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Friday, 02 March


Jess Ribeiro Album Preview SXSW Fundraiser "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Thursday 1st Mar, 8.00pm 11.45pm, The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine

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Saturday, 24 February


Twilight Market "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Friday 23rd Feb, 5.00pm 9.00pm, Gormandale Community House

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Friday, 16 February


Partial solar eclipse of February 15, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A partial solar eclipse will be visible in parts of Chile, Argentina and Antarctica on February 15, 2018. The greatest eclipse will take place at 20:52 UTC. The Moon will pass in front of the Sun today, creating a solar eclipse. However, the alignment will not be...... Read more

Webs under water: The really bizarre lives of intertidal spiders "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Spiders are one of the most ubiquitous creatures on Earth, found on every continent except Antarctica. Whether in underground caves in the Amazon or the icy climes of Mount Everest, there is a species of spider that has moved into practically every land habitat. But some arachnids are determined to not even let the oceans stand in their way and scientists have just discovered a new one. A spider named for the late reggae legend Bob Marley is the newest member of the 15 known species of so-called intertidal spiders. These weird spiders inhabit the intertidal zone: a stretch of land that is submerged during high tide and exposed during low. Scientists from Australias Queensland Museum and the Zoological Museum at the University of Hamburg, Germany, first found Bob Marleys spider (Desis bobmarleyi) in 2009 and described it last December. A male Bob Marleys spider (Desis bobmarleyi), discovered in Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia. Photo by Robert Raven The connection to Bob Marley was first through his song high tide [or] low tide as these spiders live in the high tide low tide zone, said Barbara Baehr, a research scientist from the Queensland Museum and the lead author of the paper. The mix of land and sea in the intertidal zone supports a wildly diverse set of habitats. For instance, Baehr found Bob Marleys spider on brain corals in shallow reefs on the rocky Queensland coast. But another intertidal species, Desis formidablis, or the formidable spider, lives under boulders


How Overnight Shipping Works "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"


To ship packages around the world, companies like UPS, DHL and FedEx operate large fleets in cities you might not expect.

via Wendover Productions




Mental asylums "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

why are people who have a bad mental problems not put in a mental asylum? Back in the 50s to early 60s people who had a problem were put away in a mental asylum until they were better. Why did the government put them back on the streets to harm or get harmed? A family friends wife was in and out of the mental asylum in Pinefield,La.,finally she was able to come home to stay. Another person from a town four miles away carried his four young children hunting,shot all four,put them in the car...

Mental asylums


Express.js and AWS Lambda a serverless love story "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

If you are a Node.js developer or youve built an API with Node.js, theres a big chance you used Express.js. Express is de facto the most popular Node.js framework.

Express apps are easy to build. For a simple app, you just need to add a few routes and route handlers. Thats it.

A simple, traditionally hosted Express.js app, with a single request.

For example, the simplest Express app looks like the following code snippet:

'use strict'
const express = require('express')
const app = express()
app.get('/', (req, res) => res.send('Hello world!'))
const port = process.env.PORT || 3000
app.listen(port, () =>
console.log(`Server is listening on port ${port}.`)

If you save that code snippet as app.js in a new folder, you are just three steps away from having a simple Express app:

  1. Create a new Node.js project. To do so, run the npm init -y command in your terminal. Just make sure you navigated to the folder that contains app.js first.
  2. Install the Express module from NPM by running the npm install express --save command from terminal.
  3. Run the node app.js command, and you should see Server is listening on port 3000. as a response.

Voila! You have an Express app. Visit http://localhost:3000 in your browser, and youll see a Hello world! message.

Application deployment

Now comes the hard part: How can you show it to your friends or family? How to make it available for everyone?

Deployment can be long and painful process, but lets imagine you manage to do it quickly and successfully. Your app is available to everyone and it lived happily ever after.

Until one day, an unexpected an army of users started using it.

Your server struggled, but it worked.

A simple, traditionally hosted Express.js app under load.

At least for some time. And then it died. 

A simple, but dead, traditionally hosted Express.js, that crashed because too many users accessed it.

An army of users is angry (at least they didnt pay for the appor did they?) You are desperate and trying to Google the solution. Can the cloud help?

Cloud should fix your scaling issues, right?

And youve met one of your annoying friends again. Shes talki...


Cisco And Ukrainian Cyber Police Uncover $50 Mln Bitcoin Phishing Scam "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Cisco and the Ukrainian Cyber Police have exposed a phishing ring that stole $50 mln in Bitcoin over three years. #NEWS


Slave Code -- The Secrets Hidden in the English Language "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

(M M) Can you see with the eyes you have? The mind is useless , if the eyes are blind. Are you missing anything regarding the words you use on a regular basis? Lets take a look.
Read more


Solar Storm Will Strike Earth Tonight, Weak Power Grid Fluctuations Possible "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"


The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center forecasts an aurora could light up the sky above areas in the United State including Michigan and Maine.  A solar storm, which occurred Monday, is expected to strike Earth tonight.

On Monday, the sun spit out a slew of charged particles in a moderate solar flare. These particles are now making their way towards Earth. The planets magnetic field will block most of the particles, but some will make it into Earths atmosphere. The particles collect at the north and south poles and interact with atmospheric gases to create the aurora borealis or the Northern Lights. And some say this show could be quite spectacular.

Solar flares have been known to cause power grid failures, but it looks like well only get the light show this time. Although a grid failure is possible, it is unlikely.

According to Seeker, the forecast calls for a high probability of a G-1 or minor storm, which could strengthen to a G-2 or moderate storm depending on how the stream of particles hit the Earth. Geomagnetic storms are ranked on a scale, with G at the bottom, R in the middle, and S as the most severe. Forecasts now say the particles will give our planet a glancing blow.

Although this storm has been categorized as G-1, which means it is minor, it could still cause some havoc down on Earth. Solar flares and particle ejections are associated with sunspots dark areas on the suns surface that host intense magnetic activity. As the magnetic fields in a sunspot c...

Solar Storm Will Strike Earth Tonight, Weak Power Grid Fluctuations Possible "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"


The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center forecasts an aurora could light up the sky above areas in the United State including Michigan and Maine.  A solar storm, which occurred Monday, is expected to strike Earth tonight.

On Monday, the sun spit out a slew of charged particles in a moderate solar flare. These particles are now making their way towards Earth. The planets magnetic field will block most of the particles, but some will make it into Earths atmosphere. The particles collect at the north and south poles and interact with atmospheric gases to create the aurora borealis or the Northern Lights. And some say this show could be quite spectacular.

Solar flares have been known to cause power grid failures, but it looks like well only get the light show this time. Although a grid failure is possible, it is unlikely.

According to Seeker, the forecast calls for a high probability of a G-1 or minor storm, which could strengthen to a G-2 or moderate storm depending on how the stream of particles hit the Earth. Geomagnetic storms are ranked on a scale, with G at the bottom, R in the middle, and S as the most severe. Forecasts now say the particles will give our planet a glancing blow.

Although this storm has been categorized as G-1, which means it is minor, it could still cause some havoc down on Earth. Solar flares and particle ejections are associated with sunspots dark areas on the suns surface that host intense magnetic activity. As the magnetic fields in a sunspot cross, NASA stated, this can cause a sudden energy explosion, also known as a solar flare. This sends radiation out into space, and that radiation can be hurled toward the Earth.

G1-level storms, such as Monday...


3D Print Aesthetic Leg Prosthetic "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This man designed and 3D printed a custom fairing for his coworker's daughter's prosthetic leg. Best of all, the designs are open source!

Read more on MAKE

The post 3D Print Aesthetic Leg Prosthetic appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Thursday, 15 February


Confessions of an Ordinary Everyday MomWho Happens to be a Prepper "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Today, Im coming out of the closet.

No, not that closet.

Im coming out of the hard-nosed, bad-to-the-bone survivalist prepper closet. Because I think a lot of folks have some Read the rest

The post Confessions of an Ordinary Everyday MomWho Happens to be a Prepper appeared first on The Organic Prepper.


About the FULL Benjamin Fulford 2-12-18 article "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Kp update: apologies to all as I failed to post the full article just highlights from it. This has been corrected. Thanks to Olafur for pointing this out on Twitter!


Litecoin Price Cracks $235 as Rally Extends Another 16 Percent "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The post Litecoin Price Cracks $235 as Rally Extends Another 16 Percent appeared first on CCN

The Litecoin price extended its rally on Thursday, rising 16 percent to briefly crack the $235 barrier and achieve its highest mark in a month. Litecoin Price Rally Continues Yesterday, the Litecoin price achieved the $200 mark and raised LTC/BTC to its highest value in nearly three years. Today, Litecoins bullish advance continued, and LTC Continued

The post Litecoin Price Cracks $235 as Rally Extends Another 16 Percent appeared first on CCN


Daily Verse "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.
Revelation 19:7 (NIV)


Mouse Magic "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

I live in a 900 sq. ft. cabin that has many points of ingress for the local rodent population.
I have trapped them until no more showed for the killing, and then they would mount a new invasion.

Well, I noticed this product in a sale add for one of the local farm n ranch stores. I picked up a couple box's, each with four packets, and places four packets in corners down stairs and did the same up stairs. That was two months ago and had not seen a mouse nor any evidence of their presence...

Mouse Magic


94-Year-Old Berkshire Hathaway VP: Its Disgusting People Buy Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Step on it hard, Berkshire Hathaways Munger tells US government. #NEWS


Babal: Ricky Ricardo big-ups Santeras Lord of Pestilence "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Is I Love Lucy the real Treasury of the True Dharma Eye, the Vault of the Adepti, the Island Beneath the Sea? Robert Anton Wilson used to talk about the sect of Fred Mertz, Bodhisattva, and its adherents simple creed:



IBM Wants You to Know All the Ways Blockchain Can Go Wrong "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

IBM has a team of cybersecurity experts working with enterprise clients to make sure their distributed ledgers are free from vulnerabilities.


NHS: Is your life really necessary "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

In a dramatic bid to solve problems of over demand in the health service the NHS has reworked the fuel saving war time slogan Is your journey really necessary?.  A spokesman for the NHS said: Posters will be going up shortly and as a further benefit we anticipate there should be a trickle down effect into the private sector with increased workload to undertakers.

