the country. Aung San Suu Kyi hits a new low with this potentially deadly inflammatory propaganda. Leadership failure, Phelim Kine, a deputy director of the Asia division of Human Rights Watch, said on Twitter. Read more: Myanmar army beheading children and burning people alive according to eyewitnesses


CIAA Chastises ITC for Allowing Embargo Based on Invalid Patents of Cisco "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SquirrelSummary: Weaseling its way into embargo of the competition, Cisco relies on patents which are already deemed invalid

THE very act of granting a patent can lead to much devastation and pain. Examiners at the USPTO hopefully recognise this.

We need to get rid of the notion that patents are a surrogate for innovation, especially when patent scope (e.g. leniency) can vary over time.For those who are still deluded enough to believe that the more patents get granted the greater innovation will be, see this report from earlier this summer. We need to get rid of the notion that patents are a surrogate for innovation, especially when patent scope (e.g. leniency) can vary over time.

Cisco is not an innovator; not as much as its a monopolist or a near-monopoly in some areas. Days ago, one of Ciscos few competitors bought a company [1, 2]. To quote one of the reports: He also spent seven year working at Cisco and apparently holds more than 10 patents for his work at both Cisco and at Juniper.

Cisco is not an innovator; not as much as its a monopolist or a near-monopoly in some areas.They are using patents to merely cement or protect their place in the market. Its protectionism. What is the value of these patents? Are these patents really indicative of innovation?

Well, judging by some of Ciscos ongoing legal cases, at least some of Ciscos patents are bogus. As covered here before, Cisco had been preying on its competitors using patents for a number of years and recently got an injunction enforced even though the patent at hand was deemed invalid by PTAB. Now The ITC Is Banning Products Over Invalid Patents,...


'Greater Israel': The Zionist Plan for the Middle East David Icke latest headlines

The following document pertaining to the formation of Greater Israel constitutes the cornerstone of powerful Zionist factions within the current Netanyahu government, the Likud party, as well as within the Israeli military and intelligence establishment. In recent developments, President Donald Trump has confirmed his support of Israels illegal settlements and his opposition to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, which confirms the illegality of the Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. According to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, the area of the Jewish State stretches: From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates. According to Rabbi Fischmann, The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon. When viewed in the current context, the war on Iraq, the 2006 war on Lebanon, the 2011 war on Libya, the ongoing wars on Syria and Iraq, the war on Yemen, the process of regime change in Egypt, must be understood in relation to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East. The latter consists in weakening and eventually fracturing neighboring Arab states as part of an Israeli expansionist project. Read more: Greater Israel: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East


The Reasons for Netanyahus Panic David Icke latest headlines

A very senior Israeli intelligence delegation, a week ago, visited Washington. Then, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broke into President Putins summer holiday to meet him in Sochi, where, according to a senior Israeli government official (as cited in the Jerusalem Post), Netanyahu threatened to bomb the Presidential Palace in Damascus, and to disrupt and nullify the Astana cease-fire process, should Iran continue to extend its reach in Syria. Russias Pravda wrote, according to eyewitnesses of the open part of the talks, the Israeli prime minister was too emotional and at times even close to panic. He described a picture of the apocalypse to the Russian president that the world may see, if no efforts are taken to contain Iran, which, as Netanyahu believes, is determined to destroy Israel. So, what is going on here? Whether or not Pravdas quote is fully accurate (though the description was confirmed by senior Israeli commentators), what is absolutely clear (from Israeli sources) is that both in Washington and at Sochi, the Israeli officials were heard out, but got nothing. Israel stands alone. Indeed, it is reported that Netanyahu was seeking guarantees about the future Iranian role in Syria, rather than asking for the moon of an Iranian exit. But how could Washington or Moscow realistically give Israel such guarantees? Read more: The Reasons for Netanyahus Panic


US Pressure Keeps Palestinians Blacklisted at UN "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Human Wrongs Watch

UNITED NATIONS, Sep 1 2017 (IPS) When Secretary-General Antonio Guterres proposed the appointment of former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad as UNs Special Representative in Libya back in February, the proposal was shot down by US Ambassador Nikki Haley, purely because he was a Palestinian.

Credit: Institute for Palestine Studies

And speaking before the US House Appropriations State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee in June, Haley went even further down the road when she indicated she would block any appointment of a Palestinian official to a senior role at the UN because Washington does not recognize Palestine as an independent state.

Suddenly, the Palestinians, for the first time, seem blacklisted and declared political outcasts in a world body where some of them held key posts in a bygone era.

Nadia Hijab, Executive Director of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network, told IPS: As the US Administration appears to be steering a breakneck course towards a nuclear war with North Korea, it is little short of remarkable that its representative at the UN can find time to continue her vendetta against the Palestinian people while Israel, a serial violator of the international law the UN was created to uphold, is able not only to sit at the UN but to serve on key committees.

Instead of blocking Palestinians from their rightful place in the community of nations, Ambassador Haley would do better to push for an end to Israels occupation of Palestinian land conquered in 1967 and welcome a fully sovereign State of Palestine to the UN, said Hijab, who is of Palestinian origin, and once served as a senior staff member of the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

I wonder if Ambassador Haley is a...


Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha arrested over alleged treason plot David Icke latest headlines

Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha has been arrested at his home in the capital Phnom Penh, with the Government of veteran Prime Minister Hun Sen saying he was accused of treason. The arrest marks a new escalation in a campaign against critics, independent media and any potential threats to Hun Sens hold on power ahead of an election next year at which Kem Sokha has been expected to be his main challenger. The Government said it had a video clip and other evidence pointing to secret plans of conspiracy between Kem Sokha, others and foreigners to harm the Kingdom of Cambodia. The above act of this secret conspiracy is treason, the statement said. Hun Sen, 65, has ruled the South-East Asian country for more than three decades. Read more: Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha arrested over alleged treason plot


Trump Quietly Nominates Mass Surveillance Advocate To 'Protect' Your Privacy Rights David Icke latest headlines

Though outrage over mass surveillance swept the United States after Edward Snowdens revelations in 2013, there is little discussion of these invasive practices just four years later. This apathy comes despite former President Barack Obamas move to expand to information sharing between agencies just days before Trump took office and after the Trump administration signaled its desire to continue widespread surveillance. Amid this lack of attention toward the NSA, the president recently nominated a staunch advocate of mass surveillance to chair one of the few barriers standing between intrusive government spying and the American peoples privacy. The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) was created in 2004 at the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission and was intended to help the executive branch balance national security priorities with individual rights, the Intercept reported earlier this year. PCLOB is supposed to have five members, no more than three of whom come from the same political party; to employ a full-time chairperson; to have regular access to the 17 intelligence agencies; and to publish unclassified versions of its evaluations of U.S. espionage powers. Read more: Trump Quietly Nominates Mass Surveillance Advocate To Protect Your Privacy Rights


Debt Rattle September 3 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Edward Hopper Sunday 1926   Americas Superstar Companies Are a Drag on Growth (BBG) Forget Wall Street Silicon Valley Is The New Political Power In DC (G.) Google To Be Hit With Record EU Fine Over Claims Of Phone Software Abuse (T.) North Korea Quake Seems Related To Nuclear Test

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The Invitation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Invitation

  • an In My View article by NIGEL WARD, examining the curious case of a group of local business people and taxpayers and their efforts to engage with the leadership of SBC.


I have been approached by a businessman a member of the public in his capacity as spokesperson of an informal consortium of Scarborough businessmen (and women) who have taken upon themselves the seemingly impossible task of persuading the Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, his Cabinet and the Directorate to engage with the public in open forum, so that open and transparent explanations of the Councils actions could be given and examined in a Question & Answer session on neutral ground perhaps the YMCA Theatre in Scarborough, or perhaps the Spa, if public interest in attendance were to indicate the need for more space.

To this end, the group decided to take a half-page advertisment at the top of page 3 in national newspaper for 4th September 2017 (tomorrow the day of the next Council meeting) in the form of an Invitation to Council leaders to face the public. A price (considerable!) was apparently agreed, as was the nature and purpose of the insertion, and the finalised artwork was duly submitted.

Presently, out of the blue, word came from the newspapers advertising department to say that, with deepest regrets and sincere apologies, it would not be possible to run the advertisement after all. The editor had vetoed it. It was unsuitable. No, the editor would not commit his rationale for censoring the advert to writing. Very sorry. Goodbye.

That CENSORED advertisement, in fact, deserves a wide readership.

The Enquirer is happy to run it free of charge.

Naturally, regular readers of the Enquirer will do their best to circulate it far and wide on social media and by email, that (relatively) uncensored platform for sharing factual information, free from hypocrisy and cant.

Download it here, and feel free to share it.


Evictions: Locals furious as US Fund seizes shop in Rethymnon under police protection "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Riot police squads had rushed as early as possible outside a shop in the old city of Rethymnon, Crete, and blocked the street to prevent locals from approaching. A representative of a US Fund was to  install an alarm system at the shop the Fund had seized after buying the owners loan from a Greek

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Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta vows to fix judiciary after Supreme Court election annulment David Icke latest headlines

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has vowed to fix the countrys judiciary, following the Supreme Court annulment of his election victory. Mr Kenyattas win was yesterday declared invalid, null and void by four Supreme Court judges, who cited irregularities in the transmission of results. A fresh election has been ordered for October. But Mr Kenyatta, after initially calling for calm, has responded by saying we clearly have a problem with the judges who made the ruling. Speaking at a party meeting at his official residence, Nairobis State House, Mr Kenyatta criticised the judges decision and said he would return to the issue if elected. He said: We shall revisit this thing. We clearly have a problem. Who even elected you? Were you? We have a problem and we must fix it. Read more: Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta vows to fix judiciary after Supreme Court election annulment


PM's desperate bid to keep 46billion EU divorce bill secret as she fears fury at Tory conference if she reveals what No 10 expects to pay David Icke latest headlines

Theresa May is hoping to keep details of the UKs EU divorce bill a secret until after the Conservative Party conference to avoid a damaging revolt by Brexit supporters. The Mail on Sunday understands that the Prime Minister has been advised that Britain is likely to have to fork out up to 50 billion 46 billion at current exchange rates as the only way to break the deadlock of the Brexit talks. But anticipating a backlash from her partys anti-EU wing, Mrs May hopes to wait for the Tories Manchester conference to conclude on October 4 before announcing the details. That would give her just two weeks before a critical summit takes place at which the EU will determine whether enough progress has been made on agreeing the divorce bill to allow trade talks to start. Read more: PMs desperate bid to keep 46billion EU divorce bill secret as she fears fury at Tory conference if she reveals what No 10 expects to pay


Ragheb Alameh Tries to Moon Walk, Slips on Stage "IndyWatch Feed World"

Was he trying to moon-walk? Or is this a new move by the Super Star? This reminded me for some reason of his epic butterfly dance back when he was still young.

In all cases, were glad he got up and is fine


#Colorado Springs Police Undercover Officer EXPOSED: Cops Infiltrated Colorado Springs Socialists "IndyWatch Feed War"

On March 26 the Colorado Springs Socialists (CSS) held a March Against Imperialism. About 15 people participated in this small demonstration meant to denounce militarism overseas. Six members of the group were arrested for jaywalking while marching. A court case revealed that two cops infiltrated the Colorado Springs Socialists. The case reminds us that all anti-fascist and anti-capitalist groups and projects always have to be aware that they can be infiltrated by cops and secret services.


Image: Colorado Spring Socialists marching earlier this year. Image by Colorado Spring Socialists.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Colorado Springs Police Undercover Officer EXPOSED: Cops Infiltrated Colorado Springs Socialists

On March 26 the Colorado Springs Socialists (CSS) held a March Against Imperialism. About...


John Lewis has got rid of 'girls' and 'boys' labels in children's clothing David Icke latest headlines

John Lewis has become the first UK retailer to remove gender labels from its childrens clothing. The department store chain has not only taken girls and boys labels from clothes, but has also done away with the separate sections in stores. John Lewis own-brand children clothing will now simply say Girls & Boys or Boys & Girls. School uniform is the only type of clothing that has not yet been switched, but it will do soon. The clothing style hasnt changed youll still find floral dresses and skirts, but the retailer is simply proving the point that they can be worn by both girls and boys. Read more: John Lewis has got rid of girls and boys labels in childrens clothing


Rogue private landlords given 2.5billion a year of public money, new analysis reveals David Icke latest headlines

Billions of pounds of taxpayers money is being given to rogue landlords who are renting out homes that dont meet basic health and safety standards, new analysis of Government data has revealed. Over the next five years, they will receive more than 12bn in housing benefits enough money to have helped build more than half a million new homes. Some 2.5bn currently goes every year to landlords who are renting out properties in a non-decent condition: the Governments benchmark for what constitutes an unacceptable quality of accommodation. To be classed as non-decent, a home must have inadequate heating, outdated sanitation, be in a state of serious disrepair or be unsafe, for example due to a dangerous boiler, vermin infestation or faulty wiring. The Independent revealed last month that almost a third of private rented homes in England, totalling 1.4 million properties, are currently substandard, while 17 per cent contain the most dangerous type of safety hazard. Read more: Rogue private landlords given 2.5billion a year of public money, new analysis reveals


Despite strains, Vietnam and China forge closer economic ties "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

FILE PHOTO: Chinas Premier Li Keqiang and Vietnams Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (R) attend a welcoming ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, September 12, 2016. REUTERS/Jason Lee

HANOI (Reuters) Tensions are high on the South China Sea as Vietnam faces off against China over their overlapping maritime claims.

But for the boatmen on the junks cruising the calm expanse of Vietnams Ha Long Bay, another growing Chinese presence in the region is very welcome indeed.

More than half our tourists are Chinese now, said Nguyen Van Phu, 33, who has spent six years working on the boats that chug between the bays spectacular stone towers. If they stopped coming it would be a big problem, if not a disaster.

The number of Chinese tourists in Vietnam has surged this year, just one sign of the growing economic ties between two long-time enemies. Chinese investment in Vietnam is also increasing rapidly, as is trade between the two countries.

But while tourists, trade and investment are being welcomed, they also present a challenge for a fiercely independent country like Vietnam, which has been wary of Chinas growing influence in the region.

The rising economic dependence on China makes it more difficult for Vietnam to decide how far to confront China on the South China Sea, said Nguyen Khac Giang, a researcher at the Vietnam Economics and Policy Research Institution.

Vietnam would suffer far more than China economically in the event of political instability given its smaller size, he said.

China exports more goods to Vietnam than any other country in Southeast Asia, sending textiles to be made into shirts and sneakers, and electronic components for mobile phones and large flat-panel displays. Those completed products are exported around the world, as well as back to China.

Vietnam also makes electronics components for factories in China, and exports computers for Chinese consumers.

Manufacturers see Vietnam as an attractive base, with wages as little as a third of those in coastal regions of China, according to employment consultants.

And while proximity has historically been a source of friction between the two countries they fought a border war as recently as 1979 and armed clashes flared for years afterwards for manufacturers its a boon.


Skull & Bones, Hitler & the Bush Family "IndyWatch Feed World"

The prodigious author and researcher, Antony Sutton (1925-2002), wrote about hidden men behind momentous events.

by Jon Rappoport, guest author
his books are available for purchase on

I recently came across a 1999 interview with Sutton, conducted by Kris Millegan, researcher and head of TrineDay publishers.

Millegan wrote about Antony Sutton in 1999:

Antony C. Sutton, 74, has been persecuted but never prosecuted for his research and subsequent publishing of his findings. His mainstream career was shattered by his devotion towards uncovering the truth. In 1968, his Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development was published by The Hoover Institute at Stanford University (see also my additional piece here).

Read Entire Article


Remember "Katrina Cars"? They're baaaack! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An Anonymous Coward writes: and also at other news outlets.

For Harvey victims, it's going to be rough if they lost their car, Houston is a very car-dependent city. Like many states, Texas only requires liability insurance only those that bought comprehensive coverage will be able to claim the loss on insurance.

Ideally most of these flooded cars will be scrapped, as it's very likely water damage to electrical systems and other parts are not cost effective to repair professionally. However, there will be "new" and used cars on the market that have been underwater (to a greater or lesser extent). Many will be sold "as is" and some of them will be cleaned up and sold fraudulently as if they were not damaged. Buyer beware, these cars will be shipped all over in search of buyers (marks?)

After Katrina, friends of mine with time on their hands bought several new-flooded Honda Civics (which they were familiar with from building "street stock" race cars). They pulled out the interior and then the full wiring harness. Bought new harness from Honda and replaced everything, and had perfectly good near-new cars for pennies on the dollar (and a few days of hard labor).

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


How getting rid of my smartphone revolutionised my life David Icke latest headlines

How long would you last doing a simple cognitive task without checking your smartphone or social media feed, before you get fidgety and bored? Ten minutes? How would you feel after one hour? Around two thirds of British people admit they would feel lost, unhappy or anxious without their smartphone, according to a survey last year. Around half of Americans openly admit they simply could not last a day without their smartphone. Researchers are fairly successfully uncovering the ocean of evidence that suggests living completely immersed in the information ecosystem of smartphone, internet and social media feed as billions of people do every day worldwide is seriously detrimental to ones mental health and cognitive capacity. Read more: How getting rid of my smartphone revolutionised my life


Merkel's pre-election poker face: 'Peace order in Europe can only be achieved with Russia' "IndyWatch Feed World"

A stable European security architecture only can be built by involving Russia in the process, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said. She also called on the West to honor its obligations under treaties signed with Moscow. Despite current tensions between the West and Moscow, "we can establish a European peace order only with Russia," the chancellor said in her Saturday video podcast published on the German government's website. She went on to say that, "in the field of the European defense and security policy, we should do our best to improve our contact with Russia." The German leader noted that she has always advocated for keeping an open "dialog between NATO and Russia" and "honoring" the respective treaties despite the differences over the Ukrainian crisis. The implementation of the Minsk Agreements is a key pre-condition for the improvement of relations between Russia and Europe. "If it [the implementation of the Minsk Agreements] were successful, we would have a starting point for an even more intensive dialog," Merkel said.


What Will it Take to Make this Work? Wolf Richter on the Keiser Report "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

What Will it Take to Make this Work? Wolf Richter on the Keiser Report by Wolf Richter Wolf Street What was illegal is now legal. Here Im with Max Keiser on the Keiser Report, tackling whether or not the...

The post What Will it Take to Make this Work? Wolf Richter on the Keiser Report appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Russia and America's Tit For Tat Continues "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The arrival of Russia's new ambassador to the United States, former deputy minister of defense Anatoly Antonov, happened to coincide with the latest round of the U.S.-Russia sanctions tennis match. 


New 'sonic' attack is reported in Cuba with 19 US diplomats now suffering mysterious health problems including deafness and brain injuries David Icke latest headlines

Another sonic attack against US diplomats at the embassy in Havana is feared to have taken place in August. The newest incident is said to have affected another three diplomats, bringing the total number of people harmed to 19. It comes after a spate of attacks between November 2016 and April 2017 which left 16 diplomats suffering severe health problems. Some lost their hearing and others suffered mild brain injuries as a result of the undetected attacks which authorities fear took place at their homes or nearby. It is not clear where exactly the most recent incident occurred. Read more: New sonic attack is reported in Cuba with 19 US diplomats now suffering mysterious health problems including deafness and brain injuries


Thought you'd got away with that long-ago fine? Think again. Unpaid parking tickets are being chased up by officials who have already clawed back 9million David Icke latest headlines

Tens of thousands of people have been hit with fines up to a decade old for long-forgotten offences such as unpaid parking tickets after Ministers launched a hunt to track them down. The Ministry of Justice is taking advantage of new technology, using databases held by other government departments and online tracing tools, even locating people who have moved homes. Around 9 million has already been clawed back for the taxpayer. But the campaign has left many people bewildered about receiving the fines after such a long time. Some have complained they are innocent of the offence but are unable to prove it now that so many years have passed. Read more: Thought youd got away with that long-ago fine? Think again. Unpaid parking tickets are being chased up by officials who have already clawed back 9million


Nine men thrown off Ryanair flight for shouting Allahu Akbar David Icke latest headlines

Nine men have been thrown off a Ryanair flight for allegedly shouting Allahu Akbar and claiming to carry bombs, which they later said was a joke. The group was removed from the Madrid-bound flight before it took off from Zaventem Airport, Brussels early Saturday. The airport was targeted by suicide bombers in the Brussels attacks on March 22, 2016, in which 32 people were killed and over 300 injured. Following the disruptive passengers removal, the Boeing 737-800 was briefly evacuated and searched before departing with a two-hour delay around 9:15am local time. Spokesperson for the Belgian federal police, Peter De Waele, confirmed the incident to, and said one man was arrested. Read more: Nine men thrown off Ryanair flight for shouting Allahu Akbar


Board of Deputies of British Jews attempts to censor Palestinian film David Icke latest headlines

A group of artists and writers has accused one of the UKs leading Israel lobby groups of attempting to censor a Palestinian film showing at the Barbican arts center in London. Artists for Palestine UK wrote an open letter on Wednesday asking how many other galleries, theaters, universities or community spaces have received similar demands from the Board of Deputies of British Jews. In the Future They Ate From the Finest Porcelain is a short film by Palestinian director Larissa Sansour and Danish writer Sren Lind. The Board of Deputies wrote to the Barbican last week demanding the films removal from a science fiction film season. Sansour has accused the Board of Deputies of intimidation tactics, but thanked the Barbican for their defense of the film. She wrote on Facebook that she hoped they would not be deterred from selecting thought-provoking or potentially controversial work in the future. Read more: Board of Deputies of British Jews attempts to censor Palestinian film


BRICS not a talking shop but a task-force that gets things done: Xi "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The BRICS Business Forum opens in Xiamen, southeast Chinas Fujian Province, Sept. 3, 2017 [Xinhua]

In an address at the opening session of the BRICS Business Forum on Sunday, Chinese President Xi Jinping said the global economy is still not healthy enough and that economic globalisation is facing many uncertainties.

1200 industry representatives from the BRICS nations and other countries were in attendance at the Xiamen business forum. Brazilian President Michel Temer and South African President Jacob Zuma also attended the meet.

Responding to critics of BRICS, Xi said, although the five economies have encountered headwinds of varying intensity but the growth potential and growth trends of these countries remain unchanged.

In the past 10 years, BRICS combined GDP has grown by 179%, trade by 94% & urban population by 28%, Xi said on Sunday underlining the growing clout of the bloc.

BRICS, Xi said, are not a talking shop but a task force that gets things done.

The New Development Bank and the contingency reserve arrangement have provided financing support for infrastructure building and sustainable development of the BRICS contributing to enhanced global economic governance and building an international financial safety net, Xi noted.

The $100 billion BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) became fully operational following the inaugural meetings of the BRICS CRA Board of Governors and the Standing Committee in the Turkish capital of Ankara in 2015.

Aside from the BRICS Bank and the BRICS monetary fund, the bloc will also discuss a joint energy platform, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Sunday, Xi reminded the audience that BRICS seek a multipolar world.

Our world today is becoming increasingly multipolar. The law of the jungle where the strong preyed on the weak and the zero sum game have been rejected, Xi said.

BRICS cooperation is a natural choice made by our five countries. In the past decade, we, the BRICS countries, have surged ahead and become the bright spot in the global economyBRICS future cooperation must be based on &#8220...


Meet 'Le Cercle' Making Bilderberg Look Like Amateurs David Icke latest headlines

The Bildeberg group comically describe themselves as a diverse group of political leaders and experts. We are led to believe they are the worlds most secretive organisation. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars keeping the press away from their sacred agenda and discussions. It has spent decades lying and obfuscating about itself. And yet, the activities of the Bilderberg group genuinely sit in the shade to an even more secretive and dangerous geo-political influencer called Le Cercle. Read more: Meet Le Cercle Making Bilderberg Look Like Amateurs


The Coming Techno Apocalypse David Icke latest headlines

Imagine, if you will, a war in the near future. A war not fought between East and West. Not fought between nations, nor creeds nor races. A war fought brother to brother and sister to sister, father to son and mother to daughter. Tesh (technologists) against NonTesh (non-technologists). The Tesh, a tribe or caste intoxicated and socially validated through their umbilical connection to technology and the Meta/Hive Mind. Glued to Google Glass, status permanently updated: the Tesh always offer the rightopinion at the right time. Incapable of nonGroupThink, the Tesh occupy all positions of import in the professional, media, academic and information classes. Opinions counter to Tesh GroupThink are not only by definition incorrect, they are also invisible filtered, de-platformed and deleted into a silent nonexistence. Read more: The Coming Techno Apocalypse


Corporations and Government Engineering a World Where Everyone Will Be Microchipped David Icke latest headlines

Technology is moving incredibly fast. Although certain advances are doing the world a lot of good, over time, new tools inevitably grant new opportunities for the powerful to garner more control and influence over the people. One of the most insidious means of mass control has not yet been fully implemented, but is being pushed at an ever-increasing rate: human microchipping. Many people like to pass off the issue of microchipping as a conspiracy theory, or something of the like. However, microchipping of humans is already underway as people discover that slavery can be incredibly convenient. Take for example Tim Shank, who allowed a microchip to be surgically implanted between his thumb and forefinger. As a software engineer, he believes that having technology imbedded into his body will be more convenient for him. A piercing and tattoo shop called Skin Art Gallery also performs the procedure, and companies online are beginning to sell kits for microchipping. Read more: Corporations and Government Engineering a World Where Everyone Will Be Microchipped


US, israel, And Saudi Arabia Planned Overthrow Of Syrian Government In 2006 "IndyWatch Feed War"

US, Israel, And Saudi Arabia Planned Overthrow Of Syrian Government In 2006 Posted by Ivan Stamenkovic   Cables reveal that before the beginning of the Syrian revolt and civil war, the United States hoped to overthrow Assad and create strife between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Speaking from Ecuadors embassy in London, Julian Assange revealed that []



You knew it was coming sooner or later: Amairkuhn edykayshun has finally decided to go after mathematics as being discriminatory and segregating and, well,



Unintended Consequences (mini-Sermonette) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

There are all sorts of unintended consequences both in life and in the affairs of nations. It's always what you don't see coming that smacks you in the back of the head isn't it?