This should not be as difficult as it sounds after all the idea that we are all going to snuff it eventually has a long and respectable pedigree on all sides of the political spectrum.  Keynes famously said We are all dead in the long run and Lenin said we are all dead men on leave.  So the idea of simply relieving pressure on the health service by not staying alive a day longer than is absolutely necessary should be fairly acceptable to a wide range of people.

Doctors are enthusiastic: Although we arent allowed to practice euthanasia indeed were strongly against the whole idea since it would increase our workload even more theres no reason why patients shouldnt show their selflessness and concern for the welfare of others by simply taking the pressure off of us.  And of those leading a pointless existence that should be ended, the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is at the front of the queue.

Terry Bunn


Taken a Free Online Version of Yales Most Popular Course (The Science of Well-Being) and Learn the Keys to Happiness "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Don't listen to people who tell you they've found the one true path to happiness but do listen to people who seem seriously in search of it. One such person, Yale psychology and cognitive science professor Laurie Santos, teaches a whole course on the subject: Psych 157, also known as "Psychology and the Good Life." And even though college students are living the best time of their lives or so the culture keeps insisting to them enough of them desire its insights to make it the most popular class at the university, with more than 1,180 students currently enrolled.

"The course focuses both on positive psychology the characteristics that allow humans to flourish, according to Dr. Santos and behavioral change, or how to live by those lessons in real life," writes The New York Times' David Shimer. "Students must take quizzes, complete a midterm exam and, as their final assessment, conduct what Dr. Santos calls a 'Hack YoSelf Project,' a personal self-improvement project." The body of knowledge underlying it all is hardly obvious: "Scientists didnt realize this in the same way 10 or so years ago, that our intuitions about what will make us happy, like winning the lottery and getting a good grade are totally wrong," the article quotes Santos as saying.


Just Talked to the Boys "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

I watched the video of some male inthe school being shot up talking about it then panicing as the shooter came into his room.

Told all three of my boys this is unaccepable.

Take a piece of paper fold it until you cant, place in palm, place blunt end of pen or pencil on paper, make fist around sharp end. tell any of the males looking at the door to do the same thing and take position on both sides of the door. When the bad guy comes strike soft tissue, neck, stomach, groin. grab the gun...

Just Talked to the Boys


Six Famous Paintings that Were Given New Names "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Modigliani (left), Picasso, and Andr Salmon (who renamed Les Demoiselles dAvignon) in front the Caf de la Rotonde, Paris, 1916 (photo by Jean Cocteau via Wikimedia Commons)

Would a Picasso by any other name smell as sweet? That seems to have been the question for a short time earlier this month, when British businessman and all-around rich guy Richard Caring allegedly planned to hang a plaque that read Annabel under Picassos 1937 The Girl With A Red Beret And Pompom. According to Robbie Griffiths at the Daily Mail, Caring bought the painting for 20 or 30 million last year, hung it in Annabelshis London nightclub, and decided to rename it after the club.

This particular painting just one of many depicting Marie-Thrse Walter, Picassos mistress, wearing a beret with a pompom is far from the first artwork to be renamed by someone other than the artist. In fact, artists naming their own works at all is a fairly recent phenomenon; for hundreds of years, art historians used descriptions instead of official titles to identify specific works. Its unclear when exactly naming an artwork became so important to the artist that created it, but these days, even WikiHow has a guide on How to Title Your Work of Art.

Jan van Eyck, The Arnolfini Portrait, 1434. Oil on oak, 82.2 x 60 cm (image via Wikimedia Commons)

As for renaming works, this has largely been the arena of critics, curators, and art dealers. It may seem silly and pedantic to harp on the names of artworks but as a neuroscientific study suggested in 2015, ...


South Africas Central Bank Launches Ethereum-Based Blockchain PoC "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The post South Africas Central Bank Launches Ethereum-Based Blockchain PoC appeared first on CCN

The central bank of South Africa has launched a new proof-of-concept (PoC) project to replicate interbank settlements on an Ethereum-based blockchain. The South African Reserve Bank (SARB), the countrys central bank, has announced a new FinTech initiative that will include Project Khokha a blockchain PoC endeavor via a partnership with Ethereum coder collective ConsenSys, Continued

The post South Africas Central Bank Launches Ethereum-Based Blockchain PoC appeared first on CCN


How To Develop a Successful Travel App Like Priceline, Expedia and Airbnb "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The tourism sphere is a huge business sector that includes lots of components: travel agencies, insurance companies, hotels, restaurants and so on.

Its rather hard to overestimate the importance of mobile devices in this fieldpeople need access to high quality service while they are away from their PCs and unable to be physically present at the office. This is where mobile apps truly shine.

Why launch a Travel App: a new landmark on the digital landscape

Lets take a look at the numbers before we dive deeper into the topic:

  • In 2009 the amount of downloads worldwide was about 2.5 billion.
  • In 2011 it reached 3.1 billion.
  • We can expect the number to exceed 7 billion at the end of 2017 which is more than twice as much as six years ago.

The smartphones are about to replace laptops and PCs when it comes to online shopping. If your business is connected with this field and for some reason you still dont have your own mobile app, its time to think about it.

For travel companies as well as online retailers the advantages of a mobile application for business are quite obvious. It serves to boost the sales, improve the quality of service, and make clients more loyal to the brand and its products.

Mobile travel apps include:

  • Google and Apple Maps
  • Travel planners
  • The apps that show you WiFi hotspots nearby
  • The apps that allow you to book hotels and tickets everywhere you go
  • The apps that can find services for those with special needs

Launching a really helpful app for your users is a great way to get ahead of your competitors. Lets take a look at these facts.

Today almost everyone has a smartphone. 65% of the travelers prefer to plan their trips with the help of mobile apps.

Most businessmen (actually about 70% of them) book their tickets and hotels via mobile apps.

Around 80% of travel companies, hotels and aviation companies profit from brand exposure, income increase and other factors after an app launch.

Every tourist would definitely want to have an app that allows him to navigate easily everywhere they go. The travel mobile app can include dictionaries, maps, and guides to different places of interest (cafs, restaurants, museums and other). About 75% of the travelers use at least one mobile app during their trip.

At the mom...


NASA captures images of an 'ancient Alien mining machine' on the Asteroid 433 Eros "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

According to some UFO and Conspiracy experts, NASA would have captured images of an ancient Aliena mining machine on the Asteroid "433 Eros".


17 Year Old Man with Autism Spends Night in Frigid New York Temps After Wandering "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

"We'll take these happy endings where we can get them, says the news reporter. She means well. And for her, this story is over. 17 year old Michael Barbella was at a bowling alley when he wandered (I wonder how...


Of Threads and More Sewing Threads "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

sewing threadsA good sewist should know her or his sewing thread. Whether sewing by hand or by machine, this means you should be able to determine the right quality of thread for each of your sewing projects. A good quality sewing thread generally translates to a better sewing experience because it will not Continue reading


The Other Mrs. Smith Will Shock and Move You "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

From The Vancouver Sun: Bonnie Burstows recently released book The Other Mrs. Smith is not only an accurate portrayal of the horrific consequences of ECT but also a masterful work of literary art.

The Other Mrs. Smith is a compelling novel that invites the reader to join Naomi in her efforts to recover from the harms done to her by ECT and to reclaim the life, family and memories that had been effectively burn out by the bolts of electricity shot through her brain during this treatment. (Many readers will be surprised to learn that ECT is still being used in Canada, but by one estimate over 15,000 Canadians every year endure this questionable therapy.)

Unlike many who try to use prose fiction to make a political/sociological point, Burstow never makes her characters  stand-ins for abstractions. My particular favourite among the books richly imagined cast of characters is Gerald, a kind and generous trans man who was, as the other Mrs. Smith, the first wife of Naomis husband before coming out as trans. In many ways, Gerald is the moral centre of this complex novel, but he is not the only nuanced and memorable character.



Why Arent Providers Screaming About the Mental Health Act? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

In this piece for Tales from the Madhouse, Gary Sidley critiques the Mental Health Act as a form of legal discrimination against people deemed mentally disordered and explores several explanations for mental health providers apathy concerning this issue.

A crucial assumption underpinning the MHA colludes with the myth that people suffering emotional distress and overwhelm are displaying an illness like any other and that the primary cause of affliction is some underlying brain abnormality. Many (maybe the majority) of mental health professionals, particularly those who traditionally lean towards the biological end of the spectrum, may endorse the idea that internal deficits underpin mental health problems.

An acceptance of this inherently defective model may lead professionals to collude with the idea that all those labelled with a mental disorder do not possess capacity to make their own decisions and therefore require special legislation to manage and control them. In this explanation, mental health professionals may view the human-rights violations, intrinsic to the MHA, as a necessary measure to protect their patients and the general public; in their eyes, the current legislation is deemed fit for purpose.


Long-Term Study Links Inflammatory Diet To Colorectal Cancer "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

by Mae Chan; Prevent Disease

Men and women who consume processed meats, refined grains, sodas and other sugary beverages are more likely to develop colorectal cancer (CRC), reports a recent study in JAMA Oncology.

When inflammation persists or serves no purpose, it damages the body and causes illness. Stress, lack of exercise, genetic predisposition, and exposure to toxins can all contribute to such chronic inflammation, but dietary choices play a big role as well.

Learning how specific foods influence the inflammatory process is the best strategy for containing it and reducing long-term disease risks.

Men in the highest quintile of empirical dietary inflammatory pattern (EDIP) score were found to have a 44% higher risk of CRC than those in the lowest quintile, discovered the research team led by the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts.

The corresponding increase in risk for women was 22%.

EDIP score is based on a weighted average of 18 food groups that characterise dietary inflammation potential measured by inflammatory biomarkers.
Read more


This woman was trolled after her Tory baiting tattoo went viral "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This woman, currently going by the name its just a tattoo people please relax has got a provocative new tattoo saying never shag a tory.

The phrase itself is a variation on the popular left-wing slogan never kissed a Tory.

However, since going viral with over 3,000 likes and retweets shes had numerous trolls telling her off.

We were going to embed some of them but frankly they are all dickheads, and its her body so who cares?

Good on her.

The post This woman was trolled after her Tory baiting tattoo went viral appeared first on The Poke.


Petition: Protect PTSD Treatments That Work! "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The American Psychological Association recently issued a guideline recommending only short-term, structured, and symptom-focused therapies for the treatment of PTSD; the guideline may be used to restrict patients from longer term, more intensive forms of talk therapy. As a result, the Coalition to Preserve PTSD Treatment Choice has put forth a petition asking the APA to re-evaluate their new guideline. To sign the petition, click here.


Ethereum Developer Resigns as Code Editor Citing Legal Concerns "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Ethereum dev Yoichi Hirai has resigned as GitHub editor, airing concerns that a contentious proposal may be in violation of Japanese law.


20+ Other Uses For Soap "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

To a chemist, soap is what you get when you boil down the sodium salts of fatty acids. To you and I, its just soap known mostly for removing dirt from grimy hands or washing clothes or dishes. Did you know that there are lots more uses for soap?   List of Uses for Soap   Tip: One of the best soaps to cut grease is this one: Dawn Platinum Dawn Platinum   Keep your fingernails clean: While youre working in the garden or potting plants, scrape your fingernails over a bar of soap to collect slivers underneath them.

The post 20+ Other Uses For Soap appeared first on Modern Survival Blog.


Why Should Suicide (Or Voluntary Death) Be a Civil Right? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Well, first of all, because it already is. This is not a theoretical proposition, but a self-evident truth, as the original inventors of the concept of civil rights (the author of the U.S. Constitution) put it. They talked about a right to life, not an obligation or duty to live, and also specified that the mentioning of this particular right (as well as any others) cannot be construed to deny or disparage any other rights.

Very few people understand the significance of this today, thanks for the most part to the influence of Christianity on our culture. As even a cursory analysis of history reveals, taking ones own life wasnt regarded as an act of violence or hideous moral transgression before this religious influence took hold. Its pretty much the same deal as with homosexuality the Greeks and Romans, on the whole, were radically more accepting of it than some of our own contemporaries. Euthanasia itself is a Greek word, and its original meaning is good death, which doesnt necessarily imply outside assistance nor does it imply suicide, by the way; it simply means the kind of death that the individual deems to be good. Different schools of thought of course differed on what such goodness is, but the important thing to remember is that there was no wholesale condemnation of voluntary death in the Classical world.

The Enlightenment is often regarded as a return to pre-Christian ideas about social life  a continuation of the natural evolution of thought that was forcibly halted during the medieval period. In light of this, the legal prohibition and social condemnation of voluntary death looks more like a religious phenomenon than a moral principle with secular justification behind it, a situation akin to that of a womans right to make her own reproductive decisions and indeed, both issues deal with bodily autonomy. This is yet another reason why we already have a right to voluntary death: denying such a right amounts to the establishment of a religion by the government. So the real question is not why suicide should be recognized as a right, but how come that already isnt?

Moreover, I have strong reasons to believe that if people were allowed to choose their own time and manner of death, without having to fear detainment, forced medical treatment, and permanent disability in the case of failure, and to express their views on the matter without being censored or (again) having to fear dire consequences, 1) fewer suicides would occur in the first place, and 2) those that do occur would be successful, which would significantly decrease human suffering.

Even if someone isnt really determined to die by their own hand, knowing that its not allowed can be a very distressing thought to a lot of people. Think about it  isnt it comforting to think that whatever situation youre in, you have a way to get out of...


Why Everyone is Freezing Their Lemons and Why You Should Too "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

by StethNews

Lemons are among the favorite tropical fruits in America. A cross between citrons and limes, lemons have bright yellow skin and their juice is normally used to improve hot teas or cold water taste.

Lemons are indeed zesty, alkalizing and refreshing and should always be present in your kitchen. Youve probably heard about the benefits of lemons, which mostly include the following:

  • Rich in vitamin C
  • Digestion aid
  • Antiviral and antibacterial
  • Blood pressure regulator
  • Worm and parasite fighter
  • Antidepressant
Why Freezing Lemons is a Must

Unfortunately, lemons can go bad very easily. The good news is there is one solution that can help you solve this particular problem. If you want to save your lemons, all you need to do is freeze them. Freezing is not only for the fruit, but also for the juice and other parts of the lemon that you can consume at your convenience. Another reason why you should freeze your lemons is that the method can help you use lemons much easier.
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Indias Banks Tigthen Cryptocurrency Regulation, Prohibit Use of Credit Cards in Trading "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The post Indias Banks Tigthen Cryptocurrency Regulation, Prohibit Use of Credit Cards in Trading appeared first on CCN

Several weeks after Western banks banned the usage of credit cards in cryptocurrency investment, banks in India have prohibited debit and credit card usage in cryptocurrency purchases. In a statement sent to its customers obtained by Quartz, Citibank wrote: [There have been] concerns, both globally and locally, including from the Reserve Bank of India, cautioning Continued

The post Indias Banks Tigthen Cryptocurrency Regulation, Prohibit Use of Credit Cards in Trading appeared first on CCN


Lovely Ribbed Scarf "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

When it came time to name this classic, go-with-anything, go-everywhere, denim to diamonds Lovely Ribbed Scarf, well, lovely seemed to us precisely the word to describe it. Its attractive without begging for attention, beautiful without being boastful. Its lovely!

Lovely Ribbed Scarf | Purl Soho

This scarfs sibling, our Lovely Ribbed Cowl, is also a 2 x 2 rib, and so, you see, that to us, the simplicity is the beauty. There are no quirks or genius behind these patterns, nor video tutorial for clarifying the instructions. And that ease is why we also chose this pattern to be the first to represent our brand new Good Wool.

Lovely Ribbed Scarf | Purl Soho

An undyed Andean highland treasure, this pared-down traditional yarn is the perfect complement to one of knittings most classic stitch patterns. Good Wool also happens to be our most affordable yarn yet. So theres every reason to make a Lovely Ribbed Scarf for yourself and everyone you know!

Lovely Ribbed Scarf | Purl Soho


Lovely Ribbed Scarf | Purl Soho

  • 2 or 3 skeins of Purl Sohos Good Wool, 100% undyed Andean highland wool. We used the color Walking Stick. (We used just 12 grams of our third skein, so if you want to buy two instead, you can expect your scarf to be about 67 inches long.)
  • US 6 straight or circular needles


32 stitches and 26 rows = 4 inches in 2 x 2 rib stitch


Finished Dimensions: Approximately 10 inches wide x 71 inches.




New Yarn: Good Wool "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Welcome the newest addition to our yarn collection, Good Wool, as in, Wow, thats a really good wool! As in, a classic, stitch-defining, durable, heirloom-worthy, really good yarn!

New Yarn: Good Wool | Purl Soho

Good Wool comes from the Andean highlands in Peru, a place with pure air, rich fiber traditions, and lots of sheep! This regions culture and beauty spark our imaginations, and we love that Good Wool takes us there with every stitch.

New Yarn: Good Wool | Purl Soho

This yarn is 100% Andean highland wool and comes in five undyed colors: Heirloom White, Winter Grass, Driftwood Gray, Walking Stick, and Hickory Nut. In colors grown by the sheep themselves, Good Wool is beautiful but also environmentally gentle with no harsh dyes and little water waste.

New Yarn: Good Wool | Purl Soho

Good Wool is also a real pleasure to knit. A light worsted weight, it is buoyant and hardy, toasty and soft. It has a genuine natural beauty that is obvious in how it looks and feels, and right now, its on our needles for sweaters, scarves, wraps, mittens, hats, and blankets pretty much everything!

New Yarn: Good Wool | Purl Soho

And priced at $9.80 per 383-yard skein, you can knit a scarf for under $20 and a sweater for not a whole lot more. Its our most affordable yarn yet So good!

New Yarn: Good Wool | Purl Soho

Our first project in Good Wool perfectly reflects the simple beauty of this yarn. Our Lovely Ribbed Scarf, in the color Walking Stick, is a true classic! Get the free pattern, plus two or three skeins of Good Wool and cast on!


RT Video 2-10-18 American tells RT why he waved Russian flag at PyeongChang "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This is quite an excellent video which shows that a few people know that the Olympic Spirit bans NO ONE from the Olympic games. Two highlights in my view:

1. A Unified Korea team and flag.
2. An American man holds the Russian flag up when the OAR (Olympic Athletes of Russia) enter the stadium.

The Russian team was banned because of supposed doping (although there appears to be little evidence). See the video below.

You know, this whole anti-Russia West paradigm is exactly that. Its a West cabal only paradigm. Brainwashing. The West cant stand Russia because they will not support any WWIII scenarios, they actually combat terrorism, and absolutely guaranteed, did NOT interfere...


PR: Fysicals Location Data Proves Racially Diverse Crypto Crowds Are Wealthiest "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Fysical's Location Data

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

Fysical, a decentralized location data market, used location data from its 1,000 data suppliers to prove that racially diverse crypto crowds are also the wealthiest.

It analyzed millions of anonymous location data points from the attendees of six major cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences to create insights, study foot traffic patterns, and determine the demographic makeup of the attendees. It used location data to trace the origin of conference attendees back to the zip code of their households, and cross referenced their zip code with public census data to create demographic statistics.

Conferences analyzed:

Blockchain Conference, Washington DC, July 17
Block-Con, Los Angeles, October 17
Blockchain Expo North America, Santa Clara, November 17
Token Summit, San Francisco, December 17
World Crypto Economic Forum, San Francisco, January 18
Blockchain Connect, San Francisco, January 18

Four Key Discoveries:
1) MOST RACIALLY DIVERSE: Blockchain Expo North America
2) HIGHEST AVERAGE INCOME: Blockchain Expo North America
4) MOST POST-GRADUATE DEGREES: Blockchain Conference

1) MOST RACIALLY DIVERSE: Blockchain Expo North America
Blockchain Expo North America drew a crowd that came from neighborhoods that were on average 48% Caucasian, 26% Asian, and 23% Hispanic, among top ethnic groups.

2) HIGHEST AVERAGE INCOME: Blockchain Exp...