Will Virgin Atlantic (airlines) survive? Its long haul routes and its "upper class" service were touted. However, the airplanes are getting old and dated. When I flew back from Heathrow to SFO, the crew was fun, but the ride was C+ in upper class. The aircraft was half-full. The food was not up to McDonald's (famous Scottish food) standards. Intentions being what they are, is Virgin Atlantic the victim of its own success? I expect that it will be purchased by Delta. Virgin America is being purchased by Alaska Air. Never fear, all of the trains in the UK are run by Virgin rail and the food in first class on the train from Carlisle to London-Euston was much better than you can get on their airplane. 

With Barack Obama, it was the rampant arms and ammunition that were sold to the American public during his watch that strengthened the DON'T TREAD ON ME silent majority. (Thanks Barack, well done) Drug cartels sold military grade weapons to los Yankees/Gringos across the open border that Barack promoted. Some of the weapons ended up in the hands of gangs, but most went into American basements. What's the shelf life of an RPG-7 rocket/motor? What is the shelf life of landmines? What is the shelf life of Israeli-made hand grenades? The US sold a lot of weapons to Central American militaries. Has anyone audited their arsenals?



Julie Bishop announces Australian taxpayers to pay for Bahrain's life saving and swimming development "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Islamic Kingdom of Bahrain is a very rich, very small country in the Middle East. Its 1.3M people enjoy per capita income of more than $50K (USD) per year, 3 notches higher than Australia's ranking on the IMF's GDP rankings. Bahrain in Arabic means two seas. Bahrain has a...


YouTube accused of CENSORSHIP over controversial new bid to limit access to videos David Icke latest headlines

Youtube has been accused of censorship after introducing a controversial new policy designed to reduce the audience for videos deemed to be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. The Google-owned video site is now putting videos into a limited state if they are deemed controversial enough to be considered objectionable, but not hateful, pornographic or violent enough to be banned altogether. This policy was announced several months ago but has come into force in the past week, prompting anger among members of the YouTube community. The Sun Online understands Google and YouTube staff refer to the tactic as tougher treatment. One prominent video-maker slammed the new scheme whilst WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange described the measures as economic censorship. Read more: YouTube accused of CENSORSHIP over controversial new bid to limit access to videos


South Korea Seeks Strongest Measures, Including New Sanctions After North Korea Nuke Test "IndyWatch Feed War"

SEOUL South Korea said on Sunday North Koreas defiant sixth nuclear test should be met with the strongest possible response, including new U.N. Security Council sanctions to completely isolate the country.

Seoul and Washington also discussed deploying U.S. strategic military assets to the Korean peninsula after North Korea defied international warnings and conducted its most powerful nuclear test ever on Sunday, South Koreas national security adviser Chung Eui-yong said in a news briefing.

(Reporting by Soyoung Kim; Editing by Himani Sarkar)




UK, European Anti-Terror Chiefs: Unprecedented Threat Level in Britain "IndyWatch Feed War"

Armed woman police officer patrols on London Bridge in London on June 7, 2017, one of the scenes of the June 3 terror attack.Armed woman police officer patrols on London Bridge in London on June 7, 2017, one of the scenes of the June 3 terror attack. (Photo: ODD ANDERSEN / AFP / Getty Images)


The terror threat in the United Kingdom is at unprecedented levels, according to British and European experts charged with leading the fight against jihadis in Europe.

Gilles de KerchoveGilles de Kerchove (Photo: Council of the European Union)

There are as many as 35,000 radicals in the UK, according to European counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove.

Of these, 3,000 are worrying for MI5, and of those, 500 are under constant and special attention, he said.

De Kerchove put the number of extremists in Europe in excess of 50,000.

We must select those who are really worrying and the most dangerous, and they should be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, he told El Mundo, a leading Spanish newspaper.

Ben Wallace MPBen Wallace MP (Photo: Wiki Commons)

This rise in the threat level follows the order from ISIS for homegrown jihadis not to travel to Iraq and Syria but rather carry out attacks on home so...


Red Cross Admits It Doesnt Know How Hurricane Harvey Donation Money Is Spent David Icke latest headlines

Though the Red Cross has a historical reputation for providing relief to victims of natural disasters and other emergencies, the organizations practices have tarnished its name over the last few years. Amid the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the Red Cross reportedly accepted nearly $500 million in relief money but built only six homes with the funds even though they claimed they had provided homes to 130,000 people. These failures prompted some Haitians to advise the world against donating funds to the Red Cross. The organization was accused of diverting resources and supplies to bolster its public image during Hurricane Sandy. As an investigation by NPR and ProPublica found: The Red Cross national headquarters in Washington diverted assets for public relations purposes. A former Red Cross official managing the Sandy effort says 40 percent of available trucks were assigned to serve as backdrops for news conferences. Read more: Red Cross Admits It Doesnt Know How Hurricane Harvey Donation Money Is Spent



Via: Reuters: North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sunday, which it said was a successful detonation of an advanced hydrogen bomb, in a dramatic escalation of the isolated states stand-off with the United States and its allies. The announcement from Pyongyang came a few hours after international seismic agencies detected []

Rakhine crisis besmirching Myanmar, says British foreign minister "IndyWatch Feed World"

The treatment of the Rohingya community in Myanmar is besmirching the countrys reputation, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Saturday.


Cabinet Reshuffle: Nirmala Sitharaman to Defence, Piyush Goyal Railways and Suresh Prabhu, Commerce "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

President Ram Nath Kovind, Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi pose with some new members of cabinet after the reshuffle at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on Sunday. Credit: PTI/ Kamal Kishore

President Ram Nath Kovind, Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi pose with some new members of cabinet after the reshuffle at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on Sunday. Credit: PTI/ Kamal Kishore

New Delhi: In his third reshuffle or expansion of the Union cabinet since taking office in May 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday promoted Nirmala Sitharaman to defence minister a major leg-up for the former minister of state (independent charge) for commerce while handing over the cabinet berth for the railways ministry to Piyush Goyal, who earlier held independent charge of power as minister of state.

Suresh Prabhu, who as rail minister sought to resign following the recent spate of train accidents, has been moved to the equally weighty commerce and industry portfolio, a sign that he continues to enjoy the full confidence of the prime minister.

Two other ministers of state were elevated to cabinet rank Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (minority affairs) and Dharmendra Pradhan, who has been given charge of the under-performing skill development ministry in addition to his existing charge of oil and gas.

Two cabinet ministers who were holding temporary charge of key ministries in addition to their own science minister Harsh Vardhan (environment) and textiles minister Smriti Irani (information ad broadcasting) have now been formally allotted those additional portfolios.

Nitin Gadkari, widely seen as one of the governments few high performers, has been given additional charge of water resources and the flagship Namame Gange portfolio which had been flagging under Uma Bharati.

The appointment of Sitharam as defence minister is important since the post was being handled by finance minister Arun Jaitley ever since his predecessor, Manohar Parrikar, was chosen to head the state government in Goa following the assembly elections there in February this year.

It was Goyals perceived performance as coal and power minister and his ability to project a positive turnaround in the electricity sector which appears to have clinched the key railways portfolio for him. While Goyal will continue to keep coal, the power portfolio has gone to former Union home sec...


Poland education reform to slash thousands of teachers jobs "IndyWatch Feed War"

Education reform under Polands national-conservative government is set to cause the closure of 7,000 schools and the dismissal of 9,000 teachers. The new curricula will mainly focus on domestic issues.

Thousands in Poland protest school reforms (Getty Images/AFP/J. Skarzynski)

Parents and teachers unions collected almost 1 million signatures to force a referendum on the Polish governments proposed education reform. But the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) that dominates parliament swiftly rejected the request. The move paves the way for the national-conservative education reform plan, hastily put together by Education Minister Anna Zalewska in only 10 months time, to be implemented on the first day of school in September.

Back to a socialist secondary school model

The heart of the PiS reform is the abolition of the middle school system designed for 12- to 15-year-olds. Around 7,000 of these schools will be closed before the beginning of the new school year and students will be integrated into elementary schools.

The government first implemented the middle school model under then-Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek in 1999 to close the gap between Polish schools and the European Union, and provide equal opportunities for urban and rural students. Results of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) study conducted by the OECD seem to support the policy.

Poland has made enormous progress in the last 10 years, said Andreas Schleicher, head of the study.

Indeed, today Poland is regularly among the top 10 countries in the PISA ranking.

Julius Caesar statue (Imago/Chromorange)Polands new education system will gloss over Roman history

The middle school system, however, has been criticized for apparently having been created to isolate students in the diff...


7 people killed in ISIS suicide bomb attack on Iraqi power station "IndyWatch Feed World"

Seven people have died and at least 12 more are wounded after three Islamic State jihadists infiltrated a power station in the city of Samarra, 100 km north of Iraq's capital Baghdad, triggering a three hour standoff with security forces. "At 2:00 am we were woken up by shots being fired," Abdel Salam Ahmed, a wounded victim of the attack told AFP. "We ran into one of the jihadists. Some of us hid while two others kept running towards the exit, shouting 'we are employees', but they shot them dead." "I was in my night shift and suddenly heard shooting and blasts," Raied Khalid, another victim, told Reuters from his hospital bed. "A few minutes later I saw one attacker wearing a military uniform and throwing grenades through the windows."


Gallup: Only Republicans" Trust in Newsmedia Plunged After 2003 "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

On August 25th, Gallup headlined Republicans', Democrats' Views of Media Accuracy Diverge, and reported that ever since America's newsmedia in 2003 tried to postpone and suppress the findings that there had been no WMD (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq after 1998, Republicans trust in Americas newsmedia plunged from 35% in 2003 down to 14% today, but Democrats trust in Americas newsmedia actually increased from 42% in 2003 to 62% today 14 years after the presss deceit of the public, about that matter.


SC Fast Tracks Trial of Anti-Naxal Force Personnel Accused of Raping 11 Tribal Women in 2007 "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The apex court has said the trial against 13 Greyhounds personnel must be concluded within six months.

Supreme Court of India. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on September 1 ordered the fast-tracking of a case relating to the alleged gangrape of tribal women by 13 personnel of Andhra Pradeshs elite anti-Naxal force the Greyhounds.

The apex court hence struck down an appeal by the accused who had challenged the Andhra Pradesh high courts order directing a trial over the alleged gangrape of 11 tribal women in Vakapalli a tribal hamlet in Visakhapatnam district on August 10, 2007.

Of the 11 victims, two have died, one as a result of malaria and another because of a snake bite.

The bench of Justices Arun Mishra and Mohan M. Shantanagoudar while dismissing the special leave petition filed by the accused A. Ravi Kumar and 12 others expressed shock and dismay over the case being dragged for ten years.

On August 31, 2012, another bench of the apex court of the then Justices H.L. Dattu and Chandramauli Kr. Prasad had granted an interim stay on proceedings pending against the accused before the trial court at Paderu in Visakhapatnam district.

On Friday, when the counsel...


Saudis bombing Campaign is Destroying #Yemen, and #Britain is Helping Them do it "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This is the second of a three-part series of Ceasefire essays on the war on Yemen and the role of the UKs Arms Trade industry, published ahead of next weeks DSEI arms fair in London. In the first essay, Tom Anderson writes on the geopolitical roots of the crisis. In the third essay, Paul Cudenec writes about the upcoming protest action planned against DSEI.


Image: Aftermath of an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition on Saada, in northern Yemen. (Photo: Ghaith Abdul-Ahad/Guardian)

Originally published by Ceasefire Magazine

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Saudis bombing Campaign is Destroying Yemen, and Britain is Helping Them do it



Iran tests home-grown air defence system "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


IRANIAN PRESIDENCY/AFP | A handout picture provided by the office of Irans President Hassan Rouhani on August 21, 2016 shows him (3rd-R) and then defence minister Hossein Dehghan (2nd-L) standing next to the new Bavar 373 missile defence system in Tehran

TEHRAN (AFP)  Iran has tested its home-grown air defence system, designed to match the Russian S-300, the head of the Revolutionary Guards air defence has said.In parallel with the deployment of the S-300, work on Bavar-373 system is underway, Farzad Esmaili told state broadcaster IRIB late Saturday.

The system is made completely in Iran and some of its parts are different from the S-300. All of its sub-systems have been completed and its missile tests have been conducted.

Bavar (which means belief) is Tehrans first long-range missile defence system, and is set to be operational by March 2018, he added.

In 2010, Iran began manufacturing Bavar-373 after the purchase of the S-300 from Russia was suspended due to international sanctions.

Russia resumed the sale following the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers which lifted sanctions, and Irans S-300 defence system became operational in March.

On Saturday, the new defence minister Amir Hatami said Iran has a specific plan to boost missile power.

He said he hoped the combat capabilities of Irans ballistic and cruise missiles would increase in the next four years.

The comments came amid increasing tensions with Washington, which has passed new sanctions against Irans ballistic missile programme.



And you think Trump is bad enough, brain damaged John McCain wants to become the next President "IndyWatch Feed War"

John McCain Began Sucking up to Neocons in Order to Become President A very good, well-researched, very long article appeared today in the Unz Review, written by an excellent professional dissector of the Neocon web which is strangling Washington, Stephen Sniegoski. Sniegoski notices that McCain was not always the psychopathic super-hawk he has been for the last []


Shamangineer | Water Alchemy, Fringe Science, & Viktor Schauberger "IndyWatch Feed World"


Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he guest returning guest, Shamangineer, put their next notch in the belt with another installment in their elemental series, water.

As we explore the world around us, it's seeming more and more like the realms of science are not reflecting to us the culmination of human knowledge and unbiased progress but rather a carefully crafted paradigm in which the lab-coat-clad quarantiners have roped off areas that interfere with the profits of their monopolistic paymasters and the capstone cabal has made sure to  strategically structure their fancy educational institutions to leave any information that might lead to opening these doors, scattered across the cutting room floor.

But there are plenty of rabbit holes full of erased history, dismissed discoveries, and destroyed scientists to look at, for those curious enough to take the journey, and that's what we're doing today specifically in the realm of that mysterious, magical, and essential element: Water.

As many of you know, we're methodically working through a series of chats that revolve around alchemy and the elements with Plus member and wise sage - Shamangineer.


Australia Defends Hardline Immigration Policy "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks as Immigration Minister Peter Dutton listens on during a media conference at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, April 18, 2017. Credit: AAP/Lukas Coch/via REUTERS/Files

Australias Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks as Immigration Minister Peter Dutton listens on during a media conference at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, April 18, 2017. Credit: AAP/Lukas Coch/via Reuters/Files

Australia said on Sunday it is stopping undesirables such as terrorists, paedophiles, organised criminals and drug smugglers from boardin...


Is being brought up by same sex parents just as good as a traditional family? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A woman from Australia who grew up with two lesbian mothers and no father figure has spoken about her experience and why same sex marriage isnt good for children. Fontana claimed her testimony was unheard of because nobody wants to hear about the other side of the rainbow. The side that is not catered for, []

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Donald Trump visits Harvey victims as environmentalists berate urban sprawl "IndyWatch Feed War"

Houstons flood devastation should be a wake up call to better plan its urban sprawl, environmentalists have said as President Trump again visits the region. Hes boosted federal funding for the hurricane clean-up.

USA Prsident Trump besucht erneut berschwemmungsgebiete (Getty Images/AFP/N. Kamm)

US President Trump visited flood victims in flood-soaked Houston, Texas, and Lake Charles in Louisiana Saturday as experts reiterated calls that local authorities rethink construction that leaves ground impervious.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) climate-change expert Joel Scata said Houston and its surrounding Harris County had been impacted hard by Hurricane Harvey because of shortfalls in urban planning.

I am hoping that Harvey will be a wake-up call for how the US in general handles development, said Scata. We dont have zoning restrictions in place so you dont have the best planning.

Researchers at Texas A&M [Agricultural and Mechanical] University said rapid urbanization of swamp lands since 1995 had drastically reduced the ability of local soils to absorb rainwater.

Harvey dumped an unprecedented 56 trillion liters, or 1.3 meters (51 inches) of rain over five days, inundating an estimated 136,000 buildings and led to the deaths of at least 44 people.

Boats ply Houston's Tidwell Road during the flooding (picture-alliance/AP Photo/D.J.Philips)Harvey was a wake up call to mitigate urban sprawl, say experts

The storms remnants have reached Ohio where it is forecast to merge with other weather systems on Sunday.

Back to school?

Up to 12,000 students would have to attend classes elsewhere when school resumed on September 11, Houstons school district Superintendent Richard Carranza announced Saturday while su...


World Famous Psychologist Defines the Four Stages of Human Life! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Life is such an amazing and complex thing. We are extremely privileged to be able to have life, even though it gets really tough sometimes. There are four different stages throughout your life, and you have to adjust to each one!

Life is one thing, but humans are that much more complex and interesting. Not only our anatomical structures, but our expansive interconnectedness with the universe. We go throughout life unknowing of what we are truly supposed to be doing, and what the purpose of life is. According to Carl Jung, it is our refusal of opening up to new things that causes you to become so unhappy.

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being. Carl Jung

The Four Stages of Human Life

The Athlete

This is the least mature stage. In this stage we are selfish and we care more about our physical appearance than our soul and spirits. This phase can easily form a narcissist because during this time we value the body much more than the heart and soul.

The Warrior

The warrior is the beginning of the adulthood phase. It begins when people are gradually learning how to deal with responsibilities. This is also when we want to conquer the world. We seek to be the best and have all of the best things. In the warrior phase we do exactly what a warrior does. We prepare for battle and when it comes we give it our damned best effort. In this phase we continually search for different options and solutions.

The Statement

During this stage a person will understand that we are not going to get all the things we want in life. You dont really really achieve your biggest desires because life can not be planned. Here we realize that happiness does not come from the chasing. You realize that money, things, possessions, peoples opinions, and power do not make you happy or fulfilled. When you accept these things you are grateful and happy.

The Spirit

In the final stage of human life is the phase where we realize t...


Google removed almost 300 Android apps involved in DDoS attack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google removed almost 300 Android apps from the official Play Store after expert at ESET reported they were abused for a DDoS attack.

This week Google has removed at least 300 apps from the Official Play Store after learning that apps were being hijacked to power DDoS attacks.

We identified approximately 300 apps associated with the issue, blocked them from the Play Store, and were in the process of removing them from all affected devices, said a Google spokesperson. The researchers findings, combined with our own analysis, have enabled us to better protect Android users, everywhere.

In August experts from ESET warned of possible attack, crooks were building a botnet dubbed WireX that is has been estimated to be composed of at least 70,000 devices before Google removed the apps.


Beware of fake, ad serving, YouTube downloader apps on #GooglePlay. Our researcher Lukas Stefanko will tell you why and how to get rid of it. To protect your phone now, install ESET Mobile Security:

Posted by ESET on Dienstag, 8. August 2017

ESET detection engineer, Lukas Stefanko, was the first that identified the threat 20 days before the apps were removed from the Play Store.

We detected this infiltration as Android/HiddenApp and Android/Clickerand, plus we were one of the first to disclose this threat and how to get rid of it, said Stefanko.

The expert reported his findings to the Google Security team that promptly managed to identify and remove the apps, then the ESET researchers informed the users via Facebook.



Huge ominous looking cloud engulfs Hinesville, Georgia "IndyWatch Feed World"

A huge ominous looking cloud engulfed the city of Hinesville in Georgia on August 31, 2017. The phenomena appears to be a type of arcus cloud, which is a low, horizontal cloud formation, usually appearing as an accessory cloud to a cumulonimbus. Roll clouds and shelf clouds are the two main types of arcus.


Writers Houses "IndyWatch Feed"

Lamb HouseYesterday I was at the Mermaid Inn in Rye in Sussex to address the annual gathering of The Friends of Tilling, one of two societies that celebrate the work of E.F. Benson and in particular the Mapp and Lucia novels. It was a gorgeous late summers day the perfect weather to visit nearby Lamb House after my talk. A National Trust property that is only open to visitors a few afternoons a week (and is otherwise lived in by lucky tenants), Lamb House was Fred Bensons home for many years and appears as Mallards in his Tilling (Rye) novels. So it is a regular place of pilgrimage for Benson fans. Yet it is much more redolent of the legacy of an earlier inhabitant, Henry James. The house is early 18th century, but many of the artefacts date from Jamess time there and I could really feel his presence, especially in the garden, strangely. Sitting out there in a quiet spot, all  alone, in the late afternoon sun, I totally understood why someone could write in Lamb House. Benson and James were not the only literary inhabitants who found inspiration living there; Rumer Godden was another.



Apples next flagship is the iPhone X (or Edition), not the iPhone 8, claims report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Report: iPhone X or Edition could be the name of Apples next flagship

This year marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone in the smartphone market since its debut. However, rumours about Apple celebrating it in style with a completely new flagship launch, known as iPhone 8 has already being rounds for almost a year now.

With just a few days away from the official announcement of the next flagship iPhone, Apples next flagship will now be called the iPhone X (iPhone 10), and not the iPhone 8, according to a reliable source, based on information announced by Apple itself in Cupertino at a meeting on Thursday, reports the Dutch site, iCulture (via The Next Web). Given that the number 10 is the letter X in Roman numerals, Apple opting for this name could be possible. This is the same source that previously correctly revealed about the 10.5-inch iPad Pro back in May.

Also, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are expected to adopt the names, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus respectively, claims iCulture reports. Having said this, we request you to take all the information with a grain of salt, as previously there were rumors that the premium model of 2017 iPhone could also be known as the iPhone Edition.

The suspense around the name of the 2017 iPhone should get revealed soon at the press event to be held on September 12, where the new iPhones, Apple Watch Series 3, and 4K Apple TV are expected to be announced. The pre-orders for iPhone will begin on September 15, and deliveries will start on September.

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California Supreme Court Rules Against Police Collection Of License Plate Data David Icke latest headlines

Privacy and civil liberties advocates won a small victory this week as the California Supreme Court ruled that license plate data secretly gathered from millions of drivers can not be kept secret. On Thursday the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California by confirming that law enforcement cannot keep secret about license plate data gathered from millions of unwitting drivers. The court ruled that license plate data was gathered indiscriminately and not as part of an investigation targeted at a particular crime. Thus the records can not be classified as records related to an ongoing police investigation. Read more: California Supreme Court Rules Against Police Collection Of License Plate Data


Homeschool Mom Receives Visit From The State Over Field Trip David Icke latest headlines

The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 was met with a variety of responses by schools across the country. Some announced they would close for the day for fear that the children under their care would accidentally look at the sun and encounter eye damage. Others remained open out of fear that children would not be safe at home by themselves during the great event. Either way, educators of all types saw the eclipse as a great learning opportunity, and many encouraged families to go out and view it together if the children were not in school. One family from Kentucky did just that and got in trouble with the local school district for their action. The family identified only by the first name of the mother (Hope) for privacy taught their two children at home and decided to take some school time to watch the eclipse. This action was allegedly reported by an unknown source to the local school district, which in turn sent an official to question the family about their field trip. Read more: Homeschool Mom Receives Visit From The State Over Field Trip


These 8 Men Control Half the Worlds Wealth "IndyWatch Feed World"

People are always going to be people, and some of us have let the worst qualities a person can have rule us. People these days suffer from greed, and its extremely obvious according to this research study.


People are extremely greedy, its one of the worst qualities we get naturally. Greed is a naturally occurring emotional response created in the brain, but it can be easily suppressed. If you dont already know, our world is led by a corrupt group of people. These people literally own everything. Oxfam published a research study that proves that there are eight people who own half of the worlds wealth thats right, half of the entire wealth of the world.