How to Get Paid for Your Web Search: A Startup to Give Data Control Back to Users "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A new platform allows users to profit each time businesses use their data to make offers. #SPONSORED


3rd Dimensional Binding Ropes That Keep Us From Reaching 5D "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.;

Controls, duality and separation are fully understood by people who are slowly awakening, but those whose consciousness are bound by enjoyment and trials of the affairs of the third dimension, 3D, keeps them stuck, unknowing heart and soul in deep slumber, with amnesia. Getting out of illusion, reality is always the enigma posed to us by the whims and caprices of darkness with their embedded tools to keep us controlled. Here are some of them.

Political and Governmental Divisions

We are always divided by politicians to join the Democrats or the Republicans or the Liberals and the Nationalists.. and citizens of each country like to side with a party that actually divides and rules. The basic unit, family, the causes of divorce, annulments, separation, intrigues. are many, or too little that the individual ego allowed division or king-queen ship for the sovereign group.

It seems Earth is a funny playing world: politics/government whatever type of ideology you prefer are clear ways of controlling humans for thousand years. At the third world environment, they go on stage-platforms and die for a party and their politicians in control for a sum of money, worst, funded by leeched money from revenues government collected in taxes from the people by reigning politicians or ruler.

Again in third world countries, paid political supporters block decisions of courts removing or suspending ruling politicians. Division amongst us, keeping us controlled, brainwashed to believe their governance despite glaring corruption are still followed. In Philippines after 73 years of reality living, a President is finally ruling for our childrens highest good and people hope this continues.
Read more


Transhumanism is Being Guided by Reason and the Word Why "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Reason is the only means for human survival and arriving at coherent truths. Anything else belongs in the domain of the mystic.


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 2-12-18 The Vatican, Chinese Communist Party, British Empire, and Pentagon plan world government "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

[Kp update: apologies to all as I failed to post the full article just highlights from it. This has been corrected. Thanks to Olafur for pointing this out on Twitter!]

Heres the full weekly report from Ben. Very fascinating information, to say the least, particularly about the role of Henry Kissinger. Some may wish to view the video in this Kp blog post to learn more.

Growing evidence signals that the Vatican, the Chinese Communist Party, the British Empire, and the Pentagon are negotiating the creation of a world government. The latest sign came in an agreement reached between the Vatican and the Chinese government to jointly select bishops for the Catholic Church in China.

most of the world leaders on display at the UN take orders from the Vatican P2 Freemason lodge. Thus, an agreement between the Vatican and the Chinese means this agreement is between the Western-dominated old world order and the Asian-dominated New Age movement the Chinese may also announce they will use Christianity with Chinese characteristics,...


Research shows Britains pubs full of technocrats "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

'If they try and call this a half-litre, there'll be blood..'There may be hope for the ailing UK economy, after researchers found that Britains pubs are chock full of technocrats.

After the resounding success of the new governments in Italy and Greece, the obvious next problem to solve was Britain, said German chancellor Angela Merkel. Our experience is that nobody there has a bloody clue how to run anything, not the trains, not the economy, nothing, not even in the House of Lords. But we asked around a bit and it turns out that British pubs are absolutely stuffed to the rafters with people who know exactly how to run the country, but have no interest in being elected. Just the technocrats were looking for.

Mrs Merkel said that the UK government would resign within days to make way for a new Cabinet of bleazed know-it-alls each claiming some half-baked idea to get the country out of its mess. The markets rose sharply on the news, indicating that most people think this would be a substantial improvement on the Coalition.

We already have a two-point plan for fixing the economy, a one-stage approach to mending the transport system, and a couple of vague ideas about transforming education and making petrol 90% cheaper, said a spokesman for the incoming government. The only thing we cant agree on is what to do about immigration we really want to send them all home, but were not sure who therell be to serve drinks and change the barrels if we do that. What we need is somebody with an even vaguer grasp of the issues than us I know, well ask Theresa May to decide.


Crypto Asset Lending Startup BlockFi Raises $1.55 Million "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

BlockFi, a startup that offers U.S. dollar loans to crypto-asset owners, has raised $1.55 million in capital from investors.


Coinbase Develops Bitpay Competitor Supporting BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Coinbase Develops Bitpay Competitor Supporting BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC

While its trading clients might have preferred Coinbase to focus on improving its core service, the exchange is busy now expanding into another market. Coinbase Commerce has launched to help online stores handle payments in four leading cryptocurrencies.

Also Read: Independent Ratings Agency Alerts Investors About Dangers of Tether

Coinbase Commerce

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has developed a new service that aims to simplify for merchants the adoption of multiple cryptocurrencies as payments for goods and services. Coinbase Commerce facilitates the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by monitoring, validating and confirming client transactions on each blockchain. And the company says that payments made from its customers are performed on-chain.

After a quiet soft launch test period, Coinbase Commerce was made available on Wednesday February 14 for all merchants globally. Online retailers everywhere can now use the service to accept bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH) and litecoin (LTC) payments. It enables merchants to accept multiple cryptocurrencies directly into a user-controlled wallet. Unlike previous merchant tools that the company developed, this one is not a hosted service, meaning that retailers have actual control of their own digital currency.



People are saying this Hitachi Finance ad looks like someones just hung themselves as a result of crippling debt "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This Hitachi Finance looks a little, shall we say, unfortunate as pointed out by @Ballantine70 who writes And so we are completely sure that it doesnt look like someones just hung themselves as a result of crippling debt?

Still, looking up the brand Hitachi on social media suggests they are used to brand problems.

Rather a lot of photos of ladies using massagers.

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Cryptocurrency Market Records Large Gains, Litecoin Surges by 30% "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The post Cryptocurrency Market Records Large Gains, Litecoin Surges by 30% appeared first on CCN

Over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has recorded large gains, as every major cryptocurrency including bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin recovered in value. Bitcoin and Ethereum Bitcoin demonstrated an 11 percent increase in price, moving closer to the $10,000 mark, which analysts often describe as the psychological threshold for the cryptocurrency. Continued

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With the recent release of the Pentagons UFO footage, which comprised of two videos filmed by U.S. Navy pilots of objects performing maneuvers that defy our current understanding of aerodynamics, the topic of UFOs has once again grabbed headlines around the world.

The video was a step forward towards disclosing the fact that there are unknown objects in our atmosphere that are commonly spotted and tracked on radar by defence authorities. They are highly technologically advanced, more so than any air-craft which is available in any global inventory at the moment.

Further to this, many people have had strange sightings that dont really make sense, in the realm of known aircrafts. The frequency of these sightings are not uncommon these days, especially for avid star gazers.

Havent seen one yourself? Well, how often are you looking up into the night sky? For many people, the answer is little to never.

Who Mans These Crafts?

The next question to be asked is, are these objects, or at least some of them, extraterrestrial?

According to one of the pilots who filmed the UFO released by the Pentagon, yes, they are, at least thats their belief. The Pentagons aerial defence program director, Luis Elizondo also shared his belief that they are, along with hundreds of other high ranking personnel from several branches of military, intelligence, academia, aerospace and academia. He said that there is plenty of evidence to make that connection The most recent example might be Robert Bigelow, founder of the Bigelow Aerospace corporation who, not long ago, stated that he knows we are being visited, and have been visited by ETs.

Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. . . . We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time. . . . I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phen...


Essential skills every developer should master (besides coding) "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Photo by nic on Unsplash

Whether you are learning to code, looking for a new job, or just want to improve your skills as a developer, you need to master the essential tools of team collaboration. These are as important as knowing how to code.

It is teamwork that makes or breaks software projects.

Your code will work eventually. If you want it to work on time and be of good quality, you and your team need to be organized.

  • Everyone needs to know what they have to do and when
  • Peoples work should not overlap or clash
  • Common rules need to be followed through by everyone

You can achieve this using the right processes and tools. You want your team to focus on coding 90% of the time (the remaining 10% are for coffee breaks and Windows Updates).

Here are three essential things you need to master.

Git and Pull Requests

Configuration management is the foundation of team collaboration in software. Many tools exist for it, but luckily one has become the absolute and ultimate reference: Git.

Documentation on the key aspects is well described in the Git Book.

There are plenty of turnkey services to get started: GitHub is probably the most popular, but also BitBucket or GitLab.

A great graphical tool to work with is SourceTree. I recommend you master the command line before reaching for UI tools, though.

Below are the questions you should know how to answer:

Thats it, and...


Bitcoin Looks Above $10K, But Resistance May Await "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Having hit two-week highs, bitcoin is now aiming for the $10,000 mark, but further gains may be transient, the charts indicate.


Labor grabs power as local government conference blasts forced mergers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

CITY of Sydney Labor Clr Linda Scott has been elected as the new President of the NSW Local Government Association. The Weekly Times Local Government correspondent at the [more]

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Resistance is Building to Fracking in the Pittsburgh Suburbs "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Allegheny County has increasing drilling & fracking

Pittsburgh Suburbs Decide as Fracking Comes Near: Welcome it, or Resist?

From an Article by Reid Frazier, The Allegheny Front, February 9, 2018

Michael Thomas didnt think the Marcellus shale industry, with its multi-acre well pads and large drilling operations, would come to the Pittsburgh suburb of Plum. But then one day last summer, it did.
I was on vacation and I got an e-mail from a council member that said, Are you going to the meeting tonight? said Thomas, the borough manager. And my response was, What meeting?

It was a public hearing for an underground injection well for fracking waste, held by the EPA. Around 200 residents came out to oppose the project. Pretty soon the borough got word that another company wanted to build shale gas wells in Plum.

This came as a surprise to Thomas, the boroughs manager for 13 years. There were small, conventional gas wells in Plum. But Thomas thought the drilling industry would stay in more rural parts of the state.

We were not anticipating a lot of requests or a lot of permit requests for wellheads in Plum because all things being equal you can get a lot more property up in Elk County, a lot cheaper, than you can in Allegheny.

But in the last couple of years, interest in gas drilling in Pittsburghs suburbs has slowly but surely increased. Wells have been permitted or are being planned for as close to four miles from the city line. And according to research from the oil and gas watchdog Fractracker Alliance, about 18 percent of Allegheny County is leased to gas drillers.

That has rekindled a debate about the risks and rewards of drilling in suburban Pittsburgh, as suburbanites and elected officials now have to decide what to do about fracking in their backyards.

Risk vs. reward

Fracking has brought jobs to Pennsylvania and riches for some landowners, but also controversy. Opponents say the process burdens local communities with truck traffic, emissions from gas wells, and potential harm to groundwater.

But that debate has largely skipped over Pittsburgh and its biggest suburbs until now. Its....


Bitcoin Isn't the Only Crypto Adding Lightning Tech Now "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A spate of major cryptocurrencies are looking to lightning network-like systems as part of an effort to scale their platforms for more transactions.


A One-Man Pink Floyd Band Creates Note-Perfect Covers of Echoes, Comfortably Numb, Mother & Other Classics: Watch 19-Year-Old Wunderkind Ewan Cunningham in Action "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

If youre a 19-year-old wunderkind like Ewan Cunningham, who can play any number of instruments, its a great time to be alive. Recording is cheap, video is just as cheap, and YouTube provides a venue to share a slew of his homemade covers of rock classics.

Above is one of his most ambitious ventures: a full note-for-note cover of Pink Floyds Echoes, all 20 minutes, that uses video trickery to have four Ewans side-by-side playing at Dobbie Hall. (From what we can tell, Dobbie Hall is located in Larbert, Scotland, a town about equidistant between Glasgow and Edinburgh.)

Diving down into all six years of Ewans videos and we find, at first, not a 13-year-old Ewan, but his dad, playing and singing an acoustic cover of Coldplays Paradise. So we know where Ewan got the music bug.

In fact, he tells us I started playing drums at the age of 4 and continued to only play drums until I started branching out into other instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals. I've been teaching myself to mix, record and film music since I was 10 years old and this is my passion.

Ewan started uploading drum covers at 14, playing along to everyone from Evanescence to Foo Fighters. At 16 he uploaded his first Floyd drum cover (Brain Damage/Eclipse) and, like many a teen before him, fell hard for the band.



42.000 Streichhlzer zu einer Kugel zusammenkleben und anznden "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Es gibt Sachen, die existiere nur, weil das Internet existiert. So zumindest unsere Vermutung. All is Art haben in gut einem Jahr Arbeit 42.000 Streichhlzer mit grnem Kopf zu einer groen Kugel zusammengeklebt und den Streichholzball anschlieend angezndet. Kann man machen. Muss man nicht machen. So, oder so muss man verdammt viel Zeit haben. Video und Bild: All is Art / Youtube Screenshot What happens when you start gluing matches together? Because the heads are slightly wider than the wooden bodies, they begin to form a sphere. This was an experiment in how many matches it would take to get all the way around to make a perfect globe. After months of gluing and gluing and gluing we made it to the other side. Then the experiment shifted to see what it would look like when this thing burned. Enjoy! Vor einiger Zeit hatten wir schon mal ber einen Youtuber geschrieben, der 6.000 Streichhlzer zu einer brennenden Installation zusammengebaut hat. Gesehen bei kraftfuttermischwerk

Der Beitrag 42.000 Streichhlzer zu einer Kugel zusammenkleben und anznden erschien zuerst auf URBANSHIT.


Hackers Exploit Telegram Zero-Day Flaw to Mine Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The post Hackers Exploit Telegram Zero-Day Flaw to Mine Cryptocurrencies appeared first on CCN

According to Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs, hackers have been using a zero-day exploit in Telegram to infect its users with a cryptocurrency-mining malware, so as to mine privacy-centric cryptocurrencies like Monero, Zcash, and others. Only Telegrams desktop app was targeted. The attack is the latest case of an ongoing cryptojacking trend that recently saw Continued

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teeth like mine "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: teeth like mine

The Worst Things For Sale is Drew's blog. It updates every day. Subscribe to the Worst Things For Sale RSS!


How secure is your encrypted data in Google's cloud? "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Corporations are waging a War on (your) Privacy.

You are being coerced / enticed / conned / forced / limited to storing your private and confidential data in various corporation's servers called the 'cloud'.

A quite legitimate question could be how safe or secure is your data in that company's server 'farm'.

All these terms with reference to nature could be an illusion to make one feel at ease and harmony with those services.

So how safe is that data really?

See top secret classified information obtained by Edward Snowden from a division of the NSA, called Special Source Operations (almost makes one want to purchase a burger, just by saying that division's name, cheeky buggers!), contained within the illustration below:

As you can see from the above illustration your data travels in clear text, i.e. VERY not secure!

If you choose to use those services, you are a contributing factor to the loss of your own privacy.

Now, Now, let's not start a meme with the words "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.. "


Historical Society seeks old photos for scanning this Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

RYDE District Historical Society is keen to preserve a record of the area from its early days to the present. The Society was formed more than 55 years [more]

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MSG: REMEMBER YOUR ROOTS "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


  • By Jane Joshua
  • 11 hrs ago

Vanuatu leaders want the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) to take a more active role in putting the focus back on the fundamental founding principle of political self-determination of the Melanesian people.
Presenting his statement at the 21st MSG Leaders Summit in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea at 4pm yesterday, Prime Minister Charlot Salwai said the MSG chair would agree the MSG originated from a vision backed by strong political desire to strive for the entire decolonisation of the sub region and freedom of the Melanesian people still under the colonial rule.


Crypto All Stars Brings Your Favorite Twitter Traders to the Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Crypto All Stars Brings Your Favorite Twitter Traders to the Blockchain

Blockchain based trading cards are all the rage, with one estimate placing the transaction value of ethereum games at $10 million a day. While the vast majority of these games are derivative and ephemeral, thats not to say they cant provide short-term entertainment. The latest addition to the Crypto Kitties stable is Crypto All Stars, which promises to bring all your favorite Twitter shitposters to the blockchain.

Also read: People Are Paying Thousands of Dollars for Crypto Celebrities on the Blockchain

Pyramid Scheme Meets Proof of Ego

Crypto All Stars Brings Your Favorite Twitter Traders to the BlockchainThis weeks must-have blockchain game is next weeks relic, so the odds of Crypto All Stars standing the test of time seem remote. In the here and now though...


Malcolm Turnbull bans ministers from sex with staffers, but resists calls to ask Barnaby Joyce to resign "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

There are three interesting videos in the article on-line.


ABC News Australia

Malcolm Turnbull bans ministers from sex with staffers, but resists calls to ask Barnaby Joyce to resign

Ministers will be banned from having sexual relationships with staffers under a rethink of the code of conduct announced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today.

Key points:

  • Sex between ministers and their staff is banned under the code of conduct from today
  • PM made it clear he was angry with Barnaby Joyce about the affair but did not ask for his resignation
  • Described Mr Joyces affair with a staffer as shocking error of judgement

The announcement comes amid intensifying pressure on Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyceover an affair with his former media adviser Vikki Campion.

Mr Turnbull resisted calls for him to ask his deputy to resign, but described Mr Joyces behaviour as, a shocking error of judgement that set off a world of woe.

He spoke of the terrible hurt and humiliation that Barnaby, by his conduct, has visited on his wife Natalie and their daughters and indeed his new partner.

Barnaby made a shocking error of judgement in having an affair with a young woman working in his office.

In doing so he has set off a world of woe for those women, and appalled all of us.

Our hearts go out to them.



Open Letter to Ged Kearney on refugee advocacy in the Batman by-election "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Dear Ged Kearney;   We are writing to ask you to continue your strong advocacy for refugee rights throughout your election campaign in Batman, to publicly call for the camps on Manus and Nauru to be closed and the refugees to be brought here.   As ACTU president you played a crucial role in developing(...)


Eternal Duality. {Poem} "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Pleasure and pain, darkness and light, Happiness is what sadness ignites. And that is the beauty of a human life


South Africas New Hope But Can Cyril Ramaphosa Clean the Swamp Sludge from His Boots? "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

(L) President Jacob Zuma and (R) Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa during the Womens Day celebration held, 9/8/2015 (Photo Daily Maverick)

by Dee McLachlan

Twenty-three years after the end of the repressive apartheid regime, South Africa (RSA), a country with enormous resources and wealth, still has poverty, inequality and corruption.

The corruption there seems to be more blatant &#821...


Toxic waste has cost us millions, residents tell council "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ANGRY residents from radioactive waste contaminated Nelson Parade and nearby streets in Hunters Hill say their homes have been collectively devalued by an estimated $75 million as a result of the state governments [more]

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When Gran gets confused in the passport photo machine and accidentally joins Liverpool FC "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Isnt that Rooneys old flame writes @Milly09.

And this isnt the only Gran making this mistake with the clearly problematic passport photo UI

I have a photo of my then 89 year old Dad as a member of McFly writes @Allcockbarry.

My Mum did this and ended up in Disneys Princess & the Frog writes @Kateykae.

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Council acts, as tensions reach boiling point in Bonnefin Road "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A NIGHTMARE parking problem on Bonnefin Road looks likely to be resolved through the intervention of Hunters Hill Council. Tensions have reached boiling point on the narrow, [more]

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Turnbull Places Yet Another Obstacle In The Way Of Young Liberals Ever Getting A Root "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT The young men and women desperately attempting to please their parents by entering a life in liberal politics have been thrown a hospital pass by Turnbull today, as he announces new provisions that will likely result in them remaining virgins forever. Ministers will be banned from having sexual relationships with staffers under a []

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After this little tidbit of info, I need not say more. Florida was done by Soros/CIA/whoever, to put a shooting on Valentines day, to embed it in the public concience like 911.


Supposedly Cruz did this with an assault rifle. Howd he hide that from her when she was walking beside him? That kills the second shooter angle of this!!! This was so damning I knew it would be deleted, so I am going to serve it from here and deal with whatever bandwidth issues happen.

The following video comes in as a highly compressed but perfectly usable 3gp. This will play on phones and usually on windows and always on Knoppix. Right click it to save, double click it to play.

Nicholas cruz did not do the shooting and a bumbling media blew the whole psy op clean open

"She said, Hey I just heard shots fired, I'm surprised it's not you. Just kidding. And then he had this reaction like "what?"


Here's a social media comment on this video - PRICELESS:




School shooting in Florida.

My comment: Unlike Sandy Hook, this time around real people are dead. However, it was definitely a state run event, set up most likely by the CIA. Obviously we are going to have tons of theories until all this pans out, but here's where we start:

Real people dead, and the media reporting what web sites this kid visited FAR TOO EARLY. Impossibly early. When anything "impossilbe" happens, the state definitely had a hand in it. Swat arrived impossibly quick also. That's where we are at right now with uncovering exactly who did this, this time they apparently....