According to the research there are just 8 people on the planet that have as much of the wealth as 50% of the planets population. That is seven and a half billion people! This is not only horrendous in itself, but it also shows another growing rise of inequality because these eight people are all men. The study also showed for women to have the same income as a man for the same jobs it would take 170 years!

None of these eight people obtained their income through hard work either. The study showed that it was also inherited or obtained in a business traditionally associated with corruption. Isnt it a crazy thought? There are people dying in poverty of starvation, and preventable disease, while 8 people have nearly half the money in the entir world.


Andrew Norfolk's next investigation? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

This morning's Sunday on Radio 4 shows that some parts of the BBC have abandoned any pretence of impartiality over the Tower Hamlets fostering controversy. 

This was the most one-sided piece of reporting I've heard for quite some time. 

It started from the premise that the Times's reporting left a lot to be desired and included a range of voices all saying the same thing. 

The messages from Kevin Bocquet's report were: that the Times's reporting was disappointing; that placing Christian children in the care of Muslim families raises no problems; that there are wonderful Muslim foster carers; and that the Times's reporting risks making adoption harder for Muslim children. 

There was no one to defend the Times's reporting and no attempt on the BBC presenter or reporter's part to provide a contrasting point of view. 

Maybe Andrew Norfolk should investigate biased reporting at the BBC next.


Is Big Pharma Into Fraudulent Ads Especially Regarding Vaccines? David Icke latest headlines

Big Pharma and the medical profession are taking a lot of heat for the opioid epidemic, and rightfully so! Opioids were unashamedly marketed to doctors who, trustingly, wrote prescription after prescription for them only to find those drugs land where they should not have: on the addiction market! Probably nothing makes a drug work better than effective propaganda and advertising. In 2016, Big Pharma collectively spent $5.2 BILLION on advertising drugs[1] so healthcare consumers, in many instances, could ask and/or even recommend a certain drug prescription from their doctor, i.e., prescription du jour! Creative ads lead and inspire consumers to think they are being informed correctly, ethically and factually about the pharmaceuticals that often are overhyped. However, that is not the case all the time. Below are some examples of Fraudulent Marketing as cited in the Harvard Law & Policy Review: Read more: Is Big Pharma Into Fraudulent Ads Especially Regarding Vaccines?


Philippine Military Still Bogged Down Fighting Islamic State-Inspired Terrorists in Marawi "IndyWatch Feed War"

 / 11:41 PM September 02, 2017
marawi assault

This file photo shows military troops belonging to the 5th Marine Battalion of the 1st Marine brigade assaulting one of the strong holds of Maute terrorist group in the village of Mapandi after an airstrike from MG-520 attack helicopter on May 20 .(Photo by : Richel V. Umel, Inquirer Mindanao)

Read more:
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Published: 1:52 p.m., Sept. 2, 2017 | Updated: 11:41 p.m., Sept. 2, 2017

Malacaang on Saturday lauded the militarys retaking of a strategic bridge in Marawi City from the Islamic State-inspired terrorists.

On Friday morning, government forces have taken control of Bayabao bridge in Barangay Banggolo, which became a major battle ground between government troo

READ: Troops start final push to retake Marawi from terrorists



Autonomous Planes now weaponized as pesticide delivery platforms to inundate farmland with toxic chemicals David Icke latest headlines

A Silicon Valley startup company called Pyka is developing an autonomous (self-driving) plane to meet the burgeoning demand for planes that rely on artificial intelligence and sensor technology to replace co-pilots and possibly even pilots with remote operators or robots on commercial flights. The company has already produced a 400-pound plane that can take off and land in a small area (just 90 feet) and fly autonomously. However, while regulators conduct multiple tests before allowing human commercial flights, the company has hit on the brainwave of using the plane for another lucrative application: dousing agricultural land with toxic chemical pesticides. Tech Crunch explains: Pyka has developed a placeholder business doing crop dusting in New Zealand. That helps it earn $600 per hour while logging the hours necessary to prepare for the human transportation market. Crop dusting alone is a $1.5 billion business in the U.S. Read more: Autonomous Planes now weaponized as pesticide delivery platforms to inundate farmland with toxic chemicals


Identifying the Enemy "IndyWatch Feed World"

A review of Alexander Reid Ross's "Against the Fascist Creep".


Government forces in Myanmar have beheaded and burned alive Rohingya Muslim civilians "IndyWatch Feed War"

Rohingya beheaded, burned alive in Myanmar This photo shows the burned remains of a house in the Muslim Myo Thu Gyi Village, near the town of Maungdaw, in northern Rakhine State, Myanmar, on August 31, 2017. (Photo by AFP) Government forces in Myanmar have beheaded and burned alive Rohingya Muslim civilians, including children, witnesses say, []


Amid US Pressure, Palestinians Blacklisted at the UN "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks to the staff at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, May 23, 2017. Credit:Reuters

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks to the staff at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, May 23, 2017. Credit:Reuters

UN: When Secretary-General Antonio Guterres proposed the appointment of former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad as UNs Special Representative in Libya back in February, the proposal was shot down by US ambassador Nikki Haley, purely because he was a Palestinian.

And speaking in front of the US House Appropriations State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee in June, Haley went even further down the road when she indicated she would block any appointment of a Palestinian official to a senior role at the UN because Washington does not recognise Palestine as an independent state.

Suddenly, the Palestinians, for the first time, seem blacklisted and declared political outcasts in a world body where some of them held key posts in a bygone era.

Nadia Hijab, Ex...


Indias Plan for Bank Mergers Ignores History and International Consensus "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Obese banks are generally unhealthy for the economy. But the government is happily fattening banks thinking they are becoming stronger in the process.

Increasing the size of SBI is a poor banking policy. Credit: Reuters/Danish Siddiqui/Files

Increasing the size of SBI is a poor banking policy. Credit: Reuters/Danish Siddiqui/Files

The Union cabinets decision to merge-and-consolidate Indias public sector banks (PSUs) is in direct opposition to the post-2008-crisis consensus that big banks are a systemic risk to their national economies. In the US and the UK, political campaigns have been run advocating break-up of big banks. ...


Poetry in Motion with a Sand-Dispensing Dot Matrix Printer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hackaday gets results! Reader [John] saw our recent Fail of the Week post about a sand matrix printer and decided to share his own version, a sand-dispensing dot matrix printer he built last year.

More performance art piece than anything else, we can see how this would be really engaging, with people following along like kids after the [Pied Piper], waiting to find out what the full message is. Theres probably a statement in there about the impermanence of art and the fleeting nature of existence, but we just think its a really cool build.

Weve featured other sand writers before, like this high-resolution draw bot that also dispenses sandy verses, or this literal beach-combing art bot. Guess theres just something about sand that inspires artists and hackers alike.

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LETTER: Reverse osmosis system costs more than you think "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

I'm responding to a letter from Dr. Raymond Leung, dated April 20, titled "Fluoride: Nature's way to prevent tooth decay,"
Dr. Leung is correct about using a reverse osmosis (RO) system to remove fluoride. He also stated, "You can go to any hardware store or just go on line to Amazon to order an under the sink reverse osmosis unit." That bothers me.
I just purchased and installed an RO unit and after the do-it-yourself project, I realized how many details Dr. Leung either omitted or, more likely, did not know. 
To begin, you need an extra $200 to get a five-stage filtering system with membrane. Then you have to do it yourself or hire a plumber at $80 per hour (1.5 hours).
Since the water pressure enters my home about 130 psi, I had a pressure regulator and expansion tank installed. This is critical since exceeding 90 psi will damage the $70 replacement membrane in the RO system. 
Due to old pipes in MAWA's system, there is a high amount of suspended solids that will shorten the change interval of the pre-filters as well as the membrane, due to clogging of the pores. It would be wise to have a whole-house sediment filter to prevent premature clogging of the all-important membrane in your RO system. Mine was $100, plus $30 for filter changes twice yearly.


Can someone tell Donald Trump to just shut up? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Can someone tell Donald Trump to just shut up? At least 333 civilians lost their precious lives in Iraq alone last month. If puppets in the Zionist media are really concerned about what is really going on in the Middle East, why dont they report these facts? Why dont so-called alternative media personalities like Alex []


How Safe Is Your Drinking Water. "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

( Tap water from 48,000 public water utilities was found to contain multiple cancer-causing agents from arsenic, dioxane, chromium 6 to nitrates, according to researcher with the Environmental Working Group. Researchers published the findings of their five year study in an online database, searchable by zip code or a local utilitys name, with findings on tap water in public water systems in all 50 states.
How safe is your drinking water? A new study by a group calling itself the Environmental Working Group  discovered 48,000 municipal utilities throughout all fifty states contained multiple cancer causing carcinogens! For years conspiracy theorists have long maintained the government or nefarious secret entities were poisoning our water supply but now it seems, like so many of their theories there is verifiable truth in their claims.
Municipal water contamination came to the public attention when it was discovered the water supply in Flint Michigan was contaminated with lead and other toxic elements. The alarming truth is Flint is not the only city facing lead contamination issues., But nation wide its worse than that. The study released by EWG reveals the drinking water in 48,000 public utilit...


10 Signs You Are Being Attacked by Dark Energy and How to Get Rid of It "IndyWatch Feed World"

Negative energy can make its way into the lives of anyone. It can be especially overwhelming if you are allowing overly negative people to hold a place in your life.

If you are being affected by negative energy then chances are you dont feel too great in general. Many people are unaware that negative energy is running rampant in their lives and it make s them miserable. If you take the time to really look for the signs then you can avoid falling victim to negative energy. Just because things seem to be coming from nowhere doesnt mean they truly are.

10 Signs You Are Being Affected By Negative Energy:

1. You feel drained all the time.

All of this negative energy is really taking a lot out of you. You feel drained all the time and nothing seems to go right. Negative energy leaves you exhausted.

2. You are no longer excited by things you used to enjoy.

You just dont find joy in the things you used to. It is like all of the positivity has been drained out of you. You just cant seem to find anything that makes you happy now.

3. You have trouble sleeping.

You spend more time stressing and worrying than sleeping. It seems that the more you allow these negative energies to control you harder it will be for you to sleep. I for one always have trouble sleeping when negativity is overwhelming me.

4. You are always worried.

You cant seem to stop worrying. It is as if everything could go in the worst possible way and you are struggling to keep your mind off of it. Have you noticed that you have been worrying more often?

5. You let others tell you what to do.

Letting others tell you what to do really has negative effects on you as a person. You need to live your life how you want. If you let others control you then you will never truly be happy.

6. You take criticism far too hard.

Sometimes when people are criticizing you they are not doing it to be rude. You need to be able to take criticism less seriously and treat it as it is. You always have room to grow.

7. You stop moving out of your comfort zone.

You are not stepping out of the box like you have before. You are more focused on the bad side of things and are giving into the fear of being judged. This is not a good thing.

8. You compare yourself to others more often.

You spend a lot of time paying attention to your bad qualities and envying others. This needs to stop. You are perfect how you are.

9. You are stressed and cannot figure out why everything is hi...


Are you an auto-anti-Semite? Take this simple test "IndyWatch Feed War"

Are you an auto-anti-Semite? Take this simple test An Israeli soldier keeps guard near a Palestinian woman standing next to Star of David graffiti sprayed by Israeli settlers at an army checkpoint in the center of Hebron, May 18, 2009. (Photo: MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty Images) Earlier this week, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett coined a new []


Al Shabaab attacks military base near Somalias Kismayu: military "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Al Shabaab militants attacked a military base near Somalias southern port city of Kismayu early on Sunday, a Somali army officer said, adding that he did not immediately have details of any casualties. Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack and said 26 Somali soldiers had been killed in the incident, but that could not []


Amid Deadly Violence, Myanmar Urges Rohingya Muslims to Help Hunt Insurgents "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Rohingya refugees rest after travelling over the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Teknaf, Bangladesh, September 1, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Mohammad Ponir Hossain

Rohingya refugees rest after travelling over the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Teknaf, Bangladesh, September 1, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Mohammad Ponir Hossain

Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh/Yangon: Myanmar urged Muslims in the troubled northwest to cooperate in the search for insurgents, whose coordinated attacks on security posts and an army crackdown have led to one of the deadliest bouts of violence to engulf the Rohingya community in decades.

Aid agencies estimate about 73,000 Rohingya have fled into neighbouring Bangladesh from Myanmar since violence erupted last week, Vivian Tan, regional spokeswoman for UN refugee agency UNHCR, told Reuters on Sunday.

Hundreds more refugees on Sunday walked through rice paddies from the Naf river separating the two countries into Bangladesh, straining scarce resources of aid groups and local communities already helping tens of thousands.

The clashes and military counteroffensive have killed nearly 400 people during the past week.

The treatment of Buddhist-majority Myanmars ro...


Financial apocalypse in the making: 78% of American workers now living paycheck to paycheck David Icke latest headlines

Many people think that earning more money is the solution to their financial woes, but a recent Harris poll that was carried out on behalf of CareerBuilder reports that 78 percent of people with full-time jobs are living paycheck to paycheck. Those who earn six figures arent immune; a tenth of workers in this category say they live paycheck to paycheck, and nearly 60 percent of those earning in this range are in debt. The numbers in the survey are disturbing on their own, but the fact that theyve risen is even more concerning. Seventy-five percent of workers lived paycheck to paycheck last year, which means the number has risen 3 percent in just one year. Meanwhile, 71 percent of American workers are now in debt, a notable rise over last years 68 percent. And while debt can vary significantly, 54 percent of those surveyed said they were in over their heads. More than half (56 percent) of those who were in debt said they believed they would always be in debt, and 26 percent said they had not set aside any amount of savings each month during the last year. Read more: Financial apocalypse in the making: 78% of American workers now living paycheck to paycheck


Art Work of the Week: Tangled Up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The threads of our inner self  By Kate Hartmann The work below was completed whilst I was participating in the 100 day challenge and therefore was directly influenced by some of that experimentation in line work. The title came first, I had the phrase Tangled up in Blue in my head and I wanted to []


Hurricane Irma remains potential threat to the East Coast, possibly matching Harvey's wind strength "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hurricane Irma remains potential threat to the East Coast, possibly matching Harvey's wind strength | 02 Sept 2017 | On the heels of Hurricane Harvey...attention is turning to the next threat, Hurricane Irma [currently, at Category 2 strength with sustained winds of 110 mph]. As highlighted Friday, this storm will definitely be one to watch over the next several days -- particularly along the East Coast -- despite the high uncertainty in impacts at this juncture. The Global Forecast System (GFS, American model) has been painting an ominous picture over the past few model runs, swinging Irma around a large blocking high-pressure system anchored over the central Atlantic. It ultimately brings the storm up the East Coast.


Food Banks Feed 1 in 7 Americans "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The number of people who live with hunger in the United States is astounding. Nearly 46 million, or 1 in 7, Americans depend on the services provided by food banks. Still, millions go to bed every night without a meal and not know if they will eat tomorrow. Food insecurity is difficult to detect. Most people []

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North Korea Says Hydrogen Bomb Test Was Perfect Success "IndyWatch Feed War"

SEOUL North Korea said on Sunday it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb designed to be mounted on its newly developed intercontinental ballistic missile, producing a greater yield than any of its previous nuclear tests.

The hydrogen bomb test ordered by leader Kim Jong Un was a perfect success and was a meaningful step in completing the countrys nuclear weapons programme, state television said.

The announcement came hours after a large earthquake that appeared to be man-made was detected near the Norths known nuclear test site, indicating that the reclusive country had conducted its sixth nuclear test.

(Reporting by Jack Kim and Soyoung Kim; Editing by Nick Macfie)



Manafort and the Big Nothingburger "IndyWatch Feed War"

In a secretly taped video CNNs Van Jones referred to the Trump-Russia story as a big nothingburger. Interesting that one of the networks senior news commentators would say that, although not publicly, but privately to someone in an elevator. The cable networks news director has apparently urged anchors to refer to the story of Russian interference in the U.S. election as something confirmed by all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies (which is, in fact, not quite true). Hence it must be supported by any reasonable person as settled fact. When Trump supporters (or others) point out that the same agencies asserted that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and al-Qaeda ties in 2003, they are told that many improvements have been made in intelligence collection since then. But intelligence is always susceptible to high-level manipulation.

Dick Cheney and his neocons obliged the intellect community to accept, or at least reference in official reports, what turned out to be sheer disinformation (in order to get their war). I believe Obama wanted a joint report alleging Russian intervention in the presidential election on Trumps behalf, both to draw doubt upon Trumps legitimacy (as Trump had sought to do to him), and to further vilify Putin.

But the January 9 report summarizing the evidence for interference amounts to a argument that the GRU used the Guccifer 2.0 persona,, and Wikileaks to release U.S. victim [Hillary] data, which has been disputed by many cyber-experts, who point out that signatures can be faked; and denied by Julian Assange and Craig Murray of Wikileaks. Former Defense Intelligence Agency boss James Clapper told CNN that while be believed the report he thought it thinly argued. Indeed, the bulk of it focuses on the Russian state-supported RT networks coverage of the election. As a regular RT viewer, I thought that part of the report tendentious, often mistaken, and often irrelevant. It gave the impression that RT was endorsing Trump while trashing Clinton. It did not mention the fact that show hosts and commentators such as Thom Hartman, Chris Hedges, Tyrel Ventura, Sean Stone, Tabetha Wallace, and Lee Camp were anti-Trump all along, some calling him a fascist on RT. Hell, Larry King has a program on RT.

My own recollection was that RT was initially inclined to depict Trump as a very strange sort of politician, but the networks on-the-hour programming treated him with reasonable respect, even during the early primaries. I thought it contrasted with U.S. cable news networks that mocked him while endlessly promoting himfor freeby treating his every utterance as breaking news. The main point for the Russian press was the fact that Trump at least asked the question, Why not be friends with Russia? contrasting with Hillarys view that Russia is an adversary that must be confronted in Ukraine and Syria....


Demonetisation a Needless Surgical Procedure Performed on an Unhealthy Economy "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The price of demonetisations success is now clear slowing economic growth. What makes matters worse is that India has made very little headway in solving its twin balance sheet problem.

Rs 15.28 lakh crore out of the Rs 15.44 lakh crore in currency that was rendered invalid on November 8, 2016 has come back into the Indian banking system. Credit: PTI

Rs 15.28 lakh crore out of the Rs 15.44 lakh crore in currency that was rendered invalid on November 8, 2016 has come back into the Indian banking system. Credit: PTI

The patient was the Indian economy.

Among the 176 countries that have been ranked by Transparency International on a scale from 100 (very clean) to zero (highly corrupt), India ranks in the second half of the list at 79, with the illegal money of sizeable proportions.

The central government, which was elected on the promise of a cleaner government, is worried about coming to power again. With the impending election two years away, it had to do something drastic: a much-dreaded surgery with uncertain consequences.

That was the November 2016 decision of demonetising Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes in order to curb black...


Video of the century! "IndyWatch Feed National"

State of excitement

From time to time, people ask me why I don't get excited about the latest UAP video, photograph or sighting?


In terms of sightings, long term blog readers will recall that Melbourne researcher, Paul Dean, and I collected Australian sightings over a period of a year, and analysed the best of them. The truth was that very many of them had mundane explanations, often buried in the way the material was breathlessly presented, e.g. 'video of the century!' Very few of these sightings still looked interesting after a critical review of the information.

Despite this, I continue to review a range of sources, keeping an eye out for interesting material, looking for the small residue which reflect the 'core' UAP, i.e. sightings which do not have a ready explanation after an intelligent review. My most recent look, in August 2017, at such raw sightings was from a resident of Torquay, Victoria. This individual had a number of sightings, including an oval object, one quarter the size of the full moon in broad daylight; and one where four objects were travelling in formation, again in broad daylight. However, the bottom line was that none were viewed at close range, which would have precluded the possibility of an known object being the stimulus.

Part of my investigation report


The same applies to videos. Sydney researcher, Anthony Clarke of UFO Research (NSW) Inc., and I have just spent time looking into a video taken  in Sydney at around 7am on 8 August 2017. The surveillance video shows what at first glance looks like a very unusual object travelling across a fixed outdoor view, for about a minute.

However, after Anthony Clarke visited the loca...


Fellow Pastor Unleashes Holy Hell on Joel Osteen for His Disgraceful Response to Hurricane Harvey David Icke latest headlines

Joel Osteens reputation was submerged in the wreckage left behind by Hurricane Harvey and at least one pastor says the televangelist got what he deserved. John Pavlovitz, head of North Raleigh Community Church in North Carolina, said the prosperity gospel minister had discredited his faith by tweeting out banal platitudes as locals mosques and furniture stores offered shelter from the hurricane that flooded Houston. Youve experienced the wrath of millions of people who watched the week unfold and determined they were witnessing in you and your megachurchs response to the hurricaneeverything they believe is wrong about organized Christianity, Pavlovitz said, its self-serving greed, its callousness, its tone-deafness in the face of a hurting multitude, its lack of something that looks like Jesus. Read more: Fellow Pastor Unleashes Holy Hell on Joel Osteen for His Disgraceful Response to Hurricane Harvey


US Government website was hosting a JavaScript downloader delivering Cerber ransomware "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security experts discovered last week that a US government website was hosting a JavaScript downloader used to deliver the Cerber ransomware.

The security researcher at NewSky Security Ankit Anubhav discovered last week that a US government website was hosting a malicious JavaScript downloader that was delivering the dreaded Cerber ransomware.

Javascript malware hosted on US government site which launches powershell to connect to C2. said the researcher Ankit Anubhav from NewSky Security.

The website was hosting a .zip archive that contained JavaScript that included obfuscated PowerShell. The PowerShell downloads a gif file which is in reality a Cerber executable.Below the malicious link:


The downloader was spotted on Wednesday, and within hours, the malicious code was removed.

It is not clear how the attackers installed the malicious code onto the .gov site and how many visitors have been infected.
Anubhav believes that the site was compromised, another possibility is that the site was used as a storage for email attachments from government officials emails and probably the malware was attached to one of the messages.

The expert highlighted many similarities with the Blank Slate spam campaign which earlier this year was spreading the Cerber ransomware. The email used by crooks in this campaign contained a double-zip archive with the second containing either a malicious JavaScript file or a...


N Korea blast 'five times bigger than Nagasaki' "IndyWatch Feed World"

N Korea blast 'five times bigger than Nagasaki' | 03 Sept 2017 | North Korea has detonated a hydrogen bomb with "perfect success", the secretive country's state media has announced. Earlier, Japan confirmed its near neighbour had conducted a sixth nuclear test. Japan's meteorological agency said the resulting tremors were at least 10 times as powerful as North Korea's previous nuclear test, last September. Experts estimated that blast to have been around 10 kilotons.


Idaho is rocked by shallow 5.3 magnitude earthquake with tremors felt as far away as Salt Lake City "IndyWatch Feed World"

An 5.3 earthquake followed by half a dozen aftershocks have struck Idaho near the state border with Wyoming, some 28 km east of Soda Springs which has a population of roughly 3,000 people, the USGS announced. The earthquake which struck just before 6pm was registered at a preliminary 10 kilometers (6.2 mi ) depth. Several aftershocks measuring from 3.1 to 4.1 magnitude have been recorded following the initial quake. It is not yet known if the earthquake caused any damage or injuries, but Fox 13 local news reports that it received several calls and messages from people who felt tremors as far as the state of Utah.


Heres how to get to Alpha Centauri: propel a tiny spacecraft on the tip of a powerful laser beam "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Our Andromeda interstellar probe article has been featured in MlT Technology Review :

Business Impact.

Femto-spacecraft could travel to alpha centauri.

Earths nearest exoplanet twin orbits a star about four light years from here. Now scientists say its possible to visit this system in our lifetimes by propelling a tiny spacecraft on the tip of a laser beam.


    Inside John Kellys Effort To Rein In Donald Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Trump Enjoys John Kellys New Order And Rails Against It

    By David Z. Morris

    Sep 02, 2017
    White House Chief of Staff John Kelly stands in the door of Air Force One and thinks things over. CREDIT: AP PHOTO/ALEX BRANDON

    In the five weeks since John Kelly became Donald Trumps Chief of Staff, the retired Marine Corps General has ejected unstable staffers, imposed new controls on who can meet with the President, and restricted the news the President consumes. While Trump has expressed appreciation for the new sense of order, he has also, predictably, bridled against it.

    Trumps discontent has at least once led to a harsh outburst directed at Kelly. According to a new report from the New York Times, Kelly later told fellow staffers that he hadnt been talked to that way in 35 years.

    At the same time, President Trump has both publicly and privately praised Kelly and his changes, including telling ai...