These people have made an Earth sandwich and itll make you pleased that international communication technology is being used well "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Have you ever wanted to text someone on the other side of the planet and ask them to put bread on the ground to make an Earth sandwich.

Read this, and possibly youll you consider it.

First you need to pick your mark

Explain what you want using pictures

Open the sandwich

Close the sandwich

Isnt it great that we have the technology to do this?

Source: Twitter/@Gooseps_

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What to do when we only See Ourselves as Imperfect. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

To be human is to long. We long to be happy. We long to be free. We long to feel safe. We long to be loved.


Why youre Not Losing Weight on your Perfect, Clean Whole Food Diet. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The reality is, working out your perfect diet is practically impossible, scientifically. No one dietary guideline, fad, or trend will ever


Preppers Emergency Dental Kit (Checklist and Why You Need One) "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

While it seems obvious to stockpile first aid supplies for emergencies, not many people have an emergency dental kit (aka SHTF dental kit).

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Pink Stumps Day at North Ryde RSL Oval "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

NORTH Ryde RSL Cricket Club fraternity are on a mission in the lead up to this Sundays McGrath Foundation annual Pink Stumps Day at North Ryde [more]

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VIDEO: Sydney FC trip up in first AFC Champions League outing "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sydney FC have gone down in their first AFC Champions League game against Korean powerhouse Suwon Bluewings at Allianz Stadium. Suwon notched two second half [more]

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MACKAY Man who breached DV order avoids recorded conviction "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

MACKAY February 15, 2018 at 06:15AM ,

Man who breached DV order avoids recorded conviction

February 15, 2018 at 06:15AM ,

A WOMAN hospitalised with a broken rib and a punctured lungs after a domestic dispute with her former partner told police she suffered the injuries in an unfortunate fall. The womans former boyfriend, a 30-year-old Mackay welder, faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Tuesday, pleading guilty to

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Fresh Twist: ABC Reports Charles Waterstreet Has Launched Defamation Action, Amid Q&A Meltdown "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The circus that surrounds New Matildas ongoing investigation into Charles Waterstreet just added another ring. Chris Graham reports.

In the space of just a day, Charles Waterstreet has pulled out of a planned and highly controversial appearance on ABCs Q&A program; the NSW Bar Association has issued an extraordinary public statement on the issue; and the ABC is now reporting that Mr Waterstreet has launched legal proceedings against one of his accused, 21-year-old law student Tina Huang, the original whistleblower in the Waterstreet investigation.

Tina Huang, a 21-year-old law student who led the call out of Sydney barrister Charles Waterstreet.

Ms Huang is one of three women who have publicly alleged serious sexual harassment by Mr Waterstreet in the workplace 20 minutes into a job interview with the Sydney criminal barrister, Ms Huang says she was shown a video by Mr Waterstreet (from his phone) of him being masturbated by two sex-workers.

Genevieve Wilks, who worked for Mr Waterstreet for 10 months, has made a series of detailed allegations around sexual harassment the full story is available here.

Genevieve Wilks, aged 26, who served as a paralegal for Charles Waterstreet for 10 months.

A third woman, Anita* (not her real name she has asked for it to be suppressed) says she was also sexually harassed by Mr Waterstreet during a job in...


Cisco: Bitcoin Phishing Scam Bagged $50 Million Over 3 Years "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Cisco has released new information about a bitcoin phishing scam that involves websites masquerading as


Bitfurys North American Mining Proxy Hut 8 to List on TSX This Month "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Bitfurys North American Mining Proxy Hut 8 to List on TSX This Month

Canada appears poised to become a new global hub for bitcoin miners. Already known to be attracting Chinese miners diversifying away from their home market with its cheap hydro-power electricity and cold climate, the countrys latest draw is easy access to capital. Firms such as Hut 8 are set to tap its welcoming market for early stage ventures.

Also Read: Cryptocurrency Mining Demand Exceeded the Expectations of Nvidia in Q4

Bitfury IPO

Bitfurys North American Mining Proxy Hut 8 to List on TSX This MonthVancouver-based Hut 8 Mining Corp., a part of the Bitfury Group, is scheduled to list on the TSX Venture Exchange in Toronto, Canada this month. After its debut, Hut 8 will be 49 percent owned by the parent group, and the remaining stock in the hands of insiders and private placement investors.

It is planned that by mid of the year, Hut 8 will acquired 60 megawatts of Bitfurys mining power in Canada and have an exclusive agreement with the parent company to develop new farms in all...


Crocheted Flower Pillow With Applique "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Here is the perfect home decor item to bring spring into your home, introducing the crocheted flower applique pillow. Hmm, or maybe it is called the pillow with crocheted flower applique, not quite sure, but in any case this one...


The battle of black and colour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Black was ruthless This was not a friend but an enemy, absorbing all colours, pretending to protect but leaving each shade weak and puny, hidden in the depths, breathlessly submissive, dormant the colours rested, exhausted but dogged and resolute, waiting for light to penetrate the dark shield. Then light came a dawning realisation of hope []


Cathies Column: Canada Bay Museum memorabilia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

  Range of memorabilia at Canada Bay Museum LOCAL history buffs will have plenty of interesting items to view when they visit the City of Canada Bay Museum [more]

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Four recent birth-related revelations "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Since I got back from our latest trip, Ive been catching up with the research, blog posts and thinking that went on while we were away, and I found so many interesting things that I decided to write a summary of four recent birth-related revelations that caught my eye


More benefits for optimal cord clamping


Increasing our knowledge of gestational age and VBAC

Another recent study looked at the effect of gestational age on women who attempted VBAC after one previous caesarean section. Although not a prospective trial, this cohort study included 2849 women. Of those, 2584 (90.7%) had a successful TOLAC (sic; this refers to trial of labour after caesarean, a term which many find unhelpful) and 16 women (0.56%) had uterine rupture. Those rates did not differ significantly for any gestational age (GA) group. Foll...


Tinariwen chat Desert Blues, the Sahara and music as protest "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ahead of their Australian shows in March, FBi Radio spoke to Tuareg band, Tinariwen, about music as protest, their latest record Elwan, and their upcoming tour.

Renowned worldwide for their incredible musicianship and powerful rebellion, Tinariwen are a Tuareg band who have been making music since 1979. Formed as a collective around Saharan campfires by young musicians on a mission, their aim was to preserve tradition in the face of modern challenges. Over the course of eight albums, countless world tours and influencing the likes of Thom York and TV On The Radio, theyve become kings of the Desert Blues genre.


Were really excited that youre coming to Australia the last time you were here was a good few years ago. Do any memories from that run of shows come to mind for you?

Its been six years since weve been to Australia, we were there for the Womad in Adelaide and New Zealand. Australia is so far away from where we live, it is always like being in another world. Last time we met Aboriginal tribes and we spent some time with them, it was great to meet people who encounter the same issues as our people in the Sahara.


A big congratulations on your beautiful seventh record Elwan, and also happy birthday to it its almost exactly one year old! The album title translates to the elephant in English. What inspired this title?

Thanks! The title of the album Elwan is a metaphor about the powerful administration/corporation/religious extremists in our world who crush everything under their steps to get more power and who leave the middle class and poor people on the side.


You recorded most of Elwan in a Moroccan oasis what led to the decision to record here? 

When we record, we always look for places where we can find a connection with nature and in particular with the desert. The desert is the place we grew up and live and the wind, the sand and the...


American Gun Owner Worried Government Is Going To Take His Schools Away From Him "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT Following the 28th mass shooting in 46 days since 2018 began, a local gun owner is worried that the government is planning to infringe on his God-given rights. School shootings are horrible and my thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families. But banning things isnt going to stop []

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Fuji X-H1 officially announced! "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The X-H1 has been announced and you can preorder it at Amazon, BHphoto and Adorama. This is all the info collected by Fujirumors Press Release + Product Pages/Samples Fujifilm X-H1: Press Release / Product Page + Sample Images / X-H1

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Army drops land navigation and grenade training "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

It seems they are not going to take the time to teach these couch potato incompetents how to do things they should have learned as a kid.
I would think it reasonable to require some personal training to prove one's own investment in the core.
With schools not requiring PE something has got to change.
During WWI so few men recruited knew how to handle a gun they were issued BB Dasy guns for training . Sad state of affairs when liberals have their way sissifying our men. first appeared in...

Army drops land navigation and grenade training


Need Help Setting Goals and Sticking to Them? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

By Dr. Mercola

Its said that about 80 percent of New Years resolutions are abandoned by the second week of February.1 This means if you made one for 2018, theres a good chance it may already have failed. Theres also a sizable number of people who set no goals at all, New Years resolutions or otherwise, in part because they may not realize the importance of goal setting and in part because they may not know how to do it.2

There are other reasons why you may avoid goal setting as well, like a fear of failure, rejection or even success, yet setting goals and sticking to them is very much a learned behavior. Similar to how you can choose to be happy, you can choose to stick to your goals and be successful. Life coach and author Tony Robbins believes success is 80 percent psychological and 20 percent strategic,3 which is empowering because it means you can harness the power of your mind to make your goals a reality.

The sad fact is that many people are not exposed to goal setting during their formative years and simply continue on without goals throughout their adulthood. Motivational speaker and author Brian Tracy explains, One of the greatest tragedies of our educational system is that you can receive 15 to 18 years of education in our schools and never once receive a single hour of instruction on how to set goals. He adds:4

Yet we find that in certain schools where goal-setting programs have been introduced since first grade, young people become excited about goal-setting even if the goal is only to increase the scores by 5 or 10 percent over the course of the semester, or to be on time every day in the course of a month.

Children become so excited about achieving goals that by the third or fourth grade, they love to go to school. They get the best grades. They are seldom absent. They are excited about themselves and about their lives.

The First Step to Achieving Your Goals? Write Them Down

It sounds incredibly simplistic, but the straightforward act of writing down your goals is perhaps the most important on your goal-setting jo...