    Washington Is Preparing for Nuclear War in Europe "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Source By Johannes Stern, Amid mounting military and diplomatic tensions between the US and Russia, the German daily Sddeutsche Zeitung reported Friday that the American Congress has taken the first steps toward Washingtons annulling of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. The INF, or Washington Treaty on Mid-range Nuclear Systems, is a bilateral agreement reached between []


    McCain says lawmakers are not Trump's subordinates David Icke latest headlines

    US Senator John McCain has denounced President Donald Trumps lack of experience, saying members of Congress will cooperate with the president whenever possible but they are not his subordinates. We must respect his authority and constitutional responsibilities, the Arizona Republican said during an international economic and policy conference in Lake Como, Italy. We must, where we can, cooperate with him. But we are not his subordinates. We dont answer to him. We answer to the American people, he stressed. McCain, a fierce critic of President Trump, emphasized the importance of Congress as a check on presidential power, adding, We should value our identity as members of Congress more than our partisan affiliation. McCain, who is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, further said that Trumps rhetoric and lack of experience have thrown the countrys relationships with foreign allies into doubt. Read more: McCain says lawmakers are not Trumps subordinates


    'Trump won't donate $1million of personal fortune to Harvey relief fund' David Icke latest headlines

    A writer who has known Donald Trump for three decades believes there is no way the US president will follow through on his pledge to donate $1 million of his own personal fortune to Hurricane Harvey victims. Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of Trumps 1987 Art of the Deal memoir, took to Twitter on Friday claiming Trump only promises to give and never actually does. On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the announcement that Trump would pledge proudly a million dollars of his own personal money to help the people of both Texas and Louisiana. However, Huckabee said that Trump has not decided which specific organization he will give the donation to and has called on reporters to help decide. Read more: Trump wont donate $1million of personal fortune to Harvey relief fund


    Syrian rebel (Terrorist) defector says his US-trained unit sold arms to ISIS "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Source Not only were the US-backed moderate militants in southern Syria never meant to fight ISIS, but their commanders actually traded US-made weapons and ammunition to terrorists, a rebel defector claimed in an interview with Rossiya-24. Asaad As-Salem says he defected from the US-backed Maghawir al-Thawra group stationed at the At-Tanf base in southern Syria, []


    North Korea Says It Has Developed Hydrogen Bomb to Suit ICBM "IndyWatch Feed World"

    North Korea Says It Has Developed Hydrogen Bomb to Suit ICBM | 02 Sept 2017 | North Korea claims that it now has a more-developed hydrogen nuclear weapon that can be mounted on a new intercontinental ballistic missile. The bomb is a multi-functional thermonuclear weapon adjustable from tens of kiloton to hundreds of kiloton and can be be detonated even at high altitudes for an electromagnetic pulse attack, the state-run Korean Central News Agency said. North Korea last tested a nuclear device about a year ago.


    The Peanut - North Korea Tests A New Nuke - Continues To Press For Negotiations "IndyWatch Feed"

    Earlier today North Korea published pictures of its leader Kim Jong Un admiring a thermonuclear device or H-bomb. Hours later it tested such a bomb in an underground explosion. The North Korean news agency announced: Pyongyang, September 3 (KCNA) --...


    Violence erupts at anti-government rally over missing Argentine activist David Icke latest headlines

    Clashes have broken out between police and protesters at a mass Buenos Aires rally commemorating the one-month anniversary of the disappearance of activist Santiago Maldonaldo, for which protesters blame the authorities. On Friday night, thousands occupied Plaza de Mayo, the square outside the presidential palace in the Argentinian capital, holding placards reading Where is Santiago Maldonaldo? while chanting Killers, killers, killers! Sergio Maldonaldo, the brother of the 28-year-old missing activist, accused the right-wing government of Mauricio Macri of covering up Santiagos forced disappearance during an indigenous land rights protest on August 1, and demanded the resignation of security minister Patricia Bullrich. Read more: Violence erupts at anti-government rally over missing Argentine activist


    Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova: US security services to search Russian consulate in San Francisco on Saturday "IndyWatch Feed World"

    Russia's foreign ministry has said US security services intend to conduct searches in the building of the Russian consulate in San Francisco on September 2. "Alongside the yet another raid on expensive objects of Russian state property, which [the US] have blocked and are now persistently offering us to put on sale, this time the orders of the US authorities pose a direct threat to security of Russian citizens" in the US, the ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement. The searches will not only be carried out at Russia's consulate offices, but also at the apartments of staff who live in the building and who have immunity, she said.


    Indian soldiers shoot dead five-year-old Pakistani girl in Kashmir: Report David Icke latest headlines

    A five-year-old Pakistani girl has been killed when Indian troops purportedly shot her in the head across the Line of Control (LoC), the de facto border that separates the disputed Kashmir region between nuclear-armed rivals Pakistan and India. The incident occurred in Polas village at Abbaspur sector on the common border on Saturday, when a lone bullet fired by Indian troops pierced through the little girls head as she was walking outside her house, said local government official Tahir Mumtaz. He went on to say that the girl was immediately taken to a nearby hospital but she succumbed to her severe wounds on the way. The inhabitants of the village, he added, staged a protest rally, denouncing the deadly firing. Read more: Indian soldiers shoot dead five-year-old Pakistani girl in Kashmir: Report


    North Korea claim to have tested a hydrogen bomb "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Not long ago significant seismic activity was reported from North Korea 0n 6.3 magnitude. North Korean media has since claimed they have tested a hydrogen bomb of a type that could be fitted to an intercontinental missile similar to what they have been recently testing. This is certain to ramp up the tension in the []


    Former MI5 intelligence officer: US raid of Russian diplomatic sites a meaningless parade of power to reassert claim for global dominion "IndyWatch Feed World"

    The shutting and subsequent searches of Russia's diplomatic sites are a meaningless show of power and domination by the US, which, however, could help push through controversial new intelligence related legislation, believes Annie Machon, a former MI5 intelligence officer. It's part of efforts to push through the Intelligence Authorization Act that would recognize actors, such as WikiLeaks, as a"non-state hostile intelligence service," Machon told RT. RT: The State Department is saying the trade mission has been stripped of its immunity, that it was essentially lifted when that consulate was shut down. The Vienna Convention which governs consular relations says otherwise. Which do you think has got this right? AM: The international law lays it down really clearly. The 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations says that any diplomatic and affiliated premises in a foreign country are inviolable. And any incursion on that territory is therefore seen as an attack on the country that is hosting that diplomatic mission.


    Turkey disregards Berlins reaction to arrest of German citizens over coup links David Icke latest headlines

    Ankara has dismissed Berlins reaction to Turkeys arrest of German citizens over alleged links to last years failed coup. When we arrest (a coup plotter) Germany starts to get upset. But what are we supposed to do? said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Saturday. On Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel denounced Turkeys move to arrest two more German citizens after Berlin announced that two more German nationals had been held in Turkey for political reasons, bringing the total number of Germans arrested in the country to 12. Read more: Turkey disregards Berlins reaction to arrest of German citizens over coup links


    Of Shoes and Shirts "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

    Two Kates

    Stephen Daisley's Spectator piece on the hypocrisy of some feminist journalists over Melania Trump is well worth a read. It begins:

    Stephen cites a number of spiteful American examples, but if you want to see some first-class British journalistic sneering and tut-tutting at Melania then just take a look at last Tuesday's The Papers on the BBC News Channel (from five minutes in) where a couple of media Kates can be seen sniping away at the First Lady over her choice of shoes with not-so-merry abandon. 

    And the BBC presenter, Clive Myrie, joined in the sneering too. ("Interesting attire...She put her flats on...They were quite shiny...Well, how often does one get to go to a disaster zone?"). 

    Kate 1 was wearing an old-fashioned black top with white polka dots. Kate 2 was wearing a gender-neutral white shirt (as befits someone from the Huffington Post). Clive was wearing a BBC dark blue suit with a striped blue tie and white shirt.  None of their shoes were visible under the table. 


    Midnight Meme Of The Day "IndyWatch Feed"

    -by Noah

    Happy Labor Day Weekend to all DWT readers. The American Labor Movement has given us, among other things, a 40 hour work week, a minimum wage, lunch breaks, pay for working overtime, paid vacations, the weekend, safety regulations... all things that Americans died for on picket lines and battlefields, and all things that Republicans hate and continue to fight against. The labor movement has built America, built the middle class, and helped win wars. There is still much to be done. Medievalist enemies of the American labor movement such as Trump, McConnell, Ryan, their followers and those who support and vote for them are psychotically and tirelessly working to destroy the gains made in the last 100 years. Screw them and their "historical heritage" of worker repression! Screw them all!


    Largest wildfire in Los Angeles history forces hundreds to evacuate David Icke latest headlines

    A wildfire on the northern edge of Los Angeles rapidly grew on Saturday into what the mayor called the largest blaze in the citys history, prompting the evacuation of hundreds of people and the closure of a major highway. The 5,000-acre (2,023-hectare) La Tuna Fire, named after the canyon area where it erupted on Friday, has led authorities to evacuate more than 700 homes in a north Los Angeles neighborhood and in nearby Burbank and Glendale, officials said. Authorities warned of erratic winds that could force them to widen the evacuation zone, after the fire destroyed three houses in Los Angeles on Saturday. Read more: Largest wildfire in Los Angeles history forces hundreds to evacuate


    Al Shabaab attacks military base near Somalias Kismayu "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Image result for Al Shabaab, photos

    Al Shabaab (FILE photo) This image probably taken in Kenya

    NAIROBI (Reuters) Al Shabaab militants attacked a military base near Somalias southern port city of Kismayu early on Sunday, a Somali army officer said, adding that he did not immediately have details of any casualties.

    Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack and said 26 Somali soldiers had been killed in the incident, but that could not be confirmed by other sources.

    We understand al Shabaab attacked the base and fierce fighting and a blast occurred, but still we have no details, Mohamed Isa, a military officer, told Reuters from Kismayu.

    The attack was on a base in the village of Bala Gudud, near Kismayu.

    State radio also reported the base had been attacked but said casualties were not yet known. The base is jointly operated by the Somali national army and forces from the semi-autonomous Jubbaland region of southern Somalia, it reported.

    Location of Jubaland

    Jubaland highlighted in blue

    Residents in Bala Gudud said a blast was heard and an exchange of gunfire broke out shortly after the first Muslim prayer of the day.

    Abdiasis Abu Musab, al Shabaabs military spokesman, told Reuters: This morning, we stormed the Jubaland base near Bula Gudud. We killed 26 soldiers and burnt two cars.

    The militants left the base after taking weapons, ammunition and several vehicles, he added.

    Al Shabaab is linked to al Qaeda and wants to impose strict Islamic law in Somalia. The group routinely exaggerates casualty figures.

    Reporting by Feisal Omar, additional reporting by Abdi Sheikh; Writing by Maggie Fick; Editing by Himani Sarkar and Susan Fenton


    Why A.I. Is Just Not Funny - Facts So Romantic "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Although A.I. robots can pick up on jokes, they have a lot to learn about telling them.Queen Mary University of London / YouTube

    In the 2004 film I, Robot, Detective Del Spooner asks an A.I. named Sonny: Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece? Sonny responds: Can you?

    Scientists have been working on answering Spooners question for the last decade with striking results. Researchers from Rutgers University, Facebook, and the College of Charleston have developed a system for generating original art called C.A.N. (Creative Adversarial Network). They trained C.A.N. on more than 81,000 paintings from 1,119 artists ranging from the 15th century to the 20th century. The A.I. experts wrote algorithms for C.A.N. to emulate painting styles such as High Renaissance, Impressionism, and Pop Art, and then diverge from the styles and produce arousal among human viewers.

    In a 2017 paper in arXiv, the scientists report that human subjects could not distinguish art generated by the proposed system from art generated by contemporary artists and shown in top art fairs. Aiva, a musical A.I., recently became the first machine to be registered as a composer by SACEM, a
    Read More


    US air force to launch secretive X-37B spacecraft into orbit in days David Icke latest headlines

    The US Air Force has announced plans to launch its secretive, unmanned spacecraft known as X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV) later this week to carry out experimental operations. For the first time, the experimental space plane will be launched on September 7 aboard Elon Musks SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the Air Force announced in a statement cited in a Friday report by the US-based news outlet. Marking the fifth mission for the X-37B, the statement noted, the OTV will also be launched into, and landed from, a higher inclination orbit than prior missions to further expand the X-37Bs orbital envelope. While the payloads and most activities of the robotic X-37B remain classified, the Air Force further noted that this mission will carry the Air Force Research Laboratory Advanced Structurally Embedded Thermal Spreader (ASETS-II) payload to test experimental electronics and oscillating heat pipe technologies in the long-duration space environment. Read more: US air force to launch secretive X-37B spacecraft into orbit in days


    Two large Artificial Earthquakes In North Korea "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    The MSM is reporting these two earthquakes as artificial and as the result of nuclear testinThe US Geological Survey said it had recorded a 6.3 magnitude earthquake at noon Sunday local time, near North Koreas known nuclear test site in the countrys northeast region. The quake was felt in northern China, with emergency sirens blaring []

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    Warmonger Nikki Haley continues to play double standards "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    If there is one politician today who continues to struggle mightily to draw reasonable conclusions from elementary premises it is Nikki Haley.


    Japan Says Tremors in North Korea Were 10 Times as Powerful as Previous Nuclear Test "IndyWatch Feed War"

    TOKYO Tremors caused by a suspected nuclear test in North Korea were at least ten times as powerful as the last time Pyongyang exploded an atomic bomb a year ago, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said on Sunday.

    It was a least ten times as powerful, a JMA official said at a briefing aired by public broadcaster NHK.

    The previous nuclear blast in North Korea is estimated by experts to have been around 10 kilotons.

    (Reporting by Tim Kelly and Nobuhiro Kubo; Editing by Nick Macfie)







    Truth Revealed Will Mean Crashed System Bill Holter "IndyWatch Feed"

    By Greg Hunters (Early Sunday Release) Financial writer Bill Holter says 2017 is the year of the truth bombs, and along with the truth comes pain. Holter explains, Unfortunately, the truth coming out will mean a crashed system.  It will mean a nonfunctioning system.  When truth finally comes out, and it will one way []


    Volcanic Carbon Dioxide Drove Ancient Global Warming Event "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Original URL: Volcanic carbon dioxide drove ancient global warming event

    New research, led by the University of Southampton and involving a team of international scientists, suggests that an extreme global warming event 56 million years ago was driven by massive CO2 emissions from volcanoes, during the formation of the North Atlantic Ocean.

    [...] The PETM [Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum] is the most rapid and extreme natural global warming event of the last 66 million years. It lasted for around 150 thousand years and global temperatures increased by at least 5C - a temperature increase comparable with projections of modern climate beyond the end of this century. While it has long been suggested that the PETM event was caused by the injection of carbon into the ocean and atmosphere; the ultimate trigger, the source of this carbon, and the total amount released, have up to now all remained elusive.

    [...] The team found that the PETM was associated with a total input of more than 10,000 petagrams of carbon from a predominantly volcanic source. This is a vast amount of carbon - some 30 times larger than all the fossil fuels burned to date and equivalent to all current conventional and unconventional fossil fuel reserves. In their computer model simulations, it resulted in the concentration of atmospheric CO2 increasing from 800 parts per million to above 2000 ppm. The Earth's mantle contains more than enough carbon to explain this dramatic rise and it would have been released as magma, pouring from volcanic rifts at the Earth's surface.

    Professor Gavin Foster from the University of Southampton said: "How the ancient Earth system responded to this carbon injection at the PETM can tell us a great deal about how it might respond in the future to man-made climate change. For instance, we found that Earth's warming at the PETM was about what we would expect given the CO2 emitted and what we know about the sensitivity of the climate system based on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. However, compared with today's human-made carbon emissions, the rate of carbon addition during the PETM was much slower, by about a factor of 20."

    Dr Philip Sexton from the Open University in Milton Keynes continues: "We found that carbon cycle feedbacks, like methane release from gas hydrates which were once the favoured explanation of the PETM, did not play a major role in driving the event. On the other hand, one unexpected result of our study was that enhanced organic matter buria...


    Objection of a concession agreement between your Dp World and Puntland State of Somalia. "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Dear Sheikh Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayen (Chairman of P&O Ports/DP World), This message carries an attachment regarding objection of a concession agreement between your company and government of Puntland State of Somalia.This agreement has triggered resentment among the inhabitants of historic quarters of the city caused by the proposed demolition of the historic sites of the city.  []


    As Texans Return to Flood-Hit Homes, Many Say Our House Is History "IndyWatch Feed War"

    HOUSTON As flood waters recede from Hurricane Harvey, thousands are set to return to their homes on Sunday to survey damage from unprecedented flooding that devastated densely populated areas of Texas, as worries mount about health risks.

    Harvey, which came ashore on Aug. 25 as the most powerful hurricane to hit Texas in 50 years, is expected to be one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. history, having displaced more than 1 million people and leaving wreckage in an area stretching for more than 300 miles (480 kms) which officials said would take years to repair.

    Thirteen Superfund sites, heavily contaminated former industrial zones, in Texas were flooded or damaged by Hurricane Harvey, but the full impact on surrounding areas was not immediately clear, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Saturday.

    Image result for debris from homes piles up, after harvey, houston, photos

    The announcement came amid rising concern about the health risks posed by Harveys record floodwaters, which contain a toxic soup of chemicals, oil and bacteria from Houstons notoriously leaky sewer system.

    The city of Houston ordered a mandatory evacuation on Sunday for about 4,600 residences in the western sector, where several hundred people have not left their homes and flooding is expected to last for another two weeks.

    Put your own personal safety above your property, Mayor Sylvester Turner said, adding residents should consider the safety of first responders who would have to handle any emergencies.



    Hundreds of protesters storm Shell oil facility in Niger Delta "IndyWatch Feed"

    On Aug 11 Hundreds of Nigerians stormed a crude oil facility and gas plant owned by Shell in the Niger Delta on Friday demanding jobs and infrastructure development, a Reuters witness said. Echoing a common complaint in the impoverished swampland that produces most of Nigerias oil, the protesters said they were not benefiting from the []


    UPDATE: North Korea Claims Powerful Nuclear Bomb Test; First in Trump Presidency "IndyWatch Feed"

    UPDATE: North Korea claims the test was of a hydrogen bomb. More at end of article.

    Japan and South Korean officials are confirming North Korea conducted a nuclear bomb test Sunday afternoon local time. An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale centered in the area of North Koreas nuclear weapons facility was reportedly followed by a 4.6 quake that appears to be a cave-in due to the test. The test is reportedly the strongest of the previous five tests since 2006.

    This is the first nuclear weapons test by North Korea in the Trump presidency. President Donald Trump has taken a much harder line with North Korea than his predecessors.

    North Korea announced a special statement will be made at 1500 hours local time, 2:30 a.m. EDT.

    There are reports the nuke test was felt in Russia and China


    Japanese Foreign Ministry claims Pyongyang conducted nuclear test, after 'artificial earthquake' strikes N. Korea "IndyWatch Feed World"

    A 6.3 magnitude earthquake has struck North Korea near a known nuclear test site - Punggye-ri. The Japanese Foreign Ministry claims that according to its data, "it was a nuclear test." "After examining the data we concluded that it was a nuclear tests," Foreign Minister Taro Kono said at a briefing following a meeting of Japan's National Security Council, Reuters reports. North Korea's state television said it would carry an important announcement at 06:30 GMT. An allegedly artificial quake was detected at 12:36pm in North Hamgyeong Province, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), Yonhap reports.


    North Korea holds sixth nuclear test "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

      North Korea has carried out its sixth nuclear test, Japans foreign minister says. The government confirms that North Korea conducted a nuclear test after examining information from the weather agency and other information, Taro Kono told reporters. Seismologists earlier detected a tremor in an area where North Korea has conducted previous nuclear tests. China []

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    The Life of Labour: India Inc. Clamours For Labour Law Reforms, Kollywood Cine Workers Strike "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

    The Life of Labour, a compilation of important labour developments from around the world, will be delivered to your inbox every Sunday at 10 am. Click here to subscribe.

    Illustration by Aliza Bakht

    Illustration by Aliza Bakht

    India inc.s clamour for labour reforms grow as GDP growth slows down

    As the GDP growth rate slipped to 5.7% p.a. for the April-June quarter from 7.9% p.a. last year, the clamour for relaxing labour laws grew among India inc.. This was also reflected in the statements of the outgoing vice chairman of Niti Aayog, Dr. Arvind Panagriya, who brought up the need to move forward on labour reforms to kick start growth that has slumped since the demonetisation shock. The proposed legislative amendments to labour laws include fixed term employment that reduces the burden of...


    Correspondence with Gov: Rachel Siewert (Greens) "IndyWatch Feed National"


    Siewert, Rachel (Senator) <</span>>

    Apr 24
    to me

    Hi Rosie


    Thanks for your email, Im extremely concerned about the Governments agenda on the Cashless Welfare Card and will keep campaigning against it, the more people involved in the campaign the better. Let me know if I can be of help.



    Rachel Siewert

    Dear Ms Siewert,

    I am a recipient of a . I currently reside in . I do not have any addictions. I drink in moderation, do not use porn or gamble and am anti-drugs. I am a victim of life-long gender and class disadvantage and discrimination. Alarmed at the planned government interference in my personal affairs by the roll out of cashless welfare, I have started to investigate the issue.

    I would like you to share with you and your office the questions that I have sent to Indue, Alan Tudge and the Department of Social Services regarding Andrew Forrests welfare card. I sent this correspondence over the Easter long weekend.

    Please find this correspondence at

    I have received acknowledgement from Indue but not yet received any reply or acknowledgement from Minister Tudge, Social Services or Hank Jongen (whom I asked about ability to use card to pay rent).

    I am personally going to fight this issue with everything I have.


    Rosie Williams BA (Sociology)







    GPSC-113B Strong Seismic Cluster Striking Soda Springs, Idaho: M5.3 Event Largest Shock A cluster of at least 34 earthquakes including shocks measuring magnitudes 5.3, 4.3 and 4.2 have struck the State of Idaho. The seismicity appears ongoing. EQ Details: Magnitude: 5.3mww Location: 42.624N, 111.391W; 9.2 km depth  [17km E of Soda Springs, Idaho] Date-Time: 2017-09-02, []


    Trump hails hurricane relief efforts as he visits Texas "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

        US President Donald Trump has praised the relief response to Hurricane Harvey on his second visit to flood-hit states. Things are working out well, he said of the efforts, as he and wife Melania met victims and volunteers in Texas. As tough as this was, its been a wonderful thing, he added. I []

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    US Open: Thiem, Del Potro win; Monfils retires "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

        Austrian sixth seed Dominic Thiem continued to work his way quietly through the US Open draw on Saturday, easing into the fourth round with a 7-5 6-3 6-4 win over Frenchman Adrian Mannarino. Playing on the power-packed side of the draw that includes former US Open champions Roger Federer and world No 1 []

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    Premier League Is the Best in the World "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    Barclays Premier League, English first division of soccer or simply Premier League is the name of the most important, best league of soccer in the world. On Monday, Aug. 15, 2017, the league celebrated its 25th birthday. How could a league so young consider itself the best? Premier is, in fact, the evolution of the oldest []

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    South Front A convoy of Islamic State fighters and their families begin to depart from the Lebanon-Syria border zone in Qalamoun. Photograph: Omar Sanadiki/Reuters On September 1, Colonel Ryan Dillon, spokesperson for the US-led coalition, announced that the US-led collation has managed so far to block the implementation of the Hezbollah-ISIS deal. According to Dillon, []


    Houston Rescue Images Destroying Medias Race Narrative "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Any disaster can be a powerful tool of exposing the weakness of anybody, or any government. However, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and while the mainstream media is developing its own story along pre-cooked up racial narratives to continually destroy their flavor of the season, Donald Trump, the people of Texas are doing what Continue reading Houston Rescue Images Destroying Medias Race Narrative


    Mourinho stars in Grenfell charity match "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

      Jose Mourinho has shown off his rarely-seen skills on the pitch by starring in a charity football match for people affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. The Manchester United boss came on as a sub goalkeeper in the Game4Grenfell match between two teams of celebrities and ex-players at QPRs Loftus Road. His team lost []

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    Newshub/Reid Research poll "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    The latest Newshub/Reid Research poll: National 43.3% (-1.1) Labour 39.4% (+6.3) NZ First 6.6% (-2.6) Greens 6.1% (-2.2) TOP 1.9% Maori Party 1.0% ACT Party 0.6% National are either still ahead or have nudged ahead again, but Labour are close (within margin or error territory). Greens arent down as far as they have been in []


    Grandmother Sentenced to Prison for Protesting US Drone Base "IndyWatch Feed"

    This has got to stop. Judge David Gideons words refer not to the use of drones, but the activities of anti-drone activists. He has uttered this phrase from the bench repeatedly in recent months as activists have appeared before him, and the words must have been echoing through his mind as he sentenced Mary Anne []


    Russia 2018: Isco sparks as Spain rout Italy, Ukrain beat Turkey "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

        Spain took a giant step towards qualifying for next years World Cup as Iscos double and Alvaro Moratas late strike swept aside Italy 3-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday. Isco was the star performer in a brilliant team display from the hosts as his early free-kick and long-range effort before halftime put []

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    Myanmar urges Rohingya Muslims to help hunt insurgents amid deadly violence called genocide by Turkeys President Erdogan al Qaeda in Yemen calls for attacks on Myanmar "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, shoes, hat and outdoor

    Myanmar police officer stands in a house that was burnt down during the days of violence in Maungdaw, Myanmar August 30, 2017. Picture taken August 30, 2017. RETUERS Soe Zeya Tun Reuters


    COXS BAZAR, Bangladesh/YANGON (Reuters) Myanmar urged Muslims in the troubled northwest to cooperate in the search for insurgents, whose coordinated attacks on security posts and an army crackdown have led to one of the deadliest bouts of violence to engulf the Rohingya community in decades.

    The clashes and military counteroffensive have killed nearly 400 people and pushed about 58,600 Rohingya fleeing into neighboring Bangladesh during the past week as aid workers there struggle to cope.

    The treatment of Buddhist-majority Myanmars roughly 1.1 million Muslim Rohingya is the biggest challenge facing leader Aung San Suu Kyi, accused by Western critics of not speaking out for the minority that has long complained of persecution.

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that violence against Muslims amounted to genocide.

    It marks a dramatic escalation of a conflict that has simmered since October, when a smaller Rohingya attack on security posts prompted a military response dogged by allegations of rights abuses.

    Islamic villagers in northern Maungtaw have been urged over loudspeakers to cooperate when security forces search for Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) extremist terrorists, and not to pose a threat or brandish weapons when security forces enter their villages, the state-run Global New Light of Myanmar said on Sunday.

    ARSA has been declared a terrorist organization by the government. The group claimed responsibility for coordinated attacks on security posts last week.

    In Maungni village in northern Rakhine, villagers earlier this week caught two ARSA members and handed them over to the authorities, the newspaper added.

    The army wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday that Rohingya insurgents had set fires to monasteries, images of Buddha as well as schools and houses in northern Rakhine.

    More than 200 buildings, including houses and shops, were destroyed across several villages, the army said.

    While Myanmar officials blamed the ARSA for the burning of the homes, Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh and human rights watchers say a campaign of arson and killings by the army is aimed at trying to force the minority group out.



    Stop Dakota Access Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed"

    The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has won a major legal victory in federal court which may have the power to force the shutdown of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline. District Judge James Boasberg ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration had failed to conduct an adequate environmental review of the pipeline, after President Trump ordered []


    Whaleoil Backchat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You dont have to stay on topic in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. If you havent tried it before, signing up for a Disqus account is free, quick, and it is easy. New []

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    On the Release of Pastor Lim Hyun-Soo "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


    It was only natural that he would released eventually.

    On August 9, 2017 DPRK authorities released Canadian pastor, Hyeon Soo Lim, who had been sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of conducting subversive activities. As reported by the Korean Central News Agency, the Supreme Court of the DPRK decided to release the pastor on humanitarian grounds due to his poor health.

    It is of necessity that the audience be reminded of the overall events surrounding this story: Pastor Lim immigrated to Canada from South Korea in 1986. In his work as a distributor of humanitarian aid, Lim around a hundred times visited North Korea since 1997, providing assistance to nursing homes and orphanages in the city of Rason. However, having entered the DPRK illegally in January 2015, he was arrested, and the tangle surrounding him began unwinding. A number of facts emerged that no one even attempted to declare as a fiction by the DPRK special services. First, Lim had been continually shooting videos depicting the North Korean reality on hidden camera and distributing this material on the Internet with accurate interpretation, while inscribing notes like We must destroy North Korea with Gods love (actions that are deemed subversive in the DPRK.). Secondly, he had been blatantly falsifying evidence that there was an extensive Christian resistance in the DPRK (including mispresenting the old Bibles that were found among the foreign Koreans as books that were secretly handed over from hand to hand in the DPRK).

    Thirdly, anti-government slogans and Bible quotes were printed on the sacks with the humanitarian aid that were delivered through him, and the pastor himself sought to establish clandestine religious cells on the territory of the Republic, and actively engaged in brokering activities in which inhabitants of the DPRK, mainly those who had fled to China, were egged on accepting non-return and forwarded to the Republic of Korea or the West for further exploitation in propaganda campaigns against North Korea.

    The pastor pleaded guilty to all these charges. Following these developments, in December 2015, the Supreme Court of the DPRK found the pastor guilty of insulting the dignity of the highest leadership of the country, calling for the overthrow of the social order at religious meetings in foreign countries, facilitating the fli...


    Signs of earthquake suggests North Korea has conducted sixth nuclear test "IndyWatch Feed War"

    AFP and Reuters

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    STR/KCNA via KNS/AFP | This undated picture released by North Koreas official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on September 3, 2017 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (C) looking at a metal casing with two bulges at an undisclosed location.

    To View Video go here:

    Video by Marios SOFOS

    Text by NEWS WIRES

    Latest update : 2017-09-03

    A shallow, 6.3 magnitude earthquake shook North Korea on Sunday, suggesting it had detonated a sixth nuclear device, hours after it said it had developed an advanced hydrogen bomb that possesses great destructive power.

    The earthquake struck 75 km (45 miles) north northwest of Kimchaek. Previous recent tremors in the region have been caused by nuclear tests, which if the case this time round, is bound to increase the tension hours after U.S. President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe talked by phone about the escalating nuclear crisis.

    The quake was only 10 km deep, the U.S. Geological Survey said, again suggesting a nuclear device.

    Witnesses in the Chinese city of Yanji, on the border with North Korea, said they felt a tremor that lasted roughly 10 seconds, followed by an aftershock.



    What Hurricane Harvey Says About Risk, Climate, and Resilience "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    Only someone profoundly pessimistic would bet against the ability of American ingenuity to repower our economy.


    The six Brexit traps that will defeat Theresa May Guardian op-ed 3 May 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

    Its yours against mine. Thats how Wolfgang Schuble, Germanys finance minister, put it to me during our first encounter in early 2015 referring to our respective democratic mandates.

    A little more than two years later, Theresa May is trying to arm herself with a clear democratic mandate ostensibly to bolster her negotiating position with European powerbrokers including Schuble and to deliver the optimal Brexit deal.

    Already, the Brussels-based commentariat are drawing parallels: Brits fallen for Greek fallacy that domestic vote gives you stronger position in Brussels. Other countries have voters too, tweeted Duncan Robinson, Brussels correspondent of the Financial Times. Yep, tweeted back Miguel Roig, the Brussels correspondent of Spanish financial daily Expansin. Varoufakis big miscalculation was to think that he was the only one in the Eurogroup with a democratic mandate.

    In truth, Brussels is a democracy-free zone. From the EUs inception in 1950, Brussels became the seat of a bureaucracy administering a heavy industry cartel, vested with unprecedented law-making capacities. Even though the EU has evolved a great deal since, and acquired many of the trappings of a confederacy, it remains in the nature of the beast to treat the will of electorates as a nuisance that must be, somehow, negated. The whole point of the EUs inter-governmental organisation was to ensure that only by a rare historical accident would democratic mandates converge and, when they did, never restrain the exercise of power in Brussels.

    In June 2016, Britain voted, for better or for worse, for Brexit. May suddenly metamorphosed from a soft remainer to a hard Brexiteer. In so doing she is about to fall prey to an EU that will frustrate and defeat her, pushing her into either a humiliating climb-down or a universally disadvantageous outcome. When the Brussels-based group-thinking commentariat accuse Britains prime minister, without a shred of evidence, of overestimating the importance of a strong mandate, we need to take notice, for it reveals the determination of the EU establishment to get its way, as it did when I arrived on its doorstep, equipped with my mandate.

    When I first went to Brussels and Berl...


    Is the Earthquake Just Detected in North Korea a Result of a Nuclear Test? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    PRESSTV| Japan says it has concluded that two tremors detected in North Korea on Sunday were the result of a nuclear test.

    The United States Geological Survey (USGS) on Sunday detected a first tremor, saying in an updated reading that the quake measured 6.3 on the Richter scale at a depth of 10 kilometers, 24 kilometers northeast of Sungjibaegam in North Korea.

    South Koreas Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that the seismic tremor had been detected near the Norths Punggye-ri nuclear test site.

    China detected a second tremor, which it said was magnitude 4.6 and came at a depth of zero kilometers eight minutes after the first quake.

    While South Korean officials said that the tremors were likely caused by a nuclear explosion, Japan said in certain terms that a nuclear test had occurred.

    After examining the data, we concluded that it was a nuclear test, Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono said at a briefing after a meeting of Japans National Security Council.

    Japans Ministry of Defense said it had dispatched at least three military jets from bases in Japan to test for radiation.

    There has been no word from North Korea, yet.

    If the South Korean suspicions of a nuclear test are correct, it would be North Koreas sixth such test.

    Absolutely unacceptable

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had said earlier in the day a nuclear test would be absolutely unacceptable.

    If it forcibly conducted a nuclear test, its absolutely unacceptable. We have to strongly protest it, Abe said.

    Hydrogen bomb

    Just earlier on Sunday, North Koreas official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that the country had developed a hydrogen bomb that could be loaded into a new intercontinental ballistic missile.

    The developments come amid high tensions over the North Korean missile and nuclear programs.

    South Korea, the US, and Japan have been unnerved by the Norths weapons programs, which Pyongyang has been defiantly advancing as countermeasures to their hostility.

    On Tuesday, North Korea fired a Hwasong-12 missile reportedly capable of carrying a nuclear payload that traveled nearly 2,700 kilometers into the Pacific, including over Japan.



    Poisonous protests in Nelson "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Poisonous politics seems to be a thing in Nelson. Yesterday on Stuff: Three arrests as Brook Sanctuary poison drop in Nelson turns nasty A controversial poison drop in Nelson has turned nasty, with three arrests and a helicopters fuel supply sabotaged. Sabotaging a helicopter is very nasty, and potentially (human) life threatening. Two helicopters and []


    Powerful Hurricane Irma could be next weather disaster - UPDATE "IndyWatch Feed World"

    While much of the United States' focus is still on Texas and the destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey and its historic rainfall, powerful Hurricane Irma is rapidly intensifying in the open Atlantic and poses a major threat to the Caribbean and potentially the United States next week. Irma was named as a tropical storm on Wednesday morning and by Thursday afternoon it had strengthened into a large Category 3 hurricane, with winds of 115 mph. Such explosive strengthening is known as "rapid intensification," defined by the National Hurricane Center as having its wind speed increase at least 30 knots (35 mph) in 24 hours. "Irma has become an impressive hurricane," the National Hurricane Center said on Thursday, noting the rapid intensification, and saying "this is a remarkable 50 knot [58 mph] increase from yesterday at this time." Hurricane Harvey underwent rapid intensification last week, just before landfall, which brought it from a tropical storm to a Category 4 hurricane when it moved onshore near Corpus Christi.Irma is a classic "Cape Verde hurricane," a type of hurricane that forms in the far eastern Atlantic, near the Cape Verde Islands (now known as the Cabo Verde Islands) and tracks all the way across the Atlantic.


    Please Help Michael Snyder Become Donald Trumps Best Friend In Congress #MAGA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    Can you name Donald Trumps best friend in Congress? I was thinking about this question the other day, and I couldnt come up with a single name. Since nobody else seems very eager to take on that mantle, I will be more than happy to claim it. If I get elected to Congress, I will call for the witch hunts against Trump and his administration to be immediately shut down, I will publicly defend the president every chance that I get, and I will do all that I can to advance the Make America Great Again agenda. I believe in the values and the principles that Trump campaigned on, and there is a reason why they resonated so strongly with the American people. Trump openly defied the globalists in both major political parties, and even though all of the experts said that he didnt have a prayer of winning, he was able to pull off the biggest miracle in American political history. Now we need to get Trump some friends in Congress, and if you would like to help me become Donald Trumps best friend in Congress you can contribute to the campaign right here

    If you would like to send a check instead, just make it out to Michael Snyder For Congress and send it to the following address

    Michael Snyder
    PO Box 1136
    Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

    Have you ever been around an organization or a business that is growing too fast? That is the biggest problem facing our campaign at the moment. Over the past 10 days we have had some of the most influential people in Idaho politics get behind our campaign. We have created a massive amount of buzz throughout the entire district, we have more social media followers than all of the other candidates combined on every major platform, and we are beating the other candidates...


    Hate Is A Racket: SPLC Caught Funneling Millions Overseas "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    You might not know them by name, but assuming you have ever seen a talking head on MSCNNBCFOXMSMBS fearmongering about the ever-present danger of hate groups that (GASP!) dont worship the government as the holiest institution on the planet then you know theyre work. Im referring to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit legal []

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    China ready to crush the petrodollar and reserve currency with new oil contract backed by Yuan and gold "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    China ready to crush the petrodollar and reserve currency with new oil contract backed by Yuan and gold by Ken Schortgen The Daily Economist TDC Note Time to get serious about preps and stacking. #### On Sept. 1,...

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    BBC audiences in the dark on Iranian terror financing yet again "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Readers may recall that when the JCPOA deal between Iran and the P5+1 powers was closed just over two years ago, senior BBC correspondents assured audiences that funds freed up by sanctions relief would be used by the Iranian regime to improve the countrys economy.

    President Rouhani was elected because people hoped that he would end Irans isolation and thus improve the economy. So the windfall that they will be getting eventually, which is made up of frozen revenues oil revenues especially around the world, ahthere are people who argue that look; that will go to try to deal with loads and loads of domestic economic problems and theyll have trouble at home if they dont do that. If people the argument goes on are celebrating in Iran about the agreement, its not because theyll have more money to make trouble elsewhere in the region; its because things might get better at home. Jeremy Bowen, PM, BBC Radio 4, July 14th, 2015

    In exchange it [Iran] will get a lot. It will get a release of the punishing sanctions. We heard from Hassan Rouhani saying as Iran always says that the sanctions did not succeed but he conceded that they did have an impact on the everyday lives of Iranians. Theres an estimate that some $100 billion will, over time, once Iran carries out its implementation of this agreement, will be released into the Iranian economy.  Lyse Doucet, Newshour, BBC World Service radio, July 14th, 2015.

    Many Middle East observers will not have been surprised by the fact that the last two years have repeatedly shown that the BBCs analysis was off the mark. Recently, yet another example of Iranian terror financing was publicised....


    Was Not Asked to Take Decision on Demonetisation: Raghuram Rajan "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

    Former RBI head says he warned of the potential pitfalls if preparation was not adequate, concludes that demonetisation has not been an economic success.

    Governor of the Reserve Bank of India Raghuram Rajan speaks at a forum on financial development at the 2016 IMF World Bank Spring Meeting in Washington April 17, 2016. Credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts/File Photo

    Governor of the Reserve Bank of India Raghuram Rajan speaks at a forum on financial development at the 2016 IMF World Bank Spring Meeting in Washington April 17, 2016. Credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts/File Photo

    New Delhi: Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has st...


    North Korea: Kim Jong Un observes missile-ready hydrogen bomb "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Updated 11:04 PM ET, Sat September 2, 2017

    Seoul, South Korea (CNN)  North Koreas regime has succeeded in making a more developed nuke, according to the countrys state news agency.


    During a visit to the countrys Nuclear Weapons Institute, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watched an H-bomb to be loaded into new ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile), the Korean Central News Agency reported.
    There was no independent confirmation of the claims.

    Kim Jong Un visits the country's Nuclear Weapons Institute in a photo released Sunday by KCNA.

    The H-bomb, the explosive power of which is adjustable from tens kiloton to hundreds kiloton, is a multi-functional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated even at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack according to strategic goals, KCNA reported in English.
    Electromagnetic pulse is an intense wave of electrical energy generated by the detonation of a nuclear weapon.
    Nuclear EMP has the demonstrated potential to disrupt, damage, or destroy a wide variety of electrical and electronic equipment, according to the US Department of Energy.


    North Korea Claims Test of Hydrogen Bomb "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un provides guidance on a nuclear weapons program in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang September 3, 2017. Credit: KCNA via REUTERS

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un provides guidance on a nuclear weapons program in this undated photo released by North Koreas Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang September 3, 2017. Credit: KCNA via Reuters

    Seoul: Two shallow earthquakes shook North Korea on Sunday, suggesting it had detonated a sixth nuclear test device, hours after it said it had developed an advanced hydrogen bomb that possesse...


    Were Done Here Power Tripping Cop Tells Harvey Flood Rescuers To Leave "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    Volunteers looking to help victims of Hurricane Harvey were apprehended by a police officer in Vidor, Texas, who told them that their help wasnt needed. (TFTP) Vidor, Texas Volunteers aiding the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the flood-ravaged city of Vidor were stopped by police in an encounter that was caught on video. James Hartwell []

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    Better forecasting of hurricanes lowers cost "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    We also find evidence supporting short-term adaptation effects prior to a hurricane landfall. Our results show that the 67 percent improvement in hurricane forecasts over the past 60 years is associated with damages being 16-63 percent lower than they otherwise would have been. Accounting for outlying observations narrows this range to 16-24 percent.

    That is from an Oxford working paper by Andrew Martinez.

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    Please Help Michael Snyder Become Donald Trumps Best Friend In Congress #MAGA "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    Can you name Donald Trumps best friend in Congress?  I was thinking about this question the other day, and I couldnt come up with a single name.  Since nobody else seems very eager to take on that mantle, I will be more than happy to claim it.  If I get elected to Congress, I will call for the witch hunts against Trump and his administration to be immediately shut down, I will publicly defend the president every chance that I get, and I will do all that I can to advance the Make America Great Again agenda.  I believe in the values and the principles that Trump campaigned on, and there is a reason why they resonated so strongly with the American people.  Trump openly defied the globalists in both major political parties, and even though all of the experts said that he didnt have a prayer of winning, he was able to pull off the biggest miracle in American political history.  Now we need to get Trump some friends in Congress, and if you would like to help me become Donald Trumps best friend in Congress you can contribute to the campaign right here

    If you would like to send a check instead, just make it out to Michael Snyder For Congress and send it to the following address

    Michael Snyder
    PO Box 1136
    Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

    Have you ever been around an organization or a business that is growing too fast?  That is the biggest problem facing our campai...


    North Korea Has Conducted Its 6th Nuclear Test, South Says "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    SEOUL, South Korea  North Korea carried out its sixth nuclear test on Sunday, according to the South Korean military, an extraordinary show of defiance by North Koreas leader, Kim Jong-un, against President Trump.

    A seismic tremor detected at 12:36 p.m., emanating from the Punggye-ri underground nuclear test in northwestern North Korea, set off a scramble to determine whether the North had carried out another test. The Souths military soon confirmed that it had.

    The Defense Ministry estimated that the tremor had a magnitude of 5.7, revising an earlier estimate of 5.6. But...


    "Category 6" "IndyWatch Feed World"

    Click image for larger size.
    "Category 6"
    "Breaking news and deep dives on weather, climate, and air quality."
    by Weather Underground
    There's a very interesting, and informed, Comments section below the main article.
    Refresh the page often for latest comments regarding Hurricane Irma.

    "Just got off the phone with a Climate Specialist (Doctor) who told me, and I quote: For what its worth, one of our models shows possibility of sustained wind speed surpassing 215 mph, which would actually make Irma a Cat-7 using current guidelines. We are in uncharted waters here."


    Xi to host BRICS counterparts in Xiamen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    The Summit will focus on the state of the global economic recovery, intra-BRICS trade and a greater role for emerging economies in the international financial architecture [Xinhua]

    The southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen is all set to host leaders of the five BRICS countries: Russian President Vladimir Putin, Brazilian President Michel Temer, South African President Jacob Zuma and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    The 9th annual BRICS summit is being held from Sept. 3 to Sept. 5.

    Showcasing the importance of the event, India and China ended a months-long military standoff in the Himalayas days ahead of the summit.

    I look forward to productive discussions and positive outcomes that will support the agenda of a stronger BRICS partnership under the chairmanship of China, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday in New Delhi.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping is attending a two-day BRICS Business Forum that begins on Sunday.

    The BRICS business forum is expected to gather a record 1,200 participants, including representatives from nearly 80 Fortune 500 multinationals, said Jiang Zengwei, head of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, at a press conference.

    Leaders from five other emerging markets and developing countries Egypt, Guinea, Mexico, Tajikistan and Thailand will attend the Dialogue of Emerging Markets and Developing Countries during the BRICS summit.

    BRICS account for 43 per cent of the worlds population and 23 per cent of the global economy.

    The Summit will focus on the state of the global economic recovery, intra-BRICS trade and a greater role for emerging economies in the international financial architecture.

    The Xiamen Declaration and Action Plan will be agreed on by the five leaders after intensive discussions over the next two days.

    A common approach towards fighting protectionism blighting global trade and also the battle against terrorism in Syria and elsewhere will feature in the final communique.


    TBP and Agencies




    Red Cross Admits It Doesnt Know How Hurricane Harvey Donation Money Is Spent "IndyWatch Feed World"

    Carey Wedler, Anti Media
    Waking Times

    Though the Red Cross has a historical reputation for providing relief to victims of natural disasters and other emergencies, the organizations practices have tarnished its name over the last few years.

    Amid the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the Red Cross reportedly accepted nearly $500 million in relief money but built only six homes with the funds even though they claimed they had provided homes to 130,000 people. These failures prompted some Haitians to advise the world against donating funds to the Red Cross.

    The organization was accused of diverting resources and supplies to bolster its public image during Hurricane Sandy. As an investigation by NPR and ProPublica found:

    The Red Cross national headquarters in Washington diverted assets for public relations purposes. A former Red Cross official managing the Sandy effort says 40 percent of available trucks were assigned to serve as backdrops for news conferences.

    The outlets reported that [d]istribution of relief was politically driven instead of [Red Cross] planned, noting many organizational failures.

     Further, a report released last year by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley found that 25% of funds donated to aid in relief for victims of the earthquake was actually spent on internal costs. That amounted to roughly $124 million.Now, amid the hurricane in Texas, the Red Cross is admitting it currently doesnt know how the funds its receiving are being...


    Festac Phase II project will create 4m jobs FHA boss "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Professor Mohammed Al-Amin is the Managing Director/CEO, Federal Housing Authority (FHA). In this interview with DAYO AYEYEMI, he speaks on the FESTAC Phase II project, restoration of FESTAC Phase I and plans to accommodate the National Housing Programme and Diaspora Housing Scheme in the project. What is the latest judgment on the FESTAC Phase II []

    The post Festac Phase II project will create 4m jobs FHA boss appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


    Fantasticalism and the Future of a Dying Planet "IndyWatch Feed War"

    As a tender of youth 16 to 21 year olds, as my clients are in foster care, held by the state or some other guardian, or on their own, but still labeled as foster youth I find the topics of our time more magnified by the presence of the ever-vaunting capitalist mindset about time, work, energy, technology, digital supremacy, patriotism, consumerism, punishment, surveillance, worthiness.

    I also find that as a 60-year-old, many of my colleagues look to me sort of like a revolutionary looks at a Molotov or stick of dynamite, or, shoot, a pipe bomb. My anti-authority jostling and over the top presence and de facto contribution to their own contexts and perspectives (fearful, individualistic, tied to obedience and compliance) add something in their lives they have never had, or only read about.

    Revolutionary comes in many forms, and theres no use sorting out the forms I have taken over the years in a monkey wrenching sort of milieu, but what I see is few have the presence of mind and historical knowledge behind the mind and the years traveling to other spiritual climates than just the United States of Israel-Disney that I have.

    Power to Persuade and Organize Lost in a Sea of White Noise

    Daily, from my youth or some state officials mouth, I am admonished for not being in a higher more powerful place in the hierarchy of things. You should be running this non-profit . . . . You should be Portlands Mayor . . . You should be getting millions in grants to do the amazing things you have outlined for young people to not only survive this onslaught of stupidity, but to thrive. Many variations on a theme.

    What I found is most people do not know how to dream and to hold in head space the very concepts of systems thinking, holistic engagement and universal social justice. Most people cant break out of bad eating and bad cultural diets, let alone break the chains of polluted media and necrotic education and gangrenous capitalism/consumerism.

    The dreams I talk about are tied to restorative justice restoring ecosystems, managing urban centers, repairing agricultural lands, stitching back together the fractured lands left for mega species, replanting jungles, feeding the poor, opening up the concept of it takes a village to raise a child and steward the old, sick, infirm, and less fortunate.