Help Regulate Blood Pressure With Celery Seeds "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Most people are familiar with the fragrant and flavorful celery, but not everyone knows that its seeds are just as useful and as nutritious as the plants stalks. Celery seed has been especially famous in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, where it is used as a diuretic, cold remedy and an anti-inflammatory medicine. But while celery seeds are well-known in Eastern medicine, only a handful of people in Western territories know about the numerous uses of this spice.1

Celery seeds are found in the flowers of the celery plant, which normally develop in the second year after cultivation. The seeds also function as the primary mode of propagation for the celery plant.

Celery seeds are usually small and dark brown, and taste and smell like celery stalks. This means that they can be used to boost the flavor of a dish and lend it an aromatic twist.2 Aside from the culinary use of celery seeds, they can be used to make an extract or oil to deal with different illnesses.

What Health Benefits Can You Get From Celery Seeds?

The celery stalk might be the most well-known and well-utilized part of the celery plant, but it does not mean that the other celery parts are any less useful. In Ayurvedic medicine, celery seeds are famous for their effect on cardiovascular health. Other benefits that you may get from this spice include:

Helps regulate blood pressure: As a natural diuretic, celery seeds may benefit patients with high blood pressure by speeding up salt excretion.3 High levels of salt in the blood can cause fluid buildup in the blood vessels, causing high blood pressure.4 Celery seeds are a natural and safer alternative to artificial diuretics or water pills that are usually prescribed by conventional physicians.

Alleviates inflammation in gout and arthritis: Celery seeds are said to contain about 20 anti-inflammatory agents, which can help alleviate pain and discomfort from gout and arthritis.5......

The Surprising Benefits of Inclined Bed Therapy "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

By Dr. Mercola

Oftentimes the simplest strategies pay great dividends. Getting sensible sun exposure and grounding to the Earth are two examples. Sleeping on an incline is another. While few have heard of it, and sleeping on a horizontal surface is a well-established norm, raising the head of your bed 6 to 8 inches so that your youre sleeping on a 5-degree incline may have a number of benefits, including:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Improving glymphatic drainage from the brain
  • Improving immune system function
  • Improving respiratory function
  • Easing symptoms associated with Alzheimers, diabetes, glaucoma, migraines, multiple sclerosis, sleep apnea, acid reflux, edema, varicose veins and more

The History of Inclined Bed Therapy

Inclined bed therapy was developed two decades ago by Andrew K. Fletcher,1 a British mechanical engineer said to have an avid interest in how things work.2 He stumbled upon the theory by studying the circulatory system of plants. In trees, gravity pulls the denser sap from the top of the tree downward, which then forces the more diluted sap at the bottom to rise upward.

In other words, the interplay between gravity and the varying density of fluids is what causes the sap, which delivers nutrients within the tree, to circulate up and down in a perpetual loop.

He wondered if the same mechanism applied to the human body, and experimentation and further research convinced him that it does. In the video above,3 Fletcher performs a simple kitchen demonstration to show how circulation is caused by density changes in fluids. In private correspo...


Inner-City Leftie Cant Write Anything Without Smudging It "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact In his position as both the Southwest Queensland Young Monarchists League President and the local Young Nationals Treasurer, Sam Walton-Bruce does a lot of handwriting. And has a leftie, smudges often follow everything he writes. Its one of lifes small inconveniences, according to the 24-year-old. He took the time []

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Agarol, an ergosterol derivative from Agaricus blazei, induces caspase-independent apoptosis in human cancer cells. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Int J Oncol. 2016 Apr ;48(4):1670-8. Epub 2016 Feb 15. PMID: 26893131 Abstract Title:  Agarol, an ergosterol derivative from Agaricus blazei, induces caspase-independent apoptosis in human cancer cells. Abstract:  Agaricus blazei (A. blazei) is a mushroom with many biological effects and active ingredients. We purified a tumoricidal substance from A. blazei, an ergosterol derivative, and named it 'Agarol'. Cytotoxic effects of Agarol were determined by the MTT assay using A549, MKN45, HSC-3, and HSC-4 human carcinoma cell lines treated with Agarol. Apoptosis was detected by flow cytometry analysis. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels and mitochondria membrane potential (m) were also determined by flow cytometry. Western blot analysis was used to quantify the expression of apoptosis-related proteins. Agarol predominantly induced apoptosis in two p53-wild cell lines (A549 and MKN45) compared to the other p53-mutant cell lines (HSC-3 and HSC-4). Further mechanistic studies revealed that induction of apoptosis is associated with increased generation of ROS, reduced m, release of apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF) from the mitochondria to the cytosol, upregulation of Bax, and downregulation of Bcl-2. Caspase-3 activities did not increase, and z-VAD-fmk, a caspase inhibitor, did not inhibit the Agarol-induced apoptosis. These findings indicate that Agarol induces caspase-independent apoptosis in human carcinoma cells through a mitochondrial pathway. The in vivo anticancer activity of Agarol was confirmed in a xenograft murine model. This study suggestsa molecular mechanism by which Agarol induces apoptosis in human carcinoma cells and indicates the potential use of Agarol as an anticancer agent.

read more


South Dakota Senate Committee Rejects American Indian Boarding School Sexual Abuse Victims Bill "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

South Dakota State Capitol

Published February 15, 2018

PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA The South Dakota Judiciary Committee voted on Tuesday, February 13, to reject legislation that would have allowed victims of childhood sexual abuse at Indian boarding shcools to file lawsuits against organizations, such as churches and schools.

The 4-3 vote is a set back for American Indians victims who suffered sexual abuse and now want compensation for the suffering they experienced as the result of the trauma.

Though disappointed by the decision, Barbara Dahlen, who was among nine sisters who unsuccessfully sued over alleged sexual abuse at a South Dakota Indian boarding school, says the group will not be silenced.

The legislation would have created a three-year period for victims of sexual abuse to file claims that barred and repealed a provision banning sexual abuse victims 40 and older from seeking damages from individuals or oganizations other than the actual abuser.








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British Couple Lawyer Up as $840k Cryptocurrency Divorce Heats Up "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

British Couple Lawyer Up as $840k Cryptocurrency Divorce Heats Up

Divorce is never fun and rarely simple, but when one party generally the male owns cryptocurrency, theres an added layer of complexity. With cryptocurrency still relatively new as an asset class, there have been very few cases to date in which the unhappy couple have squabbled over altcoins. A British law firm professes to be handling three such cases at present, with the largest involving a tug-of-war over crypto valued at $840,000.

Also read: Divorce is Messy Especially When You Own Bitcoin

Kissing Goodbye to the Ball and Blockchain

It was only a matter of time until a high profile, high value crypto divorce grabbed the headlines. In the event, it was Britain that claimed the dubious honor of hosting the worlds largest cryptocurrency untethering to date. Crypto cash divorce nightmare looming reads the cheery press release published by UK law firm Royds Withy King, on Valentines Day no less. Bolstering the stereotype about opportunistic lawyers, it reads:

Royds Withy King is acting on three separate high value divorce cases where spouses are seeking the disclosure and a potential share of cryptocurrency assets.  These are a first wave of cases that the firm is expecting. The three cases all involve husbands that have invested in or have purchased cryptocurrencies, including Bitc...


Report: Litecoin Gains Popularity on the Dark Web "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The post Report: Litecoin Gains Popularity on the Dark Web appeared first on CCN

Litecoin, according to a new report published by Recorded Future, is now the second most popular cryptocurrency token on the Dark Web. The report undertook a longitudinal analysis of digital communications avenues available to users on the dark web and found that nearly 30 percent of Dark Web vendors accept Litecoin. Report Findings Whilst Bitcoin Continued

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Obama Portraits Are Sending Messages to Alpha Centauri "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Two fringe groups and a deranged scientist are all claiming that the Obama's official White House portraits are being used to send messages to the next galaxy, possibly giving an all clear for an alien invasion. "Maybe that's not what is happening...


Justice at Last: Good Cop Found Not Guilty! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim A Queensland jury has returned a not guilty verdict in favour of former Gold Coast Police Sergeant Rick Flori who was charged with misconduct in public office after allegedly leaking footage of his colleagues bashing a handcuffed young man, chef Noa Begic, in the basement carpark of a police

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Drill held at Florida high school; 17 die in mass shooting hours later "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Drill held at Florida high school; 17 die in mass shooting hours later

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 20:03


Kim Jong-Un Will Host Post-Olympics Banquet in North Korea "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Seoul, South Korea Kim Jong-Un, dictator of North Korea, has taken the opportunity to take advantage of the comradie of the Winter Olympics. His representatives announced that a huge banquet will be served to celebrate the kinship of the Two Koreas.


New Earth News Where Is New Earth? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

by Sonja, New Earth News Correspondent Among the millions of ideas about the existence of the New Earth, the only one that is important for you to understand is your own. The only way I can explain my point is to share my own version. What if I told you that I believe the New []

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New Airbarnaby Booking Site Just Lists Free Homes Provided By Millionaires "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

air barnaby

Global booking website Airbnb has launched a new offshoot brand which lists all the exclusive properties that are provided free of charge by millionaires.

Named airbarnaby, the new site is aimed at people struggling to break into the housing market in capital cities.

Why bust you arse trying to save up for a $100,000 deposit for a studio apartment on the outskirts of Sydney, when you can live in a five-bedroom sprawling mansion for absolutely nothing? a spokesperson for the new brand said.

Under the rules of the new site, those looking to stay in one of the free properties must be good mates with the owner. Its just one of the screening criteria we use to make sure this isnt available to everyone, the spokesperson said.

She said while the properties were free of charge, many guests liked to leave a small gift as a thank you. A bottle of wine or a $5,000 government payment. Just something small.


Arts Thursday 15 February Robert Mapplethorpe: the perfect medium "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Presented by Bronwyn Rennex

On Arts Thursday this week I speak to Isobel Parker Philip, Curator of Photography at the Art Gallery of New South Wales about the Robert Mapplethorpe: the perfect medium.

The exhibition celebrates one of the most renowned photographers of the 20th century, an artist who understood the mediums ability to alter perceptions and push boundaries.

This comprehensive survey of Robert Mapplethorpes career features over 200 works, including floral still lifes, portraits, figure studies and erotic imagery that charts his involvement in New Yorks gay scene, as well as a selection of archival material providing insights into his working methods and life.

It was great to have the chance to talk at length about Mapplethorpes process, his preoccupations and his incredible legacy.