    Dreams about pushing cars back into the junk heap of humanity, creating bicycle cities, reinventing community public transportation.

    Dreams about universal health, health clinics of robust stature in each neighborhood. Schools that teach the healing arts and visual arts and food arts.

    You know, walkable cities, organic food, retaking the commons from the private toxin producers, driving the current capitalist model of government into the...


    Saudi Arabia and Qatar: Tribal Feud with Regional and Global Implications "IndyWatch Feed"

    On the morning of June 5, Saudi Arabia and four of its regional friends decided to sever diplomatic, economic, and transportation ties with Qatar and its ruler Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Such a feud within the Gulf Cooperation Councilwhich comprises Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Omanis not new, []


    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Equity v Law "IndyWatch Feed World"

    Many people have written in on both sides of the issue concerning the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. Some totally disagree with me and cite that the law is the law. But there is a historical problem with the rule of law there are times when the rule of law is unjust. For example, if someone tried to kill you and you defended yourself and killed them, are you a murderer because you killed someone by the strict interpretation of the law?

    In this case, I would draw the line at family ties. If the child grew up here and has family ties to Americans such as a wife or children, that to me would be the equitable line. Yes, someone who sent their child across the boarder to beat the deadline a few years ago would obviously not qualify. So the line I would draw is family ties and length of stay.

    Kings Bench

    Historically, there were two courts in England the Kings Bench and Chancery. In modern practice, the biggest mistake the Founding Fathers made in the United States was to merge the two into the same court. That is what has given judges unbridled discretion to tear up the constitution any time they desire relying on the ancient powers of Chancery rather than the rule of law.

    There is a clear distinction between someone who was brou...


    Cabinet Reshuffle: Party Veterans, Ex-Bureaucrats Among Modis Chosen Nine "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi with BJP president Amit Shah. Credit: PTI

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi with BJP president Amit Shah. Credit: PTI

    New Delhi: The nine new members to be inducted in the Union council of ministers include four former senior bureaucrats and also BJP leaders from the states of Karnataka, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh which go to polls in the near future.

    Here are their short profiles:

    1) Sixty-four-year-old Ashwini Kumar Choubey was a health minister in Bihar. A BJP veteran, he was born at Dariyapur in Bhagalpur and did his BSc (Hons) in zoology from the Science College, Patna University.

    At present, he represents the Buxar Lok Sabha seat.

    Married to Neeta Choubey, he has two sons.

    He was an active part of the JP Movement in the 1970s and was taken into custody during the Emergency. Chaubey is credited with having raised the slogan ghar-ghar me ho shouchalaya ka nirman, tabhi hoga ladli bitiya ka kanyadaan.

    He has helped in the construction of 11,000 toilets for Mahadalit families.

    2) Virendra Kumar, 63, is the Lok Sabha MP from Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh. From the convenor of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), District Sagar in 1977-79 to now b...


    Macron wants a Federal Budget for All of the Eurozone "IndyWatch Feed World"

    French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron is coming out arguing for the total federalization of Europe proposing that there should be a budget for the Eurozone of hundreds of billions of euros. Macrons position is that this budget should represent several points of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the Eurozone. It should be possible, Macron said, to collect money together in the markets and allocate it with sufficient force for all.

    He also has made it clear that the GDP of all euro area countries was 10.7 trillion in 2016 according to Eurostat. He makes it clear that the Eurozone is far too restrictive in its budget policy when compared with the policies of China, Russia or the United States. He has made it clear that this is the cause of the high unemployment in Europe among the youth.

    France has very high unemployment as is the case in most Eurozone countries. The debt of the Eurozone countries has escalated and as in France there is a growing gap between expenditure and tax collection. Some fear that the creation of such a common euro budget will lead to even more government debt as countries pump out debt to try to stimulate their economies.

    Macron is correct that there is a huge problem that is eating away at the Eurozone. The restrictive policies are because of Germanys fear of inflation that they went through during the 1920s. They wrongly attribute inflation to the increase in money supply and ignore the fact that it was a collapse in confidence given the 1918 revolution led by Communists in Germany.

    Macron wants to push forward with his proposals for a further development of the monetary union after the German Bundestag election. Merkel will certainly not entertain any such proposal before the election. Still, Macron is way off the mark. Increasing the spending and debt with rising taxes will still fail to reverse the economic decline. The Eurozone must be restructured or it cannot survive.


    Greens complain people cant use more energy. Wait. What? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Low-income New Zealanders are struggling to keep warm this winter, the Green Party said today. A new report by Statistics New Zealand revealed that around one in three New Zealand households are experiencing some form of energy hardship. Its disgraceful that almost one in three New Zealand households are having to keep the heater turned []

    The post Greens complain people cant use more energy. Wait. What? appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


    These Are Email Templates To Use When You Want To Ask For An Introduction "IndyWatch Feed World"

    Professional social currency matters.

    Throughout the course of your career, there will be times when you need to ask for an introductioneven when you dont want to. Whether youre a new entrepreneur looking for an in with investors or just seeking a career change, youll need to tap your network for referrals, connections, and opportunities to chat.

    Read Full Story


    Mainstream Media Finally Realizes the Federal Reserve is a Private Bank that Controls the Govt "IndyWatch Feed World"

    (ZH) While the concept of independence among the unelected central bank cognoscenti is as cute as the tooth fairy or santa claus, it is nevertheless defended by those on high as sacrosanct to our very democracy.

    That is until The Wall Street Journals editorial board finally had enough of Fed officials joining the resistance against financial reform

    Via WSJ,

    Janet Yellen didnt run for President, but you wouldnt know it from her policy dmarche Friday at the Federal Reserves annual Jackson Hole retreat. The Fed Chair unleashed a defense of post-crisis financial regulation that shows how political the worlds central bankers have become.

    Read Entire Article


    The Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Explained "IndyWatch Feed National"

    By Dr. Mercola

    Ive often noted that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a pernicious, hidden health risk. But exactly how does this kind of microwave radiation damage your health? Martin Pall, Ph.D., has identified and published research describing the likely molecular mechanisms of how EMFs from cellphones and wireless technologies damage plants, animals and humans.1,2 ,3,4

    Pall has a bachelors in physics from Johns Hopkins and a Ph.D. in biochemistry and genetics from Caltech, and is uniquely qualified for this type of research. For the past 18 years, hes been scouring the medical literature, integrating and drawing parallels between work done by others to answer this pressing question. Pall explains:

    There is a huge amount of information out here that nobody has the time to integrate, digest and make connections [between]. Thats what Ive been doing I was interested in EMFs before I could understand how they worked. Then I stumbled onto two papers that told me, Well, this looks like the way they work, and then I dug out more and more papers

    What the [initial two] studies showed was that you could block or greatly lower the effects [of EMF] by using calcium channel blockers That was the key observation

    Now [I have found] 26 [papers] They all show that EMFs work by activating what are called voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs). These are channels in the outer membrane of the cell, the plasma membrane that surrounds all our cells. When theyre activated, they open up and allow calcium to flow into the cell. Its the excess calcium in the cell which is responsible for most if not all of the [biological effects].

    EMFs and Intracellular Calcium

    Tracing A Scene An Old-Fashioned Way "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Taking a picture is as simple as tapping a screen. Drawing a memorable scene, even when its directly in front of you, is a different skill entirely. So trace it! Well, thats kind of hard to do without appropriate preparation.

    [bobsteaman]s method is to first whip up a pantograph it tested well with a felt marker on the end. Next, he built a camera obscura into a small wood box with a matte plexiglass top, which didnt work quite so well. A magnifying glass above the cameras pinhole aperture helped, but arduous testing was needed to ensure it was set at perfect position for a clear image. The matte plexiglass was also thrown out and, after some experimentation, replaced with a sheet of semi-transparent baking paper sandwiched between two pieces of clear plexiglass. The result is hard to argue with.

    Bundled into a drawing table, this camera obscura is fitted with a mirror underneath at a 45 degree angle so it projects up to the underside of the plexiglass. A blunted nail and a pen in the pantographs joints duplicate whatsoever the camera is capturing. For now, [bobsteaman] is forced to cart it around in the trunk of his car to capture the charming scene of his desire, but can also be h...


    Restored Republic via a GCR as of Sept. 3, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

    Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Sept. 3 2017

    Compiled 12:53 am EDT 3 Sept. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

    Source: Dinar Chronicles

    A. Sept. 2 2017 RV Intelligence Alert Situation Report: READ FULL SITREP READ FULL SITREP

    1. Final word (on the RV) was given by a Chinese source in banking and a restored Republic source.

    2. The RV was set to release some time over the Labor Day Holiday weekend.

    3. The final time and day was based off of several key factors, none of which involved hurricanes.

    4. There was an eight window start time possibility.

    5. All local top tier authorities have been notified.

    6. Tues. morning Sept. 5 was the actual day.

    7. The goal was to RV this Sept.

    8. Oct. 1 was the drop dead date for the RV.

    9. The US could no longer operate after Oct. 1 without the RV.

    B. Sept. 2 2017 11:11 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Area Z" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - September 2, 2017

    1. I just got final word from a Chinese source connected to the banking and a Republic source connected to the Pentagon - that the RV table has indeed been "set" for release sometime over the Labor Holiday weekend.

    2. The big table has been now been "set" per Elders/AIIB/BOC/HSBC. The final time and day was said to be based off of several key factors, none of which are hurricane related, all of which are safety and media related.

    3. There was an 8 window start time possibility beginning at midnight EDT Sat. morning Sept. 2, with all appropriate military precautions activated last night, Sept. 1.

    4. Supposedly Dunford has several simultaneous release strategies blending into one.

    5. Even local top tier authorities were been notified as to what is going down and to be fully staffed for whatever may arise, including SWAT, Hostage Negotiating and Bomb Squad Units.

    6. It'll be confusing with all the political drama that will be on-going covering up the secondary private exchanges (we're the prim...


    Suicide on the up among British students "IndyWatch Feed World"

    Poor harsh Britain.uncaring UK Gov and services

    The suicide rate for British university students has risen to its highest level leaving universities overwhelmed, a new study found.

    More students than ever are killing themselves due to financial and academic pressure, according to data from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

    The number of students with mental health problems at university has risen to its highest level with a record of 15,395 students. based on the report, the students disclosed their mental health issues in their first year which is a five fold increase in 10 years.

    Universities must be ready to support these students, including, where appropriate, through referral into specialist care. But the extent of support is currently too varied, and many university services are overwhelmed by the level of demand, Craig Thorley, an IPPR senior research fellow, told The Guardian.

    The IPPR think tank also revealed that in 2015, 134 students who suffered from depression and anxiety took their own lives leaving universities overwhelmed by the increase in mentally ill students seeking help.

    According to the report, the number of students who were getting help from counseling services, or were on the waiting list to do so, was as great as 26 percent in some universities.

    We know that the Government needs to do much more, said Mark Salter, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

    More pressures on students and increased awareness of mental health issues, resulting in more sufferers coming forward, has contributed to the rise of suicide, the IPPR report found. (File photo)



    Suicide is preventable without proper resourcing and funding, we will not reduce suicide in England, Salter added.

    UK Prime Minister Theresa May triggered the formal, two-year process of withdrawing Britain from the European Union (EU) in March.

    Ever since, there have been broad consensus among economists that Brexit will have a prolonged effect of the British economy and will ultimately diminish output, jobs and wealth to some degree.

    Many business leaders are also concerned about Mays decision to leave the EU single market, a free trade area of 500 million people, fearing its impact on jobs and economic growth.

    Last year, the head of the UK university with the most students from the European Union (EU), University College London (UCL), warned that if Britain vot...


    Holy Spirituality with Pine Cone: Crystalline Liquid Vibration "IndyWatch Feed World"

    It's In Every One Of Us

    Swirling Prayers of Delight warm in Communion
    Wonder inspiration from within a Precious Heart
    Sun effervescent, can this be lilting in effulgence
    Lifting a tired heart above within Spirit Brilliance

    Stir these flying embers into twilight magic hands
    Rise Immortal light and love frequency awakening
    Something bristling deep inside is calling me here
    Hear what I am Seeing as melodies advance lyrics

    Sweet relief now owns me from nothing deep inside
    And songs of Sweet Beloved sing me tonight aside
    I am twice the mystery in lyrics receiving in giving so
    As Thou Art That That Thou Art in a trill of forgiveness

    Oh Sing my heart Sing let my eyes gaze upon me Thee
    Upon my Lord; Upon my Lord
    Hare Ram Hare Ram Rama Rama hare hare hare Ram
    Oh Hare Ram; Oh Hare Ram

    Long Time Sun

    About the Author


    I Love to Admit it 11/22/16

    I Love" to admit it, but I have been captivated by the constant Blackmail battering of this Child-sacrificing malevolent World, so that I want to surrender to Holy Spirit, by turning within, as a new humble priority. Sex-slavery robbed me of my soul, as a child, yet once I realized everything difficult, that happens enhances my devotion to turn even, more within ONENESS Spirit Conscience forgiveness nurturing, instead.

    I fought like Hell to work, very hard for Money to, barely survive, but after a few years of meditation, and forgiveness prayers to Holy Spirit, to do the difficult forgiveness of others, as myself, more money came to me from Spirit, right through other benevolent Sources, than I ever, even knew about, before surrender. I Love to admit that Money doesnt come from hard work, or social-norm Blackmail, but comes from Source, just like everything else, we need to thrive, instead of, barely survive in addiction to this Child-sacrificing malevolent World.



    Black Hawk down off Yemen coast "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the US military has crashed off the coast of war-torn Yemen 

    CENTCOM ~US Central Command  said on Saturday that the chopper went down  about 20 miles off the southern coast of Yemen at 7 p.m. local time

    A search is underway for a missing US service member who was on board, while the five other service members aboard the helicopter had been rescued.

    The Central Command noted that an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the crash.

    When the incident took place the helicopter was not very high above the water, CENTCOM spokesman Colonel John Thomas said.

    unnamed (2) (37)



    M6.3 Explosion near Sungjibaegam, North Korea USGS "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

    GPSC-284R UPDATE: Japanese officials confirm the NK event as a nuclear test. [05:20UTC] Powerful Seismic Shock Recorded 22km ENE of Sungjibaegam, North Korea The shock is believed caused by N. Koreas sixth nuclear test, a two-stage thermonuclear weapon. The explosion was exactly 10 times more powerful than the previous nuclear test conducted by NK in []


    Rothschild Just Dumped Massive Amounts of US Assets, Sending an Ominous Signal "IndyWatch Feed World"

    The Free Thought Project,
    Waking Times

    In what is a sure signal to oligarchs across the globe, Lord Jacob Rothschild, founder and chairman of RIT Capital Partners, has substantially minimized his exposure to what he views as a risky and unstable U.S. capital market. In the half-yearly financial report for RIT Capital Partners, Rothschild explained the companys aggressive moves to significantly reduce exposure to U.S. assets.

    We do not believe this is an appropriate time to add to risk. Share prices have in many cases risen to unprecedented levels at a time when economic growth is by no means assured, Rothschild said in his semi-annual report.

    Additionally, Rothschild stated that he believes quantitative easing (QE) programs employed by central banks, such as the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. will come to an end.

    Rothschild was quoted in the report as saying, The period of monetary accommodation may well be coming to an end.

    Signaling a potential disaster in the making in the United States financial markets, Rothschild reduced the investments RIT Capital Partners has in the U.S. dollar by nearly fifty percent. On December 31, 2016, RIT Capital Partners reported a 62 percent net value asset investment in U.S. dollars. In the latest report released by RIT Capital Partners on June 30, 2017, the company has a 37 percent net value asset investment in U.S. dollars.


    Over that same period of time, Rothschild increased RITs investment in Sterling and the Euro.

    Just last year, the bond manager of what was once the worlds largest b...


    Americas New Ironman is Headed Home from Spaceits Peggy Whitson "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Submitted via IRC for Bytram

    Without much fanfare, NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson will return to Earth on Saturday nightit will be Sunday morning on the steppes of Kazakhstanaboard a Soyuz spacecraft. Quietly, she will have spent 288 days in space, or nearly 10 months. The duration of her spaceflight will fall short of only one other US astronaut, Scott Kelly, who returned to Earth in 2016 with a lot more attention after 340 days.

    Whitson is known around NASA's Johnson Space Center as perhaps the agency's most efficient astronaut in space, regularly getting ahead of her timelines, research, and maintenance tasks for each day. Mission controllers typically have to come up with extra work. Partly because of this, she is one of only a handful of NASA astronauts to have been selected to serve three rotations on the International Space Station.

    As a result of these three long duration spaceflights, the biochemist has now logged 665 days in space. This cumulative time in space easily ranks her as the American flier with the most experience in orbit, far above the 534 days tallied by NASA's Jeff Williams and 520 days of Scott Kelly. Whitson only lags behind seven Russian men, several of whom spent time both on the International Space Station as well as Russia's Mir station.


    Original Submission

    Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


    6.3 Earthquake Rocks North Korea In Confirmed Nuclear Test "IndyWatch Feed World"

    An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 has been recorded inside North Korea, hours after Kim Jong-un boasted it was ready to test new advanced nuclear weapons.  According to senior South Korean military officials, the quake was [...]


    Utah cop who arrested nurse now under criminal investigation "IndyWatch Feed World"

    The detective who violently arrested a Salt Lake City nurse for not allowing police to draw blood from an unconscious patient is now the subject of a criminal investigation and on paid administrative leave.

    Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill announced Friday that he wants a criminal investigation into the July 26 arrest of University of Utah Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels. The arrest was captured on multiple police body cameras.

    In fairness to all those involved I have requested a criminal investigation into the incident so that the District Attorneys office could screen the matter after gathering all the facts, Gill stated. Our office had not received any materials on the matter thus far and in the interest of justice and given the prima facie evidence a criminal investigation is warranted.

    Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski said as a result of the criminal investigation, the arresting officer, detective Jeff Payne, will be placed on full administrative leave with pay.

    Mayor Jackie Biskupski called Paynes actions completely unacceptable to the values of my administration and of the values of the Salt Lake City Police Department, in a statement Friday, the Tribune reported.

    I extend a personal apology to Ms. Wubbels for what she has been through for simply doing her job, Biskupski added.

    An Internal Affairs investigation that will examine the actions of the arrest, will work with the Civilian Review Board in a parallel investigation, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.



    Two Seismic Events In North Korea are a Suspected Nuclear Test Possibly: One Explosion, One Collapse "IndyWatch Feed"

    Two seismic events happening in North Korea are suspected to be a nuclear test.  The first event was reportedly measured at a 5.6 Richter Scale magnitude. The second event is being reported at 6.3.  Both seismic events are potentially related Continue reading


    Space Station crew back to Earth "IndyWatch Feed World"

    The Soyuz MS-04 spacecraft has reentered the atmosphere after 135 days in orbit, carrying three Expedition 52 crew members from the International Space Station back to Earth.


    The Soyuz MS-04 spacecraft has successfully landed in Kazakhstan after 135 days in orbit, carrying members of Expedition 52 back from the International Space Station (ISS).

    From the landing site, all three crew members will be flown by helicopter to Karaganda where Yurchikhin will board a Russian space agency plane for the trip home to Star City near Moscow. NASA had planned to send Whitson and Fischer to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, but because of Hurricane Harvey, those plans might be delayed.



    Why We Fought in Charlottesville : A Letter from an Anti-Fascist on the Dangers Ahead "IndyWatch Feed War"

    letter from an antifascist

    I am one of the thousands of people who confronted Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend. I am a blue-collar person, with a job, family, and responsibilities. I would have preferred to do other things with my weekend. However, I had to ask myself: If these people are allowed to run roughshod over this town, what will they do next?

    We would have been crushed like cockroaches if it were not for the anarchists and the antifascists They saved our lives, actually. We would have been completely crushed, and Ill never forget that.

    Dr. Cornel West

    No, I did not behave peacefully when I saw a thousand Nazis occupy a sizable American city. I fought them with the most persuasive instruments at hand, the way both my grandfathers did. I was maced, punched, kicked, and beaten with sticks, but I gave as good as I got, and usually better. Donald Trump says that there was violence on both sides. Of course there was. I might add that there were not murderers on both sidesbut thats not really my point.

    I would like to ask a different question. What would have happened if there had not been violence on both sides? What would have happened if there had only been violence on one side?

    On the night of Friday, August 11, 2017, I saw something that I never thought I would see, and that I hope I never see again: 500 Nazis and white supremacists marching across the campus of the University of Virginia while police did nothing, surrounding 30 counter-demonstrators who were holding hands around a statue of Thomas Jefferson, and beating them with torches while calling them nigger and boy. By the end of the night, it was clear to me that the Unite the Right march had been organized for the express purpose of killing people on Saturday.

    Permit me to quote a post from a clergyperson in Charlottesville at length, because it correctly explains what happened on Saturday morning, and why. There are countless other narratives like it online.

    A note on the Antifa:

    They are...


    A reader on how Jacinda Ardern comes across on radio "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Yesterday afternoon I listened to Jacinda with Kerre and Mark on NewstalkZB.  I ended up cringing at the prospect of her representing our country when speaking  with overseas leaders. Call me old-fashioned but I believe that correct speech is very important in public figures, if they want the attention of thinking people. I heard wader []

    The post A reader on how Jacinda Ardern comes across on radio appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


    Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Nostrum  a medicine prepared by an unqualified person, especially one that is not considered effective;  a medicine sold with false or exaggerated claims and with no demonstrable value; quack medicine; a scheme or remedy for bringing about some social or political reform or improvement; a suggested solution for a problem that will probably not succeed.

    Hat Tip: Inquiring Mind

    Filed under: language Tagged: nostrum


    The Reasons for Netanyahus Panic "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

    Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is pushing the panic button over the collapse of the Saudi-Israeli jihadist proxies in Syria and now threatening to launch a major air war.

    By former British diplomat Alastair Crooke and cross-posted from Consortium News

    A very senior Israeli intelligence delegation, a week ago, visited Washington. Then, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broke into President Putins summer holiday to meet him in Sochi, where, according to a senior Israeli government official (as cited in the Jerusalem Post), Netanyahu threatened to bomb the Presidential Palace in Damascus, and to disrupt and nullify the Astana cease-fire process, should Iran continue to extend its reach in Syria.

    Russias Pravda wrote, according to eyewitnesses of the open part of the talks, the Israeli prime minister was too emotional and at times even close to panic. He described a picture of the apocalypse to the Russian president that the world may see, if no efforts are taken to contain Iran, which, as Netanyahu believes, is determined to destroy Israel.

    So, what is going on here? Whether or not Pravdas quote is fully accurate (though the description was confirmed by senior Israeli commentators), what is absolutely clear (from Israeli sources) is that both in Washington and at Sochi, the Israeli officials were heard out, but got nothing. Israel stands alone. Indeed, it is reported that Netanyahu was seeking guarantees about the future Iranian role in Syria, rather than asking for the moon of an Iranian exit. But how could Washington or Moscow realistically give Israel such guarantees?

    Belatedly, Israel has understood that it backed the wrong side in Syria and it has lost. It is not really in a position to demand anything. It will not get an American enforced buffer zone beyond the Golan armistice line, nor will the Iraqi-Syrian border be closed, or somehow supervised on Israels behalf.

    Of course, the Syrian aspect is important, but to focus only on that, would be to miss the forest for the trees. The 2006 war by Israel to destroy Hizbullah (egged on by the U.S., Saudi Arabia and even a few Lebanese) was a failure. Symbolically, for the first time in the Middle East, a technologically sophisticated, and lavishly armed, Western nation-state simply failed. What made the failure all the more striking (and painful) was that a Western state was not just bested militarily, it had lost also the electronic and human intelligence war, too both spheres in which the West thought their primacy unassailable



    September 3rd 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #227 "IndyWatch Feed"

    In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


    10 Hurricane Harvey Stories That Will Give You Hope for America "IndyWatch Feed World"

    The Organic Pepper,
    Waking Times

    While its true there are a lot of stories about division and heartlessness, there are many stories coming out of storm-torn Texas that will give you hope for humanity again. Kindness and love for our neighbors isnt dead, despite a politically divided country. This is proof that we can work together and give selflessly.

    This isnt to underplay the death and destruction, but to highlight our humanity in the face of disaster.

    Below, you can find 10 of my favorite heart-warming stories so far.

    1. Four teenage boys rescued more than 50 people in Houston.  After waking up to discover his beloved truck was under water, a 17-year-old Texas boy enlisted his younger brother and two other teens to get on a fishing boat and rescue more than 50 people and their pets and bring them to the safety of a local shelter. (source)
    2. Members of the Cajun Navy resuscitated an elderly woman found floating face-down in the flood water. As they were guiding their boat down a waterway that was formerly a road, three volunteers realized that what they initially thought was debris was an elderly woman. They jumped in and began resuscitating her in the water, saving her life. They were able to reunite her with her family and say she is doing well. This isnt the first time that the Cajun Navy has thrown themselves wholeheartedly into a rescue effort, and Houston is welcoming their contributions. (source)
    3. When a stranded woman went into labor, a human chain, a fire department, and a dump truck got her to the hospital. Luckily for a woman who went into labor early, the neighborhood worked together to get her to the hospital in time to give birth. As her new baby girl required intensive care immediately after she was born, it was a good thing that she wa...


    French cities are Roman sites rather than by the sea "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    Here is the amazing fact: today, 16 of Frances 20 largest cities are located on or near a Roman town, while only 2 of Britains 20 largest are. This difference existed even back in the Middle Ages. So who cares? Well, Britains cities in the middle ages are two and a half times more likely to have coastal access than Frances cities, so that in 1700, when sea trade was hugely important, 56% of urban French lived in towns with sea access while 87% of urban Brits did. This is even though, in both countries, cities with sea access grew faster and huge sums of money were put into building artificial canals. Even at a very local level, the France/Britain distinction holds: when Roman cities were within 25km of the ocean or a navigable river, they tended not to move in France, while in Britain they tended to reappear nearer to the water. The fundamental factor for the shift in both places was that developments in shipbuilding in the early middle ages made the sea much more suitable for trade and military transport than the famous Roman Roads which previously played that role.

    These days, the French model is looking somewhat better, as Toulouse has held its ground more readily than has Liverpool.

    That is from A Fine Theorem, discussing a recent paper by Guy Michaels and Ferdinand Rauch.

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    Sunday September 3rd Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

    Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


    Evil Liberals Attack POTUS Trump After He Declares Sunday National Prayer Day For Harvey Victims "IndyWatch Feed"

    The evil liberals are seething over President Trumps declaration to make Sunday, September 3rd a National Day of Prayer for the Hurricane Harvey victims.

    President Trump is bringing back our Judeo-Christian values after Obama praised Islam for 8 years.

    POTUS said that is was appropriate during times of great need to ask for Gods blessing and Gods guidance, and signed the declaration Friday. Amen!

    He called on our nation to pray for people who are suffering after a tragedy and like clockwork the liberals immediately unleashed on him. Pure evil.

    President Trump tweeted late Saturday evening, Remember, Sunday is National Prayer Day (by Presidential Proclamation)!


    The evil liberals came unhinged and attacked Trump. Just look at how disgusting liberals are towards a sitting President who called for prayers:



    Navajo Family Evacuated from Texas Home "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

    Courtesy photo
    Phillip Bedonie uses two inflatable mattresses to transport his family, with their dog Tucker, to safety on Wednesday.

    Published September 3, 2017

    PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS -The loud engines for the pumps that keep a town 91 miles east of Houston from flooding went out at about 1:30 Wednesday morning, according to a Navajo mother of four boys who lives in Port Arthur, Texas.

    We noticed that we couldnt hear them anymore, said Trinda Bedonie, originally from Hard Rock, Arizona.

    Tuesday morning, her husband told her family that the water had come up to the third step at the front of their home.

    We slept in the attic that night, Bedonie said.

    As the rain which fell since Monday kept coming, more and more water came into their home.

    Next thing you know, water started coming in from our front yard, from our back yard, from everywhere, she said.

    The next disruption in the noises they were used to came with the helicopters coming in to rescue residents in the area. Bedonie said first responders told her that the 911 system had been overwhelmed as the waters rose, and officials had been surprised by the unanticipated weather.

    It was not supposed to come this way, Bedonie said. It was supposed to go up toward San Antonio, but we got the tail end of it.

    Soon, they had to leave their home. Phillip Bedonie filled up air mattresses as the family gathered to head out. With the dog atop one mattress and the family wading alongside, they saw boats and neighbors nearby. Evacuees headed for a nearby street above the waterline.

    The boats only take you so far, Bedonie said.

    From there, a fleet of volunteers driving semis, flatbeds and even dump trucks transported the displaced to Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. The family spent a night there and returned to town according to Bedonie. They are now at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Port Arthur.

    The kids are safe. The family is safe. The dog is safe. But, the Bedonie said they lost everything.

    We lost everything, she said. Our car is underwater.

    Phillip and Trinda Bedonie have four sons ages 22, 15, 11 and 7.

    Her daughter, who lives in Australia, sta...


    Why Willie will win again "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Tony Onyima Few weeks back, it was easy to point with some justice to the deviousness of a tiny clique of jobbers eager to scuttle the primary election of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra State. Thankfully the election, adjudged by many as peaceful, was held in the most transparent way and a []

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    Chickasaw Nation Hosts Miss America Watch Party at McSwain Theatre, Sept. 10 "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

    Miss Oklahoma Triana Browne

    Published September 3, 2017

    ADA, OKLAHOMA Miss Oklahoma Triana Browne will represent her home state and the Chickasaw Nation on the national stage Sunday, Sept. 10 as she competes in the iconic Miss America Pageant.

    The Chickasaw Nation will host an official Miss America Watch Party at the McSwain Theatre, 130 W. Main, to cheer and support Miss Browne.

    Activities for all ages and light refreshments begin at 6 p.m., and a brief program is planned at 7 p.m.

    Guests will have the opportunity to watch the televised Miss America Pageant on the large McSwain screen at 8 p.m.

    The official Chickasaw Nation Miss America Watch Party is open to the public at no charge.

    Guests who RSVP to 580-310-7903 by Thursday, Sept. 7 will receive a special gift.

    For more information, visit

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    How desperate is Bill? Quite desperate, now hes blaming the Media party "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Bill English is getting desperate. Not only is he Mr Casual Cool now in his new tan jacket and blue jeans, but he is also blaming the media for his slide towards defeat. Labour leader Jacinda Arderns face was nowhere to be seen. The Labour billboards in Tauranga have yet to catch up with her []

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    The Great Salt-Sodium Hoax: Eating More Salt Might Actually Save Your Life "IndyWatch Feed World"

    Around 2012, and immediately before and after, Health Impact News featured some seriously thought provoking attacks on reigning dogmatic nutritional salt myths.

    The reports were from several experts such as Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. David Brownstein, author of Salt Your Way to Health, and the satirical approach of Scottish M.D. Malcolm Kendrick.

    My favorite Health Impact News article on the matter was by Dr. Kendrick, who explained that the low sodium diets seem to forget that salt is composed of two molecules, salt (Na) and chloride (Cl). The chemical formula for salt is NaCl, or sodium chloride, which is salt.

    Then he flashed a study that warned low serum chlorine was more dangerous than previously considered, concluding:

    Read Entire Article


    The Utah Nurse is Not Alone Police Have a History of Abusing Professionals Rendering Aid "IndyWatch Feed World"

    The Body Cam footage of a nurse being violent arrested for doing her job and refusing to break the law may be shocking, but it's not uncommon.

    Red Cross Admits It Doesn't Know How Hurricane Harvey Donation Money Is Spent "IndyWatch Feed World"

    Though the Red Cross has a historical reputation for providing relief to victims of natural disasters and other emergencies, the organizations practices have tarnished its name over the last few years. Amid the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the Red Cross reportedly accepted nearly $500 million in relief money but built only six homes with the funds even though they claimed they had provided homes to 130,000 people. These failures prompted some Haitians to advise the world against donating funds to the Red Cross.

    N Korea blast 'five times bigger than Nagasaki' "IndyWatch Feed World"

    North Korea has detonated a hydrogen bomb with "perfect success", the country's state media has announced. It claimed the device could be mounted on its newly developed intercontinental ballistic missiles, which experts have said are capable of reaching the US mainland.

    Hurricane Irma remains potential threat to the East Coast, possibly matching Harveys wind strength "IndyWatch Feed World"

    On the heels of Hurricane Harvey, now estimated to be the second-costliest storm in U.S. history, attention is turning to the next threat, Hurricane Irma.


    Herdsmen attack: Women embark on hunger strike "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Demand corpse of 71-year-old farmer Women of Ezi Ajah, Amuro community in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State have embarked on a hunger strike to protest the alleged abduction and killing of one of their own, Mrs. Uche Oko, popularly known as Ogbo Uche by suspected herdsmen. The people of the area and []

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    For Greek-Kiwi writer Michalia Arathimos creativity knows no bounds. Her debut novel Aukati plunges into eco-politics and Mori land rights and blends cultures and languages to create a riveting and timely story set on the slopes of Mount Taranaki.

    Launched at the Melbourne Writers Festival and boasting a cover by award-winning designer Sarah Laing, Aukati is ...


    House ll soon pass Climate Change Commission Bill- Dogara "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Yakubu Dogara, has condoled with the government and people of Benue State over the flooding that has displaced over a hundred thousand people in the state and destroyed properties in 12 local government areas. The Speaker also expressed deep sympathy for all the victims who lost their []

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    Hassan Nasrallah: in North Korea, Trump heads for a nuclear world war "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

    Speech by Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on 31 August 2017, on the occasion of the commemoration of Lebanons Second Liberation against terrorist groups Transcript: [] We need to know,


    Hurricane Victim on President Trump: I Had a Different Opinion of Him, Now I Think Hes a Wonderful Man (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

    For some reason this Hurricane Harvey footage got past the editors at ABC News.

    President Trump visited with the victims of Hurricane Harvey today in Houston and Louisiana.
    During one stop at a Houston shelter President Trump hugged the children and took selfies with the victims.

    Hurricane victim Shanna Miles and Likisha Collins spoke to President Trump and then told ABC:

    I had a different opinion of him, now I think hes a wonderful man. Hes a really cool dude when you get to meet him!

    This was amazing.

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    Government vs Dr John Piesse in the Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe Debate "IndyWatch Feed National"

    By Dee McLachlan I am hoping to interview Dr John Piesse but when I spoke to him last week, he was tied up trying to save his career and practice. This is what The Age reported: Embattled anti-vaccination GP John Piesse has agreed to temporarily stop practising as a doctor after he was advised that []


    Is the Survival of America Hanging on Trumps Instincts? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    Is the Survival of America Hanging on Trumps Instincts? by Chanda Chisala UNZ Review The unfortunate events of Charlottesville have revealed a very dangerous trend among the governing and media elites of America. There is almost full consensus that...

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    Elon Musk's Tesla Faces Federal Probe For Insufficient Socialism, Failing To Make Tesla Ford Again "IndyWatch Feed World"

    Woes for Elon Musk's (WOT:nonperson) Tesla Motors continue to mount with the US "National Labor Relations Board" investigating the firm for insufficient socialism. The Board alleges it has been receiving complaints that Musk isn't warmly opening Tesla's orfices for Pantsuit worker's committees and a proletariate hand in governing Tesla's operations, as is SOP for USian automobile firms. Perhaps Musk will let the interlopers Make Tesla Ford Again!


    FG has halted crisis in oil/ gas industryKachikwu "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    sets it on path of growth Paul Ogbuokiri In two years, the Federal Government has halted the crisis in the oil and gas sector and set it on the path of sustained growth and development, Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu has said. The minister said this in the mid-term review of the []

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    Report: Saraki first blew whistle on corruption in oil sector in 2014 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    There are reports that Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki was first to raise the lid on corruption in the oil sector as far back as 2014. Senator Saraki as a member of the 7th Senates committee on finance that investigated the alleged unmerited $49 billion (about N17 trillion) to the Federation Account had raised an []

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    Syrians in a Besieged Town Are Learning to Grow Mushrooms to Survive "IndyWatch Feed World"

    (GVO)  Since the start of the 2011 Syrian revolution and subsequent civil war, many cities around Syria fell victim to harsh sieges and blockades, primarily by forces loyal to the Assad regime.

    According to Siege Watch, a joint initiative of peace organization PAX and research institution The Syria Institute, there are about 1 million Syrians currently living under siege in areas of Damascus, Rural Damascus, Homs, Deir Ezzor, and Idlib governorates.

    One area hit particularly hard is Eastern Ghouta, where a chemical weapon attack on August 21, 2013 left hundreds of civilians dead. Many governments, international organizations, and the Syrian opposition conclude based on investigations by the United Nations and other human rights groups that the massacre was perpetrated by the Assad regime.

    This part of rebel-held Syria right outside of Damascus has been under siege since 2013, leaving residents to rely on food produced locally or smuggled in through tunnels or across checkpoints.

    Years of regime blockade have put traditional staples like meat far beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. In response, a group of Syrian humanitarians and academics are educating residents of Eastern Ghouta to cultivate their own mushrooms as a lifesaving source of food.

    They call themselves Ghiras Al Nahda and the project is in coordination with another local NGO called the Adala Foundation.

    Mushrooms are not among common crops in Syria, and are rarely featured in local cuisine, but their relative benefits have made them an appealing source of food for many in besieged Eastern Ghouta.

    The projects director, Abu Nabil, told news agency AFP:

    We turned to cultivating mushrooms because theyre a food that has high nutritional value, similar to meat, and can be grown inside houses and basements.

    Speaking to Global Voices, one of the organizers, Dr. Ahmed Leila, said they have been struggling to make this project known for the past three years and expressed relief at it ...


    Members of a Denotified Tribe Are Refusing to Be Evicted from Under a Mumbai Flyover "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

    If the government gives us some land where we can move and build shanties, we will leave. But otherwise, we will continue to live here.

    Members of the community living under Amar Mahal flyover. Credit: Prthvir Solanki

    Members of the community living under the Amar Mahal flyover. Credit: Prthvir Solanki

    Mumbai: At Chemburs Amar Mahal flyover, construction crews are working away at breaking it down part by part to enable its reconstruction. The demolition work has been ongoing since June, after damage to the flyovers joints was detected. But 50 metres away from the section currently being demolished is a small community of 14 families who call the area under the adjoining section their home. With the sound of hammering and drilling as a background score, women and men cook over the acrid fumes of wood fire, barefoot children play with each other and families sleep on tattered mats. In around two months, the construction activities will reach this section, requiring it to be evacuated. But this community is refusing to move.

    The settlement under the flyover comprises members of the Phase Pardhi community, which was listed as a criminal tribe by the British through their 1871 Criminal Tribes Act. Under this Act, all members of the listed tribes were branded as criminals; the rationale given for this was that crime was a hereditary community profession among them. Though they were denotified by the government after independence, members of the Phase Pardhi community, and other den...


    A real life Noah in Texas "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Before his neighborhood flooded one man like a modern day Noah build himself something to protect his home. Unlike Noah, it was not an ark but what he did build turned his home into an island in the middle of the terrible flooding all across the State of Texas. Like Noah people laughed at him []

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    Canadian Animal Hospital Is Treating Injured Turtles With Promising Surgery "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    Snapping turtle release. Source: OTCC/Facebook

    South Ontario has the highest density of roads in Canada. The marshy area is also home to eight native species of turtle seven of which are listed as at risk by the World Wildlife Fund. Consequently, every year thousands of reptiles venture out onto the highway and are injured or killed by passing cars.

    VICE interviewed Dr. Sue Carstairs from the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre in Peterborough, South Ontario. Dr. Carstairs said the centre is currently housing nearly a thousand turtles (90% vehicle injuries) awaiting recovery and re-release into the wild. Saving the lives of these turtles is crucial since some species cant reproduce until they are more than 20 years old.

    Every inch of the conservation centre holds temporary habitats for injured turtles. Source: VICE

    Dr. Carstairs explained the centre has seen a huge spike in patients this year, given a wave of cool temperatures that have been ideal for the turtles to come out and move around in the open. The majority come into the centre with broken shells, which Dr. Carstairs and associates repair by inserting an orthopedic wire, which holds the shell together...


    Its Not Over: The Terrible Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    Its Not Over: The Terrible Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey by Daisy Luther The Organic Prepper This week, Survival Saturday focuses on the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the largest rainfall ever to hit the continental United States. Its important...

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    'Drive by shooting': Cop deploys taser from car window at boy on ATV-killing him "IndyWatch Feed World"

    Warren, MI - Under no circumstances is it ever okay to fire a weapon, lethal or not, at an unarmed child who is controlling an ATV-especially if you are a police officer and you are also in a vehicle. However, that is exactly what happened in Warren, Mich. last weekend and now an aspiring high school freshman is dead because of it. Michigan State Police Officer Mark Bessner allegedly fired his taser from his police cruiser, striking 15-year-old Damon Grimes. Grimes then, according to his family's lawyer, either died immediately from the 50,000 volts surging through his body, or died from the subsequent seizure which left him unable to safely control his all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) which crashed into the back of a pickup. Bessner was apparently trying to get the teen to get off of the roadway and thought it would be a good idea to deploy his taser from one moving vehicle to another (ATV). Since Grimes died as a result of the officer's actions, it now seems the Michigan State trooper may not have properly thought through all of the ramifications of his actions before deploying the deadly taser.


    The Pride of Texas Texas Military and Air National Guard Continue Ongoing Rescue Efforts "IndyWatch Feed"

    There are a lot of heroes in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey; from the local first-responders to the Cajun Navy, to the ordinary American who just makes a commitment to help their neighbor even when that neighbor might be Continue reading


    Mental Health Break "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Atlanta From The Ashes from Andrew Litten on Vimeo.

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    FARCs Step Towards Peace Brings Hope That There Wont Be Another Political Genocide in Colombia "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

    Colombias decades-old conflict with the FARC, preceded by another bloody conflict, prove that wars are easier begun than ended, but suddenly theres optimism in the air.

    Colombia's Marxist FARC rebel leader Rodrigo Londono, known as Timochenko, seen during the installation of the National Congress of the FARC in Bogota, Colombia August 27, 2017. Credit;Reuters

    Colombias Marxist FARC rebel leader Rodrigo Londono, known as Timochenko, seen during the installation of the National Congress of the FARC in Bogota, Colombia August 27, 2017. Credit: Reuters

    In his magnum opus 100 Years of Solitude, the late Colombian Nobel laureate, Gabriel Garca Mrquez, warne...


    In Kerala, Despite Sanghs Efforts to Project it as Hindu Festival, Story of Onam Prevails "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

    Malayalis are committed to celebrating it how they always have irrespective of caste and community.


    Dancers painted to look like tigers perform during festivities marking the end of the annual harvest festival of Onam in Thrissur, Kerala. Credit: Reuters

    Battles between demons and gods are familiar to people everywhere. Good emerging victorious over evil is an inseparable part of these battles. In India, too, these victories are celebrated in different parts of the country and over the years, a certain amount of uniformity has emerged in the telling of the tales of these battles, victories and defeats. Rama is good, Ravana is evil. Durga is good, Mahishasur is evil. The Pandavas, helped by Krishna, are good, Duryodhana and his brother Kauravas are evil. It is no co-incidence however, that it is always the victors who symbolise good and the vanquished who are equated with evil.

    An exception to this has been the battle between Mahabali and Vamana and the way it is remembered and commemorated by Malyalis everywhere and of course in Kerala.

    Mahabali was a legendary king of Kerala. He was the king during a golden period and all his subjects enjoyed the fruits of justice and equality which resulted in a plenitude of all that they needed to live contented lives in harmony with each other and with nature. As was the wont, in those ancient times, the Devtas in their heaven became fearful and jealous of this beloved and virtuous king. They were afraid that his piety would enable him to rule them in their heavenly abode and they went to Vishnu, begging him to rid the earth of Mahabali. Vishnu was aware of Mahabalis virtues. Legend has it...


    Nomadic politicians and 2019 elections "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    With the 2019 elections around the corner, politicians with penchant for cross carpeting are in talks for the umpteenth time, to jump the ship. BIYI ADEGOROYE and PHILIP NYAM examine the list and the prospects The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chairman in Adamawa State, Alhaji Abdulrahman Bobboi first flew the kite, expressing the partys readiness []

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    Man Arrested At Senators Town Hall For Asking How He Would Feel If His Daughter Was Abducted By ICE "IndyWatch Feed National"

    Republican Senator Pat Toomeys first town hall meeting in months ended with multiple charges for a man who asked a provocative hypothetical question that the senator did not want to consider.

    A Northampton, Pennsylvania man was not only pulled from Thursday nights televised town hall with U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), he was also arrested, reported Lehigh Valley Live.

    Simon Radecki, 28, of Northampton County faces charges of disorderly conduct and disrupting a public meeting after trying to get the Senator to be empathetic towards immigrant parents that could have their children abducted by government agents at any time. The republican senator, of course, wanted nothing to do with that.

    Toomey answered 20 questions during the hour-long event, one of which ended in Redecki being escorted from the meeting after he suggested that the senators daughter, Bridget, was abducted while posing a question on immigration, Philadelphia Voice reported. Radecki took to Facebook afterward to share the full question that came around 40 minutes into PBS39s broadcast.

    Thank you, Senator Toomey, for coming here tonight to hear our questions. Im assuming youve been busy thinking about how to answer our questions, so you havent seen the news. Do you know whether you daughter, Bridget, has been abducted? Radecki wrote.

    Whatever youre feeling right now, thats what it feels like to have a daughter deported. Thousands of fathers here in the Valley that live with that fear every day. Their daughters have names, too, Radecki continued. So heres my question. Do you unequivocally denounce any attempt by the administration to reverse DACA, which would hang the threat of deportation over hundreds of thousands of children the same age as Bridget?


    World's Most Powerful X-Ray Laser Begins Operations "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The world's most powerful X-ray laser has begun operating at a facility where scientists will attempt to recreate the conditions deep inside the sun and produce film-like sequences of viruses and cells.

    The machine, called the European X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL), acts as a high-speed camera that can capture images of individual atoms in a few millionths of a billionth of a second. Unlike a conventional camera, though, everything imaged by the X-ray laser is obliterated its beam is 100 times more intense than if all the sunlight hitting the Earth's surface were focused onto a single thumbnail.

    The facility near Hamburg, housed in a series of tunnels up to 38 metres underground, will allow scientists to explore the architecture of viruses and cells, create jittery films of chemical reactions as they unfold and replicate conditions deep within stars and planets.

    Scientists are already engaged in a fierce competitive bidding process to be the among the first to get time on its six beamlines.

    Original Submission

    Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


    Selected Articles: BRICS: Weakening US Hegemony, Reshaping the Global Economy? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    In light of the ninth BRICS summit which will be held in Xiamen, China on September 4 and 5, Global Research brings to your attention some articles on the framework and roadmap of the BRICS partnership. 

    Will the US empire


    Something Strange Is Happening To Taylor Swift : Look What They Made Her Do! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    Taylor Swift is getting ready to release a brand new album called Reputation, this November.

    READ MORE: How Did Conspiracy Theorist Name Come To Be?

    She also recently released a very popular song Look What You Made Me Do.

    Via Spy Kitten TV:


    North Korea says it has developed advanced hydrogen bomb that can be fitted on ICBM "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un provides guidance on a nuclear weapons program in this undated photo released by North Koreas Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang September 3, 2017. Russia Today: North Korea has developed a new, more advanced hydrogen nuke that is small enough to be fitted on a new intercontinental ballistic []


    Sen. Ogunlewe: Buhari should change his governance pattern "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe, former Minister of Works, in this interview with AJAYI ADEWALE examines the impact payment of living wage can have on the anti-graft war. He also looks at Nigerians high expectation from President Muhammadu Buhari after his return from his 103-day medical trip abroad   How do you perceive President Muhammadu Buharis recent []

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    Govt owes Egbin power plant N125bn "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    as national capacity hits 4,500MW Nigerias Egbin power plant, the biggest in Africas most-populous nation, is owed N125 billion ($352 million) by the government and half of its output is wasted because of inadequate transmission infrastructure, its chief officer has said. Out of the roughly 1,300 megawatts currently generated by the facilitys six units, which []

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    Biafra Security Service: Kanu may face fresh charges "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Weve violated no law IPOB BSS is our Hisbah Agitators Its an affront on govt Former SSS Director Kanu brought hatred to Igbo race SEast group The setting up of the Biafra Security Service (BSS), by the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has been roundly condemned by prominent lawyers []

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    Property glut: Lagos luxury apartments vacant, Onne empty "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

      Real reasons investors are crying   In the face of a whopping 17 million housing deficit in Nigeria, strong indications have emerged that many housing estates across the country, especially luxury apartments, are unoccupied in some major cities like Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja due to the impact of the recession on Nigerians. BIYI ADEGOROYE, []

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    Video: Alameda County sheriffs Deputies Arrested for Inmate Abuse. Allowed Inmates to Spray Urine and Throw Feces at One Another "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    Four Alameda County Sheriffs Department deputies have been arrested following an investigation after jail staffers blew the whistle on the deputies who allegedly allowed inmates to spray feces and urine at one another in the jail. Sarah Krause, Justin Linn, Erik McDermott and Stephen Sarcos, were released on bond after being arraigned on their charges related to the incident. Sheriff Greg Ahern wishes to make an example out of the four deputies who will soon be fired, so it may be known that the agency is embarrassed, shocked, and ashamed that this abuse was allowed to happen.