Robert Mapplethorpe Self-portrait 1980, jointly acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and The J Paul Getty Trust; partial gift of The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, partial purchase with funds provided by The J Paul Getty Trust and the David Geffen Foundation Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.

The exhibition runs until 4 March 2018.

To listen online go to;

 LATEST EPISODE :: 10:30am Thursday 15th February, 2018

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A Year Ago No One Wanted To Touch This Cat "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A year ago, a cat now known as Valentino couldnt even open his eyes and he sat in a cage crying now hes almost unrecognizable.

Credit: At-Choo Foundation

Valentino had had a terrible case of sarcoptic mange. His eyes were swollen and sealed shut. All he could do at the Los Angeles animal shelter where he was being kept was whimper.

But someone heard his cries for help. 

Credit: John Hwang

"He reached out with his little paw and made the tiniest meow, Elaine Seamans, founder of the At-Choo Foundation, told The Dodo at the time. "It was like he was screaming without verbalizing it: 'Please help me."

Even though sarcoptic mange can be transmitted to human beings, Seamans picked up Valentino nevertheless, just to comfort him. And her act of kindness made Valentino's story go viral. 

"When I picked him up, he put his little head on my shoulder," Seamans said. "That was it. I had to get him out.

Credit: John Hwang

Seamans got in touch with Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind, who agreed to take Valentino in and try to find him a home o...


Could This Be The New Earth? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

by Nikki Colombo, Editor ContactOnlineMagazine Guest writer, IS THERE IS A PLANET BEHIND OUR SUN? Those of you who have researched our true history will be familiar with this research. Tara, or Terra, is one of the planets where we originally came from, much further down the timeline of Lyra. Could this be a parallel planet []

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Navajo Nation Victorioius in Initial Gold King Mine Spill Ruling "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

San Juan River polluted as result of Gold King Mine; Navajo Nation not happy with EPAs lack of response.

Published February 15, 2018

WINDOW ROCK, NAVAJO NATION   On Monday, February 12, the Navajo Nation won an important victory in its fight for fair compensation for the harms caused by the U.S. EPA and its contractors from the devastating Gold King Mine spill of August 2015.  The United States District Court for the District of New Mexico denied contractor Environmental Restoration, LLCs motion to dismiss the Nations claims, instead upholding all claims, including CERCLA claims, and claims for negligence, gross negligence, trespass, and nuisance.  The Court also refused Environmental Restorations demand to strike the Nations request for punitive damages.

The case arose because the U.S. EPA, its contractors, and other responsible parties recklessly contributed to the buildup of contaminated water at the Gold King Mine and caused a catastrophic blowout that released at least 880,000 pounds of toxic, heavy metals into waters they knew would reach the Navajo Nation.

We will continue to fight for justice for the Navajo people and the Navajo Nation, said Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye. Our people have suffered greatly and must be compensated fairly.

This is an important landmark in our fight to hold the parties responsible for the harms caused by their negligent and reckless conduct, continued Navajo Nation Attorney General Ethel Branch. We will continue to push ahead with renewed strength and resolve.

John Hueston, the Navajo Nations outside counsel, added: We can now proceed to prove what the Navajo Nation has known from the beginningthat Environmental Restoration blatantly ignored warning signs, disregarded serious risks, and recklessly burrowed into the wrong elevation of the mine without proper equipment or an emergency response plan in place.

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Tribal Nations Voice Concern on Trumps 2019 Budget "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

NCAI President Jefferson Keel addresses general assembly on Tuesday.

Published February 15, 2018

WASHINGTON On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, more than 500 tribal representatives from across the United States raised a unified voice in opposition to the FY 2019 Presidents Budget during the Third General Assembly at the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) 2018 Executive Council Winter Session (ECWS) in Washington, DC.

NCAI President Jefferson Keel, on behalf of the NCAI Executive Committee, voiced concern for the untenable cuts proposed for programs that directly uphold the treaty and trust obligations of the federal government to tribes.

We seek only those things promised to us and every citizen by the U.S. Constitution, and the solemn treaties and agreements reached between our Tribal Nations and the United States. At the founding, the United States dealt with our tribal governments as sovereign equals. In exchange for federal protection and the promise of certain benefits, our ancestors gave forever to the people of the United States title to the very soil of our beloved country.  To settle the process for admission of new states, the thirteen original states agreed to transfer western land claims to the United States under the principles in the Northwest Ordinance, including:

The utmost good faith shall always be observed towards the Indians; their land and property shall never be taken from them without their consent; and, in their property, rights, and liberty, they shall never be invaded or disturbed, unless in just and lawful wars authorized by Congress; but laws founded in justice and humanity, shall from time to time be made for preventing wrongs being done to them, and for preserving peace and friendship with them.

These provisions signify the intent of the Framers to provide for the governance of Indian Country, a compact between the original states and all that followed. We have never asked anything except that these protections be continued. Today the federal government is threatening to limit this protection and these benefits.



These results found increasingly improved symptom score in the AndoSan group. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  PLoS One. 2016 ;11(7):e0159288. Epub 2016 Jul 14. PMID: 27415795 Abstract Title:  Effect of the Medicinal Agaricus blazei Murill-Based Mushroom Extract, AndoSanTM, on Symptoms, Fatigue and Quality of Life in Patients with Crohn's Disease in a Randomized Single-Blinded Placebo Controlled Study. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Ingestion of AndoSanTM, based on the mushroom Agaricus blazei Murill, has previously shown an anti-inflammatory effect through reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines in healthy individuals and patients with Crohn's disease (CD). In this randomized single-blinded placebo-controlled study we examined whether intake of AndoSanTM also resulted in clinical effects.METHODS AND FINDINGS: 50 patients with symptomatic CD were randomized for oral daily consumption of AndoSanTM or placebo for a 21-day experimental period, in this per-protocol study. Patients reported validated scores for symptoms, fatigue and health related quality of life (HRQoL) at days 0, 14 and 21. Fecal calprotectin and general blood parameters were also analyzed. In the AndoSanTM group (n = 25) symptoms improved from baseline (day 0) to days 14 and 21, with respective mean scores (95% CI) of 5.52 (4.64-6.40), 4.48 (3.69-5.27) and 4.08 (3.22-4.94) (p

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Public Health Advocate, Dr. Marion Nestle, to Keynote NB3 Foundations Healthy Beverage Summit "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Dr. Marion Nestle Photo by Bill Hayes

Published February 15, 2018

Event focuses on decreasing the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.
SANTA ANA PUBELO, NEW MEXICO The Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation is pleased to welcome Dr. Marion Nestle, author of Soda Politics: Taking on Big Soda (and Winning), as the keynote speaker at this yearsHealthy Beverage Summit in Albuquerque, NM on February 21, 2018. Dr. Nestles keynote address will focus on the landscape of sugar-sweetened beverages and the soda industry in society today, and solutions that communities of color can incorporate and utilize.
Dr. Marion Nestle is a consumer advocate, nutritionist, award-winning author and an academic who specializes in the politics of food and dietary choice. Her books explore issues like the effects of food production on dietary intake, food safety and access to food and nutrition.
The Healthy Beverage Summit is part of NB3 Foundations...


Finding Conscious Relationships "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

by Jennifer Moreau, Guest writer, We all know deep down inside the answers to our personal relationship questions. Guidance from others about relationships often turns into confirmation of what we really already know, but are choosing to ignore. Sometimes we dont know, but when we look at relationships from a different perspective we begin []

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'Fellowship' of Ethereum Coders Embark on Governance Quest "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A group calling itself the "Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians" is seeking to change how the world's second most valuable blockchain makes decisions.


Almost 100 Same-Sex Couples Have Married In Queensland "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Nearly 100 same-sex couples have been married in Queensland since marriage equality became legal last month. Queensland Attorney-General Yvette DAth said a total of 96 same-sex marriages almost 20 per week had been performed across Queensland, and more were scheduled in the coming months. Australians voted strongly in favour of marriage equality and ...

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Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

1.00 AUD = 0.00008 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.25 AUD

Bitcoin and United States Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

0.00010 BTC = 0.98 USD
1.00 USD = 0.00010 BTC


Woman Steps Out In The Middle Of Night To Find Strange Dog Riding Her Pony "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

One night about two weeks ago, Callie Schenker arrived home to her farm in Missouri and saw something utterly unexpected: Her one-eyed miniature pony, Cricket, was being ridden by a neighbor's corgi.

Schenker had the wherewithal to capture the scene on video. 

"I was astounded," Schenker told The Dodo. "I had no idea that, on the one hand, the dog could ride. And two, that Cricket was letting him do it."

Naturally, the video went viral, racking up more than 6 million views. Some of those viewers were skeptical, telling Schenker they didn't believe the corgi just happened to be on top of Cricket like that.

"People said I must have put the corgi up there. Tied him on there," Schenker said. "People were like, That's a corgi, he can't just get up on that pony. I'm like, He just did."

Still, Schenker hadn't even known that Cricket and the corgi were hanging out, let alone that they're riding buddies. And she was left with a lot of questions herself about how exactly this pair was accomplishing their circus-like trick.

On Tuesday, she got her answers.

Schenker was inside the house "putting on makeup," she said, when she heard some noises outside. She looked out her window and there was Cricket, being ridden by his corgi friend again.

"The corgi is like a captain," Schenker said.

She ran outside with her phone. By the time she got there, the corgi had dismounted. But Schenker stuck around. 

Not long later, the corgi began to bounce and bounce, with what seemed like Cricket's encouragement, until he was able to hop onto Cricket's back.

"I kinda had a hunch that's how he did it. But it was cool to really see. And to see Cricket actually play around with him was cool," Schenker said.

Cricket, who is about 5 years old and 3 feet tall, has been living with Schenker and her husband Bob for about a year. 

The couple found Cricket, then very underweight, for sale for just $80 at an auction.


Melbourne Media Too Caught Up On Hannah Mouncey To Meet Quota On African Gang Stories "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT Following the news that a transgender woman has been cleared to play in state and territory womens leagues in 2018, Melbournes reactionary print media is unable to allocate enough attention to the second biggest social issue in Victoria, African gangs. The news that Hannah Mouncey will be allowed to play football at an []

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