    As Bob Brigham for Raw Story reports:

    Several Alameda County Correctional deputies are under arrest, and soon to be fired, for alleged misconduct at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, KTVU reports. The charges involve allowing, even directing, inmates to pelt other inmates with urine and feces.

    The practice is known as gassing or chucking in prison slang.

    The four people arrested Thursday are Sarah Krause, Justin Linn, Erik McDermott and Stephen Sarcos, NBC Bay Area reports. Sheriffs spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly said Krause, Linn and McDermott have been placed on administrative leave and Sarcos has resigned. Kelly said bail for Linn and McDermott has been set at $135,000 and bail for Krause and Sarcos has been set at $35,000.

    All four posted bond and were released from jail.

    Linn and McDermott were arrested on suspicion of intimidation of a witne...


    PPTA defends Christchurchs new super school that is fraught with problems "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    A common complaint that we hear about individual schools is the amount of funding they receive. If only more money was spent on them they would do better is the standard line from the PPTA. If throwing money at problems was the solution then  Haeata Community Campus should be doing very well indeed but it isnt. []

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    Are Reason and Religion Mutually Exclusive? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

    Religion as the highest part of humanity was a reiteration of a very ancient idea: the notion that politics cannot bring human flourishing and cant capture the full extent of a person.

    Detail from the Good Samaritan window in Chartres Cathedral. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

    Detail from the Good Samaritan window in Chartres Cathedral. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    Contemporary Western liberals often assume that theological and political worldviews are competing discourses. Religion, when it enters the political arena, is cast as just another ideology vying for power. But treating the theological and the political as warring forces stops us from looking at the more surprising ways that they interact and inform each other.

    Friedrich Schleiermacher was a churchman and civil servant in early 19th-century Germany who rejected a neat partition between the spiritual and the political. In his writing and his life, he grappled, not always successfully, with how to reconcile the two. But in doing so, he offers up some worthwhile lessons about how reason and feeling can coexist in the public sphere, and provides us with a rich picture of what makes life meaningful.

    Schleiermachers context is key to understanding his thought. He rose to prominence as a man of letters during the upheavals of the Napoleonic Wars, and his interest in the cultural and moral formation (Bildung) of German citizens led him to cultivate a striking array of institutional roles and affiliations. As a scholar, Schleiermacher did field-changing work in theology, ethics and hermeneutics. He...


    Successful Eco-Friendly Farmers Highlight Need for Policy Changes "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

    Through their work, farmers in Odishas Nuapara district are showing the need for eco-friendly agriculture and self-reliance in rural farming communities.

    The overall thrust of the government's policies should be towards minimising the costs borne by farmers by helping them become self-reliant, not just at an individual but at a wider community level. Credit: Reuters

    The overall thrust of the governments policies should be towards minimising the costs borne by farmers by helping them become self-reliant, not just at an individual but at a wider community level. Credit: Reuters

    This is the second in a two-part series of reports on sustainable agriculture. Read part one here.

    If a two-acre farm brings prosperity to a family, it is certainly good news. It is even better if the prosperity is achieved on a low-quality land.



    Libya's 'harmful and exploitative' detention centres condemned "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    An international medical charity calls for an end to the arbitrary detention of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants in Libya.


    Security chief says UK is home to 35,000 Islamic jihadis "IndyWatch Feed War"

    The European Unions counter-terrorism coordinator, Gilles de Kerchove, singled out the UK as having more radicalised Muslims than any other country in Europe, with as many 35,000 fanatical Islamists. France has around 17,000, he says, and other areas of Europe, tens of thousands. This is what trusted authorities are subjecting their citizens to in the []


    Music cant stop my career as a pharmacist Yinka Rythmz "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Adeyinka Quadri Adeola-Hazzan, aka Yinka Rythmz, is the son of late popular Fuji singer, Alhaji Rasheed Adio, otherwise known as 2nd Barrister Lagerige. He is one of the popular Nigerian musicians making waves in the diaspora. Omo Somebody, as the award winning singer is also called is not all about music; he has also carved []

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    UK: Muslim migrant supplied 437 SIM cards to jihadis to spread ISIS propaganda "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Hes being prosecuted for this? Why not make him a TV star? Illegal immigrant to UK supplied more than 400 SIM cards to jihadis in Iraq and Syria so they could promote ISIS propaganda,' by Jay Akbar, Mailonline, September 2, 2017: An illegal immigrant appeared in court today charged with supplying hundreds of SIM cards []



    Trump Tells Harvey Victims at Shelter to Have a good time "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    On Saturday afternoon, President Trump made his second trip to Houston, TX in the week following the landfall of Hurricane Harvey.

    This time, Trump actually touched Texas children and handed out styrofoam containers of food to the temporary shelter residents, reported Raw Story.

    He was doing so good with trying to act like someone who cares, until it was time to end his short visit.

    On the way out the door, he stopped to tell everyone huddled in the shelter(who just lost most everything they had)  to Have a good time.


    Business Insider pointed out that the current count shows 43 people have died from causes related to Hurricane Harvey and dozens more injured.  A number of highly toxic industrial cleanup sites were inundated in the storm and cataclysmic flooding but the EPA currently admits that is has no idea how that may affect the environment or the people and wildlife in the region.



    [KR1118] Keiser Report: Economic War With China? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    Max and Stacy discuss Germany repatriating 24 billion worth of gold from New York and the US administration finally realizing it is already at economic war with China. They also discuss enlightened Silicon Valley sorts who feel they are inclusive despite the data proving they are not.


    Banksters Will Create Their Own Crypto and Ban BitCoin (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    Banksters Will Create Their Own Crypto and Ban BitCoin Video Truth Never Told TDC Note This is another segment that Chris pulled from our interview full length show click here This also ties into all the...

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    CAUGHT ON VIDEO=> High School Teacher Forces Students to Remove Pro-Trump Shirts Because Its Like a Swastika "IndyWatch Feed"

    A teacher at River Ridge High School in Woodstock, Georgia was caught on video telling students to remove their pro-Trump t-shirts because they are just like swastikas and the MAGA slogan is used by neo-Nazis.

    Turning Point USA exclusively obtained a video of a high school teacher forcing her students to remove their Trump t-shirts because the make American great again slogan is used by white supremacists. WOW!

    According to Turning Point USA, the high school teacher has been identified as Lyn Orletsky from River Ridge High School in Georgia.

    The incident happened Thursday according to sources.

    Just like you cannot wear a Swastika to school, You cannot wear make America great again like that. Please go, at least for this class. I dont care what you do in other classes, the teacher said to the students wearing the MAGA shirts.

    Wait so both of them have to like flip their shirts inside out because it says Trump on the top?, a student asked.

    Because it says Make America Great Again the teacher replied. The Neo-NazisIm not saying about Trump, but the slogan.


    Twitter video Charlie Kirk

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    Part memoir, part travelogue, part story collection "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Bleaker House by Nell Stevens
    Macmillan, RRP $37.    this is a book that is currently creating a lot of buzz internationally

    When Nell Stevens was given the opportunity to spend three months in a location of her choice in order to write her novel, she was determined to rid herself of all distractions. So Nell decided to travel to Bleaker Island (official population: two) in the Falklands where she would write 2,500 words a day.

    But Bleaker House is not that novel. Instead this is a book about a young woman realising that the way to writing fiction doesn't necessarily lie in total solitude and a clear plan. Nor does it lie in a daily ration of 1085 calories, no means of contacting the outside world and a slow descent towards something that feels worryingly like madness . . .

    Hilariously funny, painfully honest, and beautifully observed, Bleaker House is part memoir, part travelogue, part story collection. It is an exploration of the narrow spaces between real life and fiction and, in the end, a book about failing to write a novel, but finally becoming a writer.

    Nell Stevens has a First in English and Creative Writing from Warwick, after which she went on to study Arabic and Comparative Literature at Harvard, and to receive a Marcia Trimble Fellowship and the Florence Engel Randall Graduate Fiction Award for her MFA in Fiction at Boston University. She is currently researching...


    European supermarket removes crosses from packaging to respect diversity "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Although the German supermarket giant Lidl was caught erasing crosses from packaging to show respect for diversity: Searching the companys product range online appears to show a number of items with are certified as Halal which is to say, slaughtered in accordance with controversial Islamic religious requirements, so as to be permissible for devout []


    10+ Photos of the Current Flooding in South Asia You Probably Didnt Know About "IndyWatch Feed World"

    While the media is currently tied up between Hurricane Harvey and the impending Hurricane Irma there is another natural disaster going on in South Asia. Record amounts of overwhelming monsoon rains have already taken the lives of around 1,200+ people including children.

    Many poor villages are now left without access to medicine or food and thousands have lost their homes. These floods are engulfing India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. These places are facing long-term food insecurity as an enormous amount of farm land has been completely ruined. According to a statement given by the UNs World Food Program, many flood survivors have lost everything: their homes, crops, and all of their possessions.

    We should all be urging our local news stations to report on this devastating issue. Check out some of the images below to get a real feel for how devastating this issue truly is. People need to know about this!



    Barcelona jihad murderer began praying more before his attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Its a good thing we have learned imams such as Pope Francis and H.R. McMaster to assure us that jihad terror has nothing to do with Islam. Otherwise we might start to suspect some correlation. Spain attacks suspect had given jihad warning to brother,' by Aubrey Allegretti, Sky News, September 1, 2017 (thanks to The []


    A Weasel Zipper Needs A Helping Hand: Hurricane Harvey Hit Long Time Commenter Sicoit "IndyWatch Feed"

    Long time WZ poster, Sicoit, unfortunately affected by hurricane Harvey in Houston. Her and doggie are safe, but almost all her belongings are gone. Can our Zipper family come together to help in this time of need? God is great when many are gathered in his name, and we can help a wonderful God-fearing patriot. []


    Exclusive: Mind-boggling FDA Confession About the Smallpox Vaccine "IndyWatch Feed World"

    The FDA has just released a statement (8/28) about its crackdown on a California company pushing an unapproved treatment for cancer patients: stem cells mixed with a smallpox vaccine.

    But thats not the big story. The big story is buried in the FDA press release. Here is the Agencys statement:

    Serious health problems, including those that are life-threatening, can also occur inpeople whohave problems with their heart or immune system if they become infected with the [smallpox] vaccine virus, either by being vaccinated or by being in close contact with a person who was vaccinated.

    The FDA states that those with certain prior health conditions who pick up the smallpox virus, as a result of vaccination, are at exceptionally high risk. AMONG THOSE PRIOR HEALTH CONDITIONS IS: IMMUNE SYSTEM PROBLEMS.

    Read Entire Article


    Map of the Day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Largest ethnic minorities in Europe Click here for larger view

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    Cryptocurrency Mining Post-Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    While the age of using your own computer to mine Bitcoin during spare CPU cycles has long passed, average folks arent entirely shut out of the cryptocurrency game yet. Luckily, Bitcoin isnt the only game in town anymore, and with GPUs coming down in price its possible to build a mining rig for other currencies like Etherium.

    [Chris]s build starts with some extruded aluminum and a handful of GPUs. He wanted to build something that didnt take up too much space in the small apartment. Once the main computer was installed, each GPU was installed upwards in the rack, with each set having its own dedicated fan. After installing a fan controller and some plexiglass the rig was up and running, although [Chris] did have to finagle the software a little bit to get all of the GPUs to work properly.

    While this build did use some tools that might only be available at a makerspace, like a mill and a 3D printer, the hardware is still within reason with someone with a little cash burning a hole in their pockets. And, if Etherium keeps going up in value like it has been since the summer, it might pay for itself eventually, providing that your electric utility doesnt charge too much for power.

    And if you missed it, we just ran a feature on Etherium.  Check it out.

    Filed under: computer hacks


    Professor Suspended For Saying Members of Black Lives Matter Should Be Hung "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    Civil rights leaders demand a professor be fired because he told a crowd of people that Black Lives Matter members should be hung.

    Toby Jennings, a theology professor at Grand Canyon University, a private Christian school based in Phoenix, was speaking at a theology conference in September 2016 when he was asked about the Black Lives Matter movement, reported KPNX.

    Jennings said there were those in the movement who want to have civil dialogue and were very thoughtful about it, but then his comments took a turn for the worse.

    And you have people on the opposite extreme of that that frankly should be hung, he continued as an audience member behind the camera gasped loudly. In the background, more awkward titters could be heard.

    Jennings, who is black, attempted to clarify his shocking comment.

    That kind of rhetoric is not helpful to any conversation, and thats what I mean by they should be hung, Jennings said.

    The comments remained relatively unknown until recently, when it was brought to the attention of local activists and leaders who are now calling for Jennings to be fired.

    Before I saw the video, I thought it was a white man, Pastor Warren Stewart Jr. said. Its self-hate, its a Willie Lynch syndrome, its a mindset of [devaluing] your own culture.

    GCU said that it met with local Black Lives Matter representatives privately and apologized for the comment.

    Jennings has been suspended, but there has been no announcement about whether or not he will be fired. GCU insists that, despite this particular episode, there is no culture of racism or anti-blackness on campus.

    We asked; we said, What examples do you have? Tell us what we dont know, because were not seeing, experiencing that, GCU Honors College Dean Antoinette Farmer-Thompson said.

    (Article By Jeremiah Jones)


    UK TV lauds hateful Islamic supremacist as Muslim woman fighting back by rejecting stereotypes "IndyWatch Feed War"

    How marvelous the new multicultural Britain is. And just imagine what it will look like in five years. Anti-White Islamist Gets Promoted As Muslim Woman Fighting Stereotypes On UK TV, by Ian Miles Cheong, Daily Caller, August 28, 2017: UKs Channel 4 produced a short documentary last week celebrating a woman with a history of []


    Hezbollah: US-Led Coalition Still Blocking ISIL Convoy Heading to Deir Ezzor "IndyWatch Feed War"

    September 2, 2017 Hezbollah says that US-led coalition is still blocking and threatening to bomb a convoy of ISIL militants and their families being evacuated into Syrias Deir Ezzor. In a statement released by the partys Media Relations Office, Hezbollah said: Up to this moment, US-led warplanes are still blocking buses carrying ISIL militants and []


    Unequal human rights "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    Should prisoners have reduced human rights? Minister of Police Paula Bennett seems to think some should be treated differently RNZ: Serious criminals have fewer human rights National Serious criminals should have fewer human rights than others, according to the National Partys police spokesperson Paula Bennett. Ms Bennett and the partys leader Bill English have []


    Your Face Is the Newest Weapon Against Cybercrime "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    Your Face Is the Newest Weapon Against Cybercrime by Jocelynn Smith  Banyan Hill The error message flashed across the screen for the third and final time. I entered the wrong password too many times. I couldnt try again for another 30...

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    Undercover St. Paul Cop Tells Photographer, I Work for St. Paul Police, B*tch! Im Gonna Slap you Down! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    An undercover Minnesota cop was caught on camera threatening a man and shoving his camera into his face after he and his partner mistook him for a vulnerable missing person.

    I work for St. Paul police, bitch! Officer Benny Williams yelled at Andrew Casey.

    Williams also allegedly hit and spit on Casey for filming him after threatening to tow his car, which was LEGALLY parked.

    Put it in my face again, and Im gonna slap you down, Williams can be heard threatening Casey in the short video.

    Williams has since made a video apologizing, which can be seen below.


    St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell said Williams actions do not meet the standard of delivering trusted service with respect, but later went on to praise Officer Williams for his video apology, which was posted to the St. Paul Police Departments Facebook page along with the original video.

    Im very passionate about what I do, and today I just had a human moment where I just said some th...


    Germany: Police investigate after anti-mass migration party gives out pepper spray to women "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Local police in the German town of Bad Kreuznach slammed members of the youth wing of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) for handing out small bottles of pepper spray to locals to help them defend against potential attackers. So-called anti-mass migration is in the best interests of public safety when unvetted immigration and []


    Hurricane Irma is Turning into A Monster Highest Windspeed Forecasts Ive Ever Seen "IndyWatch Feed World"

    According to the latest National Hurricane Center update, Irma was a category 3, but has since moved down to a category 2. With winds having highs of about 115 miles per hour, this is going to be one terrifying encounter.

    This storm is expected to become a category 5 with winds well over 180 miles per hour. The NHC has been describing Irma as impressive to say the least. Her wind speeds have doubled just overnight. It is predicted that this hurricane will make landfall in the Caribbean at some point in the coming week.

    With that being said, models vary wildly, and it seems there is a possibility that Irma might hit land in the US, Florida to be exact. Michael Ventrice a meteorological scientist has described these wind speeds as the highest wind speed forecasts Ive ever seen in my 10 years of Atlantic hurricane forecasting.

    While it could take around ten days for Irma to reach Florida, and would be tracked along the way. After seeing what has happened with Harvey another crisis like this (IF it makes its way to Florida,) could put a major strain on us as a nation. While currently, the storm is about 1,320 miles away from the Leeward Islands out in the open Atlantic, and we hope it doesnt make its way here to the US.

    At the moment, I dont believe we should be freaking out, but if things progress it could get scary. If you live near the Atlantic, I highly suggest that you prepare yourself, just in case. For more information on hurricane Irma checks out the video below. To keep updated on Irma as she progresses click here.


    Gathering at the Straits to Oppose Enbridge Line 5 "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

    Published September 2, 2017

    STRAITS OF MACKINAC Dozens of American Indians and their allies spent part of their holiday weekend gathered at the Straits of Mackinac to show their continued opposition to the Enbridge Line 5.

    At least two dozen of those gathered at the Straits of Mackinac were water protectors at Standing Rock during the several months of resistance.

    For those water protectors in attendance, Standing Rock represented an event to a water protection movement that has been ongoing in different parts of Indian Country for several years. Saturdays gathering was the Third Annual National Rally & Pipe Out Paddle Protest in Mackinaw City, Michigan.

    The purpose of the protest was to bring attention to the dangers of Enbridge Line 5s two 20-inch pipelines. Built in 1953, Line 5 travels beneath the Straits of Mackinac, the body of water that separates Michigans Lower and Upper Peninsulas and Lake Michigan from Lake Huron. The two pipelines lie between 100 270 feet below the water surface and are separated by 1,000 feet. 

    See a more complete story in Native News Onlines Sunday edition.

    Photos of todays events:



    Sydney TPP meeting outcome vindicates community concerns "IndyWatch Feed National"

    Trade negotiators from 11 of the original 12 TPP countries met in Sydney from August 28-30 for their third set of talks to see if the TPP can be revived without the US, aiming to complete talks by November this year. The 11 countries are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam.

    Before the meeting Trade Minister Steve Ciobo was leading the charge for endorsement of the TPP with minimum changes to the text.  This was despite the fact that opposition from a broad range of Australian community groups meant an Australian Senate inquiry refused to endorse the TPP, and the Australian Parliament has not passed the implementing legislation.

    Community groups oppose the TPP because it gives pharmaceutical companies stronger monopolies on costly biologic medicines, delaying the availability of cheaper forms of those medicines. It entrenches copyright monopolies at the expense of consumers. It gives special rights to foreign investors to bypass national courts and sue governments for millions of dollars in unfair international tribunals over changes to domestic laws. It would also restrict future governments from re-regulating essential services like energy or financial services, despite demonstrated market failures, and it would result in more vulnerable temporary migrant workers, without testing if local workers were available. In short, the TPP is a US-driven agenda for greater corporate rights at the expense of peoples rights.

    Many of the 11 other governments only agreed to this agenda because the US demanded it in return for access to US markets. They will not give a free ride to the US without that market access, and nor should Australia. Malaysia and Vietnam  said before the meeting that, without the US, the terms of the TPP should be renegotiated. 

    Sixty-seven national and international health and consumer groups, including the Public Health Association of Australia, the World Public Health Associati...


    Russia-gates Totalitarian Style "IndyWatch Feed War"

    By Robert Parry | Consortium News | September 2, 2017 It is a basic rule from Journalism 101 that when an allegation is in serious doubt or hasnt been established as fact you should convey that uncertainty to your reader by using words like alleged or purportedly. But The New York Times and []


    My good friend Brian Edwards has some advice for Bill English "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    My good friend Brian Edwards has some advice for Bill English: Im conflicted. Theres a war going on in my brain. Its a war between the media trainer and the champagne socialist, a title given me by my so-called friends. The champagne socialist wants and expects Jacinda Ardern to win the election. The media trainer []

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    Opinion: Western leaders celebrating Islamic holidays is ridiculous "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    Comment: The piece below is an example of the type of response that should be expected. Western governments are schizophrenic when it comes to the Muslim world. On the one hand, bomb the hell out of them, support Israel's system of apartheid, and constantly maneuver to control Middle Eastern and North African governments - or topple them when that doesn't work. On the other hand, fawn over the Muslim world, label Islamophobic anyone who intuits the thrust of American foreign policy, and make accepting migrants a moral imperative. Oh, and never fail to flatter the Saudis, purveyors of the Wahhabism adopted by jihadists the world over. Given all of that, what kind of response should we expect? People who act as though they are smarter, better, and generally set apart from the unwashed masses are really annoying. The so-called "intelligencia" or "coastal elite" are a big part of the reason Trump won. Like most people, I have the tendency towards selfishness and ego, especially when talking about subjects I am well-versed in. This is a tendency I try to temper as much as possible, because I don't want to be "one of those people". I want to defend liberty, and think the best of people! I don't want to call people sheep! Today, though, I'm going to feel superior for the next hour, because for goodness sake: How are so many people so painfully and insultingly stupid. To be fair, I am in a bit of a mood. My son has been sick for a week. I've been sleeping like a baby - like an actual baby, not this fantasy Huggies commercial baby that lays there angelically in his crib while projected stars bounce around on the walls. I haven't even finished my first coffee yet, and already the trending topics on Twitter and their respective responses have managed to piss me off.


    Case Study Of The 1% Deep States Modus: Transferring Fiat International Bank Debt To The 99% "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    The Banks Must Face Justice Under Antitrust After years of preparation, in 2001 Greece was accepted into the EU Monetary Union. The main benefit was the ability to borrow at the same rate as Germany. And borrow they did, so much so that debt service far outpaced Greeces ability to pay all this new debt. []


    Russia vs US Economic War: Whos Going to be the Ultimate Loser? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    Russia vs US Economic War: Whos Going to be the Ultimate Loser? by Phil Butler Journal-NEO Full scale economic war in between America and Russia is underway. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said so, and the US administration and...

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    DOJ Gets Slammed With ANOTHER Lawsuit by Former FBI Agent For Records on Deep State McCabe "IndyWatch Feed"

    Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Friday they filed a FOIA lawsuit on behalf of Jeffrey A. Danik, a retired FBI supervisory special agent, against the DOJ for records concerning FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

    McCabe had obvious conflicts of interest when he was in charge of the FBIs Washington, D.C. field office which provided personnel resources to the Clinton email investigation while his wife received large donations from Bill and Hillary Clinton allies for her Virginia Senate run.

    Via Judicial Watch:

    The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia in support of Daniks October 25, 2016, and February 28, 2017, FOIA requests for records about McCabes conflicts of interest regarding his wifes (Dr. Jill McCabes) political campaign, and McCabes reporting to the FBI of any job interviews or offers.  Specifically, the two FOIA requests seek:

    Text messages and emails of McCabe containing Dr. Jill McCabe, Jill, Common Good VA, Terry McAuliffe, Clinton, Virginia Democratic Party, Democrat, Conflict, Senate, Virginia Senate, Until I return, Paris, France, Campaign, Run, Political, Wife, Donation, OGC, Email, or New York Times.  

    In 2015, a political action committee run by McAuliffe, a close friend and political supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, donated nearly $500,000 to Jill McCabe, wife of McCabe, who was then running for the Virginia State Senate. Also, the Virginia Democratic Party, over which McAuliffe had significant influence, donated an additional $207,788 to the Jill McCabe campaign. In July 2015, Andrew McCabe was in charge of the FBIs Washington, DC, field office, which provided personnel resources to the Clinton email probe.

    Danik, a 30-year veteran of the FBI had this to say about Deep State McCabe:

    I am saddened by how the FBIs reputation has bee...


    Korea Crisis Exposes Orwellian West "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    In spite of the heinous shame of its unique criminality, American leaders continually reserve the right to threaten other nations with nuclear annihilation. The oft-repeated phrase "all options on the table" is the Orwellian language used by the US to refer to its self-ordained prerogative to use nuclear weapons, codified in its "first-strike doctrine."


    In This Part Of The US, People Are Rooting For Trump More Than Ever "IndyWatch Feed"

    Via NY Post: Hunched over in his workshop, Leon Moyer slices through a board with a miter saw, its hum piercing the air. Its the sound of business for Moyer, who has run a sign making company in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, since 1984. A few feet away lies a stack of signs blaring President Donald []